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  1. redfox

    I made a prank this christmas to parents and had them do the Korean style V-sign on a picture!!!!

    • 1.1 redfox

      omo. first??? haha. well, I still don´t know what the V sign is supposed to show though. in Estonia nobody ever does that on pictures. But I think my mom managed it pretty well. Granny did not know what the heck I want from her keke

    • 1.2 redfox

      Oh yeah and I watched Rurouni Kenshin movie, although I did not understand cause there was no subs. I liked it and did not. it seemed like they couldnt decide if they want a slow or fast paced movie. the motif behind action was left a bit blurry. but it is difficult to squeeze that story into such a concentrated format. still, I would have chosen either an inner development story or an action story. it was a little “thin” for such a layered story.

      • 1.2.1 oozzeee

        ,did you watch it in the cinema? the one shown in my country had subs.. I went in expecting to be awed by Kenshin but came out a fan of Sano.. 🙂

        • redfox

          no it does not play in our cinemas, I watched it on Dramacrazy. I did like what I saw, I just wish it had more ….intensity? not just more action, but y´know…

          • oozzeee

            , I watched the anime so I have a back story on the movie. Still my problem with it was that we weren’t really shown how the group banded together. If I were a movie goer which had no idea about the story at all, I would be baffled as to why Kenshin and Sano went to save Megumi..

            ,plus I found the villain so cartoonish (which is ironic coz it really is supposed to be I guess, it being from a manga) but really? His office had to have a tiger carpet, he has a pet rabbit, he smokes cigar, and has a really terrible hair cut. My friends OTH have a problem with the lead coz he doesn’t look as hot as Kenshin the anime, but I have no problem with it. I have long accepted the fact that nobody looks as good as an anime character.

            After all is said and done, it is still a cut better than other anime adaptations I’ve seen.

          • redfox

            thing is, yes.
            kenshin should look more innocent in my opinion. it is really all about that contrast of having been a killer and looking like a boy.
            and yes, the development that lead to saving megumi, it is like a whole sequence was cut out or something. I did not understand why, I did not get any answers to why they did anything.

          • latteholic

            Oh wow! Dramacrazy has it already? I’ve been waiting for like.. forever.. But, I think I’ll wait until it’s subbed. Thanks for letting us know! 🙂

          • redfox

            NAD NOW IT IS SUBBED!!!!!shit I am even mis-spelling stuff.

      • 1.2.2 Laurita

        awww, such a cute family (I just had to say that 🙂 ).

        I also want to see this movie but I guess it’s better to wait for the subs 🙂

        • redfox

          there are subs!!!

          • Laurita

            aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I missed your comment, it’s in dramacrazy? I’m coming hahaha 😀

    • 1.3 kakashi

      hahaha, redfox … awesome 🙂

    • 1.4 Sabah

      Hehe. Excellent!

    • 1.5 Enz

      CUTE! Now to make them do the saranghae pose!

      • 1.5.1 redfox

        you mean hands over your head in heart shape? lets see if they go along with it on new years day

        • Enz

          Yes 🙂 that pose. My family including aunts and uncles did that pose for me when they were on hols in china!

    • 1.6 pillowhead


      • 1.6.1 pillowhead

        i thought that was called the “lala” pose. I made my friends do that in a picture last night cause it was my birthday :P. actually, my friend and i call it the “Flala” cause we say “fighting” and then do the lala. haha. it is soooo dorky.

        • redfox

          I actually thought it a lost cause to get older generation estonians to act cute and dorky they always look like they are on a funeral. when you ask when the photo is taken, they say wedding, birthday haha. christmas. well in case of my family I am more surprised they were in such good mood on Christmas even when it is the date of my other grannys death, in 2007. I guess they are over it…

        • Enz

          It is called that pillowhead. That’s what I was told anyway. But I have no idea what lala means. In hokkien, we have a clam that’s called lala 🙂

          • pillowhead

            i love it. lala!

  2. Shukmeister

    Hello, everybody, and Happy Friday!

    Thanks to recent storm action, parts of the east coast of the US and Canada are either buried under a blanket of snow, or thoroughly soggy. I belong to the latter, but just barely above freezing. Everyone, please say safe and warm!

    Although it’s cold outside, things are definitely heating up for our CDDAlice. (I’m hooked enough to have watched the last two raw first). Oh Alice, you’d better carry an extra seat cushion, because your decisions are going to come back and bite you in the tush. Although I think Seung-Jo needs to be whacked with a maturity stick, he is maniacally adorable in his current phase. And his sidekicks are awesome! Everyone needs friends like that!

    I’m also hoping for a good ending for KofD. Please, writer-nim, give us an unexpected and positive twist for the last two episodes! Extensions always worry me with “what might have been’s”, and I sufficiently love this show to want that satisfying Oh Wow ending.

    On a recco from KorazyLady, I watched the first three episodes of 2007’s Que Sera Sera, which is a rather dark, passionate show. I don’t know if I’m sold on the characters’ paths to redemption, but episode 3 contains one of the top elevator scenes according to kakashi!

    I’ve fallen behind on Priceless, but I will focus on catch up while my current crack shows get the push into the new year. I’ve added new chapters to my fiction, and now RL has popped in with a Christmas Eve gift of a flat tire, and an inoperative access card at work, so I have to do a bit of running around today on my day off.

    Oh! And, all my lovely DBOT chingus, have a safe and good New Years!

    • 2.1 kakashi

      ha! all that anticipation … and now you were faster than me, Shukmeister … ^_^

      I’m dying because there’s no CDDA this weekend!! Seriously! It’s true!

      • 2.1.1 Shukmeister

        LOL kakashi –

        That’s because you were busy drooling over You-know-who.

        • kakashi


      • 2.1.2 shel

        WHAT! No KOD on Monday, and no CDDA either. Yeesh! How’s an addict supposed to survive….

    • 2.2 Korazy Lady

      Good Morning Shukie and fellow DBers! It’s so nice to get on here and see all the familiar…faces? Well, yes, a lot of names I am able to put a face with now.

      Shukie, don’t force yourself to watch QSS for me. I know there are a few who share the love on here but if you’re not one of them, I say don’t waste precious time on a drama that doesn’t appeal to you. There are other fish to fry!

      I am joining you and Kakashi in waiting for CDDA. This was an unexpected gem although the last episode I Did Not Like. Don’t you think they could have done that whole episode in 15 minutes?

      Have a wonderful day!

      • 2.2.1 kakashi

        Koraaaaaaazy! Hello 🙂
        CDDA Epi 8 … it’s a conundrum. For me, it’s proof that this is one of the most surprising shows I’ve seen in a long time/ever? Making us hate the main lead … that is really curageous and unexpected! Therefore: while I don’t like this episode, I still honor it for what it did

      • 2.2.2 Enz

        NO SHUKIE!! Don’t listen to Korazy!!!! You HAVE to watch QSS!!! Just have to!!!!

        Ok you don’t have to. But you might as well since there is no KoD or CDDA this Monday anyway. You can finish it all off over this weekend and Monday no? 🙂

        Happy new year to you too

        • Shukmeister

          Selamat, Enz! LOL, I’m going to try and complete Priceless this weekend, although I am still missing subs for the last two episodes. I’m really enjoying a show with a genki guy instead of a candy girl.

          I don’t think QSS is a bad watch, but it definitely didn’t hook me by the throat like KoD or CDDA.

          • enz

            habiskan drama dulu baru cakap ya 🙂 mungkin lepas habis dah tukar fikiran hehehhe

          • Shukmeister

            Enz –

            We will see what happens once I’m all caught up with everything else. 😉

      • 2.2.3 Shukmeister

        Korazy –

        If they did it in 15 minutes, we would have missed Tom Cruise a manic Seung-jo bouncing around and glomping on the Good Doctor.

        Still, I am hoping she gets exposed quickly so we can move on to the redemption and cuteness phases!

        • Korazy Lady

          lol. Good point! I just thought this episode gave in to an overused plot mechanism. (haha, what else is new in dramas?)

    • 2.3 alua

      Priceless is good fun this week. I’m surprised about Kindaichi’s girlfriend too, that she isn’t an evil schemer (I think my expectations are influenced by all the K-dramas I’ve watched). Can’t quite figure out her Dad though.

      • 2.3.1 Shukmeister

        What was the last episode you’ve seen?

        • alua

          I’m up to date – ep 8.

          • Shukmeister

            I’ve downloaded to 10, but I won’t watch 9 or 10 until subs are ready after the new year.

            I think the girlfriend’s dad knew Kindaichi’s dad and may know that he is the hidden son. He goes seem to have a soft spot, even though he really hasn’t helped Team Happiness out.

            I think Oyashiki is going to play the you-stole-our-design, because short of strong arming the factories, I can’t see any other way to stop out intrepid threesome.

            The only twist (and I look at it as far fetched) is that the whole thing was some type of elaborate scheme from the father’s will, and Otashiki will smile and hand it over once Kindaichi proves himself. I think this is waaaay out in left field though.

            [WWAD Moment]*

            Now that I have written that, I wonder if the girlfriend’s dad is the key to the old man’s will and instructions for the Miracle Company. That actor has been several stronger roles than this, so he might be the dark horse … Hmmm

            * What Would Anthony Do

    • 2.4 pillowhead

      I hope u stick with QSS.It does take a while to get into it. I was about to give up on it myself, and then read a recap and i couldn’t believe how freaking crazy it got. so i went back and marathoned the rest. SOOOOO worth it. I hope u finish it.

      • 2.4.1 Enz

        Well, that’s three of us doing our little bit for QSS this week. Mission accomplished.. Haha

        • pillowhead

          haha. yes, we try. we need new blood.

          • Korazy Lady

            Another OT with a QSS shout-out! And we weren’t even the first ones to bring it up!

          • Shukmeister

            AHHH the pressure!!!

            Luckily, I’m a scuba diver and can handle it. hee hee hee

            I don’t dislike the show, so I will probably shoehorn it in around the rest of my drama watching. 🙂

  3. OMG

    Happy OT Everyone!!!! Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance!!!!
    OMGosh….so much kdrama watching has occurred now that I actually have time!!!
    First I watched Answer me 1997….this drama is AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!! Almost dethroned Coffee Prince as my top drama…..but not quite there. This show gave me the feels…..even though I’m not Korean nor did I listen to Korean music growing up but a lot of the stuff in this show tapped into my childhood memories….which were not that long ago, I might say. I felt what all these characters felt, cried with them, was happy with them, was sad with them…UGH this show and the feels~~~!!!! Eunji and Soo In Juk rocked it out even thought they were rookie actors but all of the other main characters kicked ass too…I loved how they cast Eun Ji Won – who I didn’t know by the way – as a character but he in real life was huge in the nineties as well….how awkward must that have been…hahahahaha! Hoya as the closet gay in love with his best friend….ugh~~~this relationship made me want to go into the show and be gay and a dude just so Hoya could have someone to love….it was an amazing portrayal of closeted gay peeps and m kinda glad that Korea is slowly coming around…at least on the portrayal of gays. All the actors were amazing in their roles. I also loved the writing, cinematography and directing of this show as well…cuz we all know u can have amazing actors but give them a crappy storyline *cough* lie to me *cough*, or have horrible directing n more…but this show was all around perfect….well almost…I felt the second half dragged a little too much and the glimpses into the future – around ep 13 n onward – where they were still making everything vague when we CLEARLY knew who she ended up with was kinda annoying….also we didn’t need to spend that much time in 2005….
    Second I caught up with School 2013….took me four episodes to get hooked, but once I was…oh boy!!! This show also gives me the feels… high school experience was nothing like this but this show just makes me wanna go to that school n kick some people in the ass….who woulda thought that Nam Soon was a balling ass fighter…I know he was kicking Jung Ho’s ass and I knew it was bad for him but I just loved it and I wanted it to go on a little longer. I don’t understand why Jung Ho acts all high and mighty when he got his ass kicked by Nam Soon…n it was a pretty good beating as well. UGH Heung Soo’s story just kills me and the role that Nam Soon played in it…UGH kills ME!!!…I mean that episode when Nam Soon just straight up said what happened and they showed the scene, n also when Nam Soon was telling Teacher In Jae, with a smile on his face, about Heung Soo and how good he was at soccer and how he may have done what he did out of anger, even though he didn’t mean it…..UGH the FEELS!!!!! All the other storylines are good and interesting as well, I don’t ever feel the urge to skip thru certain scenes in this show….although if they keep giving that T-ara Dani chick some more random English lines, m gonna fucking go to SK, find her n stab her to death….hahahahaha I also love that this show is a realistic (or as realistic as it can be) portrayal of high school in SK….and how it’s not all happiness and joy…. I have heard n read about the suicide stats in SK and how issues of bullying are just about ignored so I’m happy to see a show that tackles these issues…..
    And FINALLY…this show is tied with Answer me 1997 as my second favorite show n has show me my two new hotties, SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND……oh boy…Lee Min Ki and Sung Joon where have u guys been all my life!!!!! I though Lee Min Ki looked a little malnourished in this show but I still loved him and his portrayal of Byung Hee was amazing…. He was a little off skelter but he loved music and his character, even though it was only for two episodes, took command of the screen and had a lasting impact on the rest of the show. I see why what happened needed to happen; he would have stolen the whole show otherwise. I didn’t miss Byung Hee….too much…I found myself going back to episode 1&2 to see him again…haha…mainly cause this gave the chance for the other guys to step it up and boy did they……. Sung Joon is toooo hot….found myself looking up flight to Korea for this dude and Lee Min Ki…..*fans self*…haha This show was AMAZEBALLS!! I loved it from start to finish….almost everything…I didn’t like the female lead; the job could have gone to a better actress… I just had a hard time with her acting, I also don’t like that this and other kdramas don’t know what to do with a second lead except be a rival….like they can’t come up with a full story for him – he’s just the failed rival for the lead girl’s affection and after he has been rejected, there is no other purpose but to be there for the lead girl when she needs him…… but apart from that (and a few minor things here and there)!!! THIS SHOW WAS AMAZING!!!! I kinda wish I had watched this earlier so I could join the contest on DB earlier and competed for the OST for this show….i will now go and download it!!! I had my reservations about this show, everyone kept saying how awesome it was but I couldn’t believe it…….boy was I proven wrong….. TVN has been stepping up their game and I can’t wait to see not only the next Flower Boy series but all that TVN has to offer next year. I love that at the core, this was a show about growing up, about realizing that things are not gonna stay the same – things and people change, a band that kept u together will now bring u apart unless u realize that it was not about the band in the first place… just an amazing coming of age story… gosh….my post is already long enough so m gonna stop here…..Off to google everything Lee Min Ki and Sung Joon are in……n find some nice pics as well!!
    Next in my list is Cheunamdong Alice…hear this show is pretty good…
    M interested in watching Biscuit Teacher Star Candy….anyone know where I can find this online with good subs???
    After this, I want to take a break from kdramas and switch to kmovies, anyone know any good sites out there…

    • 3.1 OMG

      boy is this long…haha

    • 3.2 redfox

      I wanna “like” this post. It is great to have another “turned” by Shut Up Flower Boy Band and join the love army.

      • 3.2.1 OMG

        its such a good show…i have downloaded all the songs i could find from the OST…
        M even thinking of watching Can We Get Married just cause Sung Joon is in it……*sigh* the things we do for our kdrama lead love

      • 3.2.2 pillowhead


    • 3.3 rainbow

      you can find Biscuit Teacher Star Candy here :

      • 3.3.1 Shukmeister

        One of my favorite age-difference romances!

        • rainbow

          ya…..somehow, the love story between the leads didn’t seem weird 😉

          • Shukmeister

            I prefer older woman / younger men stories, maybe because I can crunch on the lead without feeling like a cradle-robber, although for the record I preferred Kang-hyuk over Chi-soo in FBRS. Must be the army abs…

          • Korazy Lady

            Shukie, just noticed you said crunch on the lead (my brain read crush at first). That puts a whole new spin on things!

          • Shukmeister

            Korazy ~

            They kind of mean the same thing. 😉

      • 3.3.2 OMG

        thank you!!!!!

    • 3.4 Sabah

      I don’t know if you said that all in one breath BUT I pretty much read it all in one thought AND it was awesome! : )

      SUFBB is my favourite drama of 2012 and in my top five all time! I’m watching CWGM for Sung Joon but the other thing I really liked him in was White Christmas, another excellent drama! As for Lee Min Ki, though people love DJS, I just couldn’t get into it despite loving noona romances BUT I did love Evasive Inquiry Agency AND then there was this which just blew me away! Both him and Song Jae Rim were magnificent.

      You can dl biscuit teacher here, OR watch online here

      “anyone know any good sites out there…” I need to know too. I am waiting for so many subtitles for so many K and J movies. Anyone have a eng sub for the movie ‘Tokyo Koen,’ please? Thank you.

      • 3.4.1 OMG

        Sabah… I don’t on know how but it seems like I missed ur post….just reading it now. Thanks for the website… For k movies, I just check youtube for the ones available that I want to watch…so far so good…when YouTube fails me then m gonna go google hunting…haha
        White Christmas and can we get married have now been added to my ever growing kdrama list…..been stalking the soompi thread for BTS pics on my wonderful sung joon….haha…will be checking out things lee min ki has been in now and add them to my ever growing list…

        Curious question, are ye the same Sabah from seoulbeats????

        • Sabah

          I think my post was pending for moderation, so you didn’t really miss it.

          “Google hunting” Ha! Yeah, I’ve spend many hours doing that too! What’s really funny is that when I’m frantically searching for something I say to myself, ‘if I could just find it now, I’d watch it straight away and banish this boredom,’ BUT when I do find it I’m like, ‘I’ll watch it later.’ So even though I complain, I think I like the hunt the most.

          Sung Joon definitely a favourite of mine too. I love his intensity. It’s that quiet smouldering type which just affects me through to my bones. Yep, my list only gets longer too, it’s like for every one I tick off, I add ten! Yeah, I post on SB as ‘Sabah’ but I don’t know if I’m the Sabah you are referring to, by which I mean I’m not a writer at SB.

          • OMG

            tell me about it…if he shot any of those smoldering looks my way….things are definitely gonna happen…haha.
            I found another website……one that has movies and hasnt been taken down yet….yaye!!!
            Yea i noticed the name and i remembered that there is a commenter with the same name…i just wanted to confirm….haha!

          • Sabah

            I would do a ‘Miranda’ and fall over myself!

            Oh yeah, I forgot they do movies too. Thank you so much! It’s actually quite a common name now, not so much when I was young but it kind of suits me. 🙂

        • dustdevil

          Hi Sabah, I wanted to add a thanks for the link to “Biscuit Teacher Star Candy.” My first searches had turned up nothing, so I was happy to find it. (Stayed up all night watching it, waiting for the MBC Gayo Daejun to air.)

          • Sabah

            Hehe, no problem! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

    • 3.5 Korazy Lady

      Good to see you relaxed and enjoying your dramas, OMG! Hope your semester was a success!

      • 3.5.1 OMG

        awww thanks…it was and m glad that its over…haha

    • 3.6 Jeannette

      I love this post so, so much. <3

    • 3.7 Minnetter (aka: Min)

      Hi OMG! I read your essay^^ and I don’t know why but I have this image of a you saying all this in one breath and then panting because of the effort! jajaja
      Out of the three dramas you mentioned I’m only fully caught up on School 2013 the others I watched random episodes and read the recaps. But School has my heart in twisty little knots. I’m definitely in love with it and I can’t help but feel so much for Namsoon’s past and present and worry about his future.

      • 3.7.1 OMG

        oh gosh..Nam Soon makes me wanna cry for him, then fly to Korea and be there for him….if u know what i mean…hahaha…. but yea i fell bad for him, considering he DID ruin his best friend’s life forever…haha

    • 3.8 pillowhead

      hey OMG! SUFFB is totally “AMAZEBALLS” and i agree about the girlfriend. she was all wrong. i think korean dramas r in part successful cause they pair up Leeminhos with older jandi-like girls. it’s the noona formula. haha.

      • 3.8.1 OMG

        i didnt get it….i think its the actress not the character cause the character made sense but the actress just made me want to pull out my hair…ugh… but still an amazing drama!!!

    • 3.9 Enz

      You found and there is also

      Both haven’t been taken down. I find dramacrazy generally faster in speed with speedy joe. But with flower boy ramyun shop esp the last few episodes, gooddrama was better for the audio. Louder and can hear the background music which is important to the story, better.

  4. kakashi

    Hello everybody!! Happy Friday /almost end of the year day!
    You know what happened this week? Twitter happened this week. I would like to blame KorazyLady for that. And Shukmeister. And JoAnne. And Cherkell! And Mystisith! And Orion! And all the others! Too many to count!

    It’s been absolutely fabulous! KDrama talk all day and all night long, across multiple time zones. It’s driving me insane, in a very good way. I’ve been a Facebooker all my life and following conversations on Twitter is embodied chaos in comparison to the well-ordered world of threads and comments on FB. So glad I’m currently on holidays. Imagine having to deal with 100+ Tweets every day while having to get work done? I’d rather not. Here’s to you, ladies! You’re truly awesome.

    The other thing that happened this week: holidays. I mean the „I’m not at work until January 7“ type of holidays. They are having a massive effect on my brain. It’s no longer functioning properly. It’s quiet and complacent. My English is going down the drain, I languish in front of my computer, lazily typing meaningless words. Ok, it might also be the height or the winter (there’s snow, snow, snow and ice everywhere). Or it could be the particular time of the year (in Germany, it is called “between the years”, an expression that has always given me the shivers, because it sounds so … magical. Between the years, outside of time … ) Or the tea-rum-lemon-sugar drink I keep drinking? In any case … I don’t think holidays are very healthy.

    The third thing that I want to mention is that I’m not coping with this CDDA hiatus very well. I’m now at the stage where I try to come up with future scripts and storylines because I don’t want to wait any longer. Sigh. January 5th, come!

    • 4.1 kakashi

      ah … and i just bought a set of THIS o_0
      oh yes.

      • 4.1.1 Lovebug

        I am way late on today’s Open thread, but this is Hilarious!!!!! And awesome!

    • 4.2 Korazy Lady

      Good Morning Kakashi! I like how you’re waking up and on Twitter and when I’m two hours past bedtime and still on there! After January 1 (my New Year’s Resolution Day) things will be different. (HA!!!)

      Keep warm in the snow! Enjoy your holidays! See you on Twitter!

      • 4.2.1 kakashi

        oh …. no! No KDrama and Twitter related New Year’s Resolutions please! 🙂 I like how things are…

      • 4.2.2 kakashi

        … and what’s really killing me is having Twitter friends in all sorts of timezones now. It. Never. Stops!!!

        • JoAnne

          After a while you get more comfortable about dropping in and out and not worrying about missing things – often I don’t even go back and read everything from when I was away, anymore. But initially I had to read every tweet and respond as appropriate. The other thing is I have a firm rule that I do NOT check tweets during work hours, except to hop on for a second now and then during lunch to comment on what I just saw.

          • kakashi

            thanks for the tips, grand master. yes, things will be different once I’m back at work. that’s in … *serious calculations going on* … 10 days. omg. 10 more days?!

          • JoAnne

            I return in 4 🙁 – but have had 7 off so far.

          • kakashi

            I’m not trusting my calculation. it sounds … wrong.

          • JoAnne

            perhaps you multiplied by a factor of – oh, I don’t know – 80?

          • kakashi

            this is getting too complicated. sheep feeding time!!!!!

          • Shukmeister

            PFfffffTttttt. You two. 🙂

  5. JoAnne

    Good Morning My Wondrous Beans!

    It’s cold, cold, COLD here on the CT shore today but at least we have cold sun, and not the hard rain of the previous 24 hours. When I dropped my daughter off at the train station in New London yesterday morning just after 7, I had to drive through a puddle across the road that was deep enough I actually worried the car would stall out. No markers or anything, and it’s a block from the police station. Sheesh! I heard one lady in Stonington had to be evacuated from her home by rowboat, but I haven’t heard about any other water-related issues.

    I hope you had lovely holidays, for those of you who had them! We did here, very peaceful and quiet and a lovely time all the way around. And now it will be the New Year in just a few days – I am wondering what 2013 will bring. Are you?

    Let’s see – I don’t really feel like talking about dramas in depth. I’m watching Alice, School, I Miss You, Can We Get Married? – and I’m behind enough on The Great Seer that I guess it’s unofficially on hold, but I plan to get caught up over the break. I paused King of Dramas to come here, that’s first on the list of catch-up. I really like everything I’m watching, all for different reasons.

    I have 2 more eps to go on Yokai Ningen Bem, too. Odd little show with terrible production values but endearing characters and a thought-provoking premise. I also watched the 1st episode of In Time with You. Cute, some familiar faces, interesting story, so I guess that will be a fill-in. I need to finish the last couple eps of Time Between Dog and Wolf, too, and I’ve been on Ep 2 of The Princess Man for about a year now. The other day I watched Secret Reunion – I can recommend that movie without reserve. It’s not what you expect, or at least not what I expected. An odd mix of humor and seriousness, and just right for me that evening.

    I’m also about half way through Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, which is a book my daughter requested for Christmas, and maybe 1/3 of the way (or possibly less) in Game of Thrones 1st book. I keep intending to knit but when I sit in the knitting chair and the dog gets settled in under the afghan I drape over my legs, we both just go to sleep. Oh well.

    Ok, off to read comments!

    • 5.1 JoAnne

      oh and I marathoned Season 4 of UK version of Being Human. Love that show. Both versions.

    • 5.2 Shukmeister


      ITWY is a cute TWDrama, and Ariel Lin and Wilson Chen look good together! They also were together in a movie where she’s giving up on love until she meets her dream doctor.

      Yokai Nigem Bem gave me Gaegoyles vibes, but it sounds like it might be worth the watch.

      Have a Good Friday!

      • 5.2.1 John


        In Time With You, that has a Wookie or something chasing a girl around a department store?

        The wife and I saw that and we both said , “No!”.

        • Shukmeister

          John –

          Hee hee hee – it’s just some weird dream sequence. FF through most of that part.

    • 5.3 autleaf

      @JoAnne: I love to explore children’s literature and the description of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children looks fascinating. But i’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to horror movie/book and some of the pictures do look haunting. Would you recommend the book? Thank you in advance for your advice and thank you for sharing.

      • 5.3.1 JoAnne

        So far not scary at all – just – ODD. Give it a go!

      • 5.3.2 autleaf

        Odd is fine by me. Thanks for the recommendation, I searched for the author and ended up on his blog on Strange Geographies. Will definitely read the book once I get my hands on it. Thanks again!

    • 5.4 Korazy Lady

      Morning JoAnne,
      I couldn’t finish IMY last night because of the kids returning home late and wanting to chat. Still didn’t notice the “object” in Harry’s room yet, but I’ll keep my eye out for it!

      Hope you keep warm up there!

      • 5.4.1 JoAnne

        oh, you can’t miss it. It’s enormous – some sort of humped sculpture in a bed of gravel against a wall.

    • 5.5 ck1Oz

      Morning. Knew you would be here.
      Just a quick note, Stock Flower ain’t happening we can’t find the raw videos. Oh well.
      On the other hand will try my darnest next year to improve my Korean so I am less dependent on subs.
      Happy OT to you, am going through ep 13-17 Can we get married and it’s 2am now. On ep 16 now. No Alice this week, catching up on all my dramas.
      ILICDD is next for Jan.

      • 5.5.1 JoAnne

        Oh well it was worth hoping 🙁 Perhaps in the future they will appear! ILICDD? I Live in Cheongdam-dong? Why did I think that had already aired?

    • 5.6 alua

      I know I watched In Time with You and it started off well, but it annoyed me in the end. I’m trying to remember the details, but I can’t! Given that it can’t be that long ago that I watched it (a few months back), that isn’t a good sign… because it means the drama wasn’t memorable at all. I think it had to do with the male lead being just too nice and letting himself be treated as a dishrag, and the female lead really not deserving him. Oh yeah, and their idiotic wedding (no details, I won’t spoil it for you) and the ‘now we are married’ bed scene.

      Finished with Kekkon Shinai this week, which fortunately didn’t conclude with a message of ‘we must all get married to be happy’. That said, the ending was perhaps just a wee bit to vague for me and generally I still have mixed feelings about what the makers of the show were aiming for: I still think (even without weddings in the end) that some of them think traditional roles for women are best.

      Priceless has been good fun.
      Have to catch up on four episodes of School 2013.
      Wishing someone would sub and upload Himawari no Ozasaki – I MISS IT!!!
      Miss Rose — ughh. I can’t feel sorry for anyone, they are all creating their own pain and suffering and now I can’t even root for the OTP full-heartedly anymore because Si Yi doesn’t deserve Cheng Kuan.

      Filmwise – went to the cinema with my sister to watch Life of Pi and they had a raffle and she won two cinema tickets!!! Plan is to send the parents on a date to see Life of Pi, but given that my Mom will probably be hard to convince (she hasn’t been to the cinema in decades), I have a feeling the sis and me will end up using the tickets instead. Well, we still have to watch The Hobbit anyhow.

      • 5.6.1 JoAnne

        Alua! Greetings my friend 🙂 My daughter saw The Hobbit on Christmas Eve. Given that she actually sat there for 3 hours AND they wear costumes (2 things she can’t stand, in general) I’d say it must be pretty good! (I know – a child of mine who doesn’t like costumes or watching a show for hours…if I didn’t know better I would say she was adopted.)

        I have Priceless on my list to watch but based on reviews I have decided against Miss Rose, despite very appealing gifs all over Tumblr.

        • alua

          I actually want to see The Hobbit in London’s biggest theatre, but I think my sister really wants to go see it already now (where we only get it in a tiny cinema, because we go for the subtitled version in an arthouse cinema because everywhere else in the city it’s dubbed – OH THE HORROR -)

          Priceless is surprisingly enjoyable. There isn’t anyone actor in it that I really care about, but everyone’s good and I’m even liking Karina whom I’ve never liked in any drama before.

          Miss Rose starts well but then goes down the hill as the main female lead decides to adopt a 17th century mindset and sacrifice herself so that her man can marry a rich, spoilt, evil, scheming brat that he doesn’t like. Because, apparently, that’s happiness. ?#$^#@*#$*&

          • alua

            I need to start proofreading.

            *anyone –> any one
            *main female lead –> female lead (talk about saying the same thing twice!!!)

          • JoAnne

            dubbed? dubbed in WHAT? It’s an English-language film in an English city, so why is it dubbed everywhere?

          • alua

            I’m on the European continent at the moment, at my family’s. 😀

          • JoAnne

            ah ok – was thinking you were in London but I should have picked up on that when you mentioned family

        • shel

          I liked the Hobbit OK, but I’m not sure I understand why they need three movies to tell this story….except for $$$$, of course. Not to mention, if they’d left the added stuff that wasn’t in the book out, it would have been an hour shorter. Three hours is long, doesn’t generate them any more money, in fact, it means fewer showings in a day. Don’t understand the thinking behind that.

          Other than that, it was good. It is beautiful, visually, but I can’t sit for three hours without a potty break, so that was tough.

          • alua

            Money is surely some motivating factor but since this is pretty much the only blockbuster I’m going to watch all year, they can have my money for this just once.

            I think they make more money because it’s a 3D film. They can charge a lot more – in London’s biggest cinema, the BFI IMAX, I think the prices were something like £21 (!), in others they might charge anything between £10-15. From the schedules I saw (at that particular cinema) they had like 5 or 6 screenings a day, starting around midday and even doing midnight screenings. They were all booked out for the first week, which is why I didn’t get to see it before I went to my parents’.

          • shel

            Yeah, well you get a lot more money from three films than one. And riding on the LOTR’s coattails didn’t hurt either. If they screw up the story too much stretching it to 8-9 hours total, though, I’m gonna be annoyed with them.

          • erinlibrarian

            Remember the good old days when they would stop the movie halfway for five-ten minutes so people could go pee, get refreshments, etc?
            I remember being sad when the phased it out – probably they only did it so they could switch the film reels, lol.
            One of the reasons I love streaming shows and movies – the pause button!

          • Lilly

            I think some of the Ring people have developed the books into an alternative religion.

          • alua

            I don’t think they’ve entirely phased out the ‘break’ – I can’t remember when, but I’m pretty sure I remember a break during a film within the last three for years. But it was a long film, probably Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter or something of the sort. It probably depends on the cinema…

          • Shukmeister

            They had a break in the middle of John Woo’s “Red Cliff”, but the theatrical release was almost 5 hours long.
            They broke into 2 parts for the DVD, but it was well worth the 2 1/2 hour wait for the bathroom. Kurosawa would have been proud.

    • 5.7 Matt

      Joanne noona I had no idea you lived in CT.. I live in Colchester.. We got snow where my pops lives next door had to put the plow on for the first time lol.

      • 5.7.1 JoAnne

        Yep I am in Mystic you arent far at all! We had snow night before last but it was gone in the downpour yesterday

      • 5.7.2 Korazy Lady

        Matt, I’m only a few hours away in PA. Can you call me KL Noona? Or anything in Korean, actually, as long as it’s not some kind of curse word (but then I wouldn’t know anyways!)

        Hope you’re enjoying the holidays!

  6. cherkell

    Happy OT Friday Fellow Beansies! Geez, is it Friday already? How time flies at the end of the year! Hope everyone had a nice Christmas Holiday and have recovered from your respective Food Comas by now. 🙂

    Need to head to work early today because the law never waits for me to digest my tea and toast first. And since I’m back to work again, that puts me sooo behind on drama watching it ain’t funny. But as in years past, it’s always my first New Year’s Resolution made… and my first New Year’s Resolution broken. Yay for consistency at least!!

    I will be live-tweeting the SBS Drama Awards Ceremony on Monday 31 December, so stop on by if you’re so inclined — The Snark™ should be out in force for yet another year-end dog-and-pony show. So everyone have a good rest of the day — see you all laters!

    P.S. Nice tune for the OT pick there, gals — it’s one of my favorites getting Major Repeat Status on my playlist these days…

    • 6.1 Korazy Lady

      Hey CherKell! Hope all of your health issues are behind you next year and that your foot is finally fully healed!

      What time are the SBS Drama awards on and where? I bet we don’t get them on the east coast. And since it is New Year’s Eve, I can pretty much guarantee my husband won’t want to spend his evening watching them! I’ll just have to follow along on my phone I guess. Wouldn’t want to miss your comments!

      Watching KoD now makes me even suspect that all awards are rigged in SK! (Although my SJK did win the person most wanted for a date on New Year’s Eve 🙂 )

      • 6.1.1 cherkell

        Hey KL! Geez, I hope so too… it’s hurting a bit more again after getting up this morning and falling flat on my face because my leg was all tangled up in the bedsheets. Either I had a horrible nightmare or an awesomely-awesome dream for me to awake in that state! I favor the latter. 😀

        By my calculations, the show starts at 4:50 AM PDT/7:50 AM EDT/8:50 PM KST, and I will be streaming via Showboom (SBS America doesn’t air it in live-time). And we all know these ‘events’ are definitely a popularity contest that never takes the actual viewers into consideration ever, but they’re always so fun to watch for the outfits alone! Since SBS treated ‘Five Fingers’ like a red-haired bastard child during its airing, I have to be there to support My Precious and Joo Ji Hoon and Chae Si Ra and the Drama itself for at least getting nominated. Hopefully hell will freeze over for one of them to win something!

        But I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep up with the subscription after the New Year rolls over. Let’s see how and if the bandwidth suffers due to the heavy usage at that time. Will report back accordingly!

  7. rainbow


    Good Evening everyone 🙂

    I’m watching King Of Dramas, but why is it turning a bit melo; hopefully we’ll be having a happy ending 😀

    I’m liking School 2013 so much ♥

    Alice in Cheongdam-dong is fine but a bit confusing…..

  8. nappy

    Happy OT, Holidays and last friday of 2012 to everyone. To some this year has been filled with joy, disappointment or suprise to everyone. To the new year I jus hope it brings good things for all of us.

    For me its been good weather where I live which is rain lol good weather to sleep all day ahahaha.

  9. oftheshore

    Hi everyone!
    I’m back in Ukraine for the holidays and the New Year’s eve celebration, which is a big thing here, just as big as Christmas. Trying to watch KoD, but trips to the dentist and a very bad cold have messed up all of my plans.
    Speaking of the new year, we all know that 2012 was the year of time travel – what tropes would you, fellow beaners, like to see in the 2013 dramas? Yes, I know, we’d all rather see different and original series, but K-drama world being K-drama world, it’s likely we will see recurring tropes on the small screen throughout the year.

    • 9.1 JoAnne

      I want lots of bromances. They can do whatever they like with gummi brain babies, birth secrets, chaebol children, time-travel, fatal illnesses gained from going out in the rain for 10 minutes, whatever. Just let it be focused around bromances.

      And I want hours and hours of Nam Soon and Heung Soo on my tv. It doesn’t need to be a drama. Just them doing stuff randomly, please. No plot required.

      • 9.1.1 Shukmeister

        I have to second the bromances – I want MOAR!

        Other than that, my wish is for an engaging show that doesn’t bog down in the middle or give us a WTF ending.

        • oftheshore

          Ugh, yes, please. I hate it when the show has a great start and pulls you in, and then you’re to invested to escape the trainwreck.((((

      • 9.1.2 kakashi

        brooooooomance! (if I seem a bit weird, it’s cause of what I just drank)

        • JoAnne

          SHIRTLESS bromance

          • kakashi


          • cherkell

            Bromance while shirtless, glistening with veggie oil. To be rinsed off in a communal shower with a halo of light behind them… *faints dead*

          • JoAnne

            you read my mind

          • Shukmeister

            With the appropriate background music and slo-mo close ups..

          • Mystisith

            Who talked about consistency just a little above? Yeah… can’t deny our roots. Bromance all the way!

          • Shukmeister

            Can’t I be consistent AND shallow? 😎

        • oftheshore

          Hahaha! I sang this along with Ryan Higa & Co.:

          • JoAnne

            Ryan Higa is the best! Broooooooooooooooomance – nothing really gay about it! Not that theres anything wrong with being gay! Bro-oh-oh-mance – I really really love you! In the most heterosexual way!

          • Shukmeister

            PFTTTT HAA HAA HAA! That’s awesome, even without a shower scene!!

      • 9.1.3 cherkell

        TOTALLY AGREE on the bromances!!! Although it was so late in coming, at least there was some in the finale of ‘Five Fingers.’ *sigh* But ‘Warrior Baek Dong Soo’ has ruined me for life, because I still cannot even look at the word ‘bromance’ and not start tearing up for Dong-soo and Woon-ah. *sniff*

        I’m thinking ‘Flower Boy Next Door’ may satisfy that craving once it premieres. How can it not be bromance-y just looking at that gorgeous cast o’ guys, ne? SWOON.

        • kakashi

          oh no …. Warrior Baek Dong-soo … *sniff* *sob*

          • JoAnne

            I think I will watch that this weekend. I never got past ep 7 or 8 I think – the boys are grown and leave that camp place, JCW, YSH, and the kid with glasses – because I found out about the end and I got mad. But I want to watch it now.

          • cherkell

            LOL ‘the kid with glasses.’ HE WHO WE DARE NOT SPEAK HIS NAME!!! (the little bastard!)

      • 9.1.4 alua

        Ahhh, bromances are good. Of the Shut Up Flower Boy Band kind – like multi-bromances in one shoe.

      • 9.1.5 redfox

        birth secret, a chaaebol boyfriend actually being a joseon era time traveller and they find a picture of his “bromantic” relationships on an illustration…. and then he learns from the chronicles his bro got a fatal illness. and ditches the girlfriend to go save the bro. and sends his twin brother to marry the chaebol daughter instead.

      • 9.1.6 shel

        I’m right there with you!

      • 9.1.7 OMG

        m ma have to “love” this comment….

      • 9.1.8 erinlibrarian

        I want bromance mixed with good romance (the kind with deep kisses and sweet gestures, not obsession and doormatness).
        My favorite is when you are shipping the main couple so hard and the bromance character is the stand-in for what you are thinking (pushing them to kiss already, kicking his butt for being stupid, and loving the bro for being what he is anyway).

      • 9.1.9 owl

        And~ gender bender bro/romances ala Coffee Prince, You’re Beautiful, To the Beautiful You etc. etc. the who’s who? whoamiwith, whatareawedoin’ and wherearewegoin? like only kdramas can do~

    • 9.2 redfox

      I want a moving friendship, lots of quirkyness, and great character development. I want characters that break the norms.

      • 9.2.1 oftheshore

        I really miss good female friendships, too. Not all pretty and successful women have to compete. Heck, not all main female characters have to be pretty (and we know lots of them are poor already, so I’m not saying they can’t be successful – in fact, I want to see more successful women in dramas).

        • Annie

          And not all pretty and successful women are bitches from hell. I’d like to see a wealthy protagonist who can give all those heart of gold, down on their luck heroines a run for their money… not that she’d need it 😉

          I’m tired of rich guy/poor girl. I personally want to see rich guy/rich girl – let’s face it, people tend to marry people with similar status and it’s be funny to see how romance works in the chaebol world.

          • oftheshore

            Actually…YES. Yes to all of this. I want to see a drama about successful equals. I don’t care what everyone says, it would be inspirational to me. I refuse to believe that all of those young women who studied abroad or gained experience in MNCs are dumb and jealous, that’s not a good message at all, to be honest.=( I always had this idea of a drama centered around the romance between the employees of two warring/merging corporations…

          • oftheshore

            Also, awkward chaebols for the win! They w=could discuss how they survived their US education and how they manage to manage a corporation at 25 (‘Erm, so, what did you decide to do about your rival company lowering their prices?’ – ‘Still looking for the answer online, according to this one forum we should…’). Annie, you should sell this idea to a writer 😉

          • redfox

            exactly. I have seen one great character who was irch but kind it was the girl in BOF but she gave her riches up though. why would anyone be demanded to give something up for wanting to DO GOOD to others.
            and I would like to see just oddball characters…being rich or poor, going to one university or another, parents they often dont count. there might be an edward-scossorhands type of character EVERYONE thinks is a freak. even their fiancee.
            and if all good mothers are dead, then what happens to the good cinderellas that marry chaebols? they become mothers and either turn evil or die of cancer? all those guys with no mothers.

          • Laurita

            “I personally want to see rich guy/rich girl” and “I want to see a drama about successful equals. ”
            oh yeah, bring that on the table, I agree agree and agree.

            And I might add: Why all the a little bit more successful, independent women in dramas turn to useless slippers near their more successful life-loves. Ugh 😀

        • Mar

          Yes, while I also like bromances and bring ’em on. I’d love to see a good female gang of professional female friends drama along the lines of The Woman that Still Wants to Marry.

          • OMG

            that show was amazing…it should have gotten a lot more love than it did

        • erinlibrarian

          And deep platonic male-female relationships – not every man in your life has to be a relative or romantic partner!

          • owl

            yes, a non-oppa

          • oftheshore

            Yup, for instance, an older mentor in the workplace – sort of a father figure and an example to follow. Not all successful older businessmen have to be evil (as shown in Protect the Boss, btw).

      • 9.2.2 oftheshore

        Also, I want more non-romantic female/male relationships, New Girl-style. And working women, preferably not in fashion, though. So sick of fashion industry and fashion-related jobs.

        • erinlibrarian

          Didn’t read down far enough 🙂 but wholeheartedly second.

      • 9.2.3 redfox

        and I want less slapping from older to younger. it startles me every time.

        • pillowhead

          haha. yeah. y so slap happy.

        • enz

          hehe i like the dongsaeng head slap! wish i dared to do it – i would be happily headslapping quite a few 🙂

      • 9.2.4 John


        Check out the J drama Ooku.

        Some serious brotherly love going on there.

    • 9.3 kakashi

      oh, and Mystisith wrote such a lovely blog entry about what she wants (we all want).
      Here we go:

      • 9.3.1 Mystisith

        Awww. Thanks sweetie!
        1 or 2 granted wishes would do my year. I’m not getting reasonable, just older…

        • kakashi

          may all your dreams come true! ^^

        • Korazy Lady

          I’d go with a few on that list, too! And wait, you want more Oska! haha

      • 9.3.2 oftheshore

        I want more sci-fi, too!

        • pillowhead

          i love sci fi. it was my thing before Kdramas.

    • 9.4 pillowhead

      I can’t wait for Lee Seung Gi’s new gumiho drama. 😀

  10. 10 oozzeee

    I just want to spazz the awesomeness that is Can We Get Married.. I stopped watching it at episode 4 coz I can’t just sympathize with the female lead but then this weekend, I watched ep 16 out of curiosity and boy was it a hoot! I was smiling the entire time…

    I am now watching episode 17 and I want to shout out how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cousins, re Ki Joong and Jung Hoon.. thank you drama Gods for men who have spines against their moms and balls to say enough with the middling.. and Dong Bi’s response to Ki Joong’s moms diatribe, YOU GO GIRL!!!

  11. 11 christy


    Wow, it’s been awhile since I was able to post on OT when it’s fresh!!

    I’m now in Minesota, liking it for the most part, I have my snow-driving hate moments, but I can’t deny how pretty it is either. 🙂 Just working up a storm and so I squeeze dramas in here and there.

    A couple weekends ago I gave Shut Up Flower Boy Band a shot, and WOW WOW WOW, was it worth it. I ended up marathoning, and it felt sooo good. 🙂 I can’t say enough good things about that show. It’s definitely one of my favorite dramas ever now.

    So here’s a fun thing, since I just joined this kdrama world this year and I’ve been keeping track, I thought I would just post my viewed list! Even in the order I watched them!

    Completed (Enjoyed out of 10)
    1 Couple Fantasy (6)
    2 Pasta (6)
    3 Playful Kiss (8)
    4 Boys Over Flowers (8)
    5 The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (9)
    6 You’re Beautiful (8)
    7 City Hunter (10)
    8 My Girl (7)
    9 Best Love / Greatest Love (8)
    10 Rooftop Prince (6)
    11 The King 2 Hearts (10)
    12 My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (9)
    13 9 End 2 Outs (9)
    14 Queen In-hyun’s Man (9)
    15 Shining Inheritance/ Brilliant Legacy (9)
    16 Prosecutor Princess (7)
    17 My Lovely Sam Soon (8)
    18 Chuno (7)
    19 I Need Romance 2012 (8)
    20 Attic Cat (6)
    21 Gaksital (9)
    22 Answer Me 1997 (10)
    21 Haeundae Lovers (8)
    22 Nice Guy (9)
    23 Shut Up Flower Boy Band (10)

    There’s quite a few more I tried to watch and for one reason or another never continued beyond a few eps or just read the recaps for, so I don’t count those. I’m not even going to try to figure out how many hours of my life this list represents, they were well spent anyway! 😉

    Currently, I’m watching Can We Get Married (the moms ANNOY ME SO MUCH, but… Sung Joon! The motorcycle couple!) and King of Dramas (only on episode 4, so late to the party, but loving every moment!!)

    Plans for 2013: watch whatever current ones catch my attention and marathon oldies to my hearts content! Any must not miss recommendations I should add to my queue?!

    • 11.1 Alixana

      Woman who still wants to marry is awesome. It was the last drama I managed to finish. The rest I start and drop 6-8 episodes later.

      • 11.1.1 Mystisith

        I also love that drama to pieces! Why Bummie is so into melos these days? I want him in a good rom-com like this one.

        • Korazy Lady

          Yes, I want more Bummie in a cute, sweet, funny romance. Wait, I want almost anyone in a cute, sweet, funny romance!

          • enz

            he he that got a laugh from me! as did the earlier oska comment 🙂

      • 11.1.2 christy

        oh yes indeed it is awesome! i’m sooo glad i watched it early on, it was one of the first to assure me there WERE well written dramas out there. 🙂 And yes, I want fun Kim Bum back toooooo!!

  12. 12 Sabah

    Quick question. I recently came across a comment insulting Dramafever subtitles, which I have been using. I really wouldn’t know the difference and so I would be grateful if anyone would inform me if they really are terrible? Should I switch back to Viki?

    Wishing everyone here a prosperous new year ahead!

    • 12.1 JoAnne

      DF is known for sort of – dumbing down dialogue, I guess you could say. Viki tends to be more literal.

      • 12.1.1 Sabah

        Thank you, that clears up the matter brilliantly. I had doubts on whether they were way off mark after reading that comment but a little dumbing down I can live with. Once again, thank you.

      • 12.1.2 pillowhead

        ahh. I watched Arang on Viki, then i was rewatching some of the episodes on Dramafever, and i noticed the differce. Viki’s dialog was much more formal and romantic.

    • 12.2 hanni12

      One example from Reply 1997:

      Subtitles from MisterX:
      – Why don’t you try to love your father as much as that monkey, you brat?
      – Who, the same man who treated her like that? Shouldn’t she at least go to school?

      Subtitles from Dramafever:
      – Do to your father as you do to Tony!
      – That doesn’t justify what you did! Come on, she has to go to school!

      Subtitles from Viki:
      – Try loving your father like that monkey-faced bastard.
      – Because of that you make her head like that? She has to at least go to school.

      Everyone has to choose for themselves, but in my opinion the subtitles from Dramafever are just inexcusably bad. Just my opinion from what I have seen.

      • 12.2.1 Sabah

        Yeah, I see your point.

        I am much obliged for your help. Thank you.

        • ck1Oz

          Coincidentally, I was passing by here while watching ep 16-18 Can we get married?
          Just to let you know DF were definitely shortening sentences. Missing out whole lines. I can’t be bothered summarizing the exact sentences but the translator was definitely not subbing the lines. Pity though because the episodes would have been more complete.
          It’s not like a historical or spy drama where every line is vital. But it is kind of sloppy. Things like this irritates me.

          • Sabah

            Oh my, thank you for the heads up. I haven’t watched those episodes yet so I would wait until better are available. Thank you!

            I do get your point though since in most dramas that I watch their beauty is in detailing like the dialogues.

          • hanni12

            Is anyone else subbing or planning to sub Can We Get Married? 🙂

          • Sabah

            The only other place that I know of is DSS.

          • ck1Oz

            For this, subs up to standard or not you have to use it.Because DSS takes longer and DF subs takes is really fast.
            There are a few of us who notice DF vs viki subs for certain series.My personal opinion being that DF episode by episode is subbed by 1 person or seems like it.They sometimes or actually regularly don’t check their terminology is correct.Like in Gaksital they called the Korean gisaeng a geisha.Considering this was a drama about the Japanese occupation thought it was careless.
            In Alice recently they called the kagemusha which translate to shadow warrior as Shadow musha.
            If anyone of you watch it might have notice it.
            Google doenjang girl which is actually a known Korean phrase.DF subbed it as brand name whore.That sort of translations bugs me.Translating something that is not even said.

          • Sabah

            “brand name whore.” Whoa! OK, my alarm bells are ringing now. Definitely need to find better subtitles even if I have to wait longer.

          • JoAnne

            whore is a bit strong there I agree – beanpaste girl indicates she skimps in private to afford name brand things – nothing about whoring at all but it IS derogatory

      • 12.2.2 yumi

        Thanks for the side by side [one after the other] comparison.

        Without doing that work, I’ve always preferred Viki or other translations to Dramafever because Dramafever shaves off the Korean linguistic quirks. They replace “oppa” and “unnie” and the like with the characters’ names and other such
        ‘cultural clean ups” which just ruins specific charm of the series.

        • hanni12

          I’ve been doing some translations in school (Latin to German) and on the internet (English to German) for years and I wouldn’t even call it “cultural clean ups”, but just really lazy translating and an unwillingness to have any sort of faith in the intelligence of the viewer.

          It is not acceptable for me that they take out so much, that it is just NOT what the character has said. Dropping words and shortening the sentences like that is just not okay. I have been doing translations a lot in school and my teacher would give me an fail me for such things. Watching with those subtitles you will understand what is going on, but it destroys most of the humor and the charm of the scene.

          I just find it ironic how Dramafever prides itself for doing “professional” subtitles and doing such an shitty job at it.

          • yumi

            I don’t understanding of the Korean language at all. But I’ve watched enough K-dramas through other translations to find Dramafever’s work unsatisfying. I only watch on their site if I can’t find a series elsewhere.

            The reason I called it “cultural clean-up” or perhaps “cultural washing” is because what I can identify as missing, with my limited knowledge, is the “oppas” “unnies” and other ways of addresses/identifying relationships specific to Korean.

          • hanni12

            Sorry that my last comment is so awkwardly worded, I think I screwed up editing it. 🙂 I understand what you mean with “cultural washing”.

            But this “cultural washing” thing is really just the tip of the iceberg. I can live with loss of the korean address. It is really just an minor annoyance compared with other mistakes.

            And the big problem is that most people don’t even notice it as they can’t speak Korean. Which is why nobody complains, so nothing changes at all. Only thing that can be done is complaining a lot, the more the better.

    • 12.3 Sabah

      @ Wanda,

      Hey! Haven’t seen you around in a while which I am sure is because you are enjoying quality time with your family. I just wanted to wish you a prosperous and successful New year ahead!

      • 12.3.1 FishcalledWanda

        Sabah! I was just about to type a comment to you but then I saw you already left me a message! It’s so nice of you to still think of me even when I’ve not been around much past OT’s. I’ve been crazy busy with studying for exams and all the festivities so I’ve neglected my relationship with my laptop a bit. I hope it still likes me, hehe. But I did read your last comment though. I haven’t seen The Hobbit yet. We were planning to watch it the day before Christmas, but then my father got sick and I didn’t seem like a good idea to have him coughing a lot in the cinema. But he’s getting better and were going as soon as he’s all better. Did you already see it? I’m so curious as to how it is, I hear all kinds of stories, but I want to see it for meself!
        How was your Christmas? Though not celebrating did you have a good time watching tv cuddled under the blanket with lots of snacks?
        I also haven’t watched any episodes after the first two of School, but when exams are over I’m planning to catch it all up! Are you still watching School or did you decide to wait and marathon when it’s over?

        Thanks so much for your wishes! And I want to wish you a great New Year with good friends, perfect dramas and lots of yummy cookies, because you deserve it!

        • Sabah

          Hey Wanda, I was so glad to see your reply! : ) I know it’s the busy season for most people so I didn’t want to burden you with messages and I was just waiting to see you active at DB again BUT then I really also wanted to wish you well too. How were your festivities? Did Santa bring you everything you wanted?

          I ended up baby sitting my nieces and just watching Miranda, a BBC comedy show, marathoning both seasons, so it was different WHICH I still can’t decide was progress or some kind of back step. Thanks for asking. Any plans for New Years? I’m babysitting again (I think this years festivities are going to be a ‘rebound’ type of thing were I come to terms with the fact that I need to move on) but I intend to watch The princess’ man.

          We can talk about the Hobbit after you have watched it because big films like this should be approached with an untainted mindset. I always feel like coughing at the cinema. I tend to hold it until a big action scene and then just cough my heart out. hehe.

          Behind on all dramas at the moment except KoD because I am watching anime Kimi Ni todoke (which needs a drama adaptation asap) To be honest, I’m still confused on what to marathon or not BUT I finally found out why Lee jong suk is so familiar! He’s a new MC on Inkigayo which I tune into from time to time! Finally, it was driving me nuts! hehe

          Aw, thank you for your kind wishes. I’m fortunate that I don’t get what I deserve because then I would be in some kind of desert cut off from all good things…Anyway, I hope you have an even better year, full of joy and wonders! Lastly, what are you watching these days?

          • FishcalledWanda

            Haha, yes Santa was very kind to me this year. Got a good book, some origami folding papers (very beautiful with a flower print) and a very nice time with the family! I also saw my best friend again after 4 months, she finally returned from studying in England, so that was a happy moment.

            Ah, babysitting! Did they behave? I used to do that to earn some extra pocket-money but boy were they behaving like little monkies! But I always really enjoyed reading bedtime stories. You’re so kind to babysit on the holidays so others can have a good time. I’ve heard a lot of good things about The Princess’s Man (and about the leading actor), so you must tell me how/if you like it!

            I read the manga of Kimi Ni Todoke! I loved it, so cute. I also could identify myself a lot with the main character (though I haven’t met a cute boy like that), and I like how she manages to open up more and more as the story progresses. If there’s every going to be a drama I’m watching it for sure.
            And good that you finally found out why he looked so familiar! Sometimes when you recognise something (a person, song, etc) it can really drive you crazy when you can’t figure out what it is or from where. I still don’t know why he looks familiar to me, I don’t watch Inkigayo (what is it? A talk show?), so I probably saw him somewhere else.

            Still watching Gilmore Girls with my mom. I’m very busy and when I have some time I can’t resist another Gilmore episode! So I haven’t watched a Kdrama episode for a while now. I haven’t really decided If I’m going to finish Nice Guy, but I’ll definitely pick up School again. Also looking forward to the Flowerboy Next door drama and the spy drama of Joo Won. Hopefully I’ve time enough then to keep up with those.

            I hope you have a nice New Year’s festivity with the kids (and the Princess’ Man). I’m leaving on Monday to my grandmother who lives in Belgium. My brother’s staying home and will go out to party, but I’m playing the good daughter and coming with my parents, hehe. It’s a two-hour drive and I always make a playlist so we have something good to listen to. Driving in the dark on the highway always adds a little extra to the music you’re listening to. Do you enjoy listening to music? Do you have a favourite song/band/singer?

          • Sabah

            Oh wow, origami. That’s really interesting. May I ask how you got into that? Did your friend return with an accent?

            Well my nieces are only a year old so they have just entered the ‘must investigate and eat’ everything stage. They go to bed at 7 so really I have the evening to watch TPM and be all sad as 2013 makes its appearance.

            May I ask, what’s the difference between manga and anime etc? I really don’t have a clue. A friend has been suggesting various animated adaptations of manga for a while but I never tried any before but this time she said ‘it’s set in school’ and I was curious. hehe. As you say the simple and sweet story is really touching. I loved how they brought her out of her shell. There’s a line that Soo Ah says about Byung Hee in SUFBB about how she admires that the fact that he scares people, it’s better than being scared of people. I think that’s why I liked that she didn’t change to fit in, but rather her character developed as people came into her life. I also loved the relationship with her father.

            Inkigayo is a weekly show where they showcase Kpop songs/charts. I really prefer live performances for some of the Korean bands that I follow. Hehe, yeah where did you see him? Where are you up to in GG? 2013 looks promising but there’s that bubble that is about to rear its ugly head. Anyway, I have an interview so maybe that might appease the bank manager somewhat.

            Music is a guilty pleasure of mine. I only listen to music on Fridays, my day off, though it is pretty much always there in the background (in shops, on TV etc.) It’s not that I’m anti music but I listened to a lecture once which explained the science of music, how it has the ability to affect your emotions WHICH is all fine but nowadays musicians don’t really know their art nor are their intentions beyond making money so that they are playing with ‘powers’ without skill or aim. It’s like sometimes I’ll listen to something and it would make me cry, feel energized etc BUT then there are those songs that just make me feel weird or worse paranoid. I’m not trying to propagate this idea but it’s just some personal principle that I’ve accepted so that I limit my exposure to modern music as much as possible. Yeah, I know it’s weird. Still, I can’t deny that I do enjoy listening to music and have a small collection which is more a eclectic mix of songs rather than albums of bands. The new artist that I’ve discovered and really enjoying is Kimbra. How about you? Do you listen to Kpop/Korean music/Kdrama OST?

            Since I’m the family chauffeur, I don’t really get a chance to listen to music on car journeys. My co-ordination is so poor that it’s no music no talking policy when I drive! Hehe. However I do remember those long journeys as a child where I would drift off into my own movie as I listened to songs. I used to pretend I was either being taken away from my beloved, being reunited with him OR sometimes off to war or a new land/home. Yeah, very strange child, not that I have outgrown that strangeness in any way…

          • FishcalledWanda

            Argh, the site keeps eating my comment! Will wait to see if my previous two comments appear….

          • Sabah

            OK, I’ll keep you company while you wait. 🙂

          • FishcalledWanda

            Haha, thanks for the company. I’ve no idea why it posted that short comment but ate my others! Here goes for the fifth try..,

            I love origami! I find it very relaxing and rewarding when a complex model turns out good. I once read a book in which the main character folded a lot of paper cranes. I found in intriguing and wanted to try it out for myself. I still like folding cranes the most, it’s not hard once you get the hang of it and I’ve taken the habit to use them as decoration on presents.
            Haha, yes my friend came back with an accent! She also throws in some English words now and then. I find it very amusing!

            Uh oh, proceed with caution then! My dog’s still in that stage, though she just turned 11. She once ate a whole bag of tiny balloons, weird!
            Don’t be too afraid and said for 2013! I’m glad to hear you have an interview coming up. Let me now how it went! I’m sure it’ll will go fine!

            I really like the connection you made between that quote of SUFBB and Kimi Ni Todoke and I find myself agreeing with what you said. I think it’s very strong of her that she didn’t change herself just to fit in, but opened up and stayed true to herself at the same time.
            I’m always glad to share my knowledge, hehe. The difference between manga and anime is very clear. A manga is like a comic book (though read from right to left, very confusing in the beginning), the story is drawn out in panels. Usually in black and white with a colour front page. The manga of Kimi Ni Todoke looks like this:
            You can click on the chapters to read it, if you like. The site is free, the mangas are scanned and then translated. Mangas are usually Japanese, Manwa is the Korean version. An anime is animated and more like a movie (though still with a drawing like style). A lot of animes are adaptations of mangas, but there are also animes who exist in themselves and have nothing to do with mangas. What is the anime your friend suggested? Now I’m curious too, hehe. I can really recommend reading manga, I used to like animes more, but now it’s the other way around.

            With GG we are now at the end of the third season. Almost at the point where Rory’s leaving to start college, so it’s resembling me even more now.

            I don’t think what you said about music is weird. I’m wondering if you feel the same about older music too? I tend to like older music (though not all old music!) more than contemporary music. I dislike most mainstream music made nowadays, I can’t stand most of it. I do like the bands who are steering of the mainstream path (Muse, The National, among many others for example) or those with a bit of folk influence (like Mumford & Sons). I really like Kimbra too, she’s a very good singer. Do you like Kpop a lot? More than other modern music? I like listening to OST’s, to get the feeling of the drama once more. I’m not really into Kpop, but I haven’t really delved into it yet. I do think that CnBlue’s song First Step is strangely addictive though.

            It’s funny what you said about making your own movie while in the car, I used (and sometimes still do) to do the same thing! I don’t really know what stories I made up, but they were always very dramatic, hehe.

          • FishcalledWanda

            It’s not working! I don’t know why it posts my short comments but won’t post the one I’ve been trying now for about six times!

          • Sabah

            Wishing you a prosperous 2013!

            I had something similar happen to me the other day. The automatic door wouldn’t open for me, even though they were working perfectly before I showed up THEN on the way out of the shop the other set of doors, began to open really slowly but at first I thought they wouldn’t open. It’s really hard not to get paranoid EVEN THOUGH you know they are inanimate. hehe

            I think it’s wonderful that you do origami. Really interesting. So what is the most difficult thing you have folded/created? What kind of slang is she using with you? Thank you so much for clearing up the difference, (and for the link) I had always wondered. My friend wanted me to read ‘Usagi Doroppu’ which by your definition, would make it a manga (I think…) I ended up just watching the film, which I loved but annoyed her very much. It’s a case of limited time. If I had all the time in the world, I would read/watch so much more but since I don’t I say no to a lot of recommendations now. Actually, truthfully speaking I think that I’m just getting old and fussy. Hehe.

            Aw, what kind of dog do you have? I miss having an animal in the house. It’s such a blessing. I remember so many times, I would come home after a terrible day and just push my face into my cat’s belly, wherever she was lying and just fall asleep. I really miss her smell.

            I think it’s wonderful that you are watching GG with you mum. It must be illuminating your own feelings which would be similar so that things are spoken but remain unsaid.

            You’re right, a lot of the music I listen to tends to be classical or rather from artists that have ‘learned’ their instruments, without sounding like a snob, which I must do, such as Ludovico Einaudi or Radiohead. Then again, one of my all time favourite albums is Filter’s ‘Title of record.’ Then there is also my penchant for Metallica… Hehe I don’t think there is bad music but rather each person’s own preferences.

            Kpop isn’t something I could listen by itself, but enjoy it as part of a performance either live or MV, with a few exceptions. I find Kpop pretty and I think that is what attracts me the most. However Korean music I like very much such as Nell, Deli Spice or Leessang. It’s the lyrics that really get me, and here again I wish I knew Korean better because I am sure I miss much in the translations. There’s also this that I love, I’m sure you must have seen this but just in case

            Thank you so much for confessing to ‘whatever that is,’ it made me feel a little less strange. hehe, I don’t know if it is conditioning or just a peculiarity that we share.

        • FishcalledWanda

          A wonderful 2013 to you too!

          Yeah, weird isn’t? I thought maybe the site had a grudge to me for a reason I didn’t know, hehe
          I think the hardest thing to fold was a lily flower, I had to fold all these little bits without tearing the paper, but in the end it worked! They say if you fold a 1000 cranes you get to make a wish. I’ve folded a lot of those now but I’m nowhere 1000, haha.
          The other day I had to sneeze and instead of saying the Dutch equivalent of ‘bless you’, she said it in English. We were both quite for a few seconds and then had to laugh. Or sometimes she combines Dutch and English, like she wanted to say ‘be right back’ in Dutch but said ‘be right terug’ (terug meaning back). Sometimes she pronounces the ‘r’ sound very English which is very different from the Dutch pronunciation, very funny.

          I have the same time limiting problem! I want to read and watch so many stuff, my to read/watch lists only keeps growing, but my time is not growing the same speed unfortunately! If you can read it, it must be a manga. I haven’t read it, but skimmed trough a few pages on that site I gave you the link to. It looked really cute.

          I have a black coloured poodle, but we don’t make here look like those show poodles with the hair cut all weird! When we wanted to buy a dog we had a problem because my father and I are very allergic to anything hairy, but poodles are known for being good pets for people with allergies. I named her ‘Zorra’ because she’s black reminding me of Zorro, but since she’s a female I changed the o for an a, hehe. I really love having her in the house, she’s always so happy when you enter the house and it’s so comforting to have a pet, just like you said. I’m sad to hear that your cat is no longer with you, did you have her for a long time?

          I love Radiohead too! I went so see them live a couple of months back, it was simply magical. I also have a deep love for Pink Floyd, their songs are so dreamy that I find myself inventing a different interpretation every time. I don’t know Filter, but as it’s one of your favourite albums I’ll certainly give a listen to it. The Korean songs you gave links to I found really beautiful. I didn’t know them, but as I said my Kpop/Korean music knowledge is almost non-existent. So if you have more recommendations I gladly listen to them! The video for the song by Nell was very intriguing and sad, I like videos like that, it gives an extra layer to the music. His voice is also really nice to listen to.

          • Sabah

            Oh wow, a lilly flower, that’s impressive. I think it is just wonderful and inspiring that you have learned an art that takes patience, precision and practice. As the Japanese say the mastery of any art is the regular and continual practice of it. In this way you are already a master in Origami.

            I am sure it sounds funny. My cousin with whom I was very close moved up to the North of England where they have a distinct accent. Every time we meet, I just can’t help pointing out how she is acquiring it. I love accents though, they are just so inviting! My favourite though is Korean/Japanese/Indian people speaking English with an accent, it just does something to me. I love it!

            Zorra sounds beautiful! I love how you ‘formed’ a name for her. She is special. That bond you have with animals is very unique, they just don’t disappoint you like people inevitably do. We had our cat for 17 years. She grew up with us and went through our trials with us. She was a member of our family, present at all the big occasions. Losing her was hard BUT I would do it all again. Having her in my life was one of the biggest blessings. It’s been three years but I still miss her. I try to chase the neighbourhood cats just so that I might stroke them for a while but they all run when they see me… The other day I nearly petted a pigeon out of desperation!

            I am in awe of Radiohead’s abilities. Their music really moves me in a way you wouldn’t think because their music is so unlike mainstream songs. I don’t think I’ve listened to Pink Floyd. I mean I must have heard their songs because they are such a big band it would be hard not to. Are there any songs I should check out? That Nell MV makes me cry every time I watch it. It’s beautiful and haunting in a perfect way. Their acting was spot on, subtle yet significant. Each moment moving through eras. Both the actors went up in my estimation, very fine performances. What are some of your favourite MV?

            I’ve lots of recommendations, but here are a few from my favourite Korean bands to get you started.

  13. 13 D~

    No CCDA this week? And School 2013 and KoD have less episodes too… But… That’s what’s keeping me alive during this horrible period of must-prepare-for-exams-study-all-day-long-ness D:

    On that note, Happy Friday?

    Now I feel guilty for being so negative in my first post here =P

    • 13.1 Shukmeister

      I think we all freaked out about the preemption for the awards, no worries. Lol. And welcome!!

    • 13.2 kakashi

      I’m still freaking!

    • 13.3 ck1Oz

      I suggest watching Love Now with George Hu and Annie, it is subbed on viki.
      It’s keeping me nicely occupied Mon to Thurs. But you can watch ep 1-5 at least while waiting for Alice. Since the main leads just won the best kissing 2012 awards 🙂
      Oh since I am only watching weekend dramas except for KoD.

      • 13.3.1 D~

        Ooohh I do like George Hu. Maybe i’ll give it a try~ But I don’t have time for long dramas/lots of episodes (or at least I’m not supposed to…)

      • 13.3.2 Laurita

        oh someone watches it too? 🙂 I specifically started it to last till the next week’s KOD. Such ridiculous plot but so cuuuute (at least at the beginning, now, at …20something I watch it mainly for the male lead and those cute mini “interruptions” at the beginning of each part). 🙂

        • ck1Oz

          Er 3 of my viki friends are segging/subbing on it. She has got me so addicted we are live streaming so we can sleep after in peace after ti 🙂
          Not following any weekday dramas you see except KoD so need some entertainment. George Hu is seriously cute and this week someone told me they met him at a party. Turned green I tell ya.

          • Laurita

            Met him in a party, really? :O Is he so nice in the real life too? Really, lucky lucky lucky someone 😀

  14. 14 John

    Yay, Friday!

    Anyone watching Ooku? I’d put it down as a must see.

    • 14.1 JoAnne

      What is it about? And did you ever drink your mead?

      • 14.1.1 John


        A J drama, a young girl takes the seat as the heir of the shogunate and becomes first female shogun.

      • 14.1.2 John


        The mead still needs some more time to mellow.

    • 14.2 Korazy Lady

      John, did you see episode 18 of CWGM? I though LMS was awesome in it! She will not be outsmarted!

      • 14.2.1 John

        Korazy Lady~

        Yes, I saw that last night. LMS , fighting!

    • 14.3 D

      hi John, i will try to watch it one of these days. I was looking for the movie online when i read there’ll be a drama version

      When i first saw the trailer i was trying to place the girl, until i realized she’s the genius schoolgirl turns scientist that saves the world in Fish Story – crazy movie but i like it..

    • 14.4 mskololia

      Hi John,

      I watched Ooku and loved it. Cannot wait for Ooku: Eternity.

      • 14.4.1 John


        Wow, I hope there’s a continuation. I’m all for it.

        Very well done. It had a different feel from the J Dramas I’ve seen.

  15. 15 Rika

    Hey all, Just saw Les Miserables yesterday. ..I know its not kdrama, but dramabeans has influenced how I watch movies & dramas… I’ve become critical & demand more from my entertainment…

    Saying that I was disappointed with Les Miserables. ..nor as good as I hoped it would be

    • 15.1 ck1Oz

      The movie?
      Why it was an excellent movie. Different from the stage production which I’ve seen > 4 times.
      It was kind of gritty and realistic and the stage production cleaned things up like a K drama.
      The professionally trained singers were quite obvious and even though I am an Aussie, still prefer
      Amanda Seyried, Samantha Banks and Edddie Redmayne were great. Not to mention I appreciated actually being to hear every single word. The diction was perfect but the percussion/ music was much softer than the stage productions.

    • 15.2 whimsyful

      How was it disappointing? I’ve never seen the musical, but I read the novel several years ago, and I thought it’d be pretty hard to adapt due to sheer length. Funnily enough, I’d thought Les Mis would make a pretty good kdrama (or miniseries, since it’s French).

    • 15.3 Mrembo

      Oh:( I loved the movie. It was an emotional wallop in the best way for me. I haven’t seen the stage adaptation nor read the book and perhaps that had a bearing on my enjoyment of the movie.

    • 15.4 Mashimomo

      My husband’s family are huge fans of the musical, and watched it countless times that they even have the video anniversary of the 10th and 25th year celebrations. I never saw the musical live but saw these anniversary performances, and wow. The music and ensembles are really powerful live (save for Nick Jonas’ Marius performance on the 25th anniversary, yikes!). We all saw the movie today, and they thought it was good but not as moving as when you see it live. I enjoyed it from someone who hasn’t seen the musical live and I think it satisfied me as a moviegoer. But I could see that if you followed the musical faithfully that might be a different experience.

  16. 16 Lang

    Hello fellow Dramabeaners,

    So I marathoned Queen Seon Deok in a week, which means I’ve had some days where I had like 2 hours of sleep.

    It was an amazing drama, and my first real sageuk . Loved it, but I think I need a break from long sageuks for now. It was so sad the ending, and it felt kinda of rushed.

    After going online, it was inititally going to be 50 episodes, which makes sense, because the last 12 episodes didn’t need to be there. Also, I was kinda of pissed off that Deokman, was only able to wear the awesome looking crown in one scene of the whole entire series !! After like 50 episodes of teasing us with the poster images after and beginning of each episode, she wears it like once, and thats it. ….

    Anyway, as a dude, I kept wondering, did her and Bidam, do it ? because that’s what I assumed happened, because right after that scene where they were hugging in Mishils shrine, she was like, I’m gonna marry Bidgam….

    Just feel kinda of sad for Deokman, living her whole life with no action, at least Yushin’s got a wife….

    • 16.1 Korazy Lady

      Lang, congratulations on your accomplishment! (Don’t you love how you can come on DB and know others will bask in your glory of finishing a long marathon! Ahh, our priorities!) I find it hard to get into sageuks and have only watched a few (The Princess Man being my favorite.) I still want to go back and finish Dong Yi some day – well, mainly for Ji Jin Hee. 🙂

      • 16.1.1 pillowhead

        haha. so true. 50 episodes! Im basking. I tried to watch Yi San but didn’t even make it half way.

    • 16.2 Gasenadi

      New here. Happy New Year, everyone. Congratulations, Lang, on your completed marathon. QSD was crack for me all the way thru, but especially those early years and those fantabulous actors. About the “action”, I always got the impression, first, that she had chosen to serve her country instead of starting any “relationship” with any man, poor Yushin for example. Second, that Bidam and she DIDN’T because of her heart condition of which he was aware.

      • 16.2.1 Gasenadi

        @Korazy Lady, hi! I got more and more invested in Dong Yi, the actual female character, as time went by. For me, of all the sageuks I’ve seen this year (and I’ve seen a LOT) that Dong Yi is THE MAN! To me she was more courageous, intelligent, regal, patriotic than most of the men except her Oppa. She was even more brave than Chona, who became irritating to me after awhile (but, of course, he’s CHONAAAA, so he’s absolved of any kind of responsibilities by his loyal subjects and concubines…. And I LOVE Ji Jin-Hee, but that character, His Royal Cuteness….? Grrrrr….) The actress’ deer-in-headlights look gradually disappeared and she gave that juicy role her very best. Imo.

    • 16.3 will work for soju

      QSD was my very first K-drama, which I watched because of the beautiful still of the queen on the throne that I saw on hulu. I agree about the crown, if I were her, I would wear it all the time after episode 50, to make up for the relative suckiness of those episodes. Oh yeah, and she and Bidam totally did it in Mishil’s shrine! I saw the show twice but have been tempted to rewatch it lately, maybe just episodes 20-50, though.

    • 16.4 korfan

      Lang –

      Way to go on the marathoning of Queen SD. I’m watching it now! It’s being shown here in the U.S. (since July) and it’s up to episode 52. I’ve been faithfully watching and I have to say it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen.

      Love the actors, the characters, that set …. the whole package.

      I have to say though, Bidam has me more than a little worried. His whole psychological profile and how it’s presented is amazing.

      I hope you enjoyed it Lang!

  17. 17 pogo

    Happy Friday, everyone! I’m finally caught up on School 2013 (easily my favourite drama airing right now, I wish I had more to say that wasn’t ‘OMGILOVEITSOMUCH!!!!’ and am in mourning for there being only one episode next week – though it’s a good thing, if it gives the writers and actors a chance to catch up and get some rest). The ‘choose between mom and dad’ vibe of the last ep just about killed me, as did the very brief return of Nam-soon and Heung-soo to their bromancey antics (sadly, completely without the bromancey feelings *sob*)

    Other news: haven’t watched I Miss You 15 yet, but the preview looked…tumultous, to say the least. And I loved 14, finally Su-yeon starts to get a backbone when it comes to Harry, even if I wanted to hit him hard for what he did to her – using force on a rape survivor? GO BURN IN HELL. And Jung-woo’s partner is still the most awesome character in that drama, it’s 50% less tears because of him and I think if the writers had let Daddy Kim live, they’d have been an absolute hoot together.

    (also, where did Jung-woo’s baby sister suddenly get an extra foot of hair from? Did the show say she got extensions or something?)

    • 17.1 D

      hahahaha.. I was watching that scene, and i was like who’s she? Once i realized it was d half sister, i was wondering if there’s a time jump im not aware of.. (cos streaming live and it was lagging) but the not-2nd-female-lead looks fine enough, cud be becos she was well rested between her 5 sec appearance per ep. Such a waste really.. I wish her all the best in her future projects..

  18. 18 Ann

    No Alice? Aiiii! I did watch the first two episodes of Human Condition, which were hilarious! Six guys from Gag Concert have their cell phones, TV and internet taken away and live in a house together. Great bromance and commentary about how spoiled we are with our cell phones. Seeing the guys wandering the streets calling for their managers like lost puppies was pretty funny.

    • 18.1 KimYoonmi

      They are starting to get the hang of their Analogue world, which is entertaining…. makes me think we should try it once in a while… or I might be getting brainwashed by the PD.

  19. 19 KimYoonmi

    Drama round up…

    Jeon Woochi
    I’m a little irked at the lack of useful strong female characters. It’s a bit of a shock. May be just me, but UEE’s character, while a kick-butt character with a lot of powers is rendered pretty useless. She’s a map, a memory bank, a love interest, and spends most of her time needing to get rescued. Can’t she rescue herself?

    And then Lee Chi’s sister, while a lot more dynamic pretty much follows around Lee Chi like a lost puppy. Even when one gives her a dagger. I like that she’s not slow and immediately gets things, but she’s kinda tangential to the plot. And the sub plot she’s working doesn’t really seem to enhance the main plot any, which kinda renders her useless, which makes me more upset. (I don’t like the boring fainting girls.)

    Then the secret worker for the King gets overshadowed. I’d rather they combined the two characters… since they pretty much have the same function now.

    Does this change? I hope it does change.

    Arang and the Magistrate managed to focus on both characters equally and give them both kick butt roles, which was both mental and physical.

    Kekkon Shinai
    Urrggghhh Again. I think I’ll watch the Hotaru no Hikari movie instead.

    This is the best ever… well, not really, but it’s really heart warming without forcing it and it’s not saccharine as it could be.

    Horse Doctor
    Fast forward… Yes, reiteration of last scene. Reiteration of the reiteration of the reiteration of the last scene. Yup. It’s over. *Kicks writer* =( WHY! Why are you being so lazy? It’s showing and I’m upset with you. I would rather she risk a colossal fail trying something new… wait, I said that last week. Ignore that.

    Hotaru no Hikari movie
    I love it. Well, what I watched of it before the Japanese got too fast and complex for me to completely get. *.* I think this is one of those rare Japanese dramas….

    It’s on download. Though slow.

    Miss RoseFast forward… wait for the wedding and then I’ll copy paste it in my head that it happened earlier.

    Monsters Love Yamapi. Love Yamapi smiling. Love Yamapi in suits. Love the fact that Yamapi is made to be with someone bigger and I’m ignoring the stupid jokes around that. (So what). Hate Yamapi’s gag acting. A little painful and forced.

    The mysteries in themselves are OK though a bit predictable.

    Yuusha Yoshihiko
    Still funny. Oh I love it. I think my brother would too… but he doesn’t have time for it.

    Kodoku Gurume 2
    Still makes me hungry…

    King of Dramas
    Yup, still at the top of my list. I love the parental relationship.

    Sailor Moon 2013
    I requested Viki get the license… I made the channel, so I am waiting for Toei to say yay or nay…

    Here we are on the other side of the so-called apocalypse, looking at the dramas for 2013. Though 13 is said to be an unlucky number and that the Chinese calendar says it will be a hard year for all, I hope that it will be a great year for everyone and for dramas, because next week Friday will be the New Year and all our Oppa and Nunna and yeo tongsaeng and nam tongsaeng will be older. (And I’ll be older in Korean years).

    Oh and who thinks it is awesome that South Korea has its first woman president, kicking the US’s butt firmly? Eh, the US is behind, isn’t it? Canada, IIRC, Great Britain, Taiwan… they’ve all had women presidents. So why not?

    • 19.1 pogo

      well, considering how barrier-breaking the current POTUS’s election was at the time, and the fact that if he hadn’t been the winning presidential candidate for his party, it would probably have been a woman, I’d say the US is not doing that badly!

      I really hope Sailor Moon 2013 turns out good, the old anime is one of my fondest childhood memories (I remember watching it dubbed in Cantonese….which I didn’t understand at all, lol). And do you have any other recs for recent jdramas? I haven’t watched any in at least two years and feel ashamed of myself.

      • 19.1.1 KimYoonmi

        I think Sailor Moon 2013 will turn out to be more like the manga than the original anime in places since Takeuchi-sensei will be more closely involved in the production. There are some really great things from the manga I would love to see in the anime… Princess dresses, the castles, the fifth and final transformation, etc. Plus the Galaxy Cauldron was far more cool in the manga than the ending of the anime.

        She’s probably making it for her daughter… so she can share it with her.

        • pogo

          I won’t lie, i am looking forward to it – and will they have all-new music too? idk whether anything can live up to Moonlight Densetsu, but I hope whatever they come up with is good.

    • 19.2 Wintergirl

      Great recommendations. Say, where can you watch these J-dramas? Currently watching stuff on Viki and dramafever but not much J-drama there.

      • 19.2.1 KimYoonmi

        Dramacrazy (google it)–I’m watching the J-dramas on there.

        If you need a list let me know.

        Priceless is probably on of the best for this year overall. Though I still like Hoatru no Hikari more, though an older drama.

        • Shukmeister

          I saw the first season of Hotaru no Hikari enough to watch it several times, but I’ve never gone back to watch the second season, mostly because I’m afraid of how they finish up with the relationship between Hotaru and Seiichi. JDramas are notorious for being a bit…lacking in showing the romance side of things.

          • D

            i’ve been rewatching both, ummm, hotaru & seeichi’s far more convincing & for a moment (at least the first watch) i was quite worried on uchou’s behalf. I was so glad that Hotaru’s so dense & Mukai proof, kekekekekek.. Guy’s so yummy..

            The only jdorama i’d never rewatch will be Zettai Kareshi *sobbb*

          • D

            i’ve been rewatching both, ummm, hotaru & seichi’s far more convincing & for a moment (at least the first watch) i was quite worried on Buchou’s behalf. I was so glad that Hotaru’s so dense & Mukai proof, kekekekekek.. Guy’s so yummy..

            The only jdorama i’d never rewatch will be Zettai Kareshi *sobbb*

          • Shukmeister

            That one was a great adaptation. Night’s goodbye speech had me blindly reaching for the tissue box. I couldn’t watch the K-version; it felt like sacrilege.

          • Mystisith

            @Shuk: I suppose the ending of the dorama Zetai Kareshi is faithful to the manga but I can’t agree with it: Man wins only because he is… a man? We barely see him all along the story, only to say Hi! In my book it’s Night who should have won. Talk about character growth for him! I guess in a country threatened by depopulation it wouldn’t be politically correct…

          • KimYoonmi

            Second Season is worth it. And the movie is too. It doesn’t skimp on the romance (It is a bit difficult ’cause He’s married in real life which is how it is with K-dramas of men who are married, so yeah… but still doesn’t skimp and his wife must know it is for work…). And the second season, I think, does a better job with “What is marriage” and following through than Kekkon Shinai ever got to. I liked the ending…

    • 19.3 Mystisith

      About Horse Doctor becoming lazy: I agree. It’s entering the slow phase now. And where’s the romance? First I was thinking: Oh, it’s because the weather is cold and everyone freezes in the temples and… then I remember KOD which still kicks strong and has to bear with lame ratings. And I rant again like the worst grinch ever…

    • 19.4 John

      Kim Yoonmi~

      I’ll have to check out the Hotaru no Hikari movie.

      In the meantime, I’m going to watch my beloved Haruka Ayase in Ichi.

      • 19.4.1 KimYoonmi

        If you do watch the movie, watch through the end of the credits. It’s really funny.

        • KimYoonmi

          gafun~ Buchoooouuuu~ gorogorogoro…..~~

        • D

          I just did.. LOL

          well now, there hv to be a sequel, right? or at least an SP? i love their house btw..

          imagine if Ayase Haruka play Nikaido in Priceless? ughhhh, it’s wrong..

          will try to watch Ichi next..

          • John


            I just finished watching Ichi.

            Ayase Haruka has the most sumptuous, sensuous, delicious lips.

  20. 20 MariD

    I always want to join in in these threads, but I’m always getting up 20 mins before work. Sigh.. Anyhow, I hope all you people that are snowed in stay warn & safe. Here in SUnny AZ its 39 degrees and I’m dying. Us desert folk don’t like below 70 weather..
    So I been on a japanease, Taiwan, china drama kick. Finish Hana-Kimi love it because of its weirdness. Ouran high school host club again live the weirdenes. Started Fondant garden but it made my teeth hurt, a lil too cutsy. Now I’m watching Love actually with Joe Chen. On top of all that still watching CA, school, and KoD. I haven’t been sleeping much.

    • 20.1 Korazy Lady

      Glad you could join us today! I’d like to watch a few more japanese dramas too, but they’re names all confuse me so I can’t figure out which ones I want to watch

      • 20.1.1 JoAnne

        It’s very confusing, I agree, but Kim Yoonmi has a great list up there. For you if you haven’t seen them already I would absolutely recommend Rich Man, Poor Woman, Sprout, and Nobuta Wo Produce. All available on DC-net. I also enjoyed a movie called Tomorrow’s Joe with Yamapi, and while I haven’t seen Yamato Nadeshiko I have seen Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge and while it was very WEIRD, I really liked it.

    • 20.2 alua

      Hana Kimi was too weird the first time I tried it (an episode or two), but a few months later I loved it! So funny. Haven’t tried Ouran High School Host Club.

      Love Actually I had to give up. There are so many things in it that just didn’t make ANY sense. Plus, the dishrag female lead really irritated me. What is ‘kind’ and ‘nice’ for her, is ‘plain stupid’ for me.

      • 20.2.1 pogo

        Hana Kimi was so wack, it’s the first drama where I was actually indifferent to the heroine but loved the supporting cast so much (Nanba-senpai!!! and Kayashima, and all he dorm heads) that I stuck around for them. It’s just so much fun.

        • alua

          I can’t remember the heroine… but I remember all the boys!!!

      • 20.2.2 Jeannette

        Ouran is the best!

    • 20.3 shel

      Hello! I’m a transplanted AZ desert rat. I live in CA now, and there are some things about AZ I miss. Summer NOT being one of them, btw.

      I usually go home for Christmas, but I didn’t this year. I should have, temps are about the same, but we’re getting buckets of rain.

    • 20.4 KimYoonmi

      Did you watch ISWAK and TKA? I also think that the other Winnie dramas should be watched too…

      Such as The Rose.

      Also In Time with You (more an intellectual watch than a heart throb watch though It’s like reading a good book of Literature and you get more if you pay attention to details. I equate it to kind of like watching a flower bloom.).

      (He’s coming up with a new drama for next year, I’m watching)

      Down With Love

      Lucky Days (which is still innovative)

      Easy Fortune Happy Life
      Honey and Clover
      Smiling Pasta
      The Magicians of Love
      Prince turns to Frog

      Last two might be hard to find, and are super fluffy.

      If you don’t mind Chinese mainland sad historicals: Palace – The Lock Heart Jade (Sad) (Bittersweet)

      J-drama list…

      Yuusha Yoshihiko (selective audience though)
      Legal High
      Locked Room Mystery (Funny and off beat)
      Zenkai Girl
      Yamato Nadeshiko (Breezy Light watch)
      Karei Naru Spy
      Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro
      Jikou Keisatsu
      Code Blue
      Fugou Keiji
      Puzzle (2008)
      Binbo Danshi <3
      Sasaki Fusai no Jingi Naki Tatakai
      Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi Mop Girl Koshinen
      Mirai Koshi Meguru (WAFF)
      Galileo (Really good.)
      Trick (1, 2, 3 and specials)
      Gokusen (1, 2, and special)
      Liar Game (Wasn’t popular or well-known, but it’s really good)
      Nodame Cantabile (Special) (Great drama, even of the musically impaired)
      Proposal Daisakusen
      Dragon Zakura
      Hana Yori Dango
      The Queen’s Classroom
      Hotaru no Hikari (1, 2 and Movie)
      Detective Conan
      Himitsu no Hanazono
      Kimi wa Petto (Severe bubble world)
      Security Police
      Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu
      Sushi Oji
      Tantei Gakuen Q
      Yama Onna Kabe Onna
      Bengoshi no Kuzu
      Teru Teru Ashita
      Odoru Daisousasen (You have to wait for it to warm up though).
      Tantei Gakuen Q

      Chinese dramas I usually don't watch because of the usually required sad ending from nowhere…

      • 20.4.1 KimYoonmi

        *WAFF Warm and Fuzzy feelings.

      • 20.4.2 marid

        I love ISWAK. I still havent been able to watch TKA, but its on my to watch this. I just love Joe Chen so ill watch anything he is in.

        • marid

          Drama fever just put up “In time with you” just started cant wait…

      • 20.4.3 Sabah

        “Chinese dramas I usually don’t watch because of the usually required sad ending from nowhere…” Is that true? Well, to answer my own question, I think it is. No wonder I am such a mess at the end of a Cdrama. Thanks for pointing out an obvious truth.

        • KimYoonmi

          My Chinese friends say that it is a requirement of the majority of the mainland love stories (HK and TW dramas are exempt from this). All traditional love stories end sadly as far back as they go. If the Happy couple get together, then the story ends where it was sad instead. I asked a bunch of Chinese people and even got an explaination as to why. (Something along the line that the Chinese mainland sees themselves as a conquered people, etc. Thus sad endings feel more suiting).

          Traditionally Korean love stories have it that true love is one you wait for. So often they have stories ending in long waiting periods. Which explains so much….

          Oddly enough the UK and US love stories require a happy ending for it to be a Love Story. (Modern times) There still is the princess in the tower complex though in US romance… Urrgghhh.

          Japanese love stories mostly have men conquering women… ^^;; Uhhh… Tale of eji… though later on it switches. And it’s a little annoying because the culture has it that traditionally for the woman to be chaste, thus desirable she has to say no to absolutely everything. TT

          I’d prefer if the sad/happy ending wasn’t required either way, but rather that the story was done well with what story ending fits it best. But then *shrugs* I can’t really judge at this point. Obviously each culture has its own hang ups.

          • KimYoonmi

            *Tale of Genji

          • Sabah

            “If the Happy couple get together, then the story ends where it was sad instead.” Oh my, so true!

            Thank you so much for sharing these interesting notes. I was actually talking to someone just recently about the differing styles of TV around the world, which I place in quote in case you wish to FF. “When I first began watching Indian/Pakistani dramas which my family loved, I rolled my eyes, and was befuddled at how anyone could derive any kind of enjoyment or entertainment from such stories. The style and stories seemed so unreal to me, so fake and issues that seem far fetched except that are not. Or rather more accurately, they aren’t relevant to me because I never grew up in that country, that environment. My family did and so they understand, not only the substance but the style. As my friend told me, those spinning round and round shots, or close up on faces or lingering slowed down moments reflect the emotional hearts that are always on display in India/Pakistan. She continued, ‘it isn’t the same as in England, where the normal social etiquette is of restraint and closeted feelings in the style of Austen.’

            That’s when I began watching those very dramas with a new lens, as a way to understand a new viewpoint. I try to relate to it in the general/universal sense as well as personal/specific sense too. In this way, my world is broadened and I can’t deny that it has changed the way I perceive those dramas.”

            Anyway, your point on love as depicted in dramatizations around the world was enlightening. Thank you.

            “I’d prefer if the sad/happy ending wasn’t required either way, but rather that the story was done well with what story ending fits it best.” I agree. I love stories where the characterizations pull or push the story forwards instead of ‘expectations’ willing it into some kind of stagnancy.

          • Saturtledaisy

            Ah… This post explains so much!

          • Sabah

            I’m a fan of Kim Yoonmi too. Her posts are always interesting whilst being enlightening too.

      • 20.4.4 pigtookie

        whee thanks for the list of japanese dramas! from what few i’ve watched, i really like the directing style of some of them and they tend to be less draggy.

        i personally think a couple of those taiwanese/chinese picks aren’t great despite their ratings, but they all had their enjoyable moments. i keep forgetting to watch the rose!

      • 20.4.5 Korazy Lady

        Thanks Kim Yooni! I will definitely look into some of these.

    • 20.5 Mawiie

      Lucky you, I’d give up my liver to have that kind of temperature right now. We have a lovely 14F with the remaining of that 1.5 foot of snow 😉

      But hey, perfect that to stay indoor and watch drama, I have like 30gb of unwatched drama waiting for winter break LOL

    • 20.6 Sabah

      I loved Hani Kimi. I could watch that over and over. I love how the craziness is juxtaposed with subtlety of emotions.

      One of my all time favourite dramas is a Jdrama called Nobuta Wo produce. Just beautiful and wonderful.

      Other than that and the ones Kim Yoonmi mentioned, I would add Anego and Orange Days AND if they ever make a drama adaptation of Kimi Ni Todoke!

  21. 21 Farpavilions

    Anyone else miffed by what the extension did to King of Dramas? (at least, I want to blame it on the added eps since it was zipping along so nicely and it’s been a while since I’ve watched a romcom where every single ep was this fun.

    If they go all Stairway to Heaven on us I will rip off my hypothetical WWAD wristband. Especially given the awesome mockery of melo farewells in Ep 8 (I’m trying to avoid spoilery specifics).

    Also, is anyone here watching the TWdrama Drama Go Go Go with Ruby Lin and Jiro Wang? There’s a very different behind-the-drama-PD-scenes plot but it has been pretty engaging so far. It even opens with a full on man on man liplock!

    • 21.1 Korazy Lady

      *****SPOILER ALERT******
      I think there are many waiting with great trepidation to see how this plays out. Shukie actually did research and there really is said disease without a cure. Of course, they can always change that in dramaland. Maybe this was the intent from the beginning since they showed us that his Mom was blind from the start, but the extension does make it feel like it was purposely added due to that. Now we must wait an extra week to see.

      • 21.1.1 Farpavilions


        The writer has been SO good at tossing out tropes and then cheekily reversing them, but the diagnosis seemed so final I don’t know how this can be salvaged.

        Maybe his turn of heart will bring a reward and that coughing ahjussi will perish of lung cancer and donate a cornea or two :p

        • Korazy Lady

          Good choice! It definitely stirs things up a bit. And let’s get on with the romance, for crying out loud! Now he’ll probably think it’s out of pity so we’ll have 2 episodes of noble idiocy going on. Hope not!

          • Ann

            There better be a joke at the end of this or I will go Japanese gangster on their butts! Especially the “mean girl” stuff with Min Ah–that cliche deserves to be slapped upside the head!

    • 21.2 Jeannette

      I just started watching Drama Go Go Go two days ago! I LOVE IT!

      • 21.2.1 Farpavilions

        Yay, fellow fan! This is the first show where I haven’t found Ruby Lin clingy or annoying (her Qiong Yao stint as watery-doe-eyed naif ruined her image for me), and how awesome is it that she gets to be surrounded by TWO younger hotties?

        • Jeannette

          I’m a HUGE Jiro Wang fan so I was happy to see him in it, but I really do like the female lead as well! I can’t wait to see what happens!

  22. 22 MariD

    Korazy Lady. Thanks. I really like the older Japanese dramas. I tried watching a few if the new ones like “the reasons why I can’t find love” it had a very cute beginning that sucked me In.Then the ending just made me soo mad!! But have you tried Rich man, Poor woman? I’m still madly in love with it. The cutest OTP ever..

    • 22.1 Korazy Lady

      Loved Rich Man, Poor Woman. That and the You’re My Pet Japanese version are the only two Jdramas I’ve watched. I keep meaning to watch Priceless but for some reason haven’t started it yet. And all those Hana Yori Kimi Nobuto names sound alike to me, so I’m stumped.

      • 22.1.1 KimYoonmi

        Hana Yori Dango means “Boys before flowers” It refers to an old Japanese saying… which means loosely, do the serious things first before the frivolous things.

        Hana Kimi is shortened form of a longer Japanese which I won’t type which roughly translated to, “For those who are in bloom” which seems random, but it kinda goes along with the other Japanese titles of its type such as (in translation): The Roar of Youth, The Flame of Youth, etc.

        Nobuto Produce… Didn’t like that one.

        I knew Kekkon Shinai would end up sucking at the end… they usually pull that which is why Hotaru no Hikari is still at the top of my around 30 drama list… Because she gets to do both work and love and it doesn’t compromise anything.

        • oftheshore

          Yes, Hotaru no Hikari is just plain awesome! Have you seen the 2012 yet? It’s probably silly, but I want to meet Ahomiya and Bu-choooooooo again.

        • Farpavilions

          Shame that Kekkon Shinai didn’t go all out and say the female leads could do just fine without men, but I guess viewers (myself included) are suckers for romance. And a herbivore like Tamaki Hiroshi doesn’t hurt!

          I loved the aesthetics of the show (want. that. house. so. bad … those mosaic pillars!!) but I did end up wanting to hit the screenwriter on the head. Half of the script consisted of Character A saying something and then Character B nodding repeating the last half line slowly and thoughtfully with a look of enlightenment!!

          • Annie

            Who did Tamaki Hiroshi end up with? Didn’t watch the show, but I got the impression that both ladies would be ‘competing’ for him.

          • alua

            I was disappointed that Kekkon Shinai didn’t go all the way either, although not quite so disappointed as based on ep 10 I thought we might end up with two weddings at least (if not 3, with those too nagging co-workers). There were zero weddings and a pretty clear indication of that marriage wasn’t essential, but… it still didn’t quite work for me. Okay, I loved all the three main characters but I just felt that beneath the surface the makers of the drama were still thinking ‘no, women should marry’. But they pushed Haruko towards needing a man, and I don’t feel Chiharu’s mindset really changed that convincingly. There is also the fact that we get the story through the 3 main characters, but it’s only through the females that that sense of “marriage or failure” is conveyed. Junpei is part of the love line, but his perspective isn’t imprinted by ‘marriage marriage marriage’ at all – all his issues are completely different, so in the end it still felt like the message was women are better off with a man (preferably married), while no such equivalent message was present about men. Not sure if I’m explaining myself well here?

            SPOILER ALERT (@Annie)

            Tamaki Hiroshi’s character ends with Chiharu. Mizuki (his painter friend) nearly nabs him with her scheming (and nearly made me gag with her ‘we’ll be together forever’), but since Junpei is a sweetheart he can’t live a life with a love lie and in the end rejects her. Junpei’s and Chiharu’s togetherness is pretty vague though – they get a nice kiss, but he is off to work in Hokkaido. Ummm yeah…. These distance relationships with ‘I’ll see when I see you’ is another thing I don’t get?

            END SPOILER

          • Farpavilions


            Re. “no such equivalent message was present about men”

            Hmmm, actually, I think the professor’s subplot is there to suggest that men need women too, with or without marriage, and balances out Chiharu’s initial neediness quite nicely.

            Agree that there was no real need to make Haruko go to him (unless she’s compensating for the loss of her womb/womanhood, which I would loathe the writer for!), but at the very least he offered her a relationship which would leave her lifestyle and work intact as she desired.

            Even though I still think the writer caved by making both main couples get together in the end, I did love how cheerfully and refreshingly independent the women were. Cannot emphasis how much I love that Junpei gets shunted off to Hokkaido and Haruko temporarily ditches her man so the ladies can have their french press and motorbike filled girltime all to themselves!

          • KimYoonmi

            I think the message shouldn’t be “Women are fine without men” nor that “women need men in order to survive”. That was the problem I found in each of the characters. The idea that one needs to go for one or the other, but not find the middle path. Kekkon Shinai couldn’t achieve what the message really was.

            Hotaru no Hikari never said that by her going with Buchou that she’s compromising who she is. Rather the message of *that* series was that Hotaru can do absolutely fine without Buchou. Buchou in turn can function absolutely fine without Hoatru in turn. However, only with Buchou could she show all sides of her and have him accept her without him trying to change her and not expecting that change. And it was the same with her of him. You believe that they will stay together because they fit together well. They both pushed the other toward success by being together not to change, but because they knew each other that well, so the other could pick each other out of the sewer.

            Nodame Cantabile had the same kind of relationship as well. Each character functioned completely fine on their own, with Nodame being a bit more dependent than Chiaki, but in Chiaki’s success, it pushed Nodame to be more independent. In another words they each worked and supported each other’s endeavors for independence, which led to the resolute manga Opera Hen ending.

            Hana Yori Dango also went that way as well. Each of the characters in the far better anime version functioned just fine on their own. It was actually Makino that was needed more by Domyoji than the reverse… but once that happened, the relationship still broke down to them pushing the other to be the best versions of themselves.

            The transformation from dependent to independent also happens in Itazura na Kiss. (the manga, not the anime). She does everything for him initially, but slowly learns by near the end to do things for herself because she enjoys them for herself. She grows into that independence and figures things out. (Winne dramas, for TW drama lovers are amazing that way… feminism in loads, plus fiercely loving families that aren’t overwritten.)

            What the dramas that say “You are better alone” and “You are better off just working” don’t quite get is that there is no harm in wanting both, striving for both, but to not force the issue. You need that person that fits in your life just right that can push you silently without their conscious effort into you being the best version of yourself when you lose your way. They can see past your walls and dig what they see despite your faults. That is there to both give and receive support.

            Out of K-dramas, King of Dramas is doing that for me right now and My Princess was also amazing for that. (I know that it was not a Dramabeans favorite, but it really did amaze me on that front).

            BTW. Chiaki and Buchou win my heart still out of all of the J-drama leads. *.* I wish there were more real life men like that…

          • KimYoonmi

            *The manga, not the drama on Itazura na Kiss

          • KimYoonmi

            *J-drama TT (Need to check before I post) Not sure if anyone knows that one. The TW drama is by far the best of the three versions and the most faithful to the spirit of the mangaka.

          • alua

            @Farpavilions Hmmm, you make a good point about the professor (I’d disregarded him). There is somewhat of a message with him that men need women too, but I don’t think it’s the same as with Chiharu. Chiharu gets pressure from everyone – her family, her friends, her work colleagues -, with the professor we get someone who decides he needs a wife.

          • alua

            @KimYoonmi You are right! Agree, the better message is something that supports whatever choice an individual wants to make that is best for them and brings out the best in them – whether that means being alone, or being with someone.

            My only problem with Hotaru no Hikaru is that years of a relationship with not even kissing… is simply not credible. That’s why Kimi no Petto remains one of my top-faves – there is no pretending there, it’s completely frank about the fact that adult relationships are also physical!

      • 22.1.2 alua

        I second Rich Man, Poor Women.

        I love Osozaki no Himawari, but only eps 1-5 are available.
        Priceless is good fun.
        SPEC is one I need to get back to. And Orange Days.
        Lucky 7 I enjoyed (wouldn’t mind a season 2).

        Not sure what you consider ‘older’ but other than Kimi wa Petto, Hana Kimi and those, I also love Nodame Cantabile, Waterboys and doramas like Tatta Hitotsu no Koi. Smile I cherish, that’s a completely underwatched J-drama.

        I could go on, but I’ll stop here.

        • Ennayra

          I loved a lot of the dramas on your list, especially Nodame Cantabile and Kimi wa Petto. Have you seen Pride? It’s also one of my favorites. 🙂

          • alua

            Never even heard of Pride and started watching thanks to you. I’m only one episode in, but, oh wow, the two leads have chemistry!!!

  23. 23 shel

    Happy New Year, Beanies!

    Had a lovely Christmas with all of the kids home, and my brother and his family, and now my sister and her family are here, just as my kids are flying back to school. Revolving door, this place is. My baby girl turned 16 on Christmas Eve (eek) and my son has a birthday on New Years Eve. So December is a busy month for us, anyway.

    I managed to sneak in a few dramas, caught up on KOD (LOVE LOVE LOVE that show) and CDDA (Loved that show….after ep 8, I’m teetering, though). Watching IMY, also. Buckets of tears with that show, though.

    Happy New Year to all the beanies, and may 2013 bring you happiness, prosperity and great dramas!

  24. 24 MariD

    Alua: so true about Hana-Kimi. The first time I try it, it was like Wtfreak? Then months later I went back and just enjoy the randomness. The dorm fights are just too much. OHSHC is like this also, maybe even weirder. People hate it because the lead is not very good looking ( its the guy that can see auras in HAna-Kimi) but he is a great comedic actor. Love actually has a plot??? I just stare at Joe Chen, he is soo dreamy!!
    shel: hi! I can do Cali weather, but I hate being cold, I’m actually wishing for summer right now. Bring in 113!!!!

    • 24.1 shel

      It’s pretty cold here. Down below 40 at night, and only up to about 55-60 during the day. We’re Central Coast, so not as warm as Los Angeles or San Diego.

      • 24.1.1 hapacalgirl

        Actually its been a bit colder than usual here in SD, we have had a few morning and nights in the high 30s. But pretty much high 50s and low 60s otherwise. But definitely much warmer than every else right now with only a few days of rain.

  25. 25 Gabrielle

    When are you going to post Flower Boy Next Door Poster Shoots? They have been out for weeks but I haven’t seen the news for that show updated. I’m soo excited for this show 😝😝😝

  26. 26 Mawiie

    Last Friday of 2012 my friends!

    2012 has been such a good year, let’s hope that 2013 will be the same *finger cross*

  27. 27 Korazy Lady

    BTW, I hope you all saw the Christmas gift I sent to you Kdrama lovers:

    • 27.1 oftheshore

      This is hilarious! Thank you!

    • 27.2 owl

      ‘The problematic of the unproblematic and other kdrama stuff” – hahaha!

      gorgeous kmen in furry fur trimmed hats – so HOT!
      (btw, wouldn’t Anthony in KoD look dapper in a red fur trimmed hat atop one of his LARGE fur collared coat!)

      thanks, and happy new year, Korazy lady et al!

    • 27.3 Gasenadi

      LOL! Thanks soooo much! But, you know what? I bet you could find 12 MORE. Why is it these drama actors are So D#mn FINE!??!

      • 27.3.1 Korazy Lady

        Hmm, possibly 12 men to spend New Year’s Eve with? Check Kakashi’s blog – I may work on that!

    • 27.4 Ennayra

      Yay! I loved this poem. Thanks!!! I’ve got a serious Lee Minho thing going right now, so it was perfection that he was first on your most excellent of lists 🙂

    • 27.5 enz

      thanks Korazy – trust you to come up with this 🙂

      i dont understand – am i the only one immune to lee min ho? when did i get vaccinated against him. i dont find him hot. whats wrong with me??

      • 27.5.1 Korazy Lady

        Enz, I’m kind of with you. I put him first because of his popularity, but he’s not my fav. But then we have special tastes, being QSS lovers and all! haha

        • Enz

          I notice you have a love for Sjk and gong yoo too! It’s true though, what a lot of ppl say about Sjk, he does have a very feminine look sometimes. He could easily play one of those gender swapping roles and nail it. His eyebrows are sooo perfect hehe

          • Korazy Lady

            I am obsessed with SJK, I love adorable cutie guys, and he makes me smile to watch him. But I really can’t think those …hmm….*inappropriate* thoughts about him because he’s just too young looking. My brain knows it’s wrong and won’t allow it! Gong Yoo on the other hand…….

          • Enz

            Yes yes, my inappropriate thoughts about Sjk stops at a rather chaste point but with gong yoo… As eun bi says, chom chom chom hehehehhe 🙂

        • Shukmeister

          Korazy – Annnnnd you had to add another QSS reference. LOL

          • pillowhead

            i love QSS AND LMH. I’m just a lover. haha.

          • Korazy Lady

            lol! sorry….

          • Korazy Lady

            that was sorry to Shukmeister for bringing up QSS again. You can spread the love all you want, pillowhead!

          • Shukmeister


          • Shukmeister


  28. 28 Trina

    Happy Friday everyone!!!! Today is sad day as hubby and I are going to say farewell to my stepfather’s mom today. Tomorrow is the funeral. I have a cold too today.. I am not sure what are we going to do for New Year eve…. Since my parents babysit my two boys… In another note, I am now caught up with school 2013.. 🙂 I need to catch up with CA and NG and KOD and last night I started to watch Can we get Married? But, they talk so fast sometimes the subs are there after they are talking.. O.0 So far, I like it after watching two episodes. I hope it is getting better. Video preview of episode 9 of School 2013 is out already.. 🙂

  29. 29 Matt

    Hey beanies! I have returned to the OT thread after a few weeks. Holidays hit and I didn’t watch as much Kdrama as I wanted..

    I had a good holiday. Got a new HDTV which isn’t hooked up yet and of course great food.

    Anyway, I’ve only kept up with I miss you.. I’m not big on the romance aspect because it feels kinda of wrong and the plot is very thin but the actors are just so good. The scenes with Jung woo and Su Yeon are just so cute… I really hope Jung woo doesn’t die.

    Gonna catch up with KOD and marathon Princess’ man.

    • 29.1 Ennayra

      I marathoned Princess’ Man too, and had a really good, and so intense time watching. I hope you like it!

  30. 30 kopytko

    Hi Everybody!
    After a very nice Christmas it’s peaceful and quiet before we get back to our everyday busy routine. I must tell you I had tons of fun buying and wrapping presents for my dear ones. Some surprises were just ridiculous, when I made my brother get our lil’sis the same thing I bought for him. They were both satisfied in the end, but their faces when they saw it – priceless.

    I am severely hooked on King of Dramas and I am thinking what to do to survive a week with only one new episode. No idea. Even TV offers big fat nothing to keep an eye on. I’ve already read the book I got for Christmas… And when somebody could tell me to go out and exercise, I can reply that when I got my cross-country skis, the snow started to melt… I need to consult a Doc about my frustration. But what do I read? There will be no Doc this weekend! *another godzilla roar*

    I’ll just rewatch ep.12 of AGD. When everything seems wrong, just a glimpse at JDG dancing in his bathroom can lift my spirits. I am too simple, aren’t I?
    Actually, Can Love Become Money is nice too. Some Radical Honesty treatment can do no wrong, if applied by a skilled radically honest Oppa 😉

    Buh, it’s that time of the year when I am not waiting for any drama, the one I adore is about to end and I feel I will have to wait through a drama-desert. What would Anthony do in that situation?

  31. 31 John


    CWGM, KOD, School 2013, Great Seer, Alice

    J-Dramas, Priceless, Doctor X, Hitorishizuka, Osozaki no Himawari

    Waiting for the subs on most of those.

    Finished: J-Drama: Ooku:
    K Drama: May Queen

    Watching C-Drama

    Bratty Princess w/ Jang Na Ra as a kung fu fighting princess. Funny to see her a struggling teacher in School 2013

    • 31.1 alua

      Hi John!

      I am assuming you are stuck on ep 5 of Osozaki no Himawari as well? Haven’t found any later episodes. Boohoo.

      You are watching a lot actually.

      • 31.1.1 John

        Hi Alua,

        Yes, waiting . Was it pre-empted by elections?

        Have you seen Ooku? I really liked it.

        • alua

          No, haven’t seen Ooku yet.

          No idea what’s up with Osazaki no Himawari. I think it’s airing normally in Japan – there is a Facebook page, which indicates that episodes 6-9 have aired already. It issue seems to be with the subtitling. I look forward to the day when my Japanese is good enough to do the subs for doramas I want to watch!

          • John


            Well, here’s hoping that Osazaki no Himawari will be subbed soon. I want to see how things go.

            I mainlined Ooku and watched it straight through, I’m glad I did . If you have time, I think you’d enjoy it.

            Still waiting for Doctor X’s next episode.

            As far as learning enough Japanese, Korean or Chinese goes, I’ll need a decade of drama watching.

            I do like how some sub groups will offer more in depth explanations of terminology, locations or historical footnotes. It tends to happen more in C or J dramas than Korean shows.

          • alua

            Well, I’m actually enrolled in a Japanese evening class. I want to take Korean too but less places offer Korean and one place that does run a course is so terribly expensive (295 GBP per term — when I pay 380 GBP for 3 terms of Japanese and that is a lot already!).

            I’m hoping they’ll do a lottery for free Korean language classes at the Korean Cultural Centre again, and that I’ll manage to win a spot this time. FINGERS CROSSED! But many, many people enter the lottery, so not much chance.

            I think the notes that come with subbing depend on who subs it and where it is uploaded. In professional subbing it’s a complete no-no, but in fansubbing this is not uncommon. I’m actually really interested in this topic and would love to do some research on it… after the PhD.

    • 31.2 mskololia

      Ep 6 of Hitorishizuka is finally up….Yay!

      • 31.2.1 John

        mskololia ~

        Yes, I just finished Ep 6.

  32. 32 whimsyful

    Happy Holidays OT’ers! Haven’t had time to keep up with kdramas thanks to exams and the holidays.

    Has anyone been keeping up with Can We Get Married? I stopped at like ep 3 because I got too busy. How is it?

    • 32.1 Mystisith

      I loved every single episode until now, which means 18. Next week it will be over and I’m not ready to part with this show. So many things I want to see!
      The unlucky sister needs to be hooked with her lawyer. After dealing with a dumb hypocrite, she deserves a Love Who Always Speaks The Truth.

      • 32.1.1 D

        ummmmm, i like the lawyer but dont think the mother will approve. Maybe the divorcing couple will get back together tho i’m fine with both as co-parent cos their son’s just so adorable.

        And i’m loving the father, he’s such a decent man..

      • 32.1.2 oozzeee

        @mystisith, this maybe late but I agree with you liking the lawyer ex boyfriend. He’s irritatingly likeable. Good thing he’s on the side I root for, if not, I also would like to punch, hmm, clench my fist at him..

        • Mystisith

          I want the divorce to be pronounced. I’m sure he would ask her for a date right away without feeling ashamed at all.

  33. 33 Mar

    Randomness because I’m not into any dramas except School right now:

    I was in Nordstroms and went through a section that reminded me of the guy buys girl clothes scenes from k dramas. That made me realize one of the most important things I’ve learned from k dramas is never, ever, let a guy pick out you clothes because no matter how hot his clothes are, he will pick out the ugliest shit in the store for you to wear.

    The kitten came home with us finally My daughters almost year old cat runs around like a crazy cat and doesn’t know how to act. My kitten comes in and basically takes over, he’s the calm cool collected one, and the older one follows him around. Nothing fazes the kitten except he gets cranky when his nap is disturbed. So even though he’s the new cat and way younger, he’s the more mature cat. And he’s got this serious little face. So, put it all together and he did get named Sunbae after Yoon Jihoo in BoF.

    • 33.1 pillowhead

      LOL. the worst… that ugly green dress that Goo Jun Pyo bought for Jandi. it had some frills or somthing on it. omg. that was sick.

      • 33.1.1 Mar

        I kno, wtf was that? Who picks out the clothes for these scenes? Obviously they are very stoned!

  34. 34 Jeannette

    Hey, everyone!

    I just ate a HUGE lunch so now I feel sleepy…

    Good and Bad news:

    Bad news, family friend’s cancer is back…not sure if she will make it this time. Pretty upset about it and I’m having a hard time caring about things because if it.

    Good news, my SHINee CDs FINALLY came after being shipped on 12-13. However…I still haven’t opened them because of the whole cancer crap. I’m just like meh.

    School 2013 rules. Buying the entire SHINee discog. Things were getting kinda intense with the oppa so I backed down a bit…he’s real sweet but I don’t want to start anything I can’t or don’t want to finish.

    Thinking about doing unboxing vids for all my k-pop.

    I hope everyone’s well. Sorry I’m sucha wet noodle.

    Noodle. haha, watch this:

    Love you all and I hope your new years rocks and I hope your Christmas was AWESOME.

    • 34.1 pillowhead

      hi Jennette. so sorry to hear about your friend. sadness :(.

      your 2 minute noodles took you 10 minutes to make. lol. LOLing so hard. ohhh. now my ramen craving is stronger than my hang over and I must get to the store and get, one ramen, lettus, an egg, and a pepsi would b good, and a glass to drink it in. hahahahahah

      • 34.1.1 Jeannette

        Thanks, pillowhead! My mom was at the hospital all day with her and they are basically forcing radiation on her tomorrow. It sucks!

        Darren is HILARIOUS. He’s actually an Aussie who debuted in a group called CHILL. He’s an amazing performer. 🙂 His dad is SO CUTE! I have a thing for older men in bowties haha!

    • 34.2 enz

      sorry to hear that jeannette. there are RL stuff that even kpop and kdaramas cannot bring comfort to.

      i watched the video – funny guy but having bought udon instant noodles before, i have to say i much prefer the usual ramyun and our malaysian instant noodles (there are some differences in size and texture – hmmm.. some inappropriate thoughts springing up!) – recently tried thailand’s tom yum flavoured noodles and i like those best!! small packages – more appropriate for snacks – i like them that size. what can i say? i have a small appetite most of the time 🙂

      hope 2013 will be an awesome one for you and your daughter and your babes – shinee

      • 34.2.1 Jeannette

        Thanks, enz! I just hope that things work out the way that’s best for everyone…

        Darren’s such a goofball. There’s a video of himself playing Slender Man and he’s singing the whole time saying “Why am I singing…I’m boring myself!” lol

        I’ve only ever had the regular Ramen that they have here. I always want to eat ramen when I watch kdramas hahah!

        I hope 2013 is also awesome for you! It better be awesome for SHINee and I’d better not hear of any of them enlisting…

        And today everyone cheered me up on my FB group and I changed the header etc to Onew so I’m happy! HAHAH!

  35. 35 Minnetter (aka: Min)

    Hi my fellow DBers!
    This is not drama related, well at least not directly. I know that as a SoCal native I have no reason to complain about the cold. Pffft SoCal? Cold???? especially when I hear about other places being snowed in, and roads closing down because of snow and ice… years ago I don’t remember it being as cold as now, but it is cold! I swear it! at least it is to me who for the last four years/five years have moved out to a much warmer tropical climate that is found in the Yucatan peninsula… and my bones feel like they belong on a century old granny than a 20+. Anyway the only good thing is that since it’s cold I get to sit with very warm blankets and watch drama and shows I haven’t been able to in the past year! yay for catch up time. 🙂
    Anyways hope you all have a wonderfully delightful weekend.

  36. 36 Sammy

    Annyeonghaseyo! ^_^

    I’m really late. XD

    I’ve been following DB for a few months now, but I really don’t like watching airing shows, so I’m really behind. XD And I never, ever comment. Ever. O.o

    So this is like, my second comment. XD

    Nice to meet you all! If you’d like my thoughts on dramas I’m watching currently, just tell me so! ^_^

    Peace out!

    • 36.1 MeeisLee

      Hi! Always nice to have new voices on OT :).
      What dramas are you currently watching?

      • 36.1.1 Sammy

        Hi! XD


        I finished Queen In Hyun’s Man a couple days ago. ^^/ I don’t get why writers get their characters into such desperate situations that the only thing that can get them out is a deus ex machina. I mean, yeah, the writer was able to put some extra meaning into that DEM, which is something not all writers who use DEM’s can say, but…yeah….Well, all I can say is that I’m glad the ending isn’t like Rooftop Prince. Rooftop Prince’s ending was the most disappointing ending ever. Ever ever. >.< I'd rather have watched a deus ex machina then that horrid ending.

        I WAS watching The King 2 Hearts, but then I had to put it on hold. Real life sucks. All I can say is… Jae Ha better learn how to stop being a jackass, otherwise hell's gonna go down. Oh wait, I forgot, it already did.


        • Sammy

          I’m actually already done with Gaksital. Finished it last month. Finished it in three and a half weeks actually. XD I love that show to death, and sorry City Hunter and Lee Min Ho, but I like Gaksital better than you. Sorry!

        • Enz

          Hi Sammy, welcome. Am watching SUFBB too! Also loving it.

    • 36.2 Mystisith

      Awww. Welcome aboard Sammy! ^^
      You can’t watch dramas and NOT want to comment anywhere. How are you able to do that???
      Watching shows live is very exciting but also not good for the sleeping schedule. That said, I love to have old dramas on my plate too: Better a good oldie than a currently airing trainwreck…
      So, what genre(s) tickles your fancy?

      • 36.2.1 Sammy

        Thanks! ^^/

        I’m actually very paranoid of spoilers. Very very paranoid. XD I steer away from comments sections because of that. After I finish the drama, I sometimes go back and read the comments, but I never comment because nobody reads them anymore after the drama finishes. At least, I don’t think anybody does….

        Haha, yeah, another reason I don’t like airing shows. I actually don’t start watching a show unless I have a recommendation or see people raving about it. (Except Gaksital. I saw how much time was devoted to Gaksital on the podcast here and thought, “Gee, it must be good.” So I watched it. And I’m glad.)

        Action, rom com, supernatural, anything with dramas, really…

    • 36.3 Shukmeister

      Welcome Sammy!

  37. 37 MariD

    Sorry I’m all over the place, but my phone does not let me reply, and my boss is in the office so I can’t just open my computer link.
    Someone asked if I seen Nobuta wo Produce, yes I have. I like it but I did not love it. I went thru a Yamapi period right after watching Buzzer beat, so Nobuta had to be watch. I still can’t get myself to watch the original “operation Proposal” I was soo annoyed with the Korean version and I heard that the J-version is shorter, but more boring.

  38. 38 MeeisLee

    HI OT!
    I haven’t been on here in a couple weeks. I’m currently drowning in college essays and deadlines. I wrote 3 short essays today so I think that merits a drama break! Trying to decide if I should watch the first episode of Alice in Cheongdam-dong or School 2013….

    • 38.1 MeeisLee

      Decided upon School 2013 despite my love for Park Shi Hoo. It’s just a little more relatable and this crucial time in my life although high school stories generally like to focus in sophomores or juniors (I’m a senior). I’m almost done with ep 2 and it’s awesome! I am completely in love with Nam-soon (Lee Jong-seok)!!!

  39. 39 Amg1

    Happy New Year! To Yall!!!!!!!

    This has been one of the hardest years of my 50 years on this earth.

    I got the “shingles”, back in late August, witch is a virus related to the “Chicken Pox, also known as Varicella Zoster virus”.

    Unfortunately a small percentage of the people that get the shingles suffer long lasting nerve damage from the illness, in the form of severe nerve pain 24/7, the clinical term is called, “Postherpetic neuralgia”.
    So as you guys can imagine my life since has been a mini living hell, i am taking some pretty strong medication, the only problem is that the secondary effects can be quite, difficult to live with, seems that some times the cure can be worst than the illness.
    But such is life, other than that I have not many complains, other than for me this year was kinda generic, when it comes to K-Dramas, the only ones I am watching are “May Queen, I Miss You, School 2013”.

    I lot of you know that J-Doramas are my first love when it comes to Asian Dramas, so here is a list of my “Favorite Fantasy J=Doramas remakes, into K-Dramas”.

    ‘Orange Days’- played by Yoon Eun-hye and

    ‘A Million Stars Falling From the Sky’- played by Jang Hyuk and Park Min-Young.

    ‘Boss’- 1&2 played by Kim So-Yeon.

    ‘Absolute Boyfriend’- played by Kim Tae-Hee and Song Seung-Heon.

    ‘Hotaru no Hikari’- played by Yoon Eun-hye and Jang Dong-Gun.

    ‘Nodame Cantabile’- played by Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun.

    ‘Inicent Love’- played by Uee and Yoo Seung-Ho.

    ‘Koizora’- played by Jung So Min and Lee Jong Suk.

    ‘Boku dake no Madonna’-played by Kim So-Yeon and Kim Soo Hyun.

    ‘Yankee-kun to Megane-chan’- played by Suzy and Kim Woo-Bin.

    ‘Gokusen’- Played by Han Ye Seul.
    Well till next year!!!!!!!

    Amg1………. : 0 }

    • 39.1 pillowhead

      hi Amg1. so sorry to hear about your illness. I hope it gets better.
      thanks for the list. my list to c is now so long and intimidating but im gonna get through it. 😛

      Celebrated my birthday wiith a few friend last night and paying dearly. Lost my cc last night and I’m laying here with broken glass in my toe but to tired to care. All i can think about is a hot bowl of kimchie flavored ramen.

    • 39.2 Sabah

      Oh wow, what a wonderful thing to think about. I normally try to imagine remakes (re-dos) of Kdramas with other preferred pairings BUT this is just so much better. Thanks.

      • 39.2.1 pillowhead

        oh thats a good one too! id like to swap out the girl in SUFFB with me. mmmmm….skinshippingggggggg

        • Sabah

          Ha! Excellent. Thanks for the laugh. I haven’t tried that version yet. Even in my own imagination I just don’t think I’m good enough.

          I have this fear that if I ever make it to South Korea for a visit, I’d be turned away at border security for failing to meet the standards of beauty. Hehe.

          • pillowhead

            lol! I know. even the boys are prettier. otoko

          • Sabah

            Hehe, so very true!

          • Enz

            Every time I mention about how good looking the boys are, my colleague will pipe up with ” it’s all plastic fantastic!” . Quite a few perhaps but not all. In any case, so many with a good height and nice body shape.

          • Sabah

            It’s true people do have differing limits as to what is acceptable in the name of beauty. Nonetheless, ‘real’ or ‘fake’ I am pretty much intimidated. I know I shouldn’t be but I just can’t help myself being overwhelmed.

    • 39.3 Enz

      Hope you recover eventually from the pain amg. I know how bad the pain can be and hope you are on the right pain meds for it.

    • 39.4 Korazy Lady

      Amg1 – so sorry about the shingles and pain. Let’s hope you don’t have truly lasting effects, and that the pain will slowly (or better yet, quickly) go away.

      I am afraid of getting shingles, too, and asked my doctor about the vaccine. Guess what, he said I’m too young to have it covered by insurance (probably the only time I’m too young for anything, haha!)

      Thanks for the list of Jdramas, too! Hopefully you’ll have a better year in 2013!

  40. 40 Nokcha

    Nell!!! I love Nell. I’ve been able to see them in concert twice within the last couple of months!

  41. 41 Gasenadi

    Happy New Year to all. For those dealing with health issues, their own or loved ones’, I hope you’re granted strength and support during the tough times.

    On that note, I hope to see in 2013 more bromances, yes. But I’d also REALLY like to see much more sisterhood. Although I didn’t finish Answer Me 1997, I marveled at the girls’ poignant friendship. There HAVE been some dramas that show strong relationships between women friends. I wonder why we don’t gush over them as we do over the bromances? Just musing…

  42. 42 owl

    This morning at 10 am, after the last carload headed out, door shut, click!* lock, I took the stairs two at a time to my room to CATCH UP on my kdramas. Christmas family time is over, and we had fun and love. Okay, I’m visiting mom too for another week, and my brother’s family left for Disneyland (lucky) and my room here is still my room (lala pose) and imma hang, watch kdramas and eat my favorite cookies and nut cakes all day long. Vacation! Coming up on a new year = happy wishes to you all!

    Is anyone else loving What’s Up? along with me?

    School2013 Nam Soon’s past, bad stuff on Heung Soo, and fixing what he did is big stuff. HS ran to NS’s rescue, cliffhanger, but wow, siding with the gang and busting NS’s leg for selfish reasons 3 yrs earlier, I’m thinking this is not an easy place fof HS to be in life. NS is remorseful to the max, but if anything, only time can heal such a big trauma. HS maybe can’t forgive, I can see that. Has enough time passed?
    oh, isn’t DC’s little click, smack with his lips when he talks and grins adorably sexy~

    IMY ep 14 and 15 Darkness. More later.

    • 42.1 owl

      oooh, initials mix up. I meant NS busted HS’s leg for selfish reasons 3 yrs earlier. I did that last time, too, sorry!

  43. 43 ladysarahii

    Currently only watching School 2013 and King of Dramas. I was watching Alice in Cheomdangdong but lost interest. I really liked PSH so I felt bad for abandoning it, but I just could not get into the plot whatsoever. But School is pretty much knocking my socks off each episode.

    • 43.1 Enz

      So many people love this show and I feel like I must be missing out not having started it. So, am glad to hear that someone out there doesn’t think it’s that great 🙂 . Still hope to catch it at some point though

      • 43.1.1 ladysarahii

        It’s definitely not completely horrible. The acting is really, really good, and I love modern retellings of fairy tales, so I really should love it. It just feels like it’s taking forever to get awesome, which it has the potential to do. When I’d rather study Korean over watching an episode, you know it has to be slow-going.

  44. 44 enz

    am late to the thread – Happy OT and weekend everyone! so glad for the weekend.

    didnt want to miss the chance to wish everyone a great 2013 as this is the last OT before new year.

    work has been curbing my drama watching but still managed to keep up to date with school 2013 and KoD. i’m prob in the minority in finding both a bit tiresome sometimes (school with the non studying and looking for trouble all the time boys and KoD with the unending obstacles although its better now that the drama within the drama is filming) but still enjoy both enough to continue.

    managed to squeeze in a kmovie – a pettty romance with lee sun kyun and choi han kee and while the movie wasnt all that good, there were bits that were LOL funny in particular scenes of when choi han kee were trying out all the moves that she had read were a turn on to men! OMG those bits were sooo funny.

    well, wish you all a healthy and happy 2013 and lets hope there will ne a drama out there that is just perfect for our individual tastes in 2013!!

    • 44.1 John


      I wish School had some sort of romance to off set the fist fights.

      C’mon, I want to see someone kiss for heaven’s sake.

      • 44.1.1 Enz

        I just want to see some semblance of a school atmosphere that I’m used to.. Having said that, i was from a convent school and no matter how rambunctious we were, we were still studying well!

        It’s kinda hard for me to relate and therefore be sympathetic to the characters.

  45. 45 enz

    am starting SUFBB. hope everyone is right about it and that i will be able to finish by january 7th!!

    • 45.1 owl

      hi enz, replied to you in 47

    • 45.2 OMG

      its amazing…u wont regret it n u will definitely be able to finish it before Jan 7th

      • 45.2.1 Enz

        Am thinking I might finish it by today ! Or tomorrow at the most

  46. 46 TS

    Severe Kim Woon Bin crush here: I so want to see him in a sageuk, something set in Goryeo or Silla or Baekche (yes, I’ve been learning Korean history) with long hair, topknot and a looonnnnggg sword.

  47. 47 owl

    What a fabulous end of year present to yourself, watching SUFBB. Be sure to finish it by Jan 7 so that we can all watch ep 1 of FBND together, yesss! As mentioned in a previous OT, it is very Outsiders-esque. I am on ep 10 of What’s Up, which has a lot of the same feel to it, although there is something American to this show, along the lines of Smash or the older arts school Fame show. Cozied up by the fire, baby it’s cold outside here in Colorado -20s at best- ain’t goin’ nowhere and in my pjs with my little dog by my side, snoozing.

    So as not to be totally burroughed away all vacation, I did head down to Denver to see the “Becoming Van Gogh” exhibit – awesome – many of the paintings/drawings were from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. totally impressive!

    • 47.1 Enz

      It reminds me of breaking away a loooong time ago. The battle of the haves and have nots. Just finished epi 4. It’s 2.30am. Gotta stop. Loving it so far. Now I get what everyone is saying when they scream SUNG JOOOONN!!! He is excellent. Definitely, if this keeps up, will be my favourite of this year. Because, of the ones I saw and finished, I don’t think any really connected emotionally for me as immediately and as much as this has so far.

      I was sungjooned from episode 2 🙂

      • 47.1.1 JoAnne

        once it happens it never unhappens – Sung Joon wins hearts forever

      • 47.1.2 OMG

        I will just like to let u guys know that i have claimed both Sung Joon and Lee Min Ki…..muahahahahahahaha

        • Jeannette

          HAHAH I think everyone’s claimed them at some point ROTFL! Whatever! I’ll not argue as long as I get Onew! <3

          And I just got my Lee Minki album yesterday…can't wait to listen to it!

        • Enz

          Not claiming anyone’s here but he is excellent in this role.. As was lee min ki. And I love that sung joon doesn’t have that typical handsome plastic fantastic look 🙂

          • Enz

            Oops. Anyone. Not anyone’s, although I guess that works too in a way

  48. 48 Enz

    22 hours later, am down to the last two episodes of SUFBB. It’s been good and really consistent so far. I agree totally with JB that this is the best drama this year, although of course, I didn’t watch quite a few (gaksitaaaalllll being one of them).

    It’s such a pleasure to watch something that doesn’t require any suspension of belief for any of their storylines and where characters don’t induce eye rolling exercises for their actions and decisions, the whole 16 episodes (am trusting y’all that the last two is equally good) through.

    I reread JB’s review which was completely spot on.. The drama hits all the right notes in its story on friendship and young love etc. sung joon was really a standout in this role. And the rest were all really good too so that the individual members are memorable as well.

    Am saving the last two for tomorrow, to savor. Looks like ill be done even before 1st jan!

    • 48.1 owl

      hey enz, just checking OT (on vacation, loving free time), and saw your post – way to go! I watched all the kdramas Sung Joon is in this year, non-conformist, true to his heart, love him to death, baby! What a way to end the year. I’m watching What’s Up, ep 12, really a good story about 6 kids trying to make it in an arts (theater/music) school) as 1st year students. Actress, Lim Ju Eun, I really like her character . Lim Ju Hwan plays the non-conformist in this drama. I wonder if they are related?? Anyhoot,

      it’s my hooked on dramas end of the year blast off.A very happy new year to you all around 🙂

      • 48.1.1 Enz

        Hi owl, enjoy your vacation. I was already so happy with my mini ‘vacation’ ie non working weekend!!

        So glad I ended the year with a 2012 drama that I could enjoy unreservedly.. Just a great coming of age story with friendship, young love and figuring out self and growing from realistic dilemmas and problems.

        When a drama is excellent, you just can allow yourself to be carried along with the story and enjoy the moments that resonate deeply with you. No need for really deep analysis, just pure enjoyment.

        Really love sung Jon’s performance in it.. Sorry keep repeating that. He really stood out in this drama. It rested on him mostly and he was completely convincing in his role.

        Have a wonderful new year and may 2013 be fantastic for you and yours. 🙂

  49. 49 Monstermom

    Alright. So. I only very recently discovered this site (to my great amusement) and this is my first post in a somewhat live thread (I’ve made a couple of posts in a few dead threads, simply because I’m very far behind on a bunch of dramas). I’d like to make this post interesting and somehow significant, as it is in a way an introduction to this community (which I greatly enjoy, I have no one to share my obsession of k-drama with – except my dog, and he frankly doesn’t really get it), but… I just can’t. Instead I’ll make it an EXTREMELY silly one, since I’ve been catching up with a drama (Marriage Plot) where some of the files include also the commercial breaks and one thing has stuck in my mind to the point I simply cannot shake it loose: In the ad for “Venus” underwear (or specifically bras, I don’t understand much Korean yet, sorry), the Korean pronunciation of the brand sounds to me like “Penis”… I’m very sorry, but this cracks me up every time, to the point of nearly falling off the couch. Please, all other k-drama addicts whose first language isn’t Korean, tell me I’m not alone in reacting to this?! Am I a child to be sniggering like this? Am I even a pervert? Or am I, worst of all, an intolerant foreigner who will laugh at the idiosyncrasies of one linguistic group pronouncing borrowed words of another linguistic group out of small mindedness and bigotry?!

    In other news, let me share a happy news report with you all: scientists have shown that challenging yourself with a language you don’t master (basically: anything, as long as it’s difficult for you) results in significant growth of your brain, even among adults. Awesome. I knew TV would one day prove to make me smarter! 😉

    (Also: hello everyone, I’m a little odd. But I’m fairly sure I’m not dangerous. 😉 )

    • 49.1 Korazy Lady

      I rarely go back and read the OT after Sunday, but since I did I will welcome you, Monster Mom. I think we are all a little odd (or crazy, in a good way at least) but we all share our love for Kdramas here.

      One of the reasons I watch Kdramas is for pure entertainment. (Oh, and the cute guys.) I tend to park my brain at the door so to speak. So if they (or the commercials, or the hairstyles, or the language barrier) makes you laugh and fall off the couch, good for you! Enjoy life!

      And I encourage you to post again. Don’t know where you’re from but it usually starts @9:30 a.m. EST on Fridays.

      • 49.1.1 Monstermom

        Hi, thanks for your comment and welcome! I’ll try to catch the next thread “live” now that I now they happen regularly, thanks! (I’m in northern Europe)

  50. 50 Ben

    Am I the only one here watching Cheer Up Mr. Kim?