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My Daughter Seo-young in talks for extension
by | December 20, 2012 | 56 Comments

So this is an interesting development. Right on the heels of the union shutdown on the set of weekend drama My Daughter Seo-young (for not keeping up with its salary payments) is the news that it’s currently in talks to extend beyond its scheduled 50 episodes. Uh… did I miss something? How does a drama that can’t afford to pay its actors get extended? Is this a “we need more money to make more money” thing? I think there’s a flaw in that logic somewhere…

Regardless of drama behind the scenes, the show is enjoying a nice long run in first place at 30% ratings, which explains why they’d even consider an extension for a production plagued with money troubles. KBS is reportedly negotiating with the producers for an extension ranging from 8 to 20 episodes. Yeesh, that’s a lot when you add it to 50. I don’t keep up with this drama but if I were emotionally invested in a 50-epper and told it suddenly ballooned to 70, my eyes would glaze over.

But the show is immensely popular and getting rave reviews to boot, so maybe more of a good thing can actually be a good thing? Not to mention the fact that it might be the only thing to save it from sinking financially. I still think it’s ass-backwards to make more show so you can back-pay your staff for parts of the show already aired, but you have to wonder if that’s the driving force behind the negotiations. On the one hand, extensions are rarely a good thing for the story; on the other, I’d rather a show pay its actors, even if it takes them 70 friggin’ episodes to do it.

My Daughter Seo-young airs Episodes 29 and 30 this weekend.

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56 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Chrissie

    lol seriously??? How the hell do they do business in Korea. This is definitely ass backward. You don’t even pay the actors but they are expected to stay longer than 50?? I like the show a lot though i can’t get into the OTP. I think the female lead has way more chemistry with her twin than with the husband. And i have never found him likable to begin with. I don’t even care that she lied about her dad (since i think the dad sucks so she gets a free pass with me), he’s the one who wanted to marry basically a stranger because he thought she looked “honest” RME

    Anyway i really hope they won’t go to 20 episodes cause i do believe they will get extension since the show is a hit in Korea.

    • 1.1 Annie

      I don’t think Lee Bo Young has chemistry with anyone in this drama and her character is infuriatingly cold. I was struggling to explain the show’s popularity until someone told me that there is literally no competition in the timeslot.

      • 1.1.1 Gala

        I love weekend family dramas but I gotta have a likable heroine(s) and hero(s), but there’s really no one to like here no matter how much I like all the actors. I just can’t root for anyone in this show. Sols Pharmacy, Ojakgyo, and Husband got a family really set the bar high. And Lee Bo Young isn’t as exceptional as I want her to be, unfortunately.

        • Annie

          Amen. Seo Young is an iceberg, her twin is an ass, Ho Jung is psychotic, Mi Kyung is a spoiled princess, and her brother Woo Jae is delusional… who the hell marries someone because she looks ‘honest’?!? I stopped watching last weekend with the understanding that the writer had already run out of ideas. Imagine my surprise at hearing that we may be set for 20 MORE EPISODES. How is that even possible?

          • Gala

            Yeah… Your descriptions are accurate. It’s really too bad cause I was si excited for Park Hae Jin.

          • Enz

            You said it better than I could. Storylines and characters are not doing it for me is the only way I can describe it. So different from when I was watching ojakgyo or my husband has a family. Ojakgyo being the best for me.

      • 1.1.2 Domino

        Exactly. Lee Bo-Young could not form chemistry with any of her lead actor. She should be booted long ago.

        Don’t believe the extension craps, unless they find another key investor. The original one has pulled out for sure!!

        Keyeast is in deep shit. First with that Kim fellow drama having trouble finding an airing spots among 3 key broadcasting station, now with Lee Bo-Young. Hurray!! Share price is nose diving!!

        • jomo

          “that Kim fellow” made me LOL this morning.

          • Domino

            LOL!! Ohlala couple also did not do well, as it orinally plan!! Ohlala Keyeast!!

          • Domino

            originally plan. Sorry for the typo.

      • 1.1.3 mlou

        I could never figure why this drama had good ratings with such a lame storyline. Evidently a “good drama” has a pretty low bar for some people.

        • Domino

          LOL!! Mark your word. That lead actor who has been left out of Brain has had pretty bad acting capability. He is only brainy on paper, but still a Seoul Univerity dropout!! He is really like a piece of wood!!

  2. Ivoire

    Interesting development…

    • 2.1 Ivoire

      I made my comment before reading the article/thread and only later on realized that I used the same words that GF did. I just remembered reading about this show not long ago, and seeing the title, those were the words that came to my mind at first.

      • 2.1.1 Domino

        There are no more development. That’s the end of the story by 30-episode, unless they get a new investor.

        Those shoes that LBY bought for the staff, I am sorry, she will never recover the cost through her renumeration. May be she can recover some from CFs. But, wonder who will get an iceberg to promote their products. May be LG Electric for their latest Kimchi coolbox promotion!!

  3. kcan12

    im thinking of checking out this show because JB/GF keep saying how good its supposed to be, but does anyone know of a show similar to it? What could one compare it to?

    • 3.1 Danna

      This drama has the same writer as 49 days and Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance but sinnce its a weekend family fare its more like the latter in tone….i’ve only seen the first four episodes though

    • 3.2 aiguebelle

      As Annie pointed out earlier, the entire drama to date can be summed up by this one sentence: “Seo Young is an iceberg, her twin is an ass, Ho Jung is psychotic, Mi Kyung is a spoiled princess, and her brother Woo Jae is delusional”. I think you can try Flower my daughter. Similar in some ways, but infinitely more enjoyable imho.

    • 3.3 shepo

      i can give you a really good example : Terms of Endearment

  4. nomu nomu nomu

    well, with the current payrate they are giving out… ◔̯◔
    20 more episode X $0.00 = $0 .00

    anyway, all joking aside, good luck on the show and the staffs (including all the one behind the scene) that work on it. Hope it all works out.

    hmm, let me sniper all those money grubbers. ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━ *All the scrooge’s*

    • 4.1 Mystisith

      Where is the “like” button?

    • 4.2 Domino

      LOL!! $$$ Man has bought all your snipers!!

  5. Mystisith

    The donkey is running after his carrot…
    We hear and read really strange things this days in Dramaland. Maybe we all fell in Alice’s Wonderland.

    • 5.1 elainestale

      as long as i have a mad-hatter as hot as park shin hoo waiting there for me

  6. trotwood

    Do you think the writers of King of Dramas are just sitting around, reading the news, and taking notes and being all like “my work is done”? The irony is that if this were really a drama, we would all be complaining about how unrealistic it was.

  7. Z

    I’ve caught a few episodes of this on KBS World while flipping channels and read recaps for a few more episodes because I thought it seemed interesting. It’s not a bad show but not enough to fill 50+ episodes. I think the popularity for some is that the OTP got together ridiculously quick. But then you realize that it’s because they are setting up for a huge, funk hitting the fan melo-fest. I’ll give them one thing, the Big Misunderstanding really is a BIG MISUNDERSTANDING… but who wants to deal with unlikable people being made at other unlikeable people for 30 episodes?

  8. Raky

    Not very fond of extensions..they tend to drag the story out and put in a lot of nonsense makjang plot lines just to fill in the extra eps..I really do like the otp-maybe it’s just me, their luv story is fast but I luv the way they met and how they’re still like dating after 3yrs of marriage…except for the fact that the lead female still can’t be honest to her husband. And am all for hj and sw..wish they would focus more on their story.

  9. Quiet Thought

    If the show is making good money for the network, why don’t they just buy the bankrupt producers out for ten cents on the dollar and pay the actors themselves? Or are they too cheap and/or class conscious to consider that?

    The owner class-solidarity thing comes up often when companies go bad in the US. When a bad company folds, everyone involved, sellers, courts, and buyers, makes sure the bad managers get paid while employee contracts and pension funds are written off. It also came up constantly during the big mortgage crash in the US in 2007. The best thing financially for the banks to do would have been re-negotiate all the bad mortgages so homeowners could continue to make payments. Most of them refused to do so even with government help, preferring lose billions foreclosing on tens of thousands of abandoned houses rather than cut a deal with lower class trash who just needed a house they could afford.

    We’ll see if this works out. Is anyone going to get paid, or will the producers walk off with the money? Someone should do a TV series about it!

    • 9.1 bjharm

      they have it called King Of Dramas lol
      Indeed I learned a lot from that show, like I never knew that most drama where not made in house and by contracted production companies. Though even in King they that is the production company had to show they had the $ to make! the drama! So someone been fudging the accounts in the first place, frankly I can only wonder why KBS is not filing for a law suit rather than trying to get the production company to make an extension

    • 9.2 Domino

      Who are they? Keyeast or KBS?

  10. 10 cv

    like, wow…. I started watching… to ep 8… the storyline was interesting. However, I stopped… didn’t like where the story was going after that. ahahahhahahhahah
    I think this would have been a great 16 to 20 episodes drama. IF they just focus on the main couple…overcoming —her being poor, him rich.. get together and married and her dealing with her father issues. That would have been good.
    I skipped to ep 20 and dang, I didn’t like where the story went.
    Oh well, I guess it wasn’t my cup of drama. :p

  11. 11 befuddled

    …baffling and befuddling.

  12. 12 May

    Agree, Lee Bo Young dead-pan expression always. It is popular with Koreans, because they are very filial-conscious people. The daughter ‘disowns’ her father and brother, they just want to see how she ended up, that’s why the popularity, I guess.

    I’ll give it a miss, if it extends, and look for better drama – it just drags on.

  13. 13 shepo

    u know,,i think it’s funny,,mostly all of you criticize this show,,even deem the show unlikable,,you say that it shouldnt get extension,etc,etc

    but,,ironically,,in South Korea this show is popular…and this show is deemed as a likable one cus it gets 30% of rating…and that’s all the matter for the production crew..

    but again,,actually,,i’m on the same boat with you guys..hahaha

    really hate LBY in here..

    • 13.1 Gala

      Korea loves their dailies and weekend family dramas, ESP what KBS usually offers.

    • 13.2 Domino

      30% rating was a curse and it shall go into history as at 30-episode!!

      This should teach Bae Yoon Jung and Lee Bo-Young, not to mess around with the $$$ Man!!!

    • 13.3 bjharm

      not really think of all those drama that have failed in Korea on viewer rating but have been super popular outside of Korea. Makes a funny kind of sense a drama most outside of Korea find at kindest, boring, that the Korean public love it..:-).

    • 13.4 Domino

      The Brain’s PD is also partly to be blame!!

  14. 14 malta

    I don’t get it. If the show is doing well, why don’t they have money to pay the actors and presumably the staff?

    • 14.1 bjharm

      most like those at the top get paid first and it works its way down..ie the producers and any backers get their cut..nothing left for anyone else.

    • 14.2 Domino

      It is because Lee Bo-Young and Bae Yoon Jung had offended the $$$ man!! So, they have to face the SHIT now!!

  15. 15 anna

    How do people do 50 episodes drama, 2 episodes a week? I don’t have the patience for that. ^^; Even 20 episodes exhausted me.

  16. 16 djes

    I’m watching this drama, and after 20+ eps, I want the misunderstanding to be resolved as soon as possible.
    The story is getting draggy, and there is no other significant developpments can be made, so what’s the point with the extensions?
    I think 30 eps would be enough..or 40 max. But 70? Now I have 2nd thought whether I should continue watching it or not.

    • 16.1 bjharm

      silly it is easy..lets see there a huge gas explosion at a family gathering and…they all get amnesia and they can restart the drama fresh. simple really good for 20 episodes for sure.

  17. 17 bishbash

    Ooi. This is too strange. 70 is overboard. The shit has already hit the ceiling, time to get the shit down.

  18. 18 mia

    Ya, the beginning of the drama is so watchable….I marathoned right up episode 15 in 3 days ! But lately, the drama is so draggy and it is so boring waiting for the inevitable sh*t to hit the fan….the plot now getting so predictable and when a viewer could see miles away what is coming and getting tired of it dragging it out in so many episodes, this is getting to be a chore just to watch….I will definitely continue watching and won’t stop but there are’nt that amount of excitement as in the beginning. So sad

  19. 19 Rach^^

    I’ve been watching KBS weekend dramas for years and the only one I’ve skipped was ‘Mum’s dead upset’ and I’m dropping this after 22 episodes. I can’t understand why this drama is so popular?? ‘My husband got a family’ is tons better. Lee Bo Young doesn’t have the charisma to lead a drama and has zero chemistry with everyone. It has got so bad for me that I fast forward all her parts. Out of all the sub plots in the drama I am only interested in the Park Hee Jin storyline.

    Give me Ojakgyo and My husband got a family type of weekend dramas anytime and not this shitfest.

    • 19.1 Domino

      I guess the cutest character in this drama is LBY’s mother-in-law!!

      • 19.1.1 whoa

        lol i have to agree with this

  20. 20 addylovesbwood

    Now that is just ridiculous!! I understand it’s high ratings but then what else comes on at 7/8pm at that time. I got dragged into the drama because of the high rating but realized that it was misleading. High ratings does not = an amazing drama!

    I can’t possible imagine what they would try to accomplish with 20 more episodes. the storyline already drags as of now and did I forget to mention that nobody is subbing this at all? except for gooddrama.com who only uploads one episode per week.

    I’m extremely frustrated with MDSY!! but I keep going back for the OTP (Lee Sang Yoon)

    If I were to date a korean man, It has to be LSY!! He’s my ideal man.

    • 20.1 Domino

      BTW, LSY is like a piece wood!! Guess you like woody man!!

  21. 21 whoa

    is there somewhere i can read updated recap on this show?
    i cant be bothered to watch anymore, but i want to know abt the twin brother, lol

  22. 22 Lisa dasmun

    I love seoyoung. Yeah.. Just add more episodes, as long as it relevant, i’m oke with that

  23. 23 Rose

    Very beautiful show indeed! I will be happy to watch even 200 episodes!

  24. 24 SeoYoung lover

    Very good drama. I really like it. The lead actor is also very handsome and acting so well. I will continue watch to the end.

  25. 25 nina


    i don’t know why every body is critisizing the drama,it’s good it’s not boring at all,i really like the romance between sang woo and hoo jung it’s really funny

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