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Winks, finger guns, and blind dates for Level 7 Civil Servant
by | December 17, 2012 | 52 Comments

There’s going to be winking on this show? And finger guns? *is already slain* More stills from the set of spy action rom-com Level 7 Civil Servant show Joo-won’s self-confident, cheeky character Gil-ro winking at pretty ladies on the street, and also his first encounter with Choi Kang-hee’s Seo-won on a rather unusual blind date.

Finally, some stills from the meet-cute: Gil-ro agrees to go on a blind date in exchange for a new car (Pffft, I think you got fleeced, Mom.) and Seo-won goes on the same blind date because of her part-time job. I have no idea what kind of part-time job includes going on blind dates… unless people pay her to go in their stead? That’d be pretty funny. If there’s anything dramaland has taught us, it’s that paying someone for some elaborate date-sabotaging scheme is easier than saying no to your mother.

In any case, both parties have to fill the 2-hour obligation, but neither has any desire to actively participate, so it turns into study hall. Even funnier is that both are actually studying for the same thing — the civil service exam to become agents — without knowing their competition is sitting across the awkward blind date table.

I don’t know what that means for the experience level of the two characters, because that makes it sound like they’ll both be rookies? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out how that actually shakes out. Regardless, after seeing Joo-won play such a dark character in Gaksital, it’s a refreshing change of pace to see him strutting down the street and slayin’ the girls, finger guns ablazin’. I have a feeling that a rookie spy who thinks his job will be like a Bond movie is in for a rude — and delightfully comical — awakening.

Level 7 Civil Servant follows I Miss You and premieres in January.

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52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Annie

    …. and she still looks ridiculous. Fire the stylist, please!

    Also, they look like blood related siblings – something about their faces looks really similar.

    • 1.1 Net-chan

      OMG I thought I was the only one thinking that! This is actually pretty disturbing that those two should look alike… Let’s hope the chemistry on screen will still be great though, because I liked the movie and I’m expecting a lot from the TV-drama version haha.

      • 1.1.1 houstontwin

        It is so, so common for people to marry someone who looks like family! It must be something that we are hardwired for.

        • Annie

          I’ve observed similarities in coloring before but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a couple that actually looked like brother and sister… maybe I need to pay more attention, lol. I have however heard of women who had good relationships with their fathers marrying men who looked like their fathers.

    • 1.2 Alex Mottis

      I’ve actually heard that it’s pretty common, it has to do with the fact that you feel more comfortable with someone that resembles you. And this reminded me of Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle dating, everyone was saying they were lost twins, there’s even a gif of Camilla Belle that morphs into Joe Jonas and the likeness between them is perturbing

      • 1.2.1 Alex Mottis

        *disturbing, sorry

    • 1.3 Bengbeng

      could be because of the hair? when she CKH, tied her hair, it looks the same as the of Joowon

  2. dulcedeleche

    Cute cute cute. Still not sure how the chemistry will play out with the 2 lead but planning to find out.

  3. tapioca pearl

    Um, where can I apply for a job where I get to date Joo Won?

    • 3.1 himonogirl

      Simple! Follow the line! (you may need a ticket, though).

  4. omg

    I’m so excited for this!

    • 4.1 OMG

      my name has been STOLEN!!!!!!!! haha

      • 4.1.1 Camille

        ‘am sorry for that OMG ’cause seeing joowon makes me wanna say omg πŸ˜›

  5. Quinze

    I’m excited for Joo Won’s character.
    Adorkable man-child.

    And if nothing else I’m going to focus on Choi Kang Hee’s comedic chops. I hope it’s a case that the pictures don’t do justice to her character bec so far we’re not seeing too much of her. Hopefully she’ll bring the chemistry along with the comedy.
    I’m going to quit whining about the negatives at this point because either it’s good or it isn’t. No sense complaining!

  6. ck1Oz

    Wow those extras for that day.

  7. Indigo

    I’m sorry but Choi Kang Hee looks more like my old English teacher rather than a super spy. Why are the stylists trying to make their age difference seem even bigger?
    Let’s just hope that she won’t have to sport that look the entire series.

  8. DayDreamer

    Joo Won….every time I see the guy, my heart just leaps. Before Gaksital, he was a nobody to me and now he’s like my world. πŸ˜‰

    My darling, won’t you wink and point finger guns at me too?? Oh, the woes of being a nameless nobody.

    (Aside from that, doesn’t he look like Song Joong Ki sorta when he’s sitting with headphones and holding a tablet or whatever it is? For a moment I thought I was seeing Kang Maru, heh.)

    • 8.1 Alex Mottis

      Well, they have similar features and Joo Won’s haircut looks a lot like SJK’s at the beginning of Nice Guy. Either way, I love them both <3

    • 8.2 JoAnne

      Joo Won is so adorable even when he pouts that I can’t find it in my heart to hate him even as Gu Ma Jun in Baker King Kim Tak Gu – and believe me, Ma Jun does hateful things…but my heart just squeezes and I see that pout or frown and I think ‘oh poor BABY you have terrible PARENTS it’s not your FAULT’….and then he smiles and I think ‘SEE you poor BABY you have a good heart after all!’

      But the CuteForce of Joo Won is overwhelmed by the CuteForce Now Enriched with Pluckiness of Yoon Shi Yoon. The two of them together create a seismic wave of adorability that has destroyed the ovaries of my yet unborn granddaughters.

    • 8.3 Maya

      *start fangirling* Me too! I used to think of him as that handsome guy that my mom loved from Baker Kim Tak-gu. But then Gaksital happened and my eyes were finally opened to his hotness.. I’ll lose so much blood from nosebleed if he ever wink and point his finger gun at me! *fangirling over*

      Btw, I think I’m finally over the pairing and now am just so excited for the show

  9. crazedlu

    Omgah. The story is cute.

  10. 10 hanna

    CKH looks like perfectly reminded me of my kindergarten teacher & the same age as well. Well let’s wait & see what’s in store with this rom-com drama acting chemistry with this couple. I’ m pretty sure there will be a kissing scene, but I just hope that there will be no thunderstormsssss:-)).
    Btw the common problem as usual: make-up artist & hairstylist.
    Anywayz, am excited to watch joowon again nxtyr but at the same time i’m sad cuz Iris 2 is knocking at others viewers heart nicely.

  11. 11 Sajen

    and I still haven’t seen anything I liked Choi Kang Hee in but I might give this a try anyway just to see if it’s funny enough to be bearable.

    • 11.1 dee

      Have you seen Protect the Boss? She is so funny there, with Ji Sung and Jae Jong. Oh, and Wang Ji Hye too. Four of them are so adorable there πŸ™‚

  12. 12 rainbow

    “paying someone for some elaborate date-sabotaging scheme is easier than saying no to your mother.”

    LOL πŸ˜€

  13. 13 Enz

    Love what joo won is wearing here. Why can’t he wear this look in his real life??

  14. 14 VINNYBLUE

    This absurd and weird pairing makes me more anticipated this drama. Kang Hee’s look is not a tipical pretty-feminine female lead in kdrama land, I’m curious to see her with HOT and talented dongsaeng like Joowon!

  15. 15 yee

    I feel like… the image of the GF could’ve been more appealing or sexy should I say. Here, she just look..
    more business working lady.

  16. 16 didipyong

    Joo Won Oppa can’t wait for your new drama i love you … this lead girl is really going to mess it up… i hated her in protect the boss… she seems very awkward

    • 16.1 still_procrastinating


  17. 17 Rani Heriyani (@aiya_anie)

    the cute joo won…
    can’t wait to see… <3 <3 <3

  18. 18 hui ting

    All these teasing, I can’t wait anymore…

  19. 19 Rie

    lovely photos, thanks gf !!
    btw did you guys see THAT !!! http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109516524
    Uhm Tae Woong’s cameo for the drama !!!

  20. 20 Rie

    lovely photos, thanks gf !!
    btw did you guys see the news about Uhm Tae Woong’s cameo for the drama ? !!
    can’t wait !!

  21. 21 sampire

    seriously though what’s with CKH’s look? she looks really old!!!

  22. 22 Ash

    So I guess I’m the only one who thinks CKH looks kind of adorable here? Ah, well. Everyone’s bound to be the outlier at some point, vague pun not intended.

    Still really looking forward to this. Even if it’s not great, it’ll still be more to my taste than all the gloom and doom melos we’ve been getting lately.

    • 22.1 mars

      I’m right there with you! She’s freakin’ cute as hell. I wasn’t at all shocked when the first comment on an article about this drama was someone expressing their displeasure at her appearance, fandom is nothing if not predictable.

    • 22.2 Lord of the Things

      I luff her so much! She’s just so funny – and I think she looks cute here as well (not that I’m biased or anything). I think their pairing will work well together – they can both do lighthearted and heartfelt well, and I think CKH’s age will balance out JooWon’s youth. Can’t wait for the drama to air, I hope people see her charm once her character gets a chance to shine.

    • 22.3 Alixana

      I think she looks effin adorable! Not her raving fan, but I do like her quite a bit and I really wish people gave her a chance!

      And – confession bear time – I actually like that hairstyle on her.

  23. 23 matinsoleil

    I’m so freaking excited…more by Joo-woo than Choi Kang hee! I just can’t! Her hair her style. Okay she’s older than him but that doesn’t she’s must look like an ajhumma. And I have this strange feeling that we can’t excpect any change along the drama! -_-

  24. 24 Farhana

    Joo-won looks like such a cutie! I’ve been waiting to see him in this type of role since Baker King!

    Ah still unhappy with CKH as his lady -_- her hair does not suit her at all…

  25. 25 cad

    Joo Won is such a cutie and dorky behind the screen, if the character need him to be serious and cool.. he can turn into a sexy man in a flash!

  26. 26 JoowonLover:P

    Ahhhh these stills…!! I want this drama now!~
    Her hair…arghhh. I feel like the angle they take the pic makes it look worse than it actually is. We shall see soon…

  27. 27 Rachel

    Look at him all tall and sexy and cute and smokin hot…..yum.my.

  28. 28 Suzume

    Heard that UHM TAE WOONG also joined the cast????

    Please tell me it is real, and his role is not just “cameo” :”>

    I’M ON BOARD for Joo Won and Tae Woong-hyung’s bromance πŸ™‚

    • 28.1 MEalways

      Yes, he will come face to face with JW.

      I’m so looking forward to see this battle.
      It must be a very good one (I hope I don’t put my expectation too high).

      Omo, I’m so excited

  29. 29 dtp_jnr

    Apparently Uhm Tae woong was recently cast as the villian

  30. 30 Mira

    Omg joo-wonie and his beloved hyung !!! I’m even more excited for this drama now !!!

  31. 31 Sam

    Please let it be a wig! Please!
    I was optimistic after seeing how freshfaced she looked at the script reading. So, drama, do not do that annoying typical kdrama thing of, if she’s a strong confident or zany woman, she has to have annoying hair! Why can’t the woman be beautiful and awesome?! πŸ™
    I’m a HUGE Choi Kang Hee fan coz she was the lead in the first Korean film I watched, and that led me to k-pop and kdramas, so I’m really excited for this drama. I hope she has amazing chemistry with Joo Won to take away from the fact that they don’t look good together.

    Anyway, I so squeed at the Joo Won stills. He is just too adorable! πŸ˜€

  32. 32 Cathy

    Still wish that they cast a younger female lead … they could have at least tried to narrow the age gap but the hair makes it worse. Hoping that the chemistry will make up for it.

  33. 33 moon_and_hearts

    2 teasers have been released!!

    teaser #1

    teaser # 2

    who’s excited for crazy hot Joo Won!? πŸ˜€

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