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School 2013: Episode 8
by | December 25, 2012 | 98 Comments

School may be in session even on Christmas day, but if Nam-soon isn’t present, does it really count? Our hero leaves school and his bestie behind, but you know what they say about absence and hearts… truancy makes the heart grow fonder? Everyone gets a chance to miss Nam-soon, and you’d be surprised who makes the biggest showing when it comes to Operation: Recover Rebel.


Nam-soon leaves school that night having turned in his notice to drop out. He stops at the gate to tell Heung-soo, “What I threw away wasn’t school. It was you, you punk.” You’re gonna make me cry AGAIN, aren’t you?

Nam-soon cries as he walks away, and Heung-soo stands there completely floored.

Nam-soon comes back to his dark, empty room and sits down with a sigh, taking us back to junior high…

Nam-soon stands in a convenience store, berated and accused by the owner for breaking in and stealing. He empties the contents of his bag defiantly, insisting he didn’t steal anything.

Suddenly Heung-soo storms in, throws a pocketful of wadded up bills on the counter for the cost of the broken window, and calls it even. The owner balks that what he wants is the boy’s parents to come, and Heung-soo declares that he’s his hyung, and drags him out. How cute.

Outside, Nam-soon just complains that he gets to be the hyung, and Heung-soo says he just got him out of trouble and his birthday is before his, so that’s that. Nam-soon bows jokingly.

They run down the street play-fighting, and laughing, and smiling. Gah, they’re so happy; these flashbacks gut me.

We come back to both boys in the present, each alone.

The next morning, In-jae finds Heung-soo at school and tells him that she’s going to do what she can to get Nam-soon back, and asks if he won’t waver (as in—you’ll keep coming to school, right?).

Heung-soo says it really doesn’t matter to him now whether or not Nam-soon is here, and it seems like he really does mean it. Nam-soon’s gesture must’ve gotten through to him in some way.

The back of the class is conspicuously empty today, and both In-jae and Heung-soo feel a pang when Nam-soon’s absence is noted.

Jung-ho and his boys saunter in late, and Se-chan says they must be itching to memorize poems, and then adds that one of the minions, Ji-hoon, has actually raised his grades. His friends give him guff and the class ooooohs. Oh the restrictions to keep up your rebel image.

Kang-joo catches Ha-kyung sneaking a text to Nam-soon, and wonders if she’s changed and started to worry about other people. Ha-kyung scoffs that it’s because she doesn’t want to do all the extra work of class president. Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that.

Se-chan asks what trouble Nam-soon got into this time, and In-jae reluctantly shares the drop-out form with him. Se-chan: “You clearly can’t accept this.” In-jae lights up happily in agreement.

Se-chan: “He obviously filled it out himself and didn’t even get a parent signature!” Ha. It’s both helpful and not. Mostly exasperating, which In-jae is clearly used to by now. He says that’s the extent of what a teacher can do.

The next day another group of students is late, and Se-chan tells them that he’s just going to start docking points instead of having them memorize poems. That gets In-jae riled up and they actually have a passive-aggressive bickering match in front of the class, heh. Adorable. Understandably though, the class is completely confused because they can’t come to an agreement.

In-jae can’t believe he’d just change the rules without consulting her, and he reminds her that she’s the one who told him he could do whatever he wanted with the other kids if she could save Heung-soo. “So…I’m going to do whatever I want.” In-jae: “How?” Se-chan: “Well.” Smartass.

In-jae texts Nam-soon over and over, and Se-chan says she’s doing it all wrong, and has to talk to him in person. But she’s tried his house, and can’t find him anywhere. Surprisingly, Se-chan actually bothers to ask the class if they know, and one of the kids has seen him “shooting guns on the corner.” I hope you mean video game guns…

Ah, he means gas-filling guns. Se-chan pulls up and surprises Nam-soon. Yay.

Back at school, Jung-ho isn’t satisfied without stirring up some trouble, and turns on the room’s fans just to be an ass. Ha-kyung is the only one who isn’t afraid of him, and orders him to turn them off. Her stare-down is pretty badass.

He doesn’t budge, and when she goes to turn them off herself, Jung-ho grabs her by the arm. Urg.

It’s then that Heung-soo gets up to do something about it, and flips the fans off. Jung-ho gets what he wants—Heung-soo’s attention—and shoves him, itching for a fight.

Heung-soo’s eyes flare up… oh no… oh no…

But thankfully Jung-ho’s friends stop him and drag him out of class. Whew. Heung-soo just goes right back to his seat without a word and sticks his headphones back on. The class reels from the badassery, and someone finally putting Jung-ho in his place.

At the gas station, Nam-soon refuses to go with Se-chan, but Se-chan isn’t about to be out-stubborned by anyone. He sits there, arms crossed placidly, while an entire line of cars honks and honks at him to move out of the way.

Finally Nam-soon’s boss has to shove him to get in the car and go with Se-chan, just to keep his business running. Pffft, I love Se-chan’s triumphant c’mere-finger at Nam-soon.

He drives back to school, but of course Nam-soon just starts walking away as soon as he’s out of the car. Se-chan asks if this is his plan—to work minimum wage jobs for the rest of his life.

Nam-soon asks what’s so different about going out into the world with a high school diploma anyway, and Se-chan points out that he already knows—it’s the reason he dropped out (for Heung-soo, of course). He just tells Nam-soon to get his father’s signature if he wants the paperwork to stick, and Nam-soon takes the form back with a sigh.

In-jae is happy to hear that Se-chan found him, only to snap when she finds out all he did was tell him to get his dad to sign off on his form. Heh. But they’re interrupted when the principal comes by and introduces Ha-kyung’s mom.

In-jae politely tries to tell her about Ha-kyung feeling pressured about her grades, and Mom doesn’t seem the least bit concerned about it. What she is concerned about: In-jae and Se-chan’s conflicting teaching methods.

The principal orders In-jae to fall in line and teach to the college entrance exam, but In-jae digs her heels in about her teaching methods. So the principal decides to pit In-jae and Se-chan against each other in a competition for the rest of the semester, to prove who can get the best results, both in grades and by student opinion. Gah.

Neither of them wants to do this, but they’re also in complete disagreement too. In-jae argues that high school is most students’ last chance, to really learn and engage. Se-chan agrees it’s their last chance… to go to college. Impasse it is.

In-jae struggles to figure out a way to teach in a way that doesn’t leave the bottom half of the class behind, but still engages everyone. She experiments day-to-day, trying group work and different assignments, stumbling through with trial and error. The kids are brutal about her class being boring or worse—a waste of time. Yeesh. Kids can be so mean.

Se-chan firmly believes that you have to teach to the smart kids and let the rest fall by the wayside, and In-jae asks if he doesn’t know the saying, “There’s nothing worse than a teacher who doesn’t care.” Se-chan counters that a teacher who can’t teach is worse. Problem being, of course, that they’re both right.

Uhmforce asks about Nam-soon, so this time In-jae takes a turn and finds Nam-soon at the gas station. It’s rather funny how many hoops Se-chan had to jump through to have the same conversation that In-jae gets to in about five seconds.

She says it’s the last time she’s asking: “Are you really not going to go to school?” Nam-soon says no, so she relents—if he comes back tomorrow with a properly filled-out form, she’ll accept it. Her only condition is that he show up in person, and get his father on the phone for her to speak to.

Jung-ho is starting to lose some ground as the bully, with Heung-soo around. When he orders a few kids to do his bidding as usual, they stammer nervously that they won’t, all the while looking sidelong at Heung-soo.

Jung-ho fumes and swears he’s going to knock Heung-soo down a peg, but his friend points out that it doesn’t much matter, with Nam-soon in the picture. Sure, let’s just fan the angry guy’s anger flames. That sounds like a great idea.

Heung-soo broods outside with a cigarette, and Ha-kyung comes by to tell him to stop posturing, calling him a grade-schooler. Ha. She snags the cigarette out of his mouth and tells him to get Nam-soon back at school.

He lies that it has nothing to do with him, and she scoffs that any idiot can see he’s the reason why. She says that Nam-soon might not have much reason to come to school, but he doesn’t have much reason not to either… except for Heung-soo.

She guesses they’ve fought enough, and pretty much orders him to quit being a big baby, and make up. Hee. He sneers that she’s being pretty fearless, and she corrects him: “I’m not. You don’t scare me.” Dude, the kids were right. She’s the biggest badass of them all.

In-jae peers nervously into the office and has an adorable freakout, wondering if she played it wrong, and what if Nam-soon calls her bluff. But when Se-chan asks if she’s asking him to save her, she glares and heads inside.

She tells Nam-soon to give her Dad’s phone number, and he nervously complies. Oh no, your move, Teach. She fumbles with the phone… and pretends she misdialed. Ha. She tells him to do it again. How many rounds do you think this’ll last?

Thankfully, Se-chan interrupts them and asks to steal Nam-soon. I love that he points out the amusing fact that someone who came to quit school managed to put on his uniform.

Nam-soon follows him out, only to find Heung-soo standing there in the hall. He tells them both to follow. Nam-soon starts walking the other way, and it’s only when Se-chan threatens to hit him until he follows that he reluctantly shuffles over.

He stands them both in the middle of the gym… and brings out two mops. HAHAHAHA.

He tells them to clean the whole place, and it cracks me up that Nam-soon calls him out for copying Teacher Jo. Se-chan gives a little nod to shush him. So. Great.

Heung-soo is the first to walk away, but Se-chan hilariously runs ahead of him, tells them to figure it out themselves, and pretends to lock the door. He’s actually just holding it shut from the other side, but he does consider actually locking it, heh.

Nam-soon pounds on the door and tries to shove it open, but Se-chan says they’re trapped in there until this business is sorted out. Finally Nam-soon caves and sighs through the door, “Fine. I’ll come. I’ll come to school.”

Se-chan immediately opens it with a huge grin, “You’re so easy.” HA. He tells him it’s school tomorrow; there’s no running away childishly, and Nam-soon counters that threatening people is childish too. Touché.

Outside, Nam-soon tells Heung-soo not to worry—he won’t come to school. But Heung-soo tells him to just come back, since the teachers aren’t about to give up and he’s tired of being bothered about it. Uh-huh, sure.

Nam-soon still refuses, and Heung-soo asks if he’s really trying to make up for his leg with dropping out. Nam-soon: “It’s not like that.”

Heung-soo: “Throw me away? Don’t fool yourself. It’s been a long time since you’ve thrown me away, you bastard. It was done when you ran away three years ago.”

He tells him to stop pretending to be a person, and just go to school and be the shameless asshole that he is. Boys. You sure do make it sound inviting.

Unsurprisingly, Nam-soon just walks away. Heung-soo is left standing there, calling out, “Answer me!” But there’s no answer.

The other kids see him from the window and call out too, but Nam-soon doesn’t turn back. Jung-ho shoots up at the mention of Nam-soon, and storms out with lackeys in tow. Heung-soo notes it… and is that a tinge of worry I see?

Jung-ho goes to claim his motorcycle only to find out that the hyungnim who had it sold it for another, and orders his minion to steal the key to this one. Ruh-roh. That’s a plan-hatching look in his eye.

He steals the bike, and then calls Nam-soon’s messenger service for an errand… to pick up the bike and drive it back to the owner. Oh noes. The gangster owner? Who will think that Nam-soon stole it when he sees him? ARGH.

Jung-ho orders another lackey to tell Heung-soo about it, so he can trap them both at once. Ji-hoon, the kid who’s actually starting to do better in school, is looking notably reluctant at every turn—perhaps this is more trouble than he’s interested in getting into?

Meanwhile, the principal tells Class 2 that for the next period, they can choose between In-jae and Se-chan’s classes, which will be held simultaneously. It sucks to be put in that position, and they stress about the choice. She then tells In-jae and Se-chan about it after the fact. Oy.

Ji-hoon tells Heung-soo about Jung-ho’s plan, but he delivers the news with genuine worry—if Nam-soon is caught “stealing” that bike, he won’t survive that beating.

Heung-soo sits in class trying to ignore Nam-soon’s empty seat…

In-jae and Se-chan march down the hall and brace themselves for the verdict.

Nam-soon arrives at the pool hall to deliver the bike, not knowing at all what he’s about to walk into. Suddenly Heung-soo shows up (YAY!) and warns him to run—Jung-ho stole that bike and if he’s caught… but it’s too late, and they’re surrounded by angry gangsters.

Ruuuuuun! Heung-soo pushes his way through the side with fewer guys, and Nam-soon runs right behind him. But guys, why are you running up?

In-jae and Se-chan each arrive in their classrooms, and their jaws drop…

The boys run through the pool hall and Heung-soo yanks open a window. He puts a foot on the sill, ready to jump out, but then looks down. Eeeee, that’s a mighty long way to fall.

Nam-soon just shouts at him to hurry, as the gangsters close in on them. But Heung-soo is frozen there, stuck between the jump and Nam-soon.


Aaaack! Thanks for the Christmas Cliffhanger. You couldn’t give me one nice ending wrapped with bows and hugs, could you? You had to rip my heart out and then hang it over a second-story ledge, didn’t you? This show, how it guts me. It’s bad enough that the pair of bad boys are so lonely and lost (such a sucker for it, can’t stop my heart from bleeding); but the flashbacks? I can’t handle them. They’re so happy. SO HAPPY. And now they’re not. And it kills me.

I’m annoyed with the principal for causing another rift between In-jae and Se-chan when they’re finally starting to figure out a begrudging way to work together, and I really hope that they’re both gaping at the end because both rooms are empty and all the kids are protesting having to choose between Mom and Dad. Because that’s just mean.

How much do I love that Se-chan recycled Teacher Jo’s gym-cleaning lesson/threat, only in a really botched, half-assed, uh-I-don’t-know-you-figure-it-out way? I know it’s baby steps with him, and he’ll never admit to actually caring, but his concern for Nam-soon seems to be considerably more than he’s shown for any other student so far. He must be reacting to Nam-soon’s stubbornness because it’s so like his own—they’re equally childish and equally sharp (and they both cave to In-jae in much the same way). I noticed too that Se-chan always says things like, “Nam-soon doesn’t like me,” which seems dismissive on the surface and yet oddly like he’s a little annoyed and hurty-feely about it, when he’s supposed to be the grown-up. It’s adorable.

But Ha-kyung wins this episode. There’s just nothing better than having a bunch of boys walk around acting like they’re the Reservoir Dogs, and then watch her cut them down to size with her smartypants brain.

I really love shows that feature a different kind of primary love story (father-daughter, best friends, etc.) and what’s great about this show is that it’s filled with them. What carries the narrative is a whole collection of non-romantic relationships—student-teacher, best friends, parent-child, boys jockeying for power, colleagues with different ideas about how to teach. They’re all rife with conflict, and more importantly, backed with characters that are layered and complex.

There’s room for romance, but it’s the last of the concerns, and the reliance on these different kinds of conflicts is really refreshing. Because it turns out that you can have your heart broken a-plenty by a bromance if it’s written to be as compelling as any love story about two people who belong together, torn apart by Fate, acts of stupidity, or their own goddamn pride. I’d have locked the door and thrown away the key. Just sayin’.


98 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. melonhead

    Nothing like being chased by a group of gangsters to incite bromance 🙂

    • 1.1 cheekbones

      I had been wondering how to ignite that old spark between those two, a necessary happening for a reconciliation to even begin, and being chased by gangsters never entered my mind. I guess that’s why I’m not a writer. 😀

      • 1.1.1 TS

        I think it’s that HS is doing something to help NS. One way to get someone to like you is by getting them to do something nice for you. Not that NS was doing this, but when HS is concerned enough by circs to help NS, then he’s likely to soften in the future to NS inspite of himself.

  2. milkmustache

    If In-jae and Se-chan don’t end up together, I might cry. I didn’t really like Jang Nara and Daniel Choi’s chemistry in Baby-faced Beauty, but I’m loving it in this drama! 🙂

    • 2.1 magnus

      I agree that they’d be so cute together here(and really after baby faced beauty, how can they pair them together as the bickering couple and NOT put them together? That’d be insanity), but there’s so many relationships here that’d I’d be okay if they just got along better as teachers with cute bickering.
      I just love them together, the end :3

    • 2.2 owl

      Me too! Did you notice how DC clicks his tongue and smacks his lips when he talks, and that boyish grin – so darn adorable! He can get away with anything! Hope they hop together!

  3. Smile134

    Merry Christmas (again) and happy new year (a little early), guys 🙂

    I’m dieing to know what will happen with Nam Soon and Heung Soo after today episode. Will they have to fight again after living their quiet lives for 3 years? I know this fight may help them reunite, and possibly talk their heart through the problem 3 years ago, but I still hope for some miracles that can help them get out of this stupid fight (police, maybe).

    I feel like the show reaches a turning point with the episode today. Everything seems to get darker than I expect when first watching this. I’m liking Se Chan more and more by each episode. His conversation with Nam Soon may seem sour, but they are actually wise. Sometimes there’s no better way than getting straight to the point. I can’t explain why, but when I watched the last minute of episode 7 without sub, I always thought that what Nam Soon said would have been: “What I throw a way is not school, but all I have”. As far as I looked into Nam Soon life, he lives with a always-drunk father who barely cares how his son is doing, school with some caring friends and teachers is actually all he has. I think Se Chan is completely right pointing out that it’s such a scary world outside and you need to get stronger if you want to protect someone (in episode 2, maybe). Even not to protect someone, but to not let anyone step on yourself, you need to have “power”. Take Se Chan for example, he usually seems mean and careless, but he can do a lot for other students with his knowledge once he raises his voice. In most cases, knowledge is the power, not violence/muscle strength. I think Nam Soon gets this point too, he is just dealing with much trouble at such a young age, and somewhat find no way to resolve all of his problems.

    It’s interesting (for me) that at some point, I think to myself that back to my teenage time, Nam Soon and Heung Soo could be my heroes, but now when I’m twenty-something, I find those teachers who open their hearts and offer their hands to students are truly heroes. Just think that not only by giving knowledge, but also by caring and being more patient, they can change someone’s life. That must be the definition of a hero.

    • 3.1 Smile134

      Found this preview for ep 9 on youtube:
      So much hope for and sweet and heartwarming episode, now I can be at peace while waiting until next Tuesday 🙂

  4. Lemontictac


  5. KZ

    Haha if you wondered why they ran up, it’s because the main entrance had more guys so if they ran that way, they would have just gotten caught. The stairs had only like two guys. But damn a good episode. Se-Chan is funny as hell. Why was there no preview??!

    • 5.1 TS

      Lack of preview annoyed me too: I think it was the excessive background in the beginning.

      • 5.1.1 Gela

        I think since we’re getting half way through the show, they take off the previews. They usually do that with other shows too, but the others sometimes take it out at like the last 6 episodes. Just my guess. (:

        • KZ

          I never noticed that before. Haha thanks for the heads up.

    • 5.2 super

      it seems very soon se-chan will come out with something like: who’s more important, nam-soon or me! and i’ll be waiting for in-jae’s response to that….

      • 5.2.1 TS

        Yeah, she’s going to say Nam soon.

  6. RosesML

    I actually found this episode kind of boring/redundant. I still love the characters, but I felt like not much moved forward.

    • 6.1 GN

      I heard that they are shooting the next episode right now. They are pressed for time! and the next episode will not be aired on monday since it’s the end of the year.

      • 6.1.1 GN

        AGH…. i thought that i replied to the commnet above. sorry!

      • 6.1.2 magnus

        NO the live shoot system strikes again. I can only hope it doesn’t negatively impact this lovely drama.
        They need to just cut this, airing while shooting thing. Or at least set a “half series aired” requirement or something before they start airing anything. I’ve seen drama after drama go down the tubes because of this stuff.

        • Mystisith

          Half the episodes written and filmed before airing: My wish for 2013.

      • 6.1.3 TS

        Oh that sucks. When’s the next episode, Tuesday?

        • GN

          Yes it will be on Tuesday. 6 days to go!

          • heayun

            So only 1 episode will air next week? T____T

  7. D

    can someone do something with Jung-ho. Kid so annoying.. Principal too..

    Coach Jo is also in saeguk right? His hair all wonky in profile, LOL

  8. apple:]

    While i watching, and after seeing Injae and Sechan’s shocked expressions, i’m placing my bet that all the students ended up ditching. From the vibes i’ve been getting, the students like both Sechan and Injae, they have good and bad memories with both, and they both act as parent figures for all of them. As for Namsoon and Heungsoo, i have a feeling that Heungsoo won’t jump instead, Namsoon will either fight his way out for Heungsoo to leave safely, or will jump first and make Heungsoo follow. This way, they both will be safe (in a way), and their friendship will be taking its first steps on the road of repair 😀

    • 8.1 TS

      Maybe that Jung Ho minion who is getting tired of the evil will call the police?

      • 8.1.1 Sammy

        Aaaa i also think the same. I juz so hope he would do that. Ji Hoon seems rlly ok tbh. As he saw Jung Ho beating Heung Soo and told In Jae he was so ok.

  9. Mic

    Se-chan and Ha-kyung were so awesome this episode! They really stood out to me when I was watching it. Se-chan’s becoming more and more relatable and interesting and likable every episode. Love it.

    Another thing I love: this reoccurring idea of Nam-soon walking away from his problems. He can’t face them. It’s been going on since the show started, and it seems to be coming to head the past couple episodes, with him finally talking to Heung-soo and the cliffhanger in this episode, where they can’t run away.

    So mad there isn’t a preview for next week. How could they do that to me?!?! >_<

  10. 10 Faranak

    Wooooah! I love their friendship and stuborness,so great! 😀

  11. 11 TS

    Coach Jo is in King of Dramas too, which I now watch to kill time until the next of this.

    Ha Kyung is a badass, but if Heung Soo hadn’t stepped in, what would’ve happened? Would she have backed off making Jung Ho think he could bully her more?

    I’m sick of Jung Ho. Sick of his ugliness, and sick of his storyline. I don’t give a poop his dad beats him or whatever. hAnd aren’t there any older classmen to take him down a peg or two? Writers, please kill him off.

    It was interesting how Heung Soo was forced into taking responsibility, and stand up to Jung Ho for the others. Part of that is his size and strength: with those blessings come duties. 🙂

    It was also interesting how HS responded to HK: yes he challenged her back a bit, but mostly she had him doing as she said by playing noona. I wonder if she has a younger sibling? At any rate, his behavior reminded me he’s got an older sister and will respond to being scolded that way. Plus, as someone who was probably looked after by elders, it would be easy for him then to follow someone very independent like Nam Soon: until now I thought it weird considering how much bigger and older he seemed.

    And Namsoon seems to like taking care of people. He needs to be needed, it looks like.

    Hmm,enough thoughts for the day!

    • 11.1 magnus

      To be honest, looking at her face I don’t think she would’ve backed off. I saw no fear there, only irritation. I can’t say what Jung-ho would’ve done in response, or if he’s the type that has self-rule saying don’t beat up girls. Or he just doesn’t care and it would’ve gone to a bad place. Who knows. I can’t gauge by his man-handling alone.

      Jeez calm down. What kind of message does that send? Just kill off the problem child? He’s done nothing worth death and this isn’t that type of drama.

      • 11.1.1 TS

        But Jung Ho tried to paralyze Heung so when he called him out to fight. He picked up a rock and said HS would never walk again.

        And he’s arranged for Nam soon and HS to get beaten to death by a violent gang. Thats a lot of psychpathis evil genius.

        Enough of him already: I want him hit by a truck like the guy in Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

        • Darkwing Duck

          You know that these thoughts are just as bad as Jung Ho’s?
          You wish for exactly the same thing.
          You don’t like what Jung Ho is doing. He is in your way, so the only way for him to get rid off is to let him die?

          I see no difference in Jung Ho’s behaviour and your wish for him to die.

          I think you should think this trough even though Jung Ho is just a fictional character. And I know he is evil, but getting rid of him like this is just very very wrong in my opinion.

          Seems to me like you didn’t pay much attention during the drama and did not learn anything that teacher Jung In-Jae wants to teach the children.

          Now if you read this don’t take this the wrong way. I definitely don’t want to offend you…I just think you should rethink what you just wrote.

          • TS

            I thought it through and you’re right: killing’s too easy on a *fictional* character, *who doesn’t exist* in real life. I shouldn’t have said I want him gone in a final BOOM! that would eliminate all hope of his ever returning. Instead, JungHo should go away to a maximum security mental hospital. With shock therapy. And ice baths. And those thermometers that go up from below.

            My only concern with keeping him on would be more story lines with Jung Ho-related violence and cruelty towards Namsoon and HeungSoo that would, frankly, just get repetitive and boring. Villains should have some charm and charisma to make us wonder about them or even humour to lighten things. But there’s none of that with Jung-ho, so I hope he gets eliminated, whichever way, because he’s super-tedious.

            However, *if he was a real person*, I’d be all for a) separating him from the other students, and b) getting him intense behavioral therapy for his narcissistic personality disorder.

        • Cindy

          If he gets killed I would stop watching the show because it´s no solution to real problems. It´s just some easy way to avoid a problem. He´s a troublesome (and pretty annoying or even evil) kid but he´s no different from many other kids around these days who weren´t lucky to be born into loving and supporting families. He struggles to find his way in life and he´s pretty immature so he probably doesn´t even understand what consequences his actions could have, he just reacts in an impulsive way to protect his bubble. I´m a parent myself and I deal with kids like him very often (not mine). Killing him off would be the most stupid thing ever. I´m actually looking forward to his storyline, how the writer will deal with his character. Maybe he really is a lost case but until I see it I won´t give up on 17 years old troublesome kid with unfortunate background.

          And Ha Kyung isn´t noona, allt he kids are one year younger than Heung Soo, I think she just doesn´t buy all that tough act.

          • TS

            I hope those real-life kids you’re talking about get help.

    • 11.2 cheekbones

      I believe Jung-ho’s storyline would be more developed further down the line. At least that’s what I’m hoping for. As well as Min-ki’s and Ha-kyung’s. Kang-joo doesn’t have her personal storyline, does she ?

      • 11.2.1 TS

        Min-ki’s is really interesting. And he’s a really cool kid: after he stood up for HS last week, I fell in crush.

      • 11.2.2 pogo

        yeah, I want more of Kang-joo, she’s been more or less in the background all this while and after the promise of the first few episodes, I feel let down :/

  12. 12 magnus

    Ha-kyung elevated to my favorite character this episode. I already empathized with her a lot; she’s really close to what I was like in high school minus the not trying to sleep with drugs. I’d usually just crash and then cry about lost time when I finally woke up. Though who knows if i would’ve gotten like that in a different school system.
    But she was just a really strong character here, putting the boys in their place… or trying to in Jung-ho’s case. It was great 😀

  13. 13 Rin

    is there anyone else who hated the principal? she can be such a b****

    • 13.1 TS

      I hated her.

      • 13.1.1 ladysarahii

        Did you notice that when she said, “The kids will be waiting for you” she directed it to Teacher Kang ONLY? Gah. She’s so obnoxious.

    • 13.2 Cindy

      Me, I don´t like her character either. I think her character is little bit exaggerated and her main purpose in the show is to move teachers´storyline by trowing problems and tensions between them.

    • 13.3 KEYA

      me too, and her hair as well.

    • 13.4 magnus

      I understood her before this episode, didn’t like her, but I understood her. She’s a typical leader who just wants to look good and keep trouble to a minimum. She’s jaded to students, I assume she’s seen too many cases go down the tube. It doesn’t excuse her behavior or her willingness to throw a child away, for a lack of better terms, but I grudgingly accepted her character. Until she pulled that nonsense with the competing teaching styles at the end.
      Trying to make the students chose a teacher out of the blue like that was just uncalled for. She should’ve proceeded in an appropriate manner. And then she insists that picking between their teachers, the one’s who’ve been with them for a while, is nothing. As if they feel nothing and having to basically shove a person to the side takes no effort. It was very off-putting. So now I just want her to calm down and stop interfering.

  14. 14 Katy

    Was I the only one smashing my keyboard, screaming Nooooo!!! as they were running up the stairs & not out the door? Lol. The flashback of happy moments between Heung-Soo & Nam-Soon always gets me, really hoping for them to patch things up. The bromance in this show is just epic.

  15. 15 TS

    Btw, to go back to Ha Kyung being the real badass jjang, I love how she’s sporting the Blair Waldorf Queen Bee headbands.

    I also liked her mum’s approach: figure out a method so the kids know what to do and can do well on their exams instead of getting confused. (Also, I was really impressed with her very feminine way of forcefulness.) One way may be better than another for whatever reason, but the teachers ought to pick one and stick to it. Oh well, it wouldn’t be a drama w/o conflict! 🙂

    • 15.1 Rin

      lol @ Blair Waldorf Queen Bee headbands. haha
      yeah Ha Kyung should really sports the headband on more regular basis if she’s going to be badass all around.it’s just awesome.lol

      • 15.1.1 TS


  16. 16 crazedlu

    i just LOVE this show. heart.

  17. 17 Eve's

    I’m in love with this drama!!! I usually stay away from “teen dramas” but for some reason I click on this one. And BAMMM I was huck!!! Loveeeeee It 🙂 It’s like you said It’s not only about schoolbullies But the entire story. Thanks for your re-caps

  18. 18 AnnaBanana

    Did anybody notice the choppy editing in this episode? I don’t know about the past episodes, but the poor editing is really noticeable in this episode… especially the scene where Heung Soo is informing Nam Soon of Jung Hoon’s plan.

    Anyways, I am excited that Heung Soo seems to have softened a bit in this episode. It is so heartbreaking seeing the flashbacks of Heung Soo and Nam Soon…. and then their current state.

    And it seems like the girls, namely Ha Kyung and Kang Joo, are pretty fearless in this drama.

    • 18.1 pogo

      The irony is that that final scene is so close to how they were before – best friends escaping some crazy people together – except for the crucial bit where they actually like each other.

  19. 19 mysterious

    Yeah, I think Ji Hoon is becoming disillusioned with the way Jung Ho is acting. Ji Hoon was also the one who got scared by how out of control Jung Ho was when beating up Heung Soo in episode 4.

    I think Nam Soon’s words really did get through to Heung Soo because it showed him that even though Nam Soon ran away 3 years ago, it wasn’t because he didn’t care, he was scared of himself and what he did. But he is willing to do anything Heung Soo wants not because he wants to ease his own guilt, but I think he wants Heung Soo to let go of some of his anger because it is detrimental to Heung Soo.

    But I wasn’t surprised that Heung Soo told In Jae that he didn’t care if Nam Soon came. Nor was I surprised when he told Nam Soon to attend school or when he went to warn/help Nam Soon. He obviously cares for Nam Soon still. It’s the people we love the most who can hurt us the most. And judging by how hurt he was by Nam Soon just proves how much he loves Nam Soon, which is why he felt so betrayed. But that kind of love between friends who are as close as brothers, it ist’t easy to let go of such a strong bond.

    I haven’t been all that interested in Ha Kyung that much. I wouldn’t mind seeing her end up with Nam Soon (or no one at all because like I said, I’m not all that interested in her), but the couples I really want to see together are In Jae and Se Chan and Kang Joo with Heung Soo. These pairs are so opposite with each other. The men try to act like they are so cool and the women are not afraid of them in the slightest. It’s hilarious.

    Nam Soon and Heung Soo are already on the way to reconciliation. Now if they could just start the romantic pairings that I mentioned I would be in heaven. Even if they don’t focus on romance, as long as Heung Soo doesn’t end up with Ha Kyung and as long as there are no love triangles, I will be happy.

    Also, I think both classrooms will be empty. Both teachers are liked (& a little disliked) by the students. I couldn’t choose; I don’t think the kids could either.

    • 19.1 mysterious

      Here’s a little addition to my earlier comment. Everyone is going on about how bada** Ha Kyung is but I still don’t like her that much. She told Heung Soo to get over it and to see how much Nam Soon is suffering. But easier said than done. Even after hearing what happened to Heung Soo she still thinks he should just get over it? You don’t get over losing your dream and best friend so easily. Trust me, I know from experience. He is the victim here, not Nam Soon (imo). Telling him Nam Soon is suffering isn’t really the point. He knows that’s what he wants: for Nam Soon to suffer a loss as great as his. I’m immensely glad he went to help Nam Soon (because it seems he’s on his way to healing), but that was a decision he had to come to on his own. People telling you to get over it, doesn’t help one bit. So for her (what I call) callousness toward Heung Soo, I am not onboard with Ha Kyung’s character right now. (I reserve the right to change my mind later, though.) And she says she is not afraid of Heung Soo and acts like she isnt’ afraid of any of the guys. But there is a difference between no fear and having a healthy respect for those who are more powerful than you and can wipe the floor with you. I think she should have alittle respect for how strong these guys are. If she thinks they won’t do anything because she is a girl, she could be wrong. I don’t think Heung Soo would hurt a girl, but I don’t think that about Jung Ho (remember the earlier scenes with In Jae?). If you’re going to stand up to someone, be prepared to handle the consequences. What would she have done, if Heung Soo hadn’t stepped in? I think she is great for not backing down, but she can be antagonistic toward people and that can get you in trouble.

      • 19.1.1 tamtam

        I’m kind of with you regarding Ha-Kyung. I think she’s a little too above-it-all to really connect with me. If Jung-Ho really hits her, I believe she would’ve took it, but that wouldn’t really solve anything. But she did stand up to him and not give in like her classmates. There’s just not a whole lot to her story for me to like her. She’s just a little too prideful and robotic to me.

      • 19.1.2 TS

        I’m with you here re what HK said to HS. Callous.

      • 19.1.3 venasera

        I don’t think it’s necessarily that she doesn’t fear them but more like she doesn’t tolerate their behavior. I believe it’s not that she doesn’t respect how strong these guys but rather how they use their strength. I know I don’t respect people who have such strength and use it to bully others. I think that’s what she is referring to; she doesn’t fear how they use their strength because so far, they’ve only been using their strength to bully each other.

        I also think she sees it in the guys that they know they aren’t using their strength for good. I believe she’s connecting her “fearlessness” to their inability to realize that using such strength to bully others is actually a sign of weakness. So I don’t think it’s that she doesn’t realize the consequences but rather, she’s trying to show them that strength used like that is not strength at all, it’s actually weakness.

        As for her comments to Heung Soo, maybe it’s not that she wants him to get over it but to realize that revenge isn’t the answer in this case. I completely agree with the feelings he has, of course he wants Nam Soo to realize the extent of his hurt. Any person who has been hurt the way he has is going to feel the same way but in the end, you realize that the only path you have to healing over something regarding a person you cared so much for isn’t revenge but forgiveness. I think she wants him to see that Nam Soo is suffering WITH him. Up till this point, I don’t think he saw that. And you know? I think that IS the point…he needs to realize that Nam Soon also suffers with him. Nam Soo bears not only the burden of seeing his best friend’s dream crushed, he bears the burden of the person to actually crush it. They both lost each other in what happened right? It wasn’t just Nam Soon losing Heung Soo or vice versa, they lost each other. So I think Ha Kyung is not telling him to get over what he lost because he has every right to grieve but to tell him to get over the fact that he isn’t the only one suffering. I think in the end, they both are victims. That’s how I’ve come to see them in the story. You can’t compare their pain because when you do that, it’s never going to be quite equal is it? How do you measure pain/suffering like that? I think what I’ve come to see is that despite Heung Soo coming away with everything he had shattered, Nam Soo also had what he had shattered as well. They’re both victims.

    • 19.2 KoKoKoPony

      I completely agree with your comment about Kang-joo and Heung-soo!!! I really would like it if they ended up together! I adored the (very very few) scenes they had together. She has so much sass and is so loyal and he’s a badass and just wants his BFF back (deep down you know you do! And we all know you do Heung-soo!!Stop pretending!!)
      I’d be ok if there wasn’t any romantic pairings off, because the platonic relationships are so intense, but…I want some hugs!!! I can think of a couple of characters in particular that need hugs! Number One character in desperate need of hugs is Oh Jung-ho. Seriously, I know everyone is sick of him, but this episode just made me pity him so much more. I really want there to be more to him and his story than he’s just a nasty kid who likes to puch people around. Please let him be redeemed!!! I know real life doesnt have happy endings for everyone and I know not everyone gets that chance to be redeemed, or that ONE person who believes they can be more, but thats why I like K-Dramas…because usually everyone does get that chance, to be happy, to be redeemed, to be loved. (I mean, if CatFace from Rooftop Prince got forgiven for deliberately abandoning her sister and mother, killing and trying to kill people etc etc JUST LIKE THAT, then Jung-ho should get the same!!! I demand DramaLand equality between antagonists and their outcomes!!!)

      well. thats what I think. Turns out more than I originally thought I had to say…haha

  20. 20 Rainerust

    This drama rips a hole in my heart, it really does. Ha-kyung and Sechan stole the show this episode (so much badassery!) and I love that we’re starting to see beyond the surface that they present to the world. The interactions between Nam soon and Heung Soo just kill me…and I’m really wishing someone would give me the dish on Oh Jong Ho soon because his character is…just too mean. I can’t feel sorry for him at all and I’m starting to get a bit tired of all his alleged badassery (because seriously who could out badass Ha-kyung?). Someone in the show said before and I agree that he is likely just being a coward but I would still like to know WHY and for him to stop stirring up trouble for Nam soon and Heung Soo – they have enough issues to work through without his “help”!

    Lol at the mention of the super long beginning of the drama because somehow KOD crept up in my head and I nodded sagely at my computer thinking, “Ah putting in flashbacks to extend the run time of the drama.” and when there were no previews, “Ah, they have run into the live shoot.”. LOL I swear KOD has ruined me for life…

    • 20.1 TS

      Yeah, he is just too mean. Either get rid of him or soften him up. Then again, I suppose the heroes need villains. But I’m really tired if this one.

  21. 21 Gyutr


  22. 22 rainbow

    Thanks 🙂

  23. 23 dany

    In Jae didn’t get to stay at eye level with Se Chan this episode, I missed it. She should walk around carrying a box or something just in case there are no stairs at the scene.
    A great episode, thank you!

  24. 24 soserious

    this drama has me hooked! i’ve been watching diligently days-of-release since episode 7 and finally caught up reading all the recaps.

    as good as it is for all the characters to be so damn raw and fleshed out at the same time (which we have to credit the AMAZING writers), it’s bad because it breaks my heart and i can barely contain myself from having nervous breakdowns. i freaking LOVE nam-soon….teared up at the end of episode 7 when he talked to Heung-soo.

    also, this drama has the GOOD kind of pain where my crying comes naturally because i really FEEL for these characters……whereas in I Miss You, i feel totally manipulated into tears and when i’m not into it, i just roll my eyes. i wonder how these actors/actresses (yeh, pyc, ysh) can cry so much and be believable.

  25. 25 ravens_nest

    Ha Kyung and Se Chan strike me as being very alike. Does anyone else feel that way?

    I know the show often alludes to how alike Se Chan and Nam Soon are but I think he is also like Ha Kyung in many ways. They are both reserved and can seem cold. They both try very hard not to get involved with or care for others as a kind of shield of protection. Though their motivations are different, they deal with problems using cold logic and often avoidance.

    I think that’s why they’ve connected in a lot of ways while Ha Kyung has taken his courses; even going as far back as when she was his tutoring student.

    I truly hope they develop that connection a bit more in the second half of the show.

  26. 26 Abbie

    Yeesh. What a way to end an episode. I can’t believe it!

    I’m so glad Nam-soon may be coming back. I hope he does. And the relationship between him and Heung-soo seems to be slowly mending. Really, really slowly.

    I loved that Se-chan used Teacher Jo’s method, too. He’s great. I like that he is (also slowly) becoming a better teacher and he’s starting to care.

    I love Ha-kyung. She is so badass. Every guy seems to be a little afraid of her. heh. Girl power, all the way!

    I hope both Se-chan’s and In-jae’s classrooms are empty.

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday! I can’t wait for next week!

    • 26.1 pogo

      By the looks on their faces, I think both In-jae and Se-chan’s classrooms are in fact empty. Trust the class to be wild cards…

      • 26.1.1 KoKoKoPony

        I hope so too….but….
        I think In-jae’s class is empty, but I’m not sure about Se-chan….I thought his facial expression could be taken as shock and realization of what it means for In-jae if the kids have picked his class.
        Because I think he does respect her, as a teacher and a person. Even if he does think his way is best….typical smartypants syndrome.. 😛

  27. 27 whiteswann

    does korean dramas have this ost that links to the story of characters in the drama?

    if it is so then welcome to school maybe the main ost for the entire class 2

    i think the newly release song:
    talks about heungsoo and nam soons relationship

    but what about jmin’s song:
    is this supposedly the song for hakyung-namsoon?

    can’t wait for episode 9.
    i like these last two episode it just says it all.

  28. 28 eternalfive

    Oh Ha-kyung, you badass. LOVE HER.

    Also loved the last scene. Even though they were being chased by scary gangsters. But I mean – bromance! And not the flashback kind either! 😀

  29. 29 JenJen

    aye. that principal needs some dimensions added to her character because now all her meddling is becoming needlessly annoying.

    HaKyung is top “dawg” 😀 ~ I hope we see more of her next week (I know her character didn’t need much screen presence for this week’s story arc but her chemistry with the boys is awesome)

  30. 30 bgr

    Lee Jeong Seok
    Kim Soo Hyun
    Yoo Seung-Ho

    Anyone else you’d like to add to this list of young leading man many noona’s are shipping? hehe

    • 30.1 chocopie83

      i’ve thought about this many times and come up with this:

      1.Kim Soo-hyun, Song Joong-ki, Yoo Ah-in.
      2.Lee Jong-seok, Kim Woo-bin, Sung Joon.
      3.Yoo Seung-ho, Yeo Jin-goo, Park Gun-tae.

      1 are like the big hyungs of the rising actors, 2 the middle and 3 are the young ones~ would really love it if each group could be casted in a same drama or movie 😀

      • 30.1.1 chocopie83

        oh Lee Hyun-woo should be in the third group too! how did i miss him ><

        • Rin

          you forgot Lee Min Ho. as in the one who’s in Moon Embraces the Sun and Rooftop Prince.he should be in the no 2 category

  31. 31 Lilian

    Ooh yes, we don’t need the I will die without you kind of romance. All the love in this drama is already enough. overflowing indeed. But forgiveness does not come easy. Can i hope that Jung Ho’s prank brings them closer to a happy ending?

  32. 32 MhsC

    I just loooooove this show :)))

  33. 33 Seri

    Link for episode 1 post should be http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/12/school-2013-episode-1/

  34. 34 Laurita

    Teachers as Mom and Dad hehe 🙂 Thanks for the recap 🙂

  35. 35 Mar

    I like that there is little focus on romance but if that happens to develop in the plot- I personally see more chemistry between the Lee Jong suk and Jang Na ra than with Daniel Choi and keep expecting a crush to develop. I’m not promoting a student teacher romance, I’m just saying what I see. I’d actually vote to see Choi’s character romance the principal. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. And if there is a romance with the kids, I’m putting in my vote for the smart girl whipping surly Heung-soo into shape.

  36. 36 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! I can’t see how our Namsoon and Heung-soo will get out of this situation without one of them being seriously hurt. The only thing I can think of is that Ji Hoon’s conscience will get him to send help.

    Jung-ho- what a psychopath! I was hoping that he would steal the bike, get beaten almost to death, and then have to start thinking about his future…but he had laid a trap for Namsoon and Heung-soo like that!

    When Ha-kyung faced off Jung-ho – who else wondered if she was also secretly some badass street fighter like Namsoon and then Jung-ho would get bumped to #4 – it could be a running joke! Every week, he gets bumped down!

  37. 37 Ruth

    There’s alot that I wanted to say that has really already said by others. I’m glad that we’re (mostly) on the same page with this stuff. So, instead, I’m just going to write the stuff that bugs me….well, after I write the stuff that I love.

    This drama, the myriad story lines, the raw portrayal of the education system (and I still think it’s a little generous at times), the cast….so yeah. Oh, and I loved that the police officer (security guard?) sided with keeping Heung So in school. It gave me a little more faith in humanity.


    Okay – I’m a little annoyed that more hasn’t been accomplished with Jung Ho. There are TWO teachers in this classroom and they can’t figure out that he’s out of control? All this focus is on a transfer student and another non-local, but the grown-ups can’t seem to do anything about the one that grew up in their midst. Min Ki’s mom can’t throw some of her weight behind that cause? Come on. Seriously.

    The pool hall. As much as I’m okay with the whole billiards hall thing, the scene really reminded me of a similar scene from Tazza – teenagers jumping out the two story window.

    The principal. I KNOW I’m not alone in this and it’s not some huge revelation, but SHE. IS. AWFUL. She’s seriously what’s wrong with education worldwide.

    The editing that seemed rushed and haphazard. Like some others, I felt like this episode went really fast to get nowhere. Although I know that there were baby steps taken for a lot of character development, it didn’t seem like anything actually progressed in a meaningful way. I mean, who didn’t already know that HS and NS were going to “make up” at some point? Who didn’t already know that HK was bad-ass? Who didn’t know that Se Chan wasn’t going to slowly develop into a human being as In Jae became a more effective teacher?

    A lot of this episode just seemed like confirming the obvious rather than answering some of the less obvious like: where is Nam Soon’s dad ACTUALLY? is HK’s mom as oblivious as she seems to the emotional plight of her daughter? WTH is up with Min Ki’s brother? Does Jung Ho have parents or are they just mythical creatures? Does the principal actually have an teaching experience? Does the gym floor actually ever get completely cleaned?

    So yeah, I love this series – LOVE – but this wasn’t my favorite episode. I’m sure it’ll redeem itself next week though, and I’m glad they have an extra day to do a better job on editing.

    • 37.1 asianromance

      Yeah, I was curious about how Jung-ho wasn’t dealt with earlier considering MinKi’s mom dove right into persecuting Heung-soo. Thought she would have came down hard on Jung-ho from day 1. Guess that could be that MinKi’s grades never slipped. Jung-ho’s actually got an abusive dad and I can’t wait for In-jae and Se-chan to work their magic on solving this problem.

      I love this episode, but it did feel like this should have been an odd numbered episode rather than an even one…

  38. 38 Nikilann

    Aaaaaand … I’m dead. x.X

    They killed me. I did a heart attack. Or maybe did it broke in million pieces. I don’t know if it was when they smiled happily while running, or if it was when they exanged the panicked look at the end of the episode. Because Heung Soo can’t jump because of his leg, even if he had the guts to jump from so high, he can’t because of the fear. And he looks at Na Soon, that he desperatly wants to save – otherwise he wouldn’t be here in the begining, right ? – and hate at the same time, for being the one that keeps getting him in trouble – and keeps confronting him to the loss of his leg.
    No seriously. It killed me this week. Too much bromance for my weak little heart.

    But, man, they’re gonna kill me MORE next week, and I know it. But I’m SO looking forward to it.

  39. 39 Eulaliee

    I am so hooked on this drama atm. I really like the fact that the show is progressing and giving us a lot of back information. But I wish that they would also give ha kyung more lines…. As she plays the other main girl lead. But I agree, she’s a total badass. If heung soo hadn’t step in when she stepped up to Jong oh, she would had went all up in his biz. That would had been pretty epic.

    And yes, I love how hilarious and scrasatic se chan is. He reminds me of myself a lot in a way… Hahah. But thanks for the recap. I’m dying to know what would happen next week because we were left with a huge cliff hanger and no preview. What I’m hoping for is for Jong oh minon, can’t remember his name (the one who informed heung soo) for him to call the cops or get help because he knows its dangerous.

  40. 40 skillz

    I’m sort of annoyed that they changed the ending song. “Welcome to the School” fit perfectly, the new one is pretty boring. Sounds like something you’d hear in a romance drama.

    I don’t really care much about Ha Kyung, she’s just ok to me.

    I feel like I’m the only one who really likes Jung Ho. It’s obvious that his issues go deeper than anyone else’s in that class so it will take longer for us to see some change in him. But like In-Jae said at that meeting, Se Chan DID make him waver. I have a thing for rebel characters with issues for some reason. There’s a lot more to them than meets the eye and no matter how annoying and violent they are, like Jung Ho, and how many people despise them, they are really not that bad. I really want to understand them. And it seems to be really happening now (though slowly), first with Se Chan insulting Jung Ho in the hallway on episode 4, and now with his posse starting to fall apart (Ji Hoon going behind his back and telling Heung Soo about his plan and all). I just love it and I can’t wait to see more of Jung Ho’s story.

    As for the next episode, I’m assuming Heung Soo can still fight. Probably not as well as before but his leg has healed by now. I’m sure he’s not going to jump, that would be much worse for his leg. I think he will fight together with Nam Soon and that’s going to bring them closer together. I hope that’s what happens.

    I’m disappointed we’re only getting one episode next week, but I have a feeling it will be a good one.

    • 40.1 skillz

      Forgot to mention, I really hope the writers don’t make Nam Soon and Heung Soo fight over Ha Kyung. I sort of got that vibe from this episode, as if HS will start liking HK. Please don’t make that happen and stick with the “original” couples: NS + HK and HS + KJ, if you’re going to have romance at all.

    • 40.2 dany

      Jung Ho definitely has some family problems, something related to his mother, every time the teacher mentioned calling his mother he got really tense. I am curious about his story, too.

  41. 41 tamtam

    Despite for bad cliffhanger, I’m SO glad Heung-soo went to warn Nam-soon… there’s hope for reconciliation! I hope the boys will team up and finally put a stop to Jung-Ho’s bullying.

  42. 42 Mika~

    Um. I wouldn’t really know because I don’t ride motorcycles, but is it normal to leave your own delivery-motorcycle in the middle of the street, without locking it down, and then hop onto another motorcycle and just drive away? It’s probably a very insignificant point, but why would he ride his own motorcycle out there? He’d have to go back and fetch his own motorcycle.

  43. 43 dany


  44. 44 Tha

    I’m late and echoing a lot here. But I love this drama bc of the WHOLE cast! From the leads to all the side characters. They all fit in together so well! And they’re all relevant from one to another. I’m excited from beginning to end. I hope it’s a story that we all can learn from as well.

  45. 45 Sajen

    “Ruuuuuun! Heung-soo pushes his way through the side with fewer guys, and Nam-soon runs right behind him. But guys, why are you running up?”

    Why are they running up? They’re running up because everyone being chased in a building in anything made anywhere ever runs up like it’s a natural instinct or something, me my natural instinct is to run down and get away but whatever

    • 45.1 redfox

      cause the doors might be locked. and then they are trapped inside with the chasers. while on the roof you can lock the door from the outside and lock the chasers in.
      I know, been there done that

  46. 46 Jay

    The principal (and there are real versions of her out there) annoys me because she looks very specifically for reasons to get rid of people be it students or teachers who don’t fit in with her vision of how a school should be. While I respect that she is in a tough position what she does to ‘solve’ a problem gives no respect to her staff and students and no respect to herself as an administrator if the only solution she can come up with repeatedly is to expel or fire the problem. Looking for a reason to get rid of someone is bad enough but she has gone as far as creating situations so as to invite a reason. That is an immoral dirty trick and no way to be setting an example for students. She would blow up a bridge to fix a small chip.

  47. 47 TS

    Yay, Episode 9’s out! Now for Dramafever to put decent subtitles so I know what Kim Woo Bin’s gorgeous voice is actually saying…

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