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First kisses and crushes: Kim So-hyun in I Miss You
by | December 2, 2012 | 74 Comments

Child actress Kim So-hyun has been building up her resumé awfully quickly, given that she’s only 13 years old and already has 15 credits on her filmography. Granted, she debuted at three and has mostly played small parts (her credits include The Duo, Baker King Kim Tak-gu, Birth of the Rich and Thorn Birds), but she really gained notice this year with The Moon That Embraces the Sun where she played the “dark moon” who thwarted our main couple’s love. Most of that drama’s attention went to its boys — Yeo Jin-gu, Lee Min-ho, Im Shi-wan, Kim Soo-hyun — but it’s nice to see that she’s coming into her own.

Since Moon/Sun, she’s landed a leading role (the adorable short tween drama Ma Boy) and amped up the acting a notch on the intensity scale with her most recent project, as the victimized Soo-yeon in MBC’s new tearjerker I Miss You. Her previous roles were cute, but I think it wasn’t till I Miss You that I saw flashes of something more promising in her performance, which was much more layered and thoughtful than her other characters. (Granted, she’s played her share of one-dimensional villains, and the writing could very well have been to blame.)

In any case, with this role comes a fresh wave of praise, and she said, “I do read a lot of the articles [about my acting]. These days they’re all complimentary, which makes me feel good. Shooting was difficult, but I feel good about putting in the effort and having it come out well. I frequent Twitter and I can feel the viewers’ responses directly. I’m very happy these days at the response, which is so positive that it makes me wonder, ‘Did I really do that good a job?'”

The I Miss You character of Soo-yeon is quite different from your previous character of Bo-kyung in The Moon That Embraces the Sun.

“In the other drama, I played a character who didn’t hesitate to do all sorts of bad deeds in order to win [Yeo] Jin-gu oppa’s love. It’s difficult playing a bad character, but it was also fun. And a bit sad as well. But this time, Jin-gu oppa plays my first love. After first longing for love, to be on the receiving end felt really confusing. And on the set, Jin-gu oppa takes really good care of me.”

Do you have a boyfriend? How did you portray a fresh young romance between 15-year-olds?

“I don’t have a boyfriend. [Laughs] The Soo-yeon character seems dark and timid, but on the inside she overcomes hardship with a strong will. After meeting Jung-woo [Yeo Jin-gu] her brighter, innocent side comes out and I found it difficult to express those emotions in a detailed way. We began filming before I could prepare much, and moreover it was hard acting in a conventional melodrama. But Jin-gu oppa is so good and he was able to lead me capably. I would get caught up in oppa’s acting and feel that flutter of excitement myself, and I think the melo parts came out well.”

You worked with Yeo Jin-gu in both dramas [I Miss You, Moon/Sun].

“Since I met Jin-gu oppa when I was even younger and acted with him, it’s really comfortable. He likes to play around and joke a lot — in particular, he says how good-looking he is a lot. You could say he overflows with unwarranted confidence. Thanks to him and his playfulness, the filming atmosphere is really good. Although I joke back and forth with him in real life, though, when we begin acting I tell myself, ‘I really like oppa for real’ like I’m hypnotizing myself.”

From a story standpoint, in both Moon/Sun and this time, your love with Yeo Jin-gu wasn’t able to be realized.

“I know, right? This time I thought it really would happen… I talked it over a lot with Jin-gu oppa on set, like how there’s something about us that doesn’t work. But the staff would say how it felt like we were lovers in a past life whose love didn’t work out, meeting again here.”

How does it feel to be referred to as a top-rate child actor?

“That term does feel burdensome, but also makes me feel good. It still feels sudden and confusing. I filmed I Miss You thinking I really had to do a good job after Moon/Sun. I didn’t want to disappoint those viewers who saw me favorably, and I want to keep working hard at it.”

There have been a lot of people saying you look like Sohn Ye-jin and Yoon Eun-hye.

“It’s an honor, I really like Sohn Ye-jin and Yoon Eun-hye sunbaes. Yoon Eun-hye sunbae-nim came to the set to cheer me on and encouraged me to do a good job. I respect Sohn Ye-jin sunbae a lot and would love to become like her.”

There was a notable scene in the drama with you and Yeo Jin-gu’s “bus kiss.”

“Before shooting the bus kiss scene, we both brushed our teeth really thoroughly. While filming there were only the actors and crew present, but because the bus was so narrow it was difficult for the camera to catch the angle so we had to film it several times. It was really embarrassing, both in rehearsal and when doing it for real. Even oppa was embarrassed. It was the first kiss scene for both of us. The director even played a joke, saying that we had to do it again because oppa puckered up his lips. Oppa told me not to be bothered later that my first kiss was in a drama, that there are a lot of things like that in acting.”

Who do you like better between Moon/Sun’s Kim Soo-hyun and I Miss You’s Park Yoochun?

“Both Jin-gu oppa and the director said so, that when I’m with Yoochun oppa my gaze changes. From the very first time meeting him, Yoochun oppa approached me first and looked after me in a friendly way. He’s very easy-going, and treats me really comfortably. We have the same birthday [June 4] too… For the first time, I found someone who became an ‘ideal type.’ And that hasn’t changed yet. [Laughs]”

From here on out, what kind of actor would you like to become?

“I want to be the kind of actor who can cross genres. The kind of actor who might sometimes hit upon your limits and take on challenges. On top of that, I want to be the kind of actor people don’t tire of, who stays with people. I wouldn’t refuse any genre if it were asked of me, but I do want to do a romantic comedy with a reverse appeal [as in, you like them despite unlikable traits, or are drawn to them in an unexpected way]. I want to work even harder and become better. Also, aside from acting I have a lot of interest in writing so I’d also like to try my hand with literary pursuits too.”

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74 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Fab

    A promising talent and obviously a very smart young lady. Wish her the best!

    • 1.1 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

      I agree. I can see through her answers that she’s indeed very smart. 🙂

      I like her better in IMY than in TMETS. But I like her most in Ma Boy.

      • 1.1.1 Fab

        I’ve seen her in 3 dramas so far and she impressed me the most in IMY too. Very incredible, her performance touched my heart. Haven’t seen Ma Boy yet, but It’s on thé list. (:

  2. Celest

    She was amazing in Moon Sun! TBH i ended up dropping that drama but she definitely has potential. She sounds incredibly mature for her age too (though this interview was probably well planned ahead). Haven’t seen I Miss You but awww to admitting that Yoochun is her ideal ^-^

    • 2.1 Rin

      i think that photo of her with yoochun was taken during the rooftop prince filming.saw it before at allkpop if i’m not mistaken. she’s must be so excited being able to work with her ‘ideal type’ twice.hehe.

  3. Arhhazivory

    So darling. Its funny how she and her Oppa act so much together. It’d be awesome if they could reunite when they’re all grown up. ^^

  4. QIII

    Love love this girl!

    SHe has a lot of spunk and she’s adorable! Not to mention massively talented.

    “Before shooting the bus kiss scene, we both brushed our teeth really thoroughly.”

    LOL i wonder if adult actors do this too.
    *got a kiss scene today*: minty toothpaste, breath mints READY!!

    • 4.1 Mystisith

      LOL. I wouldn’t like to fall on a partner who DOESN’T take care of his mouth before a kiss scene. Now that I think about it, maybe it explains part of the shocked faces of some actresses on screen…

      • 4.1.1 Nallali

        gawsh that was funny! maybe they just came off of eating kimchi or something like that…loads of garlic ‘aroma’

      • 4.1.2 jomo

        I know.
        I think having to kiss a smoker would be grosser than anything. Kim Taku smokes like a fiend in a lot of his dramas, then ladies have to kiss him. Yerrgh!

      • 4.1.3 skelly

        I’ve heard it said that Clark Gable always had really bad breath. Don’t know if that’s true or not, but it made me feel sorry for his co-stars.

  5. nomu nomu nomu

    The future of Korea’s actresses is well represented.

    Just off the top of of my my head, I can think of three future Kim’s. Kim So-hun, Kim Yoo-jung, Kim Sae-ron (and her sisters). Yeah, no shortage of future stars. 🙂

    • 5.1 DeeDee

      Don’t forget Kim Soo Jung, the little girl from Star Golden Bell. She is so matured for her age and she even had a lead role with Cha Tae Hyun in a movie. EGGCITED

    • 5.2 Rainn

      Kim Yoo Bin too! I love her, still a baby though.
      She played as Ah Kang on Princess’ Man, and as Choi Si Won’s daughter on Oh! My Lady.
      Her acting is really great for such a little kid.

    • 5.3 Rachel

      Honestly I didn’t know she was this cute and pretty in sun/moon. Good for her that she got out of Kim Yoo Jung’s eclipse and shone her own beauty.

  6. aoiaheen

    Aw so cute. And she seems to adore her oppa.In I miss you, I thought she was older than her 13 years.

    • 6.1 QIII

      yeah she did appear a bit older.
      Theres usually a change in physical appearance between just hitting 13 and being 15ish

      She looked Yeo Jin Gu’s age in IMY

      but she looked like a tween (12-13) in rooftop prince which was just 6-7 months ago.

      I guess it just shows how good she is at acting, that she left that impression on me since i don’t think she changed that much in 6 months.

  7. shelhass

    I hope she gets the chance to be the actress she want to be! I adored her in Ma Boy and I Miss You too.

    And her crush on Yoochun is endearing. And she’s lucky since this is the second time she works with him.

  8. Jyyjc

    Haha I KNEW it. She has a crush on yoochun! So cute.

  9. Annie

    Who knows, when she grows up a little, she may have a shot with Yoochun! My brother’s wife is 10 years younger and he met her when she was a kid too and fell in love with her much later.

  10. 10 Katie

    She’s so cute! and like others have said her responses seem very mature and intelligent. I like her a lot even though I was partial to the other child actress in Moon/Sun haha. Good luck to Kim So Hyun and Yeo Jin Gu.

  11. 11 Lilly

    I have been watching the drama and Yoochun as always is excellent. Enjoying the show.
    He does funny, angry, equally well and projects warmth out in waves.

    • 11.1 anastassia

      this article about the girl, babe

      • 11.1.1 smiles


  12. 12 asianromance

    What a wonderful interview! I was never this articulate at her age!

    lol at her answer abt Kim Soo Hyun versus Yoochun. Yoochun does have a comfortable nice oppa in the neighborhood field.

    • 12.1 lovely

      seems yoochun is first love for so hyun ^^

      even jin go feel that too which if her with chunpa her gaze changes … kekeke

  13. 13 Caitlyn

    I thought the comment about Yeo Jin Gu was cute. “He likes to play around and joke a lot — in particular, he says how good-looking he is a lot.” lol! That’s so typical of a 15 year old guy, and you totally see that in him. He looks like he’d have that kind of personality.

    As for Kim So Hyun, she seems really nice and mature, and it’s cute how much she likes Yoochun. I’d totally be the same in her situation, lol.

    • 13.1 jomo

      She sounds like Elizabeth Bennet with the comment:
      “You could say he overflows with unwarranted confidence.”

      Very funny!

  14. 14 Betsy Hp

    Wow, she’s only thirteen?!? I figured she was older playing younger (which is the usual case in Hollywood) so I’m even more impressed with her acting in IMY.

    Also, I’m not sure which is more adorable: Her crush on Yoochun or her total openness about having a crush on Yoochun. (I loved her, “yep — totally crushing on him.” So cute.)

    Thanks for this, javabeans! 🙂

    • 14.1 lizzzie

      She’s adorable with her crush. You gotta love a girl who says she was attracted to her first sight of Yoochun scratching his belly in his RTP red tracksuit, lol.

      I think Yoochun adores her too. Cuteness all around.

  15. 15 Nallali

    one thing the casting director impressed me with was the fact that they actually picked an actress with rabbit teeth (he he) like YEH, cuz otherwise it just would’t feel real!!!

  16. 16 jomo

    Love her!
    Love that she has already found her ideal type in PYC, and will probably ignore all the cuties she will be working with over the years because of this crush.

    Has she ever worked with Park Gun-tae?

    • 16.1 pogo

      and you know that’s a major crush indeed, if it gets her to ignore Yeo Jin-gu a.k.a. the reason why most of DB’s perv-noonas are going… ‘no, must not think of him like that, he is NOT LEGAL…’…lol!

      • 16.1.1 jomo

        No kidding!!!

        Can’t we think of his 15 in Mars years?
        One Mars year = 686 days
        That means he is 28.19 Earth years.
        Works for me!

  17. 17 DayDreamer

    What a mature actress. Quite impressed by her answers (particularly when I think back to what a snotty brat I was when I was 13). I’m glad she’s very serious and into her career because it also shows on the screen (though I’ve only seen her Ma Boy drama). Best of luck to her in her future endeavors.

    I found it cute though when she said that she and her oppa brushed their teeth really thoroughly and were embarrassed during shooting. Nice to see there’s still innocence of the young age. 🙂

  18. 18 jang

    It’s about time that someone grabs that “nation’s little sister” tag from MGY. She’s very much qualified to inherit that title.

  19. 19 picklemonster

    Aww how sweet! Her responses are so mature and professional. ^^ I’ll definitely look out for her in the years to come. I just hope that the entertainment won’t change her modest personality.

    • 19.1 picklemonster

      oops, i meant entertainment industry*

  20. 20 kaka

    So many promising child actors. I think in a few years, the average age of Korean top actors will drop.

  21. 21 susan

    yes, really love her. looks much like Sohn Yeh Jin… especially some scenes in IMY

  22. 22 canxi

    AH HA! I’m not the only one who thinks she resembles Son Ye Jin. I noticed in one of those I Miss You promo pics…

    She seems really smart, down to earth, and passionate. I liked her answers and hope to see her blossom into a wonderful leading lady some day. And aww her crush on Yoochun! Cute cute cute.

    • 22.1 Audrey

      She looks a lot like Son Ye Jin in the 4th picture with her head resting on her arm. She is adorable in the interview, I have yet to watch I miss you, so I will make time after hearing about all the cute scenes of her and Yeo Jin Gu.

  23. 23 Vanessa

    Awww thank you for the interview!(: I can’t wait to see her grow into an even better actress than she already is. 😀

  24. 24 jeuri

    her crush on yoochun is sooo adorable! and i love that he even calls her “princess” haha they have a really sweet oppa-dongseng relationship.

    she seems so sincere and she definitely has talent! i wish her all the best and i see a lot of potential for her to grow into one of the top actresses of the future. it would be so interesting to see her and jingoo play opposite each other as adults.

  25. 25 Bu Young

    Love her!
    Second favorite child actress after Kim Sae Ron(:
    In that episode you can see her turning red!
    How cute that it was their first kiss! They’re growing up!

  26. 26 MW

    She is so well spoken for her age. Impressive and wish her lots and lots of success in her growing career.

  27. 27 Makoto

    She played young Jung Jina (Han Jimin) in Padam Padam, too. And I do agree if someone state that she was like a young version of Sohn Ye Jin. They do look alike. And somehow she resembles Han Ga In a lot more than Kim Yoo Jung, that makes me wonder why didn’t she played young Yeon Woo instead. Anw, along with Kim Sae Ron, Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun, there’s one more child actress who turns teenager, Jin Ji Hee (young Princess Minhwa / Moon Sun). But I think she’s more suitable to play comedy. I hope to see them in good projects in the future. Child actresses, fighting! ^^

    • 27.1 kya

      i agree with you. Sometimes, he’s more looks like han ga in than kim yoo jung.

      • 27.1.1 BackEyed

        But she can do the bad girl better we all hated her in MTETS lol..

  28. 28 cutieblue

    Ahh, how cute! It seems she and Jingu ‘oppa’ are close. I thought it was adorable that he was the one that comforted her about her first kiss, saying don’t worry. There is also something sad and sweet about how she said the staff felt like they had an air like star crossed lovers!

  29. 29 orenji13

    She’s soo cute… And she openly crushing on Yoochun and Jin Goo tease her (I think he is crushing on her though).

    Promising actress.. Can’t wait till she get her leading roles in prime time drama

  30. 30 Jess

    I adore her! She’s gonna grow into one beautiful and much more talented actress.

  31. 31 Lotus_Blossom

    Thanks, Javabeans.

    Awwe, what a cutie pie. She totally won me over in IMY. Definitely a beautiful and fine actress in the making.

    Her crush on Yoochun is so cute.

  32. 32 lizzzie

    An actress who writes! There’s a lot of potential there. Hope her future path is bright and as pretty as herself.

  33. 33 ck1Oz

    You’ve got to give it to a girl who not only has the good sense to make Micky her ideal. But has the chance to meet him and then be his Twitter friend.
    Acting aside- girl is going to be surrounded by good looking guys her teenage years.
    Concentrate on acting. * thinks hard put herself in the role *
    Forget the cute oppa I see everyday on the set.

  34. 34 coby

    hated her in Moon/Sun and loved her in Ma Boy! very promising actress! and her IMY stint is awesome! goodluck gurl!

  35. 35 Lilian

    She really impressed me in her latest drama, Missing You. Shows that she can take on different roles.

  36. 36 pogo

    I loved her in both Moon/Sun (in fact, the entire child cast of Moon/Sun >>>>>>>>>>> the adult cast, I wouldn’t have dropped that drama if they’d stayed with the younger actors throughout and not had the king wait like a decade to find Yeon-woo again) and she’s phenomenal in IMY. And judging by this interview, is smart and has good taste too – here’s hoping she has a long, successful career as a leading lady ahead of her!

  37. 37 addylovesbwood

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the role she took in Moon/Sun. After reading this thread, I’m looking forward to her performace in IMY as well as the bus kiss scene. Its adorable that being her first kiss, awww!!! lucky her, its with a hottie!!

    her crushing on MYC isn’t a big deal, we all have a crush on him!!

    My sister called me this morning to tell me she’s taking yoochun back from me. I said no way!! we’re gonna have to battle this out to see who’s the ultimate yoochun fan!!

  38. 38 lovely

    since i know her in Rooftop Prince .. iI was so love it, especially when i knew she liked Yoochun and says Yoochun is ideal man…. hahhaha .. she really crush with chun…..oww…She was adorable
    I was also like to watch her drama (Ma Boy also had I was watch),
    from what I read, she immediately accepted the offer to play in the IMU because Yoochun also playing here…. kekeke..

    btw, admin drama bean .. why no recap IMU after ep.4 ?? …

  39. 39 boobae

    She is only 13? She talks more intelligent than some 33 year olds. Wish her more happiness. PS .. Yoochun oppa is the perfect type!

  40. 40 Coleen

    I ship her and Yeo Jin Gu! 🙂 They look cute together ^_^ Hope they’ll be paired up again for another drama, this time with the two of them really the lead casts (not younger versions of the leads). Haha how I wish 😀

  41. 41 jazme

    she’s adorable & the more i look at her in watching miss you the more i’m convinced she’s the little son ye jin in every sense of the word, maybe a little of eun yoon hye too but 95% son ye jin! she’s an amazing child actress & hope to see more of her!

  42. 42 eternalfive

    Aw, her crush on Yoochun is so cute. XD Good taste, hahaha. 😛

  43. 43 jenny

    wasn’t she also in rooftop prince, playing the younger past&modern day version of the older sister?

    only remembered because i watch it after moon&sun and the seeing her face in another show was so deja-vu

  44. 44 BackEyed

    I love her <3..and we have the same crush.. luchy you bb you get to know him ^-^

  45. 45 LIZKY

    I still know a lot but you do not climb because drama pictures i miss you? please please reconsideralo and Upload

  46. 46 tepshiidae

    Kim So Hyun is growing up nicely! And her acting skills in I Miss You is no joke. I want her to be casted in a normal role in the future. Not a super tearjerker like this one, not as a villain, but you know, perhaps in a Rom-Com with Yeo Jin Goo again? XD

    By the way javabeans and girlfriday, is this blog yours? http://omg-gurubootcamp.com/koreandrama/first-kisses-and-crushes-kim-so-hyun-in-i-miss-you/

    There may be a small chance that this blog is really is yours and the writer “Administrator” are both of you rewording your own articles like Google translate gone bad. But I think that chance is really really small.

    His/her About Me section says “I’ve learned to use a CMS tools that help others to synchronize information between multiple source and still have them available from just a web browser.”

    Sounds copy-paste to me. -___-

  47. 47 Sunny

    Shes my favorite child actress after Kim yoo jung! 🙂

  48. 48 Rika

    Yesss, she is adorable, smart, and she acts really good. I watch her in I Miss You first, then in Rooftop Prince, then in Moon Embrace the Sun. It is like I saw different person in different character. She could be so elegant (moon embrace the sun), annoying and hateful in Rooftop Prince, but really fragile and strong at the same time in I miss you.

    It is rare to find an actress, so young, who could play both protagonist and antagonist character.

    I said to my self: hell yeah! this girl has the great talent. It is talent paired with good intellegency.

    Cahyooo! Kim So-Hyun.

  49. 49 Anna

    Omg she is so pretty, aww so sweet i had a crush on yoochun oppa too <3

  50. 50 Din dina

    i like him very much…..hehe.. and iwant to communicate with her,,is she have facebook acount

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