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  1. JoAnne

    wont happen twice

    • 1.1 JoAnne

      oh good lord it did

      • 1.1.1 JoAnne

        and still nobody – wow

        • kika

          hello JoAnne! happy friday! i can’t believe i’m second either.

      • 1.1.2 Rashellshep

        You just keep tempting fate! Happy OT! Maybe this will mean good luck for you today at least 🙂

      • 1.1.3 kakashi

        the reluctant/unbelieving first. love it

      • 1.1.4 Korazy Lady

        Good Morning JoAnne! Now I know why you went to bed early last night – to secure your place! Hope you’re looking forward to a wonderful weekend!

        BTW, I replied to your comment on Kakashi’s page.

        • kakashi

          Good “morning” Korazy Lady! Were you able to get a few hours of sleep at least? Did you dream about KDrama? Or Seungri? He is still first 🙂 (Seungri 1st, Lee Jun-ki 2nd and Lee Min-ho (and his hair) 3rd)

          • Korazy Lady

            Ahh, it makes me proud! Although it has nothing to do with the post, but Seungri does seem to be getting some love now! You know an SJK post will be coming some day, but first I have to find and watch Werewolf Boy.

            Don’t tell LMH he’s fallen to third place! I’m sure it’s only temporary 😉

          • kakashi

            yes, Korazy, third place!! Still is! (but then, he holds the all-time record – so he probably doesn’t care about the 24hrs one …)

          • Korazy Lady

            UPDATE! I just found out that Werewolf Boy opens TODAY at a theater less than 25 minutes from me! Be still my heart!

          • kakashi

            oh!! jealous!!!!

          • Korazy Lady

            I’m heading out in a half hour to see it! Dragging my daughter along since she just finished up Nice Guy. Life is good!

        • JoAnne

          answered 🙂

          • Korazy Lady

            Love your reply! Love your description of Seungri, too! But he’s young. And stupid, haha! And can’t believe you actually mentioned PSH like that – let’s hope Kakashi doesn’t read it!

          • kakashi

            ha! I SAW THAT!

    • 1.2 JoAnne

      So anyway – Good Morning, My Wondrous Beans!

      I am enjoying the first of three consecutive Fridays off, leading into a block of time off from the 21st through the 2d – glorious, glorious times ahead! Full of dramas and knitting and friends and nothing else. 🙂

      So – I finished Summer’s Desire. I liked it. I loved the ending. Loved it. It was interesting to me because I started out really wanting her to get with one guy – and not the guy I expected to want – but in the end I was completely rooting for the other guy and reduced to making fun of the first guy.

      I’m sad about the impending end of Full House Take 2 – but not because of the way it’s going, more just because it’s going to END. What a surprise this show has been, huh? So great 🙂

      I Miss You – wow, Yoochun, you have made a fan of me. And YEH – my goodness, I haven’t seen such a broken human in a long time. Is it only me that sees almost a split personality thing going on? She’s completely f’ed and I think her portrayal is eerie and heartbreaking and completely fantastic. Everyone else in the show, I just love you to bits too. And the hookerish girl everyone was so afraid of corrupting Yoochun – she’s doing a great job of being a tough, messy girl. I hope they develop the character more and don’t leave her in the background out of fear of the fans.

      CWGM? Still want to stab the moms in the eyes with forks, but my desire to stab poor mom is lessening by the minute and my desire to stab rich man increases in proportion. LOVE the motorcycle couple, LOVE the scorned wife, and yay, our resident big beautiful rich boy finally says what he thinks. Not Sung Joon – the other one whose name I NEVER remember although it doesn’t mean a thing because I adore him in every thing I see. Sung Joon, you need to grow a pair, and pretty quick. I love you, but dude. Really.

      The Great Seer – still have love burning steadily but I’m a couple weeks behind so I can’t really talk about it.

      King of Dramas – this show rocks. Anthony, I love you. But I especially love your sexy, sexy, SEXY voice. Go Eun, I love you girl. Siwon – I’ve always admired you from the neck down. I’m not a big fan of your music group and I often think your facial expression is vapid and unattractive. But duuuuuuuuuude…you’re awesome. You have to get the joke, to play this guy. If you get the joke, it means you AREN’T the joke…which makes me like you a whole lot more.

      Cheongdam-dong Alice – I watched 1 episode so far. Happily anticipating crazy. REALLY hope they play up the Alice in Wonderland aspect. Man, her oppa is a sad sack but sooooooooo cute. PSH – I like that manic aspect of Jean Thierry Cha. MGY – you are so adorable I just want to pinch your cheeks I always love you. I hope there’s a twist to her decision that’s coming – there’s gotta be, right? It couldnt’ just be poor girl goes over to the dark side but learns a lesson, right?

      SCHOOL 2013. My GOODNESS. Wow. Just. SO HAPPY with this.

      • 1.2.1 pogo

        SCHOOL 2013. My GOODNESS. Wow. Just. SO HAPPY with this.

        I KNOW!!! 2012’s been a fantastic drama year, and I love that we have a show this good to end it with and carry forward into 2013. LOVE IT (almost as much as I love staring at Lee Jong-seok’s lips, ha – thank goodness he’s legal!)

        • Enz

          I am so excited to go back and watch school 2013!! I hope it is as good as everyone is saying

      • 1.2.2 kika

        I’m so glad you wrote what you did about Siwon! I’ve always thought the same, but never dared to voice it out ‘cos, yunno, he’s The Hunk. Or that’s the general opinion anyways.

        I’ve never watched him in anything before King of Dramas, and just thought he was cast for his abs. But man, he really goes all out, and I’m impressed with his rendition of Hyun-min. I really admire the fact that he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

      • 1.2.3 `

        You’re making me so jealous with all the shows you’ve watched. See what happens when I take time off to watch the complete season of Downton Abbey? I may never catch up

        • Korazy Lady

          That’s me, JoAnne

          • JoAnne

            I knew that

          • Korazy Lady

            I love your assessment of SiWon, btw. And I want your toffee recipe 🙂

          • JoAnne

            I think the toffee recipe is Cher’s. I’m the chocolate covered potato chips. Which I need to get cracking on.

          • Korazy Lady

            You are right! I never got to taste those, though!

          • JoAnne

            You should be able to soon ; )

          • Korazy Lady

            Wow, between this and the actuality of seeing SJK on the big screen this week, my day has just gone from OK to fantastic, baby!!!!

        • kakashi

          a Trader will also be a Trader –> punishment follows (=falling behind).

          • Korazy Lady

            I”m so tired and my spelling is so bad that I have to go under the name “,”

            Seriously, though, now that I’m spending more time studying French and listening to Korean, I find that my English words are coming out all wrong! Old brain!

      • 1.2.4 pogo

        I Miss You… Is it only me that sees almost a split personality thing going on? She’s completely f’ed and I think her portrayal is eerie and heartbreaking and completely fantastic

        NO, you’re not the only one! Yoon Eun Hye is knocking my socks off in this role – so much bitterness and vulnerability in one package is almost too much to take. And with the amount she suppresses…it’s not surprising.

        • Korazy Lady

          Another show I need to catch up on today! I have a love hate relationship with that show!

        • la dee dah

          I’m thinking she needs to drink liquids all day every day, because the amount of crying and tearing up she does in every single episode (complete with red nose) … one can get dehydrated fast that way!

        • Carole McDonnell

          wow, you guys are making me want to watch I miss you/Missing You. I hate feeling as if I’m missing out. OR as if I’m betraying my sweet Yoochun. Plus the idea of the hookerish girl….yeah, I’m so there! Might have to do a marathon on this.

      • 1.2.5 orinji

        KING OF DRAMAS baby

      • 1.2.6 alua

        Hi Joanne!

        As usual, you are watching so much. I just don’t have time at the moment.

        Gave Cheongdam-dong Alice a try. Not sure what to make of it. I do like the manic oppa, but not too much else. Too many elements I’ve seen before and that I’m tired of. But I’ll watch a few more episodes.

        School 2013. Love it so far. So much more my thing.

        I’m also watching Miss Rose (TW) and Priceless (J) on the sidelines – the former I mostly enjoyed (main couple esp.) except for ep 18 when the female lead was just annoying. (Haven’t watched ep 19 yet.) Priceless is good as well, first time I’m actually liking Karina in something!

        My real crack, though, has been Osozaki no Himawari (J). I think I just like slice-of-life, realistic dramas the best – I want to be able to relate and in too many k-dramas I just struggle with that (esp. with all those damsels in distress and their oh-so-superior enemies and chaebol princes). Osozaki no Himawari meanwhile is just pure awesomeness. Never was much interested in Ikuta Toma, but let’s just say the slightly older Ikuta works so much better for me! And I like his female counterpart in the drama, the fact that they are such awesome friends while Ikuta’s character is school-boyishly in love with some other woman (who is only annoying). Liking all the other second guy leads too, Junichi is so funny (and sweet with his high school crush), Hiroki is such a sad puppy! I have a feeling there will be loose ends when the drama finishes, because it won’t be possible to resolve all the love pairings (and triangles) but then I don’t think romance is the most important part of that drama. Mostly rooting for Jotaro & Kahori, and Junichi & Sayori (because he so likes her, and she is so misplaced in her marriage). And that Hiroki finds someone who deserves him.

        • JoAnne

          I will add that one to my list, Alua! I have time for the dramas because I am not in school, like so many of you, and I don’t have multiple family members to take care of or interact with on a daily basis, like many others of you! My job is challenging but doesn’t often require more than 40 or 45 hours of work, my home is small and my housekeeping standards are shoddy, my daughter is fairly self-sufficient and not often home, and my parents take care of each other! My friends and I are also neighbors so we tend to see each other a lot on the fly, I actively avoid shopping and pay most bills online anyway, and there you have it. Pleeeeeeeeeeenty of time for dramas.

          • alua

            “my housekeeping standards are shoddy” – that made me giggle.

            Sounds like your life is going very smooooooothly. 😀

          • pillowhead

            haha. I also have plenty of time for dramas. I have cleared my days of unimportant things like cleaning and shopping and talking. hehe

        • nokke

          I second Osozaki no Himawari! it’s really cute and nice and deals with really important questions in a delicate low-key manner. I hope they will manage to end it well and resolve at least some of the relationships…

          • alua

            Glad someone else is watching and enjoying Osozaki no Himawari! I love the low-key manner of things and the fact that romance isn’t the most important thing at all, but that really it’s about all things in life.

        • John


          I’m going to give Osozaki no Himawari a go.

          • alua

            It’s awesome. Let me know what you think!

      • 1.2.7 cv

        Happy OT Joanne! ^^

        I miss you is ths show to watch/read recaps. I”m glad you have become a Yoochun fan. Yay!

    • 1.3 Enz

      How do we know this is not ivoire playing a trick on us hmm? 🙂

      • 1.3.1 kakashi


    • 1.4 Enz

      How do we know this is not ivoire masquerading as joAnne hmm? 🙂

      • 1.4.1 Enz

        Oops sorry for the repeat !

        • JoAnne

          My French would be much worse than hers – ask me something in French.

          • Enz

            But it’s easy to pretend to have poor French !

          • JoAnne

            would Ivoire be able to maintain the ruse long enough to have THIS many one-sentence replies?

          • jomo

            Enz a un point la.

          • Enz

            Hmmm ….. Bonne point?

            @jomo, very funny

  2. kika

    hello everyone! happy ot!

    thanks to all who gave me hair advice last week on the ot thread, and especially to pogo! i’ve been tying a scarf to salvage my dog-ate hair and it works! i may actually look better than before my disastrous haircut!! (ooops, did i just say that?!)(self-praise is underrated nowadays.)

    big hugs!

    • 2.1 Mystisith

      There is no problems, only solutions! 🙂
      Also, a reasonable dose of self-praise is healthy: Charity begins at home.
      Damn, I’m getting too philosophical… Quick, let’s go back to Dramaland and its strange Alice-esque world.

      • 2.1.1 kika

        hello mystisith! you sound like you’re loving Alice in Cheongdamdong! or am i wrong? i really love moon geun-young, but right now, i’m watching it for park shi-hoo. love his laugh-out-loud antics!

        and on that note, am i the only one who thinks that park shi-hoo’s cha seung-joo character bears some similarities to secret garden’s kim joo-won?

        both are on medication, jaded about ladies, callous to them, and think that m-o-n-e-y is all that matters. and again, it is the story of a unprivileged, upbeat girl who’s gonna change the perspective of the male lead while capturing his heart.

        • Mystisith

          About Alice, I’m 50/50: Some things that I love like the critics of materialism and gold digging attitude, some things than I hate (workplace torture and badly written main female character). PSH’s character is a copy and paste of Kim Joo-won in SeGa, no doubt about that. Which is quite ironic since the original KJW loved his fairytale books. ^^ I’m curious about Seung-jo’s past, that’s for sure.

          • kika

            wow, sharp observation there! i forgot about KJW’s shelf of fairytale books.

            but somehow, despite being so repetitive, Seung-jo’s character’s still the one i’m most interested in. maybe it’s a tried and tested formula for success. or i’m just attracted to callous guys.

          • Korazy Lady

            Mystisith, once again I bow to your drama watching ability! I don’t know how you can watch so many and then have your brain function properly 🙂

          • Mystisith

            @KL: Is capability of watching dramas intensively considered a Super Power? Maybe I should register somewhere…

    • 2.2 pogo

      Hey bb! I’m glad to have helped, and great that the scarving works for you!

  3. RockPaperScissors

    Good morning to OT followers!

    I want to jump in here and give a big “Thank You” to the Dramabeans staff for another year of recaps, hand-holding, and tissue-giving. I really appreciate the hard work that Javabeans, Girlfriday, Gummi, Heads, and Kaedejun do for us drama addicts.

    • 3.1 Sabah

      Very thoughtful. I would follow your lead and add my heartfelt thanks too.

    • 3.2 kakashi

      oh yes. Second that. Thank you! What would we be without you!

    • 3.3 Enz

      Completely agree. Thank you to the DB team for fueling my drama love

      • 3.3.1 Korazy Lady

        Hi Enz!

        I thank Drama Beans for great reviews, interesting articles, and many new friends! Where else would I find fellow Que Sera, Sera lovers? (haha, my weekly shout-out!)

        • Enz

          Where else indeed! If not for the ratings on DB that made me notice it and the occasional raving of it from fans like yourself, I would have missed this gem too. And THAT is MY weekly ode to que sera sera. Hee hee

          Although I am going off Eric now that I found out his ideal woman is a 170 cm urbanite. Not even with heels will I ever be his ideal woman height, even though it goes without saying that I MUST be a match for him otherwise. Don’t nyone be rolling eyes now

        • pillowhead

          Hi Korazy and Enz!!!! whaaahaha. I’m late again, but I’m here for the weekly “Que Sera Sera Shout Out!” :D. What’s this about Eric’s ideal type? grrr. who is she. I hate her.

    • 3.4 alua

      A big kamsa hamnida from me!

    • 3.5 gummimochi

      So sweet. 🙂 We love you guys!

      • 3.5.1 mywhiteyasmin

        Heee, me too 😀

        Really, really, really thank you for everything you’ve done for us drama beans.
        Can’t imagine how to live my life properly without you. Your recap save feed my drama addictive, enough to have a proper sleep between work and me time.

        Big hug. GBU

  4. Sabah

    Very random and silly question so feel free to ignore.

    Do you watch a drama in one go, (i.e. saving them until the drama is completed and then watch them soon after each other) OR do you watch them as aired, week by week? Is there really much of a difference between the two?

    I only ask because my habit has always been to ‘save’ episodes of dramas and then watch it in one go over a couple of days. However recently I have been watching dramas as they air, mainly so that I can join in discussions but I find that I don’t like this way so much. I find myself not as immersed in the world of the drama which might be due to the cooling off period each week. Also watching more than one drama simultaneously means that my attention is divided so that my musings tend to flit about rather than remain focused on the issues raised in one drama. I find that the flow of the drama, that slow build up then escalation reaching culmination and then explosion or implosion in some cases becomes disjointed if I watch it as aired.

    In contrast I find that I prefer watching my American/English shows one episode per week, and a few series at the same time, to kind of break the monotony of the themes running through each. As much as I enjoy joining in discussions, I think I will return to my old ways since I much preferred the ‘drama experience.’ Is this even a thing or is this just me?

    • 4.1 kakashi

      Sabah, omg, it’s EXACTLY the same in my case! I used to marathon (and wait patiently until I could), but I changed my viewing behavior this summer (I think it was AGD that did it). Also because of the interactions (on here, mainly)
      But I also feel that I am less pulled in this way. There’s is more of a distance to things and I think it also makes me more critical.

      • 4.1.1 Sabah

        Thank you so much for replying. I just couldn’t work out if I was being funny/weird/high maintenance! I kept telling myself, ‘it’s all in your head,’ but I just couldn’t shake this feeling that dramas weren’t pulling me like they usually would. Though it means not being able to join in discussions, only reading them afterwards, I think I would return to my old ways.

        • Enz

          I can’t help but think that if the dramas were really excellent right to the end, that it would be as engaging to watch it as it aired. For example, when I first watched coffee prince this year and it gave me such a happy buzz for weeks on end.. I wondered how wonderful it must have been to be caught up in its magic when it aired in 2007. So for me, I really think that if that hasn’t happen with any of the dramas that I watched as it aired, it’s because they haven’t fully delivered. I LOVED NG right to almost the end and while appreciative of the acting overall, am disappointed with the last few episodes. As you said below, the characters’ motivation and actions-reactions didn’t ring true anymore. They were like being forced to make more of everything and it became difficult to buy it.

          • Sabah

            “I really think that if that hasn’t happen with any of the dramas that I watched as it aired, it’s because they haven’t fully delivered.” Excellent point! I think that is very true. I too watched NG as it aired and didn’t feel any dip (until nearer the end.) However it was a thriller/mystery genre so that it needed to keep that pace tight and sharp. Still, I completely agree that recent dramas lack the detail, dialogues and depth (further diluted with extensions) to keep that buzz afloat all the way to the end.

      • 4.1.2 skelly

        If the drama is good, it is worth a double time investment. My time investment is in direct proportion to how much I love a drama. For a favorite drama (Queen In-Hyun’s Man, for example) I do this:
        – Read the recaps and soompi
        – skim the raws
        – watch the episodes as they are subbed
        – read reviews and wax poetical in the forums
        – marathon the whole thing when it is all over and I am in withdrawal
        – “sell” the drama as a must-watch to family members so I have an excuse to watch it again.
        – buy the DVD for my children to inherit, LOL

        For a drama that is good, but not on my all-time best list (SeGa, for example):
        – read the recaps (domo arigato Dramabeans)
        – watch subbed eps as they come out
        – marathon the whole thing at a convenient time, to get the full flavor

        For a bad drama (Dr. Jin, for example, or Ooohlala Dysfunctional Spouses):
        – read the recaps and laugh. I am mean enough to take especial delight in horrible endings.

        • Sabah

          Whoa! I feel as though I have been so disrespectful to dramas all these years. Truly the courtesy you show them is outstanding! Very impressive, you are like the goodwill ambassador for Kdramas. hehe.

        • Tara S.

          I nearly spit out a mouthful of coffee laughing at your “buy the dvd for my children to inherit” statement.

    • 4.2 kika

      hello sabah!

      i watch them as they air, primarily because…. I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL! and i just can’t wait to find out what happen, even for the most mediocre of dramas.

      i understand what you mean that the attention is divided when one watches too many dramas, which is why when there’s a drama that i really love, i’ll drop all other dramas i’m watching so that i can immerse myself totally in that world it has set up, think about the characters, possible plot developments over the week until the next episode airs. sounds a lil’ intense, but i really enjoy obsessing over it.

      speaking of which, it’s been a long time since i found a good drama that can take up all my attention. there’s none this year actually… i really wanted to like Big, Faith, A Gentlemen’s Dignity, but they just weren’t obsessively good…

      • 4.2.1 Sabah

        Oh good, the other side! Hehe. Seriously, thank you for replying, as I wanted to get broad range of views.

        I see your viewpoint and I think you are correct that watching more than one is where I am going wrong. I actually think intensity is good because it makes you passionate about things. Better that than being bored of life.

        I would agree that this year has had more than average disappointments BUT I would say there have been quite a few surprises too, SUFBB, Gakistal and AM1997.

        • kika

          i haven’t watched all the dramas that you’ve mentioned above! maybe that’s why my year’s mediocre. i’ve been picking all the wrong dramas! 🙁

          • Sabah

            You know JB’s has never guided me wrong in regards dramas. I mean on the whole. The only time I defied her choice this year was when she decided against ‘Fashion King’ and I went ahead and then banged my head against a wall for pretty much all of it! hehe.

            Seriously though, I find that the ones she loves, I love and the ones she is wary of, aren’t so good. It’s not just about watching whatever she recaps but for instance with Faith and Big, though she did recap them, her recaps pointed out the failings and her assessment of them was accurate enough for me to leave them. Also tune into her podcasts because you get a better idea of the strengths of the dramas as well as her opinion on dramas she isn’t recapping.

            Of course JB and you and I are all different people with our own idiosyncrasies, so that I’m not advocating following blindly. However on the whole I find that she won’t guide you wrong. On a personal note the highlights of this year for me were, SUFBB, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Answer Me 1997, Gakistal, HOSM, Arang and Panda. I would humbly advise you to find someone with whom you find affinity, respect their opinion and have similar tastes and follow their lead in terms of what to watch. It saves time, trust me.

            Were there any dramas that brought you joy this year? If not, what would you say are you top three dramas of all time, maybe I or others here could recommend something for you. : )

          • JoAnne

            I think we had an embarrassment of riches this year, truthfully – QIHM, SUFBB, AM1997, NG, Arang, AGD, Padam Padam, FHT2, What’s Up, CWGM?, INR2012, HSOSM, and now IMY, KofD, and School 2013. Not all of these were perfect, of course, and we could wish for better endings in a couple places…but all have broken molds, all have provided pretty intense experiences for the viewers who loved them, and all remain shows I don’t hesitate to claim having loved. And if it were just for me I’d be putting Faith on that list too because I LOVED the OTP and the side characters, but I know the show itself had flaws.

            Looking at this list, I would have to say that for me, SUFBB was perfect. Nothing to change. AM1997 and QIHM run close behind.

          • JoAnne

            AH! How could I leave Gaksital off that list! That one goes in my top 4 with SUFBB, QIHM, and AM1997. Ok, make it top 5 with AGD rounding out the list.

          • Lilly

            I think almost all dramas that I did not like I dropped after the fourth or fifth episode except for That Drama That Will Not Be Named that was a cult favorite for a few years and I convinced myself that it just had to get better since so many liked it while it was airing.

      • 4.2.2 Carole McDonnell

        LOL!!! Loved this: “no self-control”
        Woman, that is sooo true. I kind wish i had self-control enough to wait until 4 pm to watch my dramas. But nooooooo…once the subs are in, it doesn’t matter what the heck I’m doing. I have to watch NOW.

    • 4.3 pogo

      It depends, really – if I’m into a drama that’s currently airing, I watch it week-by-week, but save two episodes at a time to watch on the same night – I did this with Arang, and the squee was as strong as it would have been had I marathoned it after it aired.

      On the other hand, Western shows, I like to watch them in blocks of 2-3 (max, 4) episodes at a time – can’t do the full marathon (too crazy!) and can’t do the one-at-a-time either! I suppose this is why I like British shows, shorter seasons = much easier watching!

      • 4.3.1 Sabah

        So it is me! hehe. Thank you for sharing your views, because this is more than just curiousity. I want to understand myself better through my actions. Thank you. I guess if you didn’t find a difference then it is something about me that does.

        I too like the shorter seasons for British shows BUT it seems like I have been waiting for Sherlock Holmes season three forever!

        • pogo

          re: Sherlock, you’ll be waiting till 2014, bb – Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are too busy doing The Hobbit and Star Trek to solve THAT CLIFFHANGER until then!

          (I won’t lie, the wait is killing me too!)

          • Sabah

            NOOOOOOO!!!! What? I think I’m going to cry…

            Thank you for letting me know.

      • 4.3.2 sweetcloud

        I’m happy I watched Arang week by week because I felt the flashbacks were a little too frequent (actually it’s the first time I’ve thought that about any drama, that’s why I’m pointing it out), sometimes referring to a scene at the beginning of the same episode (I was like, do they think I’m a goldfish with a five-second memory?). And I loved replaying my favourite scenes every two episodes, whereas I rarely ever rewatch anything when I’m marathoning 😀

        • pogo

          The too-many-flashbacks was also a problem with Nice Guy’s later episodes (I legit wondered if live shooting had left them with not enough time to fill the 60+minutes they needed, and that was why they used the flashbacks).

          With Arang, I did a mini-rewatch of episode 1-18 the week before the final two episodes aired, and found I loved it just as much – that show just has my heart. And yeah, marathoning means I frequently forget what happened in which episode – with weekly following-along, that NEVER happens!

          • Korazy Lady

            Doesn’t KoD put an interesting spin on your drama watching now? Hey, if you need to fill in time, put in flashbacks! I will never look at dramas in the same way again. (If you haven’t watched it, you should at least watch episode 1. It’s eye opening!)

          • Sabah

            @Korazy Lady

            KoD is tainting all dramas for me. I can’t help but ponder over ‘split blood’ and difficulties as well as absurdities that might have arisen in producing things I love.

          • sweetcloud

            Very true, I can still remember which scene in which episode of Arang made me squee! CPR Kiss! Confession 1! Confession 2! Bare Shoulder Teasing!

            I didn’t watch Nice Guy but I definitely wondered if Arang needed the extra minutes filled in too, although not to the point where I got really frustrated, thanks to the drama being very solid on all fronts.

          • pogo

            @sweetcloud: trust me, it was MUCH worse in Nice Guy – it felt like one-third of the footage of the final 2-3 episodes was made up of flashbacks from the previous episode. Which was a shame, because it was a good drama.

        • Sabah

          “I was like, do they think I’m a goldfish with a five-second memory?” Hehe, LOL.

    • 4.4 Sabah

      Dear Wanda,

      “I’m really excited for the Hobbit movie, though. Did you watch the Lord of the Rings movies?” I just asked another online friend about the Hobbit and LotR and her reaction was ‘meh’ about it all SO this just made my day! Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it AND I might just go to the cinema to watch it. Do they still serve popcorn? Hehe

      “Gaksital was rather slow and some parts… could get draggy and the romance part in SUFBB spoke more to me.” I didn’t mind the ‘talky’ parts so much, but yeah, I most likely won’t watch those parts again when I watch the drama again. As for the romantic parts of SUFBB, it was my least favourite part IF I had to order my favourite parts of SUFBB. Hehe. I think because I am going through a period of misanthropic tendency but just as a boy/girl relationship, the manner they connected and developed a relationship felt organic and wholesome. Very sweet. I think my favourite aspect of the drama was Ji Hyuk’s loss and healing AND of course that profound end.

      At the moment 5th Jan remains in a bubble that I intend to pop around 5mins before I lay sight on my bank manager. Yeah I know…

      I too felt that disconnect running through NG, I just couldn’t line up motives to actions either. School has me interested, very interested. I like Nam Soon’s characterization and can relate to him a lot. The set up of the world is well done too. Do add it to your mountain of a list which is probably making your assignment pile like a molehill, though of course in this case the molehill out ranks the mountain due to weight! Wishing you well and much needed strength!

      • 4.4.1 alua

        I’m looking forward to The Hobbit, but I don’t think I’ll watch it until January because I want to see it in Britain’s biggest theatre and will be away for the holidays.

        I really really really really hope they’ll still be screening it there in January, because at the moment it’s only listed until Jan 3rd and I’m back Jan 8th only!

        Have watched The Lord of the Rings a gazillion times – I have the extended version on DVD. I’m going to miss our four main hobbits in The Hobbit though – Martin Freeman doesn’t quite do it for me.

        • Sabah

          Yeah, I was ‘less enthusiastic’ about Martin Freeman as well but the trailer actually turned me around. He seems to fit the role well.

          OK confession time, how many times have you marathoned all three films, extended cuts version? It’s like a New Year’s tradition at our house. We always miss the fireworks but at least we wake up in the new year without having made any resolutions.

          • alua

            Martin Freeman fits the role well, but he’s still not Elijah (whose films I grew up with). But I’m sure I’ll still enjoy the Hobbit aplenty.

            Well, sadly I’ve always split any Lords of Rings watching over three days… but that’s because I have always seen them by myself. I need to find someone who is willing to marathon them all at one go with me! I wish that were a New Year’s tradition at my house! That sounds just awesome. How many of you do this?

            One cinema in London is doing a Lord of the Rings marathon for December 31st, but they are only doing the cinema version.

          • Sabah


            Ah, Elijah of course. Where did he disappear to?

            I think that is true, you need people to marathon it with you because otherwise the sheer length of it would be too much. You support each other and thereby gain a shared momentum. Well, at our house it used to be that it started with the five of us and our cat and then diminishes to just me and my cat, hehe. However since my cat’s passing it has been left of the people of the house to maintain this tradition and the years have brought varying successes.

            Oh wow it would be wonderful to watch it on the big screen but then I wouldn’t have my blanket nor footstool nor mountain of snacks! You should totally start your own tradition! Seriously!

      • 4.4.2 FishcalledWanda

        Sabah! 🙂
        I always get a happy feeling when I see a comment from you for me!
        I just had to comment because of what you said about LOTR movies rewatch during New Year! We always do the same with Christmas, I’ve seen the movies at least 7 times ( ever since I was 12 and my parents allowed me to)! It only gets better every time. I was too young to see the movies in the cinema at te time, but this time I can enjoy the beauty on a big screen! Will comment more on what you said later when I’ve more time! Have a nice evening!

        • Sabah

          Don’t feel obliged to reply, only if you have time. Studies come first and foremost! That’s so cool. Actually I know a lot of people that have a tradition of watching the movies during the holidays, there’s just something about them. Maybe it’s kind of like a hibernation, sitting for so long in one place, with the cold outside and cosying up with the blanket inside, with all the family. I don’t know.

          Wow, you were 12! Now I feel really old. Funny story, I took my younger brother to watch the first movie at the cinema and when it finished on the cliffhanger he turned to me and asked, is that it? I was astonished that he didn’t know and then informed him that there were two more movies and that they would come out one per year. He face was priceless and I still remember how frustrated he looked. Hehe.

          Out of the three I think I enjoyed watching the second the most at the cinema, on that big screen as well as that shot of Gandalf falling which just looked amazing! Any parts you are particularly fond of? Characters?

          • FishcalledWanda

            I love hibernating! With blankets, snacks and cosyness the holidays feel complete!
            Haha, I would be very annoyed too if I’d had to wait very long for the next movie to come out. Luckily by the time I was allowed to watch them, they were all already out! I remember being completely baffled and overwhelmed the first time. The whole world, all the (heroic) characters, the fear that something bad would happen. I just love every character, but I love Aragorn especially! He’s so handsome and brave. And that part where Gandalf falls must be so impressive on the big screen! I was already in tears just watching it on the telly. But that part where he returns, in shining white is one of my favourites. Also, the scenes where they are all together and bantering around are also my favourites, hehe. And that part where they are in the dwarf cave and one of the hobbits sits on that well and knocks over a bucket which leads to that drumming sound and the monsters waking up gets me chills every time! And every time Sam comes to rescue and help Frodo, he’s such a good friend! Ah, there are just too many great scenes!

            And the molehill is definitely outweighing the mountain, haha! I like your analogy. But I’m really considering to start watching School anyway, cause I need something to outbalance my stress and NG is not really doing that. And I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who feels disconnected with NG!

            I wanted to share something that happened yesterday because it’s such a great step forward for me. I had another big presentation (even bigger and more-weighing than the last one) and it went so good! I think it’s my best presentation to date. I was pretty nervous before I had to start (actually the whole day already a little), but when I had to speak it felt like after a while my nerves just fell off! And I could speak so freely and look people in they eyes and make hand gestures! That never happened before, I usually stay nervous until the end and only feel relaxed when it’s all done and over, but not this time. It felt great and now I feel like sharing it with everyone. There may actually be hope for me, maybe I’ll start liking it eventually, haha.

          • Sabah

            First of all, a huge round of applause, standing ovation and big display of fireworks for your presentation. Not just because it went well but the milestone in talking in public that you achieved. Very commendable and noteworthy, you should be very happy!

            I remember when my friend went through a rough patch she sent me this email titled, ‘I wish I was a bear,’ and went on to lament the benefit of hibernation and staying away from the coldness of people and the world. I too associate hibernation with good things and when I wrap up warm it makes me feel really good!

            I loved that well scene too. Just scary and funny! Every actor really embodied their character so that even though it was so far from reality it felt very real. The visual effects were just outstanding. My all time favourite scene is when Sam explains to Frodo why they need to continue, the whole, ‘there is good in this world and its worth fighting for’ speech. Awesome and I quote it a lot. I mean a lot!

            About NG, I won’t say too much because I want you keep you in a vacuum so that your anticipation doesn’t incline one way or the other, but there are reasons it didn’t make it onto my top five dramas of 2012 list, which is pretty much complete now. You show me yours and I’ll show you mine. : ) Start school (the drama not place of education hehe) as the first two episodes have me very much invested.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Thank you so much! You brought a big smile on my face 🙂 I’m really happy. I’d already abandoned the hope that I will ever get good in public speaking a bit. I mean it did get better, but it took so long to not feel like running away every time I had to do a presentation that I thought that this was kind of the end point for me. I hadn’t realized that my progress could go further than that and maybe become relaxed while speaking someday. This gave me new hope and also made me feel better about myself.

            Ah, sometimes I wish I was a bear too! Just eat a lot and then sleep in a nice warm place, what else is better than that?

            Yeah, that scene is so great! It gets me teary-eyed every time. I just love Sam, he keeps believing in Frodo even when he doesn’t believe in himself anymore. Every should have a friend like that. Very quotable, indeed. Are there any other scenes that provide quotes for you? And speaking of quotes, did you already used the ‘hope-quote’ in your project?

            Thanks for not saying too much, it’s much appreciated. Though I couldn’t cut myself off completely and heard snippets here and there about the ending, I still know not much. But I’m thinking it will take a while before I finally finish it. I have to gather my courage to brave all the misery.
            But I watched School! (haha you comment about ‘starting’ made me laugh). I got a lot of work done today and to reward myself I watched the first episode. I already like Nam Soon a lot and the vibe of the episode really spoke to me. All the characters feel very real. I now already connected more to the characters than in 14 episodes of NG. It was a nice break from my studies. Going to watch the next episode when I’m done typing! Sometimes I like dramas (or series in general) that take place in high school less because of that setting. I’m very glad I’m out of there and feel like I can’t connect to their problems anymore. But SUFBB proved it can be good in that setting and School is looking like it might too. How is the high school setting for you?

            Haha, I’m curious to your list so I’ll tell you mine! On 1 is Gaksital as you already now, but very close on number 2 is SHUFBB. On three is Queen In Huyn’s Man, four is probably Arang and the Magistrate and on five is Vampire Prosecutor 2, even though I liked the second season less than the first. Nice Guy probably won’t make it, as I’m becoming less and less emotionally invested. If the rest of School is as good as the first episode it could beat VP2… If I had time to watch History of the Salaryman and Panda, they could be on the list, cause I heard good things about Salaryman that indicate it could be a drama I’d love and Panda seems very cute and warm-hearted until where I’ve watched far. If White Christmas hadn’t aired last year, it would definitely be on the list too!

          • Sabah

            I’m glad that you have now realized that you shouldn’t limit yourself by your own estimation and expectations. Most things in life just need practice and a little confidence but most of all practice. Keep putting yourself ‘out there’ and I am sure you would surpass even your grandest hopes now!

            Hehe, apparently my sister thinks I have taken the philosophy of the bear too deeply… I kind of need to wax my legs but in my defence I find it very annoying hearing it from her because she has a total of three hairs on her entire body AND it’s winter so I’m not going to wearing any short. *ahem* sorry.

            Yep, I added your quote to the handout and next week Hope is the human emotion we are going to cover, so I intend to start the lecture with it. Thank you once again, it is the perfect introduction. Me and my sister tend to quote movie lines to each other a lot, at very random moments. The other ‘most used one’ is ‘If you want him, come and claim him!’ which we use for the last doughnut etc… hehe. On a personal note there are a few others, but I like these two from the books, “I do not love the bright sword for it’s sharpness, nor the arrow for it’s swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend” & “Not all those who wander are lost”

            “I now already connected more to the characters than in 14 episodes of NG.” Exactly! Well, whenever you finish NG, we can discuss it, so no rush. Nam Soon is just heart breaking and beautiful, something attracts and appeals to me immensely. Lee Jong Suk seemed so familiar to me, so I checked out his bio but I haven’t actually seen any of his other dramas. Strange, I just can’t figure the familiarity out. Anyway, I looked up his mini drama ‘when I was prettiest’ which actually led me to another mini drama called ‘ordinary love’ which I am loving. It’s only four episodes, and I’m only half way there but I love the detailing. So maybe the familiarity was just fate in disguise. hehe

            ” I’m very glad I’m out of there and feel like I can’t connect to their problems anymore.” I understand. I actually watch way too many dramas/movies/fiction set in school for something in her mid thirties BUT I think because it was such a ‘traumatic’ time for me, for various reasons. It’s like the film ‘Peggy Sue Got Married,’ I want to go back just so I might live through it better. Not in a revenge or fantasy context but rather just taking the wisdom I have now and using it then, kind of like a head start. I feel the loss of opportunities greatly but I say that as someone who doesn’t believe in ‘what ifs’ I completely trust fate BUT I think it is the root reason for my love for school/college stories. How about you, is there any setting that attracts you?

            Aw, thank you for sharing your list. I agree the list depends a lot on what you managed to watch. However I find doing a top five list of the year easier than an ‘all time list’ which just short circuits my brain. My sister and I tend to just ask each other ‘what do you prefer, A or B, questions which kind of indirectly manages to create all time lists BUT sometimes my head just implodes too. Hehe. My list is 1. SUFBB, as you know 2. Queen In Hyun’s Man (I loved the premise and characterizations) 3.Answer me 1997 (school and what not!) 4. Gaksital 5. HOSM. (I would put Arang very close after and if KoD doesn’t nose dive then that a runner up too.) It’s not that I don’t love the rest, but our own histories, idiosyncrasies and curves of our hearts just incline us one way or the other. Every act and thought of our past presenting itself shamelessly for all to see and understand. I have always felt that lists, reviews and criticisms say very little about the objects of dissection themselves and actually reveal far more about the critic. That’s why sharing is always so very personal and private. Once again thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I truly am grateful for it.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Haha, I like your way of taking the bear analogy! I tend to do the same ; ). It’s such a hassle and it’s winter anyway!
            I hope the group will like the quote! I still feel very honoured, hehe.

            I have the same feeling of familiarity with the actor, but I didn’t see anything he’s been in! Maybe he just has one of those faces or looks like someone else. And Fate’s leading the way once again ; ). I was pleasantly surprised by two familiar faces from White Christmas; I’d already kinda forget who the cast was.
            I totally get your take on the high school setting. My high school period wasn’t one of the nicest (understatement), so I sometimes wish I could go back with what I know now, like in that movie. But on the other hand I’m so glad I’m at uni now and don’t have to see those people anymore that I never want to relive that time again. When I watch a high school drama I always feel a little melancholy. Not that I miss that time and want to go back, but in that I wish I could have had such a nice time with such nice people. I kinda like that Nam Soon in School is a bit of an outsider, but still stands up if someone is not being treated good. I think that says a lot for him. Speaking of School, I watched the second episode too and I still really like it. The high school setting is not putting the drama down for me, so that’s a good thing. I love the portraying of the characters, they’re already very layered and multidimensional. Hopefully that’s an good indication of what’s to come!
            I like the college setting though, because of course I’m in college myself. Which leads to the characters being older and more resembling my own age and conflicts. Age is also a factor in me connecting to characters. It’s not always the same, but I tend to connect easier with characters that are close to my own age, which makes sense cause they have to same way of experiencing and certain resembling conflicts. If a character is a lot younger than I am, it may cause some problems cause I can’t seem to connect to the conflicts and way of experiencing. It’s a bit hard to explain, and I’m probably being confusing, but how does the age of a character work for you?
            I always love a medieval setting, not sure way. Probably the whole romanticised aspect of knights and princesses. When I was young other girls had playmobil stuff like hospitals, zoo’s and houses, but I had this castle, dragons (a red and a green) and a lot of knights. So I haven’t changed much in that aspect, haha.

            Those are some really beautiful quotes! LOTR offers a lot of quote material. Like “You shall not pass!”, is a good one and often used. And it’s always very funny to take a quote out of it’s context and then use it in your own way. I do that with my mother all the time, so now our conversations are a mixture of our own sayings and those we gathered from different sources. Not very understandable for others, my dad sometimes doesn’t understand one word we’re saying! My mother also has the habit to confuse certain terms or names with others. For example she once called the singer of Snow Patrol Gary Lightfoot instead of Lightbody. I found it so funny that I started saying it and now whenever we talk about it we call him that way, hehe.

            Yes, sharing lists is a personal thing. So thank you for sharing : ) I too find it easier to just pick the top 5 of a year than of all times, my brain is incapable of doing that! That A or B approach is a good one!
            “I have always felt that lists, reviews and criticisms say very little about the objects of dissection themselves and actually reveal far more about the critic. That’s why sharing is always so very personal and private.” I completely agree with you. It’s like you position yourself a bit vulnerable if you say what kind of things you like, cause it’s says so much about you as a person. On a bit of a side note, sometimes critics give a negative response to a movie/book/anything of a specific genre and then base that negative response on something that is inherent of that genre. Like a romcom movie being too shallow, but that’s what the romcom genre is. In such cases I feel that the critic is basing himself too much on his own preferences (which of course are the heart of a review), and not being or trying to be objective. If I’d review a horror movie, they’d all get a bad review simply because I don’t like the genre. That’s why I’d never become a horror movie critic. Did you notice this too and what do you think about this? Or didn’t you notice it at all?

            I have to thank you too for taking out time to reply. But the pleasure’s all mine, since I very much enjoy our conversations. So much that I start rambling at times! ; )

          • Sabah

            ” I still feel very honoured” You should. Sometimes I feel that you underestimate yourself. A lot.

            “I have the same feeling of familiarity with the actor, but I didn’t see anything he’s been in!” Exactly. So it’s not just me. I thought maybe he reminded me of Yoon Shi Yoon but the connection is stronger than ‘reminds.’ Hmm.

            ” But on the other hand I’m so glad I’m at uni now and don’t have to see those people anymore…” That’s exactly how I feel. I wouldn’t put anyone through that, especially myself, again. I think that’s why I like school dramas because most of the time, even though people suffer, they come out of it better than I did. I didn’t really heal until I was in my mid twenties, but its all water under the bridge and I try to live myself in the present because it’s impossible to live it in the past.

            ” I kinda like that Nam Soon in School is a bit of an outsider, but still stands up if someone is not being treated good. I think that says a lot for him.” This is what bugs me the most. Even though I know I was going through difficult stuff, so an excuse if you will, I didn’t stand up for people worse off than me AND I truly regret that. I wish I had been stronger.

            “I like the college setting though…” Did you manage to watch Orange Days? It has that college setting and mood. The other college fiction that I love is ‘Dazed and Confused’ of course I don’t condone the drug etc but it really captures those issues which most feel as they enter adulthood; that push of family/community & the pull of making a path for yourself. What college dramas/films have captured that college spirit for you?

            “…but how does the age of a character work for you?” I think I do understand where you are coming from. In all honesty I don’t think age has ever affected me in fiction as I tend to look more towards the movements of a character’s heart to see if there is any affinity. I think maybe I am like that because when I was younger I went through a lot and spent more time with older people AND now that I am older because I am single, I tend to hang around with younger people rather than people my own age who are married with children. I’m guessing of course.

            “I always love a medieval setting” Hehe, that’s wonderful. I can understand that in a way. I love the black and white of it, it seemed a simpler time, though of course my interpretation is very much romanticized. Do your inclinations lean towards conformity to history OR the need to mess up the norm and bring about change, for instance the princess who wants to be a knight! “…Lightfoot instead of Lightbody….” Hehe, thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. I just love that you have this with your mother. It’s truly precious.

            “Did you notice this too and what do you think about this? Not as detailed with you BUT I did note it too. For instance depending on where I would read a review I can guess what rating a movie would get. If I go to the ‘art critic’ then commercial movies won’t do well but if I go to the entertainment section then art movies tend to do poorly. It’s weird because I find that people, on the whole, don’t work that way. I just can’t predict what a person will think of a movie/book/drama, no matter how well I know them. I recommend things but always gingerly. I guess it has to do with the myriad of moments that make up a person’s life or nurturing coupled with the intricacies of our nature too. How about you? Do you find that you can recommend things accurately for people? I do find that a few people ‘get me’ but very rarely do I meet people ‘like me’ but when I do I watch everything in their movie/drama collection and read all their books. Where do you go for recommendations?

            Please write as often and as much as you wish, I love it BUT please also put your studies before me. : )

          • FishcalledWanda

            Ah, yeah that’s something I tend to do a lot. I guess I need confirmation before I can say something good about myself, it’s so much easier to point out my lesser characteristics, hehe. Being told most of my school-life that I’m weird and unlike-able by classmates and people I thought were friends, was not very healthy for my self-esteem, I think that’s where my need for confirmation comes from. I often think I cannot do something or am not good at something unless I prove the opposite, and when it does indeed not go well I tell myself ‘told you’, even though going in with a mindset that I will not succeed does influence the result a lot. So thank you for your kind words, it means a lot. But I’m getting better at not thinking I’ll fail beforehand and I’m more and more able to let the past experiences go, and like you said ‘I try to live myself in the present because it’s impossible to live it in the past’, which is so true.

            What you said about ‘Dazed and Confused’ that ‘it really captures those issues which most feel as they enter adulthood; that push of family/community & the pull of making a path for yourself’, is something I’m struggling with myself. I haven’t seen that one yet, but I will certainly watch it someday. I thought Heartstrings had a nice school/college feeling, though it had more that summery easy breezy feeling. I really liked the school feeling of Nodame Cantabile as well, a group of people bonding though they’re all different and finding their own paths eventually.

            I think I like both sides you pointed out about the medieval setting. I like it when they stick true to history, but I don’t mind if there are artistic liberties taken. It’s more about the feel and grandeur of old times I think. But I really like it too when someone resists the restrictions of his or her time. Are there any settings you particularly enjoy?

            And I’m really glad I have such a good relationship with my mom. I’m very good with my dad too, but I think my mom just understands me so well. Sometimes even better than I do myself. And having the same sense of (sometimes nonsensical) humour and the way we follow our emotions and feelings instead of using hard logic makes a good bond. She’s the one person I go to when I have a problem or don’t know what to do, she always manages to say the right things! I wish I had that quality to, to be able to find the right words in every situation.

            ‘I just can’t predict what a person will think of a movie/book/drama, no matter how well I know them’, that’s so true! I like recommending things to people, cause I want them to like those things as much as I do! But they almost never do, haha. But it gives me a very good feeling when I recommend something and that person ends up loving it!
            I have a pretty big book collection and musical knowledge, so I’m always lending books to people (only if I know they won’t make them dirty, hehe) and recommending cd’s. Instead of going to people for book/music recommendations, people come to me, haha. Which I really like, but it mostly doesn’t go the other way around, cause those recommended I usually already know. Same goes for most movies and series. So when I want recommendations I just search around the internet. In real life I don’t talk about Asian dramas or recommend them or get recommended, so for my recommendations I got to site like this one and I’m glad the OT is there cause it’s such a good place to discuss dramas and recommend them. And thanks to you I already added some more dramas on my to-watch list, so I guess in this case you’re my to go-to person for drama recommendation ; )

            Are you already in the Christmas mood? I just put a small plastic Christmas tree in my room, decorated with tiny lights and balls. It looks very pretty, haha. It’s also snowing here, but I don’t like that very much because everything’s so slippery! Do you like snow?

      • 4.4.3 Carmen C

        Seeing Nice Guy spelled like NG just gave a such a good idea. Nice Guy…NG… u get it… I just can’t fathom that drama and it’s success…

        • Sabah

          Hehe, clever!

    • 4.5 LizJ

      Sabah, I began watching individual Korean dramas as a whole – beginning to end, after they had concluded their original airing on Korean TV. Sometime late spring or early summer this year, I began watching them as they air.

      If it’s a good drama, I like watching it beginning to end. If there’s something I really don’t like about it, watching it beginning to end will annoy me, and I’ll usually drop it.

      However, having succumbed to my lack of patience, I’ve gotten into the “watching it as it airs” mode. There’s only been one “total waste of time” disaster that I stubbornly followed through to the end – Fashion King. I’ve learned my lesson well, and applied what I had learned to May Queen – once I saw how the plot was developing, observed the destruction of a sympathetic character, and how pathetic the female characters were depicted, I dumped it and never looked back.

      Most American TV shows are episodic with mild to moderate serialized elements to the plot. A few feature highly serialized elements – typically fantasy and sci-fi shows are this way (which I tend to like, since the only two American TV shows I’m watching right now are Fringe and Once Upon a Time). I find that shows with serialized elements keep my interest longer, and I like watching those shows beginning to end, or at least several episodes at a time (and I’m not alone in this – my husband and daughters watch shows like The X-Files and Buffy this way on Netflix).

      American TV doesn’t do romantic comedy as well as the Koreans, because our comedy shows are typically multi-season and tend to string out relationship developments over a long time (this also extends to comedy/dramas like the typical USA Network shows). I much prefer the Korean approach of telling the story with a beginning, middle and end all happening in a limited number of episodes.

      • 4.5.1 Sabah

        Thank you so much for replying and for your honesty. It is greatly appreciated. : )

        Firstly, “Total waste of time” well yes fundamentally it was UNTIL I realized it was the last time I would see Lee Ji Hoon before army duty and then I…I downloaded it again to get me through the long winter. I can’t decide if it is shameful or shameless.

        Secondly, I really admire your ability to let go and move on. Truly it is commendable. Time is precious and my own inability to let horrid things go has been the ruin of me because I lose not only the time spent watching things BUT moments thereafter being angry. It shows conviction and confidence at its best. Kudos!

        Thirdly, I was enlightened to my viewing habits in regards American shows and as you say it really is about the ‘serialized elements.’ (good label) I used to watch more sci fi (or syfy : S) Stargate/Buffy/X-files but then side stepped into crime shows such as NCIS/Bones/Mentalist. Though they contain series running arcs it isn’t as apparent than before which is why I have moved away from watching things beginning to end AND maybe that is why I am trying to fill it with Kdramas, because I miss that habit more than anything. As you astutely pointed out, the romantic genre meshes so well with traditional story telling model. Hmm, I need to find a good sci-fi.

        • LizJ

          LOL, I’d have to REALLY love an actor to be willing to watch an annoying show just to see him. Can’t think of anyone that I’d love enough to endure something like Fashion King or May Queen again.

          • Sabah

            True but he just brought an intensity to that character that kept me tuned in and of course tune in again. It actually made me realize how far up my list he had come since I couldn’t sit through faith even once for Lee Min Ho. I’m going to miss him but I have Sung Joon until then. : )

            Is there truly no one? Even an actress?

    • 4.6 Mystisith

      I prefer to live-watch, and many dramas at the same time if possible: I need different kind of dramas to balance my “diet” so to speak and my mind is a butterfly. If I marathon, it can mean 2 things: There is nothing else interesting and I need to fill in the blanks with an oldie, or I’m rewatching an eternally rewatchable crack drama…
      I just love the feeling of watching the drama a few days after it has been shot. It’s like being addicted to immediacy. *Curse you live-shooting system*.
      Basically you have to wait 5 or 6 days between 2 eps and it doesn’t bother me. What got me mad was the delay for the last eps of AGD this summer: 3 weeks! Completely lost the rhythm and the anticipation. And I love the show!

      • 4.6.1 kakashi

        totally agree on how they messed up AGD with the 3 weeks delay. I didn’t even watch the last two episodes.

      • 4.6.2 Sabah

        Thank you for replying. I’m always interested in your opinion!

        I like the term ‘diet,’ very appropriate. We all have our own metabolic rates and energy used or just stored as fat. I think my own was too much TV too little exercise whereas with you it seems to be you burn off everything you consume. Very meticulous and precise so that you ‘fly’ in a more wild way rather than carefree. What I mean is that you like to live in the moment and make the best of it, take the most of it. Is this a fair assessment?

        I’m trying to decide if I should exercise more or just ‘eat less,’ hehe.

    • 4.7 hydrangeabloom

      I think there is no ‘right’ way to watch dramas, Sabah! 🙂 I sometimes watch dramas when they are airing but always seem to fall behind schedule part way through. Those are usually only dramas I know about beforehand and am particularly excited about. Often I will hear about a good drama only after it has aired. I know plenty of people who marathon their way through, but I find that I can’t do, say, a six hour or eight hour block of marathoning, so I generally only watch an episode at a time. Plus, I tend to watch multiple dramas at the same time rather than going through one and then picking up another.

      • 4.7.1 Sabah

        Aw, thank you for being so kind. I’m not ‘wrong’ or strange but just me. hehe. Thank you. To be honest I find that I am getting too old to marathon dramas anymore. If I do watch something in one go, I would do it over a week or so rather than one or two days. I haven’t the energy or motivation to spend that much time in front of the screen. Ah those lost days of youth to TV!

        When you say ‘multiple’ dramas, is that more than three? Do you find that you compare those that you watch together? For instance, maybe an average drama might be ranked higher just because it was the best from the lot you were watching at some point? Conversely an excellent drama is deemed average because you watched it with other outstanding dramas? Or can you be objective about it?

        • hydrangeabloom

          Good questions, Sabah! Typically for me it is hard to list how many dramas I am watching at any given time because sometimes I may have several dramas ‘on hold’ either because of problems finding working streams or the like. I would say that watching three actively at once is pretty typical (for me ‘multiple dramas’ pretty much means any more than one at a time). Though that depends on the type of drama I’m watching. For instance, family dramas tend to run longer so I might watch them intermittantly while watching other dramas, and then jdramas tend to be shorter, so I can squeeze them in with a few kdramas.

          I compare the dramas that I am watching to other dramas of the same type. I tend to try to watch different types of drama at the same time so I have variety and if I am in the mood for a particular genre one day I can watch the corresponding drama. So, I would compare family dramas to other family dramas, historical dramas to other historical dramas, etc. I don’t think watching several good dramas at once makes them feel average – My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Sungkyunkwan Scandal aired close to each other in 2010 but that didn’t dampen my love of either of them.

          How about you? How would you rank or compare the dramas you watch within a specific time frame? 🙂

          • Sabah

            “for me ‘multiple dramas’ pretty much means any more than one at a time” For me it’s more than two because my brain gets clogged really quickly. hehe.

            Ah! I think that’s my problem, since the type or style of Kdramas that I watch are very similar. I don’t tend to watch family dramas (exception of Ojakgyo brothers) or ‘traditional’ historical ones, more fusion or contemporary ones.

            I think I do tend to let the juxtaposition of dramas affect my estimation of them. If I am more eager or enthusiastic about a certain drama then others are deemed relatively more boring. When I think back about the merits of a drama, it is always to my feelings of excitement about it rather than an objective worth. Sometimes, I do think ‘why didn’t I like it more?’ but then I think it’s also about where I was in my life, as well as what else was aired.

            Thank you so much for sharing because I am actually learning a lot about myself, good and bad.

    • 4.8 Korazy Lady

      Wow, Sabah, you’ve gotten tons of replies on here! It was hard to follow the thread!

      I have to say that I started out by only marathoning, then switched to live watching. But I have decided that I really prefer marathoning. It seems the dramas make more of an impact because I concentrate on the story line more. When I’m watching live I’m usually watching several during the week and tend to forget one from the other (especially now that I’ve watched or started over 80 dramas and the themes do get repetitive.)

      That being said, I have no patience so if I like what I’m watching live, I can’t wait each week for a new episode!

      • 4.8.1 Sabah

        Yeah, the readers of DB are wonderful, brilliant and kind hearted people. They have my respect.

        Here’s the thing/puzzle./conundrum. I have decided that for whatever reason, my character, my viewing habits in youth or preferred genres, I am the kind of person who needs to marathon dramas over a few days as I enjoy much more, like you. SO, do I marathon (therefore wait) or watch as it air (don’t wait) ‘Flower Boy next door?’ My brain short circuits every time I try to decide an answer. : (

        • Korazy Lady

          Well, if you have others around you in RL to talk about the dramas with and can stay away from spoilers, it may be better to wait. But if you’re like me, with a strong need to gab, haha, I do like the interaction and comments from others on the boards.

          If I really like something that I’ve watched live, I download it so that I can marathon it at a later date. Sometimes I like it even more on the second viewing.

          • Sabah

            Excellent advice. I love listening more than talking, so I can hold off reading/hearing what people thought of a drama until later. Of course I would miss out on conversations and the thrill of what if debates.

            Ah! but I you can’t watch a drama for the first time again. I wish I could erase my mind like Holly in Red Dwarf and just return to a drama for the first time. Though second or third or hundredth time is still a pleasure, I just love that first time rush.

            I’m just so looking forward to this one. Argh. I think I am going to grit my teeth and just save it for marathoning. Heartfelt thanks for your patience and kind assistance. : )

          • Korazy Lady

            Maybe you can make it your New Year’s Resolution. I will not watch FBND until it is finished! Of course, if you’re anything like me, my resolutions only last at most a few weeks…..

          • Sabah

            I don’t actually make resolutions on New Years, just around my birthday. Anyway, after reading everyone’s replies I have decided to split dramas into those I marathon (the ones I am really excited about) and those that I watch live (so-so interest) which means that FBND is going to be saved and marathoned. It might actually destroy me… Hehe, seriously though it would be good to see if I have the will power.

        • jomo

          I prefer to marathon, too, but with the trendies, I just don’t have the patience you have.

          If the conversation is good, and fun, and SILLY, I prefer to watch live and join in the discussion. I love when I go to a site and people are noticing the same things I do.

          If the conversation gets heavy or heated, and people take sides and name call in the spirit of fandom, I will stay away from the recaps and the drama.

          This is funny, because IRL, I enjoy good conflict, although I will never understand when it devolves to insults.

          • Sabah

            Live discussions are interesting, and you can’t seem to engender the same passion in people if you come late to the debate, a while after it has finishing airing.

            There doesn’t have to be agreement but there is an etiquette to disagreement. I would safeguard diversity which is why I prefer listening to differing views but like you I don’t understand when people insist on uniformity of opinion.

    • 4.9 Enz

      I feel the same way as you Sabah. I started watching dramas as it aired because I wanted to be caught in the excitement of a good drama but I do find that unless it is exceptionally good, i am less engaged in it than if I were to marathon it.

      I do get exhausted though if I find a drama that I love enough to marathon through. I often have to wait a while before I get over a well loved drama to start trying out another drama that I could potentially want to marathon through. It’s during this time that I like having a drama that is current that I enjoy.. To fill in those weeks when I don’t want to marathon just yet. My drama viewing is slow because when I love a drama, I tend to rewatch it over and over before I move on to the next! It’s hard to find one to love that much though

      • 4.9.1 Sabah

        Ooh! That’s an excellent idea to separate dramas into ‘marathon’ and ‘don’t marathon.’ Thank you so much for sharing.

        I agree this year though it had its gems, wasn’t filled to the brim with dramas that I was rushing to watch. I won’t complain though because I got to clear some of my backlog. Once again, thank you for replying, I think this is what I might do.

    • 4.10 Rashell

      I started out as a marathoner, but am now watching “live” so to speak. And I actually find that it works better for me to watch a show where I can’t just reach for the next episode. Way less sleepless nights. I found I didn’t have the willpower to stop if I could keep going. Watching as it airs makes me stop. I think my husbands and kids appreciate it too. 🙂

      I agree that I do have to go back to previous episodes to remember certain things that have happened, but I still think that for my schedule watching as it airs works better for me.

      • 4.10.1 Sabah

        That’s very true. I think it helps if your boundaries are maintained by others rather than left to your own devices. It’s always one more and then you notice it’s dawn! It’s kind of a safeguard for your actual life.

      • 4.10.2 risa

        “I think my husbands and kids appreciate it too.”

        Just curious– how many husbands do you have? ;D

    • 4.11 sweetcloud

      I find that when I’m watching week by week, if the drama really has me interested, I will rewatch the scenes that I liked in the previous episode during the gap between two episodes. So in the end I’m still immersed in the story and the characters despite the cooling off period. And in the end I find that I appreciate the drama better with the discussions and recaps.

      On the other hand, when I’m marathoning, I don’t rewatch the episodes, unless the drama was really good and I feel like rewatching the whole 16/20/24 episodes (never watched any longer drama lol)

      But in the end, whether live watching or marathoning good dramas always make me come back for more 😀

      • 4.11.1 Sabah

        I’m actually the reverse, I tend to rewatch favourite parts as I go along in a marathon, which of course extends the marathon’s duration but with the currently airing ones, I tend to watch once with the intention of re-watching as a marathon later AND which rarely happens as it turns out. I just don’t think I’m the ‘live watch’ type. It definitely dampers the whole experience for me.

        I think it speaks to your personality that you are able to appreciate dramas regardless of format. I really admire that since I am too easily perturbed.

    • 4.12 whimsicalnet

      usually prefer to watch all at one go. because i’m very impatient and I just want to know what happens next now. then in the meantime, i read spoilers, which doesn’t spoil the shows for me. 🙂

      • 4.12.1 Sabah

        In truth, I think my impatience is what ruins the viewing pleasure. Having to wait annoys me which then tarnishes the drama too. I don’t think that is good thing though. Hehe.

    • 4.13 whimsicalnet

      Happy OT and Friday everyone!

      You have no idea how happy I am to be able to still stay somewhat sane and alive this Friday. Although the insanity of my life would not end as yet but at least I have things to look forward to in the very near future, … like after we finally get a christmas tree and put the stockings up …

      For the person who asked me about my work the last OT, yes I am very fortunate to have a job to return to. I have a job waiting for me because I have actually been on leave from work for a couple of years and the ministry I work with allows us to do so for a certain period of time if you have very valid reasons. It’s actually quite scary and I’m now prepping for all the changes that had happened since then but yeah… it is good to be able to work again.

      and yes Full House 2 is ending and I find it interesting that this is one drama where people are torn between rooting for the male lead to be with the female lead, the male 2nd lead to be with the female lead, the two male leads to be together, and all three to be together, which is quite a hilarious situation but this is how much we want a happy ending for all the nice people. So Take One goes on to Take Two and some people propose Take Three at the end. I suggest Take All (me included).

      King of Drama, wait for me, I’m coming to you soon.

      Happy weekend everyone!

      • 4.13.1 whimsicalnet

        oops, sry folks, my last post was supposed to be at the end. but for some reason it’s up here. totally my blur fault. apologies.

      • 4.13.2 Sabah

        “which is quite a hilarious situation but this is how much we want a happy ending for all the nice people.” Agreed.

    • 4.14 anotheraddict

      Hi Sabah~ I use a combo approach, but I hadn’t given much thought to my rationale for deciding which dramas to marathon, and which to watch week to week. Thanks to your enquiry, I now have a better sense of why I think that some dramas are best experienced as a solitary journey, others are best when sharing the ride, and some could go either way.

      If a drama has a particularly good fandom, watching it as it airs can immensely increase my enjoyment of it. Best Love comes to mind as a drama that I enjoyed so much more thanks to the shared experience happening in real time. Reading the hot-off-the-presses recaps and everyone’s comments, jokes, etc. can really intensify my enthusiasm for a drama. Sungkyunkwan Scandal would’ve been good on its own, but was absolutely cracktastic as a shared ride. Similarly, for some dramas, the recaps/comments are as enjoyable or even more enjoyable than the drama itself. I’d say that’s true of most fluffy and/or mediocre dramas. Reading the recaps and comments for those isn’t nearly as much fun once the party’s over.

      However, I prefer to marathon (by which I mean watch at my own pace) dramas like Alone in Love and Flowers for my Life, often described as being deep, moving, thoughtful, etc., because I don’t want to dilute their emotional impact. Some relationships, even with dramas, need more quality one-on-one time than others. I also like to marathon dramas that I’m gonna be fast-forwarding my way through (for example ones with a lot of histrionics.)

      Then there are other dramas which are kinda 50/50 for me– I’d be able to appreciate the drama itself more fully by marathoning it, but I’d lose out on part of the overall drama-watching experience by not participating in the collective process.

      Like others have said, I think which way is best depends on the person. Selfishly, I hope you won’t choose to wait and marathon all dramas in the future, because then you’ll be depriving of us your presence and voice at our gatherings, so to speak. I first became aware of you from your History of the Salaryman comments and I’ve been a fan of yours ever since. Your comments, as well as many others’, have really enriched my experience as a member of this community. It’s partly that the comments themselves make a difference, and partly that having fellow travelers who are bright, funny, kind, thoughtful, etc. makes me feel that I’m in good company. So please don’t forget to include your contribution to the community in the equation.

      • 4.14.1 Sabah

        Warmest greetings to you too, : )

        Thank you so much for your input because as I said, this is more than just curiousity as I plan to create a system to enhance my viewing experience.

        Your explanation really broke it down for me, for which I am truly grateful. Thank you. I agree, I need to divide dramas into those I marathon and those I don’t and the best way I think would be to follow your lead. I think it comes down to those I want to be involved in and those I actually want to feel invested in. As you note dramas themselves, their themes and narrative actually lend themselves to one way or the other.

        Ah, I fear you are being too kind. Though I get your point. Not too often a drama impacts me in a way that I want to actually say something about it, and actually share that sentiment which I would lose out on if I were to marathon everything as you say. Heartfelt thanks for your good advice which I will most decidedly take.

    • 4.15 ladysarahii

      I used to marathon shows after they aired, but by accident, haha. I’d start by rewarding myself one episode a day, but by the mid to end point of the series, I’d end up marathoning all episodes. (My second kdrama ever was Full House, after I’d bought the DVDs on a whim. We had trouble reading the menu, so sometimes we’d accidentally hit ‘play all’ instead of ‘episode’, and if that happened, well. We’d be up late. We quickly learned the Hangul for ‘episode’.)

      Anyway, I started going to watching it as they air… one, because lack of time. And two, I was getting into a bad habit of reading the recaps ahead of time if I couldn’t sit down to watch during downtime at work.) I accidentally — on purpose — spoiled myself for King 2 Hearts and Gaksital, and I really wish I hadn’t. So episode by episode for me. Now I literally can’t spoil myself, haha.

      • 4.15.1 Sabah

        Hehe, really cute story. Thank you for sharing. It’s scary how easily we tend to just go with the flow.

        Spoilers are indeed a crutch that I am trying to wean myself off of. I need to know but then, as you noted, it only takes away from the viewing pleasure and doesn’t really add anything to it. However I will heed your advice and if I can keep away from actually watching then I would keep away from reading too.

    • 4.16 okiejune

      Hi Sabah – I do both at the same time – I watch one or two shows that are currently airing, and fill in the time waiting for the new episodes with older completed shows that I missed the first time around. So right now I’m watching Full House 2 and starting Alice, but zooming though Delightful Girl Chunhyang… At first I swore not to watch currently airing shows, but somehow started watching Ojakgyo Brothers when it was only halfway through – it was so exciting to participate in that week by week, so I’m willing to go through that now 🙂

      • 4.16.1 Sabah

        I really do like this combo method. Thanks for sharing.

        One thing I have learned too is that no matter how strong my conviction that I won’t watch or will watch, I don’t know the potential push or pull of a drama until it airs. hehe

    • 4.17 Jumbalaya

      Ummm in answer to your first question: kind of, yes. I am fairly consistent with dramas. When I start a drama, I watch nothing else until I’m done with it. This can be a problem if that particular drama is currently airing…it takes a lot of time… so that’s why I lean towards finished dramas. The fact that this amazing website exists helps me keep track of what I should watch, whats going on, and the analysis of different dramas. 🙂

      You’re not the only one who”saves” episodes.

      • 4.17.1 Sabah

        I too think I am the type that gets more out of ‘saving’ dramas. There is just something about giving one set of characters all your attention.

        Maybe it’s because I can’t multi task, still I think in a way I ‘honour’ a drama by giving it undivided attention. Then again it was never intended to go it alone and knew that it would be just one in the onslaught of competing evening shows, so maybe that aspect is somehow incorporated to begin with.

        Nevertheless, I can’t change me and I am glad that I’m not the only one. It’s very comforting to know that, so thank you for sharing. : )

  5. kakashi

    Hello everyone!
    Happy Friday!!!!

    We are being snowed in …
    It’s fun! Unfortunately, I need to go to the post office to collect a package … really don’t feel like going out again.

    • 5.1 Korazy Lady

      Happy OT, Kakashi! Wasn’t I just speaking to you a few hours ago? Hopefully now that I’ve finished what I needed to do this morning, I can spend the rest of the day catching up on some dramas. I’m beat! (Blogging is too hard for me, haha!) Now if it was only snowing, I’d have a better excuse!

      Stay warm!

      • 5.1.1 kakashi

        yes, Korazy, I think you have not slept enough! Woah, a whole day of Drama watching?! you will be ahead of all of us (me with absolute certainty). Off to the post office now.

  6. LizJ

    Happy Friday everyone! I have a question…

    I haven’t been watching KDramas during the time that they are actually airing over in Korea for very long.

    I was wondering, is the whole melodrama vs. romantic comedy thing cyclical on a seasonal basis? We had tons of romantic comedies earlier this year, now it’s almost all melodramas. Which bums me out, because there’s only so much melodrama I can take!

    Is it typical to have more romantic comedies earlier in the year, and melodramas towards the end of the year?

    But wait, I know Flower Boy Ramen Shop (as one example) aired during December – I remember the characters decorating the Christmas tree!

    • 6.1 Carmen C

      I know for sure that in music they emphasize that “autumn” is the season for ballad singers, guess it has a connection with dramas a well

  7. hydrangeabloom

    Hello everyone! It’s December already, can you believe it? I always look forward to the end of the year reviews by javabeans, girlfriday, and the rest of the Dramabeans gang. 🙂

    I am wondering if anyone besides me has had trouble with the dramacrazy streams in the recent past (say, six months or so), particularly with Speedy Joe streams, because I’ve had to put a lot of dramas on hold due to being unable to find a working stream. I would really love to watch more of Arang and the Magistrate, Ojakgyo Brothers, and Gaksital but am stuck for the present. :/

    In the meantime, am now over halfway through Dal Ja’s Spring and have just started Couple or Trouble. Happy Friday Beanies!

    • 7.1 oftheshore

      Ooh, I envy you – your first time watching Dal Ja’s Spring! What do you thnk of it so far?

      • 7.1.1 hydrangeabloom

        Hi oftheshore! Wow, how do I answer this succinctly? 🙂 I’ve watched a number of noona romances so far, and I heard many good things about Dal Ja’s Spring before picking it up. I watched 9 End 2 Outs earlier this year and while it wasn’t an older woman, younger man scenario, it was also focused on being a thirty something woman trying to figure out where your life is going next. Some of the things I like about Dal Ja’s Spring are the unexpected friendships that develop. I really like her friendship with Seon Joo, which I would not have expected in episode one. At the same time, I sometimes get exasperated with how naive Dal Ja can be at times. 😛

        • Korazy Lady

          I really like 9 Ends 2 Outs (what a mangled mess of a name!) I can’t wait because I think both Soo Ah and Lee Jung Jin are both going to be in dramas soon. I LOVE Soo Ah! And LJJ was pretty cute, too!

          • hydrangeabloom

            Yeah, YA Entertainment translated the title as 2 Outs, Bottom of the 9th Inning, but that’s a bit clunky even if it’s a better translation. Lee Jung Jin is so attractive, ahaha. Javabeans was right about him! 🙂 I thought the drama had a couple weaknesses, but some scenes were just spot-on.

        • jomo

          @ hydrangeabloom
          So excited to talk about this show!
          I JUST finished DS last night and it went straight to the top of my fav romcoms.

          I think DJ’s incredibly innocence is crucial to the type of story they are telling, because we get to see where she starts and where she ends up.

          I wrote this to pimp the drama to someone:
          Just finished and was almost 100% satisfied with it. They did good with 22 eps to fill. It didn’t drag.

          I am not going to tell you that you need to rush to watch it because it’ll always be there for you when you need it. It should go high on the List of Old Dramas to Get to Soon especially if you are looking for a What’s Up Fox? or good Taiwan romcom pick me up.

          Great cast, excellent pacing, funny parodies – I am going to soompi to see how many movies and films DJ took scenes from –
          sexy males, great female/female and female/male friendships, adorable heroine, awesome antagonists.
          Chae Rim is wonderful! Considering I did not have high hopes for her.
          LMK was a treat to fondle with my eyes. He isn’t the most emotive actor out there, but I actually like the way he played the part, and did I mention he is so incredibly sexy?
          Lee Hyun Woo made me LOL a bunch of times by upending his own portrayal of the Second Lead Male in other dramas like Attic Cat where he plays a piece of wood.
          Plus there is SEX – yes, people have it.

          It was surprisingly touching. Tears sprung (sprang) into my eyes unexpectedly. They used a light touch with the sentimental stuff.

          It is a 2007 drama, which means it had a LOT of competition for attention.
          Biggest drama of that year was Coffee Prince, but others were Que Sera Sera, White Tower, Legend, Thank You and Time Between Dog and Wolf!!

          • hydrangeabloom

            It always amuses me when we refer to 2007 dramas as ‘old’. It’s only been a little over five years! But in dramaland, the landscape changes so quickly. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, jomo! I just finished episode 15. One of the thing I love about 2007 dramas is the fashion! I keep gawking at all of Dal Ja’s fabulous coats. It reminds me of how jealous I was of Yoo Hee’s wardrobe in Witch Yoo Hee.

            I do like how the show deals with some aspects of relationships in a more realistic and honest way than some dramas do, but for me there are also a number of dragging factors. For one, this love triangle setup with the parents’ generation is PAINFUL to watch. It reminds me of the beginning of Love Rain. Tae-bong’s parents are clearly in a very unhappy marriage…but at times it seems to be played for a strangely comic value that I don’t understand, like when Tae-bong’s mom is tailing people (she seems to follow everyone).

            I can see that Dal Ja has been set up for an emotional maturity arc, but I’m not sure I’m getting the same from Tae-bong. Sometimes it feels like he’s there just to say the right thing to Dal Ja, and I can’t always get a strong sense of who he is as a person. Not sure if that is writing or acting.

            However, despite my criticisms, I do appreciate the elements of the story (the dynamic, strong friendships, Dal Ja coming to better understand herself and relationships, etc.) that have won so many viewer’s hearts over.

          • jomo

            @ hydrangeabloom
            Agree with you on parents, and without spoiling, this does get resolved soon.

            TB is a tough character to bring to the screen because he is a manga character – almost too perfect to be real.
            But so was Boong Do in QIHM. Once you embrace the fairy tale aspect, it’s better.
            They do show us more about him later, too, btw, so he is slightly more dimensional.

            Oh, I forgot, by the time this was over, I wanted to give Yang Hee-kyung (can’t think of her name – the Prof Umbridge character whom everone feared) a standing ovation. Everything that came out of that character’s mouth was gold – comic or philisophical. LOVED HER.

          • hydrangeabloom

            @ jomo

            I agree about Yang Hee-kyung’s character Kang Shin-ja. I had a feeling when she first showed up that she would be more than just the stereotype of a horrible boss, since she played a similiarly strict, but warm character in Birdie Buddy.

            I am relieved to hear that the parents’ love triangle conflict will get resolved soon, and also that Tae-bong will get more development as a character. The other plot element that bothers me that seems like it will not be resolved in a realistic way is that of Ki-joong’s ex-wife. It was made pretty clear in the beginning that she is mentally unstable and fixated on Dal Ja, and yet Ki-joong never in his pursuit of Dal Ja asks her if she is okay despite knowing at least part of what his ex-wife did directed at her. Now the drama is trying to play up their relationship with an element of cutesiness and it is unclear whether Ki-joong was ever aware of how far off the deep end his wife was and still is.

          • jomo

            @ hydrangeabloom
            My take on the ex-wife is that her role was meant to be smaller to provide conflict early on, but Jang Young-nam gave such a good performance, they kept her in.
            She was so weird; you never knew what she was going to do next.

            (I tend to take these wild guesses without any evidence, so bear with me.)

            She remains enigmatic the whole series, which I kinda liked.
            Which brings me to another thing I liked about the series. They allowed the viewer to have sympathy with everyone – there were no all good or all bad people.*

            *one exception, which I will be happy to talk about with you when you finish.

            PS, I watched the alley way / red fantasy scene about 20 times. LMK won me over for the rest of my life in that.

          • hydrangeabloom

            @ jomo

            I guess we will have to talk more about DJS when I am further along! I look forward to it! 🙂

          • Enz

            Jomo, I couldn’t finish dalja’s spring. I tried to episode 5/6 I think but didn’t find the leads engaging. It was javabeans drama of the year and I thought I would really like it. I might have to give it another go based on your pimping 🙂

          • jomo

            I don’t understand, enz, there’s LEE MIN KI!

            You know, LEE MIN KI!
            This face with these lips and eyes, and the VOICE, enz, and the HANDS!


            (Did you see down there the pome I wrote for you?)

          • jomo

            The OTP had great chem.

            I loved how he hovered, and she couldn’t resist.

            It gets me all flustered thinking about them.

          • Enz

            Minki, schminki. He is not expressive enough la.

            I haven’t seen your poem yet and I will only do that later cos my friend is BUGGING me to get off the OT and get on googling Yangon !!

            Thanks in advance… I hope

          • oftheshore

            I loved Dal Ja’s Spring – above all – for the workplace drama (or, rather, comedy). I always say this here, but while Dal Ja was kind of clueless about romance, she was, after all, a professional and hard worker. Female friendship was done really well in this drama, and I lo-o-oved Manager Kang! 🙂

    • 7.2 Chimera


      Hey, I’ve been watching Ojakgyo Brothers on:

      The subs aren’t great but they have three different streams so they might work for you.

      Also, if you enjoyed 9 End, 2 Outs you might like ‘In Time With You’ (Taiwanese). Personally I found 9E2O underwhelming but this drama is doing everything I wanted 9E20 to do and then some.

      • 7.2.1 hydrangeabloom

        Hi Chimera! Thank you thank you thank you for the suggestion re: Ojakgyo Brothers. I have been enjoying it so much and was bummed about putting it on hold for so long.

        I did like 9 End 2 Outs…I agree with you that it wasn’t a very ‘cracky’ drama in some ways, and I think one of its flaws was focusing too much on Nan-hee’s relationship with Jung-joo and not enough on potential romance with Hyung-tae, but I’m a sucker for best friend romances. I don’t generally watch Taiwanese dramas, but I will keep your suggestion in mind once I get through my current list of to-watch kdramas and jdramas. 🙂

      • 7.2.2 oftheshore

        Seconding the In Time With You recommendation. I also looooooved the theme song!

        • Chimera

          @ hydrangeabloom: You’re most welcome; I’m glad it helped and I’m enjoying it a lot too. Joo Wonniiiiiiiiiieeeee! 🙂

          @ oftheshore: Lol, I was going to download the ost but that song has been stuck in my head for two days straight. I’m actually scared to do it now. 😛

          Also, this might be off topic but may I ask how much you liked the later episodes? I just finished it and it started going downhill for me ep 8-9 onwards. The last two eps were awesome, of course, but the show dragged when they shifted focus to Ding Li Wei. 🙁 Was it similar for you too? (If you don’t mind me asking)

          • Chimera

            @ hydrangeabloom: Oops, forgot the part about 9 End… I agree, the Nan Hee – Jung Joo part was one of its weaker points (can they just break up already!) and then the other two romances. Basically I wanted less secondary characters, more interaction between the besties.

            Also, In Time With You is my first Taiwanese drama and I just hope other T-dramas are half as good. It’s worth watching just for the first 7 episodes alone, though it dragged for me afterwards. But at thirteen episodes, it’s not that hard to get through. And you’ll be rewarded with lotsa kisses between the OTP. Real, proper, kisses. 😉

  8. sweetcloud

    Hello everybody!

    Don’t you just love this time of the year? First snow arrived this morning where I live, it’s almost completely melted by now but at least it was a nice sight to wake up to and the roads were not blocked for hours. And it actually gave me motivation for setting up the Christmas tree tonight, which I have been postponing since last week.

    ‘Tis the holiday season! Which for me means perfect gift hunting while dodging crowds, but also prepping for eyar end parties! And in Kworld awards season, with lots of fashion posts here on db, year end reviews to help me decide which drama I should catch up to, and the music shows extravaganza by the three main channels for the new year, can’t wait 😀

    Speaking of catching up, watching KOD made me want to pick up Gaksital, and WOW that first episode blew my mind, and I’m even more thankful to KOD for this discovery.

    • 8.1 skelly

      I think I am going to save Gaksital for after KOD – I think that will do interesting things to my brain.

      • 8.1.1 jomo

        THAT is a great idea.
        We can just change the title to KM, and pretend we are watching World’s production.

        • sweetcloud

          Great now I’ll be expecting some Gaksital discussion over the upcoming OT and comparisons with KM 😀

          • FishcalledWanda

            Gaksital discussions, yes please! Count me in ; )

      • 8.1.2 sweetcloud

        Haha actually… after watching KOD I was expecting certain things in Gaksital but alas, so far it doesn’t seem like World’s Production KM. I highly suspect some plagiarism though!! 😀

    • 8.2 owl

      I am even behind in my Christmas shopping because of kdramas. That’s bad. Hope to get my shopping done when I get to Colorado (home) next week. The snow covered Rocky Mountains are so pretty!

  9. oftheshore

    Hello everyone! How has your week been so far? Are you getting ready for Christmas or, like me, trying to close your eyes, cover your ears and pretend it’s not December yet?:) As the Beanie awards voting is now on, I just wanted to ask the following question: what did you think of this year in Kdramaland? I already wrote elsewhere that it was a bit less exciting than 2011, but now I’m thinking that it probably really depends on the type of dramas you enjoy. If there were few dramas of the genre you enjoy, you’re likely to feel a bit ‘meh’ at the end of the year and the other way round. Likewise, if there were a lot of dramas of your favourite genre, but none of them were strong/entertaining, you’re also likely to be somewhat disappointed. What do you guys think?

    • 9.1 hydrangeabloom

      I don’t think 2012 was a particularly strong year for dramas, even though there were a few good ones. But then, 2010 is still my year to beat for good drama after good drama. 🙂

    • 9.2 LizJ

      oftheshore, 2011 was a very good year for romantic comedies, so that makes it a good year in my opinion!

      When I look at 2012, I see a different mix. There have been some real game-changers this year. IMO shows like Gaksital, Queen In-Hyum’s Man, and Nice Guy have really pulled KDrama into a whole new level. The production values are now on a par with U.S. broadcast network budgets. The acting in all three shows was excellent, and the stories were compelling. But if you notice, none of these were romantic comedies…

      What romantic comedies we have had this year have, IMO, been flawed but entertaining. A lot of people soured on Big, but I thought despite a slightly disappointing ending it was a good show. Haeundae Lovers started off extremely quirky but lost some of that as the story progressed. Panda and Hedgehog was cute all the way through but ended up focusing more on the bromance than the romance. I can’t speak to A Gentleman’s Dignity but I might go back and watch it now during the current rom-com shortage. Full House Take 2 is an enjoyable piece of fluff but contains just about every rom-com cliche out there. Shows like I Do, I Do are enjoyable but not anything new.

      What you have is a year of 3 – 3 1/2 out of 4 star rated rom-coms and not really any 4 star ones (IMO).

      I don’t have time to analyze the time-travels and the historicals at this point.

      • 9.2.1 oftheshore

        Agreed – I love me some good romantic comedy, especially if it’s combined with workplace/slice-of-life storylines, but this was clearly a year of high school, fusion sageuk and time travel dramas. I also like good thrillers set in modern day (Story of a Man FTW!), but again – see previous sentence.

      • 9.2.2 respechuae

        I agree, but did you watch Princess Man? That drama is best drama every made. It has won so many international awards and rightfully so. From its stirring music, to its phenomenal acting, and effortless storytelling, no kdrama has yet to compare. It has Moon Chae Won too <3

    • 9.3 kika

      i loved 2011! there was secret garden, city hunter and greatest love. for me, those are hard to beat.

      2012 was mediocre for me. as much as i wanted to love or obsess over a drama, there was never one that could occupy my mind everyday till the next episode aired.

      nice guy was good, but not obsessively good. and same goes for king of dramas for me.

      but then again, i’ve missed out on what some consider the best of the year, like gaksital (didn’t like the historical period it was set in. yah i know, shallow, but oh well.), AM1997 (not into high school dramas), or QIHM (not into sageuks, fusion or not).

      just curious, what are some of the dramas that you like from this year?

      • 9.3.1 oftheshore

        On a rational, objective level, I would say that Gaksital and Answer Me 1997 were solid, but I wasn’t emotionally invested in them. I fast forwarded through most of the QIHM’s episodes – not on purpose, I really wanted to like it, and again, it’s a fairly solid drama. On the other hand, I enjoyed I do I do, but it was not by any means a perfect or even solid show – really liked the two leads, but felt that there was a lot of wasted potential there. Same applies to Faith. And Arang. And Rooftop Prince. In the end, I think I enjoyed the Japanese Rich Man, Poor Woman more than most Korean dramas I’ve seen this year. 😀 Overall, it seemed like in terms of quality and emotional impact there was nothing similar to Coffee Prince, Kim Sam Soon or City Hunter for me. 🙁

      • 9.3.2 LizJ

        While javabeans described QIHM in the ep 1 recap as a fusion sageuk, I’d say that I’d disagree. IMO, it’s a time-travel romance mostly focused in the present time (as opposed to Faith, where the plot is mostly focused in the historical setting).

        In QIHM, the scenes that take place in the historical setting are related to the Boong-do’s character development as well as the “protect the queen”/vengance storyline.

        At some point in the drama, it becomes clear to Boong-do that he belongs in the (our) present. At that point, the historical setting scenes are about tying things up in the past (and Boong-do’s being “trapped” there).

        So, sageuk elements, but mostly contemporary?

    • 9.4 kopytko

      Hi Oftheshore!
      It’s getting christmas-y here. Nowy Swiat is already illuminated, so one cannot deny it’s December!

      How was 2012 in kdramaland? I felt it was kinda slow. There were quite a few dramas that I started but ditched halfways, and even more that I watched except for the last 3-4 episodes. I just couldn’t bring myself to watch till the end – like Rooftop Prince, King 2 Hearts, Faith, Arang and the Magistrate… At the end I would lose any interest, the love stories seemed bland, the conflicts ridiculous. I simply didn’t care to even have a look, just skimmed through the recaps.
      I am a comedy kind of girl, and I found dramas I thoroughly enjoyed – History of the Salaryman (revelation of the year Jung Ryeo Won as Yeo Chi), Can Love Become Money and of course A Gentleman’s Dignity. Now I am invested in King of Dramas – this is exactly what I like and enjoy.
      There were also some mellower titles I got to like – Fermentation Family and Padam Padam. Both felt very heartwarming with they lovely display of family bonds or simply bonds of people (and angels) who care for each other.
      I watched also other dramas (mosty romcoms), but it’s all forgetable stuff – it was fun to watch, but I won’t return to have a second look.

      Have a lovely weekend!

      • 9.4.1 oftheshore

        Hej Kopytko – ale pieknie wyglada Nowy Swiat!:) Dziekuje!
        Would you recommend Padam Padam? It was one of the few major shows I didn’t have the time to give a try to.
        Have a great weekend, too:)

        • kopytko

          Padam Padam is definitely one of my favourites of 2012!
          What do I like about it? The characters are either relatable or interesting. Some are annoying, but it’s still ok, you can’t have everything. Anyway, you root for them, and it is already a good thing when you care about the characters. The relationships are really great – is it between friends who are there for each other no matter what or is it between family members who build up or rediscover their bonds. The love story was a bit less of amazing, but as far as I know many viewers were moved by that part too.

          The best asset of Padam Padam is the combination of realism (chaebol-free, second-lead-bitch free, ok cancer is there) and fantastic elements (an angel!). I can’t think of any other drama that could be described with teh adjective ‘oniric’ so aptly.

          This was the best performance of Kim Bum that I’ve seen – he combines his usual cute side with some other traits – he can go violent in a blink of an eye (it makes sense in the story, so it’s nothing gross), he portrays his character’s confusion really well. To cut the long story short – the boy grew up 🙂

          • oftheshore

            It’s going on my to-watch list. Kim Bum can really act, and I always thought the idea behind the series was intriguing.

  10. 10 pogo

    Happy Friday, beanland! I finished Love Rain earlier this week, and want to say thank you to owl, who recommended fast-forwarding to the modern-day storyline – I enjoyed the drama so much more without all that drag (well, I also fast-forwarded through a lot of the present-day parental stuff, but I did enjoy Jang Geun Seuk’s Psycho Witch Mom getting TOLD by literally every single character in the drama, lol). The present-day couple are flat-out ADORABLE, and I did not expect bonus awesome kissing! That the girl is actually allowed to respond to! (the 1-2-3 fountain kiss? I can’t be the only one who thought that was crazy levels of hot, and not just because he allowed her the choice of backing away if she wanted <3)

    Also, I've noticed 2012 is something of a banner year for high school dramas – I've considered myself too old for them (most of them) for half a decade now, but DAMN if Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Answer Me 1997 and now School 2013 haven't dragged me right back in!

    side note: I really love School 2013, and its soundtrack. So much energy, it's fantastic.

    • 10.1 kika

      you’re not the only one! i loved the 1-2-3 fountain kiss too! i still remember how her bag fell dramatically from the shock (or is it goodness?) of the kiss. it was HOT.

      oh yah, and i voted it as the best kiss of the year for the beanies award.

      • 10.1.1 Mystisith

        Just checked on YT cause I didn’t watch the drama. Hot indeed.

      • 10.1.2 pogo

        It was very close between that, the tiptoe kiss and the SUFBB rooftop kiss, but this won out for me too 🙂

        Also Jang Geun-seok’s smile slayed me all the way through, I don’t know how he does it but if I weren’t actually watching as his expression changes I’d have said JGS unsmiling and JGS smiling are two different people! But when he smiles, I just want to do this to him:

        • owl

          Totally agree on the smile/not smile – lovah boy melt hearts versus harda** back alley punkster jerk – so love it.

          • pogo

            For me it’s more like angsty emo prince turns into ADORABLE little boy that I just want to cuddle ^_^

            (and You’re Beautiful makes even more of that contrast, I swear every time he smiled in that show I just went SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! inside)

        • okiejune

          I agree about the smile – I was shocked the first time he smiled on YB…

    • 10.2 owl

      Hey Pogo! Love Rain talk, yes!. How about the Japanese restaruant scene – “rururu” – cute or what?? And the boys in the cafe building – so funny together. I loved the cast all around. One of my fav fun kdramas.

      The “I’m your brother from another mother/sister from another mister” scenario (in a lot of kdramas, huh?) is always weird to me, but in the end, it all worked out. Love Love Rain!

      • 10.2.1 pogo

        It’s not one of my fave dramas (too draggy, and I was only there for the Jun/Hana parts), but I do like JGS and Yoona’s chemistry.

        And my personal fave is the scene where she gets drunk and tells him to apologise for calling her innocence an act because it’s all real, I was all ‘ahahaha girl, telling a character like him that you’ve never been kissed is totally a challenge to him, just you wait!’ and then he DID, haha! It was totally adorable when he was behaving like a kid with a playground crush who was reduced to pulling on his crush-object’s hair just to get her attention, too 😀

        All in all, it wasn’t a bad drama – I’ve seen worse, but I think my ideal Love Rain DVD would be composed of just Jun/Hana scenes instead of all the other superfluity, ha.

        • owl

          Yeah, and also when Joon knew all the answers she would guess in the drinking game except for like/dislike. A-dorable!

  11. 11 `

    Happy OT everyone!

    This time of year is just to busy for me to watch a lot of dramas. I did stay up till 3 a.m. catching up on CWGM, but besides IMY which I’m behind on, and KoD which I’m also behind on, I can’t tackle any new shows.

    My new task of the week will be hunting down Werewolf Boy. My sister said they are showing it at a regular theater in Dallas, so I plan to find one in the Philadelphia area. The thought of SJK on the big screen–sigh– yes, off to look at the theater listings!

    • 11.1 Korazy Lady

      I just realized my name didn’t come up for some reason on some of my posts. Oh well

  12. 12 pogo

    Also, obligatory I Miss You discussion thread: I haven’t seen episodes 9 and 10 yet (saving them for the weekend) but I did love what they did with Yoon Eun Hye’s makeup in 7 and 8 – I am really into that velvety hot-pink lipstick she’s wearing all the time. Also, they need to stop doing those straggly low ponytails on her, it’s a bad ahjumma hair do on anyone.

    On the non-shallow side: I rather like Harry/HJ, especially when he’s in plotting!mode, and kind of wish he’d hook up with Jung-woo’s adorable baby sister (that is, until I remember he’s really like her uncle or something – YEEESH kdramas!). And watching Soo-yeon watch her mother just hurt, it’s hard to see her feel like she’s been so completely replaced in the lives of the people she left behind even if we know that’s not at all true. And in a way, her being forcibly taken away/treated as dead did as much damage, because I feel like if she’d been returned to her family after what happened to her, she’d have had a better chance of not being so fragile inside, and actually healing without being in constant denial of who she is. *sigh*

    • 12.1 la dee dah

      As someone else mentioned on another site, it seems YSH and Yoochun have also been wearing the same lip color as YEH!
      On another note, about SY, I agree that her being “dead” and taking on the persona of Joy has not really done her as much good as she needs. Sure she seemed happy with her job and with Harry, but I think that’s really all she has. There’s a reason she doesn’t have any other confidants, she thought everyone thought her dead and weren’t looking for her, so she felt abandoned and only leaned on one person she thought would never abandon her (Harry). If she had known that she was loved and people were looking for her, she would not be so closed off today and would be stronger on her own. If Harry for some reason had died when they were together in France, I have no doubt SY would also have crumbled immensely – she needs to be able to stand by herself strong. I hope she figures out that there were people who loved her. She just needs to heal, stop playing the love game. She doesn’t need to have a “love” interest now, just take care of yourself first!

      • 12.1.1 skelly

        I too noticed that most of the characters, esp. the three leads, had white faces and pink lips. I suggested in another forum that it might be a nod to kabuki.

      • 12.1.2 pogo

        She doesn’t need to have a “love” interest now, just take care of yourself first!

        My thoughts exactly! I’d like it if she found at least one female friend (Eun-joo? The equally-adorable-as-a-grownup Ah-reum? SOMEONE, at least!) or reconnected with her mother – that should come ahead of any love triangle messes, but will it?

        and I bet at no time in those 14 years did she ever go to therapy, or a survivors’ group, or anything that might have lessened her burden somewhat.

      • 12.1.3 anklegirl

        On a similar note, any idea where I can get the biege/nude-ish lip colors?It’s perfect for academia!

  13. 13 Enz

    Mingalabar, fellow kacang kacang ( that’s Malay for beans)

    I totally forgot what day this is.. Happy OT everyone. Am writing this from my hotel room in Yangon, Myanmar and it has pretty good Internet connection.

    Have been travelling Myanmar the past week but only three spots, Yangon, Bagan and lake inle. Yangon we only had a taste of as we arrived quite late and had to leave very early the next day for Bagan. Even so, I am happy to report that Korean dramas are pretty popular even here as I saw lots of DVDs of nice guy, arang and faith around! What is MORE surprising was the DVD of Missing You on sale !! It’s not even completed.. How do they do that? Do they have an alternate myanmarese ending? I was tempted to buy just to check :).

    Bagan and lake inle were stunning. Bagan has like 4000 temples, pagodas scattered over a 46km square plain. I have never seen sunsets as dramatic as those in Myanmar and when the light hits those ancient temples ( from 3rd century to 19th century), the sight is incredibly beautiful.

    Lake inle is a very picturesque place and home to a number of minority groups. You get to see a way of life unchanged for centuries. The homes are built on the lake itself and its inhabitants get around by paddling everywhere in very shallow wooden boats. It all looks romantic and makes for great pics but its such a hard life, I am sure.

    Unsurprisingly, I am behind on my drama watching but NOT on drama news! Have had some Internet connection at every hotel I’ve been in.

    Hope everyone has had a good week. Have got a day and a half left in Yangon and then it’s back to real life in Kuala Lumpur.

    Have a great weekend too folks!

    Shukmeister, I cannot remember the titles of the Thai movies but when I get back home I may be able to check it out. But one that was really popular, although not the one I was thinking of is called Ong Bak

    • 13.1 Enz

      Oh forgot to mention one highlight unrelated to Myanmar or Korean actors…while waiting at the airport for flight to Bagan, noticed one guy who was Jude law’s doppelgänger. When Jude law was younger though. My gosh, so arrestingly handsome that I stopped walking mid stride. Never saw him again though. Sigh

    • 13.2 Mystisith

      Hello Enz!
      I’m happy to see than you’re having a good time in Myanmar. I’ve always thought it was a beautiful and interesting country but for some reason I had the impression it was hard to access. I guess they are really betting on tourism to boost the local economy.
      I saw the first Ong Bak years ago and it was good (martial arts movies lover). Of course the sequels were… No comment.

      • 13.2.1 Enz

        I was worried prior to coming here too. I think things are finally moving for Myanmar hopefully in the right direction. There is a mini tourism boom after the release of aung sung su kyi from her house arrest. I think people who were ambivalent about visiting Myanmar before for fear of supporting the regime lost that ambivalence. So suddenly there is a huge demand and with the supply remaining the same for now, prices for tourist have gone up two- three fold in a year.

        The negative effects of tourism is sadly starting too as some have started asking for money for pictures etc. I have to say though that most of the myanmarese have the most genuine, lovely smiles.

        Globalization has yet to reach its shores and the traditional way of life is very much evident still.

    • 13.3 Aryast

      Was your travel to Myanmar work-related? Because that would be so awesome. The only reason I chose what I’m currently majoring in now is because of the travelling opportunities. I’m definitely interested in exploring the northern regions of SEA.

      • 13.3.1 Enz

        No, it’s a holidaaaay aryast. What are you majoring in, aryast? It’s a beautiful country with huge potential. I think it might overtake us in no time if the right conditions are it in place

        • Aryast

          I’m majoring in Geology 🙂

          I had a Myanmarese professor whose lecturing methods I enjoyed but he couldn’t continue his stint in my uni because for some unknown(to me anyway) reason the Dean wouldn’t approve of his extension. Occasionally, when Myanmar was part of a lecture’s topic, he would add interesting anecdotes either about his memory of his beloved country or just the cultural or historical going-ons. It really did pique my interest for the most part.

          • Enz

            Ooh. I think that should be interesting. I used to like physical geography. Good luck with the studying. I guess knowing the physical geography of a place will make it that much more interesting when you get to visit it later

  14. 14 Carole McDonnell

    Presently watching so many good dramas and trying to catch up with others.

    Liking Alice in C. a lot And am hoping the live shoot system didn’t mess up the theme or the ending. Loving School. Not sure if a romance can happen although I think Daniel Choi’s character will “learn” how to have a teacher’s heart. I still wonder why he gave that speech about the ridiculousness of loyalty to Nam Soon but still kept Ms Popular’s secret. Could me he has ha heart toward Nam Soon and is trying to knock the kid out of his inertia. Heck, maybe he’ll tell Ms Popular’s secret one o’ these days. In his own way, To mix characters up a bit, right now he seems like he was once (perhaps) like Alice in Cheondam-dong and totally went over to the dark side.

    The Japanese dramas are really surprising me. Piece is finally being subbed and I’m totally loving it. Loving Ooku: Arikoto Iemitsu Hen. Loving Monsters, although I hear it’s dipping in the ratings. Seems the viewers don’t like the detective Yamapi is working it. (which is odd cause they ARE suppose to dislike him…and he really is not unlikable to me.)

    Liking Priceless a lot. The main characters are really likable, all of them. Liking Osozaki no Himawari ..but still kinda iffy because I don’t like the OTP shipping. Not sure why I don’t like the female lead but I do. She’s grating with her cynicism and self-involvement. Plus there is this annoying pushiness of the writers which makes us feel “these two belong together.”

    Really loving Hitorishizuku. Major serial killer weirdness. I’m never sure which detective will live to actually start tracking her down and jailing her. I really really really like Tsumi to Batsu: A Falsified Romance with the whole Crime and Punishment Raskalnikov vibe.

    Loving King of Drama. IT and Ooku are my favorites now.

    I have to catch up on Jeowoochi. Also Idol & Romantic. So far behind on Great Seer.

    Had to give up on Can we get married? I don’t mind bickering but it was way repetitive and the heroine just didn’t seem to question herself. A little introspective can go a long way. Maybe now she’s not so sure she’s right about everything but it’s too late for me to go back now.

    Thanks for all the recaps, Dramabeans

    • 14.1 skelly

      I can’t watch CWGM either. They have emasculated Sung Joon. I also get uncomfortable watching him try and play 28 – sorry, but it is a real stretch for him.
      And I really get tired of the constant stream of cliched men’s characters – why are so many of them either jerks or doormats? Kekkon Shinai, a show I am watching because I like Tamaki’s acting and I think Amami Yuki is ridiculously gorgeous, has this problem with ALL the male characters. Sheesh.

      • 14.1.1 Korazy Lady

        Sung Joon is definitely the weak link. When watching last night, I was thinking – is his acting really bad or is this the type of character he’s trying to portray? Because he’s just kind of weird. Knowing he’s only 22 makes more sense.

        • JoAnne

          He’s only 22, and he’s relatively inexperienced although he KILLED it in SUFBB and I was quite pleased with his acting in White Christmas. I didn’t have an opinion one way or the other in Lie to Me except YUM.

          I don’t think he’s bad, here, I think he’s showing us a 28-year-old mama’s boy who is caught between a rock and a hard place. His scenes of despair and sadness in particular are very compelling, but I also kind of enjoy the moments when he doesn’t know what to do – rescue his beloved fiancee, or respect his beloved mother.

          Hae Yoon’s treatment of him is quite similar to his mother’s treatment of both him and his father – these woman are BOTH bullies, but the mother covers hers up with ohhh, you know I don’t care about these things but other people DO and my SISTER and yada yada yada I WILL HAVE MY OWN WAY OR ELSE.

          Hae Yoon at least had the excuse of youth, and (truthfully) the impulse of women everywhere when you meet a gorgeous guy who clearly wants to cater to your every whim – you turn into a bit of a monster for a while. His mother and father made him that way, besides. Not Hae Yoon. And we know that the dad, while he genuinely loves his wife and sees her good qualities, has had a lot more of the ‘just grin and bear it’ moments with his wife than anyone realizes. He knows what she is.

          Anyway. Sung Joon isn’t acting badly, I don’t think. We have a hard time wrapping our heads around the idea of a 28-year old man being so YOUNG but I guess within context it works. Um, did he go to army already? Not the actor, the character. That would help him grow a pair.

          • Korazy Lady

            I think his sad moments are very convincing – I really feel for this couple, who at one time really bugged me but now I’m liking again. Your assessment of both leads is accurate, and I’m really feeling the pain and mixed emotions from them (and from their friends’ coupling as well.) It’s just the times, like when he went to talk to her Mom, or when he shows up at the friend’s house (sober) where his acting seems robotic and goofy, almost like a pouty kid who’s trying to act tough. I haven’t seen him in anything else that I remember (he was in Lie to Me?) so maybe that is his interpretation of the part. And yes, he really does need to grow a pair.

            Anyways, this is still the show I look the most forward to each week.

          • JoAnne

            He was Kang Ji Hwan’s brother in Lie to Me – the guy who flirted with YEH in the coffee shop

          • Carole McDonnell

            Sung Joon was great in White Christmas and was good in flower boy band. But yeah, there is this weird i-don’t-know-what-to-call-it vibe going on with the gender issues and there really is just so much I can take. I’m glad I gave up on Kekkon Shinai. I kept thinking it would just get me so angry in the last episodes that I was gonna throw something at the monitor when watching the finale. So I decided to spare myself.

  15. 15 OMG

    Happy OT everyone…no kdramas related updates since finals studying is in full swing~~~~

    I have decided to give I Miss You a try…..right after i watch Answer me 1997 and School 2013….i thought the overwhelming sadness would push me away but i am a sucker for love stories….they just grab me there <3 …u know….haha. Im thinking of watching Jeon Woo chi…but m still on the fence on that one.!
    2012 has been a great year for KDramas in my opinion cause i have not even touched any of the other dramas on my list because 2012 keeps putting out good one after good one after good one….
    anywhos how's everyone! have a great weekend!

    • 15.1 Korazy Lady

      Hi OMG!

      How many more weeks of studying do you have, and then how much of a break do you get? Seems like you plan on filling that time with a lot of drama watching.

      I’m not sure I’d classify IMY as a love story. I mean it is, just not in a romantic sort of way, and boy, there’s just a ton of crazy dysfunctional melo going on!

      Good luck with finals!

      • 15.1.1 Rashell

        I have to agree with Korazy Lady that IMY doesn’t have any healthy love relationships at this point. IMO the heroine is still so emotionally battered and traumatized that she isn’t in a place where she could have a healthy love affair with either man. Not that they are much better. Both are obsessed with her to a scary degree.

        What I enjoy about this drama is how twisty it is. And how none of the characters are without flaws. It’s more realistic. But wow these people are majorly messed up. Therapy all around is needed in this one.

    • 15.2 OMG

      Last day of exams is December 20, then two weeks off for break. I plan on doing some studying along with a shit ton of kdrama watching so no sleep for me…haha. How u been Korazy Lady??? Hope things are going well.

      • 15.2.1 Korazy Lady

        Tired, super tired! But now filled with energy from having found out that Werewolf Boy is playing near me. I am trying to decide who best to share this with. (Who am I kidding, my daughter is my only hope!)

        Dec 20 – that’s still a ways to go! Fighting!

  16. 16 nappy

    Hey Happy OT everyone

    Its soo nice to be able to survive three consecutive exams to be able to post here today thought i wudnt make it n nearly didnt wow dat why im posting so late was too exhausted to wake up so slept bout more than 12 hrs maybe more but bck to k dramas hmm there hasnt been any k drama to grip me this time round after faith and nice guy maybe its bcuz of exams but i still waiting for one to catch my eye any suggestions.

    Oh n i now finally finished city hunter after tryin to watch it several times n it really was a good drama but some aspects of the show n its characters really frustrated me.

  17. 17 korfan

    Hello everyone!

    I’m new here but not new to reading some of the great postings and of course, several of the great drama recaps. I send a big Thank You to everyone involved in the recaps!

    While I’ve been a relatively new fan of K-dramas (about 2 years now), I’ve never been compelled to comment on one via a thread/board/posting ….. until today. The drama that compelled me so? Nice Guy. It’s being broadcast here in the U.S. now and Ep. 18 was shown last night. I’m simply riveted and have been since it began. The acting? Outstanding …… Specifically, Song Joong Ki ….. What I see from him each and every week is simply exquisite.

    I’m well aware, this drama has ended elsewhere, but I just had to comment on this.

    Have a fantastic Friday everyone. 🙂

    • 17.1 Korazy Lady

      Nice Guy was definitely one of my favorite dramas of the year for two reasons – the acting and the addiction factor (love of SJK is a given for me!) That being said, you may want to stop watching now and make up your own ending! By the last episode, I was convinced the main writer didn’t write it (thank you KoD…)

      • 17.1.1 Lilly

        I dropped it before that. Even if I love an actor, I am not going to fangirl myself into insanity through boredom and I simply got bored with the story.

    • 17.2 pogo

      Ah, yes, Song Joong Ki – he really is amazing in the role of Maru, one of the best performances of the year I’d say.

    • 17.3 Gaksitalpyong

      Moon Chae Won is amazing in Nice Guy too. I love me a badass female character.

  18. 18 owl

    Dramabeans, I owe much my addiction to your hard work, thanks (I think). Hit the 50 kdrama mark this week since I started watching in June. You are my role models. There is little time for sleep and my freelance work is suffering (kdramalandia zaps a lot of my brain juice). I can stop anytime I want, you know. Really. I can.

    I realized I need to marathon AND watch current weekly episodes. For marathoning this week you recommended and I loved: 1) White Christmas – an 8-episode thriller + a Kim Woo Bin fix!
    2) QSS – love . I’m still processing.
    3) Prosecutor Princess – another great love . MUCH better than I thought it would be. Loved Kim So Yeon who was adorable and Park Shi Hoo who was siZZlin’!

    FHT2 makes me scaa-ream at the screen@#! when Man Ok needs to be with Tae–Ik but isn’t. Then again, I don’t dislike her with Kang–hwi either. Or maybe Man Ok should get out of the picture and let Kang–hwi and tak–Ik bromance ’til the end.

    The acting in I Miss You absolutely blows me away. I am worried about Zoe and Harry. And Detective Han. And Zoe’s mother. Zoe definitely has a split personality. Didn’t it seem like Harry provoked her when he called to her using both names? I wondered about that. Also, who was Harry emailing in ep 9 about ‘plans?’ “Swah. Erased the bad memories.” We all wish.

    School 2013 – Luv. Luv. Luv + Kim Woo Bin fix coming!

    I am going home to Colorado for 3 weeks for Christmas–yay! My brother will watch kdramas with me, but I have to be much more subdued and act nonchalant like I’m watching regular TV. NOT!

    \/ Fighting!

    • 18.1 Enz

      Wow owl! You’ve watched so many more dramas than I have done in a year!

      Yay for another QSS lover!

      • 18.1.1 Korazy Lady

        You know, when I started watching A Thousand Day’s Promise, I had the same feeling as Que Sera, Sera. I thought it was so maturely and brilliantly written. Unfortunately, it turned sooooo tear jerker, and the ending was pretty unsatisfying. But I may have to watch the first couple of episodes again for that awesome lusty chemistry!

        The good news is, I’ve told my daughter that QSS has to be the next drama she watches. She’s only watched Nice Guy and is finishing The Princess’ Man now. Yes, I’m a bad Mommy, enabling my daughter to addiction!

      • 18.1.2 Korazy Lady

        BTW, Enz, did you watch I Need Romance 2012? Just wondering your thoughts on it. Since I’m so relationship driven in my drama taste, it was one of my favorites for the year, but I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority. It has the same female lead, too, coincidently!

        • Enz

          I watched it exactly because Jung yu mi was in it. I haven’t finished ( maybe episode 7/8). I like it… I like the look of it, I like the looks of the male (both main and 2nd lead) , I like the premise of the show, there are find bits of conversation that are clever but somehow, not emotionally invested in it. So, in a way, good for me.. Coz it’s one of the shows I can watch and enjoy but won’t NEED to marathon.

          Isn’t she amazing in how she can completely transform? She is a goooood actress

          I think this year, I have enjoyed reply 1997, nice guy and right now KoD ( although am getting a bit tired of the fact that there are obstacles every episode). I dropped, i do, I do, AGD ( really COULD NOT stand the female lead), arang, faith (after first episode.. Makes me think I like my sageuks pure, without fusion) and I can’t remember what else. I finished Big just for gong yoo and I managed to enjoy it despite the female lead character. Sadly, None have been brilliant for me. Prob cos the last few episodes didn’t deliver what the rest of the drama promised

          • Enz

            What am I saying ? It’s year is my first year drama watching. Dnt listen to me!!

          • Korazy Lady

            HAHAHA! You’re too funny! What I loved about INR2012 was the cute relationship between leads, and that they weren’t afraid to show them just wanting a physical relationship. The little clues they made for each other were great!And honestly, it was hard to decide who I wanted her to end up with because her relationship with the second lead was good, too. It goes through a sad part, but I have personal reasons for relating to it, and thought.

            Oh, and I have to agree with you on Dal Ja’s Spring. I watched it, and finished it, but really couldn’t get what all the hype was about.

          • Korazy Lady

            Sorry, lack of sleep is making me crazy. Meant to say thought Jung Yoo Mi and main guy were both adorable.

          • Enz

            Oh thank goodness there is ONE other person not so enamored with dalja’s spring… Shhh. Don’t let the pimp hear that. I was thinking the problem might be me. It’s ok but I was just not very interested in her problems for some reason. Too many dramas out there to check out for me so I dropped it first.

            Yes agree regarding Jung yoo mi and both leads. The guys are both soooo cute. Apparently they are each other’s best friend in real life.

      • 18.1.3 owl

        I am not otherwise very productive ~

    • 18.2 JoAnne

      I’m wondering who Harry is working with, too – I know it’s not the guy who works with Han Tae Joon from way back in the beginning, or at least I don’t THINK it is him. They’re hiding someone from us.

      It doesn’t fit that Harry would try to provoke her but I did notice and wonder about that brief blip there, too. y take on them is that she was 15, and he was 12, and they were both traumatized. And that horrible nurse woman didn’t give a shit about their mental health at all. So they worked out a way to survive, within the limits of their very young and inexperienced minds, and they’ve never questioned it since, although clearly their method for surviving actually resulted in a more deeply damaged So Yeon/Zoe. But how would a young boy be able to know that? and if it’s just how things are, does a grown boy even question past decisions at this point? Especially since he does only have her and can’t bear to lose her?

      I had a thought, too: As for the face not matching – remember the bandages that we all wondered about earlier, they seemed excessive for her facial injuries. There must have been something else, and I wonder if the scarring that would result mean that once he had money, Harry paid for her to have plastic surgery. To repair injury – but with the added benefit that her return to Korea wouldn’t be AS fraught with the risk of recognition.

      • 18.2.1 owl

        Then there’s the whole France backstory of which we know nothing thus far. I like Harry a lot but who knows how his and Zoe’s heads are screwed on after all they’ve been through?

        What the hey with Lady Choi (I know, I know, she’s the police precinct cleaning lady, still, in my mind she is flying highkicks) at the end of ep 10 – say what???

      • 18.2.2 pogo

        re: face not matching on SY/Zoe, I remember pretty clearly reading subtitles in episode 5 where Harry says something about her having plastic surgery/work done…again. Which suggests she’s had some at least once, and is a clever way to actually acknowledge why JW might not recognise her at first.

        And when you think of it, SY having plastic surgery fits very neatly with all she’s been doing to become Zoe – get a new life, new identity to leave the traumatised child she was behind – so why not a new face, too? It makes sense.

      • 18.2.3 owl

        In ep 10, IMY, it seems like Harry is being manipulative, although no motive is apparent yet. Harry now wants Zoe to stay by his side and not return to France. Zoe has had to face a lot of her past in a short time and no one is helping her work through that – what a mess. Harry is an emotional mess, too. While they have manged to create a realtionship that has worked on the surface, it only works if they live on the surface. That is not possible now that So Yeon’s layers are peeling back.

        Love the mom – I cried so hard when she left and told Zoe that her daughter So Yeon was dead (for ZOe’s sake to be able to live without her past resufracing). Detective Han’s sidekick is so cute/not handsome-love how he is protective over Det. Han. Overall, such good acting. I am very into this kdrama at this point~

    • 18.3 LizJ

      owl, you’re right about the “Little Time for Sleep” – and the iPad propped on the bedside table is just too tempting. Problem is, I end up falling asleep, and can’t remember where I left off!

  19. 19 Luluhoo

    I agree also with Sabah that this year was a little lacking in excitement. I started out with high hopes for some promising dramas like Big and Faith, but they failed to deliver. Any drama that doesn’t make good use of Lee Min Ho and his ridiculous sexiness is a fail in my book.

  20. 20 Kim Yoonmi

    Ohlala Couple. Booo… that ending. Mainly you failed to make the switch belivable.

    Miss Rose, skimmed the last few episodes. Proposal was actually lame. I think the story in my head was better…

    King of Dramas and Jeon WooChi was my current K-dramas.

    And I have serious doubts about Kekkon Shinai right now doing follow through. I think I need Hotaru no Hikari 2 to recover.

    Still watching the other J-dramas, but there are so many that listing them all again is a chore… only Kekkon Shinai is putting me on edge in the wrong way. (It’s in your title… it’s your theme… so deliver)

    • 20.1 skelly

      Also struggling with Kekkon Shinai right now. The serious issues that they SHOULD be sticking with are the disastrous birth rate and the delay/lack of marriage. To have a 35-year-old contract worker faffling over whether she should focus on her career or marriage is immaterial, to say the least – because statistically she has little chance at either. And I still can’t get over the fact that she broke up with her last boyfriend FIVE YEARS ago, and she is just now realizing she should be in a relationship…it’s almost creepy, like she was in some sort of stasis where she did nothing but sort travel brochures in display racks…girl, where has your head been for five years? It makes her seem immature and flighty.
      I know they are going to give her a happy ending because this is a feel-good drama, not a realistic one, but I am hoping they don’t go overboard with the cheese and send EVERYBODY to the altar at the end… and have the credits raining with babies…and show that all of the women have given up their careers because they are now married with six children…

      • 20.1.1 Mystisith

        Not sure we will have many weddings. It’s a feel good drama but a realistic one (if we consider Japanese demographics and predominant lifestyles). I’m still perplexed with the English translation of the title: “Wonderful Single Life”. Kekkon means wedding for sure so I may have missed something…

        • skelly

          From your pen to the writer’s brain, Mysti

        • Kim Yoonmi

          Title literally translates to “Not married.”

          Oh a little more colloquially, Can’t Get Married.

          Wonderful Single Life doesn’t make sense… since that’s not the theme of the show… but non-sensical English is a Japanese/Korean specialty. (joking with love of both countries.)

          At this point if they are going to deliver on the wedding, it’ll seem rushed. But the back and forth, and all of that makes me wish for a really good romance drama.

          And I want to see the Hotaru no Hikari movie.

  21. 21 cg

    Hi everyone….. 🙂
    I’m watching King of dramas and Queen In Hyun’s Man right now….and both are so good 😀

    • 21.1 skelly

      sounds like a recipe for Extreme Drama Viewer Contentment.

    • 21.2 whimsicalnet

      wow, u r in for a royal treat!

      • 21.2.1 cg

        lol 😉

  22. 22 befuddled

    I do enjoy Kdramas, but after watching so many of them, now every time a female character walks into traffic and almost gets hit, I feel the need to express my irritation out loud to the computer (where I’m watching them). As I type this, I was watching an episode of Ice Adonis where… yes… just a minute ago… arggh!

    • 22.1 owl

      I feel that way about piccyback rides – so not romantic even when they’re supposed to be. Total turn off.

      • 22.1.1 Kim Yoonmi

        Piggyback rides I actually like… it’s actually a thing in Korean culture, so they didn’t make it up.

        And also you get the drunk piggyback ride, the I’m injured piggyback ride, the unexpected reverse piggyback ride–(trying to get drunk so you carry me home), and the nonplussed piggyback ride. (throw up)

        It serves to lower the defenses of both people and functionally advances the story as they are forced to tell about their long childhoods or something intimate about their lives at the same time they can’t read their facial expressions or body language which is an odd dicotomy. Also you get the whisper in the ear moments. The I didn’t hear you, though I really did. I didn’t really hear you, but it was really important and now they think I know and the cute little kicky and the kiss the ear. And the I’m so mad, I’m dropping you in the road. And also the you’re choking me right now. And you also get the I dropped you, but I didn’t think you’d fall so far.

        Also arguing about piggyback rides (Answer Me 1997)

        ^_^ There are a lot of things you can do with piggyback rides. Plus make fun of them.

        • Carmen C

          So true! I like piggyback rides! And my bf, english gentleman my darlings, actually gave one in a “I can’t walk, my heels are broken” situation haha. Was so cool!!!

    • 22.2 Kim Yoonmi

      There were more black car hits person around the turn of the millennium (2001) than there are now. The variation is the parking lot one. This kinda changed around the time of the Hong Sister’s Fantasy Couple, where I thought they were going to pull it, but it was almost as if they took that extra long time on that scene to just make fun of the trope.

      Traffic in Korea can be pretty horrible though.

      Oh and cancer. Ooohh~~ Philadelphia genes.

      The pink tie/clothes one kinda died recently. I don’t mind that one since I think guys in pink don’t look that bad.

      And there are other K-drama tropes. I actually have a long list of them.

  23. 23 whimsicalnet

    forgot to mention, u’ve got one of my fav songs today! I was okay with Love Rain but I do enjoy its OSTs! Some lovely songs there!

    • 23.1 owl

      Yes, love this song. It is so kdrama worthy 🙂

  24. 24 Gaksitalpyong

    Can I possibly love this girl anymore?

    Moon Chae Won: I Am Attracted to Strong Female Characters

    MCW’s portrayal of Seo Eun Gi’s pitiful and vengeful love story was greatly loved by audiences, not only was she able to maintain the sincerity of her sageuk portrayals, but was also able to show the sharpness of the young SEG, breaking the image of most melodrama heroines, receiving viewers’ high marks in their critiques.

    Ja In, Se-Ryung, and Eungi are all strong females, are you attracted to strong female roles after all?

    I really think so. Personally, I like sweet, light-hearted romantic comedies, so it’s not the case that when acting I’ll focus on the need to have a strong side. But I believe that in order to convey hope and move the hearts of the audience, tragic elements and strong characteristics are essential. So I guess I do have the tendency to be attracted to strong female characters.

    “When choosing a piece of work, the first thing [I’ll]
    look at it is the uniqueness of the story plot and character. If both are outstanding, there is no need for further assessment; [I] will think of it as a great opportunity. I chose Innocent Man because [I] was completely captivated with EG’s character and her undeniable feeling as a strong female lead, so [I] really wanted to try it.”

    “When I started in the industry, I never hoped or dreamed to see such a feisty and dynamic character like Eungi. I would always admire those male characters (because male characters would usually possess those qualities) who portrayed such layered characters. I don’t really like passive female characters. I really liked the cold and aloof side of Eun Ki even though she appeared for just 9 episodes, and I find it a real pity when I had to let her go. But there really wasn’t much time for me to fret over that. I had to ditch the vicious Eun Ki for an adorable one, but it was an interesting yet difficult task for me.”

    Wants to become the female version of Jung Jaemin: Jo In Sung’s Character in What Happens in Bali

    From the beginning, MCW greatly wanted to portray Jo In Sung’s role in What Happened In Bali, [she] revealed she had the greed to play a similar male character.
    “Eungi is totally different in the first half and other half of the series. So before I joined the crew, I knew it would be a challenge. Even though I knew it would be hard, the reason why I choose to do Eungi, is because when I was little, I always wanted to act as someone who is not afraid of anyone. When I watched “What happened in Bali”, I really wanted to try out Jung Jaemin (Jo In Sung’s character in the drama). But this kind of characters are most likely male characters, so I felt very frustrated. But in the first half of this drama, Eungi is exactly like that.”

    Smiling, MCW expressed “brought up as an heir to the empire without trusting others, most of the time it’s usually the male lead [in that situation] that ends up being attracted by the girl, but it’s actually the opposite in this drama. If the clothes were to change into male outfits, [SEG’s character] would completely be a male character. A role such like this, I of course had to take it.”

    The Innocent Man was like a risk “If there aren’t difficulties than it won’t be invigorating”

    “Though [I] said [I] wanted to take the role, there was a moment of fear. After our company rep [Chairman?] Kim Min Sook met with PD Kim and Writer Lee, he asked me in the car “What do you want to do?” Despite the role being a very difficult one, [I] still wanted to try it. I feel if there aren’t difficulties then it won’t be invigorating. But after listening to [our] Rep’s words, [I] suddenly felt a little afraid, and [I] really didn’t know what to do. I also knew it was a risky venture, pre- and post-amnesiac EG are two completely different characters, perhaps it was due to this that Rep was concerned, but it’s also because they believed in my decision and [determination to] challenge, so until the end they’ve stand by me, and that’s why [I] can smile like this now.”

    Credit:kgrl @Soompi

    • 24.1 respechuae

      I couldn’t agree more. She’s amazing. I totally agree on how guys always get the more interesting roles, while girls are stuck being stereotyped as the passive characters.

  25. 25 jomo

    @ enz I dedicate this pome to you!

    The best thing in dramas for me is the kisses,
    and you never know when we’ll get good ones or misses.

    The music is swelling, he pulls her real tight,
    pauses, then lip schmushes with all of his might.
    I sigh in frustration when she trembles in fear?
    Eyes open, lips closed, not pulling him nearer.

    Are you kidding me, woman? You’re fully grown.
    And he’s the hottest guy you’ve ever known.
    He’s risking his all for you and you give him jack?
    He carried your drunken butt home on his back!

    OK, I’ll calm down and not feel cheated
    even though it’s Show’s fault that I’m overheated.
    His touches are thrilling, his smile so damn sexy.
    Am I wrong her reaction gives me apoplexy?

    I wouldn’t mind sometimes if a kiss lingers,
    that when he holds her face in his elegant fingers
    she’s hypnotized, and can’t breathe for the feeling.
    Outside nothing moves, but inside she is reeling.

    That would be fine, and ever so sweet,
    A woman so loved enjoying this treat.
    Drama writers, directors, producers, please.
    Show us real woman, I’m down on my knees!

    • 25.1 Mystisith


    • 25.2 Korazy Lady

      Well done, Jomo!

    • 25.3 Enz

      Hear, hear!!!! Thanks fantastic jomo!! Love it

    • 25.4 Enz

      Jomo, I agree wholeheartedly
      about drama kisses that suck
      It’s not like we are that fussy
      I don’t think we are asking too much

      All we want is to believe
      That when it FINALLY happens
      The girl really wants it
      That she is feeling the burn

      Should we write a little petition
      To appeal to our drama gods
      To make better drama kisses
      As part of our Christmas wishes
      Well, this is all I’ve got!!

    • 25.5 risa

      “His touches are thrilling, his smile so damn sexy.
      Am I wrong her reaction gives me apoplexy?” LOL!!!

      Loved the pome, Jomo. Thanks for making us laugh yet again.

    • 25.6 skelly

      This needs to go in the Dramabeans archive somewhere!

  26. 26 John

    Happy Friday folks. Better late than never.

    A moment of silence for victims of Typhoon Bopha.

    Watching all sorts of stuff.

    Great Seer, (I like the crazy monk)

    Priceless (waiting for subs)

    Can We Get Married? ( I luv Jung So Min, she’s so cute!)

    May Queen ( goodness, they extended it? They should have cut episodes!)

    School 2013, (Loving it)

    King of Dramas

    Still looking for a C drama, watched a few eps of My Bratty Princess w/ Jang Na Ra

    Also watching Forbrydelsen. Sofie Gråbøl rocks

    • 26.1 John

      Oh, I’m watching Alice too.

      Don’t know what to think about that yet.

      • 26.1.1 sweetcloud

        I only watched the first episode but I’m not in love, waiting to see how it develops before I try again. I like Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young but I feel like I’ve seen their characters before and nothing stood out particularly for me.

    • 26.2 Mystisith

      I just couldn’t stay on The Great Seer train and dropped it at ep 13: SO slow and boring… Crazy *cough*sexy*cough* monk was the only character a bit entertaining for me.

      • 26.2.1 John


        Great Seer is taking their sweet time since they have 36 episodes. I like enough of the characters to keep me interested.

        Oh Hyeon-Kyeong does a pretty good “dragon lady”, she has an amazing ability to arching her eyebrow that makes her look completely evil. She needs a Darth Vader-esque theme song though. Too campy? Yeah, but that’s how I’d shoot it.

        I like Ji Jin-Hee’s general. He’s somewhat naive but fiercely loyal. Mix him with Ahn Kil-Kang’s Monk Moo Hak and things are going to pick up.

        Imho, Ahn Kil-Kang’s portrayal of Chil-Sook in The Great Queen Seondeok is one of the best bad ass villains ever.

        • korfan

          Funny you should mention The Great Queen Seondeok!

          I have actually been watching this since July when it began airing here in the U.S. Yes, Chil-Sook was good. But what can you say about the Misil character! For me, words can’t begin to describe her portrayal. Amazing.

          And Bidam? I so enjoy him! I dunno why …. wait, Kim Nam-Gil!! That’s why, hehehe…..

          • John


            Ko Hyun-Jung as Mi Sil ! I loved her . I cried when she died, so sad. She certainly had an interesting life.

  27. 27 Amg1

    *I Miss Ya To*

    I am extremely disappointed at the fact, that in this “neck of the of the woods” the Love for the drama “I Miss You”, has been completely ignore, while other dramas that are IMHO, of really lower quality have been given a better spot.

    Why do people shy away from melodramas that have, or deal with hard, and dark subject matter?

    ‘I Miss You”, reminds me of the great great melodramas of the “good old days”, the ones that come to mind are the drama “Phoenix, Stained Window, Que Sera Sera, Will It Snow for Christmas? Just to name a few.

    I am sad that Javabeans, and Girlfriday decide to stop recapping this drama, and in all seriousness, I do not believe that it deserves the negative rap, that people have been given this drama around here, and that really sucks.

    I have been around K-Dramas for a very long time, and a DramaBeams reader and commenter, for the better part of the last 5 1/2 years. What brought me here was the recaps of “Coffee Prince”, starring non other than my #1 Korean actress, the talented and beautiful “ Yoon Eun Hye”, I have watched all her movies and Dramas, the good ones and the not so good ones, and I felt like a lot of her Fans at one point or another, and asked the same questions regarding her last few dramas, but I a must admit that her role in the drama “I Miss You”, as the broken and scarred “Lee Soo Yeon”, is worthy of the “Best Actress Of The Year Award”.

    (Spoiler) “ Her scene, where she brakes down after she comes back from her initial arrest, and finds here room all in shambles, and breaks down and cries her hear out, (End Of Spoiler), that my friends is what Good acting is all about, and I feel that with her portrayal of this character, Yoon Eun Hye has prove once again why she is one of the “Top Paid” actresses in South Korea.

    I know that with “Yoon Eun Hye”, people have a love and hate relationship, you either “love her or hate her”, for me has been Love since I first saw her back in 2006 drama “The Vinyard Man”, and since that time has been an honor to be a fan of “Yoon Eun Hye”, IMHO she is the best thing to come out of South Korea since Kimchi.

    All my love goes to Yoon Eun Hye and her Faithfull fans!!!!!

    Yoon Eun Hye FTW!!!! :o}

    • 27.1 jomo

      Hello there!
      I know you have been around long enough to know that watching and recapping require completely different committments – in time, energy, creativity, emotion.

      Their decision to not continue, iirc, didn’t have to do with the quality of the acting, but in the overal sadness of it. It was clear from the gitgo that this story was going to be all about PAIN. How could that be appealing do spend all those hours on?

      Not to mention the host of other dramas out there that they enjoy, and are already committed to.

      I know you understand all of this.

      • 27.1.1 Amg1

        @jomo….I know what you mean! But should we shy a way from works like “Romeo and Juliet”. because at the end we know, that both leads die? Absolutely not! All I can say is that, once we get pass the initial mental abused of the first episodes, the drama becomes alive, and all the dark colors start to filter some light, and the blending of all the new colors is worth my time, in continuing watching this drama!!

        I really recommend this drama, is not for the faint of heart, but like I said once the initial shock wears off, this is probably the best drama of 2012 IMHO!!!

        • JoAnne

          I understand their choice in not recapping and echo Jomo’s statement that it has nothing to do with the quality of the drama itself – as far as I can tell from Twitter, they are both still WATCHING it.

          and I don’t think anyone is criticizing the show itself overly much – most of the people watching are uniformly impressed with the performances being delivered, although there was that interesting sidebar about the lipstick. And the hair. I don’t let those things get to me. I don’t even notice those things, truthfully. Ok her hair IS straggly and needs to be cut. But whatevs. It’s the one jarring thing in her otherwise ‘what passes for a fashionista’ appearance, and so I choose to see that straggly, ratty, damaged hair as being emblematic of her straggly, ratty, damaged psyche.

          But anyway, this drama is getting MUCH love from a bunch of people, never fear. Yeah…I’d love to hear the critiques from Our Ladies of the Bean, but oh well. They can’t be everywhere at once.

        • jomo

          Actually, “Romeo and Juliet” is a good example.

          If you had already taken three or four lit classes about R&J each requiring 50-60 hours of writing, and didn’t enjoy the process, what would posess you to sign up for another one when you were already carrying a full class schedule?
          Even if it were the best prof ever who was super attractive.
          Even if the kids in the class were super nice.
          Even if your friends were clamouring for you do to it.

        • wanne

          Maybe it is worth your time, but for other people maybe not.

          I just don’t understand why people can’t accept that what they like and think is good doesn’t mean others will also like them and think so too.

          If people think the drama is bad, then its their opinion. Others think its good.

          Just my two cents 🙂

          • skelly

            As epic as the staff of Dramabeans is, they can’t be everywhere at once. They are forced, by the exigencies of life, the universe, and everything, to pick and choose which dramas they recap. There is always going to be the case where there is a great drama that, for whatever reason, does not get recapped. This is NOT the first time, by any means, that a well-beloved drama is not recapped in these pages, and Beanies pick up the slack with Friday Open Thread comments and travels to other websites.

    • 27.2 Lilly

      Panda and Hedgehog was also a good drama. The story was mild but the main actor was good and the desert visuals very pretty. Some things are just to taste.

  28. 28 redfox

    I already have 289065 letters, 14 000 words and 176 pages of my book. I think I can do it.
    I wish I could write a drama
    also who doesnt know yet, Tim Burton art exhibition is going to South Korea

    • 28.1 Enz

      Wow, I would be interested if I were there. He is one of my fave directors

  29. 29 owl

    Oh, here are the unsolicited KDQOTD (kdrama quote of the day) that I texted this week:

    “Did you study how to move someone emotionally?” PP

    “Back then you would have gone to hell and back if I asked you. Have you changed or have my words lost power?” Midas

    “Who said you can just go out like that? Are you a candle? Are you wind?” BKKTG

    No responses to my texts this week, I wonder if my friends and family hope that I’ll just go away. *smile*

  30. 30 Chimera

    Happy OT, everyone! This isn’t really my first OT but I think I scared everyone off with my slightly crazy ranting on Gaksital’s finale in my actual first OT.

    But the OTs seem like too much fun to give up after just one attempt, right?

    So I’m watching




    and Padam Padam

    right now

    Oh and making my reluctant dad sit through City Hunter 😉

    • 30.1 Mystisith

      -OO- What happened at your first OT? Were you left bruised and bloody near the Han river? 🙂 Welcome back then!
      I’m watching the same shows than you & I LOVED Padam Padam earlier this year, even if it was emotionally heavy: It felt so real in my ears, which is strange for a show with angels in it.

      • 30.1.1 Chimera

        Lol, thank you, nothing that drastic. I left a miles long rant ’bout female characters and didn’t get any replies. I know, my heart was broken. 😛

        I’m loving Padam Padam though it seems pretty light to me so far. I guess it gets heavier some episodes in. But I gotta agree; it’s one of the most realistic dramas I’ve ever watched. Speaking of realism I’m also watching In Time With You (Taiwanese). Another realistic and awesome drama so far though the 2nd male lead is driving me crazy.

        School is all kinds of awesome and I really like KoD a lot, but it’s getting repetitive with its obstacle-a-week plot. Plus, there hasn’t been as much meta as the first 2 eps.

        I seem to be in the minority as I loved Alice’s premier eps. I always thought that the premise itself was really different from the standard Candy-Chaebol romance since the Candy here was actually aiming to hook a chaebol rather than having one reluctantly fall in her lap. This placed her firmly in the interestingly-flawed-with-lotsa-room-for-growth heroine territory IMO.

  31. 31 cv

    Happy OT all!
    I’m loving recaps of IMY after the third ep. Yoochun, is doing a great job portraying his character n he sure can get the emo right on. YHE n YS doing great acting also.

    Alice in C is… Not sure about this one yet. Will wait until the next couple of eps. With the ex and stuff, reminds me of NG a little bit.

    School 2013 is very good for the first two eps. Like it very much.

    Doctor x is still awesome as ever.

    Need to catch up on GS, KoD, n JWC.

  32. 32 jomo

    Oh, this is interesting.
    What countries are most emotional/least emotional?
    (Though the spead is NOT huge here.)

    Philippinos – Do you agree?

    • 32.1 Korazy Lady

      Who comes up with these things?

    • 32.2 Carmen C

      Hm… “Results are based on telephone and face-to-face interviews with approximately 1,000 adults, aged 15 and older, in each country each year between 2009 and 2011. For results based on the total sample of national adults, one can say with 95% confidence that the maximum margin of sampling error ranges from ±0.4 percentage points to ±3.8 percentage points. The margin of error reflects the influence of data weighting. In addition to sampling error, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public opinion polls.” So, nope, there’s absolutely no truth in these pools haha

    • 32.3 Enz

      I must be Filipino then

    • 32.4 Mashimomo

      Ha! Interesting thought – Latin Countries + Philippines are on the top 10 emotional countries according to the poll. Hate to oversimplify things and without boring everyone with history, but could it be the Spanish influence, or the colonization effect on these countries? Full disclosure: I’m Filipino, born and raised in Manila but now living in the US.

  33. 33 Mar

    I wanted to say thanks to Dramabeans for the venue and all of the recaps.

    I’m watching FH2, and will check out School when I wrap up exams next week. I’ve decided not to pursue Alice. Waiting for the new Flower Boy series and will perhaps check out the Civil Servant series. Hoping Hyun Bin throws down in something fun and energizing. If he does something melo I might just cry. Pun intended. Would like to watch Yoochun but cannot get caught up in melo. I’m not in a good frame of mind as it is. Cranky as heck, not sure why but people are getting on my nerves. I’m thinking it might be best if I go recluse a bit on account of avoiding throat punching stupid bitches. Which actually works out as I need to get hopped up on Mountain Dew and spend the weekend studying my brains out.

    Happy viewing Beanies!

    • 33.1 owl

      Hey, Mar, your current kdrama buzz looks like mine. Except I’m also into IMY. I was anxious feeling that I couldn’t squeeze in Alice right now, but I think I can chill and keep it on the back burner until next year. Going recluse is not a bad idea when you’re cranky moody blues-y. I hate it when people track me down and I just wanna be left alone! For everyone’s sake.

      Sometimes I pretend I don’t understand/speak English so people don’t bug me. But unfortunately, most of the people I don’t want to talk to already know I DO speak English, so then that doesn’t work. Drat. Just gotta hide out sometimes. *sprinkling study dust” your way ^^

      • 33.1.1 Mar

        lol it’s not people I know, it’s just getting annoyed at work or out on errands. This too shall pass.

        Thanks I need it!

    • 33.2 Mar

      and I forgot I wanted to post this link for viewing fun.

      • 33.2.1 okiejune


  34. 34 Jeannette

    I’m behind on everything, so I’m not reading the OT yet! There’s so much I wanted to say today but I forgot because as I was readying myself to post, I went to this site and it’s been blocked. WTF! We can never get on anything good at work.

    A couple weeks ago my co-worker put on Xmas music, which infuriated me. I’m so sick of Xmas music! I don’t want to hear it at work all day too, so I changed her Pandora to a SHINee station, haha. She was so busy she couldn’t change it for twenty minutes. LOL.

    I posted pics of my k-poppin car last week so if anyone wants to see it, check it out!

    I preordered SHINee’s new one last week…dying to get my Lee Min-ki CD with it!

    Does anyone have good action recs? My friend wants to start watching kdramas but she watches things like Law and Order and Chicago Hope. I gave her White Christmas, Vampire prosecutor 1 and SHINee’s Hello Baby for good measure haha! I want to get her SUPER INTO Kdramas so I have someone to talk to. Help!


    Also hyunbin! YAY! Maybe he’ll grow his hair longish again.

    Oh! I’ watching Infinite’s Ranking King. It’s so HILARIOUS! I’m dying! I’m thinking of uploading it all to a secret YT url because watching it on YT is a MESS. What does everyone think about that? Also L from Infinite has a short interview on TTMIK’s YT. He gave everyone encouragement who is learning Korean. That totally made me want to learn it more and faster!

    Also, will someone please tell Onew to marry me? Because I’d like to cook him chicken and listen to him sing all day. kthnxbai

    • 34.1 shelhass

      Isn’t Mawhang kind like that? You know, full of mistery and police stuff? And the second lead is a lawyer right? Sorry If I sound confused, been sick as a dog these past few days…

      There’s Girl K (it’s short though), Bad Guy, Athena (good only in the beginning). Joseon X-Files maybe? There’s a lot of law stuff in I Am a Legend, but I wouldn’t recommend.

      Oh, what about that one with Lee Byung-hyeon? The one with the mafia, gunshots and coma?

      URGH, I can’t think right now.

      • 34.1.1 Jeannette

        I really have no experience with action shows so I don’t really know!

    • 34.2 Mashimomo

      I convinced my male friend at work who doesn’t watch Kdramas but likes Korean movies to watch City Hunter since it is steaming on Netflix, and he actually liked it! Well, not enough to get into Kdramas but he liked the story and he liked action scenes. Plus you know, Lee Min Ho might get things going for your friend 😉

      • 34.2.1 Jeannette

        OOOH that’s true! Thanks!!! <3

      • 34.2.2 Mar

        Yes City Hunter. You just have to coax her through the first episodes until Lee Min Ho appears on the elephant. If Lee Min Ho can’t seduce her into K drama she may be a lost cause.

        Also you could try the movies first, less of a commitment than a drama.

        The Man From Nowhere. First she’ll fall in love with the little girl. Then she’ll go, oh, hey, hello, Won Bin aren’t full of badassery!

        Then there is The Perfect Couple which is more rom com but does have some action. It’s a total hoot. Lee Dong Wook is totally hot in it too.

        • Jeannette

          Thanks, mar!!!

    • 34.3 John

      TEN is a good cop show.

      • 34.3.1 Jeannette

        Never heard of it! I’ll look that one up! Yeah! Thanks everyone!

  35. 35 kopytko

    Hi Everyone!
    I’ve had a busy week… I’m glad it’s over 🙂

    I am madly in love with King of Dramas – do I need to explain anything? Anthony, GoEun, Hyun Min, Yoda the landowner and team spirit. I’ve been waiting for good comedy since AGD. Now I have my dose and I am happy.

    Now try to imagine my smile when my Mom came home yesterday and brought three fur collars! She got them from a business partner (my Mommy works in a clothing company). I went gaga and was frolicking like a puppy, but I didn’t explain why I loved them SO much. I am an anonymous dramaholic, afer all.

    Have a nice weekend, everybody!

  36. 36 jubilantia


    First off, no season 2 spoilers, please, but season 1 spoilers follow, sort of. I just got on the Vampire Prosecutor train, and I am never coming back! Just finished the season 1 finale and it was SO. AWESOME.

    However, I have a continuity question. They said the two ways to become a vampire are blood transfusions, and being the first victim of a new vampire. However, if lawyer vamp was turned and then died on the night of the accident, how was he talking to doctor vamp as a vampire before that? It seemed like he was a vampire for a long time, from the decade of law firm pictures where he looked the same, so how was Tae Yeon his first victim?

    So: either I missed something and lawyer vamp’s still alive (or undead, whichever), or lawyer vamp just never killed a person before then, restraining himself by drinking blood wine, or they made a mistake.

    Anyway, clarification would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    • 36.1 Lilly

      The answer is season 2 spoilers, the story goes on.
      Am looking forward to season 3.

      • 36.1.1 jubilantia

        Cool, thanks a bunch! It just seemed like they explained how Tae Yeon became a vampire, and I was like “Wait, what? That doesn’t make sense!”

        I thought it might be part of season 2, but I thought it still didn’t make sense with how they said it happened in the world of the show. Anyhoodle, can’t wait to get going on Season 2!

  37. 37 pg

    hey ppl….first time posting here… just taking break from studyin for finals…. despite piling with assignments and exam…i m takin my time to watch 2 drama….Alice in CD n i miss you..both haf totally diff. genre but i m enjoying both… my love for park shi hoo never dies swoon…every since princess man i pledged to watch any of his new drama….so far i m loving it…i love MGY as well so i will see whr it takes mi…but so far its good…oh yea park shi hoo melts….

    ii Miss you…man u gotta give this drama props aswell…i just decided to follow my instinct n watch it…man i m hooked… its crazy melo going on bu eun hye n yoochun is rollin… one thing i m blown by yoochun acting….tht guy has got mi cryin at epi 9…. tht bento scene…sob sob…mother n dau scene made so much impact for mi….i literally get heartbroken wen i see this drama cuz the hjw lsy n lsy’S mom csn really make u absorb their role…many ppl predicted tht YSH will overshadow the leads but boy u guys r wrong…he is an eye candy but his role isnt diggin mi out…. i can’t wait for next epi…..

    stay warm ppl…cuz i know i m …with 2 parks (park shi hoo n park yoochun) i m feelin the warmth….@owl r u from Colorado???i am too…lately we havent been gettin much snow but rocky mountains n flat irons are indeed soo pretty during winter!!!

    • 37.1 Lilly

      the actress playing the mother is so good they should invent an award for best parent or senior just for her to win, because when she looked though the car window for that close up she ripped my heart out

      • 37.1.1 PG

        God i was balling out on tht scene!!!!!!

  38. 38 Janelle

    I’m kind of wishing all the episodes of Baby Faced Beauty were re-capped because I need someone to squee along with my (asynchronously) about how much I’m crushing on Ryu Jin’s character. So. Much.

    Also, dude… does any work actually get done there, or is it all design competitions, all the time? I think we’re up to the fifth design contest in episode 19.

    • 38.1 Rashell

      Ryu Jin is sneaky like that. I had the same reaction to him in I Really, Really Like You. He’s just fabulous and yet never gets the girl.

      • 38.1.1 Fab

        AND Country calls…
        Even though I feel like he is playing the same character over again, I can’t get enough of him. However my favourite is Capital Scandal, completely different from his usual comedic roles.

  39. 39 pg

    oops i forget to add…my hyunnnn bin is back…clap clap clapsss…

    • 39.1 Lilly

      now you are sending me back to those pictures to look again, lol

      • 39.1.1 PG

        I know rite….. haf u seen his release video??? i heard he even went bus to bus to greet his fans…yikes!!!!!!!! i m so jelly

  40. 40 Carmen C

    The only two dramas I’m watching at the moment are King of Dramas and School 2013. They’re both Mon/Tue dramas!!!:(( What have I done wrong… I know I shouldn’t wish for time to pass quicker, especially with all my deadlines… BUT I DO! COME MONDAY, COME!

  41. 41 Aryast

    Hello Beaners!

    Came to this party late because was attending another one last night 😛 Had Korean BBQ at Kuala Lumpur’s own Koreatown and soju(finally!).

    Friend taught me the way “younger” Koreans drink it: dunking two shot glasses – one filled with coke and the other with soju – in a bigger beer mug which is filled with beer and then one-shot. It was euphoric and gassy. We bought more soju bottles and continued at my place. It was all fun and games until the sam-gyeop-sal and kimchi jiggae decided to make an exit via my mouth.

    Binge drinking soju, fun; hangover, not fun. I was awoken by my friend’s alarm at 7:30am (4 hours later) since she has to go home and get ready for work in the noon but she’s still asleep! I’ll probably watch School 2013 since I can’t seem to go back to sleep. Feel lethargic~

    Enjoy your weekend, yorobeun! If you’re drinking, be safe and do it in moderation. I’m relatively young so haven’t been able to grasp the “drink in moderation” concept properly. 😛

    • 41.1 Enz

      Hi aryast!! Where is our Korea town? Sri hartamas or ampang?

      Hangover is awful., I ony had it one time and I would never want to go there again. Hope you get over yours faster than I did. It was 3 pm before I felt functional

      Enjoy the weekend too you

      • 41.1.1 Aryast

        Morning Enz!! The one I went to is at Ampang and the neighbourhood is just opposite Ampang Point; although I’m not absolutely sure whether there is another Koreatown in KL? I heard that there is one at PJ/Subang.

        I just popped one for the headache. T.T I would probably sleep it off for the rest of the day. I don’t think I will be functional until tomorrow. Ha!

        Will talk to you in a less lethargic state.

    • 41.2 pillowhead

      I’ll bring soju to our Christmas party and try out that youngster drink. lol.

      • 41.2.1 Aryast

        Top of the morning to you! Let me warn you though, don’t do it on an extremely full stomach. Gassy stuff that one. You’ll feel the high within minutes.

        My friends are all still passed out. Ha! I feel like an umma watching over my kids. Umma cheorom.

  42. 42 pillowhead

    Hi Beanies!!!
    Ugh, late again. I think I forgot to mention last week, that I finished SUFBB. Loved it. How many drama’s can I include in my favorites?

    I wanted to noona-file the lead singer, but similac breath, freash faced girlfriend kept me in a reality check. lol. He was great in White Christmas too. Which I did mention last week.

    I tried to start a bunch of new shows this week but I can’t find anything I like. Need another good recommendation.. I’m still madly in love with Que Sera Sera, everything I try to watch (including SUFBB) is like a rebound lover. I’m starting to watch Que Sera Sera again, starting on episode 9, when it got steamy!


    • 42.1 Enz

      Hi pillowhead!! Yay for QSS love :). Broken record that we are .

      I MUST watch both SUFBB and padam padam. Too many ppl like it. SUFBB will be my research for FBND since I already have watched FBRS, which I love. Please don’t disappoint me FBND.. Am not a fan of Yoon shi yoon On account of baker king and PSH was so ridiculous in the first two episodes of YAB, I didn’t go past it. That’s another that I need to try again on account of many loving it so. BUT I really liked the direction of FBRS, so hopefully I will LOVE FBND too. In any case, that second lead looks very cute

      As for Eric’s ideal woman, I read that in some article on all the shinhwa members’ ideal women. Pffft!

      • 42.1.1 pillowhead

        Hi Enz!

        Omg, I need some drama training! what are all these acronym mystery dramas lol. FBND, FBRS, YAB…haha. I must watch them!
        yes, I agree. pfft. Anyway, he couldn’t make up his mind in QSS… rich biatch or jandi-ish girl…so he doesn’t know yet what he wants.

        • pillowhead

          oh, and I just found out that Han Jae-Hee of Nice guy, used to date Eric.?! Wth… she does not look tall. haha

          • bbstl

            Eric also dated Park Si Yeon for a while. I looked her up and she’s 5’7″.

          • Enz

            That’s Han jae hee. She was ms Korea you know. All these stars and their impossible standards. His ideal woman for many years apparently has been Kim nam joo, Kim seung woo’s ( of 2d 1n) wife.

          • pillowhead

            she’s 5’7? gosh u think they kinda stretch the truth. I read she went to LongIsland Uni. but her English is aweful. Even Eric supposedly went to Junior High in Cali, so you’d think he could speak a little english.

            Kim nam joo? hmm. she looks way older than Eric. This is good. I can work with this. haha!

          • Enz

            Pillowhead, am officially into Eric again hahah. I just watched shinhwa’s interview on win win. He is so sweet there and he seems like a really gooood guy to the boys. He had the opportunity to leave and get more money but he wanted to stay with the group. They have gone through so much together.

            Here is the link if you’re interested


      • 42.1.2 pogo

        Enz – I had the same reaction as you to You’re Beautiful, which was why I never watched more than the first episode, 3 years ago. But if you get to episode 3 and beyond, it’s actually awesome and funny – I discovered this pretty recently myself! (and as of episode 2, Jang Geun-seok hasn’t even cracked a smile yet – just wait until he actually does ^_^)

        • pillowhead

          Hi Pogo.
          YAB, you’re beautiful.
          got it. thanks.
          And I realized FBND is FLower Boy next door.. etc. Ok.
          I’m good.
          Thanks! 🙂

        • Enz

          Yes yes.. Must try again. One of these days, I will. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

          • pogo

            Enz – seriously, do! Otherwise you’re missing out on the Pig-Rabbit and this one moment in episode 14 that made me start SCREAMING a little inside about how the fourth wall was coming down…and that’s just the non-obvious bits!

            (watch the show so that what I said makes sense, I don’t want to spoil you for it!)

        • owl

          Enz – I think the whole gender bender thang that kdramas do (where the viewers are screaming “are you kidding me, he doesn’t know ‘he’s’ a she??? but the show continues until the VERY VERY end like that) makes You’re Beautiful and Coffee Prince, for example, so fun in a way that only kdrmas can be. When you have a few free days, do a YB marathon just for the fun- cute-drive’s-me-crazy-are-you-kidding gender bender kdrama moments! 🙂

  43. 43 pillowhead

    Hi Enz and KorazyLady!
    I gave a shout out up top! Just wanted to point that out so I don’t get any demarits in the weekly ode to que sera sera. lol 😀

    • 43.1 Korazy Lady

      Hi Pillowhead! No demerits from me! Your name is officially in the club!

      I’m at a loss, too, after rewatching Que Sera, Sera. Enz, I did not get very far (maybe just one or two episodes) with Padam, Padam. I think it’s because I need a romantic relationship to pick up right away, and PP didn’t seem to do that.

      I think I’ll watch White Christmas, though. That seems to get a lot of love on here.

      • 43.1.1 Enz

        Oh noes. Well next one gonna HAVE to be SUFBB. Is too close to the start of FBND and I wanna be able to say I watched all the oh boy series! 🙂

  44. 44 pillowhead

    Hi Korazy Lady!
    Yeah, White Christmas must have been good, cause I could finish it even with my QSS distraction.
    I started, a story about a man. Got rave reviews here but not hooked yet. Only on episode 2, so I’ll give it a few more episodes. 🙂

  45. 45 mrmz

    What do u guys think of “Can we get married?”

    • 45.1 Mystisith

      I really, REALLY love Can We Get Married?! It’s innovative and modern. I love how they alternate the dialogues (spoken radical honesty style) and the monologues (all the lies and social hypocrisy). It’s a mix of rom-com, family drama and just a bit of melo. A lot of (interesting) characters: Some drive you nuts like “mom without borders” but I appreciate than no one is truly evil (except maybe that cheater husband but even him must have a background story). It’s realistic and the conflicts are natural: old/young generations gap, men/women misunderstandings… I joked with friends and said it must be written by someone who majored in Psychology (or who understands very well human beings).
      In fact I love that show so much than I can’t help but live-tweet it. Which means a lot!

      • 45.1.1 mrmz

        I watched the first episode and I liked it but wasn’t sure what to expect.. I like the characters they seem pretty realistic and not overly dramatic or overly innocent 😛

        One thing I don’t get is why are they saying that the leads are 28 year olds when both are very young, and look even younger for their age. I love both leads, and other characters but I don’t get why they say their real age :S not that it bothers me, just wondring 😛

        I think I’m gonna start watching it all thx for the feedback 😉

    • 45.2 John


      I’m enjoying CWGM.

      Jung So Min is cute as can be. I enjoy Lee Mi Sook as the fierce mother .

      I started it a little late so, I watched the first four eps back to back So that probably helped hook me. I look forward to seeing new eps.

      • 45.2.1 mrmz

        lol thx.. you think you’re late, i think there’s already 12 episodes and I just watched the first 😛

  46. 46 Aleena

    I haven’t really decided yet whether I like marathoning or watching as the drama airs better, even though its been more than a year since I started watching dramas.
    Sometimes when I marathon, I lose interest in the drama and get tired. Then I think if I watched that drama while it was airing I would have watched it with more interest, because I would get a few days break from it. But then, sometimes when I’m watching while airing, my excitement for a drama wanes while waiting for the new episodes and I just leave it.

    I think perhaps it depends on the sort of drama you’re watching and how much you like it. When I was watching King2Hearts while it was airing…wow, I had such an amazing time! But then when I marathoned Shut Up Flower Boy Band and My GF is a Gumiho, I had an amazing time too!

    I think I’ll have to watch a lot more dramas and spend more time as an addict before coming to a conclusion. So very indecisive I am!

    • 46.1 Julia

      I actually like doing a combination. Dramas that I want to watch right away, I watch as they’re airing. Then, I fill in the days between with a finished series. That way if there’s a cliff hanger I’m not waiting on pins and needles for the next episode, I can just switch to a different series.

  47. 47 Anna

    I’ve finally decided to watch Gaksital (I just have so many dramas to watch, almost a hundred in total!!) after reading the love bestowed on it here. So the other day I settled down and watched the first episode expecting to be wowed. I really wasn’t. The first episode was very Meh! to me. Very underwhelming. I know it’s only a drama but it just didn’t ring true to me. For one, I couldn’t get any feeling of a nation suffering under the jackboot of the Imperial Japanese despite the fact that the occupation had been going on for over 20 years when this show opens. And I also thought that the nightclub scene (with the dancing in sync) just looked so fake. Hmm, I hope it gets better.

    • 47.1 Mar

      I could not invest in committing to it, it was just not my cup of tea between the plot and the cast combined. I tried a couple of episodes, then read a few more recaps and sampled some…what I have watched of it, there was nothing wrong with the quality. But I just couldn’t get into it. I I think the historical context was interesting but that was not enough for me to invest my time. I understand Park Ki Woong’s performance was knock your socks off good. Perhaps you should read a couple of the first few episode recaps to see if it will draw you in?

      • 47.1.1 Anna

        The storyline actually sounds quite interesting, it was just the execution that disappointed me. In the first episode anyway. Another thing that didn’t ring true was the way the characters behaved. I mean, this is supposed to be the 1930s, and the way people behave has changed a lot since then, but in this first episode, other than the costumes, you could be forgiven for thinking you were watching a trendy drama, not a historical one. Ah well, never mind, I will give it a couple more episodes before making a definitive decision anyway.

  48. 48 Mar

    That’s a good point about dealing with a a historical period, how to give authenticity to productions and performances. Especially for young actors who and just do not even walk, sit or stand like people that grew up before the days of sitting in front of a computer or tv and baggy pants and skater shoes and flip flops.

    Can you do fusion 1930’s lol? idk

    I was was watching a recent American movie set in the 80’s. One of the characters said something, I cannot remember what, but it was some modern slang that did not exist back then. I was like oh come on, that was just sloppy.

    • 48.1 mskololia

      I was watching Gun Smoke and Wagon Train where they mentioned two slangs that stopped me in my tracks and the episodes were like in the 1950s. They were:

      “Dude?” (WT)
      “If I’m lying, I’m dying.” (GS)

      They explained the ‘dude’ reference in the story as how NYs addressed some folks and the other was not explained, but since Festus is a country boy, I got the drift. But my mouth dropped open when hearing both references in a black n white TV show.