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Election week results in TV preemptions
by | December 18, 2012 | 119 Comments

So South Korea is electing a new president this week (tomorrow, in fact), and to make this all about us-us-US!, this means our drama viewing schedule will be facing some delays and preemptions.

I know, I know, your heart can’t take the suspense and you can’t possibly make it with only one episode a week, but put down the drama crack pipe and just think how much better we have it with this addiction than, say, less fortunate folks in more Western parts who only ever get one episode a week anyway. And with months off and dumb season-end cliffhangers and sometimes (sob) unforeseen cancellations. Okay, we’ve got that last one too.

Some shows have already been preempted in recent days for presidential debate coverage, which you may have noticed if you follow variety shows or weekend dramas and couldn’t find your fix. Among those that were preempted over the last weekend are Childless Good Fortune, Rascal Sons, and Shinhwa Broadcast, while May Queen got pushed back and aired in a later timeslot.

Wednesday the 19th is the big day, and many shows will be off the air that evening—most of SBS’s primary lineup and part of MBC’s—including I Miss You and The Great Seer. Also preempted are daily drama Birth of a Family, variety shows Radio Star and Entertainment Tonight, and current events program Jjak. On the other hand, KBS will broadcast Jeon Woo-chi as normal.

Both I Miss You and The Great Seer will resume with regular broadcasts on Thursday, December 20, but with only one episode (no doubling up to make up for the lost airdate). I wonder what that means for their futures; will they have a catch-up day where they air that extra episode, or will both shows be given an extra one to round out their airing schedules? I’m thinking it’s more likely I Miss You will get an extension with its solid ratings, though it’s less clear for The Great Seer which is lagging in third place.

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119 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kakashi

    we have mastered the Olympics – we can master this! hwaiting!

    • 1.1 lenrasoon

      hahaha mte

    • 1.2 Smile134

      LOL, agree 🙂

    • 1.3 Mystisith

      I can testify on this. I still don’t know how I survived.

    • 1.4 lovenicole

      So true!

    • 1.5 Maya

      Yup! I think I survived by putting Olympics in the nail cage

      • 1.5.1 AnaBanana

        ha! I love gaksital references. I’ll never tire of this

    • 1.6 maon

      The difference here is that you get those annoying election tallies on the bottom of the screen for dramas. I HATE those, it’s so ridiculous. Isn’t Korea supposed to be the most wired nation on the planet? Why can’t they just post that stuff online?

    • 1.7 Asdlkjdf

      LoL. if they only knew how painful that was.

    • 1.8 sunshinehappyfeet

      lol so true!

  2. rainbow

    well… I’m not watching any of these dramas, so no problem 🙂

    • 2.1 Kiara

      Same, I”m on a movie marathon.

  3. kdramapedia

    I’m so behind in my drama watching that this actually gives me time to catch up! Yay, politics! Wait….

  4. Fab

    I wonder how the elections are going more than the delay in drama scheduling. In fact I am super busy these day therefore I am glad there’ll be only one episode per week…

  5. crazedlu

    Phew. Thank goodness this affects me none. Had it been School, I would’ve been rocking back and forth.

    • 5.1 eternalfive

      Hahaha, I was going to say exactly that. XD

      • 5.1.1 ilovedramas

        me too! so many ‘hakyo 2013’fans 😀

    • 5.2 pogo

      I’m into I Miss You right now, but I can totally live with just one episode a week and be happy that the cast and crew get some rest.

      If School 2013 had got the short shrift though, the sight would not be a pretty one in my house.

      • 5.2.1 JoAnne

        I will miss you, I Miss You! But I’m happy to at least learn in a roundabout way that the show is enjoying success in Korea. Just because I am very impressed with how they’re dealing with such heavy subject matter I can’t assume everyone else is, too – I’m not their target audience.

        • pogo

          I remember hearing that its opening week ratings weren’t super high, but d-addicts shows a SHARP spike in the ratings from episode 5 onwards (when guess who appears as adult Soo-yeon/Jung-Woo) and they’ve been decent ever since.

          Considering the subject, I think they’re dealing very well with that, and with its effect on Soo-yeon. And YEH is blowing me away, finally she’s back in a drama that isn’t a mess and it’s heartbreaking.

          • aj

            I agree. YEH and Yoochun and the rest of the cast are working their butts off and they are all doing an awesome job. They are the number 1 drama and I am not surprised. What surprises me are the detractors who don’t make a lot of sense, especially those who are currently not even watching the drama. It’s a good thing there are not a lot of those in Korea, who are the target audience. I Miss You is at least showing relative success rating wise and through media, viewers, and critics there.

          • Shiku

            Aren’t the ratings around 11.6% and just about 1 point higher than Jon Woochi?

            I also don’t think the subject is handled well as she hasn’t developed SY’s character for the better. She has actually regressed and emotionally a mess.

          • Aj

            Shiku, actually 2-3 points and first place is still first place. You obviously are not watching this drama and basing your comments on the other bloggers opinion. So try to watch the drama and then form your own opinion so you can discuss it with us who actually watch the drama.

          • Betsy Hp

            I came into the drama because I was curious how the subject matter would be handled. (Dream High handled it a lot differently than what I was used to here in the States — not badly, mind, just differently — so I’ve been curious about its treatment in k-dramas ever since.) I have to say I’ve been really impressed. And I agree that YEH has been amazing.

  6. UJ

    My IMY feels… Aaaah how can I wait for the episode after watching the preview (no spoiler cuz javabeans hates it^^)
    I wouldn’t mind 1 extra episode for IMY, but not more than that.. I hate it when drama gets all draggy just to accommodate the new number of episodes -_-;
    Hwaiting IMY!

    • 6.1 Gladys


      She doesn’t hate it and I am very glad she stopped recapping it otherwise there will be WAR on this site which she could foresee which I thought was very wise of her indeed.

      However , I am glad that there are IMY lovers here who would like to thank her for acknowledging in black and white that IMY does have solid ratings unlike some ” Nightmare Playground”.

      Like you UJ, I am glad I am still avidly following it as from episode 13 onwards, it will only get better and better.

      • 6.1.1 QIII

        Um, i think she meant JB doesn’t like spoilers

      • 6.1.2 shiku

        Nightmare, eh? So juvenile!

        • Grace

          You must be referring to the blogger, right? Yes, she is SO juvenile : p

          • Shiku

            Very funny, No! I was referring to Gladys who is insulting Koala and her blog because she has a different perspective than her. She is juvenile because Gladys (and you) is insulting people just because they identify flaws in the drama.

          • Aj

            Sorry shiku, but that blogger has turned anti I miss you ever since the main otp has shown to have more chemistry than the 2nd lead. I feel sorry for her and her followers ( you) who didn’t get her way re: the writing of this drama. I enjoy this drama a lot, writing, actors, and all. And that is my non juvenile opinion.

      • 6.1.3 Fab

        What ”war” are you talking about?

        • Shiku

          Koala and other commentators saying the drama has flaws, the acting average and isn’t as good as nice guy, the writer is schizophrenic. On the other hand, IMY fans or chunsas think Oppa is great and can do no wrong, acting is the best and writer is perfect with no flaws. This is the war she is talking about. Since oppa is perfect and doing his best, no one should say anything contrary.

          • Kgrl

            Lols. The acting is not the best I’ve seen for actors of their experience and caliber, though YSH is doing a mighty good job paired up with YEH given his age. Of course, it’s also not the worst. There are also flaws in the writing of the characters, specifically character consistency. Yet, more importantly I think the production on a whole just feels slightly disjointed. But that’s probably b/c of issues prior to filming, so perhaps the relationships on set are more tenuous.

            This drama is very classic K-melo, but I applaud that it brought rape and abuse so clearly to the forefront. I was more empathetic of the mothers than of SY’s plight. Unfortunately, I feel the most disconnect with SY.

            The psychological trauma aspect also wasn’t fleshed out as convincingly nor as smooth as I expected. Writer Moon normally is better at the raw emotions part. I was hoping for more out of this combo, but Writer Moon and PD Lee hasn’t really given me fresh or griping.

          • Grace


            I could not reply to your earlier comment in so am replying here.

            LOL, why get so worked up? I was just using your original words that you have used to insult the other person.

            The true opposite of love is not hate but indifference. You don’t like a drama, don’t watch it. All dramas have flaws. However, to continue investing so much time and energy watching and rewatching the show to recap it and using so much vitriol – these are signs of a masochist. Frankly, I’m worried about her mental state. I don’t really give a damn about her views and they are not affecting my enjoyment of IMY and yes, I’m in love with the whole cast. So, peace to you, my dear.

      • 6.1.4 magnus

        They were talking about JB hating spoilers.

      • 6.1.5 UJ

        lol i meant that Javabeans hates spoilers..i know she is still watching the drama^^
        LOL at nightmare playground hahahaa…i just look at her new posts out of curiosity…

        • Oliv

          Oh, Grace, Gladys was insulting koala in the first place. I for one, am not a fan of her, but I respect her. I don’t respect some people though, who loves a certain drama and know week after week she’s always going to write something negative, and still come back. Then they get all offended and started bashing on koala like crazy as though she’s this evil terrible person because she has an opinion and she has a blog and she writes these things down. If she’s a professional critic, that’s another matter. Not implying that you are one of them though –the ones who goes to her blog ever week. Worried about her mental state? Er, that’s a pretty ignorant thing to say, considering you’re coming to this conclusion based on the posts she wrote, not that you know her personally.

    • 6.2 amber

      Me too.How am I gonna live my Wed?Maybe I can predict near future really.Every Wed,I feel pumped but not this week and see there’s no IMY.I like the rape centre the drama.How victims moms relate themselve!How YEH is covered by the murderer.It’s showing exactly how I feel about the sexual assault.Joy is losing the fight of living like a dream-like Joy’s life.Every time she pushed her mom and Jung Woo,she feels more desperate and empty.Like how she has no more place to return,a bit similar Jae Hee but she is just running away from her trauma,not greed.How Jung Woo neglecting her makes her irresistable.Harry becomes further and further from her and he knows it.I think Jung Woo has started to fall for her as Joy.Till now,my screen is on fire when Jung Woo and Harry r fighting each other with words.But I can feel chemistry between love triangle.Now,I totally forgot YEH is a lot older than YSH.I really hope the writer not to write Soo Yeon as damsel in distress and she needs both males whenever she’s in danger.Joy is not a damsel as she went alone to her druggie rapist.

  7. trotwood

    Is the cast back at The Great Seer? This might be a relief to them since they are behind in shooting even if they are back, right?

  8. katiamon

    well, this is not going to affect me because i already dropped IMY and i didn’t watch TGS…

    • 8.1 addylovesbwood

      lool!! why??

    • 8.2 magnus

      same here

    • 8.3 kirst3n

      Dropped IMY and have not been watching the other ones so all’s good for me too. 🙂

  9. thank


    Can we get married and Scholl 2013 aired yesterday and today so no problem!

    But I know it is hard and the ratings of a drama can drop a lot because of this…

    Anthony doesn’t approve! 😀

  10. 10 SH

    Last time I checked, Park Guen-hye was leading in the poll. Is her father still popular among Korean public?

    My worst fear (and totally insignificant in the larger political scope) would be if the new government were to allow commercials during drama broadcast. Though it probably wouldn’t affect me as an international viewer, but I would still hate it.

    • 10.1 addylovesbwood

      well, how would that work? if they air commercials during a 60 minute drama, wouldn’t that make it longer? or they would have to reduce drama times to 45minutes so they can fill 15mins with commercials? just curious

      • 10.1.1 SH

        I’m not sure; just speculating on my part 🙂

        But I would guess the actual length of each episode would be shorter like what is shown on cables (as of now, cables are not regulated in the same ways as the Big three).

        The government has been fairly lax regarding PPLs in recent years. A few years back, brand names were not so explicitly shown in dramas; producers had to be creative to conceal the names. It used to be that excessive PPLs would get warnings and fines from television regulators. Now Samsung, LG, Hyundai, etc… producers of the shows don’t even bother hiding those names b/c of lax enforcement.

        Park Guen-hye is a more free-market, less regulation type of candidate. She is from the same party as the current president, Lee Myung-bak. And she’s leading in the poll. Her father is Park Chung-hee, the most (in)famous post-war Korean leader. Her opposition is Moon Jae-in who is more pro-regulation and union (the Korean Actor Union and writer group are endorsing him per the Vault’s report).

        Implications to Korean television or film industry are relating to labor laws and commercial regulations, etc… E.g. SK and the US signed a trade agreement (KORUS FTA) 2 years ago(?), and some policies from said agreement could affect the industry. Anyways, politics is boring and things I just wrote might or might not happen. Don’t quote me 😀

      • 10.1.2 magnus

        They put the commercials before and after the dramas. The drama itself would be the exact same length but with cuts in-between for commercials to air like they do in Western shows.
        That’d suck for the people watching dramas there but If you’re watching internationally it only affects you if you’re watching live streaming.

  11. 11 Renee

    Only one IMY this week?! I’ve been crying my eyes out for the last 9 episodes… there’s only so much my heart can take. So, network, my emotional turmoil and Kleenex thank you for the slight reprieve! I will, however, have my big girl pants on and tissues at the ready for next week.

  12. 12 QIII

    *fans self*



    • 12.1 Fab

      That is a really good one! I hate you for this spoiler but I hate my curiosity even more. Aaaah

    • 12.2 sogazelle

      OMO OMO!!!! I’m in heaven!!!! Wow!!!!

    • 12.3 amber

      Now,u made me crazy waiting Thur.

  13. 13 JoowonLover:P

    Nooooo, this means Level 7 Civil Servant is gonna be pushed back if I Miss you is extended! Noooooo!

    • 13.1 lovenicole


      • 13.1.1 addylovesbwood

        It’s not that bad! One more week of Yoochun won’t kill anyone…. I think….

        • JoowonLover:P

          True….but still! I’m so conflicted right now :-/

    • 13.2 magnus

      Now I care about what happens to I Miss You. No extensions please! I just want that drama to be over and Joo Won in a drama again!

      • 13.2.1 Lotus_Blossom

        You might not, but many do. You can wait.

        • magnus

          That drama doesn’t need any extensions. It just needs to double air episodes to catch up instead of unnecessarily delaying other dramas. I just hate all extensions/delays unless the drama is showing clear signs that it needs more time to wrap up it’s story or something and IMY is not there.
          I could wait if it made sense but it really doesn’t.

  14. 14 Reena

    Thank God this didn’t affect King of Dramas. I couldn’t live without my dose of Anthony and Kang Hyun Min!

  15. 15 Laeah

    Praying Park Geun Hye doesn’t win.

    Ugh, just no please. She is a dirty politician even if she’s not a dictator like her father. And her campaign is full of scandal.

  16. 16 TS

    As long as they don’t interfere with School 2013, I dont care, and simply wish Korea an excellent president!

  17. 17 addylovesbwood

    I’m just glad it’s not Can We get Married, School 2013 and King of dramas.

    Come to think of it, all my favorite dramas air Mon/Tue which is weird because that time slot was filled with boring dramas throughout this year.


    I’m sad about I miss you/ Great seer but I’m behind on those two anyways.

    • 17.1 Mystisith

      I have the same problem: I’m watching 4 dramas on Mon/Tues and not a single one on the Wed/Thurs slot. My week in unbalanced and my darlings have to fight each other for the ratings. Who should I sue for that?

    • 17.2 magnus

      Same here. I’m watching School 2013 and King of Dramas on Monday-Tuesday and a WEEKEND drama of all things( Cheongdamdong Alice).

      The Earth’s has flipped on it’s axis or something because Mon-Tues dramas are usually boring and I never watch them. And I usually cringe away from weekend dramas.

      MONDAY-TUESDAY <3 hope this keeps up because it makes me look forward to Mondays for once!

  18. 18 Llamaesque

    It sounds like I Miss You is already barely making their air dates, so I bet they could actually use the break. Maybe it will give them a chance to actually come up with a plot 😉

    • 18.1 Fab

      Is that provocative? Not workin’, hopefully. 🙂

      • 18.1.1 Jar

        @Llamaesque Lolol +1 internetz for the wit…

  19. 19 Juby

    I’m really gald that I Miss You is doing well for its ratings especially in Seoul where it hit 18%, but I wonder if Jeon Woo Chi will gain the number 1 spot since it will be the only drama shown…

    I just saw the preview for episode 13 of I Miss You and my jaw practically dropped on the floor because of the kiss ^^

    I was beginning to think that there wouldn’t be any kissing scenes in this drama and that would be such a waste since personally I think that YEH is definitely in the top 3 of K-actresses who know how to kiss lol. I’m glad that this time, she doesn’t dissapoint too 🙂

  20. 20 pg

    well it wud hurt mi if i cant see yoochun for a wk….its just one episode for this wk….i will just bear with it….. good luck to korea for their new president…may the best win

  21. 21 owl

    stupid politics

  22. 22 Brian

    That picture of YEH looks so pretty — well she looks very nice in it 🙂

  23. 23 anna

    All that said about the Western shows really suck. Some of my favorite TV shows won’t be back until end of January and early February. They have summer break, then winter break, then mid-season break.. omg. At least with j-dramas, it’s also once a week, but most of the time it’s only 10 episodes or less.

  24. 24 magnus

    I saw the preview for episode 13 of Missing You and gave up on the show. Just in time it seems. I’m not watching any of the other dramas either but I feel for the fans of these shows.
    Hope the elections go well!

    • 24.1 lovelyday

      What was wrong with the preview of ep 13 that made you give up on Missing You?

      • 24.1.1 Mystisith

        Go to the Koala’s Playground if you really want to know: Post and comments should answer your questions.

        • lovelyday

          If it’s about the kiss, I think we all need to wait till the episode airs before making our judgement. MBC has taken down the preview from their homepage by request from the production crew as they decided to remove some scenes shown in the preview from the episode. The kiss might be the problematic scene that would be taken out.

        • aj

          I enjoy the drama immensely and I, along with more than 500 pages of soompi supporters who watch the drama, are beyond happy with the ep 13 preview. Going to Koala’s just so you can find a few people (really just a page worth of comments) to agree with your negative opinion is very sad. Anyway, Korean viewers and media and plenty of international supporters are loving this drama. It is a success, whether you think so or not, in the eyes of those who actually matter most (people who watch the drama). Watch this drama. It’s really so good!

          • Mystisith

            Sad but true, good ratings doesn’t mean quality. And good shows sometime have bad ratings. I never acknowledged this drama named I Miss You and I have valid personal reasons to do so. Also, I don’t need help to choose what I watch, thank you very much. Enjoy your show without me.

          • Aj

            If you don’t watch the drama, how can you judge it’s quality? Unless you just parrot another bloggers opinion and take it as your own. In my opinion, imy is a quality drama that should have even higher ratings.

          • Mystisith

            @aj: Are you like the character of A Clockwork Orange? Will you put matches in the eyes of everyone so we are forced to watch this drama with you? I’ve read recaps of the first episodes, I’ve seen pics and comments on diverse places: As someone who had to suffer from sexual abuse, I don’t recognize myself in that story, written only by an opportunist writer to rape viewers (and actors) from their tears. You’re getting seriously annoying with your preaching here and at the other place. Get a life! No one has to be like you!

          • aj

            I’m sorry you had to go through that and that I came across as annoying. But no two people can have the same experience and reaction. I’m a doctor with a psych background so I know what I’m talking about. And really this is a drama that you haven’t watched. By just reading recaps and basing your opinions on other people’s opinions really doesn’t give you the right to bash this drama and the actors. And thank you for responding to my comments.

          • Mystisith

            Thanks for understanding and respecting my point of view and the opinion of others in my case. My last comment was a bit harsh so I apologize there. I said it from the start on this blog: If this drama ends up as something with a sense and real healing qualities, then I will be the first to promote it. That’s not at all the vibe I get from this drama (and I saw MARS and Crucible which dealt with the same theme). I guess we’ll have to agree we disagree until then.

      • 24.1.2 magnus

        It’s mostly because in episode 12 they were all set to not be together and they’re suddenly kissing. I’m sure that works and is swoony for some people but it’s not working for me. Maybe because I was already disconnected from everything in the first place. I don’t know.
        The drama was already irritating me but I just happened to give up here. I’m in no mood to be watching shows that don’t make sense to me and I can’t connect to. I’d usually put up with it or ignore the preview and wait for the episode but I’m really just not feeling it. Maybe it’s because of me always choosing to ignore my gut feelings when it comes to dramas and then it comes back to slap me in the face too often. So for once I’m just going to not bother. If there suddenly turns out to be some twist then hooray. Maybe I’ll attempt to watch it again at a later date. But I’m in no mood for it now.

  25. 25 cherkell

    Good thing this is only a temporary delay in airing, because it could be worse — on 18 December, the Korean Broadcast Actors Union (KBAU) held a work-stoppage and completely shut down the set of “My Daughter Seoyoung” to protest KBS not properly paying the cast and crew: http://bit.ly/YhtL0n

    Interesting labour news coming out of the drama sets these days. ABOUT. FREAKIN. TIME.

  26. 26 glo

    I don’t watch IMY and dropped TGS after episode 8, so this preemption doesn’t affect me. If it’s King of Dramas / Alice in Cheongdamdong, I would be pretty upset… These two dramas are my current addiction!

    I watch Jeon Woo Chi on KBSW and according to the schedule, they will broadcast JWC on KBWS today & tomorrow. So yaayy…

    Both IMY and TGS are already on live-shooting mode; so by airing only one episode this week, hopefully the actors can get the break they truly deserve.

  27. 27 bjharm

    Jang Nara is one of the ambassadors for fair voting and did an event just before starting school 1213, so knew it was coming..man think of the $ of bribes that must be passing around right now..lol at lest according to what one see’s in K-drama’s.

  28. 28 KERA

    YEH only got 2 expressions in IMY. Boring, passive characters.
    Well her fans are kids, so to their eyes, she got millions faces.

    11% is considered strong RATING?

    • 28.1 javabeans

      No, 11% is kinda weak — especially for a first-place show. The most recent episodes had Jeon Woo-chi with 10.3% and Great Seer with 9.1%. I think it just shows that the Wednesday-Thurs dramas in this cycle are doing poorly all around. I find them all a bit lacking in their own ways, so it doesn’t surprise me. Monday-Tues, on the other hand, rocks my socks.

      • 28.1.1 Gladys


        You yourself mentioned IMY and “its solid rating” in your last sentence and now you’ve changed your mind.

        With competition against 2 other heavyweights (I have to say heavyweights because of the veteran actors there) I would say IMY is doing very well indeed for being 1st, 4 episodes in a row! That said, I can remember very VIVIDLY some of you here saying that those 2 other dramas will slaughter IMY. Now, who’s having the last laugh?

        Somebody who was telling everyone on every 4 of IMY’s recaps here what not to watch is now telling others not to help her choose what to watch! HOW IRONICAL ? I dont have to LOL!

        I REST MY CASE!

        • Misha


          “Apply water in burned area”

          Jokes aside, I don’t get the ‘hate’ for IMY from other people here. Is just pointless.

          Every drama have bad and goods points, so trying to despise and hate a drama is so stupid, unless it turns out to be really… REALLY bad.

        • javabeans

          It’s in first place. That gives it solid footing.

          Its latest rating was 11%. As far as first places go, it’s not that high.

          Nothing to get bent out of shape about. If there were a little less histrionics about this show, both in AND out of it, we’d all be better off.

          • Grace

            Sorry, off topic but since you mention ratings, I need to rant.

            Ratings are always very subjective and open to abuse. I noted that you only quoted the ratings from AGB Nielsen but not from TNmS. Why not highlight the huge discrepancy between the 2 ratings for IMY?

            The AGB Nielsen cheating case in the Philippines in 2007 is an example of why one can’t judge a show’s popularity by just its ratings. Recently, there was an article of a possible collaboration between AGB Nielsen and Twitter to factor in traffic from social media sites to gauge popularity. Nowadays, how many people actually watch dramas from fixed TV sets at home?

          • javabeans

            In fact I use AGB for consistency. I used to use TNS ratings, but they were less available, especially with non-broadcast shows, and that would result in using mixed data sources in posts. Not ideal.

            ABG always has numbers available and is consistently more reliable, so I stick to them. Ratings are a flawed measure in a best case scenario, but no need to make that worse by cherry-picking the service we like better for a particular show. Stick to one and live with the limitations, I figure.

        • Aj

          @gladys imy threads were always popular on dramabeans, but the detractors were always vicious. The prediction was that it will crash and burn even before the airing and some people were so happy with the low ratings of the first few episodes. Now it is number 1 and is doing better than the dramas that the detractors watch. Lol. Agree it’s so ironic.

          • Misha

            “some people were so happy with the low ratings of the first few episodes” – w.t.f.

            Some people needs to find a work, start to study something or a boyfriend/girlfriend because they have too much free time.

          • pogo

            remember when YEH was first cast and people started saying they’d hate to see her play bright and perky again (based on the info that her character was a fashion designer)?

            It’s not a perfect drama, I’m not quite sure how to untangle all the corporate machination plots or whether it even HAS a plot, but the cast is near-flawless. Now, if only they could tone down that pink lipstick on the boys…it’s starting to bug me.

  29. 29 Kstylick

    Well, first things first right? We just have to prioritize. After all these hums about the election, we can go back to our daily drama routines.

  30. 30 nam

    Hm, it seems like it’s quite a big election, no? The current election is so mired in past historical events and figures it will be interesting to see what happens, especially as someone who is a Korean American.

    I have been watching all Wed/Thurs dramas and I have to say still that I am still rooting for IMY to do well, if only for the reason that it, despite being heavy, is actually kind of fresh in the emotions and the pain it opens up rather than the kind that is always generated by pointless lies and contractual agreements.

    I think that people overcomplicate it by wanting so much out of it, and wring it for its flaws and defects; I mean, so many dramas are flawed, no? I am invested in the show, and for me I am comforted by the message it has so far conveyed to me: JW is just an embodiment of the love and care one should have for oneself despite past hurt and trauma, and to anyone who has experienced such terrible events it is just a small comfort the drama offers that someone could still love and wait for, a person who felt she had to even erase herself.

  31. 31 Rose

    I love how that it is automatically assumed that the ones “protecting” I miss you are fans of Yoochun… And can we please have decent comments?…its just bash bash bash… so sickening… I know people are entitled to their opinion, but can we be adults and provide constructive criticisms, after serious analysis…and if you can’t do that then KEEP YOUR FINGERS FROM THE KEYBOARD…If you don’t like it, you know..maybe… just maybe.. you can stop talking about it… I don’t understand why people that don’t like the show continuously comment about it.. If I don’t like a drama, then I STOP watching.. I don’t go on a rampage to impose onto others my opinion.. On the other hand, if I like a drama, then I will share my like for it, maybe have incoherent spazz moments about it….It might sound overused but share LOVE not HATE…

    • 31.1 Aj

      Most of the detractors don’t really watch the Missing you. They are mostly fans of other actors, actresses, dramas and think they can make their drama or actor look better by putting down this drama and its actors. I’m so glad missing you is doing great in South Korea, probably better than the dramas they are supporting right now so it makes them sad and maybe jealous? for their drama. Just saying…

      • 31.1.1 lua

        lol this is so childish, does people really do it?

        I don’t like IMY and YES I watched the drama but now I’m stopping.

        People keep talking how the writing is good but imo it isn’t.

        I loved the first episodes but once the adults came it got a little… boring? And the writer keeps trying to throw shocking things on us to keep the viewers… I don’t like it.

        Also I knew it wasn’t Zoe but the Ahjumma, that was easy…

        And the end show us JW *(that was my fav character) being SHOT.

        Plus he also keep grabbing Zoe too much and I dislike it.

        Harry also seems sweet but he isn’t deep down, it is all calculated by his part.

        Zoe keeps giving Harry hopes when we know she doesn’t feel the same… she doesn’t want to hurt him but hurt him without knowing

        so, I don’t see why I need to force myself to stay and watch this drama anymore, it just brings pains but no healing like the first episodes showed us SY healing just to hurt her in a manner that maybe she never heal…

        So yeah, this drama is going nowhere and is just toying with viewers’ heart like the writer is toying with her characters there….

    • 31.2 pogo

      for the record, I’m really into IMY but not a Yoochun fan (got a bit bored by him in SKKS and couldn’t get into RTP, but he’s much better here)

  32. 32 KING O DORAMA

    well, moral, if you don’t want to see other people bashing your favorite actresses eg. YEH or actors eg. Micky, stop doing it to other actresses/actors. And don’t praise them so highly if there are nothing remarkable to shout about.

    • 32.1 Aj

      I don’t bash other actors but I should be able to praise my fave however which way. It’s called an opinion.

    • 32.2 Misha

      Sorry but don’t praise them? If you like something or someone, would you like to hear somebody tells you what to do about your taste?


      Let’s respect each others opinions and tastes, please.

    • 32.3 pogo

      How old are we supposed to be, twelve?

      And who are you to tell someone not to praise the actors they like, anyway?

  33. 33 Gladys

    @ Rose,


  34. 34 TehOBali

    Some facts,

    – Han Tae-Joon (Han Jung-Woo father) and Kang Hyung-Joon (Harry) are hyung (brothers).

    – Kang Hyung-Joon (Harry) is actually Han Jung-Woo uncle.

    – If Lee Soo-Yeon (Zoe) were to marry Kang Hyung-Joon (Harry), Han Jung-Woo will become her nephew (can imagine Han Jung-Woo call Lee Soo-Yeon “auntie” :-))

    – If Lee Soo-Yeon (Zoe) were to marry Han Jung-Woo, she will have to call Kang Hyung-Joon (Harry) “uncle”.

  35. 35 pogo

    This is completely OT, but count me as another one who’s glad DB isn’t recapping I Miss You either. There seem to be way too many angry people in here, I thought this place was supposed to be fun.

  36. 36 Carinne

    Well there you have it S.Korea…. your 1st woman President!

    Maybe we’ll get more awesome shows from Korea once PGH takes over the Blue House.

  37. 37 LT

    I Miss You episode 13 preview
    “Love others as you love yourself”, the famous saying goes. Unless one starts off with a healthy self image which leads to a healthy love for oneself, one can’t love others. Being loved for what we are builds our healthy self image. At least HJW is loved as he is by LSY’s Mum, Detective Kim’s daughter and detective co-workers. LSF is loved only as Zoe by Harry. LSY’s part of her has yet to experience love. HJW loves LSY the best for what she is (as a murderer’s daughter, Zoe or Harry’s fiancée, not for just being his first love). He wants to show his love (even for one day according HJW in the preview). This message is now loud and clear. A kiss will drive home HJW’s sentiments and will benefit LSF regardless of her choice of man. (Can’t she keep both of them?) She is on her recovery path and can soon sing ‘’Na Gwen Chan Na’’ instead of her usual mantras. We should be happy for her. We hear HJW mention “even for one day”; so he is probably prepared to let LSY choose her man. This drama is still interesting, isn’t it?

  38. 38 Arlena Wow

    PARK GEUN HYE is more important to the daily lives of south koreans than missing you or other dramas mentioned above.

    Anyway for missing you the ratings it will not go higher than anticipated – yoon eun hye you do not have to spend money for the staff trip.

    The reason – maths – you have got 4 solid episodes left to finish up the drama so could the figure jump to 20 %straight up soon. Anyway too much crying do not do good during winter, more depression for netizens

    Park Geun Hye is in people’s mind right now for their future 2013 and five years to come !

    and also people and elsewhere are busy holidaying with christmas sales in south korea

    with dear poor yoon eun hye to “put up” with free advertisements – clothings and accessories in that drama, time to make good money during christmas, you hit it right “queen of melo” ? ? ? . as her fans said.

  39. 39 Jessica

    wooot! SK just elected their first female president 🙂

    You know, for all this talk about how Asia has gender equality issues, it seems like we have more women in the highest positions of power.

    Like the Philippines, India, Thailand, Taiwan, etc…

    • 39.1 pogo

      half of those women seem to be the daughters/wives of politicians, though – call me cynical but there you have it.

      • 39.1.1 Jessica

        True, but at least they’re still being elected to the presidency and people aren’t using the “Can a woman be capable?” excuse to denigrate them.

  40. 40 sunshinehappyfeet

    i feel Hae-in’s character is too weak for someone like Kim So-yeon! Hae-in might need too much time to develop since The Great Seer is already on episode 21 and 22~!

    I hope the writer amps up Hae-in’s character.


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