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by | December 14, 2012 | 378 Comments

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378 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Schmazel

    Happy Friday everyone! πŸ˜€

  2. Stacey

    The only thing I’ve been watching recently is School 2013 (may or may not be 2 episodes behind) which I think is freaking awesome so far. Curse college taking up all my time.

    • 2.1 alua

      Me too. (Would watch Ozosaki no Himawari, but neither ep 6 or nor 7 have been uploaded and subbed though they have been shown in Japan already.)

      Oh, but School 2013 is so fab. So angsty. And it’s tearing me apart. That Go Nam Soo, I keep watching him and thinking someone give that boy a hug and some love!

      And we’ve gone even deeper now that we have been revealed a first glimpse of his ugly, ugly past. His thrashing another person is absolutely not defendable, but I do wonder now, how did he get to that point? What was before that gang-past, what made him join that gang? I feel like the gang must have been some sort of family-substitute for him, that it gave him attention and love of sorts (in a twisted way), which he was missing elsewhere.

      From all we know, he may well be essentially abandoned by his bio family – he seems to as if live alone now, earns his own money, he’s just all alone.

      Actually, somewhat like Makoto in Miike’s Ai to Makoto(Love’s Sincerity)….

      Can’t wait for upcoming episodes, even though I know it will be super-heartrenching!

  3. OMG


    • 3.1 OMG

      Yaye…I have never managed to crack the top ten!! Happy OT everyone…been following I Miss You and King of Dramas thru recaps and I love them both for different reasons…..

      For I Miss You, I think that there is a sick twisted part of me that likes this drama cuz no one should ever have to suffer that much and go thru that much shit… All of these characters need a loooooot of therapy. Yoo Seungo Ho’s character makes me wanna punch him…d shit he has done to that poor girl has probably made her worse for wear..she would have been much better off if he had not been a selfish lonely bastard – though I understand his character…not his actions.

      KoD is flat out funny and a true reveal of the industry in my opinion…. I think that this drama is doing all things right….good actors, good writing, good directing… So much to love. If only I had time I would actually watch it….I find myself eagerly looking forward to each recap every week.

      • 3.1.1 cv

        Happy Friday OMG!
        Good luck with finals!

        I love reading IMY recaps also. heheh
        Such a sad, sad story for sure. I do hope it end with a happy ending though. This story really need it.

      • 3.1.2 Korazy Lady

        Happy Friday, OMG! Those are the two dramas I’m following also (and can I say that KoD just stepped it up again this past week.) But I’m also loving Can We Get Married. Other than those, real life is too busy this time of year.

        One more week for you. Yeah! Keep up the good work and just keep your eyes on the goal (of having time for Kdrama watching!!!)

      • 3.1.3 crizzyville

        good evening everyone! looking forward to IMY and YSH’s character… real intriguing cos you wanna punch him (sorry I’ve been in AATM’s world, but just recently got out so i’m barely recovered and still wasn’t in this new loop).. gotta stack tissues before i start reading recaps and watch the drama… i know it’s halfway through so i’ll just keep myself busy watching crack dramas first (aka You’re Beautiful hehe) before plunging head straight into this angsty drama

      • 3.1.4 OMG

        yea i knew i was not gonna be able to watch IMY so i scrambled all over the interweb for recaps and i found one….so glad m not watching it…i feel like i would want to fly to korea, find YSH, slap him upside the head while telling him how sorry i am but his character is kinda horrible, kiss him, then run away!!!! HAHAHA!

        • Korazy Lady

          sounds like a good plan!

        • crizzyville

          can i come?! i’d like to slap him too as long as i can kiss/hug as well… for my sister… she likes him so much she made him her prof pic in fb… oh my..

          • OMG

            sure…for ur sister…hahahha

          • Yoli

            For your sister??…Ok, then can I come also and kiss him once for my sister, once for my niece, once for my co-worker….etc??????! πŸ˜€

      • 3.1.5 Shukmeister

        OMG –

        Way too chipper in the morning. Lol. Good luck with finals, and have lots of fun afterwards catching up on your shows!

      • 3.1.6 OMG

        Total side note: just found out this week that Kim Ji Suk speaks English and German really well….he has just jumped to the top of my list….yumm

        • OMG

          Apparently he went to middle and high school in England…. πŸ™‚

      • 3.1.7 Pat

        Hours go by with only tears and mellow music. BUCKETS of tears.

    • 3.2 OMG

      Oh also one more week till freedom n endless hours of kdrama watching…and sleep….Yaye!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. kakashi

    Haaaaaappy OT, dear Beanies!
    I’m back!
    Ah, you didn’t know I was gone. But I was. I was in Copenhagen and couldn’t watch any KDrama. It was hard!

    • 4.1 kakashi

      … I blame the withdrawal for this: I dreamt that I met and talked to Park Shi-hoo who was working as a bodyguard at some KPop event. His English was perfect and he had quite a fat belly (he was about 20kilos heavier than he really is). Initially, I just wanted an autograph. but then we talked a lot (he had some colleagues there too). I told him about Lee Jun-ki’s visit to Switzerland and how I didn’t get to see him, despite my stalking. He didn’t seem to like Lee Jun-ki much (he wrinkled his nose).

      • 4.1.1 Korazy Lady

        Maybe if we didn’t watch so much, we’d met them in our dreams more! Not a theory I’d really want to test out, though

        • kakashi

          I have the exact opposite theory. I’ll watch more and even have it running while I sleep –> MORE DREAMS!

      • 4.1.2 Enz

        I didn’t dream of any k actors but hopefully one day I will. I shall make that a resolution for next year. But which one.. I guess if its a dream I can have them ALLLL

        • kakashi

          It was a wonderful dream. It made me very happy, and the effect is ongoing, even though that was two nights ago. And tomorrow, Cheongdamdong Alice will make me even more happy! ahhhhh! Life is good.

        • kakashi

          btw, enz, I know quite a few ladies who regularly have k-actor dreams. all very chaste, I must add.

          • Enz

            It must be like that movie the purple rose of Cairo. Movie star comes out of the screen into the life of this girl who watches his movies all the time. Later, when he kisses her, he stops and says he doesn’t know what’s next cos in the movies, that’s where he stops ( movie set during the time of depression )!!

            So that’s why all these chaste dreams.. Coz in kdramas most of the time, we only get kisses (often unsatisfactory ones wihtout passion on the part of the girl too). The poor k actors don’t know what to do even in our dreams!!!

            It’s ok.. We take over and do all the difficult bits then. NEW YEAR’s resolution ..dream uncharted dreams with k actors of choice . Yeshhhh

          • Korazy Lady

            Enz, that might be the only New Year’s Resolution I’ve ever been happy to make!

          • Enz

            Actually KL, I meant to say unchaste dreams.. Dnt know how it became uncharted which think of it, is even better!

      • 4.1.3 Enz

        Oh and welcome back kakashi πŸ™‚

      • 4.1.4 Shukmeister

        Lol – maybe you need a shot of soju before sleeping! Good to see you on OT. Your Switzerland blogs were awesome to read, and such pretty scenery (both kinds)!

        • kakashi

          haha, thanks – and it helped to get over the sadness. I hope it has some effect on other Korean actors (i.e. they all want to come because they see how beautiful LJK looks because of the scenery)

          • Shukmeister

            [crossing fingers]

      • 4.1.5 pillowhead

        Hi Kakashi,
        I had a dream of Johnny Deep last week where we held hands. I blame the K drama’s for my dream being so inocent.

        • JoAnne

          A couple of years ago I dreamt that – ok you need a little background. My friends and I all live on the top of a tall hill and we jokingly call it the compound and dream of finding somewhere warmer to live where we COULD have a compound, AND we were getting ready to attend a Bon Jovi concert in a few days at this particular time – ok – so…I dreamt that we had our compound and it was having some work done and my boyfriend was the carpenter, working on cabinets in the kitchen. He was lovely from the rear, with pretty hair set off by a nice, soft, white sweatshirt, and a pretty butt set off by a nice, tight, perfectly faded pair of Levis. As I entered the kitchen he turned to hug me and I was conscious of two things: I REALLY love the smell of freshly cut lumber, and it was BON JOVI. So my friends refer to him as my boyfriend now.

          • kakashi

            buahahaha, man, your dream tops mine by far!!! Though I like PSH much much more than Bon Jovi. Or Johnny Depp. I can’t see Johnny Depp and not see Jack Sparrow. Plus, Depp means Idiot in German. That also puts me off.

          • pillowhead

            LOL. nice discription and I want a compound with all my friends.
            I actually am not in love with Johnny Depp, but I still wish I at least got a kiss.

        • cici_nomaden

          LOL!!!! Did you get a piggy back too by any chance?

    • 4.2 Mystisith

      Welcome back! Did you see the Little Mermaid shown in IRIS1? *Everything comes back to Kdramas.*

      • 4.2.1 kakashi

        wait … that statue in IRIS was THAT statue in Copenhagen?! I didn’t know that. No sightseeing for me anyway, but I already did that a few years ago, when I first went. This time, it was only for business.

  5. Matilda

    Happy OT! Have only been watching School now. Getting prepared for the holidays and new year πŸ™‚

  6. Minnetter (aka: Min)

    Good morning my dear DB folk… Today I have not slept since I’ve just got off of a Hobbit high… πŸ™‚
    Hope you have a wonderful day and exceptional weekend!

    • 6.1 Jeannette

      Me too! I slept about 2 hours this morning haha! So tired!

    • 6.2 Shukmeister


      Have you seen the movie? Did it meet the hype? I love Martin Freeman in the BBC Sherlock series (1/2 way through the second season) but its hard for me to picture his with big hairy feet. Hee.

      • 6.2.1 Jeannette

        I thought it was okay. I’m a MASSIVE lotr fan (my room is ALL LotR) so I wasn’t disappointed, but it was okay.

      • 6.2.2 Minnetter (aka: Min)

        I LOVED IT!! of course you’re talking to a major tolkien fan… but yeah it was totally worth my money, time and sleepless day. Freeman was an awesome Bilbo and I’m loving Richard Armitage’s Thorin- they are awesome. And there’s the silliness of the dwarves… they’re all a bit thick in varied different ways and have of course very distinct personalities so it’s pretty entertaining to watch this band of mismatched stragglers bond and create strong ties to each other.

    • 6.3 Enz

      Have you all watched the air nz inflight safety message starring characters from LOTR?

    • 6.4 owl

      Can’t wait to see the Hobbit – an going with my bro on Christmas Eve. Real life story – I dated a guy who carved the Hobbit characters (yeah, I know, should have been a clue)- marionettes was what they were- and toured the show. I helped paint the backdrops.

      Anyhoot, there were copyright issues, and it was so artsy and otherworld that our worlds ended up colliding. Bleh. Needless to say, I hate marionettes, they give me the creeps.

  7. myweithisway

    Happy Friday OT!

    Good luck to all those with final exams!

    Btw, KoD is freakin hilarious!

    • 7.1 Shukmeister

      I’m only a few epi’s in, but Anthony’s character is over the top and adorable!

  8. Jeon Woo-chi, The Great Seer, I Miss You, May Queen, and Alice in Cheongdam-dong complete my week. What are you guys watching?

    • 8.1 katiamon

      hi Jessa!
      i’m watching Alice in Cheongdam-dong and king of dramas. they really make my weeks along with 1N2D.
      I’ll give School 2013 a try after reading the recap for ep. 4, the twist in the finale left me craving for more.
      I’m trying to watch IMY again but i’m not totally convinced, i was really invested in the first episodes but after they grew up the plot turned too soapy for my taste. The acting is pretty good but i have problems with the way the charaters behave and the “you are SY so i’m gonna become your stalker” attitude.

    • 8.2 Shiku

      Absolutely love Madamme Butterfly, Cheongdam-dong Alice, King of Drama ang Gaksital.

      Also watching Horse Doctor, God’s quiz, School 2013 (I feel like there is something missiong in this show or maybe am just plain irritated by the bully who would dare hit a school teacher.)

      Planning to start Queen Insoo and A wife’s Credentials.

      • 8.2.1 Bashful82

        Queen Insoo is awesome – hands down the best sageuk of 2012, if not in recent times. So far they have subbed 14 episodes out of 60 and I hope the rest get subbed as well so that other people can enjoy the whole of the drama!

  9. ch

    I’m watching king of dramas and Alice in Cheongdam-dong…..
    King of dramas: simply awesome and will soon become one of my all time favorites πŸ™‚

    Alice in Cheongdam-dong : it’s also very good πŸ™‚

    just completed queen in hyun’s man πŸ™‚

    planning to watch school 2013 as well…. πŸ˜‰

    And watching fugitive plan B again..with my mom πŸ™‚

    • 9.1 nappy

      I TRIED TO watch fugitive plan b but daniel henney’s acting is driving me crazy but rain sure is a sexy pervert

      • 9.1.1 erinlibrarian

        OH, and that girlfriend of his!!

    • 9.2 momoi

      I think I need to check out King of Dramas one of these days since I always here about it.

  10. 10 oozzeee

    Happy Friday everyone, even if I’m not feeling the happiness coz I’m required to work this weekend.. πŸ™

    Just came home from buying Korean DVDs. I am sure I’ll be my Mom’s favorite daughter this Christmas..

  11. 11 cv

    Happy OT all! ^^

    Still behind on lots of Kdramas. Been busy with real life and watching Jdrama, Thai lakorn and anime. heheh

    School 2013 is getting really interesting. πŸ˜€

    Alice: still need to catch up.

    GS: also need to catch up.

    Jeon woo chi: need to catch up or might stop watching and marathon at a later date.

    Doctor X: almost to the end. Still good.

    On a more kpop note, I’m listening to lots of JYJ and Bigbang songs. hahah

    Hope everyone is doing well!

    • 11.1 John


      Hello. I watched the first episode of Doctor X this morning.

      I like it. I’ll have to catch up on it this weekend.

      • 11.1.1 cv

        Hi John! ^^

        Yes, you won’t regret watching Doctor X. It has a very ineresting storyline and the operations that they do in the show look real. lol

    • 11.2 Jeannette

      I’m so glad JYJ and SM settled. I know it’s not gonna happen, but I’m desperate for a TVXQ reunion.

      • 11.2.1 cv

        Yep, I’m glad too. However, until JYJ are on variety shows, etc, I’ll believe it that SM isn’t interfering with their activities.

        Reunion? unlikely. I hope the singers stay friends though. Suks to ruin friendship over work/ent management.

      • 11.2.2 Shukmeister

        Like cv, I won’t believe the settlement until JYJ performs and is broadcast. I kept thinking about Junsu’s Tarantallegra video and the awesome choreography. It was better IMHO than the MAMA award recipient.

        • cv

          Did you see the newest one…kinda bout the making of Tarantallegra? He looks beautiful…as a woman. ^^

          • Shukmeister

            Yes – I loved that video, with the different colors and such!!

    • 11.3 Korazy Lady

      Morning cv! How are things in your neck of the woods? Cold? I still love looking over my Big Bang videos on my phone. Have you seen the one online that Seungri took himself during the encore Friday night? I looked for us but couldn’t find us, haha!

      • 11.3.1 cv

        Hi! it’s actually really nice today, in the 40s. But I heard it’s suppose to snow/rain tomorrow so we shall see. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it’ll past us by? lol

        So wolfboy is good watch then? hmm… I’ll wait until it’s subbed online.

        Oh and I watched Silenced. Dam…. depressing and sad but it’s good. Topic like that needed to be addressed and out in the open. At least now they are doing something about it in SK. But those so call teacher/officials got off too light.

        • erinlibrarian

          Silenced – wow. So well done, and it did a great job of not sensationalizing and focusing on the pain of the kids. I encourage all of my U.S. teacher friends to watch it – you never know where it could happen again.

        • Korazy Lady

          Still afraid to watch Silenced. Any kind of child abuse traumatizes me.

    • 11.4 crizzyville

      behind dramas?! i’m in stone age right now talking about kdrama eras… lol hi there! i love listening to BB… they keep me company and happy on the way to work… makes me wanna dance while walking under the sun.. wow! fantastic baby! happy otp!

      • 11.4.1 cv

        Hi! glad to see another VIP fan! yay!

        I’m trying to get more people to listen to kpop. lol

  12. 12 Sabah

    What’s your favourite drama with Park Shi Hoo?

    Since I have only seen him in ‘How to meet your perfect neighbour,’ I am currently debating over starting Alice in Cheongdam-dong or instead watch Princess’ man or Princess Prosecutor?

    Thank you.

    • Since Alice has just started, i suggest you watch Princess Prosecutor first. Or you can watch both since there’s only 2 episodes released per week, you still have a lot of time to spare for PP. πŸ™‚

      • 12.1.1 Sabah

        I guess you are right, I’m over thinking. I mean there isn’t a thing as too much Kdrama or rather too much Park Shi hoo. : )

      • 12.1.2 owl

        I watched Princess Prosecutor last week- it gets good after the first 3 or 4 eps and I really loved it. The trouble with watching kdramas is the more you watch, the more there is to watch. I am so behind even though I am trying to catch up – hooked, yeah!

        • Sabah

          “The trouble with watching kdramas is the more you watch, the more there is to watch.” Tell me about it, I thought my question would lessen my problem but I now have three more PSH dramas to watch now! hehe

          Thanks for the review though since I do still want to watch it and your encouragement would help get me past the first few episodes. I mean if PSH isn’t enough encouragement. : )

    • 12.2 becca_boo

      Oh, the Princess’ Man. *sigh* I watched that over Christmas last year and fell in love. Just a word of warning: it’s incredibly addictive, so don’t start it yet if you have big deadlines in the near future.

      I’ve heard the other two are good, too, but I haven’t gotten to them yet.

      • I agree. And I’ve been watching it over and over again. PSH’s dramas are all good. πŸ™‚

        • korfan

          Ahhh ….. Park Shi Hoo …… You can never go wrong with him. I hope they air his new drama here in the U.S. *crossing fingers*

      • 12.2.2 Sabah

        Thank you for the warning. I am actually looking for something for the holidays so I might just marathon Princess’ man. I wanted something addictive and would leave me feeling satisfied. Thank you!

        • addylovesbwood

          Smart choice!! His performance in PM was phenomenal!! He won my heart.

          Anyone having a hard time watching Alice?? I thought I could do it for PSH but I’m just not connecting with it. I enjoyed reading recaps than the actual show.

          • Sabah

            Thank you for replying and the good review is very encouraging. : )

        • AnitaLotti

          If you really have some time over Christmas go for Family Honour with Park Shi Hoo. I liked him best in there his dark and conflicted as well as his playful, funny side were displayed exquisitely. It’s however 50 episodes. The storyline with Park Shi Hoo gets real romantic momentum from Ep. 15 onwards and keeps going strong till the end. The other storylines are very good as well. The drama is on viki.

          Just talking about it, I feel a rewatch of the best scenes is just what I need this weekend.

          • Sabah

            Ooh! Something different. If I can find it then I will surely check it out.

            Heartfelt thanks!

          • Llamaesque

            Family’s Honor is my favorite Park Shi Hoo drama. He’s so, so, so hot as the rich jerk that I wish they’d redeemed him later in the show, so he could have spent more time being nasty and pushy. Say…episode 50.

            It may be a long show, but it flies by.

          • Lovebug

            Swoon i Love PSH in Family’s Honor so much of the Cute!

      • 12.2.3 Korazy Lady

        I second that. That is my favorite sageuk. He was just so good in it. (The whole cast was good!) Prosecutor Princess is more cute, but good, too.

        • Sabah

          OK. Thank you!

    • 12.3 Sabah

      Dear Wanda,

      “Being told most of my school-life that I’m weird and unlike-able by classmates and people I thought were friends, was not very healthy for my self-esteem, I think that’s where my need for confirmation comes from.” Weird is relative. There’s a story about a man who walks into a therapy session and sits on the one chair that is out of line with the others. The doctor asks why he chose the chair out of order with the others to which he replies, ‘why do you think it was out of place? Maybe all the other chairs were out of line and it alone stood correctly in place.’

      “…even though going in with a mindset that I will not succeed does influence the result a lot.” Pre-emptive strikes don’t actually bring security they just make you more paranoid. I don’t think we should rely on others for opinions on who we are BUT I don’t think we should discount them entirely. Just chose people who would be fair and are wise to begin with. Who wants the good opinion of an idiot? Exactly.

      “a group of people bonding though they’re all different and finding their own paths eventually.” I too like such fiction about finding love that actually gives you strength to leave for adventures of your own. “Are there any settings you particularly enjoy? ” Actually I would say that settings take a backseat as I prefer things which are character driven and with plenty of detailing. So things like Amelie or Royal Tannenbaums or Hana Kimi. I think the closest Kdrama would be FBRS or AM1997. Not my favourite but just my preference, if you get what I mean.

      “I’m really glad I have such a good relationship with my mom” It is such a blessing. I’m not saying I had a terrible mother, not at all BUT we are so very different in our mindsets or outlook that we clash too often. My mum wanted ‘elegant’ and I’m a hobbledehoy Sometimes I do wish I had a mum that I could just go to who would support me and be on my side. I feel the absence of that safety net, it’s what the Korean’s call “아쉬움” aswium (I think, I might have misunderstood.)

      “to be able to find the right words in every situation. ” It’s such a good skill. I have this ban on saying anything to anyone until I am sure it’s fitting because there isn’t any more space for feet in my mouth…

      “…Which I really like, but it mostly doesn’t go the other way around, cause those recommended I usually already know. Same goes for most movies and series. So when I want recommendations I just search around the internet.” Ah the internet! I love it. It’s opened up many avenues and paths for me. I think it has helped me to feel less lonely whilst making me very anti-social offline too. Hehe. You seem very knowledgeable and clued up. Very impressive.

      “Are you already in the Christmas mood? ” I actually don’t celebrate Christmas. Yep, I get called scrooge alot. No tree, no pressies, no Santa! Yep scrooge. Hehe. This year because my Brother, sister in law and my nieces are Christian and celebrate it, I am actually going to have a Christmas dinner with them. So a little less scrooge and a lot more Turkey stuffed!

      I love snow. I spend as much time as possible, until I can’t feel my fingers, playing in it. I love eating it too! Yep, grosses my sister out too! I do agree though winter isn’t the same without it and especially the holidays. Just the thought of your little tree makes me smile though. Very endearing.

      • 12.3.1 FishcalledWanda

        “Maybe all the other chairs were out of line and it alone stood correctly in place.” Ha, that’s such a great story! I really like it : )
        “Just chose people who would be fair and are wise to begin with. Who wants the good opinion of an idiot? Exactly.”Those are very wise words. And I know I shouldn’t be too concerned with what other people think of me. And I didn’t even wanted to be part of those girls, but always standing apart is no fun too. A lot of my friends then changed themselves so they good be part of that group, but I never did. That’s why I never fitted in. It didn’t make it easy for me, but I’m glad I stayed true to myself.

        Hello there scrooge! I have to say that I don’t celebrate it because I’m religious, but more because it’s a tradition. The whole family coming together and decorating the house, it’s so much fun!
        And your comment about eating snow made me laugh! You have to love it a lot then, haha. I only like snow when it’s the holiday time and I don’t have to be anywhere necessarily! Is it already snowing where you live?

        “Sometimes I do wish I had a mum that I could just go to who would support me and be on my side. I feel the absence of that safety net”. I’m so sorry that you have to miss that. When you said that you connected more with Lorelai’s relationship with her mom, than with Rory and her mom, I already assumed something like that. But I didn’t wanted to ask it directly, because it’s very personal. So I’m glad you feel free to share things like this. And being a hobbledehoy has it’s own charm too! ; )

        Did you already watch the latest episodes of School? Were they as good as the first two? Because you mentioned a few times that you really liked HoS and it made your list I watched the first episode, it was so funny! And very different from everything else, I will definitely watch further.

        • Korazy Lady

          @FishcalledWanda – I feel like I’ve jumped into the middle of a private conversation that I don’t see the beginning of, but this is the only place I see that you’ve posted on here so just want to thank you for reading my blog and enjoying it! Kang Hyung Min forever!

          • FishcalledWanda

            Aw, thank you! It was so funny that I had to laugh out loud! Please write more, you’re hilarious! Also, my keyboard’s thanking you for making me spurt out my drink, it needed a wash badly, hehe. Oh and before I forget: I made the Creme de Menthe Brownies of which you shared the recipe on your blog, they were delicious! So thank you for that too : )

          • Korazy Lady

            I keep meaning to put my Kahlua cake recipe up there, but have to add a few other recipes of “regular” food first so people don’t think all I eat are alcoholic sweets!

            Regarding washing your keyboard – when I did that once it cost me $750! I have a Mac, with insurance, but water damage isn’t covered. Better swallow before reading next time!

          • FishcalledWanda

            Haha, I’ll keep an eye out for that cake then! There’s nothing better than alcoholic sweets ; )

            Eeeks, okay that scared me off! I don’t know if my laptop is insured, but I’ll keep any liquids out of a miles radius!

        • Sabah

          “…but I’m glad I stayed true to myself.” The thing is if we change to fit in, we lose ourselves so that a disconnect forms between our actions and our feelings and we end up being alone again. Sometimes the world does make you feel like, ‘Am I the only one?’ but then once in a while you find someone who gets you and “it shines out all the more brighter for it!”

          “I’m religious, but more because it’s a tradition.” I do think it is one of the world’s biggest traditions. I remember doing a project on Christmas around the world and it was really interesting learning about the different takes on it. Apparently in Korea it is seen this as a time of sacrifice and charitable efforts. However I too, like you love that it is a time when you spend time with the family. Me and my sister just camp out infront of the TV in our pjs with our duvets and watch films or Stargate marathon (something festive hehe) and eat biscuits. It’s that hibernation thing!

          There was a little snow last week but the temperatures have risen again! I don’t mind the cold but only if there is snow involved!

          “I already assumed something like that.” There was a time when I didn’t talk about my relationship with my mother but then a lot of people I met began assuming she had passed away because I just never spoke about her. She cared for me AND cares for me BUT we are just so different that I don’t feel that mother/child bond. That’s why I love dramas such as Panda or even SUFBB because it is about making your own families from people you have found to love you.

          “And being a hobbledehoy has it’s own charm too!” Hehe, but such is human nature that all I ever want is to be graceful. That and I wanted bright Auburn hair. I’m not sure why but now I find men with ginger hair very attractive like Damian Lewis.

          School is still very good. I am really enjoying the characterizations and slow build up of the relationships BUT without giving too much away, alarm bells began ringing over the plot which seems to be treading the ‘usual course.’ Or maybe I have just seen too many school dramas! Hehe. I guess not everything can be as innovative as SUFBB! πŸ™‚

          HSM just gets better and better. The plot and characterizations are just wondrous! Highly recommended! Have you seen the Hobbit yet?

    • 12.4 Maris

      Princess man and then Alice.
      I could never finish his other dramas. Started liking him in PM. Good drama too.

      • 12.4.1 Sabah

        OK, so a lot of support for PM. I generally tend to agree with people here so I shall follow your good advice. Thanks

    • 12.5 Rashell

      OH that’s easy… it’s the Princess’ Man by a long shot. That is actually one of my top 5 dramas ever. The romance is wonderful, the story is wonderful, both the H and h are wonderful. Honestly it is almost a flawless drama.

      I also liked Park Shi Hoo in Prosecutor Princess, Queen of Reversals, and Family’s Honor.

      • 12.5.1 Sabah

        “almost a flawless drama” That’s very impressive.

        I had wanted to watch PM or tree with deep roots, i.e. a drama that needed time and commitment with lots of focus and attention but would return that love too. However people warned me about the endings to both so I always hesitated. I finally have some time to give a drama some due care and attention so I thought I would randomly through this question up in the air and see where it led me and fortunately I feel that PM is the way to go. : )

        Thanks for the other recommendations, I will put them on my ‘check out’ list. Thank you.

    • 12.6 kakashi

      they’re all good!!
      haha. I’m a big PSH fan. He has a very specific charisma. I find it hard to explain, but he does it every single time. He’s in a drama and … kabooooooom, I’m again deeply in love with him.
      I’d watch Princess’ Man first, overall, it’s better than Prosecutor Princess.

      • 12.6.1 Sabah

        Hehe ‘Kaboom’ I’m going to hear that every time I see his face now. Hehe.

        OK, I think PM it is then! Thank you!

    • 12.7 Ann

      Did you like How to Meet your perfect neighbor? I started it, but I wasn’t too into it and after the first ep stopped. I like Alice and PP and Princesses Man so don’t know what to tell you there!

      • 12.7.1 Sabah

        Hehe, no worries, I think I will watch them all eventually but for now I will start with PM.

        As for HMPN, well if we lived forever, I would say sure watch it because it was an enjoyable watch with some good moments BUT since time is limited and the list of Kdramas to watch only ever lengthens, I would say watch something better. I found the characterizations very much stifled and annoying rather than engaging. The plot also dragged but maybe because it wasn’t all that innovative or exciting.

        I don’t regret watching it, and rate it as something I enjoyed but I wouldn’t return to it nor would I jump to recommend it. I hope that helped a little.

        • Ann

          Thanks! The one thing that I hate is draggy plots. So I’ll put that on my maybe never list.

    • 12.8 Lovebug

      Hands down Prosecutor Princess! I abosutley fell in love with him in this drama. His character is really dynamic and I love their love line. (Also shout out to PSH in sunglasses, in a tracksuit speedwalking, and PSH in a yellow V-Neck).

      I also really loved his character is Queen of Reversals. One of my favorite drama characters of all time. (I would so day Yoo Gong shik in real life). His story doesn’t really come into the picture till like episode 4 or 5 (or maybe later, cant remember) But he is awesome.

      Also if you want to see PSH being cute watch Family’s Honor. So freakin adorable!

      • 12.8.1 jΡ”Ρ•Ρ•Ξ±β„’ μ£Όμ›μ‚¬λž‘ (@jung_kYro)

        “Hands down Prosecutor Princess! I abosutley fell in love with him in this drama.”

        Same here. I became a big fan of him because of PP. The very first PSH kdrama I’ve watched is Iljimae, but he didn’t won me over there. Maybe because his character is not the good one, and there’s LJK. I was a big fan of LJK that time.

        Then, I’ve been considering to watch The Princess’ Man for a long time but I didn’t have the courage to watch because I’m afraid that the ending is sad (since the drama description tells it is the Joseon’s Romeo and Juliet). Fortunately, after watching PP, the green light turned on for TPM.

        After watching it, I realized it’s a good thing I decided to watch PP. If not, I will never encounter an awesome actor with an oozing charm.

        Now, my top 3 actors are:
        1. Park Shi Hoo
        2. Song Joong Ki
        3. Yoo Seung Ho


      • 12.8.2 Sabah

        Aw man, you are making it really hard with your sincere and passionate arguments! Also those descriptions have me really curious and excited!

        OK, so I pretty much have PSH on view for the next few Kdramas. Win win really. Hehe.

        Thank you for sharing.

  13. 13 becca_boo

    Happy OT Fridaaaay!!!

    Took my last final on Wednesday, and now I am free free free! Well, except for all of the things on my to-do list that I’ve been putting of because of school. : ) Catching up on dramas is, of course, on that list. I’m not caught up on ANYTHING right now, but I love the little bits and pieces of what I have seen. I especially love CWGM (just finished ep 4 last night) and School 2013 (I’ve only seen one episode, but it hit all the right notes – I am IN).

    Hope everybody has a great weekend, and good luck to those of who are still taking finals. You can do it!!

  14. 14 pogo

    Happy Friday, everyone!

    School 2013 is so awesome it makes me want to squeal, and I’m way too old to do that in public so I will just do it here – it’s brilliant! I love that 2012 is bookended by not one but TWO great dramas set in high school – first SUFBB, and now this, with Answer Me 1997 in the middle for a perfect sandwich <3

    I'm also watching The Princess' Man, which I quite like, though I haven't come to Park Shi Hoo in Iljimae-costume yet so maybe that is why I don't LOVE it……but I do love the princess (great second leads <3) and Se-ryung, who is an awesome heroine even if JB and GF hate her sageuk diction (I suppose this is an…advantage of not knowing the language? lol)

    I'm also into I Miss You, though I will watch episode 11 and report back in a bit….

    • 14.1 owl

      Hi pogo! Come talk to me in #33 when you’ve finished IMY 11 and 12. I’m spent.

      • 14.1.1 pogo

        hey owl! I prob. won’t finish Episode 12 till tomorrow, so if you’re around for the weekend we can chat – I already see LOTS of tears in the few caps I’ve seen.

    • 14.2 Rashell

      The Princess’ Man will just keep getting better and better. I remember when I watched it at first I wasn’t sure what the big deal was, and then all of the sudden I couldn’t stop watching. I marathoned 24 episodes in one weekend. Such a great drama.

  15. 15 katiamon

    Loving King of Dramas, hooked to Alice in Cheongdamdong!

  16. 16 soyabeans

    Hello everyone!

    Have been watching eps 1-12 of King of Dramas over and over and over again while waiting for Monday! (Ok, maybe like eps 6 onwards, I rewatch them more coz they have all the memorable scenes!)

    Will start on School 2013 soon! Hope the Jang Nara-Daniel Choi pairing is as good as when they were in Babyfaced Beauty!

  17. 17 Mystisith

    What I’m watching:
    K dramas:
    – Cheongdamdong Alice: The 2 last eps were hilarious.
    – King of Dramas. β™₯
    – Horse Doctor. The 2 last eps were super slow and dull. And still better ratings than KOD. *Headdesk*
    – School 2013. Liked the first 3 eps. Ep 4 is repetitive (fights, fights and more fights: Do kids study in that school?). Hope it will have something new to offer next week.
    – Can We Get Married? β™₯
    – May Queen.
    – Rascal Sons. Seriously fast forwarding a lot.

    J doramas:
    – Priceless. β™₯
    – Kekkon Shinai. Like it.
    – Doctor X. Stalled.

    HK dramas:
    – A Great Way to Care. Still watching 1 ep by month when nothing else is available. At that rate I will need 9 months to finish it. Which suits me fine. πŸ™‚

    Thank God it’s the end of FH2 this week: Funny in the beginning then it became lame.
    Dropped MONSTERS. Tried Miss Young-ae: Some funny scenes but doesn’t stick with me.
    I NEED Flower Boy Next Door, like yesterday…

    • 17.1 cg

      hey how do you make a heart in a comment πŸ˜€

      • 17.1.1 Mystisith

        I copy and cut it from my wordpress blog who has it in the custom characters. Surely there is another way but that’s the only one I know… πŸ™‚

      • 17.1.2 Minea

        or you can do ALT + 3

        • cg

          Thanks πŸ™‚

          like this β™₯….great!!

    • 17.2 alua

      Ah, someone else is watching Priceless. β™₯ is right. (Although I’m still putting Osozaki no Himawari higher up – β™₯β™₯β™₯. Impatient for ep 6 and 7 which have aired but not been either uploaded or subbed…)

      <I NEED Flower Boy Next Door, like yesterday


      I'm loving School 2013. Every episode.
      I still haven't watched eps 3 and 4 of Cheongdamdong Alice, the first two were not particularly compelling. The agreement from the recaps for ep 3 and 4 seems to be that it's gotten (significantly) better, but the storyline I'm seeing in the various recaps I have read just sounds so crazy! Like it makes no sense… so I'm not sure if I am going to try again.

      • 17.2.1 John


        Yes, waiting for subs for Priceless and Osozaki no Himawari . So, I watched Doctor X, which looks good.

        I’m enjoying Osozaki no Himawari. So many good looking actresses. Cheery cast ensemble theme song too.

        • alua

          I love the cast ensemble theme song of Osozaki no Himawari! This is what drama watching does to you…

          The boys are pretty too, but, you’re right, Maki Yoko is gorgeous, while Kashii Yu has a rather distinct but intriguing look (as does Emoto Tasuku).

          Everyone seems to be talking about Doctor X this week, I’ll have to look into it.

      • 17.2.2 queencircles

        I want flower boy next door tooooo! Nowww hahah!

        • alua

          When does it actually premiere?

          • Hillary

            Think the 7th of January on TVN

          • alua

            7th of January!!!! That’s like…. in forever.

    • 17.3 Korazy Lady

      I’m convinced that there are more hours to the day in France πŸ™‚

      • 17.3.1 Shukmeister

        That’s what I was thinking too! Lol

      • 17.3.2 kakashi

        yes. definitely. Mysti, send me some of your time! thanks!!

    • 17.4 Carole McDonnell

      Hi Mystisith

      I started subscribing to your blog as well. So good to have a blog that does k-dramas as well as j-dramas. Added some of your recommendations to my dramalist.

      Priceless is definitely good. Have you tried Tsumi to Batsu? It’s a Crime and Punishment adaptation with hikkikomori student. He’s murdered now so he can’t go back. (Kept wishing he wouldn’t but…ah well.)

      Also Ooku: Arikoto Iemitsu Hen. Sooooo good.
      Hitorishizuka: Also good.
      Am also liking Piece a lot.

      And yes, am waiting and waiting and waiting for Flower Boy Next Door.

      • 17.4.1 Mystisith

        Carole, I’m a chicken: I have a hard time watching the darker J doramas. I mostly prefer the shows where they put their pink glasses on. I don’t think I could handle Tsumi to Batsu…
        Ooku: Arikoto Iemitsu Hen is on my to watch list.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Yeah…avoid Tsumi, then. I was already to be on my Japanese Raskalnikov but then he kinda did something that made me drop my romanticized idea of him — no, not the first murder. So it’ll be hard to keep being on his side.

          Ooku is sooooooooo good. It’s hard to write a character who is good, noble, self-aware, honorable…and yet not boring or pompous or self-righteous. This actor NAILS it.

    • 17.5 MojoJojo

      Happy Friday!
      Yay for someone else watching Kekkon Shinai. I like it a lot too, watching it is like comfort food.

      Just finished
      Love Shuffle – Jdorama

      King of Dramas – so sad it’s ending soon
      Cheongdamdong Alice
      Kekkon Shinai

      Starting/Picking back up this weekend
      Legal High
      School 2012
      Jeon Woo chi

      Anything else that tickles my fancy. lol

      Oh and I want to start reading the City of Bones series…

  18. 18 pogo

    Also, am I the only one who’s loving the soundtrack for School 2013? I knew the title track was by 4minute without even having to look it up, and it’s so energetic it makes me want to dance.

    • 18.1 Aleena

      Ikr, I really love the soundtrack too! πŸ˜€

    • 18.2 okiejune

      Me too! I usually don’t notice the music so much, but they were playing “So Happy Together” during the bus ride during episode 4! So good!

  19. 19 Jeannette

    Good luck to all in school right now! My daughter is taking midterms right now…8th grade is a challenge. So much homework and she’s got FOUR midterms on Monday. Poor dear.

    This week was entertaining. I got into my first heated discussion about K-pop and Gangnam Style. First off, I don’t give a poo about that song. It’s not my style and Psy is no flower boy. But don’t sit here and tell me that I’M pronouncing it wrong when I’ve learned the dang hangul and listened to the flipping WORD in like a BAJILLION dramas…don’t call him the “fat old Asian guy” because he’s like MONTHS older than I am, he’s been in the business for a million years, he’s worked hard to get where he is now, and he’s not a fly-by-night artist. I respect Psy. I don’t care for him much, but dang he’s worked hard. Good for him! And finally, don’t act like you know ALL K-pop because you heard one song one time.

    I was getting borderline hysterical. I want to keep my K-pop/drama club to myself. I don’t want these people infringing on it when they are not really interested and it’s just the thing to do now. Keep your country or whatever it is you listen to and leave my thing alone.


    Okay. Another kpop convo with the kid happened yesterday. She got into some exclusive program where only 35 kids from two counties get in every year so it’s a pretty big deal. yesterday was the orientation and the lady had them fill out a form that lists goals etc. The first one was “name 3 personal goals.” She tried to put “Learn Korean, go to Korea, marry a Korean.”

    *blink blink*

    I told her that marriage should never be a goal, haha. Little stinker. She tried to argue but in the end I won.

    I’m watching School 2013 right now and I LOVE IT. I want to lick Woo-bin so bad. Dang there’s just something about him that makes me claw at the screen. Love love.

    I see FH2 is over. I have to catch up on that as I’ve only seen the first few eps. I hate how it’s cut into 30 minute bits. That’s a lot of subtitle files I have to get and load.

    I’m on the last ep of Reply 1997. I don’t want it to end.

    I’m addicted to Kim Sung kyu’s solo album “Another Me.” It’s seriously beautiful. I can’t stop listening to “I Need You” and am determined to learn every single bit of it. I’m waiting for people to start doing covers. I have SHINee’s new single in the mail RIGHT NOW! I hope I get Onew-goon’s cards. Today is his birthday too! yay!

    I have a million more things to say, but I can’t remember. I seriously love you guys. Without this place I’d be so K-everything lonely. I appreciate you all very very much. I hope everyone has an awesome week(end) and I hope I see lots of people on here to squee with. <3

    • 19.1 Mystisith

      What’s happening with PSY was predictable: People hear one song and start behaving like if they had invented the alphabet. Add a bit of anti-Asian racism and you have a nice stinking cocktail. Guh, we were there before them and we know better. πŸ™‚

      • 19.1.1 Jeannette

        @Mystisith Yeah, I pretty much ignored all teh Psy junk b/c it’s what happens with pretty much all pop stuff. The herd likes it and then they move on to the next. I just got really touchy b/c this was coming form people who completely dismiss my K-everything love! And they were acting like they knew EVERYTHING! Hey! Last time I checked I was the one with the kpop decal collection on my car and all that jazz! >_<

        @CV I know! I think it was pretty harsh what Psy said back then, but I remember when those two girls were killed and it was a TERRIBLE time! I understand how emotions can really get out of control. He lived here, he knows not all Americans are douchebags, he apologized…get over it! My opinion hasn't changed. It's like when idols had been performing in blackface…I HATE racism and am VERY AGAINST RACISM, but let's understand that they don't really know how offensive that is. They apologized, it's over, move on.

    • 19.2 cv


      It’s hilarious that people loved Psy he’s hot with his hit but when something bad is written about him from his past, everyone starts dropping or badmouthing him. That just tells me they aren’t really fans but just people going with the flow of trend out there…when it ends, they end too.
      Psy’s music is different… mostly rap. I’m not really a fan of his music but I do respect that he’s a musician and does work hard to get to where he is at today. It’s added bonus that he’s with YG ent which most of my favorites are from. Ex: BB, 2ne1, Seven, epikhigh, leehi etc. haha!

    • 19.3 Korazy Lady

      I always love to hear your convos with your daughter. What a good Mom!

      The whole Psy thing is pretty comical to those of us in the know. And yeah, the fat old Asian guy comment is a bit much. I don’t even equate him with Kpop. And I love when I mention that I went to see Big Bang, a kpop group, people ask me if I meant the guy who does the horsey dance.

      Let’s broaden our horizons a little, people!

      • 19.3.1 Jeannette

        @Korazy Lady Awww, thanks! <3 We have so many of these convos a DAY but I forget them! I think nothing beats me walking into the public library downtown a few weeks ago and seeing the red umbrellas hanging from the ceiling and exclaiming: "JYJ UMBRELLAS! FROM LOTTE DUTY FREE COMMERCIAL!" Cella looked at me like I was NUTS! HAHA!
        Parts of me wishes that people would give kpop a real try, but then I worry…Kpop makes me feel special. What if by luck SHINee comes to towna nd I miss out on tix b/c all these new fans snagged them first? That being said, they wouldn't even come if there wasn't a fanbase…AGH!

    • 19.4 JoAnne

      ON THE OTHER HAND…licking Woo Bin should ALWAYS be a goal.

      • 19.4.1 Shukmeister


      • 19.4.2 Jeannette

        Oh yes! HAHA I’ve always said that i wanted to bite someone when I thought they were cute…to my delight I found out that it was an expression in Korea (more or less)! Color me happy!

        Kim Woo-bin, be prepared for lovey bite marks!

    • 19.5 pillowhead

      HAHA! “Psy is no flower boy” so true. When GS came out my friends asked me if that was my favorite song now. I looked it up and saw him and without even hearing the song. I said, “no way”. haha

      • 19.5.1 pillowhead

        plus I really don’t care for the song. I’m loving Block B. Zicooooooooooooooo u r too young for meeeeeeeeee. omg. I’m still up. I wish I could fall asleep as fast as a Korean character.

        • Jeannette

          LOL My daughter LOVES Zico! He’s sooo cute! Do you know who else is cute? L. Joe from Teen Top. He’s so teeny and manly and CUTE all at once. God, I feel gross even tying this hahah!

          I can’t help it. I love my flower boys. MYNAME is a super cute group. Every single one is adorable (ignore Gunwoo’s lame hair in the Japanese version of “Message”) and I switch from wanting to feed them to wanting to nom them. lol

          • pillowhead

            haha! I know. I feel gross too. lol

          • pillowhead

            ugh. even PSY is younger than me.

  20. 20 Wordwork

    The first one was β€œname 3 personal goals.” She tried to put β€œLearn Korean, go to Korea, marry a Korean.”

    Are you sure that’s your daughter and not mine…

    • 20.1 Jeannette

      I’m pretty sure she’s mine…does your have pink hair too? Hey, maybe our rugrats can go together. haha. I know a few people who live there (or are in the process of moving there) so that makes me feel better about it.

      LOL! I can’t wait to show everyone what I got her for Christmas! I got her the “Soy Un Taeminnie” shirt from EYK and I’m DYING for her to have it already. AGHHH!

      • 20.1.1 Wordwork

        Mine would like to have pink hair but since she’s got the most beautiful red-blonde hair so far I’ve managed to talk her out of it. She’s really excited because she’s off to the Big Bang concert tomorrow – we’re in London – although she’s actually more of a SHINee fan. Where did you order the single? I got her the last one from Yes Asia I think but it took ages to come.

        • Shukmeister

          Leaf is planning to go to the London concert to! Seungri posted a rather dreary pic on his Twitter account, so I hope it doesn’t rain the whole time the Boys are in England.

        • Jeannette

          Oh if Marcella had red-blonde hair we’d leave it. We were cursed with brown hair. BOO! OOOO BB! Lucky! I loooove SHINee but I wouldn’t say no to ANY KPop gig! I bought it from YesAsia. Usually I buy from eBay and everything comes pretty quick but I wanted free shipping plus the Lee Min-ki album and SHINee’s 1st mini album. Buying them all together cost me about $60 with free shipping. I’m hoping by this time next week I’ll have them and at least ONE Onew card. PLEASE JUST GIVE ME ONEW! TT_TT

      • 20.1.2 sweetcloud

        I’m almost jealous of your daughter for having pink hair! I used to think it was just another way for idols to further chemically damage their hair, and spur a few news articles to make publicity for their upcoming promotions… Then Yesung dyed his hair pink and I started thinking the colour might look good on me too. The things biases do to your fangirl brain…

        • Jeannette

          @Sweetcloud: LOL! She is an awesome kid. When I was in school I had my hair dyed all the colors of the rainbow and my nose pierced and when I was 17 I shaved my head and when I was 18 pierced my tongue. Pretty cool time for me. Right now I’m trying to get her to pierce her ear like Sungyeol in Infinite. I’ve decided I’m getting my conch done like Key. LETS ALL BE COOL HEY HEY!

          • Enz

            Hey Jeannette shinee no 1 fan on OT! Have you watched the world date with shinee? Only key and Jong hyun is on it but there are about 8 girls from all over the world that had this opportunity to hang out with the boys. No onew but am sure you would have flipped if you had the chance. It all looked really fun. I don’t know ANY kpop but I still watched

          • Jeannette

            @Enz I didn’t see it ONLY because I knew I’d get ragey-jealous…but if there’s no Onew then I might watch it. I mean, the other boys are dating each other and Onew’s only love is chicken…oh god when he gets married I’m going to be so heartbroken.

            You should give SHINee a try! I started with them and quickly moved onto like a million other groups. My next fave is Infinite. πŸ™‚

          • Enz

            Where does one start listening though? Coz when I watch music bank they all start to sound the same? How does one start listening ?

          • Jeannette

            @Enz…oh gracious! Okay. Well, personally I started with Lucifer. BUT. I would do this (youtube videos):
            Love Like Oxygen
            Ring Ding Dong
            1000 Years
            Replay (Japanese)
            Onew’s Cheer Up Song

            These are your very basic SHINee songs and crowd pleasers. If you like that, then I would start with the actual albums, going in order. πŸ™‚

            Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you have a bias… Even when I couldn’t choose on a bias and kept switching from Key to Minho I still really enjoyed the videos. Watching Hello Baby made me love Onew for ever, best. (Kinda like Sesame Player and his solo debut made me settle my Infinite bias on Sunggyu.) You can always message me on my fb! (link above)

          • Enz

            Ok ok thanks Jeannette!! I know I prob can google everything but its all so overwhelming. Already not have enough time and energy for k dramas and now daring to dip toe into kpop?? Wish me luck! But I do want to check it out cos we get a lot of acts coming here and if I get into it, I might go for their concert.

            Don’t cry but shinee is coming in January!!!!

          • Jeannette

            @Enz If you see my beloved SHINee you must hold a sign that says JEANNETTE NOONA LOVES ONEW!

            Also the good thing about kpop is you don’t have to concentrate…you can just listen!

  21. 21 Aleena

    Hey everyone! πŸ˜€

    I’m watching School 2013 these days, and WOW, I am SO addicted to this show! ALready! πŸ˜€ It kills me waiting for Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Episode 4 was amazing! I hope the show keeps up the awesome work. Nam Soon <3

    I'm going to start watching Alice in Cheongdam-dong as well. Park Shi Hoo's in it, as a Mad Hatter sort of guy, I've heard, which sounds really interesting.

    Guys, I'd really like your help on deciding what finished drama to watch now. I want to watch a happy-ish, cute romance but something not completely fluffy. Something that doesn't have high stakes, but is still addicting. It doesn't have to be Korean. I'd really appreciate any recommendations! πŸ˜€

    • 21.1 Jeannette

      Hmm…Have you seen TTBY yet? lol I loved that drama, even though many didn’t. I finished Dalja’s Spring which was good, but pace yourself! It gets a little aggravating. And my favorite J-dorama is “Ouran High School Host Club” which is lovely and silly and lovely and the twins…gah! They used to practice their “twincest” scenes and admitted to liking it. It sounds worse than it is, I promise! LOL!

      What have you seen so far?

      • 21.1.1 Aleena

        That’s the Hana Kimi Korean version, right? I was thinking about watching the japanese version first, and then the Korean. Maybe I’ll watch the Korean first, though. Ouran! πŸ˜€ I liked the anime, so I’ll definitely check the drama out πŸ˜€ Thanks so much! πŸ˜€

        So far, I’ve seen Shut up flower boy band, King2hearts, My gf is a gumiho, secret garden, dream high, prosecutor princess. I’ve watched more, but haven’t completed them πŸ˜› Short list, Ik. I’m a newbie drama addict πŸ˜€ How about you, what dramas are your favourites?

        • Ash

          Ooh, does that mean you haven’t seen Coffee Prince? Or Hana Yori Dango? Those are some of the classics, and definitely worthwhile if you haven’t already tried them.

          Seconding the recs for Ouran, Dal Ja’s Spring, and Love Shuffle, too.

          • Llamaesque

            Coffee Prince is so good that I’m actually *jealous* of people who haven’t seen it yet. I’m planning to marathon it (again) over winter break…I just can’t get enough of that Eun Chan/Choi Han Gyul pairing.


        • sweetcloud

          I second and third Dal Ja’s Spring, Hana Yori Dango, Coffee Prince πŸ˜€

          I haven’t watched many j dramas but the first season of HYD is very fast paced and addictive, with only 11 episodes, a good break from lengthier kdramas imo πŸ˜€

        • Jeannette

          SO MANY FAVES @Aleena! I really can’t count! I might do a short review list of all the dramas I’ve watched and put it on my FB. I get this question a lot. At some point I want to upload some vids of drama reviews. LIke 3 mins or less. 99% of the time I hate spoilers so if you keep it under 3 mins you’re probably not gonna spoil people!

          You must watch WHITE CHRISTMAS. It’s a psychological thriller but oh so good with hotties galore! SUNG JOON OMG! <3

          • Aleena

            Okay, i will try out White Christmas! I love Sung Joon too! πŸ˜€ <3

            Yeah, you should do that! Video reviews, interesting. And I hate spoilers too! I never watch the previews of episodes.

      • 21.1.2 alua

        Coffee Prince.
        Kimi wa Petto. β™₯
        Hana Kimi.
        Miss Rose (TW) has been pretty good, but it’s not finished yet and I’m several episodes behind (and ep 16 annoyed me).

        It’s not really romance, but rather about friendship, but I loved Waterboys (J) too – the first drama, haven’t seen the film yet. Bit older though.

    • 21.2 ladysarahii

      FH2 just finished… I don’t know if you watched, but even the melo isn’t that melo. One Japanese drama my friends really enjoyed was Love Shuffle. It’s about a bunch of people who meet in a stuck elevator and become friends. Their love lifes become stagnant, so they take turns dating each other. Insanity insues.

      There’s some drama in it but a lot of it will make you go, “Awwww!”

      • 21.2.1 Aleena

        Oh, yes, Full House, I was thinking of starting that! The doctor from my Gf is a Gumiho is in it, No Min Woo, I think is his name πŸ˜€

        I think I’ve heard about Love Shuffle too; the story sounds familiar. Thank you, I’ll check it out! πŸ˜€

        • Chimera

          Seconding Coffee Prince and Hana Yori Dango. Also try You’re Beautiful for wacky fun, FBRS for a hilarious Jung Il Woo and spunky heroine, and Nodame Cantabil just to see straight faced real life people bounce around like manga characters. πŸ˜‰

        • cg

          you’re beautiful….

        • Enz

          Coffe prince and flower boy ramyun shop are my recommendations too

    • 21.3 Aleena

      Wow, Coffee Prince has Gong Yoo! πŸ˜€ And it really good! Oh, yes, I’ve watched Hana Yori Dango, how could I forget to include it?! It was awesome!

      Dal Ja’s Spring I’ve watched! πŸ˜€ Loved Lee Min Ki!! <3 And Dal Ja herself, of course.

      I agree, sweetcloud, j-dramas are short and easy to zip through.

      I've watched Nodame Cantabile too, and loved the whole acting-like-manga-characters thing xD

      Flower Boy Ramyun Shop sounds great, too! And yes, I've heard of You're Beautiful, it's staring Park Shin Hye, right?

      Thank you all so much! πŸ˜€ I've got lots of dramas lined up now. Right now, I think I'll probably either watch Flower Boy or You're Beautiful.

  22. 22 ladysarahii

    Finished FH2 last night and had a nice lengthy pout when I realized there would be no more 30 minute doses of Park Ki-Woong with my morning coffee. My life is hard. πŸ˜‰

    Also watching School 2013… I have to join the bandwagon of people who are liking this. I love the characters and want to see everyone do well, haha.

    Also Alice in Cheomdangdong. It’s pretty draggy for me at the moment, but I love PSH’s character, so I’m sticking around for him.

    Of course KoD is always amazing and funny, and I want to hang out with those guys in Anthony’s production company.

  23. 23 DayDreamer

    Happy Friday Beanies.

    This entire week, I had been marathoning Gaksital and as a result I am in dire need of hugs. What a show. Unbelievably so damn good. But so heartbreaking, heart-wrenching, and I think I died about fifty times from heart palpitations. I keep having the urge to cry right now, just thinking about it. *sigh*

    I couldn’t even enjoy my favorite King of Dramas this week with all the overwhelming emotions tugging at me. Maybe next Friday, I can comment here in higher spirits.

  24. 24 Ash

    Happy OT!

    All caught up on Alice. It’s different than what I’d expected after those promos, darker and more realistic about life under Debt Mountain. I’ve never seen an actress who can cry quite like Moon Geun-young; I swear her eyes can hold a gallon before they spill over, and it pulls at my heart every single time. Add in Park Shi-hoo consistently delivering the funny to keep things from going too somber, and it’s practically my dream drama. (Let us not speak of my newfound Park Shi-hoo Problem. I may or may not be watching Prosecutor Princess to kill time until the weekend. Ahem.)

    I’m also excited to see where School 2013 goes. I had no expectations at all from that drama, and it’s been such a pleasant surprise. Everything about it is just… *quality*. The writing is so good at doling out backstory slowly enough that I’m dying to know more, without dragging things out just for the sake of mystery. It hasn’t quite claimed my heart yet, but it has my brain fully engaged.

    King of Dramas is still the one I look forward to most, though. It’s so clever and funny and meta, and I have a weakness for things that make me laugh. Now that we’re coming to the end of its run, I find myself hoping that that extension comes through after all. I’m not ready to let it go.

  25. 25 Leaf


    IT’S BIG BANG TOMORROW!!! WHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    Yeah…. everyone have a good week! <3

    • 25.1 cv

      Hi LEaf!

      Have a great time at BigBang show! You’ll love it! ^^

      Wish I could go again! lol

      • 25.1.1 Shukmeister


        Come back to OT and tell us all about it!

    • 25.2 Aleena

      Wow! πŸ˜€ You’re so lucky!! Have fun πŸ˜€

    • 25.3 crizzyville

      ohh… i envy those who have gone to their concerts.. i didnt attend to their concert in our country… that sucks but i didnt regret… cos i didnt like the venue and to my relief, the audio wasnt excellent… too bad, gd wasnt happy that much, for a perfectionist that he is… but i’m happy he spent some cozy times with friends and enjoyed their stay…

      still, i wanna see them live, in performance…

    • 25.4 Korazy Lady

      You will love it! Where are you seats?

    • 25.5 Enz

      Welcome back leaf!! Happy big banging tomorrow πŸ™‚

    • 25.6 kakashi

      woaaaaah! You lucky girl! Have tons of fun

    • 25.7 pillowhead

      Rush the stage, Kiss Gdragon and make out with TOP for me. πŸ˜€

      • 25.7.1 Enz

        Or at least make sure the their sweat fall on you

    • 25.8 Leaf

      BIG BANG IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

      It was just…. perfect <3

      And I now offically love Seungri…. his english was perfect… he did a British accent you see… and he rocked it <3

      But I have some amazing photos to share!!! My friend, hereby known as Daesung's future Wife, takes fantastic photos.

      This is one of her husband:

      And actually I give up now cause I'll post then all otherwise.

      But yeah… that definately was the BEST NIGHT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 25.8.1 Enz

        I HEAR YOU, LEAF, all the way in Malaysia! πŸ™‚ my niece went to the London concert too.. Hopefully she got some of their sweat on her coz she’s mad for them too and bought the expensive tickets

        Glad you had a great time πŸ™‚

      • 25.8.2 Shukmeister


        I’m soo glad you made it! They were pretty awesome, weren’t they! I still haven’t finished my memoir from our concert, because I stop and pull out the images in my head, and my phone. lol

        BIG BANG!!!!

  26. 26 Korazy Lady

    Another Friday morning (for me, anyways). Hope it finds you all well.

    So last week I was going to see Werewolf Boy during this OT and when we got there, the projector was broken! I wanted to yell “Yeh!” Finally got to see it on Tuesday and loved it. It was rather predictable, but soooo heartwarming and touching. And SJK’s acting was so good that I didn’t even lust after him, I just wanted to take him home to nurture him. (Well, I always want to take him home, but I swear this time my intentions were more honorable πŸ™‚ )

    • 26.1 kakashi

      yeah, yeah. rub it in. rub it in! you are so lucky to have Korean movies shown in the States at all! and you also have viki and dramafever etc. etc. etc. >.<

    • 26.2 katiamon

      who doesn’t wanna take him home???? hahahaha
      i wanna watch the movie, i’m waiting to watch it at dramacrazy.

    • 26.3 Llamaesque

      SJK reminded me of my mother’s dog in the movie, rendering him totally lust-proof. Clearly, that’s a sign of some pretty amazing acting ability. πŸ˜‰

      Werewolf Boy was the first Korean movie I’ve ever seen, and I really liked it a lotβ€”it’s sweet and sentimental, just like the best Kdramas.

    • 26.4 Lovebug

      I saw it too! I thought it was really good. (Can Song JoongKi do any wrong). I was a little miffed by the ending (and some of the subs) but overall really enjoyed. I brought my friend who actually cried!

      • 26.4.1 Llamaesque

        The ending was kind of bizarre, eh? Apparently the American release had a different ending than the Korean one, which makes me wonder if theirs was better.

        • Lovebug

          Oh I hadn’t heard that, I wonder what happened in the Korean one. I am guessing a more “happy” ending

    • 26.5 cherkell

      So I guess what we saw today *was* the Alternate One — I did some more research and IMDB spilled the beans on both endings. (So stay away from their unless you want to be spoiled.) My only complaint about the film was WHY DIDN’T I BRING MORE KLEENEX BECAUSE OH MY GOD I CRIED LIKE A BABY!!! Yes, the plot was predictable, but the acting was off-the-charts exemplary and if Joon-ki doesn’t receive some Daesang from this next year, then it will be a total travesty of justice!!!

      Oh crap, I’m tearing up again just thinking about Cheol-su…

      • 26.5.1 cherkell

        their site* Even my typing is affected!!

      • 26.5.2 Korazy Lady

        I’m glad you loved it too. I cried a lot also, and felt if I wanted to I could have cried for the rest of the afternoon just thinking about it. (But unfortunately, I had to get a grip on myself and resume RL)

        About the ending–I read they added an additional 5 min alternate ending for SK only. As the movie I saw was only 122 minutes, I thought we saw the original one. WHere did you read the differences in endings?

        • Korazy Lady

          Just re-read you post and answered my own question. Brain’s a little slow today because it was my husband’s company Christmas party last night. They get hotel rooms for all the employees who attend, as a prevention for drunk driving, so I think it ups the drinking factor considerably! Good ol’ Christmas cheer!

  27. 27 queencircles

    Oh man, I just finished marathoning Shut up flower boy band a day ago. Oh my I loved it so much!! The angst was so well done and not too melo or irritating and it was so cute and sad and uplifting. Gah so good πŸ™‚ Pretty much a perfect drama. Love.

    • 27.1 pogo

      YESSSSSSSS another recent SUFBB convert! It really couldn’t be any better, I couldn’t find a single fault with it (and the five/six-way bromance is the best of the year, no contest).
      Can’t wait for My Flower Boy Neighbour now!

      • 27.1.1 owl

        So in love with SUFBB. I’m watching What’s Up which has some of that same feel to it in ways as SUFBB~ thanks to the dramabeans end of year review recommendation~ there’s no end in sight for me in kdramalandia. It’s where I live these days ~

        • pillowhead

          Hi Owl, thanks, Im gonna watch What’s Up!

        • Enz

          Which one is what’s up? How come nobody mentioned it before?!

          I have too many must watch dramas right now! SUFBB, white Christmas, you’re beautiful.. And the current ones! Don’t have time or energy?. Helppp

          • owl

            What’s Up was mentioned in the db year end reviews. It is really really good (I am 1/2 way through)

    • 27.2 Aleena

      YAY, I loved Shut Up too!! πŸ˜€ It’s my favourite drama EVER <3 And seriously, I can't think of any part of the drama I didn't like! The ending was perfect! And so pleasantly surprising for me πŸ˜€

  28. 28 Anne

    but anyone knows the term used for those captions that pop up everywhere in asian videos? Obviously, i don’t mean the subtitles. But the colorful cartoony words on variety shows.

    Im asking cause it’s driving me nuts and i remember i first saw the word here in dramabeans.

    • 28.1 Chimera


  29. 29 wanne

    Hello OTers!

    Who hasn’t watched Cheongdamdong Alice, go watch it now!!

    The promo materials sure didn’t give the drama justice which reminds me of City Hunter.

    BUT I much more prefer good drama, bad promo rather than good promo, bad drama, so this is all good.

    Anyway, with 4 episodes so far, the drama has been intriguing with relatable interesting characters and real life problems, funny, heart-tugging and addicting.

    The other dramas I’m also watching and enjoying are School 2013 and King of Dramas.

    Have a good day everyone!

  30. 30 TS

    Has anyone seen the Horse Healer? Is it any good?

    • 30.1 Shiku

      I think it’s good but predictable as you know how it will end. It’s an easy watch though and I like the main lead and the princess and her long-suffering maid and bodyguard.-

      • 30.1.1 TS


  31. 31 Nilechoclat

    7/1/2013 Please come Flower boy next door please My small heart can’t bear all these teasers or Charming pics behind scenes showing warm interactions I will ship Park shin hye and Kim Ji Hoon they started twit each other and I am waiting strong Heart episode and Taxi program episode

    • 31.1 Sabah

      That picture is so cute. Thanks for sharing!

      • 31.1.1 Nilechoclat

        You are welcome <3 πŸ˜€

    • 31.2 jomo

      Ka – YUTE!
      I cannot wait!

  32. 32 addylovesbwood

    Hey Hey Hey!!!!! TGIF!!!!!!!

    I’m at a doctors office and I’ve been here close to two hours….arrrrgghhh!! Whyyy?????

    Just a random thought.

    What’s the term for the girl version of Bromance?
    I personally don’t like any of these words but I would say girmance sounds the best.


    What do you think??

    • 32.1 jomo

      Womance seems to be what people have been using.

      I like Yeojance myself.

    • 32.2 Chimera

      I like sromance the best, myself.

    • 32.3 Mystisith

      The few times I saw a discussion about that topic, womance was used. I like “galmance”! ^^

    • 32.4 JoAnne

      I like Womance. Womance and Bromance. and Romance.

  33. 33 owl

    Dramabeans’ year-end review sent me straight to What’s Up – totally luv it! Except that along with HS 2013 and my catch up kdrama Dream High, I’m getting them all confused. Toss in AM1997 and it’s been high school home week for me, a no brainer. I was happily crusin’ along just fine until Thursday – WHAM!##@! I watched I Miss You 11 and 12.

    I need a lot of space here for *SpoileR* IMY 11 and 12 which I had to watch twice (raw and then subbed) and could barely stand up from the weight of it all. I need an IMY session, in a coffee shop, or better yet-a bar, for an entire evening to talk it through. Just give me a spoon for a mic and I’ll sing away my blues. The relationships that should not be. The relationships that cannot be. The relationships that are.

    The talks. Between (pick any two characters). I am torn to pieces by the talks. They are genius. BUT, and it is a big but . . . the situations in which the talks happen are a l-o-n-g line of wrecked derailed train cars that are hopelessly off the charts. Just when you think the show has reached the caboose, there is another tortuous twist (case in point – the padlocked door opens to reveal the insane mom). Ooffph! And then all the physical and emotional violence – I had such a fitful sleep last night, but when I woke up, !pop! Oh yeah, it’s just a kdrama and my daytime senses returned. Phew! Is anyone else on board?

    • 33.1 Rashell

      I Miss You really is just buckets of tears. These poor people. I just don’t think there is enough therapy in the world for all of their issues. I adore Harry and Zoey, so there is a part of me that wishes they’d just stayed in France and never confronted this awful past. But then I’d feel bad for Jung Woo and Omoni. It’s just such a sad situation that I really don’t think can end in any way happy. I’m preparing for pretty much total destruction of all the characters I now love.

      • 33.1.1 owl

        I love Harry and Zoe too (they are both so gorgeous in blue – random). I hope the writers are not taking Harry down a sinister path – it feels like it might be going that way though. Every last one of them is so broken, I don’t see the shattered pieces fitting together to maka a whole anything. Bleak House.

        *ping* love the bromance between Detective Han and his very very funny and loving sidekick.

        • Rashell

          Ha yeah, the bromance between the detectives is the one bright spot in this drama. They’re so cute.

          YSH just has the prettiest face and the most expressive deep soulful eyes. I don’t think anything will make me hate Harry. He’s just far too sympathetic and YSH will play that up even more. Zoey is his only person and I’ll forgive him almost anything in his desire to hold on to her. I mean he’s loved her for 14 years this kid.

          But so has Jung Woo, although I think his obsession also has a whole lot of guilt built in.

          The one character that could do anything to anyone else in this drama and get a complete pass from me is Soo Yeon. This poor poor girl. If she just decided to wipe them all out, I’d accept it. If she just left them all, I’d probably cheer. It’s just too much suffering for one little person.

          • owl

            What about the scene between Bo Ra’s mother and Soo Yeon’s mother in the jail holding cell- wah! It totally depleted me, but before I could even catch my breath, Ajumma and Jung Woo had their heartwrenching conversation in the same room. Meanwhile, Soo Yeon and her mother have their conversation at the restaurant table, gah! wah! And Harry sick in bed (I think he is heartsick) and his conversation with Soo Yeon, and on and on. See what I mean – pick any two characters and their conversations were just too much suffering all around, Rashell. So many tears. Soooo many tears. Don’t know if I can take any more.

          • Rashell

            owl, what you need is a “happy” drama to watch along with Missing You. I watch some of my favorite scenes from happier dramas to get me out of the funk of Missing You. Coffee Prince, Queen Inhyun’s Man, even Boys Over Flowers have been dramas I’ve picked to lighten my mood.

          • Betsy Hp

            @owl: I adored the conversation between the two moms. It felt almost like a therapy session — like the two of them were healing by sharing and supporting each other. Which is probably a weird vibe to pick out of a police-interrogation room, but there you are.

            And oh my gosh, Soo-yeon is growing stronger and stronger and I love seeing that progression. Even though it’s painful for the people around her. Because she goes back to her mom and hovers around Jung-woo and pushes against Harry. I agree with Rashell — I want her to have a happy, healing ending. Whatever that is for her.

            (And… I kind of want Harry to go sinister. The evil-dad needs some hurt visited on him and Harry is doing a good job of getting that rolling. I’d like that to continue. This probably makes me a tiny bit evil. πŸ˜‰ )

            My pick-me-up drama has been a rewatch of “Answer Me 1997”.

          • owl

            How is Harry going to react when he finds out his mother is alive and has been held captive? The weird controlled anger thing kind of freaks me out too – he is definitely a ticking time bomb, even more so that Soo Yeon and Jung Woo. I am sure Harry wishes he and Zoe never left France. What is also weird is how he sometimes calls her Soo Yeon and it is seemingly deliberate. I am actually most worried about Harry and how this will all end for him.

            Also loved AM1997!

          • Betsy Hp

            I’m wondering if his mom being alive will give Harry some kind of happy ending. Maybe I’m being too optimistic, but Harry’s rage pretty much boils down to his mom being taken from him. If he’s able to get her back, maybe he’ll find some sort of peace?

            I do think Harry is enjoying screwing with evil-dad. But I’m betting he wishes Zoe were back in France. And yeah, his calling her Soo-yeon at times is weird. I can’t tell if he’s testing her, goading her or maybe even trying to connect with the person she’s becoming. (Heck, maybe Harry isn’t sure of what he’s doing there.)

          • owl

            Good point BH about the possibility of Harry being okay if he and his mother reunite. Jung Woo and Soo Yeon have not had the confrontational talk about what happened in the shed and how they feel about it and each other (then and now). There is a LOT to be cleared up on that count. I am anxious to see how that will play out. I think it will be the turning point of the drama and relationships. I don’t know if everything will be or even can be fixed, but I really really want to see happiness for all the right reasons, namely finding peace and being able to move forward and be emotionally healthy. to be continued . . . lala until then!

  34. 34 crizzyville

    happy ot everyone!!! my first in a long while… i love reading your weekly chats but it seems the ot thread gets a lot of comments and a chance for before weekend catch up, so for a while, i’ve stopped checking out… when work schedule changed, my midnights are free so i’m back in bd, lurking around, dropping comments here and there…

    just a shoutout to Arang and the Magistrate’s fans… I soooo love the show!! every bit of the loosened ends tied back together and answered questions I already forgot during the run of the show… i admire the writer for writing superbly, i truly satisfied… the romance was sweet and just real, no cheesiness in between… and as a solution to drama withdrawal, i’ll be watching it all over again (fast forward to the really good scenes… so far, the measurement scene is overplayed hehe) welcome LJK to the my personal fave kdrama leads! SMA, i missed you girl!

  35. 35 Shukmeister

    Happy Open Thread, my friends!

    Spent part of last night watching the Geminid meteor shower, thanks to a reminder from Shel. Who knew destruction could be so pretty? Well, Deeno maybe LOL. I hope everyone gets a chance to make lots of good wishes!

    This week, I finished watching Full House Take 2, and said goodbye to my nightly cotton candy. It wasn’t the kind if show to keep me on the edge of my seat, but something about it made me look forward to the morning each day. My goal now is to play catch up with KofD (ep 4 so far) and Priceless (ep 3 ).

    I posted recaps for 18vs 29, episodes 14 and 15 this week. One more to go!

    I also started a question on my blog posed by FHT2: if you could own any house in any Asian drama, what piece of real estate would be your choice?

    10 days out from Christmas and, thanks to my job hours, I have become the unofficial taxi to the airport for a bunch of my friends. I hope everyone has safe travels this holiday season!

    • 35.1 Enz

      Hi shukie. hope your do went well and that you slayed your colleagues with your killer dress and heels

      As for your question, I would like choi Han sung’s house in coffee prince. Actually, I wouldn’t mind Han kyul’s or yu joo’s either. I loved the houses in CP

      • 35.1.1 Korazy Lady

        Hi Skukie and Enz! Good to see you two here! I’m heading out for an over night trip but wanted to give my greetings.

        Shukmeister, loved you article on the houses but still am conflicted. Just like me trying to find my perfect actor, deciding on a perfect house is difficult! You did a nice job researching, though.

        Good weekend to you both!

        • Enz

          Hi Korazy,

          Have a good trip. Keep safe. :). I mentioned Eric and QSS already! Haha

      • 35.1.2 Shukmeister

        Selamat, enz!

        It kind of ended up as s steam punk pseudo-Victorian look, but I liked it and that’s what counts! Hee Hee Hee. My top hat did end up in the pool thanks to a friend who thought it would be funny to dive in while still in his suit; I’m still thinking about what penance he owes. Ah, who am I kidding, I showed the photo to his parents [evil grin]. I’ve known him and his kin for s decade, and the hat wasn’t damaged, so no worries.

        A funny anecdote to the above Psy question: when they played GS, a bunch of people turned to me expectantly. “Don’t you watch Japanese stuff? You should know this!” I shrugged and said “Listening to country music doesn’t mean I know how to brand cattle.” Posers πŸ˜‰

        I forgot to add to my entry – I also marathoned the entire “Material Queen” with Wu Vanness. That boy needs a broody shower scene, stat! Lol

        • Jeannette

          ROTFL! I get “Oh, is this Chinese?” ALLLLL the time. DUDE! It’s KOREAN! It sounds NOTHING LIKE CHINESE! >_<

        • Enz

          That’s why you must be completely upfront about your k drama passion.. Share it far and wide. Shout it out to everyone who DOESN’T want to know. Nobody will mistake anything you watch or listen to to be anything other than K. Be evangelistical even. Heheh

          Even the Korean guys asked me ( the ones I encountered in Yangon) if I liked gangnam style and all of us mimed the wrist movement from the song. More giggling

          • Jeannette

            ROTFL! That flipping wrist movement…anytime someone mentions Gangnam Style I AUTOMATICALLY do that! I saw the video once, haha!

            Oh and everyone knows that what I watch/listen to is 98% Korean, but they still don’t get it. *shakes head*

            I think I’ve actually lost about 10 friends on FB because of my obsessions haha!

          • Shukmeister

            I knew I was done when my favorite NASCAR driver tweeted a video of him doing the horsey dance at their Christmas party. I had a moment where he totally lost coolness points. It only lasted a moment, since he and his wife were cute together. πŸ™‚

            I do get headaches sometimes from the eye rolling, when somebody mentions that all Asians look / sound alike. Ignorance isn’t always bliss, for sure. Luckily we were are DBOT’s know the difference!

        • Korazy Lady

          I know you and I disagree on GS, but last night they played it at my husband’s company party (yes, I am back in one piece) and I couldn’t wait and to get out on the dance floor. And although there were a lot of people out there, I was the only one who knew how to do the dance, and drew quite an audience. Don’t know if it was because of the dance or because it was the president’s wife making a spectacle of herself on the dance floor! (This was after several cosmos, btw!)

          • Shukmeister

            LOL – any video? [rub hands with glee].

            I actually like the song; heck, I even like the dance. But I like “Sorry Sorry” better. πŸ˜‰

          • Enz

            Honestly, I do wish I could handle all these kpop moves but I am very uncoordinated. I can only do free style dancing.. I think it’s so cool and fun if when a particular song is playing, then everyone manages the same move. Like that song from LMAOF, everyone else is doing the shuffling and I am still left doing my own thing before slinking off the dance floor in embarrassment.

            So, good on you Korazy!!

    • 35.2 cv

      I want the house in Full House. It’s beautiful and by the beach. ^^

      • 35.2.1 Shukmeister

        My favorite too, cv!

  36. 36 Enz

    I shouldn’t be doing this coz am tired and its past midnight; I should be sleeping but Jeannette says she loves us all and we should be squeeing. So Jeannette, this for you … SQUEEEEEE

    I am also watching school 2013 and really liking it so far. I don’t get the love for woo bin ( maybe coz I haven’t seen any of his other work) cos he looks like abad boy and I only like bad boys when they look like Eric in Que sera sera.. HAH!! I managed to insert my obligatory QSS love there..Take note Korazy and pillowhead . I did my bit.

    Did I tell everyone how I saw Korean drama DVDs in Myanmar? They had all the latest stuff, INCLUDING MISSING YOU!! How could they have done that? Myanmarese love Korean dramas too and they watch it subbed so that we are listening to Korean.

    Last night in Yangon while visiting the shwedagon pagoda, was sitting waiting for nightfall and this guy asked me where I was from and I replied Malaysia. Then pointed to a few guys around and said they were from South Korea. I immediately turned on my best aegyo and said Korea? An yeong ha se yo.. Which generated a clap and surprised gasp and ” how do you know our language?” At which, I covered my mouth and sheepishly said Korean dramas and we all laughed. They asked what my favourite drama was and I have a top three now but I thought perhaps most recognizable was coffee prince so that was what I said. One of them then said I looked like yoon eun hye which made me giggle madly ( and be completely off putting!) . I thanked them but made sure I didn’t ask further in case it was my crooked teeth that resembled her!! Haha

    Showed them pics of Jung il woo and I from the fan meet too.

    So, that’s my little Korean story.. Hope its enough to satisfy jeannete πŸ™‚

    Happy OT everyone. Hope you guys have a relaxed and enjoyable weekend !

    • 36.1 Carole McDonnell

      LOL!!! Your account of your speaking Korean reminds me of what I put the Korean family through everytime I shop there. They are sooooooo patient with me. I should not push my luck, though. Although.,..deep in my heart, I envision the proprietess teaching me how to make dumplings. Will see how far I go with that.

      • 36.1.1 Enz

        I couldn’t stop the aegyo!! I hope I didn’t overdo it is all :). I really should try to learn the language cos I seem to like it so. Good luck with the dumpling plan. Or you could get the cookbook kimchi chronicles for Christmas πŸ™‚

        • Carole McDonnell

          I used to watch kimchi chronicles. And I attempted Rooftop Prince Omurice from aeris on youtube.

          I’m trying to learn the korean alphabet. If I can get the vowels and consonants down, I could at least recognize the syllables of some words when I read a Korean ad or something. Will see.

          As for the aegyo…all that matters is that you seemed to carry it off well. Not a small achievement. I’m too old to go aegyo-ing, but maybe there’s an adult 53-year-old woman version out there I could try without seeming too ridiculous.

          • Jeannette

            @Carole Check out Talk to me in Korean….they have a series on learning Hangul. It’s a video so it’s fun!

    • 36.2 Shukmeister

      Great story, enz!

      I don’t know how large the Korean community is in my area. There are many Asian groceries, but are mostly from China. The three local K-restaurants are the only place I get to try my bit of the language, but that reduces it to “deol sot bibimbap, ju seyo”. We have a large influx of people from the Philippines due to the number of military bases.

      No Malaysian restaurants and no pandam leaves, but I can buy durian. I don’t want to, but I can 😎

      • 36.2.1 JoAnne

        Ricky’s gonna pinch you

        • Shukmeister

          Gotta catch me first. La la la [runs away laughing]!

      • 36.2.2 Enz

        You must try durians la.. Even if its just that ONE time. Make sure you video the act in case you never repeat it. Also for comic effect. Usually expressions that you never thought you could produced, you will when attempting durian eating.:)

        • Shukmeister

          My landlord talked about it, but he was already halfway through a bottle of Canadian. lol

          We’ll see. If I do set up a video, to be sure it’ll stay in my vault to only be released for comic relief at my funeral. πŸ˜‰

    • 36.3 pillowhead

      Hey Enz!
      Noted squeezing in my ode to QSS here.

      I rewatch most of it this week, but this time I got to really appreciate all the performances and not just obsess over Eric’s character.
      EPIC the way the four main characters sink and drown in desperation. And I totally agree about liking bad boy Eric cause he was a miserable shit through most of it and I still want him. haaa. The sexual tension is crazy, off the charts! It’s a masterpiece.
      Looks like a lot of recommendations for Princess Man. I’ll be watching that and What’s up, next πŸ˜€

      Besides that, the only other drama this week was Rich Man Poor Woman that I marathon in one night. All 11 episodes than went straight to work. I must try and not do that again!

      • 36.3.1 Enz

        Noted noted.. Sigh.. I have not marathoned anything since QSS. No time. Following KoD but behind on that. Am up to date with school 2013. Have done quite a bit of romance 2012 and hope to finish it at some point.

        I REALLY want to start SUFBB next cos that would complete my flower boy series if I watch FBND in January

      • 36.3.2 Korazy Lady

        Loved your story, Enz. At the party last night there were two Korean Americans. The woman (who is marying one of my husband’s employees) and I had a lengthy discussion about kpop and dramas. I wished her chekayo (spelling? congratulations) on her upcoming wedding, and she smacked her fiance and said “she knows more Korean than you do! haha. I also started talking to the other KA, and said Orem maniyo, and he was like “yeah, I don’t really know much Korean.” Oh well.

        And now my weekly Ode to Que Sera, Sera. I wanted to use a picture of it on my guest blog for Kakashi’s blog, but ending up using IMY instead because the one I wanted wasn’t a good resolution. But I did tell the woman from that party that it’s my favorite drama ever.

        • Enz

          KL, just wanted to say that I read your interview with kang hyung min and it was really funny and clever how you used just the right screencaps for the responses. And now I have kakashi’s blog bookmarked too. Thanks

          @ Jeannette, don’t know if you or anyone else will read this since its already Monday, but I hardly hardly resemble YEH. My niece watching 49 days recently did think I look a bit like yi kyung from there, which is more believable cos she is a little cheeksy too and I am nothing if not chubby cheekers. Haha.. But I go around telling people that I will only answer to eun hye now hahha

    • 36.4 Jeannette

      AHHH That was perfect, Enz! HAHA! Awesome! I love stuff like that! You’re so brave! I am starting to text in Korean and answer the phone “yoboseo?” and I get the most puzzled looks. I was in Ikea and my friend’s husband called looking for her (no reception for her phone haha) and I said “yoboseo?” and this Korean family looked at me really confused. My daughter Marcella was like OH DANG MOM LETS GO! lol! It was awesome! But I’ve never been able to speak to someone in Korean directly. I’m too chicken and insecure. πŸ™ And if they think you look like Eun-hye, then yay because I think she’s beautiful! OH! And L from Infinite was on Talk To Me In Korean and he encouraged everyone who is learning Korean to do our best because we will feel accomplished! Now I am DETERMINED since I love him!

      Woo-bin…watch him in White Christmas and then in TTBY and you can’t help but love him. I just love that guy’s face so much. At first I was like “oh, he looks different!” But then magic happened and I wanted to lick him. *drool*

      I swear to god if he ever reads this I will be MORTIFIED

      • 36.4.1 erinlibrarian

        This is why we do not use full names – no shame! πŸ˜›

        • Enz

          To which I will quote you the k drama quote of the week from two weeks ago ( I need romance 2012)

          I am at an age where being embarrassed is embarrassing now.

          And I try to remember that whenever I wanna try something that potentially IS embarrassing. Just do it. But not with the full name πŸ™‚

          • Jeannette

            Oh that’s a good one! Which also reminds me that I have to watch that drama. I liked INR 2011!

          • Korazy Lady

            I love that quote. It should be my motto! Although I don’t get easily embarrassed anyways, because at my age I figure who cares?

        • Jeannette

          LOL! Well said!

  37. 37 Enz

    OMG, watching 2d1n and LOL at the part where they drew faces on tae woong and seung woo and seung woo had to try to make tae woong laugh!! Sooo funny

    • 37.1 Ann

      Seung Woo was hilarious! He knew how to sell his look. Poor Tae Woong looked like an ER patient! And when TW bounced the golf ball backwards! So funny!

  38. 38 oftheshore

    So I caved in and watched Full House Take 2 (or should I say…Tae Ik 2?). And it wasn’t that bad. In fact, despite the cliches and exaggerations, it was a nice, feel-good drama. I liked that it subverted some K-drama tropes, and I also enjoyed the bromance, the spunky heroine and the cool ahjusshi manager. Wasn’t a big fan of everyone having traumatic experiences when they were children, though.
    I also started watching All About My Wife yesterday, but unfortunately fell asleep. After 30 minutes, however, I was sick of the wife myself and actually started hoping they would get a divorce in the end. Meh=(

    • 38.1 erinlibrarian

      I actually really like FHT2. Tae-Ik is now my all-time favorite male lead. I loved how their relationship was down-to-earth – he was still a little whiny and Man-Ok still took him down pegs. I guess I liked that he didn’t so much make a complete turnaround but that he finally relaxed enough to let his true colors shine through. And I loved the fact that when he made the bet he recorded it. He knew how to play LJ! Though the ending kiss was lackluster, to say the least.
      The drama wasn’t great, but it wasn’t as terrible as many of the ones I’ve seen get onscreen. Still not sure why they couldn’t get a time slot, though the actors did look healthier for not being live-shot.

      • 38.1.1 Ann

        I loved the scene in the last ep where he smiled and wiggled his eyebrows at Man Ok.

        • JoAnne

          Yeah, he had me at the first true smile but that wiggle would have made clothes fall off, skin and bones that he is regardless.

          • Shukmeister

            [snort]. Okay, I admit I rewinded a couple of times there…

          • oftheshore

            Hi, um, did seem a little malnourished. Let’s hope they didn’t spend all the money on the characters’ wardrobes, because no.

          • Shukmeister

            I would take him home, and fatten him up a bit. Strictly humanitarian gesture, for sure. [shifty eyes]

          • erinlibrarian

            Just for you:

          • JoAnne

   that is for Erin

          • Enz

            Ruth, joAnne and her grabby hands!! Haha.. Never fails to make me laugh

          • Enz

            Shukmeister, pffft and snort.. Or snort and pffft in disbelief

        • erinlibrarian

          He really slayed me in ep. 15, with the mike thing. I was in a puddle and there was no saving me.

          • oftheshore

            For me it was the cake shop scene.

        • Ann

          Erin–Cracktastic link! Thanks! I feel 14 again when I see that.

      • 38.1.2 owl

        giggling when I FINALLY read your name correctly – cuz I was trying to make it erinilibrini or something-haha! Have you checked out No Min Woo in Midas, MGIAG, and Pasta? He is so so beautiful. Though my rule is that I won’t date someone who is prettier or higher maintenance than me -(probably don’t have to worry here, ahem!). Eye candy is enuf, you gorgeous FB you!

        • erinlibrarian

          I have them in my Netflix queue. I am late to the No Min-Woo party πŸ™‚

        • Korazy Lady

          He was so beautiful in MGIAG that I could barely take my eyes off of him. Maybe that’s why I haven’t started FHT2–I don’t want his hairdo to ruin my impression of him.

        • owl

          I love his androgynous look in Pasta (where I first fell in love with him) – the role is a secondary one as the Italian trained pasta line chef – but he is so gorgeous it hurts //

    • 38.2 oftheshore

      Update on All About My Wife – it’s getting better, but why is this film 2 hours long???

  39. 39 KimYoonmi

    Miss Rose opened a WTH was that. It’s now over 20 episodes, but should have ended like at episode 18…

    KOD is at the top ranking, though I’m still watching Horse Healer.

    Horse Healer I have disappointments on.

    And KBS declined VIKI’s request to allow us to do Jeon Woochi. TT What about the pictures I was drawing… Oh well.

    J-dramas are still going strong, though I’m going to warn against one. Tokumei Tantei. Elllewww.

    Tokumei Tantei, I did get through the first episode and this is why I didn’t like it.

    First it’s a Noir, which I really don’t mind, but this might bring some context. And this is written by two men, which might also bring some context.

    The detective only takes assignments from women. And the person who gives him the assignments is a woman. The stories are kinda flat from my POV. It’s kinda transparent.

    And the sexism. Wow. Sexism plenty. First you have all of the women in roles without much flexibility. So you have the landlord who is S. And she only serves to foil the detective. All of the ideas on how to solve the case pretty much come from the detective, so in effect he saves the women from themselves. And when he’s not doing that, then the women are serving against him. The episode managed to have 5 named female and not one of them really talked to each other about anything other than men. The one time a woman talked to another woman the detective *talked for her, taking over, even though it was *her* idea* making me shake my fist at my computer screen and cry out in frustration.

    And then there are 3 unnamed women who are only there to be eye candy since this airs late at night as a *joke* but the joke isn’t very funny because it continues on and on and is obvious male gaze crap that doesn’t serve the story. There aren’t any A list actresses on this show, even B-list and I think it’s transparent to show why. The women don’t really *do* anything except serve the men.

    I hated it. I mean there were *plenty* of opportunities for the women to talk to each other and something other than a man in front of the man (I can tick them off), but the show made it so every single woman’s life *revolves* around men. Urrggghhhh.

    Beyond the ranting, the plot lines aren’t interesting and the jokes fall flat.

    • 39.1 KimYoonmi

      Watching School too… though I’m not over the hill with it. J-dramas do better on both counts–the school drama and the slice of life drama, so I can’t help compare School 2013 to the better treatments of School life dramas I’ve seen. And if you know Japanese dramas, there is usually at least one per season. (as in weather season).

      • 39.1.1 Jeannette

        have you seen Tumbling? That’s a really good School J-dorama. Plus my Japanese bias Daito Shunsuke is in it! That’s another one I want to lick.

    • 39.2 Carole McDonnell

      Oh good heaven! Thanks! You just spared me. So glad for these Open Threads. IF I had wasted my time on the first episode, I would’ve been ranting. I still haven’t gotten over how annoyed I was at Suzuki Sensei. I still boil when I think of that show and how smug the male main character was. So, thanks! You’ve spared me much inner turmoil and you’ve spared my computer monitor from being tossed across the floor.

      • 39.2.1 Mystisith

        Thanks for warning. Tokumei Tantei: Blacklisted. I can’t take stupid sexism anymore. *Returning to Doctor X and my Alpha Female character*.

    • 39.3 Cabbage

      yeahhhh…welcome to Japanese TV. Women = ditzes or b—es. Have you tried “Kimi Hannin Janai Yo Ne?” with Kaname Jun and Morita Sakura? It’s a great satire on police procedurals.

    • 39.4 Ann

      Why would KBS reject Viki? It seems so random!

  40. 40 Carole McDonnell

    Watching the following k-dramas:

    King of Dramas — Love it. Am wondering what new obstacle will pop up into Ceo Oh’s mind. Or in the script. I was wondering when the peak moments of the drama ratings were. IF the viewers like the melo parts, will Writer Lee have to fight for her integrity against viewer desires/expectations?

    Alice in Cheondam-dong — Love it. Wondering how dark this will get. Am feeling it might go to some very dark places before Alice gets out of the rabbit hole.

    School 2013 — Love it. Very organic plotting so far. No flakiness thrown in to add to make the melo go over-the-top.
    Apparently, for me, the three cutest sexiest guys are in these dramas. Nah, make that four. I like Daniel Choi AND the actor who plays Nam Soon.

    The Japanese dramas are really good this season:

    Priceless– a Japanese career drama. Funny, with good characters.

    Tsumi to Batsu: A falsified romance –a modern-day Crime and Punishment adaptation. Apparently, I’m into looking at life from a murderer’s POV this season.

    Ooku: Arikoto Iemitsu Hen. Sooooo good. Although…seeing him give up his chance/right to love….PAINFUL! Wouldn’t think a Japanese samurai story would be my fave this season.

    Hitorishizuka: Am liking this. Found the main character unpleasant but like any good fictional serial killer…she ages well, like a fine wine.

    Osozaki no Himawari: Nice and rural/fish outta water story. I really like the main male character but the female doctor is grating.

    Piece: Really liking this one as well, and getting interested in the mystery…hoping for the main love story to pop up again. I know Japanese folks are polite and shy, but watching shows where so many folks –young or old– don’t confess their love certainly makes one raise one’s eyebrows. I like the metaphor of deciding whether one will get on the wrong bus and committing to the discovery…come what may. Maybe she’ll commit to love. Just really liking this story.

    Still haven’t given up on MONSTERS. It’s harmless. I wish Yamapi’s humorous acting was better. I kinda cringe for him when he tries to do “silly” comedy….but hey I wish him well…so….

    My present joy: Haruma Miura hasn’t been chosen as a JE Johnny. Weirdly, such stuff makes me happy. I like a lot of guys on that list, especially Yamapi and Noni. But I also believe an actor can choose his own unique path and I’m wishing wonderful things for Haruma.

    Happy viewing, all.

    • 40.1 pillowhead

      Hi Carole. Thanks for the Jdrama recommendations. I will add Ooku to my list. Have u seen Ryusei no Kizuna? My favorite Jdrama so far, but haven’t seen to many.

      • 40.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        oh yes, i have. I really like Noni.
        I’ll recommend Legal High, which is a comedy that came out this year.

        These others are good or kinda good.
        Dinner wa nazoto — Mystery with a mouthy butler and rich girl

        Rich Man, Poor Woman — career guy with prognosopia.

        Nodame Contabile — classical music and love story

        Nobuta wo produce — guys fixing school’s weird girl.

        Drifting Classroom aka The long love letter — scifi time travel kinda. I really liked it.

        Stand Up — girl who returns to hometown isn’t as cute as she used to be. Why has she changed?

        Tatta Hitotsu no Koi — rich girl poor guy

        Kurosagi (although some of that was repetitive.) — swindler gets back at swindlers for duped victims

        Bloody Monday — spying and kid hacker. Either you will like this one or you won’t.

        14-sai no Haha — 14 year old girl gets pregnant.

        Samurai High School — daydreaming schoolkid samurai from the past

        Delicious Gakuin — this might not be to your taste but sometimes it was just so silly and fun. Four great celebrities are kidnapped and forced to cook.

        Those are the ones I remember.


        • Carole McDonnell

          Liar Game is good too if you really really really really like puzzles and games.

        • pillowhead

          thanks! I marathoned Rich Man Poor Woman last week. Was cute. I think I have that same face/name memory condition. ha. I can go to the same grocery store and see the same check out girl for a year, then I c her outside the store and have no idea who she is.

          • Enz

            We’re you as freaked out by the girl’ lips as I was? I found it so distracting !

          • pillowhead

            lol. they were big. u thing real? all korean stars, guys and girls have such full lips. I’ve been wondering if those r real. If not, Korea does a much better job with lips than the US!

          • Enz

            Hers don’t look real.. Just really like two leeches on her face. The k actors ones look real. Asians tend to have fuller lips than most Caucasians. And ours don’t seem to thin out as much too as we get older so I would think not many need lip plumbers here.

            Double eyelids and eyebag removal would prob be the top procedures I imagine

          • Korazy Lady

            Ahhhh, the lips controversy, round 2!

  41. 41 Ruth

    Hey to all. I’m pretty new to commenting here, although I check in every day to read articles.

    Here’s what I’m watching (or just finished):
    May Queen – It’s turned out to be a much better drama than I was thinking it’d be. Although, there are a lot of things to criticize, there’s enough good to keep me tuning in for the next episode.

    King of Dramas – I seriously about pee my pants from laughing every episode. I LOVE the chemistry between Anthony and Lee Go-Eun. Siwon absolutely slays me, and his gf (although she doesn’t make a ton of appearances…just enough) just cracks me up. They all seem like such caricatures until I read some news article that proves how close these characters actually are to real life.

    Full House Take 2 – Just finished. Uh. I can’t believe I watched the whole thing. It must have been laced with something addictive. That’s all I can think of. There was nothing in this that I could point to and say it was outstanding and no character that I could really, really connect with. For some reason, however, I was tuning in every morning (as soon as the English subs were done) and watching. If nothing else, it was so cute. Btw, the teddy bear necklace reminded me of some of the outfits that Orange Caramel has worn in their stages (did you see the teddy bear jackets they wore?…creepy).

    I Miss You – Okay, I confess – I love Park Yoochun. He ranks with Lee Min Ho (the “old” one) for me. I see him and automatically think “yum.” This drama is so obviously FULL of angst and yet has so many heartwarming moments. I love the child cast, and love most of the adult cast. The gratuitous use of tasers, I don’t love as much. I keep thinking, “don’t you know you can hurt someone with that thing?” I guess since the one guy got tazed before getting killed, they must know.

    Horse Doctor – Okay, I’m not watching it. I tried. I wanted to fill the void left by Faith (even if it was slow….Lee Min Ho – seriously) and Arang. It was just too boring.

    Cheongdam-dong Alice – I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to stomach this drama. The plot summary and the first couple episodes almost did me in. It was actually Park Shi Hoo that brought me back. The dude is so crazy. I wanted to see just HOW crazy he was gonna get. The crying thing? I really wanted to grab him through the screen and tell him to have himself committed. I like that I don’t know whether I’m going to like So Yi Hyun’s character or not. I know I don’t like her “morals,” but I get why she has them.

    School 2013 – Someone said that ep. 4 was a little redundant with all the fighting. I tend to agree, but am hopeful that it was a one episode thing to really establish some things. This is the one drama, right now, that is consistently tearing at my heart. I have three teenage sons, so to see these kids clawing their ways to adulthood is very painful. At the same time, it’s so hopeful. On the other side of the “desk,” I’m really drawn to this cadre of teaching professionals who are so human (for good or bad). As each ep. has come out, I’ve found myself having to convince myself to keep watching and then being so glad that I didn’t wimp out.

    Goodbye Wife – Just finished. It’s taken me a few months to actually decide to watch this. The plot summary seemed so…well…cheesy. To be sure, there was plenty of cheese in this, but there was also a very realistic relationship between a husband and wife. By the end, I found that the cheesiness really helped to counterbalance the joy and tragedy of this couple. The story also reminded me that we all have drama and cheesiness every day (even if we’re not professional martial artists or almost-nuns….but some of us might be).

    The Great Seer – Like Horse Doctor, I tried. I must just not have been ready for another sageuk – fusion or otherwise.

    Good luck to everyone taking finals and blessings to all who are traveling in the next few weeks.

    • 41.1 V

      Hey Ruth I like your summaries of these shows.

      The only two I am watching are King of Dramas and Cheondam-dong Alice. I love them both. KOD for its hilarity and Alice for its surprisingly heartfelt take on a golddiggers (one word or two?) life.

      • 41.1.1 pillowhead

        Hi Ruth, I was interested in the great seer too, but i think Faith burned me out for now. I’ll try again next year. πŸ™‚

        • Ruth

          pillowhead, I totally agree. I think I was just happy enough with Faith and Arang that nothing sageuk was gonna be good enough at this point. Honestly, I’m really trying to watch The Legend (4 guardian gods of the king), but have had to resort to youtube, and the quality is questionable, and it’s a pain.

          Like you, I’ll probably try The Great Seer out again next year. Maybe it’ll be a good marathon watch. Maybe.

      • 41.1.2 Ruth

        V, if you’re only going to be watching two, you’ve definitely picked the right ones, imo. Both dramas seem to have a little bit of everything – suspence, romance, melo, crazy, comedy, cute, you name it. Nothing, so far, in either one feels too overdone. Though some may think some of KoD is a little over the top, it’s supposed to be that way.

  42. 42 cherkell

    Happy Friday OT DBers! Highlights O’ The Week:

    1. New Contract Job that will last 6-8 months; started last Monday. So now that life is settling down a bit more, “Five Fingers” recaps are back on track!

    2. Ankle on the mend; will NOT need surgery after all! I was worried since it was not healing as fast as I thought it should, but my doctors are happy. Could have been a lot worse!

    3. Shel and I are off to see “A Werewolf Boy” this morning. Will report back with our own reviews a la Siskel & Ebert later!!

    Have a good rest of the day, chingus!

    • 42.1 Enz

      Oh so happy to hear your ankle is better, cherkell. And I envy you a werewolf boy. I don’t think it’s going to make it to Malaysia, well not in the cinemas anyway.

      Wishing you a full recovery

    • 42.2 Korazy Lady

      Morning CherKell! I hope you like WB as much as I did!

      Glad your ankle is on the mend, and that the new job is going well (I’m assuming?)

      Have a good weekend!

    • 42.3 Shukmeister

      CherKell –

      Glad it’s healing. Those Manhattan streets sure know how to bite! Enjoy your time with Shel.

    • 42.4 cv

      Hi Cher!

      Good to hear you are healing nicely. ^^
      Have a good weekend!

  43. 43 Chimera

    Hiya everyone!

    I’m watching and loving Alice and School 2013. KOD is fun too. The weekends just can’t come soon enough!

    I love where they are going with School. Also, am I the only one whose favourite scene in ep 4 was the gang initiation scene where Kim Woo Bin’s char (still can’t remember his name) and Nam Soon and those boys were just smiling together. I’m not romanticising gang culture but there was something incredibly touching in that display of comradeship after watching
    Nam Soon tough it out alone all these episodes with his former best friend hating him. That was the first time I saw any sense of accomplishment and self worth in his eyes and it was because he proved himself tough enough to join a gang?! :sniff sniff:

    Also watching Mackerel Run- Lee Min Ho and Moon Chae Won’s first leading roles. The show is filled with over the top cartoonish humour (think Tom & Jerry) and Lee Min Ho is incredibly gangly in it. The first time I didn’t find him attractive in any role (BOF had nothing to do with LMH! I refuse to believe it! It just, um, his evil twin from the North Pole…yeah) but he is endearing and shows flashes of his future intense roles in the quieter moments. Also, the first time I developed major second lead syndrome but it’s for the female second lead, lol. Never thought LMH and MCW would star together and I wouldn’t ship ’em!

    Finished City Hunter with my dad. I think he enjoyed it, even though he kept grumbling throughout. Much like me and my first drama! Now I just need to find another series to hook him on and we’ll have another addict in the family. πŸ˜‰

    • 43.1 SH

      I haven’t seen Mackerel Run yet. How is it so far?
      And speaking of Lee Min-ho, back in the olden days, he was in a show with TOP!!! (way before both of them turned into full grown hot men). I think the show is called I am Sam.

      • 43.1.1 Chimera

        I think you’ll either love Mackerel Run or be meh about it. Storywise it’s a simplistic high school setting with a perpetually misunderstood kid always caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. The humour takes a bit of getting used to and Lee Min Ho makes a lot of exaggerated faces. You can sense what the makers are aiming for but it always falls short of making me laugh. But that could just be my preference since the folks at Thundie’s Prattle love it. Give it a try!

        Re I Am Sam: *googles furiously* Thanks for the rec, definitely checking it out. Wow, that boy starred in a lot of high school dramas! I think there’s another one called Secret Campus with Park Bo Young.

  44. 44 pogo

    I’m just throwing this out here – does anyone know of any good fanfic for Arang and the Magistrate? Or a site where I can find some?

    (having some serious missing-the-show pangs here, and no luck finding any fic in English :()

    • 44.1 pillowhead

      Hi Pogo. I’m love sick over AATM too. Sorry I can’t help you. I don’t even know what fanfic is. but if you find some help, let me know. I need it too. πŸ™‚

  45. 45 whimsicalnet

    happy OT everyone!

    Finished FH2 and taking a breather before going on the KOD train. The good (?) thing is that it is not far from the end which means hopefully i can watch the whole show in one shot. erm… that is if I can survive all the laughing.

    nothing else on the horizon except 1N2D and recently I started watching We Got Married. Someone’s mother-in-law killed me with her aegyo training class and I was dying laughing from 2nd hand embarrassment.

    yeap I love to laugh.

    Tmr is gonna b nuts since some folks are coming over which means cleaning up the place and cooking. planning on having a pasta alfredo thing and salad. hopefully it works out.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  46. 46 jomo

    Helloooooooooo world!

    King of Dramas is so.damn.good. I don’t understand how the Horse Healer could be beating it in the ratings.

    It’s always exciting – the music carries me away from the first moment of each episode to the last.
    SIWON is delightful.
    KMM is yummy with his shexy growl voice, and JRW is girlishly adorable dreaming up kisses (just like WE would) with Anthony…*sigh*

    I cheer, I weep, I chant, I awwwwwww, I fret, I stop breathing, I say, “OMH THIS must be a troll!!” I LOL a LOT. Best viewing experience all round this season.
    So sad there are only two more weeks.

  47. 47 KrazyK

    Currently Watching

    KOD – so funny. I love the dream sequence and the fakeout from episode 12. Siwon = best comedic actor of the year. I never thought I would type that ever.

    CDA – I cannot get Barbara Streisand out of my head. That crazy dance was awesome.

    CWGM – I know that the main OTP will get back together at the end but will dong bi get her man. That is the question.

    Scandal – I know it is not korean, but how amazing is this show right now. I love all of the scheming and backstabbing.

    • 47.1 jomo

      I know!!

      The thing about Siwon is it seems so natural for him to do comedy. You wonder why he isn’t only going for funny roles. Comedy isn’t necessarily easier than melo. Some actors can never be funny.

  48. 48 Mar

    Howdy Beanies,

    Wrapped my exams, awaiting my grades. I dropped the ball a bit this semester so my gpa will be down a bit, no straight A’s this semester. As I am applying for masters program, that was stupid, but a gal gets tired lol.

    With FH2 a wrap, I’m think I’ll catch up on some American stuff. Might start School to see if it suits me, idk. FH2 -what a pleasant surprise. Even with the inevitable k drama illness that defies logic and medical science lol. No Min Woo was just a hoot to watch. Boy got skills, he’s kind of scary with all that musical ability and acting skills wired up in that skinny little body. Looking forward to his future works.

    Trying to not anticipate FBND, and just go with the flow until it airs.

    I came home from work (a.m.) planning to tag team with my daughter to deep clean my kitchen and found my daughter had already done 80% of it. Score. Don’t get sappy and think it was all altruistic on her part, she didn’t want to wait until I got off work, she made plans with her boyfriend. Still, I am grateful I don’t have to do much of it.

    I get my kitten next week, so yay that will be fun. Not a holiday gift, just timing.

    Hyun. Bin. Get. a. job. I miss your face.

    Happy viewing!

    • 48.1 Ruth

      I just want to add my vote to Hyun. Bin. Get. A. Job. And he doesn’t have to wait to grow his hair out either. Seriously, the best looking Marine ever.

    • 48.2 Enz

      Hyun bin did. He is making a commercial! :). I guess that’s not enough huh?

    • 48.3 owl

      kitten name – Chaton??

      • 48.3.1 Mar

        Enz-commercials so don’t count, not enough face time lol

        owl-non, non Chaton. I don’t consider calling a kitten, “Kitten,” as naming it lol.

        • owl

          Just that it would be a cute daily reminder of FHT2 πŸ™‚

  49. 49 pillowhead

    It’s 5:43 am. here. Got up at 4 to join in OT(still not early enough) and now my boyfriend thinks I’m totally goners and he’s right. O.o going back to sleep. Later beanies πŸ˜€

  50. 50 Lovebug

    Happy Friday Guys!!
    I am so grateful for Dramabeans and Open thread Fridays. Sometimes I feel like I am all alone in my drama obsession or um I mean love! But you guys are my people!

    So last weekend I got to see Wolf Boy in theaters! I enjoyed it alot and Song Joongki’s acting. At the ticket counter the girl working there clarified twice with me the fact that I was trying to go see a movie in Korean with english subtitles. I emphatically said Yes!

    Also my roommate of 2 months is officially addicted to dramas (muhahahhaahaha). So I now have someone to talk dramas with. She also actually just bought rosetta stone to learn korean. The only issue is that because she just started drana watching maybe 3 months ago she is still in marathon mode so its hard to talk about the dramas i am watching now. I also took her to have korean barbeque for the first time. We did have Soju and she called me Uni. lol

    Regarding Dramas, finished Anwer me 1997 based of the Year end review comments and absoulufreakin loved it. I cried, i laughed, and felt all sorts of verklempt when it ended. Why did i wait so long to watch it!! Thanks guys for the recommendation!

    Also just finished Full house take 2 and overall I really enjoyed it! It wasn’t a perfect drama and frankly Tae ik shirts and man leggings bothered me the entire drama (more so than their hair and Man Ok’s supposed fashion sense). Also we never found out how Tae Ik lost the house or how Man Ok’s parents died. But I loved Tae Iks character sooo much and enjoyed how they resolved things in a satisfying way. I like that they didn’t change his character too much, he was the same just in love. It was a easy and fun watch and much better than some of the drama that actually got picked up by the big 3 this year. Does anyone know how well this did in Korea. Looking forward to watching No Min Woo (Awesome crying in last episode btw) in another drama hopefully after he eats something!

    I am also watching and enjoying KOD – I have a huge thing for Siwon ever since Skip beat and love seeing this side of him. His laugh is hilarious. I was hoping to see a little more of a love line between him and JRW’s character. I really am enjoying it but not quite as much as everyone else for some reason. The whole Antony almost getting arrested felt a little unnecessary. And the multiple fakeouts even though we knew they were fakes regarding the lawsuit, and the first episode ratings felt really unnecessary. Lastly seriously how much of the population of beautiful mid to late 20’s korean women who have awesome hair have really never been kissed. I am so tired of that trope. I am not saying that those people don’t exist just they seem to make up 95% of drama heroines. (I did love the hand motions from their kiss though – super funny).

    Last I love love love love CDA!!! This show though not without its flaws is working for me on all levels.Moon Geun Young is so believable that I can understand and identify with the choices her character is making. And Park shi hoo is just charisma personified. Love the choices he is making as a actor portraying this character. One thing you can’t say about this drama is that it is predictable. I didn’t expect the Tommy Hong character to also be twisted (Definetley no perfect second lead here, no perferct people period). I honestly don’t know whats going to happen next (well other than MGY and PSH fall in love) so can’t wait till the next episode.

    Happy drama watching peeps!

    • 50.1 Ruth

      I’m so glad you brought up Tommy Hong. I also was not expecting the nasty side of his personality. I think it works as far as character development goes, but also makes me despise the character. I’m not sure if that’s what the writers were going for? I hope so. The whole party scene, however, really went a long way to developing several of the characters into multi-dimensional individuals as well as giving another glimpse into a life that few of us have any concept of (for good or bad? I’m not sure).