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Flower Boy Next Door: Episode 2
by | January 8, 2013 | 245 Comments

What a breath of fresh air. This show has just the right mix of quirkiness, hilarity, and heart, with a really lovely indie sensibility. I love rom-coms in all forms, but it’s nice to depart from the glossy studio sheen on a lot of them. This world feels rich and lived-in, and every character feels real. Not necessarily realisitic, I mean, but grounded with an emotional truth even in the midst of all the romance-comic-book-like trappings.

What tvN has done right with its programming isn’t just throwing together a bunch of pretty people and slapping a “flower boy” label on them—or I suppose I should say, that’s not all they’ve done. Their dramas still remember to have an emotional center, and characters we care about, and that’s why I keep coming back for more.

There are a lot of things that Flower Boy Next Door is doing well, but one of my favorite things is a heroine with depths to explore. A bright, bubbly hero doesn’t hurt, either.


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EPISODE 2: “Just leave me alone! Please!!”

Pulling back to the moments leading up to last episode’s ending, our scruffy cartoonist Jin-rak finds a folded note in his door from “Apartment 402.”

He opens it up to find: “How to Cut Down Apartment Management Bills.” Omg that’s so cute. Remember when Dok-mi was hurrying out to catch the puppy owner and got sidetracked by sidekick Dong-hoon, who wanted to know why she paid less than they did? She told him she’d write him a note giving him tips, and she actually did it. She’s adorable.

As Dok-mi’s voice narrates, we see her living what she preaches: Reusing every bit of water, hand-washing clothing, wearing outdoor jackets indoors. It’s living by the hot water bottle, and she’s an expert.

But she’s not totally ingenuous about it, because she caps the letter off with a P.S.: Could he take over for her as protest leader today? (She’d gotten roped into it by the security guard.)

Dong-hoon comes up to read the letter, and tsks-tsks at her stingy practices, like not flushing the toilet after every use. Shudders. His simplistic brain doesn’t pick up on what Jin-rak does: that she’s hiding her poverty with her miserliness. “How transparent,” he says.

Dong-hoon points out that this makes Dok-mi his ideal woman, since he looooves transparency in people. Heh. I don’t think he’s far off the mark on this one.

Since Dok-mi’s note asks for a response, Jin-rak heads out to give it but is stopped by the quirky new neighbor at his door. He’s Watanabe Ryu (played by Mizuta Kouki), and he’s freaking adorable with his muffin basket and ear-splitting grin.

They let him in and Ryu looks around in childlike wonder at everything. Grumpy Jin-rak grumps grumpily about the rock muffins while Dong-hoon sees the new drawing he’s drawn, wondering why their new webtoon character looks so familiar. Gee, why do you suppose?

We revisit the scene of Peeping Dok-mi getting caught by Angry Panda, aka Enrique, who by the way has matching panda slippers. He cracks me up and I love him.

Enrique stomps over to her building as Dok-mi freaks out and tries to hide under her desk. Lol. She peers out her peephole… and sees Enrique’s face in the fisheye lens, glaring at her.

He rings her bell repeatedly, persistently, and Dok-mi clutches at her pounding head.

We transition to either a memory or a fantasy: Dok-mi sits in a therapist’s chair, dressed in a school uniform, eyes closed as her shrink asks what she hates most. Answer: “The sound of pounding on a door. A telephone ring. The intercom. My name being called.” Ah, so this must be memory.

Why does she hate them? “Because it means I have to meet somebody.” The doctor asks how long she’s felt this way—did it start “after that incident”? Eyes still closed, Dok-mi starts to cry.

Present-day Dok-mi cowers at her door while Enrique gets madder and vows, “Well if digital won’t work, we’ll have to go analog.” You mean because frantic slap-dancing with the door button is your idea of finesse?

With that, Enrique launches himself at the door like a monkey, kicking and pounding. He threatens to call the cops on her, and Dok-mi imagines her face splashed across the tabloids for being arrested as a pervert.

The fuss is so loud that it draws the attention of the boys next door. Oh, is Jin-rak literally one apartment over? And Ryu is on the other side? Dong-hoon recognizes the crazy guy, and Jin-rak starts to scoff, “Why would Enrique even BE — oh look, it IS Enrique.”

Dong-hoon seems to have a fixation with capturing embarrassing moments on video, and he whips out his phone. But Ryu fidgets and the flower boy totem pole topples over, finally getting Enrique’s notice. They wonder whether Dok-mi could possibly be his girlfriend (which just makes the kicking-him-out–in-his-boxers scenario funnier).

Hilariously, Enrique he tries to affect an air of somebody who isn’t totally nuts and asks if they know the “man-person” who lives here. I love the bits of awkward Korean sprinkled through his dialogue. He launches into the explanation of how the man-person in Apartment 402 has totally been peeping in on him.

But the security guard grabs Enrique and calls him the pervert, which isn’t a strange conclusion to arrive at given his current state of pandawear.

Finally Dok-mi musters her nerve and steps outside. One good look reminds Enrique of seeing her at his (hyung’s) door yesterday, baby-talking to the dog. He starts accusing her again, and the men all jump to restrain him.

Dok-mi screws her eyes shut, then interrupts in a barrage of words: “Ajusshi-that-person-came-because-of-me-it’s-true-I’m-the-one-who-did-wrong.”

Jin-rak takes charge, telling Dok-mi that he’ll handle this and sending her back inside. He’ll also take over her protest leader duties. He tells the guard this is all a misunderstanding stemming from the two apartments being built too closely, and disperses the group.

Dong-hoon enjoys the idea of women peeping too, like it’s some sort of validation of his gender. Jin-rak, on the other hand, scoffs that she’s not the type to do that—she’s too nice and sweet and yes, transparent.

Dong-hoon gives him the shifty-eye and narrates, “Bachelor No. 1 has just expressed favorable interest in Miss 402.” Jin-rak shoves his foot in his face. Ha, I love their dynamic.

Still peevish, Enrique takes a seat right in front of his window and plants himself there, facing Dok-mi’s window. He starts writing something.

The next morning, Dok-mi opens her curtains to find Enrique at his window, waving at her with a gleam in his eye. She ducks away, but he’s still there the next time she ventures a peek, and the third time he’s gone but has posted a sign to let her know, “I will be back soon.” Are those devil eyes he drew under the message? HA.

Dok-mi finds her fridge is empty and her rice stash low. But she doesn’t want to leave the apartment, nor does she want a delivery. Sigh. Which is the lesser evil?

Jin-rak explains his new webtoon concept to the supervising PD, explaining how the heroine is happiest when alone at home, but the appearance of the girl’s next-door neighbor draws her out into the world. The PD wonders how Jin-rak could have come up with such a complete story, and he says he’s been working on it for the three years since he moved into his apartment. (Aw, is he using himself as hero material?)

The PD is practically wild-eyed with interest, waaay too invested in this webtoon. It’s great. She demands, “Why can’t that guy just confess his feelings already?!

Jin-rak gets just as impassioned in his reply that you have to consider what the confession would do to the woman, and in her confusion the confession could get rejected or their acquaintance cut off completely. Thus there can be no shy confessions in this world, just bold ones. “He’s afraid she’ll be thrown into chaos! He’s afraid she’ll be hurt!”

She gives them the good news: the webtoon is a go. Send over the preview and make plans for Episode 1.

The boys are thrilled. They move in for a high-five, and Jin-rak high-fives Dong-hoon’s face. Ah, I love this show.

That afternoon, Dok-mi apprehensively joins the neighborhood meeting on the rooftop, and Jin-rak gets in touch with his inner hero (wannabe)—all of a sudden he’s gung-ho to lead the protest in Apartment 402’s place. Hee. Dok-mi sends him a little nod of thanks, which totally makes his day.

After the meeting, he hangs back to address Dok-mi alone, his voice hilariously dropping another register to sound extra-manly. The added formal inflection sounds vaguely sageuk-y mixed with a dash of lawyer. Oh man, I need a Jin-rak of my own.

Of course, Dong-hoon waits outside to protest that he’s totally going overboard, and Jin-rak slaps his mouth shut and hisses for him to shush.

Enrique, meanwhile, arms himself with a video camera and a murderous glint in his eye. He heads over to the roof and confronts Dok-mi. Alone.

She wills herself to keep silent, but he presents her with a voice recording: It’s her call to emergency services about the neighbor’s dog. Ah, so the emergency workers did drop by, and Enrique asked for the recording. He realizes she must’ve been peeping in on the dog, not on him, and pesters her to reply.

Dok-mi keeps her sarcastic thoughts to herself, but unnervingly Enrique uses the exact same wording back at her, which startles her. She thinks, “I’m not an ajumma, I’m in my twenties. Just go away!” He goes on, “Say something like ‘I’m not an ajumma, go away!'”

He adds that he overreacted this morning and wanted to explain. She thinks longingly of being in her own room, and he pesters, “Don’t just think of how you wanna go home and answer me!”

Wide-eyed, Dok-mi looks straight at Enrique and thinks at him, “Can you hear me?” He answers, “Yeah!” which freaks her out, then adds, “…that’s how you should look at someone when they talk to you!” Haha.

Okay, so he’s not a mind-reader but they’re working some uncanny telepathy, since she wonders why he thought she was a man, just as he wonders the same thing himself.

In any case, he makes sure she understood his explanation, and Dok-mi just nods and nods and nods in a nervous motion. Enrique stops her with a finger, telling her one was enough, and then… there’s a moment. Silence, recognition, something in the air between them…

…at least from her end. ‘Cause then he just chirps on like it was nothing, leaving her staring in confusion.

Enrique suggests moving their conversation out of the cold, but in the second his back is turned Dok-mi darts for the door. Hee.

She scrambles for her keys, but in a flash he beats her to the door and keeps on chattering. Oh my lord, he’s adorable and puppy-like and he TALKS SO MUCH. He’s like a 9-year-old on speed.

The thing is, Enrique’s chattiness seems as much an affectation as anything, and there’s a perceptive guy underneath all that gab. He rattles off how a goalkeeper seems like a great position in soccer ’cause you can use your hands, but it’s actually lonely and you’re left defending the goal all by yourself. “You’re the goalkeeper,” he tells her.

He says it’s a really tough position to play, and lifts a fist in encouragement: “Be strong!” Off he goes.

Dok-mi heads inside, touching a hand to the forehead he poked. She growls, “That little kid dares mock an ajumma?” Then she shakes her head—wait, he’s got her thinking she’s an ajumma already!

Enrique leaves the building complaining that the ajumma didn’t say a word, though he wonders why it felt like they’d had a conversation.

He heads out into the city with his camera out, which gets the paparazzi’s notice, and heads over to give an interview. He starts out charming the reporters, but his way of talking through the bullshit (but with a sunny smile!) sours some of their moods. He takes a bus home, and already the internet is abuzz with photos of him being seen around the city—but with derisive messages about how he’s childish and cocky.

Seo-young texts about the Enrique pasta he promised to make for her, and now that he’s not in front of her he’s not working so hard to keep up that I-don’t-care-that-you-chose-hyung attitude.

Seo-young texts hyung Tae-joon next, who turns out to be a doctor. The way he sighs at her message (about seeing each other tonight, a year since the last time) suggests her love just might be the one-sided kind. Either that or hyung feels guilty for taking Enrique’s girl.

Dok-mi ventures out to take care of some errands, and ends up in browsing the same grocery store Enrique’s shopping at. They miss each other as they roam the aisles, though she does perk up to hear his familiar voice.

And then… the arrival of a mysterious woman. She parks outside the apartment building in a fancy-looking car as a man reports that it didn’t take very long to find that person, who moved here three years ago. Hm, Jin-rak’s ex perhaps?

The residents gather in front to have their daily protest, just as Dok-mi heads home with her purchases. Aw, who else feels a terrible sympathy pang for the way Jin-rak just lights up to see her? His voice booms even louder as she joins them, while Dong-hoon practically starts singing “Jin-rak and Dok-mi, singin’ in a tree…”

The mysterious woman, Cha Do-hwi (Park Su-jin), steps out of her car and grimaces at the dingy building. She follows the voice to the courtyard, and then…. the scene takes on a rosy glow, angels sing, and she fixates on the hottie leading the demonstration.

Then Do-hwi spies Dok-mi hanging back in the group, and calls out Dok-mi’s name in surprise.

Dok-mi doesn’t quite look thrilled to see her, but Do-hwi squeals in recognition and hugs her.

Flashback. High school. Do-hwi is the mean girl, Dok-mi is her bullying victim. Dok-mi asks, “Why are you doing this to me?” Do-hwi says, “Just because.”

It must not be Dok-mi that she came to find, though, since this run-in comes as a surprise. Enrique pops by and joins in the conversation, and when asked who he is, he replies that he’s the guy on the opposite side of the impeding-view fight, “Like Romeo and Juliet, we’re enemies in the apartment battle, but we became friends.”

Dok-mi reels in shock this whole time, perhaps retreating into her schoolgirl trauma, though nobody notices. Granted, it’s not like she’s a talker even on a good day. But when the crowd gets boisterous and Enrique starts to head over to check out the fuss, Dok-mi grabs his arm and actually holds him back.

She looks at him with those big, tearful eyes and ekes out, “I… I…”

It sounds like she’s asking him for help, but before she finishes the thought she falls in a dead faint. Enrique grabs her before she falls.

Maybe it’s a flashback or maybe it’s a dream, but we watch as Dok-mi writes another passage in her work-in-progress. Scenes from earlier today flash by in her mind, illustrating her words.

“Her mouth is like a broken faucet in a mountain village. When it’s needed, not one drop comes out, and in the middle of a silent night it flows on its own. In that moment, all the words she couldn’t speak come pouring out belatedly. She vows, Next time, I should answer like this, I should make this retort. That woman speaks the most impressive lines when she’s alone.”

Now she sees flashbacks to her high school days, when she was singled out for bullying.

Dok-mi stirs awake and finds herself on a couch. That dog, Hippo, goes trotting by. She’s in a strange apartment, but she looks around and recognizes items from her days peeking in through the windows. She imagines Tae-joon here too, going about his day, smiling at her.

Enrique’s in the kitchen preparing dinner, and tells her she fainted. Since his hyung is a doc, she can get him to check her out since he’ll be home soon.

That won’t do, and Dok-mi quickly excuses herself and heads for the door, thanking him for his help. Enrique stops her with an arm, the way she grabbed his, and finishes the plea she’d started earlier: “Help me.” He says he’s about to do something “really hard,” and it would help to have her with him.

Just then, the door beeps open. Tae-joon walks in. Enrique shoots her a grin. Showtime?


I don’t know what magic potion tvN’s taken, but they’ve done such a great job with this Oh Boy/Flower Boy series. What impresses me is that they feel like fully conceived artistic works, in the way that films maintain a stylistic constancy from start to finish. I don’t doubt that this is more difficult to produce in a television show with many more episodes, but the number of series that are bolstered by this kind of cinematic touch are certainly in the minority. Whether or not you’re a fan of the tvN shows (or even cable at large), they have managed to be a step ahead of broadcast television in letting directorial flair and tone shine through. I’ll always take a great story over those things, but once you’ve got a compelling story in place, I appreciate the drama that sets up a world, an atmosphere, a stylistic sensibility that pulls the whole thing together rather than just looking cool for the sake of cool.

Now, for this story: So far my favorite thing about it is Dok-mi. Thank ye for an interesting heroine for once! Okay, so it’s not like they don’t exist in dramaland, but they do appear to be, sadly, a minority population. The heroes get all the good, meaty stuff and the heroines just… are there to be motivators, sometimes catalysts, and in the worst cases, objects.

What strikes me about this pairing is how alike Dok-mi and Enrique are, despite appearances suggesting the complete opposite. She barely ever talks, and when she does it’s a hushed flurry of nervous words. He speed-talks like a grade-schooler, his vocab peppered with tons of cut-down words and slang and aegyo tones. He puts me in mind of a hummingbird buzzing around a flower, actually.

But it’s hinted that Enrique’s talk is a defense, just as Dok-mi’s is avoidance. He puts on that sunny front and bombards you with dialogue, and barely lets you—or himself, I suspect—register that there’s anything beyond that surface.

In that sense, I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually were a genius, though perhaps not simply in the way the world defines it, as the kid who designed a game at 17 years old and now is wildly successful. Perhaps it makes him more emotionally acute, seeing as how he honed right in on Dok-mi’s sense of loneliness. It’s something nobody really notices or pays mind to other than Jin-rak, and he (1) has had three years to study her, and (2) is still kinda wrong. At least in defending her as transparent and pure and totally not looking in on that apartment when she’s totally peeping the hell outta that window.

So what we have are two isolated, lonely souls with an uncanny ability to communicate despite their respective obstacles. Maybe the whole telepathy thing is a little out there, but I appreciate the idea behind it.


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      I also think what she needs right now isn’t someone who will just protect her little bubble (though the sticky-notes are an incredibly sweet gesture ><), but rather someone who bursts it and gets her to come outside.

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    Thanks so much for recapping this one. The drama recaps here just enhance the viewing experience.

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      Enrique –> Seo-young –> Taejoon

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    A person who needs to receive love and attention and one who just needs to give them to feel alive: A match made in heaven.
    I feel like the second male lead could end with his boss/editor: If he likes transparency, he will be served! When she’s angry, happy, sleepy, enthusiastic… It’s literally written on her face. Plus she seems to see herself in Dok Mi easily, like if they were sisters.
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      I see what you’re saying OP. I once worked with a guidance counselor who told me that it’s sometimes the class clowns that hide the deepest pain. You’re perspective made me think of that.

      Also, I do wonder about the Editor’s background. For a minor character, she sure is interesting.

      • 18.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        @Mystisith, I so love this show. And yes, that poor Editor! I’m wondering now if the show will have webtoon meta- melo-slice-of-life stuff going on that reflects the real lives of the characters. Jin Rok the creative and Dok-mi the editor. But Enrique is also an artist as well. Heck, most everyone in this drama does some kind of art…except Enrique’s hyung (unless medicine is a kind of art.) Just so waiting to see how the screenwriter will pay with the idea of creativity.

        I’m for Enrique and Dok-mi, although Dok-mi and Jin-rok isn’t a bad combo either. Still, after three years Jin-Rok didn’t exactly heal her soul…which i think Enrique will.

        • Enz

          They don’t call it the art of medicine for nothing Carole!

          • Carole McDonnell

            True that, Enz! True that!

        • momosa

          We haven’t reach Ep 3 yet! There might be another medicine man for Dok Mi’s ‘illness’. Ladies & gentlemen, hyung has entered the picture!

    • 18.2 himonogirl

      “Hide behind the tears of a clown” as they said.
      And this is why Enrique became my favorite character in the show. I also love Jin-rak (or rather, I suspect I’m being partial because of Kim Ji-hoon here), he’s so sweet and all, but she obviously needs more as you said.

      Gah, I totally forgot about the Oh Boy! concept! No, please, dear TvN, don’t you dare stop at three!!
      Or else, we’ll have to take to streets too…

      • 18.2.1 alua

        Yup, Enrique is my favourite so far too.

        I’m actually okay with Dok-mi too. I was worried her being a weak character that needs rescuing (too much of that in K-dramas) but while she needs (some) rescuing, she actually has her strength and will step out of her comfort zone. That makes me like her. (I so would not have opened that door with six people standing outside debating about me.)

    • 18.3 JoAnne

      It was fun watching the frenzy online as people tried to watch the first ep and then the second and with no subs available, all resorting to raw after the first few reviews came in as unqualified WOWs…

      It kinda feels like we’re watching something big happen. And if it’s getting great ratings in Korea, finally as international live viewers we get to participate even if it’s vicarously. So many times we like something the home audience doesn’t or at least doesn’t as much. versa.

      I ended up watching the second half of the first ep 3 times – first off that justin.tv thing off a tweet from a friend, 2d raw on DC-net, then finally subbed on DF. And then read the recap. It’s saying a lot that I didn’t get bored even once and giggled perhaps even HARDER on later passes.

      • 18.3.1 Enz

        Me too, I watched it raw and then subbed. I like what I see already. And as JB and gf pointed out, it seems with the oh boy series, the whole drama has been well thought out AND executed. Feels very ‘whole’.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Yes, ti definitely feels “whole.” I like the whole meta stuff about communication. Japanese guy who is learning Korean cuisine and will probably communicate his love through food. And Spanish-Korean Enrique — wonderful Enrique– who is so perfectly wonderful at communicating at the deepest level and who messes up with normal communication. And the leaky faucet metaphor of Dok-mi…And the writers, editors, artists, interviewers…. oooh, am gonna love seeing how they play with all these shadows/mirrors/tropes of communication. I am sooooooooooo loving the wholeness. I think Faith was good about playing on the various shades of faith and loyalty and this one’s gonna do a great job with the whole idea of communication. Am really trusting this drama.

          • ladida

            I LOVE this.

      • 18.3.2 pogo

        That was me exactly, I went nuts trying to find subs and finally caved and watched ep 1 raw because the opening scene (which has practically no dialogue) was SO GOOD. I’ve watched it both raw and subbed now, but I badly want to rewatch it and that doesn’t happen often with any show.

    • 18.4 ilikemangos


      Where may I ask are you checking the ratings?

      • 18.4.1 Mystisith

        On the soompi thread(s).

        • Alvina

          Soompi is still alive?! I’ve only been on the website a couple of times since the “huge layout change”, and many of the forums feel like they haven’t been updated in aaaages. 🙁

          • Mystisith

            I just go there for a couple of dramas I really care about: The animation on the threads depend on who’s the boss and who comes to post. I must say I like the atmosphere for FBND: Girls are funny!

    • 18.5 dewaanifordrama

      Couldn’t agree more!!! Oh boy!!!! I really like the Enrique & Dook Mi pairing. I also like how layered their characters seem to be, and that the show is letting us get to know those layers bit by bit. Oh, I love it when I like a show from the get go! And yes…there had better be more than 3!!!!!!!! *fingers crossed they’ll do more*

  19. 19 Ilikemangos

    Lmao you know it’s a good scene when jb gifs it.

    • 19.1 rynea

      Haha. I re-watched that face high-5 scene too many times. What an adorable Hyung-dongsaeng relationship.

      • 19.1.1 yohan lei

        hahaha…me too, i re-watched it several times and everytime, i can’t helped but laugh…i really, really love this drama…can’t really wait to watch the succeeding episodes…thank you java beans and girlfriday for the recaps…i’ll look forward to your recaps for the succeeding episodes…tnx again!:)

    • 19.2 sally_b

      LOLz …that high-five-to-the-face scene…too funny!

      When I was watching the raw and that scene happened,
      I immediatley scrolled the time-line back <
      because I thought my eyes were fooling me.
      "Did he really just face slap that guy?"

      yup. he did. LOL.

    • 19.3 birdscout

      Gifs are few and far-between in dramabeans recaps, and are therefore so much more special! Thank you, javabeans!

      I love this scene and you can see the smile that KJH is tryyying to hide as he goes in for the high five. Can’t wait to watch this!!!

      • 19.3.1 YS

        Wasn’t there a gif from another KJH drama, Wish Upon a Star/Stars Falling from the Sky? The youngest baby eating jjajangmyun?

    • 19.4 yammy

      i wonder, is there a chance that the writers actually didn’t plan it but was an “ng” but it was such a good of one so they kept it? that would be awesome 😀

  20. 20 bimbobunny

    Errmahgeeerd. I absolutely adore Shin Hye with all my adoreingness (eh?) ^^

    This show is growing on me ever so and it’s only ep 2. I love this, it’s my new-found drug of dramas.

    Time to get my crack on, totally need to watch this.

  21. 21 obivia

    Squee. Thanks for your lovely recap!
    I’m so glad you like the show, too! I’m totally endeared to all the characters and the world that this show has created (especially when you think about all the $$ and energy gets devoted to shows that ultimately insult viewers, i.e. Boys Before Flowers).
    I feel like a lot of love goes into the show and it’s evident from the way the camera zooms over details in Dok-mi’s apartment to all the different ways our Flower Boys encounter Dok-mi (i.e. popping up outside her window while she’s brushing her teeth).

    Next Monday seems like too long to wait. ARGH.

  22. 22 rynea

    How I loathed Enrique during his door-slamming feat. I wanna kick his arse for being so damn persistent, especially when Dok Mi started to crumble inside her apartment. But then I can’t help grinning when he shifted from monkey acts to a calmer and more civilized persona when Jin Rak and co questions him only to shift again to a hilariously crazy person after seeing Dok Mi. After that scene, I see Yoon Shi Yoon in a better light.

    I love how natural Park Shin Hye’s acts in this drama. In YAB she got all cute with hilarious expressions and in YFFM she just… well, she did what the script asked her to. But it seems like she’s shedding new skin for this drama. I don’t hear her much but I feel her character reverberating in this drama. I’m glad that I’ seeing a new side of her in FBND, and I’m grateful that she’s not being overshadowed by such good-looking men.

    You guys are really fast. Thanks for the recap Javabeans. I’m so thankful that you’re recapping this as subs are kinda late in coming.

  23. 23 kit

    I was already flopping around because the perfect second lead was making my heart hurt in Episode 1, but then the second showed me exactly how perfect the main couple are (will) be for each other but.


    I’ve loved all of the pretty boy series on tvN. They seem so simple on the outlook, but they’ve all delved into important issues for the younger generation today in a soft manner – not mocking, but introspective. All of them highlighted how important it is to be courageous and face your past, present and future. All of them also involved career paths and jobs that weren’t the norm or not things looked up to in stereotypical korean culture, showing that each individual has their own talents that they should use wisely – and that will make them happy in a way nothing else can (except for maybe a pretty boy all for yourself, heh.) The strength of friendship, definitely. But this one goes a step further; social anxiety rooted in bullying (?).

    Ugh. My heart is already taken by this drama.

    • 23.1 Alvina

      Beautiful beautiful analysis on why these dramas click.

      Seriously, it’s almost ironic that the title of the tvN’s series is “Flower Boy” because by creating such strong characters, the dramas are showing us that people are much much ~more~ than what their exteriors might suggest.

  24. 24 hui ting

    Omg It’s been quite long since I have this second lead syndrome but now I’m feeling it… Like what happened in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Enrique reminds me so much of Cha Chi-soo… who I gave up the series because I disliked this character. (and obviously I’m one of the few.)

    Thank you for the recap. 🙂

    • 24.1 hui ting

      who is also the reason why I gave up on the show*

    • 24.2 PollyRose

      I am SO with you on FBRS! It was my first K-drama and I didn’t understand the concept of a “second lead.” I went all the way to episode 15 thinking that she clearly had to choose him and when she rejected him I didn’t have the heart to continue!

      Thankfully (oh so thankfully!) I wasn’t turned off K-dramas forever 🙂

      Glad to say there are no such problems for me this time; I like the second lead a lot, but I am really enjoying the lead more. Hope it will turn out well for you too!

    • 24.3 YS

      Yes! Yoon Shi-yoon totally reminds me of Jung Il-woo. With a dash of Lee Jun-ki thrown in. And holy cow I just looked this up: Yoon Shi-yoon is a year Older than Jung Il-woo! What??

      • 24.3.1 pogo

        Yes, he looks like he could be Lee Jun-ki’s crazy dongsaeng, someone should do that casting one day 😉

  25. 25 Tam Tam

    Did anyone else notice the manga Mars in one of the shots from ep 1, which is also about a reclusive girl –although a lot darker? Is the production really that thoughtful…or am I reading too much into it. 🙂

    • 25.1 Mystisith

      I saw it. Which makes me believe than both Dok Mi and the Boss of Jin Rok have something in common. 10 $ on the Editor being bullied when she was younger (in Mars the heroine was bullied too).

      • 25.1.1 rhienz

        I didn’t read Mars the manga,but watched its drama adaptation (Vic n Barbie), yes the heroine is traumatic by her past-being raped by her step-father- thus chose to live not connecting with people.
        But, I’m sorry, I don’t find the similarity between the twoi heroins…
        Can you explain?

        Sorry,my English is poor ..

        • Mystisith

          Just a gut feeling: Editor appeared to be demotivated and without any interest in all the projects. But then she had like a “light bulb” moment when JR started telling the story of Dok Mi who lives outside of the world (because of a dark past). It’s the kind of reaction you have when you find something you can relate to.
          That or else I’m making my own drama in my head. 🙂

    • 25.2 himonogirl

      Damn, I didn’t notice it…But Mars is one of my all-time favorites so I want to believe it’s not just a coincidence…And it’d confirm that Enrique is indeed the one Dok-mi needs, since Kashino was the one who pulled Kira out of her secluded tower and destroyed the walls she built around her.
      Maaaaan, you just made me fall deeper for Enrique~~

  26. 26 crazedlu


    Cracked up through the entire ep. When Jinrak went all sageuk up in there, I busted out laughing. Hahaha. Enrique is quite the character/hero and I can’t wait to see more of him. But Dokmi, like you mentioned, is my fave. I just love her so much already.

    Double dose of gush on Mondays and Tuesdays with this and School. Very happy. Ha.

    • 26.1 jomo

      “…his voice hilariously dropping another register to sound extra-manly. The added formal inflection sounds vaguely sageuk-y mixed with a dash of lawyer.”

      Loved that part, too! He was being so serious, formal, careful and 18th century! He thinks of her as a hot-house flower, princess in a tower (hey, rhyming!) which we know already is not true.

    • 26.2 Enz

      Not only did he talk in that way but as he exited, he did a dramatic side profile first and then exited in a posed way! Too funny

      • 26.2.1 momosa

        I know…. the side profile is too funny!!!

  27. 27 Vix

    Love. I have nothing more to add. EXCEPT yoon shi yoon is just too darn adorable <3

  28. 28 Almontel

    thanks so much for the recap…you’re a lifesaver!!!

    kudos to DB!!!

    i’m just so happy to see that Dramafever has subbed the first ep so i just had to watch it twice!!

    i’m sure i will soon be rooting for the 2 main leads, but for now, i’m still shipping the second lead, he’s sooooo hot!!!

    i’m really happy for ParkShinHye to have gotten this role, she’s such a great actress be it comedy/romance and especially dramatic ones…

    can’t wait for next week!!!

  29. 29 JD

    The guy who plays Jin Rak reminds me of an Asian Josh Duhamel @_@

  30. 30 Eun

    I AM L-O-V-I-N-G THIS SHOW! Whoa! Thank you drama gods. Thank you TVN!! hahaha.

  31. 31 dany

    Crazy Panda is Crazy!

  32. 32 Sajen

    wait if Tae-joon is a doctor how does he have a uniform schedule?

    • 32.1 Mystisith

      He must be working in a private hospital specialized in Plastic Surgery: Office hours and good salary. ^^

      • 32.1.1 Enz

        Or a dermatologist :).

  33. 33 Kes

    Jin-Rak reminds me so much of the male member of Sunny Hill. IF he wasn’t in the army right now I would swear it was him. XD /csb

    • 33.1 bigwink

      Me see it too!!! I adore him (Janghyun) because of the resemblance
      Haha I know its not really cool, but how can you resist the cute?? Twice!! ;D

  34. 34 jaz

    GIFs!!! HAHA! I LOVE IT! I was surprised when I saw a gif right there on dramabeans recap! First time ever! But it was super-super hilarious! The high-five-on-the-face scene was epic!!! ROFL

    I’m feeling for Jin Rak here…I really have this love for second lead-unrequited love tendency in me and KJH is doing a great job at this. It pains me to know that I’ll be expecting a heartbroken KJH here…T_T

    • 34.1 nova611

      its not the first time ever, check this out
      the only person i love in TTBY

    • 34.2 rynea

      Javabeans seems to add gifs of hilarious scenes. Her gif-making skills actually go back a long time. There are some precious gifs in the YAB recaps.


      • 34.2.1 pogo

        OH GOD THAT GIF, it’s my favourite scene in the entire drama (followed closely by the ‘love stories with no women’ one)

        Jang Geun-seuk looks like such a precious baby when he smiles, but what really makes the gif for me is him PATTING THE PIG-RABBIT’S BUTT like it’s a baby or something.

    • 34.3 Stardust

      He left her all those cute cartoon drawings on her milk cartons…. And she keeps them all! SQUEEE… maybe…maybe 2nd leads get the girl this time!!! Pleaaase……

  35. 35 altair

    I LOVE this show! The leads are such a good match! And can I say how much I missed Yoon Shi Yoon? Such a talented young actor! Maybe, dare I say, the most talented young actor out there?? He is GREAT! And finally a leading lady that has it all: beauty, talent and charisma. I hope they get good ratings. Best of luck for FBND!

  36. 36 k-soup

    It’s torture time!!!!! waiting for the next episode will be long…..

  37. 37 Julia

    ” his current state of pandawear” OMG LOL ROFL snort gafaw choke LOL

    Thank you!

    • 37.1 risa

      show funny + recap funny = happy beanuts

      Omg, I loved his pandawear– especially the slippers! All he was missing was a pair of these: http://tiny.cc/gsnoqw.

      • 37.1.1 Kolpi

        I would squee for those little adorable panda boxers…yes, it would have been a lot more hilarious. This show is so sweet and heartwarming. I am slowly turning into a PSH fan watching this, and trying to forget her role in YAB. I hated that show like no other.

        • skelly

          Me too. I started out liking it, but had to give up halfway through because her character was so stupid. I ended up sitting there wondering what on earth these two guys were supposed to find so appealing about her. I know it was a Hong sisters drama, and you aren’t supposed to take any of these characters seriously and just roll with it, but my disbelief can only be willingly suspended so far…

  38. 38 x_koala_x

    Thanks for the recap. You guys make watching dramas so much more fun.

  39. 39 inggg

    *high five*

    Thank you!

  40. 40 pigtookie

    oh i’ve missed the color tones from past flower boy shows. it’s not blatant or overly colorful but picks up some gorgeous skin tones and makes it easy on the eyes. this is from someone who regularly applies coloring on graphics to notice though…

    • 40.1 ilikemangos

      I like to think of the tones as how we view dok-mi as of now.
      mysterious, dark, and closed.
      I think once we get to know her, hopefully they start adding in some skin tones, to compare/contrast her personality from the beginning.

    • 40.2 jomo

      I agree. The colors are perfect!

      Whether people loved or hated FBRS, the shots/colors were gorgeous.

  41. 41 a fan

    thank you
    this drama has heart and humor, I love it
    And Shinhye has finally gotten a role that showcases her talent and does her some justice lol

    • 41.1 rynea

      IMO, she was really good in YAB. It’s hard to be act that cute and not be annoying and over-the-top. Granted some people did get annoyed at her, but majority liked her super adorable acting. And her melo and crying scenes were so heartfelt and expressively executed.

      • 41.1.1 a fan

        I became a fan because of yb, but honestly yb was written for JGS with depths and layers… The Hong sister wrote if base oh him…
        She was adorable and awesome but her character wasn’t … invested. In this drama, the writer definitely has spend some time and effort on the heroin’s role
        That’s what I wanted to say, because I always feel like she has talent but doesn’t have many chances to shine

      • 41.1.2 pogo

        yeah, I started off really annoyed at her character (at both of them really, the whole novice-nun-good-girl +emo prince thing just seemed so cliche, but she sold me on it by episode 3 and then there was no looking back.

        I think part of that was down to the innate hilariousness of her straight-faced constant use of formal language (a quirk PSH added to her character, if I remember correctly, and something even a person who doesn’t understand the language that well can pick up). But to make a cutesy character like Mi-nyeo charming instead of annoying is an impressive feat, especially considering how young she was at the time.

  42. 42 Agoraphobish

    “…eyes closed as her shrink asks what she hates most. Answer: “The sound of pounding on a door. A telephone ring. The intercom. My name being called.”..Why does she hate them? “Because it means I have to meet somebody.”She vows, Next time, I should answer like this, I should make this retort. That woman speaks the most impressive lines when she’s alone.” –BOOM! shot through the heart.

    Haven’t watched any episodes yet but I swear it feels like the writers are depicting the story of my life (well the most part of it). heh. Hope this show turns out well. Best of luck!

    • 42.1 Laurita

      yeah, I guess many of us there can easily relate to the heroine. And yes, this is one of the parts for me too (though I cannot think of what could have caused me to feel that way, while our heroine surely has a huge trauma.)

    • 42.2 skelly

      I can’t relate to the trauma, but how many times have I thought – much later – of what I should have said in a conversation? What would have been the perfect rejoinder, the closing argument, the wisest sentiment–if only I’d thought of it? I loved her “broken faucet” analogy.

  43. 43 alone


    Thank you.

  44. 44 Missy

    Oh maaaaaaaaaan :c That webtoon pitch scene…I’m sensing some BIG PAIN for Jin Rak…some big paaaaain.

  45. 45 Suzi Q

    Loved this show already..
    Enrique, the crazy panda was wearing a panda hat and panda slippers when Dok mi sees him across in his apartment. But when he rushes out to confront her, he rushes out in this Panda hat, but his shoes has turned to brown slippers.

    • 45.1 boholAnna

      you can’t take indoor slippers outside – so he had to have changed while going out of his flat

  46. 46 Ivy

    Man… Loved this recap and this episode! Uhhh, I really hope that Jin-rak won’t end up as a typical 2nd-lead, I can’t take anymore of those really-nice-passive-makes-one-cry guys…. Enrique is adorable and I totally agree with him seeming like a cute younger brother, but hmmm, maybe he’s the only one who can make her open up – being so innocent and cute 🙂

  47. 47 Gustave154

    Wtf not enough kim ji hoon in this drama!!!
    Only downside of the drama lol

  48. 48 watashiwachiaki

    thanks for this recap. it helped me a lot to understand the show. I will be busy in the future so I dunno if I can wait for the subs.

    my fave character aside from the heroine is watanabe ryu… hehe! tho his smile reminds me of gaksitaaaaaaal’s teacher Shunji….

    • 48.1 rynea

      I love Watanabe too! I hope he and Dok Mi become friends. In the webtoon, the heroine can cook well so I hope they can be cooking buddies!

    • 48.2 maimymlt

      I, too, have to say my most favorite scene is where she opens her curtains to find this strange man outside her window – his smile was so warm/sweet and her expression of disbelief/shock was so cute and funny, I had to rewatch it a few times!!

      PSH’s facial expressions are so spot on, I am so impressed by her. She broke my heart on the bullying flashback. It was made even sadder to see that her tormenter was so oblivious to the hurt/trauma she had inflicted – just like in real life. So sad.

  49. 49 Penelope

    tq JB,

    I like the dynamics between jin rak and Dong Hoon (slow brain) but DH with witty thoughts of his hyung !., they blend well as flatmates.

    What I would NOT like to anticipate is , too many characters right now and as the film rool-on

    somewhere in the middle of the drama only the two main casts (characters) will dominate the drama and the rest are as small portion “side dishes” for the story.

    Jin Rak is sure fun to watch right now beside the two main casts!.

  50. 50 Alice

    thanks javabeans.

    Story line almost similar to :-

    Japanese drama Nobuta wo Produce ,

    actress Horikita Maki

    • 50.1 jomo

      That had the best bromance in it.
      I would love if we can see that happen here.

      • 50.1.1 Alice

        yes to it , if it happens ! but unlikely with korean drama.

      • 50.1.2 skelly

        I would rather not see another ending like Nobuta, with the guys dancing deliriously together in the surf… girl, what girl? I have my bestie, who’s much prettier!

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