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Kang Dong-won and Ha Jung-woo confirm Band of Thieves
by | December 14, 2012 | 34 Comments

Eeeeeeee! Kang Dong-won and Ha Jung-woo in one movie? Did they make it just for me? Just lie and tell me they did. Kang Dong-won has confirmed the first of his post-army projects: he’ll be co-starring with Ha Jung-woo in the action sageuk film Band of Thieves. The two actors have signed on to play mortal enemies in a 19th-century story about a Robin Hood type of character (or Iljimae, or Hong Gil-dong — take your stealin’-from-the-rich-to-give-to-the-poor hero archetype pick) who rises up in an oppressed society.

It’s the fourth project from director Yoon Jong-bin, of this year’s hit film Nameless Gangster (aka War With Criminals: The Golden Age of Bad Guys), and also Beastie Boys, and The Unforgiven. He has the uncommon distinction of being four-for-four with projects starring Ha Jung-woo, which naturally sent me on a google mission to figure out what the connection is. Turns out they went to the same university, and are only a year apart in age, which explains a whole lot. So Ha Jung-woo is his film school sunbae, explaining why he’d star in every single one of this guy’s movies, even when he was an unknown (though now of course he’s a hot commodity). Aaaaaand now the world makes sense again.

Anyway, the movie is set in 19th-century Joseon, and will be about a power struggle between the corrupt wealthy noblemen who run society and a band of thieves that rises up to challenge them. Ha Jung-woo plays the hero, Dol Moo-chi, a butcher who forms a makeshift family of thieves that sets out on a mission to change the lives of the oppressed people. Kang Dong-won plays the richest nobleman’s son, Jo-yoon, the best swordsman in the land. But it turns out he isn’t acknowledged by his father because he’s the son of a concubine, and lives a wayward life because of it.

I wonder if that means they’ll start as enemies but not end up the same, which would be great fun. But really, you could tell me they were playing a pair of dancing penguins and I’d still watch that movie. Though it would be decidedly less badass.

Band of Thieves is planning on a 2013 release. I may have to break a few fourth dimension rules for this. *revs up time machine*

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34 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mtoh

    Uuuuuuuu, looks awesome! After this, KDW, drama please…

  2. Maya

    Gah, can’t wait to watch it!

  3. alua

    Yes! I don’t even care about the details, just looking forward to Kang Dong-won on the screen again!

  4. annnsow

    That’s for me, because I really like those two actors.
    Definitely looking forward to that one.

  5. jomo

    Yes, GF, they are making it just for you. bien sur.

    • 5.1 lemonade candy

      yep, specially custom designed for you Miss Girlfriday ^^

  6. nomu nomu nomu

    you have a time machine?


  7. houstontwin

    So sad that I won’t be able to see this in Houston!!! My sister in New Jersey is so lucky!

  8. Annie

    If these 2 ever did a drama again I think I would explode from the hotness.

    * Did anyone else feel surprised upon learning that Ha Jung Woo was in fact Jeon Do Yeon’s bodyguard in Lovers in Prague? I seriously had no idea… I think I’m a bad fan.

    • 8.1 Fab

      I knew! But that’s also because LIP was one of the first projects I saw from him… You can just imagine that I fell for him at the spot even though his role wasn’t that big.
      I always referred to him as her chauffeur, but bodyguard sounds so much ehh intriguing. (:

      I gave up hoping for a drama from KDW and HJW. Very excited for this movie.

    • 8.2 jomo

      THAT is when I fell in love with him.
      He kept calling her Noona behind those sexy sunglasses.

      • 8.2.1 Annie

        He was like the voice of the audience – telling Jae Hee to grow some self esteem and stop wooing/chasing/stalking the detective. Knowing he was Ha Jung Woo the entire time just magnifies my appreciation for the character!

      • 8.2.2 Annie

        Lol, did you fall in love with him because he called her noona? Or because of the sexy sunglasses?

    • 8.3 Gala

      I was surprised to find out he was the brother in Fox Family, the film that made me a Park Shi Yeon fan.

    • 8.4 yoonah

      10: Do you have any thoughts to return to dramas?

      Gang: None. My fans have been asking me to but I’ve told them I won’t. And it’s not because I don’t trust the producers but I don’t believe in the system of how dramas work. I don’t like the fast tempo on set. I work slowly — I’m the type that needs a lot of time with my acting but it’s hard to do that while shooting dramas. I’ve never thought of appearing in dramas since “Magic”.

  9. JoJo

    Kang Dong-won, forever my Woo Chi…glad he’s back.

  10. 10 annie

    KDW is a handsome man in anything but KDW in Joseon gear gets me all hot inside

  11. 11 Orion

    Some descriptions I’ve read make it sound as if they’re in the same gang. Is it possible Kang Dong Won will be their martial arts boy and motivated by his hate for the bigots who won’t accept him due to his “unclean” status?

    Damn, I’d love them on the same side. Kang Dong Won can do wicked, but he seems kind of young-looking for a villain against Ha. I’d expect someone more macho-looking for that, although character development goes a long way.

    Whichever it is, hit me. Us. Our body is ready.

  12. 12 Gala

    Same here. I tried the drama vers. And I love CTH, but I just can’t see Woochi as someone else…

  13. 13 fdyane

    whoa KDW really look like joo won

    • 13.1 fangorn

      err…I believe, it should be the other way… JW looks like KDW.

      now back on the topic, this is great news! KDW in a movie again!!! 🙂

      • 13.1.1 Gala

        Same here. But joo won is the hot commodity right now so… The new-ish kdrama fans know more about him. But joo won hasn’t reached half the level of achievement KDW has.

        • thil28

          wow, i just saw it, JW really does look like KDW! yes, im a newbie to kdrama obsession, lost touch a few years ago. dramabeans got me all interested to see gaksital, and i became a joo won addict(?) after that…

    • 13.2 Steamy Bun

      They totally look alike! I’m sure it’s already been discussed before and I’m just the last one to realize (since I’m not too familiar with KDW, but I do think he’s quite hot.)

  14. 14 rainbow

    movie sounds interesting….

  15. 15 momosa

    It’s KDW again in a similar conflicted sageuk hero in Duelist! I can’t wait, he is just mighty fine in those costume ….

  16. 16 nabithoj

    Ohhh..hohoh!!!!! I literally tried to scream with this sore throat of mine which ended being a really painful cough instead when I saw “Kang Dong Won” and “Band of Thieves”!!!! Can’t wait to see him in movies and maybe dramas again!!! I haven’t been this excited about a celeb returning from the army since…well, never, unfortunately…lol 🙂

  17. 17 hui ting

    OMG I thought Yoon Jong-bin made his movies for me too when I first heard about this, haha. First, Ha Jung-woo with my fav. actor Choi Min-sik. AND NOW THIS?! I’m already anticipating who’s his next HJW x __ combination.

    I am getting too excited (and impatient) for this. KANG DONG-WOOOOOOON!

  18. 18 anonymous

    May be the could have Ha Ji Won as their love interest.

  19. 19 misha

    Can”t wait to watch it. KDW fighting!

  20. 20 Bengbeng

    i want to shout, dance and jump in happiness too! I love both actors. thanks GF for this wonderful news =)

  21. 21 koreamom

    Kang dong wan is BACK and i can’t wait! he’s back he’s back he’s working again!

  22. 22 ravens_nest

    *ugly tears of joy*

  23. 23 Carinne

    Oh yes, milk everything related to “The Thieves” title as much as you can now…..

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