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King of Dramas: Episode 13
by | December 22, 2012 | 185 Comments

It’s time to run into some regular production woes, which include some above average fare, what with our leads hugging soup barrels and each other to survive a chilly night and a fire burning out of control on set. I’ll take any of these conflicts any day over Empire Productions/World Productions power struggles, so bring it on, King of Dramas.

Side note: Apologies for the delay, folks! Turns out tonsillitis can really get you down. Between this and the holidays we’ll have a tough schedule, but at least we’ve got an extension to look forward to(?).

EPISODE 13: “A Man In Flames”

Go-eun watches the whole kiss between Anthony and Min-ah, though she doesn’t miss the part where Anthony pulls away.

On his rooftop, Min-ah asks, “Can you say that you have no feelings for me at all?” He doesn’t answer, but she continues on that they can start where they left off, and she’ll wait for him. “But please don’t come to me too late,” she adds.

Anthony finally spots Go-eun, who hilariously ducks down behind the wall the second their eyes meet. After waiting a bit, she peeks over the top… to find him still staring at her. Ha.

Mortified, she scuttles back into her apartment in a spectacularly-failed sneak attempt. Anthony seems to watch her go with a hint of amusement.

Dong-seok wakes Go-eun up the next morning with a gift – a framed poster of Kyungsung Morning, all official-like. Aww. She’s not happy to stare at Min-ah’s face on it, though.

She asks him about Min-ah’s relationship with Anthony, to which he replies that Anthony is the one responsible for making her a top star. But then he goes into gossip mode as they discuss the rumor that Anthony and Min-ah once dated, only nothing’s confirmed.

And it stays that way, especially when Anthony comes to break up the roundtable discussion to take Go-eun out for a fancy breakfast with fine wine. (Which he pours like a champion.)

Something about this seems fishy, especially considering how Anthony is all smiles and good manners. He explains how he always wanted to treat her to a fine meal but lacked the funds before, and gives her a pep talk to help her through the remaining scripts.

He even suggests that she take a trip to Europe after Kyungsung is done, and he’ll foot the bill. But then we finally see the catch: He wants Go-eun to renew her contract with him. Ah, so that’s why she was getting VIP treatment.

After realizing this much, Go-eun rejects the rest of the meal and leaves in a huff, forgetting her cell phone in the process. When one of the calls turns out to be an offer from another production company, Anthony answers: “What should we do? Last week, Writer Lee Go-eun signed a contract with World Productions for the next ten years.” Haha. Typical.

Unfortunately for him, Go-eun overhears everything and plucks the phone from his grasp. Ha.

Meanwhile, Bit-na whines to Hyun-min about the kiss scene, since he hadn’t told her beforehand. She’s less worried about him and more worried that Min-ah will fall for him, so Hyun-min uses his manager (who has a name now: Brownie) to corroborate his claim that he doesn’t date fellow actresses.

While Min-ah exercises sexily, CEO Oh asks the Chairman why he dropped the charges against Anthony. He doesn’t answer, but he’s clearly thinking of his son, Director Nam.

Anthony goes to visit Mom, who’s been tuning into the drama as best she can, with the help of her nurses. She mentions that one of them said Anthony walked in with a pretty girl the other day (Go-eun), and Anthony just scoffs that the nurse needs glasses.

It’s Mom’s wish to meet the girl Anthony likes before she dies, so Anthony agrees on the basis that he’ll take his time so Mom can continue to live on.

Go-eun goes to her own mom to grumble about Anthony, which makes it even funnier when Mom can’t ask who ‘Kim Bong-dal’ is with a straight face, since Go-eun had mentioned being grateful to him in her interview. (I love that this name has become one running joke.)

Mom gets the idea to cater to the staff of Kyungsung as a gift, which sends Go-eun to the World Boys in order to ask for a truck driver. Anthony stops Maknae Goo from volunteering and cheerfully offers his services: “This is a meal truck of our Writer, who will become the pillar of our World Productions in the future. I should drive anything, even if it’s a tank.”

Go-eun knows why Anthony is trying so hard, and insists that Maknae Goo do the driving so she won’t have to accept any favors from Anthony.

So her and Mom have a cooking montage preparing kimchi and chicken for all the staff, and it’s adorable. I’m still trying to get over the fact that we have a mother and a daughter who, you know, get along.

However, Maknae Goo is unable to drive the van because his “grandmother fell”, an excuse which Go-eun has no choice but to buy. We see Anthony pulling the strings, since he gives Maknae Goo the day off for lying and instructs the rest of the World Boys on how to keep up the ruse.

But you can’t be mad at them, since they’re all in cahoots together to make sure Go-eun signs on with World again. Aww, teamwork. Kind of.

So it’s Anthony who shows up to drive the truck, which seems to be made of equal parts metal and duct tape. I love the small comedic touches in this show, like the little dancing plant on the dashboard while Anthony and Go-eun drive. It just takes us to that next level of funny.

The issue of contract renewal is brought up again, with Anthony admitting to the fact that he was waiting until Go-eun proved herself before he decided to hold onto her. It wins some points, but Go-eun is curious about why Director Goo stayed out of dramaland for five years, and despite having worked with him on his last production, Anthony stays mum.

He’ll have to be on his best behavior, though, since Go-eun says she’ll base her future decision off how he acts.

Hyun-min and Min-ah are back to their usual antics on set, but this time, Director Goo stops filming to pull them aside: “Listen well to what I say from now on,” he starts. “You two are the worst actors I’ve worked with till now.” HA.

Turns out he’s been well aware of their pride battle, but he’d been giving them the opportunity to change their tune. “Aren’t you ashamed as actors?” Director Goo asks, as he points out all the hard-working staff who get less than 0.1% of what Hyun-min and Min-ah receive.

“Why have you become actors and why are you acting?” is the question Director Goo poses to them. “Until you realize that, there will be no shooting.”

Hyun-min acts serious while in his celebmobile, and tells his agency president that he should be the one to step up, since he’s the “landmarking of this drama.” Ha. When Prez points out that adding the “-ing” is incorrect, Hyun-min blurts that compared to ‘landmark,’ landmark-ING has a more k-ing-ly feel. Haha.

Except Min-ah’s already outside his van the moment he pops out, and steals the words from his mouth that they should apologize to Director Goo and end their war. Of course, by just being first, she’s instigated another pride battle with him.

Anthony and Go-eun end up lost in the middle of a snowy forest on their way to the filming location, and Anthony blames Go-eun for being in charge of the map. He ends up reining himself in when she notes how his nice manners toward her have disappeared, so you can see the part of him that wants to just lose his temper fighting with the part of him that wants her to sign the damn contract.

The old truck gives out when Anthony tries to back it out, and he keeps his cool as he checks the engine. After doing a bit of work it seems fixed, but when Go-eun goes out to check, she forgets to check the locks, resulting in both of them getting locked out of a now-working car.

Hilariously, sums up how he feels about this with an apt English phrase: “Oh shit.”

…To make matters EVEN worse, both of their cell phones are locked in the truck. Wamp wamp waaamp.

Hyun-min and Min-ah give their apologies to Director Goo – or to put it more aptly, Min-ah gives apologies for both of them without giving Hyun-min a chance to speak.

He looks shell-shocked once she’s gone, and dazedly equates how he feels right now to being beaten while asleep, only to wake up unsure if it happened at all. Hee.

We find Anthony and Go-eun wandering in the middle of nowhere as Dong-seok tries to contact them from the set in vain.

Hyun-min ends up unknowingly playing on Min-ah’s fears when he notes how suspicious it is that Anthony decided to drive the truck, and comes to the conclusion that there’s something between him and Go-eun.

More specifically, he cites how Go-eun ran around looking for funding when their investment got pulled, and how hard Anthony worked to clear her name during the plagiarism scandal.

“Just looking at that, we can tell they definitely like each other,” Hyun-min adds with a laugh.

Speaking of, our wayward couple finds their way back to the truck, where they huddle in the flimsily-covered truck bed with the food. Go-eun’s all but attached to one of the soup barrels for warmth, and despite her prodding, Anthony insists that he’s above it: “If I have to die, I’ll die. I have no intentions of hugging that soup barrel like a moron.”

Cut to: Anthony hugging that soup barrel like a moron, while Go-eun sports a victorious grin. Haha.

Later, once the soup has gone cold, Anthony suggests through chattering teeth that they cling to each other for warmth. For survival, of course, not because he wants to.

Dong-seok goes looking for them, but returns to set empty-handed. He’s already contacted police but everyone is worried, so the staff plan to pool their efforts together in a search operation.

Go-eun and Anthony have made a little makeshift bed in the back of the truck, and she apologizes for locking them out of the truck with her head tucked into his chest.

Anthony tells her that if she’s so sorry she can renew the contract, and she finally relents, since that seems so worthless in the grand scheme of things. Like possibly freezing to death.

While thinking of warm things to keep them going, Go-eun mentions a mother’s embrace. This has her asking about Anthony’s mother and her blindness, which he explains as having come about when he was five.

She asks him about the weather in America, and he segues it back to Mom: “I had no time to think it was cold, because I had to live tenaciously, clenching my teeth. When I went there, leaving my one and only mother behind, I thought that I sold my soul to the devil. So, as if I was crazy only for success, I ran forward without looking back.”

Go-eun ends up falling asleep, and when Anthony can’t rouse her he only wraps his arms around her even tighter. Eventually, even the headlights go out, further diminishing their chances of rescue.

However, they’re roused the next morning by the sound of an engine, and peek their heads out from the tarp. Their savior isn’t Dong-seok, but a farmer.

They trudge onto set in one piece, at least, and everyone greets them warmly… except for Hyun-min, since he’s too busy pointing out a lipstick mark on Anthony’s shirt. With all the giddiness of a teenage girl, Hyun-min exclaims that they must have slept clinging to each other.

And ha, Anthony and Go-eun’s faces are priceless. Hyun-min acts like he’s found the next wonder of the world while Min-ah looks less than enthused.

They go warm up in their respective rooms, each thinking of the other. Go-eun thinks about what Anthony said about traveling to the States, while Anthony thinks of her response after – that maybe he shouldn’t blame himself so much. Maybe his mother wanted him to be successful, even if he left her.

He smiles thinking of her words. D’aww.

Meanwhile, Director Nam goes to the Chairman of SBC to ask if his father is responsible for his position. The Chairman need only look down for Director Nam to hand in his resignation: “Since this position is not something I acquired through my own merits but through my father’s power, I think resigning is the right thing to do.”

Even at the Chairman’s insistence that Director Nam’s position is not one that anyone could have just from pulling a few powerful strings, Director Nam still rejects the position since there’s no way to prove he didn’t have daddy’s help. We need more businessmen like him. (Except we’d never see them, because they’d all resign.)

Word spreads through SBC of Director Nam’s resignation, giving the slimy Deputy Director Kim reason to hope now that the position he’s been coveting is empty, whilst giving Daddy Chairman a new thing to worry about when SBC Chairman calls him with the news.

The staff finally get their promised food, with Go-eun serving up the rice. Hyun-min steps in line with a grin as wide as his ears, ready to poke fun at Go-eun by asking who hugged who first. Ahaha. I just love him. Siwon’s sense of comedic timing is perfect.

Go-eun gets all flustered, and Hyun-min responds by blowing her a kiss. (Gah, why isn’t this pairing happening, again?)

While Dong-seok shows affection to the pretty FD by giving her a sweet drink, Min-ah tests the waters concerning Go-eun with Anthony, who merely replies that Go-eun will become one of the best writers, “So be good to her.”

However, there’s no way to miss the sweet stares he sends Go-eun’s way.

There’s a bittersweet moment when an older man hobbles up to Anthony, bowing profusely as he thanks him for giving him work – he’s been in eight of Anthony’s productions as an extra. Anthony clearly has no idea who he is, but the man is too happy to care.

And, eek, he’s been acting since he was twenty? In bit parts? That’s dedication.

He hobbles away with a cough, which doesn’t escape Anthony’s notice.

Go-eun and Anthony get to sit with Director Goo as filming resumes, and Min-ah can’t stop staring at how close they seem, while Hyun-min has to assure a shrill Bit-na over the phone that he’s behaving.

The extras are lined up, including the actor we met, Chong-gil, who seems about ready to fall over. Not good.

When the cameras start rolling, he can’t help but cough where he can be seen, which causes filming to halt. He gets reamed by one of the assistants nearby and removed from the job, despite his pleas to the contrary, and is instructed to wait until the next bus comes to take him home.

The next scene to be filmed includes a storehouse fire, something which has Anthony looking to Director Goo worriedly. Was the incident from five years ago about a fire?

Hyun-min keeps having to deal with Bit-na’s jealousy, and ends up running to Chong-gil in the storehouse huddled up on some straw. (Eek, is that straw for burning?) He tells the ajusshi that he can’t stay, but is distracted once again by Bit-na’s call.

Anthony checks with Dong-seok on fire safety procedures, only to find out that Dong-seok forgot to enlist the cooperation of the fire department while looking for him last night. Anthony insists that they can’t start without the fire department, sending Dong-seok scurrying away to make the call.

Min-ah plops next to Anthony and Go-eun as Director Goo prepares the scene, and offers Anthony a ride back to Seoul first before moving to Go-eun – clearly not wanting either of them to ride back together. Go-eun has no choice but to agree, leaving Anthony silent between them.

With the fire truck only ten minutes out, the go-ahead is given to set the storehouse on fire while Hyun-min’s character frantically screams for Min-ah in front. It’s only when Hyun-min really looks at the burning building that he remembers Chong-gil being inside.

He stops filming, yelling to Director Goo, “There is a person inside!”

Panic. Inside, Chong-gil wakes up amidst the smoke and fire and promptly loses consciousness.

The firetruck is still too far away, and they know who’s inside. The entrance collapses in on itself, yet Anthony runs into the building to save Chong-gil.


Huzzah, a good cliffhanger! I was wondering where we were going with the introduction of the extra (although that was an interesting thought, that extras could be all ages and sizes), and like that little bit of adventure thrown in. Plus, it gives Anthony a chance to show he’s changed, as compared to the days when he’d let a motorcyclist die in service to his drama.

This was such a lighthearted episode comparatively, but it’s such a feel-good drama overall. I really appreciated that we got an episode completely free of the Chairman’s machinations, so we could just let Anthony run into problems that would naturally arise during filming. And okay, a fire on set without adequate safety measures isn’t the most common drama problem, but I’m game for that kind of hyperreality, as opposed to some mustache-twirler working behind the scenes with an inability to just let things go.

In that vein, it’s nice to see Director Nam’s story get some screen time, since his character has remained consistent from moment one. It’s in keeping with his stalwart nature that he’d hand in his resignation, but it was only until they showed Deputy Director Kim that I realized what it could mean for everyone, including Anthony. His story is one worth exploring, so I’m looking forward to seeing how he comes out of it.

Anthony and Go-eun had some cute moments this go-round, and for once, Min-ah’s reactions seemed appropriate. Her professionalism shone once again, even as she couldn’t escape the sight of them being adorable. It seems worth noting that her part in the battle of wills with Hyun-min was probably only spurred by his action, and seeing how he even choked her with a scarf, I’m surprised she kept that much composure. Girl is a zen master when it comes to her job. Not so sure about her love life, though.

Also, despite a rocky relationship between Director Nam and the Chairman, I still can’t get over how nice it is to see two loving mothers in ONE drama. I kind of wish the Go-eun/Anthony pairing would happen faster, just so Go-eun’s mom and Anthony’s mom could hang out as in-laws. Too soon?


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  1. Ivoire

    Thank you! Off to read…

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Thank you again for the recap, HeadsNo2! I do hope you are better or that we will be better soon. I was also impressed with Director Nam choosing to resign, he is such an upright man. However, that begs the question: what will happen to funding and continuing to air dramas that don’t bring in big (or good enough) ratings? If the deputy director gets the position, does that mean the era of bribes to get a slot for a drama will continue to be over (like under Director Nam) or would the deputy Director (if he gets that position) reverts back to “business as usual?”
      I am sad to see Director Nam go. I really liked him, both the character and the actor and always looked forward to seeing him on my screen. He has a face that is very easy to read and I find Kwon Hae-Hyo to be a wonderful actor. I liked him in MNIKSS (I didn’t see enough of LTM to see him act there, though I did see him there as well. I also know that Kwon Hae-Hyo is a stage actor as well).

      Also, for someone who is not “very smart,” Hyun Min seems to be quite perceptive to what is happening/developing between GE and Anthony, even if they themselves are not aware/willing to admit it yet. I find that interesting.

      I have a question: the girl Joo PD likes is an FD, which stands for? (I am assuming “D” stands for director? I can’t figure out the “F” though). Thank you for any answers.

      • 1.1.1 Orion

        Maybe it’s ‘Field Director’. I assume she’s an Assistant Director of sorts, making sure all runs smoothly on set so that the Director can focus on the artistic and cinematography side of things while she takes care of the practicalities.

        • Ivoire

          Thanks Orion! I think you are right…

      • 1.1.2 autleaf

        When I saw Kwon Hae Hyo in this drama, wait, that’s the MNIKSS chef guy! I’ve seen him in LTM and he’s in Ghost too. Love his role in KoD (and his hair) and for some reason, I love his diction. It’s uniquely crisp compared to other Korean actors (most seem to drawl).

        • Ivoire

          Hello autleaf and thank you for your comment.
          Quite insightful! I love KHH as well. I just love watching him act, he does it to the minute details, like when something is bothering him (his character), the way he is pensive, the way he sighs, the way his face moves to show his different emotions (when he is annoyed, exasperated, etc…) and even when the camera is not directly focused on him, he is always in character, so the whole time I watch him, I am thinking of his character, not of the actor. He has a way of inviting me in (I feel) and he makes me feel (or helps me feel/understand/see) exactly what his character has been feeling and going through.

          I always watch KoDs twice: the 1st time raw, and the 2nd time with English subs. I am finding that the more I watch this show (raw), the more I actually understand and “get” what is going on (about 75 to 80% and I don’t speak Korean). Some of it is because I have been watching it and reading the recaps since the 1st episode, so I can follow when I watch the next episode. A lot of it however is because of how expressive the actors and actresses are in this show, even the 2ndary and 3rd and “less important” characters, so I can “read” them and deduce what is going on. The music (OST) also helps me a lot in knowing when something ominous (or other things, like a serious or romantic scene that is being undercut with hilarity) are about to happen.

          Like you, I do like KHH hair, a lot! That was one of the 1st things I noticed when I 1st saw him in this drama. I will be paying more attention to his diction as well. I know he started in theater and so that might explain why his diction is the way it is (not complaining). I have liked his diction (always), however, I couldn’t distinguish how different it was from the other actors. Thank you for bringing my attention to that. I have heard of Koreans drawling (some of them ) when they speak, and I appreciate your comment. I will also check out the other dramas he has been in.

      • 1.1.3 Koirv

        Kwon Hae-hyo is hottest in Winter Sonata!
        Dang! He was so hot there! Ahh, love him so much!

        • nova611

          really?? he’s in winter sonata?
          i only rmmbr him on MNIKSS 😀

          • Koirv

            He’s Min-hyung’s hyung there! He’s so hot thereeeee!

          • Ivoire

            Hi Koirv, really? CSW was in Winter Sonata? What does this ” He’s Min-hyung’s hyung there” mean? I am really curious now.

        • mjfan

          yes , I always remember him from winter sonata , it was his best role , am happy to see him again after all these years , he is really charming …..

      • 1.1.4 anais

        I first saw Kwon Hae Hyo in a kdrama long, long, long ago called By My Side aka To Be With You aka 당신 옆이 좋아 with Ha Hee Ra and Lee Jae Ryong. I loved him in that role and have had a sweet spot for him ever since, so I’m glad to see him playing this very substantial character.

        And HeadsNo2, hope you feel better soon! I was so eagerly looking forward to your recap of this week’s episodes, so thank you!!! Honestly I’m so thankful for your recaps and for the opportunity to squee along with you.

        • Ivoire

          Thanks for the info Anais, I will actually look this up 🙂

  2. Rotikirai

    I miss you, HeadsNo2! Thanks for the recap! Heard from yesterday’s Open Thread that you were sick. Take care of your health!

  3. autleaf

    Thank you so much, HeadsNo2! For indulging the KoD fans a space to spazz. Get well soon, I’ve heard you’ve been under the weather. Have a good rest, happy hols too!

  4. befuddled

    “Writer Lee Go-eun signed a contract with World Productions for the next ten years.”

    10 years! I laughed so very much.

    • 4.1 orinji

      Lol more like a marriage contract! It’s soooo Anthony, using the contract to have more moments with uri Lee Go-eun!

  5. latteholic

    Hyun Min reminds me of my friend who likes to tease almost everyone when she thought that there something going on between them and some other guy.. Haha..

    And.. I got teary eye watching that scene with the extra ahjussi. How he keeps bowing down at Anthony for giving him a job. Don’t know why, but that scene got me..

    • 5.1 rainbow

      same for me…..I got tears when I watched that scene….

    • 5.2 Ivoire

      That scene got to me as well. I thought it was so well acted and I was moved by the ahjussi and by what he said. We usually don’t think about the extras and about how their livelihood is affected by whether they find work or not. They might not be the leads, but they must like/love acting as well (for people like him to have been doing that for 20 years…).
      I also loved that Anthony chose to go in and rescue the ahjussi. Anthony is definitely growing and changing, for the better, most of the time.

      • 5.2.1 Femme

        If it was the old Anthony he wouldn’t have taken a look at that ahjussi. I mean seriously he would say, “Who are you? Don’t care.”

        I’m loving you Anthony. You’re indeed more human that we are. Your heart is as soft as flesh. Love you!

    • 5.3 KimYoonmi

      I thought everyone was looking at Hyun Min like, “You are really that slow?” as well as, “Why are you saying this?”
      But I find it entertaining anyway…

  6. rainbow

    loved the episode 🙂
    Thanks for the recap….
    I really like director Nam’s character…..

  7. Koirv

    Koirv here ’til the end of KING! Yeah!

  8. John


    Hope you’re feeling better.

    Extension? Bring it on, the show has been a blast so far.

    Hyun-min is such a .. brat? Choi Si Won is hilarious.

    Oh Ji Eun looks good in that little black hat.

  9. Deeko

    Wow, this episode was one of my favorites because actually this time, Anthony’s antics didn’t cause me to cringe or sigh… Even if he’s still playing dirty, I find myself just shaking my head in mirth. He’s changing. He surprised me countless times. Notable one is him not refusing to drive that unstable van. His expression when he saw it was priceless!

    Many favorite scenes in this one episode but I really liked Anthony because of his expressions, from the wiggling eyebrows and slow blinks, to the gentle gazes at Go Eun, the deaf stares at Min Ah, the exasperated look at Hyun Min and the warm smile at even the extra. Plus the worried look at Director Goo. KMM is doing a great job showing the progression of Anthony beginning more of a human being who is affected beyond money and ratings. He is more aware of people around him and it shows on his face. Love it!

    Director Nam, I was conflicted by his resignation. It is great that he has this strong moral compass that guides him and I respect that his character has stayed true since day one but I can’t help wondering what will change if he just quits… I don’t blame him though, I would’ve probably done the same thing initially.

    So many loves in this episode! Been itching to discuss it since Monday! Hope you’re feeling better though, Heads.

    • 9.1 Ivoire

      Hello Deeko,

      I agree with all that you said. I too, have noticed the changes (some more subtle than others) in Anthony, and I appreciate the fact that the show has taken its time building that up because it makes the changes Anthony is showing more believable that way. I also agree that KMM is doing a wonderful job showing those changes. Those are some of my favorite moments, those moments when the actors and actresses in this drama don’t have to talk but show us how the characters really feel by emoting or with glances, etc… and they are all doing great with that, imho.

      Another one of my favorite moments in this episode was when GE started falling asleep in the back of the truck, and Anthony covered her face with his (gloved) hands, as if to shield her from the cold (and protect her from it). It was a small moment (as in not a long scene), but I loved it. I just love how KMM constantly acts the way Anthony would (arrogant and hiding his true feelings most of the time) and yet how he (KMM) just shows those nuggets that tell us that Anthony is actually starting to care about the people around him. Yay :-)…
      I also love Anthony’s love for and commitment to his mother. It is nice to see that side of him, how much he cares about her.

      • 9.1.1 Sabah

        Ivoire : )

        “have noticed the changes in Anthony…because it makes the changes Anthony is showing more believable that way… Anthony is actually starting to care about the people around him.”

        This is just my own way of viewing Anthony so feel to disagree. I won’t deny that Anthony is changing because even despite himself he is HOWEVER he is changing more in his actions than movements of the heart.

        For me this isn’t a story of a cold and calculating man finding redemption but rather a man who made a choice to become cold and calculating to succeed in a very harsh environment but still felt that pull of conscience within himself. For instance in the beginning with the death of the errand boy. Sure he made that decision with absolute hindsight BUT he felt that responsibility. These aren’t new feelings but rather he is letting these feelings actually affect his actions, which is new.

        My own dilemma at the moment is working out whether the root cause is Go-eun OR that need to return to once where he was BUT without making the same mistakes he did the first time. As they say, ‘those you tread upon on your way up, you meet again on your way down,’ and maybe he learned it the hard way BUT he did learn it.

        • Ivoire

          Hello Sabah 🙂

          Totally agree with what you said and I see your point, thank you! Because I hadn’t thought of that, but you actually make a lot of sense. I will add something to what you say, but i have to come back and write it later, because I am currently with a 4 year old who needs my attention, I am sure you understand :-). I will be working all day, but please come back later and check this recap. I definitely want to expand on what you said, because it made me think of something (and I want to share it).

          Sooooo loved your point, thank you for sharing it. :-). Have a wonderful weekend, I hope!!!!!

          • Sabah

            ” I am currently with a 4 year old who needs my attention”

            I know that it is also the holiday season and a very special time of the year for you SO please rest assured I will check back throughout the week and take your time.

            Wishing you well as always. : )

        • Ivoire

          Hello Sabah,

          This is very late, but it is here :-). I apologize about that. I had to do the same thing with two other commenters on ep. 14 recap of KoDs and we kept going back and forth, and as you said, it IS the holidays 🙂

          This: “For me this isn’t a story of a cold and calculating man finding redemption but rather a man who made a choice to become cold and calculating to succeed in a very harsh environment but still felt that pull of conscience within himself. For instance in the beginning with the death of the errand boy. Sure he made that decision with absolute hindsight BUT he felt that responsibility. These aren’t new feelings but rather he is letting these feelings actually affect his actions, which is new,” I totally agree with and you are right there.

          The reason why I could never hate Anthony was b/c I could see that he HAD a heart and he KNEW what he was doing every single time. The thing is, it always seemed to work in his favor, and he had always been rewarded for it, so why change, right? Remember the saying “if it is not broken, don’t fix it?” I think Anthony knows it too. However, that could not last forever, and the house of cards came tumbling down, eventually, and Anthony FELL, to the very bottom, and he felt it, for the 1st time, maybe.

          When the errand man died, Anthony went to see the family (and he looked sorrowful) and he gave them 100,000$ (US) of his OWN money, not the company’s money. Even his assistant (who would bring his demise) told him that he didn’t have to go that far in paying the family off. Remember when the brother was sooooo schocked when he received the money? It was b/c it was that high. I read the amount on a Korean news site. That told me from the beginning that Anthony knew right from wrong and that he always chose what his actions were.

          When he fell however, I think his fall was soooo deep (to the very bottom of the industry, having lost EVERYTHING, including his home), that he had to start to slowly rethink things. The fact that the people around him (GE, Dir. Nam, etc…) were also willing and determined to play hardball with him help him change, or maybe facilitate that change that now, he is willing to experience. Every obstacle he encounters in the making of K. Morning is a hurdle he has to choose to overcome and also choose how to overcome it. He didn’t do things right, right away as we saw, however over time, he started to see the good in people and the need to work with people and put them first or at least treat them a little better, which brings us to the Anthony we have now and in the episodes to come.

          To this: “My own dilemma at the moment is working out whether the root cause is Go-eun OR that need to return to once where he was BUT without making the same mistakes he did the first time,” I say it is a combination of both. Let’s not fool ourselves, Anthony still wants to win, be on top of the world. It was a promise he had made to himself as a child and when it went to the US. However, his eyes have been open to a lot of things, and GE had a lot to do with that. She kept challenging him along the way, if you pay attention to her lines and their dialogues and interactions. She showed him that she is as smart as he is, she talked him into working things out with Dir. Goo (when he wanted to blow money on one scene), she told him that he could not afford to push people away, (which was true) and many other things (I don’t remember all of them at the moment 🙂 ).

          I do think that it wasn’t GE alone, although she is one of the reasons why he opened up and softened. She showed him that someone could care for you and that it felt good (remember, she was the instigator for his bday party and he blew it. He didn’t know how to take it. Maybe no one had ever done that to him? Without expecting anything in return? Mina comes to mind, but maybe he didn’t love her enough at the time to really care.)

          I think that all the obstacles he encountered spurred his willingness to change and grow. I see Dir. Nam having a hand in it. He also told him to work things out with Dir. Goo. Dir. Nam, once he accepted K. Morning, was fully on board, doing what he could to support it, even when the plagiarism rumors spread against GE. That also sent a message to Anthony, I think (that he wasn’t alone in that fight). Dir. Goo challenged Anthony as well, and I personally think that it was a series of events and a slew of people who helped Anthony turn around. GE, yes, for sure and she played a huge role, since she was so different from him. However, I would say that she wasn’t the only one. Even the boys at WP, they were/are so devoted to him, when has he ever experienced that? Remember when they brought him their money to produce and make K. morning? And when the maknae confessed to him that he was a mole? Anthony still gave him his job back and he ACTUALLY listened to GE when she begged him to reinstate him (the maknae). So, again, a lot of things instigated his change.

          I also think that Anthony was ready and open to change. You know, as human beings, we only change when we are ready to change. And change (even if we are ready for it) is not an easy thing to go through. It can be painful and long, at times, and costly even. That would explain why some people resist it 🙂

          Let me know what you think, I would appreciate it :-)… I think I touched on all that you said 🙂

          • Sabah

            I completely understand so please don’t worry about replying instantly! Please enjoy this special time of year. We can always talk later. : )

            “The thing is, it always seemed to work in his favor…” So true. It’s like my friend who eats so much but still is so very skinny and yet I just look at a piece of pie and start expanding! However in the long run it is worse for her because there are no warning bells to tell her that what she is doing isn’t healthy. Everytime I look at my figure it keeps me in check. I watch what I eat which in the long run is going to benefit me unlike her with no restrictions.

            We need those warning bells or tests & trials as much as we hate them, they bring much benefit with them too.

            “I think his fall was soooo deep…” I agree. I can’t remember who but an actress once said that, ‘if you place your self esteem in your possessions one house fire will destroy you.’ For me, I feel that Anthony put his self esteem in his honour, or rather the honour that he believe his position gave him. That look when CEO Oh tells him that he was the one that betrayed him, really hit him. I think he realized that the honour given him was earned but rather just assumed by him. I think this time he is trying to gain real honour, that achieved not so much integrity if you will, but just trying to do something as a team. Being responsible for a team, as he was in the past BUT this time actually taking responsibility for them too. Or as you say, “he started to see the good in people and the need to work with people and put them first”

            “Let’s not fool ourselves, Anthony still wants to win…” Exactly, I can’t quite figure it out BUT maybe as you imply he too is just right now having his ‘eyes opened’ so maybe he too doesn’t quite know yet either.

            Ah Min! I too don’t think she was insincere, nor was Anthony on his part, as I do believe he let her go for her own good, as he said. However in the present, I think that maybe she is too much a part of that world, the world he came from whereas Go Eun is somewhere new and exciting and more befitting the Anthony that he is becoming.

            I also agree with you about how this is more than just Anthony and Go Eun but Anthony and his team becoming Anthony being a member of ‘the team.’

            Right now, I am waiting to see the 13th hour obstacle that kdramas bring in. Though I wouldn’t mind it being about the OTP getting together, I would much prefer something on the conviction of Anthony’s new world view. Will he sell out again? Of course, we could have both! Hehe. Thanks for replying and as always the pleasure is all mine. : )

    • 9.2 Arawn

      I was very conflicted about the resignation, too… But I DO blame director Nam, at least a little bit. I understand why he’s resigning and that does fit his character but I disagree with him. He’s being emotional here – that is his main flaw as far as I see. He’s done it before, too, when in the beginning of the drama he denied K-morning its slot basically only because he hated Anthony. Is that a good way to run a company, letting your emotions to decide for you? However, I don’t dislike him for this, not at all. I feel that it makes him three dimensional character to whom I can relate and he has so much good qualities that you cannot but admire him.

      Things is, as I said, in this case, too he lets his emotions rule instead of thinking things through. I’m not even so worried about the K-morning but what about the whole COMPANY. Who’s in line for the new director? Deputy director Kim, that slime ball (great character, though). So director Nam is, in effect, HANDING the lead of the company to dep. director Kim! And there other dramas, too. What will happen to them? I simply feel that Nam’s decision to resign is irresponsible. He should feel responsibility for the dramas and the company and that should override his personal hurt & guilt. Also, he’s in a position to do a lot of good, to change things. If he leaves, he cannot do anything. So how is leaving the company gonna help anything?

      Just my 2 cents. 🙂

      • 9.2.1 Ivoire

        Hi Arawn, so well said and some very good points, which I agree with. So we see that Dir. Nam IS also flawed in his own way and I like that he is not perfect and has some things to learn as well. By the way, have you seen episode 14 yet? **** SPOILER***** What you said in your last paragraph reminded me of someone in that episode :-).

        • Arawn

          I know what you mean, I’ve seen ep. 14, too. We must discuss more about this when the recap for ep. 14 pops out. 🙂

          • Ivoire

            Great!!!! I am glad you know what I mean :-). Absolutely, let’s discuss more about this when the recap for ep. 14 is posted. I see that you stayed focus on ep. 13 (which we should do. I tried to do that too) and I just thought that your reaction was interesting because you actually got mad at Dir. Nam. I didn’t agree with what he did, however, I didn’t get mad, maybe because I understood why he did it and thought I would cut him some slack (but I didn’t condone what he did).
            I was glad to see that the Chairman (his boss) actually didn’t want to see him leave either, regardless of how he got the position. He (the chairman of the station, the older gentleman) seemed to appreciate him being the Director of programming, which I really liked, because that told me that the chairman knows when people do good work and he supports it, regardless of the shenanigans and backdoor deals that can happen in the making and producing and airing of a drama.

            Thank goodness, there was an ep. 14 :-). I was really happy to watch it and find out what happened there 🙂

          • Arawn

            Well, maybe “mad” isn’t quite the right word. I would say I was a bit frustrated and disappointed at his actions in ep. 13. But because those are characteristic to his nature and because I do understand him, I really like the character.

            Chairman is one of my favorites, too. At first he seemed like a one dimensional villain but this twist turned everything around. He has done a lot of bad things but seeing how he really cares about his son and how the rejection hurts him, made him really flesh and blood. This is how humans often are, even those who do wrong, have feelings. And I got the impression from the get go that when he blurted out that thing about Nam getting the position of director because of him, he was mad and hurt by Nam’s words and so slashed out. It’s wrong, but it’s also very understandable. This is how we act. And I also think that in his own way he might have wanted to get some credit from his son, like, see, it was I who got you this good job. Of course it backfired royally.

            And now Chairman is facing the emotional burden of his actions, too. I feel that he regrets his words. Poor man. He has made so many wrong choices in his life and it’s clear that many of them haunt him badly.

      • 9.2.2 firsttimenewbie

        Director Nam actually had a very valid reason to deny the K morning slot. He knew what Anthony had done to get that slot finalized. Yes, his dislike drove him, but he was also the one who had first suggested WP’s script was better. But once he witnessed the dirty money game, well it’s not wrong that he would want to cut that drama out–because he knew that the slot had been attained with dirty and illegal means.

        In the end, it’s good that Anthony managed to get the slot again and outplay Nam in that respect. But Director Nam wasn’t really wrong.

        • Arawn

          He wasn’t totally wrong but for me it definitely looked like his main reason to deny the slot was his dislike of Anthony and Anthony’s dirty tricks. One reason for me think like this is that he refused absolutely to even consider giving K-morning the slot. In that situation K-morning had some good stuff to make it possible choice bot no, Nam wouldn’t even think twice. It’s Anthony’s drama, Anthony does dirty things, OUT.

          • firsttimenewbie

            But would he have done that had it not been for his hearing Anthony’s deal and also knowing that Anthony gave money to the old director?

            His dislike of Anthony didn’t stop him from fairly assessing the plus and minus points of WP script and Empire’s non-ready script.

            The reason he got that spot was because his predecessor went down in a that scandal. He was put in, and was expected to assure the public that he would run things differently.

            The public has no idea of the dirty game that happened with K Morning, sure. But he did. Yes, he did let his dislike influence him as well–giving Empire and Oh a chance even though they weren’t the better product. However, he’s only doing what he promised he would do–clean up the slate and get the dirty games out.

            Yes, I agree he was adamant, and Empire didn’t deserve it. And his decision was going to hurt a great writer and great script. And he could’ve been more lenient.

            But I don’t really blame him. Because even though it was personal (Anthony can’t succeed, because then his ways will succeed), that didn’t just come without a just cause.

          • firsttimenewbie

            ^^ Correction. It should be “was,” not “is.”

            However, he WAS only doing what he promised he would do–clean up the slate and get the dirty games out.

          • Arawn

            I didn’t say I blame him. I don’t. I liked it that even this upright man who claims to be honest and good, has his flaws, too. They’re not big and they fit his character very well, but they are there. And that’s how it should be, you cannot have three dimensional characters without any flaws. Director Nam is clearly a good person who aims to do his best and mostly he succeeds, as shown in drama.

      • 9.2.3 rearwindow

        I think that Director Nam is about one thing above all else: integrity. I don’t see his resigning, or his firing Anthony, as an emotional decision at all. But his goal IMO is to eradicate the company of corruption, and so it makes total sense to me that when he discovers that he won his position through the corruption of his father rather than his own merits, he resigns. He is frustratingly idealistic and unbending, but he and Go Eun are similar in that their ideals are more important to them than their success.

        I am hoping that Anthony and Director Nam team up to start a new station. I think that would be good for both of them.

        • Arawn

          If his goal is to eradicate the company of corruption, how will resignation bring him ANY closer to his goal? This is exactly why I think his decision was emotional, because it will not help him personally nor does it help him to do what he wants to do, that being changing the dramaland.

          But I’m all for Anthony & Nam teaming up! That is a bromance I would like to see happening. 😉

          • rearwindow

            It’s the age-old question of whether the ends justify the means, isn’t it? I think that he’s better than most other people could ever be in his position, but who’s to say that the other more corrupt people didn’t start off with ideals like him, and then justify sacrificing their integrity in little ways (“oh, I’ll just look the other way this one time, because this is a drama that will make us a lot of money and otherwise I won’t be able to support these smaller, more socially important drama projects,” etc.) until they completely lost sight of what their ideals were in the first place? It happens all the time in politics, where someone justifies to himself that once he achieves a position of power, he will do good…but he gets there by sacrificing so much of his integrity that he has none left when he finally attains “success.”

            I think about this a lot in terms of the ability to change or reform a system. Can we do it by playing by the rules of that system? Or do we have to refuse the unjust rules themselves and either create a new system based on the ideals that we are fighting for (which for Director Nam may look like starting a new network from the ground up), or reject that system entirely? I do think that to live in an imperfect world, some compromise is necessary. But how much is it appropriate to compromise before we become that which we are fighting against?

            Another thing–a lot of us are approaching Director Nam’s character with the assumption that his ultimate goal is to rid the company of corruption. But what if it’s something broader, such as: “to live with integrity” or “to do as little harm as possible,” or even “to avoid becoming corrupt like my father”? If his ultimate goal in life is the former, then yes, I see your point that his reaction might have been an emotional one that he didn’t fully think through. If the latter, then I can definitely see how his resignation could be an unemotional, calculated decision to reject corruption wholesale and leave with his integrity completely intact. I actually suspect that he started out with the ultimate goal of avoiding becoming corrupt like his dad while focusing his energy on the secondary goal of undoing some of the damage his father (and people like his father) have done to the entertainment industry in Korea.

            I do think that, like Go Eun earlier in the season, Director Nam is viewing integrity in somewhat unrealistic extremes, and I do hope that Anthony is able to convince him to accept his position as a gift and to work that much harder to restore integrity to the network. Because theirs is definitely a bromance that I’ve been waiting all season to see, and it’s easy from our perspective to see all the good that Nam is able to bring to the company. 🙂

  10. 10 whimsicalnet

    Thank you!! and get well soon!!

  11. 11 Orion

    Hope you feel better soon, HeadsNo2. I recently had a bad tonsil infection. It was a nightmare. But at least you can whine a lot without anyone daring to complain. Use it wisely. Ehehe. Thanks for the recap.

    As for the episode, it rocked, as usual. I agree that director Nam’s character is very interesting. His relationship with his father also. So far, it has been showing signs of being handled well. Most series have the “wicked parent” as a cliché. It’s all very superficial. They seem to be going somewhere with it here though. I don’t mind villains turning good or being at least grey. If written well, it’s a nice thing to see. It’s just that it’s mostly written badly, with satanic evil creatures suddenly going “good” at the end and for no apparent reason.

    Also, while it’s Go Eun who’s more aware of her emotions right now, I love it that Anthony only opens up to her about his life, without even realizing he’s doing that or what it means. I do hope he’s not too in the dark about his own feelings, as that always bothers me from supposedly mature and previously involved characters, but knowing you fancy someone doesn’t mean knowing you’re also feeling at home with them. It feels as if Anthony might know he digs her, but I don’t think he realizes how much. And I’m fine with that. It’s realistic.

    • 11.1 JustSoYouKnow

      Hi HeadsNo2 and Orion, just want to share, I’ve had super-bad tonsil infections before and now my cure for it (better still, to prevent it from happening), is to take Manuka honey. It works wonders. I hate antibiotics! Just swallow one spoonful of the honey and let it slide down the back of your throat slowly and don’t drink water immediately (wait for 5-10 minutes).

      Take care everyone!

      I love KoD and all of you who love KoD too! 🙂

      • 11.1.1 Chickletta

        I am so grateful that you are doing this and bringing so much joy to good drama lovers. Bless you. Manuka honey rocks!

      • 11.1.2 liza

        Knock wood, do not get tonsilitis or sore throat, but you never know. what is Manuka honey, is it the brand or a special honey concoction?

        I use honey as the sweetener of some herbal teas, but have never come across that “name”.

      • 11.1.3 JustSoYouKnow

        Hi Liza,

        Manuka honey is honey made by bees that feed on the Manuka tree. There are other types of honey on the market – those that I’ve come across are propolis, leatherwood, wildflower…

        Manuka honey is said to have unique antibacterial properties and medicinal benefits. And it is expensive. That’s why I only take it when necessary. I’ve tried other types of honey but found that Manuka works best for my sore throat. For drink sweetener or for pancakes, I’ll just use the ordinary, cheaper type.

        Just ask Mr Google for more info on Manuka honey, he’ll be glad to serve you…heehee

        • Ivoire

          Thanks for that info, I will look that up 🙂

  12. 12 Abbie

    Great episode, and a great cliffhanger.

    I’m really glad this show got an extension. It’s one of the best dramas of this year, I think.

    I wish the pairing between Anthony and Go-eun would solidify.

    Thanks for the recap, Heads!

  13. 13 Laurita

    Loved the ep and the recap (you’ve pointed many of my favorite parts :). I just don’t have to add anything, well maybe that I loved it. Seriously, it was so hilarious, funny, cute and heartbraking at the end.

  14. 14 Chickletta

    Siwon looks ador(k)able with tht black hat and big ear muffs. He and Goeun are like siblings bickering. Loved the reluctant-yet-life-saving scene of Anthony and Goeun. Has anyone else noticed the sighing and grunting that goes on while they are hugging. It sounds quite naughty and erotic. What a way to make fun of another Korean drama trope – when the couple is stuck on an island or in the mountains wiht all the sweet stares at perfect sleeping faces. When Anthony and Goeun wake in the morning they don’t even see each other properly. I loved this episode. It used lots of metaphors and analogies.( I studied drama). Anthony freezing in the truck until he hugs Koeun, like his life was one big chunk of glacier before she entered his world and brought warmth and trust. Then when he is looking at her sweetly, still through the curtain of smoke, still not knowing he actually likes her… and finally he goes into the fire. These are not coincedences, but a well crafted story with a writer who has a solid literary education. sorry for the nerdy comment. kk

    • 14.1 Ivoire

      Hi Chickletta,

      I personally loved your “nerdy” comment (not nerdy to me) and I hope that you will continue to share them with us. You help me see/realize what is really there, the meanings, the nuances, the references, the insinuations, etc… and that is one of the reasons why I read recaps and the comments and why I come here. So please, continue to do that.
      I didn’t study drama, and I am learning new things through you, thanks again!

      • 14.1.1 Chickletta

        I reallly appreciate your praise, Ivoire. Thank you. I studied drama as part of my English Major requirements, and I love theatre. You may have opened a Pandora’s box of my ‘literary’ comments. ..kk. This drama is full of them – that’s why I love it even more. Last night while walking home I spotted a man with his sweet potatoes, and totally inspired by the drama, bought a bagful. They were delicous!!! I ate them walking home in like -10. I also come here to hear other people’s comments and learn more, see things from a different perspective. I love your comments, too.

    • 14.2 autleaf

      No way chickletta, I think literary nerds are cool, go literature! And thank you for pointing the analogies.

      Speaking of literary allusions, a theory occurs to me when I saw AK ran into the fire to save the ahjussi. Could KoD have a similar storyline to Jane Eyre, albeit one that is set up in Korean dramaland? A cold, jaded gentleman who literally hides a family member meets an honest and warm lady who thaws his heart. Their relationship was one of equals and there was even a fire scene where the hero ran in to save a person (in JE, it was the mad wife). Unfortunately, I’ll keep mum on what comes after because that will spoil Episode 14 (possibly?)

      Someone suggested in a different forum that KMM should take on a Mr Darcy character but I think he makes one smoldering Mr Rochester.

      • 14.2.1 Koirv

        I looooved both Rochester (Orson Welles embodiment) and Darcy (Colin Firth or Laurence Olivier embodiment)!

        Haven’t read the book version yet. And yes, KMM looked so hot as Rochester in King of Dramas and Beethoven Virus.

        It’d be so interesting to see him as a Mr. Darcy. Omg! Omg! Omg! Squealing right now just thinking about it!

        Like Jang Dong-gun’s character in All About Eve?!
        Or Bae Yong-joon’s in Winter Sonata?!
        Or Park Shin-yang’s in Lovers in Paris?!

        Kim Myung-min, show us what it means to be Mr. Darcy!

        • autleaf

          I would definitely recommend Jane Eyre the book. Although it could be a more involved text for some, unlike Austen’s pieces. As for screen versions, there are loads to choose from but my favourite is a 2006 miniseries with Toby Stephen as Mr Rochester.

          Sorry ppl, didn’t mean to turn this into an English period piece commentary so zip, zip back to Kdrama!

      • 14.2.2 Chickletta

        SMOLDERING is the word – to describe Anthony’s character. KMM would be great as both Darcy and Rochester. Frankly, I don’t think there’s any character he can’t pull off. YOu’re so sweet for giving such a praise to my comments. thank you – and yes, it’s a literary convention, too, a cold as ice type meets a warm angelic woman who changes him, or rather,digs out his good inner self. If you like Anthony, you would love the character of Gyandari in “Tamna the Islan” one of my fave Korean dramas, totally underrated and cut short because of low ratings (a couple of years ago). It’s on youtube with subs. Try it. The fine young actor Im juhwan is as good as KMM – I swear. I hope that the song that is sung by HM in ep. 14 is not a foreshadowing to what Anthony may do about Goeun (before our happy ending, fo course with two mothers-in-law making kimchi and overlooking a soccer team of cute little offspring with wild hair and fur coats)

        • Arawn

          They should make a Korean version of Jane Eyre with KMM as Rochester and JRW as Jane. That would be awesome!

      • 14.2.3 Termas

        Oh my goodness. I didn’t see it before, but you are right on with the Jane Eyre comparison. I bet the writer actually is doing it based on Jane Eyre.

    • 14.3 D_Heat

      That’s was so erotic, so true!

      • 14.3.1 D_Heat


    • 14.4 Koirv

      It’s good to have you here Ivoire and Chickletta. I’m learning a lot from you. Loooooots of Dramabeans commentators of King of Dramas are geniuses!

      I didn’t study drama but I studied film analysis and film history. Screenwriting is what I do now so these scripts get my full attention and in-depth analyses.

      It’s good to have these kind of people appreciate King of Dramas. That’s when you know it’s INDEED a good drama you’re watching.

      PS: KING OF DRAMAS has the most amazing script in kdramaland imho. 🙂 [Lol yeap I’ve watched kdramas since 2000]

      • 14.4.1 Chickletta

        absolutely agree about the good drama script. It’s funny, believable, just enough OTT for a comedy. KOD rocks!

      • 14.4.2 Pinkeu


        The pacing is perfect too. The character developments are perfect. My brother once said this:

        -Seeing Anthony from one episode to another episode, there’s absolutely no difference. (Practically when you follow his journey)
        -But seeing Anthony from Episode 1 then jump to Episode 13, the change was quite shocking!

        • Ivoire

          You guys, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED all your comments and thank you sooooo much for the compliments, I appreciate them very much. You guys are making it hard on me because now I want to jump in and respond. However I can’t right now because I am with a 4 year and I will have his sister (and him) this afternoon and evening. So I will write back later (I will do my best) and if you guys remember please come back and read. I am loving this conversation, so much :-)!!!!!! (and thank you for understanding as well, you know…, real life and stuff 🙂 )

          P.S.: Chickeletta, I have been meaning to respond to your email (the last one). I will do that as well :-).

  15. 15 Chickletta

    The hug scene. Don’t know if everyone will be able to access it since it’s the SBS Korean website. They also have hilarious “making drama” bits. http://wizard2.sbs.co.kr/sw11/template/swtpl_iframetype.jsp?vVodId=V0000370537&vProgId=1000838&vMenuId=1018098

  16. 16 peaches

    i love the bickering relationship between hyun min and go eun, and i can’t really imagine them as a couple, but i wish there was a male character that would rival anthony as go eun’s love interest…i really want to see anthony being jealous.
    that said, i love how their relationship is progressing. it seems like go eun is more aware of her feelings at this point but i hope anthony will soon realize the awesomeness that is go eun.
    i don’t really feel that min ah comes off as having a split personality- it makes sense to me that she shows a different side of herself in her private life. i understand that it’s hard to let go of someone when they never gave you a reason as to why they left.
    lastly, let’s take a moment to appreciate kim myung min’s hotness is and wish fervently that he was never married so that him and jung ryeo won could be a couple IRL.

  17. 17 Mommai

    Hyun-min’s manager Kwang-soo is wearing a hoodie with Brownie from Gag Concert on it, hence why he calls him Brownie. I actually really like those segments 😉

    Oh, and this episode was awesome, but it pretty much goes without saying. I love that Hyun-min was spazzing over Anthony and Go-eun like a lot of us do 😉

  18. 18 whitewire

    All I know is that I cried like a baby…
    LIKE A BABY… Like a baby!!!

    Like… a… baby…

    When Anthony protected Go-eun with all his might when she fell asleep. My goodness, didn’t expect my tears would flow like that during an easy scene.

    • 18.1 Koirv

      My tears ALL flowed down like it’s the end of the world.
      My heart broke into pieces, too!

      When Anthony held her tight, “Don’t fall asleep!”
      And with all his remaining strength, covered her with the actual loving arms of THE ANTHONY KIM.

    • 18.2 Rotikirai

      Yes, sweet scene indeed (I didn’t cry though).

      If only Go Eun knows of how protective he had been…

      The part where he was rubbing her head was a nice touch too, ya?

      • 18.2.1 Chickletta

        For me that was the most touching / sweetest moment in this episode. His voice was same as when he had thought in an earlier episode that she had lost her memory. Same desperation. And the arms wrapped protectively around her – I was melting.

        • Pinkeu

          The desperation sound made it appear that he cannot survive Go-eun. He NEEDS her. I melted. What a love!

          • Ivoire

            You guys, everything you said was so well said!!!! Awwww…. we are all seeing through Anthony, and it is heartwarming to witness it (his changes and thawing). I also agree with all that you have said :-).

  19. 19 twelvejan

    I told you didn’t I, that Anthony’s gonna pushed Min-ah away!!! Haha, but I didn’t expect Anthony to see Go Eun’s attempt to scrambled back into her room. That was just hilarious!

    And the scene at the back of the lorry. That was so so sweet. The moment Anthony pulled Go Eun closer and stroked her head through her hoodie, trying to keep her warm God, I couldn’t stop myself from squealing out loud! That was just intensely sweet. <3 <3 <3

    KOD PD, have you not realised that we're left with 4 episodes? Could we get some smooching please?

    And thank you HeadsNo2, for the awesome recaps! Get well soon!

  20. 20 Ash

    The dancing flower in that ramshackle truck was *inspired*. I literally laughed until I cried. And the hilarious beauty of Kim Myung-min huddled against a giant barrel of soup… I adore this drama so very, very much.

    On a more story-related note, I love seeing Anthony’s defenses lower whenever he’s with Go-eun. He’s honest and open with her in a way that he isn’t with anyone else, and relationships like that are my absolute favorites. Vulnerable sincerity hits me in the heart so much more than any amount of weepy noble idiocy.

  21. 21 rynea

    This episode is solely dedicated to Anthony and Lee Go Eun, well except for the last part. It’s sweet and funny and just really adorable. Anthony literally becomes a cuddly bear in that truck, and the concern he showed to Go Eun was so sincere and poignant. Episodes ago it was impossible to picture him caring for another person, but inside that truck, he’s just a vulnerable man who like all of us are capable of tearing and breaking. When he hugged Go Eun to keep her warm, I felt so idiotically proud of him. I bet his mom raised him well for him to be the man he is today.

    The story is yet to present its darkest moments ever. I don’t want to think of birth secrets, accidents, or terminal illnesses because it chills me to the bones. But I know that this drama won’t break my heart.

    Miss you so much Heads. I felt so sad when I can’t see your name here in dramabeans. Hope you’re doing fine with all these recaps and reviews. Thanks again for the recap!

    • 21.1 liza

      I will be disappointed if there is any plots that will make me sad. birth secrets. no reason for it but I feel that the man that he saved in the fire is his dad also, As he promised he will introduce G to his mom before the mother continues her journey. G may not even know the significance of the introduction.

  22. 22 nomu nomu nomu

    HeadsNo2, I’m sorry to hear about the tonsillitis. I hope you feel better now and also Happy holidays *gives belated get well flowers* ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘

    The rant made by Director Goo to Hyun-min and Min-ah was awesome. Finally someone said everything I wanted to say to them concerning their adolescent behavior (especially the twelve year old instigator Hyun-min). Credit where credit is due, at-least both of them felt guilty and wanted to apologize after they realize they were wrong and they both have displayed that sense of guilt more than once already, for example during the plagiarism misunderstanding.

    The method KOD used to bring Anthony and Go-eun closer is not exactly my favorite (’cause I’ve seen that lost-in-woods-and-forced-to-spend-night-together or similar trope countless of times already). Sure, people can interpret that scene with special meanings of metaphors and analogies but it could be simply just recycled plot. However, I was still smiling at the mixture of romance, bonding and heartfelt moment they shared together, so the end result was the trope served its purpose and had me enjoying the scene too, I guess I’ll take it. I still ♥‿♥ KOD

  23. 23 D_Heat

    Trying my best to feel chemistry between Mina & Hyun-min…

    They say these two have chemistry as strong as Anthony & Go-eun but omg where?! Can somebody help??

    Hyun-min and Bitna can do. 🙂

  24. 24 Deeko

    Hi Ivoire,
    I definitely agree with you also! The scene where he pulls her closer and warms her head with his gloved hands was so heartwarming. Somewhat fatherly but also very sweet.

    His relationship with his mom is really touching. The husky tone in his voice when he addresses her and when he talks about her with Go Eun is beautiful. It makes me more confident about his growing affection for Go Eun who is the only one that he can open up about his life and his mother. Crazy how he thought getting away from his mother would help him realize who he was, but by acknowledging her as his mother and coming back to her is making him the very person he is supposed to be… Kim Bong Dal.

  25. 25 Rotikirai

    So many awesome moments in this ep! Director Goo’s so great in this ep too! And Hyun Min’s teasings! How on earth did he manage to spot that lipstick mark? I couldn’t really see it at first, I thought he’s joking!

    Somehow I prefer it when GE gets mad at AK rather than when she’s being dreamy looking at his lips. In the restaurant scene, I love it when she told him to just have all the food for himself! And when she was getting her phone from him! There were no words spoken between them, but AK knows she’s pissed and he looks like a scaredy cat there. LOL.

    When the guy on the line asks who he is, Anthony says something like chin (?) oppa. Not sure if I got the words right. Can somebody enlighten me as to what “chin (?) oppa” means? Thanks!

    • 25.1 Femme

      Awwww! Help me out! When did Go-eun stare at Anthony’s lips?? I want to seeee!

      • 25.1.1 Rotikirai

        Ep 12 – after she’s just done writing the kiss scene, he drops by and smiles after telling her the rating of the drama’s second ep

        • Pinkeu

          That was a sweet moment! Go-eun was indeed lovestruck!

    • 25.2 nova611

      I actually laugh like crazy person by myself in these scene :-

      1. GE busted for witnessing MA kissing AK, and tries to hide away
      2. AK busted by GE for signing another 10 yrs contract thus lied about being her ‘Chin’ Oppa ( same as Rotikirai’s opinion )
      3. HM got knocked down by MA infront of Director Goo on being more mature artist
      4. HM makes fun of GE and AK sleeping together (like a naughty child teases his parents~~)…and the look they gave is like laser beam shoot

    • 25.3 maldita

      “Chin oppa” means the person is one’s real older brother, as opposed to all the other older males a girl has to call “oppa.”

      • 25.3.1 nova611

        maldita : thank you for explaination ~~

    • 25.4 Rotikirai

      @maldita: Thanks so much for the explanation!

      @nova611: Yes, yes, I totally love those scenes you mentioned!!!

      Now I’m wondering, if the contract renewal really will be for the next 10 years? Heheehee

    • 25.5 JCyy

      I think it is actual brother, like blood-related brother.

      Yeah, I really loved the part where she snatched her phone away from him!

  26. 26 Hooliah

    Thanks so much for the recap, and I hope you are better now!! Love reading your stuff. xD

    I loved this episode SO MUCH!! I literally LOLed at the beginning when Go-Eun went half crouch-shuffling back into her little studio. Some other highlights I loved:

    I love that Go-Eun knows Anthony so well, and that she’s constantly able to see through his scheming now. I want to say that it’s frustrating that Anthony hasn’t figured out that he doesn’t NEED to scheme Go-Eun–all he needs to do is ask her nicely–but he’s just so cute about it in this episode. This is all he knows how to be, and since he wasn’t being totally evil this time, it was pretty adorable. Never mind that it also gave him an excuse to be locked up in a chilly truck with her overnight!!

    And of course I loved that whole sequence, because I’ve been shipping Anthony and Go-Eun since episode 1. The bit that really jumped out to me, though wasn’t necessarily the snuggling and talking. It was that when Go-Eun starts to fall asleep, Anthony starts to get genuinely frightened for her. It’s just a little moment; but Anthony drops all pretense of being the deep-voiced, powerful man and almost whines like a child. “You can’t fall asleep…” He really cares about her, even if he doesn’t realize it yet. And if he’s not in love with her, at least she’s his very best friend.

    And the end of the episode!! I think this cliffhanger was one of the best I’ve ever seen in a drama. So tense! I did NOT want to wait until Tues to find out what happened!!

    Those were my favorite moments. Now time for some speculation. Anthony says his mom wasn’t always blind; she went blind when he was 5 years old. Hmmmm, why would they mention that? Do you think that would be important later?! Are you going to make Anthony GO BLIND drama?!

    It’s probably about time that they lampooned the imminent disease trope, but there’s always that tiny chance that they will actually follow through on it. Guess I’ll have to keep watching!

    • 26.1 jademwong

      Oh my gosh, I didn’t consider the possibility of Anthony going blind BUT I do think this drama is hinting at something bad happening to Anthony (I saw ep 14, but I’ll stop at that). And if this drama goes and pulls some “blindness” or “cancer” card, I’m going to flip some tables. No. Just. NO >_<.

      • 26.1.1 Arawn

        This drama has played with many kdrama cliches so far so why not with this one?

        • Pinkeu

          Hah! This drama has fooled me time and time again! I thought they will go with the cliches but omg they will trick me once again! I’m excited how they will go with the blindness cliche yeah! What a perfect drama!

  27. 27 twelvejan

    Can I be in Anthony’s arms, please?

    • 27.1 Pinkeu

      After me, sure.

      • 27.1.1 Mystisith

        A group hug maybe? ^^

        • twelvejan

          well, if we really have to. Sighhh. =\


          • jademwong

            LOL you guys! I found this hilarious xD

          • Arawn

            Group hug is not enough. We need a line.

          • Ivoire

            I 2nd what Arawn just said :-).

    • 27.2 racheose

      but i wanted him since his yi soon shin days hahaha let’s just give him to go eun ^^

      • 27.2.1 soyabeans

        Wow, racheose, then you’re a long-time KMM fan? This is my first KMM drama. Have you watched all his works?Just wondering, who’s his best leading lady? And his best kiss is with whom? 🙂

        • D_Heat

          Best leading lady? Hmm, tie between Lee Ji-ah in Beethoven Virus and Jung Ryeo-won in King of Dramas.

          Best kiss? Hmmmm, tie between Ha Ji-won in Closer to Heaven and Son Ye-jin in Open City. Lol! Hoping that Jung Ryeo-won will make it here in the best kiss list.

          • Chickletta

            A spoiler: his best kiss is with JRW. I’d say one of the best kisses I’ve seen in Korean drama – or anywhere.

  28. 28 Pinkeu

    How awkward would it be if GOO HEE JAE got stuck inside the truck with Go-eun! Anthony must be jealous and regretful if that happened!

  29. 29 Sabah

    HeadsNo2 wishing you a speedy and easy recovery. Please be rest assured that I would wait for how ever long it took for you to get the recap out. Even if they aren’t ‘on time’ I always come back to read your recaps but of the detailing you point out.

    Thank you.

  30. 30 greentinted60smind

    Finally, the recap that I’ve been waiting for all week is here. Thanks, HeadsNo2!

    Go-eun trying to hide after she saw Min-ah kissing Anthony was funny. And how she consoled herself, “Wait, why am I hiding?”. Also the next day, how she tried to deny seeing the kiss by telling Anthony about night blindness. Haha!

    Love Hyun-min here! Him tellling Min-ah (and Director Goo) about his deduction that Anthony and Go-eun like each other must have pissed her off! And when he asked her how much money they should prepare for Anthony-Go-eun’s wedding, this is adding salt to Min-ah’s wound, I’m sure!

  31. 31 Mystisith

    Sweet episode: No machinations. Just slices of life on a drama set and Team spirit everywhere. And Hyun-min teasing our OTP: I agree with those who feel like he is a little annoying brother for Go-eun. I don’t want another admirer for her btw. So late in the game it would feel forced and unnecessary. Just let her get closer and closer to Anthony then give us the Game Over.
    Even with the multiple flash-backs of this week, this show stays as one of the best.
    Thanks for the recap HeadsNo2. 🙂

  32. 32 Lilian

    Haha…mothers and mother-in-laws are the bane of Kdramas! The worst ones are in Can We Get Married? drama. Pretty scary… For me, the best part is the scene which highlights the extra. The truth is many extras do remain an extra for life. For some luckier ones, they progress from extra, to supporting and to lead roles. But for many, they do not get the chance. I like the way the drama highlights real life incidences in the filming industry.

  33. 33 Deeko

    I agree that there need not be competition for Anthony winning Go Eun over. He is already competing against himself, his doubt that she could possibly like him with his ”despicable” personality. It’s also too late in the game to bring some former Oppa that Go Eun had a crush on or a new admirer. They already have enough obstacles that could prevent them from getting together. I’m not even sure if Go Eun’s mother is a fan of Anthony…

    Haha, I love how Director Goo is annoyed at first about Hyun Min teasing the budding relationship between Anthony and Go Eun, but when they arrive at the filming sure, he laughs at the spotting of lipstick stain on Anthony’s shirt… I wonder what he thinks about them.

    • 33.1 soyabeans

      I’m sure Director Goo will approve it! 😉

    • 33.2 reeen

      Very well put. A rival would be unnecessary. Finally a drama without some second suitor. It’s just silly, as if for every love story there was someone who fell by the wayside…

  34. 34 soyabeans

    I’m just wondering, when they were in the truck, why Anthony didn’t want Go-eun to fall asleep…?

    • 34.1 racheose

      he is scared she won’t wake up and survive the cold…. i don’t know how to explain it madically but that also happened to my sister on our way to the hospital, my mom just kept on saying ‘don’t close your eyes’ over and over again..

    • 34.2 ladysarahii

      One issue is your metabolism slows when you sleep, making blood flow through your body slower, actually making your body temperature colder. As someone starts to die of hyperthermia, their organs start shutting down, starting with the non-vital and finally the vital organs.

      Also, quite frequently, one of the last symptoms of extreme hyperthermia is sleeping.

  35. 35 Deeko

    Soyabeans, I think it’s because it’s a bit dangerous to sleep when it’s that cold… Fear of hypothermia? Kinda like also when someone his their head and they suddenly feel like sleeping. Could be a concussion…

    • 35.1 soyabeans

      Oh, I see. Thanks, Deeko! *off to google on hypothermia* 🙂

    • 35.2 twelvejan

      Ahh, thanks for the explanation. I was wondering the same thing too. But idk, I didn’t think it was that serious? It wasn’t like they were lost at sea à la Titanic.

      Although it does make a lot of sense now why Anthony didn’t want her to fall asleep. Which makes everything intensely sweet.

      Yeayy to snuggling!

      • 35.2.1 Arawn

        In real life that is dangerous. There’s snow so temperature must be under 0 celsius. Here in Finland people die every year when they have passed out in the snow after the night of drinking. Ok, Go-Eun and Anthony are not sleeping in the snow and they have each other to warm themselves up, but still, spending the whole night in the temperature below 0 without any heating or proper sleeping bag is not a joke.

  36. 36 Deeko

    No worries. 🙂 I was thinking the same thing too but maybe it wasn’t that serious since he ended up sleeping also. But yeah, you’re right, it is a sweet gesture.

    Maybe Director Goo can be frank with Anthony and help the poor man realize what he’s feeling… I’m worried that Anthony might keep denying it until the last episode.

    • 36.1 twelvejan

      Hell nooooo. KOD PD better not let this denial drag till ep 18. I cannot accept this!

    • 36.2 Femme

      Goo is definitely aware of Anthony’s feelings for Go-eun. It’s obvious. Goo saw Anthony “trust” Go-eun; Goo asked AK to take care of GE the most in the team; Goo asked AK to pour soju on GE’s bottle; Goo came to the defense when HM teased our OTP.

      Goo knows. Anthony’s quite unsure and still in denial stage.
      Maybe he KNOWS he likes Go-eun but still does not REALIZE it.

  37. 37 kellie

    Nice episode, nice recap.

    On Beethoven Virus, when the writers found out the audience liked the outrageousness & hard edge of Kang Mae they went that way & made him even more so. Here they’ve done the opposite, they’ve gradually softened the Anthony character, so much so that I’m wondering if KMM is happy with this. The small but enthusiastic audience likes the romance angle so it’s gone pretty much that way & I just wonder if that’s what the Great One signed on for. I confess I’m loving it myself because it lets him be oh-so-charming for a change. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he took off for the hills after this & we don’t see him in drama again for another 4 years. Uhnnnnn!

    • 37.1 Mystisith

      Awww. I certainly hope it’s not the case! Why should he be against the evolution of his character? It was marketed as a rom-com from the start. Plus the love line is kept subtle: It’s not like he’s asked to kiss in every episode. Or do shower scenes…
      I mean, as an actor, it must feel nice to change a bit. It would be sad for someone with acting talent to be typecast as the grumpy serious guy.

    • 37.2 rynea

      I don’t know if KMM didn’t know about the soft side of his character. They already showed that he’s no monster when he came to the funeral of the delivery man in episode 1 and a tearjerker on episode two. I’m pretty sure? the writers have already given that much script to the actors prior to shooting the scenes. It’s not like KMM doesn’t know that his character is a big softie and that he will need to show that side to the audience more as the drama progresses.

      I prefer to think that Anthony just started out in a messy situation where most of his scenes required him to show the worst of him. Now that everything is slowly filling in the right spaces, he’s more relaxed and has time to enjoy the drama. And while he’s still not showing much improvement when he’s with Min Ah, I love that he’s showing more of his thoughtful and mellow side with his drama team. I can’t help but notice that Anthony shows his better side towards worthy and good people like Go Eun, Director Nam, Director Goo, and his production team. Surrounding himself with good and honest people allows Anthony to be himself.

    • 37.3 nakai

      Yeah…I wondered about this too.

  38. 38 Deeko

    Thanks Maldita for that translation of ”chin oppa.” That part of the scene troubled me for a while. I’m now worried that his fondness of her might not be as romantic as I want it to be. The way he smiles at her, treats her, opens up to her, could be the way someone treats a person he considers as a little sister… But that’s just my honest opinion. :-/

    • 38.1 reeen

      Good point. It’s quite plausible that this is what he feels at the moment. I don’t think he actually has any romantic intentions yet. But that doesn’t mean they can’t develop 😉 And even if they don’t, I’ll still love this drama to bits and pieces.

      • 38.1.1 deeko

        I agree. The first step is that he acknowledges her as more than just a “drama writer he works with.” I’ll take him acknowledging her as a friend any day to just someone he works with! But yeah, I’d love them to develop that romantic feeling sooner than later. 🙂

    • 38.2 Rotikirai

      The part when Go-eun was venting her anger at the fish on her plate, then it seems to me she’s subtly disappointed that Anthony considered himself as her real older brother.

      Anthony is a good liar, I think he’ll just say anything! The point was that he didn’t want the other production company to ever call Go-eun again.

      Remember in episode 11, Anthony didn’t hesitate to lie that Go-eun was his wife? It’s like anything goes, man! As long as he can get what he wants in the end.

      • 38.2.1 Koirv

        He’s a natural liar! Sometimes I don’t know if he’s saying the true contents of his heart or he’s just… lying.
        Right now, I’m confused when he said to Go-eun in the ending of Episode 14: “I don’t have such feelings for whomever, so don’t worry.”

        Anthony honey, we’re in Episode 14 already, aren’t you aware of what your heart desires? Such a natural liar you don’t know what’s true and what’s deceit anymore. Love u still. ♥

  39. 39 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    Okay so this is totally off topic (yet totally on topic). But…I am the only one that thinks that Kim Myung Min (aka Anthony) is the the ahjussi version of BIG BANG’s T.O.P? I swear I am just waiting for him to start rapping Bag Boy. I apologize to all that I may have offended, but I can’t help what my mind sees. I wonder how’d he’d look with blue hair? *fallsonfloorlaughing*

    • 39.1 jademwong

      OH MY GOSH YES. I thought I was going crazy and I was the only one who saw this. But something about his mannerisms and facial expressions, there are so many moments where I swear I thought I was seeing the future TOP.

      PFFFTTT @ the blue hair. Oh god. I just had an image of TOP singing that opera song that Anthony sang a couple eps back xD

      • 39.1.1 Lisa-Loo-Loo

        Opera…TOP? CAN’T. STOP. LAUGHING…

    • 39.2 racheose

      ahahaha this is so funny XD i imagined kmm with blue hair and his face with expression of disgust while go eun laughs hard at his face while saying kim bong dal! hahaha made me laugh like hyungmin’s garlics

  40. 40 Deeko

    @Mystisith I sincerely hope you’re right. Even if it’s just KOD, I hope they let this one character of KMM have a great romantic ending.

  41. 41 jademwong

    Wheeeeee a recap! Been waiting for this, HeadsNo2! I hope you feel better soon, it sucks to get sick around the holidays of all times >_<.

    Each ep is getting better and better than the last, I'm actually looking forward to the extension now. I'm putting my faith in the writer!

    All the scenes with the ahjussi were honestly my favorite in this episode, beautifully done and touching.

    Can't wait for more koD!

  42. 42 Arawn

    HeadsNo2: ” I kind of wish the Go-eun/Anthony pairing would happen faster, just so Go-eun’s mom and Anthony’s mom could hang out as in-laws. Too soon?”

    Oh my god THIS. I’ve been imagining ending of this drama and it would TOTALLY including two moms hanging out together. Go-Eun’s mom would bring kimchi and mackerel to Anthony’s mom and when Go-Eun would give birth to their first child (yeah, I kinda go far with my imaginations… ahem), Go-Eun’s mom would pick her in-law from the hospital and drive like a madwoman to the hospital and then they would wait in the lobby together and talk about their future grandchild. (Anthony would of course be with Go-Eun.) They would watch Anthony’s & Go-Eun’s dramas together, tell each other about their kids when said kids were younger etc. This would be so awesome!

  43. 43 asdjkfl


  44. 44 heonheemoon

    Thank you HeadsNo2 for the recap….It’s like I re-live all the moments of KoD every time I come here to read your recaps and all the comments…Hope you get better soon!

  45. 45 Noelle

    I like the fact there isn’t a love triangle going on here between Anthony, Go Eun and Hyun Min. I’m so tired of triangles and squares. Just give me two people. I’m not bothered with Min Ah. She’s not an evil ex saboteur. Thank God!

    • 45.1 Arawn

      So far this is one of the few love triangles that I’ve liked in dramas/movies. Well, of course it’s a triangle only in a sense that Mina is pushing herself into it even though Anthony doesn’t show any romantic interest in her, but still, I would say it is a sort of a triangle. However, this triangle actually serves to drive the plot and character development. We have yet to see how it all ends and I will give my final verdict then, but so far Mina has actually been contributing to Anthony & Go-Eun relationship instead of keeping it at bay as saboteur exes usually do. Not that it’s what she wants but that’s how things have went, her interest in Anthony has had effect on how Go-Eun sees Anthony.

      • 45.1.1 nareerat

        So true! I wish someone enlightens Anthony of his feeling soon.

  46. 46 umalily

    Great recap. Thanks. This pairing is not happening because siwon is awesome and would beat anthony.

  47. 47 Pat

    People in K dramas will freeze before they button up their coats which they almost never do. The hood gets in the way of the head shot and bundled up makes the actors look stuffed or fat BUT…..
    (I KNOW,stylist noonas, but this has driven me crazy since Winter Sonata!!!!)

    • 47.1 Chickletta

      I can assure you that not only people in Kdramas, but Korean people in Korea walk around with coats open, no gloves, no muffs… What’s the point of wearing fashionable clothes if they are hidden under a coat. I actually blogged about it a few years ago when I first came to Korea. Oddly enouhg, girls walk in mini skirts, or short pants (at -10) wrapped in silly looking blankets. I don’t know what came first – the drama or the life?

  48. 48 Fasiris Fay

    Awww, hope you’re feeling better! And yayy, I loved this episode 😀

  49. 49 nareerat

    Thank you for the recap! I’ve been dying to discuss this week’s episodes with fellow King of Dramas fans. These two episodes are probably the climax of this drama and I love them. Although saving someonne from the fire and the getting stuck somewhere with just the two of them is kinda overused themes, they try to make it a bit more believable here. And it seems that this show has been making fun with the usual drama scenes so it is really not surprising for them to be going for the typical setting that brought together the main actor and actress.

    I love Anthony’s facial expression after Go Eun asked for her phone back in the restaurant after he’s discovered lying to the other drama production company. Priceless!

    I can’t wait to discuss episode 14, I love it even more!

  50. 50 reeen

    Now that the mother’s blindness has become a topic, I see Anthony losing his eyesight around the corner. Aaargh… King of Dramas is above that, King of Dramas is above that…

    Great episode. They just get better all the time. I love these people and their relationships. The magic really is in the details with KoD, not only regarding the set, but also the people. Hyun Min’s hilarious Konglish and the scene of Go-Eun and her mum making food made the whole thing seem so real.

    • 50.1 deeko

      Ugh, I truly hope they don’t introduce blindness so late in the game… KOD should just flesh out the romance between Anthony/Bong Dal and Go Eun.

      • 50.1.1 Mystisith

        On the other hand, he could troll Go-eun: Staying at the hospital for a mere check-up and pretending to lose his sight so she would panic and confess. Payback time for the faked amnesia. :))

        • reeen

          That would be quite a nice idea, actually 🙂

        • Deeko

          Haha, if he does that, I might like him less for that though… but it would move the romance along. He’s impish enough for that type of trick. 😉

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