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Yoo Seung-ho to enlist early in the new year
by | December 20, 2012 | 144 Comments

girlfriday: So… get ready to cry. Yoo Seung-ho announced that he’s enlisting in the army early next year, right after his current show I Miss You is over. But! He’s so widdle!

javabeans: Although in the scheme of things this is really a more “normal” age for someone to go.

girlfriday: Yes, true. It’s actually when all his peers would go — other 19- or 20-year olds, either right out of high school or in the middle of college.

javabeans: Really, this is smart of him; you see the guys dragging it out to the last minute and it’s just bad all around. Especially if you get yanked off mid-drama and they have to cut episodes and hire a body double for you.

girlfriday: What do you mean? That was totally believable. It fit right into the story, just like all the other nonsensical things in that plot.

javabeans: Being bad in a sea of bad does not make you less bad. You just maybe don’t get noticed as much.

girlfriday: Yeah army duty is one of those big sticking points when it comes to celebrities for many reasons, including the constant postponements till the last possible second you have to go. The “I’m going, no really this time” headlines, followed by “No really REALLY” ones aren’t the most graceful.

javabeans: If you consider also that Yoo Seung-ho is a rare case where he hit such superstardom at such a young age and started doing adult roles when he was 17, it’s also a case of: Well, what now?

girlfriday: True, he’s been acting for 12 years already, so despite being young, he’s no newbie.

javabeans: Because dramaland just doesn’t have a niche for headliners his age — you’re a child actor or you’re a leading man (or lady). So instead of looking awkwardly young in adult roles for years, or taking small roles in ensembles to be age-appropriate, you go off and do your time and get your abs.

girlfriday: Heh, it’s like killing your acting-adolescent bird and army-duty bird with one stone, and then you come back from army a man, literally both ways.

javabeans: When you’re back, poof, leading man material without the asterisk reminding you not to lust after jailbait.

girlfriday: What asterisk? There’s an asterisk?

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144 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. snow1081

    OMG you guys are just so adorable!!

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Good points made, JB and GF! And I agree, he is smart to go now, might as well… and get it out of the way.

      • 1.1.1 Kiara

        I do agree and I’m not gonna cry because I think he made a smart choice here. In 2yrs this boy will return as a man.

        • mywhiteyasmin

          Am I become totally inappropriate if I said, I’m kinda waiting for his post army duty’s abs?

          • Kiara

            I’m first in line thank you lol.

        • mywhiteyasmin

          Will I become totally inappropriate if I said, I’m kinda waiting for his post army duty’s abs?

        • a15t3

          agree, i think this is part of the plan or strategy.. it is the best leap to come back and start taking adult mature role. it is just like making a cut for ppl to remember his young sweet boy and become a manly adorable guy. good decision and girls will cry!

  2. Star

    *CRYS* so gonna miss him!!

    but i think he’s making the right decision to go now :)

    • 2.1 Gala

      Same here. I’m actually applauding him. Thing is, he is a talented actor and quite bankable. So no need to worry about him. He, and most of us, knows that he’ll have something to come back to. And I mention this cause I’m pretty sure most actors leaving for army worry about this, and I don’t blame them. (case in point: an idol from super junior who really milked it prior to army departure. I mean, dude it’s just army. Youre not being sent to space!)
      Audience’s taste can change in a whim. You can be hot then 2 years laters you can be forgotten. But YSH should have no problems at all.

      • 2.1.1 maldita

        Ugh. Leeteuk and his whole enlistment will forever piss me off. So many other bigger stars left for the army quietly, yet he spent more than a year whining and crying about it in every freaking interview. Ugh. I liked Leeteuk before and he did a great job as Super Junior’s leader, but he’ll forever piss me off now.

        • sweetcloud

          I’m with you there, I love Super Junior in variety and in concerts but when Leeteuk finally left I thought “about damn time too!”. And stil he manages to keep himself in the spotlight every now and then by sending letters to strong heart and celebrity friends and whatnot. I actually can’t help but be impressed by the strategy from a marketing point of view but really I wish he just did his service quietly and honorably instead of using it as another PR tool.

        • elainestale

          he’s still whining about it IN army. when i heard news about him and his ‘handwritten letter’ to strong heart i was PEEVED OMG. if you are in army. STAY in army.

          • ellipsis123

            Hahaha! I’m an ELF and yet I got so turned off by Leeteuk’s whole drama about his enlistment. Sigh. Sad how some idols are so insecure.

            Guess that’s one of the many reasons I love Heechul — HE didn’t make a fuss about going to the army ’cause he’s not unsure about his footing/status in the entertainment industry.

          • namgil

            Technically, he still is in the army. I don’t get why you’re so pissed about a letter that was addressed to the people who he has been working with for a long time now. He was simply thanking them.

        • lenrasoon

          lol Leeteuk still manage to send news of him every now and then, he doesn’t let go of that entertainment bone, i mean dude let your fans miss you a bit.

          that’s why i’m so gladly surprised of Yoo Seung-ho going so early, i’m sure it’s the best decision for him and his career.

        • OMG

          m with u on this…. i was like come-on….many people go into the army all the time…HELL Ji Hyun Woo confessed his love for Yoo In Na, had a short dating spell, and then had to go into the army….u didn’t see him making such a big deal about it…..this army incident has ruined my image of him….

          • Mic

            The Ji Hyun Woo/Yoo In Na relationship was something out of a drama. 😛

        • allystalls

          I dont think you can blame that on Leetuk! Everyone seems to forget that idols specifically SM idols don’t really get a say in much of their activities – personal and impersonal. (Did we all forget the JYJ/TVXQ court case?) Everyone should be basing their opinion on his talents not on SM’s milking out of his going to the army!

          • maldita

            Please, Leeteuk was milking his enlistment all on his own. Heechul went to the army with hardly any fanfare, and he’s much more popular and higher up in SM than Leeteuk. Besides, Leeteuk’s been in SM for a decade now. He can pretty much do whatever he wants and gets away with it, and he pushed it with his whole whining. His group benefited from it, fans bulk buying their last two albums just because it’s his last album with him.

      • 2.1.2 Mic

        Ugh, Leeteuk took too long to just go away. Seriously. I wanted to punch him. Too much news about him.

        • ?

          Wow, too many articles about him = punching him?
          Makes alot of sense, huh?

          Why don’t you go to the reporters and punch them for making those articles in the first place?

  3. Arhazivory

    *bawls* ……

    *no words*…..


  4. Hooliah

    Awwwww, I am really going to miss him for the next two years. :( However, I do admit that I am looking forward to being able to lust after him with a little less shame (and a little less table-flipping) when he’s back.

  5. bebeswtz

    It feels as if a TON of freakin’ bricks just dropped onto my heart =(((((((((((((((((((((
    But then again, I guess it’s the route that makes the most sense for him to go now

    * goes to a little corner to cry a bucket….. comes back refreshed and starts imagining all the future Yoo Seung Ho post-army photoshoots, CFs, and shirtless drama shower scenes*

  6. ~Feather~

    I haven’t really watched anything he’s in (except for AATM) but I’ve always admired his acting skills. I think I can wait two years. He’ll come back a man, after all. XD I still can’t believe he’s only 2 years older than me.

    • 6.1 Gala

      He was good in God of Study, but Lee Hyun Woo stole the acting spotlight from him, at least from my POV.

      • 6.1.1 bradk

        Same! I hope he gets cast in a new drama soon! Hopefully as the OTP >.<

    • 6.2 Naz

      Warrior Baek Dong So. I loved that series, thats the show that made me a fan of his and Ji Chang Wook.

    • 6.3 anicheung

      I found out about him from the movie 4th Period Murder Mystery. This was way before I even knew any other Korean actors/celebs/idols, and I thought he was a cute kid right off the bat so I kept an eye out for his other works. He did an awesome job as the smart, yet awkward teenage boy helping to solve a murder mystery!

    • 6.4 pogo

      2 years older than you? Then that means you’re one of the few people on here for whom he ISN’T jailbait 😀

      • 6.4.1 ~Feather~

        haha! Yeah, I guess I am lucky. =)
        Although, I’m surprised that there aren’t a lot of people around my age group on this site.
        What’s the average age group here, anyway?

        • Gaeina Lee

          Average group in here? Mid 20. *winks*

  7. Lea


    • 7.1 jomo

      You know, when I heard the news I was thinking that THE MAYANS WERE RIGHT!!!!!!

      !!!!!!!!!!!!! The world has ended !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      but I still think this shows incredible foresight on his part.

  8. ellipsis123

    This is actually a very smart career move for Yoo Seung-ho. *salutes*

  9. Mystisith

    In this case, truly a smart move plus perfect timing. I will miss him a lot but it’s a good idea to go when you’re at that age when casting agents don’t know exactly where to place you. (Not that he didn’t have enough work because of that…).
    He is such a good actor and he has so much aura: He must know than professionals and fans will wait eagerly for his return.
    As for the offending asterisk, I will just say “pffft”. I’d rather tag him like that: ♥♥♥

  10. 10 cherkell


    Yup. It’s just so sudden. This one hurts, asterisk or no asterisk.

    And now I have to go find my Brain Drano to wash away those memories of “Bad Guy” again. Thanks so bloody much! *grumble*

    • 10.1 shel

      I’m right there with you on the brain drano thing. I watched it til the bitter end, but egads!

    • 10.2 Pat

      Brain Drano! so true. I am STLL mad about that mess clogging my memory. I wanted to love it so much.

  11. 11 Orion

    Good decision, I say. The man clearly doesn’t want to act in teen roles and he’s too good for the teen roles usually required anyway. He can go get his abs or at least his time off to grown into adult material. Then he can come back and man-dazzle us.

    He also gets to escape the whole look-how-fast-he’s-growing madness, when all the nunas will be sharpening their nails to pounce on him the minute he’s legal. Plus, young good-looking men are surrounded by vultures during their “best” years.

    Go, little one! Go and become an adult in peace! Then come back and accept the liters of drool we’ll all be producing.

  12. 12 djes

    what asterisk?

    I also thought it’s a smart move, when I read about the news this morning.. Enlist now, and come back soon, with refined abs!

  13. 13 oppas back

    Wise decision!not only people will applaud with his decision he will also serve as a good example to the youth..and when he’s back im allowed to drool all over him..unlike now if you dnt know how old he is ,ogling at his pretty face is not a big deal..but when you know how old he is,it felt like you are a predator salavating over a young blood..hahaha..oh well noonas will be waiting for youuu

  14. 14 greentinted60smind

    He should go while he’s still young and strong. Yes, just get it over and done with!

  15. 15 h0ns

    Noona sad… but noona also happy.. ^^ please comeback a man..

  16. 16 maldita

    This noona was momentarily sad about this news. I mean, I was just starting to finally forget he’s a baby, but now he’ll disappear for 2 years?! Nooooooo! :(

    But still, his career’s a lot more stable than most other actors his age (and older!). He was a popular child star who’s transitioned pretty well to adult roles. Nobody’s forgetting him any time soon. Besides, the time he’ll be back in 2015, people like Lee Minho, Song Joongki, Jung Ilwoo, Jang Geunsuk, Joo Won, Siwon, etc. are all pretty much in the army or leaving for the army. Yoo Seungho will get all the roles those actors woud’ve been offered. SMART BOY IS SMART.

    • 16.1 Mystisith

      “SMART BOY IS SMART.” Indeed!
      In fact I need something to remind me he is not THAT perfect. Just too suspicious all those qualities… :)

    • 16.2 Caitlyn

      Hey yeah, that’s a good point. He can have all of their roles, lol. I’m totally fine with that.

    • 16.3 come2noona

      Exactly what I was thinking! A smart move for sure!

    • 16.4 Ash

      Oh, now that IS a good point. So many of the current younger leading men are ’85-’87; we’ll start losing them in droves (*pauses to go cry in a corner*) just as Yoo Seung-ho is ready to come back, plus army abs and minus jailbait shame. Very smart.

    • 16.5 Russe12

      I can’t really say anything that hasn’t already been said, but yeah, I was trying not to wail at my computer…Ahh, why does he have to be the smart one? Why couldn’t it have been someone else? But I definitely respect his decision. Very smart indeed. *goes off to cry alone*

    • 16.6 ladida

      Oh my god. Folks (ahem, me) are gonna be hella sad when Song Joong Ki leaves for his two years at army. (This is so inappropriate, but every time someone writes “go to army” all I can see is Buster Bluth.)

      Anyway, good luck, Yoo Seung Ho, and we’ll all be waiting for you to come back! Mwah!

    • 16.7 kkongchi

      Oh man, when Lee Minho goes I suspect sales of soju, kleenex (for drying tears), and DVDs of Boys Before Flowers/City Hunter will jump through the roof. Of course, I thought that would happen with Hyun Bin too, and it was like he never left.

  17. 17 Lisa

    Aww… I remember watching him for the first time acting in God of Study : ), so cute <3

  18. 18 whimsicalnet

    thumbs up!! gd for ya!

  19. 19 dewaanifordrama

    He is a smart, smart man…but now no more YSH for two years T T ~ but he will be oh so manly when he returns!

  20. 20 Meeyeong

    This chatting the news thing is beginning to overstay its welcome, but that’s just me. Quality over quantity, anyone?

    • 20.1 Mystisith

      Personally I like the conversation posts! It’s not CNN, it’s a blog by fans for fans, so the light tone fits perfectly.

    • 20.2 canxi

      I agree with Mysti. It’s also a nice way for the two of them to weigh in on a situation together especially when the news is pretty straightforward. I’d rather they do this than go “Well, someone is going off to the army. It’s Yoo Seung Ho. The end.” Because that’s all this really is. I would do the same if I had more than just myself on my blog.

    • 20.3 Caitlyn

      I love their chat posts, they’re fun to read.

    • 20.4 jelcy

      I agree! Especially when it comes to recaps done in conversation format. I’m sorry but I skip over them

      • 20.4.1 Betsy Hp

        When has Dramabeans ever done a recap in convo form? (Because I’d love to go check it out. 😉 )

        • kfangurl

          I think it was the last couple of eps for A Gentleman’s Dignity :)

    • 20.5 lenrasoon

      nah i like it, even when it’s news about someone i don’t care i end up reading if JB and GF uses this chatting format, they’re fun and it’s also good to know their thoughts about a subject ’cause we don’t get to know about it just reading their recaps.

      • 20.5.1 anicheung

        I’m in agreement. Sometimes when you see news, if it doesn’t pertain to something you care about, you automatically skip over it. But whenever I see the conversation posts, I automatically read it just because I like to see the girls giving their opinions together. They’re witty and fun and informational all in the same post. If I wanted to simply read about a short news post, I’d just go to a different news website that gives the standard “This is what’s happening. This is who it’s happening to. Here are some random facts related to this news. The end.”

        Heck, I even purposefully went through this blog to find all the conversation posts I may have missed from the past since I only recently started frequenting Dramabeans. Keep it up girls! This is awesome material.

    • 20.6 pigtookie

      after reading the same news article at least twice on news websites, it’s a fresh welcome.

    • 20.7 AnotherFan

      It’s a welcome for me! So at the very least, our opinions are a wash and have no say in the popularity vote 😉

  21. 21 namu

    ah sad to see such a good one go…. Hope that when he returns he will get some meaty lead roles.

    I heard his current drama I Miss You might get extended four episodes; hopefully he doesn’t get “bad-guy”ed if the extension happens.

  22. 22 hapacalgirl

    When I read about it early this morning I thought it was a smart decision. He is the weird case of someone who has the fame and ability to be an A-list headliner but lacks the age. By going to the army right now, he gets to use the time in the army to get passed this too-old to be a child actor but too-young to be a bonafide male lead stage he currently is in and take care of his enlistment requirement in one go. When he comes back he will be older and will be able to take the the roles that a person with his ability, fame, and veteran actor status should be receiving. Its a bummer that his last drama for 2 years is the melo-dud Miss You (Love the three, much to much crazy and tears for my liking) though.

  23. 23 saranga

    very unexpected, but i too think it’s good for him to go now. i think he’s still struggling to make a successful transition into more mature leading man roles, due to being baby faced, and still fresh in a lot of people’s memories as a cute child actor. he hasn’t had a lot of truly plum adult roles either.

    plus secretly i think his acting needs some work to be considered strong. going away for army duty and being out of the public consciousness for awhile may help the public see him in a new mature light.

    and i think there’s something to be said for going so young as well—not only are your army colleagues around the same age, but he won’t be branded as being suddenly much much older when he comes back. stars like hyun bin and jo in-sung rode their youth and popularity all their way into their late twenties, went to army at 28, 29 years old, and when they came back they’re sort of placed in a certain category. they’re not any less popular, but they’re no longer quite spring chickens either. they just suddenly seem very ajusshi-mature. if YSH goes now, it’s possible that he’d be able to make THAT transition almost invisibly, and get roles that might be offered to younger colleagues otherwise.

    i was also glad when kim hye-sung (the high kick boy) went rather early too, and thought it was a good move for him then too, since he hadn’t much else going on. army duty in general seems to improve most guys anyway (minus those awful buzz cuts. sigh.)

    • 23.1 maldita

      OMG I just realized that Kim Hyesung’s almost done with his military service. Now I’m excited for his comeback. :)

    • 23.2 Peridot

      Yes, I was just thinking about Kim Hye-Seong. He is another actor who went into the army early.

  24. 24 Uhnny

    *standing ovation* A hotter Seung-ho after 2 years. :)

  25. 25 biankoy

    although I know that this is really smart and probably the best way to do it, I still can’t stop bawling “I’ll-miss-you-forever-but-in-this-case-forever’s-just-two-years” tears…

    • 25.1 kfangurl

      LOL! My sentiments exactly!! I was SOOO sad to hear the news, then I came around to the wisdom of his decision. But I still can’t help thinking “TWO WHOLE YEARS??? NOOOO…!!!!”

  26. 26 canxi

    This came out of the blue for me. I was so surprised that my reaction when I first read about this was literally:


    I mean, I really thought I had at least 7 more years before I would have to worry about him leaving. At the same time, I’m really proud of him and glad he’s getting it out of the way. He also expressed how he wants to go into the frontline troops which I think is brave and awesome since I feel a lot of other stars would be all “Ahaha…no.” I mean you do have to go. Might as well get the experience and training the same as all the other non-famous guys even though I know it must be a little terrifying.

    I’m sure he’ll come out stronger after two years, too. He’s really, really talented even compared to those older than him and he’s so gosh-darned handsome! He’s my favorite so I’ll be rooting for him and waiting for him!

    Oh! And lol, I saw you mentioned Kim Nam Gil in this too. Him waiting to enlist I could understand though. I feel like it took him a while to really get popular and he must have wanted to leave after he made a name for himself. It must suck to come back from army duty and have to start over in a way. Sad that it coincided with Bad Guy, though! But I dealt with that,lol.

  27. 27 forgetdeadlines

    Aw man, two years is quite a long wait… :(

    I liked Yoo Seung Ho since God of Study as well and he’s been one of my favorite K-actors since then, especially since we’re the same age.

    Then again, when he gets out of army, my 5-year-torture of a college course will be over too so, double celebration when that time comes at least?

  28. 28 jigglybelly

    My thoughts exactly: “What asterisk? There’s an asterisk?” hahahahaha …

  29. 29 Makoto

    It is first time I know an actor going to army at young age, but then I learn that it is normal age for korean men to go. However I reapect you more for this. Best wishes for you, Yoo Seung Ho.

  30. 30 fdyane

    a really smart move by him! y go when u r already old and came out even older..if he goes now i bet drama people will waiting in line to have him as their leads..imagine the abs and muscles when he got out!

  31. 31 Katherine

    I never knew the “normal” time to go to the army was around the age of 19 – 20. I always assumed you would go when your in your late 20’s, which led me to wonder why actors or singers etc didn’t go when they were younger so they could fulfill their duty as soon as possible and then come back without having to worry down the track about army duty.

    • 31.1 maldita

      Most actors and singers only start out their celeb lives anywhere between their mid-teens and early 20s. When their peers are off starting college or going to the army, their busy kick starting and trying to establish a long-term career. They literally can’t go because they have so many things to do all at the same time.

      Yoo Seungho, on the other hand, started out as a child actor 12 years ago, and has built a fanbase that has watched him grow up. He’s amassed more fans in the past couple of years since he started doing adult roles. His career’s more stable than most celebs his age and older. He can afford to leave for military service early.

  32. 32 Rainerust

    I think it’s smart of him to get it done early. Can’t wait for him to be back in all age-appropriate ways!!

  33. 33 juliesean

    O no!! In a way, I’m glad. When he returns, i can ogle him since he will be age-appropriate by then. HAHA. Wa, I still remember when I first saw him in Legend. I already felt he was gonna be B-I-G and could not wait for him to grow up.

  34. 34 wanne

    So surprised to read this news, but also very excited for his comeback post-army duty.

    Seung ho has done enough high school and age-appropriate roles and he has the charisma and capability to be playing leading man roles but his young looking face and his age definitely get in the way.

    it’s really a smart decision for him to enlist now. Not only Korean citizens will have high respect and favorable impression on him, he’s popular enough that people will anticipate his return, he will be back still young and by that time, he’s also already suitable age-wise to go into adult roles.

    In Missing You, he has this really intense stare and manly aura. I’m so excited for when he will completely turn into a man 2 years from now and we won’t feel too bad to go gaga over him lol

  35. 35 Dorotka

    Good decision. He already has a fanbase ;–) and the army not only gives the abs, but the maturity he needs. Nice transition between his kids’ roles and the adult ones.
    But… will miss him on my screen :–)

  36. 36 piggy68gal

    A smart move on his part! He is really at the right age to enlist. And it is better to enlist in the army early rather than worry about it later on, when he is much older… :)

  37. 37 blokkoms

    My head knows that it’s a good decision, but my heart… T_T

    • 37.1 kfangurl

      I know, me too!! Super mixed feelings about this, even though I know he’s being really smart about it

  38. 38 sweetcloud

    It will probably be a better experience for him too, going at this age, he will meet friends to go through the training. It must feel awkward for almost-thirty celebrities to join a troop of trainees almost a decade younger, and being the hyung while having to be treated the same way as everyone else. Although that might be part of the humbling process too. But I think it will be easier for him to fit in at least, despite the celebrity status.

  39. 39 popsital

    I remember him being on Strong Heart quite a while ago and he was talking about how his dad and grandfather were in the Marines and how he wan’t to follow in their footsteps. Being in the Marines is notoriously hard and lol I remember a senior actor was like to him ‘Don’t say things you’ll regret in the future O___O’ . I’m very glad he’s decided to enlist as a regular soldier instead of an entertainment one and hopefully he’ll fulfill his wish of becoming a Marine!

  40. 40 Steph

    Why doesn’t everybody do that??? I wish joong ki did that rather than being a music bank host and so that we can love him without worrying about army heartbreak. Why do they have to steal our hearts and then go for army -.-

  41. 41 Lilian

    wow! really shocked by this news since he is really young. He must be one of the youngest celebrities to enlist. I think with his talent it doesn’t matter when he goes. When he is back, I will probably still admire him as an actor…maybe even more!

  42. 42 Suzi Q

    Smart Move! Although he’s young, I think he’s got his head on straight in the right place.He’s starting to get too old to play teeny bopper roles, and his baby face makes him look too young to play mature roles so he’s kind of stuck at this point.

    Two years in the military at his young age will be a piece of cake,and he’ll come out with killer ABS!He’s One of my fave!

    It’s ironic and sad that his last drama before he leaves is named ” I Miss You”. We will. I wish him the best…

  43. 43 Miranti

    Smart decision. Well I think after he’s back from the military, years that pass can do either bad or good thing in his career, though. But actually this is new, so I just hope he’ll fulfil his duty well and comeback straight after.

  44. 44 Gaeina Lee

    TT_TT ..Noona will be waiting anxiously for your return dear.. TT_TT
    Oh, you’ll be legal by then.. ^ ‿ ^

  45. 45 Msb

    For him, this is actually a good thing! He had been on so many projects and when he comes back, some of the other big stars will be going and he is such an old soul, it totally makes sense! Not watching IMY until next year so I will appreciate his role more when I do.

  46. 46 Bengbeng

    i think it’s a good move for him. Imagine, actors getting teen roles when they are much older than him, while YSH just keeps getting older and older roles.

    Don’t worry YSH, we will still be here when you return from army. I for one will be one of those who will be happy with the asterisk, hahahaah =)

  47. 47 kaye

    A very smart move indeed. We await the debut of his abs in 2-3 years.

  48. 48 kumi

    I wish Jang Geun Suk would enlist too.

    • 48.1 maldita

      He’s too popular in Japan right now to walk away from it any time soon. Japan = money, and he’s milking his Hallyu fame for all it’s worth.

      • 48.1.1 kumi

        That’s right. And that’s the reason why I’d like to see him enlisted. Because personality is more precious than money or fame.

        • kfangurl

          Ooo! I’d like to see how Jang Geun Suk comes out after MS! He does have some maturing to do 😉

  49. 49 Fab

    Oh noooo this one came out of nowhere! But I also think it’s a wise decision to go at this age. But still I feel like I just started to enjoy him in adult roles. Bright side, his return from the army will mark a new chapter in his acting: leading man!<3
    Best luck Yoo Seung Ho!

  50. 50 Riri

    He’s got enough work to keep his fans going for 2 years. Good thing is that he’s young when he’s enlisting and when he’s released he’ll still be young. Fantastic. Pretty much no change at all, he will still be bankable for sure.

  51. 51 dany

    I was surprised, a little sad then pleased. Good move! Brave/wise decision. Stay healthy, you sexy young thing!

  52. 52 lili

    When my sis told me the news this morning, I didn’t believe it at first, it was so unexpected…oh well, I think it’s for the best, he is still young and I think people will take him more seriously when he’ll come back. This noona wishes him all the best!!!

  53. 53 Tazzo

    Well, I think that was both a brilliant and a clever move. Most actors delay it and they have to go at times when it seems like they are at the peek of their careers. He is young, very young in fact though it doesn’t seem so when one looks at him. So, when he comes back, he’ll still be young and have years of time to give to dramaland; he wouldn’t have to go anywhere in the middle of his renewed, even bigger, stardom leaving everything behind in the middle of just tasting it all.

  54. 54 mskololia

    A good step for him. Very mature for his age. Be still my heart when he returns.

  55. 55 Peridot

    While many people will be sad, I think that this is a good decision on his part. He is doing what the average young man in Korea would be doing anyway.

    As an actor, his talents have been recognized and I see even better works in store for him. I hope that there is no hullabaloo on the day he actually enters the army. Sometimes, I think it is a little annoying when actors, who enter the army at a later age, have all these press conferences, etc. Kang Dong Won was one of the actors who went in quietly. I am not saying that one is better than the other; some actors leave give press statements (etc) out of respect for the fans. But others can simply be attention seekers until the very end.

    • 55.1 Yoori

      I concur about those actors who have the press & fans witness their entrance and exit … but I guess its all PR and thats the life of the entertainment-land. I really respect those who goes in and out quietly and KDW is a great example.

      YSH … I applaud him for going in early AND enlisting as a solider in the front line and not some entertainment job. He’s such a great actor and he won’t be missed because we’ll get plenty of him when he comes back! I still can’t believe he is so-o-o-o young.

      • 55.1.1 Peridot

        It is a good thing that he is enlisting as a regular soldier. I don’t like the idea of entertainers getting special treatment just because of who they are. With all of the pr stuff and leaves-of-absence , it’s like they are getting vacations. But I will not make any judgments. Anyway, let’s just wish the best for Yoo Seung-ho!

  56. 56 crazykel

    I’ll miss him sooooo much, but I guess it’s worth it for the army abs. <3 YSH

    • 56.1 Peridot

      Yes, we can forget those abs! Perks of the army duty!

  57. 57 wyllaya

    HAHA Is BAD GUY gonna be the reference for bad timing enlistlement for the rest of eternity ?

  58. 58 lenrasoon

    good for him.

  59. 59 icednoodles

    I’m more sadden by the fact that Missing You is his last project before he leaves, because now I want to watch it for him, but just…the way the love triangle’s turning out angers me greatly.

  60. 60 Gom

    Aaaaw. So early. T.T I’m going to miss him. But this is for the best and I’m happy he’s doing this now. At least when he’s back looking like the leading man he’s ought to be, there will be no army duty getting in the way of him being a top star.

    I’ll be looking forward to his army haircut these coming days. Hihi. For some reason, they all look extra adorable with that shaved-off look. Sending them off becomes even more bittersweet.

  61. 61 jen

    smart move. he’s so young that he can’t really get adult roles yet so bide time in the army and come back when you’re 21 and BAM!!! instant leading mean

    very smart move. because let’s face it, he can act better then leading men twice his age

  62. 62 Abbie

    I’m really sad about this, because he’s my age and he has to go to the army. On the flip side, I’m proud of him for doing this so early, so he can come back and be even hotter than he already is. Yoo Seung-ho, fighting!

  63. 63 Susan

    Smart decision. Besides, two years is nothing.

  64. 64 Unnursvana

    what to do… my first bias is going to the military next year and I am not at all prepared for it. I am sort of torn between going all NOOOOOO and actually being happy about it, because it is a smart move, he can go with his friend from school and he can get a little break and grow up a little. He is such a big name anyway so this is a good time for him to go. Still, I don’t want him to go… *sigh*

    Maybe this will be a good time to start Queen Seon Deok, and re-watch Warrior Baek Dong Soo again and God of Study. I will find something to fill that hole. I wanted him to go on Running Man and all sorts of things, can he do that before enlisting to the army? All I know is that I will be blasting Can’t let you go even if I die with 2am when that day arrives. Now I almost wish that Missing You will be extended… for like 10 episodes or something.

    is this what the mayans were talking about (still 21st in my country)

  65. 65 IBELIS

    This is a really smart move on his part he is at an age where he is ready for more adult roles and yet his age and looks could be a hindrance. By the time he returns that will be history.

    I often wondered why male actor’s and singes waited so long to do their military duty. Often leaving a crucial times to their career’s.

    I also no that they can opt to do civil servant work and wonder why more don’t go that route.

    Mandatory military duty is important but it can also come at a bad time.

  66. 66 Mar

    Really really smart move. I agree with the consensus. This will get his duty out of the way, given him life experiences not only as a human being but to draw on as an actor. He’s still going to be so young when he gets out, it’s not like its forever, Sheesh he’s way too young to have those grandpa eyes. It’s going to take him a couple of lifetimes for for his life experience to actually catch up with those old soul eyes. If there is any character he should play, it’s a supernatural one. Oh, wait. lol But seriously, with those old eyes, he’d make an excellent vampire.

  67. 67 Ciara

    While I am sad to see him go, this is one of the best decisions, in my opinion, that he could have made. To be honest, as said above, most guys wait to do their military service during their late twenties or early thirties, when they could be doing stellar projects. (I’m looking at you Rain & Kim Jae Wook, although I am patiently waiting for your return! And yay for Hyun Bin being out now!) Also, you have cases where you finish a great drama, profess your love and then enlist for two years….yeah alright. He’s not going to college, so why not enlist? He’ll be 21 (22?) when he gets out and can go on making more dramas & movies.

    Anyways, I think this is super smart decision on Yoo Seung Ho’s part. I hope he comes back safely…and looking finer than ever. 😛

  68. 68 asianromance

    Going at the same age as other non-celeb guys just emphasizes how normal he grew up despite being in the acting business for the past decade. And it will probably make him fit in better with all the other young army guys. I can just imagine how awkward it is for 19-20 year old guys to be rubbing shoulders with 30 year old celebs while running up the mountain.

    And smart of him do to use these years away to let his age grow into his talent and experience and return to indisputable leading man status.

    Sort of bummed out that it is so sudden, though!

  69. 69 swol

    “My head knows that it’s a good decision, but my heart… T_T ” —

    blokkoms ….i hear yah! :’-(

  70. 70 Jeannette

    I was waiting for this post when I read it yesterday! I think it’s smart that he’s going now! We’ll be waiting!

  71. 71 Betsy Hp

    Sad but smart, as we all seem to agree. 😉 Interesting that there really is this lag time for male actors between playing boy and man. The women don’t seem to have that issue. Maybe because a female lead character can be 19 or 20, but that’s not the case for a lead guy. Which makes me wonder why. (Because most 19 or 20 year olds are doing their military service?)

  72. 72 Pat

    Rain will be out next year in a whole dif age bracket. What usually happens to idols/actors like him upon return?

  73. 73 anna

    OMG! HORRAYYY! I’ve been waiting for this day, when a young actor enlists early instead of waiting until he hits it big at the age of 28 or 29 where has to go at the height of his career. Good for him, good for him. He’ll be completely legal for me ogle once he’s out in 2 years. Yay for good planning.

  74. 74 chasm

    My first reaction was, “WTF? Is it end of the world already?”. Then I read jb and gf’s thoughts and I couldn’t agree more!

    Please come back with abs Seung Ho! I just started Operation proposal and I thought I’ll watch one episode per month and when I’m done he’s out of military service! Yey! 😀

  75. 75 SomangLyn

    Aww at least we have the post army abs to look forward too

    look at how bankable Binnie is now

    at least it wont be so sick to lust after him

    man i am old

  76. 76 jinkzz

    this is a great decision on his ( and his management’s) part… get the mandatory service out of the way and then come back and resume his acting career while he is at his prime instead of waiting until the last minute to enlist

  77. 77 Tha

    I don’t know what it is about this kid that just draws me in with his characters…BUT I’m so not going to watch I MISS YOU with the stellar cast and all. So can someone do a summary after completion please. I want to know what happens to Harry. Thank you very much.

  78. 78 Fab

    Same reason I wish Yoo chun would go early too. They can go together!

  79. 79 leezaY.

    Im already sad now :-( but i let him go in order for him to be more manly & gorgeous (post army bods! 😛 :-D) ^_^

  80. 80 kopi_adik

    totally gonna cry over this but gonna be excited for the post-army manhood of Seungho!

    girlfriday: What asterisk? There’s an asterisk? >> this was so me, too lol! that asterisk was becoming more and more blurry lol

  81. 81 909

    I also remember reading an interview about him saying he’s tired of being seen as the “young” actor and people saying ‘he is so good… for his age’. I think he wanted to go the army to shed that “young” image and come back as a Man. Also props for him for enlisting as a ‘normal’ soldier, not as an ‘entertainer’ soldier. Good Luck Seungho~

  82. 82 kestrel

    “But! He’s so widdle!”

    That’s a British vulgarity for urination or urine!

  83. 83 venap

    Wow.. not to see YSH in 2 years in movies or dramas??
    think I might go crazy.. but I’ll be waiting for his comeback..eagerly waiting…

    watched this kid since QSD… backtrack to all of his movies and dramas.. downloaded all of his pix from the net.. can’t get enough..

    but Good luck… just as everyone here is saying it was a smart move..(and I was wishing it was just a rumor when dramabeans said something about him going to the army soon) but then again… his decisions are ours…mine???!

  84. 84 jazme

    altho i don’t want to hear that he’s going at the peak of his career, i think he’s smart in his decision to go as early as next year, then he’ll be back still at a young age & wld still be bankable at that; the others wait till they’re 28 or 29 where their career mostly are put on hold….we’ll wait for you yoo seung ho ssi! we support your decision & no worries kyeok jong ma sae yo, we’ll be praying for your safety & return in 21 mos. or so! take care, luvya

  85. 85 zhyar

    ilove you seung hoo iam very upset becouse i need you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee answer me ok you such handsome bye i am waiting for you even 100 years

  86. 86 zhyar

    i upset for u becouse u leave in korea also u have girl f bye

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