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Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 9
by | January 7, 2013 | 86 Comments

Oh the wait has been much too long! And this episode jumps right back into the swing of things, keeping up a zippy pace as if we didn’t have one week off. I’m grateful for it, since it’s about time for certain revelations to come to a head and for Se-kyung to make more definitive decisions about her life. While I hate sleazebag Tommy, I have to say I way prefer him as the main villain rather than spending my time hating Se-kyung, Yoon-joo, or Daddy Cha. He is quite the delicious dirt bag. (I think my biases for the actor and the character are clashing…)


Seung-jo confesses his true identity, and Se-kyung pretends to be shocked. This time Tommy is parked right behind Seung-jo so he can hear everything from his car.

Seung-jo apologizes for having hid his identity from Se-kyung, and in her inner monologue, she apologizes for deceiving him right now. He describes himself a pathetic man; she describes herself a terrible woman. He wishes he told her the truth earlier; she wishes the same too. He admits to not being able to trust others, or his own heart; she wonders if his admission means he trusts her. He really likes her, and was happy when he saw her letter saying that she liked Secretary Kim. However, Se-kyung stops him and says that it’s all too confusing. Playing her role as a pure Candy girl to a tee, she says that if he’s really Jean Thierry Cha, then he’s too far from her in status right now.

Tommy watches all this unfold, amused. Se-kyung walking away is like a scene from a drama, and he just got a free preview.

Se-kyung finds herself at a church, and prays for forgiveness for deceiving Seung-jo, for leading him on into thinking that she never knew the truth until now. She promises never to deceive him again, to treat him better in the future, and hopes that she can continue to love him freely without any further obstacles.

Seung-jo returns to his office and learns that GN Fashion will host a preview of their collaboration in the Royal Group Department Store. Instead of being displeased, Seung-jo agrees to follow with GN Fashion’s plan, then meets Dong-wook in his office.

Dong-wook is hankering for updates regarding his confession. Seung-jo effectively says that she didn’t quite accept his confession, but he’s okay. If Se-kyung had jumped into his arms after he admitted the truth, he would have been more suspicious. Instead, with her rejection, he could clearly see his new plan – one that will help him successfully win Se-kyung.

Dong-wook: “So what are you going to do?” Seung-jo: “I’m… going to buy soju!” Uh – eh?

Seung-jo buys soju and snacks at the convenience store and excitedly heads over to Se-kyung’s house. Her family greets him at the door, confused — Se-kyung’s also not home, if he was wondering. But Seung-jo’s okay with that – he just wants them to accept his bowed greeting first. “Mother, Father,” he begins, “I like Se-kyung. But I got rejected.”

HAH – I love the family’s uncomfortable and befuddled looks. He reveals that he was rejected because he wasn’t really Secretary Kim. Deuk-gi: “Are you by chance, a Han from Cheong-joo?” (Suggesting that Seung-jo is distantly related to them.) Heh – nope! Instead, he’s Jean Thierry Cha, CEO of Artemis. Family: “OOOOHHHhhh…” Seung-jo promises to tell them the entire truth and asks that they prepare a table for some drinking. Se-jin quickly texts Ah-jung to come home, and bring Se-kyung if she can.

Se-kyung arrives at her front gate, but she has another guest waiting for her there: Tommy, with her phone. They head to a cafe for a trade off and a talk. Tommy has seen right through Se-kyung, and this is the second time he’s practically caught her red-handed trying to get a way into Cheongdam-dong. Se-kyung maintains a confused composure, and Tommy threatens to send those texts from Ah-jung to Seung-jo, thus revealing that Se-kyung knew everything before his confession and was stringing him along. She could confess herself, but that would make her lose Seung-jo.

But Tommy isn’t all that heartless, really. He does have one more option she can take without getting caught, and hands her a white envelope.

Back to Seung-jo. This time Ah-jung arrives to witness Seung-jo lamenting the rejection. He insists that he’s not above her, since everything he told them about his life story is true. He really did have to struggle from the bottom up. He really likes Se-kyung and hopes her parents can help him.

Instead of responding, Deuk-gi tells him to have a drink – and they share shot after shot after shot. No break, no snacks. Poor Seung-jo.

Se-kyung opens the envelope – it’s an acceptance letter to a design school in Paris. The last option he is to leave. Then Seung-jo will only have good memories of her, and she will be able to come back more successful and able to marry someone better than Seung-jo. Tommy will make sure of that. To explain why he’s going to such lengths for her, he explains being tasked with removing obstacles that stand in the way of marriage between Seung-jo and In-hwa. Se-kyung seems even more saddened that Seung-jo is going to be completely out of her reach now.

Tommy finds her quite scary, as it appears to him that Se-kyung knew exactly how to succeed in Cheongdam-dong (by making the rich fall for her). Even though he graduated at the top of his class, it took him five years to understand the key to success. She knows what she must do and how to get it, and to him that marks a successful and ambitious person. Little does he realize that she has an important backer from the “inside.” He tells her not to think too long as she contemplates her future. Instead of picking up the letter, she picks up her phone first, and looks through the messages Ah-jung sent her about Seung-jo. Tommy makes note of this.

Se-kyung slowly heads home, and as she sits moping outside her house, she overhears two drunk men singing “My Way” by Frank Sinatra quite loudly – a very drunk Seung-jo and her father. Ah-jung delightedly tells her that Seung-jo came over after Se-kyung dumped him, and how he and her family have been drinking for the past hour.

Seung-jo catches sight of Se-kyung and starts asking her father and mother if he’s really still too far out of her reach socially. Her parents say no, having taken a liking to him. But even so Se-kyung turns away and escapes to her room, still at a loss over what to do.

The following morning, Se-kyung heads to the office, where Min-hyuk and In-hwa brief the other full-timers on preparations for the preview event. They all head out to the preview location, and In-hwa is left with Se-kyung, who’s left behind to make copies. In-hwa takes the opportunity to ask about the Artemis party, wondering at her personal relationship with the CEO. Se-kyung denies any personal relationship, saying that her ex-boyfriend used to work at Artemis and was involved in the illegal distribution scandal.

In-hwa’s curious about how Se-kyung managed to get Jean Thierry Cha to pardon her ex-boyfriend, and Se-kyung reluctantly admits it was through a handwritten letter. In-hwa looks delighted and hurries to her office so that she too can make some handwritten letters. Se-kyung remembers Tommy’s words about the arranged marriage; sadly, she just gave In-hwa the keys to Seung-jo’s heart. (Though there’s the question of whether those keys fit into the lock on his heart.)

Min-hyuk’s called his nervous wife into his office, as he wants to go to the preview with her. Yoon-joo is feeling ill over the idea of going to a Royal Group department store, and that GN Fashion is collaborating with her ex, but thankfully she agrees to go. (With all her excuses I was wondering whether her husband would ever get suspicious of her.)

Seung-jo arrives at the party and is greeted with respect from the GN Fashion employees. He finds In-hwa writing thank-you cards to the VVIP guests – one addressed to Park Shi-hoo, natch – and drawing original designs on them. He is impressed with her personalized touch and even gives her a smile. In-hwa’s thinking, “Score! I got him to like me!” They take a few obligatory press photos together, and that’s when Il-nam arrives, with Min-hyuk and Yoon-joo close behind.

Min-hyuk finally introduces his wife to Il-nam officially, and they greet each other as if meeting for the first time, hiding their dislike for each other just enough to not be noticed. Yoon-joo joins her husband to greet Seung-jo, and Seung-jo’s fidgeting does not go unnoticed by Il-nam.

Yoon-joo attempts to make conversation with him, suggesting that he collaborate with In-hwa again on handbags. In-hwa notices that Yoon-joo’s presence has an adverse affect on Seung-jo and does not appreciate her sister-in-law’s small talk. Seung-jo notices his father as well, looking on disapprovingly.

Min-hyuk thankfully takes In-hwa away to greet other important people, and Seung-jo tries to see what Yoon-joo is trying to get at. She pointedly remarks that his father is not going to give up on pairing him and In-hwa together, so she might as well make it comfortable between the two of them. Seung-jo doesn’t want any part of it and walks away, which makes Il-nam angrier and Yoon-joo a little smug.

Il-nam takes Yoon-joo to his office, where she tells him that she’s helping his “business” but Seung-jo won’t take part. It’s not because of her that Seung-jo is disobeying Il-nam’s word. Rather, Seung-jo is trying to run away from Il-nam. Studying abroad in Paris was his way of escaping his grasp; avoiding this marriage is the same thing. Even when she was with Seung-jo, she knew he could only see and think of his mother, which suggests that he witnessed his mother’s heartbreak at the expense of his father.

She hits a nerve and Il-nam bids her to leave the family. If she leaves the Shin family, everything will work out well. Yoon-joo leaves the office angrily, and I’m angry that Il-nam is so deaf – didn’t she already say that she’s not the cause of his problems? Aren’t your tears of regret proof that it’s all your fault, Daddy Cha?

The party comes to a close, and the GN Fashion employees leave Se-kyung behind to clean up after them. Se-kyung begins removing the clothing from the mannequins, and hears a whisper calling out her name. It’s Seung-jo, hiding behind the sign. He wants to grab a bite with her but she dismisses him, saying she’s still got work to do. He leaves, somewhat hurt.

She continues cleaning up, then gets a text message. As she opens to read the text from Secretary Kim, Seung-jo sneaks up behind to peek over her shoulder. The text says, “Se-kyung! I heard you were on sick leave. Are you sick? I have something to tell you, so turn around!”

Se-kyung turns around, and her lips meet Seung-jo’s.

Both are surprised at the contact. Seung-jo stutters: “See that!? Even with that, you’re saying I’m too far from you? I’m so close!” He runs off happily, and cries out that he’ll never give up on her. He even dances and throws big hearts at her – the cute is back! At least Se-kyung gives him a little smile before he leaves. But it hurts – Seung-jo leaves just as Yoon-joo arrives back at the store, in time to see Se-kyung leave with the packed belongings.

Se-kyung and Yoon-joo go off for some drinks. Se-kyung wonders if wanting to give up and run away means she doesn’t love that person enough; she’s in need of guidance that Yoon-joo isn’t giving. She also wonders if Yoon-joo’s ever gone to a church or a temple to pray. Yoon-joo: “You must have. What did you pray for? ‘I’ve done wrong, I’ll be a better person.'” Se-kyung interrupts: “Please forgive me this once. If you overlook it, I’ll be a better person.”

That makes Yoon-joo tear up, and she bemoans their combined misery. What did the they do that was so wrong that they’re the only ones feeling guilty? They may have hurt others, but they were hurt too, and cried too. I knew these two ladies would be awesome buddies! Look at them empathizing with each other.

As Yoon-joo heads to the restroom, Se-kyung steps outside to call Tommy. She begs him to forgive her, to just let her off the hook and not have to choose between leaving and staying. Wasn’t Tommy in her position before? Surely he must know how she feels. Tommy says kindly enough that he does know what she’s going through, and had begged just as she did – but it didn’t work for him. He’s giving her a good opportunity for when she comes back, so she shouldn’t despair. He’ll call again the following day for her decision.

Yoon-joo and Se-kyung come back to their table, and drink shot after shot until they’re both in a stupor. Se-kyung puts her head down at the table first, and doesn’t notice that Seung-jo is texting her.

Seung-jo is excited, composing bothersome texts for Se-kyung; since he’s going to be persistent, he’ll be persistent all the way.

But Yoon-joo finds his texts, hearing Se-kyung’s cell phone go off while trying to wake her. The contact person still says Secretary Kim, so Yoon-joo only thinks that this is Se-kyung’s White Rabbit. She texts him back, saying that Se-kyung is passed out drunk at the restaurant. Seung-jo quickly flies on over in his car.

Yoon-joo takes a moment to freshen up in the restroom, and when she returns, she sees Secretary Kim rush to Se-kyung’s side. But even in her drunkenness she can recognize Seung-jo anywhere. Secretary Kim = the CEO Se-kyung’s trying to nab = the man who’s in love with her, and she with him = Cha Seung-jo, ex-husband. Talk about a shocking revelation, and Yoon-joo pieces together all the clues she’s heard from Seung-jo and Se-kyung.

Seung-jo takes Se-kyung piggyback style and practically skips home, totally psyched that he’s carrying her. Um – I don’t think you should run in zig zags if you have a drunk person on your back… Arriving home, her parents berate him for bringing her home drunk when she can’t drink. In his defense, he says he only picked her up, and she drank with someone else. He drops her off in her room, gently clearing the hair from her face.

Seung-jo: Miss Se-kyung. If you’re awake, I hope you continue faking sleep so you can hear me out. (takes her hand) My heart is beating really fast. I am like this whenever I’m with you. You are sensible, honest, and brave. But I am petty, weak, and fearful. Yet I still told you that I liked you… so don’t be afraid.

And with a little “Fighting!” cheer, he tucks her in and leaves. Se-kyung rolls over and opens up her eyes, a small hopeful smile on her face.

Seung-jo leaves the apartment to find Se-jin waiting for him. “Do you know what this Thursday is?” she asks. Seung-jo has no idea and she tsks; no wonder her sister doesn’t like him. It hits him like thunder – is it Almighty Se-kyung’s birthday? Se-jin practically gets goosebumps over how much Seung-jo worships the ground her sister walks on.

The following morning, Se-kyung wakes up groggily to find Se-jin and Ah-jung waiting by her bed. Ah-jung wants to know if she has any plans tonight, as a former classmate of theirs is having a gallery show that evening. Se-jin wants to go with Se-kyung, and adds an extra unni~ to convince Se-kyung to take her.

Se-kyung becomes suspicious – when did her sister become so sweet? Clearly they have a plan, even though they claim otherwise. Se-kyung grudgingly agrees to go with the two of them to the show.

That evening, Il-nam heads over to the bakery where Deuk-gi works to take photos for the press. He sees Se-kyung greeting her father there, and Deuk-gi handing her coffee and a slice of fresh-baked bread. Deuk-gi tells his daughter that Seung-jo is a good-hearted man, and that she shouldn’t agonize over accepting him so much. It’s a good thing to be loved. It doesn’t cheer up Se-kyung much, so he asks her what’s wrong – like what a loving father should do.

Se-kyung tells him about In-hwa, and how she’s trying to marry someone, trying to win his heart by doing a bunch of silly things. Deuk-gi thinks it must be a blow to her cool, elegant persona, but Se-kyung begs to differ. When In-hwa does it, she looks so pretty and earnest (blegh, says I), but when she does it, it looks ugly. In her heart, she knows that society views rich people loving the poor as generous and gracious, but when poor people love the rich, it’s ridiculous and laced with greed.

Deuk-gi thinks his daughter is pretty and lovable no matter what, and the two embrace affectionately. It’s enough to make Il-nam feel a pang of jealousy. He takes some pictures with Deuk-gi inside, and then asks him what it is that he talks to his daughter about. Deuk-gi says it’s just normal stuff, like how their day was, or about work and friends.

Il-nam is surprised – don’t you only talk about those things when the kids are in grade school? Deuk-gi laughs – no, you just keep doing it! He suggests Il-nam try it with his kids, and Il-nam wonders if going out for a meal with Seung-jo may help heal their relationship.

Secretary Moon and Dong-wook come to Seung-jo’s office to tell him that everything has been prepared – the renting of the gallery, the video editing, and all that jazz. Seung-jo repeatedly asks these questions, to which Dong-wook even gives him the look, “Dude, what do you think of me?”

The one thing he hasn’t checked however is whether Se-kyung is really coming. And it is something to be concerned about, as Se-jin and Ah-jung have a hard time getting in contact with her.

Se-kyung has gone to see Tommy instead. Uh-oh… Assuming she’ll take the deal, he hands her the admission papers to the design school and a contract to sign. It states that she must relinquish everything that belongs to Seung-jo immediately and have no contact with him, now or after she returns to Korea.

Se-kyung doesn’t sign right away; she’s scared to. She tries to tell Tommy that even if it may be laughable to him, Seung-jo really does love her. But Tommy stops her – if she’s trying to convince him that she loves Seung-jo, that’s going to make matters ugly. He knows that she approached him with false intentions, and she’s still trying to say that she loved him purely? Tommy: “‘Love’ is just a name, just like billions of other names. If you want to call it love, you can, but don’t say that in front of me.”

Se-kyung: In-hwa wants to win Seung-jo’s heart as well, and marry him. But why is it that when she does it, it appears pretty, and when I do it, it’s ugly? It’s a marriage of convenience for her too, but why am I considered the bad person? Why do I have to be the moral one? Why am I the only one who has to know nothing about love?”

As much as those words may contain truth, Tommy doesn’t sympathize. Doesn’t she understand now why he must be a “pimp” to the rich? My understanding of that is he doesn’t believe in love, and the rich don’t understand love either. He creates “love” for them.

Seung-jo arrives at the gallery to find everything prepared – piano, candlelight dinner, rose petals. The problem is, Ah-jung and Se-jin arrive without Se-kyung in tow. Instead, she calls Seung-jo. He desperately asks where she is so he can go see her, but Se-kyung doesn’t want to. She knew from the start that her sister and Ah-jung were taking her to meet him, and that’s why she didn’t show up. She apologizes, but they can never be together. She hangs up, and Seung-jo falls into despair.

The chauffeur arrives just then with a bouquet of flowers – where shall he place them? While everyone’s shushing him for his tactlessness, Dong-wook asks what Seung-jo plans to do. He had prepared all this to declare his love for her, and he’s just going to give up now? Seung-jo is the type to make up fantasy scenarios in his head for every “Thank you” he wants to hear. But that’s the thing – with everything he plans for Se-kyung, it always becomes a failure. It never works out the way he planned!

Dong-wook reminds him that it’s not over until it’s over. If anything, he should still go find Se-kyung, show her everything he prepared and see if she still rejects him. If she does, then he should make peace with it, but he should not give up when she hasn’t heard his say. Yeah! That’s right, Dong-wook!

Even though they don’t know where Se-kyung is, Ah-jung knows how to track her phone down because she got the ID and passcode from when Se-kyung lost her phone.

They track her down to Heritage Club, located near the riverside. They all pile into Seung-jo’s car and Chauffeur Kim decides this is time to show his amazing driving skills, swerving lane to lane and speeding up when Dong-wook requests to go slower – heh.

When they reach the Heritage Club, they split up looking for Se-kyung. Seung-jo runs along the riverside, calling Se-kyung repeatedly, but she ignores his calls.

Seung-jo finally locates her below some steps, standing near the edge. He runs down and quickly embraces her, pleading for her not to go. He pulls her in tighter when she resists, and recites the script that he had prepared for tonight: “I used to think that love was something you felt only at first sight. I didn’t know you could drown in it slowly. If love had a time limit, I hope mine would last ten thousand years. Until I die, will you love me? No… Until the day I die, I will love you!”

But because it was to Se-kyung, he realized that script would never work. Instead, he tells Se-kyung the truth. He’s scared, and he’s always been. When he was young, his mother packed her things and abandoned him. The one person he loved left him, and he’s afraid that Se-kyung will do the same. Now she should know that he’s not the perfect, suave, cool man that others think he is. He is just a simple man who loves Se-kyung, and is in great need of her rescuing him. If she can accept him, then he hopes she can stay with him instead of running away.

At this point, the rest of the entourage have arrived and are watching, willing Se-kyung to accept his confession. With tear-filled eyes, Se-kyung has one request – to wait just one hour.

And with that, she runs off, ignoring everyone, and beelines for Tommy’s studio. She barges in to his office and has an announcement to make. “You said love is a name, like a billion of others. It doesn’t matter what other people call it, but only matters to the person giving it a name. You’re right, my feelings for Seung-jo are what you call an ugly love. However, ugly love is still love. So, I will call my love for Cha Seung-jo an ‘ugly love.’ So you give up, because I will never give up my ugly love!”

She gives him back the unsigned contract, and Tommy’s jaw hardens. If she’s going to do that, it’s war.


Oh YIPPEE! Well I’m glad Se-kyung is finally standing up for herself! It took her a while but she’s finally standing up for the love that she knows. Even though she may have led Seung-jo on initially by not revealing her knowledge of his secret, at least we know her intentions are still true, and she really does love him. It would be icing for me if she can tell him the truth about her knowledge, and he still forgive her, but I’m sure that’s an obstacle to come for these two lovebirds.

Her scene with Yoon-joo really broke my heart, as well as her monologue about love to Tommy. These two girls are just so unfortunate to be honest and conscientious. I know they have been manipulative, and it’s worse that they are so consciously aware of their decision to be manipulative, but these ‘bad women’ are speaking the truth to me. This drama forces you to look at their circumstances, where what they’re doing is not much different from what an average couple may do if they’re enjoying the thrill of “the chase”. You’re a little flirty, and you’re a little mysterious, but you probably also stalked them on Facebook and Google to find out their middle name and their siblings’ names. Will you ever reveal that newfound information before he tells you though? No – and you may never will. It’s not too far from what Se-kyung and Yoon-joo did, but what’s unfortunate for them is that they’re playing with higher stakes at the table. I pitied them and I sided with them, because they’re playing with poker chips that they don’t have. I found their thoughts to be the truth, because society does look down upon poor females trying to get the rich man – they’re the gold diggers; if we know that the rich man chased them, they’re the Cinderellas.

Before I seem too wishy-washy in my opinion of her, I will say that I disliked Se-kyung last episode for her manipulation, and I still dislike that her love with Seung-jo may not be too honest just yet. However, I can’t help but pity her more and more, and out of pity, I really do hope she finds some happiness – whether with Seung-jo or not.

I found the song “My Way” quite appropriate for this episode – it’s all about finding one’s own path, and doing it one’s own way, instead of following a path that someone else carved out for him/her. If they can live their life honestly, even with a few regrets and a few mistakes, at least they did it their way.


86 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Leona

    This is the show that made me a kdrama addict once again… Love you CA!!

    • 1.1 YY

      Yes, same here…best show I’ve seen for a long, long time

    • 1.2 Annie

      I agree. I don’t dislike a single character. They are obviously not real, but their motivations do not seem so far out there like it often does in many of the other dramas. Love it.

  2. Winsome

    Oh, thank you very much! It feels like it’s been forever since the last episode.

  3. S L

    Second!! I think this will become a love square as Yoon Joo decides to fight for Seung Joo, with Se Kyung and In Hwa.

    • 3.1 Saboriana

      I don’t think Yoon Joo still love Seung Joo, I think she loves her husband and wants to stay married to him. I think what Yoon Joo will do is join the war on Se Kyung side, to fight against Tommy and In Hwa. This way Yoon Joo will be able to repay the hurt that she gave Seung Joo, by helping him protect the woman he loves.

      • 3.1.1 Rashell

        This is EXACTLY what I want to see happen. I love the friendship between Se Kyung and Yoon Joo. And I want that bit of repentance from Yoon Joo, so that she can feel that she’s earned her place.

        This episode made me firmly on the side of those two ladies where I had been wavering before. I don’t care about their manipulations. I don’t care that their intentions aren’t entirely pure. That’s real life. They’re doing the best they can to realize their dreams. They’re feelings are genuine. They just weren’t lucky enough to be born to wealth. I want both those girls to get their HEAs!!

        • Betsy Hp

          Me too, me too! I’ve been amazed at how sympathetic Yoon-joo has become for me. And I adore the depth it gives her. The friendship between her and Se-kyung is one of my favorite bits.

          It’s hard to tell what her feeling are for her husband (though he seems like a sweetie, so I hope she does love him). I’d love to see Yoon-joo trust her husband and see him worthy of that trust. Then I’ll know it’s love. (And then Yoon-joo will get her HEA!)

        • InSu

          SK & Yoon Joo friendship began when YJ got her husband to hire SK, even tho SK had the lowest rating of all the rejects.

      • 3.1.2 Moko

        I wonder if Yoon Joo really loves her husband. She is all classy next to him. Doesn’t tell whats on her mind and isn’t lovey-dovey … but then again, this is cheongdamdong …always be on your toes

        • TS

          I think he loves her. And he’s really nice to her, so I hope she’s at least fond of him and loyal to him.

      • 3.1.3 vipkate

        Yoon Joo is really not that bad of a person.. it was just her last resort to give up Seung Joo for her dreams.. and i think she really liked him before.. she was hurt when she left Seung Joo and saw him again..

        Yeah i hope so too that Yoon Joo will help Se Kyung.. not to become a bitch but to become stronger in order for her to fight for her love and realize her dream as well..

      • 3.1.4 Dominique

        Saboriana, regarding Yoon Joo, I find your higher-level analysis far more likely than those superficial predictions that came before yours. It is in this drama’s DNA to not take well-traveled paths.

        I wish I could say that all these turns kept me glued to screen, but I could not. Somewhere around Episode 8, it lost my interest. It is a good, earnest drama but it no longer engages me.

  4. bgr

    oh man! Drinking soju & singing with potential father-in-law! You go, Cha Seung Jo! wooohooo! We’re rooting for you!

    • 4.1 kakashi

      worstest interpretation of “My Way” forever and ever and ever 🙂

  5. rome05

    Wow! wonderful episode!

  6. Laeah

    I’m happy SeKyung isn’t choosing the easy way out like Yoon Joo.

    But I’m so damn frustrated as to why it’s so damn hard to say that she was disillusioned and wanted to find a way into Cheongdamdong but fell for him when he was Kim which meant that she was sincere and then her goal wavered because she wanted to love him sincerely. I think he’d be pissed but I can’t see him not forgiving her. The longer she waits to say it the more betrayed he will feel.

    Dragging it out is just stupid and I’m really frustrated as a viewer. There are plenty more obstacles out there so can we please get over this one already?

    • 6.1 Kayleigh

      I know how you feel, but this is the central conflict and ultimately what makes this show and it’s heroine stand out amongst the sea of hardworking, annoyingly straightforward candy girls. It actually rings sort of true which is totally compelling. I think MGY’s performance is so richly nuanced that I keep swinging from hating her to rooting for her. Now that’s acting.

      Oh and shout to PSH as always. Now when I’m feeling down, my happy place is perched on Seung-jo’s lap. Sigh.

    • 6.2 Moonpies

      I know exactly how you feel — we already know this conflict and to drag it out right when she was going to tell him is just frustrating. I’d rather see another conflict introduced instead of running into the same problem for another 6 episodes. It’s really predictable in an unsatisfactory way.

  7. Abbi Kay

    Someone thought that perhaps Tommy Hong will eventually develop feelings for Se Kyung. I’m not too sure about that one, but I’m at least relieved that Se Kyung doesn’t have any sincere intention to continue the game till the end just so she can be inducted into Cheongdam-dong enclave. She played the disillusioned, money-grubbing chick briefly as this is not her true nature. Se Kyung is now bidding for love and I totally loved the smack down she handed to Tommy.

    Like I said before Team Leader is just as conniving as Yoon Joo, who I didn’t like earlier, but who is now appearing more human and less evil. I also like how her character doesn’t appear to resemble the one-dimensional bores that we frequently see.

    However, there was that little part of me that basked in Yoon Joo’s absolute mortification once she realized who Se Kyung’s White Rabbit really was.

    Looking forward to your Episode 10 review…I just watched the episode last night.

    (that OmeGAWD ending is making me impatient for Ep11)

    • 7.1 shapiro

      I can’t wait for the Episode 10 recap as well, where things moved pretty fast with revelations flying in from everywhere. I hope you do eventually post a screen cap of Tommy’s hilarious reaction at the end.

      Of course, MGY and PSH had stellar performances yet again with special kudos to SYH for being able to cry that much without being whiny or annoying.

      I love this show for its semi-fresh take on an overused plot but it could certainly do without the MGY’s bangs, PSH’s pelts, and SYH’s garishly purple lip color, in my honestly superficial opinion…

    • 7.2 shapiro

      I can’t wait for the Episode 10 recap as well, where things moved pretty fast with revelations flying in from everywhere. I hope you do eventually post a screen cap of Tommy’s hilarious reaction at the end.

      Of course, MGY and PSH had stellar performances yet again with special kudos to SYH for being able to cry that much without being whiny or annoying. I love PSH’s cute entourage as well.

      I love this show for its semi-fresh take on an overused plot but it could certainly do without the MGY’s bangs, PSH’s pelts, and SYH’s garishly purple lip color, in my honestly superficial opinion…

    • 7.3 InSu

      So E-Hyun (Yoon Joo) gets to show off her acting skills in ep10. She gets to act a wide range of emotions. I was really impressed with the delivery of her lines. PSH matched her in their ‘duet’. MGY too with her unique style.

  8. nabi2810

    I was really enjoying the show until Se-kyung knew the truth about Seung-jo. Now it just feels like watching some ticking bomb. The more gleeful Seung-jo is, the more disappointed he will be later. Why can’t Se-kyung just be honest and tell him everything? Ugly love needs to be built on honesty, too.

    Btw, I love how Yoon-joo and Se-kyung kinda become closer. They used to think that they are so different, but now they can sit across the table and talk to each other like besties.

    On the other hand, can I just say how much I HATE Tommy Hong and In-hwa? He is just annoying, sticking his nose into others’ business. And In-hwa, I used to think she’s so pretty and smart, but the way she tried to approach Seung-jo to expand her family’s business makes her nothing better than Se-kyung. Yet somehow she looks down on Se-kyung for doing the same thing. I’m just so disappointed in her.

    • 8.1 Laeah

      Ugly love needs to be built on honesty, too.
      This so much.

      Though I disagree on Tommy Hong. I think he is “helping” her by showing her the own sacrifices that others have had to make in order to follow in his and YoonJoo’s footsteps. I think he’s a broken, broken man. 😉

    • 8.2 Arawn

      I find it pretty unbelievable that in other blogs people are actually saying that Se-kyung should NOT tell the truth. You know, so that she wouldn’t hurt Seung-Jo’s poor feelings. Because, she hasn’t actually done anything bad or wrong.

      (Which I’m sure Seung-Jo will agree with when he finds out. Not.)

      • 8.2.1 InSu

        Those peeps on the blogs probably know about ep10

    • 8.3 pigtookie

      but the way she tried to approach Seung-jo to expand her family’s business makes her nothing better than Se-kyung. Yet somehow she looks down on Se-kyung for doing the same thing.

      Yes, indeed. I like that this drama does give us these parallels, In Hwa and Se Kyung, Yoon Joo (who I’ve come to really like/pity) and Se Kyung, Tommy and Se Kyung. In Hwa and Se Kyung are not much different- In Hwa is pursuing marriage to raise her status in her family and industry, while Se Kyung’s original motive was to do it to find success as a designer. Perhaps she is seen as greedy, but In Hwa is just as manipulative. Though in the eyes of the upper class, they’ll see her as ambitious and see this as a profitable marriage for both families.

  9. kakashi

    What I like about this show in particular is that it continues to surprise me. Can’t say that about many KDramas these days! It just does these little twists in how the characters are drawn, so that nobody is really good or really evil … very smart. They manage to give (almost) all the side-characters an interesting flavor (for example, I like how CSJ’s father is portrayed). That said, Seung-jo needs to grow up fast or this will end in tragedy. I want to simultaneously cuddle him and slap him over the head.

  10. 10 hope

    Hey man, i know it’s not accidental kiss 🙂 i replay this scene again and again and saw the moment of your lip before Sk turn around 🙂 bad man 🙂 lol

  11. 11 rainbow

    just finished watching ep9…..
    I really like Seung jo, his doctor friend and his secretary….and that scene when they all were looking for Se kyung in a taxi, was so good 🙂

    • 11.1 Moko

      agree, that scene was better than candy

  12. 12 Harleyqwen

    OMG the dance is back… love that he played it off at the elevator!!! PARK SHI HOO I LOVE YOU

  13. 13 bigwink

    alright we’re back on! *\(‘o’)/*

    thaaanks Kaedejun ~<3

  14. 14 altair

    Park Shi Hoo!!!! He is so hansome and talented and charismatic. Qualities that the main femal lead lacks. In the begining I thought: OK, she is not pretty, maybe she has some impressive acting skills. NO! She doesn’t. She is as stiff as wood and only has one expression: emotionless. Crying, laughing, talking is all the same for her. All the actions are there allright, but she looks dead behind the eyes. As to charisma… she has the charisma of a cardboard. Watching her is like watching paint dry. I feel zero chemistry between the leads (PSH is good, but he ain’t God to make up for the complete and utter lack of LIFE in the lead actress). I don’t even know what to do: continue to watch and fest my eyes upon PSH or just give up cause it ain’t worth the brain pain of having to sit through 1 hour of female lead dullness.

    • 14.1 Annie

      … are we talking about Moon Geun Young?

      • 14.1.1 nokke

        or maybe this about other show from a parallel space? -))

    • 14.2 ilovekimchi

      Sorry it’s too painful for you to watch Moon…I for one find her portrayal of Han SeKyung compellingly rich and fascinating!

      • 14.2.1 meryl

        Agree with you!

    • 14.3 Moko

      I think it’s hard because she isn’t playing the typical charming kdrama heroine. That of course comes from stuff like scripts. And in this script there is none like that.
      Reminds me of her character in Cinderella’s Sister. But still…Se-kyung isn’t Eun-Jo.
      I understand altair when it comes to chemistry with PSH …it’s kinda… not IT. Especially when he’s not dancing^^
      Moon Geun Young is no drama queen…she doesn’t overdoe things when she thinks it’s not appropriate. I think she is rather the kind of actress who tries to understand the character that is written in the script rather than pushing herself unto it. Does anyone get what I mean? (Though her eyes of wonder and fear are always the same ^^ cute.)

      I WONDER if she ever introduces some ideas to change the character, rather than to prefer to make every move of the script to be in line with the character. You know like those hollywood stories with acters who add some personal ticks to the character…let’s say like Dustin Hoffmann’s sighs in The Graduate….man, I feel like talking about stuff nobody will understand xD

      • 14.3.1 Moko

        Sorry for all the misspelling. Should proofread more!
        *spleen not tick

    • 14.4 meme

      i think she’s really pretty. i also wouldn’t call her emotionless. just because her acting style is not over-the-top and more natural, doesn’t make it emotionless. she’s playing someone who is cautious and, also, a bit calculating, not necessarily in a mean-spirited way, but i definitely feel her emotions, such as when she was talking to seung jo after hearing yoon joo’s confession. all she was saying was yes, but her eyes conveyed guilt and remorse.

      and zero chemistry? they are soooooo adorable together! i wouldn’t go as far as shipping them in real life, but they are really cute in this drama. if that’s not convincing enough, please rewatch the almost kiss scene. sizzzzzzzle

    • 14.6 InSu

      MGY uses every part of her face to act, to convey the emotions. Unfortunate that people’s eyes are glued to the subtitles.
      Funny no one mentions So E-Hyun’s excellent acting. Close your eyes and listen to her. She conveys so many different emotions just by her voice. Add her face and body language acting and you can see why people here are responding positively to her Yoon Joo character.
      Really sad people have to read the subs.

      • 14.6.1 Moko

        No I think Yoon Joo is even a better acted character. You are right the actress makes Yoon Joo an intensive character. I think she understands and acts her really well. Far better than in Heartstrings (she was annoying there).
        In Heartstring she felt out of place but this world fits her pretty well.

    • 14.7 TS

      I find her dull too.

  15. 15 Lilian

    One thing about this drama is that there is no clear cut villain. Even Tommy seems more to be someone who has given up on his ideals to fit in with the society and to achieve his “dreams”. Albeit the wrong way? So although i hate it that Se Kyung was faking it in front of Seung Jo, I still cannot hate her!

  16. 16 Saturtledaisy

    So far, this drama has not let me down~ I love how they keep spinning things around to keep it interesting, and how none of the characters are black and white.

    I’m kindof getting a leeetle annoyed with Se Kyung though, because I think she’s being a little bit too passive, especially since she’s got herself in such a mess. But I was happy to see her finally stand up for herself, altough it took her an entire episode to do something. (but when she does something, at least she does it well?) As for the actress? Well the main expression we’ve been seeing of her right now this episode is just ‘guilty’. Sad, lost and guilty. I don’t really blame her for that though, because I guess that’s how her character’s supposed to feel right now.

    But I can’t help but wish that her character was a little less thinking and a little more action. (though, you know, not the bad kind of action like writing letters in which you make obvious lies)

  17. 17 Curioser And Curiosor

    I remember reading a lot of righteously indignant comments in DramaFever about CdA’s materialism and its morally dubious heroine. Left and right people were expressing outrage that CdA was glorifying a gold digger. That in itself was revealing about the very same social biases Se-kyung talks about when she is cornered by Tommy. What the apparently outraged viewers wanted was the traditional self sacrificing and self-effacing Candy-Cinderella heroine who would unknowingly catch the attention of the stereotypically arrogant and self-possessed Master of the Universe (read Chaebol heir / Prince), be wooed and eventually rescued/elevated by him. I love that this drama took its time to subvert those two principal social biases with the characters of Se-kyung and Seung-jo, presenting us with two ordinary people who act and react according to socially imposed constraints while (a) trying to find relief from the pressure and (b) discovering that they might find happiness beyond those constraints. As long as each of them have played by these constraints, either when conforming to them or when purposely going against them, they have suffered because their decisions are defined by the very constraints they seek to defy. I believe that Seung-jo has made the first step truly breaking free by simply ignoring the rules (i.e. throwing away his “suave-man-o-power” script) and opening himself up to Se-kyung, warts and all, making himself vulnerable to rejection and taking responsibility for his feelings no matter the outcome. For, in truth, everything Se-kyung has done since he’s known her and especially since she sent him her ‘resignation’ letter indicates to him that things could go either way. Imagine what would happen if, in that spirit, Se-kyung could also bare herself, warts and all… Her case is complicated by the fact that confessing her resolution to land a big fish for his money may not only repulse Seung-jo, but may also (and this is more important) actually traumatize him profoundly, given his history with Yoon-joo> We know this, and Yoon-joo knows this, but Se-kyung does not. Aigoo… eotteohge?!

    • 17.1 opheliadrowning

      Great comment! I also love how they have subverted it and then addressed it head on! And I like how In Hwa is the counterpoint to Se-Kyung and Yoon Joo. She is a rich girl trying to find a rich husband. How is she different except for class?

      This all makes the story, thematically, a lot more complex.

    • 17.2 Arawn

      While I think that considering ethics she should tell him, we can just let the philosophical part slide and talk about it from the practical point of view.

      Her problem is that Tommy knows. And it’s pretty certain that Tommy will tell Seung-Jo somehow – he has stated that he will do anything to make the marriage of Seung-Jo and In-Hwa to happen. So the question isn’t even “should Seung-Jo know” because he WILL know. Question is who is going to tell it to him. If it will be somebody else than Se-Kyung, that will traumatize him even worse than if it’s Se-Kyung. Not only will her not-telling be held against her then but Tommy, who’s most likely the teller, will paint her in a very bad light in all. So in the end Se-Kyung’s choices are to tell herself and face the pain of hurting a loved one and the possibility of rejection or wait until somebody else tells him and then face his pain and possible rejection. Difference is that in latter option his pain will be worse and threat of rejection much more imminent and severe.

      So even from the practical point of view she should tell.

      • 17.2.1 opheliadrowning

        Agreed. If she doesn’t tell and things work out…what’s to happen that it might not come out later? Or if Tommy comes back at her like Daddy Cha is against Yoon Joo? I think Se-Kyung can explain to to Seung-Jo now and be ok (though it’s dramaland–of course why would that happen?) He has his Doctor Therapist friend, and she could reveal things slowly and explain them, especially since he has revealed his “dark side” to her–it can be something they can work toward. I rather them have an obstacle that is not just one of them withholding information from the other, especially for 6 more episodes.

    • 17.3 Curioser And Curiosor

      I hear you both, sistah! I’m really digging this drama – I did not know what to expect and those initial protesting comments I mentioned earlier made me somewhat wary. But I simply love Moon Geun Young – have done since first seeing her in “Autumn in my Heart” and then realizing it was the same actress, grown up and transgendered in “Painter of the Wind” (where she co-stars with the phenomenal Park Shin Yang – I think I am partial to actors with unusually engaging/disconcerting gazes – Song Joong-ki, anyone…?) and then saw her do a complete about turn with “Mary…” and aw, man, “Cinderella Sisters”… Man, the woman is no joke!

      Anywhoo, if the staple of KDrama is messy lives, I think CdA offers a fresh perspective on messy lives in the context of a Comedy – for this IS a comedy and not just a melodrama or a straight up tragedy – like the dozens that rend our hearts and wring out every last tear from our exhausted wellsprings of woe… (Yes, I am an ‘all in’ KDrama lover).

      Seung-jo’s adorable awkwardness and correspondingly loveably gleeful dorkyness aside, CdA is a comedy in the sense that it will have a happy ending. I may not even be a fairy tale type happy ending where girl gets boy and they live happily ever after. It may be a happy ending about finding your place and your truth in the world and being able to live it unencumbered by the unjustified constraints social mores impose; a bildungsroman where both boy and girl become stronger because of the travails they have had to go through.

      I like that CdA came out in the year PSY’s “Gangnam Style” fever swept the world. So much in the early episodes of the drama seemed to riff off PSY’s parody of Gangnam-gu / Cheongdam-dong material excesses. I love how the intimate drama of these two souls and the skewed world they inhabit is in effect lifting the curtain on the glitz and bling a little more thoughtfully and with greater deliberation than a three minute pop song has the space to do.

  18. 18 jomo

    Thanks for the recap.
    Loved this ep although I am a little not getting the tears of guilt and sadness, I know this is cold-hearted.

    I believe YJ made her choices years ago, whatever the circumstances. She needs to accept her reality and move on. What else can she do at this point?
    (I am talking about before she finds out who SK’s white rabbit is.)

    “My Way” by the way, while best known by Frank Sinatra’s performance, is a Paul Anka, song.
    Yes, the same man that wrote “Having My Baby” and “Put Your Head on my Shoulder” wrote the most performed karaoke song of all time.

    • 18.1 lili

      Originally it’s a french song “Comme d’habitude”(as usual) composed by Claude François and Jacques Revaux…

      • 18.1.1 jomo


        • lili

          Vraiment, je te le confirme 🙂

          “Paul Anka heard the original 1967 French pop song, Comme d’habitude (As Usual) performed by Claude François, while on holiday in the south of France. He flew to Paris to negotiate the rights to the song.”

          source : Wikipedia

          • jomo

            C’est tellement plus triste en francais qu’anglais!!

            “Dans ce grand lit froid comme d’habitude
            Mes larmes, je les cacherai
            Comme d’habitude”

            I expected more of “Rien de Rien” from the slow beat that builds to a BIG finish.


            OK, I did choose this vid because of the hair and eye shadow, but if you just listen and not look, it is much better. LOL

    • 18.2 Ruth

      I’m with you, Jomo. There was so much random emo in this that was just unrealistic. I have to wonder if YJ doesn’t have some hormonal issues or something, because that’s the only explanation that makes sense to me.

      I’m getting vibes from this, right now, like I got from Coffee House (which I didn’t finish watching after reading the epi. recaps and being so ticked at the ending).

      • 18.2.1 jomo

        I was thinking hormonal – pregnancy, too.
        As she was drinking her wine, so I worry. I worry!

        • YY

          LOL I was also pretty worried at the wine part for the maybe-baby, but I must say that hubby of hers is the most duh-est character I have seen! C’mon now, your wife starts acting strange and disappears for long spells (especially at night) goes tramping around the neighborhood in her expensive clothes and fur coat at midnight in the bitter cold and she’s alternately crying and brooding and omg now she’s drinking and smashing wine bottles at midnight and he just looks perplexed and says,”Wife, what’s wrong with you lately?” If I were her, I would take another wine bottle and bash him HARD over the head -maybe that’d wake him up.

    • 18.3 YY

      You mean “Myeee Ewayeee”? Haha..’minds me of Prosecutor Princess where he mouthed “Goodu newsu” several times. Yes, the emo scenes kind of leave me cold too, but I do like the YJ-SK exchanges: It’s so brutally honest and stripped of sugar coating it takes me aback at times – watch the next ep and you’ll know what I mean. I supposed that’s why I find this drama so compelling; it’s such a refreshing change from the usual love angsty ones.

  19. 19 Ruth

    This drama….

    So, there are things about it that I love and things that are just driving me crazy.

    First, I really love the Seung Jo’s character. Dude, the guy is crazy, but it’s so loveable you want to pat him on the head and hug him and tell him to sit down at the same time. I can’t keep up with the man. He’s all business, then all emo, then all cute-as-a-button, then all stuttering (also cute as a button). Sheesh. Slow down! Whew.

    Second – okay…that’s it.

    Though I like MGY, I’m not engaged with her character to not miss it anymore.

    Honestly, I think I’d miss the bunnies and Seung Jo the most. Is it enough to keep watching? I’ll give it one more week(end).

  20. 20 pigtookie

    Park Shi Hoo is great in this role. That subtle shift in his eyes when he meets eyes with his father, and going to extremes for ridiculous Seung Jo. I’m going to miss bumbling Seung Jo (not so much oblivious Seung Jo) once he learns of why Se Kyung finally came to pursue him, I don’t think we’ll see him again.

  21. 21 hyunjee

    I get caught up in the storyline, the moral dilemmas, the characters, the HOTNESS of Park Shi Hoo… and then in some intense or emotional scene, MGY will look *so* cross-eyed that it totally takes me out of fantasy-land. I first noticed how distracting her cross-eyedness was in the scene where she dumped Secretary Kim, and now I cannot unsee it.

    Is anyone else distracted by this?

    I don’t know if it’s just the crossed-eyes or the acting itself but I feel like she (the actress) is weakening while PSH gets better with each episode.

    • 21.1 InSu

      I hardly notice it. Maybe because I grew up in Korea, I do find non-Asian noses ugly and distracting LOL.

      • 21.1.1 TS

        I thought there were just a variety of shapes and sizes in noses no matter the race?

  22. 22 Laurita

    Yep yep yep, we still have some development, unique heroine and her endless inner conflicts.

    But what to do: I’m so tired to be serious about all of it.
    My recipe?

    For these two later episodes, I just laaaay down, drool over Seung Jo’s cuteness (and seriousness) and imagine a normal storyline (what if…) and normal heroine’s reactions to it. Can you blame me for that?
    At least I am having a great time out of that land of angst and broken dreams.

  23. 23 Moko

    I think the actor who is playing Tommy is doing a really GREAT work here. Because I saw him in Personal Taste I never thought high of him. Even when he wasn’t a mama’s boy. But here he is all acting smart…even reminds me of a Queen.
    Totally crashed my image of him.
    Thank you Kim Ji Suk <3
    I hope for better roles to come!

  24. 24 Betsy Hp

    I’d forgotten how fun this show is!

    I love how that Se-kyung and Yoon-joo are becoming actual friends. I love how carefully they’re walking the line with Se-kyung’s gold digging. (I very much appreciated your take on her, kaedejun. I noticed the change from last episode to this one and I think it reflects well on the job they’re doing balancing Se-kyung’s dip into badness.)

    And, of course, I adoreSeung-jo and his merry back-up band of courters. (Fellow diners at the Mad Hatter’s tea-party?) I love how they’ve all leaped on-board — including Driver Kim!

    Most amazing moment, though, has to be Se-kyung running back to reject Tommy Hong. In high, high heels. Through snow and ice. (How did she not break her neck? Let alone an ankle or two? Is there some kind of training program?) 😉

    Thanks for the recap!

  25. 25 Solange

    Although we in Hawaii have only seen Eps 1-2, I couldn’t resist reading the intro to this epsidoe’s critique and then quickly scrolled to read the comments. Hands down, your commenters(is there really such a word?) are insightful, put forth such creative what ifs and buts, bring in very interesting interpretations re: relationships and even educate us about “My Way” and its French origins.
    Love this site, you Dramabeans and your readers!

  26. 26 Solange

    correction: “episode’s”

  27. 27 InSu

    I too go to the comments straight away. I just can’t wait to read what all of you have to say about ep10.

  28. 28 midwestmz

    It’s back – it’s back!!

    I had such withdrawal pains last week, when I found out this was not going to be on. I needed my fix, it was not here to sooth my kdrama need.

    This is so delightful, so whimsical, no deep thought is needed, no preachy dialogue to try and translate from ’Korean definition’ to ’non Korean’. Yes, there are the truths Se-Kyung and Yoon-Joo are sharing over drinks, and Se-Kyung lays on Mr. Hong. These resonate with anyone with a heart and common sense. Maybe Mr. Pimp (aka, Hong) will grow a heart and conscious with these truths?

    This is one program that might have been able to carry more than the 16 scheduled episodes?? But then, am I just wanting more of something I reallyreallyreallyreally like?

  29. 29 S L

    I was annoyed by yoon joo and sekyung’s common names. I think moon geun young is a fine young actress (but it is hard to ignore her cock eyes).
    But overall I do agree that there is chemistry!! Yoon joo likes seungjo, otherwise why does she look more sad than shocked at the end?

  30. 30 lenrasoon

    I like this episode better than the ones last week. Thanks for the recaps!

  31. 31 Abbie

    As much as I love this show (mostly because of Park Shi-hoo) but I found this episode painful to watch. I like Se-kyung, and I’m on her side, however, Seung-jo I think will be really, really hurt when he finds out the truth. Seung-jo is my favorite character (I was so glad the cute was back) and I don’t want him to be hurt. Maybe he realize Se-kyung loves him sooooo much that he’ll forgive her and they can live happily ever after. I’m hoping.

    I like that Il-nam is taking a lesson from Deuk-gi on parenting. I hope he and Seung-jo can come to some sort of an understanding.

    In-hwa is so freaking annoying. I cannot stand her. And Tommy. What is his deal? Does he really think love doesn’t exist? Or is he just jaded because he loved someone once who hurt him? Maybe both? I don’t know. He’s a hard character to figure out.

    I like that Yoon-joo and Se-kyung had a bonding moment, but where will their budding friendship go now that Yoon-joo knows who Secretary Kim really is? Will she continue to help In-hwa get together with Seung-jo? Or will she rebel against the Shin family and Il-nam and help Se-kyung and Seung-jo be together? Personally, I’m hoping for the latter.

    Looking forward to episode 10. Thanks for the recap, Kaedejun!

  32. 32 TS

    Explanation needed please: what is the deal with Se-kyung’s family living with Ah-Jung? Are they tenants, or is she their tenant or what?

    And isn’t it funny how her eyes light up at Seung-jo’s soju?

  33. 33 Valleydale

    How is it that some of you have already seen episode 10? Drama Fever has only made 9 available, which disappointed me. I knew that both 9 and 10 had been aired, so I was very much looking forward to a two hour dive into CdA. Pout.

    • 33.1 TS


  34. 34 YY

    Some people find Moon’s acting to be wooden and expressionless in this drama. My thoughts: In the drama, Se Kyung has deliberately schooled her face into a blank – at times, dead – mask to deal with life’s hardships and to hide all the turbulent emotions warring inside her mind and heart. I think Moon the actress understands Se Kyung the character perfectly and she has analysed the character in depth and decided this is what Se Kyung would be like – a girl with two faces, if you will – the subdued, outwardly grateful, respectful, deferential poor girl who bows to all her social superiors, and the inner real her: resentful, bitter, cynical, angry, screaming out in pain at the world and its unfairness, demanding equal treatment and an end to class barriers. She only shows her true face to Tommy and YJ for they are her social equals. With Seung Jo, she is cautious now – where before she was easy and comfortable with Secretary Kim – because SJ is now her social superior. Her speech now with the Artemis President is subdued and careful, where before she was spontaneous and funny and irreverent. I kind of miss that.

    • 34.1 Rome05

      You are absolutely right..I agree with you.
      She’s so confused with what decision she will make but other viewers find it annoying that she is always frowning or sad but it is so literal specially to Se Kyung’s case..

    • 34.2 ilovekimchi

      The fact that her character, and how Moon is portraying HSK, have evoked so many reactions from viewers is a testament to I think, Moon’s skill and proficiency as a thespian. HSK wasn’t written to be an endearing and cute character. It’s always easy to love the quirky and over the top, the flawed hero and earnest prince or candy. HSK is such a complex and rich character, I detest her actions, but I don’t hate her. Her actions don’t define her, and I see her growth evolve before my eyes. CSJ too is a character not want of depth, but because portrayed comically in part, I find harder to relate to. While his story are those fantasies and dreams are made of; hers pulls me back on earth, and make me look deep within myself, and at society and her sad realities.

  35. 35 ode

    Yep.. The fact that we are so much affected with the character of HSK, only means how good the actor portraying it is. I’m glad it’s MGY, as usual, she’s doing one great performance. It’s about time we have a leading lady with a flawed character and a leading man loved by many. CA, so far for me, is one of the best kdrama to come out in years. I hope it remains good as we venture further to its finale. I’m not looking forward for an extension coz usually, that ruins the good vibes.

  36. 36 Jolie

    Finally , SK became herself before . Brave , honest and pure which SJ love because it’s her nature .
    She changes because some one make her dissapointed but her nature can’t change easily .
    Hope she will be strong more enough to keep SJ walk together with her on the long way even though it’s so hard .

  37. 37 RiderCider

    I haven’t seen Se-kyung laugh in this drama….

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