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King of Dramas: Episode 15
by | December 29, 2012 | 195 Comments

It’s like there’s a little extra magic in this episode, though I’m not quite sure if that’s due to the floodgate of feelings becoming more or less open, or whether this cast’s sparkling chemistry has just gotten… More sparkly? Is that a thing?

I can say my love for Anthony took another exponential leap, because it’s kind of hard not to love a man who can be so glib about buying his girl winged pads while scoffing at her tendency to embarrassingly weep at a movie she’s seen a hundred times, only to sit through it all the same. This goes for most of the characters in this show this hour, and not just Anthony: Love is in the air. And it’s a lot of fun to watch.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday break, and in case you missed it, King of Dramas will only be airing Episode 17 on Tuesday of next week, while Episode 18 will air the following week, with a special to wrap up the series. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


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EPISODE 15: “We Have Crossed the Rubicon”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Go-eun chickens out on confessing her feelings to Anthony, instead choosing to call out once he’s gone: “I like you! I said, I like you!”

Here is where this show is awesome (again): Anthony heard her. He seems shocked by the confession, and they both spend time alone to sort out their thoughts.

Anthony’s fur collar makes a reappearance the next day at work, where he finds Dong-seok sighing over pictures of the Maknae FD he’s in love with (according to Maknae Goo). Anthony chides him for being unable to separate his personal life from work, in a way that makes me think he doth protest too much.

Meanwhile, Min-ah can’t seem to set the record straight with CEO Oh about her scandal with Hyun-min. I love that he tells her that regardless if it’s Hyun-min or Anthony, her taste in men is low. Ha.

Hyun-min seems less concerned about the scandal than he is about his expiring contract for his Korean beef sponsorship, and taunts Min-ah on set by making kissy faces at her.

She makes sure to remind him that she’s out of his league, still thinking that he’s suffering from unrequited love. He balks at that once she’s gone, finding the thought absurd.

Go-eun overhears two high school girls discussing Kyungsung Morning at the convenience store, and how they’re unhappy with the latest events. She ends up running into Anthony on the way back only to have him chide her for picking up junk food, and she’s too nervous to stammer out coherent sentences.

Luckily, Mom’s paid a visit to her studio with home-cooked food, which Go-eun gobbles up gratefully. It’s cute that Mom has been watching even the reruns of Kyungsung, though she’s the second person to bring up some hesitation about a recent betrayal turn for Min-ah’s character, even though Go-eun claims it’ll all be cleared up later.

With these recent bouts of light criticism in mind, Go-eun decides to re-watch all the episodes of Kyungsung while simultaneously studying the scripts.

Hyun-min’s side hasn’t done a good enough job in squashing the scandal rumors, so the press machine is still going strong in declaring Hyun-min and Min-ah a celebrity couple.

To make matters worse, Hyun-min’s beef sponsor representatives want to renew his contract… if he’ll sign on with Min-ah for a couple concept. Hyun-min doesn’t want to see his precious money go to anyone but him and rejects the offer with gusto.

Min-ah takes Anthony out not to clear up the rumors (he already knows it’s all ludicrous) but to introduce him to wealthy conglomerate chief director Kim Sang-jik, who wants to bring Anthony onboard as CEO of their drama production company. Which means a high salary and tons of benefits.

However, Anthony declines the offer, citing that he’s done working under other people. “With my own hands, making World Productions the best in Asia – no, the whole world – is my personal goal.”

CD Kim decides to take Anthony on a little tour to see if he changes his mind, which includes an incredibly spacious office just waiting for him. If Anthony were to accept, his position would also include managing actors – and the first one would be Sung Min-ah. Ah, so that’s her stake in all this.

You can see Anthony’s eyes light up at the sight of the office, and even more so when the terms are described – it’ll still be World Productions, owned by none other than Anthony Kim, aided along by a hefty investment from CD Kim each year. In return, they’d want almost fifty percent of the profit.

Once Anthony asks the reason, CD Kim explains that it’s because they want to surpass Empire Productions. He also appeals to Anthony’s ego in crediting him for making Empire what it is today. There doesn’t seem to be any shadiness going on from either end. The offer seems sincere.

And Anthony must pick up on that too, since he agrees to the deal.

Later, as he and Min-ah look out at the vista of Seoul from their new office window, she tells him, “You’ll finally be able to realize your dream. Watching you succeed while staying near you is also the dream that I hoped for.”

She smiles, and he returns it, clearly hopeful for the future.

While Go-eun studies the scripts even later that night, Anthony looks out at the world from his rooftop as CD Kim’s words about creating Asia’s best production company echo in his mind. “That’s right, the time has come,” he thinks to himself.

And how cute is it that Go-eun has Anthony listed in her phone as Bong-dal? She has to work up a lot of courage to call him, and when she finally does, he cuts her off by saying he’s in a meeting. Aww.

We cut back to him on the rooftop as we hear him in voiceover: “From this moment on, my own legend will begin again.”

But, a call from Go-eun interrupts him again, though this time he’s caught in his lie since she’s staring straight at him from her rooftop. Ha. She tells him to gather the crew for a meeting tomorrow morning.

At the meeting, Go-eun explains to the creative team that she wants to revise episodes eleven and twelve. She’s looking to make Min-ah’s character less vague by laying groundwork for an episode thirteen reveal earlier, so that the audience won’t turn against her like her mom and those high school girls.

Unfortunately though, that means they’ll have to halt filming for four days while she revises the script, which means two dreaded words: Live shoot. Min-ah’s dubious of Go-eun’s promise that she can get it done, only to have Anthony back her up: “She says she can do it, so why don’t we try believing Writer Lee? Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean we should avoid what we see as a problem.”

Hyun-min notices the tender way Go-eun smiles at Anthony, and so does Min-ah. Eek.

The World office is busier than usual as Anthony stresses to Go-eun that this decision means their schedule will no longer allow for an inch of leeway. So later on, if there’s a problem with the script, they’ll have to shoot it anyway because there’ll be no time to fix it.

She understands the gravity of the decision to go into live shoot, and Anthony’s voice goes even graver as he likens their journey to Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon river in 49 BC. Like Caesar, they’ve now passed the point of no return.

In order to help Go-eun while she’s under studio arrest for the revisions, Anthony brings her multivitamins, ginseng, and other nice things he thinks she’ll need. Then he pulls out maxi pads like it’s no big deal, because he’s bought every kind without knowing her preference.

At her mortified face, he asks innocently, “Why, you don’t use the ones with wings?” HAHAHA. Oh. My. God. Wiping away tears from laughing so hard.

“Isn’t it weird for a man to buy these for a woman?” Go-eun asks.

“I’m not a man, but a producer. You’re not a woman, but a writer,” Anthony replies. It’s adorable that he’s taking such good care of her… until he reveals that he’s camping out in her studio to make sure she works ‘round the clock, because she’s no Kim Soo-hyun. (Alas, he’s talking Writer Kim Soo-hyun and not actor Kim Soo-hyun, and her most recent credits include the highly acclaimed currently-airing cable hit, Childless Good Fortune.)

Hilariously, Director Nam has to remind CP Lee to simmer down and trust in Go-eun to pull through.

Hyun-min gets some bad news for his Korean beef CF: Either he signs on with Min-ah, or they’ll go with superstar Jang Dong-gun and his wife. Ha.

He pulls Min-ah aside to give her the offer, which she thinks is just another method for him to try and get closer to her. He reassures her that there’s only one reason he’s asking (in English): “Money.”

So she agrees, on the basis that he conduct an interview and use any other means necessary to clear up their scandal.

Anthony and Go-eun end up disagreeing on a story point where Hyun-min’s character is supposed to give up his dreams to save the woman he loves, with Anthony claiming that only an idiot would give up his dream for love.

Go-eun’s floored, since she’s firmly in the camp that love conquers all. Out of frustration, she asks Anthony, “Have you ever been in love at all?” Which he throws right back at her, because at least he’s no virgin.

She asks him if kissing and sleeping with someone equals love, and he shrugs, “What else is there to it?” He’s sure he’s in the right because at least he has more experience than she does, and their frank bickering is adorable. Mostly because he knows Go-eun well enough to know she won’t back down.

And she doesn’t, because she sneaks the post-it note he took off back onto the board. Ha.

At the same time, Anthony’s mom worries for him and his inability to open his heart to someone, because he’s had to pretend to be strong all his life. She feels responsible for putting him through the hardships that led to who he is now.

Anthony returns to the studio later to find Go-eun watching Love Letter, a Japanese film from 1995 which she claims to have watched one-hundred times, and one which she needs to watch to get into the right emotional space for the script.

So he ends up sitting with her through the movie, his facial expressions growing increasingly sour as Go-eun starts blubbering like a baby during a scene. This is amazing.

There comes a point during the movie that Anthony starts looking at Go-eun – really looking at her. Every smile, every change in her expression. It’s like he’s seeing her in a completely new light, and my guess would be that he is.

At a moment Go-eun finds endlessly romantic, Anthony just seems to shrug, causing her to call him out: “I mean it. I don’t think you’ve ever been in love. Have you ever shed tears for love?”

In response, Anthony books it out of there and confronts himself in the mirror: “Anthony, are you crazy? This is nonsense. How can that tomboy look so pretty in my eyes?”

He tears up at that, and turns to his pills to stop from crying.

He’s spacy at the next World meeting, and pulls a very Go-eun-esque move when she spots him staring at her from his rooftop… by ducking down to hide before stalking back into his office. Ha. Invisibility cloaks are so last year.

After receiving a call that he’s to meet with the Chairman of the conglomerate buying him out, Anthony finds Go-eun asleep at the helm in her studio. He starts to cover her with a blanket before he has a crisis about liking her, and decides to just back away slowly instead.

She brings the revised scripts the next morning, and Anthony praises her for a job well done after leisurely reading through. Huzzah!

The new scenes are filmed and broadcasted, with everyone on the team pleased with the revisions. Even Dong-seok gets swept up while watching, and of course, gets chided by Anthony for it.

Best news? Ratings have jumped, leaving Hyun-min and Min-ah secretly giddy as they watch the live broadcast from their phones on set. They eventually break 20% as the romance develops, and we see the fervor build up through headline snippets.

Hyun-min is interviewed due to the show’s rising popularity, and is so not-himself it’s funny. He handles the questions all suave and debonair, doing what Min-ah asked by confirming that they are not dating. It’s cute that he reminds her he’s fulfilling his promise through thinly-veiled code, though I’m sure it’s so she keeps her end of the bargain as well.

And she does, since we find him on set for the beef CF. Min-ah shows up and catches the light in such a way that she looks angelic, which has Hyun-min practically drooling as he realizes how attractive she is.

Of course, the only way he can express this new sense of wonder is by asking her whether she got a botox shot recently. HA.

They film the CF successfully, even though Min-ah is less than enthused despite the perks of getting money and beef. (Which, to me, are some pretty nice perks.)

She does end up finding out, through Hyun-min, that Anthony and Go-eun have been spending every day together writing for the show, though. And that does not make her happy.

Anthony ends up getting Go-eun medicine since she’s caught a cold, and responds to her giggling by telling her to cut it out before he gets used to it. D’aww. A-dorable.

He drives her home, which means she gets to overhear their conversation when Min-ah calls him, asking to meet later. When Anthony tells Go-eun that they’ll be relocating to a bigger office, she hesitates to ask whether Min-ah had a hand in helping him.

He admits that she did the introductions, and tells her that he’ll get her a bigger studio with a better view so she can prepare for the next show, with Min-ah as the lead. Casting her again was one of the conditions of the contract, as it seems.

At dinner, Anthony has to pretty much ask Min-ah to let Go-eun write her next project, which she claims to have no objection to as long as the script is good. She does mention that she wants him to answer her question by tomorrow, and it seems to take Anthony a second to realize that it’s what she asked him on the rooftop: “Can you tell me that you don’t have any feelings for me?”

He mulls over this in the car, until his vision suddenly blurs, almost causing him to get into an accident. Oh no. If what I think is happening is happening… it better not be.

At least we have a hero who actually sees a doctor when he’s sick, but the results are inconclusive until he gets more tests. The doctor is of the mind that Anthony’s sudden vision problems could be a side effect of his antidepressants.

Hyun-min ends up giving his manager lessons on how to woo the ladies, since both he and Dong-seok have their eyes on the same Maknae FD. Step one is to send her sexy smiles often, so that she’ll eventually ask, “Why do you smile like that whenever you see me?” Step two would be to reply with something like, “Your eyes make me smile.”

Even his manager cringes at the cheesiness, and Min-ah balks when she catches Hyun-min sending his “sexy smile” her way. She ends up throwing up in her mouth a little in horror. Haha.

Anthony checks in on Go-eun, who’s still working nonstop despite her fever and sickness. He tries to leave her in order to attend his important dinner meeting with the chairman of Taesan Group (the one buying them out), but goes back to check on her one more time.

And good thing, too, since she’s passed out on the floor. He drops the phone with Min-ah still on the other end, so she hears him frantically telling Go-eun to wake up. She must know something’s happened.

Anthony carries Go-eun to the car and rushes her to the hospital, while Min-ah attends the dinner meeting alone.

Anxiety is written all over his face as he finds himself in bumper-to-bumper traffic, though it’s hard to tell if it’s over Go-eun or the missed meeting. (Or both.)

Either way, he decides to abandon his car on the road in order to carry Go-eun to the hospital, where she’s treated for her high fever. He waits at her bedside until she regains consciousness, having completely forgotten about the meeting until she mentions it. At her urging, he hurries out. Is he too late?

We see Min-ah fighting back tears at the dinner venue before Anthony shows up… and her table is now empty. He’s too late.

She confronts him on choosing Go-eun: “What problem is greater than your dream, your future? Was Writer Lee Go-eun such an important person to you?”

He pauses for a long while, his face impassive at first, until his eyes seem to glisten with unshed tears. When she prompts him again, he finally answers, “That’s right. Lee Go-eun is an important person to me. I finally realized it… How important Lee Go-eun is to me.”


What a great episode. I had been wondering if there was a more sinister purpose to the introduction of such a perfect contract, especially when Anthony really seemed to get his hopes up about it. In the end it looks like it really was just a great deal, one he would have been a fool to miss out on. (A fool in love, anyway.) Showing his eagerness to go through with this deal worked to really bring home the weight of his sacrifice, because we know how much this meant to him. If even I’m left feeling crushed, how bad does he have it?

It was nice to see Anthony and Go-eun’s perspectives on love clash in relation to the drama, only to have Anthony actually face that same crisis he’d so readily scoffed at: Love, or dreams? They’re not always mutually exclusive, but let’s face it – it wouldn’t be all that interesting if they weren’t. The thing is, while Old Anthony was a huge tool, I never believed him to be a bad person. We were shown how much he was emotionally affected by his choices even if he didn’t seem to possess that compass at the time of decision-making, so his gradual shift into this caring papa bear for the World team feels like less of a change and more of an unveiling, which is why his decision to choose Go-eun resonates with me.

What we’re seeing now is who Anthony really is, but in order to protect himself, he’s created this whole persona (literally adopting a new name) to hide his vulnerabilities. It’s why I appreciate that Go-eun has him as “Bong-dal” in her phone, and takes the opportunity to call him that when she can. She knows he’s not Anthony Kim, but Kim Bong-dal, and he’s acknowledged the same, sort of. It wasn’t one woman’s love that melted the iceman’s heart (like every other drama ever), but his need to love and be loved finally coming to the fore. I just love that about Anthony.

So, all that is just a really long way of saying: I would have been very surprised if he’d chosen the meeting over Go-eun. Accepting that it was a foregone conclusion that he’d choose to save her instead leaves me eager to see the fallout. Will he harbor some resentment that being Kim Bong-dal caused him to miss out on a grand opportunity, or will he take this as an opportunity to do something even greater? (If he can make a ratings hit working out of a glorified shoebox, what does he even need all that space for, anyway?)

Anthony’s ongoing eye problems are a bit concerning considering his mother’s condition, but I’m cautiously optimistic that the dreaded Dramatic Disease trope will be handled with a wink, just like the way this show handled the usual I’m Going To Confess But You’ll Miss It, Let’s Wallow In Misunderstandings For Nine More Episodes trope by having Anthony actually hear Go-eun’s confession. How perfect was that?


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  1. nova611

    the power of refreshing page every 5 min
    love is in the air~
    i smell it

    • 1.1 Jar


    • 1.2 Ivoire

      Thank you for the recap!

    • 1.3 Ivoire

      Thank you again for the recap!

      I too loved this episode, however I am a little confused with the new company coming on board, so I would appreciate anyone helping me understand. Anthony would keep his production company, the same name and he is bought out by a production (bigger) company? So, are they coming in to invest in his company and nothing more (no changes, no messing with his management style etc…)? So it is a production company (World Productions) within a production company (Taesan Group) like with Empire (except there, Anthony didn’t have a production company, right)?

      I really loved the scene with the pads and how Anthony crossed some boundaries, and yet acted as if nothing was the matter. That really brought to mind that phrase used often in Kdramas: “I don’t see you as a man or as a woman” depending on who says it to whom, and at that time, Anthony thought so.

      The scene that jumped at me was when Anthony and GE were arguing about what love is. I had always assumed that Anthony was more experienced than GE in everything in life. He taught her (in a round about way) how to negotiate a better deal as a writer at the beginning of the drama, he would reread her scripts and know what parts where lacking, and he knew how to make a drama come to light. Granted, GE taught a few things to Anthony as well, such as the importance of having people in your corner (she talked him into working things out with Dir. Goo and reminded him that he could not afford to constantly push people away) and he listened (Dir. Nam said the same thing and urged him to work things out with Dir. Goo as well).

      What I realized however, when they were having the discussion about what love is (being able to sacrifice everything for it) was that Anthony is actually not more experienced than GE when it comes to knowing what love is. Yes, he has slept with and kiss someone (and she hasn’t), however, as she pointed out, that is not necessarily love, and she is right. The difference I saw was that GE actually at least knows what love is. She can recognize it when she sees it (and she clearly sees it between the characters in the Japanese movie) and Anthony doesn’t even suspect it, even though it seems that he looks for or creates opportunities to be near her (and so it might be safe to assume that he likes being near her). We see that he is falling in love, even Joo PD knows when he (himself) is falling in love, but Anthony does not. In this instance, I personally thought that GE had a leg up on Anthony, she was ahead of him.

      That is also confirmed in a scene earlier when his mother (Anthony’s) mentions her concerns about her son: he had never opened up to anyone (female) and that worried her. Would he find a nice lady to settle down with? We do know that all along however, Anthony has been opening up to GE, and that contributed (I think) in his melting and shedding of the old Anthony, to reveal the one that was always there, but buried under the cold exterior he had created to protect himself.

      It makes it that much more interesting then when Anthony at the end of the episode does what he said the male lead in K. Morning would never do: sacrifice his dream for the woman he loves. He doesn’t even think twice and he puts GE first. Once at the hospital, he stays there until she wakes up and reminds him of the contract meeting, which he had forgotten (totally). He then has to be pushed by SMA to acknowledge (publicly, or at least to someone else) that he actually likes GE and that she is very important to him (to the point of forsaking a life changing meeting). I thought there was some irony in that and I loved how the writer turned things around to show us how gone Anthony was, regarding his feelings for GE.

      GE, on the other hand, recognized her feelings much earlier and acknowledged them to herself. She might not have had any experience (not the physical kind at least) at love, but she knew what love was, and what that looked like. That very pointed question” Have you ever cried (because you were in love or over someone)” said a lot, because obviously, Anthony had not (maybe over his mother, but that is different.)

      Anthony’s sacrifice in the end reminded me of the kinds of sacrifices that people in love make, whether it is relocating to a new city to be closer to a loved one (romantic interest) or the kind of love parents feel for their children. It is the same, in that parents would do anything for their child, just see how a parent suffers when their child has an incurable illness or when the child is in an accident (hit by a car, or a train etc…). You hear the phrase, “I wish it had happened to me.” It is a different kind of love of course, however I mentioning it because Anthony when it comes to love has changed a lot, he is not the cynical, pragmatic Anthony we knew at the beginning of the drama and that says a lot, that he would sacrifice so much for GE.

      I know that I was probably babbling about what love is in this episode. It is because it just jumped at me and I wanted to share. I will be back later to read the rest of the comments. I loved the scene with the pads and I wished I could see the BTS of that scene. It reminded me of SeGa, when HB was showing HJW how to put on a bra. He couldn’t stop laughing BTS 🙂

      • 1.3.1 Arawn

        Oh, there’s so much to say about love… Some things that I want to talk about concern next episode so I’m not gonna bring them up, yet. But I just love how these two, Anthony & Go-Eun, fall in love so naturally and, in a way, effortlessly. They really grow on each other and realize they’re in love when it’s “too late”. I absolutely like this kind of romances because I don’t believe in love on first sight. Infatuation, sure, a crush, strong emotions, yes, but not love. To love somebody you have to KNOW him/her and you cannot know another person if you’ve just met him/her. For Anthony & Go-Eun it’s love because they both know what kind of person the other is.

        I think you’re right about Go-Eun knowing intuitively what love is even though she hasn’t experienced it yet. Her family life has clearly been pretty healthy and good and so she has had examples of love. We haven’t been shown but from everything else we’ve seen I think that Go-Eun’s mom and dad probably loved each other and managed create a loving and safe growing environment for their daughter. And later, when dad died, Go-Eun’s mother has been an anchor of love, affection and safety for Go-Eun. In Anthony’s case, even though his mother did love him very much, their relationship was always “tainted” by absent father and their extreme poverty. Anthony had to learn to be strong and love had no place in his quest to conquer the world as love makes you “weak”. And so Anthony doesn’t even really know what love is, how far people will go for their loved ones. Up until now…

        Anthony sacrificing his dreams for Go-Eun was perfect as it was an incident big enough to force Anthony to confront his feelings. And I like it that it happened in front of Mina even though I did kinda feel sorry for her at the same time. Especially I felt sorry when they were together in the empty office building watching the city and Anthony smiled happily at her. She looked so darn hopeful. But alas, we of course knew who’s gonna win Anthony’s heart in the end…

        That has been Mina’s tactic all along. In a way she tries to “buy” Anthony’s love by helping him achieve things she thinks he want to achieve. She’s not totally wrong about them, of course, but doesn’t really realize either that her way has no chances of succeeding. She seems to hope that if she manages to give Anthony what he wants, he will give her what she wants, emotionally. But that is not going to happen, it doesn’t work like that. Poor Mina.

      • 1.3.2 Lilly


        I think it is probably this.

        • Ivoire

          Thank you Lilly, I appreciate it. I will read it a little later.

      • 1.3.3 Ivoire

        Hello Arawn,

        Good to see you here :-). Thank you so much for your quite insightful comments. I am probably in the minority in this, but for the longest time, I didn’t think that Anthony was actually in love with GE. I felt that many of his gestures were friendly, and I didn’t feel that he exhibited the behavior of someone in love, necessary. All along as I watched, I kept feeling that Anthony was behaving like someone who was becoming really good friends with GE, and who was trusting her, also becoming good business partners, in a way.

        I am saying this partly because I have had very good and close male friends, with whom I shared a lot of things (emotional and other wise), with whom I opened up and who let me be close to them, and yet we did not have romantic feelings for one another, and we did not become romantic involved. I even said in an earlier recap that I didn’t believe that Anthony was necessarily in love with GE, when some people here were already talking about it. It is not that I am trying to be cynical or too harsh, I just didn’t see it here. It was more obvious to me what was happening with GE, but not with Anthony.

        In more conventional Kdramas, it is easy to see when the male lead falls in love, there are markers in their behaviors that indicate to us (and that are obvious to me) when they are starting to fall in love and when they are in love, even if they don’t acknowledge it to themselves. Again for me, not with Anthony. I kept feeling that all that he had done so far, yes, could be done by someone who likes someone else, but at the same time, not really. A lot of it, could be done by someone, who wants to be a good boss and thus have his employee’s loyalty and trust. It could also be done by someone who is becoming a trusted and close partner (in a working relationship). Even in those relationships, people become close to one another and open up to one another. So what is really different here (for Anthony, not for GE)?

        I have been watching this show carefully and I just couldn’t see it. Anthony to me didn’t seem to fall in love. It seemed to me that he only started to look at GE that AFTER she confessed her feelings, and that makes me wonder IF he would have started to think about her in that way if her confession had not brought a different possibility in their relationship to his awareness. AFTER she confessed, it seemed to make sense that he would fall in love with her. What’s not to like about her? I find her attractive, and she acts cute sometimes with him (she flirts with him, she has a way of sticking her tongue out that is very cute), she is smart, she is a quick learner, she is hardworking and she is talented and capable. Not only is she a good writer, but she is a good cook who can run a business (her mom’s restaurant). She is loyal and she has principles (she stands for something) and she will go places if placed in front of the right opportunities. Again, what’s not to like? I would understand any man who fall for her…

        I kept feeling that until GE confessed, maybe those feelings were not really there for Anthony, based on how he kept treating her: like a hobae (sp?) (junior) who had a lot to learn from him and who could help him get where he wanted to get (and whom he could help in return). I do agree that Anthony and GE grew on each other, however… I still had my doubts about Anthony’s romantic feelings for GE. When do you think those started to happen for him?

        You make a really good point when you said that Anthony equated love (or being in love) with being weak, which might explain why he didn’t let himself experience it. Do you think he ever loved SMA? Or did he just like her, at some point in his life?

        I also totally agree with your 3rd and 4th paragraphs. Very insightful and very well said, all of it. 🙂

        I hope that what I am trying to say makes sense. I feel that I know what I want to say, but I am not sure I am saying it well. I pondered over Anthony’s actions (each one) towards GE, and nothing in them (at the time) told me he was falling in love with her. Do you think you could please help me see what you and others here did see, maybe for some time now? I would appreciate it.

        I am curious and I look forward to what you have to say about the next epi. (in the next recap) about love.

        • Chickletta

          Maybe we are programmed to see the ‘falling in love process” as something that is more of a stormy, crazy, passionate kind than what was going on with Anthony and Goeun. Most romantic comedies, not only Korean, have that kind of love development – hot feelings, going out of your mind over the other person. So, you’re right: what Anthony had been doing for Goeun may have been done by a good friend or a mentor. But…I think he had a soft spot for her from the beginning . Anthony , who is originally a good man gone astray because of his circumstances, had been surrounded by money mongers, back stabbers, sharks and divas, so someone like Goeun, was very refreshing and made him feel very comfortable . Especially as she kept supporting him and proving herself worthy of his trust and admiration. One may feel strongly about a person but not know or not want to delve , for various reasons, into what kind of feelings one has, until one moment there is an event that acts like a catalyst, or even an epiphany, when it becomes as clear as the day, as it became clear to Anthony after she fainted.
          Originally, because they have a boss-writer relationship, and he’s much older, neither of them thinks of the other as a possible romantic partner. In the episode when A and GE break into the other writer’s house, Anthony makes up a story that they are a married couple. Goeun is mortified asking him how can he even make that up when their age difference is so enormous. This is Korea, where the preferred age gap is 4 years (man older than a woman). But, now that the idea of the impossible was out as possible, she was tickled and intrigued. And how can she not be when just moments ago he told her that he trusted her more than himself. In ep. 13, when he’s in bed thinking of their tender shivering ‘sweet potato” pillow talk, and later watching her through the smoke and smiling – I don’t think those were friendship/business feelings. Surely, he was not in a turmoil of passion, but he was seeing her as much more than just a friend.
          And what you said about someone confessing first for the other to consider his/her feelings: that is absolutely legit. Knowing that someone likes you is a powerful aphrodisiac and an incentive to look at the person as a ‘potential’ especially if that person happens to be someone you already like and admire.
          Some loves develop in the Harlequin romance kind of way, and most dramas show us this clichéd path. Others take a different, more quiet route, and they are much deeper for all of that. Both of them first learned to really appreciate and admire each other , become friends and absolutely irreplaceable people in each other’s lives – and then the romance came. That someone like Geoun who never even kissed anyone would fall for Anthony first is quite logical. He is a dashing type, and he is the first man who set her , well sort of, on fire. Anthony is a much more experienced type, so of course, it would take him longer.
          It’s like in ‘Jerry Maguire’ – they complete each other. Anthony’s realization of his love for Goeun came in the steady trickle until it gushed out while movie watching. Same as Jerry. Oh, and Ivoire, I just remembered that I watched another Korean drama called Ojakgyo Brothers. One of the couples there is a journalist couple, where the man could not get over his first crazily passionate love, and it took him forever to realize that he was deeply in love with his wife. He realized that constantly thinking of someone, worrying about someone, being interested in someone actually is love. Once he admitted this, romance and passion and all that came.
          All the smiles that Geoun put on Anthony’s face were not for nothing. He succumbed in the end  My favourite scene in this ep. Is when he bought her medicine, and he could barely suppress smiling while looking at her, and could keep his eyes off of her. KMM’s acting here is superb! I apologize for this crazy typing – my ancient laptop’s keyboard is messed up – letters are flying all over the page and I have to find them and put them in the right spot. So, if you find a strange word, it’s because that letter escaped me.
          But, maybe the best indicator of his feelings was that constant spark in his eyes each time he looked at her, whether they were fighting, or scheming, or laughing. I think he started falling for her when she came back from Oh Jiwan. Very subtly, but I think he did.

          • Arawn

            Oh, your explanation was excellent! I completely agree with it. There was more going on than pure platonic friendship between these two almost from the start. I don’t think you just smile like Anthony smiles often at Go-Eun if there’s nothing else but friendly feelings and especially if the guy in question is normally as reserved as Anthony is.

            One sign was Mina. She had dated Anthony and she knows Anthony pretty well, at least old Anthony. So if SHE can catch something going on between Anthony & Go-Eun, I think we should trust her instincts. And she did catch it pretty early as you can see it for example in the restaurant & karaoke scene.

      • 1.3.4 Arawn

        My take on Anthony falling love… I do agree with you up to a point. Go-Eun’s confession was important for Anthony’s feelings flare up in real. This is the part where Go-Eun not being Anthony’s type of a woman comes to play – he wouldn’t have even considered her without some kind of push from outside. Even before the confession there was something there, I believe. It wasn’t love yet but I’ve personally felt that it was more than just a platonic kind of affection. I have male friends myself, too, so I do think that man and woman can be friends but in this case those smiles Anthony was giving to Go-Eun looked to me like there was something romantic in play, too. It’s a bit difficult describe as English is not my first language… It’s like there WAS something, but it was very small and flickering and would have probably go on without notice if there wouldn’t have been something that made Anthony actually consider Go-Eun even for a moment. But when that moment came, he’s flickering feelings took flame and rest is history.

        Something like that… I kinda think that base was build for Anthony’s love but the push was needed. Because sometimes you do see friendships that don’t seem to contain eny kind of possibility for romantic emotions. This friendship never felt like that sort of friendship for me.

        I can’t really pin point where it started, exactly. It came to be so slowly and gradually.

        And no, I don’t think he loved Mina. If he had, he would know what love is. He denied it himself and I believe him in this as his take on Woo-Jin-Hye-Rin dilemma basically proved it. A person in love WILL sacrifice his/her dreams to save the loved one. Always. Of Anthony had really loved, he would have known this. But even without this I would have still said “no”. I’m not sure can I explain exactly why. It’s something similar as why I’ve always thought that Go-Eun is a virgin. Just like, for me, everything in her screams for certain kind of sexual innocence, everything in Anthony screams for inexperience in love. His behavior, what he says, how he treats people etc.

      • 1.3.5 Arawn

        I think I’ll probably marathon all episodes of KoD after the next Tuesday before the final episode. I can try to answer better then to the questions what were the signs of Anthony’s growing affection + why I think he didn’t love Mina.

        • Chickletta

          I am saving the last two for the weekend of jan 5/6 – of course, if I manage to stay strong. But before I watch the last two (or 3 with the special) I’m going to marathon through the first 16 (or maybe Anthony Goeun highlights only) in my pj’s, with snack and hot chocolate and my best (male) friend who loves the drama as much as I do.

          • Arawn

            You do know that the last episode will air only on 7th? 🙂 So if you plan to watch KoD on next weekend, you’ll have only one new episode, ep. 17.

            But your plan for marathon sounds good! I just showed this drama to my bf last night and he actually like it so I’m gonna watch it with him. I won’t be able to marathon with him as he has to work + wouldn’t probably be THAT into drama anyway, but these episodes I can watch over and over. Besides, my man has a great taste in men: he, too, thinks that Anthony is HAWT! And we admired his suits together. XD

      • 1.3.6 Ivoire

        Hello Arawn, (again 🙂 )

        I so appreciate your response and how quick it was, I really do. This is helping me. I will be honest and say that at the beginning and for a long time, I didn’t think that GE had feelings for Anthony either. Many things made me think that, maybe because their growing affection for each other was so subtle, but I also felt that it could be argued either way (whether they were falling in love or just becoming really close friends). I did see how Anthony was becoming protective of GE, in front of others and when they got lost with the food. I saw how he panicked when he thought she had amnesia and all the other things Anthony did for GE. However, as I said in my previous comment, I could argue it either way, since I have very close male friends who feel as protective of me as Anthony does and who have helped me in more ways than one, literally at times bending over backwards for me and getting other people to help me as well. Of course, I would do the same for them, and I have. I also do know that I am not in love with them because when they are in a relationship or married (and some of them are), I show a lot of respect to the person they love and I take a backseat, because I believe that is what should happen, that person should come first, besides, it is not a competition (it shouldn’t be).

        So, looking at GE, for a long time, I was not sure she was falling in love with Anthony. I even believed her when she told SMA that nothing was going on between them, and maybe she believed it at the time. However, when she freaked out in Anthony’s room (when he asked her if she saw him/what she thought of him as a man), and when she had the kiss dream and when she returned the potatoes (and a few other things that happened in between as well), then I knew for sure that she was in love with him, and she knew it.

        I personally did believe that Anthony had come to care deeply about GE, that was not hard to see. He trusted her, we could see that and he admitted that, more than he trusted himself. However, I would also say that I think that like us, Anthony could see the wonderful qualities that GE had, and him not being an idiot, he could at least recognize a good and exceptional person in his sphere of influence when he saw one. I think he would have been a fool not to hang on to her, romantically or otherwise. She is a very good person to have around (and very handy) and she proved it throughout the drama (and her mom helped a lot too, that was a plus). It was just that fine line that was hard for me to cross. I didn’t want to think that something was there, simply because I wanted it to be there (I would have been fine either way), I wanted to be able to see and pin point it. That makes Anthony a very interesting character and one who is often hard to read, at least at times for me.

        So, based on your explanation, if GE had not confessed (1st), those feelings could have laid dormant for Anthony for a long time ( or maybe forever). Do you think so?

        What made me think initially that Anthony knew about love was when he gave a hard time to GE about the kiss, which she was clearly struggling to write, and Anthony seemed to know all about it. The anticipation of the kiss and all the feelings and emotions associated with it. I thought, “for sure he knows what love is, he seems so sure of himself, and he knows when a kissing scene would not work.” It was when he had the conversation about love with GE that I realized that “wow, he actually DOESN’T know about love, and she does,” how interesting! That was an area where she could school him, even if she had not experienced the physical side of it (yet). She might have been in love once, one never knows (it could have been unrequited), or maybe it was just the things she read in books and saw in movies. But at least she knew what love was, and he didn’t.

        I see your point about Anthony not loving SMA, ever. Thank you for clarifying that for me. He does however care about her, right? (I think he did in the past too. Someone told me that he told her that he let her go for her own good. I must have missed that scene. Is that true?)

        This, “Just like, for me, everything in her screams for certain kind of sexual innocence, everything in Anthony screams for inexperience in love,” I find it so interesting that you knew early on (earlier than me for sure 🙂 ) that Anthony was ignorant and a novice when it came to love, because I certainly did not see that one coming (and I was paying attention 🙂 ). You are quite perceptive. As for GE, I don’t find it hard to believe that she is indeed a virgin.

        If you don’t mind my asking, what is your first language (if English isn’t)? I think you are doing fine with English. I have been able to read and understand all your posts so far. You are clear and you make your points well. English is not my first language either, by the way, so that makes two of us :-).

        If you do marathon KoDs before the final episode and can further answer my questions here, then yes, please, come back and add to what you have already said. If you do so, just let me know in the recap of episode 17 or 18 that you have some comments for me here, or post them there. Either way, just let me know. I would really appreciate that. Thanks a lot!!!!!!

      • 1.3.7 Arawn

        One thing might be just the awesome chemistry these two have – had from the first moment on. It’s so electrifying and sweet at the same time that I just can’t but seeing some underlying sexual & romantic feelings everywhere. 😉 But seriously, there are friends who clearly have this “friendly vibe” and nothing more. You just don’t see them as lovers at any point. Then there are friends who look like more lovers to be even though they might not actually do any romantic gestures yet. But I’ll get back to these things later…

        What comes to Go-Eun, I think that if she wasn’t a type of woman Anthony would imagine himself to be interested in, same goes for him, too. Go-Eun wouldn’t have ever imagined that she could like this guy and yet, at the end, she does. They both went through same kind of reaction for their feelings, really, it’s just that Go-Eun’s was a bit earlier than Anthony’s.

        I think that crucial thing for both of them was to see the other one as a Man/Woman instead of a representative/writer. For Go-Eun this moment was on the bed when Anthony made his melodrama speech and for Anthony when Go-Eun confessed that she likes him. In Go-Eun’s case I would say that Mina kissing Anthony had an impact, too. It’s more likely we see somebody in desirable light if we see another person desiring them. So yes, I do think that without this “push” Anthony’s feelings might not have developed into full scale romantic love, but I also think same way about Go-Eun. They both needed the push albeit for a bit different reasons.

        I didn’t see Anthony’s lack of experience in luuuv right away so even though your praises are flattering they might not be completely accurate. 🙂 I did ponder for a while whether he had loved Mina or not. Their conversation on the roof made me finally decide that he had not. It’s not so much because he said that he liked her instead of using the word “love” because Anthony would of course do that anyway. He wouldn’t admit loving Mina. But… I somehow think that if he had loved her, he would have denied even liking her that much. It would have been too risky for him. If he had truly loved Mina, he had gone much further in his efforts to rebuff her.

        But yes, I do believe that Anthony cares about Mina. That, mingled with some sort of guilt, seems to be the reason why he cannot quite turn her down when she goes very emotional. He doesn’t want to hurt her, at least that’s how I see it. So yeah, I would say that he liked her then and still cares, but there is no romantic liking left anymore.

        When Anthony was pressing Go-Eun about the kisses and talking about fluttering hearts, I think he was actually referring to passion and not love. It’s just that he equates passion with love as we later heard him state for himself. But passion can make your heart beat faster, it can make you blush and it is more than a “childish crush” and considering how passionate love IS romanticized in dramas and books, I’m surprised there are not more people who mistake passion for love. They are pretty close in many cases and do mix together so it’s not so surprising that Anthony would think this way. Men tend to be a bit more… well, physical, in the matters of love anyway, so I suppose for them it’s much easier to think that passionate sex = love. At least up until they actually experience love without immediate sexual gratification.

        And finally… My first language is Finnish. So I’m a Finn. 🙂

        • Chickletta

          One of the most popular girls from a show called TAlking with Beauties (pretty foreign women chatting mostly about culture shock and Korean men) was from Finland. She was extremely popular and now she runs her own makoli bar in Seoul. I’ve been planning ot go there.

          • Arawn

            I knew there was one but didn’t know she has a bar nowadays. I must visit it when I’ll go to Seoul next time!

        • Ivoire

          Hello Arawn and Chickletta,

          Thank you so much for your comments and responses. I have been fighting a really bad cold 🙁 and working long hours this weekend (using my breaks to come and respond to your messages). I now have new questions and some comments of my own (after reading your new responses), so I hope that you will be patient with me (please) and check back here later. I am working all day today, so I am not sure that I will be able to respond during the day (it is currently 5:49am here in Northern California, and I will start work soon).
          I also do need to take the time to read carefully your responses again (I just skimmed through them), and think through my own responses that I will post.

          I appreciate our conversations so much (here and in the past recaps) because our responses are not just emotional ones to what happens in the episodes. We actually take the time to think and analyze our thoughts and what we saw before we write (I know that I do). I can be as emotional as the next person, however, it goes much deeper than that for me, and I appreciate that you allow me to not only engage my emotions but also my brain. I love being able to think through a drama, I hope I am making sense.

          So again, please check back here later, much later. Chickletta, our time difference is 17 hours (you are ahead of me) and Arawn, I am not sure about our time difference, but it is at least 8 or 9 hours, maybe? So you might not hear back from me “today” (based on you guys calendar). I always remember to come back and respond, ALWAYS. I might be late (real life interferes with responding 🙂 ) but I don’t forget. Thank you for indulging me.

        • dfwkimchi

          Firstly, I am in agreement with your observation between AK-LGE’s attraction to each other.

          Their attraction reminds me sooo much of Pride and Prejudice – that stalwart of all Love stories – by Jane Austen.

          When reading up on KMM after seeing him in this drama, I read on another site that many fans opined that he should play Mr. Darcy in the Korean version of P & P. I think this drama KoD is the closest to that we are going to get for now – AK is very much like the proud Mr. Darcy and LGE is much like the innocent, opinionated and prejudiced Ms. Eliza Bennet!

          These 2 characters (AK-LGE) bring out the best and sometimes the worst in each other. Their evolving relationship has been a delight to watch. The actors have done an excellent job for such a short drama (within the original 16 episodes).

          BTW – u write English very beautifully (regardless where u hail from)!

        • Chickletta

          I knew about that darn SBS awards ceremony – just mixed up my weekends. Now that I know ep17 is up I am dying to watch it but I made a personal promise that I’ll save the last two plus the special for the weekend of Jan 12. Jan 11 is my birthday, so I may start watching right after the party. This is a way for me to practice delayed gratification that I am not particularly good at. It’s haaaard. I won’t even stop by here fearing spoilers. So, after I’ll have quite a bit to read. Keep those comments coming.

    • 1.4 Pipit

      Lol! Congrats to your power you deserve it ^_^

  2. JustSoYouKnow

    Yey! Finally here. Thanks for the recap 🙂

  3. Rotikirai

    I love the part where AK brought all the stuff that he bought her… especially the sanitary pads. LOL!

    The part where he piggybacked GE to the hospital, I wonder, what happened to his car. Seems it was smack in the middle of traffic… I mean, in real life, what would happen to it…

    • 3.1 quincy

      haha towed away? anyway, i also wonder how Go-eun went home… in just her socks and with no money??

      • 3.1.1 Rotikirai

        She could flash her sweetest smile and beg someone from the hospital to give her a ride home… hehehe

        • quincy

          oh yes! but i’m not sure if it works in real life. LOL.

        • wunderbar

          Maybe she has some money in her pocket, so she can take a cab home. Or just take a cab first and pay when she gets off?

          Hmm, we’re really thinking too much, aren’t we? ;D

    • 3.2 jomo

      He called one of his guys to go get it. That is what I decided.

  4. Koirv

    Best episode ever.
    Bar none.

  5. quincy

    i just rewatched ep 2 and now i realized why Go-eun called out “お元気ですか?私は元気です!” in the onsen while in Japan!

    her favorite line from her favorite movie!

    • 5.1 wunderbar

      Oh, the ogenki desuka thing (pardon my spelling, no time to google)? I thought she was just practising basic Japanese phrases…

      • 5.1.1 quincy

        she could be but i thought it’s a sweet touch for the writer to use the exact lines from the movie (the epic scene in the snowfield) 🙂 …and only for this little linkage revealed much much later

      • 5.1.2 Rotikirai

        I agree. I hope the upcoming episodes will be just as awesome as the past ones or that there’ll be no future scene that could spoil the awesomeness that we’ve had. But for his work thus far, the writer has done a great job and he should deserve to be nominated for Best Writer. It won’t be for the Drama Awards this 31 Dec, I guess, maybe next year…

      • 5.1.3 Biscuit

        I forget the name of the movie, but it’s a really popular line.
        I think she was quoting the movie since she was saying the lines just like in the movie.

    • 5.2 ladysarahii

      Oh, I didn’t catch that! Hilarious!

      I also just was going to chime in and say the part when Anthony rather sourly said, “O genki desu ka? O genki desu! Is that supposed to be romantic?” made me laugh forever.

      Man, my auto correct hates romaji.

      • 5.2.1 Uhnny

        Yeah me too. I keep on replaying that scene. Lol! That look on his face!~ 😀

        My favorite episode… so far. 🙂

    • 5.3 wunderbar

      Does Kim Myung Min speak fluent Japanese in real life? Just curious.

      • 5.3.1 racheose

        his wife is from japan i think… not sure if his wife is korean jap or a gyopo korean… but the wife is really pretty and their love story is really cute i think i read it here in db or something but my memory is really bad haha

  6. wunderbar

    Thanks, HeadsNo2! Hope you’re feeling better.

    I love all the screenshots you have here! I like the part when “Dong-seok gets swept up while watching, and of course, gets chided by Anthony for it”. It was a very short moment so I’m glad to see the pic here 🙂

    From what I recall from past episodes, Go-Eun’s character is consistent in that she doesn’t talk unnecessarily. For instance, in the car when Mina called, she simply kept quiet and she didn’t probe further though it seemed like she wanted too. I thought there was some awkward silence in the car, but not sure if it’s because she was unwell. And I like it that Anthony was the one who broke the silence and shared with her about the investment.

    Gahh…! I so love this couple!!! I really hope for a fantastic ending for both of them!

    • 6.1 jomo

      OK, did anyone else think of MNIKSS when the call came in from Minah?

      Because in MNIKSS, it was JRW as Skinny, on the other end talking to Hyun Bin as Samshik. If GE has made her presence known, it would have been a total steal from that show.

      • 6.1.1 Rotikirai

        I did not think of MNIKSS but I do remember that scene now that you’ve mentioned it.

        Here’s the MNIKSS ep, for reference (for my reference actually, hee!): http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/09/my-name-is-kim-sam-soon-episode-11/

        This is the second mention of Hyun Bin in this thread! 🙂

      • 6.1.2 Denali

        Yup. Totally reminded me of that scene and in City Hall as well. 😉

  7. Moonblossom

    I just watched this ep just now and though I laughed so hard over sanitary-pads and Min-ah bathing in a new light (literally!) I dislike Go-eun’s fainting spell and the missed appt cos it is so tried and overused. And so not like Anthony. And why do I feel that Anthony’s eye problem is going to be yet another overly-used plot devise? Maybe the news of the extension raise my suspicions, but I really like this show and hope that it continues its punch all the way to the end. Thanks for the recap!!

    • 7.1 elainestale

      i may have a little too much faith in the writer but somehow i feel as if its intentional? this show puts all of the most overused drama antics into the show in its own satirical way..

      • 7.1.1 jomo

        I agree with you.
        They put the cliched plot element in that normally would take 4 weeks to conclude, and dismiss it with one or two lines.

  8. rainbow

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    a very nice episode…..
    and LOL @I’m Going To Confess But You’ll Miss It, Let’s Wallow In Misunderstandings For Nine More Episodes 😀

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    • 9.1 lennah-chan

      Thank you HeadsNo2! I really like this “I’m Going To Confess But You’ll Miss It, Let’s Wallow In Misunderstandings For Nine More Episodes.” Good job!

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      It’s a makjang movie…

      • 9.2.1 ainiseunggi

        Gotta watch it later. And hopefully I’ll be able to find any tiny hints to what this drama going to do next. Ahaha!

        and yep!! Episode 15 is …


  10. 10 girlinterrupted

    Really, this drama keeps getting better and better, each episode topping the previous one. This episode was so light and fluffy, so rom-com…and i mean that in a good way. ^_^

    My favorite parts:
    1) The entire scene when Anthony and Go Eun were watching the movie “Love Letter”
    2) When Go Eun smiled and Anthony said “Don’t smile. You’re growing on me.”…which just made Go Eun smile even more. I wonder if she knew just how much Anthony was being serious at that time. ^_^

  11. 11 vampyj

    I love this drama. I love how the characters have developed so far. I’ve watched till episode 16 but I still view the recaps on dramabeans. With two more episodes to go, I hope they are able to tie up all the story lines properly.

  12. 12 Rotikirai

    Re: “Anxiety is written all over his face as he finds himself in bumper-to-bumper traffic, though it’s hard to tell if it’s over Go-eun or the missed meeting. (Or both.)”

    I felt that he really was genuinely, sincerely, truly, madly, deeply concerned for Go-Eun. Seems that the appointment was the last thing in his mind at that point. Sweet, right?

    Actually he didn’t have to watch Love Letter with her, but he did 🙂

    Anyway, I love Go-Eun’s bags. Anthony also seemed to have a lot of bags! Of all the ties he wore, I don’t fancy the one he wore during the Love Letter scene.

    • 12.1 Orion

      He had totally forgotten about the appointment. You can tell when she reminds him. Frankly, no person with some heart would think about a career when they are carrying someone who is potentially cooking to death with them. Not even if it were a stranger, let alone a friend and romantic interest. The traffic is what had him worried, because he knew he had to get her there asap. Hence the piggyback.

      • 12.1.1 wunderbar

        The old Anthony might. His mantra was, abandon your father if necessary!

        • Orion

          And yet he didn’t abandon his mom. 😉

          It was all an act. Even abandoning the biker was a strong blow for him. In his own soul, I mean, even if he didn’t show it to others.

          • quincy

            agree! we have always caught glimpses of his conscience/humanity, just whether he chose to suppress it with his ambitions.

            e.g. him jumping into the water to “save” go-eun (what are the odds since he doesn’t even know how to swim? isn’t AK all about statistics of success? haha)

            or when he reinstated Go-eun as the writer (but because of pride(?) lied that it was Director Nam’s decision)

            or when he paid for the settlement fee after Go-eun beat up the students (except that he chose to leave her sleeping in the police station? ha)

        • Rotikirai

          Yup, that’s right. Anthony is such a dear. It was from that episode 1 that I knew he does have a heart, somehow, somewhere 🙂

          But I think the old Anthony will not forget about the important deal.

        • mommai

          Anthony didn’t really have a father to abandon, so I think it’s something he said, but might not have quite understood the same way someone else might have. He didn’t say mother, and I doubt he would have abandoned his mom like CEO Oh did his father.

          • quincy

            ah but AK went as far as to lie that both his parents are dead.. eeks.

            maybe to him, his mom is Kim Bong Dal’s mom and not Anthony’s mom…

          • Arawn

            Lying that his mom is dead is TOTALLY different from actually abandoning her. Deeds matter much more than words.

          • quincy

            not trying to equate actions with words but i personally found it shuddering for him to declare so nonchalantly that his parents are dead

    • 12.2 ainiseunggi

      I so agree with you Rotikirai!! I mean it. 😀 and I love your line “I felt that he really was genuinely, sincerely, truly, madly, deeply concerned for Go-Eun. ”

      Awh~ this drama grows on me so much. When I eat. When I breath. When I study (this is bad) :P. Even when I sleep. I think of Kim Bong-dal and Lee Go-eun!!! ahaha


  13. 13 Chickletta

    This episode inspired me to watch “Love Letter,” and I simply cannot see what all the buzz is about. Am I heartless? I didn’t shed a a single tear over this movie, and found myself dozing off a few times. It’s not a bad movie, but c’mon Goeun – to watch it even a 2nd time…

    • 13.1 wunderbar

      I was curious to want to watch it too. Haven’t found one to download yet but I read the plot from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Letter_(1995_film). Very lengthy write-up and seems to me like it’s a complicated story. Kinda turns me off. Is it complicated?

      Have you all seen the Making-of vid for the AK-Ge Love Letter scene? As usual, KMM-JRW’s interactions are WOW!! I really wish there are subs for these vids!

      • 13.1.1 Koirv

        Kim Myung-min even fixed Jung Ryeo-won’s hair to be able to see her face and stare at her genuinely. 🙂 Hihi!

        • Orion

          Yes, I imagine it’s hard tapping into a character’s emotions while staring at pretty hair. 😛

        • Ivoire

          Hi, where did you guys see that? Can you guys post the links, please? Thanks 🙂

          • Orion

            I posted it a bit further down. Here. ^_^

      • 13.1.2 Chickletta

        it’s not the best quality but you can watch it here with english subs. No, the story is not complicated at all. It’s very simple, actually. http://www.veoh.com/watch/v16427107nDXmptdh?h1=Love+Letter+-+Part+1+of+4+eng+subs

    • 13.2 supah

      Awww… Robu Rettur!! ‘Tis a classic for a reason. Scratch that, one of the greatest films ever made.
      But when I first watched it back in the 90s I felt the same way as you. Then I rewatched it years later and was inconsolable. And everytime I rewatch it now I feel I take away something new from it. I love the way Proust’s A la Recherche du Temps Perdu/ In Search of Lost Time was interlaced into its narrative. Then evil writer went and did it in KoD 16, too. *blubbers like Go-eun*

      • 13.2.1 trotwood

        I was wondering about this movie as well. I read the description on wikipedia (a long one, which I like), but I could not see the sadness in the synopsis. Still I am also wondering if this movie is going to get the same attention that An Affair to Remember had after being cried over by the female lead and the female lead’s best friend (as well as the wife of the male lead’s best friend hundreds of miles away) in Sleepless in Seattle. Apparently, Love Letter was releaded in the US but not on DVD; will the KofD help the movie’s dvd? Wouldn’t that be fun.

        • supah

          ”Will the KofD help the movie’s dvd?”
          Can’t speak for that, but evidently it did have some of us looking for DL links, heh.
          It would be fun if this show did bolster DVD sales though!

          NO! Don’t go off the Wiki synopsis. It a) does it no justice and b) the film NEEDS to be experienced, the beauty is in its execution.
          It’s NOT a chick-flick *barf* -nothing remotely cheesy, overbaked about it — it’s unique. I would put it up there with something like Comrades: Almost a Love Story, or WKW’s Days of Being Wild. Nothing like each other but simply as a testament to their quality.

          • supah

            OK, I realise that last part probs wasn’t helpful at all. What I meant was those three films are all incredibly unique Asian romances that are nothing remotely like any American counterpart. And no synopsis will be able to capture them truly. ‘Nuff said.

          • jomo

            It reminded me a bit of the Korean film Il Mare at the beginning – when a letter written to a non-address gets a response.

    • 13.3 jomo

      I really really really liked Love Letter.
      The camera work was beautiful, the music had the right light touch, the acting was wonderful.
      It was funny and sweet. The love story had a sloooow build with a fantastic finish.
      I can see why it would be her go-to romance to get in the right mood for writing.
      Nothing in GM can feel like that movie, but the writer can try to capture the delicacy of love.

      As far as how it relates to what the KOD writer is telling us is this: Love can be right in front of you, and if you are not paying very close attention, you could very well miss it.
      It works perfectly for how Anthony finally sees GE for the important person she has become.

      • 13.3.1 supah

        Yeah, he finally sees her, only when time’s run out for him. *blubbers*

        I hope this arc was all part of the ‘love-awakening’/Meloooo’ meta. Plus nice little tribute to writers by profession world over. Realistically I wouldnt want this show to turn tragic to that degree. But meta or no – it affected us GOOD. Dammit writer Jang!

      • 13.3.2 Ivoire

        Hello Jomo, does GM stand for Kyungsung Morning?

        • jomo

          Yes, sometimes it is spelled Gyungsung.

  14. 14 Orion

    As mentioned, I appreciate the fact that they don’t pull the unrealistic “He changed because of her” trick. No person changes so fast, so radically and because of anyone. Especially not some girl they barely know. Plus, most kdrama leads only become good to the girls, not everyone else. So, not much changes. Of course you’ll be nice when you want to get laid. 😛

    Bong Dal has always been a good person. Just one who tried to bury that self by forming one he could easily hate and coldly promote. He is much like Se Kyung from ‘Cheongdamdong Alice’, but he actually succeeded in what he set out to do. As you say, we’re seeing the layers peel back and the real Kim surfacing because he chose to let it happen, but because he changed.

    As for his eyes, I can’t give spoilers, but I think this whole topic was unnecessary so close to the end and I also really don’t know where they’re going with it. Part of me is fearing outside influence and part of me is saying “Give them a chance. It might be used well”.

    No matter what happens, this is still one of the best series I’ve watched and that won’t change.

    • 14.1 reeen

      Exactly. I like that the writer even had Anthiny/Bong Dal voice it: Remember when Min-Ah asked if Go-Eun made him change? He answered something like “This Anthony Kim decides himself when to change”

  15. 15 Orion

    Oh yes, as @wunderbar mentioned, here is the making of the movie watching scene. I love the good chemistry. It always translates well on-screen.


    • 15.1 twelvejan

      I find this scene just hilarious! We have a Go-eun who is bawling uncontrollably and an Anthony Kim with the look of contempt and disgust on his face. The stark contrast of our leads!

      And when he finally ‘realized’ how beautiful she was, and just stared at her through the rest of the movie, I couldn’t stop squealing! ahhh KOD, you are just perfect!

    • 15.2 Rotikirai

      Thanks for the link, Orion.

      Can anyone share why KMM’s making that fist action to his chest, and then grabbing JRW’s wrist?? (around the 3.10 min)

      and 0:55 min: when JRK touched his arm that had the Director laughing ?

      Thanks heaps!

      I wonder who’s the NG King in KoD 😉

      • 15.2.1 ainiseunggi

        I’d like to share some of highlights from BTS. FYI I deeply shippering KMM and JRW, though I know he’s a married man. But whatever, since Mrs.Kim doesn’t watch the BTS, I assumed, I just loooove to enjoy his husband wonderful chemistry with JRW. Ahaha!

        BTS Love Letter!!! KMM!! In the scene of the drama he only stares and stares and stares to Go-eun, but when the camera off, KMM faces JRW and doing a heart beat motion with his hand into his heart and tell that this should be the “more expressive” side of Anthony. and JRW goes “Ah~ Anthony’s?” referring that Anthony must be so nervous at that time to watch the-pretty-writer Lee Go-eun. And suddenly KMM grabs JRW’s hand with a killer-stares. JRW can’t help but just laugh and laugh. And after that, when they don’t hold hand anymore, JRW asking to KMM “Ah~ you will hold me like this? (giving her hand) and KMM: “Yes like this.. (grabbing her hand) and then crying” he said. and then they both smiling. Kyaaaah. Cut to where they have to do the Anthony-stares-at-Go-eun scene, but JRW’s hair is covering her face, and KMM’s left hand goes straight to her hair pulling it sweet and says “Let me see you” and JRW:”Oh~ sorry” and she pull her hairs back too. And so they shoot the scene. but when the director says “CUT” JRW directly steal a chance to stare at KMM but KMM is still 멘붕 (Men-boong) which is Mental Breakdown state. HAHAHAHA!

        I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! And just in case you guys want to know what they were talking in past BTS, here:

        In the BTS of “after meeting with Min-ah”. He LOVES to tease her. I mean like, he really loves to do that. One of my favorite thing is when the camera stops rolling, and JRW goes closer to him and says something like
        JRW: “Why should I call Representative Representative?” (I don’t get it too clear though)
        KMM: “Yeah maybe he (Anthony) wants to be called (by you/Go-eun)?”
        JRW: “Yeah maybe”
        KMM: “Me, later on, can I be called “Darling”?
        JRW: (Giggles Giggles)
        KMM: “나는 네 당신이 아니야 자기지 (na-neun ne dangsin-i aniya jagiji)- I’m not your DANGSIN, but your Darling”. [HAHAHA –> this is referring to his line which is “I’m not your DANGSIN, but your Representative”.p.s. (“Dangsin” is “you” in informal way and somehow lowering the counterpart in this context)]
        JRW: “HAHAHA”
        KMM: “Funny right?”
        LOL they’s so cute.

        In the BTS “after the fire” episode 14. Basically KMM teases her again and again. That’s why she’s laughing so hard.
        KMM: (talking to Director I think) “I really want to say I’m okay. I’m really okay.”
        cut-to JRW playing with him, she’s pulling and pulling KMM’s collar and giggles. KMM teases her.
        KMM: “너 나 좋아해? (neo na joahae?) Dou you like me?” (JRW laughs but keeps doing it to him)
        KMM: “It’s should be like this” (both are having fun)–> referred to Go-eun who still can’t open her feeling to him, and he is still being shaken(?) 😛 by JRW who keeps laughing and he said “아이좋아~<3" "Oh i like it~ referring that they can’t do that, pulling closer, asking “do you like me” and stuffs like that because The King of Drama is NOT a melo. HA!
        (KMM keeps staring at her, she hide her shyness by covering her mouth “ㅋㅋ”) and she hides her face so that KMM can focus on his talking-to-Joo-PD scene. “휘~익”–> “whoosh” referring to her fast movement to hide her face. and after Director says: “OKAY”, JRW was so amazed that KMM can do that in just one try, no NG. so she goes: “Whoa~ he’s so professional” 😀
        their off-camera chemistry awe me. they’re teasing each other in front of THOSE actors and actress HAHAHA!

        And the BTS kiss scene too. KMM even ask to the never-stop-giggling-JRW: “Why? Do you like it so much?”
        and JRW only can say “Because it’s too funny” (Ahahaha, what funny? we,viewers see it as a HOT kiss scene, don’t we guys? kkk I think she’s just too embarrassed to be pushed to the wall and to be kissed like that by KMM, ahaha)

        I LOVE THIS COUPLE SO MUCH! kekeke

        • Rotikirai

          @ainiseunggi: OMG, OMG! You are so awesssommee! Thanks so much!!!!!! I really appreciate it very much!

          멘붕 (Men-boong), Mental Breakdown state means KMM is still in character state, huh?

          Have you seen the BTS vid for the Anthony-Min-ah kiss? Can you give a gist of what goes on there too, if you don’t mind, pretty pleeasseee?

          The way I see it, KMM’s interaction with OJE is not as sizzling as that with JRW. Now, I wish to see some BTS of KMM & Siwon! And some NG shots of KMM! 😀

    • 15.3 Laurita

      I’ll add another thank-you for the link 🙂

      Still cannot believe, there are only 2 series left, what will I do next…

  16. 16 ninji

    Go-eun’s so cute in this episode.

    • 16.1 whitewire

      While Anthony’s so sexy.

  17. 17 twelvejan

    The long awaited confession. *yeayy*

    There’s just so many things I love about this episode. But the one thing that really strikes me is the part when Anthony had to face the dilemma between his dream and the person he really cares about.

    I love how just a few moments ago, he scoffed at the idea of Hyun-min’s character giving up his dreams to save the woman he loves. Like it was the most ridiculous thing, letting some silly love meddle with your dreams.

    And when he faced that same exact situation, he did that same thing. It didn’t make sense at first, when he was in the room arguing with Go-eun about how sex = love. But he finally understands it, when he saw her laid there, unconscious.

    “That’s right. Lee Go-eun is an important person to me. I finally realized it… How important Lee Go-eun is to me.”

    Ahhh, I have tears in my eyes. And darn this award ceremonies. It would have been perfect having Ep 17 on the last day of 2012 and Ep 18 on the first day of 2013!

    • 17.1 reeen

      I think the important thing is that he only realizes what he did when it’s all done. Rationally he may not have been able to accept the sacrifice, but he realizes that there is more than rationality and finally admits to himself – still stunned, because he is only getting to know that part of himself now – that he will indeed make this kind of sacrifice for a loved one, naturally, without noticing it at the time. I like how natural this felt for his character. He could already have known this about himself after saving the extra by risking his life.

  18. 18 twelvejan

    And can someone tell me how come Jung Ryeo-won seems to not age at all? She seems to have not age a day older since MNIKSS, 7 years ago!

    And KOD PD, some kisses please?

    • 18.1 twelvejan

      Oh and could you get the makeup artist to tie back her hair? Her hair’s so thick, it’s covering her beautiful face!

      • 18.1.1 Koirv

        Hah! At least in Episode 1 (Basically, 3 years ago) Lee Go-eun’s hair’s all tied up in ponytail. 🙂

    • 18.2 kopytko

      She doesn’t age cause she ate some Eternal Youth pills at History of the Salaryman 😉

      • 18.2.1 JustSoYouKnow

        LOL!!! I like your response!

      • 18.2.2 quincy

        hahaha good one..

    • 18.3 autleaf

      I love Jung Ryeo Won’s smile! And her laugh and giggles are just so infectious. I think she has the most beautiful smile among the Korean actresses, it just lit up her face and you felt genuine cheer and warmth when she does that. Not the Miss Universe fixed smile kind of thing, hers is the effortless, sunshiny smile. When I first saw her in MNIKSS, she was smiling in a cable car, I thought how do you compete against that smile, I felt foreboding for the actual heroine. Of course, they had to make JRW’s character clingy and weepy, and blind to boot for not seeing the hot doctor right in front of her, hah!

    • 18.4 Chickletta

      She doesn’t age because she lives in Korea, the capital of botox injections, lotions and potions, spas, massages, manicures, pedicures… the place where women take extremely good care of their looks with expensive creams, facials, proper diet, yoga, meditation… And if all of that fails, there are hundreds of plastic surgery clinics to go to.

  19. 19 kopytko

    Just how awesome is this drama?

    Anthony/Bong Dal and Go Eun are growing on me. So nice to see them discovering each other and even more importantly each of them realizing their own feelings.

    This episode was sponsored by the pick-up line of the century: did you have a botox shot?

    Side note: Anthony volunteered to stay at GE’s to help her keep awake while she had to write. I’ve got some writing to do, so I was burning with jealousy.

    • 19.1 Mystisith

      Yeah. Invading her place: He does that only for professional reasons, of course. Just adorable.

  20. 20 Jenny

    ahahaha, I love Hyun-min and Min-ah. Especially Hyun-min, he is such a idiot but you like him for it.
    And Love letter is a amazing film,so beautiful and sad as we. I watched it and I was a crying sobbing mess afterwards.
    So people see it even if it a Japanese movie, it’s directed by Iwai Shunji.

  21. 21 mommai

    I had also suspected awesome business offer, and watched the episode raw first. I also had thought that the way Minah had dressed up for the fancy dinner and her being the connection to the company might have been a sneaky way of introducing Anthony to a family member of some kind. Then I watched it subbed, and thought of my husband’s company that he works for. They were owned by one guy who had been with the company for ages, but got bought by a foreign company. The foreign company gives them money every year, lets them do whatever they want, and just want some of the profits. It helps in years where there are dips in business by covering expenses when things are tight, and brings more business by being part of a bigger parent company. It seems to work out pretty well, and can be a very hands off thing.

  22. 22 toystar

    Happy Holidays DB family!
    Thanks for the recap! Its ep15 and I’m still in love with the writer/story/characters.

  23. 23 Onichick

    I love this show. Just. LOVE.

    I still wanna mess up Anthony’s hair. And I am forever going to call him Grumby Jello. Sorry KMM its a sign of affection when you get a ridiculous nickname from me.

    I am so sad more people are not watching this flawless show. They are missing out.

    • 23.1 Rotikirai

      Usually in some other dramas, the male lead will get a haircut or some hair transformation by the drama’s midpoint!

      But I love his hair! I don’t mind if it stays that way till the end 🙂

      Yeah, I feel sad too. Poor Director, his previous drama You’re Beautiful also suffered in ratings. But that time it was a young, not so well known cast and they were up against Iris, I think.

      • 23.1.1 mommai

        There has been less fur in the later half of the drama… 😉

      • 23.1.2 reeen

        his gelled hair reminds me of Tony Leung in In the Mood for Love. Not a bad association for our dear Anthony 🙂

    • 23.2 kellie

      Yeah I’m sorry too. But who cares? Dismal ratings, lousy scheduling, nose-thumb by the network at the end-of-year awards — I don’t care. I’m glad KMM did this. Thanks to the excitement online & the great bts videos, I haven’t had so much fun ever in K-drama. Gonna miss it so much.

  24. 24 katiamon

    This episode was awesome!!! I laughed so much with the maxi pad scene… So disturbing but fun! I could relate to her embarassement.
    I love how the writers developed the relationship between go eun and anthony because that’s how love growns in real life and it’s like watching a couple of friends falling in love: nothing forced, no obsessions attached, no wrist grabbing and other drama cliches. Even the love triangle can be intriguing but i don’t hate min-ah, she loves him but doesn’t act nasty/evil to get what she wants like other female antagonists.
    I wanna know how are they gonna handle the eye disease, i hope it’s just the meds… Right, writer-nim??? 🙁

  25. 25 TS

    Why is Min-Ah so hung up on Anthony?

    And I want Hyun-Min and Bit-na back together. They were hilarious!

    • 25.1 nakai

      Me too! I miss Bit Na.

    • 25.2 Koirv

      I love Hyun-min and Bit-na! So cute!!!

  26. 26 n

    Can anyone give a summary on what`s the book °In Search of Lost Time“ all about? I tried to google but I got confused.

    • 26.1 colors

      In the Search of Lost Time (A la recherche du temps perdu) is a serial of books by Marcel Proust which was written in the early 1900s. I do think Jung Ryeo-wo is sort of “hunted” by Proust the way Hyun Bin is “hunted” by Anderson! It’s been twice already that she appears in a drama talking about this novel (My Lovely Kim Sam Soon being the first).

      I think the novel has like 7 books in it and each have a specific title, and the first one is about how the narrator remembered the taste of a madeleine being plunged into tea by his aunt ages ago. He then remembers his childhood at Combray where one of his neighbour was Swann (hence the first book untitled “Du côté de chez Swann” (=”Swann’s Way” in English I think)) (and that’s the book being referred to in Kim Sam Soon).

      The rest of the story unfolds mainly in Paris, and the last book takes place during or after WWI I think and is called “Le temps retrouvé” (“Time Regained”) and focuses on how memory can bring about something greatness in literature (which I think makes a nice reference to Lee Go Eun being a writer). (Sorry if the explanation isn’t perfect, I tried to translate my French knowledge.)

    • 26.2 Rotikirai

      Thanks, colors, for enlightening us.

      I don’t get the Hyun Bin-Anderson part though…

      • 26.2.1 kopytko

        Actually it would be Andersen. HB liked the tale of the Little Mermaid, I don’t remember what was the other one because I’ve hated Andersen’s fairytales since I was a little kid. Too cold, too cruel…

        • colors

          Sorry ’bout the spelling of Andersen. But wasn’t the Snow Queen another sad and cruel Andersen fairytale?

    • 26.3 momosan

      Marcel Proust’s Recherche du Temp Perdu (Currently called In Search of Lost Time, but previously in English often called Remembrance of Things Past) is a series of 7 books. It tells the story of the narrator’s life in a series of episodes and flashbacks, the most famous being when he eats a madeleine and the flavor transports him to a time and place when he ate them.

      It’s a fascinating book, that traces less the story of the narrator than those around him. So, in the beginning, we meet Odette and Swann – and the book is Swann’s Way – and we learn all about them and their daughter Gilberte. In a subsequent book, we go down (literally) a different path – the Guermantes way – and explore the Guermantes family, who are noble and stuff, but who also hold secrets.

      The narrator – who we assume to be Marcel – is frequently watching and stalking people, as opposed to interacting with them (although he does that as well, falling in love with various girls and even living with one) – and comments on the facades people live behind, the affairs, the lies about backgrounds, etc. It’s also notable for being one of the first literary and popular novels of it’s era to focus on relationships between gays and their families.

      As the books go on, and the series evolves and the main characters change, partly as the narrator learns more of their secrets and reinterprets their actions.

      Anyway, the flowing memories are a fascinating way of telling a story, and focuses on incredibly lush and complex descriptions that flow into other memories. Because of it’s structure, it’s widely thought of as the first “modern” novel, much like Joyce’s Ulysses or Faulkner’s books.

      And yes, I read the whole thing for a senior seminar in English. 😎 I had forgotten the connection to Love Letter (which I also think of like Sleepless in Seattle – it’s a time capsule of a chick flick), and was amused that Go Eun was reading it in the cafe waiting for Anthony.

      • 26.3.1 colors

        But basically, in the drama, Proust conveys the importance of memory (through/)while Love Letter conveys the feelings of love, right? I haven’t seen this movie (I just know the famous “o genki desu ka” and what the show and the beanies have revealed about it) and I still haven’t finished reading all In Search of Lost Time, but there’s not “much” about love is there?
        (Charles Swann regretted loving Odette, didn’t he? And that’s in the first book (Swann’s Way) which is probably the one that’s being referred to in the movie and the drama for that matter. -Though sometimes, the second part of Swann’s Way (focused on Swann rather than the narrator) is published aside ’cause you can read it on its own.-)

        • momosan

          Yep, in the end Swann regrets either loving Odette or at least marrying her.

          In Search of Lost Time is mostly about memories and how the narrator reinterprets them, especially as he uncovers layers of lies and deceit. I think Swann’s Way finishes with a sentence that sums it up as something like – memory is a type of regret.

  27. 27 JustSoYouKnow

    About the business deal, at first I thought is this some Empire trick? Or is Min-ah somehow related to that company, to the CEO maybe? How did she get that deal?

    Even if it’s a sincere deal, I’m just uncomfortable that it’s Min-ah’s help that will make Anthony become a legend again. Well, maybe she sees it as she needs to repay the debt that he made her a star, and of course, she wants to keep him near.

  28. 28 colors

    I’m just a bit upset at the whole “saving the one you love” over the “fulfill your deam”. Sure, Kim Bong Dal didn’t have to check on Lee Go Eun one last time, but other than that, of you see someone (especially if you know them) in a state that makes you worry they might die, you don’t just leave them alone.
    Sure, he could have just called an ambulance instead of driving her, but well he might have been right because of the traffic or just the crazy idea that “I’ve got a car, let’s not waste time”.
    But when he saw her passed out and burning form her fever, he just focused on her (hence forgetting his phone) like he went into a fire to rescue some old man who had caught his attention a few hours (minutes?) ago.
    He isn’t the same as when he let an unknown guy die by the side of the road because the ambulance had already been called and he was in a hurry (-but still tried to awkwardly compensate the family).
    It seems sort of normal he did this and waited for her to wake up.

    But then, when confronted by the upset ex-lover “you like her enough to forget your dream”, he had to consider his feelings for her, so yes, obviously, even knowing the importance of the meeting and the fact that she didn’t die, if he had to choose, he’d still take her the hospital and wait for her to wake up.

    But anyways, I never really understood the whole concept of “one go at a meeting at a restaurant to change your life, if you miss it it’s over” (I can understand why attending auditions might win you a part, but a dinner at some random place with random people? Why is a dinner some sort of ultimatum anyway? Surely if you explain that you saved someone’s life (and have proof, just in case…) you’ll be forgiven for not showing up.)

    I love how we see that the two of them could totally live together. He had already let himself in when she was asleep and keeps doing that, he bought her pads and food and medecine, they bicker like any kdrama couple, they watched a movie together, they spied on each other thanks to the ô convenient rooftop -well, you know.

    • 28.1 Chickletta

      It’s not some random place but a meeting arranged by the most influential actress in Korea (mina). The guy who was to meet Anthony is a fithy rich chaebol/corporation dude. He want to invest in Anthony’s company and he is the big kahoona. You don’t stand a guy like that up. Not even if your mother or wife is dying. This is the business world in Korea. In Korea, company comes first, then health, family, love. People go to work and kids to school when they have fever and other illnesses. So, Anthony not going there because his writer was sick… not good in the eyes of the big kahoona. Except, in the drama, for further plot development they made Mina smooth things over. While there may be other exaggerations here, this one certainly is not.

      • 28.1.1 colors

        Really? I thought “the fancy dinner that will change you life” was just a kdrama thingy, as well as discussiing business first in a (“public”…) restaurant rather than eating together after the (“private”…) meeting.

        And considering how kdrama characters keep getting high fever and shots and IVs at the hospital, I kinda thought Korean people tended to take better care of themselves than that.

        Thanks for telling me (and possibly the others).

        • Chickletta

          The funny thing is that Korean people do go to the hospital often and are one of the most (unneccessarily) medicated nations on the planet. Alhtough they get the medicine and shots they still go to school. Perhaps they visit doctors so often because they need pain killers to be able to show up for work. A friend of mine, an Irish guy, was here to discuss business with a Korean company. He thought he’d go to the head office, discuss business and that would be it. Alas, most business in Korea is done in expensive restaurants where over alcohol Koreans get to know prospective partners, decide if they like them or not, and then talk business. So, that cliche in Korean drama, where people go for dinners or to expensive clubs to discuss business is actually true. Things are changing slowly, but very slowly. Korean poeple are obligated to show up for company dinners or bonding events, may that be on a Sat or Sunday, your wedding anniversary, birhtday…This is a very different world. so, it’s actually more unbelievable that MInah was able to smooth things over with the kahoon. Korea is a tough place to work – labour laws exist but most workers are so devoted t0 their employers that they don’t persue injustices. Remember when Anthony went for dinner to a super fancy restaurant where he met the biggest boss at SBC. He was super polite and amicable to the boss – leaving a good impression and securing the Morning of Kyungseong broadcast. That is how things work here.

  29. 29 John

    Jung Ryeo-won !!! I love that girl.

  30. 30 steph

    Hehe Bong Dal is like a fuzzy ol bear that needs a big hug and scratch xD

  31. 31 Arawn

    Ohboyohboyohboy! I loved, LOVED this episode. The way Anthony slowly realized and acknowledged his feelinfs for Go-Eun – it was done PERFECTLY. So well suited for his character.

    This also brings in mind the difference between Mina and Go-Eun and why Anthony actually did fell for Go-Eun. One of the biggest reasons, I think, is the fact that Go-Eun isn’t his type. She’s not the kind of a woman Anthony would ever imagine to fall for. This is important because Anthony doesn’t want to fall in love. It would make him vulnerable and dependent – a fool, as he called Woo Jin. So every time somebody gets close to his heart, he pushes her away, just like he did to Mina. I happen to believe that he could have loved Mina if something wouldn’t have happened and I think that at least partially it was because they were getting too close and Anthony didn’t want that. Anthony’s defenses are pretty impregnable if he decides to use them and that’s what he does with Mina. She has no chances to get through.

    With Go-Eun it’s different. She doesn’t have to go through Anthony’s defense system because he doesn’t use it with her. Because she’s not his type, she doesn’t push any alarm buttons in him and defenses stay down. And when Anthony finally notices that hey, this chick IS a threat to his cold exterior, that he might fall for her if he’s not careful, it’s already too late. Go-Eun has passed all the defenses and Kim Bong Dal is head over heels in love with her. HA!

    Ok, so much for that. This episode was just so full of WIN. Epic kind of win. All those scenes where Anthony was slowly realizing his love for Go-Eun. Parallels between Hye-Rin-Woo-Jin and Anthony-Go-Eun, as has been duly noted here. Hyun Min’s sudden drooling over Mina. Sanitary pads! Anthony scolding PD Joo which will totally come and bite Anthony’s ass later as he is interested in his own writer. Win. Epic win. What more can I say?

    • 31.1 Mystisith

      Love and war… So many similarities. 😉

    • 31.2 reeen

      Your thorough explanation made me squeal with delight 😀

  32. 32 wunderbar

    I caught a bit of Kim Myung Min’s movie Detective K, and in there, at the start, he’s arresting someone for the murder of Park Bong Dal.

    Sorry, a bit off-topic? ;P

    • 32.1 ainiseunggi

      Ah! really?? I’ve watched it in Korean Movie Festival in 2011 here in my country. And just a few weeks ago I rewatch it for Korean-movie-analysis class! I think I’ve been hooked by Kim Myung Min ! ahaha!
      I need to rewatch Detective K then. To see that Bong-dal related scene ehehe 😀

      • 32.1.1 Chickletta

        Watch Pacemaker – KMM is superb. He is always superb.

  33. 33 wunderbar

    The guy acting as Taesan’s chief director Kim Sang-jik seems quite familiar-looking. Anyone knows the actor’s name or what other drama’s he’s in? Thanks!

    • 33.1 momosan

      LOL! That’s Jung Chan, who has been in a lot of things, but may be best remembered around here as President Ahn in You’re Beautiful.

      • 33.1.1 ys

        And ugh it was driving me nuts how familiar the actress playing Bit Na was. I couldn’t place her til now: she was the stylist/codi nuna in You’re Beautiful! Here she looks younger and prettier.

      • 33.1.2 wunderbar

        Oh yes, that’s him! That President Ahn in You’re Beautiful likes to say “Jackpot!”!!!

        Thanks so much, momosan!

        @ys: Yup, she was the coordi, but her voice was normal there huh

    • 33.2 Biscuit

      I didn’t watch the episode yet, but judging from the pictures it looks like Jung Chan.

    • 33.3 reeen

      I’ve previously seen him as he evil husband of the oldest sister in Dandelion Family.

  34. 34 Arawn

    And that look when Anthony was watching Go-Eun… really watching her. If KMM would watch me with that look in his eyes, I would just melt. Honestly, how could anyone handle that stare without turning into a warm puddle of cooing.

    • 34.1 Pipit

      I know! I think I’m in love just watching him on screen!

  35. 35 Laurita

    Thank you for the recap, it helped me to wake up from the next episode’s end (I am SO curious how they’ll resolve that issue).

    I think Go-eun will be one of the bet heroines that I have encountered in k-drama’ world in recent years (though, considering the topic of awards, I still haven’t seen Salary man). Not stupid, not weak (I mean, not the type of “waiting-for-a-prince-to-help”), but not cold either, has a normal relationship with her mother, no birth secrets, no scars of former love, has her own dreams and path to go… I still wait for the last eps. to see her reaction to that issue, but I really like her character very much. 🙂

    As for the love issue, didn’t Anthony watch dramas as a child? I think he also has “such” understanding of love as Go-eun’s, but refused to believe in it.

    • 35.1 reeen

      LOL As seen previously he believes his dramas – as witnessed in the fake amnesia scene. So the drama-type love must have left its traces as well 😀

    • 35.2 Orion

      Watch Salaryman, woman. Jung Ryeo Won has played the two most rockin’ heroines this year. And Yeo Chi is a whoooole other kind of awesome than Go Eun. You’ll be in girl-love in no time.

      • 35.2.1 Laurita

        Oh you just made me sooo curious haha 🙂 But really, how can I have time for anything other than dramas when so much awesomeness is around. I surrender – I’ve just started downloading the first ep. of Salaryman (though I guess, I’ll leave it until the KOF is over for recovery).

        • Laurita

          KOD * not KOF, oh where was my head at the moment 🙂

        • Koirv

          I know the feeling. Dang. I attempted to watch many many many K-dramas while waiting for the next episode/s. Sure, I do watch a lot. I can watch a lot. But I can’t seem to recover from King of Dramas. I just can’t. It’s too awesome, I cannot start another drama. Here’s waiting for a recovery, too.

  36. 36 Abbie

    This show just keeps getting better and better. It’s turning out to be one of my favorites for this year.

    So glad Anthony heard Go-eun’s confession. And now he’s realized he feels the same way. Right? I’m sorry he missed the meeting, but he was there for the woman he loves. So, I’m satisfied. But, should one missed meeting mean he doesn’t get the contract? That seems really stupid.

    Hyun-min continues to be hilarious, and I knew he’d fall for Min-ah. At least, he seems to be falling for her. I wonder how their relationship will change in the few episodes left.

    I really hope Anthony’s eye problems are the result of his antidepressants and not something bigger. Then, he could stop taking the medication and live normally. Because, he doesn’t seem depressed. To me, he seems to take his antidepressants whenever he’s about to be overcome with emotion, and he doesn’t want to be. That’s a bit ridiculous, but so Anthony at the same time. I really, really hope he isn’t going blind. But if he does, Go-eun would still love him.

    Thanks for the recap, Heads!

  37. 37 Rotikirai

    Anthony really goes to the studio ever so often now! Here’s what I’ve counted 🙂

    Ep08: (he let himself in) his first visit to wake Go-Eun up to get ready to meet Min-ah

    Ep10: (at the rooftop) to thank her personally (for saving his hand)

    i. (he let himself in) to wake her up (and saw her hands pawing in the air while she’s sleeping)
    ii.(he knocked) to tell her personally about Kyungsung’s 2nd episode rating & to ask about the progress of the re-writing of the kiss scene

    Ep13: (the door’s already open) to invite her to the meal

    Ep14: (he knocked) to give her the sweet potatoes

    i. (he knocked) to give her the bags of vitamins, yogurt, pads
    ii. (he knocked but didn’t wait for her answer) to check on her; she’s watching Love Letter
    iii. (he let himself in, saying the door’s open) to check on her or maybe to share the news about the investment?; he didn’t cover her with the blanket 🙁
    iv. (he knocked but entered anyway) to find her on the floor

    Keep it coming, Anthony!!! 😀
    Why don’t ya just move in with her already!

    • 37.1 reeen

      LOL glad you’re keeping a detailed record. I like your specifications of “knocked”, “let himself in”, etc.

    • 37.2 Rotikirai

      I just watched the second half of ep15 (again!) and realised I missed out one more, prior to the fainting scene:

      iv. (he knocked but entered anyway) to check if she had taken her medicine

      So there are 5 instances of AK in GE’s studio in ep15.

      • 37.2.1 nova611

        wow…u R awesome!! ^^

    • 37.3 Koirv

      Woooooo! Lovin’ this. So detailed. Can’t we just all admit that we memorized the whole thing already from Episode 1 until 16?! I know I did! Hahaha, there must be a lot of guilty people around here. 😀 For the love of Bongdal.

      • 37.3.1 autleaf

        *putting up both her hands meekly in solidarity, with shifty eyes, then ducks again*

  38. 38 markly


  39. 39 Noelle


  40. 40 racheose

    been waitng for this and i love kod… i just hope it continues it awesomeness… i don’t know if the fur on anthony’s coats symbolyze something but it scared me a bit when i saw it again.
    and how cute they are wearing couple jackets XD the pads scene was rally hilarious as well as when hyun min saw min ah like an angel.
    i will have faith with you writers i hope we’ll get an epic last two eps.
    btw since the ep when nam was revealed as the chairman’s son i was actually relieved that it seems empire won’t try to harm anthony now but i am thinking that maybe they have one last plan to destroy bong dal i’d rather have that than have him blinded. i am still praying hard that it was just a mistaken diagnosis or maybe those doctors are frauds whatever i just have to see them happy >.<

  41. 41 Ben

    Episode 15 and 16 are just so good. There’s a real pivot in terms of the relationship between the four main characters. Can’t wait for 17 and 18 🙂

    • 41.1 whitewire

      Perfect. 😀 I’ll miss the good ol anticipation and interaction days, though.

  42. 42 Arawn

    Btw, have you noticed how Mina is mostly dressed in red? Occasionally she has some other colors like white or blue, but most of her dresses are read. Read coat, red sweater in the flash back with Anthony, red jacked when they were shooting outside Seoul, red dress when she heard about ratings, red leather dress at the restaurant, red dress at the meeting in Taesan corp. etc. So much red.

  43. 43 xine

    More sparkly. Definitely a thing.

  44. 44 rynea

    Just half a minute into this episode and I’m grinning like an idiot. Seriously, the loveline doesn’t fail every week. Even Hyun Min and Min Ah are ridiculously fun to watch. I’m just so glad that Min Ah isn’t so alone anymore, even if she’s the only one thinking like that.

    Isn’t it so convenient to have a drama writer as a daughter? You don’t even have to guess what happens next, you just ask your daughter and she’ll tell you what you need to know. But it isn’t fun to hear so much spoilers too, but at least you’ll be spared from the pain of it.

    And OMG, Director Hong Sung Chang really loved his You’re Beautiful actors. Park Shin Hye (cameo in 1st ep), Jang Won Young (Director in 1st ep/persistent photographer in YAB), Choi Soo Eun (Bit Na/Coordi Noona in YAB) and now Jung Chan (President Ahn!) appeared in this drama. This is becoming a YAB ensemble!

    Thanks for the recap HeadsNo2. Hope you’re feeling well and have a wonderful holidays!

    • 44.1 JustSoYouKnow

      Director Hong Sung Chang must have very good rapport with his cast! I saw an interview that one of the reasons KMM made his comeback in this drama was because of Director Hong. KMM said something like when he was not doing so well in his early years, Director Hong gave him encouragement…

      • 44.1.1 rynea

        He must have been a really nice director, for his actors to come back for him. I don’t even doubt that he’s good at directing dramas, as both YAB and KoD have been a blast.

      • 44.1.2 colors

        Sometimes it’s weird how a face can strike you. I watched Beethoven’s virus (and I rather enjoyed the show all in all) but I didn’t remember KMM’s face… but then I thought that weird-voice-Bit Na’s face was familiar (and yet I didn’t especially like her part in You’re Beautiful) and the first time I saw Nam whatever (Kwon Hae Hyo) I was like : Ooooh! KIM SAM SOON powa!
        (and when I saw Choi Si Won, I was like “he’s so funny, how did he get the fake Tawainese part of Tsuruga Ren in the first place??”)

      • 44.1.3 autleaf

        That is a testimony to the power that is KMM’s acting. I remember reading a post here in DB about a documentary on KMM in which he strives to make every character he takes on stand on its own, for audience to see and remember the character, not the actor behind the character. Pretty self-effacing for an actor but the right mindset that an audience deserves from someone of his caliber.

  45. 45 sm1leitsamy

    anyone know if ep 17 preview is available yet? i’m dying… can’t make it til Tuesday haha

  46. 46 autleaf

    Thank you for the recap, HeadsNo2.

    Anthony’s answer to the meaning of love in the discussion scene with Go Eun is consistent to who he is at that stage. He equates the important things in life to their physical trappings without realizing that what makes them mportant in the first place are the intangibles, the emotional parts of the equation so to say. Love, for him, are just the physical acts of kissing and sleeping together, not related to trust, sacrifice, caring for the significant other. Similarly, in his career, success is measured by ratings, money, power but now he has realized that those mean nothing without the trust, respect and warmth of the people you work with.

    In that respect, Go Eun showed him the diametric opposite, both in love and work (or war, hahaha). To this idealistic writer, her success means nothing if it is not done with integrity or be accomplished by trampling other people. Love, on the other hand meant so much more than just physical connections, but also emotional and intellectual fronts. So hands off if you can’t understand that, hahaha…go Go Eun, that is my kind of girl.

  47. 47 autleaf

    I think this drama is a drama lover’s drama. When Go Eun overheard the schoolgirls’ conversation about her drama and her mom admitting cursing at the female lead, I burst my head off laughing that this drama is trolling its own audience! Maybe there are other drama/film that has done such things before but I’m enjoying this joke so much, I’m so glad I’m following this series and dissecting it to bits and pieces. I don’t think I would have appreciated the joke if I was watching this in one go. I even thought, wait, is there a spy amongst us in this Beanut gallery, watching reaction from the fans? Hahaha, naughty, naughty writer-nim but I love you just the same!

    I will definitely watch out for the writer’s future work.

    • 47.1 quincy

      yes definitely! it’s so obvious that the writer is teasing us ;P and i love it!

    • 47.2 Mystisith

      Hehe. If one of the actors suddenly turned to stare at the camera and blink at us (cinematographic blasphemy), I wouldn’t be surprised. If you like that kind of complicity between a story and its audience, On Air is good too.

      • 47.2.1 asianromance

        I would love it if the characters break the fourth wall in the very last few seconds of the drama and wink at us.

        I’ve always thought of drama writers as being sequestered somewhere with no contact with anyone outside of the production staff during the duration of the drama- but now I wonder about those writers stepping out to the convenience store and hearing comments about her drama’s viewers.

        • Laurita

          yeah, I would like such ending too 🙂

          I also wondered, whether writers and actors watch their own dramas in a process or they prefer not to, etc.

        • autleaf

          Maybe they will do just that in the special. KoD team, pretty, pretty please?

  48. 48 autleaf

    Symbolism alert! Top screencap of Anthony and Go Eun watching Love Letter, Min Ah’s picture in the background is pinned between them. That’s a just too obvious ain’t it for a love triangle?

    • 48.1 Mystisith

      It’s balanced: There is also the pic of her little girl’s crush, Johnny Depp. 😉

    • 48.2 autleaf

      Aha, so a fair game of tug-of-war in love, eh? Nice…

  49. 49 autleaf

    I love the title theme of each episode, instead of just the bland Episode XX. KoD is definitely not the first to do so, even novels, books have these but it becomes just as much enjoyable for me to find how the title theme relates to the storyline, it feels like I’m in a treasure hunt every episode. The best part is the theme in this episode can be applied not only to the drama-within-the-drama but also to the relationships amongst the main characters. Ep 16’s theme is even way better.

    And my heart breaks a widdle when Anthony in his cape, I mean, his fur collar, scolded Joo PD for falling in love on set. And again, for not enough viewing space in front of the TV. Don’t pick on my poor puppy Joo PD… Anthony, you’ll regret it, I swear (well, at least, until the next episode).

    • 49.1 wunderbar

      Joo PD is such an awesome guy! He’s a great asset to World Production. So loyal. Anthony, you better treasure him!

  50. 50 jomo

    Thanks for the recap, heads!

    This was a really good episode. I watched it more than once, and kept playing it over and over in my head when I had trouble sleeping.

    Anthony’s need to see GE and be around her, and give her things is perfect. He keeps telling himself it is because she is his writer. Yeah, right, AK. You did this for how many other of your writers before?

    Although I do think he was smart enough to pamper the writers in his workshop when he worked for Empire, but not to this degree.

    I can’t believe this was supposed to end after 16. It feels like it could go on for another 8. I want. I want. I want.

    • 50.1 Koirv

      Anthony having a relationship with Writer Jung of Elegant Revenge would be hilarious as heck!

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