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Hyun Bin returns from military service
by | December 6, 2012 | 207 Comments

Binnie’s back! I’ll give you a moment to properly savor it. Are we done squealing now? How ’bout now? Should I just take a coffee break and come back?

Upon his discharge from the marines on December 6, Hyun Bin (Secret Garden) greeted the press and fans with salutes and tears, announcing his happy return to civilian life, and more importantly, acting. I guess when it rains pretty-boys-back-from-army, it pours pretty-boys-back-from-army.

Though really, Hyun Bin has remained consistently in the news since entering basic training in March 2011, which has the (clearly intended) effect of feeling like he hasn’t been gone that long at all. It’s saying something that there’s just as much interest in his return as there was in his leaving — just look at that crazy wall of cameras, good grief.

Kind of amazing actually, what having a hit drama just before army duty can do if you’re managed well. There’s no news yet of a comeback project, so now’s the time to start your bets, wish lists, and prayer rituals.

Hyun Bin: The-Marines-Make-Army-Abs-Look-Like-Butter Watch begins… now.

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207 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Baerchii

    my life long crush

    • 1.1 Baerchii

      *squeals some more*

  2. jlee

    Yayy! πŸ™‚
    Thanks, girlfriday!

    • 2.1 Ivoire

      I was wondering if you were going to cover his return to civilian life. Thank you for the thread!

      • 2.1.1 rainbow

        That’s great news πŸ™‚
        Hopefully he will do a drama, instead of a movie..

      • 2.1.2 Ms.Simone

        I think Binnie had the best handled enlistment ever. It does not feel like 2 years have gone by, it feels just like yesterday. He went away at the height of his career, singed up for one of the hardest enlistments (winning the love and admiration of his country), did not have any scandals or issues during his time (unlike Rain and other celebrities who get called out for excessive vacation time), and his agency somehow kept his name out there, so it didn’t feel like he was gone for long, and now he returns with great fanfare. Truly well handled.

        • Annie

          I think he should send a fruit basket to Jang Hyuk for dropping out of SeGa πŸ˜‰

          • OMG

            i agree!

          • Mystisith

            You can’t fight Destiny: He was born for that role. Now his problem will be to get rid of that KJW’s alter-ego. Even me have the hardest time separating the two.

        • Dbsklove

          Ong yeah it ACTUALLY doesn’t feel like two years… Strange

        • Jossy

          Omg how time flies! But! I’m not complaining, at all… It felt like just last month I was wrapping up SeGa and crying over his enlistment, but…now, show us some abs! Lol. And he’s girlfriend-less right? *sigh dreeeeeams are for freeeee

        • Steamy Bun

          I agree Ms. Simone! Maybe this makes me a bad fangirl but I feel like his army time went by SO fast! (Actually, I’ll admit — I haven’t been monitoring Kdramas that much in the past year or so and when I saw the pic I thought — “Oh no, Hyun Bin is starting his army duty?”)

        • leahtaro

          I realized when I was reading news of his release the other day, and I’m thinking, damn, it’s been 21 months already? And he’s still riding into the popularity he had before entering the army, which is VERY GOOD SIGN.
          Well done there, Hyun Bin Oppa (or should I say, your company).

          Anyway, I remember one line DB/GF said before, the army takes, but the army gives them back to us, complete with army abs. He is an active soldier, so we can expect to see some results under those army clothes, right? Anyway, will be waiting for your comeback! πŸ˜€

        • jane

          I agree, he’s had the best enlistment to date. He did not get the silent treatment (he got the opposite), i saw headlines of HB the whole time and it was really smart of him to go to the Marines- now he will get not only a clean and bad ass reputation as a civilian but he’ll also be a real actor with credibility. Of course the thing that helped him THE MOST is Secret Garden. What a perfectly timed hit drama, his manager couldn’t have done better and that’s probably why he rejected a big compagny like SM to remain with his current manager who’s started a new firm. The man is a good actor AND he is smart. I hope for his sake that he continues to be smart and lucky and chooses good projects next because it would be a shame to go from SG to a flop.

    • 2.2 dix

      πŸ™‚ i m writing here coz i dun wanna go wayyyyyy down in the comments … sorry to intrude …. but ….. BINNIEEEEE is back πŸ™‚ …. been waiting for this news … was wondering if u guys wold cover it or not ….. even i was moved to tears when i heard that he cried !!! great actor … cant wait to c him on screen again…. πŸ™‚

    • 2.3 faye


    • 2.4 kilmenyanne

      Damn, he is looking fine like his MNIKSS days.

      He was wayyyy too thin is SeGa.

      Ab watch on!

  3. Ace


    Yay! Hope he has a drama soon…preferably a rom-com!

  4. jljw99

    Omg!!!! He’s back!!! I’m in happy tears too! Welcome back Binnie!!! Smooooch…Hooray to Kdrama!

  5. Kay

    it was just a couple days back i was wondering when he was coming out of the army and bam! i get this wonderful news!!
    can’t wait to see what he comes back with!

  6. apple

    He is BACK!!! It really feels like he left just yesterday.

    How about a guesting on RM first?!! That would be awesome!

    Anyway, welcome back!

    • 6.1 peachyogurt

      haha. if that happens, song ji hyo would flip. i think ji hyo’s got a crush on hyun bin. who wouldn’t, i’d say!

  7. kkrazy


    Dear drama gods, please a good rom-com for our dear Binnie!
    And for us too! *Squeal*

  8. pogo


  9. MsB

    Heeeee’s baaacck! We miss ya!!

  10. 10 birdscout

    My meagre Hangeul reading skills tell me that the red name badge does not say “Hyun Bin”. What is his real name?

    • 10.1 Annie

      Kim Tae Pyung

      • 10.1.1 birdscout

        thanks πŸ™‚

      • 10.1.2 houstontwin

        Was his real name not cool sounding in Korean?

        • leahtaro

          I believe he started using a stage name instead of using his real name because his real name (Kim Tae Pyung/Pyeong) was more of a old-sounding, rural name kind of a bit throw-off if you plan on becoming a BIG STAR as he is right now, so he went with a modern, sophisticated name as Hyun Bin.

          • skelly

            Hmm. I didn’t know that was the reason for changing his name. It’s rather ironic, considering that MNIKSS has a major storyline about the desire to overcome an old-fashioned, clunky name. This is like a wink to those in the know – so thanks for the information!

    • 10.2 bunnymino

      I believe it’s read as “Kim Tae Pyeong”

      • 10.2.1 birdscout

        thanks. This is one case where his real name does sound sort of “non-celebrity-like” to my ears. πŸ™‚ In many other cases, a celebrity’s name change doesn’t sound that much different to me, a non-native Korean speaker.

  11. 11 Kwhat?!

    Yay! I hope he does a RomCom drama first, but I’ll basically take anything. I love me some Binnie! I’m definitely on that abs watch list.

    Wall of cameras, indeed.

    • 11.1 kakashi

      thanks for including the picture of the cameras! Great shot. Not that I mind the shots of him …

  12. 12 Nallali

    B4 u know it Bi’s right back as well then the Song Joong Kis and co. start their exodus one by one πŸ™

    • 12.1 charlene

      i know, how time really flies!
      …. and soon the TVXQ/DBSK/JYJ will do their enlistments too πŸ™

      • 12.1.1 addylovesbwood

        I just shivered while reading your comment. Noooo!!! What am I gonna do without my Chunnie for 2 yrs??

        • charlene

          i guess Mickey will be exempted in some way or will not be in the field to due to his medical records. He might serve in the miltary related office/admin work in a lesser period of time. so no worries. as for the rest , it is a full term thing. πŸ™

    • 12.2 pogo


      I was just thrilled to have Lee Jun Ki (and my beleaguered prince Joo Ji Hoon) back from the military this year, and now I’m already dreading SJK’s going (and oh god how time flies, already there are actors my age going off to MS?! ACK!)

  13. 13 mud

    That wall of cameras is very impressive. I hope he plays a non-jerk character in a drama.

  14. 14 girlatsea

    Saw part of the video and I teared up. He’s so humble and sweet and perfect. So happy he’s back!

    • 14.1 a_diva

      i teared up too. then i had to laugh at myself. why am i so emotional over this? i think the KoreanCrazyFanManiaThing-a-ma-jig has rubbed off on me. binnie and rain just totally do it for me.

      i am soooo happy he’s back i can barely contain my excitemenet!!!!

  15. 15 rearwindow

    Oooh I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this! <3 <3

  16. 16 trotwood

    Hurray!!! I was really moved by the tears. He seemed so thankful to be finished and for the love he was getting already. I would love to see him in a drama with Yoon Eun Hye (where she does not have to cry the time–Yes, I talking about Missing You!) or paired up again with Jeong Ryeo Won (where she isn’t crying either). I am looking for quirky rom-com with strong female lead, but I have a feeling that he will only be doing movies. Sigh.

    • 16.1 skelly

      NOOO, not Jung Reo Won! I have an irrational hatred of her – as well as disdain for her acting skills – solely based on her performance in MNIKSS.

      • 16.1.1 OMG

        u need to watch History of a Salaryman…i didn’t like her too at first but this show totally made me fall for her!

      • 16.1.2 trotwood

        I used to think this as well because I conly knew her from MNIKSS. But really as OMG says, you should see her in History of a Salary Man and currently in King of Dramas. I lover her in both of these, and it was a hard sell, believe me, after her character in MNIKSS. I thought of putting them together because then that would hopefully erase that bad memory with w new, good image.

        • anna

          Agreed! It’s really a great achievement for her. Same with Song Ji Hyo, both were really annoying second lead in widely popular dramas back then and now they’re female lead material.. and loveable at that too. I’m actually really happy for them.

      • 16.1.3 gigi

        ooh, me too. I disliked her so much because I had only seen her in MNIKSS. I decided to watch King of Dramas recently even though I was really annoyed that she was the female lead. I watched 10 eps in 3 days and I’m now a big fan. She’s so adorable and a good actress! I might even go watch History of a Salaryman just for her.

    • 16.2 jane

      I’ve wanted Hyun Bin and Yoon Eun Hye in a drama together for a long time!!! Instead she is stuck now in a flop drama with playing opposite a Kpop Idol :sight: She really would have been good with Hyun Bin, i mean not only they are AMAZING actors but the kissing scenes would have been WOW!!! since both really go for it in kiss scenes. Maybe someday it will happen. I also want Hyun Bin and Shi Min Ah and that one could happen since they are in the same Agency now. I’m so excited to see Hyun Bin in new projects Yay!

  17. 17 Pinny

    Binnie!!!!!! Squealie sqeeeeeeeaaaaal (x 10).
    I have the shittest Internet connection in the world but I knew it was coming so I’ve been refreshing all afternoon.
    Sooo soo excited.
    I’m going off to read now and squeal some more

  18. 18 bgr

    and he’s baaaaack! Let the celebrations begin *Gun Bae!*

  19. 19 lenrasoon

    I’m so happy that he’s finally back!

  20. 20 hawaiianseoul

    It doesn’t feel like 2 years!?

    Is it shorter now?
    Because I remember when my brother got drafted to complete his military service 3 years ago (Korean Military) he only did it for 2 years. o:

    • 20.1 Yoori

      I thought so too! Maybe the stars gets special treatment? For some reason, I always think Hyun Bin is older than he really is.

    • 20.2 Saima

      He enlisted in the Marines which is shorter -21 months- than the requisite 2 yrs.

      @Yoori: If Hyun Bin wanted he could’ve enlisted in the PR dept. like most, if not all, SKan entertainers. Major props to him for enlisting in the hardest unit.

      • 20.2.1 JoJo

        I do believe he’s been a entertainment marine for a while.

    • 20.3 maldita

      21 months for Army and Marines. 23 months for Navy. 24 months for Air Force. Hyun Bin served for the Marines. πŸ™‚

      • 20.3.1 charlene

        thanks for the input. didn’t know that, i thought they are all 2yrs thing.

      • 20.3.2 neener

        ooohh thanks for the info!!!!

  21. 21 floovyn

    yaaaayyy welcome back Binnie πŸ™‚

  22. 22 DayDreamer

    Isn’t he also the guy from My Name is Kim Sam Soon? That’s the only drama I saw him in so far. He’s pretty darn good-looking. And that wall of camera is just wow. The ones in the back look like guns poised to shoot him, heh.

    • 22.1 maldita

      He is. It was his first epic hit drama. Secret Garden’s his most recent big hit, so it’s the one he’s most known for right now.

    • 22.2 Freya

      You haven’t watched Secret Garden?? I recommend you to watch it! ^^

      • 22.2.1 DayDreamer

        I heard of Secret Garden being a body swapping drama. Not really my favorite storyline, particularly after Ohlala Spouses. Thanks for the recommendation though; it’s just a matter of personal taste.

        • la dee dah

          Actually, for a drama that advertised the body-swapping storyline a the main premise, the characters actually spent a much shorter amount of time body-swapping than I thought it would. So you should give it a try.

        • Naz

          I’m my personal opinion, its like comparing Dr. Jin with Queen InHyuns Man. Both time traveling but I liked one much better than the other.

          • DayDreamer

            @ la dee dah and Naz: I can give it a try. And you’re right, maybe I shouldn’t have compared to Ohlala without watching it first.

  23. 23 ilovedramas

    am i the only one who is not a fan of hyun bin?

    • 23.1 Mystisith

      I would say you’re a fair minority. Got guts to come in that thread. Hehe.

    • 23.2 dany

      I am not a fan either. He’s ok, I suppose, he’s got talent, but I am not really impressed.

    • 23.3 Nakai

      I dont usually swoon over someone who’s close to my age but HB is an exception. Really talented, handsome and a nice person. The whole package.

      • 23.3.1 Annie

        Do you go older or younger? Just curious, haha

        • Nakai

          Older….:) I love ahjussi-deul.

    • 23.4 Samsoonah

      Me too. Non fan. Can’t see his appeal. Can’t act.

      • 23.4.1 Mystisith

        ??? Have you seen his scene of panic attack in the elevator in SeGa? Can’t act? And who’s a good actor in your eyes if I may ask?

        • Mar

          Wow, Mystisith, I’m with you. wtf? Clearly there are some high standards for acting ability lol if Hyun Bin can’t act!

          He’s just a joy to watch. I don’t like some of his projects, doesn’t mean I do not think he is a fine actor. He knocked it out of the ball park in Secret Garden, and wow, Late Autumn anyone?

          I’m trying to figure out why people that do not care for an actor come on to a thread specifically about the actor and comment that they do not like him. Trolling or pot stirring, idk. I mean, ok if you are checking out a drama recap and are scratching your head about the drama or just feel to the need to share your personal taste in that context, I can see that. I totally don’t get the appeal of some actors myself, but I’m not going to go on their ‘welcome back to civilian life thread’ and comment bomb either. Mostly I’m going to be thinking, “uh, that’s the guy I don’t care for. Glad he’s finished service.” Then I move the hell onto read about something I do have interest in.

          All that said, and I’m too old to do this but…

          “Hell’s YEAH, Welcome back, Dimples!”


          Ovaries across the globe have just gone into overdrive.

      • 23.4.2 pugz

        For a non-fan who can’t see his appeal, you not only came into this thread, but are also reading and responding to the comments…why don’t you just focus your energy on someone you like instead?

    • 23.5 kakashi

      it probably has something to do with the jerk-characters he often plays if you don’t like him. That’s the reason why I just like but not love him in fact.

      • 23.5.1 DayDreamer

        There’s a difference between the actor and the character though. I mean, a person can’t judge an actor based on the roles they played. And I’m not saying this as a Hyun Bin fan either…I barely know him and only watched one drama of his.

        To the other comments above, I’d say from my limited experience in viewing Hyun Bin, he seems okay. So I guess I’m not a fan either. For now. πŸ™‚

        • la dee dah

          But unfortunately, I’ve seen a looot of people think an actor is bad just because they hate the character. They say the actor doesn’t act well, and when you ask specifically what is wrong with the actor, they only spout out bad things about the character they’re playing (he/she whines and complains a lot, she needs to stop clinging onto the guy, etc.). It also goes the other way, if the character says funny lines or does bad-ass things (and a bonus point good-looking), some people will say he/she is a great actor no matter how mediocre the performance actually is.

          • DayDreamer

            I agree. I know with Indian dramas, fans go crazy in seriously assuming that the actors are exactly like their characters. They even go so far as hating their favorite actor’s spouse and wanting him to ditch her just to get together with his on-screen romance partner in real life. *headdesk* What a bunch of loose nuts.

        • ilovedramas

          so,you watch indian dramas?

          • DayDreamer

            Yep, I do. I’m Indian too. πŸ™‚

    • 23.6 la dee dah

      I must be the only one that isn’t taken by his looks, he just looks “average” to me (just my opinion, don’t kill me!.
      I’ve only seen him in two things, MNIKSS and Secret Garden. I actually liked Hyun Bin in MNIKSS, but didn’t like his character in Secret Garden so didn’t finish the show. So while I think he’s good, I wouldn’t rush out to watch a show he’s on. So I guess I’m not really a “fan” either.

    • 23.7 canxi

      Of course not, lol. I think this is a silly question to ask.

      I like Hyun Bin though. He’s cool. I don’t think I *swoon* over him like other fans but he’s fun to watch in my opinion. Entertaining guy with usually entertaining projects.

    • 23.8 AnotherFan

      No you are not. Me either πŸ™‚

    • 23.9 Khrisstyne

      I’m not a fan either nor do I see much of the appeal he has.

  24. 24 kika



    • 24.1 kika

      i’ve been preparing this squeal for weeks.

      • 24.1.1 peach leaf

        Yes, yes yes, oopppppaaaaa!!!!

        Love Binnie, the actor, the marine, the dimples, the eyes, the man!!!!

  25. 25 dulcedeleche


  26. 26 Sara

    Welcome back HyunBin. Loved to see to see your dimpled smile again on my screen.

  27. 27 befuddled

    Holy wall of cameras indeed

  28. 28 oppas back

    actually his enlistment is shorter because he is a marine.. Being a marine is the hardest..he had to take a special exam b4 you are admitted…and the training is harder than the normal enlisted..most celebrities would prefer not to choose this..anyway welcome back oppa!

  29. 29 Ladymoonstone143


    I don’t know how many times I watched clips from Secret Garden since he went into the military…….and now he is back. BEST NEWS I read this morning…:)))

    Please make another romcom…I want to go back to the days when I will watch a drama raw because I am too impatient for subs…not understanding any of it but with a huge smile on my face.

  30. 30 Rashellshep

    Awwwww yeah! Love Binnie! Now we just need him to sign onto a sweet rom/com. And hopefully he keeps his Marine bod. He was a bit too skinny in Secret Garden. I’m more of a Hyun Bin in Samsoon fan.

  31. 31 mo

    So the name on the red badge is his real name right. Hee.

    Kim Tae Pyung…
    Tae Pyung ah…
    Tae Pyung oppa…

    Saranghe! Welcome back.

    Love him in KSS, watched Secret Garden but I love him more in The World They Live In on KBS. I dunno.. I just love him so much in that drama. He makes me cry and touched. Aw.

  32. 32 Mystisith

    Rom-com Land is like the Sleeping Beauty lately. Prince Charming is back and will put some order in the drama business. I’d like to see him in a Super rom-com where he could use the full extent of his amazing acting skills. Maybe he could reteam with the writer of his last drama? πŸ™‚
    Anyway, glad to see oppa on my screen. Welcome back!

  33. 33 tweetie

    I was wondering when this would be posted on DB, I was looking for like minded people to continue squealing with πŸ˜€ So good to have him back. Looking forward to army abs, but hope the army hair goes soon, it does him no favours. Bennie is back!!!

  34. 34 jambo

    Welcome back!

    I think it’s funny I know exactly when his discharge date is more than other much major cultural events going on in the world.

    K-dramaland just got more interesting in anticipation of his future dramas (and movies). πŸ™‚

  35. 35 Bengbeng

    gosh, skin is still as beautiful as ever! it’s as if the sun did not reach his face. i’m so envious!

    Will definitely watch out for your coming projects. Make it k-drama please!!! so that we can bask in your handsomeness more longer =)

    • 35.1 charlene

      i wonder did Binnie used BB cream while he was with the marines? LOL at my own comment.

  36. 36 minhe718

    oh my goshhhh!!! ive been waiting for this so long. finally πŸ™‚

  37. 37 Jenijoy

    Oppa!!!!!! *squeal* best news eveeeeeer! πŸ™‚

  38. 38 Cabbage

    What I look forward to more than post-army abs (don’t get me wrong, I look forward to those, too) is the development in acting that happens to those boys. The baby fat goes away from their face, but they also have a sharper, keener sense of suffering, and that comes out on screen. Except with HB, how can you get any better? Millionair’s First Love and Secret Garden both had me balling, I don’t know if my heart can take MORE pain

    • 38.1 Mashimomo

      “I’ll give you a moment to properly savor it. Are we done squealing now? How ’bout now? Should I just take a coffee break and come back?” – SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Been doing this since yesterday! Can’t wait for his projects and of course the obligatory post- army/marine abs! πŸ˜‰ hopefully the marine service experience brought more depth and perspective to his acting, and any fan of him knows how capable he is so this is truly an exciting time for his career.

  39. 39 porcelain

    In true fangirl mode… OOOOoooooooooPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPpppppppAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

    Only I think dude is a year or two younger than me. Welcome back bb! Can’t wait for you to slay me. I miss Kim Joo Won… man, those are good times, good times indeed…

  40. 40 Chisaicherry

    I’ll only take a coffee break if Hyun Bin will kiss the foam off my lips!

    • 40.1 Lizzy4e


  41. 41 MariD

    Oppa!!!! ( one of the few actors I can actually call this) Even if i just meet you ( 5 months ago) I marathon Secret Garden yesterday just to b ready for his return.

  42. 42 Nakai

    My poor heart when he cried.

    • 42.1 Nakai

      And I’m jealous I dont get to call him Oppa. ^^

    • 42.2 peach leaf

      I was a mess when he cried…oh, especially when he tried to hold back the tears.

      So brave and gentle of him to shed tears. I am proud to be a Binnie fan!

  43. 43 cherkell

    4.35 TONS of rice were donated in Binnie’s honour on his return to civilian life. That’s pretty impressive, and should remind us that not every fangirl/guy over there is a crazy-ass netizen out for blood. πŸ˜›

    Welcome back, sir. Waiting for your next-project decision with crossed fingers!!!

  44. 44 bluemoon

    times flies by so fast………..it feel just like yesterday when he went to the army……………….welcome back Hyun Bin. Can’t wait for your next project!

  45. 45 otchosais

    Waah!! I missed him!

    Before Gong Yoo
    And now him!

    Dramagods don’t let his comeback drama a failure!!!

    • 45.1 Nakai

      Knock on wood. I dont want another BIG. πŸ™

      • 45.1.1 Rashell

        Don’t even mention that drama in this thread. We don’t want to tempt that dreaded drama b!tch…FATE! πŸ˜‰

  46. 46 toystar

    OMG yes welcome back Hyun Bin! The coffee foam kiss its still 1# in my opinion!!!

  47. 47 addylovesbwood

    Welcome back Binnie!! I’m excited he’s back to hallyuwood but sad thinking about who’s enlisting next. Secretly praying its not any of my guys ( min ho, seung gi, joowon, and yoochun)

    • 47.1 scarlett

      jowoon is still in school while seunggi is pursuing grad school, right? so, it will take sometime for their enlistment. thanks god for that ^__^

    • 47.2 peach leaf

      Oh, if seung-gi would go to the military, all ahjummas and noonas will cook for the military & bring kimchi & beef stew all day long!

    • 47.3 peach leaf

      If lee min ho will enlist, oh, i will feel sad too…..wish we can all still write to them online, when they’re at the military.

  48. 48 fishy2love

    He’s back! I’ve been counting the days since he went into the army and now he’s finally back! Really want to see him in a drama again! =)

  49. 49 vivi-chan :)

    I was like what wall of cameras?
    *scrolled down*
    Lol he knew when to leave and it’s just expected that he would get this kind of buzz

    • 49.1 skelly

      I did the same thing; what wall of — OMG. It’s a veritable Maginot line, the Great Wall of Nikon.
      I don’t see how any stray fan could have possibly gotten a glimpse of him – maybe they were allowed to view on close-circuit television from a safe distance, LOL

      • 49.1.1 Lizzy4e

        Maginot Line, The Great Wall of Nikon! very very clever. apropos to the military theme and all.

  50. 50 Fab

    Squeeeeeaaaaaaal! Give me a break. Now. Squeeeeaaaaaal.

    So excised he is back! Thankfully it didn’t feel like forever, like you said. Well maybe a little. πŸ™‚

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