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Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek secures cast
by | January 9, 2013 | 50 Comments

Things are certainly lookin’ up for underdog success story Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek. Jin Gu (26 Years) has confirmed that he’ll play the lead, and Park Ha-sun (High Kick 3) has signed on to co-star. All I can say is, thank goodness she’s doing this instead of Gangnam Style. Han Chae-young (A Man Called God) has also joined the cast, along with cuddly ajusshi Go Chang-seok (Gone With the Wind).

The KBS Monday-Tuesday drama will be 16 episodes, and will be helmed by a relatively new team, with a head writer and PD who have only been secondaries on other dramas and films. The drama promises to be a warm uplifting success story about Lee Tae-baek, a man who comes to Seoul from the country with nothing but a high school diploma and a dream. He’ll go from handing out ads in the streets to fulfilling his dream as an art director and ad man.

Park Ha-sun plays the heroine, Baek Ji-yoon, a copywriter intern at the ad company that’ll be at the center of the story. She’s sincere and hardworking, and her journey will parallel the hero’s as they fight for their jobs every step of the way. Han Chae-young plays Go Ari, an executive at the company who sacrificed her past and her love to get to the top, and is described as a harsh realist. Go Chang-seok plays the CEO of a tiny ad company, described as a corner store compared to the giant conglomerates. He’ll be a key player in changing Lee Tae-baek’s fate.

The “genius” in the title is apparently not going to be used in the traditional sense of a person born with genius ability, but more to convey the idea that a man’s hard work and effort will give him a second life, where he’s reborn as a genius. O-kay. Here’s a better thought… you could not use the word genius and use a better word that means what you want it to mean. Just a suggestion. I suppose I should just be happy that he’s not another dramaland genius. So far, it sounds like it could be a nice little underdog workplace drama with a touch of romance and some feel-good character moments, if done right.

Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek follows School 2013, and the premiere is TBD based on School’s pending extension.

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50 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MsScorpion

    “So far, it sounds like it could be a nice little underdog workplace drama with a touch of romance and some feel-good character moments, if done right.”

    Well I can’t remember how many dramas failed to deliver that “if” so I’m not getting my hopes up till I actually see it.

  2. addylovesbwood

    Yay!! I dunno what to say about all these new Mon-Tue dramas!! **excited**

  3. Ace

    How can one be reborn to be a genius? Maybe I’ll watch this just to get some tips on that! 😛

    How long has it been since Han Chae-young’s last drama? Was it Boys Over Flowers the last one I saw her in?

    • 3.1 Meghan

      It’s been 3 years since Chae Young’s last Korean drama, so it definitely is time for a return 🙂

    • 3.2 himonogirl

      Oh, and here I thought I last saw her in Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang…How could I forget Boys Over Flowers *shudders*

      This one looks promising, and I’m not saying this because I work in this field…
      I can’t help but laugh at the description of Park Ha-sun’s character: “sincere and hardworking” in the ad world? HAHA, good luck with that. The door is over there, thanks for coming.
      Oh but wait: “they fight for their jobs every step of the way”, okay, let’s see your guts, drama heroes…

    • 3.3 Mystisith

      Maybe he has a brain tumor which gives him new skills? As long as it’s not a gummy baby… 😉

    • 3.4 Bengbeng

      i would say when it comes to advertising, it’s the “aptitude” or inherent ability to know your market that matters. If one has that, then he can be considered a genious ad man =). and copy writers can make ad agency earn millions with just coming up with a simple tagline, ie. Just do it.

      I’m so looking forward to this drama as it’s my cup of tea =)

  4. rainbow

    wow…..han chae young is back….
    drama sounds good…..and i love workplace dramas 🙂

  5. crazedlu

    PWAHAH to the description of genius. not really feeling this story.

    the end of School.. hm… sad day.


  6. anais

    Wow, Han Chae Young is back? It’d been long since her last that I’d thought she had decided to be wifey. Good for her.

    Yay, Park Ha Sun and Jin Gu. Park Ha Sun can do no wrong in my eyes. Jin Gu’s just yummy.

  7. pogo

    I was just watching Delightful Girl Chun-Hyang the other day and thinking how gorgeous HCY is, and how she – and Jae Hee – didn’t look like a teenager at all (though she is indeed delightful in the role, and they did try to make her look high school-aged, with the pigtails and awkward outfits)

  8. Daisy

    Too scared to watch underdog stories Fashion Kings scarred me!

  9. Trina

    Wow a drama without idols. I am soo gonna watch this well until we here more news.

    • 9.1 Kiara

      The Chaser was idol free and I enjoyed the heck out of it. I love Park Ha-sun so I’ll give this a try.

      • 9.1.1 girlatsea

        Correct me if I’m wrong but Cheongdamdong Alice doesn’t have any popular idols (that I can think of).

        • cindy

          MGY sister is a idol from idol girl group Apink 🙂

          • cindy

            in the drama I mean, SK’s sister is a idol

          • Peeps

            Ah no… HyeJeong (the actress who plays SeKyung’s (MGY’S character) sister is from AOA.

          • girlatsea

            Hahahah no wonder I had no idea. I’m not familiar with newer groups, there are way too many. Even if she was from Apink the only member I know is Eunji.

    • 9.2 lenrasoon

      There are 2 idols on it, Sunhwa from SECRETS and Ahyoung from Dal Shabet. It’s rare to find dramas without idols nowadays especially since lately many companies like SM are managing idols and A list actors like Jang Dong-gun and Kim Ha-neul (under the affiliate “SM C&C”).

      • 9.2.1 bd

        Sunhwa is hilarious.

        Don’t know if she can act, but her real talents is to co-host a variety show like Hyori in FO1.

        • Tsekyi21

          Oh, sunhwa can act alright. She’s really good in variety, but acting is something she’s amazing in for a idol that is. She’s shown her acting skills on many shows, and even won once in mbc’s bouquet to play the main heroine in this one film. Unfortunately, the film got cancelled because of problems, so now this is sunhwa’s debut.

    • 9.3 Idadae

      it is with idols…Sunhwa Secret and Ayoung Dal Shabet confirms join the cast…

  10. 10 myra

    can someone, please tell me what does TBD mean?

    • 10.1 Rashell

      TBD= To Be Determined. 🙂

  11. 11 Mawiie

    Just a question out of the blue… I thought that Han Chae Young is pretty well known in Korea, yet it seems that she usually play small roles. I haven’t seen her act in anything so I don’t know if she’s got range or not, but I see her name in the news quite often so I was wondering if she was just one of those “famous for being pretty” actresses?

    • 11.1 canxi

      I’ve read that she is known for being “Korea’s Barbie Doll” so I would say she is famous for her looks. But, I do think people genuinely like her. She’s had a couple lead roles in dramas, but I guess not in anything particularly groundbreaking? Except maybe the drama she did with Jae Hee & Uhmforce (but I haven’t seen this one yet)…I dunno, I quite like her actually,lol. She can be funny but she can also play the “mean girl” role quite well.

      • 11.1.1 mary

        I think that’s where most of the ChaeYoung love came from too. Delightful Girl Chun Hyang was the first Hong Sisters drama, started at 11th (or lower) place and ended up being a success. 🙂 It’s a really great drama and a lot of kdrama addicts I know who watched it has DGCH in their top 10 (including javabeans, unless her favorites have changed recently)

        HCY also became the lead in a lot of dramas after that but I think none rivalled the popularity of DGCH. I just like her too because she doesn’t seem to have any airs about her acting haha. It’s like we both know she’s not that good but I can’t help but love her anyway. 🙂

      • 11.1.2 bd

        Park Ha-sun is really pretty.

        Han Chae-young is kinda weird looking (she has that giant Julia Roberts mouth).

  12. 12 Yoori

    Jin Gu is ONLY 26?!?! Why do I feel like his badass-ness is so much older?

    • 12.1 mellisa

      26 Years is the title of the movie he starred in^^

    • 12.2 Annie

      He’s 32.

  13. 13 hanie

    well, I do like Jin Gu..
    but…this one will fill School time after it ends?
    brb, crying in the corner TT_TT

  14. 14 canxi

    Yaaaaaay. Thank Park Ha Sun! I was worried about you, there for a minute. Lol. And woah! Han Chae Young…it took me a minute to register that one because she’s been gone for so long.

  15. 15 Annie

    Since when does Han Chae Young take 2nd lead roles?! On the other hand, I’m pretty excited about Jin Goo – Park Ha Sun. Park Ha Sun is so sweet looking and a good actress to boot.

    • 15.1 mary

      Since Boys Over Flowers? 🙂 and her role in Man Called God was supposed to be lead too but she didn’t do much there.

      I think she’s cool with it. She gives me the impression of taking whatever role she feels like. Sometimes I wonder if she just takes projects when she’s bored of being a wifey. Hehe

    • 15.2 canxi

      Haha, agree with mary on this. I do, however, like it when actors just take on any role they feel like regardless to whether or not it’s a lead. But, since she’s a pretty big name I’m willing to bet she’ll have a meaty story or something in this.

      (I also didn’t know she was married. That guy is singing his praises everyday. O_O)

  16. 16 Kstylick

    That’s good news. Been missing them acting and now they’re back.

  17. 17 lenrasoon

    Han Chae-young is so gorgeous.

    sorry that’s all i could think while reading this post lol, but the drama seems interesting enough and i love underdog stories so i might keep an eye on this one.

    • 17.1 bd


  18. 18 Chewy

    Why is HCY playing second fiddle?

  19. 19 Jess

    Jin Gu?????!!!!! I’m down!

  20. 20 Jess

    Jin Gu?????!!!!! I’m down!

    Hopefully it’s a good drama!

  21. 21 Cindy

    I heard that the person who made the OSTs of this drama is from Boys Over Flowers
    maybe another good musics this time as well!!

    • 21.1 Mawiie

      What?? You mean that we’ll hear ALMOST PARADIIIIIISE blast through our speakers every 2 minutes?! LOL

      • 21.1.1 Kiara

        LOL, hate that song from being over-played in that drama.

  22. 22 Ivy

    Sounds alright but not outstanding… The cast is fine, but I don’t like Han Chae Young

  23. 23 bella

    Oh……I thought Han Chae Young is a huge mega-star in Korea with everybody saying they love her,calling her Barbie doll, Goddess, she announce the biggest awards’ winners at MAMA & other award shows, she is always the female lead in popular dramas………(well,she’s like special guest star in BOF)
    What,she’s just too cool and not picky,just accepting the role that she’s willing to do………..or her popularity got a whole lot lesser that she has to take second role?? or the role is just like Bae Young Joon in Dream High??

  24. 24 meka

    Inspired by Mad Man eh?

  25. 25 Ghazal

    Hello,my love johyunjae,my beautiful man,i am ghazal,i am iranian girl.you are the most beautiful human in the world.i love you very very very very so much for ever. I kiss you(my beautiful heart man).

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