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Kim Seung-woo’s Win-Win gets cancelled
by | December 31, 2012 | 45 Comments

girlfriday: Aw, time to say goodbye to another variety show. Kim Seung-woo’s KBS talk show Win-Win has officially announced that it’ll be shooting its last episode in early January.

javabeans: I don’t watch Win-Win so I’ll let you answer this one: Is this sad news?

girlfriday: Yes and no. I liked the show when it had guests I liked, and Kim Seung-woo is such a pleasant host — not the mean kind, the make-you-talk-about-rumors kind. Just gracious and nice. His MC-minion crew (Lee Su-geun, Lee Ki-kwang, and Tak Jae-hoon) never really completely felt like a unit, but I like them all. Mostly, Kim Seung-woo is great in variety, which is weird, but true.

javabeans: I can see that about him, just from seeing him on 1N2D. I was curious to know how he’d fare in that kind of variety, which is more docu-reality, but he really surprised me by being good-natured all the time, even in the worst of situations. It’s almost like he’s the invisible mediator, there to soothe ruffled feathers without making it seem like any soothing is going on. Seamless mood regulator.

girlfriday: He’s so awesome on 1N2D. Win-Win is almost too buttoned-up, once you’ve seen him be crazy on 1N2D.

javabeans: Well, I suppose he might be a little busy considering he’s got a drama coming up (IRIS 2), another one maybe-sorta-gearing up for promotion (if it ever finishes airing and/or gets a broadcaster) (City Conquest) and a bimonthly variety-trip taking up his weekends (1N2D)… and you know, his wife and kids and all that.

girlfriday: Right. So the general consensus seems to be that Kim Seung-woo wanting more time to actually be an actor is the major reason why Win-Win is ending its 2-year run. Because it’s regularly the ratings leader on Tuesdays, so it’s not exactly a show that KBS wants to get rid of. But it seems like a good idea to let go of a show while it’s at the top, if you’re going to let go of it at all.

javabeans: Especially when you’ve got Kang Ho-dong waiting in the wings?

girlfriday: Yeah that’s the big rumor circulating right now — that Kang Ho-dong’s new variety show might take that time slot.

javabeans: I know this is as amicable and professional and totally unemotional as far as cancellations go… but c’mon, can we please have a 1N2D Mat-hyung Face-Off, just once? Or better yet, a Butt Wrestling deathmatch?

girlfriday: Dude, that would Make. My. Day.

javabeans: Get on it, KBS!

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45 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. rainbow

    it’s a good thing to end a show, when it’s at the top..

    • 1.1 DEANA

      Good point! But it’s still sad though, Win Win is such a great show!

    • 1.2 me_gusta

      I do wish that before they end the show, they get Sung Sikyung as a guest, to complete the 2D1N gang!:)

  2. Neeko

    Do you really like him in 1D2N? He is the main reason why I don’t watch the new season. Too much complainin and eveything is a hassle and a chore. He made me realize Kang Ho Dong made what he does look too easy. WinWin does get an amazing array of guests but that whole gang does seem a bit disjointed. Kim SeungWoo just seems like a gracious house owner that lends his space out to guests, friends, and aquaintances for a reasonable fee.

    • 2.1 Ace

      Wow. I didn’t get any of that from him at all. He actually surprised me because I thought he would be this uptight ajusshi (as I saw him from a quick watch at on Win-Win episode) but he wasn’t like that at all. I actually like him better than Joo-won or Shi-kyung in 1N2D especially when he befriended Jongmin (I like underdogs). I mean I like Kang Hodong, but when he left, things quieted down a lot which made me notice how loud he was when he was there. He was also kinda mean and overshadowed some of the other members most of the time. Kim Seung-woo brings something different to the show as do the other members and I kinda like their dynamic in the sense that they’re really like cousins or something that enjoy being together once in a while, not just some entertainers coming together twice a month for a variety show.

      • 2.1.1 Alvina

        Ace, you’ve captured all of my sentiments exactly. KSW and JongMin’s friendship just kills me on 1N2D. The fact that such a famous actor can just be down to earth on such a show is brilliant.

    • 2.2 JiHwan

      I don’t he’s quite as commanding as an MC. In fact, he probably listens more on Win Win than he actually asks any questions, but that makes the show just so much more personal. It’s like watching a bunch of good friends talk about old times rather than watching a talk show. I think it just works for him. As for 1N2D, he’s become one of my favorite members. I just love how he can spin a shitty situation into a hilarious one (i.e. begging for food by “sneeze-coughing”). He’s a hoot as the mat-hyung.

    • 2.3 asyree

      I love KSW. In Win Win or in 1n2d. It’s true that from WW i get such a vibe that this talk show is more personal than the other shows ever do. The hosts really listens to what their guests want to talk and gives related questions to the guest’s topic and the hosts aren’t the kinda mean hosts who are more interested in digging old embarassing or hottest rumors of their guests. The WW MCs seem sincere and patient so naturally they invite the guests to talk more about them themselves.

      Regarding the comparison on KSW and KHD in 1n2d, honestly i feel KSW is a better anchor in this ensemble of casts than KHD. KSW is way more smooth and he doesn’t dominate the talk even if he is the mat hyung while from KHD i just tired and bored sometimes listened to how he monopolized all the talk. KHD was always the one who announced where to go and what to play, i think he aimed for good things, kinda probing the other members to speak more but the way KHD said or asked things was such in a format of yes/no questions which really didn’t give much opportunity for the other members to talk more but just simply responded to him.

      I agree that shortly after the absence of KHD then his absence was so impossible to ignore but that was because we were so used to see him acted as the MC of the program instead of co-hosted the program along with the other five old members. Which perhaps the format of the original season 1 of 1n2d, KHD was the MC but there would be other people as his fellow members to bring up the program alive. With this concept then KHD’s loudness and big portion of the show seemed logic and reasonable, but healthy and balanced? I personally don’t think so.

      With all that said, i prefer KSW more as the part of the recent 1n2d season 2 casts and i think he’s just so perfectly suited here where as the mat hyung not only he motivates his fellow younger members, he also gives them a good example of being a role model his wholeheartedly, and he encourages them to be themselves without trying to control everything in his hands.

      • 2.3.1 tamtam

        While I like KSW as a member of 1n2d now, I will only see him as a member and not a leader nor host. This only because members of Season 2 are on equal grounds they are truly part of a whole. They only bring up the age hierarchy as a joke, but it’s not an active presence for their group interaction. Whereas it’s very much so for Season 1.

        Season 1 and 2 have very different configuration and hosting stye. I like both, so it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

        That said, however, I don’t believe KHD overshadowed anyone, nor did he think he should play the main role in the show. His personality is very much the alpha male, I think that’s something he himself sometimes feels regretful and ashamed of when it hurts somebody. BUT it’s very obvious that he’s miserable by himself without the members, and that he very much so relied on them to make the show interesting. When he pushed too far, the members just ignored and abandoned him or even manipulated him back, which is the greatest punishment for him. I love that he’s completely dependent on his members and other people just as they are on him, and I will defend that quality about him, no matter how mean and controlling he may seem.

        In Season 2, everyone is on equal grounds. There’s no alpha, at least not very apparent. Everyone gets along with everyone else, they’re very amicable. While it’s pleasant to watch, it can be a little boring when there’s nothing else going on on the itinerary. They have their own team biases too, but it seems like everyone would be okay with teaming up with anyone else. What’s the “funny” for this group are their gags, and just for being themselves. Over time I’ve grown to like them and have started looking forward to learning new ticks and pet peeves about each of them. But sometimes the missions and games became hoops they have to jump through because it’s their job. Their lives and pride aren’t on the line here, coz they’re so laid back. Sleeping outside isn’t that horrible for them. They lost? Oh well. They’re so easy going, it’s a good thing for them, but bad for a variety show.

        One quality I found lacking in Season 2, though, was the interaction between the members and the locals. Until the guest special they didn’t really connect with the locals at all. I think KHD was really great at bringing that to the table. He’d gladly put his mission on hold sometimes to have a chat with a villager. Whereas the guys from Season 2 have yet to show that side of themselves. I can see Tae Hyun making a bit of an effort, but it’s more like a casual “hey, how’s it going, kid?” kind of an approach.

        So you know, I give a little bit of credit to each.

    • 2.4 pauper

      Yeah, I do like him in 1N2D and I will defend him if I have to. I find him the most personable in variety and as an MC. He doesn’t gab when he’s MC-ing, he listens and he makes the guests as well as the 1N2D members comfortable. He gives them an opening to shine when the opportunity rises. Like when UTW was eliminated early in the game and he suggested to UTW that he joins the PD team instead of sitting idly at the back; look how well that turned out.

      KHD is not a bad host but he does have too forceful a presence. He thinks too much of what needs to be done, to make the show interesting and he didn’t really roll with the punches. He is a responsible host, just not my cup of tea.

      I do like Win Win when they have interesting guests (I prefer this to Strong Heart which is more one-on-one and not trying to hard with the funny/sob stories); but I agree with GF about the hosts not being a seamless unit. Ki-kwang looked bored in certain episodes, Tak Jae-hoon doesn’t really work well in a group because he feels the need to outshine the other hosts. Even Bird PD said this when TJH asked why he’s not in the current line-up of S2. While I’m sorry to see this show ends, it is smart to finish when you are at the top.

      • 2.4.1 Ivoire

        Hi Pauper, what is S2?

        • pauper

          Oh sorry, I should clarify it’s 1N2D Season 2 (S2).

  3. Pipit

    I have a very soft spot for him since Hotelier. I was even shipping him instead of Yon samawho was the mega star that time.
    I was extremely glad that he finally got the girl in The 3rd Ward. I’m looking forward to his next drama. Hopefully he could be the lead.

  4. nakai

    Awww….I like this show.

  5. lemonade candy

    I only watched this show when there’s celeb I’m interested in~ hmmm… but if they’re gonna replace it with a better one, why not?

  6. Lilian

    I’ve only watched a few episodes of Win Win. The only ones which I watched fully was the one where Beast came on and their dads were the guests. That one was quite funny when their dads danced! I also liked the Shinhwa one. The other episodes don’t seem that interesting though.

  7. Enz

    Whenever I have caught the episodes, I have liked it. I really enjoyed hearing bout the guests reaching where they are in life.. Even when they had guests I never heard of, like the world’s oldest working ballerina, it was really interesting. So, am sorry to see it go. Glad that its going while at the top

  8. -K

    As long as Running Man is fine I won’t panic.

    • 8.1 pauper

      Dear -K,

      Please boast about your favourite show in a relevant post.

      Thank you.

  9. jae

    i like winwin on 2 pm-2am, ha ji won and shinhwa episodes.. ^^

    their guest’s surprised guest make the show more interesting.

    and good luck to kim seung woo for his acting on 2013 also for others mc for their activites..

  10. 10 Arhazivory

    I liked it. He’s really a great host and this is the show that introduced me to him. Bye bye Win Win. 🙁

  11. 11 King B.

    NOOOOOOOO!! I love win win!:((

  12. 12 Do-ra-ma

    It definitely is a good thing to go out while you’re still on top. Win Win was my favourite (of the ones I’d seen) Korean talk show. I always preferred its more intimate and personal format to rival programme Strong Heart. You got to know the guests better on Win Win. Also, Kim Seung Woo is as you described, a really good-natured MC.

  13. 13 eargasm_and_eyegasm_to_leehyuk

    Hmm… I think Tak Jae Hoon jinx Win Win… His shows always got cancelled..

    • 13.1 whoa

      thats too bad, i think he’s really witty

  14. 14 Robs

    I have really enjoyed Win-Win and sorry to see it go off the air. I found most of the guests interesting especially the ones I was not already familiar with and became engrossed with their stories and background. When Jang Mi-Ran the women’s Olympic weight lifter was a guest, she had me in tears, I was so moved by her, especially her strong friendship with swimmer Park Tae-Hwan.

    Bye-bye Win-Win……

    • 14.1 whoa

      that jang miran with park taehwan episode actually had me thinking, i cant believe they spent 15-30minutes talking about ramen
      its like … they talk about the same damn thing over and over again. PTH said A, JMR said A, and then together, they talk abt A

      but the rest of her ep is okay, i guess

  15. 15 rawr89

    wow i can’t believe some of the comments here. Kim Seung Woo holding a candle against Kang Ho Dong? are you kidding me?

    you’re talking about a guy who had to MC with a young 21-year-old Seunggi, a silent often-edited-out Kim C, the out-of-control Mong, and the then-unfunny and quiet Sugeun plus the laidback playful Jiwon. there’s just no comparison. Kang Ho Dong may be loud, but watching him in season 1, i never felt or heard his voice tired. he was always full of energy, and was the beacon of light on-set. imagine Kim Seung Woo being the head MC with the original 5 guys (Seunggi, Mong, Sugeun, Jiwon, Kim C). he couldn’t have done it.

    Hodong knew how to bring the best out of people, and he knew how to do a variety show. all those betrayals, those mandatory splash-on-the-water, those impromptu games, those leaving behind one member, etc. you guys have to understand that the season 1 boys laid the foundation of this show. Seung Woo and the season 2 cast pretty much already know what to do and expect, and what the expectations are of them. Hodong forced everyone to be better and for their betterment. where will you ever see Seung gi badmouthing a person, or Kim C stripping in his underwear inside a box during winter, or Sugeun speaking his fake chinese accent? all of these are Hodong trying to get the other members out of their comfort zone. in return, they all outdid themselves and at the same time provided laughs for the audience. i still remember how Hodong always controls Mong when he goes over-the-top during a supposedly serious/competitive scene. he also kept on pushing the other members to do more, like how he always asked jiwon to do the dooly face or have the other members re-enact some scene or something. add the fact that he has better interactions with ordinary civilians/passers-by/citizens. he goes out of his way to greet people, he is friendly, and he always talked about korean culture/heritage/scenery which is really nice instead of just staring at the view and being amazed by it (the jobs of the other members lol).

    i may be biased but come on, Hodong is the better host. no contest.

    • 15.1 asyree

      The bad thing is, no i’m not kidding you. You’ve said it yourself that you’re biased, which i will say i’m too. It’s all about preference, liking a particular cup of tea. Exactly just like you said, no contest.

      I never say anything that KHD was a bad host in 1n2d S1, i said i dislike his style of MCing things which is very subjective and biased from my side. I’ve said too that the way KHD hosting S1 was exactly the format of the original show. He was the main MC and held the same big portion as Na PD for directing the members while Na PD was responsible for directing the whole show. I said with this format then all KHD action was right and in place. I agree perfectly with you that S1 guys have laid the foundation for show and i won’t deny their (and esp KHD) important roles for that.

      As for KSW i also said that he suits S2 casts perfectly. I didn’t say that KSW is a better host than KHD, even if we put KSW with S1 casts. I said all the things above out of preference which i honestly think is my prerogative and no one has any right to judge whether i’m right or wrong. Yunno, like i say i prefer orange to apple and you really can’t do anything about it.

    • 15.2 Hallyusurfer

      I love you rawr89! You pointed out everything about Kang Ho Dong that I love! I miss his funny reaction on food he eat.. He can make anything look extra delicious and he can make him looking tired so funny. Kang Ho dong to me is always the best host.

    • 15.3 nora

      I 100% agree with you rawr89!! Hodong and old member make the based on 1n2d very solid! when i watched season 2 they just doing it so so.. Kim Sung Woo is not funny at all!! he’s just an lazy member. i never see he take control the situation like Hodong did. I’m no complaint of Seugun but the rest it’s just doing it for the sake of money! If Mong, Jiwon and seunggi in season 2 .. i bet they take control of everything! is not like they original member but that’s supposed variety show it should be!

      KBS make a mistakes when titled it as 1n2d season 2.. they should change it! people will make comparison between 1 and 2 which is so different when 1n2d program it supposed to be! Sung Woo was okey when he’s MC-ing win win but if without other minion mc there.. he’s just be a boring program.

      Sorry for Win Win fans.. i think it’s time to end the show.

  16. 16 Peggy

    I will be sorry to see the end of Win Win. I really admire Kim Sung Woo. He is so natural in the way he elicits answers from people without being unpleasant. I also like him a lot on 2D1N. He runs them without showing any bossiness and he makes it funny when he admits to being the old one who can’t get very physical. I think he is stronger than he shows. He is funny in a very cceptable way He is just lovely with the two young members.. I have not missed Hodong at all. I just can’t stand his loud ness and the way he overtakes everyone else. He monopolizes scenes when he should just shut up.I do not look forward to his return at all. I doubt I will watch his shows too much. He does not seem to be a kind person and it shows when he is dealing with the others.It’s not just ‘show business’ for fun when he is in charge it seems to me.

  17. 17 ren

    I agree with Rawr89! Kang Ho Dong is one of Korea’s national MC’s for reason. He always knew how to interact with people, not just the cast members but the people they met on their trips. As the lead MC he had more control over the show but he always incorporated th others. He helped bring out their best variety selves.

  18. 18 Stephanie

    Meaning they would create a new show just for KHD’s return?

  19. 19 Gaeina Lee

    I like Win Win and my fave is when UTW, Jang Miran and Shinwa as the guest. Several episodes invited guests that I am not familiar, but I found it interesting such as the famous Korean string sisters or senior actor.

    Sad to hear the news, but agree to cancel the show while still on the top.

  20. 20 Hallyusurfer

    I’m sad by this news but I think Kim Seung Woo is better actor than MC. Not saying he is not good, I appreciate that he listen more because it makes the guest shine more but I feel like TJH speaks more than him.

    As much I hate it to end, I am glad it’s not abruptly ended like some shows. I hope the finale would be a great end like 1n2d season 1 finale.

    Although I don’t always know the guest, I watch this regularly because sometimes the guest had great stories that is better than any drama. Famous stars don’t always mean great episode, it only brings high rating.

  21. 21 lovin it

    sad to say goodbye to win win..
    but i hope to see kim seungwoo, lee sugeun and tak jaehoon more on other programs 🙂
    and of course ready to see kang ho dong back on a kbs program!

  22. 22 Biomaz

    I enjoy Win Win and have watched any episode I could find english subs for.
    I enjoyed it for its steadiness and quiet humour.

    KSW have grown on me in 1N2D and I can not image it with out it. I never was a fan of 1N2D first season that I had to watch every week as I do not really like Kang Ho dong and the tone the show had last season.

    I watch 1N2D every week now and I love it. Its warm and funny.

  23. 23 Shadow

    Well, well. That was a little unexpected. I don’t watch this unless people I know or recognize are guests. But I like that I got to hear the stories of the guests, some of which inspire me…

    Therefore I am little sorry that Win-Win will be ending.

    But… what, is Kang Hodong going to host another variety on KBS? Then that isn’t too bad I guess, as I missed him when he left 1n2d.

  24. 24 skinnymocha

    I don’t watch much Win Win so it’s not something I’ll miss. However, I do remember watching an episode a long time ago featuring 2AM; Jo Kwon was doing his usual kkap routine and Seung Woo – who I actually thought would be the uptight sort – seemed genuinely amused and interested. So when Seung Woo was announced as the new cast, I didn’t know what to expect from him, but I thought he would be rather accommodating and open to different kinds of humour. Never would I have imagined him to be my top favourite nowadays!

  25. 25 eve2095

    Kim Seung Woo, you are the first korean actor that i like so much, wherever you got airing, i will stay on it. :D, even it’s sad that this program end by this month, i hope that u got another program or drama. i like you ahjusshi <3

  26. 26 mikan

    The only episodes I’ve seen were the ones with Jang Mi-Ran, Joo Won, and recently Mr. Gum Nanse..
    Looking forward to Kim Seung-woo’s future shows, and especially in 1N2D 🙂

  27. 27 Toya

    I loved when they interviewed Kim Gap-Soo (I think I spelled his name right, subbers can’t decide between G and K, sorry if I spelled it wrong) and Uhm Tae-Woong. They had some interviews where you just ended up laughing the whole way through.

    It’s one of the variety I actually bothered to follow and sadly will be missed terribly.

  28. 28 arina

    I’ve watched almost all eps of Win Win and i think it is a good TALK show and the three hosts did a great job…but it really depends on the guests to make it more interesting..and even tho i like the 1n2d 2 show but the guys of 1N2D S1 will always be in my heart!!(maybe becoz i watched them for 5 yrs…

  29. 29 joseph

    Waw i dont like win win dropped. I just started watch it a few weeks ago and i found its really interisting. Personally i’m not korean and watch win win via cable tv in my home (not in korean). I dont even know who is the guest (i dont watch korean drama, only reality show and something like that). This show really great for me, and the one i cant accept why its cancelled when i’m started like it! Oh gosh. I am going download the rest episode that i havent watch on the internet then. And seung woo, youre my favorite in 2D1N (KBS translated 1N2D to 2D1N in my country)

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