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I Miss You gets a special but no extension
by | December 22, 2012 | 104 Comments

Hm, I was rather expecting MBC to give I Miss You an extension, and MBC execs have confirmed that they did give the matter some thought, but ultimately they’ve decided to nix the idea. The drama will end on Episode 20 as originally planned.

It seemed likely to get at least least one more episode because of its recent election preemption, which pushed it one episode behind the original airing schedule. The show had taken over first place in the ratings in the past two weeks (although it got pushed back to second place this week when Jeon Woo-chi rebounded both in story awesomeness and in ratings), so I thought the preemption would give the station the perfect excuse to draw out the drama a few more hours. Plus it’s a melo with a tangled storyline, which is the kind of drama that seems primed for extension — what’s a few more twists along the way?

In lieu of more story hours, I Miss You will be finishing off finale week with a special broadcast; the last episode will air on Wednesday, January 16, followed by the special on Thursday. That does push back spy-romantic-comedy Level 7 Civil Servant by one week, to premiere on January 23. Aw, that means more waiting to see the Joo-won-Uhm Tae-woong bro-rivalry showdown. Hopefully it’ll be awesome enough to make the wait worth it.

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104 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Onichick

    I am happy there is no extension. I dont even want to know what they would do to drag out the plot longer.

    • 1.1 Windsun33

      I agree, it seems like even 20 episodes was too long – ever since ep4 or 5, this show is really dragging. Another case of where it should have been 16 episodes instead of 20 or 24. Last couple of episodes the story has hardly moved at all, and is mostly filled with people staring at each other or flashbacks.

  2. Annie

    IMY spoilers ahead:
    That might have been the least happy I’ve been at a drama kiss. Ever. It felt so wrong. Like eating four day old pizza. Poor actors.

    So no extension is good news.

    • 2.1 Mystisith

      Bwahaha… The good thing in not actually watching the drama is that I could watch the scene without feeling guilty or conflicted. Technically it was a good scene. 😀

    • 2.2 Lilly

      It felt soooooo wrong but sooooooo oooo ooo good to watch (k-actors could kiss after all).

    • 2.3 latteholic

      Because of this comment, I actually went to youtube to check it out! Haha. All I can say is well this is YEH’s drama anyway… 😀

    • 2.4 Jesse

      Could you elaborate why the kiss felt wrong to you?

      On topic, I think that it’s a good decision not to extend this drama. I like it, but it wouldn’t improve the plot to drag it out longer than is necessary.

      • 2.4.1 Addylovesbwood

        Happy with the special maybe there’ll be another kiss scene to appease all those who felt wronged by the 1st one.

        It was perfect!! he waited 14yrs to do that!!

        • latteholic

          Ok, now I’m curious why it is so wrong, was it a forced kiss? I dropped the series after 4 episode and I was curious after reading the comment.. 😀

          • JoAnne

            not forced and actually appeared to have a positive effect on both – opened doors to healing on both sides

          • shiku

            It felt wrong because of the timing. SY is still technically engaged to someone else and she still hadn’t delt with the trauma of being raped and anger from being left behind by JW the guy who was kissing her. It felt wrong because of where the story is right now. And the fact that SY seems to be regressing instead of becoming stronger.

          • la dee dah

            Yes, SY is still technically engaged to Harry. But she has long ago dealt with her anger towards JW. From the time she first saw him again, up until the interrogation where she angrily told JW she would have killed him first, she was angry. But then JW’s reaction to that seemed to surprise her, and then she slowly learned the truth about what happened to JW (that he left his family because of her, took care of his mother, was looking for her the whole time, etc.), that she already let that anger go. That was prominently shown when she secretly followed him and watched him in the playground with fondness and no residual anger at all. And despite all the crying she’s doing, I believe SY is actually getting stronger. In the beginning, it was “where’s harry” at the fashion show, calling harry when she feels sad, begging for harry when she was arrested, basically calling him when she was falling apart and needed support, which seemed to be alot. But now she doesn’t do that anymore, she can stand on her own, especially after knowing about JW, her mother, Detective Kim, etc. She actually went to see her mother instead of avoid her. Now she seems determined to find Detective Kim’s killer. The SY before would have run back to France to get away from it all. It’s like she’s able to function in the “real world” now. Well, that’s my opinion.

          • pogo

            @shiku I have no idea why you keep saying SY is regressing, when if anything it’s the exact opposite – unless coming to terms with her past, reconnecting with her mother as an adult and gaining the strength of purpose to stand on her own and find out who killed Daddy Kim counts as regression. And all this is completely apart from any romantic connection with Jung-woo.

            And as for the kiss, we’ve seen it made abundantly clear that SY isn’t going to kiss anyone when she’s in a fragile place – remember her backing away from Harry giving her the necklace? She may be his fiancee out of obligation at this point (as she implies in her comment to JW) but she’s very capable of deciding whom she wants to kiss – her rape doesn’t prevent her from doing that, especially after she now knows JW spent the last 14 years looking for her and cared for her all along not just out of guilt.

            I’d agree that the kiss felt wrong if it had happened five episodes ago, but here? It’s perfect.

          • Betsy Hp

            @shiku: Wait, are Harry and Soo-yeon actually engaged? They’ve said they were to people but it’s always struck me as a lie they tell to outsiders. Harry’s asked her, but didn’t she reply she wasn’t ready yet? I’ve tended to label their relationship as ambiguous with a side of vague. 😉

            Also, oh my gosh all Soo-yeon’s been doing these past episodes is dealing with her rage and her trauma. She began dealing with that the moment she landed in Seoul. It’s her strength that’s frightening Harry — though if he pushes through himself (faces his own fear and rage) her strength could be a huge help to him. (Though, I suspect Harry’s heading down a villain path — an awesome villain, of course — and will choose to avoid his own issues for good while to come. I still hope Soo-yeon can save him in the end.)

      • 2.4.2 namu

        I thought the kiss was actually really appropriate and the way he had talked her into(?) it was really sweet and comforting.

        I think in western culture rape victims should be treated with therapy to mentally heal before opening themselves up to sexual activity, but in Korea therapy can be attributed to a social stigma because of its connotation of mental illness.

        There are rapes that happen before a person has any sexual knowledge (cases where victims are very young children), in which case there are possibilites that jumping into sexual behavior causes them to abuse it. There are rapes that happen just as or after people start opening their eyes to the opposite sex (romantically, not just sexually), in which case most victims, like soyeon, regress at being touched or reminded OF sexual activity,because they associate themselves of being tainted.

        The way Jungwoo approached her, when he first went in to kiss her, she cringed, and then he told her of the first time they kissed, before any of the painful stuff she went through. He reminds of her who she was disassociating her with what she herself thinks she is dirtied by, by saying we kissed then, before any of that happened. And he comforts her by saying, don’t be surprised, it’s not our first time, lifting the burden of the first touch off her shoulders, and also assuring her that her first contact of sexual activity was not her rape, but his kiss.

        It was the best way I saw that she could heal and face what happened, and I seriously could not have asked for a better scene for her to have opened back up.

        • Mystisith

          That’s the most meaningful and emotionally logical explanations I’ve heard until now. Thanks for that.

        • Jasmin Rice

          I agreed.

      • 2.4.3 namu

        I think it is more strange to say that it is messed up for a rape victim to kiss…

      • 2.4.4 Misha

        I don’t know about @Annie but I found it sweet, intense, and nice, because they actually open their lips and looks real.

        I like it :3

    • 2.5 hawaiianseoul


      *throws away table full of feelings*

      but hot damn. That kiss was amazing nonetheless.
      I haven’t seen that kind of lip moving in a drama in ages.

      • 2.5.1 Juby

        You should check out the Cola kiss between Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan. It was SO intense and sexy.

        Yoon Eun Hye always has amazing kiss scenes with her co-stars. Kim Sun Ah is great too.

      • 2.5.2 Betsy Hp

        The way she swayed towards him was pretty awesome, too. YEH is really good at making it feel like her character is all in, which doesn’t always happen in drama-kisses. But she always manages to seem lost in the moment.

        (Which I so, so appreciated for this particular kiss because I think any hint of hesitation or do-not-want on her part would have changed the meaning entirely.)

        • pogo

          any hint of hesitation or do-not-want on her part would have changed the meaning entirely.

          As would any hint of force on Jung-woo’s part/not giving her the chance to back out.

          YEH is a fantastic drama kisser – Goong was only the second kdrama I ever watched and the first in which I saw any kissing, but she ruined me for the ‘normal’ kdrama heroine reactions to kisses, forever.

          • Betsy Hp

            As would any hint of force on Jung-woo’s part/not giving her the chance to back out.

            *nods* Yes. His slow approach and his whole speech before hand provided more than enough “we can stop if you want to” time. Over all I can’t think of how they could have done it better.

    • 2.6 pogo

      Why though? From a character pov, it wasn’t forced/a surprise kiss, and was actually reciprocated – I’d have been throwing things if it wasn’t, but by having SY return that kiss it’s made clear she wanted to.

    • 2.7 LT

      I couldn’t care less who is kissing who. I’m writing to give my take on why The Kiss is consistent with the natural progression of this drama.
      Rape is a social stigma to the victim’s family in Asia and more often than not families abandon the victims and/or feel ashamed of them. Victims live in shame, traumatised by poor self image, guilt, anger and sense of worthlessness. Remember the mother and daughter reunion scene. It tells us that LSY had to latch onto her Mum’s praise that she was prettier than EJ to maintain her sanity while living incognito. Her Mum’s words were the driving force behind her becoming a designer for the good of self image and self worth. She needed the reassurance that, the LSY part of her, was still pretty (acceptable and worthy despite the rape). That was why she showed her Mum her polished finger nails that matched her dress. Unfortunately, her Mum was not fully empathetic. Her Mum’s attitude was ‘you don’t want to know me; I don’t want to know you’’ and ‘poor HJW’. I acknowledge that her Mum was doing it for her good. My point is that her Mum hadn’t shown acceptance of her, a rape victim.
      HJW, however, had said that he liked Zoe, but he liked LSY best. He likes her for what she is (as a murderer’s daughter, Zoe, Harry’s fiancée and a rape victim). In other words, he likes her, warts and all, not for just being his first love. He is happy to show his love even just for one day. We have heard HJW mention “even for one day”; so he is prepared to let LSY choose her man. With anger towards HJW out of the way and the things la dee dah pointed out, LSY is more accepting towards HJW. The privacy of the bedroom, childhood fond memories, HJW’s high tolerance for waiting, HJW’s gentle approach to her arrest, HJW’s willing to accept her freedom of choice of man and above all her craving for social acceptance she is not getting as a rape victim, (a craving probably accentuated by the impressive bromance between Detective Joo and HJW) -the scene is, therefore set for an empathetic kiss from HJW. It is a kiss fused with tears and passion. Having seen her tormented self thus far, you can feel with empathy the melting away of misunderstanding, the mutual acceptance and the healing of hearts/mind. It is more liberating and is more powerful than a thousand comforting words for the 2 of them! A bed sits unused right next to them signifying that the kiss isn’t meant to be totally sexual. In short, LSY realises now that HJW isn’t ashamed of her and is loved as she is. That is why LSY thanks HJW for liking her at the playground swing. The kiss kindles her interest in discovering more of the past. Isn’t this the path of recovery that we all wish for her?
      The kiss is also the start of HJW’s growth beyond his 15 year old self. That is why, at the swing, he is counting from 15, 1 second, 2 seconds………. LSY recounts her steps to 213 not 280 anymore, symbolically saying she has also grown. At the swings they talk about getting too big for the swings; again symbolically they are talking about growth and the healing process for both of them. The kiss isn’t an act of possession at all. If anything, Harry should be grateful for the therapeutic effect it has on LSY.

      • 2.7.1 Peridot

        That was a great analysis. I like the points you made. I can’t wait for LSY to fully embrace who she is and for her to believe that she is truly on the path toward recovery. Unfortunately in many cultures, the act of rape becomes a mark of shame on the victim’s family. Where my family is originally from, this used to be the case (and is often the case in honor cultures).

      • 2.7.2 lovely

        agree with u..LT

        one more, lee Suyeon already know that detective Kim died while going to find him, and she promised to find out who killed him, can you imagine what if he knew if Harry were put drink cans in the car brakes detective kim footing, which is does not make him dead.

      • 2.7.3 owl

        The thing that stands out for me is how Harry and JW refer to the same person as only 1/2 of the whole person she is – to Harry she is Zoe, and to JW she is Soo Yeon. How split weird is that (previous IMY discussions cenered around a split personality). LSY is in a place now, where she has to be comfortable with the “all-ness” of who she is. Will Harry or JW be by her side for that transformation?

        Y’all know I am a Harry fan, and the fine line he walks between protection and freedom regarding his relaitonship with Zoe is going to make or break them. At this point, he is not willing to free her from the way their relationship works for fear of losing her. But, that is not his call. Pogo (I think) said he may go vilian – that’s been my guess all along too, but I am holding out for a good ending for Harry and Zoe because they deserve it (I may get “yelled at” saying that, but it’s how I feel).

        As for JW, I am not not a fan, but there is a huge element of guilt on his part that plays into his relentless pursuit of LSY. He wants closure on his emotions too, and he wants to be okay and to be able to move on – and to an extent, justify his decisions in life – so I’m just sayin’ that his motives aren’t necessarily any purer than Harry’s –

        And that’s where I am ~

        • LT

          Remember Harry and Zoe’s first appearance as adults when Zoe crawled around like a dog to locate Harry in front of everybody and the glee of self importance on Harry’s face. That was the status quo Harry wants to maintain. He wants Zoe to stay clingy and subservient as a little puppy forever. We have heard him call Zoe, Soo Yeon a few times as if to remind her to keep in line. In other words, the Zoe/LSY split has been an important psychological tool for Harry and for Zoe against the ghosts from yesteryears.
          The kiss confirms that seeing HJW is no longer painful for LSY. LSY has felt acceptance as a rape victim. In the car to the playground, Zoe spontaneously called out HJW in response to her LSY name being called (not Detective Han Jung Woo as she would previously). She spontaneously called HJW ’dear’ in the kitchen with Detective Joo staring in the background. HJW could joke then that they should be lovers when he heard LSY calling him endearingly. Zoe/LSY was quite relaxed about the situation. – call herself whatever she wants now; he is a friend. In short, I see the dichotomy between Zoe and LSY crumbling in sync with Harry’s diminishing control over Zoe/LSY.
          At the playground after the kiss, HJW was essentially saying “I won’t dwell on asking for forgiveness. Let’s talk about you”- not being self centred. He went about saying how pretty LSY was….Self-image restoration at work. When he started counting from 15, he had grown out of guilt -reciprocated kiss was a gesture of forgiveness and acceptance. He would be happy just being a friend. The next day, he washed his face at the basin symbolic of his guilt being washed away -forgiven. He felt very happy that LSY was alive and at least a friend now. He praised himself, “well done!”
          I think you should feel free to ship whichever 2. It’s your business. I can see that you had already exercised your prerogative. People can say what they like. Please don’t feel threatened. Be happy with yourself. Be honest to yourself, though.

  3. Nallali

    First drama in a loong while i could watch from Europe on viki, thank u for the licence MBC! And i can’t believe how patient i’ve been with Jeon Woo-chi subs, av only watched up to ep 7 cuz it’s like we get 1 subbed ep a week…all good, it’s a brilliant drama, totally worth the wait!

    • 3.1 Mic

      Really? First drama I can’t watch it on Viki. 🙁

  4. Denali

    In lieu of more story hours, Missing you (…)
    Sadly this sentence seems antonimic. For this drama’s writer def lacks consistent narrative skills. Poor talented actors.
    *shake head*

  5. Aiya

    Is this drama good? Been following YEH since Coffee Prince, and I was really disappointed with her last two dramas. I dont know what to expect with this one, and uggh its melo theme.

    • 5.1 Nzeeba

      Yeah, give it a shot. It is more solid that YEH´s last drama. You may not enjoy the crying but you will love YEH, HJW, and YSH´s performances! I check out the KISS in ep 13!

    • 5.2 SprinkledPink

      Skip it. It’s awful. Forget YEH, this isn’t even a good melodrama.

    • 5.3 bishbash

      She should change a manager. I don’t know why she just keeps picking these kind of meh characters.

      I’ve been watching this drama in fast foward mode since the last 2 or 3 episodes. It’s testing my patience.

      • 5.3.1 Misha

        That means you have ADD. You can start drinking your Ritalin, now.

        • Lo

          Misha was obviously raped by all the male figures in her life as a child many, many times.

    • 5.4 pogo

      Her last two dramas were terrible, but this one is actually quite good so far though maybe not if you dislike melos.

      I haven’t figured out its plot yet, but on the character front they’re doing really well and YEH is putting in an excellent performance so if you like her as an actress, you should probably watch it (though maybe skip episode 3 because it is traumatic) – it’s completely different from any of her previous roles.

  6. Tha

    I don’t know what it is bc I like the cast but I just can’t bring myself to start this drama… Oh, we’ll.

  7. ravens_nest

    lol Totally not upset about this decision. I’m just trying to imagine how they could drag that flimsy plot out even more.

    I’d honestly only accept these plotlines :

    1. Suddenly Eun Joo has a purpose in the drama other than 30 second episode cameos.

    2. Zoe finally gets therapy after her sexual assault.

    3. Jung Woo solves a case not involving his Not-Dead teen girlfriend WITHOUT the help of the cleaning staff.

    4. Harry goes to an academy for how to enact revenge like a proper villainous mastermind (with a minor in Arts&Crafts, obvs).

    5. Han Tae Joon dies painfully.

    That’s it. That’s all I want for KDrama Christmas.

    • 7.1 icednoodles

      If I ever would ask for an extension for this drama, it would be for Eun Joo to have a purpose once more. She had been such a promising character pre-childhood-drama-llamas. And then she just turned into the girl that’s there sometimes when we visit Mom.

      • 7.1.1 ravens_nest

        For all the dislike I harbor for this drama’s writing in my heart, I think the thing I despise the most about the entire show is how deeply they shafted Jang Min Ae and her character, Eun Joo. I just…they billed her as the second female lead and just unequivocally bent her over professionally.

        It feels so despicable, I can’t even with this show. ugh

    • 7.2 Yasmin

      LOL! I agree with all especially no.4 😀 Sadly i dont think the writer has enough common sense to see that these are the only viable plotlines!

    • 7.3 Fab

      Spot on! As much as I love the cast and drama, I cannot wait for things to unravel.

  8. icednoodles

    That is all.

  9. Peridot

    Yes, Eun-joo seemed like such a promising character; she had spunk as a child. What happened? As per the drama’s extension…I’m glad that it is not happening. While I like the actors and enjoy their performances, I feel that the plot is starting to drag. We need to get things rolling as we approach the final weeks. I hope that this drama does not turn out to be like the Moon Embracing the Sun: overrated but with so much loss potential. I’m crossing my fingers. Hopefully, things will rap up neatly (or as neatly as possible).

    Maybe when this show is over, we can have a discussion about the character of Harry as villain. I guess I can explain what I mean should that conversation ever arise.

  10. 10 Yoori

    I honestly feel like the plot is not moving anywhere… I mean sure we’re slowly but surely finding out who Harry really is and his devious plans, how Zoe is accepting her old self and reconnecting with Jung Woo … but I feel like that is it. YEH is crying in every single episode, she’s outta be strongER!

    I feel like the character’s ambition and drives (for revenge) in IMY SHOULD BE that of the characters in Nice Guy because they have more valid reasons to!

    Eh, I feel indifferent.

  11. 11 katiamon

    extension?? thank god is a NO! what a sob fest! i knew there were tears and suffering but i couldn’t stand it anymore after ep 6, i liked the acting of the children but the adult characters were too much for me.
    about the kiss scene mentioned in the comments, it was terrible depressing and tearful for my taste but… finally a real kiss in dramaland.

  12. 12 tapioca pearl

    Yay! Joo Won’s new drama will be the perfect birthday gift for me!

  13. 13 Ruth

    Although I love this drama, I’m glad that the powers that be decided not to extend it. 20 episodes is, imo, enough time to tell this story.

    As far as the kiss went….there was a problem with it? I thought it was freakin’ awesome and totally appropriate to the story.

    • 13.1 pogo

      idk, the implications and tone I’m getting from many of the anti comments is that it’s wrong for a rape survivor to be kissed, or kiss back, someone she WANTS to.

      Which is pretty depressing to hear, given that I’m one myself.

      • 13.1.1 shiku

        That’s a stretch. We just want her to get therapy in order to get over her trauma then decide who she wants.

        • pogo

          It’s the tone I’m hearing in those comments, and if anything being back in Seoul, facing her demons and learning the truth IS therapeutic for her even if it’s not the ‘sit down across from a shrink’ kind.

          • Ruth

            As far as the trauma goes, I think there is an underlying commentary going on in the drama. Harry does seem to think that if only you put enough time between an event and the present, everything will eventually take care of itself. At the same time, I get the impression that Jungwoo recognizes that a lot more needs to happen besides the passing of time. There are real wounds that have festered, rather than healed, over time. It seems to me that he knows or senses that. I think it’s also important to remember that they’ve all been traumatized. While LSY was the most obvious victim, she wasn’t the only one.

            Regarding the kiss (again), I didn’t get the same impression from the comments (although, admittedly, I didn’t read them all); that rape victims shouldn’t be kissed. I did, however, get the impression that some people were disappointed that it was not hot enough. Given the circumstances and all the baggage being carried around by the characters, having a “hot” kiss in the middle of this cry fest would have been strange. I like that it was very sad and more of an apology than anything else.

          • pogo

            @Ruth: the number of people who were objecting to the fact that they kissed at all leaves me with no other conclusion, especially considering the context, the execution and where the characters are right now.

            I do agree that Harry perhaps hasn’t realised the value of the internal healing that SY is going through right now. He can use money and influence to help her get as far away from being LSY and every reminder of her rape as is physically possible, but ultimately that was a flimsy defence against the pain she still felt.

  14. 14 nova611

    thank god no extension
    but what is special ep about? can someone tell me the diff?

    reg this drama;
    i only watch for the sake of YSH
    i only cry when YSH cried, feel pity for him….he will never get the girl in the end

    feel indifferent bout OTP adult tear/kiss
    dont un why ppl make a big fuss over the kiss, compared to QIHM and SUFBB…

  15. 15 KERA

    The 3 main casts just cry cry cry, maybe they want to show us they can do melodrama-that’s not smart acting. I know all of them have potential and promising actors, but please give us something different. There are many better melodrama and kissing scene out there.

    • 15.1 Mystisith

      Absolutely: If we were watching a comedy, having the characters laughing like crazy in ALL eps would feel awkward and forced. Well, it’s the same with tears: Too much tears is just too much. The value of a melo doesn’t depend on the number of buckets you can fill in…

      • 15.1.1 Juby

        In your previous comment, you just stated that you don’t even watch this drama anymore so please don’t judge it.

        If I remember correctly, you even insulted the people watching this drama in one of Javabeans recaps in episode 1-4.

        Every time there’s a post on DB about IMY, you always have something negative to say about it. Are you always this negative or is there a particular reason for all the hate? It’s almost Christmas, share some looove.

        • Mystisith

          Yes, I have a personal reason for that but I’m not going to repeat it there since I said it on another thread. For the record, I criticize all the dramas/movies that I estimate bad or done for bad reasons (strangely, only the IMY fans are SO defensive about “their” show, even when bloggers/commenters give valid explanations for the “I don’t like”). Are actors doing the best they can with what they are given here? Probably. Is the story a total WTFery written by a writer who only wants to shock and doesn’t have a clue about what he wants to say? Yes. I don’t need to watch for this: Recaps & comments of actual watchers are clear enough.
          Also, I didn’t know than giving love was synonym of agreeing with people whom I don’t share the point of view.
          I praise shows independently of the cast: I do it when it’s deserved (KOD and CWGM for example these days). And even if my bias is in a bad drama, I will call a bad drama a bad one. If people can’t handle honesty, it’s their problem.
          I also say what I want about the shows without checking the day of the Year: Which makes me think: I can’t wait for the DB Santa’s Review. Should be interesting.

          • pogo

            ‘recaps and comments of actual watchers are enough’ – they’re still someone else’s opinion of a show that you don’t watch, and whose actual watchers you insult, using said opinions.

            I would never contest your reasons for not watching, and negative opinions are fine by me but you don’t have to bash the fans to do so, especially since you don’t know their personal history and they’re not obligated to state it to justify themselves.

          • Betsy Hp

            Personally, I’ve been really impressed with how frankly and carefully the show has been talking about rape and its aftermath. (The episodes revolving around the vigilante-mom and the conversation between her and Soo-yeon’s mom were really, really well done. And packed with social commentary, I thought.)

            I do think IMY has something specific to say about rape, and I don’t think they’re saying it thoughtlessly. I also don’t think they’re simply trying to shock. The set-ups have been too organic, too well connected to be simply “the next shocking thing.” (Though of course they’re trying to entertain — this isn’t a documentary.)

            Also, you are totally right about stories needing breaks from the predominant emotion. And that’s a place where IMY has been doing a fantastic job. Jung-woo’s partner provides a lot of humor, as does Jung-woo himself. Most tear-filled scenes lead into a warm one, sometimes a humorous one, often a combination of both.

            I’d say IMY has done this a lot better than “Nice Guy” for example. By having actively plot-involved characters provide humor there’s not the same feeling of being jerked out of the story for a small humor break. It flows organically.

            As far as “defending” against critics, I’ve dipped into Koala’s blog a time or two to read her recaps but she’s clear she’s doing a hate-watch (which is totally her prerogative and she’s pretty much said as much so it’s not like a reader should be surprised), so I’ve not engaged in debate there. I figure it’d be raining on the fun being had there. But I will say the few recaps I’ve read had factual errors that totally changed the tenor of the episode covered. (One that stands out is something about the rapist recognizing Soo-yeon as the girl he raped and calling her. Which isn’t at all what happened.) Which again, is fine. Koala isn’t playing the role of reporter or anything like that.

            So anyway… this is my probably waaay too long dispute that IMY is a bad drama (thus far anyway, endings make or break dramas) and that those of us who are enjoying it are doing so with our brains turned off.

            And I’ll add, yes, you do have to watch a show yourself to give it an accurate critique. Not to decide it’s not to your taste, of course. But to intelligently discuss it? Yes, you have to watch.

          • pogo

            @Betsy: I actually really appreciate IMY’s handling of the rape so far, too – the fact that it focuses on the emotional impact it had on Soo-yeon, and now her healing, is a really good thing. Too many shows try to do a rape storyline but then fail by sensationalising/ taking the focus off the victim – and that hasn’t happened here.

            Given how much of a minefield the subject is, I’m much more at peace with it here than in, say, Nice Guy, where the whole story is set in motion when a woman kills someone in self-defence but then the fact that she was nearly raped is just brushed under the carpet and it becomes all ‘you killed someone!!’ instead. I love Nice Guy for other things, but not for that.

          • Betsy Hp

            @pogo: Wow, you know I’d totally forgotten how she’d been almost raped and was honestly defending herself when the guy died. Which totally underlines your “brushed under the carpet” point.

            And then there’s “happy ending” for the brother who tried to sell MCW’s character into sex-slavery. Though in that case I think that was thoughtless fan-service for the fans of the actor. Who did do an excellent job.

            But yes, the thoughtfulness IMY has expressed is a huge reason I’m enjoying the drama.

          • PayPhone

            i DO watch IMY and I think Mystisith’s opinion regarding the show is just being objective. It’s true what she said about over-melos and over-comedies. Don’t hate me, IMY fans, but I don’t think she has the intention of pulling the actual drama down. (WELL, DO YOU?!?! HAHA!)

            This is just my piece. Honestly within myself, if Yoochun weren’t in it, I would have stopped since Episode 4. I admit its slow pace, but I’m still hoping, am I not? 🙂

            Cheers! Merry Christmas!
            (Learn to be open to criticisms too)

            Fighting IMY and my Yoochun!!! ♥

      • 15.1.2 Misha

        I wish you just stop coming to any IMY news, @Mystisith. Your trolling attempts are pathetic.

        • Mystisith

          I wish people were open minded and could learn from others. Call?

  16. 16 bd

    I’ve at least tried every one of YEH’s dramas until now (the only one worth watching has been “Coffee Prince” and that was a complete gem).

    Seems like I didn’t miss anything w/ this one; melos usually aren’t my thing since unless really well done, they are loaded w/ the usual K-Drama-land clichés.

  17. 17 dramajoo

    hmmm, im surprised by most ppl’s responses…im actually really liking the drama actually even though it has slowed down a lot from the beginning…i know its difficult to compare across different genres of dramas but on an absolute basis i like it more than flower boys

    • 17.1 Annie

      Aren’t Park Yoochun and Yoo Seung Ho ‘flower boys’ in the purest sense of the phrase?

      • 17.1.1 dramajoo

        i meant the drama flower boys

        • Annie

          Ah, I see… my bad 🙂

    • 17.2 pogo

      I think a lot of antis on here are judging it by the fact of its subject matter (and not how said subject matter is dealt with), plus some of the criticism comes from people who aren’t even watching, by their own admission.

      No one should have to watch a drama they don’t like, but then they probably shouldn’t go around commenting on it in that case.

  18. 18 Viki

    Awesome! I hate it when they add extensions, no matter how awesome the dramas are…the extensions almost always end up ruining the endings and the entire drama

  19. 19 magnus

    I have to wait for Joo Won! Damn this drama. -sigh- I’ll have to grin and bear it.

  20. 20 JoowonLover:P

    Danggg so close! I thought we would be able to avoid that one week extension. Oh well, at least it’s not 2 weeks!

    Joo-won, I’ll see you on the 23rd!! 😀

  21. 21 sogazelle

    I know a lot of people complain about the tears…but tears are somewhat cleansing, and in this story, those who shed the most tears are actually letting go and growing stronger and closer to each other: SY, JW, SY’S mother.

    Look at the cleaning Ahjumma, she kept all her emotions in, and never shed a tear, and what did she turned into: a murderer.

    So I don’t mind the tears, except for the actors who have to shed them, which must not be a small feat.

    I totally love this drama!!!! YEH is just mindblowing!
    And don’t even get me started on Yoochun.

    • 21.1 magnus

      Some tears are okay, but this drama just tries too hard for the tears in ways that don’t make sense. So people walk away sad AND annoyed.
      I saw no growth coming from those tears but i checked out on episode 12. If suddenly the tears are cleansing and people are becoming stronger then hooray! But that wasn’t happening before imo 😛

      • 21.1.1 Misha

        Nah. I’ve been in sad, tense situations when I cried all the time, almost every day, and I never cried before like that! And now I don’t cry for nothing either.

        So I feel identify with this drama and the situations.

  22. 22 Matt

    I’m finally caught up on IMY and gotta say, even though I’m not feeling romance because of everything that’s gone on, I loved the kiss.. it was a real kiss and sexy if you take it out of context.

    The drama is not well written but actors are killling it. I’m glad I’m caught up so I can catch up with KoD to balance out and watch princess man for my Moon Chae Won fix..

    As for the extension, thankfully they don’t get one. No reason to drag out this plot now that it’s finally moving.

  23. 23 Arlena Wow

    MBC knew they would not make much money from this drama missing you. whew !

    very Lucky for Miss Yoon eun hye, she will not have to suffer much from bulging eyes !.

    As for the so much talk about Z and JW kiss,

    I should say that Z put forward both her hands against JW chest

    so the kiss was not SAUCY enough !

    No aura in that kiss, that is to say not much colors

    oozz from their body language !!,

    NOT LIKE IN GOONG both wrap around each other !!.

    • 23.1 Misha

      The hell? It was sweet and soft. How the hell you want a hot kiss in their situation?

      Be realistic.

  24. 24 Betsy Hp

    And to the point of this post! 😀 I’m pleased IMY isn’t getting an extension. I’m among the apparent minority who find the plot fascinating and feel like it’s well planned out. (Maybe I’m totally alone in that? Hello? Anyone? Echo? ;)) I figure an extension would screw that up.

    I’m not sure 20 episodes it “tight” but I’d like IMY to stay as tight as possible.

    • 24.1 pogo

      Hey girl! I’m not sure where the plot is going, but I’m certainly interested enough to keep watching – especially with regard to how it impacts our leads.

      And I’m glad about the no extensions thing too, it really doesn’t need any as long as it doesn’t end up in a Nice Guy-like situation where they have to wrap everything in 60-off minutes and muddle the execution.

    • 24.2 Ruth

      @Betsy – This is ONE of my favorites right now. I’m happy that they’re not getting an extension, but also am looking forward to the special (whatever it’s going to be about). I did chuckle a little at all the people complaining about the crying. For a drama called “I Miss You,” what was the expectation? A party? At the same time, PYC has also made jokes about how much he’s having to cry.

      Some other people have complained about the writing. I’ll have to agree a little bit on this. Bo-Ra’s mom – that was a little insane, as is the whole chaebol family structure (“you threaten my family, so I’ll lock you up in a mental hospital” is a little over-used, over-annoying). It’s the secondary relationships, however, that are so nice in this drama – LSY’s mom and HJW, HJW and his partner, LSY and her foster dad(‘s memory?), Harry and Zoe (except it’s a little creepy).

      While I don’t deny that there’s a lot to bash in this, there’s also a lot to commend.

    • 24.3 Betsy Hp

      Huzzah! Not totally alone after all. 😀

      @pogo: My working theory is Harry manipulating an exposure of all the wrongs Jung-woo’s evil-daddy has gotten up to as a means of destroying evil-daddy and gaining delicious, delicious vengeance. While Jung-woo, in solving the various murders crossing his path, will come at a different angle where he’s also interested in uncovering past crimes, but for justice rather than vengeance. Who will prevail?

      I second your hope they don’t got the “Nice Guy” route and flub the ending. (I didn’t hate the ending, but it could have been better and I think the story’s theme suffered a bit which made me sad.)

      @Ruth: I hand-wave the cheabol scheme as getting the ball rolling and keeping the plot plotting. It’s a twisty, gothic family they’ve got going on but they’re not the main event.

      Ditto Bo-Ra’s mom. Though, I appreciated her story more because of how it front-and-centered the treatment of rape victims and the punishment of rapists and the failures on both ends. Her vigilante actions ended up being unconnected to the main plot, but it kept Soo-yeon in country and made for important thematic commentary. (I love that Soo-yeon’s mom played such a big role during those episodes.)

      There is a lot of crying. A lot. So much that I know not to have my husband watch because crying bugs him. But! Like you say, if anyone has reason… Plus, it’s not been repetitive crying, in that they’re all shedding tears (vats and vats of tears) over different circumstances. Angry tears, resentful tears, scared tears, relieved tears, healing tears, resolved tears… they serve all kinds. 😉

  25. 25 caffeineaddict

    Well, thank gawd for that!… The sooner I get to see my Joo Won again, the better (tho I’m a tad bit sad having to depart from YSH..)

  26. 26 pn

    Wasn’t Jang Mi-in-ae supposed to be one of the main characters? Why does she only get one line per episode? I know Yoochun’s fans demanded Jang Mi-in-ae to be fired, but did the writers listen and just disregard her character from the original story? I read an earlier synopsis that stated that she’s a webtoon designer who harbors unrequited feelings for Jungwoo…..but ….I had no idea that she even had job in the drama since she comes on the screen for about 10 seconds.

  27. 27 lol

    Really, most of the people here are not even watching the drama. LOL I just can’t.

  28. 28 lol

    If you really watch the drama you will know that kiss has a lot of meanings in it. The fact is that her trauma is about being abandoned, not being raped, so to figure out that people are still searching for her and loving her after all these years already helps her heal. For all of those people who are not watching things or watch it for some particular actor not with an open mind, sorry I dun think you will understand any of it.

    • 28.1 pogo

      And let’s remind ourselves here, she wasn’t abandoned by her loved ones, she was abducted and forcibly removed from them even if adult SY hasn’t quite registered that fact.

      If she’d been returned to her family after her ordeal instead of being stuck with the horrible nurse and Harry, who is sweet but not exactly in the best of mental states himself, she wouldn’t have become as fragile as she did in the first place.

  29. 29 Suzi Q

    I really like Yoochun, YEH, and YSH, but this drama is a slow sob fest so far. I feel like they have ENOUGH tears to wring a large towel…Every episode, everyone takes turns crying..
    It too dark and depressing.

    Can’t wait until I can watch Joo Won’s drama.

  30. 30 Sakura

    the average ratings for missing you is 11.9%
    so the result is – not an exciting drama compared to her previous dramas.

    I feel sorry for yoon eun hye, hope she choose to act with skill ACTORS in her future projects.

    • 30.1 BDCTN

      “not an exciting drama compared to her previous dramas”

      I like MY way more than LTM and MFL…yeah it’s not a hit but i am enjoying the drama a lot.

    • 30.2 Grace

      Lol, skilled actors do not guarantee phenomenal ratings – just look at the Great Seer. Similarly, how can one judge that a drama is unexciting because of its ratings? How many Academy Award winning shows are actually box office hits?

      I’ve watched Yoon Eun Hye in her last few dramas. Totally mehhh! However, in IMY she is slowly blossoming especially in the last episode. Her chemistry with PYC and YSH are total plus points.

    • 30.3 cfgh

      what do you mean “skill actors?”

      MY is really full of skilled actors and actresses . The veteran casts are all great.

      YC / YSH, those two are really portraying their roles very well.

      Just like YEH,
      YSH and PYC are nailing it!

    • 30.4 Misha

      Feel sorry? The drama is doing pretty well and everybody loves YEH!

      Girl, focus.

  31. 31 anna

    Oh thank god! I don’t want anymore crying, even if it’s only 1 more episode. 20 eps are still a bit too much for me.

  32. 32 liza

    Rape is a terrible thing and in Honor, saving face cultures the victim is stigmatise and simply treated very wrong, I get angry just thinking how wrong. In my culture, rape happens but it is not an everyday occurence because the rapist is the one that is stigmatize and the victim is cared for and loved. The man, lets put it this way, if he survives, it is a long time before he even think about sex and most after their punishment and they get punished! ultimately end up moving because they have no peace and becomes pariahs. Some say that we are barbaric, I will live with that but all our women go where they want, when they want without fear and the vast majority of our men understand that the seconds of control is not worth the punishment for rape. The punishment is so severe that there is also no forgiving a woman who wrongly accuses a man of that crime.
    What I believe that as more women enter the work force, politics and become more assertive in screaming for their rights even in honor societies, the attitude towards rape victims will slowly change. Sisters lets’ encourage our sisters to stand and be heard.

  33. 33 gg

    It’s good that they won’t extending MY because so far this drama is doing perfectly great and I think by doing so it could just kinda ruin the solid story that the drama has already established so far. But Im so happy for the special ep. instead kekeke….
    And to those know-it-all comments who don’t even watch the drama…ughh…especially you BS MYSTISITH… Go ahead ELEVATE YOUR HUMANITY BY DROOLING OVER YOUR HOT OPPARS(refer to her BS comments on MY recaps(esp ep 4 recap, i just cant really forget what he wrote there ughh)/related articles…

    • 33.1 Mystisith

      What did I say already? Hm. That amnesia is striking back again… Which is a good thing I guess: I don’t spend my time ruminating a vengeance. You should also move on with your life and forget me unless I’m the center of your life… Incredible all that bitterness! I guess what I said about “some” melodrama is right for some people: It really tends to enhance bad feelings in certain hearts. Oh well, my oppas at least leave a wide smile on my face and I’d rather have that than a river of tears.
      Have a nice Christmas nonetheless, gg.

  34. 34 Diana

    So, now there is no triangle love nest in missing you, what a year end boring drama from MBC.

    MBC ? , how could you ask netizens to vote for best couple for this drama when there are so many “cracks lines” with the script.?.

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