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Childless Good Fortune gets extension thanks to climbing ratings
by | January 3, 2013 | 33 Comments

Well, when you’re a cable drama and you’re breaking 8% ratings (I know, wow), it comes as no surprise that the station extends your run.

Scriptwriter Kim Soo-hyun is continuing her hot streak with Childless Good Fortune, the weekend family drama on JTBC that’s currently two-thirds of the way through its run (its last broadcast was Episode 19). Originally planned for 30 episodes, now the show will be getting 8 to 10 more; the number hasn’t been decided yet but the extension itself is confirmed. Writer Kim, the production company, and the scheduling team at JTBC are reportedly currently ironing out those details.

A manager from JTBC’s scheduling team stated that the extension won’t greatly change the direction of the story, but will mainly draw out the small moments and funny episodes. “There will be no forced extension or last-minute scripts,” she added.

The drama has had a remarkable ratings record, with each episode climbing ever higher. The recent December 30 broadcast netted an unheard-of 8.1% for the episode overall, and on the live ratings meter its highest point hit 10.5%. That’s pretty amazing, considering that half that would still be considered amazing. And half that (that is to say, 2%) would still be a solid number—not quite the hit sensation that we would’ve thought it a year ago, but safe and strong.

The 8.1% rating is also a new record for cable dramas, and we’re only halfway through! How high can cable go? Only JTBC knows, it seems.

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33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Kate

    I wish someone would sub this series, I REALLY want to watch it!!!! ;(

    • 1.1 Gina

      Me too! I really want to give this one a shot but subs are nowhere to be found. 🙁

    • 1.2 Bengbeng

      oh, i’m wishing that too! maybe when the other dramas end, they will start subbing it. Still hoping it will be sooner though =)

    • 1.3 jomo

      Me, 3,423rd.

    • 1.4 Gab

      Same here.. someone please?

    • 1.5 kimheami

      you guys will love it once you watch it. if you liked kim zoo hyun’s other family oriented dramas such as life is beautiful, then this will be right up your alley. not looking forward to it ending in a few weeks 🙁

      • 1.5.1 kimheami

        kim soo hyun. lol

  2. Meghan

    KBS, MBC, and SBS need to watch their backs. Cable channels are starting to overrun them with ratings.

    • 2.1 OMG

      I’m gonna have to agree with this….

    • 2.2 girlatsea

      Seriously. Can’t believe how they managed to overrun MBC’s Rascal Sons (which has averaged about 7% it’s entire run).

      It’s great considering cable channels put out a lot of great dramas in 2012. More for us!^^

  3. UJ

    I am hearing so many good things about this drama but i cant find its subbed episodes!! Seriously no one translated even 1 epi of this drama ugh (╯°□°)╯︵┻━┻

    • 3.1 Meghan

      It’s a long running cable drama, without any major stars, so it’s unlikely to be subbed. D: Hopefully someone someday will…

    • 3.2 girlatsea

      I’ve said this before but it would be nice if Dramafever picked it up, since they subbed Can We Get Married? and its also a JTBC drama.

    • 3.3 Nallali

      Don’t worry it will be subbed in a few, for sure. I remember being so disappointed no one was subbing ‘The Chaser’ then about 3 months after it ended i woke up one day and boom! fully subbed! Drama gods ain’t dead yet he he!

      • 3.3.1 Llamaesque

        I see that this show is available at Mvibo, but not in English yet. (Which isn’t surprising, because they take *forever* to sub things. A Wife’s Credentials finished airing in April and they just subbed episode 15.)

  4. orag

    your wish is also my wish.. still no subs??? I also want to watch it….

  5. Mystisith

    I watched the 19 eps raw in a mini-marathon to get the gist of it. If we compare this drama to its direct rival (Rascal Sons), it’s clearly better. Still not perfect but much more compelling.
    I would have preferred an extension for CWGM? or a 2nd season. 🙁 BUT, BUT… I just read than the latter will have a Special episode aired on jtbc, Jan 7. There is a justice in the Universe. 🙂

  6. mel

    Lee Soon Jae works a lot man. Makes me feel lazy. Wish this was subbed. Love this type of family drama.

    • 6.1 lil_ole_me

      haha my aunt said he must have another grandchild to send to college b/c he works 24/7

  7. oozzeee

    ,aww, my favorite mom from Life is Beautiful..

  8. Vivianna

    I have been tracking this drama series every week. Not easy to get the subbed version. Only available in Chinese subs. Lots of good actors and actresses in this drama. I did not realize it was a cable drama.

  9. rainbow

    not much interested in it as it’s so long but congrats to the team for high ratings…..

  10. 10 nova611

    whenever i heard extension nowadays – > rating high
    -> more PPL -> more money for tv station

    arrgh KoD…why u mess my mind

    • 10.1 Mystisith

      1 thing I like is the strategy they chose for the extension of CGF: “We will mainly draw out the small moments and funny episodes. There will be no forced extension or last-minute scripts.”
      I don’t want to say anything since KOD last ep didn’t aired yet, but I would have preferred if they had done the same: Funny and slices of live against last minute makjang trope…

  11. 11 news

    Interesting. What’s this drama about? I haven’t found a good synopsis that gives me a feel for it.

  12. 12 heodang

    Funnily enough, one of the youngest actors in this drama, Son Na Eun, is bandmates with Jung Eun Ji of AM1997 fame. They seem to have pretty good luck with dramas!

    While I don’t think this drama is one of Soo Hyun’s best, it’s still a fun watch. If I wasn’t so swamped with work I would try and help translate some of the episodes.

  13. 13 kimheami

    love this drama. so glad to see that it is getting an extension.

  14. 14 dee

    I think now the rating system must change because so many viewers in South Korea don’t watch drama only from television but also from their handphone or their tablet.
    I think South Korea is one of the countries who has advanced internet technology.

  15. 15 malta

    Is this drama good? I like family dramas, but have been burned many times. Also, this has the evil dad from Can You Hear My Heart and I unfairly dislike him.

  16. 16 addylovesbwood

    Thats how I feel about my daughter Seo Yeong. Theyre taking forever to sub it. Im an advocate for family dramas so i really want to watch this.

  17. 17 Stephanie

    and I thought 6% was unheard of… and 4% was really good.

  18. 18 Steph

    Wow! It sounds really good too. Prayer circle over here that someone subs it.

  19. 19 curious

    I just wanna know how this live ratings meter is being done.. I’m just curious.. @-@..jb! please enlighten me..lolz!

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