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Name That Drama: High school rebels and tragic loves
by | December 27, 2012 | 83 Comments

Every now and again a reader will write in asking for help identifying an old drama—something watched in bygone days, or perhaps caught only in snippet form here and there. And while sometimes I’m able to figure it out (Young girl marries into fantasy monarchy? Goong, of course! Go Soo on the lam and out for revenge? Green Rose it is), this one eludes me.

So I thought I’d turn over the question to you—surely somebody will recognize the drama in question?

Michelle asks:

I was just wondering if you might know this drama, because I saw it in Hmong Dub, and it did not stay true to original names and titles. I will list off some key moments and details in the drama, and hopefully you could help me out! Thank you!

  • A girl makes friends with a rebel, and falls in love with his brother, who turns out to be their teacher. The rebel gets in trouble for riding his motorcycle recklessly in front of the city bus, and she gets in trouble for getting out of the bus and yelling at him. Their punishment is to sweep out the gymnasium, during which they develop their special gesture; sitting with their backs to each other, forgetting their troubles.
  • The girl is scolded by her teachers for sewing little animal charms and giving them to friends at school. This leads to her career as a toy designer after school, in which she develops a rivalry with her boss. They even have a duke out: Whats better, citizens of Korea? Cute rosy cheeked bears or penguins?!
  • When her love dies, her pearl necklace that he gave her breaks, while she is planning for her wedding.
  • At the end of the drama, she ends up with her deceased husband’s best friend. Her best friend, still by her side, is to be forever alone (but insanely attractive, as I recall).

I suspect it was filmed in the early 2000’s, or the late 90’s. It’s all very cliche, which is probably why I can’t find it, however, I did enjoy it, because it was one of my first dramas ever. If you could help me, I would be much obliged. Thank you!

I don’t know which drama this is, but it sounds like a hoot. Also kind of tragic. Maybe it’s only funny in retrospect… but such is the value of time in dramaland: A chance to heal, get over the addiction, and laugh at the terrible hairdos of yore.

Got any clues? Name that drama!

(If you’ve got a similar question, email ’em in to me or girlfriday and we’ll put the question out to the beanut gallery at large.)

83 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. auzakia

    First Love (1996)?

    I’m not too sure, but it really sounds kind of similar from what I have seen.

    If it is that one, it is available with English subtitles. ^^

    • 1.1 enkhee

      First Love is available where??

      I remember how much I cried in the end.

      That stupid pen.
      I gave her my heart, and all I got was this pen.

      • 1.1.1 NevD

        “I gave her my heart…. she gave me a pen” is a classic line from Say Anything…. sob :”(

  2. kitchy

    Now I’m intrigue!

  3. julia

    Have no idea what this is, but it sounds cute (and sad), will probably end up shipping a sinking ship but, hey, guys help us out.


  4. hanni12

    First Love (1996)?

    I’m not too sure, but it really sounds kind of similar from what I have seen.

    If it is that one, it is available with English subtitles. ^^

    • 4.1 am

      Sounds like it.

    • 4.2 Gaeina Lee

      Is it recommended? *curious*

      • 4.2.1 hanni12

        I watched a few episodes a few years ago, but got distracted with something. 😛

        I haven’t seen any reviews around but Mr.X gave it 80 out of 100, which is pretty great. It really can’t be too horrible. ^^

    • 4.3 Bella

      Nah….I’m pretty sure it isn’t first love(I have no idea which is the right answer for the drama in question though..:D)…..the only thing similar is about the girl and the two brothers…”all other facts don’t match”…..and if it’s first love,of course,she’ll know it..it IS the drama with highest viewer rating ever,probably the biggest drama I’ve ever watched….at least,she’ll recognize Bae yong joon and gonna be able to find it on Internet easily…:)

  5. rainbow

    hmmmm 🙂

  6. am

    It’s time to revisit hancinema.

  7. Sleepyme

    Is it Stock Flower with Park Jin Hee?

    • 7.1 Sleepyme

      I think it is. The 1st scene u described is here. And the synosyp fits. I remember liking the drama just for the girl’s outfits “>

      • 7.1.1 hanni12

        I think you are right. ^___^

        Here is one MV:

        Go to 00:25 and you can see the pearl necklace falling apart.

        • Moko

          This MV sums it up pretty nicely 🙂

        • latteholic

          This really looks like it! 🙂 I don’t think I’ve seen the drama before, but the male lead looks like the uncle from High Kick 1?

      • 7.1.2 Lea

        omg Ryu Jin is also in this drama!!! Oh, I’m watching this baby :DD

    • 7.2 Stop Attacking My MI!!

      This would be my guess too. Good job!

    • 7.3 Smile134

      Yes, it is! I remember watching this drama in high school. Here’s the link of its beautiful OST:

    • 7.4 Aj

      It’s 100% Stock Flower.

      The sewing animal charms gave it away.

    • 7.5 sosoxrah

      Yes.. It’s definitely Stock Flower. I’m pretty sure it was aired after Winter Sonata ended. I remember the main actor who never got the girl and feeling so bad for him. And the guy was Min-yong in Unstoppable High Kick!! The girl in the drama drew Morning Glory characters, like Babu and Blue Bear. I have to admit, that was when I was obsessed w/ Blue Bear at the time.

      • 7.5.1 fan

        I enjoyed the drama. That time I read that Pak JinHee ended up taking the role for someone else. I thought she did well (seems like that was her first drama).

  8. mskololia

    Have no idea. Good luck!

  9. constellations

    hm, could it be ‘first love’? starring bae yong joon.

  10. 10 kdramapedia

    Wow, that was quick!

    I’m totally sold on this drama. *adds to never ending list of dramas to watch*

  11. 11 tadaaflo

    this is an amazing ideaa.. thanks javabeans!

  12. 12 katiamon

    sounds totally crazy… but i’m intrigued too, what’s the name of the drama? 😛

  13. 13 bishbash

    To those who said First Love, nope. BYJ’s brother in that drama was an artist, and they have an older sister who’s a little mentally disabled. And Choi Ji Woo is that rich girl, and both her and BYJ ended up working in a casino, if I never remember wrongly.

    • 13.1 D

      i watched it when it was rerun sometimes back on KBSW. the older sister married the musician with a country accent – Sol Pharmacy’s eldest son.. (i just wiki-ed him) Son Hyun Joo. hardly recognized the young BYJ (maybe cos I was never a fan)

      But this drama sure sounds tragic.. I’d definitely watch it ten years ago but nowadays I’d be very cautious

      (i remember watching Love Lost In Time/Ice Girl/She Came Back – and it was so mehhh except for Kim Nam-jin, LOL)

      • 13.1.1 bishbash

        Now that you mentioned the guy the sister married, I recalled! He’s this guy who carried his guitar everywhere, right!

        The bygone days of cheesy tragic plots! (Which still make their unneeded appearances on and off)

        • D

          yup yup, he was a pretty decent guy here (if i remember it correctly) cos i thought he’d dump the wife or something after he become well-off. i hardly remember the whole story line now 🙂

          i still remember when i first watched korean drama i sometimes confused the actors & actresses cos the look ‘similar’ to my untrained eyes. one example is Sang Yuri & Jang Nara – don’t ask me how i can think they’re the same person (although i think it could be the mandarin dub that confused me at that time, LOL!!!)

          sorry, totally off topic! but i love this ‘community service’ feature, haa..

  14. 14 Lana

    It is Stock Flower (2001) for sure.
    _ main girl: Park Jin hee
    _ rebel guy: choi min young ( he was so cute, I was so mad that why on earth she never picks him. He was there for her the whole time….grrrrr…love is blind)
    _deceased husband’s best friend: Ryu Jin

    -> one of my most frustrated drama , the girl always goes for the worst choice possible while her BFF just stand there and watch over her like some angle…

  15. 15 ck1Oz

    🙂 I can’t believe you guys solved it so fast. Now I’ve got to read the synopsis. What an insane story.

    Really? Her first love dies and she marries his friend? And the 2nd lead is left in the cold?
    What duh? * off to Google all about it.
    How come I’ve never heard of such a plot before? Wow.

    • 15.1 ck1Oz

      So for those who have watched it. Where did it watch it subbed? And is it worth watching or even if it’s a nice enough drama to get subbed.
      The soompi thread seems to imply it wasn’t a bad drama per se. Could be a nice slow project to get it subbed without a rush. It being the US winter college break and all and there are subbers around. But it’s really old though. 2001.

      • 15.1.1 JoAnne

        I would watch that if you did it!

        • ck1Oz

          🙂 I would need the raw videos. Remember MU and FS died. Not sure if aja aja even has the raw videos.

          Thinking about it just Googled the whole cast, man there are some good actors there. We’ll see.
          You do realize I am managing CDDA and it’s crazy busy there. If I take it on it will be a side project meandering along. But it is all dependent on getting the videos and approval from admin. And have Incarnation of money starting in a month.
          Me not Superwoman have to have enough sleep for my real life job. It pays for my food and computer time. 🙂

          • JoAnne

            I will wait for the day ~ no pressure ~ just a gesture of support for your idea! You are doing a GREAT job with CDDA by the way

    • 15.2 S a r a h

      I guess this plot could qualify as “makjang” then?

      • 15.2.1 Diane

        Nope! only 10 years old classic drama ^^
        Is it bad I want to watch it even though I already the plotline? Sometimes I miss old days dramas 🙂 (and the music! the music!!! xD )

        I consider that if there isn’t a memory loss, a fire or switched babies then it doesn’t qualify as makjang lol, but of course real criteria might be slighly different 😉

        • S a r a h

          Oh okay! 🙂
          I just learned about this term “makjang” recently, and all I remember and understand is that makjang is supposed to be really, really insane. hehe.

    • 15.3 cv


      Right? Gosher, you guys are goooood!

      Never saw this before. Don’t know if I want to see it. Sound too sad.

  16. 16 nabi2810

    Definitely sounds like Stock Flower to me, I think I remember the bear vs. penguin =))

  17. 17 shepo

    thinking about oldie..there’s one oldie drama that i really want to watch,,it’s called KAIST,,it seems so interesting..

    • 17.1 Melmax

      Yes!!! I’d like to see Kaist Eng subbed…

  18. 18 Llamaesque

    Excellent new feature—it’s sort of like the Help a Bitch Out column on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. (Where, might I add, I’m always finding new gems to read.)

    • 18.1 ravens_nest

      OMG, that site looks fantastic! I wonder if they can find an old romance novel. I read one of my grandmother’s old books from like the 50s or 60s and loved it but I can’t remember the title so I can check it out again now that I’m 25.

      • 18.1.1 beggar1015

        Trust me, the readers at this sight seem to know every romance book ever published. Sometimes just a description of the cover is all they need. Give them a try.

    • 18.2 Schmazel

      Well, I got curious clicked the link…and here I am hours later after getting sucked into reading all the HaBOs. And I came across this:

      A conversation post! Very alike DB and GF’s styles. Maybe they have a secret identity? Well, a girl can hope. 😀

      • 18.2.1 neliq

        Those comments are so histerically funny!! Thanks for sharing the link.

        Go Bitches!!!

  19. 19 sugarpunch

    Merry christmas, guys! we should have this more often 😉

  20. 20 Hanneli

    I have watched this one, Stock Flower or Hoa Bất Tử (in my language keke) but cannot remember that it is the film described by Michelle until some of you guys named it. Thanks very much.

    I may watch rewatch it since it is quite good.

  21. 21 Ace

    For a minute I thought this was an end-of-the-year contest or something. Heh.

    • 21.1 Eun

      I agree. I thoughts there are some Dramabeans goodies up for raffle again. LOL

  22. 22 nabithoj

    I remember this drama and watching it dubbed in Hmong. So sad how they cut out a lot of scenes and a drama that has maybe 16 episodes becomes 4 or 5 videotapes. *shakes head* All the missed scenes and incomplete stories.

    It is Stock Flower. I remember looking for the drama a while back. The only person I remember from the drama was Ryu Jin…lol…so I looked him up and went down his list of dramas until I found what I was looking for.

  23. 23 Melmax

    Definitely not First Love (which I hope will be shown Eng Subbed or recapped here–wish), this has Ryu Jin who was not in FL…

    Thanks for the new section…

    • 23.1 hanni12

      First Love is available with English subtitles on Asiatorrents.

      If you are interested and not yet a member of the site you can can give me your e-mail and I will send you an invitation.

      • 23.1.1 hanni12

        Disregard what I said, registration is open at asiatorrents at the moment. 🙂

        • Melmax

          thank you, how I found First Love was going to the local Japanese Grocery Store and found the owner is Korean, well, I asked if she had any dramas and sold me on old VCR tape episodes of First Love, well, it cost a lot, well she totally convinced me to buy them but they were incomplete, (the things I go through as a Kdrama addict!!!)…. now I’m trying to find the last few episodes since I didn’t get to see it all… I found ones with awful, awful subs… it just got me frustrated so I’m patiently trying to find where I can watch First Love…. with BYJ, CJW…. lots of stars when they were younger….

          So I have to register at this site?… asiatorrents…

  24. 24 Michelle Xiong

    Omg! Thats it! Stock flower! Thank you so much!!!!!! 😀

    • 24.1 ilikemangos

      haha. yay!

      • 24.1.1 Michelle Xiong

        So many feels! This song brings me back.

  25. 25 ilikemangos

    I love these kinds of posts! keep em coming!

  26. 26 Hopefulheart24

    OMGG. HMONG DUB?! ahahahah! That’s too funny! I remember watching Korean dramas with Hmong Dub as a kid. Sighhh. Those were the ghetto days. kekeke.

    • 26.1 Michelle Xiong

      For real! But… I still do it T_T

      • 26.1.1 Cath

        Congratulations, they solved the mystery! And now I’m intrigued and IS currently looking for it too.


    • 26.2 Thatgirl

      Lol! Yeah, I don’t go near that shit anymore. Funny how some things that use to be a god send to us is now such a horrible sight to see. For me anyways… I saw that my favorite dramas were dubbed and I’d about lost my mind I was so horrified.

  27. 27 lorac

    Seems that “First Love” is a popular drama title. I’ve looked for the 2003 SBS drama with Jo Hyun Jae with English subs but cannot find it. I know the first half was subtitled but the project was dropped and never finished.

    Anyone know if this drama was ever completed and where I can be found?


  28. 28 Gom

    This is a really nice idea. This makes me want to watch!

  29. 29 hellochloe

    I don’t have a “drama”, but a mystery song. I wonder if it’s too hard? Usually I would search its lyrics, but I can barely hear it and all my attempts were in vain. Sounds darn familiar though.

    It’s in the BG song at the pub, starts at minute 7:47

    I tried searching in Chinese, but this show is really underrated and I’m afraid there’s not much talk about it.

  30. 30 nayr

    Man you guys are wayyyyy too fast. Makes me feel like I don’t watch enough drama to be able to identify any haha.

    Well time to give it a shot. =]

  31. 31 Noelle

    OMG Ryu Jin!? And he actually gets the girl!? I feels already for the guy who got put into permanent friend zone. Sucks to be him.

  32. 32 hottestjen

    i think it’s Stockflower, bc i remember watching that drama and it was def Hmong dubbed, cause i’m hmong. lol

  33. 33 noodles143

    I remember watching this in Hmong dubbed too!!!
    I never really watch the whole thing, but saw some parts of it and thought Min Young was so cute!
    The drama is mess up.
    I like the song and the MV totally summed and help clarified that this is the drama.. 🙂

    Coolness! Love this post..

  34. 34 Fab

    The first sentence is soooo Answer Me 1997! Well sorta of. ..

  35. 35 Thatgirl

    Lol! Hmong dub. Do people still watch Hmong Dudded dramas? Well, except for those who aren’t so English literate. When I was a kid, I loved them… But now I can’t stand them!!! xC

    Anyone still call Won Bin, Phooj?
    Or Song Seung Hun, Tsim Meej?
    And Song Hye Kyo, Nkauj See?
    (See doesn’t have a tone mark at the end right?)

    Lol! Those were the days.

    • 35.1 Michelle Xiong

      All the time. I don’t even call it “Autumn in my Heart”, it will forever be synonymous with “Tsim Meej & Nkauj See”

  36. 36 CFC

    This is exactly “Stock Flower” a 2011 KBS Drama, starring Park Jin Hee and Ryu Jin. I thought I had watch it at least twice when it was broadcasted on TV.

  37. 37 Ennayra

    I am so impressed at how knowledgeable everyone is at dramabeans. Go us!


  38. 38 adriana

    This drama seems no sad…not sure i wanna know the name for sure …

  39. 40 cv

    LOL Yep, you guys are good. :p

  40. 41 Sue

    Ive been reading ‘The Name That Drama’ Edition and Im hoping that maybe this movie can be identified. I can’t remember which year it came out or who acted in the movie,but I think it might be just a few years back.
    Here goes,
    A man and a woman are a couple(not sure if they’re engaged) and they seem to lead a happy life till one day,the woman disappears. The man goes and find her but he found out she is not who she really is. Her name is a fake(although Im not sure if she used someones identity).
    Please help me,Ive been trying to search for this movie.

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