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Jung Jae-young stars in adaptation of Wandering Blade
by | December 1, 2012 | 16 Comments

Do you ever wonder who would headline all the crime thrillers if Jung Jae-young weren’t around? Good thing we don’t have to find out, ’cause he’s moving right along from I Am A Murderer to the new adaptation of Wandering Blade, alongside a promising supporting cast: Lee Sung-min (Golden Time, The King 2 Hearts) and up-and-comer Seo Joon-young, who was most recently in To the Beautiful You, though he’s gotten much more recognition for his role in Bleak Night.

Wandering Blade will be the latest adaptation of mystery novelist Higashino Keigo’s work, right on the heels of Suspect X which is in theaters now. Either someone bought up all the rights in a package deal, or it’s just the trendy thing to do right now. Directing is Lee Jung-ho, of mystery thriller Bestseller.

Jung Jae-young actually doesn’t play a detective this time (Wandering side note: I wonder who’s played a homicide detective most often, just sheer count. Song Kang-ho? Jung Jae-young?) — this time he’s a dad who loses his daughter in a brutal murder. He goes after one of the killers and sorta kinda accidentally kills him (I say sorta kinda ’cause he’s clearly out for revenge; he just apparently gets lucky.) and then he goes on a warpath to find the others responsible.

Lee Sung-min plays a veteran detective on the case, and he ends up chasing Jung Jae-young down to try and prevent another murder. Seo Joon-young plays a rookie detective who actually takes Jung Jae-young’s side, and helps him track down the baddies. The dad avenging his daughter story is pretty overdone these days, but the cop angle is interesting — I like the divide between the older jaded cop and the younger idealistic one, and how their loyalties will be split by this one man. I don’t know how prominently it’ll figure into the overall story, but they’re the three headlining actors, so my guess is, enough to matter.

Wandering Blade starts shooting December 15, for a 2013 release.

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16 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ella zala

    sounds promising…

  2. mud

    I agree that the dad/ahjusshi going after daughter plot is kind of overdone. I mean just off the top of my head I think we’ve had Taken 1 & 2, Ahjusshi and I Am Dad within the last 5 years, I believe. But after some time has passed and subs are available I’ll probably watch it.

  3. canxi

    It may be a little overdone, but it’s actually a plot that doesn’t actually come off as good much of the time. And woah! Seo Joon Young. I didn’t even realize he was the same guy from Bleak Night when I was watching To the Beautiful You…and I watched that movie twice. O_O

  4. Bandi

    @mud fly daddy fly was a similar movie as well~

    • 4.1 Bandi

      tho technically it was about 6 yrs ago

  5. chocopie83

    Dorm 2 leader kkkk this is quite an unique twist of typical plot 😀

  6. chocopie83

    Dorm 2 leader kkkk this is quite an unique twist of typical plot, hopefully it wont be too dark 😀

  7. ladymoxie

    Ohhhhhh, this sounds good! Can’ wait to watch this.

    Seo Joon Young. Seo Joon Young. Seo Joon Young. I haven’t seen To the Beautiful You and Bleak Night, so why does this guy look familiar?

    • 7.1 ladymoxie

      Hmmm so I did some digging and found out Seo Joon Young played the young Kang Oh Soo in The Devil/Mawang. Thank you, Google!

  8. lovepark

    I don’t know about Song Kang-ho, but Jung Jae-young hasn’t played homicide detectives a lot. Technically, if you don’t count the demoted traffic cop who got promoted back at the end in “Going by the Book”, Confession of Murder (aka I am a Murderer) is the first time to my knowledge that he has played a homicide detective. Unless I’m wrong (which is completely possible), Song Kang-ho wins.

    • 8.1 melusine

      Totally loved Going by the Book! You’re correct. If we’re counting, he’s played gangsters more times (and uh, baseball players lol).

      Pretty good cast.

  9. rainbow

    looks interesting…..

  10. 10 whimsyful

    Oh I love Higashino Keigo! I didn’t even realize there was a Korean adaptation of The Devotion of Suspect X. Has anyone here seen it? Is it good?

  11. 11 Jenny

    I didn’t know they made a remake of Suspect X or Yogisha X no Kenshin, the Japanese version was really good. (Well anything with Tsutsumi Shinichi is excellent)
    Who’s in the Korean adaptation ?
    It seems Japanese mystery/crime novels are popular to me made into movies in Korea. There was Miyabe Miyki’s Kasha or All she was worth in english and Higashino Keigo’s Byakuyakō.

    • 11.1 cynkdf

      Suspect X/Perfect Number – Ryoo Seung Bum, Lee Yo Won are the stars in the Korean version. It premiered at the Busan International Film Festival in Oct 2012.

  12. 12 ravens_nest

    Ah, yes. The Avenging Father story really is old hat now. It’d be a real twist if the reason the young rookie is on the avenging dad’s side is cuz of both principle and love.

    Now THAT’D be different. lol 😉

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