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King of Dramas: Episode 12
by | December 13, 2012 | 206 Comments

This show takes the Funny Cake, and then covers it in frosting made of pranks, giggles, guffaws, knee-slappers, [insert your laughter of choice], etc.

In one word, this episode was hilarious. Hyun-min and Min-ah’s petty competitive spirit soars to new heights, and we can at least say that now we’ve learned how to get back at a co-star if we ever find ourselves fighting with one. This is basically like an hour of Punk’d for drama lovers, except it’s funny. Really, really funny.

In fact, I’m not sure if I can think of garlic without laughing for a long time.

EPISODE 12: “No Enemy Is Permanent”

Go-eun is flustered beyond belief at Anthony’s question: “How do you think of me as a man?” Her mouth opens and closes as she tries to formulate a reply, and just as she’s about to speak, the look in Anthony’s eyes changes.

“This is called ‘melodrama.'” he proclaims. Waitaminute… Anthony’s back to being a troll.

Turns out he was just playing her feelings so she’d know what being in the moment felt like, and he only did it so that she could use that knowledge to revise the script.

Go-eun is just about as shocked as you’d expect, but she can’t formulate a retort before Anthony starts snoring. Haha. This show has a gift for undercutting would-be serious moments with the most perfectly dry humor.

She goes home, still in a state of shock and disbelief at how she was so easily fooled. Anthony watches her studio from his rooftop, looking completely sober. Did he fake the whole drunk act?

Of course, she’s surprised when she suddenly finds Anthony back at her door. He reminds her that she didn’t answer his question as he backs her up against the wall.

Slowly, he comes to hold her as he says: “I’m thinking of you in this way.” As he leans in… and kisses her. Whoa what when how who?

I can’t really tell if Go-eun’s enjoying the kiss, even though Anthony’s got her wrapped in a firm embrace. She mostly keeps her eyes open with her arms sticking straight out like a mummy in a horror flick…

Only, she wakes up making smoochy faces to thin air. It was all a dream. Ha.

And then, to her sheer mortification, Anthony is standing in her studio. Heck, even I’m embarrassed for her. It’s bad enough that someone witnessed her sexy dream, but to have it be the very object of her fantasies is just cruel. (But so, so funny.)

While Anthony tells Go-eun to revise the kiss scene, Hyun-min and Min-ah squee separately about their ratings success. Even the netizens have given their approval, which makes Go-eun so happy that she cries. Her dreams have really come true, haven’t they?

She gets called for her very first interview, which has her jumping up and down in delight. Mom looks on proudly as Go-eun holds the interview at her restaurant, citing it as the place where Kyungsung began for her.

When asked who she has to thank for her achievements, she obviously cites her mom first before adding a heartless person with a bad personality that made her go through hell. His name? Kim Bong-dal. (His secret’s safe – no one but Go-eun knows his name.)

Anthony visits his near-clairvoyant mother at the care center, and the two share a heartwarming moment over his drama. (This drama is starting to freak me out with all its healthy portrayals of parent/child relationships. Is King trying to tell me that parents can actually love and support their children without controlling every aspect of their lives? Horrors.)

She never doubted for a second that it wouldn’t be a success, to which Anthony replies: “Whatever your son makes will be the best, so don’t worry at all.”

She lovingly warns him against working too hard, and tells him to bring that special someone, if he has one. “Even if I can’t see her, if I hear her voice, I will be able to know how good a woman she is,” Mom says. He has to struggle to hold back tears at her bedside.

Meanwhile, the Chairman finally shows his hand when Anthony is summoned to the prosecutor’s office to answer for the number discrepancies in the Empire Production books. He knows it’s Empire’s doing, and calls for a chance to cross-examine CEO Oh, his accuser.

Go-eun receives a congratulatory plant from CP Lee over at SBC, and the fact that he’s now a Go-eun fanboy is pretty funny. Next on the roster of gifts are blue roses from Hyun-min, who claims he’s come to congratulate her when really he just wants to talk at her about how he single-handedly made the ratings spike.

I love that she knows him too well by now, and asks him to just get to the point – he never comes knocking without a favor to ask. Hyun-min drops the facade and mentions the awkward kiss scene, claiming (like Anthony) that the scene is just like putting two stick figures together.

You can see her gritting her teeth as she tells him she’s working on it. Hee. It must chafe her that everyone hates the kiss scene she wrote.

Hyun-min’s so happy the scene is being revised that he offers to take Go-eun shopping to buy her a new winter wardrobe, since hers is lacking. “As much as I want?” she tests the waters. “As much as you want!” Hyun-min exclaims, maybe not yet seeing the trouble he’s getting into.

Cut to: An outerwear store, where Go-eun has brought all the World Boys to shop under Hyun-min’s tab. Ahahah. He has to just grin and bear with it, even though his sponsorship will only cover two coats. The rest is coming out of (gasp!) his personal finances. Quick, someone get him a fainting couch!

For Episode 2’s broadcast, Anthony watches from the broadcasting room while Go-eun types away in her studio. Hyun-min and Min-ah are busy filming, and any forced skinship is quickly broken whenever the camera’s not rolling.

It’s dead cold outside, and Hyun-min keeps messing up the takes whenever Min-ah has to kneel in the snow. Ha, is he still just messing with her? How do they get anything done?

But Min-ah gets him back by actually slapping him during a scene when she’s supposed to just be faking it. And it’s an NG. In fact, she makes it so every take is a no-go, just so she can slap Hyun-min repeatedly. Ha. Revenge is a cruel mistress.

He’s strangely affected when she strokes his cheek, though. Is someone’s antagonism turning into true wuv? I hope they keep hating each other a little longer, because it makes for comedic gold.

Love must be in the air, since even Dong-seok has his puppy eyes on one of the new FDs.

Anthony reads Go-eun’s interview in the car and smiles to see she’s thanked “Kim Bong-dal.” Maknae Goo hears the name and starts laughing at its antiquity, and poor Anthony can’t defend himself lest he reveal his name.

Go-eun takes this time to revise the kiss scene, but she can’t get Anthony out of her mind. She keeps flashing back to the bed scene, only to swallow a gasp when Anthony comes strolling through the door.

It’s with a smile that he reports their second episode ratings, a nice 16.2%, but it’s his smile that has Go-eun completely mesmerized. It’s all romantic music as he reads the revised kiss scene, only to ask in passing as he leaves: “What have you been doing all this time to have never been in a relationship? Well, I’m sure there weren’t any guys who were willing to put up with your terrible personality.” The music cuts off abruptly, and Go-eun’s left slack-jawed. You can just see her wondering what she ever saw in him.

Hyun-min gets the revised script for Episode 7 while whining to Bit-na about his cheek. To his horror, the kiss scene wasn’t removed, but amplified. Uh oh. At least Min-ah is equally miffed/disgusted.

Anthony and CEO Oh go before the prosecutor, and it should come as no surprise that CEO Oh denies any involvement in the stolen funds.

Once they’re alone, Anthony threatens that two can play this game, when in reality they can’t – CEO Oh has erased all traces of the bribery funds that could lead back to Empire. The only hard evidence they have is that the money moved in and out of Anthony’s account.

Anthony: “Why on earth do you hate me so much?” THANK YOU. Can we get this man a prize?

CEO Oh drops to banmal in order to tell him that it wasn’t even the constant humiliation he endured under Anthony, but that he missed his father’s passing because of Anthony’s belief that one should be ready to abandon their own father for a drama.

So, he’s mad because he followed terrible advice no one except Anthony would give or follow? And does that make him wishy-washy in his determination, since only episodes ago he’d been questioning the Chairman’s dogged need to see Anthony eat humble pie? O-kay. “As long as that moment, that memory, remains in my brain… I’m going to kill you,” CEO Oh grates out.

He gets to leave. Anthony has no choice but to stay – he’s been officially arrested, cuffs and all. Eek.

While Director Nam gets wind of Anthony’s arrest, Hyun-min heads straight to Go-eun’s place to give her a piece of his mind on the kissing scene, only to find Min-ah already there. Now who’s the punctual one?

The situation with the two demanding stars is like a couple’s therapy session from hell, with Go-eun caught helplessly between them. Despite her adamance that the kiss marks a turning point in the story, Min-ah and Hyun-min claim that they can act so well that they won’t need a kiss.

Go-eun’s not so sure, considering all the effort she spent revising what was a previously bland kiss scene. She cottons on to the fact that they’re resisting because they don’t like each other, which causes Hyun-min to drop to banmal… and call Min-ah “unni.” As in, “Unni, do we not get along?” Is he bringing “unni” back for male usage? (Back in ye old Joseon days, it really was a term used among men.)

Priceless. For once, the two of them are in agreement. They’re at a standstill with Go-eun for the moment and both head home in their separate celebmobiles, with Hyun-min saying he’d rather swim in the ocean than do that scene.

Min-ah, likewise, says she’d rather her character be shot dead. I sense a weird, weird, weird budding relationship between these two. Emphasis on the ‘weird,’ because they still hate each other. (Orrrr do they?)

However, Hyun-min remembers how Go-eun wouldn’t budge on the ocean scene and tells Min-ah that the best defense is a good offense – they should change the script themselves. On their nifty new phones, no less. How do you like them product placement apples?

No one over at World knows that Anthony is currently under arrest, while Anthony refuses to cooperate with the prosecutor. The prosecutor has been bought off, but he can only stretch the law so much – legally, he can keep Anthony without a warrant for forty-eight hours only. Anthony just has to hold on till then without confessing.

So Go-eun goes to a higher power – Director Goo. He sits Hyun-min and Min-ah down to challenge them on their demands, and suddenly they’re listening because it’s Dad talking now. (Hyun-min doesn’t miss the opportunity to call Mommy Go-eun a snitch, though.)

Both of them confirm that they will NOT be doing the kiss scene, which causes Director Goo to pull out the big guns in the form of alcohol. He reminds them that he was once an alcoholic, and that if they don’t agree to the scene and stop him, there’s no telling what’ll happen.

One glass goes down the hatch. Director Goo pours himself another: “The taste of wine… is dragging me back into alcoholism…” Ahaha. Alcoholism is not funny, but Director Goo’s tactics are when they’re hovering between self-awareness and emotional blackmail.

Hyun-min breaks first, with Min-ah following. The kiss scene is a go.

Director Goo downs another glass to Go-eun’s horror, only to pour her a drink and reveal that it’s only tea. “This is what it means to be seasoned,” he tells her. I love these two.

Meanwhile, Hyun-min and Min-ah discuss their personal terms for the kiss scene, and both of them demand pristine, clean teeth.

While Go-eun and Dong-seok try to figure out where Anthony is, his mother’s care facility calls (asking for Kim Bong-dal) with news that Mom is in critical condition. Go-eun’s in shock, considering that Anthony told her his parents were dead.

Director Nam pays a visit to the Chairman to ask him to stop sabotaging Kyungsung. The argument gets heated and Director Nam calls him… Father? Ohhhh. That explains a lot.

Apparently Director Nam hasn’t acknowledged him as his father for twenty years, and gives him an ultimatum now: Either he leaves Anthony alone, or he’ll lose his only son forever. “Please stop, I beg you,” Director Nam says. Finally, someone is speaking sense to the Chairman.

The tactic works, since Anthony is released scot-free as per the Chairman’s order. When his father asks why he’s protecting Anthony, Director Nam replies that he’s only protecting his drama.

Dad decides that today is as good a day as any to drop a bomb, and stresses to his goody two-shoes son that he’s enjoying his current position as Director because of his power. Aka, Director Nam got where he is with daddy’s connections.

This completely crushes Director Nam, the epitome of the stalwart, self-made man. What kind of dad not only knocks the wind out of his sons’ sails, but sinks the boat altogether? This guy.

Anthony calls the Chairman to thank him for the release, only to be redirected to his true savior, Director Nam. He genuinely thanks Director Nam and doesn’t press further when details aren’t divulged as to how his release was secured.

Anthony rushes over to the care center as soon as he gets a call about his mom, and at least she’s stabilized. Go-eun is already there when Anthony arrives, and asks him why he lied about his parents.

After a long silence, he responds, “I… really hated them. I hated our extreme poverty, my father who abandoned me as soon as I was born, whose face I’ve never seen, and even my blind mother. I hated them and was ashamed of them. When I got to the United States, I made a resolution that I will forget everything that happened in Korea. ‘From now on, I’m Anthony. I don’t know anything about poverty, and I grew up in the states. I’m Anthony.'”

He collects himself before continuing, “And that’s what I told everybody too – that my parents passed away, leaving me a fortune as inheritance. That I grew up with a happy childhood.” He chokes back something – a sob? “I’m… a big coward.”

Go-eun responds in the best way possible by saying nothing, and merely goes to sit by him for support. Not that he’d take it, but it’s the thought that counts.

It’s time to film the kiss scene, and we find Min-ah preparing by resignedly brushing her teeth. Hyun-min, meanwhile, has a wicked smile on his face like a cat who just ate the canary. (And then refused to swallow it.)

What’s he chewing on so attentively? Garlic. Cloves and cloves of garlic. HAHAHA. I can’t even… I just can’t. Words do not exist to describe the awesomeness of this moment, it just has to be seen. (*Still laughing*)

We see the scene play out as Go-eun originally intended, with Min-ah(‘s character) finding Hyun-min romantically playing the piano. The scene goes normally, even though it doesn’t seem all that different from Go-eun’s supposedly bland version.

They play their parts perfectly until their lips meet… and realization comes crashing down on Min-ah’s tastebuds. She reels away while Hyun-min gives a look like, “I didn’t do anything!” So everyone blames her for the NG, as he intended. Ha.

She all but hisses that he’d better brush his teeth, and Hyun-min acts all cowed now that he’s overwhelmingly won this round: “Yes, Noona.”

While sharing some quality time with her mom, Go-eun asks about a friend of hers who has a friend who maybe lied that his parents were dead when they weren’t. Does that make him a bad person?

Mom says yes. Ha. Go-eun wonders why “someone” wouldn’t see it that way, and Mom replies that that “someone” must like that person to see past that fault. And then she realizes Go-eun is talking about herself, despite all lies to the contrary.

Later that night, Go-eun watches Anthony on his rooftop from her rooftop. Min-ah shows up to reminisce about that time they broke up five years ago, after he’d successfully turned her from a rookie into the queen of melodramas.

He replies with the same old, that he’s erased all memories of her. She claims his words are lies, and that he’d ran away because he’d come to love her.

“Yes, I admit that I did like you,” Anthony stoically replies. When she asks why he left her then, he says it was because she’s an actress who should be loved by everybody.

“If that’s the only reason, don’t ever leave me again,” Min-ah says, before she kisses him.

Which, of course, Go-eun sees.


After this cliffhanger(?), I feel more confident in pinning down why exactly I tend to just roll my eyes and check out when Min-ah goes into Ex-Girlfriend Mode – I think it’s because I’ve really come to like her when she’s in every other mode but that one. It’s not just a matter of taking the good with the bad in an organic, character-development sort of way either, because something about her pseudo-romantic scenes with Anthony just rings completely false, every time. And it’s just not as fun to know her as this prankster on set with a love for her craft and professionalism, only to see that side of her disappear whenever she’s within restraining-order-distance of Anthony. It’s just odd; both sides to her are so dissonant that they feel like they’re written for two different characters.

However, now that we’ve gotten to see more of Min-ah in her natural habitat, I feel much more assured that Oh Ji-eun is perfectly capable of carrying an otherwise unlikeable character into endearing territory. But there’s no helping these sorts of scenes, where the dialogue is so on-the-nose (“I’ll make you love me”, “Don’t ever leave me again”) that there’s no wiggle room for her to play with. Sigh. I guess you can’t win ’em all.

Aside from the villains who have so far been fairly (okay, very) one-dimensional, this ensemble cast just steals my heart every episode without fail. I find myself wanting to spend more and more time with them, because their interactions are so sweet – whether it’s the World Boys walking Go-eun home, or Director Goo treating her like his confidante and equal. It makes for a lot of fun behind-the-scenes of Kyungsung Morning, enough to make Anthony’s prosecution storyline seem like the most trivial of conflicts in the scope of things, despite that not being the case.

However, Anthony was afforded even more heartwarming moments as a reward for his suffering, and the hospital hallway scene was no exception. I like that he’s becoming more and more transparent to Go-eun, affording her a peek into what makes him tick that seemingly no one else has been afforded, not even Min-ah. And Go-eun is more than up to the challenge, proving herself to be an all-around good friend to him when he needs one. It’s easy to see why Anthony and her would find such common ground in hindsight, even if that wasn’t so easy at the outset. More than the usual Opposites Attract Pairings, it’s like they both have the same sense of humor, and probably endless conversation topics in common. Most of all, I like that no matter what happens from this point on, they were friends and partners first before anything.

And I feel like I’ve said this before or something to the same effect but it’s worth repeating: Siwon is a complete riot in this role. Hyun-min would not be who he is without such dynamic facial expressions or body language, and it’s rarely ever Hyun-min’s lines that have me laughing, so much as his actions and the faces he makes while doing them. (He really is what I’d imagine Dokko Jin: The Teenage Years to be like.)

The best part is that it’s broad humor based in Hyun-min’s reality – he just wants to prank his co-star – but it never feels like it’s overly jokey or slapstick, or that brain cells must be stowed away in order to enjoy the funny. The humor in this show just hits all the right notes for me, so even if I’m unsure of where exactly this train is taking us, at least there’ll be plenty of laughs for the journey.


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  1. cg

    Finally !!
    Thanks for the recap…..
    This episode was just so awesome πŸ™‚
    This is one show, in which I like each and every character… πŸ˜€

  2. ilikemangos


    Some seriously lol moments :

    -Anthony’s troll in the beginning
    -Go-Eun’s finger twistin’ in the air during dream kiss
    -Anthony waking her up during the dream kiss
    -Hyun Min/Min-ah’s NGs
    -Garlic breath during kiss
    -Director Goo’s tea.

    The most touching one: Anthony revealing his feelings to go-eun about his past in the hospital.

    • 2.1 Maya

      Si Won and his hijinks killed me in this episode! Esp the garlic breath.. LOL!
      One of my favorite moments from the episode was when he told Go-eun that he’d buy her winter clothing and turned out she took all of the production team guys to get their winter jackets as well. It’s funny (because Siwon was not planning for that, and he kept saying that the winter is going to be warm this year, etc), but adorable as well. I really really like their camaderies..

      And every scene of Anthony and his mom was touching…

      • 2.1.1 Maya

        ^(because Hyun-min was not planning for that, ..

      • 2.1.2 Arhazivory

        Si Won will forever be the man of many comical faces. LOL. When he was watching Director gulp alcohol – his expression was priceless!

      • 2.1.3 soyabeans

        It’s also funny after the meeting with Dir Goo ended, Hyun Min blocked Min-Ah’s way with the chair. So childish! LOL

    • 2.2 Dongsaeng killer

      +100. I DIED during the NGs and garlic kiss. DIED!! πŸ˜€

      • 2.2.1 pumpkinattack

        It makes me wonder if these sorts of things go on in “real life” drama making. ;D

      • 2.2.2 racheose

        i’m still laughing whenever i read the word ‘garlic’ if you add more words like ‘breath’ i will seriously need an oxygen tank or something… i love this episode! it’s a miracle i have been able to stay away from it until now XD

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    • 3.1 Ivoire

      I know I asked this in the last recap, and I was just hoping someone might know, so I am asking again: does anyone know the title and the name of the artist who sings the English song we keep hearing in this drama?
      It is a beautiful ballad, imo. Thanks!

      • 3.1.1 cg

        ya…..i want that too….

      • 3.1.2 DJ

        I believe the artist is Big Baby Driver. But I don’t know the name of the song. I don’t think the song was officially released on music sites.

        • wunderbar

          From what I searched, yes, it seems it’s from Big Baby Driver and the title is Tuesday Song

      • 3.1.3 Ivoire

        Thanks DJ for the info, I have been looking for that song on YT with no avail. I hope that it will eventually be posted or uploaded.

        • Orion

          If it’s written for this ost, it will be out soon. πŸ˜‰

      • 3.1.4 DJ

        like what wunderbar bar has said, the song’s name seems to be “TUESDAY SONG” by Big Baby Driver.

        See here: https://www.facebook.com/Electricmuse/posts/372742256154115


        • Sabah

          Thank you!

  4. Miss D

    It was only a dream!!! HA!

    But what was she even doing with her hands!?

    • 4.1 Maya

      Borrowing Ivoire‘s words: she’s orchestrating.. maybe the romantic music she heard in her head as she got kissed.. πŸ˜€

      • 4.1.1 Ivoire

        Awwwww!!!! Maya, thank you so much for giving credit where credit is due. I see I do not talk with you on another medium for nothing (meaning it does not go to waste πŸ™‚ and you actually remember). May I say that the exact expression was “she is conducting an orchestra” πŸ™‚ (while he is kissing her).

        • Maya

          Ah yes – conducting an orchestra! I like that description… πŸ™‚

      • 4.1.2 Ivoire

        And Maya, LOL at your comment, well said!!!!!

    • 4.2 ilikemangos

      “She mostly keeps her eyes open with her arms sticking straight out like a mummy in a horror flick…”

      Was head’s depiction. hahaha

      • 4.2.1 jangerr

        I agree with Arawn! To me, it looked like she’s really struggling, trying her darnest best to resist Anthony… She knew that if she put her hands down, she’ll be grabbing Anthony and pawing all over him… So it was a huge struggle, one that required every once of her energy!!!

    • 4.3 Arawn

      For me it looked like she was trying to stop herself from grabbing Anthony… πŸ™‚ Yeah, kiss is definitely weird for her on some level, but it’s not unwanted. Anthony comes close very slowly and Go-Eun actually opens her mouth just before Anthony kisses her. Not to mention that this was her dream…

      • 4.3.1 Maya

        LOL – I was thinking that she didn’t know where to put her hands during that situation (since that supposed to be her first kiss). Like “should I put my hands on his shoulders or…”

    • 4.4 Chickletta

      Does someone see this scene also like poking fun on all the first kisses we’ve seen in Korean dramas – like an exaggeratioin of all awkwardness with eyes wide open, or rolling, hands doing the orchestra. I see it this way. It was so funny. you can see the filming of the scene here. It’s hilarious. Ryowon is giggling so much prompting Kim Myunmin to say: “You like ti so much?” And he considerately pulls her away from the doorframe saying ‘you can get hurt here” as he’s having her hands pinned to the wall. The filming scene is as funny as the drama scene. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkmkmkjMUjg

      • 4.4.1 Orion

        Oh God. Epic!

      • 4.4.2 dramamama2015

        OMG – that is so funny!

  5. NikaNika

    I came out of this episode pseudo-shipping Hyun Min and Min Ah (I’m totally a convert of hers after that hysterical slapping scene), anyone with me? Plus, they’d have such a cute portmanteau couple name, too: Min-Min (^_^)

    • 5.1 Chickletta

      I never had a problem with Minah. It’s due to the actress
      ‘s skill completely. She plays the diva with a heart beautifully. Now I’m waiting for more hilarilous and potentially romantic moments between her and Hyunmin

    • 5.2 Kate

      I love Hyun Min and Min Ah’s scenes too! They’re so hilarious yet adorable at the same time. Hahaha!

  6. nareeratty

    Thank you for the recap and providing a place for discussion with fellow KOD lovers.

    Anthony-Go Eun kissing dream was like a splash of cold water on me when Go-Eun woke up from her sleep. So I wonder how their romance is going to progress and how the sexual attention between them is going to build up. I thought there would be more tension but it seems that Anthony is already revealing parts of himself to Go Eun.

    So far, Go Eun is rather clueless in the relationship department but she’s realized that Anthony is the guy for her (though she pretends to deny it). Does this mean that Anthony has finally soften down and his ego is not so big anymore and he’ll finally realize that Go Eun is what he needs? So will he make the first move? I can’t wait for more of them!

    • 6.1 wunderbar

      Anthony has always needed GE.
      Ep1: He needed her to re-write the script
      Ep2: He needed her to go to Japan with him
      Ep5: Although at first he lied that the SBC Director re-instated her, afterwards he did say he needed her as the writer

      He needs her more than she needs him and he has more to be grateful for!

      • 6.1.1 D_Heat

        Will Anthony say a line like this?

        “You can take my drama away, my life away, my everything away, just give me Lee Go-eun.”

        EP 13 COME NOW

        • Koirv

          The scene in Ep 13! Truck scene is the best! I thought it was too cliche, but boom, sorry I’m proved to be wrong again.

          This drama is pure genius.
          Best drama of life.

          • whitewire

            My life or yours? Damn, is that even a question?! Everyone’s lives of course. Best drama. πŸ™‚

  7. rynea

    Seriously, this drama just makes my day. And it won’t be really complete without this recap. Thanks again HeadsNo2 for this wonderful recap.

    I’m glad that Hong Sung Chang is the director of this drama. I don’t think if it will be the same if it fell in the hands of another director. I’m even tempted to watch the BTS just to see if they have a tape measure around the set. Hee.

    I’m afraid for Anthony after this episode, because it’s leading to a darker story. I don’t even want to think about it but it won’t go away. Not after the revelation about Director Nam and the Chairman’s relationship. It was actually foreshadowed, but then, I don’t think the father-son story stops there. Oh, I don’t want to think about Anthony’s past right now coz I’m scared for him and for his already battered inner self.

    But then, why am I worrying? Go Eun is there. She’s like Anthony’s personal sun. He gravitates towards her. He even dropped at her studio just to report the ratings when he can just call her and talk it over the phone.

    I like Anthony so much, but why do I get the feeling that he used Min-Ah’s feelings for him to make her a top star. It’s like he’s prepping her for something big, and he wanted Min-Ah to use those emotions to get her to the top. Is he using the same tactic with Go Eun, too? No… no.. I don’t believe that. But he did grab her to made her feel nervous so she’d know what a melodrama feels like. He even said that from now on Go Eun should do the rest on her own, so he did really play with her emotions. And now I realized, really just now, that Go Eun was into the joke. She knew what Anthony’s done and it’s frustrating her cause she’s affected. Oh, I’m glad I got around that.

    • 7.1 soyabeans

      Oooh, that’s a nice insight, rynea – about GE realising it as a joke.

      Yeah, I was thinking how could AK be drunk in one moment and so sober the next. It has gotta be him faking being drunk.

    • 7.2 autleaf

      If it is true that Anthony is manipulating Go Eun emotionally to feel the melodramatic scenes the same way he did to Min-Ah, I want GE to troll A back. Payback time much like the hospital wake-up scene, as all’s fair in love and war. Heehee…

      • 7.2.1 Koirv

        A payback time would definitely be most interesting!!!

  8. anais

    “More than the usual Opposites Attract Pairings, it’s like they both have the same sense of humor, and probably endless conversation topics in common.”

    You’re so right. I didn’t make the connection til you said the above, but I now realize that Go Eun and Anthony have similar backgrounds, except Go Eun is the healthy version of Kim Bong Dal. Both were raised by single moms who had to work for their survival. But Go Eun enjoyed more security and warmth, largely because her mother wasn’t blind, they consequently dirt door and she angry at the world for her abjection. It’ll be lovely to see her help Anthony heal enough to embrace his painful past and forgive himself.

  9. Mystisith

    I don’t feel cheated for the Go-eun/Anthony kiss because I think it’s an hilarious drama joke: A dream can hide another dream.
    That trolling kiss by Hyun-min… OMG! At one point I thought we would have a reenactment of the IRIS “candy kiss” with a clove of garlic. Hahaha…
    I agree completely with Heads about Min-ha: They are trying to use her in 2 different “sets of clothes” and I very much prefer the bickering version as the lovesick ex-GF.
    I’m pretty much clueless about what’s left for the 4 last episodes: My gut feeling says “emotional”. I still hope they will keep the hysterical comedy moments. I want the girls to troll the men too! πŸ™‚

    • 9.1 Arawn

      I also like the fact that it was a dream because that means that Go-Eun has started to see Anthony as a man. She tries to deny it and stop thinking about him but clearly she’s failing… πŸ˜€ In the last episode it was Anthony who was looking at Go-Eun like a woman and in this episode it’s the other way around. As a development in their relationship it’s very good, because it shows how their sexual attraction grows so that when they actually kiss & get together (hopefully!), it will not come out of nowhere.

      • 9.1.1 rynea

        When Go Eun woke up, I was kinda thinking, what if it’s not a dream? What if the kiss was real and Anthony just trolled her? Oh, the fantasies.

  10. 10 John


    Thank you for the recap. That episode was funny. The wife and I were dying.

    Poor Go-eun ! Having dreams of Anthony..

  11. 11 ilikemangos

    “This is basically like an hour of Punk’d for drama lovers, except it’s funny. Really, really funny. ”
    Anthony trolled Go-Eun.
    Min-ah trolled Hyun-min. Vice versa.
    Director Goo trolled min-ah AND hyun-min.

    I swear to god even i was trolled.
    Usually i see dream sequences from a mile away, but they totally got me when Go-Eun woke up from that kiss.
    Maaaaan. LOL.

    -Also, i loved the little moments in this ep like when Anthony stopped by to tell Go-Eun about episode 2’s ratings and SMILED, Go-Eun totally melted, only to have him kill the moment by talking about her inexperience.

    • 11.1 ilikemangos

      Oh right, i also have to add in the I AM YOUR FATHER moment with director nam and Chairman amongst the trolls. who would’ve known?

      • 11.1.1 Mystisith

        You have to love a show which manages to pull the carpet under your feet with such class: You find yourself buttocks on the ground but still the only thing you can do is laughing.

      • 11.1.2 random person

        Loved the trolling! I think they’re mocking overused drama tricks. Director Nam and Chairman sort of reflect the oft-use Luke Skywalker-Darth Vader angst. I WTH-ed then LOL-ed when he shouted “Ahbuji!” It was funny.

        Hyun Min and Minah are hilarious when trolling each other, although he seems to be the instigator (making funny faces, NG on purpose as she kneeled in the snow). Glad that Minah served it back with the slapping. hah.

    • 11.2 Pinkeu

      Oh, that moment! That heavenly moment! Hahahaha! I kept on smiling silently. Anthony smiled at Go-eun and poooof! She was lovestruck! Haha! Cutie!

  12. 12 eeeeek

    Have you guys checked out the twitter account Siwon made for Hyun-min? It’s SO FUNNY.


    • 12.1 DayDreamer

      It’s in Korean, a totally unfamiliar language to me, and the auto-translation is horrible so I guess I’ll have to miss out on the jokes. πŸ™

  13. 13 Arawn

    I actually LOVED development for the villains in this episode. For me it made them more three dimensional than before. At first I thought that Oh Ji-Wan’s reason to hate Anthony was very lame, but late started to appreciate it. It somehow fits his character very well, because in fact he doesn’t hate Anthony for something that Anthony has done but for something that HE did himself. It’s just that he cannot bear the guilt and so reflects it on Anthony. It wasn’t his fault, it was Anthony’s fault! And by destroying Anthony he is, in fact, trying to destroy his own guilt for abandoning his father.

    But the Chairman, that one I liked even more. Because, to be honest, I felt BAD for the Chairman! This man is clearly ruthless and even cruel in his business and yet he loves his son so much that he gave up on his man hunt on Anthony even though he hates Anthony’s guts and even though the said son has rejected him for 20 years. Rejection hurts, it really hurts and so he does what so many of us, do: he cuts back by revealing that it was him who made it happen so that director Nam got his place (even though he says this to hurt his son, doesn’t it also show that he still cares very much because he DID pull all the strings for director Nam even though, as said, latter has utterly rejected him?). It’s wrong but I can understand this. And later, when Chairman is sitting alone in his room holding his head in his hands… He’s in pain. It hurts. And why wouldn’t it?

    This all doesn’t mean that he isn’t a bad person, it doesn’t lessen his wrong doings nor doesn’t it mean that he shouldn’t be held accountable. But it made him human.

    Also, I like what this does to the character of director Nam. To get your job by the very means you’ve always hated and done best to avoid?… You thought that you are better than them, that you’ll succeed on your own without anybody’s help – and it was a lie. It must really suck for him.

    • 13.1 mia

      But exactly WHY did the chairman hates Anthony so ? The man was his former employee and was good at his job ( before he was kicked out ) and Anthony was the one who planted the seed, as the chairman himself puts it, for his ambitious dream to expand his empire.

      What specific sin did Anthony commits to the chairman to warrant such a vendetta ?

      • 13.1.1 mary

        How long has Anthony been in the business?

        Maybe Anthony caused the rift between father and son. You know how ruthless and drama-obsessed the old Anthony was… But 20 years ago seems to be impossible for my theory. :/

        • Arawn

          Well, Anthony is around 39 old according to drama info and director Nam has been rejecting his father for 20 years. So when the rift happened, Anthony was only 19 years old. Hardly an age to be in such a position where one could create a immense rift between father and son.

          Chairman clearly feels betrayed by Anthony so it has something to do with that. However, it’s also clear that Anthony doesn’t know the source of Chairmans antagonism so it might something similar to Oh Ji-Wan’s reason to hate Anthony. Psychologically, I mean, not of course literally.

      • 13.1.2 Arawn

        To be honest, I have no idea. And I would really like to know why does he hate Anthony so much. I hope drama will tell us.

        • Pinkeu

          And it needs 4 more episodes to deal up and seal up everything. 20 eps ftw!

      • 13.1.3 autleaf

        Hmmm, I could understand the Chairman’s anger after Anthony exploited the land deal to get investment money (although one might want to remind the Chairman that he started the ball rolling by blocking funds to World Productions in the first place). But I think there’s still another reason why the Chairman is so eager to have Antony out of Empire 3years ago and still hate him to this day. Let’s hope the writer will get the time to explore this. 20 episodes please!

        • Koirv

          A lot of things to reveal! I’m interested how Writer Jung will react when she finds out that her house was ambushed by the “newlyweds” Anthony & Go-eun!

          Loooooots of things to cover! 8 episodes more please!

  14. 14 Arhazivory

    I really love your comments Heads, especially this one: “This drama is starting to freak me out with all its healthy portrayals of parent/child relationships. Is King trying to tell me that parents can actually love and support their children without controlling every aspect of their lives? Horrors.”

    I love the relationship between mother and son.

    And I actually felt sorry for the Chairman. He’s a bad guy yes but at the end of the day, he cares so much about his son that he gave up his revenge for someone that played so much money out of him.

  15. 15 Orion

    Thanks for the recap.

    I have to say, the kiss floored me. I laughed so hard. I laughed because, the minute he said “This is how I think of you”, I knew she was imagining/dreaming it. Then they did exactly what I wanted them to. Showed us a perfect example of a bad kdrama kiss.

    Passionate pose/come on from the guy: Check
    Barely touching lips despite the passionate pose: Check
    Girl not knowing what to do with her face/body: Check
    Kissing the cheek and not the mouth, thinking it’s not obvious to viewers: Check
    Sexy directing despite non-sensual kiss: Check

    This is a lot of what makes a bad kdrama kiss which they attempt to show as good. Of course, there is worse, but this was very bad too. Having seen this I a) love the series even more and b) hope that they show a hell of a kiss for them or then no kiss at all. If they do go there, I expect a proper one.

    Second topic: Go Eun’s mom. See, when you write a character well and cast them well too, you get this. She feels like Go Eun’s mom. You can believe, 100%, that this daughter came from that mom. They feel right, they feel real and they are adorable. I squee like a little girl when mommy is all proud and happy.

    As for Hyun Min and Min Ah, simply hilarious. Siwon’s willingness to make fun of himself and even his looks is just something to be respected in an industry obsessed with perfection. The chin comment had me in stitches. I don’t listen to his music and never really liked him much, but it’s simply not possible to not dig the guy after this. Praise Shisus.

    Then we have the villains. I have to say, I loved what they did with Oh Ji Wan. Until now, his wickedness was disproportionate to Anthony’s “crime”. A job is something you choose. Being that wicked over it means you’re psycho and as much as I loved secretary Mo in ‘Salaryman’, a psycho villain would not make sense in this series and is also difficult to make genuinely creepy and not just mustache-twirling baddie. It’s obvious not making it to his father’s side is Ji Wan’s fault. No matter what the job, you can quit or walk away. He chose not to and it’s not something he can blame on Anthony. However, denial is a strong thing and no one wants to admit they disappointed a loved one by their own actions. He is projecting. The reason I love this is because it does give him a reasonable excuse for being a villain, but doesn’t make him less of one. To him this is a very strong and very sad reason to hate Anthony, but because it’s really his fault, we can still see him as in the wrong. I feel that finally gave him the layers he needed.

    As for the Chairman, what a d*ck. Again, a rich baddie is a rich baddie, but when you see just how deep his wickedness goes, it elevates him. His own son. Not only did he invade his son’s life and disrespect his son’s ways, but he didn’t even have the heart to keep it a secret and not hurt his child. He is unforgivable. He’s too old and has seen enough of life to make such mistakes. Maybe he should think of why Nam has been rejecting him for 20 years. But such people don’t. They just want control over and surrender from the people and things they feel they should own.

    Going to Anthony and his story, brilliant. I loved the hospital hallway scene, because it’s exactly the adult romance I want. Two people, sitting side by side and sharing their personal space. What more personal than pouring our your soul to someone? It can be a friend or even a stranger, but that there was more human and more emotional and stronger a bond than all of the “love stories” of rom-com kdramas combined. And the acting, of course, excellent.

    Last, but not least, I can’t say I find Min Ah confusing or erratic. Who you are at work is not who you are in relationships. If anything, she feels very real. People who want control and to look composed are that way because they are, in fact, very chaotic and emotional. It’s a defense mechanism to hide it to others. If a guy walked out on you just as you thought you’d be good enough, this is exactly what would happen, to a weaker person. She doesn’t want him just to have him or because her pride was hurt or she’s just clingy, like most such characters, which are annoying. She is actually traumatized and does “love” him. Which is why she tries to be the top melo queen so hard. It’s even defining who she is in her career. The thing here is, where will they go with it? If she does realize she has to let go and doesn’t go all psycho on us, I’ll be glad. It’s so offending to anyone who finds it tough getting over someone, always being portrayed as obsessed psychos. Some people can find it hard to let go and still not be insane, you know. πŸ˜›

    • 15.1 Arawn

      Gah. You said it better than I could. I agree almost with everything. Only thing I see a bit differently is the Chairman, but then again, as I said elsewhere, I’m just overtly empathetic person. I could probably feel bad even for Hitler if he was portrayed in a right way. πŸ˜›

      Your take on Mina was spot on, I have to say. I think one thing that really affected her is the fact that she doesn’t know why Anthony dumped her. I feel that this is legit and that she has a right to know – that Anthony owes her this much (but nothing more). Of course it often happens that we don’t get to know the reasons why we are erased from some people’s lives and we just have to move on without it, but I still think that it is something people SHOULD tell and have a right to know. It’s just that life is not fair and all.

      That hospital scene really almost broke my heart. I could feel his pain, I could almost touch it. Especially when he admitted that he had hated even his mother. How much guilt must one feel to hate his own mother who has never been anything but kind and nice? And I couldn’t call him a bad person for denying his mother publicly because for me words matter less than actions. He may have said he has no mother but he never abandoned his mother. On the contrary, he supported his mother, made sure she doesn’t live in poverty and has all the medical aid she needs and frequently visited her to keep her company. Their relationship is very realistic and wonderful depiction of mother-son relationship. I love it.

    • 15.2 Laeah

      I don’t think it’s love. I think she wants to be accepted by him. I think her feelings would disappear if Mina and Anthony ever got together. In my opinion, she simply wants to know that she is worthy of his love. It’s kind of sick, but that is why she is obsessed. He’s probably the only person to ever break up with her and he wasn’t serving her like the rest of the people around her. Anyway, she might think it’s love but it’s not.

      • 15.2.1 Orion

        Which is why love was in “” signs. I think she does care for him, but she’s mistaking that care and her sadness over being rejected for love. Remember, he wasn’t with her when others were serving her. He was probably the only one telling her she’ll be a great actress, at the time. He was the one who wanted to help her fulfill her dream and his wish to do that became her dream too, in time.

        As you say, she thinks she’s in love and she does care for the guy, but it’s no longer a care that can hold a relationship. From either side.

    • 15.3 Laeah

      It’s her ego that got bruised, not her heart.

      • 15.3.1 whitewire

        Ohhhhh sooooo trueeeee

        She wouldn’t allow it that everyone loves her because she’s TOPSTAR SUNG MINA, then Anthony just “liked” her in the past and then broke up with her?!

        It’s Mina’s ego for sure.

    • 15.4 nareeratty

      After reading your post, I went back to recheck the Anthony-Go Eun kiss scene. Did Anthony just kiss her cheek!? I totally fell for it! After watching it a few times, I realized that if they’re really kissing then we shouldn’t be able to catch any glimpses of Go Eun’s mouth. Gosh…I don’t understand…why??

      • 15.4.1 Orion

        Yep. Cheek. And the shot from far away was even further away from her lips than the close-up. That’s how they do it and they think they’re fooling viewers. I sure hope they’re not. XD But this is what they were making fun of with this kiss, among other things.

        I guess it’s a combo of reasons for it. Prudish director, production, actor or actress, agency of actor or actress, maintaining a pure image and all that crap. If even one person out of those with a say in it objects and is too old(way old)-school, it doesn’t happen.

        Which is why it feels like such an accomplishment when it does. It’s like “Hallelujah! ALL of them agreed, for once!”. πŸ˜›

        As I said in another comment, if they do have a real kiss here, it has to be an awesome and realistic one. Having made fun of it, they can’t slip up there.

    • 15.5 MojoJojo

      ^ All of this! lol. You said it better than I ever could.

    • 15.6 Bu Young

      Beautiful analysis!
      Loved your kissing check list, especially the chin part

    • 15.7 Quincy

      I totally agree with you on go-eun and her mom! The chemistry, the vibes and even down to the way they smile.. I might start hallucinating that they are mother and daughter in real life! Haha

  16. 16 faranak

    hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€ sooooo funny,specialy hyun mins kiss part,,,,, πŸ™‚

  17. 17 Minnetter (aka: Min)

    you know what would really take the cake in the surprise cake?? is if the Chairman were Anthony’s no good father….

    • 17.1 Arawn

      Well, that would be a surprise but not a pleasant one. I hope he isn’t.

    • 17.2 Orion

      Birth secrets are too melo for this to be a main thing here. It was ok for Nam, because they didn’t play it like melo and create any “oooh, secret” ground for it. Also, he’s not a main character. It was sort of just revealed to us, without the whole “wannabe-epic” build-up, which is why it was surprising and cool. Birth secrets are simply no longer surprising. I hope they won’t do that here and trust them enough to be fairly sure.

    • 17.3 deeko

      Was definitely thinking that also… but like the others mentioned, I truly hope not. That “I’m your father” gag has no place in this drama, please.

  18. 18 Laeah

    I like that we are starting to see motivations now and that characters are being less 2d that they were before. Cept for like HyunMina

    Oh that last Kiss irked me!!! πŸ™ Didn’t want to see it, felt disgusted.

    Mina needs to realize that what she is feeling isn’t love and should move on.

    I hope its just a catalyst for further romance, but in real life, I don’t think it would be possible for me to keep my budding feelings going after seeing that, even if it’s onesided. Hopefully GoEun will see Anthony push Mina away or something. πŸ™

    Anyway I love that GoEun is the one that Anthony trusts to open up to. That is more romantic and loving than a sexy kiss – not that I wouldn’t want one between them!!

    But anyway, once again, cant wait for next Monday!!! ><

  19. 19 Noelle

    F-off Min Ah. You belong with the child that is Hyun Min. As soon as you realize that the better.

    Thanks for the recap!

  20. 20 nareeratty

    When Anthony smiled when he came to report the 2nd episode rating to Go Eun, I think the director could have show him in a better camera angle or the make up team could have done a little more cover up for him.

    Oh well, maybe there shouldn’t be a closed up shoot of him….we can see his wrinkles too clearly and his face appears longer and his lips seem thicker and so he looks a bit weird to me in that smile shot. Maybe age is really a cruel thing……

    • 20.1 Orion

      a) The guy is only 40 and b) I think that’s one of the big problems with kdrama and kdrama fans. Wanting to always see spotless faces. People wrinkle when they smile, if they’re not plastic up the wazoo and applying 20 creams a day. And they don’t all have doll features. He’s a nice-looking man of his age (we’re spoiled by celebrities, but normal Korean guys aren’t models). He just looks human. Saying they should pretty him up or not do a close up because nature looks “off” is not a good way to look at people or entertainment. It’s also sad to let our standards get so high that we can’t enjoy good-looking people or charming people because they’re not the idea of “perfect” they’re trying to force on us. I hope you’re not offended and it is your personal taste and right to have it, but that’s just how I feel.

      The only thing about that smile that was “weird” was the not-fully-enjoying-it aspect. He didn’t look like he was smiling with his eyes and soul. Which I assume was deliberate. Anthony does care about ratings, but then Kim Myung Min needs to save the really charming smiles for the romance and for Anthony’s more “real” moments. However, when Go Eun has fallen for him, the first sign of a wide smile would send her packing. It may not have been one of his most charming smiles to us, but it was to her and that’s the point. Reminds me of what Yeochi was saying in ‘Salaryman’. “He’s tall. And handsome.”. The guys we like just seem perfect to us. πŸ˜‰

      • 20.1.1 deeko

        I completely agree with what you just said…

        Who cares if he had laugh lines or is showing his age? The only thing that struck me about that smile was that it did seem forced… The moments when he does smile genuinely at Go Eun is when she’s not watching. KMM is a really great actor if he did this intentionally. I’m sold!

      • 20.1.2 Laeah

        I agree. Why are people so disgusted with aging? Everyone will age!

        He is so attractive!!!

      • 20.1.3 Arawn

        About the kiss with Mina… I have a small hope that it will be one of those frequently used drama tropes played differently. By trope I mean this “main female/male witnessing second male/female lead kissing main lead’s romantic interest” which leads to major misunderstandings as main leads always dart away before then can see the whole scene unfold. I was kinda hoping that Go-Eun would stay and see Anthony push Mina away.

        • Orion

          Same here. Or then put her ass in gear and get flirty. Why do all the kdrama women get mad/disappointed and not just try, at least? Or stick around to make sure? XD

          • Arawn

            Haha. That one wasn’t supposed to be a comment on your comment. Well, guess it doesn’t matter. I do agree with everything you say about aging and stuff, anyway. I find KMM almost criminally attractive WITH all his wrinkles and everything. Of course not all do, which is cool, we have different tastes, but why we should hide all wrinkles, folds and everything that makes us human? I actually dislike those perfect doll like features many Korean actresses/actors display after their plastic surgeries and same goes for their Western counterparts. This is why I like HBO very much because they know how to cast talented actors who look like real people and now walking porcelain dolls.

            Also, wouldn’t be just fantastic if Go-Eun really decided to go all “seduce Anthony” mode? πŸ˜€ She would do it somewhat clumsily as she has no experience and Anthony would be totally at loo in the beginning. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ But well, I guess this is too much to ask, a female lead in Korean drama who actively pursues her romantic interest.

          • Arawn

            Aaaaaahahaha. Anthony would be at LOSS! Not at the loo. What the hell did I just write. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      • 20.1.4 Koirv

        Yup yup, speak it up Orion! Flower boys do annoy me sometimes.

      • 20.1.5 nareeratty

        Actually, I didn’t mind his laugh lines/ wrinkles that much but as I mentioned before the smile has this weird feeling to it. So I attributed it to his wrinkles or mouth. I guess you explained it better saying that the smile was forced. Maybe because his mouth was not really engaged in the smile hence it looked weird.

        Were his smiles more genuine when GO Eun’s not looking? Now I have to re-watch those scenes again. I remembered him laughing previously and I loved it.

        • Orion

          Yep. Anthony is still being all “Must show poker-face” to her. So his best smiles are when she’s not looking. Kim Myung Min is the master, after all. πŸ˜‰

      • 20.1.6 cici_nomaden

        I agree, it actually kinda scares me how “smooth” people’s faces look like as they age in Kdrama (you know, after you’re seeing their faces over time in different kdrama shows over the years). There’s something endearing and wise about natural wrinkles. Smooth despite of time just looks so fake and in denial to me.

    • 20.2 Nakai

      Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. I think he looks good.

      Anyway people should just concentrate on the story.

      • 20.2.1 orinji

        He is sexy as far as I’m concerned.

  21. 21 Suzi Q

    LMAO! I laughed so much in this episode. One of the best!

    Si Won is hilarious! He’s like the Korean Aston Kutcher who’d Punked Min Ah! Love his dorky facial expressions and agree that he reminds me of a younger Dokku Jin also!

    Supposedly the garlic episode really happened to two actors in Hollywood who were supposed to do a kissing scene. Probably got the same reaction…LOL!

    Totally agree that they are more friends than romantic confidants at this point, but Go Eun is starting to even dream about Anthony which is weird but funny.

    Min Ah is a pushy pest who only hears what she wants to hear and won’t take no for an answer. Anthony has admitted that he USED to like her, but she’s acting similar to a stalker. Just don’t like her romance? in this drama.

  22. 22 OMG

    “This drama is starting to freak me out with all its healthy portrayals of parent/child relationships. Is King trying to tell me that parents can actually love and support their children without controlling every aspect of their lives? Horrors”

    Tis quote got me dying of laughter…..n what’s sad is its so true…all kdrama parents are either controlling, manipulative bitches or drunkard leavingcuzitsdbestthingformychild dads n so-on….

  23. 23 Bu Young

    Favorite line :"I find myself wanting to spend more and more time with them, because their interactions are so sweet – whether it’s the World Boys walking Go-eun home, or Director Goo treating her like his confidante and equal."

    So true! I keep dreading the end but it's so close :/
    Now that

  24. 24 ladysarahii

    I agree, Siwon is a riot. For me, I’m just as fascinated with the brotherly type friendship he has with Go-eun as I am in the romantic relationship Go-en has with Anthony.

    My favorite part was when Hyun-Min and Min-ah decide to rewrite the script, and he’s like, “Let’s change this” and the only thing he circles is: “He kisses her.” (At least that was how it was according to the subtitles.) Haha!

  25. 25 Bu Young

    Favorite line :"I find myself wanting to spend more and more time with them, because their interactions are so sweet – whether it’s the World Boys walking Go-eun home, or Director Goo treating her like his confidante and equal."

    So true! I keep dreading the end but it's so close :/
    Now that I think about it, Go-Eun and Bong Dal's (Lmao, I'm no longer calling him Anseony) relationship is soooo realistic the way you described it. I think I might quote that on tumblr. Kdramas are all about opposites attract but in reality, that barely happens. We often like people who we share so much in common with. I love the fact that they're friends and not just romantic partners (yet) and the fact he trusts her more than himself and how she trusts him enough to give up everything.

    What a beautiful and honest relationship. Is it Monday yet?

    • 25.1 Bu Young

      I love Si-Won in this role too!! I wanted to fast forward all the angst part to the his parts. Even Min- Ah and the repeated slaps made me laugh so much I cried!

  26. 26 Bu Young

    I basically ship Hyun-Min with every female I’ve seen in this drama, lol: Bit Na (which I’m still surprised that they actually have a regular boyfriend and girlfriend relationship by the way), Min-Ah, and Go Eun.

    Sorry for the multiple post, Kept pressing enter by accident.

    • 26.1 ladysarahii

      I’m definitely shipping him with Min-Ah. I think in the van scene, when they conspired to change the plot, you could see moments of her exasperation with him fading. Plus, it feels like a boy with a crush who doesn’t know how to deal with it so he pulls her pigtails.

      Oh, and did you see the scene after the director fakes them out with the drinking, and Hyun-Min runs out of there so fast he spins his chair around, so Min-Ah rather sheepishly turns it back around and pushes it back in. HA.

      I wondered if Min-Ah pushing the chair back in was intended or an ad-lib. It was so funny.

    • 26.2 orinji

      I ship him with BIT-NA. Bit-na gave her full trust because she knows her boyfriend is top star Kang Hyun-min. Even if she worries about the kiss scene of Hyun-min, she kept on giving him support! Support! Support!

      Basically, Bit-na and Hyun-min’s relationship is really based on TRUST. I like that!

      I don’t think Mina deserves Hyun-min or Anthony.
      Mina deserves Oh Jin-wan, seriously.

      No sarcasm or whatnot, I just hope Mina ends up with Oh Jin-wan. They look hot together. πŸ™‚

      • 26.2.1 Koirv

        Exactly my thoughts.

        Hyun-min & Bit-na
        Anthony & Go-eun
        Mina & Jin-wan

      • 26.2.2 orinji

        I’m sorry: Bit-na gave HIM full trust. πŸ™‚

        Bit-na and Hyun-min’s relationship is fully based on trust. Even if there’s kiss scene, Bit-na worries, but still supported him! Trust-based relationship! β™₯ I ship them.

        Mina, on the other hand, will just have her ego boosted when “top star” Kang Hyun-min falls in-love with her. Let her be with Oh Jin-wan instead.

  27. 27 deeko

    MAN… This episode was great! I preferred episode 11 though because the time Anthony and Go Eun spent together. Of course, this episode belonged to Hyun Min and Min-Ah, so i’m satisfied.

    Ha! First off, that dream kiss was more than great! I love that despite her constant complaining about the man, she ends up sharing a kiss with him (although I was disappointed by how that kiss panned out). I must have played that scene ten times… The commanding way Anthony approached her in the dream, I wonder if he could do that in reality. So far, he’s “trolled” her in every instance their faces are less than five inches apart. I wonder if I’ll ever believe they will ever kiss after all.

    Hmm, I have mixed feelings about the villians. I’d say Manager Oh is more dangerous than The Chairman, but even him, I’m not sure how harmful he really is. I honestly think his reason for revenge is heartbreaking but misdirected. I feel like I might end up rolling my eyes everytime he shows up to try and ruin Anthony… Another annoying villain attack commences.

    As for the father-son news, ugh… I’m now even suspicious of the conflict that will arise from this. What if Director Nam becomes negatively impacted by the news and starts to question his integrity… and become a possible obstacle for Anthony?

    So far, I’m loving the flow of the drama. It sucks though that they gave Min-ah that last scene. I was starting to respect the woman. I suspect it’s a writing scheme to delay the pace of romance between Go Eun and Anthony. I just know Go Eun is going to feel flustered and discouraged by witnessing that rooftop kiss.

    At first, I’d hoped it was Go Eun coming to meet him at the rooftop and then… my face fell when Min-Ah walked up. Ugh. She’s half comic relief, half nuisance.

    Besides that, the rest of the cast are so heartwarming. The relationships between Go Eun, Anthony and the World Boys are beyond adorable! It’s like Anthony is Grumpy Dad, Go Eun is the kind, happy-going mother and the World Boys are their children… I always smile when they’re together.

    Director Goo’s trick on Min-Ah and Hyun Min was epic! Hahah, he’s too cute!

    How I wish it was Monday already…

    • 27.1 orinji

      Really? IMO this episode belonged to the dream of Go-eun with Anthony. πŸ™‚ Basically, still Go-eun & Anthony. Ahh β™₯

  28. 28 green_umbrella

    very good. very nice.

  29. 29 Fasiris Fay

    This episode was downright hilarious! Loved every bit of it…can’t wait for next week!

  30. 30 Liliana

    Hi! LOVE this show! Besides how funny it is, the production and the actors are awesome. I do agree that Min ah’s character is a lil weird. It’s like she has split personalities. One where she’s a 3 dimensional character ( the actress) and one where she’s a stereotypical K-drama antagonist ( love sick puppy). I LOVE Hyun-Min’s laugh. He can just laugh and not say anything actually funny and I crack up. It’s like a hearty lil boy’s laugh. =0 )

    • 30.1 wunderbar

      Does Siwon laugh like that in real life?

      • 30.1.1 Kate

        hahaha lol. I want to know this too. Any Siwon fans out there that would care to enlighten us? πŸ™‚

        • Iammad

          not quite.. he has a sharp tone when laughing

      • 30.1.2 tizamel

        haha his real laugh is really similar! but in the drama it’s still very forced ^^

  31. 31 Liliana

    Does anyone know what the name of the song is that they tend to play a lot in the background? It says something like “Never say goodbye”… I love it but can’t find it anywhere. Granted the rest of the lyrics are in another language… =0 (

  32. 32 Liliana

    I swear this is my last post! But also, is it definite that there will be no extension?? I keep reading about only 4 more epis.
    How sad!!!

    • 32.1 Femme

      Here’s still hoping! But the writer is immensely good, I have to keep my faith that he can maximize the 4 remaining eps (just like what he’s been doing all along).

      But! Here’s hoping!

  33. 33 KimYoonmi

    I thought this was the best episode so far. We got more dimension to our villians, the humor was spot on, and we got little bits of character development for all characters involved. Plus the pacing picked up.

    I’m really hoping though that there won’t be new episodes added… and if they do have to do it–write it in, please. The meta on meta was funny. And I loved the meta of “this iswhere the melodrama starts” and the mention of a “Kiss scene” and then there is one, but it is faked, yet still serves to develop the characters.

    This episode was love.

  34. 34 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap.And your comments.I can’t even say much as the episode itself was so funny.As a stand alone episode in any drama that was actually a fantastic episode.That dream kiss and waking up to the real Anthony.My oh my,can’t even describe how I feel bad for her.
    The garlic kiss.’Nuff said… Still laughing.

  35. 35 Abbie

    Yes! I love this show so much! I think I’ve said that lots of times before, but it never stops being true. The characters (sans villains) are so real and they make me smile all the way through (particularly Hyun-min) that I can’t not love this show. It’s just so great!

    I felt bad for Go-eun in that last scene, and frustrated at Anthony, and angry at Min-ah. Seriously, what is that woman’s problem? I like her, and then she pulls the clingy-ex-girlfriend act and I hate her. Seriously, it’s giving my whiplash.

    I loved the dream-kiss sequence, and felt so bad for Go-eun when Anthony came in. I seriously think he’s just messing with her whenever he brings up her lack of boyfriend experience. Because he likes her. Or is starting to. I hope they kiss (REALLY kiss) soon.

    Thanks for the recap, Heads!

  36. 36 katiamon

    The kiss scene took my breath away but i knew it was too awesome to be truth. The characters are great, i know anthony was a total son of gun when he was king but i want him to succeed against all odds. Go eun is perfect for him, it’s actually true what you said: they are both alike and have been friends (sort of…) before falling for each other. I can’t wait for the plot to unravel and the momment when anthony realizes his feelings.
    Min ah and hyung min’s diva war is great, i’m a total shipper for these two… They just crack me up with laughter. Sorry bit na.
    Thanks for the recap Heads!!! πŸ™‚

  37. 37 @RougeNail

    I actually find the dream kiss hot! At least way hotter than most other k-drama “real” kisses? Though no obvious lip contact (yet? Probably saving it for when the “real” kiss comes?), there’s the sizzling build-up, against the wall and hand action going on.Β 

    Ep 12 is like The Kiss ep. It’s as if the writer went ” you want kissing scenes? Fine, I’ll give you kissing scenes. Bam! All 3 of them in 1 ep! Get ’em over & done with!” haha

    The show is still exciting to watch, still eagerly anticipating the next ep. Kinda missing the suspenseful Anthony-hustle moments though, now that the conflicts in these latest 2 eps got such easy, convenient resolutions. But guess they are moving away from those and building up the romance and comedy angle now. Which they’ve delivered! The Hyun Min-Min Ah moments gave us the biggest laughs! Garlic kiss! Sucha childish prank. So in line with the spoilt, juvenile star concept.

    With just 4 more eps to go (no news of extension yet? Boo!), wondering how the Min Ah-Anthony-Go Eun budding love triangle will pan out? I thought it looked as thought Anthony kissed Min Ah back? If they gonna work in a Anthony-Min Ah detour, how are they gonna squeeze in enough material / time to bring the Anthony-Go Eun OTP to fruition? Really curious how they gonna follow up on the rooftop kiss in Ep 13. So exciting!

    Oh, and I hope Director Nam doesn’t quit now that he’s found out how his position really came about.

    P.S. Looked through some of Kim Myung Min past work, and I find Anthony Kim is KMM’s sexiest incarnation yet (the tight 3-piece suits played a big part!) I’ll agree that conventionally, KMM looks aren’t your typical eye candy type. His voice though? Total ear candy!!! Yep, I’m of those who find the charismatic, talented, baritone-voiced KMM hot. There I’ve said it;)

    Also, I liked it when they worked in that moment in Ep 11 where Go Eun totally checked out Anthony’s butt while they were searching for the laptop. Ha!

    • 37.1 deeko

      I agree. His voice is a dream… Wow.

    • 37.2 Nakai

      I think she’s supposed to feel touched that he was trying so hard to clear her name. I dont know why the shot was to his butt. lol I was totally checking it out too.

    • 37.3 orinji

      I also think that Anthony kissed Mina back.

      • 37.3.1 wunderbar

        That’s what I thought too, that AK kissed MA. And I was so disappointed! But there are some who thought he pulled away, so I hope they’re right!

      • 37.3.2 Chickletta

        I think he just stood there, maybe taken aback by her boldness, but it didn’t seem like he was responding.

  38. 38 WaWa

    Thank you for the recap Heads! I love this show!

  39. 39 Maily

    Anyone knows the title and the singer of the song played at the beginning of this episode, after the “bed scene”? Thank you in advance

  40. 40 Sajen

    I too like perhaps even love Min-ah outside of the weird ex-girlfriend thing that frankly seems out of character for her. I mean really except when forced to deal with the adult-child that is Hyun-min she’s quite mature, adult, calm and well reasonable when it comes to work, she might have her own diva issues but nothing that big that we’ve seen. I mean think about last episode after the plagiarism issue was dealt with she apologized to Go-eun first in an adult non child way, compared to Hyun-min’s childish not really an apology apology. Hyun-min might be the fun one but I wouldn’t want to have to deal with him.

    I’m starting to think the relationships are never going to move beyond the budding stage, only 2 weeks and mostly thankfully no extension, which makes me wish this was on cable so there’d be a chance for a sequel.

  41. 41 heonheemoon

    LOL @RougeNail!!!…I am with you on the deliciously sexy voice of KMM. Get out the fire extinguisher!!! It’s smoking hot.
    There is some thing about Korean men and their tight 3-piece suits. I just love how they can work them so effortlessly, and elegantly on the leading men. Those stylists really know what they are doing…
    And Yes!!!…the butt checking…totally hilarious!!!…I wished he trolled her at that moment for totally checking him out….Hehehe!!!…

    • 41.1 D_Heat


  42. 42 Anvesha

    I love Hyun Min!! And his antics on set. I love how over the top he is but he can be sincere.. sometimes. This drama is a fun, easy watch.

  43. 43 twelvejan

    I hope Ep 13 opens with Anthony pushing Min-ah away! And of course, K drama and their cliches, I bet when (and if) Anthony pushes Min-ah away, Go Eun would have already gone inside and not see that. =\

    I mean he cannot succumb to this, just cos he’s feeling vulnerable! (I believe) Anthony hasn’t shown this side of him except Go Eun. Although eventually, we know that they are gonna end up together (right?), but I just can’t stand the idea of seeing them apart even for a moment!

    And there’s no news about an extension? NOOOO. I was under the impression that it has confirmed! I want a lot more episodes featuring the Anthony-Go Eun loveline!

    • 43.1 orinji

      Waaaaaaaaa I can’t accept this! A perfect drama will end two weeks from now?! And the last episode is December 25??? Waaaaaaa! This is becoming so perfect! The story is fast-paced. Making it 16 eps will rush the whole story out… and there’s still a lot to reveal!

  44. 44 jomo

    Thanks for the recap!

    Let me tell you, that HM – MA kiss was niiiiiice before she very rightly protested. Soft lips from Siwon make everything nice (Sorry, Viola!)

    The hands in the air was HILARIOUS!! It was funny when she started, and got more ridiculous as the camera pulled away and SHE DIDN’T STOP!

    Both 11 and 12 topped how good 1-10 were.
    I can’t believe we only get two more weeks.
    That so sucks!

    Second season anyone?
    I mean if there is an Elegant Vengeance II, why can’t there be a KOD II?

  45. 45 Chickletta

    Haha! It seems that making the dream kissing scene was as much fun as it was to watch it. Ryowon is laughing so much that it prompts Kim Myungmin to say ” You like it that much” t0 which she said “It’s just too funny.” Myungmin considerately move her away from the door frame saying ” you can get hurt here.” They are so perfect together. LOL

    • 45.1 jomo

      Wow! My face hurts from laughing and smiling the three times in a row I watched it.

      LOVE his real smile, it just lights up the place.

      It was fun to see how much the cast was laughing at them, too. And the hands, the HANDS!! I crack up more every time I see her to that.

    • 45.2 mjfan

      OMG , thank you for that link !!
      they really seem very close and comfortable with each other that am starting to imagine them as a real life couple
      I love this drama , and its happy atmosphere , they enjoy their time seriously ….

      • 45.2.1 Chickletta

        As for the real life couple… that wish cannot come true, unless KMM gets a divorcel, and we wouldn’t want that kind of calamiyt upon our Anthony (or would we, kk. He is a married father and quite religious. His wife manages all his finances and gives him a monthly allowance of around $1000 πŸ™‚

        • mjfan

          its over , they are already a couple in my dreams πŸ™‚

        • Nakai

          lol…He was so cute when he shared that info. And it just got increased to $1000. It used to just $500, I think. I like his wife. Nice lady. I think I’ll have to apologies to her after this show ends for enjoying a little too much his chemistry with JRW.

          • whitewire

            Yeah! Maybe KMM’s wife enjoys the chemistry of Anthony & Go-eun too lol. =))))

        • Orion

          The allowance thing is cute. I think Kim Myung Min is a great example of what being fearless and taking control of your career can be like. More actors should dare. Enough of them doing it and even the “Godfathers of Entertainment” won’t be able to stop them. Plus, as far as I’m concerned, such a talent has the damn right to run his own career.

        • Pinkeu

          KMM’s my ideal husband in the future. Religious and bursting with so much charisma. OH LORD, grace me with a Kim Myung-min. Yes, Lord, as perfect as that!!!

  46. 46 Jushi

    I literally went “Oooh!” on the revelation of the father-son relationship of Chairman and Director Nam. I was heartbroken with the fact that Papa Chairman used his evil deeds to put his son to power. That was sad. I feel for Director Nam there.

    Anyway, I love that the revelation explains a lot about Nam being appointed/chosen as Director. He is surrounded by people who do not share his philosophy and honesty then BAM he’s the new Director. Knowing that it was not just a mere slip of the moment that evil Board Members became angels all of a sudden, looks sound and appropriate.

    Min Ah. I am more bothered with the teeth than the character actually. I find her teeth weird. Are they fake?

    Until now! I still don’t know the English song that constantly plays during Go Eun-Anthony moments. I’m dying! Can someone tell me what song is that?

    • 46.1 Jushi

      Just want to add:

      Hyung Min. Never really buy his shallowness and wackiness during the early episodes because Siwon’s portrayal is over the top. I mean, too exaggerated. I find it annoying than funny. But now, I think Siwon has warmed up to his character and that his slapstick is more natural and smooth.

      Story? Just fine. I won’t nitpick on it because the story makes me happy. I laugh a lot. (I find ep 11 funnier than 12 though…hmmm).


      Actors? Love them. Except for the actress playing Min Ah. Her teeth bothers me. Same reason why I find it hard to like Park Si Yeon’s acting during NG. I don’t know. The mouth has a lot to do with acting and if the actor/actress mouth is distracting I can’t concentrate. Yeah. So shallow of me, sorry.

      Production? Not a fan. I feel like there are times that it seems they are testing camera angles and what not. Production’s kind of shaky for me.

      • 46.1.1 deeko

        Love the OST, I’ve been scouring the Internet for that OST and can’t wait to get my hands on it!

      • 46.1.2 xx

        definitely agreed about siwon’s acting. he was ott in the first few eps but i find myself warming up to him now

    • 46.2 Chickletta

      Lots of Korean as well as Holywood actors do the recapping making their teeth like big pieces of chewing gum. What happens sometimes is that their mouths are too small for the teeth- hence the weird look. Point in case, the fabuous actress Kang Hyejung (Tablo’s wife). After recapping her teeth, her whole face changed. I think this is what happened with Minah. They are both fine actresses and maybe we shouldn’t be so teeth-wrinkles-other imperfections obssessed. When I lived in Germany I was really impressed by people who appeared in German movies/ TV – they looked really normal. …Not that I am saying I am above that – I shamefully am way more than I like, but I’m trying, really trying to rise above it πŸ™‚

  47. 47 Onees

    LMAO with this episode but your comment….

    “This drama is starting to freak me out with all its healthy portrayals of parent/child relationships. Is King trying to tell me that parents can actually love and support their children without controlling every aspect of their lives? Horrors.) ”

    … just made my day. Lmao dying…hahaha

  48. 48 lovepark

    Besides the main characters who I love, I also just love Director Goo and his troll scene this episode. He’s seriously like the “dad” and so funny. Plus, I love his relationship with Go-eun and with Anthony. He’s so bold yet not arrogant. Jung In-ki is wonderful.

    I really love Director Nam, too. I was totally surprised by the daddy reveal and felt bad for him. I love his character even more, though.

  49. 49 mjfan

    this episode was pure AWESOMENESS , I cant seem to love this show even more , seriously , every single episode is killing me with its funny and emotional moments ….
    siwon has made a miracle in this role , whenever I see his face , I start cracking up …
    and Anthony & Go eun scenes are soooooooooo funny and heartwarming , they have an amazing chemistry I didnt even dream of …..
    I really cant imagine my life without this magical dose of king of dramas , I dont want tothink about that …..

    • 49.1 Pinkeu

      I can’t imagine my life too if I missed this amazing drama.
      I will not imagine my life without this.
      It’s a life I cannot survive.

      Fighting, Best Drama!

  50. 50 soyabeans

    I’m just thinking, if Anthony was faking being drunk, and even if he used that melo line to help Go Eun write the kiss scene better, he must have been disappointed that she didn’t give him any answer if at that point he already had feelings for her. That could be why after that, he was at the rooftop looking at her apartment. Not sure what kind of expression he had there? He kinda looked hurt?

    • 50.1 Chickletta

      I think he’s aware that he likes her as a person and a friend, but he’s not aware at all of possible deeper feelings. She was just about to formulate an answer when he pushed away telling her to go and fix her script now that she knows that ‘feeling.’ The function of the scene of him completely sober on the rooftop is either A) to let us, the viewers, know that he wasn’t drunk and that he was faking it or B) that we might possibly think that he himself was affected by the closeness. This is the first time he was looking down at her place – usually it’s always she who’s looking up at him. That’s just what I think πŸ™‚

      • 50.1.1 soyabeans

        Hi Chickletta, I’ve never thought of B (that we might possibly think that he himself was affected by the closeness). That’s a good one!

        In ep 6, when he gave her the studio, while she was doing up the house with the boys, I think he did look down there! So, it’s not the first time πŸ˜‰

        I so love this AK-GE couple! And to think this drama was never on my radar!

        • Chickletta

          Hi Soyabeans, you’re right he was looking down at her place at that time. I didn’t forget about that one. HOw could I when he was eying her with so much gratitude, the first person who ever stuck by him (other than his mother)? This time it could also be that he went up to the roof to check if she was up rewriting the kissing scene, still drunk with with memories of their little floating on the bed moment. There was even a close up of her writing place wiht lights off, so if he looked disappointed maybe that’s why. hehehe. Anyway, it’s fun guessing, isn’t it?

      • 50.1.2 Koirv

        The thing I liked about the development of the story is that… in this latter episodes Anthony keeps on welcoming himself inside Go-eun’s apartment.

        Whereas in the earlier episodes, a call is enough, and Go-eun will be the one needing to go to Anthony. To think of it, Anthony doesn’t need to go to her apartment. But he chooses to. πŸ™‚

        Loooove it

        • wunderbar

          That’s true! Anthony has the key to the apartment too πŸ™‚

          • nakai

            It’s like a habit for him now to go to her ever since she rescued him from Watanabe Jr. πŸ™‚

          • orinji

            It’s ONLY HERE that non-compliance to the right to privacy looks sooooo… acceptable… and… legal. πŸ™‚

        • Chickletta

          It is actually not her apartment but his – it’s a writing studio that she will have to leave when she finishes working on Kyungsung Morning. I live in Korea and my landlord comes in to check whatever needs (or doesn’t need) checking without notifying me first. Sometimes I’m at home, and there isn’t even a knock on the door before he starts unlocking from the outside or simply barges in. This doesn’t happen often but often enough to toally freak out my colleague and neighbour above me who was able to ‘endure’ Korean ways for less than a year before running back to the USA. The idea of privacy is very different here.

          • Koirv

            So that’s how it is there! Awww, how sad it is when Go-eun leaves that apartment when filming’s already done! Awwww! Thanks for sharing Chickletta!

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