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Covertly Grandly’s award-winning cast
by | January 3, 2013 | 70 Comments

Well don’t they make one shiny cast. There’s one movie that’s reaping the direct benefits of the KBS/MBC/SBS Drama Awards this year — Kim Soo-hyun’s new pretty-boy spy flick Covertly Grandly now gets to boast that between its four leading men, they’ve pocketed acting awards from all three broadcasters. I’d say the cast is pretty awesome with or without little gold statues, but I suppose you should flaunt ’em if you’ve got ’em.

The movie is based on a webtoon of the same name and stars Kim Soo-hyun as a North Korean black ops spy who goes undercover in a South Korean town… as the village idiot. Hee. There’s also a strange idol boy band component to the cover, which doesn’t make much sense to me, but I don’t think I’ll be watching this movie for the feats of logic.

Park Ki-woong (Gaksital, Full House Take 2) and Lee Hyun-woo (To the Beautiful You, Equator Man) co-star as his comrades and idol bandmates, and Sohn Hyun-joo (The Chaser) is their commanding officer/drill sergeant. I hope he also goes undercover as their idol manager and dance trainer, because I’m already dying of laughter at the imagery in my head.

At least the idol thing explains Park Ki-woong’s god-awful hair? But why does he have to take one for the team when the other two get to stay perfectly pretty? On the upside, there’s an explanation. On the downside, that means I have to watch an entire movie in which he wears that hair. It’s kind of a toss-up, really. Directing is Jang Chul-soo (Bedevilled), and the movie is described as a heartwarming comedy. Well I should hope so; I don’t think you can throw flower boy spies, village idiot, and idol boy band into a blender and come out with much else, genre-wise. Bring the wacky! I’m down.

Covertly Grandly is shooting now and plans to premiere sometime this year.

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70 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. UJ

    Sounds fun fun fun! Can’t wait XD

  2. Ivoire

    Thank you!

  3. birdscout

    I just wish they would put a comma in the title. These things should not bother me… πŸ™‚

    • 3.1 bernie

      maybe the official english title will have one? writing that kind of title sans comma isn’t incorrect in korean like it is in english, so that kind of technicality really just has to do with translation~

  4. MsB

    What’s up with the hair, PKW? Just saying….

    • 4.1 rriafically

      I know right. After Full House 2, this one? Lol. It’s his hair alright, but I really hope he’d just style it the way it was styled on Gaksital.

    • 4.2 Arhazivory

      Heh. When he guested for Joo Won on Win Win, he said its for the movie.

      • 4.2.1 Fafa

        Yes and I was wondering what his role could have been. Now I know! hehehe…

  5. canxi

    Lol, I don’t think PKW minds dying his hair crazy colors. Read in an interview his mom dyed his hair orange (?) once or some other bright color. He must be used to it, hahaha. I don’t mind it in the least. I think it just looks extra ridiculous because it’s sooooo neat. Like anime hair!

    Movie sounds good! Wonder what they are spying on???…

    • 5.1 risa

      I’m not a purist when it comes to hair color, and I’ve seen plenty of pink, blue, purple, etc. hairdos that I think are a lot of fun. But this do, no me likey. I don’t like the cut, and I don’t like the combo of the two tones. I’m not crazy about that shade of orange either. At least there’s an explanation for it– when I saw him sporting that do at at the KBS Drama Awards show, I thought maybe he was jealous that he wasn’t nominated for Most Shameful Mane of Shame like his Full House Take 2 co-stars.

  6. Mawiie

    I’m excited for Park Ki Woong, but if I remember correctly, it was supposed to be Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Hyun Woo and Jo Jung Seok. What happened to the later?

    • 6.1 Saima

      There are rumors that JJS will be headlining his own drama (YAYYYY) with IU cast opposite him!! Dunno how true this tidbit is.

  7. Saima

    Sounds hysterical. Cannot wait to watch this!!!

  8. crazedlu

    I will be watching this. Ha. Yes, it is the cast. = D

  9. MissLuxedo

    Covertly Grandly? Seriously?

    Fortunately, it’s great cast and synopsis has got me hooked. I can’t wait to watch the hilarity… North Korean spies going undercover as idols and one as a village idiot, count me in! I’ll be sure to check this one out!

  10. 10 jomo

    A very strange, but intriguing title, and a must see cast.

    I have had a soft spot for Lee Hyun-woo since seeing him in his fountain hair-do in Return of Iljimae. He was a little boy at the time. Wasn’t his voice changing, too?
    Now he’s all growed up!

  11. 11 R

    Park Ki Woong <3
    Thanks girlfriday !!

    • 11.1 kesha_joi

      Hell yeah! Park Ki Woong!!!:)

  12. 12 Mystisith

    Sounds fun. A NK spies story which could be funny for the good reasons. Cast is sure impressive. Is it me or is 2013 a good year for comedic movies in SK? I’m waiting for a handful of them. It helps compensating for all that sadness in dramaland.
    Sidenote: We always see stories of NK spies hiding in the South. Would like to see a reversal…

  13. 13 anna

    “undercover in a South Korean town… as the village idiot. ”
    Is this the prequel to Dream High? Samdong was a spy all along!

    • 13.1 asdjfkl

      Maybe he is..hmm??

    • 13.2 Miss D


      It all makes sense now. Getting super famous was just a step in his take over plan.

      On another note…Park Ki wong…..even with the hair, I’ll still love you. Fighting!

  14. 14 WM

    “I hope he also goes undercover as their idol manager and dance trainer, because I’m already dying of laughter at the imagery in my head.”

    *spit take* OMG…please, please, please let this happen. From your mouth to the director’s ear!

  15. 15 ailee

    the movie sounds awesome! can’t wait to watch it πŸ˜€

  16. 16 Anabanana

    Ah so they changed the name? When I first heard, it was just ‘Covertness’ – but never mind. I like “Covertly Grandly” — it sounds dandy!
    All I care about is PKW and his awesome acting. Don’t care if his head reminds me of a carrot

  17. 17 ilikehim

    Lee Hyun Woo has the cutest smile I ever did see in To The Beautiful You.
    Then Kim Soo Hyun, Park Ki Woong AND Lee Hyun Woo in one movie? All the cute smiles! Ack!

  18. 18 Anabanana

    It’s possible at the start of the film he has pretty black hair.
    And then somewhere between the border crossing and going undercover — he changes his hair color. This could be another Full House…
    Or he just likes changing up his hair to weird colors — maybe it was his own idea πŸ™‚

  19. 19 Mommai

    I wanna see this sooooo bad! Is there a site for Korean movies anywhere? I’ve only been able to catch very very few.

    • 19.1 Peridot

      On you can watch asian dramas and movies (there are many Korean movies and dramas listed there). Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a while for this movie, since it hasn’t even finished filming and will first be released in Korea.

  20. 20 Betsy Hp

    Sounds like a good film! I’m eager to see something to woo me back to Kim Soo-hyun (Moon/Sun almost killed him for me) and this sounds like a role that might work. And with a cast I adore as well! \o/

    Also, I guess I stand alone, but I kind of dig Park Ki-woong’s hair. It’s got a nice in-your-face punk vibe to it.

  21. 21 whitethorns

    OMG PKW’s hair is very dreadful just by looking at it. I cannot believe a man with a face like that is walking around with orange ugly looking hair. no matter how pretty he is, if he walks around with that hair, the first thing people would immediately notice is his carrot hair.
    but he is a good actor nonetheless. changing his hair like that proves his passion for acting and how professional he is.
    KSH is pretty is as usual, but he looks extra charming here. Looking at him reminds me of a prince from fantasy story book.
    and “covertly grandly” really? is “covertly” or “grandly” even a word? they need to come up with a title that people understands.

  22. 22 blokkoms

    This just made my day – it’s essentially my dream movie.

    Btw, I’m willing to overlook the Hair if they make a running joke out of the horrors of idol hairstyles. Now that would be awesome.

  23. 23 MariD

    Park Soo Hyun.. That amazing face, can you guys imagine how much better he is going to look when his 30??
    This cast just sound great, seriously they are all good actors who just happen to be incredibly good looking. Here to prove my Park Ki Woong love…. I actually finished “The musical” god that was awful…

  24. 24 Hee

    I don’t get why his hair is two tone and it looks horrible no matter what he wears!! Very excited for the movie though!

  25. 25 Melmax

    Such squishy boys—-Park Ki Woong’s hair surprised me at first but he can look cute in any cut including bald!! They are all adorbs!!!! That includes commanding officer Sohn Hyun Joo (loved him in Sons of Sol Pharmacy…) Can’t wait to see the village idiot and his friends… Park Ki Woong can be a great comedian–love him in anything!!!! Lee Hyun Woo–an adorable puppy!!!! Kim Soo Hyun–you have no trouble pulling the village idiot stint!!! Can’t wait for this to come out!!! Thanks GF!!

  26. 26 jubilantia

    Man, that hair really is god-awful. Maybe they’re making up for Full House Take 2 where he got off relatively scot-free.

    • 26.1 Peridot

      Yes, it’s revenge-time!

  27. 27 redfox

    oh I am sure he can over-act that hair and I am sure it is a pun.

  28. 28 AnotherFan

    Wow, there’s nothing one can pick about the cast. Hope the movie delivers its wacky (the title sure does)!

  29. 29 Peridot

    I love Park Gi Woong but not the hair! Ugh! But with this role, he’ll have played an idol star twice (even if the latter is his spy cover lol). I can’t wait to be able to watch this!

  30. 30 Toystar

    Poor baby he’s got full house2 hair:(

  31. 31 kfangurl

    OMG this sounds like such a fun one!! I will definitely watch this one!! Love them all! <3

  32. 32 lalala

    So I’ve actually read this comic – SO GOOD. Hopefully the writing will do it justice, because I know the cast will! I wouldn’t really say it’s a heartwarming comedy though…there’s comedy yeah, but I’d put it closer to action drama-ish? Unless they’re going a different direction……

    • 32.1 Melmax

      Is there an English version of this webtoon? Will you share it with me? I’m so interested in reading it… Thanks..

  33. 33 rainbow

    wow, this sounds like fun πŸ™‚

  34. 34 Abbie

    First off, what is up with that title? It sounds weird. Also, that’s what Park Ki-woong’s hair is for?! Ew, because I hate it, and Ha! because he’s the only one apparently who has to change his hair. I feel bad for him, though. It’s hideous compared to his pretty face. At least Lee Hyun-woo has better hair now, because in the beginning of To the Beautiful You I hated his hair.

    Anyway, this sounds hilarious. I can’t wait until it is available in the US.

    • 34.1 bernie

      LOL. I think the title sounds better in Korean than it does in English, tbh. This is one case where I hope they create a different official international (read: English) title.

  35. 35 Kstylick

    Yehey. Congratulations to all of them. i wish to watch the award night on replay.

  36. 36 goldeng

    HOLY COWWWW!! THAT HAIR!! O__o well, suddenly when i read hes an “idol” the awful hair color makes sense xD this sounds funny!!

  37. 37 lu

    so it means no KSH on 2013 screen anymore.

    I think he isn’t coming back so soon to small screen.

  38. 38 nabithoj

    I don’t understanf the title. It doesn’t make sense at all. None whatsoever. I might understand if it is “Covertly Grand”…”Grandly Covert”, but “Covertly Grandly”….huh? I hope they didn’t consult someone who “knows” English before coming out with this title because if they did…omgsh… *shakes head* *cracks knuckles* *prepares to lecture on English grammar and linguistics*

  39. 39 edae39

    You got it wrong, Dramabeans. Kim Soo Hyun is acting as a village idiot, Park Ki Woong will be acting as a guy who wants to become an idol and he always tries out in auditions, and Lee Hyun Woo is just a high school student. NOT all of them are idols….. I read the original webtoon for this so I know the whole story ..

    • 39.1 edae39

      and thats why its only Park Ki Woong that has the bright orange hair. Dramabeans gotta do better research, makes the movie sound like its a comedy, but the webtoon is pretty darn serious.. from what I researched, the action crew from The Man from Nowhere is contributing to the movie as well.. Son Hyun Joo is a high North Korean commander coming over to S. Korea to terminate the 3 main characters.
      And I believe the english title for the movie is “Covertness” not “Covertly Grandly” or smth

      • 39.1.1 AnaBanana

        I don’t know about better research — I like dramabeans as it is. But yeah — I thought it was Covertness, too. Whatever — I like both titles.

        And I didn’t know the film is serious! That piques my interest a little bit more. Maybe it’s a drama-comedy — a dramedy! Now there’s a good combo.

      • 39.1.2 bernie

        I don’t know about the plot, but as for the title stuff: Honestly, this is probably based off of like, one article, and girlfriday just translated the title directly from the Korean (which is “Covertly, Grandly”). You have to understand that DB articles are mostly just whatever the writers find interesting in Korean news, and that this is all translated from a Korean news source. Korean news articles about the movie wouldn’t have any reason to include the official English title. DB is a site run by a bunch of people in their spare time. I mean, they have real jobs, you know? They have a pretty high percentage of reporting accurate news for just being a blog.

        And let’s be honest– “Covertness” isn’t even that much better of a title.

      • 39.1.3 canxi

        Who knows what creative liberties the production took with the source material, though. I’ve seen enough movies to know “based on” doesn’t always mean an “accurate portrayal of”. I mean I looked it up & from what I’ve read they’re all spies…saying they need to do better research is a bit rude…I mean it’s just a blog, not the news.

        Also, the movie could have undergone a name change…keep that in mind since that’s a trend that seems to be running rampant lately.

  40. 40 Moran

    If you want to know about this movie. Read this. It seems really interesting. Dramabeans you have to read this.

    • 40.1 Mystisith

      Thanks for the link. Interesting indeed.

  41. 41 Emily

    “But why does he have to take one for the team when the other two get to stay perfectly pretty?”

    Because he was in Take One. hurhur

  42. 42 Viki

    Lol, sounds fun.

  43. 43 eny

    so the trend is about spy, joo won new drama,iris 2 and this movie

  44. 44 rheina07

    There will be lots of spies in 2013 !

  45. 45 Roxy

    I’m all over this. And that’s an understatement.

    Even though I don’t watch much K-movies… it’s all because of Lee Hyun Woo that I’m watching this. Kim Soo Hyun is an icing to the cake.

  46. 46 Rika

    when I look to the picture, I m stunned. Is plastic surgery is common in South Korea? Well unless for the first man in left.

    Although korean movie star lately is most like Asian Barbie version, I do still like it. No offense. Because somehow, we always bring barbie fantasy unconsciously within our self. Hehe..

    And hey, I like dramabean as deconstructor. Keep the job great!

  47. 47 ...

    the amount of pretty that is going to be in this movie πŸ˜€

  48. 48 ...

    the amount of pretty that is going to be in this movie AND all great actors πŸ˜€

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