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The bickering begins on Level 7 Civil Servant
by | December 12, 2012 | 92 Comments

Finally we get to see our two leads together for upcoming spy rom-com Level 7 Civil Servant, and it looks like they’re off to a running start on the whole antagonism-into-romance front. Er, well, at least the antagonism part.

These stills were just released though the shoot took place last week at a race course in the eastern city of Taebaek, and was the first scene together for Joo-won and Choi Kang-hee. In it, his character Gil-ro somehow ends up making a racing bet on his brand-new car, and her character Seo-won unexpectedly winds up joining him in the confusion of the moment. Judging from that kick (heh), I’d say she’s not too pleased about that.

The speeding car freaks Seo-won out and she unleashes a barrage of yells and swears, mixing her standard accent with Saturi, which ought to be fun. He, on the other hand, is locked in a state of concentration as he drives at insane speeds. Joo-won hasn’t acted opposite a female co-star with strong comic chops yet, so on that front I think there’s a lot to look forward to. Sadly, I have to say that I hate the bowl haircut Choi Kang-hee’s rocking (she looked so much better in Protect the Boss), but she does have a funny, quirky side to her acting.

No word yet on how this scenario fits into their whole secret-identity bit, but to be totally frank I don’t expect this drama to have a totally airtight and sensical spy storyline anyway. I don’t mean that as an insult; it’s just that the rom-com ought to (hopefully) carry the show, with crackling dialogue and hilarious situations. At least that’s my expectation given the screwball humor of the original movie, which was tons of fun despite the thin spy plot. It was the chemistry and humor that drove the story, peppered with cute sparring and fast action.

Level 7 Civil Servant will premiere in January, following MBC’s current Wednesday-Thursday show I Miss You.

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92 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Gabrielle O


    • 1.1 R

      Me toooooooo ! Thanks jb for the news !

      • 1.1.1 JoowonLover;P

        Me three!!!

        • lemonade candy

          me four! joo won! ^^

          • Addylovesbwood

            count me in!!! I promised not to watch any dramas in 2013 cuz of grad school but im making an exception for this!!!! <3<3 Joo Won!!!!

      • 1.1.2 nonski


  2. Ally


    • 2.1 cg

      That haircut….. πŸ™

  3. skelly

    Those saggy pants…that teal jacket… I really don’t know what they were going for, but they got 80-year-old grandma out there.

    • 3.1 Star

      lol saggy pants are definitely not in anymore.

    • 3.2 cheekbones

      I must say I’m so disappointed to see Joo Won with those pants…… *sigh*

    • 3.3 nene

      ikr!!! it’s looks like poopy diaper..ok..ewww

  4. Eye Candy

    I’m getting excited for this drama. I think its because I really liked the two leads apart (I’m not sure about them together, but I will believe!). Also, because I imagined Mr. and Mrs. Smith but with more comedy and tension. I haven’t seen the source material though, so that could be a little off. Seriously though, I’m in the mood for a new classic romantic comedy, and I feel like this could be the one. But then again I’ve gotten my hopes up before only to be disappointed. So I’ll try to keep my expectations under control until I see the first episode. I’ll try really hard.

    • 4.1 Eye Candy

      Also I just saw that this is going to follow I miss you, and well, that’s certainly going to be very different for that time slot!

  5. Mehkko


  6. Laeah

    He looks like he’s wearing a diaper. Cant see his butt at all in those pants! ha!

    • 6.1 ck1Oz

      Yeah we made sure to take a screenshot of Joo Won’s butt in Gaksital.And it was mighty fine thanks.What’s with the loose baggy pants here?
      Why does he have eyebags when the drama hasn’t even aired yet?Been following him since OB so really familiar with his looks from every angle.Yeah.Unashamed fangirl who is watching this do or die.Miscasting or not.

      • 6.1.1 cheekbones

        I was so grateful to Gaksital’s costume people…..

    • 6.2 SS

      Haha….from this angle it does look like it when I took a closer look. Such a shame. I missed the stylist and tailor from Gaksital, were they fangirls? They should have a new category at drama awards – Best Fitting Costume.

      I hope it’s the last we see of such pants. Totally wasted on a Butt that can launch a million things, just watch the latest episode of 1N2D.

      • 6.2.1 DP

        a Butt that can launch a million things LOL….

  7. Shurlee

    Can’t wait!!!

  8. Tha

    She was so much cuter at the table read…

    • 8.1 Annie

      Yeah, this is looking pretty bad. CKH is cute but… no. This drama is supposed to be more com than rom though so that might work out in its favor.

    • 8.2 ilikemangos

      She chopped off her long locks.
      Either that or it’s a wig.
      She would have looked more youthful with the longer locks, but I definitely have no qualms about her comedic chops.

  9. nomu nomu nomu

    ahh, the mandatory and/or obligatory kick in the shin by the heroine to the hero in a rom-com. Anyway, I don’t expect this show to take itself seriously. I have seen the movie and I’m expecting an entertaining farce comedy from this drama, so I’m just going sit back and enjoy some silly fun humor mixed in with some action scene. Sometime you simply just want to laugh, I can get my deep plot and substance elsewhere.

    • 9.1 Midori

      Yes, but she can barely move her leg to get a proper kick in that ridiculously tight skirt.

  10. 10 crazedlu

    dang. i loathe that bowl cut.

    feeling so meh about this show. whatever, i guess. although, i do have one thing to rejoice about when it comes to “Level 7 Civil Servant”… it replaces “I Miss You”! gah what an awful drama. strike after strike, yoon eunhye.

    joo won. ~

    • 10.1 Mystisith

      lol. MTE! I don’t expect much of L7 but at least I won’t have all those awful pics of people crying their eyes out 24/7 on my screen.

    • 10.2 Quinze

      Spot on. I can’t imagine how people can watch a show built solely to extract your tears. I can’t stand the unnecessary over the top drudgery that show seems to love to dish out (as do other melos for that matter). I’d start laughing at the ridiculousness at some point.
      And I’ve really been hoping to like a drama that YEH has been in since forever!

      I hate this cut on her too so I’m praying it’s temporary! I’m sick of the stupid bowl cut on actresses.

      • 10.2.1 hui ting

        Well.. the genre is melo-drama for a reason.

        • Mystisith

          Yes, but there is good and there is bad melos, like for every other genre…

          • Quinze


    • 10.3 tamagoxyaki

      I think ‘i miss you’ is a good drama,sure some scenes are over the top and overdramatic(what korean melos aren’t?)but the acting is solid and the story-lines are excellent.If this isn’t considered a good melo than what is?

    • 10.4 pogo

      I’m not a fan of the genre, but complaining that a melo has too many tears is akin to complaining that a musical has too much singing.

      IMY’s acting and script so far is solid, and I don’t find it any more of a pile of misfortune than the other melos I’ve watched except for the matter of the separation event and the heroine’s trauma. Which has been respectfully handled so far – the minute I feel that has ceased to be the case, I will drop the show like a hot potato.

  11. 11 Ara

    In b4 Joo Won fangirls who act like he’s Won Bin or something… no one will be forcing you to watch this drama!

  12. 12 Emm

    Seriously, I just can’t watch dramas with the woman looking too old for the guy.

    • 12.1 Star

      especially with a bowl cut. it’s like the go-to haircut to make actresses look old.

      • 12.1.1 mars

        Holy crap when are comments like these going to lose steam? She doesn’t look “old”. She’s not “old”. She’s 35. And her haircut is cute and looks practical if she’s doing field work.

        • Enz

          Thank you. I think if one feels they can’t watch the drama with a woman whom they feel looks too old for the guy, one is very free to NOT watch the said drama then

        • xbtechayx

          Kim Ha Nuel and Chae Rim are 34 and the dont look as old as choi kang hee. Ha Ji Won is also another example but she looks compatible with Seung Gi.

          I think even Kim Jung Eun and Choi Ji Woo looks younger than CKG. I think its the skin. Hers definitely are not glowing.

          • mars

            The fact of the matter is that if any of those actresses would’ve been given the role, we’d be seeing the very same comments. “She’s so old”, “she looks like his older sister”, “couldn’t they get an actress his age?!” and other nonsense.

          • pogo

            ….not really – I don’t recall people bitching about Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi, and they were born in the same years as CKH and Joo Won here. Or, more recently, I don’t think there were ‘too old’ comments about Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho in Faith.

          • mars

            You’re kidding right? There were people grumbling about Ha Ji-won and Kim Hee-sun because they were older than their male leads.

          • pogo

            I’m just going by DB comments, and K2H love seems to be pretty much universal among these parts. Of course, I could be wrong.

    • 12.2 ck1Oz

      It’s a layered short hair bob thing. Thereis volume and bangs not straight across like a coconut bowl cut πŸ™‚
      What’s with all the bowl cut remarks- not specifically at you you Emm.
      Bowl cut is what I had as a child to make me look like a China doll- blech.

    • 12.3 miss unknown

      OMG!!! THank god I’m not the only one!!! There are a lot of dramas like that that I’ve skip because it’s just awkward…! LOL..I love Joo Won, but the female actress just makes me pull myself away…To me, you can work as a police officer or a spy even if you have long hair. It’s really the way you carry yourself…I really don’t understand why the stylist in Korea really love to give their main actress bob cuts with bangs for practically ever single rom-com…I actually think i’ts hotter if a woman can carry herself as a spy or police officer with long hair and curves … just saying..

      • 12.3.1 ck1Oz

        Err… technically if you go for training and stuff, long hair is not good for close quarters fighting.

        It gets tangled in machines, you can get pulled with it, people have had scalp+ hair ripped off. Like real incidences. And it doesn’t stay tied up. Plus if you can’t bath everyday- during real life missions, long hair so not nice smelling.
        And it doesn’t fit around the full face masks with your hair in a bun- not air tight if you don a PPE during training and during missions.

        Curves are God given. Can’t do anything about those.

        • ck1Oz

          Sorry I mean you can get descalped if someone pulls at your long hair during a fight.

  13. 13 Christy

    Loved the movie, but Joo Won and Choi Kang-hee do nothing for me in these roles. I have little hope they’ll do proper justice to the wonderful characters brought to life hilariously by Kang Ji-hwan and Kim Ha-nuel’s acting in the movie. Hopefully, I’ll be proved wrong!

  14. 14 Keshia

    Lord have mercy on the CKH’s anti-hairstylist! She would have looked so young and matched Joo Won in a younger way instead of in a twins/bro-sis way. Ah. I’ll check out this drama because I can’t wait to see him in a new role.

  15. 15 Julia

    Joowon is looking adorably gorgeous as usual, but Kanghee… eh. I dunno about her styling. I’m pretty worried. Hopefully the rom-com and chemistry will make up for the lacking visual match eh… wishful thinking.

  16. 16 JoowonLover;P

    I’m am so psyched for this drama to start, is it January yet??

    Again, not a fan of the bowl cut, but we’ll see how their chemistry works out. I don’t doubt Joo-won’s acting skills at all and Choi Kang Hee’s got good comedic timing….so I’m not gonna judge a book by its cover!

    January 2013!!! Joo-won!!

  17. 17 JoowonLover;P

    BTW, did anyone notice the icicles under Joo-won’s car in the last pic? Damn, how cold is it in Korea these days?! That referee looks like he needs warmth lol

    • 17.1 Mystisith

      In Seoul they had until -13Β°C at night and -6Β°c max in the day last week. SK winter is no joke!

      • 17.1.1 Quinze

        I was wondering how actors can walk around in light coats in those temps. I can’t even stand it in the 40F let alone -13C yeesh!
        I noticed it in School2013 too. Even if it is for short takes, how are you not a popsicle?!

        • JoowonLover:P

          Goodness gracious…when it’s 50 degrees F out here, I don’t hesitate to pull out my trench and boots. lol

          But -13 degrees C?! More power to them.

        • jabberwocky

          all these talk about popsicle made me kinda miss that villain in faith. “the saddest popsicle ever.” LOL

          • Quinze

            LOL aww, poor popsicle! Now I wanna rewatch that drama for his sillness.

    • 17.2 Enz

      Apparently a few days ago Seoul was minus 13 celcius!!!

    • 17.3 pogo

      I remember seeing BTS videos of Nice Guy in which Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won were basically wearing blankets from the waist down, when they were being filmed waist-up. And that was last month!

    • 17.4 am

      I heard the moisture on windows inside the car becomes legit ice. My mother hated how cold it was in Korea when she went there. And she lived in Seattle at that time.

  18. 18 KERA

    Promoting a new brand cars is a must now days in K-dramaland.

    • 18.1 Annie

      It’s all about the PPL…

  19. 19 mommai

    I really hope the hair is temporary, as part of a time skip or something, or maybe a disguise? :/ But hey, we’ve had bad drama hair before, I just think their hair reads too similarly.

  20. 20 Startulle

    Omg!!!! I love them!!!! Can’t wait for the New Year!!!!

  21. 21 Anne

    Off topic but anyone knows the term used for those captions that pop up everywhere in asian videos? Obviously, i don’t mean the subtitles. But the colorful cartoony words on variety shows.

    Im asking cause it’s driving me nuts and i remember i first saw the word here in dramabeans.

  22. 22 asianromance

    Her bowl haircut isn’t as bowl-y as some of the actresses’ other bowl haircuts. There seems to be some layering and texture involved. It’s more like a short haircut. though I do wish she had the hair she did during the table read.

    And Joo-won’s hair in these stills look like it needs some deep conditioning.

  23. 23 pinkjiawen

    A little off topic but… Can javabeans or girlfriday (or both!) recap Joo Won’s Win Win episode? I enjoyed it a lot and I want to know what you guys think of it…

    Pretty please?

  24. 24 mary

    So excited for this!

    I don’t see a problem with CKH’s hair, and on the 1st pic, I actually think Joo Won looks older (something about the pout and his hair and his expression)?

    But, does anyone else think that CKH is a bit reluctant to give Joo Won a proper kick in the shins? Just look at that pic hehehe it’s like she’s gritting her teeth and trying to kick Gaksital as softly as possible.

  25. 25 DayDreamer

    As much as I’ve recently started loving Joo-Won madly and deeply (watching Gaksital currently and having heart attacks along the way), this show doesn’t look too interesting. I’m not fond of the actresses hairdo here either. It looks awful, does make her seem older (in the shots, at least; maybe in motion, it’s different), and it looks a bit like Joo Won’s hairstyle which bothers me. It was like seeing the OTP from I Do, I Do standing next to each other and looking like siblings because they looked almost alike with their similar hairstyles and that just killed the chemistry for me even though I tried hard to ignore it.

  26. 26 DaDa

    Just when I thought that horrendous bowl hair cut was going out of style they pull this on me….please be a wig…that haircut is just not flattering on ANYONE. When will these stylists learn?

  27. 27 Trina

    I do not Le her hair… Jolson look HOT!!!please be a good kdrama!!!

  28. 28 Noelle

    Ewww. Her hair is disgust. Someone needs to chop that up.

  29. 29 mel

    The hair is bad, but he’s not looking so great either. Not that excited about this drama but it should be better than I Miss You. I hope.

  30. 30 Amy

    actually im a bit surprise when joo won agreed for this drama…joo won n chansung make me so excited……cant wait for this..hwaiting..

  31. 31 canxi

    I usually don’t mind the bowl cuts. I actually like bowl cuts. But this one is not my favorite.

    Lol, they released all the pictures of them looking upset. I want to see smiles next time! O:

  32. 32 bjharm

    yep Jang Nara and babyfaced beauty has a lot to answer for at lest in regard to the up surge in the appearance of the bowl haircut!
    frankly for this I couldnt care less if it makes sense or not, long as it funny enough and there a bit a action though in.

  33. 33 SS

    I can’t say I like that hair, she looked much better at the script reading.

    It matters less whether she looks older than Joo Won as long as she acts well. I hope she doesn’t try to act like a 20 year old or worse 5 year old, or shouting like an ahjumma who just got cheated of 500 won at the butcher stall.

  34. 34 ricky

    At first I was skeptical about these two leads working together on this show, but now that I see it, it seems to work. In any case, I’m looking forward to watching this one.

  35. 35 Inherdefense

    You people ranting about the hair should just chill. Look at her uniform. That hair was just to match that. Spies have all sort of hairstyles to match the look they are going for. We won’t be seeing this same style in every episode. Think about it. What kind of spy would keep a haircut like that for every look? Common sense before all the ranting would be nice.

  36. 36 divaz_sha

    how i wish they change the female lead…

  37. 37 coby

    excited much!

  38. 38 sampirexx

    dunno but CKH looks really old n the hair is not doin’ her ny favors either.

  39. 39 crysalide

    I’m happy that Joo Won look worst in here ciz then it won’t be so hard to let go of this drana. I can’t stand him all loveble with that ahjumma.

  40. 40 oftheshore

    Oh come one, you guys! Haven’t we learned that (1) perm is the worst hairstyle – I detect no crappy perms here and (2) hairstyles can be changed halfway through the series! As you can tall, I’ve been watching Full House 2…=) Also, I might be crazy, but they don’t look that far apart in terms of age.

    • 40.1 oftheshore

      That’s obviously come on^

  41. 41 SS

    I think the thing that bothered me is not her hair or even her age. The hairstyle alone is not that disastrous, we have seen worse ones in kdramas like The Hair in Full House 2. As for her age, she does not look that much older than Joo Won than I had originally expected.

    I realised after looking at the stills and BTS pics elsewhere that they may have written her character to be a goofy one. I know this is a comedy but I was hoping that she will be deadpan serious and awesome in her work and Joo Won the one who goofs and irritates her to no end. For example in Alice in Cheongdamdong, Park Si Hoo is the one with all the crazy antics and Moon Geun Young is just serious most of the time but when together, they are great. I hope CKH’s role this time will be a fresh new one and not be a repeat of Protect the Boss. If she can play serious but still hilarious, that will be daebak. Blame it on my low tolerance of actresses who think that being funny means acting crazy or cute. If they make her the clown because they think Joo Won cannot deliver, that’s even more sad

  42. 42 Rani Heriyani (@aiya_anie)

    please staring at me joo won… πŸ˜€

  43. 43 LoveIt

    They are both equal in the looks department.

  44. 44 zicova

    Hopefully this hairstyle isn’t permanent, and is apart of some disguise she’s trying to pull off.

    I’m also hoping they’ll give her some super edgy and clean hairstyles, or wigs like Jennifer Garner had in Alias. An edgier and sophisticated look would better suit her age and her “profession” as a secret agent in the drama.

  45. 45 Laurita

    It must be tough for Choi Kang-hee with so many Joo-won’s fangirls…

  46. 46 song yong in

    joo won, joo won, joo won! so excited.
    i can’t wait for I Miss You to end ^-^

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