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Eom Ki-joon headlines new OCN series The Virus
by | January 15, 2013 | 41 Comments

A new OCN series and Eom Ki-joon (Ghost, Scent of a Woman) as the show’s leading man? It’s a double-plus-good news day. He’s been announced as the star of a new franchise for the cable network called The Virus, due out in March, about a deadly mutant viral infection and the Special Contagious Disease Crisis Team formed in order to stop it. ‘Cause yunno, in dramaland you can’t get anything done without a Special Team. I wonder if they’ll get creative and cobble it together with two CDC scientists, a cop, and a hacker. On the one hand, a medical-contagion drama sounds awesome. On the other, it sounds just like this drama. How about we just let you two sort out your own chicken-egg issues?

OCN is another cable network that’s built up a nice little niche in original programming over the last few years — the dark crime thriller cousin to tvN’s rom-com flower boy set. Shows like Vampire Prosecutor, God’s Quiz, and TEN are the network’s flagship multi-season shows that all have a few things in common: high style, blood ‘n’ guts, and a crime procedural backbone. The Virus will be a mystery thriller (so right at home then) and a likely candidate for multiple seasons if it performs as well as the other shows.

It’ll be a 10-episode series helmed by a newbie PD-writer team — PD Choi Young-soo and writer Lee Myung-sook. Eom Ki-joon stars as Lee Myung-hyun, leader of Team Kill Mutant Virus, a workaholic thrill-seeker who’s prickly, but plunges himself into his work like no one else. He’s the type to do anything to get at the answer, at the cost of alienating his colleagues. Sounds like your average tv scientist/doctor hero, give or take a cane or a messy love life.

The drama will be a conspiracy mystery from the outset, as the hero discovers that what the deadly mutant virus is, is less important than where it came from. I think 12 Monkeys/Contagion/Outbreak and the like is a great drama setup — instant tension, high stakes, a world thrown into chaos, and potential for all sorts of episodic storylines. And you can’t get a team as deserving of white hats as one trying to save the entire population from deadly infection. Who knows, maybe infectious disease scientist is the hero to be in 2013.

The Virus premieres in March on OCN.

Via Joy News


41 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Miica

    I read Lee Ki Woo will be also starring in this drama ^^

    • 1.1 kfangurl

      OMG really?? I love both Eom Ki Joon and Lee Ki Woo!! If they’re both in it, I think I have to watch this!

    • 1.2 Aqidah

      Lee Ki Woo..???

      Ohh my hottie *drool..

  2. MsB

    I would love to see this! Loved his character in Ghost and especially Scent of a Woman. I will be looking for this, hopefully someone will sub it!!

    • 2.1 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

      I first saw him in Dream High. This guy is a versatile actor. He can be funny, romantic, and evil. I’m happy he got a leading role finally. 🙂

  3. cg

    wow…..Eom Ki Joon is such a good actor 🙂
    might give this drama a try bcoz of him….

    • 3.1 Mystisith

      Good actor + ajussi crush + a good story, hopefully. I’m in too!

  4. Rashell

    I love this guy! So happy he’s lead, but I do wish it was a fluffy rom/com. He’s adorable when he’s all awkward and sweet. But I’ll take what I can get.

  5. sajatokki

    Bloody Monday! With just 10 episodes it won’t hurt to watch it…

    • 5.1 Ennayra

      Haha. I was thinking about Bloody Monday too. I only made it through about 3 episodes of that show, but I know they made a sequel so it must have been pretty good, right?

  6. Orion

    I haven’t noticed the actor before, but OCN hasn’t disappointed me with its leads yet. I hope they get a good team for the gentleman. Can’t wait.

  7. cherkell

    Welcome back to DramaLand, Eom Ki Joon!!! This has WIN written all over it! Thank goodness one of our local Korean stations picked up OCN and tvN programming at the beginning of the year, so I can finally relax on the couch and watch… without a laptop balanced on my tummy for a change. 🙂

    • 7.1 Ivoire

      Good morning Cherkell, which station is it?

  8. Ivoire

    I am so happy for him! I would love to see him in a show as the lead…

  9. true2u

    YYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love him to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 9.1 Elina

      I join: yeeeeeeessssssss!!!!

  10. 10 iheartyogurt

    he can turn the dork off and turn the evil on so well it’s scary. can’t wait.

    • 10.1 kfangurl

      So true! Very well said! I’ve loved him equally in every role that I’ve seen him in, he’s so versatile!

  11. 11 Ruth

    Oh man, I’m all over this. Sounds like a great plot (if not terribly original…but what is anymore?) and Eom Ki Joon as a real good guy (maybe?)? Excellent.

  12. 12 trotwood

    I with everyone here. I’ll watch Eom Ki Joon as lead in whatever the networks are willing to dish out. His time has come people! Move out of the way! I was actually rubbing my hands together in glee and cackling (in a fairly creepy way) when I read this. I am SOO in.

    I wonder if deadly contagion will be this year’s time travel trope.

    • 12.1 Anduril

      can AnyThing ever be last years time travel trope?

    • 12.2 mary

      This guy can do *anything* and I’m glad he’s got his own show now.


      I wish Kim Sun Ah would cameo as a tango-dancing patient hehehe

  13. 13 InSu

    Me too. I LOVE ‘Poopy Doc’

  14. 14 mysterious

    Liked him in Scent of a Woman. Loooooved him in Ghost. Will definitely watch; especially since he is the lead.


    I cannot wait for this drama to air. I like all of OCN’s dramas to date.

  16. 16 VB

    This sounds awesome! Guess I’ll be busy in both February (End of the World) AND March. The medical nerdy in me is going to be very happy come this spring!

  17. 17 Bengbeng

    i thought The Virus is the same as the End of the World, until i clicked the link. they are really similar. how come kdrama are always like that?

  18. 18 lovin it

    yay eom ki joon

  19. 19 King Kazuma

    YES YES YES!!!

  20. 20 xiaoSxin

    Uh oh.. What would this mean now for his musical The 3 Musketeers in Korea? Been waiting for the 2nd schedule to be published….. *sobs forever*

  21. 21 Arhazivory

    OCN is hands-down my favourite cable channel. I am forever grateful to them for the masterpiece that was God’s Quiz. And of course the gritty and engaging VP and TEN.

    I’ll watch this for you OCN.

    • 21.1 King Kazuma

      This, every word a 100%.
      OCN have some of my favorite dramas.

  22. 22 Noelle

    I am soooooo happy for him! Bring on the pathogens!

  23. 23 Quiet Thought

    Obviously there will be a need for a post-apocalypse sequel to both of these thrillers, possibly involving zombies battling gumihos and time-traveling doctors. All of them, including the zombies, looking for their lost loves.

    • 23.1 Anduril

      I love the way you mind is thinking. But that would mean our heros would have to fail. But can you imagine the twist that would be. If it were popular enough for a sequel the writer/producer/everyone-else-important might just have the guts for it.

      Oh, and I am firmly on the Eom Ki-joon train since Ghost. The only creepier acting I’ve seen would be Kim Kang-woo (Story of a man). EKJ can bring such finesse to a role.

  24. 24 canxi

    Ah, hell yeah!!!

    I love Eom Ki Joon and have been waiting for him to score a lead role since Dream High (he’s still the best musical teacher). I really think OCN is good at the whole procedural thing. Especially if there is humor mixed in, it’s always engaging and smart. Even though sometimes, I have to fight to keep up, it’s always satisfying and fast paced.

    I need to watch Hero and the rest of God’s Quiz, and now this is definitely on the list.

  25. 25 anicheung

    It’s Eom Ki Joon and a viral epidemic. I need no more. I’m in!

  26. 26 Amy

    He might not be the best looking actor but he’s definitely one of the best….love how versatile this guy is.

  27. 27 Conny

    OMG.. I’ve died and gone to heaven!!!

  28. 28 Lilly

    Definitely will keep a look out for when this starts.

  29. 29 Suzi Q

    I can’t wait. Finally, he’s the lead!

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