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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 421
by | January 19, 2013 | 53 Comments

EPISODE 421. Broadcast on January 13, 2013.

girlfriday: Brrr, the boys start a new trip in the freezing cold, and give their New Years’ greetings. They realize this’ll be Tae-woong’s final trip before his wedding. Oooh, Bachelor Party Special?

javabeans: This would be the only place where the bachelor party would starve, mock, and humiliate the bachelor.

girlfriday: Well it would just be selfish to eat well and have a good time. Where’s the fun in that? (For us, naturally.)

javabeans: I love that Seung-woo jokes that Tae-woong will soon start looking forward to these 1N2D weekends. Subtext: Marriage is great and all, but you’ll soon be champing at the bit to get away whenever possible.

girlfriday: Pfft, I love that you can make fun of Bird PD for just about anything. Today it’s his winter wear, which makes his head look like it’s being swallowed by a dinosaur, as the boys point out.

javabeans: Bird asks what’s the first thing that pops to mind with the word winter. The boys start tossing out words like “hot springs” and “heated floors” and “roasted sweet potatoes.” They weren’t born yesterday. Not like Bird is gonna give them any of those things, but why give him the satisfaction of guessing his punishment for you?

girlfriday: He’s so easily thwarted. He’s like “No, not those things! *grump grump*” He tells them that they’re going on a Winter Break Special, and heading to a snow festival. They’re seeking out MORE snow?

javabeans: He announces that they’re taking a “special” vehicle for the occasion, and the boys immediately start complaining. I love that they’re all suspicious and grumpy about it, and it turns out Bird means special in the way normal people use it, to describe something desirable, lol. There’s an extra-large bus waiting, and the boys guess that somebody’s getting left off it, only to be told that nope, they all get to ride in the fancy nice bus. Their reaction: Collective displeasure. Something is up for sure.

girlfriday: Tae-hyun: “I see. The two hours we spend on the bus will be the warmest, for the whole trip.” Bird looks up. That must be the answer. And the preview confirms it.

javabeans: THEY’RE SLEEPING IN AN IGLOO? The brief cuts show us cast members forced to snow-fight, eat ice cream, and camp out in a freaking igloo.

girlfriday: That’s officially insane.

javabeans: I can hear Bird cackling to himself in giddiness from here. “Good one, bird. You really outdid yourself. Hee hee. Snort.” They get into the bus, and it’s not just a regular bus, but like a rockstar touring bus with leather couches lining the sides.

girlfriday: It’s a gigantic waste of space, but it looks cool. The boys immediately start whining for snacks and then eventually Bird PD explains that they’ll be running a marathon for a big lunch prize.

javabeans: He describes one person acting as their MC for the marathon and winning a favor, and the boys perk up at the idea of getting food without strings attached, or maybe going home early. The game to win that position: Don’t laugh. One person will be assailed by all six others, and the guy who holds out the longest wins.

girlfriday: They draw numbers to figure out the order, and Tae-hyun says this’ll determine the winner more than anything… and draws 1. Ha. Joo-won and Jong-min draw the last two, so they have the best chance of holding out. Though I figure if anyone’s ticklish, that throws the whole order thing out.

javabeans: Tae-hyun puts on a mask and earphones to drown out the sound while the others strategize, but the moment the blindfold comes off and the clock starts, he’s got to keep that straight face while Seung-woo and Shi-kyung pull these immature jacket tricks. He only lasts about thirty seconds.

girlfriday: He was doomed anyway. He giggles at everything. Seung-woo is up next, and Su-geun gets up on the table… and moons him? And farts in his face? Dude.

javabeans: It doesn’t even work, and Seung-woo doesn’t even look tempted to laugh. They gradually get him to start smiling more and more, and finally after 1:40 he cracks. Tae-woong is third and says he isn’t worried, and it looks like he’ll be a tough nut to crack. But… Tae-hyun gets a brilliant idea and pulls out his phone. The moment Tae-woong’s blindfold comes off, he shows him the picture, and Tae-woong bursts into a smile. HA — he video-phoned his wife and Tae-woong only lasted 5 seconds before he smiles, ‘cause now he has to say hi.

girlfriday: It’s pretty impossible not to smile when you’re talking to your friend’s wife, but I think the surprise added to it. Nicely played.

javabeans: Omg, they outdo themselves for Number 4, Shi-kyung. They unveil the mask and start doing Seo Taiji impressions — and sitting right in front of Shi-kyung is Bird. He lasts 2 seconds.

girlfriday: Hahaha. That was awesome.

javabeans: They’re all, “We’re SAE [bird] Taiji and the Boys!”

girlfriday: Flashback to Su-geun saying all they need to do to make Shi-kyung laugh is put Bird in front of his face. Turns out he was right.

javabeans: When they unveil Su-geun’s mask, it’s not really anything special — it’s a mishmash of the other tactics. Seung-woo’s jacket gag, Tae-hyun’s video phone, and Su-geun just keeps his face stoic. Camera catches Joo-won looking serious, trying to think of something to break hyung down, and suddenly he gets up and SLAPS Su-geun in the face. LOL. Su-geun immediately loses.

girlfriday: HAHAHA. I can’t believe he did that.

javabeans: It’s so unexpected it’s freaking hilarious. It’s the lightest slap ever but just the fact that he’s the maknae and he dared slap him makes everyone burst into laughter.

girlfriday: Joo-won’s up next, and the hyungs each hold in a mouthful of water, drooling slowly. It doesn’t work, until Seung-woo does a huge spit-take, and then he finally cracks. Seung-woo ends up winning the MC spot.

javabeans: The bus arrives, and as the guys start walking Jong-min sneaks up behind Shi-kyung and pelts him in the back of the head with a huge snowball. Shi-kyung whirls around, all, WHO DID THAT? Tae-hyun: “He just got better [from his back injury], and now he’s gonna get beat to death.”

girlfriday: Heh, even Seung-woo gets scared when Shi-kyung’s mad. The boys arrive at the village and find marathon uniforms waiting for them. Wow, with helmets, knee pads and everything. This isn’t going to be an easy marathon, is it?

javabeans: They look like they’re heading to boot camp. They get blank nametags that they use to write their own labels, so they get to writing things like “Long Legs” (Su-geun), “Big Kid” (Shi-kyung), “Young Kid” (Joo-won), “Pitiful Kid” (Tae-woong), and Jeon Woo-chi’s magic spell for Tae-hyun.

girlfriday: The course is so confusing that Seung-woo can barely get through explaining it, and they’re like, “Can we just go?” Bird PD totally caves, realizing it’s pointless. The important part: first, second and third place get warm indoor lunch, fourth and fifth get lunch outdoors, and sixth place will suffer.

javabeans: Lol, they announce the race start with a gunshot, and all the boys all collapse, feigning being shot. Haha. I like that it wasn’t explained, they just did it. And then one defector starts running, leaving the others behind: Traitor Jong-min.

girlfriday: They sigh with zero surprise, like it’s their own fault for trusting him. The first stop on the course is eel sauce vs. coffee.

javabeans: They grab cups and keep running, with half getting coffee and the other half doing spit-takes. They move on to the second round, and have to pick paddles with quiz questions on them. They’re true-false answers, and have to pass through one of two buildings as their answer. Either they gain passage onward, or get slammed with a bucket of snow.

girlfriday: The next stop is a mystery word, with each syllable written on a teeny tiny piece of paper and strung up to a fan.

javabeans: Ha, Joo-won just blurts it out before he’s told to come and whisper it quietly, so the first three guys just copy him instead of bothering to read.

girlfriday: Even funnier is Tae-woong, who was standing right next to him, but doesn’t know it’s the answer.

javabeans: So the first two are Shi-kyung and Joo-won, while the last two are Jong-min and Tae-hyun. Why is this not surprising? After the crawling-in-the-snow course, they arrive to the next task: Pick a stick, which is attached to a string, which is attached to a carton of ice cream. If you’re lucky (Shi-kyung), the carton is a mini single serving. If you’re not (Joo-won), you get stuck with something like a quart. If that were me, I’d be whining, “Bird, why you gotta ruin the things I love?”

girlfriday: Seriously. So much brain freeze. I’m cringing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the thousand-yard stare over ice cream before. Ha, immediately following the ice cream station is a snack bar, which is less of a marathon course and more of a time trap. There’s fishcake skewers and the like, and you can eat as much as you want, so I suppose if you’re hungry you could be there a while.

javabeans: Joo-won struggles to finish his huge carton, getting bypassed by his hyungs. Tae-hyun, though, gets a string of small cartons (ha), and Jong-min gets another big one. They finally move on to join the others at the game where you roll four yut sticks (a traditional new year’s game) and what you roll determines how far you get to go. There are “back to start” points and people get sent back to Go a bunch of times. Everyone gets stuck here for a nice long while.

girlfriday: Okay, this game was badly designed. There’s this clusterfuck and nobody can manage to get out, for what seems like forever.

javabeans: But on the upside, I like that this game is an equalizer. It’s totally luck. Just too bad that it takes so freaking long.

girlfriday: They note that people keep going in… and no one comes out.

javabeans: Lol, does Shi-kyung actually go all the way back to the food station just to snack? He’s all, “Eh, I might not escape the game for a while, might as well eat.” They’re there so long that they start figuring that it’s better to just send one guy out, competition be damned.

girlfriday: Now they’re cheering each other on, “DO IT! Somebody get out of here! Give us hope that it can be done!”

javabeans: Finally, guys start trickling out of the game hut, although Tae-hyun and Joo-won get stuck for a while longer. They move on to the toboggan race, where Tae-woong takes the lead. By the time they arrive at round NINE, Shi-kyung’s in front and they have to shoot down these dolls with a slingshot. Ha, the dolls have nametags on them and the guy whose doll that gets hit has to “freeze” for a minute.

girlfriday: This is the longest marathon ever. Okay, probably not true, but it feels crazy long. They finally get to the last station, with bokbulbok shoes. They range from snowshoes to skis, all with strings that you have to hand-tie.

javabeans: I feel like the course is SO LONG and tiring that at this point the guys don’t even care about winning, they just want to finish. I’m sure that’ll change once they get (or don’t get) lunch, but right now it’s like, huffpuff, huffpuff, another one? Tae-hyun narrates the viewership’s likely response to watching this on TV: “C’mon, why doesn’t he go faster? What is he doing?”

girlfriday: Sounds about right. It was good up until the human board game, and then it got long. Su-geun reaches the finish line first, and Shi-kyung and Tae-woong join him in the winners’ circle. Joo-won makes it in fourth, so that leaves the fight over not being last place.

javabeans: Is it fitting that Jong-min, the guy who “betrayed” them by dashing off first, comes in last?

girlfriday: That’s karma for ya.

javabeans: Ha. Although I do feel bad for him — he’s still not well, is he? They didn’t talk much about it but he slept the whole ride over and wasn’t part of the first game.

girlfriday: Yeah he’s still sick, poor thing. And for his punishment he has to climb back up the hill to eat alone on a snowy hilltop. At least he gets food? Ha, and then Seung-woo adds that the indoor people get to rest inside for as long as they want… and Jong-min can’t leave the snow until they say so.

javabeans: Man, just getting to his picnic destination looks like an ordeal. He sends a photo text to the other guys, of him lying on the snow in the fetal position, hugging himself. Ha. The guys inside want to rest longer, but of course Jong-min has to suffer for them to rest. Seung-woo: “Turn off the phone.” Tae-woong: “I just won’t answer.” HEE.

girlfriday: Ha, and then they just roll over to nap. But eventually Seung-woo calls and Jong-min gets permission to come back.

javabeans: It’s been a long, snow-filled day, but it looks like the real suffering is up ahead for the sleeping assignments. Human bowling and barefoot games? “I feel like I’m dying,” Seung-woo writes, and calls out a plea to his wifey to save him. If only she could.


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    awesome!! thanks JB and GF!!!

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    oh man I felt so much physical pain watching this episode. poor jongmin baby. poor joowon.

    the part I enjoyed most was the bus ride ofc. bird pd and joowon ehehehehe

  4. Gaeina Lee

    I was “poor JM” all the time while watching it.. Hope his back wasn’t get worst due to this marathon. And SSK, oww man, your weakness is Bird PD? Really? Duh.

  5. liam

    Thank you so much, been waiting for this!:)

  6. liam

    …and just a side note, are those new rotating banners?

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      I just noticed them, I love the one with Kim Min Hee and Suzy!:)

      • 6.1.1 barney

        Woah! Just noticed them too, finally! new banners…

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        I really want to make awesome headers just like the headers in DB but I don't have artistic creativity for it!:(

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        Ohh! I like that one and I love the one with PMY!!

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    Thanks, so UTW won’t be in the next trip?:(

  8. wana

    this episode filming 4 january.. and 8 january he need surgery. i think this race give little impact to his back already injury.. hope today he not sleep in igloo …. this show already revealed kjm have problem with his back time they play zombie game…

  9. Hubba_Hubba

    Is it just me or do none of the pics work? It could just be me, my computer’s been acting wonky lately.
    Thanks for the recap!! My jaw dropped when JW slapped SG, I was laughing so hard. Hmm I was going to list more of my favorite moments but that would pretty much be the whole episode…

    • 9.1 paspioma

      The pics won’t load in my PC either, but I do have a slow internet connection, I think it’s just us!:) I really have to get a new and faster internet provider so that I can catch up on new eps of 1N2D!:)

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      I deleted my cookies and I could see them. That was funny since I could see the other article’s pictures.

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    Aww! Jongmin Oppa, he must have been in a lot of pain in this trip, but he still didn’t show it!!

  12. 12 oppa

    Thanks girls for this recap, love the scene on the bus.

  13. 13 trotwood

    I love Seung Woo more and more with every episode recap. Not only do I think he is hilarious and adore him more when he talks about his wife, but he is proof that people of “our age” can be as funny and energetic as all these youngins that are trying to replace us.

  14. 14 SSS

    I wish I can watch this already, thanks!

  15. 15 leilani

    Omo! They’re sleeping in an igloo? Ha ha, that’s harsh!!!

    • 15.1 dania

      yes.. cth-ssk-ksw sleep in igloo..

    • 16.1 liam

      Is this for next week’s ep? Wow, they both look hot shirtless!!!

      • 16.1.1 dania

        latest episode 130120 …. episode 45

    • 16.2 jessie j.

      Omo!!! Suprise the ice didn’t melt from all the hotness!! LOL!!!

      • 16.2.1 yunare

        Ha ha!!! That made my day…

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  16. 17 Fabmari

    Jongmin and Sikyung dynamic is so funny…..hahahhaha….

  17. 18 sweetcloud

    Shi Kyung lasting all of 2 seconds during the first game was epic.

    I never cringed so much watching Joowon eat his ice cream and Jongmin during all the missions that strained his back (and when they all shoved him in the snow, that seemed so cruel). I really hope he took time to rest after his surgery.

    I loved how Taehyun got stuck forever in the yut game and how Joowon left with a little “Annyeong~~” when he finally got out.

    The tofu looked so delicious. I love sondubu soup.

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  19. 20 maynopin

    Thanks for the recap…

  20. 21 lovin it

    hope jongmin’s back is all better

  21. 22 mmmaggie

    Joo Won’s slap! Bwahahaha. It’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. 😛

    • 22.1 latteholic

      LOL-That was hilarious! And SSK gave him a thumb up after he slapped LSG.. I wonder whether the ice cream bit was a karma for slapping his hyung. Brain FREEZE!! 😀
      And the part where Bird PD also joined them to make SSK laugh was too awesome.. 😀

      I genuinely thought that the fake gunshoot start was planned to give Jong-min a head start since he has/just recovered from back injury… But turned out he was betraying everyone! 😀 Hope he’s getting better..

      • 22.1.1 jessie j.

        I love that Bird PD look comfortable now than before when they were just starting, it really feels like he’s the 8th member!!:)

  22. 23 Noonie

    I too hope Jong-min would get better soon. though it was pretty hilarious when Tae-hyun said he will get himself beat to death anyway xD

  23. 24 DAEBAK!

    Thank you so much for the recap. This just made my day. 1N2D never fails to deliver awesomeness.

    Bus game was hilarious whether it was Joowon’s historical and daring slap, Taehyun’s video call to his wife in order to break Taewoong’s shell, Shikyung’s Archilies’s heel is Bird PD lol or more than that I thought how Taehyun would last in this game as he practically laughs at everything even when he sees an ant walking! So it wasn’t a surprise that he didn’t win the MC spot hehe

    With all these funs and laughs they are having a blast both cast and crew. But I am worried about Jongmin’s back, ajusshi take good care of yourself and your health. Same goes for the whole team. Saranghae 1N2D!!!

  24. 25 leaf

    Sugeun pulling Seungwoo on the toboggan was so funny. They were like kids who are just playing around and not really shooting. haha. And Bird PD causing Shikyung’s doom! 🙂

  25. 26 liam

    Woah!! JW slapping SG? That was hilarious!! His look was priceless…

  26. 27 jessie j.

    Bus game is funny as hell!!! Thank you.

  27. 28 ddalgi

    Does anybody else think the boys are being driven too hard? This show is supposed to be fun, but all I get is pain from seeing the guys endure such unnecessary torture. It’s just sinister. Won’t be watching until they tone down the hardship. (Which probably won’t happen until spring comes.)

    • 28.1 love1403

      Nah if you think they´re driven too hard then you should watch 1n2d season 1. Na PD was hardcore and they had to climb mountains in the snow and get in the water when it´s ice and snowy.

      Bird PD is actually pretty kind with these guys :p

  28. 29 ika

    jongmin oppa saranghaeyo

  29. 30 oppa


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  31. 32 SARAH

    you two are awesome! You makes me laugh and excited to see this episode already.Thanks girls!

  32. 33 ella

    Just watched this ep on KBS World and it was hilarious.

  33. 34 ella

    My favorite parts:

    Bird Taeji and the boys.

    Joo Won’s slap.

    Everyone’s name tags.

    The Yut Stick Game.

    The Bus game.

  34. 35 mikan

    Ahahaha SSK’s weakness is Bird PD, so hilarious.. XD

  35. 36 far

    i love it when they do marathon. joowon is good in certain games, and he does poorly in certain others. when he gets unlucky, it’s REALLY unlucky. poor guy~ he was leading in the beginning. his stroke of luck gown downhill when he shouted the words from the fan, and the ice cream..

    but it’s ok, as long as he still gets to eat in this episode.. ^^ i like watching him struggle with games and getting the punishment, but i’d prefer to see him win. it’s entertainment, so i dont mind much as long as i get to see him every week. XD

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