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Flower Boy Next Door releases teaser
by | December 5, 2012 | 120 Comments

I can’t wait for January to come this year because we’ve got TWO rom-coms on the way. (I know! Please be good. Please be good.) The first teaser is out for tvN’s Flower Boy Next Door, featuring leads Yoon Shi-yoon and Park Shin-hye cozying up for a kiss… in her fantasies. Way to burst a girl’s bubble in forty seconds or less.

It’s a durned good one as far as fantasies go though: she’s got a flower-boy-appear-o remote, and a closet full of hotties on a — What’s a spinning tie rack for boys instead of ties? Motorized Lazy Boy Susan? That sounds like a chair. Anyway, you clearly know it’s fake because if you had a Kim Ji-hoon in your room, I guarantee that’s not where you’d keep him.

The drama stars Park Shin-hye as a shut-in Miss Lonelyhearts type, who spends her days spying on hot neighbor Kim Ji-hoon, only to be caught redhanded in her creepy peeping by her other neighbor, Yoon Shi-yoon. Kim Ji-hoon is a scruffy manhwa artist, while Yoon Shi-yoon is a younger golden boy (and also hilariously named Enrique — can’t wait for that explanation).

The boys in the teaser are labeled thusly: Front Neighbor, Next-door Neighbor, Back Neighbor, Side Neighbor, and Across-the-way Neighbor. Uh… when can I move in?

I’m really looking forward to the everyone-is-everyone’s-neighbor setup for this drama, because it’ll do the opposite of what every other drama does (in having characters coincidentally run into each other all the time as if Seoul consisted of three streets with one coffee shop and a bar). Not that living in a building full of pretty boys is any more realistic, mind you. Just a nice change of scenery is all.

Flower Boy Next Door premieres January 7 on tvN.

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120 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Thank you!

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      I can’t waaaaaaaaait! As much as I like Yoon Shi-yoon, I’m pretty sure I’m going to fall head over heels for Kim Ji-hoon. He is walking sex, ladies!

      • 1.1.1 snow

        kim ji-hoon ftw!! he’s so hot!!

      • 1.1.2 mariolawpanda

        Agreed! Or I can just take a Go Kyung Pyo please. Thanks. Haha.

  2. piggy68gal

    Omg my fangirl heart can’t take Yoon Shi Yoon looking at me like that. So adorable, sighhh. Haha ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait for this to air–I do have quite high expectations for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 2.1 dbsklove


      • 2.1.1 lemonade candy


        *cue GuMiHo’s oppa nome nomu nome nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu joha โ™ฅ !!!

        • ladida

          Dude. I clicked your name to check out your website and ended up watching my fav couple from Ojakgyo Brothers. I was not prepared; you should have warned me!

          • lemonade candy

            i never thought anyone would be interested to click on my name anyway….hahaha…

            you are welcome ^^

          • lemonade candy

            wait. i meant to say thanks! lol

    • 2.2 ladida

      Yoon Shi Yoon love forever! Oh god, I might actually watch Baker King in preparation for this!

      • 2.2.1 Natalie

        I was thinking the same thing! I have never watched it before, but I love him! It might be a good way to pass time before January ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Betsy Hp

          Okay, I did watch Baker King (for the pretties!) and… I actually enjoyed it. Might have been a case of low expectations for the win — but there was such a fun Joan Collins-esque flavor to the whole thing (“This is my favorite gown to slap people in!”).

          A long-winded way to say – give it a try! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Addylovesbwood

            I remember watching Baker King because of Joo Won…heads up guys…. the 2nd lead has a pretty strong chance….thats all im saying

        • Kay

          I actually reallyyy enjoyed Baker King…yes it’s a makjang (total melodrama) but it’s got such an interesting story line, paired with Shi Yoon’s acting..such a great show! I loved it, worth checking out for sure, I’m sure you’ll be hooked!

          • Eulaliee

            I definitely agree. When I first started Baker King last year, it was okay…. with the kids but then when they grew up, BAM!! I was hooked! I believed I finished the drama in three days top! But because of that, I definitely fell in love with Yoon Shi Yoon.

  3. rainbow

    eagerly waiting for this one ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. chichiri

    I’d have 5 Kim Ji-hoons in my closet please. Another 5 on my bed. And just 1 will do in the shower. *hyperventilating in the gutter*

    • 4.1 deb


  5. Riri

    Oh my this looks adorable! And definitely looks like it has the charm of the Flower Boy series. SO excited. Just wondering what the other rom-com girlfriday is talking about?

  6. come2noona

    Can’t wait for the fun!

  7. Katherine

    I want to know where I can order one of those closest please ?!! LOL. I’m on a K-drama break now until this starts airing & so far the teaser look good. I’m praying and hoping that it meets my expectations & continues the awesomeness of the Flower Series.

  8. RockPaperScissors

    Wait a minute – Seoul has more than one coffee shop and one bar? Now that I think about it, I remember going to at least 2 or 3 coffee shops…

    • 8.1 nomu nomu nomu

      well, of course Seoul has more than one coffee shop. You were probably thinking of the one restaurant and the one hotel it has. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • 8.1.1 Dav

        You’re forgetting the single super-rich block, the single super-poor block, the 87,000 food companies, and a view of the Han river where people go to break up, mope, and/or be murdered.

        Now I want a map of drama-Seoul.

        • howforwardsale

          That totally should be a thing! And just for reference on this drama map each location will have multiple names. Every place should have its real name and then its drama names. Like that business space that was used in Spring Waltz and was later used in Love Rain. Or the mansion that belonged to Gu Jun Pyo in BOF and to Kang Hye Na (Yoon Eun Hye) in Take Care of the Young Lady. Or the multitude of coffee shops and restaurants used for trival or melodramatic conversations.

          For tourism purposes alone ($$$) this should happen.

          • Quiet Thought

            Cool. Just think of all the tourist bucks New Zealand is making just off the ‘Lord of the Rings’ sets and settings. With the Hallyu wave cresting, you can map Kdrama tour bus runs in twenty languages.

            . . . And for a added fee, they can wave to a passing car with a cast member from ‘Running Man’ talking into a windshield camera.

          • Kiki

            “And for a added fee, they can wave to a passing car with a cast member from ‘Running Man’ talking into a windshield camera” THIS! zomg so funny…

          • Aya

            er, there have been lots of drama-tours in skorea for years, u got money they’ll take it and ship u to any location u want

  9. Sabah

    Well this is difficult. 5th of January is kind of like a D-day of disaster waiting to explode all over my life and yet I have to go through it to get to the 7th and all this goodness! I don’t know what to wish for anymore, time to standstill or move at light speed?

  10. 10 HeadsNo2

    Waiting for this drama is so grueling that I wish I could just fall asleep and wake up January 7th. Er, wait. I’d probably die.

    • 10.1 Laica

      On the plus side, you could watch dramas in the afterlife and you’d never have to take breaks to eat, sleep or go to work.

  11. 11 Abbie

    Wow. Can. Not. WAIT! ‘Nuff said.

  12. 12 cheekbones

    Oh yay ! School 2013 and Flower Boy Next Door !! Can’t wait !

  13. 13 Orion

    None of the guys excite me much (well, this is only a first look), but the premise sounds fun. Considering it’s part of the flower series and cable, I am hopeful we’ll get some nice characterization reaching beyond clichรฉs and everyone’s looks. The teaser is rather “cutesy” though, so it’s 50/50 at the moment. Will check it out anyway.

  14. 14 nyle24

    waiting for this one to aired…Love the cast..

  15. 15 kakashi


  16. 16 Mystisith

    OK. So they just kept the premise of the webtoon and considerably fleshed it out. Good thing.
    *Imagining 5 hotties ringing at my door when I’m half-awake in the morning* โ†’ Does not compute. Also, nosebleed guaranteed.

    • 16.1 Arhazivory

      Nose is bleeding already.

  17. 17 Gray

    Really like the pairing of park sinhye and yoon shiyoon!!!

  18. 18 Ace

    This. Been waiting for a good rom-com. Plus it’s tvN. And Kim Ji-hoon. Give me second-lead syndrome please! (But I miss KJH as lead in a rom-com: SFFTS/WUAS anyone?)

    What was the last rom-com I’ve watched? I can’t even remember. Did we have one this year at all? We had high school dramas, fusion sageuks, HOTS & KoD whatever genre they are, time travel, fantasy, melodramas, and more melodramas.

    • 18.1 Mystisith

      I can turn the question in my head 10 times, the answer is still the same: The only good rom-com of the year was A Gentleman’s Dignity. And maybe Queen In Hyun’s Man cause action took place mostly in our times.

    • BIG is a good rom-com. The ending sucks though. But it really made me laugh so hard.

      • 18.2.1 Ace

        I started watching AGD & Big but dropped both after a few episodes. Maybe I’ll continue watching where I left off during the holidays. QIHM’s one of my top picks this year together with 2 other tvN dramas (AM1997 & SUFBB).

        • Addylovesbwood

          I think Reply 1997 is overrated. I liked it, couldn’t love it. SHFFB, was one I think is highly underrated such great bromance and warmth!!

          • girlnextdoor

            I agree with your post.

  19. 19 Enriquez over

    Cannnnnot wait I’m getting slightly fed up off all the Melos man need some lighthearted fun in a Yoon shi-yoon shaped package loved him in Me too flower mmmmmmmmmmmmm me likey!

  20. 20 ss

    my only complain abt this drama: its not in hd:( its hard to get hd vid of dramas from cable stn. but even if its in 240p i’ll still glue my eyes to the screen!! haha. hopefully the flower boy franchise will continue to be a bomb!

  21. 21 trotwood

    “you clearly know itโ€™s fake because if you had a Kim Ji-hoon in your room, I guarantee thatโ€™s not where youโ€™d keep him.” I laughed out loud in my office (once again–thank goodness, no students were in the hall this time). But I, of course, had all these outrageous thoughts about the closet: what about a walk-in closet? What if it had a lock on the door? etc. Oh, Kim Ji Hoon, why do you muddle up my morals?

    I will still be on break on January 7. I am already planning what snacks I am going to have. I need a good romantic comedy STAT. Too much depression all the way round.

  22. 22 KitKat

    i hope she’s learned how to kiss on screen better (not that it was horrible, but she was kinda frozen stiff in YB).
    If there’s one good thing I got from MTF, it’s that Yoon Shi Yoon can on-screen kiss *quite* well, but can you imagine if it was like it was in MTF and she was just standing there frozen??

    • 22.1 pogo

      We can’t always blame actors for their onscreen kissing, the stiffness was probably PD’s orders because she did pretty decently at kissing Jang Geun-seuk in their Etude House CF – which was made before YB.

      • 22.1.1 lemonade candy

        this is a cable drama aite? so, they can kiss *ahem* like in QIH’sM aite?

        • jomo

          They are also welcome to kiss like the leads in M2F!
          Angry, fast, then, slow and long.
          Oh my heart! YSY knows how!!

          • Llamaesque

            I guess it makes me a big old perv, but I love that we can count on cable shows to be fairly smutty.

            I bet this will be more Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and less I Need Romance, though. Which is okay, because I can make up the I Need Romance-esque parts just fine myself =X

          • ninji

            I second that, Jomo.
            Wow, the handcuff-kiss. More of that please.

          • ~Feather~

            That kiss was AMAZING! I definitely rank it in my top ten of the best drama kisses.

    • 22.2 skelly

      I have to say, that was the first thought I had – I hope she isn’t all stiff and close-mouthed and shocked-eyed, like she usually is in a kiss. It’s such a cliche, and really, extremely unrealistic.

  23. 23 c_gunawan541

    Ah… Yoon Si Yoon is so damn adorable. I am already excited for this!

  24. 24 nomu nomu nomu

    Impatiently. Waiting. January 7.

    This looks quirky, It feels very live action manhwa/manga like. I’m excited for the premise and the fact that I already respect the previous two installment, I have confidence it will be good. Frankly, I’m more excited to see Park Shin-hye in a new rom-com than any of the guys. In a K-drama, those flower boys are a dime a dozen. But put them all together: Cast + Premise + Oh! Boy series + tvN + Cable and 11:00 pm air time* = WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD

    (*cable and 11:00 air time = potential to heat up the screen in the romance department ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    • 24.1 pogo

      same here! Heartstrings was cute but kind of went nowhere (plus that kissing was AWKWARD, ugh) but this has so much potential and I can’t wait to see her in something that will actually use her potential properly once more.

      (I just watched You’re Beautiful all the way through for the first time a couple of months ago and am KICKING myself for not doing it all the way back in 2009 – the first episode just got too much to take, I guess)

    • 24.2 jomo

      I am not sure we can lump either KJH or YSY into the dimeadozen box.

      Even in his worst roles, KJH sizzled. Not only does the camera love him, but it takes a split second to see that he female costars do, too. Even in Joseon X, where there was no romance. He looks at Im Jung Eun in such a way, the poor girl can’t help but be drawn in.

      YSY may have been all breadshine and cupcakes in previous roles, but not Me, Too, Flower.
      He rocked it – making most (I admit not all) of us forget the obvious age difference between him and LJA.

      I bet PSH will be using this role to tell the world she has become a leading LADY, not a little girl.
      Seeing these three do this show will be amazizing!

    • 24.3 anicheung

      Ooh… I like a little sizzle in the romance department. Especially kissing scenes… man I really hate the ones where all they do is touch lips together for five minutes and call it a kiss. You can do that for two seconds and call it a peck and I’d still accept it, but if you’re going for a kiss, it needs to be done… well, I’m no expert, but at least do it so that it heats up the screen a little.

      I’ve only seen Yoon Shi Yoon’s kissing scenes in Me Too, Flower, and at the very least he’s got it going. Park Shin Hye… I hope this time slot plus the Cable TV and Yoon Shi Yoon will bring out the “rawr” in her, cause the last two series had pretty boring Park Shin Hye kisses.

  25. 25 Nilechoclat

    Chica abra la puerta estรก en un gran problema haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. 26 Lilly

    Ewww ! Park shin hye acting in the teaser :s

  27. 27 Jess

    Eeeeeeekkk fangirling! I can’t wait for it to air!

    But what’s the other rom-com drama that is set to air in January?????

    • 27.1 butterflylion

      7th Level Civil Servant, the spy rom com starring Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee. As much as I love Joo Won and spies, I must confess I’m much more excited for Flower Boy Next Door. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. 28 Ga-eul

    I’M SO EXCITED. I can only hope all this hype and anticipation are well worth it. If you fail me, Show, I’ll…. heck, I don’t even want to think about what I might do.

  29. 29 Freya

    lmao i still can’t forget Yoon Shi Yoon and Park Shin Hye partying hard at MAMA after party with other celebs like Big Bang, Psy etc..you should all watch that but i bet the video was already removed haha

    anyway, I can’t wait for this..finally a true rom-com after a lot of melodramas but january still seems so far away TT i hope it’ll be good! considering the last flower boy series were good but im not having high expectations because I also don’t want to be disappointed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. 30 pogo

    Ahahahahaaaaa PSH gets to choose boys to trial-kiss, using the exact same method that Cher in Clueless uses to choose her outfits for school?


    • 30.1 ladida

      Ahahahaha, that’s exactly what I thought, too!

  31. 31 Laurita

    At last Park Shin-hye is with long nice hair ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. 32 jomo

    OY! Did you see Enrique’s sneer?
    Did you see KJH’s sexy slouch? DID YOU?

    I am tapping my heels together and saying:
    It’s going to be good.
    It’s going to be good.
    It’s going to be good.

    And to be safe, I am also clapping my hands together and shouting:
    I do believe in TvN, I do. I do.
    I do believe in TvN, I do. I do.
    I do believe in TvN, I do. I do.

    • 32.1 Maris

      Hahaha……….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. 33 jubilantia

    Oh HEEEEEEELL yeah. I am so excited. Go, go tvN! But still, even if it’s not good, it would have to be pretty bad to make me not want to watch all the pretty.

    Also, HAH- definitely not where you’d keep a Kim Ji-hoon.

  34. 34 kelinci biru

    Yeah, will never ever put Kim Ji Hoon in my closet, i swear! Now, where can i get one?

    • 34.1 jomo

      Nobody puts KJH in the closet.

  35. 35 jubilantia

    PS: Hot guys in the closet? OF COURSE there’s an app for that.

    • 35.1 anicheung

      There’s an app for everything! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Of course, I might have to be a little greedy and get an expansion upgrade for my app… my list of “Hot Guys in Closet” might be a bit… long?

  36. 36 Bu Young

    Can’t waittt for Yoon Shi Yoon!!!!

  37. 37 anna

    ARGHHHHHHHHH! Stop coming out all at once! It’s stressing me out. How can I stop watching Korean dramas? Help!

  38. 38 saranga

    it’ll be great to see yoon shi-yoon again! he did such a good job in me too, flower (currently rewatching that one again!). before then i didn’t really care for him, but he really put himself on the map in my book with that drama.

  39. 39 Lilian

    haha…the premise is funny and I liked both the flower dramas so far. So most likely will give it a try. I would probably act like a stalker too with so many good looking guys next door =P

  40. 40 mtoh

    I’m too invested in this drama for my own good.

  41. 41 Nallali

    Look at all those men!!!

  42. 42 Nilechoclat

    They called park shin hye and Yoon Shi yoon Ajju couple what that mean ???

  43. 43 otchosais

    Definitely will watch these LIVE!!! Can’t wait! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. 44 Khrisstyne

    yay, I am finally looking forward to a “flower boy” show. Because the last two wasn’t to my liking.

    I wouldn’t really mind moving in next door to those guys ๐Ÿ˜‰

  45. 45 ninji

    I heard he’s named Enrique cause he’s half spanish or something.

  46. 46 Noelle

    Wow she’s looking more and more like a woman. I can’t wait to watch this.

  47. 47 nkaujlala

    Wow!! Can’t wait! <3
    LOL and I wish I could move into a neighborhood like that ^^ heheh

  48. 48 Kayt

    I can’t wait for this but I hope they will dress her better though

  49. 49 JC

    Ahhh, this looks so adorable and cute!
    And Park Shin Hye! Yoon Shi Yoon! They’re both adorable~
    I’m very excited for this, even more than the Level 7 Civil Servant Remake.

  50. 50 anicheung

    If she’s looking for a roommate, where can I register?

    Oh my god! I can’t wait for this one. It looks all sorts of potential for fun, charm, cute stuff and Yoon Shi Yoon hotness and Park Shin Hye love! And now I’m rambling… I’ve missed seeing Park Shin Hye in dramas though, so this will be awesome for me no matter what. She’s got so much onscreen charm that you’re automatically drawn to her.

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