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Teaser and stills for spy action flick The Berlin File
by | December 19, 2012 | 27 Comments

We’ve finally got some stills and a poster for spy thriller The Berlin File (not to mention a spiffier, cooler spy-sounding title to go with), and a planned theatrical release this winter. The movie stars Han Seok-kyu (Tree With Deep Roots), Ha Jung-woo (Love Fiction), Ryu Seung-beom (Over My Dead Body) and Jeon Ji-hyun (Thieves)… need I say more?

It’s the next project from Ryu Seung-beom’s brother, director Ryu Seung-wan (The Unjust, The Fixer, Battlefield Heroes), and stars all four leads as spies out to kill each other. They’re each sent on a mission that puts the others in their sights, and the city of Berlin becomes their battleground (and well, also their final resting place, if the odds aren’t in their favor). I like the idea of a four-way target merry-go-round spy plot — it’s more thrilling than regular ol’ cat-and-mouse. Sort of like adding a dog and a bird, yunno, with guns.

Ha Jung-woo plays a North Korean spy who was working as a double agent in the South, and blew his cover. That makes you Mouse. Han Seok-kyu is his South Korean commanding officer who just realized he had a spy — er, double spy — in his ranks. Cat it is. Then there’s Ryu Seung-beom, an assassin sent in from the North to kill their own agent whose cover is blown. He can be Dog, competing with the cat for first dibs on mousey. And Jeon Ji-hyun plays a mysterious woman whose allegiance is unknown. So, canary wild card? Am suddenly wishing there was actually a cartoon version now.

The teaser doesn’t reveal much more than the four leads doing badass things, but really, I’m not going to be watching this movie for much more beyond that. Big big stars, big big thrills. Looks good on that score, at least in the 30-second version. Hope the full-length feature doesn’t skimp on the spytastic goodness.

The Berlin File hits theaters in February.

Via TV Daily


27 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mystisith

    A good old school spy movie with plenty of action and Capitals Tours. I’m in.

  2. Jo

    I wonder if that is Jeon Ji Hyun wearing her wedding ring…probably not…maybe. lol

    • 2.1 mk

      One of the promo materials said her character is the wife of Han Jung Woo.

  3. Anni

    Way! A movie in my country^^

    • 3.1 maltreti

      It’s a definite watch.
      Wir fahren nach Berlin. Juchhee!!! *fahnenschwenk*

      • 3.1.1 himonogirl

        But, but, but….I noticed a typical Parisian street (pic n°4 after the trailer), and french magazines too !
        Though I won’t argue, since the name of this movie pretty much gives away the real location of the story…

  4. lenrasoon

    Han Seok-kyu<3

    I can't wait to watch it!

  5. rainbow

    wow….a chilling thriller with big stars 🙂

  6. Ivoire

    Thank you!

  7. swurbel

    It seems, Berlin is worth a trip – even among spys :).
    I hope this movie will be shown in Germany too. Anyway, I’m very excited…

  8. whitethorns

    HJW is a very talented man. The man can act!!

  9. danna

    Ryu Seung Wan is an awesome director…plus with this cast…I’m dying to see this already….also Jeon Ji Hyun looks so different here

  10. 10 Kiara

    Han Seok-kyu ..Amazing actor <333333333333333333333333.
    I'm a fan of spy movies/dramas butI havent been impressed with IRISH,Athena and the likes of it. Maybe this movie will do it for me.

    • 10.1 Kiara

      The story sounds like the Bourne series which begins with a failed mission in Berlin.
      I cant imagine Jeon Ji-hyun as a Pamela Landy. Her character maybe similar to Nicky Parsons.

    • 10.2 canxi

      LOL, I’m sorry I had to laugh at “IRISH” even though I know it was a mistake. It just makes me imagine something completely ridiculous with that drama.

      And if it’s any help, I think spy/action Korean films are handled better than the dramas are! =D The dramas oftentimes have a bit too much padding for my taste.

      • 10.2.1 Kiara

        Lol its not the first mistake I’ve made. Believe me this is not going to be the last hahaha.

  11. 11 Noelle

    poor berlin, it always seems to be somebody’s battleground. but i’m soooo looking forward to it.

  12. 12 icednoodles

    Am I the only one that thought of this being Miss Sassy Girl’s script come to life, in a way, sort of, kind of? Because the minute my eyes landed on Jeon Ji-hyun’s name, that was the first thing that popped into my mind.

  13. 13 canxi

    Someone’s looking hot. And by “Someone” I mean everybody.

  14. 14 saranga

    ha, i just finished watching the thieves (f-i-n-a-l-l-y) and a jeon ji-hyun related post pops up. it looks good, though admittedly it seems like most of these heist/thriller films aren’t greatly original. thieves was good, but i’ll be beat if i can deduce how it got to be the top korean film of all time.

    • 14.1 canxi

      Did it have eng subs? I’ve been searching for those subs all over

  15. 15 bd

    It’s good to see JJH doing Korean fare (albeit only films – don’t think she will ever do a drama due to the working conditions/hours) instead of mediocre int’l projects and for HSK to get his career back on track after a bit of a lull (still ridiculous that HSK didn’t win the major acting prize for his performance in TWDR).

  16. 16 vb

    “spytastic goodness.”-i am fed up of movies potraying spys as some one who carries fancy guns and sits in a dim lit room with a board full of sticky note .Come on make a real spy movie .Trailer looks like a cheap thirller.

  17. 17 Bengbeng

    JJH could be the wife of HJW, she has a wedding ring

  18. 18 Heejin


    Didn’t gong hyo jin leave ryu seung beom for ha Jung woo?
    And now the two males are in a movie together

    Appropriate rsb is trying to kill hjw I guess
    Movie or not

  19. 19 Stephen


  20. 20 Eliza Bennet

    The male cast is simply perfect as far as I’m concerned. Very eager for this one and I wish good box office to it.

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