My Daughter Seo-young in talks for extension

So this is an interesting development. Right on the heels of the union shutdown on the set of weekend drama My Daughter Seo-young (for not keeping up with its salary payments) is the news that it’s currently in talks to extend beyond its scheduled 50 episodes. Uh… did I miss something? How does a drama that can’t afford to pay its actors get extended? Is this a “we need more money to make more money” thing? I think there’s a flaw in that logic somewhere…

Regardless of drama behind the scenes, the show is enjoying a nice long run in first place at 30% ratings, which explains why they’d even consider an extension for a production plagued with money troubles. KBS is reportedly negotiating with the producers for an extension ranging from 8 to 20 episodes. Yeesh, that’s a lot when you add it to 50. I don’t keep up with this drama but if I were emotionally invested in a 50-epper and told it suddenly ballooned to 70, my eyes would glaze over.

But the show is immensely popular and getting rave reviews to boot, so maybe more of a good thing can actually be a good thing? Not to mention the fact that it might be the only thing to save it from sinking financially. I still think it’s ass-backwards to make more show so you can back-pay your staff for parts of the show already aired, but you have to wonder if that’s the driving force behind the negotiations. On the one hand, extensions are rarely a good thing for the story; on the other, I’d rather a show pay its actors, even if it takes them 70 friggin’ episodes to do it.

My Daughter Seo-young airs Episodes 29 and 30 this weekend.

Via Nocut News