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Still-a-palooza for Flower Boy Next Door
by | December 29, 2012 | 160 Comments

Stills, stills, and even more stills! We’re just over a week away from the premiere of tvN’s new rom-com Flower Boy Next Door, but if the wait is killing you (like it is for some of us ’round these parts), here’s a whole lot of cuteness for you. Prepare to suffer from I-wanna-take-that-puppy-home-itis. If the stills from the poster shoot are this cute, what on earth will we do when the drama arrives?

A quick introduction to our three leads: Park Shin-hye plays Go Dok-mi (meaning literally “Lonely Beauty”), a solitary girl who locks herself up in her apartment and lives a rather unusual life. No one knows what trauma in her past caused her to lock herself away, but Dok-mi doesn’t engage with the outside world, and chooses to stay in her apartment-bubble as much as humanly possible. The one hobby she has that keeps her happy is peeping on her across-the-hall neighbor, whom she fantasizes about as being the perfect man.

Yoon Shi-yoon is Enrique Geum, a golden boy (hence the last name meaning “gold”), who has spent most of his life in Spain. His nickname is Kkae-geum, which doesn’t mean much other than “sesame gold,” but it’s the last two syllables of his name, which cracks me up — it’d be the (mistaken) way a Korean person would interpret his first name. Enrique returns to Korea and moves into, of all places, Mr. Perfect’s apartment. Dok-mi doesn’t realize it, and he catches her peeping at him expecting someone else entirely. She’s used to being invisible, but he’s determined to track this peeping tom down…

And then we have Kim Ji-hoon who plays Oh Jin-rak, our heroine’s next-door neighbor. He’s a webtoon artist who never bothers to comb his hair or wear anything other than a tracksuit, and keeps backwards nighttime hours because of his job. He’s the only person in the building who’s ever even noticed Dok-mi, but he knows all about her strange life and looks out for her in little ways. He even takes to communicating with her via post-it to encourage her. (HOW CUTE IS THAT?) But when the cocky Enrique arrives, he starts to worm his way into Dok-mi’s world too, and Jin-rak suddenly finds himself having to fight for Miss Lonelyhearts. Something tells me you’re gonna need to up your game from post-its.

Can’t. Wait. Flower Boy Next Door premieres January 7 on tvN.

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160 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Moonpies

    SO CUTE!!!

    • 1.1 sesr

      the bad kind of cute..

      I hope PSH won’t try to overdo the cuteness like You’re Beautiful and end up being irritating

      • 1.1.1 lemonade candy

        The last time I ever got this excited waiting for a drama release was during Mae-ri – Don’t – Wanna – Jinx – This – Drama – By- Saying – It’s – Full – Name.

        I hope my wait this time won’t be in vain…TVN, I trust you~ Yoon Shi Yoon Oppa nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu joha! *a-la GuMiHo*

      • 1.1.2 Kayt

        it’s a cute drama and from … webtoon what do you expect?
        They need to overreact a little to make us laugh

        • durrrr

          its a romantic comedy, get over it or go watch a melodrama instead.

          Looking forward to this!!!!I can already feel it’s greatness!

      • 1.1.3 asdfghjkl

        i personally didn’t think she “tried” to overdo the cuteness in You’re Beautiful. I think she did a great job in that show but she was still pretty and cute. ^_^

  2. Jcay

    cuteness overload!!!

    • 2.1 Mystisith

      Dead, resurrected and dead again. This is not going to be good for my teeth but very good for my blood pressure. :)))
      A good light rom-com! I was starting to forget what it could be like. (CAlice helped a little…)
      Looks like the writer will give 1 of the qualities of a good oppa to each boy: White Knight in shining armor, Latin Lover, Good Friend… and maybe real blood brother?
      Is it January 7 yet?

  3. AnnaBanana

    I can’t wait!!

    • 3.1 dbsklove


  4. JoAnne

    yoon shi yooooooooooooon

    • 4.1 Mystisith

      I’m so happy to see him back than I will share his awesomeness with you. ^^

    • 4.2 ladida

      *Happy dance* πŸ˜€

  5. Do-ra-ma

    Aigoo. I can already tell I’m going to root for Kim Ji-Hoon and Park Shin-Hye as the OTP. But, this being a K-drama, that pairing probably won’t happen. Le sigh.

    • 5.1 rich

      Same here… let’s prepare our hearts. ~.~

      • 5.1.1 pillowhead

        haha! preparing to falllllllllllll deeply in love.

    • 5.2 OMG

      m gonna have to join u there….preparing heart…

    • 5.3 Lea

      Me too!! and all this time I thought Ji Hoon was the lead :/
      I don’t know why I thought he was Enrique … v-v

    • 5.4 Nana

      feel the same…

    • 5.5 jademwong

      My exact thoughts. Sigh. Second lead syndrome, here we go again T.T

  6. Ash

    If this isn’t good, I may actually fall down and weep. Oh my god, why isn’t it premiere time already?

  7. Sadie

    I’m already rooting for Oh Jin-rak even though we all know she’ll end up with Enrique T.T The post-it notes sealed the deal for me, I hope Jin-rak won’t be too heartbroken.

    • 7.1 Gom

      Me too! I feel like my heart is already bleeding for him. :<

    • 7.2 nomaden

      I’m heart broken and laughing at the same time…how funny is it that we’re already mending our hearts yet it’s not even premiere time yet?

  8. snow

    i’m on jin-rak’s ship too! boohoo, can’t he get a girl of his own too? and will there be abs in this drama? XD

  9. trotwood

    Kim Ji Hoon is sooo . . .just sooo . . . . I cannot even get words out. I do love YSY, but KJH just makes the mouth water. Second lead fantasy girls. This means that we can all write ourselves into the story and root for the OTP while being the best friend who helps the second lead forget about his one-time crush on the female lead because (of course) he really wants us instead.

    This is how I console myself when I have second lead syndrome.

    • 9.1 Mystisith

      That sad day when you learn than SMLS is a psychological marketing technique used to glue viewers to the screen.

      • 9.1.1 Mar

        hahaha! Good one Mystisith! Yes K drama definitely hones in on the erotic psychological, whether it be the homo eroticism of the 2 guys bromancing and/or competing, or the 2 guys 1 chick thing. Either way marketing erotrickery lol.

        When I was a younger, I never understood why men thought seeing two girls together was hot, or the the thought of having sex with two girls at the same time was appealing.

        I cannot say exactly when the lightbulb went on in my brain, or what two hot guys triggered it, but I so get it now lmao.

        • pillowhead

          lol “erotrickery”. that is my new favorite word.

        • momosa

          When I was younger, I never understood (notice) why when we move in a group (of girls), there would be a lot of attention and usually the long hair girls would get the most attention (I’m the only one with short hair, get it…).

          And recently, only recently (see, I’m not bothered so much by it), I realised the significance (after watching much kdramas) and keep my hair long (before I get too old for it!) and I have to tell you honestly that men react differently between a short & long hair woman, so deceitfully unfortunate.

          Erotic psychology – it’s science by itself!!!

          • pogo

            wait, WHAT, you can get too old for long hair?!

            (I’d better tell my grandma, she has hair down to her waist oop)

          • Opal

            I have different experience though. I did have some men like my longhair but it is doubled when I was totally bald, so I keep it for 3 yrs). Bald rockzzz (for me then) :).

          • momosa

            @ pogo
            Know what you are saying… I just feel that drooping physique and long wavvy hair don’t match, that’s all. And leave Gram’s hair alone!

            @ Opal
            Considering what a hot country I’m living in, I might just go bald one fine day! Interesting…

  10. 10 Mar

    Wow, that’s sweeter than southern iced tea. I’m in.

    Seriously, recluse girl, just keep reel both of those boys in and keep them, and tell them that is how you roll. That choosing only one stuff is for the birds.

    • 10.1 pogo

      I’ve been in from the moment the words ‘Flower Boy’ and ‘Park Shin-hye’ emerged in combination, but now I’m even more deeply in.

      I suspect this will have lots of cute, but also some poignant – how could it not, given that our heroine is a shut-in, happy people don’t generally become shut-ins for no good reason.

    • 10.2 houstontwin

      Mar, after you mentioned southern iced tea, it seemed like the rest of your comment was written with a southern drawl.

  11. 11 Aiya

    <3 *speechless. the cute is overwhelming*

  12. 12 Annie

    I would pick Kim Ji Hoon solely because he’s Kim Ji Hoon (a solid enough reason imo)… my second-lead shipping will be the death of me.

    • 12.1 OMG

      i agree with this comment 152%!!!!!

    • 12.2 Alvinva

      For real… even if he was the KJH of the Wish Upon a Star character, with his surly rudeness and social awkwardness lol. Love the guy. Did you ever watch him during his variety show days?

  13. 13 HeadsNo2

    Too. Many. Feels.

  14. 14 mysticmalady


    I know Christmas is over but I could watch Yoon Shi-yoon, Park Shin-hye and Kim Ji-hoon wishing me “Merry Christmas” all year round!! =D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qg_a1lgiFQ

  15. 15 Kayt

    Have you seen the teaser for the 1st ep yet? you can update in this post as well πŸ™‚
    I’m so excited for this drama

  16. 16 ninji

    Aha, so Oh Jin-rak is a daddy-long-legs. With post-its.
    Sorry hot nr. 2, but Enrique Geum all the waaaay.

  17. 17 ladysarahii

    This does look adorable.

    In other news, I want all of her skirts.

    • 17.1 Mystisith

      Good! I’ll take her colored sweaters.

      • 17.1.1 Kayt

        I’ll take all the guys πŸ˜›

        • ladysarahii

          Get in line, sister! πŸ˜‰

          • Kayt

            I was the first ( to get ALL of them), you get in line, sister πŸ˜›

    • 17.2 pogo

      haha, I want all her clothes too.

  18. 18 Roxy

    Park Shin He looks soo hapy being in the middle of those hot guy. I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much since I’d have fainted already.

    • 18.1 Kayt

      She prob got used to it since she has always been with hot guy. Her only partner wasn’t that hot was the one in Dont worry I’m a ghost but they have good chemistry too

      • 18.1.1 Kayt

        she has always been with hot guys ( from Lee Min Ho to Jung yong Hwa lol)

  19. 19 TammieR

    Oh. Dear. I can feel SMLS coming on. Dang it! At any rate, this one looks like a ton of fun. May have to recruit 17 yo daughter to watch it with me. It looks like she’ll like it too… Go us!

    • 19.1 ~Feather~

      Your daughter likes to watch K-dramas too!? AND she’s willing to watch with you!? My mom won’t watch with me cuz she says the subtitles go by too fast, and my brother won’t watch with me cuz he says he’s a boy. ( -_-)
      btw, your daughter’s the same age as me! ^-^

  20. 20 jviewho

    First day of school after the holidays on that day,but on the upside I have these three cuties to beautify my dull screen:)
    Last pic reminds me of FBRamyun Shop. Enrique and Cha Chi Soo even share the same hairstyle haha!

  21. 21 John

    Looks like fun. I hope someone subs it.

  22. 22 h0ns

    So who is exactly the guy that Go Dok mi peeking at across the hall, before enrique move in?

    • 22.1 Kayt

      I have his pic but I can’t link you here dky

  23. 23 sickandtired

    i have exams right now, i am not feeling well and the only thing that gives me strength is the anticipation of this drama!!!!kim ji hoon i love you πŸ™‚

  24. 24 oftheshore

    I…kind of actually have hope for the second lead, maybe? Has anyone read the webtoon?

    • 24.1 Mystisith

      I read the webtoon: The premise is the same but the story is completely different. More flowerboys and secondary female characters in the drama so all hope is not lost.

  25. 25 crazykel

    I’m so excited for this! So many pretties and PSH!!! The pictures are so cute!

  26. 26 browncoat78

    I think I might die from the sexy! OMG…just OMG! I can’t handle the gorgeousness.

  27. 27 crazedlu

    can’t wait!

  28. 28 MariD

    I’ll never look at a panda bear hat the same way again.. πŸ™‚
    Please drama gods let this be cute & funny like YB not a horrible like HS.

  29. 29 Danna

    1 week?…damn time flies

  30. 30 OMG

    Lemme tell u that if Kim Ji-Hoon was standing that close to me or touching me like in those stills…..breathing would be very VERY hard…*fans self….*

  31. 31 biankoy

    OMG~~~~ *dies from the cuteness* is this what they call sweet torture? our winter break ends on January 7th but I can’t help but wish for the days to go faster!!! I have to see this ASAP!

  32. 32 Daisy

    Park shin hye is gorgeous! Love her with long hair

  33. 33 rhia

    I am irrationally excited for this!!!!

  34. 34 jomo

    I love her nose. It makes her very unique.
    I love KJH’s EVERYTHING!
    YSY, though, I am thinking will surprise us all again with him being hot and all. He’s sneaky that way.

    • 34.1 canxi

      Yes! Park Shin Hye is a beautiful, beautiful lady!

    • 34.2 pogo

      I haven’t loved PSH in everything she’s done, but I have loved her in everything after You’re Beautiful – her in a Flower Boy show is just double the awesome, afaic.

  35. 35 canxi

    Adorable!! & Kim Ji Hoon, you’re hot. Christmas has passed so you can’t get under my tree but there is still space in my pants. *giggles maniacally*

    • 35.1 Roxy

      Behave! I know you can’t resist his hotness but there are minors around. I am actually one of them xD

      • 35.1.1 canxi

        Hahahaha! Apologies, apologies~! XD Avert your eyes children!

      • 35.1.2 ~Feather~

        Someone around my own age! Minors Unite!
        (I’m a dork, I know, I’m sorry… (-.-“)

        • ~Feather~


        • canxi

          Ahaha I think there are quite a few around, I just don’t think they post often? I wouldn’t know… I think we’re all like 17-40 something over here?

  36. 36 rynea

    If this show fails me, I’m gonna need a support group to help me move on from the disaster.

    • 36.1 Mystisith

      Noooo… *Throwing salt at you and preparing the voodoo dolls*.

      • 36.1.1 rynea

        I’m kinda constipated… was that you?? πŸ™‚

    • 36.2 canxi

      *rocks back & forth* Don’t be another “Big”, don’t be another “Big”….

    • 36.3 Kayt

      I’m going to blame it on you it that ever even happened… πŸ™

  37. 37 janey

    OMG I’m gonna suffer from major second male lead syndrome

  38. 38 Z

    The kind of loosely reminds me of Amelie (reclusive girl who prefers to live in a fantasy world). If that is the inspiration then I hope it retains some of the quirky charm.

    • 38.1 ladida

      Oh! That would be so wonderful! If she could have as much agency as Amelie, ugh, I would die a happy fangirl death.

    • 38.2 ~Feather~

      I’m sorry, I don’t think I’m familiar with Amelie (either that or I forgot it). Is it a drama/movie? If so, where can I watch it? Or maybe find out more about it to jog my memory?

  39. 39 Chisaicherry

    *sigh* what a long wait =(

  40. 40 drina ros

    well.. the main character’s name Go Dok Mi is sooo funny.. coz in my country, “GODOK” means To boil something for quite a long time. and “MI” is noodle/ramyun. So, Godok Mi = boiling noodles, hahaaaha…
    #i’m soo out of the topic

    • 40.1 ladida


    • 40.2 naz

      lol the east coast’s dialect right? πŸ˜‰


      • 40.2.1 drina ros

        pardon.. but east coast in where exactly?
        btw, I’m from Jakarta, my dear naz:D

  41. 41 PollyRose

    My first ever K-Drama was Flower Boy Ramen Shop and I had a near fatal case of SLMS…I just didn’t fully understand the concept of “second leads” at that point. Oh the heartbreak…

    As much as I like KJH, I have to say I am SO glad that this next installment is giving me Yoon Si Yoon, I am fully on board the male leads ship this time!

    • 41.1 mommai

      FBRS was one of my first, too, and I was rooting for the second lead soooo hard in that one. Could be because I’m married to a guy a lot more like the second lead than the main one in there, hehe.

      • 41.1.1 ~Feather~

        Aww! That’s so cute/sweet!
        So I guess this proves that guys like that really do exist?

  42. 42 sponge

    SO EXCITED TOO EXCITED, ahhhh please air already, i need some romcom in my life and i feel like this will feel that void quite well πŸ˜€

  43. 43 Melmax

    Kim Ji Hoon!!!

  44. 44 Noelle

    GAH! Who do you root for!?

  45. 45 Carinne

    Please tell me they will have recycle bins next to all post-its used during this filming. XD

    Is that guy… the Baker King? Looks so different, something about his teeth or nose… I can’t put my finger on it. LOL~

    • 45.1 Annie

      His nose looks a lot more… pointy. I’m not one to throw around accusations of PS lightly but he got something done for sure and it doesn’t suit him at all imho.

      • 45.1.1 Annie

        Or maybe it’s makeup. Or my imagination.

        • Kayt

          it’s the angle watch the teaser or look at her latest selca it looks the same lol

        • Kayt

          wait you mean him? yeah he did a bit here n there for the better πŸ˜›

  46. 46 lemonade candy

    omg! dies! wait. not yet. its next week!

  47. 47 bishbash

    OT, but does anyone here beside me thinks YSY can act with Lee Joon Gi as brothers?? I’d luuuuurvveeeee to see pretty boy brothers XD

    • 47.1 pogo

      It’s not just you! They really do look like they could play brothers, going by this set of pics.

  48. 48 momosa

    PSH looks as big as the boys even with their coats on. The boys must be really waif-like….

  49. 49 Miss D

    So. Excited. \>.</

  50. 50 ladida

    My babies! Perfect cast! Flailing in anticipation.

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