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by | December 14, 2012 | 378 Comments

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378 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 51 JoAnne

    Good Afternoon My Wondrous Beans

    After the suckiest of sucky mornings, I come here and you immediately make me smile.

    My New Year’s Resolution: Learn Korean, Go to Korea, Lick Woo Bin.

    I’m watching everything I was watching last week and I still love everything I love and I still get tired of everything I get tired of. The only changes are that I miss Tae Ik already and I have watched 20 episodes of Baker King Kim Tak Goo since last weekend and OMGILOVETHISDRAMA.

    Music, I keep listening to Shinee’s 1000 Nen Zutto and Hello Hello this week. Also Lee Seung Gi’s Return.

    Updated to add: I wrote this an hour or two ago and then was interrupted to deal with more of the fall out from the suckiness. In the midst of that, I learned of something terrible that makes my sucky day seem really nothing, in comparison. Please pray or send healing vibes or whatever you want to do in your heart for all the damaged and hurting folks in Newtown, CT. I don’t know anyone there – I don’t think – but that doesn’t change anything. What horrors there are in people’s lives. It breaks my heart.

    • 51.1 Chimera

      Just googled it. That is really horrifying. I just hope those children and their family can heal someday.

    • 51.2 cv

      Hi! Sorry to hear you had a bad morning/day.

      Yea, I heard about Newtown, CT. When I got to work in the afternoon, my coworker was telling be about it. Confirmed 27 kids dead. It’s just so sad to hear this. My prayers goes out to the families.

      • 51.2.1 Enz

        It really is tragic and horrifying that this keeps repeating year after year too! Why is the world so dark for some?.

      • 51.2.2 pillowhead

        27 Kids dead. my heart is heavy.

    • 51.3 Jeannette

      @JoAnne LOL Looks like we need to start a “Lick Woo-bin Club?” <3 SHINee's 1000 Years makes me CRYYYY. The MV had me in hysterics. LOVELOVELOVE. I can't wait til my copy comes in! You should also give Kim Sung-kyu's solo debut a go. It's gorgeous. I also just listened to Nell for the first time this morning (MelOn awards?) and now I must get their stuff! They are influenced by Travis…explains why I now love Nell. Travis is a beloved band of mine. <3

      Horrible about CT. We were talking about it at our work luncheon today and it was just so…ugh. Made us angry and sad and desperate for everyone involved. Makes you scared to send your kids to school ya know?

      I hope your weekend is better than your Friday. *HUGS*
      PS Sorry if I make no sense. My head is UGH, 90 mins sleep. Oh, Hobbit, I love you but I'm tired.

      • 51.3.1 pillowhead

        thanks Jeannette, for making it okay to Lick all these men. haha. We do this with approval and without embarrassment. *Fighting*

        • Jeannette

          back in the day my friends would joke that I needed a chemistry set so I could clone Dominic Monaghan…if I had that ability there’d be enough lickable idols to go around for EVERYONE! I’d have my own Idol Army and it would be glorious.

    • 51.4 Shiku

      I pray for everyone affected by this tragedy. I pray and hope that God comforts those who moan, helps heal the sick and be with the survivors.

      I would also like to pray for the stab victims who were attacked in their school. I prays they get better.

      Last but not least, we need gun control!

  2. 52 monch

    Hi, something a little aout of topic, but i would like to start watching Once Upon a Time in Saeng Chori, but i would like to know if it’s worth my time or i better pass and watch others, since it’s a lot going on with the new dramas and some others about to start.

    I would aprecciate a lot if you could take a little of your time to answer, :D.

    • 52.1 JoAnne

      I haven’t seen it myself but I do have it on a waiting list – and any time it gets mentioned it gets positive reviews as funny, quirky, surprising, entertaining.

    • 52.2 Annie

      It was heartwarming and funny – definitely give it a try… it’s not your average Kdrama!

    • 52.3 jomo

      I really enjoyed it, too.
      Ha Suk Jin is so handsome and Nam Bo Ra, while not a lead, had a strong role.
      The plot kept me guessing the entire time. Nothing was what it seemed.
      There were some really scary moments, and LOL things, and an atypical romance, too.

      Overall, no complaints at all.

  3. 53 Midori

    Hi! Anyone have updates on Shin Dong Wook? I haven’t heard anything since Javabeans posted that he had a medical discharge from the army. I love this actor and am so sad that his career is cut short by a scary disease that I’ve only heard about in God’s Quiz. I hope he’s not in lots of pain.

  4. 54 Sajen

    do you ever have odd dreams I had an odd dream last night. I dreamt that Sunny and Hyomin really were lesbians and they fled here to the U.S. and met me they wanted a baby so I helped them with that and we all lived together in hiding for some reason then, Yuri, Hara, and Hyuna showed up and everyone had a big fight where Sunny decided she wasn’t a lesbian after all and that she loved me and in the end Sunny and I loved happily after all. But really the oddest part was we all communicated without any problems.

    • 54.1 Jeannette

      I love dreams! LOL I had this really vivid dream as a kid where I was hanging out with ABBA and in my dream I could speak and understand Swedish…woke up and didn’t understand why no one was speaking English. It was a weird few minutes.

  5. 55 Enz

    Just a link for those who needs a respite from the tragic news, I found a link so that you can have a very Korean Christmas if you so wish.

    • 55.1 Mystisith

      Thank you! We sure need some warmth and uplifting bits after all those horrors…

      • 55.1.1 Enz

        Gotta counter darkness with light, no? More darkness is not useful

  6. 56 cmrprindle

    *pops head in* Anyeong, chingus!

    Am almost finished watching a drama for the Yuletide challenge (which is why I’m not mentioning what I’m watching). I FINALLY finished up Best Love. It only took 2 watches, 1 with a friend. Trust me, it wasn’t b/c I didn’t want to. And now Friend & I have started Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. So far we are enjoying.

    Um, and then there’s random real life stuff that no one’s that interested in hearing about anyway 😉

    Oh! Since I’m ending my drama-I’m-watching-on-my-own, anyone have any suggestions? It doesn’t have to be current, and there are many many many dramas I haven’t seen.

    • 56.1 Jeannette

      Have you seen White Christmas yet? 😉

      I also suggest Salamander Guru…goofy and lovely and Minho!

      • 56.1.1 cmrprindle

        Howdy Jeannette! I haven’t seen White Christmas, but it looks pretty heavy for a short drama. I’ve kinda been avoiding it *hangs head in shame*

        Salamander Guru? That sounds wacky just from the name 🙂

        • Jeannette

          @cmr it’s a real wacky drama. I laugh A LOT!

          WC is heavy but it’s wonderful!

    • 56.2 Enz

      Que sera sera for some excellent realistic relationship drama 🙂

      • 56.2.1 cmrprindle

        Ah! I’ve heard Que Sera Sera thrown around. I think it’s one of those, like, basics-of-drama watching dramas, isn’t it? Up there with My Lovely Kim Sam Soon? I’ll put it on the list! Thanks 🙂

        • enz

          it didnt seem to have been well received when it came out in 2007, same year as coffee prince.

          i wonder if it would be better received if it came out now- feel that in its direction and writing and treatment of the subject matter maybe was ahead of its time for a k drama? although the fashion was like retro (70s like) – sometimes really atrocious for our poor male lead, which doesnt seem to detract from his hotness though

          i love love flower boy ramyun shop. hope you do too.

          i enjoyed MNIKSS and lughed out loud in bits but was never emotionally invested in its characters. its funny how some k dramas you can see is good and clever but wont move your heart.

  7. 57 Alice

    Hello weekenders,

    Bloopers :-

  8. 58 LT

    IMY episodes 11 & 12
    The cleaning lady said that she wouldn’t have turned into a serial killer if she had had the support of someone like Detective Han Jung Woo, without whom, we guess, LSY’s Mum might have become the same. The injustice of releasing a rapist in 5 years and avoidance of jail terms because of having a rich Daddy drove the cleaning lady into taking the law into her own hands. Bora wasn’t as lucky as LSY who had the support of Harry and his wealth. We can see that the cleaning lady was very poor. (Poverty and victimisation are double whammies.) Perhaps Bora might not have killed herself if she could escape into anonymity and had a lot of financial backing! The drama is telling us that the victims (HJW and LSY) even with human connections have been so traumatised that they can’t form any romantic relationship with anyone. HJW has a beautiful woman EJ sharing the same house for 14 years while LSY has Harry. The drama seems to regard the rich and powerful as dangerous (Bora’s actual rapist was freed while his accomplice was jailed). Harry is the victim of a greedy rich, namely HJW’s father. We then have 3 leads who are dysfunctional and they have to be portrayed so for the drama to agitate the viewers perhaps into becoming supporters of social/legal reforms (apparently lacking in S Korea). This drama is so very sad and touching moments are probably just there to sustain interest as are some mysteries.
    My speculation:
    I’ve a feeling that this drama may take a really tragic path to strengthen its cause. To give hope for the rape victim’s recovery, the drama may choose the option of somehow liberating the weak and apologetic LSY by killing off HJW-akin to the movie ‘One flew over the cuckoo’s nest’, where the character played by Jack Nicholson was reduced surgically into a ‘vegetable’ stirring up the Indian Chief into having the confidence to break free of his mental state. We shall see!

  9. 59 owl

    omg LT, hadn’t thought about the reality check that this drama may wish to portray, and comparing it to the tragic ending of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is compelling. (That book/movie haunts me to this day). Our little discussion in 33 follows some IMY threads, but I’ll repeat the speculation here that the reunion of Harry and his mother may prove healing and allow him to move past the fragile glass house, emotionally speaking. he lives in. Which is another point about money – he has been able to build this house of glass and cushion himself, and Zoe up until now, from the world outside with things that money can afford them (a gated house, huge accounts, being able to live in France, designer career etc.)

    But, they truly crashed into the wall of their past upon returning to Korea, and all at once, in a way that makes it practically unavoidable to jump through all the emotional hoops of trauma.And that will, no doubt, shatter the fragile house of glass.

    I really love the 3 lead actors, and the supporting cast is phenomenal as well.

    • 59.1 LT

      Thank you, Owl, for the fragile house of glass imagery- very apt!

  10. 60 Ruth

    Hmm, I hadn’t thought about the HJW potentially being killed off…

    Although I think it’d make for a very robust ending, I remember how heartsick I was when Jang Hyuk died at the end of Chuno (and Tree with Deep Roots…..why do they keep killing him?).

    I really enjoy this drama even though I hope that LSY just gives her mom’s shoes back (we’ve seen them enough and get it).

    Just throwing this in – I’d love to see Yoochun and Lee Min Ho in something together. Don’t even care if the story sucks (okay, I care a little).

    • 60.1 owl

      Yes! How about a kdrama called, ” I Miss my Rooftop view of the City but have Faith that my Hunt(er) will honor my Preference for a Prince Over Flower Boys.”

      Or not?

      • 60.1.1 JoAnne


      • 60.1.2 Jeannette


  11. 61 Ruth

    Hmm, just watched “Delightful Girl Choon Hyang.” In ep. 16(?), Choon Hyang is making up an excuse (a lie) for something (you have to watch) and she patterns it based on scenes from So Ji-Sub in “I’m Sorry, I Love You.” First, I about died laughing. It was SOOOOO funny. Second, let’s add So Ji-Sub to the list. I think if you put his serious manliness with Yoochun’s cute, funny, ummm….delicious hotness and Lee Min Ho’s developing “holy crap” hotness, screens would melt all over the world (see? it’d be good for economies as people had to replace their melted televisions). Also, this new drama should be a 20-24 ep. (long enough to enjoy the hot – not long enough for the writers to completely screw it up).