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Kang Ji-hwan’s legal battles drag on (and on, and on…)
by | December 11, 2012 | 99 Comments

javabeans: Here. *sniffle* Passes along article.

girlfriday: Oh no. Kang Ji-hwan may have to stop acting in all dramas, movies, and musicals?

javabeans: *sob* It won’t happen, it won’t! It’s just an injunction request! What good are those anyway? (Knows nothing of law.)

girlfriday: Love is more powerful than law! (Not really. That’s what stalkers say.
Just trying to make you feel better.)

javabeans: (Don’t take legal advice from us. It will end badly for you, we promise.) Also, it doesn’t make me feel better. Stupid former agency wanting to milk their former star for what he’s worth AFTER he’s left them. Dude, at a certain point don’t you just have to zen out about and tell yourself, “Let it go”?

girlfriday: Maybe he was their first love.

javabeans: But in dramaland, first loves are only good if they’re requited! Once one side is gone you’re just heading into mopeytime waters with a side of jealous fits and schadenfreude. Which would explain all the lawsuits against him, actually. So yes, probably a first love obsession. Nice Guy style, mind, not Answer Me.

girlfriday: I swear, the poor guy spends more time fighting legal battles than actually getting to act.

javabeans: Okay, do you love the part in the ex-management company’s injunction request that complains of how Kang Ji-hwan started avoiding their calls and changed his cell phone number? Who do they think they’re filing with, the Schoolyard Appeals Court?

girlfriday: Definitely sounds like jilted first love to me. Though really, one can’t blame an entire agency for falling in love with the guy. It’s just the creepy not letting go part that’s…

javabeans: Weird? Unprofessional? INSANE?

girlfriday: Or something. Maybe he pissed off an Anthony somewhere down the line?

javabeans: Aw. Anthony is a bigger man than that! Maybe you mean CEO Oh, with the inferiority complex the size of… Anthony’s ego.

girlfriday: So..what will you do?

javabeans: Other than cry, you mean?

girlfriday: You’re not going to shave your head and enter a monastery in the mountains, are you?

javabeans: Oh, lord no. How will I look pretty for my Lee Jung-jae?

girlfriday: Ah, priorities.

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99 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MsB

    Oh no! I love him! My appreciation increased ten-folds after watching him with SJS in Rough Cut! Hope everything works out for him

  2. shiku

    I’m confused

    • 2.1 Danna

      Me too…i read abt the management issues earlier but I was under impression it was with his new agency not the old one
      Does this mean he won’t be doing Incarnation of Money anymore? Sadness….Its like Faith all over again :(((

  3. joo

    ): butimisshim. haha *cries

  4. elainestale

    oh i love you two

    • 4.1 M.D.

      I especially love “The King of Dramas” references! Simply hilarious. One has got to love that meta! I have a feeling that Anthony will live a long, long time in our drama reference vocabulary! Let’s enjoy Beanies referring to it for a long time, too!

      • 4.1.1 mjfan

        me too , am sure Anthony will be immortal

        • pipit

          I have the same feeling too. Somehow Anthony will stay with us for a long time. I just hope that Kang Ji Hwan’s battle won’t stay that long. I feel really sorry for him.

      • 4.1.2 Koirv


        (After “The Great Seer” article) King of Dramas & Anthony can rescue any situation. They’ve been through highs and lows! Hahaha!

  5. Rubysing

    He’s No.1 on my K-dream-guys list and I hope things will work out well for him. Love him as the original Gaksital, and of course in ALL his other shows.

    • 5.1 DayDreamer

      Original Gaksital? What do you mean?

      • 5.1.1 Rubysing

        Hang on… I meant the original hero in Faith before the legal battle thingy.

        • pogo

          wow, Faith just kept getting its leading men taken away for one reason or other, didn’t it? First military service put paid to Lee Jun Ki taking the role, now legal troubles got in the way of Kang Ji Hwan…..I’m amazed nothing happened to Lee Min Ho, is all.

  6. Mystisith

    I read articles here and then. What I understood is than he is in conflict with both agencies: The current and the former one. Of course, there is a battle of communiques like for a divorce and it’s hard to say who’s right. Maybe his managers are asses and/or he is really a diva. It’s really dragging on and except for the lawyers, nobody will gain anything from that situation…

  7. dulcedeleche


    Maybe the reason Lie to Me sucked so much was because his evil agency was secretly pulling strings to make the writing crazy?

    • 7.1 Dominique

      Could you enlighten as to the reasons why you call the agency evil? I thought that the agency was the victim here …

      • 7.1.1 dulcedeleche

        I was merely going along with the Anthony vs. Ceo Oh reference.

        • Koirv

          Hahahahahaha! Go Anthony!

      • 7.1.2 Bengbeng

        agency is the victim? which agency? the former or the present? i’m equally confused too. You mean, KJH is the one at fault? i’m more and more confused. Will just pray that everything will be resolved.

        Where can i read about the case?

  8. Fab

    Oh my, is it still that bad?! How about his last announced drama?
    Praying everything works out for him asap!

  9. Dominique

    The newspaper article, to which this blog provides a link, makes it clear that it is Mr. Kang who is in breach of his contract, assuming that the facts alleged by the talent management/agency are truthful. So, why doesn’t he settle or, if he is innocent, countersue?

    I see enough celebrities who act as if they should be above the law and seek (and receive) special treatment from both law enforcements and courts in Los Angeles. In this day and age, that is just not cool.

    Then, there is the matter of Mr. Kang’s business acumen. He certainly could have handled this far better, avoiding the legal mess and not forcing the aggrieved firm to resort to what amounts in talent business to an all-out war against him.

    Just say sorry, kiss and make up, pay up and then move forward.

    • 9.1 lenrasoon

      lol @ “Mr. Kang”

      but i agree, he should settle this quickly with the agency and go back to work (as if it was that easy but there is no other way *shrugs*).

    • 9.2 houstontwin

      It is really impossible for any of us to deduce, from a newspaper article, what is really going on in this conflict. Anyone who works in entertainment law in LA knows that abuse goes both ways.

    • 9.3 Bengbeng

      yeah! you can earn them anyway. Just pay up so that we can see more of you =)

  10. 10 bluemoon

    Dame it Anthony! Perhaps I should blame a Director Oh instead?

    Anyway, I wish Kang Ji Hwan all the best. I hope he will be able to come back to the industry soon.

    Nobody better blacklisted him because then I will go kill a cow.

    • 10.1 jomo

      Poor cow!
      Kill an imaginary cow.

  11. 11 mskololia


  12. 12 rynea

    You guys… I was feeling a lil bewildered until I got to schadenfreude and had to look it up.

    All I can contribute is, this could be another subplot for King of Dramas.

  13. 13 HeadsNo2

    Aww, looks like someone’s agency needs a butthurt report form.

    • 13.1 Mystisith

      Bwahahaha…. This is gold!

    • 13.2 lenrasoon

      lmao A+

    • 13.3 befuddled

      So much awesome.

    • 13.4 nomu nomu nomu

      Ha. That’s actually a good form that many netizen’s need.

      hmm, maybe I’m going to print out the form,
      fill it out, then mail it to the ‘Big’ production team. LOL

      As for Kang Ji-hwan, my first instinct was “what’s going to happen to ‘Incarnation of Money’ starring Kang Ji-hwan and Hwang Jung-eum.” It’s the next project from the production team of ‘History of the Salaryman’ and I was looking forward to it.

      Hope everything gets straighten out for everybody involved.

      • 13.4.1 Danna

        I doubt he’s doing it anymore…he never confirmed it and with this problem too, its gonna be while before we can see him anything again….makes me so sad cuz I was looking forward to this pairing….The production is probably look for someone else already..see, I’m already replaying the Kang Hyun Min casting scene from King of Dramas ep 3 in my head

        • Mystisith

          As a producer, I would never cast an actor with those kind of issues: You don’t even know where to send the mail or who to call if you have a question. Man needs to clean the mess, firstly.

    • 13.5 Toystar

      Oh this so good! Thanks Headsno2.

    • 13.6 ravens_nest

      OMG!!!! That is the funniest thing I’ve seen all year!!! XD

    • 13.7 Ace

      I love it!

  14. 14 Wolle

    I did not know that Ji-hwan was in a legal battle. Yike!!

  15. 15 fusionjack

    i think it is kang ji hwan’s fault. i read an article in soompi the other day, that he previously cut his contract with the old agency, although the contract was not finished yet, in order to go to the new agency. and now it is apparently happening all over again. so who is the victim here?

  16. 16 DayDreamer

    Rofl…rofl….the dialogue between you girls is the highlight of this post (*knows nothing about the actor and problems he’s facing*).

    And, heh, Anthony is forever going to live on in future posts. Long live Anthony. 😉

  17. 17 QIII

    Considering the state of the Korean ent. my default position would be to side with the talent (e.g.. han ye seul)

    i heard that actors contracts are far more liberal than their idol counterparts but i would still like to find out the details of this dispute.

    Does anyone know any other actors black listed for being involved in a lawsuit?

    (i know joo ji hoon did but those were for crim. charges)

    • 17.1 lenrasoon

      yeah actor Park Shin Yang was blacklisted in 2008 iirc but last year he did the drama “Sign”.

      • 17.1.1 jazme

        i was thinking of park shin yang too when i read this about one of my top k actors of all time! bwahhh i’m already sad! 🙁 i luv this actor period

    • 17.2 pogo

      Park Bo Young, too – she couldn’t do anything between 2008 and I think 2011 because of legal troubles (she finally made the wolf-boy movie and took it to Toronto, that was a relief).

  18. 18 Ara

    What incredibly poor judgment… I mean, he’s definitely a star but not an A-lister who could pull a switcheroo on 2 agencies and live to tell the tale.

    Praying for his career rn.

  19. 19 lenrasoon

    Was that the reason he didn’t do “Faith”?
    Things aren’t looking really good for him, i hope both parts comes to an agreement so we can have our KJH back.

  20. 20 crazedlu

    mehheh. about the post, not the situation. kang ji hwan. :'(

  21. 21 Carole McDonnell

    oh good heavens! you had me googling Lee Jung-jae. I swear! At this rate I’m gonna know more about Korean actors than American actors.

    • 21.1 DayDreamer

      Same here! Actually, I think I can list more Korean actors and actresses than I can American ones or even those from my own country. That’s probably bad, right?

    • 21.2 ck1Oz

      I already do know more Korean actors than American ones already.

      Sigh.Damn damn damn.There goes Incarnation of money starting next month.Super super disappointed now.

    • 21.3 crazedlu

      welcome to the club. i’m kidding. i’m pretty well versed all around. ha. hmm.. i should get out more.

    • 21.4 Ace

      Tell me about it. I know more Korean actors, actresses, singers, bands, directors, variety hosts than any local ones.

  22. 22 KERA

    More on Kang Ji Hwan’s fault than his agency. Why don’t he settle it like an adult if he didn’t like them (his both agencies).

  23. 23 Mara

    If he were in America we could start an online petition to force these agencies to let him go for fear of being boycotted. Can that not be done in Korea?

    Right now I’m watching “Capital Scandal” with him and Han Ji Min and I’ve watched almost all his body of work ’cause I am so enamored of his sleek, and sometimes silly, acting style.

    There’s really no k-actor who can compete with his style because he is totally unique. This news make me so sad ’cause I need my yearly “fix” of KJH. He is my Korean drug of choice, 🙂 .

    • 23.1 thil28

      omo! YES!! i so agree with you, my korean drug of choice, too! loving capital scandal so much right now, too…weird coincidence, huh? didnt know he was in a legal battle till i checked this website…no wonder he hasnt been in anything new lately….besides the movie which looks hilarious from the trailer anyways…

  24. 24 Noelle

    “Ah, Priorities” LOL

  25. 25 Anvesha

    They should just have a battle and end it all at once… Not by any means his acting career though. It does sound like the jilted first love or the more dangerous, if I can’t have you, so can’t anyone else, mentality..

  26. 26 MariD

    This makes me sad!!! Can he just pay them so he can come back to drama land and be awesome. I need something to forget how horrible “lie to me” was. Oh and the ladies that were talking about knowing more korean actors then Americans. I’m rigth there with you.

  27. 27 Suzi Q

    Boy! He still in legal entanglements? I thought that was why he couldn’t do FAITH…that was a couple of years ago.
    They want to stick it to him again and deprive him of earning a living? Hopefully, they can settle the matter in the courts and move on. What a legal mess…

  28. 28 tapioca pearl

    I love Kang Ji-hwan, so I’m not gonna deny my bias. With that said, he was wrong for the breach of contract, but it is the agency’s job to get their actors good work. I don’t know how his last film did, but his work in dramaland hasn’t been successful the last couple of years (although Coffee House is aces with me). So they just need to talk and figure things out before this gets blown up even more.

  29. 29 cg

    Your conversation is so funny 😀 😀

  30. 30 Opal

    It is about time for KJH to reflect on himself. He may be a good actor but attitude vice resulted on many legal disputes may drift his fans away.

  31. 31 houstontwin

    I am so sad to hear that KJH is still mired in a legal swamp. He’s losing the best years of his career. I hope that he has good lawyers!

  32. 32 KitKat

    This couldn’t possibly work, right? I mean, just because the agency once had him on their payroll doesn’t mean they can own him and all his work for ever and always.
    It seems like a bad business decision to try to force someone as good and as popular as Kang Ji-hwan stop working, given the media coverage and fan hatred it’s bound to cause. Agencies are part of the entertainment world and are therefore image dependent. Who would want to sign a contract with an agency that does this? Besides which, fangirl hatred would be fierce with this one.

    • 32.1 Mystisith

      The scandal is in the open for months now. Guess what? It’s the agencies which have the power, not the fangirls (pretty much quiet in that case) or the actors. If an actor creates problem to an agency they just ditch him thanks to an army of lawyers: There is a queue behind each actor, as sad as it is. On the other hand, even A+ actors need a management agency. That’s the reality of the food chain in Dramaland.

      • 32.1.1 bjharm

        yep just look at the pop industry to go against a management/production company amount to end for your career or very very long and costly court battles. It all about contacts and the old school tie thing, buck the system and it closes ranks against you..why korean entertainment industry despite repeated ‘scandals’ on everything from people killing themselves to slave contract to sexual ‘favours’ to backers never changes anything in the long run.

  33. 33 mellisa

    the first time he had problems with that first agency, i really felt bad for him. but having the same problem with another talent agency makes me wonder what kind of person kang ji hwan is in real life.

  34. 34 TS

    You guys are too funny.

  35. 35 Abbie

    This is the most insane amount of bullshit I’ve ever heard. He left them and their trying to make it where he can’t do anyting?! How is he supposed to earn a living? Totally insane freakazoids. Really is reminiscent of a first love gone awry. Or insane. I hope Kang Ji-hwan wins this. Geesh. Crazy people in the land of real life drama stuff.

  36. 36 Orion

    We can never know what happens in the sidelines, but I do think it’s usually the one chased after that’s the innocent one. He left before his contract was over. Why would an already known actor do that? I can think of a few reasons why he had to hightail out of the previous agency, none of them pleasant.

    It just seems weird that any company would keep at it so long because one guy left. I have to assume it’s the fact that this one guy is now famous and probably denied to do what they wanted and left that made them so pissed. That’s the “vibe” I’m getting.

    He does not look like an idiot so if he’s ignoring them and not settling, they must have done something pretty damn bad. If he really was to blame, he’d settle and keep this quiet. He would not let it drag on like that and endanger his career.

    • 36.1 Bernadine Moore

      makes sense to me too.

  37. 37 Ann

    He can always do like Prince and change his name to an emoticon until the contract runs out. ^.^ would be a cute one.

    • 37.1 AuntieMame

      Brilliant suggestion!

  38. 38 emm

    most unfortunate

  39. 39 eternalfive

    HAHAHA this is hilarious. The commentary, not the actual news. 😛

  40. 40 Yami

    I will stop watching dramas till he returns… okay now that I read that I realise that, that is just what the enemy wants. so I will force my self to watch… it’s the only way.

    • 40.1 Nakai

      lol….Cute. 🙂

  41. 41 Nakai

    My guess….
    The previous one was because I think he didnt like the direction in where his career was going. So he walked away.

    Second, was because there’s problem with the company.

    JiHwan really has the worst of luck. Wishing him all the best though.

    • 41.1 Nakai

      If there’s no one for Incarnation of Money, can they offer it to KMM ? KMM was rumored to be on GIANT anyway so maybe the team had wanted to work with him before.

      I know it’s really selfish of me. But there’s only two more weeks left to KOD and reluctant to let KMM go.

      • 41.1.1 Koirv

        Ahhhh, give it to Kim Myung-min!
        Money Incarnation is 24 episodes!

        Oh, King of Dramas, please extend it. 20 episodes will be darn perfect! Haha!

        • Nakai

          I dont think there’ll be an extension for KOD. That’s why I’m desperate. ^^”

  42. 42 Miky

    Poor guy,loosing his best years

  43. 43 Cath

    Waa, I adored him terribly in Lie to Me.


  44. 44 jomo

    “Who do they think they’re filing with, the Schoolyard Appeals Court?”

    You know, I know!

    Love these posts the mosts!

  45. 45 jazme

    i first liked him in save the last dance for me where he wasn’t well known at that time then i had followed his projects since & latest of all was lie to me!

    • 45.1 favegirl13

      kang ji hwan was never in save the last dance for me.

      that was ji sung.

      2 different actors

      • 45.1.1 mellisa

        he was there, but not #1 actor, he wasn’t even #2 or #3 actor. he played a very minor character, if you blinked you will not realize that kjh was there.

  46. 46 song yong in

    aigoo, aigoo…
    hope this gets resolved soon because i want to see him again in kdramaland soon.
    fighting, KJW!

  47. 47 asianromance

    Their lawyers must be rolling in dough – this has been going on for so long. I hope they come to a settlement soon. And he hasn’t been in anything at all this year.

  48. 48 enews

    Kang Ji Hwan and Agency Fight Over Contract and Mediation Claims
    2012-11-08 16:00

    Kang Ji Hwan has fallen into a deep rift with his agency.

    Though it was reported that Kang Ji Hwan refused the mediation of the Corea Entertainment Management Association (CEMA) in the conflict between him and his agency, Kang Ji Hwan′s legal representative has insisted that they have complied all along with CEMA′s mediation.

    The agency, S Plus, says otherwise.

    Kang Ji Hwan′s law firm stated, “S Plus requested the mediation of CEMA, stating that the law counsel contract Kang Ji Hwan signed with us was a violation of his contract with the agency. With this, CEMA offered a meeting in which Kang Ji Hwan could talk about S Plus′ violation claims, and we, along with Kang Ji Hwan, accepted the offer and gave our answers as requested.”

    Kang Ji Hwan signed his contract with S Plus Entertainment in December 2008, but after entering a conflict regarding his activities, he had his lawyer take care of his schedules since October. At this, S Plus had asked CEMA to mediate the issue.

    Kang Ji Hwan turned down the mediation through his legal representative, making it inevitable for legal processions to follow.

    The incident quickly deteriorated to a mudslinging debate from there, as a source from S Plus stepped forth to say Kang Ji Hwan had many personal issues with his company.

    The source added that he had forced his managers to clean his home, demanded replacements of staff, actors and even directors, and even used the company′s money like it was his own.

    Soon, however, Kang Ji Hwan indicated he was considering the mediation, and that he would take legal measures against the false reports being spread by the agency. His legal representative also stated that they had never turned down CEMA′s mediation offers.

    “We were talking with Kang Ji Hwan about accepting CEMA′s mediation with CEMA′s mediation committee. He has never turned down CEMA′s offers, and the reports that Kang Ji Hwan ′turned around after the incident made it to the news′ are not true,” it said.

    S Plus has stated that Kang Ji Hwan did indeed turn down the offers, and that the agency will continue to pursue the truth.

    “CEMA confirmed that Kang Ji Hwan was not willing to comply with the mediation processes, and delivered the results to us. He, however, changed his mind, and returned, saying it was a matter of miscommunication. We are baffled. We are very sorry to see Kang Ji Hwan change his mind after the news that he will not go through with mediation made it to the press, even when he was very insincere about the offers in the first place,” it said.

    • 48.1 Nakai

      Didnt CEMA get involve in the first one too? Wish him all the best. I feel sorry for him.

  49. 49 jensredshoes

    I was happy to at least get to see him in Runway Cop. It may not have been a great film but he was so much fun to see again. I love when his character screamed at the models in english “I like you! I like you!” Sooo funny! He’s my favorite – no matter what. I hope he works again soon.

  50. 50 E_Kun

    Bat Sh*t Cray!

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