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Yawang beefs up its cast, begins production
by | December 7, 2012 | 126 Comments

We’ve got new cast additions to upcoming drama Queen of Ambition (or Yawang), the next installment in the same manhwa series as Daemul. It stars Su Ae as an ambitious woman determined to shed poverty and become the first lady, and Kwon Sang-woo plays the good guy who’s in love with her, and therefore at the mercy of her insatiable ambition. The 24-episode drama has scored a spot on SBS’s January roster, and is set to follow Monday-Tuesday show King of Dramas.

Joining the cast is Yunho (Poseidon), as a younger man in love with Su Ae’s character. He’s described as having an “absolute love” for her, which in melodrama territory usually means bad things. Well, let’s face it — in melodrama territory, everything means bad things. I’m totally meh about Yunho being the second lead, ’cause he’s still hugely lacking in the emotional range department, and I have a hard time picturing him going head-to-head with Su Ae and Kwon Sang-woo.

This news I’m more excited about: Kwon Hyun-sang (Vampire Prosecutor 2), who you’ll either recognize as Red Eyes in Vamp or one of the king’s soldiers in The King 2 Hearts (or not at all, given that he’s still relatively new) has been cast as Kwon Sang-woo’s little bro. They’re not related by blood — they grew up in an orphanage together — but he’s basically the best friend/little bro character. I dig this guy — he’s a good supporting character actor, and he’s got range.

And then there’s Go Jun-hee (The Chaser), who has been cast as Kwon Sang-woo’s love interest… kind of. I guess Kwon Sang-woo’s character has an identical twin hyung, and Go Jun-hee plays the hyung’s girlfriend. Uh, that’s a little confusing. So this is a twin drama? Why is this the first time I’m hearing about the whole twin sub-plot?

The drama will be helmed by PD Jo Young-kwang of 49 Days and writer Lee Hee-myung of Rooftop Prince, and will be the tale of a “fatal love and betrayal,” an “ambition that can’t be stopped,” a conspiracy, and “the destruction and salvation of human existence.” Uh, ambitious much? Guess it’s a running theme, within the drama and out.

Yawang premieres in January on SBS, date pending King of Dramas’ possible extension.

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126 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ladymoxie

    OMG!!! Su-ae in a comeback drama! I really, really, REALLY love her!

    • 1.1 ladymoxie

      And Go Jun-hee (ahhh those long legs!) I’ve seen her in some of her projects (like Uhm Tae-woong’s girlfriend in Architecture 101) but the first thing that pops up is always What’s Up, Fox. She was using a different name (Kim Eun Joo although her character is Go Jun-hee).

      • 1.1.1 zsa

        this is a neutral question…ok,,,I’ve seen her in WUF and I’m pretty sure she has had a nose job, right?…her nose is much smaller now, and she looks great….

    • 1.2 Korazy Lady

      I love love love Su Ae! She’s my favorite actress. I hope it’s not going to be another heartbreaking melo like A Thousand Days Promise (although her acting was fabulous in that)

    • 1.3 Jo

      Didn’t Kwon Sang woo already do a twin drama thing…or am I being confused?
      Sigh….I don’t think I’ll ever watch melos again. They just don’t make any sense to me. Sorry “I miss you”. You were amazing and believable when you were children, but as adults, you guys are so………annoying and unreasonable. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. shiku

    I hope Yunho had acting lessons after Poseidon or he will seriously stick out as he is surrounded by people who can seriously act.

    • 2.1 nomu nomu nomu

      In case there is anyone who think people are exaggerating in the comments, I’ll pull a couple of random quotes from the actual Poseidon episode recap. (you really can’t tell what his expression is suppose to be)

      *(Eun-Chul is played by Yunho)

      “I think Eun-chul is supposed to look fierce, or jealous, or challenging, he just kind of looks sleepy to me. C’mon dude, Sun-woo can’t manage a glare-off all on his own.”

      “Eun-chul hears the news and can’t believe it. It sends him to the shooting range of broody moments, where he works out some of his…aggression? Frustration? Latent bromantical feelings Sun-woo-ward?”

      I could find more examples, but you get the picture. But apparently Yunho and his agency doesn’t.

      • 2.1.1 Opal

        Yunho as the second lead?.. The news turned off my interest of this drama a bit, he can’t act.

        • HaibaraChristie

          I’m a DBSK fan and even I hate Yunho’s acting. Please let this not happen.

          • dbsklove

            i second that…. please.
            kpop and dramas should be separated
            famous kpop star ≠ good acting
            but <3 DBSK

        • Bengbeng

          Me too =(. I tried watching No limit or Heading to bare ground because of it’s second lead Lee Sang Yun, who i loved so much. But i can’t get past the first 30 minutes of the first episode. I can’t stand Yunho’s facial expressions. He needs to control them, it’s either overacting or no acting at all. Too bad for LSY, so i decided to watch other LSY dramas instead.

          Poseidon? i didn’t even tried watching the first episode because of him Yuhno again. I don’t know why i can’t stand him acting when i love him singing? oh well…, i hope the producers will eventually change their minds.

    • 2.2 maldita

      He’s been in 2 musicals since then, so I really do hope he’s improved.

      And I love how my fellow diehard Yunho fans are so not delusional about his talent (or weakness) in acting. At the very least, we’re just hoping for many shower scenes.

      • 2.2.1 cici_nomaden

        LOL @ “We’re just hoping for many shower scenes” THAT pretty much sums up his acting skills then, huh?

      • 2.2.2 Rory

        He’s only been in one musical since Poseidon and even in that–he was only in 2 showings total, so I’m pretty sure it’s not going to help his acting in any way.

  3. malta

    …oh no, I see Lee Duk Hwa. I currently am in hate with him because of May Queen. haha.

    I’m interested to see what Su Ae does with this role. I loved Daemul and the Kwon Sang Woo and Go Hyun Jung pairing so we will see how this goes. Go Hyun Jung’s shoes are large ones to fill. I hate being skeptical towards Su Ae because I love her as an actress. I wonder how they will style her. Go Hyun just naturally looks regal and matronly (in a really good way), like someone who could hold a lot of power…I’m so curious how Su Ae is going to approach this. I want to like it sooooooo bad. Please, please be good drama. 🙂

    Also Cha In Pyo was just awesome as Tae San…Is he back for this installment? I need to rewatch Daemul to get ready for this!

    • 3.1 Korazy Lady

      I was really surprised to see her with short hair. I hope this isn’t another drama that I look forward to for the actors (SA, KSW) only to have it be disappointing. (Yes, Big, I’m thinking of you. And I Miss You, too – YEH, I’m still looking for another role to enjoy you in!)

      • 3.1.1 lovelyday

        Just wondering, why have you been disappointed in Missing You (that’s the official title given by mbc btw)? I think YEH has been great in it, so are the other leads. And I’m thoroughly hooked by the drama, it’s been great for me so far. I think it’s just one of those dramas that you absolutely love or just can’t give a shit about? Idk… But I love how emotionally invested I am in the show, I’m dying to see how they all conquer their demons and forgive themselves.

        • Ms.Simone

          Ditto. Missing You is one of those dramas. I have never seen people write up so much thesis on a drama, as I have seen for MY. People playing CSI and detective, trying to solve the murder cases and at the same time experiencing a gamut of emotions from laughter to full out sobbing over a drama. I am enjoying the drama, and I think all the leads have been amazing in their roles.

  4. Annie

    No second lead syndrome for me, then.

    • 4.1 almea

      LOL… That’s a perfect example of seeing the glass half-full.

    • 4.2 Hagar

      LOL me too.

    • 4.3 huiting

      hahaha IA. me too.

    • 4.4 Ada

      LOL..not for me either

    • 4.5 Sadie

      LOL I agree

  5. cg

    yay for kwon hyun sung….really liked him in the king 2 hearts 🙂

    as for the drama, I like Soo Ae but this show sounds so serious and all that revenge and conspiracy type….so….not interested much..

  6. Hagar

    I’ll watch this for Kwon Hyun-sang. This boy is so fine.

  7. dramarama

    good lord! yunho can barely handle a cameo in an action series and now he’s taking on a melo and facing off against kwon sang woo and su-ae?!

    the guy has the looks alright, but he can barely act (cardboard/ one emotion face typical of sm’s idol actors) no matter in which production he’s put in. and now he’s facing off against industry giants in one of the hardest genres to do… i really hope he’s gone through a really good acting school since his previous drama fiascoes…

    • 7.1 hana

      would acting school really help though ?
      …. we see some people who have been acting for years but show no real improvement .

      • 7.1.1 dramarama

        well, i’m hoping it would help…

        but honestly yunho is like known to be one of the worst if not THE worst idol “actor” there is…

        and it’s not just in dramas, even his musical acting gets panned and most of the critiques are from the industry and even fans (not diehard stans tho. lolz)

        • maldita

          I dunno about the worst out there, ’cause I still think Kim Hyunjoong’s worse than Yunho.

          Yeah, I went there. Sorry, KHJ stans.

          • Annie

            Yunho actually looks like he’s trying so I guess he has the edge over Kim Hyun Joong.

            It makes me cry that KHJ can sustain an acting career.

          • Jackie


        • hana

          what does Yunho think/feel about acting in general ?
          I mean is he into making it part of his career and really working on improving himself , or is he giving the usual ” I love any job I’m given” response some idols say when asked ?

          • dramarama

            i think i read somewhere that he really wants to act, the problem is good acting seems to be allergic to him tho…

            *i’m being mean, i’m sorry, bu it really seems that way X(

    • 7.2 Sadie

      He’s not even good looking and looks much older than his age.

      • 7.2.1 Hmm

        Little harsher than necessary maybe? I agree that he can’t act to save his life, but that doesn’t mean you have to bash him.

        • Rory

          Saying someone looks older than their age is bashing? I don’t think OP was bashing Yunho, she just doesn’t find him attractive and thinks he looks old. It’s okay to not find someone to be attractive…

          • Mell


            OK Rory. I’m sure if some random person on the internet were to see a picture of you and say, “She is not even good looking and looks much older than her age”, you won’t take offense.

            Before you twist my comment no one is saying he is an Adonis (he isn’t to me either) but I’m not calling him ugly and pretending to be “nice and civil” about it. She was bashing, plain and simple.

  8. milkmustache

    I didn’t even know that Yunho had acted before ._. What dramas was he in?

    • 8.1 Shortiesss

      Yunho was the lead in Heading to the Ground (it was a super horrible drama…and not just because of the bad acting LOL) and he made a cameo appearance in Poseidon last year.

      I really hope he has improved since then because it’s just awkward to watch him onscreen….and I’m a DBSK fan! haha

      • 8.1.1 dramarama

        lolz… heading to the ground literally headed to the ground X(

        • maldita

          Seriously, the only redeeming quality of that drama was that Yunho looked so ridiculously good at that time. Hair, face, and body were so on point then. I just literally stared at him all through that horrible drama.

          • Ada

            You must be a hardcore fan of him.. but honestly not even his “good looks” can save him, alot of his own fans dropped to watch that drama.

          • Shortiesss

            I’m with you! Yunho looked so good during that drama so I just caught cuts of scenes here and there….the storyline made no sense at all though so I couldn’t sit through whole episodes at a time >.<

          • Ada

            I mean “can’t save him”

    • 8.2 dbsklove

      okay i really honestly find this weird…. im normally a pretty picky person about dramas and stop watching when i get bored… but HTTG was enjoyable for me
      tis strange.

  9. hawaiianseoul


    oh god.

    I’m too scared to even read this.

    • 9.1 broomhilda

      is he really that bad? seriously…?

      • 9.1.1 mishiro_san

        yes he is.

      • 9.1.2 Prada

        I watched his drama HTTG, where he is the main lead…the most horrible drama I ever watched 😡
        And In Poseidon he just showed stiff acting.

  10. 10 jc

    Why do I feel like Yunho is the idol shoved in for popularity…

    • 10.1 Annie

      Because he is. That’s the simple truth. How else could one explain casting someone who not only isn’t considered a decent/promising actor but is also considered particularly terrible, even for a idol? That’s pretty damning.

      To be fair though, Kwon Sang Woo isn’t exactly the most talented thespian around and Soo Ae’s style is so calculated and controlled that I’ve never warmed up to her. I’ll still be tuning in though, if only for the makjang lulz.

    • 10.2 maldita

      He was obviously cast because having him in the drama guarantees the drama is sold in many Asian countries, including Japan, which will take in lots of money, regardless of ratings. Besides, the fact that Yunho has so many fans in Japan and can easily promote the drama there all by himself in fluent Japanese is very big plus for the production team.

      And I say this as a huge, diehard Yunho fan.

  11. 11 addylovesbwood

    I don’t know any of the actors here but they all look beautiful so I’m sure it’ll be worth watching plus its only 24 episodes.

    I don’t know why King of Dramas needs an extension.

    why isn’t anyone talking about I miss you getting an extention. Were halfway thru it already. I want more episodes.

    • 11.1 nakai

      I’m not sure I get you. King of Dramas is being mentioned because Yawang is supposed to take over KOD’s timeslot. What has this got to do with ‘I Miss You’ ?

  12. 12 Lovebug

    Ok I am interested in this one! I am new (and somewhat obsessed) fan of TVXQ and have never seen Yunho act. I have heard he is pretty bad but I am curious to see it for myself. The plot sounds interestingish. Willing to take a look.

  13. 13 papermoon

    I like KSW & SA…but Yunho, oh Yunho…he was pretty bad in his cameo in “Poseidon”. He was so wooden and lacked any emotions. Not trying to be mean, but he should stick to what he does best, dancing and singing.

  14. 14 Betty

    I am wondering what kind of situation the writer will imagine to show off Kwon Sang-woo abs in this drama since it’s kind of his trademark… not that I am complaining because they are worth being looked at, it’s just that sometimes the abs are nowhere near related to the storyline, like the actress would say “can you bring me a glass of water” and his character would reply “ok but before I MUST take my shirt off” lol

    • 14.1 mary


      If dramas can have only 1 logic fail per episode, let it be this, ye Kdrama Gods.

      Spare us from I-have-come-too-far-to-stop-now or I-will-propose-to-you-and-you-will-hopefully-like-me-instead-of-the-guy-you’re-currently-happy-with type of logic jumps.

    • 14.2 hana

      just have him taking a Shower all emotional and thinking .. then come out and wipe the mirror and stare … it would work for any drama .

  15. 15 huiting


    but yunho, please do good. JE BAL!

  16. 16 crazedlu

    yay! for kwon hyun-sang.

    as for yunho, it should be criminal to cast him in any production. the dude seems like a genuinely nice guy.. but furreals… he ain’t no actor.

    besides that, su ae’s projects have been eyerollingly infuriating. taking a pass on this. and hoping kwon hyun-sang scores some awesome roles in the future.

  17. 17 bebeswtz

    Su Ae unni and Kwon Sang Woo oppa are awesome =) But….. “Daemul” redux WITH YUNHO??? I dunno….

  18. 18 toritorisan

    This drama is definitely on my radar as I love both of the leads! But, not so sure about the PD – for me, both 49 Days and Rooftop Prince where good dramas, but I wasn’t too thrilled with the endings… Hopefully even though this is a melodrama it will have a good ending.

  19. 19 Ada

    Korean Netizen’s comments is all about how bad is Yunho’s acting

    1. [+492, -84] Yunho-ya… You do not belong there

    2. [+311, -64] What is Jung Yunho doing there? He’s an expert on bad acting

    3. [+245, -63] Next to all of those actors, he’s not that handsome… He should just stick to acting.

    4. [+125, -35] Yunho’s the last spoon placed on top of an already set table

    5. [+76, -27] Yunho… What’re you doing there?

    Credit: NetizenBuzz

  20. 20 Aya

    there’s a lot of pressed people here

    • 20.1 gala

      Cause they recognize that in two projects yunho had done, there was no improvement whatsoever?!

    • 20.2 Sadie

      You sound pressed. The others are just being candid but pressed people can’t handle the truth.

    • 20.3 jomo

      What does “pressed” mean in this context?

      • 20.3.1 KANGly

        @jomo, I was going to ask that too!

  21. 21 hpn88

    With that description, even for the love of Su-ae I will not put myself through this. I’ve had enough makjang melodrama recently. Bring on my rom-coms

    • 21.1 Mystisith

      I’m behind you: A genre I not particularly love (we are in overdose producers!) + story which has me snoozing already and a case of headdesking casting = I’m hopping in the next green pasture.

  22. 22 Fab

    For the love of Su Ae. And the King 2 Hearts reference, and for the emotions of KSW. Bring on the makjang. (:

  23. 23 SeoHaSeurri_22

    Call me damn shit, but whenever you guys bash about Yunho’s acting skill deficiency, my heart seems to break for him… :,(( Although I’m not an actress (just hoping hehe) but I can feel that it’s not that easy to act in a drama series… It’s not easy to portray emotions in front of the camera, to say your lines perfectly, to attain a different different from your real persona… In other words, it’s not easy to become an ACTOR…

    Maybe Yunho is too much conscious on his moves while acting, maybe because he knows that everyone with “eagle eyes” is watching at him, thus exaggerating his acting most of the time… But I know in myself that there would be always a room for improvement… I know that Yunho will improve his acting, even just 1% improvement, i would be happy for that… :))

    Yunho… do your best this time ok?? 😀

    • 23.1 dramarama

      hmm… i don’t really think it’s bashing so much as stating a fact.

      it’s like one of those k-celeb facts/ open secrets that everybody acknowledges… yunho can’t act, yet he still gets cast in these productions. kinda makes you wonder just what goes on behind the scenes.

      and i don’t really think his acting is exaggerated. it’s more that he’s too conscious of the image that sm has boxed him in that he can’t lose himself in the character that he’s supposed to be playing.

      it’s like you know you’re supposed to get all these emotions from his character but instead you just draw a blank, because instead of feeling just the emotions its like his thinking is “how will my image portray this character.” so its like two warring sides coming to a stalemate, and it shows on camera as a wooden block with an expressionless face. he seriously only has one face and one delivery method and he’s just really really painful to watch in a drama.

      but i really hope he improves tho…

  24. 24 canxi

    That first pic of Kwon Hyun Sang is hitting all the right notes for me. I like him too. Love me a cutie with range!

    Also, yay! Go Jun Hee! She’s been doing a lot of photoshoots and I was literally asking myself why she wasn’t in another drama already. She’s really good and she’s cute too.

  25. 25 sonomix

    I love yunho, but as soon as I saw his picture here, my interest in this drama dropped about 200 points. he’s so painful to watch… why can’t he stick to dancing and singing??

  26. 26 PG

    PPL is he that bad??? or r u guys just giving off this vibe cuz he is an idol???

    • 26.1 Ada

      Alot of his own fans didn’t finish to watch his drama Heading to the Ground.. That says alot!

    • 26.2 Lotus_Blossom

      I watched the first few episodes of HTTG. I seriously had so much secondhand embarrassment for him.

    • 26.3 Rory

      Go watch the first episode of Heading the the Ground or his cameo in Poseidon and see for yourself.

  27. 27 jomo

    I like Go Jun-hee a lot – her speaking voice and delivery are unique, and she is beautiful.

    Red eyes, I LOVE with all my heart. He played such completely different roles from K2H to VP2. Impressively so.

    If Yunho is really that bad, I need to see some of this.

  28. 28 Lilian

    Doesn’t sound interesting….but the two leads can definitely do melo. Not too sure about the remaining cast though…

  29. 29 Khrisstyne

    I love Kwon sang-woo ever since I watched 71: Into the fire.. *sigh* cried my eyes OUT. I haven’t watched him in other dramas/movies, but I will.

    But the real reason I am interested is because of Kwon Hyun-sang. He’s a good actor and I am happy I get to see him in more drama’s. And the recent movie he’s in: “Don’t cry mommy”. So, when I heard he signed on for this drama I was happy.

    BUT Yunho, OMG. How can casting directors continue to give this man roles and the second lead at that???!!

    I also absolutely adore Go Jun Hee. I’m currently watching her on 12 signs of love/12 men in a year.

    • 29.1 canxi

      From what I hear about Yunho, even from his fans, I wonder if these drama people actually hold auditions for these roles or if they just toss out out offers to pretty faces.

      I heard he’s some kind of happy go lucky hockey player in this drama though, so I guess he’s supposed to be the comic-relief/noona killer/fell in love for the first time boy thrown in for smiles & aww’s. Except it’ll be urrrgs! and aaaahs! because he sucks?

      • 29.1.1 Mystisith

        I have a feeling they don’t do much camera tests and classical selection with actors put in competition for the part. They send the contract to A and if not available to B, then C etc… Heck, sometime people are hired the day before for the day after. Except the script reading session, no much preparation or rehearsals for the actors either.

  30. 30 Gigi

    It’s a wonder how they still cast Yunho in to semi-leading roles. No offence, but that boy can’t act to save his life. He really should just stick to dancing.

    I will at least try this for Su Ae though.

  31. 31 exquisitemelody

    KSW with 49 Days and RTP? Count me in!!

  32. 32 Rianne

    Let’s not be judgemental here. Maybe Yunho’s acting was horrible and whatsoever but that was “BEFORE”. Let’s just look forward for this drama and critic it after we watch his acting on this show, if he improved or not.

  33. 33 Thalia

    yo PPL, stop speaking badly about YUNHO, kay!!! geez~


  34. 34 Noons

    Sm has been putting their artiste in sbs drama throughout the whole year and sbs has a rather poor performance this year

  35. 35 areen

    poor yunho … i’m sure he’s aware that people criticise his acting but he’s not someone who gives up easily. so i’m gonna give him one more chance and pray, hope and wish that he will improve

    • 35.1 Mell

      It is because you are a fan and not because he is aware about his acting. All idols turned actors try “really hard” but it doesn’t always work now does it?

  36. 36 sheils

    geez…so much YH hate here…it’s one thing to state a fact, but when every other person decides to do so, it’s obviously no longer necessary and is considered bashing.

    anyways, as a YH fan, I don’t think his acting is great, but I enjoyed a few of the smaller projects he’s done like in:

    Before You Go MV (drama version)
    Part 1: http://youtu.be/LIkHOl645_0
    Part 2: http://youtu.be/QY9EsuPWHp0

    Goodbye My Love MV

    • 36.1 Gigi

      “So much YH hate here… it’s one thing to state a fact, but when every other person decides to do so, it’s obviously no longer necessary and is considered bashing.”

      First, just because the majority here states he has poor acting skills does not equate to bashing. It’s not personal. We just don’t think he has what it takes to be an actor. (If you want to see what real bashing is like, go to the Level 7 Civil Servant post where Choi Kang Hee is confirmed to be female lead. Posters are brutal.)

      Second, although many of us think he’s not suited for acting, it doesn’t mean we hate him.

      • 36.1.1 sheils

        bashing doesn’t necessarily mean it’s personal…it’s just when you say negative stuff about someone and it makes others look down on that person as well….I’m not saying everyone here is doing that, but there are definately several that are…and of course there are different levels of bashing so no need to compare to anyone else…..also, you don’t have to hate someone to bash them…it could very well just be saying a mean statement about someone for the sake of it rather than a form of constructive criticism or “stating a fact” like some people are using as an excuse for what they’re doing.

        for example, someone could be extremely fat, but do we all gang up on that person and say that about them?….it’s freedom of speech, but doesn’t make it a nice thing to do…that’s all I was pointing out…so no need to get defensive.

        • Gigi

          Lol not really being defensive, but I really just don’t see how saying someone “can’t act” is bashing. I see the fat situation as being inappropriate, but this is a whole different matter. We’re talking about casting in a drama right now. In dramas, people act. Therefore, whether or not someone is capable of acting is quite important, is it not?

          • sheils

            mm…I think you have selective reading…trust me, there’s alot more being said than “he can’t act”…cuz that I wouldn’t mind…ppl are entitled to their opinions…when it goes overboard tho and turns to just plain mean, then that’s where it’s categorized as bashing.

            I don’t see how the fat situation is inappropriate and how making fun of someone’s inability to act is appropriate….again, I’m not saying everyone’s doing it, but if you read carefully, many are.

            comments such as: “it’s criminal to cast him”, “hate his acting”, “worst idol actor there is”, “really really painful to watch”, “yunho – cringe”, etc. are over the top in my opinion…and like I said, freedom of speech? – yes, but merely stating facts/sharing a constructive criticism? – definately not.

          • Gigi

            ““It’s criminal to cast him”, “hate his acting”, “worst idol actor there is”, “really really painful to watch”, “yunho – cringe”, etc. are over the top in my opinion.”

            Huh, I see those as alternative ways to comment on his subpar acting skills. You don’t really expect everyone to express their opinion on his acting skills in the same exact fashion, do you. Not everyone is going to sugarcoat their words, but just because someone is straight-forward with their comments (e.g. “He is painful to watch”) isn’t bashing/rude considering the context. We’re not criticizing his acting for fun, we’re criticizing it because he just got a prominent role in an actual drama. Though, if you still consider that bashing, then so be it. Personally though, I think you’re a bit too sensitive.

          • sheils

            lol…”alternative ways of saying something” is a very nice way of putting it I guess….let’s be honest here….how you say something can totally change the meaning and intent behind your words….if you want to pretend that everyone here is just merely sharing an opinion or stating a fact with no ill intent at all, then so be it…but I think you’re being in denial….and yes, there ARE people saying it to make fun…ex: “I won’t have second lead syndrome” and many people laughing afterwards….I just choose to be realistic and point it out….that’s all….the fact that you’re still being defensive about it and trying to prove me wrong shows how sensitive YOU are.

        • hearty

          So you mean that Yunho inability is the same as someone who is overweight?? and to quote you:
          “I don’t see how the fat situation is inappropriate and how making fun of someone’s inability to act is appropriate”

          You admit Yunho have inability to act.. And people will not criticize him if he is not taking a role in drama or any major acting works. He can be an actor in all dbsk fun project but when he step into professional works, be ready to be criticize.

          And btw, mind the languages? the term will be ‘overweight’, just like the better term in ‘inability to act’ not just in your words ‘bad acting’

          (and let’s see how you will manage to miss my point in here like you did with Gigi)

          • sheils

            what I meant is that belittling/making fun of someone’s inability to do anything or something they aren’t great at but are trying to do well is mean..so I’m comparing that to someone that is trying their hardest to lose weight but is having difficulty doing so and people are getting on their case for it……constructive crticism is fine, but like I said, bashing is not.

            I personally never said he has an inability to act….I said, that’s what some people think, and that’s okay…it’s how some people are expressing it that I don’t agree with.

            actually, artists get criticized all the time for anything….he even gets criticized for what he’s good at….like I said, it’s not the criticism that is wrong per se…it’s how people say it that shows their true intentions.

            what do you mean by “professional works”?….lol….acting in a Music Video or Musical is still acting….just because it’s not a long drama, doesn’t make it any less of an art form that is “worthy” of being judged.

            perhaps YOU’RE the one that missed my point and not the other way around.

          • Gigi

            Thank you.

          • Mell

            Did you just compare a drama with a music video? Not the same at all. I get it now. Sad little thing you are.

            YOUR pathetic manner of being doesn’t reflect on Yunho as a person. I just think YOU are being laughable right now.

    • 36.2 Betty

      I don’t have anything against Yunho since I don’t know him but I just wanted to say that if every other person was saying that he is the best actor on the face of the universe you wouldn’t think that it’s bashing and you wouldn’t tell that those coments are no longer necessery… we are entiltled to voice our opinions as long as it’s not hateful even if it’s repetitive…

      • 36.2.1 sheils

        I actually don’t get the point you’re trying to make…lol…of course praising someone and saying nice things about them doesn’t equate to bashing…and I never said you aren’t entitled to voice your opinion….but if you actually read alot of the stuff ppl are saying and the way they’re saying it, it’s definately hateful……am only directing my comment to those people and not peole that are merely giving constructive criticism or saying YH should stick to singing and dancing/needs to improve.

        • Betty

          You are not getting the point because you don’t want to but it’s ok lol

          • sheils

            the pot calling the kettle black=P

          • blueskies

            Just ignore her, she’s obviously a butthurt fan who can’t understand that not liking someone and being underwhelmed by their lack of acting skills is not hating.

          • sheils

            @blueskies: lol…you’re the ones that are butthurt that YH keeps getting cast in shows despite you HATING on him and saying mean things….haha…too bad for you=P As for me, I’m a happy fan and looking forward to watching his drama=)

    • 36.3 Rory

      Are we supposed to praise him because he’s in MVs where there is no talking required and he still manages to look wooden and constipated at the same time?

      • 36.3.1 sheils

        lol…nope….not bashing someone does not = having to praise someone….I think you’re smart enough to know that logic…..and there was talking in the MV actually, so that just proves to me that you didn’t actually watch it and made a judgement on him based only on your unfair biasness against him and your willingness to be mean.

    • 36.4 :p

      Wow! Yes yunho is such a good actor, good damn great actor that i can’t even finished to watch HTTG LOL

      • 36.4.1 sheils

        @:p: lol…*high-5*…ya, I know right?…it was so good that you were butthurt and decided not to finish watching cuz you know that it’ll just mean that YH will be cast in even more dramas after his first one…too bad you missed out=D

  37. 37 Sajen

    love Su Ae and Go Jun-hee, who I personally think is the most under-rated actress not just in Korea but all of Asia, also I really liked Daemul so I might give this a shot.

  38. 38 Mar

    Yikes. I’m so conflicted here. Leads, yes. Red eyes, hell yes. Melo, cringe. Yunho, cringe.

  39. 39 KStyle

    I am in full support of this show, the cast and hopefully the storyline ( hint hint writers, dont fail us!)

    Yes for smexy Kwon Hyun-sang from Vampire Prosecutor, he was so smokin Hawt as the Red Eyes. Love love love his career choices!

    Su Ae: ’nuff said!!!

    Kwon Sang-woo: an old favorite, you had me at Stairway to Heaven ( or as I like to call it Stairways to Half Crazy House)

    Go Jun- hee: Loved loved loved in Twelve Men in A Year, so YaY I get to see you do your thang, I approve!!!

    I’m so excited for 2013 and Kang Dong Won just got out of jail err I mean military, too.

    Can we say time for a Kdrama celebration party, Hecks Yea!!!

  40. 40 Lan

    lol. In reply to all the Yunho things. My entire tumblr/t-list is filled with Yunho fans, I am one, and at the news hew as cast as a major character in a drama, we all went “…oh shit wtf. …can we take the painkillers now, please?” I mean, yes, of course, as lovers of him we are happy he gets press, but at the same time it’s a bit of “wince. wince. ouch. yunho. wince.” in terms of his acting. And we’re his FANS. It’s not bashing to say he just has not had any good acting before, because as many people commenting have seen, he just hasn’t. It’s, sadly, the truth. But as a fangirl, of course we have hopes he has improved. Who wouldn’t? LOL. So saying people are hating isn’t exactly accurate. It’s just…unbiased judgment.

    (That said, Changmin was a fairly bad actor, too, and he’s gotten great reviews from actual legitimate critics in his recent Japanese movie so…clinging on to hope beyond hope?)

    In general though, this drama just sounds…depressing. Oh god another makjang to avoid. With all this “fatal love and betrayal,” an “ambition that can’t be stopped,” a conspiracy, and “the destruction and salvation of human existence”…I don’t think my poor heart can take it.

    • 40.1 sica

      It wasn’t Yunho’s acticting that was critizied but the drama itself and it’s ridiculous plot. The only reason why people were watching that drama was Yunho presence in it.
      How many people who are saing how bad Yunho was in HTTG have actually seen the drama? I haven’t met such a person yet. The only Yunho fans who reacted as you said are TV5Q fans aka Yunjae fans and they dont even bother to watch HTTG and it is from the same reason BUG music video has the least views out of all TVXQ vids – GO ARA – forever rumored Yunho’s girlfriend. Everyone knows he is most likely dating her and it cause so much jealousy and hatred among stupid people. It would be nice if fangirls could just stop being so butthurt over her.
      I’m not against critic but it has to reasonable. If you want to criticize his acting you have to see it first.

    • 40.2 sheils

      @Lan: to say doing something is okay just cuz “everyone” is doing it, is silly…..if your tumbler list started jumping off a bridge, would you do it too cuz it would surely mean that it’s a good decision?…lol…of course not.

      many YH fans might be “cringing/wincing,etc” (as you so gladly pointed out) at his new acting project, but I also know just as many YH fans that are excited and can’t wait….the fact that you say he has had absolutely no good acting before is your opinion and is not a fact or the truth….I would say that many people here are biased against YH (they don’t take into consideration at all that the script was really really bad in HTTG like sica mentioned, or that his scheduel is like no other and hasn’t had as much time to improve and work on the art of acting, or that the producers/director cud be casting him only for popularity and to sell the show overseas hence not putting much effort in teaching/giving him proper guidance in his role, etc)….the only reason you say they are unbiased is because you happen to agree with the majority.

      again, it’s not criticism that is necessarily bad, but it’s how you say it and express yourself….choice of words and the way someone states those words can change the entirety of what it means and the person’s intent behind saying them.

      • 40.2.1 Mell

        So you make a million excuses for him and not once does his own recognition of his limitations make HIM responsible? He could take smaller roles until he is ready and yet he is picking roles too big for him but somehow it is everyone else’s fault….hmm…Funny because a lot of other actor-dols don’t get such mercy but I guess being a fan excuses everything.

  41. 41 justcommenting

    Same title same plot same cast? Why did Kwon Sang-woo take this???

  42. 42 Ms Yawn

    Yay!!!!! KSW is back!!

  43. 43 tenchuu

    This is gonna be the best drama of 2013!!

  44. 44 BBSJ

    I love all the hatred and mocking towards Jung Yunho, because all these are the key drive for his improvement.

    Yunho, wish you good luck in the drama.

    Just enjoy the acting and learn from the male and female leads.

  45. 45 ASLK

    Will there be a recap for Yawang? I’d love to see what the DB writers have to say about it 😀

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