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Flower Boy Next Door: Episode 3
by | January 14, 2013 | 142 Comments

Now that introductions are out of the way, we get to watch everyone’s peaceful lives get spun around by the Enrique the Energizer Bunny, and we find out that our heroine isn’t the only silent lurker with a crush, and that she’s also not the only one with a broken heart. Turns out it’s an entire neighborhood filled with lonely hearts, behind every door.

EPISODE 3: “First Love Hurts and Unrequited Love is Sad”

After Dok-mi’s fainting spell, she wakes up to find herself in Tae-joon’s apartment, with Enrique asking for her help because he’s about to do something very difficult. Before she can answer, in walks her dreamboat Tae-joon with a big smile.

Enrique introduces him by name (the first Dok-mi has learned it) and has to nudge her to return the very basic introduction. He tells hyung that, “ajumma and I are friends,” and Tae-joon chides him for calling her an ajumma.

She finally manages to spit out, “I’m Go Dok… Go Dok… Go Dok-mi [lonely… lonely… Go Dok-mi].”

She tries to make excuses but Enrique says she’s staying for dinner, realizing that he’s never told her his name. He finally introduces himself as Enrique Geum, and when she says nothing in response, he gets a little miffed that she doesn’t ask the usual curious questions about his unusual name.

Doctor Tae-joon inspects her at Enrique’s behest. (Also, I just adore that he sits at her feet like a puppy during the exam.) Dok-mi can barely hold it together, from being so close to her crush.

Seo-young arrives and flips her lid to see Tae-joon sitting on the couch facing Dok-mi, coaxing her to stick out her tongue of all things. Seo-young starts by yelling at Tae-joon for not receiving a guest properly, and he corrects her that she’s just his little bro’s friend (ouch).

She turns to poor Dok-mi who desperately does not want to be caught in this conversation, and says defensively that she’s Enrique’s friend… so is Dok-mi Tae-joon’s friend?

Enrique finally intervenes to say that Dok-mi is his friend, and Tae-joon’s meeting her for the first time too, and also inspecting her because she fainted. To her credit, Seo-young immediately feels like a heel and apologizes for her temper.

She begs Dok-mi to stay for dinner so she has a chance to smooth things over, which is sweet. But Dok-mi gets up to go anyway.

Enrique stops her by pulling her close. His voice suddenly loses that chipper sheen as he says to her quietly, “Don’t go, ajumma. Help me. Please.” His lip quivers and everything. Dok-mi looks up, her face changing at his tone.

Meanwhile, Jin-rak paces outside, sighing at what he saw this afternoon: Dok-mi linking arms with Enrique, and falling into his arms. It’s just a bad night for unrequited love everywhere.

Jin-rak doesn’t notice that he has an admirer too, in Dok-mi’s high school friend (though “mean girl classmate” might be a better term), Do-hwi. She watches Jin-rak and purposely breaks her heel to hobble over and ask for help. Her story: she broke her heel while saving a kitty from being run over in the street. Uh-huh.

Dong-hoon and Ryu come down to join him and watch curiously as Do-hwi trips all over herself and lands in Jin-rak’s arms over and over again. He looks like he couldn’t be more annoyed.

Her plan backfires pretty awesomely, as the trio of boys deposit her outside a shoe repair stand and walk away without a moment’s pause.

Inside the apartment of broken hearts, Dok-mi and Enrique tend to the pasta-making and watch Seo-young flirt with Tae-joon. She says that she bought the flowers he likes and told the hospital flower shop that she was his girlfriend, almost just to clock his reaction.

He doesn’t say anything, but it’s a blow to Dok-mi and Enrique, who watch with long faces, but catch themselves and try not to show it.

Over dinner, Enrique gets corrected again about calling Dok-mi an ajumma, and Seo-young takes to calling her unni. She asks how they met, and Enrique says they could shoot a three-part movie with the amount of material from their meeting: “Pervy to thriller to medical drama.”

And then he adds, “But I’m thinking of turning it into a melo now.” Rawr? Dok-mi nearly chokes on her pasta the whole time he’s talking, and Tae-joon passes her a glass of water. Enrique catches her smiling very differently at the water glass.

Seo-young asks if she’s uncomfortable or naturally just quiet, calling the latter tiresome. Tae-joon snaps at her, saying that she’s been rude the whole time she’s been here, wondering where she’s been for the last year.

Enrique snipes at Tae-joon that he should’ve gone to see her if he was so curious, since he knew full well that she moved to Seoul because of him. Interesting.

Ryu takes the boys to the little restaurant where he got a job, and Dong-hoon dwells on the suspicious girl with the broken heel, noting that she was wearing too many designer things and acting so strangely that she must’ve approached Jin-rak to seduce him.

But then the thing he trips up on: “But… why would she do that, when I’m standing right next to you? Handsome me?” He calls her pretty, which Jin-rak scoffs at.

Dong-hoon just jabs right back, wondering where 402 went on Enrique’s arm today. He narrates a scenario involving late-night peeping and secret meetings, and Jin-rak blows up at him.

Back in Tae-joon’s apartment, they start to clean up after dinner and Tae-joon asks Enrique how long he’s staying in Korea. He says maybe two or three months, depending, and Tae-joon turns to Seo-young and tells her to go back when Enrique goes.

She finally bursts, tears welling up in her eyes, “Don’t keep trying to tie me to Enrique. We’re just friends! We’re not anything! Do you really want me to go?!”

Dok-mi registers the pointed words, and Enrique’s expression. It seems like nobody breathes for a full minute before Dok-mi drops a plate, shattering the silence.

She starts to clean it up, and Enrique tells her to leave it, or she’ll get hurt. She doesn’t listen, and he screams, “Leave it!” Aw, he must be hurting so much right now.

He grabs her coat and makes an excuse to walk Dok-mi home, so Tae-joon and Seo-young can be alone.

Jin-rak and the boys eat, and Ryu tells them that he’s going to travel and learn how to cook food from around the world.

Dong-hoon gets up to leave first, and Jin-rak makes him pay for dinner as his punishment, and gets Ryu to put away his wallet by saying that Dong-hoon is a chaebol who ran away from home. Dong-hoon scowls at the lie that’s costing him dinner, but it’d be funny if it turned out to be true.

Halfway home, Dok-mi finally wrestles her arm free from Enrique’s grasp, and he apologizes, “Ajumma, I’m sorry.” He says he knows now why she stole peeks out her window: “You like my hyung, don’t you?”

She stammers that she doesn’t, so he plays along and muses that Seo-young and Tae-joon look great together. She can’t answer, and he calls her bluff.

He sighs, “I ended your unrequited love.” Dok-mi says she has nothing to end, but he’s the one whose unrequited love has come to an end. He looks over at her in surprise. Enrique: “That’s not it. Mine’s first love. My ten-year-plus first love. Over.”

He only lets himself dwell on it for a second, before putting the chatty façade back on, and leads the way over to Dok-mi’s door.

Jin-rak is on his way back from dinner alone, and hides like a loon at the sight of Enrique and Dok-mi walking home. He peers around the corner and watches them.

Enrique whirls around and suggests a drink, thinking it a perfect occasion. He says it’s not really so bad, and there are always happy memories to hold onto. As he rattles off about how fine he is, Dok-mi thinks to herself, “Lies.”

And a split-second later, Enqrique sighs, “Yeah, that’s a lie.” Her eyes dart open as she thinks at him, “Can you hear this too?”

But he darts over to her with a brilliant new idea—they should go on a trip, to say goodbye to their unrequited/first loves. He digs around for her phone and says he’ll pay for the whole trip because he feels bad about tonight, and tells her to meet here the next morning.

She says no, so he shows her a picture of their destination, The Village at End of the Earth, and asks with his puppy eyes, “What if I go to end of the earth in this state all alone and really end it?”

Suddenly she flashes back to herself in high school, standing on a rooftop. It’s the roof of her school and she looks ready to jump. Eep, the camera pans back and we see that she’s actually standing on the ledge.

Back to the present, where Dok-mi bites back, asking how he could say something like that so easily. But he’s just in his obliviously bouncy puppy mode, and says it’s why she has to come, and doesn’t give her a chance to argue.

Jin-rak ducks for cover among the trash bags to avoid being seen, and then runs in behind Dok-mi just to ride the elevator with her. So cute. I love that he’s just as weird as she is.

She doesn’t even realize he’s in the elevator with her until her phone rings, and she jumps at the sight of him. Even funnier is his apology that he should’ve made his presence more known. In an elevator?

The call is from Do-hwi, and Dok-mi’s voice hardens as she answers. Do-hwi says she’s looking into renting an office in her building, and Dok-mi just cuts her off, saying that she doesn’t live there.

Do-hwi’s trio of mean girl minions (who must also be from high school) laugh that she just got rejected by Go Dok-mi. Do-hwi fumes.

The elevator stops on their floor, but Dok-mi is so lost in her thoughts that she doesn’t get off, and Jin-rak adorably follows her lead, not making a move until she realizes at the last second that the door is closing.

He sticks his hand in the door and lets it get squashed to catch it, and says in his deep manly-man voice that she should go first. It looks he finally decides in that moment to follow up and say something else to her, but by the time he catches up, she’s already in her apartment.

Jin-rak sketches the latest episodes in Dok-mi’s life, muttering to himself that she must’ve been so frightened to be surrounded by all these people, and who is this Enrique anyway, busting his way into this world?

He starts drawing a beard on Enrique’s character, which puts a smile on his face. Hee. Petty ineffectual revenge for the win.

Dok-mi looks out her window and sees Seo-young and Tae-joon talking, and it reminds her of Enrique’s heartbreak. Suddenly she’s looking down into the street instead, wondering where he went off to.

He’s in PC bang, playing his own game Zombie Soccer. Though that makes him look fine from a distance, up close we see that his eyes are red with tears.

Dok-mi watches the scene in Tae-joon’s apartment: Tae-joon comforting Seo-young, and then taking a step away from her.

Seo-young runs up to hug Tae-joon, and Dok-mi sees Enrique entering the building at the same time. She worries, “You can’t go in there now!” and watches in nervous anticipation.

But he doesn’t appear in her view, and she wonders where he went. We see him wait in the hallway until they leave. Dok-mi sees him run in as soon as they’ve gone, shivering from the cold in his panda slippers. Dok-mi sighs, her eyes full of empathy: “You must be cold…”

Later that night, Dok-mi writes:

People who think that they can just grab the hand of happiness when it’s offered to them—how happy must they be? That woman becomes nervous when she is too happy. To that woman, happiness is like a child’s game of blowing bubbles. The moment when she touches the bubbles that float her way carrying the light of the rainbow, they burst. In front of happiness, that woman always gives up, before the hand is even offered.

Early the next morning, the milk is delivered, and two steps after the milkman, comes our mysterious post-it man. He puts a new message on today’s carton: “A happy day!” and this time, there’s a note on Dok-mi’s door for him: “Delivery Person, Thank you, I’m reading them well.”

Dok-mi goes to meet Enrique that morning as promised, but when he gets ready to go, she blurts out that they’re not close enough to go on a trip together, to be called ajumma, or anything else for that matter, “We’re not anything!”

When she opens her eyes, he’s gone, and then she opens her eyes again, snuggled in her sleeping bag at home. Dream. But she’s jolted out her reverie when Enrique texts her to remind her that they’re leaving at 9am.

She panics, starting and stopping excuse after excuse, trying to figure out what sounds the most plausible.

At the same time, Jin-rak’s doorbell rings early, and he wakes up from his chair. Ha, instead of just getting the door, he climbs into bed and knocks Dong-hoon out of it.

Dong-hoon finds a man at the door saying he’s here to clean it out at the owner’s request, and Jin-rak jolts up and screams for him to close the door. He realizes he’s late with rent, and says it was the one condition of renting this place—he’d be kicked out if he were even a day late with payment.

Dong-hoon thinks the story is ridiculous (especially since his landlord is a man whose face he’s never seen) but Jin-rak swears it’s true. He’s a little short in funds and asks Dong-hoon, who swears up and down he is not a chaebol’s son.

Enrique gets ready for his trip and gets a text from Dok-mi saying that her grandma is suddenly ill. He drops everything and asks Tae-joon for his car keys and takes off.

Jin-rak and Dong-hoon stand out in the hallway with the movers and ask for a little more time, drawing the attention of all the neighbors. Soon Dong-hoon is giving up his last 50,000 won, and so is Ryu.

That means they’re only 20,000 won short, which is the exact sum Dok-mi is holding in her hand with her ear pressed to the door.

Enrique arrives to pick up Dok-mi and takes an awkward elevator ride up with the security guard, who flips to hear that he’s friends with 402. By the time they arrive on the fourth floor, it’s a full-blown ruckus in the hallway.

Suddenly Dok-mi’s door cricks open and she sticks her hand out, waving two bills out. The boys take it gratefully, and she sticks her head out just long enough to see Enrique there and shuts her door. Uh-oh, is she caught in her lie?

Jin-rak knocks on her door, reverting to his overly formal speech to say thank you, when Enrique comes pounding on her door too, “Ajumma! Hurry up! Let’s go!” Jin-rak looks at him like he’s crazy, and Enrique grins from ear to ear.

Do-hwi decides to take the officetel after all (in Tae-joon’s building). Drat.

Jin-rak sends the money to his landlord, so the matter is handled and everyone filters back out, leaving Enrique whining at Dok-mi’s door. Jin-rak warns him he’ll call the police if he’s bothering the residents here, but to his utter surprise, Dok-mi comes out to meet him.

Enrique inspects her to make sure she’s dressed warmly enough, and rushes her out like the steamroller crack pup that he is.

Jin-rak’s jaw drops, and he’s literally just frozen there as he watches Enrique usher her away with his hands on her. He even stops to give a little, “Hyung, fighting!” cheer, which just makes the whole thing worse.

Enrique sticks her in the car and she sighs in her head at her once peaceful life, and then doesn’t realize that the last bit of it is said aloud: “Where did this persistent jerk come from?” HA.

He either didn’t hear her clearly or pretends not to, and tells her to put her grandma’s address into the GPS. She says she can go herself from the terminal, but he’s being super sweet of course, thinking her grandma’s really sick. She relents.

Upstairs, Jin-rak is still standing in the same spot, and something finally stirs him to move. He dashes downstairs and starts running at Enrique’s car at full speed.

The car starts to pull away and Jin-rak runs, screaming, “Stop! I said STOOOOOOOP!”

The tires screech to a halt. Omo, they heard him?

Jin-rak stops to catch his breath, and Dok-mi and Enrique look back in surprise.


Eee, they heard him! What a great way to turn the scene on its head. We just assume it’ll be like every other time and he’ll be too late, but maybe this time Jin-rak will actually do something about his feelings? I like how Enrique is shaking up their world—it’s not just Dok-mi he’s affecting, but Jin-rak, who thought that he was doing the right thing by waiting forever and being an invisible knight in shining armor, only to see Dok-mi change and come out of her shell more in the few days since Enrique’s arrival than in the three years he’s observed her.

But Dok-mi and Enrique seem evenly matched as perceptive people, because he chatters as his shield, and she sees right through him. She reads very plainly that he’s in love with Seo-young and giving up on his love for his hyung, and that he hides his pain with laughter. It was sweet to see her worry for him, if even for just a moment, because it took her outside of her own bubble and connected her to someone. The flashback to her possible suicide attempt revealed just how dark and lonely her world could be, and I like the idea that what might bring her around from all this is empathizing with someone else’s pain.

What I like about Dok-mi is that she’s not the pure innocent wallflower Jin-rak thinks she is—she has a biting wit, a jaded view of the world, and a rather sharp tongue. She just doesn’t show it to anyone, so while people think she’s the nice quiet girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly, that’s not how the narrative is going inside her head. It’s an interesting duality to have in a heroine, that she can look so unassuming and yet be grumbling and cursing at someone in her thoughts. It’s perhaps an extension of the kind of mental filtering we all do in daily life, just taken to an extreme so that for her, almost everything is internalized.

Well that is, until Enrique. Her outburst at him—both in her dream and then the bit in the car where she doesn’t even realize she’s talking out loud—is a big change from the Dok-mi we’ve seen up until now, who could barely eke out all the syllables of her name after endless coaxing. Does he bring it out in her because he makes her that angry? Or is he so direct that he manages to cut through those barriers? While Jin-rak is hypersensitive to Dok-mi and so thoughtful that he would choose to be invisible so as to keep from disturbing her life, Enrique is so oblivious that he railroads right past those things with complete disregard… but he gets through to her, for better or worse. And it’s on all levels too, like the fact that he touches her, which always jolts her like it’s foreign or new or charged with electric current. She actually seems so removed from human interaction that physical contact is jarring, while he’s such a hyper puppy that he doesn’t know how not to lead with his hands. It’s either a recipe for disaster, or perfection.


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      I was guessing tae joon is the mysterious guy too.
      during that morning, everyone is just waking up, but tae joon on the other hand is up early…remember when enrique was texting, tae joon looked like he just came from an outside walk…..
      im thinking he’s aware that dok mi is stalking him. enrique noticed dok mi is stalking the 1st day he arrived in the apartment right?? so i guess it’s the same with tae joon. all this time he’s aware. excepts he didnt confront her about it =)

      • 10.6.1 rynea

        What if Tae Joon saw Dok Mi first? Maybe he blocked her line of sight from the bench so she’ll notice him. And what if he discovered that she’s his neighbor first and started sneaking peeks at her too? Omo, that’s like I-sneak-peeks-at-you-everyday-while-you-sneak-peeks-at-me. But then again, Tae Joon is not the male protagonist so giving him that much story is not healthy for a story with so many male leads. Ahh.. this drama is a good imagination stimulator.

        • Mystisith

          Haha. This is what I like with good dramas: They are starting points and you can build all kind of different versions in your head.

        • watashiwachiaki

          “Omo, that’s like I-sneak-peeks-at-you-everyday-while-you-sneak-peeks-at-me.”
          HA! good one!

          from Jin Rak’s point it, it will be I-watch-you-while-you-peeks-at-him-while-he-peeks-at-you-everyday….

        • Radhika

          “I-sneak-peeks-at-you-everyday-while-you-sneak-peeks-at-me.” LOL i totallly love that idea!!!!!!!

    • 10.7 ulaspotamus

      i think the post it guy is tae joon. if i’m not wrong you can see the picture on the post it. the picture is when dok mi and tae joon first meeting. the park when dok mi sitting and tae joon come to her. i assume. sorry for my poor english.

      • 10.7.1 Radhika

        your english is not poor! its good yaar 😉 just chill

    • 10.8 tokyodogz

      that would be awesome, cuz during the dinner he was looking at her and being so nice, tho it could be nothing..
      but i think it’s jinrak.. cuz of the shoes. at the end of the episode you see him running with the same shoes as the scene with the post it on the milk carton. but who knows.
      it would be awesome if it was taejoon, cuz the drawing fits Dok mi’s meeting with Tae Joon. DAMNIT i hope it is lol
      i just like this drama, thought it would suck but it doesn’t.
      its cewl.

    • 10.9 Radhika

      I would just love Taejoon to be the post-it man!!
      OMO 3 hot men who LOVE her!!!!!!!
      when is my life going to be liek hers ??? LOL


  11. 11 L

    So… is Jin-rak a chaebol’s son?

    • 11.1 Rashell

      Well, it is a kdrama so someone has to be. Seriously that would make sense as to why Do Hwi was looking for him and why she’s doing so much to be close to him. It seemed a bit much for a simple crush at first sight.

      • 11.1.1 L

        Well, it is a kdrama so someone has to be.

        I like your reasoning XD We already have a genius and a perfect guy in this drama already so there has to be a chaebol.

      • 11.1.2 mary

        “Well, it is a kdrama so someone has to be.”

        Hehehe so true

      • 11.1.3 Dorotka

        “…someone has to be” Nice :–)
        I have my suspicion about him as well…

    • 11.2 rynea

      if he’s the one, may be he got disowned or just left home because he just loves drawing instead of business.

    • 11.3 009

      That’s what I was thinking! All this time he is saying that it is Dong-hoon, but I can’t shake the feeling that it is him after all. And that is why Do-hwi is after him all of a sudden.

  12. 12 Rashell

    I love this drama. Enrique and Dok Mi seem so opposite on the surface, but when you look deeper they are actually quite alike. They simply use two different methods to hide their feelings. Jin Rak is so sweet, but he would never push Dok Mi to stretch out of her comfortable hiding place and venture into the world. On the other hand I don’t thin Enrique is even trying to do that. It’s just instinct for him.

    I’m really not a fan of either of the two other girls. Seo Young seems bratty and immature. While Do Hwi is clearly still a manipulative mean girl. Right now I just want our Dok Mi to end up with a harem of flower boys.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. Thanks for the recap!

  13. 13 bimbobunny

    Omo! What a refreshing episode, oh how I love Jin Rak <33; seriously show when you're done with Kim Ji Hoon Can I please, please, please, please, please have him? Kthxbai! ^^

  14. 14 Maris

    Love your in depth analysis. This is why this drama is so enjoyable. One is immersed in the fascinating characters and their interactions. Although most probably a predictable ending, the journey there will be worth watching. Once again such good acting by all with PSH and YSY standing out.

  15. 15 Brittni

    I’m really LOVING this drama. Park Shin Hye is killing it as Dok-mi. And Enrique is so cute! I really like this off beat couple. They are so perfect for each other in such a messed up way. I really liked the instant connection they have and they don’t even realize they have it, but when they do it will be so amazing. I also don’t ming Seo young ( yet fingers crossed they keep her this way ) yes she is pushy and kinda bratty but she isn’t stringing Enrique along he knows where her feelings are and thats with his hyung. I just hope that when Dok-mi and Enrique finally start their romance Seo-young doesn’t suddenly decide to start tugging at his lovelorn heartstrings to make his brother jealous * Please drama gods NOOO!*

  16. 16 Russe12

    I am in love with this drama 😀 So far, it’s everything I hoped it would be, and it definitely leaves you wanting more! I honestly can’t pick my favourite character – they’re all so layered and interesting.

    Thanks so much for the recaps!

    • 16.1 Russe12

      One thing, though, is that I’m really hoping that Do-hwi won’t be your typical second female lead who’s shallow and makes you want to throw things…

  17. 17 welma

    This drama is not as exciting as previous Oh Boy series dramas. Its not even half of the crack i was expecting it to be. All characters except Enrique are boring and there is very less comedy.

    • 17.1 rynea

      lol. if everyone acts like Enrique then it would be like all over the place. It’s not addicting, I agree, but then I believe that it’s all for the better. If it’s just like FBRS or SUFBB then I will be really disappointed because I want FBND to be remembered for its own merit and not just the shadow of another Oh Boy project. The same goes for FBRS and SUFBB as those are really unforgettable dramas.

    • 17.2 Cafe du Monde

      If its not to your liking, you can always choose not to watch.

    • 17.3 dramajoo

      I actually disagree…i thinks the story is more enjoyable to watch and the acting is better than the other oh boy series…but each his/her own 🙂

    • 17.4 Mystisith

      The 3 series are completely different in tone: You have the right to like one and not the others. Personally I think it’s the best mix of serious, funny and should I say… sexy.

    • 17.5 Nilechoclat

      I think this drama has depth not shallow so you may not excited but I feel excited that they are Neighbours every one has problem so that make this drama special I feel every character is interesting not only Enrique and life isn’t comedy i think that drama has own road and other Oh Boy series dramas have their own stories and we still in episode 3 and the story in the beginning and you bored then watch something else and leave us to enjoy the boring drama 😀

    • 17.6 Dorotka

      Each series is different and I like that.
      And SUFBB was definitely not a comedy.
      Perhaps you expected something else from the teasers and now you are surprised with the serious and sad aspects of the story?
      Maybe give it still a try for a week.
      I still rememebr that FBRS took me about 4 episodes to fall for it and to enjoy it (I wanted to give it up after 2 episodes).

  18. 18 Miss D

    I haven’t seen the episode yet but I know I.WILL.LOVE.IT. cause I might have seen the first two episodes more than two times each…Enrique!!!

  19. 19 Almontel

    thanks for the recap….

    i watched it without sub and hoped i’d be able to understand it as soon as your recap comes out…

    i love love love this drama…i’m glad that every series there’s always a revelation…

    and all this while i thought maybe it was JinRak making those post it notes she’s been collecting…wells…it does seem to be that it may be taejoon…hmmmmm….this is really something…


  20. 20 Abbie

    So good! I hope that last scene isn’t a fake-out. We get so many of those. It’s exhausting.

    I love Dok-mi, that’s why it pained me to see that flashback to her possible suicide attempt. She needs help. And I think Enrique is just the one she needs. I love how he continues to surprise her at every turn, and that she can read him so well. I have high hopes for the future episodes.

    I’m so glad that Jin-rak is finally taking an active role in pursuing Dok-mi. Or we’re meant to think that for now. There are so many ways that last scene can be turned around again.

    Seo-young is cute, but a little annoying. Tae-joon is still a blank canvas. For that, though he’s nice enough, I don’t like him. Do-hwi I already despise. Dong-hoon and Ryu are so adorable. I hope they have more scenes.

    Looking forward to the next episode. Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  21. 21 ladida

    Thank you for the recap! Loving all the interactions.

  22. 22 k-soup

    I can’t wait to watch this episode! very nice recap by the way.. I so love this drama. Wish good looking guys would look after me. I envy you Dok Mi 🙂

  23. 23 MeeisLee

    I’ll admit that the first episode didn’t exactly draw me in completely but by episode 2 I was super interested in the main leads. The story is just so quirky that it *feels* right :).

  24. 24 Zoe Jang

    Thanks for the recap ^^ Still can’t watch the subs :/ Hey! Where do you watch? Is it with subs? :”3

    • 24.1 Gom

      I watch at gooddrama.net or dramacrazy.net, whichever has the subs first. But I don’t think they have it yet. Maybe tomorrow or the next day. 🙁

    • 24.2 pogo

      That’s part of the frustration, subs don’t come out till at least 2 days later and by then it ends up being too late to join in the posts 🙁

  25. 25 ajj

    I couldn’t finish King of Dramas, got sidetracked by Flower Boy Next Door. I love Jin rak and I too love that he’s also as weird as Dok mi.

  26. 26 Dara

    This drama seems so cute! Everyone looks so warm and fuzzy! Cuteness overload!

  27. 27 Sajen

    I meant to say this last week but Dok Mi is for all intents and purposes the female version of me except well I don’t stalk anyone.

    • 27.1 Alex Mottis

      Lol, I think the same thing! Except, well, I’m a female so she’s the tv version of me. And I also don’t stalk anyone, or so I’d like to think…

      • 27.1.1 bluemoon

        She’s a little similar to me too! Except I don’t stalk anyone also. I just don’t have any flower boys near where I live. LOL!

  28. 28 dany

    Our main leads are so cute and real, i just love them. Thanks for the recap!

  29. 29 KDrama Fan

    Thanks GF for the recap.

    I like this drama best out of all the Flower Boy series.

    Actually it’s the only one I’ve seen without using the FF button.

    I think it’s because the people and situation seem more real than Ramen Shop and I just couldn’t get into the music one.

    Does’t hurt that JH looks so good either.

    FBND fighting!

  30. 30 tya

    thank you for recaps, i love this drama cause different

  31. 31 Paris

    What I love most about this drama is Dok Mi’s written description of her thoughts about herself: first, her definition of unrequited love in episode 1; second, the faucet in episode 2; and bubbles in episode 3.

    I like YSY’s acting. its really good.
    Park Shin Hye breathes life to Go Dok Mi which enabled the audience to identify with her – especially, the loner like me.

  32. 32 yohan lei

    Thank you very much GF for the recap, I am always waiting for it. I love FBND and always waiting in anticipation for the next episode. I love it more than the other flower boy series. I love Dok Mi and the flower boys!

  33. 33 Suzi Q

    I’m enjoying the Flower Boys next door guys, but Seo Young and Do Hwi are irritating and unpleasant characters.

    Seo Young is so bratty, why does Enrique like her? I hope Mean Girl, Do Hwi, wasn’t one of the reasons why Dok Mi attempted suicide in high school? She’s creepy.

    I think the Milk Guy is Jin Rak who likes Dok Mi for a long time. Each Post-It has a drawing which he has left because he’s a webtoon artist.

  34. 34 onyxx

    this series is inching its way up on my “must watch” list. i’m glad this episode has actually maintained my soaring expectations for FBND.

    it’s nice to see Dok-mi’s hidden depths bubbling to the surface ever so gently (for now) — it’s inevitable, of course, that they’re going to explode soon, and i can’t wait for the glorious catalyst to make that happen. btw the guys aren’t so bad themselves. i’m only waiting for the doc and Ryu to come barreling down the scene (with their own irresistible back stories) and make things more interesting. Dok-mi is one lucky girl *fans self*

  35. 35 Tastiger

    I think the post- it guy is Tae Joon too. Jin Rak has his rings on in the morning when they try not to get evicted. Also the post-it guy that morning has dark pants on with spotless sneakers. Jin Rak has a grey pant on and I think light under sole sneakers….he doesn’t look like the kind of guy who is concerned about being very clean and neat with his clothes….whereas the post-it guy clearly has a nice, clean pair of sneakers on.

    I think the drawing on the post-it is by someone who isn’t a professional. Jin Rak is and I would expect a better example of drawing than that.

    I do hope this series gives Tae Joon more time to develop his character. Right now he’s just this great looking guy with an unknown, bland personality. I find it hard to believe that he hasn’t noticed Dok-mi across the way watching him. He also is always up very early and that would give him time to place the note on her milk carton.

  36. 36 aivenor

    looking forward to the next episode! and where the original webtoon can be read?

  37. 37 lo

    i could do without this Jin-rak character.

    • 37.1 YS

      But but but then you’d be depriving the rest of us of the eye candy that is Kim Ji Hoon. Plus he’s no slouch in the acting department. What don’t you like about the character?

  38. 38 altair

    Girlfriday must really love this drama. Such a quick recap!! I love the show too. Yoon Shi Yoon is sooo good. Just a fantastic actor! I love him. And all the other actors, the script, the direction, the overall production, everything is perfect. One of the best shows I have seen in a while. 2012 was such a boring year in kdrama land. Here is hoping 2013 will be better. And if this drama is anything to go by, 2013 will be great!

  39. 39 anna

    It looks like mysterious man is Jin-rak to me. He lives right next door and when the milk man leaves, the door next to it opens, so it has to be him.

    But why am I thinking it might be the security guard? I’m noticing everyone’s hands now LOL

    • 39.1 sally_b

      @anna – I would feel fine if the post-it guy was Tae Joon.

      ..because it would be a cosmic-validation that her unrequited-love has – in Kdrama terms – *seen her as a woman* all along ~ and it would be really sweet for our heroine.

      but like you…I think it’s Jin Rak.

      Those sketches (at the 1st webtoon editor appointment) were in Jin Rak’s possession because he has been drawing her face for some time now.
      sez me.

      I really want the back story on this — plus Pink Flamingo’s ……deal.
      She didn’t just fall-into-crush on the street. Jin Rak has some mysteries. 🙂

      • 39.1.1 owl

        cosmic validation – nice^^

  40. 40 miley

    i super like this flower boys series.can’t wait for ep 4 to come.thanks for the recap.

  41. 41 mrshobbes

    Holy moses but I don’t think I’ve ever immediately liked two characters so quickly as I have Dok Mi and Enrique. They got me right from their respective first scenes!

    Thank you for the recap! So happy to sink my teeth into this drama 🙂

  42. 42 Pedonoona

    I love this drama. Maybe I’ve been starved too long from good drama where the writing is assured, the directing confident and the actors/actresses are gorgeous. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

  43. 43 piggy68gal

    I am really liking this drama a lot. Perhaps it’s because I find Go Dok Mi to be quite relatable…like her discomfort at eating with unfamiliar people/somebody else’s home, her quietness, and her tendency to keep a lot of her thoughts to herself–I find that these are in line with my own personality. This is the first time I can relate so much to a character and I am really loving it 🙂 Park Shin Hye is doing a really great job!
    Another character that I like is Enrique~ He is chatty, cute, charming and straightforward, but beneath all that I think he is actually pretty similar to Dok Mi. That short but sad scene when he was playing that soccer game really moved me! Oh Yoon Shi Yoon…whenever he shows the slightest tears in his eyes I can’t help but feel his sorrow and heartbreak as well. I really like his acting!
    As for the other characters…Dong Hoon and Ryu are cute! For some reason, I don’t exactly like Jin Rak and Tae Joon yet. To be honest, I don’t really fancy those second male leads who passively wait for the girl, hoping for something to happen. And I know too little about Tae Joon to decide. As for the other 2 girls, I am also not liking them much…yet.
    Can’t wait for more development!!! 🙂

  44. 44 Kit

    I SAY PERFECTION. except for the second lead. Who’s breaking everybody’s hearts for sure sigh.

  45. 45 AlehnC

    Argh…I’m at the office and only reading the recap. I can’t find videos for ep 3 in youtube and dailymotion. I saw links in Dramacrazy but it’s not available in my area.

    how saaad….

  46. 46 karen

    awwwww, we have to wait longer for subs because viki doesn’t have the licence, viki, in my opinion, was always the fastest subbers

  47. 47 rheina07

    Love it how you describe Enrique as Energizer bunny!

    Well, HE IS!

    Oh, where can I find someone like Enrique in the real worlddd????

    • 47.1 ilikemangos

      I need me an enrique… forreal.

      • 47.1.1 Radhika


  48. 48 autleaf

    And the first thing I noticed from this episode was how familiar Seo-young’s flower print dress is. I recalled seeing the same dress in a King of Drama eyebrow-raising garlic kiss scene. I prefer Oh Ji Eun in it, let the style war begins!

  49. 49 iheartyogurt

    Park Shin-hye is spot on in this drama. In three episodes, it’s already ten times better than Heartstrings.

    • 49.1 JoAnne

      She’s great. They’re ALL great. What a terrific ensemble. TvN does this so well – it’s not just important to get actors who can act, but humans who respond to each other. I think that human connection flavors the acting beyond anything skill or experience could bring, especially in something like this where the situations are ALL about connection.

  50. 50 lovin it

    steamroller crack pup hahahah

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