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294 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. shara

    Nobody? 🙁

  2. swurbel

    Hi, now i am here 🙂

    • 2.1 swurbel

      And I forgot:::: Happy Friday !!! And nice weekend!!

    • 2.2 swurbel

      So I am watching “King of Dramas” – new kind of basic literature for kdramafans!! 🙂

      Want to watch: School 2013 and Alice In Cheongdam-dong.
      But I am a bit behind. I made a trip to Madeira ( a really very beautiful super nice island). 10 Days without internet and television! That’s impossible?? I thought that too – but hey – I am alive.
      And now Christmas is around the corner…

      • 2.2.1 Mashimomo

        10 days without kdrama sounds like an eternity 🙂 but vacations are always good, glad you had fun on your trip!

  3. greentinted60smind

    Hello there!!!! I love King of Dramas!!! And Running Man – Han Hyo Joo & Go Soo episodes!

    • 3.1 swurbel

      KoD is really great!!!

      • 3.1.1 reeen

        How is it that King of Dramas manages to get better with every episode? I love all these people, they seem so real. I absolutely adore Hyun Min’s funny entourage (the slightly exasperated manager and Kwang Sooooo) and the depiction of Go Eun and Kim Bong Dal’s relationships with their mothers.

        • Shukmeister

          For sure, it’s my new crack! I keep thinking,what kind of fur collar today? It’s hilarious how it keeps getting bigger. I’m looking forward to the full-length mink after they finish the extensions. 😉

          • greentinted60smind

            For me, it’s Go Eun and her sling bags! She seems to have a new one in every other episode…

          • Lord of the Things

            Are we allowed to talk about the latest eps here? Or should we wait for the recaps? Sorry, its been a while since i OT’d, but KoD is JUST SO GOOD

          • Shukmeister

            As long as you preface the comment with a ***SPOILER ALERT*** header, it’s usually okay. There can be a lot of spazzing, squeeing, and such on OT,so I recco anyone who doesn’t want spoilers to avoid it altogether until your show airs.

            And, yes, KOD is wacky realism!

    • 3.2 KimYoonmi

      Now that I Miss You is almost over…. Yoon Eun Hye???? I wonder if it’ll ever happen. TT

      • 3.2.1 greentinted60smind

        You mean, YEH to come as a guest in RM? That’ll be DAEBAK!!!

        • KimYoonmi

          Yes. Now that it’s almost over… I wonder if she’ll ever guest on RM… I’ve been running through several scenarios of the types of things they could do… I soooo want it.

          (Oh and she’s up for it, just waiting for the invite.) Invite her!!

          • greentinted60smind

            Several scenarios like what…? Care to share, dear KimYoonmi? 🙂 Who knows, maybe there are RM production people lurking here and the scenarios could materialise 😉

          • KimYoonmi

            I don’t think they speak English well…

            But things like an episode where Yoon Eun Hye, Byul, Yoo Jae Seok’s wife and Ji Seok Jin’s wife show up. Of course Gary and Miss Mong get paired up too. Which leaves Kwang Soo… but he can promote his own recent project on Nice Guys.

            Be awesome for a V-day type of event. Games would be in pairs… and run the funny, yet sweet type of episode.

            Or you can do women v. men episode. We haven’t had that for a long time.

            Or you can combine the two. The men help the women in individual races and think they will ultimately be taking down other couples, but the final game is women v. men hide and go seek in a secret faction.

            The other option is to have the dilemma of Jong Kook episode.

            Bong Seon and Yoon Eun Hye play it that they are mad at his recent lovelines and philandering and plot to take him down and show him the error of his ways. I think if he’s available Lee Min Ki (who was part of the original game of the Of Course that prompted the ear covering) can show up as a secret love rival for Jong Kook.

            The cast would be then there to help with the clues initially, but then slowly allowed to choose sides on which love line they would support.

            Another one I thought would be good would be an X-man flashback Jong Kook has to remember who he is forgetting on X-man… and be made to play things like the chicken game blindfolded.

            I can brainstorm more, but I’d be fine with anything as long as I get my meta and my funny.

          • greentinted60smind

            Cool! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

        • Rashell

          OMOOOO! This is my DREAM! I am dying for her and reunite with Kookie! I would love this more then any drama ever. But I’m not getting my hopes up until they actually announce!

      • 3.2.2 Rotikirai

        I would love for Kim Myung Min & Jung Ryeo Won to be in Running Man! KMM has never been in any variety show, has he? If not RM, then maybe the KoD cast could appear in Strong Heart…

        • Shukmeister

          I’ve never seen KMM in anything else but KOD, but has definitely joined my A-dol list!!

          I had considered Beethoven Virus when it first came out – is it worth watching, even for him? Any thoughts?

          • nareerat

            Beethoven Virus rocks! KMM’s Beethoven look is really unique and his acting is so good! Beethoven Virus is the drama I got to know KMM and now KMM is why I’m watching King of Dramas.

          • Shukmeister

            I watched “Deranged”, a creepy medical thriller movie that KMM was in this year. Definitely not for the squeamish, and his character was nothing like Anthony. It showed his acting chops as a man trying to protect his family from a gruesome epidemic.

  4. rainbow

    Hi everyone 🙂
    I’m watching:
    King of dramas: simply awesome
    School 2013: simply awesome
    Alice In Cheongdam-dong: very good 😀

    And ya….I’m watching coffee prince once again with my mom..

    • 4.1 greentinted60smind

      I’ve been meaning to start on School & Alice, but KoD has “sucked” me in so much that I always ended up watching past KoD episodes over and over again! Can’t get enuff of it…

      • 4.1.1 Shukmeister

        I want Anthony! All he’s gotta do is read the phone book out loud. #EarPorn

  5. boim

    I refreshed dramabeans more than 30x ytd and today just to check if there any King of Drama newest eps recap :p

    • 5.1 greentinted60smind

      Me too! I don’t want to give any spoilers, so I’ll just say for now that I love the Hyun Min – Kwang Soo parts in ep 14! And of course all the Anthony-Go Eun, Hyun Min-Mina parts too, which have been said much in other forums.

      The Kwang Soo in KoD and the Kwang Soo in Running Man are so opposites in terms of physical appearance 🙂

      • 5.1.1 Rotikirai

        Maybe the real-life Lee Kwang Soo could cameo in KoD!

        KoD hasn’t had any cameos since that 1st ep (Park Shin Hye)? Oh, correction. There’s another one – ep 7, the one acting as Hyun Min’s mom. Dunno her name, but she was also Hyun Bin’s character’s mom in Secret Garden… right?

        • Uhnny

          she also appeared in Rooftop Prince. 🙂

      • 5.1.2 reeen

        Kwang Soooo is so adorable in 14, especially when he’s pissed off 😀

        • greentinted60smind

          When I saw the behind-the-scene clip for ep 14 (no English subs though), only then I noticed his attire and that really cracked me up! He seems good at beatboxing too…

    • 5.2 peaches

      hehe good to know i’m not the only one x)
      i mean, i’ve watched both of this week’s episodes already but for some reason, i like reading the recaps too, just to see what everybody else thought of it and know that there are other fans out there too^^
      plus, the screenshots are always epic

      • 5.2.1 Ash

        Same here. It’s just more fun when you can see what other people have to say and either go into fits of glee or yell at the screen as part of a group.

    • 5.3 reeen

      me too!

    • 5.4 Lord of the Things

      ME TOO! last drama I did this for was Shut Up! I’ve already seen the latest eps and everything, but they were awesome and I just can’t wait to hear what others thought, to relive it.

  6. enz

    hi everyone. happy OT. its been a tiring week for me so all i have managed, kdrama wise, is to catch up to episode 6 of school 2013 :(. am very behind on king of dramas. no time to marathon anything.

    like a lot of people, am waiting for FBND and level 7 civil service.

    have a good weekend, y’all

    • 6.1 Nilechoclat

      Me too I Want FBND right now I am exhausted from exams and from every thing I just want refreshment 😀

    • 6.2 pillowhead

      Was a busy week for me too, almost drama-free, which is a bad thing here. All I was able to get in were a couple episodes of What’s Up and Oohu, but I was so tired, I couldn’t follow oohu and might have to start from the begining again.

      • 6.2.1 Enz

        Tell me about it! I fell asleep watching one episode of school 2013. Sheesh. But weekend am off so hopefully will be able to catch up KoD. So behind now but four episodes is manageable I think. Plus looking forward to seeing joo won in girls clothes on 1n2d 🙂

        • pillowhead

          Yeah all these dramas to catch up on. It’s like a present waiting for me. can’t wait.

  7. Frances

    I am loving ALICE, oh well, not really Alice but her RABBIT…teehee….

    Happy weekend everyone…Christmas is coming..Christmas is coming…hahaha

    • 7.1 Sean

      hahaha…white rabbit that is..Alice’s white rabbit!!!!go go go!

  8. cv

    Happy Friday/OT/holiday all!

    The world didn’t end! heheh ^^ :p

    School 2013 is getting better and better. IF if stay like this, could be a winner!

    Started MDSY. Stopped at ep 8. I’ve mentioned before that this would be a more fit drama with 16 to 20 episodes rather then 50 or more—due to talk of extension. It started off good but went in a direction that I didn’t lilke.

    Great seer was a bit slow but still edgy. Goodness, the baad people just become more evil and pathetic. I hope they get what they deserve in the end.

    In the real world, still need to do some last minute Christmas shopping today. haha I know, me a procrastinator. 😛

    • 8.1 Rotikirai

      I watch MDSY coz of Park Hae Jin! Love him when he acted as the young soldier in Famous Princesses. Dang, only managed to catch Happy Together when the MDSY cast were the guests… need to find this vid.

      And I love Hyo Jung too!

      • 8.1.1 Rotikirai

        I meant, I only got to watch that Happy Together ep the last 15 minutes or so… so need to watch the whole show.

      • 8.1.2 cv

        It’s not a bad watch but man, it went melo…family…to places that shouldn’t go. Oh well…. at least I stopped before I really hated it. ahahhahah

        • Rotikirai

          Oh no… that bad? I didn’t really wanna start watching it at first coz I had just finished Gaksital then, and I couldn’t dissociate So Young’s dad from Shunji’s father… if you know what I mean

          Well, I’ll just look forward to the Sang Woo – Hyo Jung parts then….

          • cv

            To others, it may not be a bad drama. It was good…storyline that is until it went places that I didn’t like. Maybe you’ll like it? Who knows.

            The guys are hotties for sure. ^^

    • 8.2 swurbel

      I am a last-minute-christmas-shopper too. I thought the world will collapse, so no need buy presents. But nothing happens: Crowded shopping center: I am coming!

      • 8.2.1 cv

        LOL yeah, we all are here… no castaphe or whatever.

        I hate crowd too but can’t help it if I’m going to get things done before the weekend. Fingers and toes crosses. ^^

        Good luck with your shopping!

        • Korazy Lady

          Hi cv! I’m always a last minute person, too, but this year it may do me in. If I don’t start to feel better soon, I may be finishing my shopping on Christmas Eve. Ugghh

    • 8.3 kakashi

      there is still some time left before the world ends (according to this)
      approximately 2 hours. I think I’ll go take a nap now and see what’s what when I wake up again.
      Happy Friday!

      • 8.3.1 swurbel

        you mean, we should wait with our lastminuteshoppingmarathon at least for 2 hours?? Watching a good drama instead?? Maybe ‘Alice In Cheongdam-dong’ ?? With this, we have enough inspirations (… but probably not enough money…) for christmas-presents-shopping; if the earth continues to rotate. Good Plan!

        • kakashi

          well, you can speed the whole process up by marathoning Gangnam Style (=watch it over and over and over and over). Like million of other people (tried to access YouTube lately? sloooooooow ^^) – if it ends (the world), then no need to go shopping. if it doesn’t at 1’000’000’000, then we have some more certainty.

          • kakashi

            oh! false alarm. it’s already at 1.000.382.639. the world still seems to be here, even though I am unusually tired …

          • swurbel

            my view at Gangnam-Counter : 1 000 000 000 views reached. END OF THE WORLD IN PROGRESS !!
            How do you feel ???
            I’m fine and I long for a cup of hot coffee…

          • Korazy Lady

            I thought my world was ending last night. I got hit, out of the blue, with the worst stomach virus I can ever remember having. I won’t go into details, but after about 6 hours I am sure there was not one ounce of food or fluid left in my body. i still haven’t crawled out of bed this morning (afternoon?) , but luckily my husband brought my computer over to me before he left for work. I had to say hi on the OT, after all!

            And happily following CA, CWGM, KoD and not so happily IMY. Although I heard a good scene is coming in the next episode so if I can keep my eyes open today I may watch it.

          • enz

            KL to know if you still have that one ounce of fluid left, watch IMY and see if it can still extract at least a tear from each eye! get well soon and be in time for the celebrations!

          • kakashi

            oh no, Korazy! how terrible!! Get well soon!!
            I can relate, I had a similar experience this spring, when I was teaching in Vienna … I barely made it home. I can’t even remember how I got to the airport and onto the plane … terrible experience. Make sure to drink lots and lots and lots of fluids!!!

          • Korazy Lady

            @Enz, thanks for the laugh. (although my stomach doesn’t like it much!) Eps 11 was such sob fest, but I’m hoping 13 isn’t so bad. (You know I must be really sick if I am lying in bed and still don’t have the energy to watch any Kdramas!)

            @Kakashi, I don’t know how you did it! I kept thinking my saving grace was that I was at home. It hit so fast that I couldn’t even crawl upstairs–luckily there’s a bathroom on the first floor. They would not have been able to get me on a plane, I’m sure.

            It stinks that I have a whole day in bed and can’t even stay awake long enough to watch anything!

          • kakashi

            not fair, Korazy … but the good thing about these sudden attacks is, that they usually pass pretty quickly too. I advise you to take it as easy as possible, because these attacks weaken you a lot. I think you’re supposed to eat stuff like mashed potatos etc. for a long time after, to build up the bacteria in your stomach. I didn’t do it, but I should have. It took me weeks to fully recover!

          • Enz

            @KL, oh dear.. Just get PLENTY of rest and fluids. Speedy recovery. Dramas will be there for you

      • 8.3.2 cv

        I don’t think the world is going to end anytime soon. Another billion years… perhaps? But we wouldn’t be here then to see it.

        • kumi

          We might get stuck here for another billion of years, if we keep watching all k-dramas.

  9. pogo

    Hey everyone! I’m glad it’s the weekend, aka drama catchup time for me – still haven’t watched ep 6 of School 2013 or ep 13 of I Miss You (former takes more priority than the latter, to be honest)

    But I did finish The Princess’ Man, and loved it – also loved the fact that its heroine is true to period and not just a modern girl trotting around in Joseon clothes (*cough SKKScough*) but is still an awesome character anyway.

    (also, the end of episode 22? I think I actually died, because knowing how shy many dramas are about showing intimacy of any kind….OMGGGGGGG)

    • 9.1 Rainerust

      I loved TPM! One of my favorite OTPs of all time, right up there with QIHM’s OTP! And all the emotions felt really raw. I loved how, in an era where women are pretty much just chattel and powerless the female lead did all she could to save her man COUNTLESS times. Also Park Shi Hoo is hot.

      • 9.1.1 pogo

        I didn’t really get hooked to the romance until things started going really bad (family deaths and all), but once it got going, it REALLY got going – PSH and MCW have chemistry enough to set several continents on fire.

        And I love all the supporting characters too, especially the princess – Hong Soo Hyun was spectacular in that role. Though even the ‘bad guys’ were pretty well-written, I mean even our main villain had moments when you really just wanted him to stop being bad instead of wanting him to die in a fire.

        It’s a great sageuk, though not my all-time fave (that title belongs to Arang and the Magistrate), but as a non-fusion saugeuk, it’s perfect.

      • 9.1.2 addylovesbwood

        thats why I couldn’t ship MoonChaeWon and Song Joong Ki too hard because MCW and ParkShiHoo’s Chemistry was so much stronger and better. TPM was just EPIC!

        • Llamaesque

          Moon Chae Won’s chemistry was best with Moon Geun Young, as far as I’m concerned =X

        • pogo

          I shipped MCW and SJK right out of the gate in Nice Guy, but with TPM it took me a while to get there – she has fantastic chemistry with both!

          Now I want to watch Painter of the Wind for MCW+MGW, lol

        • Annie

          She looks better with Park Shi Hoo for sure. I was indecently invested in the OTP for TPM. Song Joong Ki’s babyface is so not my cup of tea.

  10. 10 Ash

    Happy Friday, thread!

    Can I just say, getting a person who’s never seen a drama to slowly spiral into madness over one is incredibly satisfying. A friend of mine caved and watched Coffee Prince a week or so ago, and the deluge of emails that resulted was one of the most magnificent things I’ve ever witnessed. Does she mock me and my dramas anymore? No, no she does not.

    • 10.1 enz

      yay to that! i love coffee prince and i love hearing others finding it as charming and lovely as i did 🙂

      • 10.1.1 Ash

        Coffee Prince was my first drama, and it’s still my most beloved. Getting live updates as she watched it was like getting to see it for the first time all over again. So much fun. 🙂

        • enz

          it wasnt my first drama (ojakgyo was – which i loved loved too) but certainly one of my top three favourites.

          and i introduced it to quite a few people but none were as mad about it as i was :p

          • pillowhead

            feeling so bad, I’m gonna try and finish it before next OT.

        • oftheshore

          It was my first K-drama as well! I watched it right after HYD, and at first couldn’t get into it all. After episode 2, I was in love.

          • pillowhead

            I wonder if Coffee Prince has to be one of your first drama’s to love it. I feel bad cause I don’t love it. I can’t seem to finish it. :S I know everyone will be so mad at me. It’s like when I hear someone doesn’t love or can’t finish QSS.

          • Enz

            Pillowhead, I don’t think so.. A lot of people ARE meh about CP.. My sister thought eun chan was too much like a kid to be in a relationship. But then, she was also one to think best love ( which I also enjoyed immensely) was much more believable as a love story. And we all know dokko Jin was even more of a kid!

            I just loved gong yoo as choi Han kyul. What to do about QSS? Sigh.. It doesn’t make many people’s fave list.. :(. Can we say more it to share for us few?

            So glad you love it like I do and at least you, me and Korazy can squee together !

          • pillowhead

            thanks. I was so wondering what was wronge with me. Y meeee… haha. but I will give it another try.

          • pillowhead

            Yes, less people to share Eric with. :D. Is this our ode this week? <3 QSS

          • enz

            that made me miss the show so much. arrrgh. but I have to move on to the current ones that I can’t even keep up with!

    • 10.2 cv

      LOL Another converter to drama addict eh? ^^ Yay!

      Coffee prince is always a good first start for those who are Kdrama virgins. Love CP. Still one of my favorites.

      • 10.2.1 Ash

        Coffee Prince is the one that pulled me down the rabbit hole, so I figured that if any drama was going to do it, it’d be that one. It’s so addictive it can practically be weaponized.

    • 10.3 reeen

      heh, successful proselytizing is one of the highlights of being a KDrama addict.

      • 10.3.1 Ash

        It’s all pointing and laughing at the drama fan until YOU’RE the one feverishly downloading at ridiculous o’clock in the morning. Not that I’m feeling smug or anything.

        • Mashimomo

          Before my addiction, I used to make so much fun of my bro-in-law because he kept watching Snow Queen and I would ask (back then) why do they have weird hairstyles? what is wrong with the lead guys’ hair??? Next thing you know he suckered me into watching Man Who Can’t Get Married which I marathoned on one weekend. Then my REAL addiction kicked in when I chose Kim Samsoon as my 2nd drama to watch, and whaddouknow, weird haired guy from Snow Queen is so adorably endearing and I’m in love (and lust) with Binnie ever since.

          For CP, there were weekends where I just vegged out and watched it again and again that I lost count. When I finally relented and ordered my DVD set for Coffee Prince my husband made fun of me to no end, until I made him watch Secret Garden on Netflix. Then that got him started on 49 Days which he admitted is is favorite drama. Now we are on a King of Dramas kick on our roku.

          I think owl nailed it on the head – when convincing somebody to watch Kdramas for the first time, do not, i repeat DO NOT reveal your inner fangirl (or fanguy) until that person eventually GETS IT.

          • enz

            ya, when i first finished CP, it was like having had an injection of happy drug and i had to have a shot of it every night before i went to bed. just a little han kyul. and sometimes a little more before going to work!!

    • 10.4 owl

      It’s tricky, though, to be a bit nonchalant when introducing kdramas to someone who is skeptical. You have to tone down the addiction hype and try to talk in a normal voice and at a normal speed, not all omg!! this and soooo that, talking fast and animated (hands flying), thowing back onto the couch and sighing while holding your heart when mentioning flower boys –
      I casually suggested watching kdrama on roku to my bro and we’re watching What’s Up and Beethoven Virus (Anthony from KoD is the lead) – only 2 epiosdes a day. Then I run upstairs and marathon on my computer IMY, KoD, and School2013 yesssss! It’s a super good thing I have you peeps to kdramattack with!! love dat!

      • 10.4.1 Carole McDonnell

        LOL. Can’t stop laughing. So true about cutting back the hype. And either folks totally get it about flower boys or they…don’t.

      • 10.4.2 Shukmeister

        Hmmm, maybe I should try the low key tact, except anyone who knows me would already be suspicious of my behavior. LOL

      • 10.4.3 pillowhead

        haha! Aint that the truth. I wish I had seen your drama-intro instructions a few weeks ago. My friend posted she was watching IMY on her wall and I did everything you warned against. I sent here layers of links to my favoite dramas, told her of my hopes that she’ll have mad K-crushes and we’d fangirl together, and how she’ll move forward to Kpop and we’ll go to Mama and stalk all the flowerboys (I thew in a “makjang” and “aigoo” for good measure). I waited anxiously for her reply… , and nothing. whaaahaaahahah. So now I know… normal casual voice. keep eyes out of crazy mode. no mention of flower boys or fangirling. aigoo…

        • enz

          lol. I was like that for almost a year. but now I don’t bother trying to convince anyone else to watch although I still post stuff on fb now and again. I think a few fb friends got OMO-ed and aigoo-ed out!! >.<

        • Lord of the Things

          I’ve never been one to openly express my addiction around people that don’t understand (haha, that sounds so serious), because I first got into kdramas in high school, when I was so busy trying to be tough that I didn’t want anyone knowing my secret, die-hard-romantic shame.

          THEN, I got my friend into it with My Name is Kim Sam Soon and You’re Beautiful, and all of a sudden she’s this massive drama/kpop fan that won’t shut up about it! I think it says something about my personality that I get annoyed with her for it, but I don’t think I want to know what that is :\

      • 10.4.4 owl

        So I just got back from a graduation party and there were friends of friends who I didn’t know and traveling to Korea came up. My ears perked up. Then karioke came up and I mentioned how (in IMY but I ditn’t say that) when someone was so drunk they just gave him a spoon instead of a mic to sing. “Really? So funny!” I got lots of laughs on that. So I got brave and mentioned a couple fo oldies songs in kdramas like Happy Together by the Turtles (in School 2013) and Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair, San Francisco (from Nice Guy) and how cool it was to hear them in kdramas. Later someone asked me how I know about kdramas, and I (being deliberately casual) mentioned dramafever and kdrama on roku, etc.. I (lightly and in passing) uggested Coffee Prince to start with, and said that if they wanted to email me, I would give them more suggesitons.

        Little do they know that in 6 months I have watched 55 kdramas-many of them multiple times, and hang with all you dramabeaners 🙂 I was cool, calm and got the word out –

        • enz

          i pronounce you k drama ambassador, owl!! hehe.. well done on keeping cool and then gently inserting bits and pieces of kdrama related info to pique interest 🙂

          • owl

            I am indeed honored, enz, thanks! Ambassador of gooddrama (I mean good will)! It really was fun, and I am going to follow up with a few friends this weekend. Who knows? Maybe I will pull up a kdrama stie online and go from there. In the meantime, my bro asked if we are going to watch 2 episodes today (he didn’t even say 1 episode, but 2-haha), so he’s a fan at a distance anyway.
            Luv the beaners support!

        • Laurita

          yeah, at the beginning I was kind -of (even) ashamed to present myself as a drama-watcher (the youth has to be active, go to parties and lialialia), BUT thank god, I got to know more than just melodramas and recently also realised that a few casually (CASUALLY) dropped remarks about kdramas won’t be met with weird looks. I just have to talk about them as I talk about more famous english tv series and that’ll do. 🙂 (Still, to promote some drama… that’s too big of a step yet :D). My bigger problem now is how to tell someone about the Spanish dramas that I marathon when I need something very distracting and sweet…haha

      • 10.4.5 Gasenadi

        LMAO!! You’re sooo right. All the drama is reserved for the truly addicted in the family. My daughter infected me and we KNOW how to squee. Now two more family members got bitten by the “bug” (City Hunter for my son and BOF for my daughter in law) and I feel like I have to tone down some in front of the recent converts. Though they heard me ROAR for days after Ohlala…

  11. 11 Rainerust

    Happy Friday everyone! It’s been ages since I was last hanging out at OT because of work. I feel like the year swept by – and that I simply hadn’t the time to watch as many dramas as I wish I had. I’m waiting for the rest of the year end reviews to see if I missed out on anything!

    Strangely enough I felt compelled to catch up on School 2013, which I LOVE. So heartfelt and real in the smaller moments (although I’m not sure if the classroom classmates are overdone). It reminds me a little of GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) which was one of my favorite Japanese school dramas of all time hands down. I’ll have to see where School 2013 goes before I can say how much I love it in comparison to GTO (or perhaps there is NO comparison because they are both such different dramas).

    Happy holidays everyone, and a Merry Christmas in advance! Hoping Santa will put in a special appearance on DB during this period too! 😉

    • 11.1 cv

      Merry Christmas to you too! ^^

  12. 12 pogo

    In other drama-watching news: I’ve gone off the deep end and decided to start on Ojakgyo Brothers (60 episodes, I must be nuts) and Shining Inheritance (30 episodes, I must be nuts).

    Also rewatched Boys Before Flowers over the week, and found myself fast-forwarding to Yi-jung/Ga-eul scenes A LOT. I don’t know why, but that storyline is one thing the kdrama did really well – even in the original manga, I just wanted to smack those characters, but here I love them.

    • 12.1 DayDreamer

      Ugh, the manga….I couldn’t stand the nonsense even though I read through the whole thing. It’s what keeps me from watching any of its drama versions.

      • 12.1.1 pogo

        I think the kdrama did best at its production values (which were appropriately lavish in a way that the other versions never managed to be, and show just how much of a fantasy world it is) but it definitely suffers from some major drag.

        The beta couple, though, they are awesome. I HATED Soujiro and Yuki (especially Yuki) in the manga, but their Korean equivalents have 10xmore chemistry than any other version AND the writers managed to get one thing right by giving Ga Eul a backbone instead of just having her be a lovesick fangirl.

    • 12.2 Ash

      Good god, 60 episodes. I questioned my choices when I hit the halfway point on Queen of Reversals (stupid Park Shi-hoo and his stupid face) and realized that I’d basically be done with a standard 16-ep drama. The idea of hitting *30 episodes* and realizing you’re only halfway… You are a braver person than I am.

      • 12.2.1 pogo

        I may not hang on all the way to the end of SI, I’m only 4 episodes in and bored already. And I like the stepsister, but I can bet she’s going to get the shaft and turn eeeevil at some point. Blah.

        OB, though, I like it.

        • canxi

          Oh YEAH! Shining Inheritance is pretty boring for like 5 episodes? But, it’ll pick up soon. I really enjoyed it and it’s the drama that made me like Lee Seung Gi,haha. It’s only 24 (25?) episodes though! So, not as long as you think,haha.

        • Shukmeister

          I shook my fist at my screen at the end of SI, wondering why I watched knowing how it was going to end. Couldn’t drum up an ounce of positive feeling for the female lead.

          OB, I rabidly watched the moment episodes were available, and enjoyed it right to the end! All the couples were worth watching, especially the character development of the mom.

    • 12.3 RealKDramaaddict

      With OB, I lasted until episode 24 and then read recaps. Watched the last three episodes.
      You are brave!

      • 12.3.1 cv

        I did something like that too! Too long. I’ve only ever watched Dong yi and Jewel in the palace from start to finish and fast foward some slow parts. I don’t know how I did it but…whewww….

    • 12.4 enz

      ojakgyo is worth it. i loved it so. although the number of episodes mean that it will be a loooong while before i rewatch it. or maybe never :p

    • 12.5 owl

      The cutest thing in Shining Inheritance is the brother’s pronunciation of spy (suh pi, as in “noona, suh pi”? )awww~I so totally loved loved loved that! Very cool granmother in that show, too~

      • 12.5.1 addylovesbwood

        OJB was my first family drama and god knows I only went that route because of Joo Won after BM.
        With OJB, there wasn’t a single moment I thought of skipping. Matter of fact, I repeated several episodes before moving forward.

        I wished OJB got extended. It’s one drama that was done right and there was lots of character development!!

      • 12.5.2 jomo

        That makes me think of Dalja (of Dalja’s Spring) gramma saying “Soo-pair tire” for Spare Tire.

        and JT Cha of Alice saying “Galobala Boranda”
        for global brand.


        • Enz

          Ya, I like how they add syllables to almost everything. Prince becomes prin se. And handbag becomes Hand de bag.. Very cute

    • 12.6 maldita

      The one and only time I ever watched a 64-episode drama was for “Golden Bride.” My love for Heechul lured me in, and it helped greatly that he looked so good during that time period. Not to mention that his romance arc in the show was given proper screentime. The rest of the drama was supr makjang but I loved it anyway.

      I doubt I’ll ever watch a drama more than 30 episodes ever again though.

    • 12.7 canxi

      I don’t think you have gone completely nuts until you’ve watched a 95 episode melodrama! I have done that 0___0. I hope I never hear the words “liver transplant” again.

      • 12.7.1 Link

        OMG I can’t believe you watched it too! IT WAS SO FRACKIN LONG and so drawn out. I mean… it took her like HALFWAY through the series to finally get onto the revengemode and she didn’t even pull through. I’m glad they had a happy ending but. that motherinlaw should have just #WREDVDAAGDFCX// ahem. anyways, to all you people out there reading this: don’t watch Don’t Hesitate. it’s like all the makjang angst drama evil motherinlaws that you all hate all in one 95ep drama. Don’t do it to yourself.

      • 12.7.2 trixicopper

        OMG! I know exactly what drama you’re talking about! I watched it with a group as it was airing on viki. The only reason I stuck around till the end was all the snark! 🙂 Liverboy, that nickname was from me! 🙂

    • 12.8 Llamaesque

      There must be something about this time of year—I finally broke down and started watching Jewel in the Palace, which at 54 episodes is tied for the longest drama I’ve ever tried. (I also watched and loved Family’s Honor, which is the same length.)

      I almost think the really long shows go by better than a lot of the 16-episoders…it’s like the writers know they have to work to keep us interested, so try harder at it.

    • 12.9 pillowhead

      Shining Inheritance was my very first Kdrama. An article about Net flix mentioned SI as one of the shows that get marathoned straight thru. At the time I didn’t know anything about Korean dramas. It acutally took me a while to finish. (a few weeks, which now is like an eternity in Kland). But I met Lee SeunGi, my first love, and then marathoned MGiaG and K2H, and the rest is history.

  13. 13 DayDreamer

    Happy Friday Beanies. 🙂

    I’ve been deeply entrenched in final exams (today is the last one, yay!) so haven’t been watching much dramas lately but 1N2D is keeping me company as I watch bits and pieces of it in between breaks. Definitely a helpful way to break the monotony and grueling nature of studying. Really loving that show and then coming here to read recaps of it. So much fun.

    Well, not much else to say so it’s back to the books again.

    • 13.1 swurbel

      Good luck!!!

      • 13.1.1 enz

        yes, good luck!

  14. 14 Ann

    I saw the first episode of The Human Condition yesterday, and that was hilarious! The boys from the Gag concert are forced to live together for a week without cell phones, internet or TV. One of my favorite parts is when one guy is left at home for an hour and a half and he has no idea what to do with himself, and when the other guys come back, he is so happy he is almost crying!

    • 14.1 KimYoonmi

      Did you watch it online? I want to watch too… Where did you watch it?

    • 14.2 JustSoYouKnow

      Is this the new variety program by PD Na from 1N2D season 1? Is he visible in the show? Miss him! 😉

      Yes, yes, where can we watch it… preferably with Eng subs… ?

      • 14.2.1 pogo

        seconding that request here – subs!!

      • 14.2.2 JustSoYouKnow

        Oh, I found it, found it! Not sure if I can post the links, but you just need to ask Mr Google for ‘human condition kbs eng sub’. I got them from the second result. Hope this helps!

        Also, for those who have k^b^s^w^o^r^l^d, ep 2 will be shown on Sat 22 Dec.

        • Sabah

          Thank you!

          • Ann

            I am glad you found them! I hate it when I hear about something wonderful and it does not have subs!

          • pillowhead

            did u all find it? Hm. I googled it but just got a bunch of FB pages.

          • Rotikirai

            Yup, as mentioned above, it’s the 2nd result from the search. Just click on that FB page and the links should be in there.

        • KimYoonmi

          Thanks. Found it. Was really funny. I wonder why they didn’t think up things like buying books, etc. There still are bookstores in Seoul…

    • 14.3 oozzeee

      It was indeed a nice watch. For the 3 items taken, I think I can’t stand having the net taken away. I can live without my phone and television for quite sometime, but if you take my laptop and internet connection, I would be very very very bored…

      • 14.3.1 Ann

        Well, I know I would not be happy, but I like to read, do crossword puzzles, and kindergarten activities* so I can survive some time without resorting to electronics. That’s what I wanted to yell at the poor little guy alone for an hour,”Have you ever read a book?”

        *Sort of like crafts for those who have no talent!

        • JoAnne

          I HATE not having the internet but twice in two years I’ve gone 4-5 days without power due to storms and then it takes longer for the internet to come back, so I have experience. I just do more of all the other stuff I like to do – talk to friends and play games, knit, read, sleep, cut paper, sleep, sleep, sleep…

          Oddly enough the week that I spend in Maine each summer is completely electronics free and I don’t mind it at all. That’s full of reading, sleeping, eating, friends, excursions, bonfires, stuff like that.

          I can be well-rounded. I just don’t like it.

      • 14.3.2 liza

        Funny, I lose electricity during Sandy, I wasn’t upset because like an idiot I told myself I still have the internet. Two seconds later my synapses fired, you need electricity for your internet. I did not know how to react, throw a full fledged temper tantrum or boo boo. So, I went to sleep, I tell you no lie, I dreamt that I was crying….

        Then I put things in proper prospective, but it was rough for a while. now when I think about it I can’t help but laugh. hehehehehehehehhe.

  15. 15 KimYoonmi

    King of Dramas–I love the last little twist, though I was yelling at the computer screen.

    Watching Jeon Woo Chi too.

    Still watching Horse Doctor. I have to admit I kinda skimmed the last episode. I think I can pin it as this: the previous dramas by the writer/director never portrayed a black and white morality. They never said who was good nor who was evil in the same way as this drama and I really do miss that. That was part of what made Dae Jang Geum so good. Even the evil characters weren’t completely so, and you had that moment of questioning. This was also from Dong Yi and Queen Seon Deok. The morals were never clear cut. I’m not getting that from Horse Doctor and I so want to. Instead, I think the central moral issue is about classicism. But we’re being told constantly that this kind of prejudice is wrong and more wrong and look at the evil people here. Rather than asking about the social impact of this person and the social functions of class and not having a good answer for it. I miss the moral gray that historical dramas tend to do so well.

    And also watching Queen Insoo as well, which is surprisingly good most likely because it wrestles with a lot of moral dilemmas without saying what the solution is. I find myself thinking about the issues it raises while watching it.

    I am skimming through the TW-drama Miss Rose. I think the reason I am watching it is because K-dramas this year failed to deliver on the fast-paced fluffy drama that’s not completely mind-numbing because the plot twists aren’t there that I wanted and I really like that.

    I’m still watching Monster and Priceless. Priceless is really good.

    Oh and Ooku ended. TT So sad, but so good. It’s a really good treatment of the role reversal and has a feminist thing going for it without preaching. I love it for that. Though there is apparently going to be a second drama. I want to see that one too.

    Welcome to the last of the dark days. The Mayan end of days didn’t come… so more King of Dramas for me.

    • 15.1 cv

      Oh yes, Ooku was good. Something different from all the other modern Jdorama. Loved the storyline.

    • 15.2 Carole McDonnell

      Oh, my!!!! Please don’t say it ended!!!! I was kinda hoping it hadn’t because there wasn’t a “finale” on the url.

      Sure, there was the DVD ad at the end of this episode, but there was some stuff about the woman he would love in the future. Is that for another season?

      Oh gee.

      • 15.2.1 KimYoonmi

        Yes there is another season. It kinda said something like the woman he refuses to love…

        But I look forward to the next series…

        • Carole McDonnell

          Awwwwwwwwwwwww. Okay. I’ll hold on til next season. Thanks.

  16. 16 Chimera

    Hi Beanies, happy OT!

    Been a crazy week with my dog getting ill and me running all over trying to find a good vet. Thankfully, we found a really nice place and she went through surgery today and seems to be responding well. She should be home soon if all goes according to plan.
    I have a question though: do any of the people with dogs here have had any experience with babesia? It’s a blood parasite she’s been diagnosed with and I’d be grateful for any additional information.

    Dramawise I haven’t been able to keep up, obviously, but hoping to catch up once everything goes back to normal.

    Have a good weekend, y’all!

    • 16.1 pogo

      I hope your dog gets better bb!

      • 16.1.1 Chimera

        Thanks, pogo, she seems to be recovering well and came home today. 🙂

  17. 17 Russe12

    Hello all! I was so excited yesterday when I was on dramafever and found out that they recently uploaded My Delightful Girl Chunhyang. I’ve heard so much about it, and now I can finally watch it…or in reality, add it to my huge list of dramas to watch in the near or far future. >.>

    Currently watching Faith…really loving the king’s character. He’s very well played! I love the dynamic between him and pretty much any other character, particularly the queen and Young. And I honestly don’t mind Eunsoo all that much. She amuses me. 😀

    • 17.1 addylovesbwood

      I honestly tried to watch Delightful Girl Chunhyang on DF too but couldn’t. I read all the rants and raves… I know its supposed to be an awesome drama but its just too outdated for me to keep up with.

      Which is why I need Jae Hee to pick up another project asap (where he gets the girl)

      • 17.1.1 kakashi

        yup, I’m also one of the very few who didn’t like Delightful Girl Chunhyang. Everybody got on my nerves big time. Except for Park Shi-hoo (who has such a wonderful cameo in it)

        • Skelly

          I lasted 15 minutes, then just couldn’t stand it anymore. I am beginning to think I am allergic to Hong Sisters’ dramas.

  18. 18 Boba

    Are you dropping the recaps for king of drama!?! I know its unrelated but just wondering ?!

    • 18.1 Mystisith

      Poor HeadsN°2 was sick all the week: Respiratory infection. 🙁 She asked us to wait a little for the recaps… And I asked for “goodies” when she would come back. #Negotiation Anthony Style.

    • 18.2 Rotikirai

      Although I’ve watched the latest KoD episodes, I still look forward to the recaps in Dramabeans each time. Am coping with the current withdrawal symptoms now, hehe!

      Wishing HeadsNo2 a speedy recovery! Nice negotiation there, Mystisith ;P

  19. 19 enz

    just wanna say i love the song today and merry Christmas to those who celebrate and happy holidays to the rest 🙂

    anyone else watched life of pi? i saw it on imax and it was a visual feast. emotionally not very moving though; book was better on that point. but the special effects and the world created was quite spectacular.

    • 19.1 owl

      Loved the book. I can’t bring myself to see the movie, though.

      • 19.1.1 enz

        its definitely still worth checking out. just to see how the world that the writer created manifests on imax.

  20. 20 Laurita

    Hi, all 🙂 I think I’ve never written there, BUT today I made through my last exam in uni and I am just sooo happy (dramas, come to me, hehe), and I want to share this happy moment with all of you 🙂

    • 20.1 cv

      Congrats! I hope you did well on your exams! ^^

      • 20.1.1 Laurita

        Thanks 🙂
        Since we agreed with our professors, we did our exams earlier, but according to the actual order, the results will show up later. I hope 4 exams in one (this) week was worth the same amount of sleepless nights and lonely days (without dramas, that is) :))). I really hope that :))

    • 20.2 enz

      wishing you good results!

      • 20.2.1 Laurita

        thank you 🙂

  21. 21 sweetcloud

    Happy December 21st!

    I’ve been watching Gaksital and 1N2D to alternate between healthy doses of angry/angsty/badass Joo Won and cute/pouty/maknae Joo Won 😀 can’t help it, I still want to pinch Kangto’s chubby cheeks even when he’s all dressed up in a suit and fancy hair – bbyong~~

  22. 22 cherkell

    Happy Holiday, Fellow Beansies! I have a full day ahead of me, where I am going to present a research memorandum in front of my new bosses to show them that they need to upgrade their computer network STAT. Their system is grossly inadequate for litigation purposes, so I need to show them the light now before I get in there and break it further. Should be interesting telling lawyers that they need to spend buckets of money on something other than themselves. Hee!

    Curses to Drama Land!! On 21 December 2011, I had stayed up all night to watch and squeeeeeeeeeee over the premiere of “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store.” One year later… I’m *still* waking up at 4:30 AM for no apparent good reason! Oh well, sleep is overrated anyway.

    Other than that, I’m laying low for the holidays and will try to catch up on CDDA and KOD and my Five Fingers recaps. And since the End of the World didn’t manifest itself, that means all my chores didn’t disappear either and I’m going to need to get all ruthless on my apartment cleaning this weekend as well. Darn it.

    I’ll be back on later, but I leave you all with the usual CherKell Holiday Tradition™: my Annual Christmas Card for 2012.

    Happy Christmas to all… and to all, a good night! 😛

  23. 23 shel

    Haven’t been on OT in forever! And today is nuts, but I wanted to come and tell everyone to have a great [insert appropriate holiday here] and a wonderful New Year.

    My family will be celebrating Christmas with all my kids home (all, lol….I only have 2) and our local “family”. Christmas Eve got so big, we moved it to the church social hall, lol. I just couldn’t imagine 21 kids in my house…plus the attached adults! Should be crazy, but fun. And fattening. :0)

    Have an awesome holiday, hopefully with people you love, food you love, and a couple of KDramas you love. :0)


    • 23.1 cv

      Hi Shel!

      Merry Christmas and New Year to you too!

      Eat lots and have fun. 🙂

  24. 24 redfox

    I read about chinese and korean zen and tao principles in food and now I understand why they put weird things together I would never imagine. it is cause like tomato is yang and egg is yin. and tomato and cucumber on the other hand can never match although in estonia thats our favorite salad. and I also read about why peaches are dangerous to spirits…. and the symbols for longevity. and from japanese folklore I read about the Tengu. which are curious and sorry creatures with their long nose.

    • 24.1 Carole McDonnell

      oh my! Now you have me getting all curious. I might go googling about peaches and spirits. I already plan on googling or youtubing how to make those little towel caps Korean folks wear when they go to the sauna. So I can walk about my house in my own towel-cap. Korean culture is slowly seeping into my bones.

      • 24.1.1 Mystisith

        Random… But I can’t help thinking “Princess Leia!” when I see them with their towel twisted above the ears in the jimjilbang scenes. 🙂

        • Carole McDonnell

          hee hee hee. Who knows? Maybe that’s where George Lucas got the idea? He has a lot of Buddhist influences in Star Wars. Maybe he’s a k-drama fan. Ya never know.

  25. 25 OMG

    Happy OT everyone!!! M finally freeee….for the next two weeks….haha. After getting a good nights rest for the first time in like three weeks, here are my thoughts:

    M gonna start watching answer me 1997, hope its as good as everyone says, then m gonna catch up on school 2013 and Alice in chuenamdong(spelling error…hahaha) – apparently its much better than the stupid promos lead to…haha. M soooo sad that YSH is going to the army next year but I understand why he’s doing it….unfortunately the kdrama industry doesn’t have a good role for someone his age who has been working for so long in many good roles but he’s so young to be a leading man…..but it’s good so he can get it out of the way.
    But there are so many people that are/could be potentially going to the army next year: song joong ki, yoochun, n more…. M gonna be sad next year..haha.

    Looking forward to flower boy next door – Kim ji hoon just raises my heart rate a lot when I see him….. *turns into a puddle of goo*
    M following I miss u thru recaps and this story is really captivating…oh boy, glad m just reading recaps not watching cuz I don’t know if my heart can take it.

    • 25.1 pogo

      oh god just thinking of people going to the army makes me sad – now it’s people my age, and just thinking of everyone who could be up for it next – Song Joong Ki, Park Shi Hoo, Lee Sang Yeob aka the adorable second lead from Nice Guy….it’s hard not to be sad.
      Though on the plus side, Kim Jae Wook will be out next year, and Lee Jun Ki already is, as is Joo Ji Hoon (though his post-scandal career needs a better drama than Five Fingers).

      • 25.1.1 trixicopper

        Park Shi hoo is like 34 years old. Pretty sure he’s already done the army thing. 🙂

        • pogo

          And here I thought he was born in 1985….that’ll teach me, lol.

  26. 26 hydrangeabloom

    Happy Friday, Beanies! I am trying to juggle too many dramas right now, but hope to have a break to get caught up soon. 🙂

    I am almost done with Dal Ja’s Spring! Only one more episode to go! jomo, you were right about the situation with the parents – thank GOODNESS!! I don’t think I could have taken any more of that nonsense. Also I think I know which character you were referring to now in our discussion from two weeks ago.

    About halfway through Gaksital, but it’s been on hold for the past few weeks while I’ve been busy. I’m delighted to return to watching Arang and the Magistrate, which I like very much tonally. I just wish it had a more expansive cast, because I think sometimes dramas like these can feel very insular if you only have about six main characters. Otherwise, I am enjoying it, especially the music and all of the twisty turny elements to the plot. Reminds me a lot of myths, legends, ghost stories, and fairy tales.

    Otherwise, I am back to watching Ojakgyo Brothers, which makes me very happy. It reminds me of the days when I first began watching dramas. *sigh* 🙂

    I have watched the first episode of both Alice in Cheongdamdong and School 2013. It’s too early to say whether I like them or not, but I’m willing to give both more episodes before I decide! However, I am more pessimistic about Alice than School 2013. We shall see.

    • 26.1 maldita

      I want to watch Dalja’s Spring so bad but I can’t find good torrents for it. 😐

      • 26.1.1 hydrangeabloom

        I can’t point you to any torrents, I’m afraid. I only watch streaming on dramacrazy or gooddrama. If you don’t mind streams, you’ll be able to find it!

    • 26.2 oftheshore

      Once again, yay for Dal Ja’s Spring! Hope you like it more now.:)

      • 26.2.1 hydrangeabloom

        You know, I think my liking of it is still purely cerebral, except maybe the friendship scenes. I really came to love the friendship between Dal Ja and Seon Joo. However, the romance never tugged at me on an emotional level, I’m afraid. I think that the things I appreciate about this drama are mostly of the non-lead-couple variety. Which is funny, because I want them to tug at my heart strings because they break the mold of a lot of cliches I find really frustrating, and yet… 🙂

        • oftheshore

          What I liked about Dal Ja was friendship and workplace storyline. I think where this show *really* succeeds in comparison to many dramas is at showing that women can have interests and occupations other than pining after a guy. That’s how I see it, though, because I know that many people watch this show mainly as a rom-com.

          • hydrangeabloom

            We definitely agree on the show’s strengths. It ALWAYS bothers me when a female protagonist doesn’t seem to have any friends and then has to receive all her emotional support from one person…that’s just not healthy! Dal Ja developed a number of different, valuable relationships over the course of the drama, which I appreciated.

    • 26.3 jomo

      So glad the parents did what you wanted them to!

      A show that I watched after enjoying DS was the Taiwan My Queen with Ethan Ruan and Cheryl Yang in a similar fake boyfriend noona-dongsang romance.
      Ethan Ruan who plays the diamond in the rough younger man is off the charts hot in this drama. I LOVE HIM!
      Alice Ke cameos in flashbacks as his ex girlfriend, too.

      What I like about the Tdramas is how they portray the slow process of falling in love, the breathless almost kisses, and very satisfying real ones. ER earned many OMG! from me throughout the show with his soft kisses. OMG OMG OMG

      They are not averse to being absolutely ridiculous one moment, and heart-breaking the next. Award winning momma, Lin Mei Xiu, pulledLOL’s from me again and again, although I try to fight it.

      Definitely a good one for those like me who can’t get enough of older woman, younger man stories, especially when the younger man is a total fantasy type.

  27. 27 TS

    Anyone watching God of War? If so, how is it? I feel like I’ve never found a sageuk to match the Mishil days of Great Queen Seondeok…

  28. 28 John

    Yay, Friday.

    Is anyone watching Hitori Shizuka ?

    • 28.1 mskololia


      I started and watched up until officer meets with her. Is it a recommend?

      • 28.1.1 John

        It’s dark.

        If you like that sort of thing, then yes.

        • mskololia

          I can watch noirs.

          I’ll resume watching as my interest w a s piqued as to whether or not she’s choosing her victims or is an opportunistic stone-cold killer. You know like when opportunity knocks, she opens the door to answer with murder.


          • John


            I don’t want to spoil.

            I will say this though, if you are on her “naughty” list, watch out.

          • mskololia


            I’m caught up on the five episodes available (thanks for the mention) and was just shaking my head at the end of 5…could not believe I stopped watching this one. My bad.

            So glad the one detective saw right through her actions….
            I like the use of fbs to show us missing info from the various characters in each episode.

    • 28.2 dn

      Yes, it’s one of my favorites of the year! I liked Strawberry Night as well, but this one was even better.

      • 28.2.1 mskololia

        So far, I have to agree with you.

        …just started Zeni Geba. I hope my heart can take where this one is goin’. His childhood brought tears to my eyes so deep breath, holding my chest and pressing on to ep 2….. 🙂

    • 28.3 Skelly

      I’ve been watching Kekkon Shinai, and finding it very typical for j-dramas. For example, there was one scene where the man was desperately running to a park. They cut to scenes of a woman, sitting on a park bench at this park. It is the park where they always used to meet. My daughter passed by and asked what was going on, as this guy is running like crazy, and I told her that he was desperately running to meet the girl he likes at a park. But since this is a J-drama, when he gets to the park she will be gone. If it was a K-drama, she would still be there, and they would have some sort of confrontation, but this is J-drama so the fates are all aligned against them. Sure enough, he showed up at the park, looked at the bench, and she was long gone, so desu-ka!

  29. 29 whimsicalnet

    happy OT and friday folks. It’s alr 22/12/2012 where I am so if the end of the world is happening… well it didn’t happen yesterday where I am.

    Still on drama hiatus cos now is really not the time to start new dramas with the busy holiday period coming up. I still have not finish wrapping the presents. So I’m sticking to varieties and reading recaps for now.

    Hope u had a good winter solstice. Does anyone here celebrate that?

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    • 29.1 Mystisith

      I definitely celebrate The Winter Solstice on my own: Gosh, I’m so fed up of those short days without sunlight. I guess I really must have Celtic blood in my veins, added to the Korean one.^^

      • 29.1.1 whimsicalnet


  30. 30 Shukmeister

    Happy Post-EOW! Glad to see everyone made it out okay.

    Events for the week:
    – Finished recapping 18 vs 29! Woot!
    – Spent 2 nights watching every current episode of KOD. What a ride!! Although it’s a bit disconcerting to see a 19 year old Siwon and then less than an hour later see a 25 year old Siwon. He’s not any less adorable, especially giving the antics of his character, but the differences are striking.
    – Finished FHT2, and I was happy with the ending. A few loose ends weren’t done, but who cares when you got the mega-happy ending!
    – Back to working on my fiction projects, and ready to post more chapters of both romances very soon.

    Everyone have a safe holiday season, and I hope you all stay hale and hearty for the new year!

    • 30.1 cv

      Hi shukie!

      Happy Friday! ^^

      I hope KOD is as good as everyone says. LOL I stopped at ep 4. I’ll have to catch up one of these days. :p
      Siwon is such a cutie.

      Have a good holiday!

      • 30.1.1 Shukmeister

        Ua tsaug, cv!!

        I’m off for the next two days, with the caveat that I have to work Christmas Eve and Christmas.

        And, yes, KOD was awesome! I almost fell asleep at work after staying up all night just to marathon it!

        Have a good holiday!

    • 30.2 Korazy Lady

      Not so hale + hearty at the moment, but hopefully will be soon. How did the scrunchi fare? Did they write you up?

      • 30.2.1 Shukmeister


        Hope the bus-driving comes to an end soon.

        A couple of guys stopped short when they saw it, but for the most part everyone smiled and moved on. Nice to know that everyone is getting used to my strange hair accessories, jewelry, and nail polishes. Now I just need to get that nose piercing…. lol

    • 30.3 oftheshore

      FTH2 made me smile. I kind of ff-ed through the angst and focussed on the saccharine cuteness. This seems to be the right way to watch the show.

      • 30.3.1 Shukmeister

        The angsty / makjangy portions were small and barely of consequence, and the piano solo at the end was adorbs! I still hope No Min-woo gets a couple of weeks of good Italian cooking to fatten him up!

      • 30.3.2 erinlibrarian

        I think this is the same reason I loved TTBY. I love the cute parts and watching some of the characters grow. I can overlook iffy side plots and dropped threads if there is only enough cute 🙂

    • 30.4 Shukmeister

      I guess I need to add that last night I watched every available episode of CDDAlice! Exhausted as heck and working a 12-hour shift to boot. It’s moved to 2nd place in my current watchlist.

  31. 31 xiaoSxin

    All Running Man fans in NYC and LA area!

    Support Gary from hiphop duo LEESSANG on their US concert January 24 and 26, 2013! Presale starts tomorrow at the PowerHouseLive website!!

  32. 32 p3rk3le

    does anyone know if its real the thing about School removing the lovelines? waeee!!

    • 32.1 Annie

      They took them off the relationship chart. So misguided, no?

      • 32.1.1 p3rk3le

        totally!!! and it hinted a few, not just the main two. damn~ i hope they’ll bring them back!!

  33. 33 owl

    IMY Ep 13**therapy session

    Let’s talk about the kiss. Remember back when Zoe turned away from Harry’s kiss and he said he’d wait – but Eun Soo was able to capital K i–s–s Jung Woo and all I could do was think about poor Harry and how that is so unfair, hurtful, undeserving, un–cool. But, I can’t blame Zoe for the emotions overload that she has to deal with. Don’t we get to cheer her on that she found out she was not abandoned, and that reunions with mom, sis, and even Jung Woo could be a good thing? Maybe I’m a little pissed at Jung Woo for the way he is forcing himself into the picture, both between himself and Eun Soo and the way it affects Harry and Zoe. On the other hand, Jung Woo is only dealing with the fact that he really did find Eun Soo. But on such a passionate (and inappropriate) way under the circumstances?? All three need to learn how to define boundaries. How bizarre is it that they (and we) refer to Eun Soo/Zoe in two different ways, depending on whom she is with and how they are thinking of her at that moment. Wow. Messed up.

    As much as I love Harry, it creeps me out how he watches Zoe on the monitor. Yet, I was so moved when he knew to find her under the light and waited for his phone to ring, but realized she was not calling him. I can’t help but think how unfair this is to Harry, and I understand his anger toward Zoe (and JW) – which is gonna blow big time.
    Breathing shallow, I found myself whispering, “No” or “Poor Harry” or “Don’t cry again” – How can I root for one if it means the other is harmed? I am not clear on what Harry has planned -although it involves getting back at JW’s father, and if he has already seen his mother? Also, who does he communicate with online – who is in on Harry’s moves?

    There were lots of beautiful close up profiles of Harry, Zoe, and Jung Woo this episode – what gorgeous eyes and lips all around. I was mesmerized. But the message in all this – someone’s gotta help me out here.

    But all that is nothing compared to sucky news that Yoo Seung–ho (Harry) is enlisting in the army after IMY– buckets of tears for real life too?

    *Switching gears joltingly*– Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!

    • 33.1 owl

      Oops, totally meant Soo Yeon, NOT Eun Soo, my bad.

    • 33.2 pogo

      Wait, WHAT YSH is going into the army after this?! I may be one of the few people who think him getting it over with early is a good thing, he can come back in two years’ time with post-army abs (and please show them, no cheating/tease like Lee Jun Ki!) and then clean up all the roles while his peers go off and do their army time.

      I haven’t seen IMY13 yet, but never did get to chat with you about 11 and 12…..I still want to buy ahjumma a lot of drinks, but now I also want to hug her. And it was nice to see SY have a genuine laugh at Jung-woo and his awesome partner’s (who is possibly my favourite character in this entire thing) bromancey antics, I think that’s the first time we saw her laugh.

      • 33.2.1 owl

        Yeah, the partner is a riot – luv him, would be fun to have around.

        Check out ep 13 (I can’t watch 14 until later, cuz I have a graduation and party tonight, and ALL my family is flying or driving in tomorrow for a week for Christmas together in Colorado. So happy to see everyone, but it is going to definitely cut into my kdramas and that makes me a little crabby!)

        • pogo

          Have fun, bb! I have to work every day except Christmas itself (yay drudgery) but kdramas somehow keep me sane and non-zombielike, idk what I’d do if I was cut off from the internet and couldn’t watch any – probably resort to mainlining the episodes of Arang I’ve saved on my computer, then.

        • Betsy Hp

          Wait, I thought ep 14 got preempted because of the election. *scampers off the check* Yeah, I’m not seeing ep 14 anywhere. I think it’ll come next week. Such a long wait!!

    • 33.3 JoAnne

      I feel for Harry I do – and I have had doubts about Soo Yeon sanity but the truth is it isnt *unfair* to not return sexual interest. She cares and she recognizes his feelings and she was willing – is still – to go along with his wishes but the truth is that is the unfair choice to both. As for Jung Woo and that kiss and the worlds most heartbreaking confession – to borrow off Jean Thierry Cha that was HEALING as was the discovery that Ahjussi had been searching for her and thought of her as a daughter – and that all these people had loved her and missed her and tried to find her. I believe that the world Harry created for her damaged her more than the rape to be truthful. And YSH going to the service is the best use of a real life time jump ever! But I will certainly miss him

      • 33.3.1 pogo

        I know, it’s this episode that really brings home the magnitude of what Soo-yeon has NOT known all these years, something that started in the previous episodes when she found out that Jung-woo was living with her mother and Eun-joo and not back in his materially cushy family home like she supposed earlier, that her mother still missed her and wanted her to be happy even if it meant sacrificing their relationship.

        Now she realises that Daddy Kim is dead and was looking for her before he died – these are connections beyond the romantic, and finding the truth behind his death has given her a new purpose and something to move forward with. Which is something I personally really love.

    • 33.4 LT

      IMY, Episode 13, The Kiss
      HJW ” likes LSY the best” (using his words) for what she is (as a murderer’s daughter, Zoe or Harry’s fiancée, a rape victim, not for just being his first love). He wants to show his love (even for one day according HJW). He loves her, warts and all (so to speak). ). I’ve read somewhere that Asian female rape victims are often abandoned because their men feel ashamed because rape, fault or no fault of the victim, is a social stigma to the family – a point somehow eluded me thus far until this episode. Victims feel even more ashamed. In short, LSY realises now that HJW isn’t ashamed of her and is loved as she is. That was why LSY thanked HJW for liking her at the playground swing. Harry, on the other hand, loves only Zoe. The LSY’s part of Zoe needs love to heal. A kiss conveys HJW’s sentiments and benefits LSF regardless of her choice of man. She is now on her recovery path and can soon sing ‘’Na Gwen Chan Na Yo’ instead of her usual mantras. We should be happy for her. We hear HJW mention “even for one day”; so he is prepared to let LSY choose her man. “Love others as you love yourself”, the famous saying/teaching goes. Unless one starts off with a healthy self image which leads to a healthy love for oneself, one can’t love others. Being loved for what we are builds our healthy self image. Then we can fulfil the famous saying. The kiss was also the start of HJW’s growth beyond his 15 year old self. That was why, at the swing, he was counting from 15, 1 second, 2 seconds………. LSY recounted her steps to 213 not 280 anymore, symbolically saying she had also grown. At the swings they talked about getting too big for the swings, again symbolically talking about growth and the healing process for both of them. The kiss wasn’t an act of possession at all. If anything, Harry should be grateful for the therapeutic effect it has on LSY.

    • 33.5 la dee dah

      I unfortunately don’t agree with you regarding Harry. People are saying SY should be with Harry because he was the only one with her for 14 years. People forget the reason why he was the only one with her for 14 years. She was made to believe that no one cared about her anymore, that really she only had Harry left to rely on (it’s like the last man on earth scenario, he’s the only one there, so she just goes with him). And part of the reason is when Harry was a kid, she was the only one kind to him and he developed this attachment with her, and pleaded with her not to leave him. I understand that as a kid betrayed by everyone, but you’re grown up now, SY should make relations with other people, not just rely on you. Harry’s outburst in episode 13 supported that – taking JW out of the picture, he didn’t like her making contact with even her mother, because there was the chance that it would not be the SY-Harry world anymore. Just because he was with SY for 14 years does NOT mean she is “obligated” to be with him romantically. Yes, she should be grateful to him for taking care of him all these years, but she should NOT have to think she’s obligated to marry him just because of that. I definitely was not moved when Harry found SY under the light. He does this thing where he appears to be nice to SY and call her asking what she’s doing, etc., but then you see he’s actually there watching her this whole time (by video or following her by car). He’s done this several times now, he has this obsession with SY and doesn’t necessarily trust what she says on the phone. It’s not healthy for Harry or SY. So no “poor Harry” from me – it’s more like “get a hold of yourself Harry, let your obsession go!”

      On another note, SY is also not obligated to be with JW because he was her first love and had been looking for her for 14 years. SY should be with whoever she wants to be with.

      • 33.5.1 LT

        la dee dah,
        Very sensible and well articulated.

      • 33.5.2 Betsy Hp

        I totally agree with what you and LT and JoAnne have said. No one is ever obligated to be a romantic partner to someone else. Soo-yeon owes Harry her friendship and a loyalty to that friendship — but I think she displayed that loyalty. (Maybe a bit too much in her feeling that she could never leave him as a designated romantic partner for one of her own choosing. But… this is all so new so I give her a pass there. 🙂 ) On that note, I’d say her relationship with Jung-woo is so new it makes sense she slow it down. No obligation there either.

        I thought it was awesome that she kissed Jung-woo because she wanted to. I think it’s so important that she’s not scared of being attracted to someone, and I think it’s important that she’s listening to herself, letting herself be Soo-yeon. (Didn’t she say something to Harry about being stronger now? Better able to support and help him? Am I remembering that correctly?) She’s finally waking up. (That last shot of her was so, so awesome.)

        At the same time, Harry is totally allowed his freak-out and I’m glad he and Soo-yeon had their confrontation — that she pushed him and stayed when he told her to leave. Once again, she’s showing her strength. And Soo-yeon getting stronger makes me a very happy viewer. Let the boys figure out their own selves. 🙂

      • 33.5.3 pogo

        I totally agree with you – what Harry is doing at this point is emotional blackmail, and it’s even unhealthier because you realise that he’s jealous of every single connection she has to her life as Lee Soo-yeon – not just Jung-woo but her mother, Detective Kim (let’s not forget, child HJ is the one who interfered with his brakes and caused the car crash) and everyone who was anything good in her life.

        He had that attitude even as a child when he was locked up and saw SY and JW going past his window together, but in his adult self it’s intensified to frankly disturbing levels. Even if he does respect Zoe’s wishes, the constant watching over her without her awareness IS creepy. Even if she knows about the CCTVs in the house.

    • 33.6 owl

      Hmmmm, lots of things to consider in reading the IMY posts. Maybe the therapy is for me. Several made the point that YS should kiss/respond to/like/love who she chooses and in that regard, It makes me rethink the kiss and what was behind it for her and JW. In a sense, SY and Harry grew up these past 14 years more as siblings/friends, and the romantic part of it is perhaps an unhealthy extension of the isolation and world they created out of fear and protection. But that was when they were teens early 20s. Now that they are adults, the relationship has to be reevaluated, and if necessary adjusted to make it healthy. Harry is not doing that at all, I totally agree. You are right, YS is strong to be able to face her emotions, even if it means shaking up her realtionship with Harry as it exists now.

      So, if I can rethink how I see kdrama relaitonships, maybe all you out there can help me with a relationship. See, I have this “friend” . . .

      • 33.6.1 JoAnne

        you cutie – anything you want

    • 33.7 pogo

      Honestly, I didn’t see that kiss as possessive at all, more healing than anything else – Soo-yeon returned that kiss because she WANTED to, Jung-woo couldn’t make her do that. And as for Harry and the so-called unfairness to him, love is not something that gets redeemed with coupons for Being Nice and Doing Everything She Wants – Soo-yeon doesn’t owe either JW or Harry her feelings, she has the freedom to decide for herself.

      It was also great to get more of JW and partner again, they’re adorable together and I really love their dynamic, especially when they’re around Soo-yeon and she ends up laughing at his antics. Like I said, it is SO GOOD to see her laugh, she’s not the fragile shell she was so many episodes ago.

    • 33.8 LT

      I’ve missed out one important point. HJW praised at the swing how pretty LSY was. He had always thought so, hence the flashback to the childhood umbrella scene at the playground. Normally I would caution that probably a seduction was being attempted here. But, the drama has hinted earlier that LSY needed self image restoration (My apology to the romantics out there for sounding so clinical). The writer has probably done her homework to know that a rape victim would feel very ugly and would feel very unworthy. The mother and daughter reunion scene tells us that LSY had to latch onto her Mum’s praise that she was prettier than EJ to maintain her sanity while living incognito. Her Mum’s words were probably the driving force behind her becoming a designer for the good of self image and self worth. She needed the reassurance that she was still pretty (acceptable and worthy). That was why she showed her Mum her polished finger nails that match her dress. And yet her Mum was not fully empathetic. Her Mum’s attitude was ‘you don’t want to know me; I don’t want to know you’’ and ‘poor HJW’. HJW seemed to know LSY’s needs. That was why LSY was thankful to HJW for liking her (= accepting her, a rape victim). It’s amazing how an empathetic kiss (fused with tears and embodied with the appropriate sentiments including unconditional acceptance of a rape victim) from HJW can clear misunderstanding, can be liberating and is more powerful than a thousand comforting words! A bed was right next to them unused to signify that the kiss wasn’t meant to be totally sexual.

      • 33.8.1 owl

        You know, I did pick up on the bed being there and yet it wasn’t the “point” per se to end up in it on JW’s part. Very good message in the writing/directing of that scene. What a rock and a hard place for Harry, to slowly realize that letting Zoe go means she may not choose to stay.And holding on means he may lose her anyway. I think he does see this. There are so many levels of emotional immaturity because of the trauma of the entire situaiton, that plays into the unhealthy relationship aspects. But even Zoe doesn’t dare say she could or would leave (she said she could not come back alone as Soo Yeon to JW without Harry), yet to even express it means she realizes it is a possibility, also. For now, Zoe doesn’t exist without Harry and vise versa in word at least.

        Okay, I may be rambling, thanks for listening to me on the dramabean couch!

        • LT

          Ani-e-yo. Merry Christmas.

      • 33.8.2 pogo

        To be fair to SY’s mother, I think it was clear that she pushed her away because she genuinely thought it was better for to be in her new life as Zoe, instead of staying with a mother who (in her own words) couldn’t even keep her fed when she was young…or returning to the identity of Lee Soo-yeon, who was raped. And she was proud of her and happy she was still alive, she says as much.

        Also, at that point the rapist’s killer was still out there and mom knew SY would be under major suspicion if the police found out who she really was.

        • owl

          Agree. It seems like a believable move from a martyr mother syndrome – which is typical in a lot of cultures (my martyr mother is Italian and no one does it better than Italians, unless it is an Asian mother, perhaps…) I like her mother and understand her martyr response, although I think it falls under unhealthy relationship behavior like so many of the relationships in this kdrama.

        • LT

          Pogo, Yes, you are right. I was too blunt. Mum had high motives for not agreeing to Daughter’s suggestion of secret visits. The sad irony of their situation was that LSY wasn’t getting the full reconciliation and Mum’s acceptance (I’m not ashamed of you and you can visit me any time) which a rape victim needs for the healing.

  34. 34 D

    happy Friday all,

    I’m up to date with Can We Get Married? and will start on Cheongdamdong Alice all 6 eps after this, hopefully in time before ep7 starts tomorrow.

    About CWGT – i read that a lot of people are unhappy with the mother (obviously) but i kinda adore her. i think of all Lee Misook’s drama daughters, I like these two the most.

    I’m need to catch up on jdorama, Priceless. I love Fujiki Naohito but every time he’s up to no good, i feel like telling him “Buchou, give it up already, that’s Kimutaku, he has always have cooler hair than you!”

    Oh, i went back to my hometown for a job interview last week and found out two of my elder sisters are religiously watching 2 different daily dramas (with their friends). as i might be back for good next year, im happy to know that i can talk kdrama with them although a 100+ eps is beyond me, LOL

    • 34.1 momosa

      CWGT moms are really something but LMS rocks and the best. I thought Elizabeth Bennet’s mom was one of the shamelessly best mom when it comes to marrying off her daughters until I see this one.

      Lol that comment about her electric blue eyeshadow – she rocks it better than Kim Tae Hee (oh gosh!!) and I think it’s true…

    • 34.2 D

      hahahaha.. Deul Rae is truly something..

      Instead of AC, i ended up watching School 2013 and cried shamelessly at certain scenes.. I honestly wish for a better ending for those kids

  35. 35 John


    I love Lee Mi-sook and her character in CWGM.

    • 35.1 Korazy Lady

      Interesting. Must be that turquoise eyeshadow! She does a good job with all her characters, I think.

      • 35.1.1 Annie

        She’s an amazing actress. Pity that we’ll see her shoved into mommy roles now that she’s reached a certain age.

        • addylovesbwood

          I agree, I love LMS in CWGM. I couldn’t believe she could be so razz after seeing her all melo in Love Rain. I’m more annoyed with the other mother. Her character irritates the heck outta me, but I love her accent.

          I haven’t seen this week’s ep yet. Can’t believe Ki Joong really married that tramp!! I dunno where writers are going with Dong Bi and Ki Joong’s story. Dong Bi did say he could come back to her even if its too late.

      • 35.1.2 John

        Korazy Lady~

        Re the pics. Oh my !

        • addylovesbwood

          Whooaaaa!!! Her BOD!! She’s soo sexyy. I haven’t been introduced to TOP yet but i’ve heard plenty good things about him!!

  36. 36 Ruth

    Hey all. Happy OT/Friday. I dunno about you, but it’s been a long, LONG week. It’s also been a slow week, imo, what with the SK presidential election. It’s weird that, as much as the U.S. worries about NK, there was so little play about the SK election (at least, I think so).

    Anyway, as you can imagine, the front end of the week meant Alice in Cheongdam-dong, King of Drama, and School 2013. I’ve been so pleased with each of these series. I’ve also been watching May Queen, which is such a traditional soap opera (Korean-style, of course), but has some endearing qualities that keep me coming back.

    I also watched the RM ep. with Han Hyo Jo and Go Soo. Um, Go Soo is freakin’ hot.

    IMY got pre-empted for the election, so I’m just hanging on til yesterday’s ep. gets subbed.

    Ready to be through the holidays (not because of kdrama, but because of work….no rest for the wicked…or employed).

    Hope you all have a great holiday (Christmas, if that’s your thing).

    • 36.1 Jessica

      Exactly! I barely heard anything about the SK elections with our local media (even national media).

      And how amazing is it that she’s the first woman president in SK?

      Despite all the gender equality talk, Asia actually has a great record for woman in the highest positions of power, like the Philippines, Thailand, India, and even Taiwan.

      Also, not just in politics but also in business as well. For example,

      …globally just 8% of companies with women in senior managerial positions have a female Chief Executive Officer (CEO). However the story is different in Asian economies, Thailand leads the way with 30% of companies employing female CEOs, followed by mainland China (19%), Taiwan (18%) and Vietnam (16%).


      • 36.1.1 pillowhead

        wow! no kidding. the first woman president. that is awesome. and there was no coverage here. we really r worldly dumb on around these parts.

        • addylovesbwood

          oh wow!! how ignorant of me!! I knew about elections last week just didn’t bother to look into it. Was too upset about my dramas being canceled.

  37. 37 oftheshore

    Hi everyone – and happy holidays, no matter where you are!
    I’m going home for Christmas, with books and papers and all kinds of extra work in my bag, which is not very exciting. However, I am going to cheer myself up by (re)watching Rich Man Poor Woman in the airport (my flight is at 8 am, so I need to get there at…6? Argh!). It is far from perfect, but for me, it was the most *entertaining* show of the year. What are some of your Asian drama guilty pleasures – Bof? Full House? And what were your guilty pleasures this year?

    • 37.1 kopytko

      Hi Oftheshore!
      My pleasure of the year is definitely A Gentleman’s Dignity. I watched it even yesterday… Funny, light, sweet, with endearing characters. Gosh, now I know why JDG is such a star. *swoon*

      The current one is King of Dramas – Anthony! I cannot get enough of such characters. Bold, charismatic, unusual. Oh, Anthony…

      But you know, the really guilty pleasures are Attic Cat and I’m Sorry I Love You. They never cease to move me.

      Have a lovely Christmas at home with your family (and your work :))!

      • 37.1.1 Mystisith

        I’m angry at JDG: “Hands on hips & big eyes”. He has such a superb comedic timing (why was he anxious to accept the role? he is good!) and he is so swoon worthy… He should have done more rom-coms in the past, dramas or movies. And less warrior flicks.

        • JoAnne

          He might not have had that in him when he was younger, I was thinking. Sometimes it takes a person getting a bit older to loosen up and not care what they look like and be able to try things that are different.

    • 37.2 hydrangeabloom

      I don’t know about “guilty” pleasure dramas, but I think my favorite drama I watched this year was Gokusen. Hands down my favorite jdrama to date. As for kdramas, I enjoyed Prosecutor Princess much more than I expected to and I am currently really enjoying Ojakgyo Brothers.

      • 37.2.1 pogo

        Yankumi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333

        That drama is the reason I am a Nakama Yukie fan for life, I will watch literally anything she stars in.

  38. 38 Carole McDonnell

    Watching my usual faves and getting caught up on some others. Lately I’ve developed a major crush on Makato Sakai. Ever since I saw him in Legal High and now in Ooku: Arikoto Iemisu Hen. Two totally different parts but he rocks them both.

    So I went a-searching and am watching an old J-drama of his, a police procedural about an old past-the-statutes-of-limitations murder of a fourth-grader. It’s called Triangle. And I’m currently watching it on AZNV.TV It is soooooo good. So am marathoning like crazy.

    So other than catching up on old dramas, been watching, Ooku (aforementioned), Hitorishizuka, Priceless, Monsters. Was a bit annoyed at the last episode of Monsters. Are they trying to get rid of Emi-Chan? Not happy. I hear it did badly but I still like it. Well, I’ll like it…unless they get rid of Emi-Chan.

    Loving King of Drama, School 2013, and (now that I’m accepting the coincidence-laden quality of some k-dramas), Alice in Cheondom-dong.

    Caught up with some old movies which I liked: Closed Note, Triangle (A korean movie I found while I was looking for the J-drama), Watching my two present fave animes: Sukitte Linayo, and Tonai no Kaibutsu-kun. Both kinda alike. …shoujo/love/shy girl. But different in their own ways. Manga/Manwha lover that I am, am wondering if I should just turn my present WIP YA novel into a graphic novel instead of making it a regular novel.

    Have read mostly non-fiction this year because I hate reading fiction when I’m writing a novel so am catching up on books old and new. So I went wild ordering books and they’re all rolling in. Will be finishing up the year reading great books. Read “Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont” by Elizabeth Taylor (not that one) yesterday and finished it this morning. Looking out at the books before me and ready to start on The Bells by Richard Harvell. Or The Bone People by Keri Hulme. Or The Book of Flying by Keith Miller. Or Mirabilis by Susann Cokal. All books — my reviewer friend says– that really were woefully overlooked.

    Other than that, am just chilling. Turner Classic Movies cable channel here in the US has a daylong marathon of end of the world movies… so I’m kinda watching and DVR-ing those, while finishing my Triangle marathon. Yep, as I said, major crush on Makato Sakai…

    Have a great weekend all. And happy holidays to all who celebrate holidays this week.

  39. 39 Ann

    I am going a little nuts during the gap between KOD and Alice! I started Ghost yesterday so that has helped…

    Does anyone know where I can subs for the e2re video Deep Night, Sad Song? It is a mini-movie with Lee Sun Gyun and I am dying to understand the dialogue!

  40. 40 Makoto

    Currently watching Jacky Chan movie, The Myth and found out some similarities it has with Lee Min Ho’s Faith. Both of them involve confict between Goryeo & Yuan, have same heroine (Kim Hee Sun), same ambitious yet funny bad guy. etc.
    As for drama now watching I Miss You. Somehow I can’t find any trace of teen Su Yeon – Jung Woo in their adult actors. The chemistry seems to go with the children actors, except for Harry’s character. Both YSH and the child actor share same creepy gaze. I love YSH but hate Harry. I agree with secretary Nam’s words that he’s one who make Su Yeon like that. at least it has something to do with him.
    while waiting the next episode, i try to watch Marriage Proposal, SKKS n Sailor Moon. 😀

    • 40.1 hydrangeabloom

      I remember being struck with a sense of deja vu when I started watching Faith, and then realised later when searching online that Kim Hee Sun had previously been in the Myth. My brain went “aha!”, and yet I never would have made the connection on my own.

  41. 41 Mashimomo

    Happy Friday/Armageddon/End of Mayan Calendar day DBeaners!

    If we survive today’s rapture and get to Christmas day, I will promise myself to finally finish Gaksital before 2013. I stopped at Episode 19 for a long time, not because the drama is not good but I’ve been dreading the inevitable faceoff of Shinji and Kang-to. There’s too many sad layers to the drama that made it too raw for me, which of course is a good thing, but I wanted happy endings damnit and I know this is the WRONG drama to be watching but yes, I will suck up and pick up where I left off with this one.

    In the meantime, I have been filling up my time watching King of Dramas and also World They Live In in celebration of Binnie’s coming out from marine service. Funny how these two dramas are about dramas within a drama yet world’s apart in their story. I like that KoD does typical kdrama tropes but never takes itself too seriously at the same time, if that makes sense. I’d LOVE to see Anthony prevail in the end, and I’m sure (hopefully reassuring myself at least) that the writers will go that direction with him. And I’ve decided I like World they Live In, as much as it is slow on some parts I really find myself getting into the story because it’s an ensemble of truly talented actors from veterans to the sort of newbies at the time. There is really no fluid storyline for the drama in general, but I like their take on relationships and is a good slice-of-life drama. And I agreed with javabeans review long time ago, with how Song Hye Gyo portrayed her character although she did get better as the series progressed especially her vulnerable scenes with Hyun Bin.

    Anywho, I think I’m ready to brace the holidays if we go past today’s date, and a lot of drama watching to do during this time. Happy Doomsday, and Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas to all!

    • 41.1 oftheshore

      The world didn’t end (cookies for those who get The X-Files reference), which means I have to get back to my research. Oh well 😀

      • 41.1.1 kakashi

        oh well … what a letdown … ^^

      • 41.1.2 Shukmeister

        [sigh] I guess that means I gotta go back to work to pay next month’s utility bills and cellphone invoice…

        • Mashimomo

          unfortunately i would have to pay that, the mortgage bill and the next half of my tax bill, and working on new year’s day =P

        • oftheshore

          Yep, I’m in denial about the bills and the extra jobs I do to pay them. On the other hand, we’ll get to see all of those awesome (hopefully) upcoming dramas!

    • 41.2 swurbel

      Wish all of you a merry Christmas too and a peaceful and cozy time with family, friends or collegues and and of course with a good old or new kdrama…
      See you

    • 41.3 hydrangeabloom

      I’m also determined to finish Gaksital before the end of 2012, but I’m even further behind than you – only halfway through at episode 14! Gotta catch up so I can listen to javabeans’ most recent podcast!

      • 41.3.1 Mashimomo

        I didn’t listen to the most recent podcast too for the exact same reason, and I enjoy listening to their podcasts so all the more reason to finish the series. Think I’ll be rereading the recaps first up to the 18th before I rewatch.

  42. 42 willow

    For the kpop fans this is a cover of 2NE1’s I Love You by an American Boy Band full of cuties:

  43. 43 kakashi

    I have a question for you, dear Beanies … I am looking for good (English translated) Korean literature/books. I have already read a book by Kim Young-ha and started another by Yi Munyol. I am not looking for any particular style at the moment (it could also be comics, by the way). I am grateful for all the tipps!

    • 43.1 kakashi

      ah … and I forget to mention that I’m looking forward to Cheongdamdong Alice tomorrow and on Sunday!!!!!! And to making gifs again. Making gifs means watching the same episode over and over to find the most suitable scenes = awesome.

    • 43.2 pogo

      Have you tried Bride of the Water God? It’s a manhwa and has some of the most gorgeous art I’ve ever seen – it’s based on the old story of a girl offering herself up to the Water God to save her village, there’s lots of Cupid-and-Psyche tones to it plus hottie gods <3

  44. 44 Jeannette

    I am very overwhelmed today. So many good and sad things happened. The best stuff was that I got to help someone at work…really REALLY help them…but it’s also the saddest. One of my patients has to go into a home. She doesn’t even recognize our doc who has been her PCP for 12+ years. So she’s going on Xmas Eve. It’s really hard. It’s out of state so we’ll never see her again. Her daughters were having a hard time with the home so I called and sweet-talked my way into getting what I wanted…admission to the home (being butts about the forms blah blah when THEY dropped the ball). After spending an hour or more I got it done. The daughter was so overwhelmed that she cried…I’m trying to calm her down and it was just so hard. But I helped them a lot and they love me now because of it. It’s not even my job to do this but someone LAZY dropped it on my lap and I did more for them than they would have…my dr and mgr are happy, I’m happy…And yet I’m crying. haha

    Another good thing was that my OTHER doc gave us all gift cards! Now I can buy some more presents for my daughter…I’d gotten her a few things but they are all expensive. Now I can bulk up her stocking! I’m happy! And I got to write good things in his Christmas card (we all pitched in and bought them wine, haha). Although people slacked off at work and made me do their crap and I got stuck there for 3 hours after everyone left, I got to be helpful and that makes me super happy! YAY!

    ALSO EXCITING NEWS! I have a Korean penpal to help me with Korean! YAY! He’s really nice AND he’s older AAAANNNNDDDDD he told me I can call him “oppa!” HAHAHA! AWESOME! We are going to be best friends forever! YAY! I also had some other guy tell me that he was interested in dating/marrying a white woman…so if anyone wants his number I have it! 😛

    OH! AND AWESOME NEWS PART TWO! My doc loves kimchi and will be my taste tester! AWWW YEAH!

    Hmm…what else? Loving School 2013. I need more Woo-bin. I just…*chomp* I want to bite the heck out of him! SO CUTE *LICKLICK*

    Maybe I should pop some Woo-bin pics on my fb page, haha. I really need to bust out some graphics…

    Anyway, just got home so I’ll read this thread later!

    I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for listening to my babbling!

    • 44.1 Shukmeister

      LOL Jeanettte!

      Sounds like you’re are doing great! Have a good holiday season!

      • 44.1.1 Jeannette

        🙂 Thank you! I hope your holiday is awesome, too! I’m going to see Les Miz, yeaahhhhh!

    • 44.2 Sabah

      Helping someone, when there’s nothing in it for you except seeing the smile and relief on their face is just the most humbling and rewarding experience. Good for you!

      Wishing you well and a peaceful & prosperous holiday!

      • 44.2.1 Jeannette

        Thank you! My job doesn’t give me the opportunity to help many people like this, so when I get to I am so happy. 🙂

        I also hope you have a great holiday! 🙂

    • 44.3 pillowhead

      nice Christmas story Jeannette! To me, that is what it’s all about. 😀

      • 44.3.1 Jeannette

        Thanks, pillowhead! <3

    • 44.4 enz

      great that everything worked out so well despite you having to have more work. happy holidays!! thanks on the lessons on shinee 🙂

      • 44.4.1 Jeannette

        Thank you enz! HAHAHA SHINee lessons…I could have a freaking PhD in it! HAHAHAHAHHA

        Have a great holiday! <3

  45. 45 Rebecca

    My favorite line in the latest KOD episode: “Do you always get confused when somebody buys you sweet potatoes?” hahaha

    • 45.1 Shukmeister

      Loved it, especially when he started crowding into her personal space, and she started nibbling her lip…

      I am worried that his mom’s blindness is congenital, since he was rubbing his eyes after the fire, much like Won Kang-hwi in FHT2…

      • 45.1.1 Mystisith

        I’m almost sure than smart writer-nim is playing with us, fellow drama connoisseurs: Anthony rubbing his eyes… It’s too big of a hint. Maybe it was the smoke, or some fatigue. Or he just will need to wear glasses. ^^

      • 45.1.2 peaches

        ugh yes…i didn’t like that plot device, because i’m sensing that they’re going to throw in a cliche and make it so that he becomes deathly ill somehow later on. i don’t think it’ll have to do with blindness though, but i do think they’ll use it later on. and he’ll find out what he’s afflicted with, and he’ll try to hide it and be a “noble idiot” and either hold out on surgery/treatment as long as possible or find out that the surgery/treatment is very risky-.- i really hope they don’t make it that way…
        and i was a little bothered by how many flashbacks they used in the last two episodes. other than that though, it’s the best drama i’ve watched in a couple of months so far and i totally ship the main characters hehe

        • Shukmeister

          I think they needed the flashbacks for the PD, to establish his 5 year hiatus.

          • peaches

            yeah i agree that they needed flashbacks for that part, but it seemed like they used a lot in the past two episodes for other when hyun min was remembering how his girlfriend slapped him- even though we’d watched that minutes ago, they put in the whooole scene, which i thought was kinda unnecessary. i don’t really remember what else, but i just had the impression that ep 13, 14 were oddly full of flashbacks.

            but even though it sort of bothered me, i can forgive that because it’s such an awesome drama besides:)

    • 45.2 Uhnny

      Haha.. me too! That line cracked me up. I can’t wait for episode 15 to come. Episode 14 is such a cliffhanger. >_<

  46. 46 pn

    What happened to love story in I Miss You having 4 characters? I know Yoochun’s fans demanded Jang Mi-in-ae to be fired, but did the writers listen and just disregard her character from the original story? She only appears for one small scene and says one line every episode.

    • 46.1 addylovesbwood

      I noticed her irrelevancy in IMY!! Guess Yoochun’s fans are quite powerful after all. It seems they reduced or omitted her from the drama to the point where you ask yourself, ahhh why is she even here? which makes me so curious as to how bad the sex scene she did was.

  47. 47 Sonia

    Anyone else think dramafever has changed their layout for the worst? It was so user friendly and nice looking before and now it’s just so amateurish and soo terrible looking overall. uggg…

    Needed to vent my frustration somewhere…

    • 47.1 pillowhead

      yeah. just noticed that.

  48. 48 pillowhead

    I didn’t watch enough of anything new to comment on a drama this week, but as usual had loads of laughs reading through everyones post. U guys put FB to shame. So just wanted to say “Merry Christmas” to all the Beanies!

    • 48.1 Jeannette

      You haven’t been to my fb then…I’m having discussions on kimchi and my friend is telling me how they BOIL it where he lives. *shakes head*

      Everyone is so annoyed at my K-everything obsession!


      • 48.1.1 pillowhead

        oh yea? lol. Actually I have one fb friend that is lost in kdrama like me and now my there is a korean invasion on my wall. pictures of LMH and phonetically spelled inproper use of Korean gallore. I really was trying not to do that but it happened anyway. lol

        • Jeannette

          I’ve had a few people “unfriend” me because of it haha. So instead I started an FB group but I still spam the heck out of my FB anyway. LOL!

  49. 49 pillowhead

    oh… any one listen to Yoseob Yang? this song is cute…

    • 49.1 pillowhead

      the english lyrics are crazy bad though. lol