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King of Dramas: Episode 10
by | December 6, 2012 | 213 Comments

Production finally casts off, but a plagiarism scandal comes to rock the boat and shake our team’s trust in Go-eun. At least, the less steadfast members of the team. Go-eun has a small but dedicated fan base in her World Productions boys that just makes my heart melt. In fact, all the cute moments of teamwork in this episode are enough to have you wishing you worked on a drama set just for the camaraderie. And okay, maybe for the fun in seeing Siwon swimming in the ocean. In winter.

King of Dramas saw their highest ratings yet with this episode, even though they’re still not breaking double digits. But hey, 8.9% is a step in the right direction. Let’s hope they keep it up.

EPISODE 10: “Fated Lovers”

Kenji gives Anthony his limited options in paying him back, and decides to wait until midnight at Anthony’s request. Either the money is delivered by then, or else.

So it falls to the odd couple of Go-eun and Hyun-min to find the briefcase, and he complains the whole time. Go-eun ends up using a group of Hyun-min’s fans to her advantage and successfully locates the bag.

The clock is ticking, and while Anthony has only to wait, the Chairman listens to Mozart’s Requiem like a true villain as he awaits Anthony’s end. (I’d like to see the villain that eschews normality and listens to something along the lines of dubstep.)

Meanwhile, Go-eun and Hyun-min continue their hunt for the landowner.

As the clock strikes twelve, Akiko asks Kenji why he has to go this far – Kyungsung Morning was his father’s dream, after all. But Kenji’s adamant about leaving the past behind.

Go-eun tracks the landowner down to a restaurant, but a woman at the desk stops her from going inside. Cue Hyun-min, who only has to take off his sunglasses and flash a smile for the ajumma to happily let them through. Ha.

Time’s up for Anthony, and Kenji prepares the hand guillotine. Eek.

Go-eun manages to get the contract into the landowner’s hands… but will she make it in time? Anthony’s hand is getting closer and closer to the blade…

Right before they’re about to cut his hand off, Akiko once again saves Anthony’s skin by relaying a phone call from Go-eun that the investment money has been returned. Anthony is spared and sent free with all ten fingers. Phew.

Kenji calls the Chairman to relate the news, and when the Chairman can’t believe it, Anthony takes the line. Oh, sweet revenge. He makes sure to let the Chairman know that he’s the one who helped him out by buying worthless land for five times its asking price. Basically, Anthony just took the Chairman to SCHOOL.

Kenji proclaims that his dealings with Empire are done, and relates the same to Anthony – they have no more reason to see each other, either. So is this the last we’ll see of Kenji?

Of course, the Chairman is fuming mad (aww, is it 6:00 p.m., and therefore past his bed time?) while Go-eun profusely thanks the landowner for his investment. Anthony’s not so keen on thanking her since he almost lost an arm, but we know his grumbling is just his twisted way of being grateful.

Hyun-min complains on the car ride home that Go-eun didn’t mention his huge contribution when she talked to Anthony, which makes her roll her eyes. I really love these two together, and how Go-eun is used to his childish ways.

Thinking about Anthony’s “thanks” over the phone has her giggling on the rooftop, which is how Anthony finds her. It’s cute how she tries to break that friendship barrier by using banmal, but he puts the kibosh on that pretty quick. Ha.

But when he does get to the point, it’s to tell her “Thank you.” The real, honest kind. Go-eun tries to push her luck again by asking if he wants to grab some beer only to be rejected. Aww, her crush is starting to show.

Anthony, Go-eun, and Investor Choi act as spectators during the next day’s filming… while Hyun-min swims in the sea. HA. They’re on take four, and he’s surprisingly agreeable when Director Goo asks for a fifth take. That’s dedication. (Serious props to Siwon for actually getting into the water. I don’t even want to know how cold that is.)

I’m cracking up – Hyun-min has to do take after take, either because he was shivering too much or because a dog strayed into the frame. Surprisingly, Hyun-min doesn’t complain once, and when he finally nails the scene, he nails it.

Min-ah watches coldly, and remarks that overcoming a couple of hardships doesn’t make Hyun-min any more of an actor.

The Chairman, still angry from missing the local country chicken buffet dinner at 4:00 p.m. (aka having lost a load of money because Anthony outsmarted him), brings a team of lawyers into Empire to bring Anthony down using any method they can. And if they can’t find anything to incriminate him, they’ll have to forge it.

CEO Oh, at least, seems uneasy about this whole plan.

Go-eun visits Hyun-min as he’s huddled up in his celebmobile with a gift of hot coffee and praise for a job well done. He acts all pitiful and miserable until she pulls out the big guns by telling him how awesome he was.

You can just see Hyun-min latch onto the praise: “…Like Brad Pitt?” Go-eun hesitates for a minute before she lies that yes, he was like Brad Pitt. What makes this moment extra hilarious is the editing, the comedic timing is just spot on. I’m laughing in loving secondhand embarrassment for Hyun-min.

Anthony returns Min-ah’s money, though she’s reluctant to lose what little connection she has with him. She consistently tries to bring up the past and claims she knows Anthony well enough to know he’s barely hiding his excitement: “Because it has become your habit to hide your feelings and forget about yourself.”

But Anthony doesn’t seem to have a shred of the romantic inclinations she has toward him, and advises her to forget their memories together: “Since I’ve already erased mine a long time ago.”

Now we get to see what Director Nam was doing in the Chairman’s house, and phew, he wasn’t selling out. Instead he was telling the Chairman to back off, not just because of Anthony but because he considers Kyungsung as his own, too.

Anthony finds Go-eun having another moment to herself, this time as she enjoys the seaside air while spreading her arms like wings. She attempts to explain this calming ritual to Anthony, who just ends up making fun of her: “It’s the weirdest stretch I’ve ever seen in my life.” Typical Anthony.

She knows it, too, and makes a motion as if to hit him… but when he turns around, she just smiles and acts like she was stretching. He can’t hide a small smile once he turns back around either, and it’s So. Adorable.

Everyone gathers for a company dinner that evening, with Hyun-min supplying the entire crew with pricey Korean beef. Of course, it’s not necessarily from the goodness of his heart so much as his desire for the staff to love him more than Min-ah.

While Go-eun is content to think Hyun-min has grown as a person, Anthony brings her down to earth with the news that the beef is sponsored, so Hyun-min isn’t paying for any of it. Ha, now I’m excited to see the ending credits – if one of the sponsors is Korean beef, then this show just went super meta.

Next come clothes for the staff, also courtesy of Hyun-min’s sponsors. Anthony keeps whispering industry secrets in Go-eun’s ear like they’re old confidantes, jokingly asking if her illusion of Hyun-min is now shattered. Their closeness doesn’t escape Min-ah’s notice.

Anthony’s good time is interrupted by a disgruntled phone call from a woman who claims she wrote the novel Kyungsung was based on, ergo, she’s accusing him of plagiarism. He’s encountered this too many times before to care.

Go-eun drags him back inside to the cheer of all the production crew, who then ask him to sing a song. He reluctantly obliges and launches into an operatic rendition of an old Korean classic, Yearning for Mountain Keumkang.

He’s totally into it, and everyone struggles to hold in their good-natured laughter. He notices everyone’s smiles belatedly and shuffles off in embarrassment. Hee.

Go-eun elevates the mood with a more upbeat song, and the World Team joins her. I. Love. These. Guys.

Min-ah joins Anthony outside to note that he’s changed – the Anthony she knew would never have sang in front of people. She asks if it’s because of Go-eun, and Anthony has this moment of staring at his wildly dancing writer through the window with something akin to adoration before he replies that no, he chose to change himself.

Go-eun wakes up the next morning with a hangover, and gets a surprise in the form of a letter calling for Kyungsung’s banning due to plagiarism. She’s justifiably confused.

The author of the supposed source material, Writer Jo, gives Anthony another call to say that she’s passed the evidence onto Go-eun. Anthony knows exactly what she’s after and claims it’s all worthless just for her to try and sell a few more copies of her lousy book.

But it’s Go-eun who takes the phone away from him, nervously agreeing to meet with Writer Jo despite his warnings. He wants to take care of this, but Go-eun wants to handle it herself: “This is a problem with me and my pride as a writer.” She looks so brokenhearted.

Her meeting with Writer Jo doesn’t go well, since the older woman is rude and snippy as she accuses Go-eun of stealing her novel and presenting it as her own. The novel in question was published five years ago, but Go-eun confidently replies that Kyungsung started six years ago, and that the main storyline had even been finished a year before that.

This flusters Writer Jo for just a moment before she asks, “Do you have any evidence?” Eek. She knows Go-eun hasn’t registered her drama for copyright, and this whole thing just reeks. Like Anthony said, how did Writer Jo get ahold of the script?

Go-eun stands firm that she plagiarized nothing and that she’s the victim. Writer Jo scoffs and claims that Kyungsung Morning will never see the light of day because she’ll be filing an injunction, and tells Go-eun to read her book if she still has doubts.

While Go-eun heads to the bookstore, news reports break about the plagiarism scandal. The World Boys stand firmly behind Go-eun, and don’t even entertain the thought that it’s at all true. Aww.

Maknae Goo has no idea what all this injunction stuff is, so it’s explained to him (and us): The injunction is being filed to request the court to stop Kyungsung’s airing, so if it’s accepted, their hard work will go up in smoke. Eek.

Anthony has Dong-seok prepare for the eventuality of going to court, even if Go-eun didn’t plagiarize the work. And here I was thinking this was Empire’s doing, only to find out that the Chairman had nothing to do with it. In fact, he’s hopping mad.

CEO Oh defends that he had no part in the plagiarism leak, causing the Chairman to yell orders at him – he has to find something they can use to arrest Anthony. So… who’s responsible for this plagiarism debacle?

The SBC execs have a powwow over the scandal after reading the novel, and they can’t deny that similarities exist. It’s going to come down to the court’s decision, as Deputy Director Kim explains, which makes me slightly suspicious that he’s the perpetrator.

Go-eun stays up late into the night to read the entire novel, and her anxious face isn’t doing my nerves any good. Director Nam pays a surprise visit since he wants to clear the matter with her directly, even though he doesn’t reveal that as his purpose.

He ends up seeing the copy of Writer Jo’s novel, Fated Lovers, on Go-eun’s desk and jumps to the wrong conclusion. You can see on his face that he’s disappointed – he thinks she has the book as reference, for plaaaaagiarism.

She knows why he’s there and cuts to the chase: She didn’t steal anything. I’m not sure if he totally accepts it, but he at least acts like he does.

Meanwhile, Anthony takes the novel and Go-eun’s scripts to Lawyer Park, who isn’t really allaying anyone’s fears when he says that they have a tough case ahead.

No one (except our World Boys) seems to believe that Go-eun didn’t plagiarize the work, and Writer Jo has a lawyer versed in such cases on her side. I know both of these pieces take place in the Japanese colonization period, but can they be that similar?

CEO Oh doesn’t look happy to read the plagiarism headlines, but at least we get an answer on who did it – turns out it was CEO Oh’s minion who introduced Writer Jo to her fancy lawyer and the press.

Our resident villain didn’t know anything about this plot, but his anger at being left out of the loop disappears just as fast as his momentary conscience. Even though his minion claims he can stop the scandal from progressing, CEO Oh decides to just let the events play out.

…While he also looks through Anthony’s old production accounts in order to find a discrepancy he can arrest him for.

Anthony meets with Director Nam over the scandal, with the latter still looking dubious about Go-eun’s integrity. Anthony displays nothing but confidence, not because he believes in Go-eun (or so he says), but because he believes that Kyungsung will be broadcast on schedule.

Go-eun stays busy looking for hard evidence that she’d started her script before Fated Lovers was published, and remembers that she’d sent it to Writer Jung, her mentor, in an e-mail once.

Unfortunately, while looking for it she gets sucked into the cold, dark, soul-sucking vortex of the k-netizen world when she clicks on one of the plagiarism headlines. Every comment is filled with hate and disdain, all of it directed at her. Yikes.

At least Mom stays cool, and brings Go-eun some Supportive Side Dishes to go with her supportive advice.

Next up on the roster is Director Goo, and he couldn’t care less about the scandal. He does, however, call Go-eun to visit the studio where they’re currently filming, since Min-ah wants some script revisions.

Hyun-min need only say he’s hungry in order to bring filming to a temporary halt, and he mistakes Min-ah’s script-studying for last-minute line memorization. She warns him that he’d better study his character or risk having her steal the scene.

It’s his manager who alerts Hyun-min to the hateful comments floating around on the internet, and it’s cute that Hyun-min has absolute faith in Go-eun. In fact, he’s sure that Writer Jo is the one who did the plagiarizing.

In retrospect, he even admits that he’s glad Go-eun didn’t turn Kyungsung into a melodrama like he’d originally wanted, since Fated Lovers seems to be so inclined. He claims that if he had to do a show based on that novel, he would have had to kiss and hold Min-ah, and otherwise act like he doesn’t hate her. Those thoughts repulse him. Ha.

Meanwhile, Anthony visits the studio with some pep in his step, only to find out that Min-ah and Go-eun are meeting as he speaks.

What Min-ah doesn’t realize is that the microphones are still turned on, allowing Director Goo, Anthony, Hyun-min, and everyone else on the set to listen in. (I love that Director Goo is all, We’ve got nothing else to do. Let’s eavesdrop!)

Min-ah has a laundry list of lines she wants changed so that she can avoid the plagiaristic similarities to the heroine from Fated Lovers, but she couldn’t be more unyielding in her tone. It’s not the sort of thing Go-eun needs, but Min-ah keeps egging her on until Go-eun admits: “I acknowledge the fact that there are similarities.”

It’s like someone let the air out of the room backstage. Everyone stops listening, so they don’t get to hear Go-eun go on to explain that despite the similarities, she didn’t steal anything. Kyungsung Morning was written with her own talent and strength. But because both stories are set in the same period…

But Hyun-min comes to crash the party, claiming that he heard everything he needed once Go-eun admitted the similarities. “Writer Lee,” he says as he levels her with a serious gaze. “I’m really disappointed.” Oof.

He stalks off, and Min-ah tries forcing her changes on Go-eun, only to have Anthony intervene. This time he doesn’t indulge her and orders her to follow the script without implementing her own changes.

Go-eun’s still flustered because she wants to prove her innocence, and worries that even Anthony doesn’t believe her.

Anthony: “Yes, I do. I may not believe anybody in this world, I may not even believe in myself sometimes, but I believe in you.”


This plagiarism arc is an interesting one, and makes me wonder if the meta inspiration came from the slightly recent plagiarism scandal with Five Fingers, which also dealt with an internet controversy over striking similarities with a novel which had (obviously) come before it.

I say ‘arc’ because I’m fairly sure that’s what we’ll be getting at this point – lots of little/big obstacles on the way to achieving the one goal of a successful broadcast. Even with the news of a possible four episode extension, it just feels like we’re dragging our feet as much as possible before getting to the air date, as though the writer is afraid we’ll just run out of story and conflict if the production actually happens. And who knows, maybe it might.

Now more than ever I’m enjoying our core group of characters, even if I’m not really sure where we’re headed in the long run. My feelings on Min-ah are incredibly mixed still, and instead of receiving clarity this week I ended up more confused than ever. Yes, she’s a diva, and she takes her job seriously. But she can be nice and caring in one moment (giving Anthony the money, for instance), only to be a complete terror in another, usually when the situation doesn’t really call for it. It’s been proven that Min-ah knows her stuff and makes some valid points beneath her harsh veneer, but the tone of her scenes keeps varying seemingly at the whim of whatever plot point needs to be made. At times I’m like, “Okay, so we’re supposed to like her,” only to have a scene like the one we ended with, where it becomes very hard to see her point of view because she can’t articulate it without coming off as practically villainous.

It’s a sticky situation for any character when dealing with a hero or heroine the audience has already become attached to, which is why the line between what the writer wants us to feel and what we’re actually feeling seems blurred in Min-ah’s case. I can forgive Hyun-min for his momentary lack of trust because the poor boy is so dim, and because he’s proven himself pretty harmless so far. It doesn’t hurt that I adore his partnership with Go-eun, because their comfort level with calling each other out proves for some hilarious antics that could carry another show altogether.

Go-eun also has wonderful chemistry with Anthony, and the unspoken yet gradual build of their mutual affection toward each other is swiftly turning into one of my favorite aspects of this drama. I love that nothing’s overt, so we’re instead left to interpret what they’re feeling in the little moments – like when Go-eun constantly smiles or giggles at him, or when he cracks a smile at her antics every now and then. It’s such a sweet romance in that regard, made all the more special when Anthony’s actions and words prove how much he respects her and cares for her. And the fact that he can show that respect and admiration through helping her instead of just going for a wrist-grab? A-mazing.


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  1. Lilly

    Maybe her teacher writer has a copy of the script and can save her, if she would do that.

    • 1.1 Lilly

      Or on second thought, could the book writer have seen her script she sent through the email to her teacher?

      • 1.1.1 Sunny

        I feel like that’s what happened. Either way, I think the sensei-writer from Elegant Revenge is going to be involved one way or another. I can see her being the star witness in the trial (in Go Eun’s defense, of course) and perhaps the episode might involve Anthony winning her favor or something cuz the show seems to be pushing for humanizing Anthony.

        • random person

          Good call, perhaps Anthony might confess to the truth of what really happened with the orange juice issue to the sensei-writer and the sensei-writer would realize that she misunderstood Go Eun, feel bad, and come to her rescue. *fingers crossed*

          • Hooliah

            I thought this already happened when Go-Eun went to writer-sensei’s house in the rain after Anthony hired another writer to oversee her (Go-Eun’s) work. I seem to remember writer-sensei saying that she should have realized it was all Anthony’s doing in the first place, and gave Go-Eun some tea and sage advice. I got the distinct impression that she was no longer an enemy.

          • random person

            @Hooliah – you’re right, I completely forgot that scene!

        • V

          I’m hoping it’s something like that.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          Light correction: seonsaengnim not sensei… or use mentor.

          Remember that Writer Jeong is against Go Eun. She works for World production and though Go Eun doesn’t know it she burned her three time. (She just knows about the two times.)

          I doubt she’d be that helpful.

          • anon

            sensei, seonsaeng-nim, either way it’s still ε…ˆη”Ÿ.

      • 1.1.2 Hooliah

        I think this is where the show is going since the book writer said she wrote the book 5 years ago and Go-Eun countered that she had been working on her script for 6.

    • 1.2 JO

      In the show they say that somehow the writer got her hands on an advanced copy of the script.

      • 1.2.1 jomo

        We know that that minion at Empire gave her the script, but how did the Minion know about HER book being similar?
        He certainly didn’t read it himself.

        Who would have connected the unreleased script with one of thousands of books out there? Had to have been an insider with a grudge.

        • anais

          I can’t imagine that it’d be that hard to do a search on keywords to narrow down novels, read summaries, and then scan. Especially if Kyeong Seong’s Morning is so unique in its storyline. And especially if a company with manpower the size of Empire decides to devote research staff to find such a story.

  2. Fasiris Fay

    Thanks for the recap! Really enjoying this drama πŸ™‚

    • 2.1 cg

      Lol @instead of the wrist-grab πŸ˜€

      Thanks for the recap…..this episode was so good in showing our leads’ mutual attraction πŸ™‚

      • 2.1.1 random person

        I laughed at the wrist-grab remark too but instantly wondered if I laughed too soon…
        *10 more episodes (14 if extension occurs) for a wrist-grab to happen*
        Where should I place my money?
        1) No wrist-grab ever (hurray!)
        2) Anthony grabs Go Eun
        3) Min-Ah grabs Anthony
        4) Hyun Min grabs Go Eun
        5) Hyun Min grabs Min-Ah (!!!)

        • Arawn

          6 more episodes, 10 if extension happens. πŸ™‚

          But a well placed wrist grab as a commentary to all the annoying wrist grabs in Korean drama would be funny. Maybe Hyun Min could grab Anthony? πŸ˜€

          • Pinkeu


            Hyun-min grabbing Anthony would be the most hilarious thing in history!

          • DayDreamer

            This is the wrist grab that I want too. πŸ˜‰

        • Jumbalaya

          wait… didn’t Go-eun grab Anthony’s arm in the last episode? does that count? I guess it doesn’t…

  3. sweetcloud

    “She asks if it’s because of Go-eun, and Anthony has this moment of staring at his wildly dancing writer through the window with something akin to adoration before he replies that no, he chose to change himself.”

    As much as I love the Go Eun/Anthony relationship development I’ll have to disagree here, I interpreted that look more like a “Her? That crazy dancing monkey? You think I, Anthony Kim, would change because of her?”, as in, Anthony is still in the denial stage of the relationship so he won’t admit anything of the sort, the same way he held back his tears at the show of support of his team in the last episode when everybody offered to give up their wages.

    Favorite moments of the episode: Hyun Min and his multiples shots of the crawling-out-of-the-freezing-ocean scene, especially when the dog passed by, the look on his face was priceless πŸ˜€

    And of course, the final line by Anthony, so touching and squeaaaaaal worthy πŸ˜€

    • 3.1 sweetcloud

      And I agree about your analysis on Minah, I don’t really know how I should feel about the character, or even what the writers want us to feel about her. At first I thought she would be the typical clingy back stabbing ex-girlfriend thwarting the budding relationship with the heroine, then she is shown to be more mature and caring about the grand scheme of things (aka fake drama), then she goes back to being petty, while still being helpful to the drama (by requesting the script changes to avoid the accusation of plagiarism, but calling it one her reputation being at stake).

      The fact that she is also antagonistic with Hyun Min doesn’t help to feel sympathy for the character, especially when everyone agrees that he is a vain idiot, but a harmless one and still dedicated at his job, so really there is no real background for her to despise him so much (when she refused to shake hands for instance). By the way I too didn’t think much of Hyun Min not believing Go Eun, although it hurts, I can’t help but blame it on his foolishness.

      I hope the drama will provide a good backstory on Anthony and Minah, or Minah herself, that might explain her attitude. So far she played the victim card in the breakup and everyone seems to agree that Anthony is the heartless bastard who dumped her coldly ,but I’m starting to think he had a good reason to do so (although my judgment might be clouded by my ever growing bias towards grumpy but caring Anthony)

      • 3.1.1 anais

        Yeah, I have to wonder if he had to break up with her in order to let her career take off.

    • 3.2 DayDreamer

      That’s exactly what I thought about his look too. He didn’t seem to have an adoring look, definitely more like, “Pfft. What on earth would make you think that kind of person can change me?”

      • 3.2.1 lalala

        LOL right! THE ACTUAL Anthony Kim of the drama world… And this? This? This rookie writer who’s so crazy inside like a wild animal? I will change for her? Dang no way. πŸ™‚

        Still I felt adoration in that scene awww.

    • 3.3 Arawn

      Agree. But I also think that even though he denies it, this is the first moment when it actually crosses his mind that Go-Eun might have had some effect on him. Which is already a step in the right direction, I would say… πŸ™‚

      • 3.3.1 Elle

        That’s exactly how I saw the scene too. When he looked at Goeun being crazy inside, it seemed like that was the first time it had occurred to him that she is affecting him. And then his personality took over and was all, wha? NO WAY!

      • 3.3.2 ilikemangos

        I agree with Arawn&Elle.
        Even if he looked at her with a HER? No-way face, he’d be naive(or in plain denial) if it didn’t cross his mind that Go-Eun is possibly changing him.
        Originally, when i saw the scene, i had interpreted the scene the same way as Heads.
        And if it isn’t so, he’d still have to acknowledge the fact that he is, like min-ah said, is changing.

    • 3.4 mrmz

      I have to agree that Anthony is in his denial stage, But I think the first glance his gave was like “No Way” but after he answered min ah he looked away and seemed kinda confused as in “It couldn’t be now.. Could it?” πŸ˜›

      Hyun Min is really hilarious in the show!! Its my first time seeing that actor but I’m loving him makes me really LMAO!! Such a shallow but simpleminded character.

      Minah’s character seems to be becoming the usual second lead, jealousy clouding her judgement.. I hope she REALLY turns out to be professional like they are describing her, instead of some whiny ex!

      As much I wanna watch that show, I’m afraid to go on cuz I know each episode means an extra problem πŸ˜›

  4. nomu nomu nomu

    β€œYes, I do. I may not believe anybody in this world,
    I may not even believe in myself sometimes,
    but I believe in you.”

    I think my subconscious did a fist pump and then performed a couple of back-flips.
    *That* statement made by Anthony is the equivalent, in other standard rom-com, to a full love confession. I’ve said this before in previous episodes, but I think it’s worth repeating here, I’m loving the way KoD is portraying the romance aspect in the show, it’s subtle yet somehow powerful at the same time. The progression between them seems realistic and not forced, which is more than I can say for probably at least a third of OTP’s out there in Dramaland.

    I have to admit, I’m starting to grow a little tired of all the mini arcs of obstacles against Kyungsung Morning, but I’m just going to go with the flow because I know there will be more obstacles to come anyway. Just keep the plot moving and keep giving me the wonderful character moments and I’ll be happy as a clam.

    • 4.1 RockPaperScissors

      Who would have known that uttering these four words “I believe in you” could be more powerful than saying the three little words “I love you” ?

      • 4.1.1 Laeah

        Love is based in trust, so of course it’s romantic!

      • 4.1.2 Femme

        This is the first time I felt that “Mido” has a stronger impact than “Saranghae”. Oh the magic of this drama!!

    • 4.2 ilikemangos

      That was quite honestly my favorite line in this episode!
      I also love how their romance is slow and realistic.

      Totally agree though on the mini arcs; if not for the thrills those scenes give me, I’d be super tired of it.
      Everything else makes up for it, though. Like all the characters. Excluding min-ah. I’m still iffy on her character.

      • 4.2.1 Arhazivory

        I don’t think we can escape the mini are still because essentially that’s what the drama is about – the pains of creating a drama. I rather enjoy it all. This show is really well done.

        I agree about the romance. I feel this romance so much more than lots of other shows. His stare, her delight….any scene with the two is like candy.

    • 4.3 Arawn

      That was just – mind blown. As you say it’s almost like he said “I love you”. He might not love her yet but for Anthony believing in somebody is something as powerful and important as love, I would say.

      I also liked it a lot when he allowed Go-Eun to go to meet the writer alone. It’s actually his work as a producer to take care of this kind of things but at this point his trust for Go-Eun is so great that he doesn’t really try to talk her out of it. Not because he thinks she will take care of it, that will still be his job, but because that is what Go-Eun wants to do and it’s important to her. I really felt he also wanted to shield Go-Eun from the writer but backed off because she insisted on meeting the writer. That was sweet.

  5. Sunny

    Thank you for the recap! I thought this episode was particularly strong and I enjoyed it and your recap quite a bit~ πŸ™‚
    Also was I the only one who was kind of hoping the Chairman would have like a stroke or something from his rage attack on the poor phone? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    • 5.1 Tiffany

      ME ME! *raises hands wildly*

      i did a double fist pump when Anthony outsmarted our dear Chairman and proceeded to chant “yes dieeeee” when he was abusing the poor phone. i thought he would get a fit and/or heart attack and DIE at his desk. but alas, in both real and reel life, baddies have an extraordinary long lives somewhat *pft*

    • 5.2 Pinkeu

      LOL YEAH

    • 5.3 random person

      Yes! His rage is totally over the top!

    • 5.4 Arawn

      Ow man, that scene was DELICIOUS. I was cheering when I saw it (well, silently, because my hubby was sleeping as it was over midnight then :D). He’s been so smug and confident so far so seeing him loosing his cool complitely was utterly satisfying. In your face, Chairman!

      I do like him as a villain, though.

    • 5.5 racheose

      lol i was literally shouting in filipino though “he’ll have a heart attack! yes! die old man, clutch your heart and die” so mean but i really did do that haaha

  6. ranisa

    Thanks for the recap Heads. Episode 10 is my favorite episode so far!

    I got to admit, Siwon just earned a lot of respect from me, and I’m not even a fan. That’s one hard act what with the cold harsh weather but still, he plunged. You gotta respect the man like that. And even if he became a complete jerk at the end, it is so easy to forgive him because he’s pickle minded. He’ll change heart in an instant. I believe in Hyun Min more than ever after sticking with Go Eun during the search for the contract bag.

    The interactions between Anthony and Go Eun just keep getting better and better every week. I don’t really care about skinship if they can talk with their eyes and just understand each other better than others. But got to admit, that fleeting touch under the rain was so sweet, it melts the heart.

    I love you King of Dramas, and if you don’t win in the ratings division, I hope and I pray that you win tons of awards and acclaim later on.

    • 6.1 Koirv

      “I love you King of Dramas, and if you don’t win in the ratings division, I hope and I pray that you win tons of awards and acclaim later on.”

      I second this a thousand times. Cheers! I’ll be with you in prayer as well! This deserves the awards.

      Bag awards in all categories, KING OF DRAMAS!!!

  7. diorama

    Hyun-min CRACKED ME UP this episode, with all his little English interjections. Especially, “Like Brad Pitt?” and “Inevitable, huh?” WTF I was laughing so hard.

    And Anthony’s opera-esque singing – ROFL.

    • 7.1 Kwhat?!

      Those were some amazing moments. Especially “Inevitable, huh?”

      • 7.1.1 jomo

        “Inevitable?” Really Hyun-min?

        The whole set up, the idea that he has been waiting for that comparison to be said out loud from anyone –
        too bad HE said it first, not GE, but who’s counting? –
        is perfect.

        Delivery – perfect.
        Her reaction – perfect.

        LOVE HIM! I think that must be my favorite character in a show – cute idol star who has such good humor to let the joke be played on him repeatedly.

    • 7.2 ilikemangos

      LOL. i think the whole staff put that scene in just for laughs. i bet everyone was fascinated with kim myung min’s voice that they wondered what his singing voice would be like.

      • 7.2.1 Arhazivory

        LOL. Opera suits his personality so well too. That scene had me laughing like crazy.

        • DayDreamer

          Opera does suit him. I can’t even imagine him doing the kind of song Go Eun was doing, lol.

          • Femme

            Hahahahaha! Anthony must have sung and danced Gangnam Style. πŸ™‚ And if that clip will be posted on Youtube, it will be familiar worldwide. And Hollywood will watch this drama and recognize its greatness hihi.

      • 7.2.2 sweetcloud

        I can understand that fascination, I want KMM to sing me lullabies and read stories at night going to bed πŸ˜€ KMM is now officially my Morgan Freeman of KDramas

      • 7.2.3 racheose

        i remembered he released an album before for beethoven virus… not sure if he sang there though… i bet he sounds good in ballads… yummy anthony~~ i sound like a perv lol

    • 7.3 lalala

      I laughed damn hard when he said INEVITABLE and BRAD PITT CHOROM!!! Can’t take it!!

      Also when Hyun-min laughed hard before going again to the freezing sea because PD Goo told him he’s the BEST ACTOR IN KOREA. Wahahahaha! Cracked me up!

  8. Orion

    The swimming scene was something I was waiting for a looong long time. Seeing Siwon actually do it was such a pleasure and quite painful at the same time. I’m sure he had quite a bit of protection under the clothes, but it was still so difficult to see. Plus, wind is wicked. Wind in the winter? It’s pure torture. Congratulations to him for doing it.

    I really like that they’re trying to pack as many drama-making problems in this as possible, because it’s very easy to lose focus and drag things out or then get carried away with the romance or character plots. This is, above all, a series about the drama industry in Korea and I appreciate it that it remains so without sacrificing the romantic or comedic aspects.

    It takes talent to balance things and most dramas do eventually slip up. To be this entertained, moved, excited AND to be laughing still when we’re already at the midpoint is a success. I hope it keeps being this good, although I always keep cautiously optimistic, given the fragile conditions series are filmed under.

    As for the sponsored beef, you didn’t tell us. Was it in the credits? It always feels awkward when I read about actors “buying” things for the cast and crew and now it has become even more of an embarrassing thing. I mean, it’s fine getting freebies for folk who need it, but the fact that they make sure to release articles about it is quite embarrassing. For them, that is.

    • 8.1 DayDreamer

      Haha, whenever I heard about actors buying stuff for their cast, I always think, “Whatever for? Did the cast and production team run out sneakers or blankets or shirts?” I just never understood it even after watching the cast and team show gleeful smiles into the camera with the things they got.

      • 8.1.1 Laeah

        Actually crews get paid very very little but work so many hours a day. So it’s a nice gesture.

        • Mystisith

          Absolutely. Who cares about who’s giving the duffle-coats or the sneakers? It’s non-cash benefits and often expensive items than the crew members couldn’t afford. Same for the good food. You can’t handle 4 months of shooting with only ramyun in your stomach.

    • 8.2 JO

      to be sponsored isn’t an embarrassing thing. It’s embarrassing only if you pretend that you weren’t sponsored.

      • 8.2.1 Orion

        Yep. Like I said, it’s fine to make gifts of give some freebies, but it feels weird that they make sure to advertise how awesome they are for doing it. Well, the actors themselves don’t, but their agencies and reporters do.

        • Annie

          Yep, and the ‘anonymous’ donations to charity. Give me a break.

          • Orion

            Ahaha. Yep. Those are another personal favorite. If one really wants to stay anonymous, they sure can do it. They could even hide it from their agencies to avoid the publicity, if they really wanted to.

    • 8.3 Arawn

      Well, according to news reports, this time it was Siwon’s fanclub that bought food to the actors (and for the rest of the drama crew). I mean, in real life. I think that is pretty nice way to show appreciation to the drama crew for their hard work. πŸ™‚

      • 8.3.1 Orion

        That’s very nice. It’s what fanclubs should do. A lot of them do really wonderful things in the name of their celebrities. Anyone can gather a few crazy girls and scream all the time, but actually being useful is much better for the image of the person they’re supporting.

      • 8.3.2 DayDreamer

        That’s very sweet of the fans.

    • 8.4 reeen

      I’m going to miss Hyun-Min’s swimming-related whining πŸ˜€ It was far more entertaining than his Min-Ah-related whining…

  9. jini kazma

    uspoken love, sweet subtle uspoken love, always my favourite romantic approch… sigh
    this episode sent me to bed with a warm smile on my face, looking back how Antony was, & how badly he teated Go Eun from the start it seemed almost impossible that this has been dysfonctionnal relationship would lead anywhere, I though Anthony was unredeemable, but now I’m amazed at how convincing & credible this change was, & all due to the very good character developpement & of course the phenomenal acting of KMM
    the trick Anthony pulled last episode was genius, but this one belongs to Go Eun, I love how the focus keeps shifting between the leads, they almost have the same weight, although one might argue it’s the hero’s journey, aka Anthony
    having Anthony openly declaring his blind faith is Go Eun melted my heart, it seems like he no longer cares if he shows some humility, I was expecting the contrary, espectially after Mina suspected his feeling towards her, but then again maybe because I’m used to this kind of playing the jerk from Drama leaders, what sets Anthony apart is that he acted like a jerk because he WAS actually a jerk, but now that he’s changing he dosen’t ride his big horses, of course he’s trying hard to maintain his cool facade but the cracks are there & he seems like he’s enjoying them big time

    My wish came true, & the relationship started with trust building & good friendship, now I welcome some jalousy & bckering before the final act
    Siwon wa HILARIOUS, the beach scene was cracking me up & the Brad Pitt reference seemed very in character with Hyun min, I LOVE the relationship between him & Go Eun

  10. 10 DayDreamer

    How ironic is it that the day this episode was aired, my professor was also sharing anecdotes of students he had in the past whom he caught plagiarizing? And they were caught because of their own stupidity. Heh. It might not be so easy in dramaland though for Go Eun to clear her name although I’m pretty sure Anthony’s like a magician who will against all odds manage to pull out a nice trick and save the day.

    I love his support though. I mean, not only will it give Go Eun more reasons to have a massive crush on the guy (like I do) and thus proceed with the romance but it shows how greatly changed Anthony has become. For once, he’s not a one-man island as he always had been, relying completely on his ingenuity and power to get things done. Now, he’s totally relying on others too and placing his trust in them. Slowly, World Productions is becoming a whole team effort. Even Hyun Min was surprising in his will to shoot the seaside scene. Kudos to Siwon for doing it. I laughed so hard when he was making these comical faces and asking if he was like Brad Pitt.

    Also, when a character has always been this shallow, all grins and laughter kind of guy, it has more impact when he suddenly turns serious and says, “I’m disappointed in you.” What a simple line but with good impact.

    Overall, I’m enjoying the plagiarism arc. It was saddening to see Go Eun feel downtrodden by netizens’ comments on her character. People can be so harsh about others whom they know only from afar. It kinda reminds me that as someone who voices her opinion on the web, I should always be careful of how I say things. Constructive criticism is fine, but bashing is not.

    Aside from all that, I wanted to know who that Japanese actress is that plays Akiko in this show. She’s sooo pretty. Was wondering what Japanese dramas she may have been.

    • 10.1 Noemi

      The Japanese actress who plays Akiko is Fujii Mina…I don’t watch Japanese dramas, so I’m not sure what she’s been in. I recognized her, though, because she’s in one of DBSK’s music videos, “Why Did I Fall in Love with You.” And you’re right, she’s beautiful!

      • 10.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        YES!!!! I had forgotten! That’s where I saw her. She is very beautiful.

      • 10.1.2 Saima

        This is the only DBSK song I know as I had serendipitously stumbled into this MV a few months back. Not only did I LOVE this song but was taken w/ Fuji Mina’s beauty.

    • 10.2 nomu nomu nomu

      I was also curious about her, so I looked her up.

      here’s her profile and a listing of dramas she’s been in.

      • 10.2.1 samasta93

        her korean speaking ability sounds good too…

    • 10.3 DayDreamer

      Thank you all for providing info about her. I think I’m going to check that music video out just for her cause she’s so damn beautiful, hehe.

    • 10.4 ravens_nest

      Fujii Mina doesn’t really have many lead roles that I’ve seen but she’s been in a few dramas as side characters.

      Bloody Monday (1&2) is by far my fav Jdrama of hers and though she was a side character in it, it was one of her largest roles. I enjoyed her quite a bit. Start there cuz I thought that was her most standout role.

  11. 11 Melmax

    Another gut wrenching episode. I wonder if every kdrama has similar incidents… Will this drama ever have a smooth day? But then I guess that’s why we keep watching this. It’s fun.
    SiWon–has really placed himself in the anti-idol mode!! Every scene he is in is just comic-slapstick, can’t help but smile when he shows up… He’s the drama’s comic relief.. I hope he’s not always divafied. He showed a different side of his character when he stood up for GE. But, then he did break my heart though, as he confronted GE when his trust is broken after partially listening in on MN & GE’s convo regarding the “plegiarized” script.
    Sooo many villains coming out of the woodwork!!!!
    Thanks for the recap!!!

    • 11.1 random person

      I can’t help but smile when Kang Hyun Min shows up too. While he is great to laugh at, I think his expression of disappointment in Go Eun might mark a greater revelation of his character’s vulnerabilities in the story. I am imagining his reaction if Bitna betrayed him – he’ll probably throw a hissy fit and kick her out but I wonder if it would cut as deep as his perception of Go Eun’s “betrayal”.

  12. 12 Kwhat?!

    I kept thinking at the beginning of this episode that they would get even more meta and display a nail box or whips to threaten Anthony. It could have been hilariously dark.

    I just love Siwon in this role! He’s so willing to drop his own ego in order to let Hyun Min’s become a centerpiece of the show. And the source of most of the comedy.

    And Anthony. So smitten, yet so in denial. Gotta love him!

    • 12.1 orinji

      You bet that’s right!

      So smitten, yet so in denial. That’s Anthony!

  13. 13 lovepark

    I love Anthony, Go-eun, and the World Production crew. They are all so steadfast and adorable. Anthony and Go-eun are shaping up to be the best couple of 2012 for me. I love how they are slowly coming to respect and care for the other person. Anthony’s last lines… KA-BOOM! How could I not adore Kim Myung-min? In addition, Jung Ryeo-won is awesome-sauce! The acting and interactions between the main leads and the production crew is more than enough for me to watch happily and ignore the hiccups in the plot.
    Glad to hear the ratings went up at least a bit, but hopefully, the extension will still be dropped.

  14. 14 katiamon

    GE and Anthony FTW!!!!!! They are so awesome together and i like that there are hints of mutual feelings.
    I can’t get enough of Hyun min, he really tried so had at the beach scene and when the dog messed the best take i was rolling on the floor laughing to death.
    Thank you for the recap πŸ™‚

    • 14.1 jomo

      And what is so awesome about watching poor Siwon splashing around in close to freezing water is he is acting that he is acting.

      His real “cut’s” don’t happen when the fake director says it, he has to keep going back in.

      My fav take was when he started rolling around in the water – like he was reaching deeeeep inside to pull out enough energy to even finish the take.

      OMG love it love it love it.

      • 14.1.1 DayDreamer

        I just soooo want to see the behind the scenes for this just to get the pleasure of the meta. I’m having so much fun with these brain teases. πŸ™‚

        • DayDreamer

          Ha. I found the behind the scenes.


          • Orion

            Shisus may not be able to walk on water, but splashing around in the ocean in winter is good enough.

          • Pinkeu

            Awwwww… And Sung Mina was sooooo sweet. (I meant Oh Ji-eun). “Siwon-ssi take care of your health.”

          • Kwhat?!

            Thanks so much for sharing this link! I love it so much.

      • 14.1.2 lalala

        Loving Siwon so much because of this drama. His best drama indeed!

  15. 15 Noemi

    Thanks for the recap! I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to watch this show when I’m alone, because I’m pretty sure I grin like a doofus everytime Go-eun and Anthony are together…I just can’t get enough of them as a couple! And I think watching Siwon/Hyun-min actually film the ocean scenes pretty much made my day.

  16. 16 whitethorns

    Another conflict just right after the investment issue. and we haven’t even gotten to the part where Anthony stole the scripts from the Empire. If Empire find that Anthony stole that script, that could possibly send him to jail!!
    Minah, I have no idea what she’s doing there other than bitching at Go-Eun.

    • 16.1 whitewire

      Right! What if there was a camera that was on when Anthony sneaked the script out of Empire’s cabinet!!

      Lee Go-eun to the rescue, man!

  17. 17 JoJo

    Thanks so much for the recap…loved Siwon doing that scene and read it was zero degrees…yikes! I think Siwon is doing a great job playing Hyun-min, but I’m an ELF and he’s my bias. Go-eun’s crush on Anthony is sweet, but I wonder if he can be redeemed. Still think the W/A/D is still first-rate and am hoping it will continue.

  18. 18 Ann

    I think Siwon is ready to guest on 1N2D now!

    • 18.1 Arhazivory

      LOL. So true.

  19. 19 Piggister

    I’m excited to see a little romance peeking out. But only a peek, I don’t want to be overwhelmed. I’ll get scared away. Kinda like if a boy comes on too strong…

    Anyway, I do want to see a jealous Anthony but I don’t really see it happening. I can see how Minah can be seen as threatening to Go-eun because of their past relationship and everything. However, I can’t really see Anthony be jealous of Hyun-min, cus it’s Hyun-min….unless they play the whole ‘look how much closer we are’ card. But still, he isn’t a real threat, at least not one that I can see make him sweat.

    • 19.1 reeen

      Same here! I love this slow romantic development. Instead of being cliched it all feels so real and sincere in this drama πŸ™‚

  20. 20 Annie

    Hyun Min is such a sweetheart in a very vapid sort of way. I didn’t like Oh! My Lady and how the writer made up some half assed romance between Si Won and Chae Rim, but Si Won has definitely won me over here. He seems very sincere and self-aware.

  21. 21 Sajen

    So am I the only one getting more a Capital Scandal vibe than Gakistal from Kyungsung’s Morning? Of course that might be at least partially because I’ve seen Capital Scandal but haven’t gotten to Gakistal yet.

    • 21.1 Koirv

      I got more of the Capital Scandal vibe than Gaksital.

      Basing it from their pictorial costumes, Hyun-min’s character is like Ryu Jin’s; Mina’s character’s like Han Go-eun’s.

      Besides both had Kyungsung in the title:
      Kyungsung-e Achim
      Kyungsung Scandal.

      • 21.1.1 Kwhat?!

        It’s probably both, since the club set is exactly like the one they use in Gaksital. Exactly. Which is awesome.

        • Orion

          It’s not the same set and ‘Capital Scandal’ did have a very similar club too. Given that ‘Gaksital’ is a newer series, I imagine that’s the one they’re using as reference, but it really does seem to have more similarities to ‘Capital Scandal’.

          • reeen

            I haven’t watched Capital Scandal, but just from the stills it does look quite similar. Besides, in Korean Capital Scandal is called “Gyeongseong Scandal”…

  22. 22 Carole McDonnell

    Gosh I laughed When self-proclaimed hottie did the sea scenes! He has such a sweet desire to be the great actor the Director believes he can be. And director Goo is just such an example of laid-back power. You can see two totally different attitudes of dealing with people. One wonders if that’s the reason Director Goo left filmmaking to begin with. All the game-playing. But he’s so fatherly and authoritative… And Anthony also commands respect and love in his own way. I so love everyone in World Production.

    And I definitely like the new investor. He just has this naive love of film that is so sweet to watch. (I kinda wish Anthony didn’t have to tell Director Oh where he got the money from. Subtle undermining, etc, is the best vengeance. But I guess the truth about who the investor is would’ve come out anyway. Just kinda sad the spite factor has been upped and we’ll be dealing with more attacks in the drama. I like when other troubles with dramas pop up — vain actress and insecure actor for instance. But I guess Big Bad has to go Big-badding. Or what’s a drama villain for?)

    Plagiarism is pretty hard to prove as Anthony said. I suspect the author of Fated Lovers saw the script. (Although she looked so wounded and hurt that…well, it’s possible she forgot she saw the script. IF she gets proven wrong, I wonder how Anthony will treat the scandal publicly.)

    I remember judging a short story contest for an English language class in Mexico and I basically went online and pretty much found most of the stories. Alas, most kids nowadays are able to plagiarize. Which reminds me: I once — being a silly mom– wrote my son’s college paper. I forgot to make a few conscious mistakes and errors and the essay was summarily rejected by his teacher because the teacher thought he plagiarized it. Poor kid had to say, “My mom is a writer and she wrote this essay.” Ah, deception! Truth will out, as they say.

    • 22.1 Melmax

      Aw mothers what we do for our children…. We can be brazen and shameless. All for the love of our children

      • 22.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        yeah, it’s pitiful. I kinda got pulled into doing all that kid’s college essays.

    • 22.2 DayDreamer

      Oooh, a writer?? Mind sharing what you have published? πŸ™‚ I actually want to be a writer too but ahh, my family’s against it so I’m doing what the rest of Asians do: going into a health profession.

      And yeah, I have a good eye for writing and grammar so English classes have always been my forte. So my mom always gets me to fix (read: completely rewrite in my own words) my brothers’ essays. I think I’ve managed to do more than half of their English assignments. Only once did we get caught because I also made the mistake of not adding conscious mistakes here and there in one assignment.

      • 22.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        Lots of doctors write. Nonfiction and fiction. Back in the past Keats and Edgar Allen Poe were kinda sorts in the medical field. And wasn’t Michael Crichton who wrote Andromeda Strain etc also in the medical field.

        I have short stories in
        1) Fantastic stories of the imagination, edited by Warren Lapine
        2) So long been dreaming, edited by Nalo Hopkinson
        3) Jigsaw Nation, edited by Ekaterina Sedia
        also other anthologies. An audio of the story in Jigsaw Nation (Homecoming at the borderlands cafe) is here


        I’ve gathered my published stories all in one kindle ebook called Spirit Fruit.

        My first novel is Wind Follower. My second novel, The Constant Tower, will be out in Spring. I write fantasy and alternate world stories.

        Thanks for asking.

  23. 23 Laeah

    Best episode ever.
    It was so utterly romantic and lovely when he said “I am a person that don’t trust anyone in this world but I trust you”
    I’m dying for next week. πŸ™‚
    Glad the romance is progressing in a wonderful manner and I hope it continues without too much interference.

    • 23.1 xarden

      Yeap. I watched Episode 9 and I was totally convinced that this was the best episode really. Until Episode 10 came along and ruined my diary of thoughts again… I had to replace “9” with “10” as my favorite KING OF DRAMAS Episode.

      How good is this drama? It can beat off any previous episode.

      • 23.1.1 polka_polka

        Definitely it did. Just when you thought one episode is the best, it can get better?! Really?!? King of Dramas proved that. πŸ™‚

  24. 24 Liza

    My favorite drama,I love the way that they introduce the ldifferent twist and turns, To be honest I get just a tad excited when I get ready to watch. Could this be because of one of two things, either most of the dramas that I have watched before were sub-par or I need a life? for the sake of my ego I will go with the first explination.

    If this I love it trend continues, at the end of the show, I will do a little research on the writer(s) and sample more of their work that is as long as the subject matter is not about sorrow, pain, loss and more sorrow.

  25. 25 twelvejan

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That is one bad singing, Anthony Kim!

    What I like about this episode (among other things of course) is how Anthony made it clear that he no longer have feelings for Minah. I’ve been through years of cliche storyline where the male lead always got entangled in this love triangle web because he still had meagre feelings for trhe secondary female lead. So I loved it when he told her to forget about their memories together.

    And another scene I LOVE is when Anthony stood up for Go-Eun. <3

    Anthony: β€œYes, I do. I may not believe anybody in this world, I may not even believe in myself sometimes, but I believe in you.”

    • 25.1 ilikemangos

      Agree with everything you say,
      and i think we should give the writer some props for anthony staying true to his character, without the need to sacrifice that for the sake of cliches.

    • 25.2 Pinkeu

      Everything you said!!

  26. 26 twelvejan

    And I don’t know if anyone noticed this or whether it has been discussed before, but don’t you think Siwon’s character seems to be ‘inspired’ by Dokko Jin in The Greatest Love?

    Suddenly I wish Cha Seung Won had done this role instead but it would definitely affect the hyung-dongsaeng relationship we see between Anthony and Hyun-min. Especially in Ep 8(?) when they were practicing for the press conference.

    • 26.1 Mystisith

      CSW was perfect for Dokko jin and KMM is perfect here. This at last I’m sure about.

      • 26.1.1 DJ

        when I read your comment, I initially thought you said “Choi Si Won was perfect for Dokko jin..” and I was like what???

        but then I realized that you were talking about Cha Seung Won. They have the same initials. Hahahaha

      • 26.1.2 Annie

        I think the OP meant casting CSW as Hyun Min.

        • Mystisith

          Ah. My bad. I didn’t read correctly.

      • 26.1.3 whitewire

        In the same way, Siwon’s perfect for Hyun-min. πŸ™‚
        Kim Myung-min’s perfect for Anthony Kim.

      • 26.1.4 twelvejan

        haha, i definitely agree with you. KMM is perfect here, no question about that! I just thought how Si Won plays Hyun Min was like how Cha Seung Won plays Dokko Jin. The man-child diva mannerisms and all.

        Suddenly I missed Dokko Jin!

    • 26.2 Nakai

      Cha Seung Won was actually offered the Anthony Kim’s role early this year. But he turned it down. Maybe it was plan and an inside joke for Hyun Min to be a little like Dokko Jin.

      • 26.2.1 D_Heat

        Cha Seung-won is my damn favorite actor. But this Kim Myung-min is a different story! Dang! Only Kim Myung-min is perfect for this role. Thank God Cha Seung-won turned it down. Wow, I became an instant fan of Kim Myung-min. Such an actor indeed. A pro.

        This KMM is slowly turning to be my favorite actor, replacing CSW.

      • 26.2.2 random person

        Wow really?! I love KMM as an actor (he was amazing in BV!) but I can imagine Cha Seung Won as Anthony Kim too. If CSW took this role, I think the sexual tension in the Min-Ah scenes and the Go Eun scenes would be…insane.

      • 26.2.3 sweetcloud

        I love CSW but I’m glad I have been able to discover KMM in this role, and like twelvejan said he brings a certain dynamic, although rather than hyung/dongsaeng I feel he has a fatherly aura with the whole crew. I even felt that with his relationship with Go Eun initially, but as the characters grew with each other’s help, I can feel more and more the romance, such awesome job from the writers and actors.

      • 26.2.4 Nakai

        I think Cha Seung Won can pull off Anthony Kim too. But it will be a different Anthony Kim.

        Right now counting my lucky stars everyday that KMM is in this drama.

        • 12zee

          Thank You Lord for giving us Kim Myung-min as Anthony Kim. I’m so blessed to be privileged to watch his stellar performance.

          • Nakai

            Cha Seung Won turned down White Tower too. The role went to KMM too and made him an A list.

            It’s funny how fate works.

          • Koirv


            Anthony Kim IS Kim Myung-min. KMM embodies the soul, mind and body of Anthony Kim. (lol as if I’m the writer hahahaha)

            Cha Seung-won is an amaaazing actor. Dang, his performance in City Hall is basically an A+.

            I’m glad, too, that KMM is Anthony Kim.

            @Nakai: Yeah! It just won KMM a BaekSang for Best Actor, that White Tower stuff haha.

          • DayDreamer

            I thank the Lord too for casting KMM because I had never seen him in his other works and his role as Anthony is now driving me nuts to go see his other works. πŸ™‚ To think if someone else would have been casted, then I’d have missed knowing such a fine actor.

          • fan

            Since someone mentioned ‘white tower’. He seemed to have more male fans than female fans for that role. I remember to have read one comment that time.
            This lady wrote that her boy friend cancelled their date because he said he had to go to a funeral. She asked who’s funeral he was going. Her bf said ‘Jang JoonHyuk’s’ and she asked who he was. He said ‘Jan JoongHyuk from White Tower’. (Big Spolier) I don’t know what they actually did but I heard there were grief when JJK (KMM character in White Tower) died in ‘white tower’.
            However, (for KMM’s acting credit) I think no one can top this Chicago guy (white male) who became a cartoonist who draws Yi SoonShin cartoon (you can google him), because he was so impressed after he watched KMM’s Immortal Yi SoonShin.

  27. 27 opheliadrowning

    The dynamic I am enjoying most is the one between Go Eun and Hyun Min. I almost ship them in a way, but I think it’s partly because I am not quite feeling Anthony and Go Eun. I also am wondering how muh the actual writers will go in subverting drama expectations–like we’re suppose to think Anthony and Go Eun are the OTP, by instead they just become good friends with mutual trust and respect and go on to have healthy relations with completely different people.

  28. 28 random person

    I actually understand Min-ah’s behavior. She is committed to the drama as a professional, and she worries about the trouble Anthony has to face with all the plagiarism stuff. Go Eun’s feelings or the truth are none of her concern. So she tries to resolve the plagiarism issue ASAP by asking Go Eun to change what needs to be changed for the drama to go on without trouble to Anthony (and herself). I think Min-Ah is a realistic and some times sympathetic character when it comes to depicting a successful person in a highly competitive industry. Min-Ah might not be nice-nice to Go Eun but above all, she has Anthony’s interests (and her own) as her priority. You might even think of her as indirectly helping Go Eun navigate the plagiarism accusations, just like how she made Go Eun see that the theme was too strong in the first episode. People can give great advice without being nice about it. I think it takes a certain level of maturity and professionalism to work with that.

    On the other hand, choosing to stick with the original script is not objectively wrong because Go Eun did not plagiarize. The point here is that fighting for the truth (and her pride) will require the entire drama team to stick by her at some cost (i.e., legal fights, production delays). I’m glad that Anthony is fighting and I think this whole arc is about not leaving a team member behind.

    Not too sure about Anthony’s depth of feelings for Go Eun yet – he does have a soft spot for her but his trust could simply be a reciprocation of her previous offer to give up Kyeongsung Morning and restart with him. Might not be *love* yet but there is definitely something crushy going on between them.

    Nice that the title of this episode is “Fated lovers”, which marks a significant point of the Anthony-Go Eun love line.

    • 28.1 Mystisith

      If I’m not mistaken, all the previous episode titles were war-oriented. And now we go on the “love” track. Could explain the better ratings, no? Also, as they say, “in love and war, everything is fair.” πŸ™‚
      I loved how Anthony crushed his potential rival in the eyes of our writer by revealing the sponsoring tricks. Smart and smooth.

      • 28.1.1 random person

        Nice observation about the past titles being war-oriented! I just realized that Anthony’s way of using the chairman’s money in ep 9 “Battle of the red cliff” is analogous to Zhuge Liang’s idea of using Cao Cao’s arrows by trickery. Talk about me being slow despite the TITLE being the hint and all that talk about Cao Cao. Lol.

    • 28.2 ravens_nest

      Thank god I’m not the only person who understands Min Ah. I’ve never actually disliked her. (Except that one “make you love me” line which felt so OOC. :/)

      While I think she’s incredibly abrasive and needs to start slanting her words, when it comes to her career, I never felt like she was completely in the wrong. Even now. Why should she believe in Go Eun’s integrity? She’s known the woman all of three weeks at the most and not on a personal level like the others. Even if she believed Go Eun, there’s no guarantee the courts will so changing the script could preempt a lot.

      Min Ah’s reputation, her livelihood, and the drama are all on the line and could take a huge blow if the drama gets banned from airing. She actually read the book, analyzed her character, and saw the similarities before confronting Go Eun. It is not coming from spite or ignorance but from real concern for a project she’s working on.

      I actually respect her professional intensity quite a bit.

      • 28.2.1 random person

        Exactly! You explain it much better.

    • 28.3 Arawn

      You’re not alone. I find no big incosistencies in Mina’s behavior. She’s caring towards Anthony and by extension to the drama because it’s Anthony’s drama from her point of view and also as you say, possible problems with the drama would affect her career, too. To everybody else she’s been more or less divaish.

      One possible explanation is the one commenter Orion suggested in the previous comment thread. If Mina has had to work hard and fight her way on the top, this would naturally have an impact on her behavior. She was once a rookie too like Go-Eun and might have been treated harshly by her superiors and while some people who face bad treatment make sure they won’t repeat it themselves, many others pass it forward and treat others like they were treated themselves. In a way Mina might actually feel that she’s even doing a favor to Go-Eun by making her face the harsh rules of drama land. Also, this would easily explain Mina’s antagonism towards Hyun Min. She has had to work very hard to get to the place she is now and she still has to and then in waltzes this man boy who’s famous for basically being hot. Wouldn’t anybody be annoyed seeing somebody else getting easily something they have had worked har to aqcuire? And even though she clearly does not like Hyun Min, she’s still keeps her cool and doesn’t openly respond to his provocation because she is a professional and not a little kid like him. (Mind you, this is not criticism toward Hyun Min, I like that guy.)

      When watching Mina I feel that being demanding is the way she has learned to operate in the drama land. If she wants to succeed, if she wants to get somewhere, she cannot be soft and nice professionally but hard and demanding. Remember with whom Mina was in relationship before she got on the top? Wasn’t it Anthony’s modus operandi too, being uncompromising and demanding? Maybe Mina observed Anthony and seeing him being succesful started to act more like him in the professional field. And it has payed off, she is very succesful and acclaimed actress. She simply learned from the best.

      One thing that does puzzle me somewhat is Mina’s quest to claim Anthony’s heart. This one is not well enough explained, I feel. I don’t really see her being in love with Anthony even though she clearly has bittersweet memories of them together. It’s more like she’s trying to heal herself figuring that because loosing Anthony caused her pain maybe getting him back would make the pain go away. Maybe? However, she doesn’t come off as very eager to actually do much to “make him love her”. What has she done so far to acchieve this goal? Had couple of conversations with Athony claiming that she knows him. That’s not much…

      What really makes me interested in their previous relationship and especially their break up are Anthony’s reactions. He almost seems guilty with Mina, especially in the beginning when she was suggested as a lead actor and when he was trying to talk her into it. Also there’s the scene on the roof when Mina says that she’ll make him love her and he doesn’t turn her down. Infact he says nothing. It doesn’t look like it’s because he still has feelings for her but on the contrary, he looks guilty and uncomfortable. If it really is guilt, I would really like to know what happened. Anthony has been such a massive dick to almost everyone in his past and it’s clear that he feels very little guilt about it – actually, often he doesn’t even seem to understand why people are still angry at him. So for him to feel guilt towards Mina would mean that either Mina meant A LOT more to him than anybody else or that their break up was somehow very ugly and in was his fault. Or both.

      I wan to know more!

      • 28.3.1 random person

        I want to know more too!

        Totally agree with you about Hyun Min waltzing in to fame. I wonder if veteran actors in real life feel the same towards idols who easily get roles that non-idol actors have to fight hard for.

        I picked up on the guilt thing with Anthony too. My speculation is that he dumped her for his career. For whatever reason, giving up Sung Min-Ah put him closer to his dreams or helped his dramas get more successful, so he gave her up and put the whole thing behind him (thus no lingering feelings except guilt). That’s just my guess. He seems awfully resigned to have her longing for him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had told her that his dramas would always be No. 1 and she could only be No. 2. And Sung Min-Ah thereafter swore to make herself No. 1 in Anthony Kim’s heart. It’s all about ego and not at all about love. Similarly, Anthony could have foreseen that fame would always be Sung Min-Ah’s No. 1 and he would only be No. 2 but he couldn’t fault her for that since he’s exactly the same…so he walked away from it all and dedicated himself to a monk-like existence with his No. 1. Lol.

      • 28.3.2 sweetcloud

        I didn’t think of Hyun Min just waltzing into fame and Minah hard working for it, I’m very glad you shared this and shed a new light on her attitude towards him for me, because I couldn’t understand it and felt no sympathy for her, now I can actually feel more empathy for the character and her resentment. Very interesting analysis!

  29. 29 jomo

    Thanks for the recap!
    “how did Writer Jo get ahold of the script?”

    That’ll be an interesting reveal. I bet we get a flashback where their paths cross. Both could have attended the same lecture, or read the same book, anything.
    The dates of GE’s original files will be crucial and relatively easy to dig up.

    I wish that GE didn’t cave and read the novel – she really should have left it to the lawyers. Now she may question herself in a way she didn’t have to. I guess in a way, it’ll help to not accidentally copy it.

    Everyone is doing a bang-up job in this cast, but my heart is going to Siwon for being such a good sport.

    I hope the production company has enough time to give us a short version of KM. A ten minute trailer would be fun.

    Love watching the love story unfold slowly and realistically. Anthony will be deep in it before he admits it, and GE will be the one who will have to pour a bucket of juice (figuratively speaking, of course) on him again to make him see it.
    Wish it were MONDAY!

    • 29.1 Pinkeu

      Monday come now!

      • 29.1.1 Tara S.

        I second that!

        • Wawa

          I third that. The next 24 hours seem so long away despite the fact I have been waiting all this week already.

  30. 30 Ace

    Gotta love Siwon more for swimming in that cold, cold sea. I was shivering while watching him do all those *takes*. They really made him swim! Made me remember SG when they made Ha Ji-won walk in the snow wearing slippers and hospital pj’s.

    • 30.1 xarden

      Soooooo cold! I know how cold it is! I don’t want to even think about it!

    • 30.2 Arawn

      Now I just have to do it myself, too. If Siwon can do it, so can I. (It’s actually a common thing to do in Finland, I’m just such a pussy I’ve never swam in icy lake/sea myself. My bf has done it many times.)

  31. 31 @RougeNail

    For me, KOD really shines when Anthony hustles and rallies. When he gets into his crisis-solving, firefighting, rescue mode. Those make it work moments.Β The tight scripting, the on-tenterhooks momentum and Kim Myung Min nailing the intensity and physicality of these gripping scenes. Good drama.

    Hoping this new plagiarism plot will allow more “Anthony-has-to-hustle” moments.

    Also enjoying the burgeoning romance and cute moments between OTP. Script in more light, fun banter and witty, flirty repartee for Anthony and Go Eun to engage in. More zingy bon mots for Anthony to toss out, in that uniquely Kim Myung Min baritone voice:)

    • 31.1 Mystisith

      I love Anthony when he becomes mother-hen protecting his family. That blend of fierce attitude and overwhelming affection. And the fact than he realizes it afterward is… I don’t know. I just want to put him in my pocket.

      • 31.1.1 nova611

        Mystitish : I also want mini AK, in my pocket..he will be SUPER CUTE!!

  32. 32 Koirv

    My favorite KING OF DRAMAS Episode as of today. πŸ™‚

    • 32.1 Femme

      Me too!

      • 32.1.1 Nakai

        Me three ! πŸ™‚

        • Pinkeu

          Hahahaha me4

          • whitewire


  33. 33 maltreti

    Does Anyone know if there really was a korean beef sponsor?

  34. 34 Ozzygal

    Loved Siwon in this episode! Loved the crazy eyes when Hyun-Min compared himself to Brad Pitt! Loved even more that he even threw in Brad’s crazy line from the latest Chanel No. 5 commercial – “inevitable”!

    • 34.1 lalala

      I laughed haaaaaard at that part!

      Omg I can die.

    • 34.2 sweetcloud

      Haha I did not notice that reference, thanks for mentioning it I will rematch that commercial πŸ˜€

    • 34.3 Nakai

      Aaah, thanks ! I was wondering where’s the,”Inevitable” came from.

    • 34.4 Ritz

      me too, laugh so hard..
      it was epic. siwon was so cute.

  35. 35 orinji

    Was Anthony attracted to Go-eun first?
    Or Go-eun attracted to Anthony first?

  36. 36 avocado

    You can watch Siwon or HM swimming in this BTS’link

  37. 37 whitewire

    “Go-eun tries to push her luck again by asking if he wants to grab some beer only to be rejected. Aww, her crush is starting to show.”

    –Adorable and so true!!

  38. 38 jinglejings

    Awww… thanks for the video link. Everyone is in thick winter jackets and he is in and out of the cold water. Brrrrr.
    Siwon is certainly putting a lot of efforts. That is what I like best about him. He tries hard and does his best in everything. Being a Chaebol he is, he is still working so hard in this brutal industry. I think I admire him even more now. Hyun Min cracks me up! Siwon’s is definitely mocking himself on the English interjections! Is such a Choi Siwon thing to do. (Plus his Jesus)

    And, by the way- I think it is also noteworthy that Super Junior members are the Korean cuisine ambassadors. LOL. Did the ministry sponsor the drama? So that they can rave about how good and expensive Korean beef is? πŸ˜›

    Regarding Min-ah, I love that she can neither be labeled as the good girl nor the bad person. This is wayy more realistic. In life, not everyone is truly angels/devils. There is a big grey area. Complicated character is good. πŸ˜€


    • 38.1 nova611

      i like the way HM says ‘TURN RIGHT’
      to drop EO off the car..
      so cute ~ fangirl mode on

      Am surprise that no one mentioned about the way EO
      scream out on AK face saying
      two times…and the distance between their face is only 3 inch

      • 38.1.1 anver

        #high five

        and i think that i’m the only one fangirl here πŸ™‚
        I looooovveeee it when he said “TURN RIGHT”
        sooooo cuuuteee
        #can’t stop replaying that part

        • Kate

          You’re not the only one! I replayed that “Turn Right!” part over and over and over again. I just thought it was soooo funny and cute at the same time. And I’m not even a Siwon fangirl. hahahaha!

  39. 39 teapot

    Plagiarism Issues, also makes me think of the Movie
    Hunger Games vs Battle Royales. The good thing is Susan Collins claimed she didn’t read the book until now.
    So I think it would have been good Go Eun didn’t read that Fated to Love you book.

    And hyun-Min who cause a lot of ruckus about the swimming scene and eventually ended doing it reminds me of Kim Hyung Joon of BOF. The Samsung promo episode where KHJ says, he doesn;t want to brew coffee and ended brewing coffee for everyone in the office. The difference is , it’s real and it happen in real life those things we don;t want and ended doing it. sigh

    • 39.1 Nakai

      Actually these days I see Kim Hyung Joong in Hyun Min. πŸ™‚

  40. 40 random person

    Does anyone find it strange that Min-Ah did not try to come to Anthony’s aid when he was kicked out of the company 3 years ago? Now she is willing to give him a large sum of money, star in his drama to help him and wants his heart…surely she must have known about his fall 3 years ago? Was she not a big enough star then? Was she too bitter about their breakup to care about him? Waiting for more flashbacks…

    • 40.1 Arawn

      You have to remember that it was Anthony who went to Mina, not the other way around. So I conclude that no way in a million years would Mina ever go first to Anthony to help him. She might have been willing to help him even three years ago but only if he would have come and asked for her help. I guess he never did.

      • 40.1.1 Elle

        I agree. They put their breakup at 5 years ago, he lost everything 3 years ago. When they got her for Kyungsung Morning, the news releases they put out said it was her first drama in like 2-4 years. If people had been awaiting her next drama, I’m sure she was a Big Deal. When Anthony went to go talk to her about the drama, it looked like they hadn’t spoken since their breakup.

  41. 41 klmeri

    All right, I think I figured out the plagiarism plot… I literally just dreamt it (why am i dreaming of KOD now, anyway?) – I’m that worried for Go Eun. Writer Jung did it. She told Go Eun once that she had read the script. At the time I thought Empire had asked her to because she would be taking over as the main writer on it once they got from Go Eun. But now I believe maybe Jung was in a writing slump or had a deadline to produce a story or something (it happens, even to the best of writers!) and so she “used” Go Eun’s idea as a fiction novel because she knew the chances of it being picked up and made into a drama, given the genre and likely production expenses, were slim. I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to believe that a drama-writer may also write novels on the side. Certainly it’s a way for them to have good stories published that they know won’t make it into dramas. And because this is a side career that can be done under a pseudonym – still puts money in the author’s bank!

    The only thing I’m wondering about now is if my theory is true (and, really, it might be way off), is Empire aware Writer Jung is the original author of novel that plagiarizing the drama? I know CEO Oh wouldn’t risk Jung’s career over that small ploy anyway, but we now know it wasn’t his idea to begin with. The more I think about it… Empire would legally want to know if Jung is producing other works – and not just dramas – so this could be why the Chairman was SO pissed that this novel has been brought to light. Because inherently the company could lose a veteran writer who’s scheduled to bring them a sequel to a drama that made them lots of money.

    I bet the KOD writer has thought of this plot twist. What say you? Is it likely this is what’s behind the sinister claim of plagiarism? Go Eun is actually the victim of the crime, not just the victim of someone’s scheming to bring down the drama?

  42. 42 mjfan

    this show keeps getting better , I just love Anthony & Go eun moments , they have some serious chemistry there, and I crack up with Hyun min scenes , what can I say , I just love this show …..

  43. 43 Elle

    LOVED this episode! The development of the characters is just going so well. They have never changed, always stayed true from the beginning. I also really, really like how their romance is progressing because it is so natural. Normally by episode 10 I’m all show me some scenes of the two leads thinking/caring/liking each other, but I actually like the slow progression here. It feels real.

    Like others said, I think Minah’s character is understandable. She’s a hard core realist, and she’s never warmed to Hyunmin or Goeun because they haven’t ‘proven’ themselves yet. And I don’t blame her for that. She basically signed onto this drama because it was good plus some leftover feelings for Anthony, but for every reason to join the drama, there were tons of reasons not to. Empire is against it, shaky funding, idol type lead, rookie writer, bad press etc.

    I think if you look at both Anthony’s and Minah’s characters, they are two very similar people. Minah just doesn’t act as rudely as Anthony because she is an actress, not an executive. She needs people to like her for her career to survive. Their similarities are probably part of the reason why they were attracted to each other in the first place, and (may) be why their breakup was painful.

    Goeun about to airpunch Anthony turned into grinning stretch and his smile after he turned around was so adorable! Cutest scene yet. And his proclamation that he believes in her – well, I took that as a total love confession.

    CAN’T wait for the next ep πŸ™‚ been awhile since such a good romcom came out.

    • 43.1 Arawn

      That’s how I’ve felt too, that Mina and Anthony are very similar characters. I don’t think Mina necesseraly started that way, she seemed much more softer in that one flash back but that was more than 5 years ago. Now she is very much like Antony, ambitious, hard working, cold outside, used to fight for power and demand and take what she considers to be in her right to take. Ant this is why I think there two people should never be together. They would simply push each other deeper into the ocean of mistrust and coldness. Their relationship would be a constant struggle for power and both would manipulate the other to get what they want from the relationship. At the end both would be immensely miserable.

    • 43.2 Pinkeu

      “CAN’T wait for the next ep πŸ™‚ been awhile since such a good romcom came out.”

      How true is this! It’s really been a long time since a good romcom came out… Long time indeeeeeeed.

  44. 44 Selli

    You should watch BBC’s “Sherlock”. The Moriarty there definitely isn’t your conventional bad guy. He listenes to the Bee Gees!

    • 44.1 V


  45. 45 @RougeNail

    How serendipitous! As much as I loved Cha Seung Won as the hilarious Dokko Jin in Greatest Love & he does seem like a v competent actor, Kim Myung Min is just doing such an awesome job portraying Anthony Kim, that I can’t imagine any other actor playing this role now. KMM = Anthony Kim!

    Also, despite the obvious appearances, I kinda find KMM hotter than CSW. Dunno why. Probably cuz i’m a sucker for deep voices. ha!

    • 45.1 orinji

      Me too! I love Cha Seung Wooooon! But Anthony Kim is made for Kim Myung-min and only for him. Really cannot imagine any Anthony Kim other than Kim Myung-min. πŸ™‚

      Amen to your “KMM hotter than CSW”. Not for obvious reasons. I also hate myself for that subjective observation.

      • 45.1.1 Chickletta

        KMM is hotte than CSW FOR ALL THE REASONS! even the obvious ones πŸ™‚

        • charter street

          I’m oddly finding KMM hotter than CSW too now!!!
          I’m a newbie KMM fan but why!

  46. 46 twelvejan

    Is it Monday yet?

  47. 47 Damselfly H

    Second favorite screenshot: Dog passing by Hyun-min at the shooting. First favorite screenshot: Hyun-min said,”Like Brad Pitt?”

    So totally awesome! Thanks @HeadsNo2 !

    • 47.1 orinji

      LOL that was truly epic! His face when he was waiting for Go-eun to confirm that he indeed is similar with Brad Pitt! Wow!!! Super rolling on the floor laughing!!!

  48. 48 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2! I LOVE episode 10, though the plagiarism part made me sad. Give Go-Eun a break! =(

    I’m glad we got to see the sea scene after all the complaining Hyun-min had done about getting that scene removed! The take-after-take was hilarious! All the scenes with Hyun-min and Go-eun are just full of win! Even the sad one when he said he was disappointed in her.

    As for Anthony, love his partnership with Go-eun and that ending scene made me crack a ginormous grin. I don’t really want them to get together, but I would love for them to have this partnership for life and be BFFs.

    My only gripe with the show are the “bad guys”. They feel like caricatures and I don’t really get their motivations (an example who would the one about Kenji that you brought up in episode 9- why would he be wasting so much time and effort with Anthony?) It’s like they came out of their mothers’ wombs as full-fledged assholes. CEO Oh who was so bent on leading the attack on Anthony is now some lackey. What?

  49. 49 Suzi Q

    Don’t know why Hyun Min wants to be compared to Brad Pitt who is a although a good actor and has been very fortunate in his picking his acting roles.But he’s not a great actor and is more famous for his romantic escapades with Angelina Jolie. Brad’s Chanel CF is totally weird at best. It’s so cute they used, “It’s inevitable” reference in this drama. LOL.
    Didn’t like this drama at first, but each episode is written so well especially how they “titled” each one( ie Battle of the Red Cliffs which was an awesome movie and how the plot compared to it.)
    Even though Cha Seung Won was offered originally the role of Anthony Kim, only KMM could wear and do justice to those fur collared suits and coats! Love that Anthony is turning from an ass into a nice human being. For him to say he trusts someone other than himself is a major undertaking and possibly finally his stone heart is melting for Go Eun.
    Si Won is doing a amazing job. Gosh..Hilarious! Shivering and having to do it several times in the cold ocean! What a good sport! I think this is his best role so far.

    • 49.1 whitewire

      I couldn’t say it in better words. This comment is amazing Suzi Q. πŸ™‚

      • 49.1.1 Ritz

        I agree πŸ™‚

  50. 50 KoDFighting

    I absolutely love everything about this drama: the acting, the plot, the meta, the comedy, the intensity, EVERYTHING. AND I LOVE ANTHONY! How could he be such a charismatic, adorable, ninja, hilarious, stylish, proud jerk?? He completely won not only Go Eun over, but me over as well. ^^ I’m loving the gradual romance between the two and they’re just so adorable together. As subtle as the love line is, I am just keeping my fingers crossed for an amazing kiss scene for the cute couple once Anthony comes to terms with the fact that he’s completely fallen for her. πŸ™‚

    • 50.1 Pinkeu

      No! Not ONLY YOU fell for Anthony Kim. All normal girls there with a very high-standard taste will attest to their love for Anthony!! πŸ™‚

      *This girl’s in-love rn w/ a fictional man named Anthony Kim*

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