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Uhm Tae-woong’s Level 7 Civil Servant guest appearance
by | December 20, 2012 | 67 Comments

javabeans: Sometimes the truest words are the most cliched. And sometimes when you’ve got a picture, you don’t need a thousand words.

girlfriday: Yup. Uhmforce: The Action Figure. ‘nuff said.

javabeans: How great is it that Tae-woong is playing Joo-won’s villainous enemy in the upcoming Level 7 Civil Servant?

girlfriday: So great. So, so great.

javabeans: It’s a good thing we know Joo-won can compartmentalize his acting brain from his non-acting one, otherwise he might be facing inner crisis.

girlfriday: Oh you mean like the time he cried while the hyungs were laughing during that 1N2D tear challenge? Yeah, I think he’s actually a little TOO compartmentalized. Or focused, take your pick.

javabeans: I don’t know if I find this awesome or hilarious (okay, it can be both): Tae-woong’s secret spy character is a brilliant genius spy.

girlfriday: Pffft.

javabeans: Just as long as there’s no math or ball sports involved. Otherwise my brain won’t be able to compute. He’s engaged in industrial espionage (so… not the James Bond kind) and is somehow involved in some revengey thing. They’re not too clear on that. He’s apparently a constant antagonist, but the wording just makes me think of him being a buzzing pest, not a dangerous foe.

girlfriday: But I thought he was just a cameo. How’s he gonna be buzzy if he’s doing a quick drive-by? Maybe it’s an extended one?

javabeans: As much as I’d love for him to be a constant presence, I think it is just a cameo. He’s supposedly so super-secret that nobody knows his face… so will they just show a body without the head? Like in Inspector Gadget? And will he have a cat?

girlfriday: He should, if he’s going to be evil. All the proper villains have cats.

javabeans: He might get out-evilled in that case.

girlfriday: Maybe they’ll pull a Face/Off and say he switched faces.

javabeans: Oh, boo. Just make him a cast member already and put Joo-won’s boyish adulation in constant turmoil! What, dramaland, you can’t do that for us?

girlfriday: The thing is, if Uhmforce actually sticks around, he would steal hero thunder. He’s already doing it with that first photo, and it’s just one freaking photo.

javabeans: Then they can have a reconciliation halfway through, kiss and make up, and join the same side! I don’t care which side. Just as long as they’re together.

girlfriday: And hugging. There must always be hugging.

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67 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. rainbow


    • 1.1 Maya

      This made me even more excited!
      Honestly, I think even if it’s gonna be a few measly seconds/minutes of them being in the same scene, I’ll still ship them more…

      • 1.1.1 SHema

        Is he just a guest or is it gonna be a recurring role?

        • Maya

          he’s just a cameo. And I’m just hoping that they will share a screen together… 😀

    • 1.2 hawaiianseoul

      joowon: hyung! you’re so cool running with a gun! * v *

      tae woong: *does hand gunning motion* hehe, You think so?

      – – – –

      basically this is how the whole behind-the-scene goes in my head. haha.

      • 1.2.1 Arhazivory

        lol. Probably true.

  2. Ivoire

    Thank you for this piece of news, JB!

  3. Laurita

    Oh that photos (so unlike 1N2D). Looks so cool. What cameo, just freeze him in such postures and let him stay all the time. 🙂

    • 3.1 adette

      I know, right? He looks really cool in that photo.

      I think that’s proof that he’s a good actor. Cos we all know he’s kind of an uncoordinated dork irl hehe

    • 3.2 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

      “Tae-woong’s secret spy character is a brilliant genius spy.”

      Oh, that made me laugh. 😀

      • 3.2.1 yejuloi


  4. wunderbar

    Am I 4th?
    Woohoo! The 1n2d brotherhood 🙂

  5. Abbie

    Aww. Love Uhm Tae-woong. He’s awesome!

  6. Mehkko

    If only his hair weren’t so terrible….

    • 6.1 Noelle

      That’s the first thing I noticed! Cool came second lol.

    • 6.2 kcan12

      its idol hair on a spy.. maybe he’s pulling a Lee Min Ho playboy by night, city hunter by day thing

  7. djes

    what’s with idolized hair style?

    I’m so excited!

  8. cad


    How about the two of them cameo in each other’s drama next.

    Uhmforce is scheduling for a new sageuk drama right?

  9. Jilly

    Nooo he needs to be permanent. He won’t steal thunder. I promise to pay more attention to Joo-won wheee

    • 9.1 Annie

      He’s getting married next month so I don’t think he’d have the time/inclination to do more than a cameo.

  10. 10 Poshong1227


  11. 11 Ace

    “a brilliant genius spy”

    Pffft. You can say that again girlfriday! *snorts uncontrollably*

  12. 12 Ann

    Great pictures! I like the hair, but I am wondering where he got it from. He is always wearing those hats on 1N2D, so has he been growing stealth hair? Or is that a hairpiece?

  13. 13 xenni

    So freaking excited!!!:)

  14. 14 xenni

    When will this air?

  15. 15 magi

    Aren’t he a groom ??? he really don’t know how to rest O.O!

    but now I have more reasons to watch this drama 🙂

  16. 16 jenny

    fangirl squeal for the both of them! aww this will make a load of jokes on 1n2d as well =D hehe

  17. 17 Maya

    “Tae-woong’s secret spy character is a brilliant genius spy.”

    *squirts coffee from nose*

    “And will he have a cat?”

    It’ll be funny if they give him a dog instead… 😀

    • 17.1 Tieres


  18. 18 queencircles


  19. 19 Danna

    Hair or no hair, UTW in,full black is hot…..if he’s a constant vkllain, I’m guessing he’ll be there throughout the show just not every episode….which convinces me that he is absolutely nuts because, he’ll be filming for this, 1N2D and getting married in Jan…plus he’s got another show right after in March

  20. 20 SHema

    This is awesome!! Joo Won and Uhm Taewoong together in a drama= perfection!!

    • 20.1 SHema

      Squealing like a fangirl!!!!!!<333

  21. 21 yejuloi

    Dat first pic!!!!

    LOVE IT!

  22. 22 mini


  23. 23 Peridot

    Yeah, it’s the Uhm-force!

  24. 24 owl

    Wow, the pictures – hot, oh yeah!

    Dramabeans, your site is so quality and fan-worthy. Thanks a million beans!

  25. 25 Anabanana

    I’d like to see him take on a darker role — kind of like Le Chiffre from 007. He’s such a bumbling sweetheart

  26. 26 bianca27

    OMG!!!! I tried to hate Taewoong because of this marriage-thing, but …… these pictures!!!! I think I’m gonna have sweeeeet dreams tonight again.
    Yummy UTW, fighting!!

  27. 27 respechuae

    Uhm Tae Woong said, “I picked ‘Level 7 Civil Servant’ because of my loyalty to Joo Won and because the script left a deep impression on me. As the hidden card to help secure the ratings in the beginning, I plan on doing my part 200%.”

    I freakin love the 1N2D brotherhood.

  28. 28 JoowonLover:P

    Love love LOVE!!
    Why do I get the feeling this is going to be an “extended” cameo appearance? Most of the articles are saying that he’s “joining” the cast, not just giving a cameo. And apparently his joining was top secret, even amongst the production crew. Hmmmm….either way, i’m stoked! Another reason why January needs to be here already!!

  29. 29 subject

    Never watched 1N2D, but I too dig UTW and kinda like Joo Won, so now I’m in, or at least till UTW part will end.

  30. 30 redfox

    if they dont know his face Joo Wonb could sleep hugging his back like in 1N2D and drool all over him like a baby.

    boys are playin´guns. bam bam. they must be having lotsa fun

  31. 31 koreamom

    my tae woong love just shot up 10 notches with that photo-as if it is not high enough yet! i don’t care how they will do it cause joo won and tae woong together is just plain sizzle!

  32. 32 tamagoxyaki

    here he looks like the guy who plays jae hee’s brother in nice guy lol

  33. 33 Liz88

    The hairstyle reminds me his Stranger than heaven hair (adorable gangsta luvmeluvmeluvme). I love Uhm Tae woong, it’s official. Aaaaaahh…..him and Joo Won, what a delicious coctail.

  34. 34 horrid_lorry

    In Handphone he played an agressive- smart- evil- sexy murderer (unforgettable performance) I hope he’s gonna be stg like that. I love men with gun (on screen I mean).
    And they were awesome in SIU togedher….
    Tae-woong plus Joo Won….I’m in!!!!!

  35. 35 crazedlu

    i know they did this to get my viewership. even with joo won in this, this one was on the back burner. now… i HAVE to tune in.

    i guess. ha.

    joo won. ~

    uhm taewoong. ~

  36. 36 sweetcloud

    “And will he have a cat?

    girlfriday: He should, if he’s going to be evil. All the proper villains have cats.”

    Not the Uhmforce. He’ll have a puppy 😀

  37. 37 dewaanifordrama

    I am pretty sure that Joo Won is fanboying and jumping up and down for joy! Their hyung-donsaeng relationship might be my favourite in all of dramaland.

  38. 38 aa

    I love both of them.

    I like when they play a good guy but I like it more when they play a BAD GUY. It’s smoking hot and errr sexy!

    Dunno why I enjoy watching Joo Won play a baddie… He rocks it!

  39. 39 yunare


  40. 40 yunare

    This is such a great news, now i’m getting more excited for the show!!

  41. 41 Lilly

    Oh I hope he is dangerous. What a fantastic villian.
    So very interested now. Must be exciting.

  42. 42 Mar

    Dorky hot guys rule.

  43. 43 doyannonton

    “And hugging. There must always be hugging”

    uuuughhh… *melting*

  44. 44 aren

    hahaha,… since I read about this news frm other side I keep refreshing dramabeans to read this ‘news’! yay! thank you!

  45. 45 Airyn

    Uhmforce: The Action Figure! Some toy manufacturing company needs to make this happen. If only the folks at Mattel/Hasbro are K-drama fans…

  46. 46 anna

    Looking forward to the BTS of these hugging it out after an intense scene.

  47. 47 SS

    I am sure they will reconcile at same stage by doing the ‘hyung pile’ on each other. Then Joo Won can play with UTW’s belly button like he did on 1N2D. Hmmmmm………..will Mrs Uhm be jealous? Or Kim Seung Woo? for not getting Uhmforce on IRIS 2?

  48. 48 MissLenis

    so AGREEING with this!!

    The thing is, if Uhmforce actually sticks around, he would steal hero thunder. He’s already doing it with that first photo, and it’s just one freaking photo.

    my GOD!!! he is one sexy guy

  49. 49 janice

    This is so great!!

  50. 50 janice


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