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Flower Boy Next Door: Episode 7
by | January 28, 2013 | 179 Comments

It’s another emotionally stirring episode, sandwiched among the moments of cuteness, of course. A misunderstanding gives way to some harsh truths, and Dok-mi and Enrique show that sometimes knowing a person’s true nature can become a weapon to inflict pain, as much as a bond to bring people together.

EPISODE 7: “Pride and Prejudice and Misunderstanding”

Jin-rak and Enrique get ready to duel up on the roof, and exchange steely glares. I love Jin-rak’s extra pathetic moment as he thinks to brandish a rainbow-colored broom as a weapon, and can’t even do that.

He starts in on this speech about how he’s not one to care about the formalities of a hyung-dongseng relationship and tells Enrique that he’ll speak plainly. Enrique matches his gaze… and then glares up at the sun for making him squint. Ha. He clip-clops his feet in excitement, “So…whaddja wanna talk about?”

Jin-rak sighs, deflated, and says that he doesn’t care much to pretend he likes people he doesn’t. This time Enrique picks up on his meaning pretty quickly and pouts. “You don’t like me either, huh?”

Suddenly Jin-rak finds himself being the reassuring one, “You’re not a bad guy.” He uses the word nom and then quickly adds that it isn’t a bad word (and it isn’t necessarily, because he’s the hyung). Enrique beams, “Hyung, you’re an okay nom too!” Hahaha. Okay, that time, it was a bad word. Hee.

Downstairs, Dong-hoon stands awkwardly between two ex-friends, still passing the boxes that Do-hwi brought back and forth. He suggests that Dok-mi should maybe go check on the two boys on the roof, trying to explain that they have an ill-fated connection she doesn’t know about.

Do-hwi huffs that the boxes are filled with their memories, and turns to take her bruised ego home, when suddenly two men dressed in black show up to knock on Jin-rak’s door.

Dong-hoon asks cautiously why they’re here, and they say they’re here to serve papers because Jin-rak’s going to be prosecuted for fraud and illegal money lending. Everyone freezes.

Do-hwi sneaks up to the roof and witnesses the boys shouting angrily and pointing fingers at each other.

But when we get close, it’s just Enrique confronting Jin-rak about his feelings for Dok-mi. He calls him out on the confession he witnessed from afar, and Jin-rak sputters that it wasn’t a confession, not like some totally bulldozy one-sided, “I like you! Date me!”

He says one shouldn’t have to confess at all, given enough time. Oh sweetie. Enrique laughs, “How would anyone date if nobody confessed?” Jin-rak: “You don’t need to confess. If you take lots and lots to time to slowly get to know each other fully, carefully, then at some point…”

Enrique: “At some point, someone ELSE will confess first: I love you, Go Dok-mi-sshi!” Jin-rak gasps, freaking out that Enrique has already confessed. He doesn’t see why, and Jin-rak finally flips his lid, screaming WHY: Why is he barging in and disrupting Dok-mi’s life then?

Enrique says Dok-mi herself is like a placid lake—no amount of shaking will change that. Besides, he goes back to Spain in a month. Jin-rak runs with the metaphor, asking if he’s going to make waves until then, and Enrique assures him that no amount of waves will shake Dok-mi. Curious that he never says he doesn’t like her.

Enrique: “You’ve watched her for that long and you still don’t know her as well as I do?” Now it really does turn into a competition, as Enrique asks if he knows what Dok-mi’s dream is, that she raises plants, that she likes travel documentaries.

What Jin-rak has to offer: “Do you know how many times a week she goes to the post office? Do you know how much she likes trash?!” He realizes that one didn’t come out right.

Finally Do-hwi runs up to the boys, screaming for them to stop. Of course she’s disappointed to learn that Enrique and Dok-mi aren’t a couple, and tries her best to convince them that Dok-mi must like him.

And then she somehow thinks it’s okay to tell them the story of their first love. She says that she and Dok-mi were friends, but then in high school they fell in love with the same teacher. (This is from Do-hwi’s perspective, so we have no idea if Dok-mi ever once shared her crush, though from what we’ve seen, she didn’t.)

Jin-rak interrupts her to ask what the teacher looked like, eager to know Dok-mi’s taste in men. Do-hwi lies that he looks just like Enrique.

And then she tells the twisted version of the story—that she was the favored one, but Dok-mi crossed a line with Teach, and when rumors spread, he had to leave. (It’s also seeming more and more that Teach is the one who had the inappropriate crush on Dok-mi.)

She says that Dok-mi didn’t speak a word to anyone, the rest of high school. The boys are unsurprisingly sympathetic towards Dok-mi, and don’t pass any judgment. They wonder why Do-hwi came upstairs and told them a story they never even asked about (ha), and she remembers the scary men who came looking for Jin-rak.

She adds that she really does want to make amends with Dok-mi and be friends again like before, and the boys turn in unison, “There is a way…”

Downstairs, Dong-hoon imagines Jin-rak’s criminal past, complete with cartoon prison striped jumpsuit and mean-looking mugshot. The men grab hold of his phone when he gets a text, but let him go when they read: “Oppa, where did I leave my underwear?”

Suddenly Dok-mi comes back out of her apartment and confronts the men—do they have proper identification? Does Jin-rak know he’s being indicted? Did they go through all the proper channels? She raises her phone to check with the police, and Dong-hoon stands behind her with a huge grin.

Later Dong-hoon demands to know about Jin-rak’s shady past, and he insists it was just one tiny mistake he made way back when, and it’s all over now. He wonders why those men left so easily though, and Dong-hoon tells him about Dok-mi’s outburst, declaring that she’s clearly got a hidden past too.

Jin-rak beams as romantic music swells. “You mean… she trusted me?” He totally swoons.

Dok-mi rapid-edits the rest of Enrique’s book, even with him hovering over her shoulder in panda gear. She’s ready for him to pack up and leave, but he reminds her she has a meeting at 3 o’clock.

The security guard comes knocking, surprised to see Enrique opening the door, and takes them to Ryu’s cooking-class-turned-apartment-meeting. There, Enrique eggs Jin-rak on to talk to Dok-mi, and the two boys are so busy signaling each other that they don’t notice that she sees the whole exchange.

Then Do-hwi joins the class as planned, acting the part of the friend who wants to reconcile, and Dok-mi is forced to endure the class with her. Gah.

Ryu starts in on this speech about how paella is meant to be shared and symbolizes friendship and forgiveness, though it all gets lost in translation when he trusts Enrique’s Japanese skills. His version: “It’s very tasty.”

The group of neighbors gathers at the table to share the meal, and even Dok-mi looks at the scene with a smile. Enrique catches it, and she quickly goes back to frowning.

After the class, Enrique latches onto Jin-rak to whisper that he’ll make up an excuse to invite him over.

But when he goes inside and tries to talk to Dok-mi, she just ignores him and continues to work. He brings up her trauma in high school. (Eeek, bad move! Bad move!)

He says that Seo-young went through something similar when she was young and lost her parents—she didn’t speak for years, but then one day she called out to him and hasn’t stopped talking since.

Dok-mi fumes with angry tears brimming in her eyes, as she listens to him rattle on about her problems as if he knows what he’s talking about. Augh, I know he means well, but I really wish he’d shut up and stop digging his own grave.

He says that judging from Dok-mi’s life inside this apartment, she still hasn’t recovered. He uses another soccer analogy, to say that if it’s a goal you can’t block, you shouldn’t, and tells her to make up with her friend.

Dok-mi finally snaps and throws all his stuff back into his suitcase and tells him to get out.

“Do you think that because you memorized a few lines from a psychology textbook that you know a person? Do you know what your most common search words are? Enrique who mouths off. Enrique the Arrogant King. Enrique the plagiarist. Enrique’s private life. They’re all hollow shells. You act like you know everything in this world. Well leave me out of it. Don’t act like you know who I am!”

He reels, but fires back, wondering what Dok-mi’s keywords might be. He muses that she hates such things, because she doesn’t want to be judged—she’s so scared of it that she hides. He says that someone has watched her for years though and her keywords are: Woman who receives packages at the post office.

“Not a hollow shell. But there’s no warmth of life. Why do you put up those travel pictures, when this house is your entire world?” She spits back that she doesn’t need warmth, and orders him out of her apartment—and her world.

He looks back at her with pained eyes and grabs his stuff and heads toward the door. He turns back to add, “I don’t care about keywords made up by people who don’t know me. But you know me, even if just a little. Hollow shell? That was harsh.”

He says he’ll accept that she spoke harshy to cut him off harshly, so he’ll give in and stay away. Oof, that was rough on both sides. I feel beat up.

He knocks on Jin-rak’s door with tears in his eyes, and cries that he gives up. Jin-rak doesn’t understand a word he’s saying, but Enrique just says that he doesn’t know anything anymore, and he at least feels better knowing that Jin-rak is around, and leaves Dok-mi in his care. He trudges away, head hanging.

Inside, Dok-mi sits down at her desk, and despite her threats to quit, she goes back to reading Enrique’s autobiography. She underlines a passage:

When rejected by the person you love most, when betrayed by the person closest to you—that’s when self-abasement begins. You hide in a space that’s all your own, and close your heart. I can’t just pass by people like that.

Enrique comes back to Tae-joon’s apartment, surprised to see him home. He says he’s finished up his work there, like he’s packing up to go somewhere. Seo-young is there too, and they set up a new big screen tv just for Enrique, and Tae-joon apologizes for the fight.

But Enrique is still just focused on Dok-mi’s words, and asks if they know his keywords. He says that he has a son, according to the internet, and he’s basically trash—just a hollow shell.

They remind him that he doesn’t care about stuff like that, but he says that’s how one woman sees him. Seo-young realizes the important part of that statement isn’t the keywords but the woman, and asks who it is, excited that he might have a crush. But he just sits dejectedly and tells himself not to think about it. He looks out the window over at Dok-mi’s apartment with a sigh.

Dok-mi gets back to her work in progress, and today she writes:

To that woman, a scar was like falling into deep water. The onlookers who don’t know the depth of that scar just wonder why she can’t swim out. There are so many people who belittle a stranger’s scar. She didn’t want to hear such empty words. At least one person… from one person…

Enrique’s book gets ready to come out, and Dok-mi sighs at the proof of the jacket cover, with her name on it. She looks over at the panda hat he left behind.

Meanwhile Enrique goes to a fan signing and then a strange incident happens on his way to meet the book editor.

A masked person runs up from behind and snatches his phone and takes off with it. He chases for a while, until the thief actually collides into a stopped car. He jumps back to see that it’s an ajumma, and stops chasing, figuring she can have the phone.

Dok-mi meets her editor sunbae about Enrique’s book, and runs out as soon as she hears he’s on his way. They cross paths at the door, both halting, but neither able to say a word.

Inside, Enrique hears that Dok-mi wants her name taken off his book, and the editor explains that as an aspiring writer, it makes sense she’d want the first time to be on her own work.

He sighs, remembering her dream to be a children’s author, and realizes that he made another mistake.

He heads home with dinner for three, though Seo-young and Tae-joon seem to be in the middle of a fight. She just screams that this has nothing to do with Enrique, but we have no context for the outburst.

At the same time, Jin-rak comes face-to-face with the men in black from the other day. Jin-rak says that if things don’t work out he’ll just have to go back to being Oh Jae-won, but that’ll be bad for them. Hm, cryptic. The mysterious man hands him a mysterious envelope.

He stops short at the sight of Dok-mi, and tries to explain when it’s clear she wasn’t really asking. He grabs her wrist to ask if she’ll listen to something he has to tell her, which is when Enrique walks up.

She pulls away and Enrique just walks past them without a word. Dok-mi says she’s tired today and asks to just go inside.

Then suddenly Seo-young comes running out in tears, without a jacket on. Enrique asks what’s wrong, and she blurts, “You knew, didn’t you?! About Oppa going to the island?”

He realizes she found out about Tae-joon preparing to leave, and reminds her that she’s known about his dream all along. (I’m supposing it’s to be a country doctor somewhere on a tiny island?)

She wails, “What does that matter? What am I supposed to do?!” She starts pounding on his chest, crying over and over, “What am I supposed to do?”

She breaks down, and he pulls her into a hug, which aaaauuuugh, is SO UNFAIR to him.

He holds her as she cries, and looks over at Dok-mi, who’s been watching this whole time. She starts to grow increasingly upset as she watches, and then runs toward them.

She grabs Enrique’s arm and pulls him away… towards her.


Omo! Awww, is it to save him from having to comfort the girl who broke his heart? How cute. I love that she saves him! It could be a jealous outburst, but I think it’s her empathy at work more than anything—she sees how much he’s hurting, and in fact she’s the ONLY one who knows he’s been hurting because of Seo-young all this time. It’s one of the many things he hides underneath that happy talkative exterior that he’s only shown to Dok-mi, and I think it’s the first time she’s stuck her neck out for anyone, at least since high school.

It’s so nice to get the reversal right away, after seeing how vulnerable they were to each other’s barbs and biting accusations. Yes, opening up to someone is dangerous because you leave yourself exposed to judgment, to criticism, rejection, and pain. But that’s only one half of it—the half that tore them up in the fight.

But the other half is that someone out there in the world knows you. Gets you. Sees you for you. It’s the thing that both Enrique and Dok-mi are terrified of, but also want desperately—for people to stop seeing the misunderstanding, the misrepresented versions of them out there in the world. Whether it’s lies on the internet or lies in high school, they’re the same in making them feel misunderstood and alone.

It’s why Dok-mi has always chosen the safe route, in locking herself away. No one can misjudge her again if she’s not out in the world. But Enrique’s right in that it also isn’t living, because then she never opens herself up to the possibility that someone will know the true her. He does seem to have a leg up in that respect. He knows that you have to take the risk to gain the reward. What I like about their story is that it doesn’t even really matter what the misunderstanding is (not like a traditional melodrama Big Misunderstanding that drives the plot). Enrique doesn’t see her any differently even when he’s told that Dok-mi had an affair with her teacher. The point isn’t that he learns the truth about what happened in high school, but that they each choose to rise above their own fears and let someone in. And that’s a journey worth getting invested in.


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            i love this episode– it’s just touched my heart in a lot of way.
            the relationship that dokmi and enrique has is just beautiful and complicated
            dokmi open up to enrique little by little but more than anyone in the world…
            she must be really hurt that he talks about her past so lightly…

            at least from one person- she doesn’t want to hear that she should let go and move on already…. because it is not easy for her to do…

            same goes to him– he acts like he doesn’t care about who bad mouth him or the anti.. but it actually did get him inside…

            they both hurt each other deeply cos they know what would hurt them most..

            let go and move on is not easy thing to do-
            but with the right person,the right time
            i hope they both heal eachother pain and scar
            and love eachother as much as they always want to be love..

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        • pogo

          Seriously, I was a wee bit ambivalent going in but I am firmly on board the SS Enrique now.

          I think what really brought me over to the dark side was the look she gave that picture of him when she was on the phone to her sunbae last episode – that look of ‘you…..just you wait till I get my hands on you’ is the most animated we’ve ever seen Dok-mi so far – she may be alone there and there’s no one to see it, but it’s a far cry from the subdued manner she usually has – like this is a girl who’s about to get out and kick someone’s behind for being annoying instead of hide in her home away from the world. And I love that Enrique brought that out in her, even if he didn’t see it. I think they just see each other in a way that the rest of the world doesn’t get to see behind their respective facades.

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      Honestly though, I could care less about who gets with who… I feel this way with all of the tvN dramas so far (except for Queen In Hyun’s man lol). The characters themselves are amazing compelling.

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      That aside, I think he just really hasn’t had a chance to get to know her because he’s afraid to shake up her bubble. So over three years he has formed an image in his mind he has trouble letting go of…

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    She is awesome and I love her so much

    • 16.1 asianromance

      So true! She also saved them by chipping in for Jin-rak’s rent. These guys can’t even take care of themselves. I think Dok-mi is better adjusted than Enrique. She had managed to find a sort of happiness in her apartment. She was responsible, self-reliant, employed, and obviously well-read (her apartment full of books is what had sucked me into this drama in the first place after not warming up to the two earlier Flower Boy series). Enrique just felt restless all the time.

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    Now than Enrique broke DM’s heart, he better be very NICE to her in the next eps. Dok Mi had harsh words too but she’s going to correct the situation: Starting with that kid who doesn’t know who she loves. WTH? You don’t like your doc boyfriend anymore cause he’s going abroad? What kind of love is this exactly? The only other girl tolerable in this show is the editor of JR. I hope she’ll be here to pick up the pieces once the main ship sails…

    • 22.1 PollyRose

      Yes! I love Jin Rak’s editor! So hope they do more with her and Jin Rak…

      • 22.1.1 mommai

        I ship them soooo hard! I’d love to see a little hopeful moment at the end of the series, like a rose-tinted Jinrak moment where he totally falls for her 😉

        • PollyRose

          That would be so awesome! That would lead to a whole new hilarious web toon for him. Imagine the character she would make with his cute pension for rosy perspectives!

      • 22.1.2 asianromance

        I love her too! I love the dark circles under her eyes and the manic energy emanating from her. I can’t decide whether to ship her with Jin Rak or Donghoon

  23. 23 rhia

    I really, really love this show. Especially the writing. Everything that Dok-mi writes in her work-in-progress, every simile, just strikes me in the gut. Especially this one, about the scar being like falling into deep water? There’s something universal about people judging you because you can’t let go of one problem that seems trivial to them, but then how can they say that when they’re not the ones who experienced it? That’s where prejudice comes in, and that’s why Dok-mi doesn’t bother to interact, because when everyone would just prejudge her, why talk to them? In her case it’s taken to an extreme but isn’t there something like her in us when we refuse to talk about our own problems to others?

    GAH. What else can I say, but I love you, FBND! You are like Enrique, wrapped in fun and laughs, but underneath there is Heart. With a capital H. And I just want to hug Dok-mi and Enrique and say everything’s fine! (I’m sniffling here, UGH.)

    • 23.1 rhia

      Oh, oh, I forgot something. In her WIP she wrote, ” At least one person… from one person…” That can be taken as interest in Enrique, right? (Because who else would it be, but Enrique?) If not romantic interest, because I think she’s not ready yet, it could mean that she sees him already as one of her important people, right?

  24. 24 owl

    I loved when someone in the crowd at the book signing asked Enrique if he had a son and he answered that he had lots of sons and daughters and even a wife, and the PR people were tripping all over themselves to clarify that it wasn’t so – Then Enrique says that what he meant was that since he lost so much of his childhood that the characters in his games were his children hahaha so cute!

    The harsh face off between Dok Mi and Enrique made them each hear things they didn’t want to hear especially from the person whose words matter. And they were both mad. But because of that unwelcomed breaking down of barriers, Dok Mi is able to run to Enrique and pull him towards her and…and…cliff hanger, nooooo~

    • 24.1 S a r a h

      I loved the significance of that outburst between Dok Mi and Enrique. Like what you said, it was hard for them because they were hearing harsh words from “the person whose words matter”.

      I think it’s also a mark of a growing affinity between them that they were actually able to have an outburst. There are things people who are close, or who at least have a relationship can only say honest things, despite being painfully honest, can only say to each other.
      It’s sad that Dok Mi had to experience it this way, but at least it’s a sign that Dok Mi is starting to react and feel again, as opposed to just shrinking and disappearing from the world.

      • 24.1.1 owl

        Once someone enters your world (for Dok Mi, that means the deliberately sheltered one she has maintained and for Enrique, that means the non-stop hyper paced one his game life has created) the harder it is to keep that world intact and untouched. So that outburst was a result of their worlds crashing together. Enter change. For both.

    • 24.2 Julia

      I took it that he does have a child, but the PR folks were trying to cover it up. It seems like a secret he has yet to reveal to DM and will potentially cause problems later. Or not. How could he get someone pregnant when he has loved SY for the last 10 years (unless it was SY who had the kid).

  25. 25 J Wong

    Another episode! Thanx for the recap.

    Can’t wait for the next episode!!! Also, can Do-hwi just leave already? She is really annoying the hell out of me!!!

  26. 26 momosa

    Enrique has 1001 facial expressions and I just love the agility of his lips! :)

    • 26.1 news

      I love his facial expressions too; there’s so much emotional depth with just a glance and the face off w/ DM..I could barely breathe w/ all that charged emotions bouncing off the walls.

      Not only that, but he has the best and most adorable crooked smile ever.

  27. 27 Jenn

    I love the metaphor of Enrique bringing warmth into her life… FROM the second he walked in her home, she turns up the heat when he complained about how cold it was and to make him more comfortable… TO their argument over her shell of a life with no warmth!

    • 27.1 Mystisith

      Well, who am I to contradict you… Enrique is HOT indeed! Totally what she needs. :)

  28. 28 Startulle

    Every time Do Hwi appears I go insane in a killer mode ! Drama u don’t need her to show up!! I hope our heroine stays stronger as she is to handle this villain !

    • 28.1 Petrinananana

      ME TOO!! I hope Dok Mi somehow reveals the truth and punches Do Hwi in the face. BTW I ship Enrique and Dok Mi

  29. 29 Ash

    I’ve been enjoying the show since it started, but this episode hit me like a sack of bricks and now I’m practically gnawing at my fingernails waiting for tomorrow.

    That confrontation was INTENSE. I was so caught up in it I nearly forgot to read the subs, and that hasn’t happened to me in quite some time.

    I loved Enrique and Dok-mi’s immediate rapport, and I love the flip-side to it: they see the things about each other that no one else notices, and that gives them the power to hurt each other like no one else can. And to top the episode off with her going to him because holding Seo-young is killing him, bringing that connection right back around? Oh my god.

    Between this and School, the rest of 2013 is going to have the bar set ridiculously high.

    • 29.1 pogo

      I’m so sad about School 2013 ending, though, and FBND is already almost half done :( 2013 is going to have a LOT to live up to, if this is the act it’s going to follow.

      The Enrique-Dok-mi ship is sailing full speed ahead, for me and it’s not because of the accidental kiss but that connection they’ve developed, even if it’s reluctantly formed on Dok-mi’s part, she can’t not care about him when she knows he’s in pain. And he can brush off nasty online words like they’re nothing, but boy do they hurt when the one person he’s allowed to see behind his facade throws them at him.

      • 29.1.1 Ash

        I still haven’t watched the last episode of School. If I just pretend it hasn’t aired yet, then it’s like the show’s not over. :(

        Their relationship is based so solidly in the weird, immediate way they clicked, and it’s great to see that aspect really be developed. I enjoy crackling sexual tension as much as anyone – and I think we might get there eventually – but I love that the writing isn’t letting chemistry carry everything. We’re getting to see *why* these two people make sense together, how they can’t not care about each other even though it’s difficult and scary.

        It’s awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I don’t know what kind of magic tvN has, but I wish they’d start bottling it and sharing it out.

  30. 30 jambo42

    Love this Show!

  31. 31 Maricel

    Love this show…the fight was intense and i did buy it, no like those silly misunderstandings in kdramas…

    I really like Kim Ji Hoon, and his character too, and i thought that i would totally ship him and Dok Mi, but Enrique is so cuteeee.And deserves her.

    I like Dok Mi and Enrique, they know and understand each other, the way she protected him was nice, and his hurt look while hugging seoyoung was heartbreaking :( … Based on the preview i expected something romantic, however this was much better…

    I’m glad Viki got licensed to sub this…subs were ready in less than 12 hours…lucky us!!!!

    • 31.1 Stardust

      I dunno if its the hair or the face but I can only see Enrique as just like a little dong seng to Dok mi… I can’t see them together at all lol But its clear that that’s the direction the story is pushing for…. it may not have the conclusion for the couple I am rooting for, or even leave it open-ended ( the kind I dislike but in this case, welcome lol ) I am loving every single step of the way! Much love to Jin rak ♥♥♥ mysterious and smexy, yet a little dorky with antiquated views on love lol How not to love him *sigh*

      Thank you for keeping the recaps coming =D

  32. 32 dobabado

    Omg Enrique and Dok-Mi are so endgame it’s not even funny. =u=

    I wish I wasn’t so partial to Jin-rak. It’s hard watching him try so hard and cutely. </3

  33. 33 peaches

    i thought that enrique had overheard do hwi being nasty to dok mi, so i was a bit surprised how he’d tried to persuade her to make up with her.
    that whole sequence where they fought was really heartbreaking. i can related to dok mi a lot (which probably isn’t healthy..), so i could feel the hurt and humiliation that dok mi probably experienced when he retaliated with his barb about her pictures of foreign places.
    even so, i still ship them together. jin rak is just so creepy and so wrong on too many levels. i don’t understand how people can ship them together.

    • 33.1 pogo

      I don’t find Jin Rak creepy, but I do find him misguided and a tad naive/idealistic in the way he sees Dok-mi – Enrique, for what it’s worth, is right – he got to see more of ahjumma’s real self than anyone else in the last few years and vice versa goes for him and her.

  34. 34 lonelybeauty

    totally love this drama and excited for the next episode tonight.FIGHTING FBND!!!

  35. 35 mm

    i love this episode– it’s just touched my heart in a lot of way.
    the relationship that dokmi and enrique has is just beautiful and complicated
    dokmi open up to enrique little by little but more than anyone in the world…
    she must be really hurt that he talks about her past so lightly…

    at least from one person- she doesn’t want to hear that she should let go and move on already…. because it is not easy for her to do…

    same goes to him– he acts like he doesn’t care about who bad mouth him or the anti.. but it actually did get him inside…

    they both hurt each other deeply cos they know what would hurt them most..

    let go and move on is not easy thing to do-
    but with the right person,the right time
    i hope they both heal eachother pain and scar
    and love eachother as much as they always want to be love.

  36. 36 DHM

    It would be a very interesting twist if the one person Dok Mi didn’t want to misunderstand and betray her was actually her old best friend Do Hwi.

    I also think the male teacher had more than an inappropriate crush on Dok Mi. I think he went a little further than that, and that is at the headwater of her trauma. No male teacher would innocently invite a young female student into his home alone for private ‘tutoring,’ and in this episode there’s a flashback where Dok Mi and teacher are on the stairs at school and he puts his hands on her shoulders and she flinches.

    Do Hwi one of the mean-girl friends probably saw something and misunderstood it, further traumatizing Dok Mi and making it impossible for her to speak up about what really happened to her.

  37. 37 Abbie

    First off, I love this drama so much. I liked the ending, because it seems that Dok-mi is finally able and willing to help someone out who is in pain, and that is a huge leap forward for her. Also, I think Enrique is growing on her.

    I feel bad for Jin-rak. I really do. He tries so hard to tell Dok-mi how he feels, but chickens out every time. The fact that he thinks that those feelings needn’t be said, shows just how little he gets love and women and Dok-mi. Whenever he realizes the words “I love you” actually need to be said, it will be much too late.

    Now, for some of the supporting characters. Dong-hoon and Ryu are hilarious and So. CUTE! I love their scenes. Just adorable.

    Tae-joon I still don’t care much for. I know he’s supposed to be Dok-mi’s unrequited love, but he still seems like a blank wall to me. I like the security guard better than him. At least that ahjussi is funny!

    Seo-young is really irritating, too. Why does she go running to Enrique every time she has a fight with Tae-joon? That’s so annoying and it breaks Enrique’s heart, and mine for having to watch it happen.

    Do-hwi has got to be the most selfish, self-involved, annoying character I’ve seen in a long while. I don’t think she really even likes Jin-rak, she just wants him because he likes Dok-mi. I also think, as you pointed out, GF, that the teacher had a crush on Dok-mi. It seems Dok-mi didn’t reciprocate those feelings, but Do-hwi seems to think otherwise, and was hurt and angry enough to bully her former friend. I wonder if she even knows that Dok-mi thought about suicide? If not, I wonder how she’d react if she found out? That seems more likely. Because if she did know, and is acting like this now, then that would truly make her scum. I don’t like her character at all, and really hope she has an unsatisfactory ending. I don’t even want her to patch things up with Dok-mi. That wouldn’t seem to fit their past.

    Anyway, I love this show. Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  38. 38 Alvina

    Honestly, I dont care about the “shipping” in this drama. It’s the characters who touch me, especially Jin-Rak whose one-sided idealistic love, and his insistence to not “ruin it” by approaching her is so very relatable on a level that the other characters aren’t.

    Out of everyone in the drama, I think I love him the most because he’s so true to life… I think we all know a Jin-Rak in real life. :)

    • 38.1 Gom

      that’s exactly how i feel about this drama. at this point, i love how each of the characters are going through their personal issues. so it doesn’t matter which ship is sailing. at least for now.

      oh, i sure know a jin rak in real life. in fact, i think some (most) of us have some sort of a “jin rak syndrome” lol. we all have jin rak tendencies.

      he has the purest of intentions and the biggest of heart, but it’s like he’s not sure if that’s enough to make things work. so he always takes a step back.

      he feels a little bit too much and that seems to be the problem. because then he feels like he has so much to lose and that makes him afraid of risking it. ironically, the more he tried to keep everything in a safe place, the more he ruined it and lost.

      i’m probably not making sense. suffice to say, i hope the writers have much more in store for jin rak’s character. i’m excited to see more development. :)

      • 38.1.1 Stardust

        yeah I really understand what you mean XD I guess that’s why this story is so endearing and loved by so many of us, because the characters feel so real and relatable… gaaah….

  39. 39 Suzi Q

    Loved this episode! Dok Mi was justified in kicking Enrique out of her apartment. Enrique shouldn’t have started psychoanalyzing and comparing Dok Mi’s problem about going mute with Seo Young’s situation. Like comparing apples to oranges.

    Seo Yeong was traumatized by her parents deaths at an early age, while Dok Mi was betrayed by her best friend, Dok Hwi , who falsely scandalized Dok Mi’s relationship with their high school teacher. Why didn’t dense Enrique ask Dok Mi rather than assume Dok Hwi’s version was true?

    Their argument was really hurtful and intense, probably more so because you can really hurt the person the most whom you care about although Dok Mi and Enrique both don’t know about it at this point. So SAD to see Enrique walk out ejected and with tears in his eyes. Tissues time. ; (

    • 39.1 rheina07

      good to know that it’s not only ME who is crying when Dok Mi and Enrique were fighting.

      when Dok mi said Enrique’s key words terms – i felt like … how come people out there see Enrique in that way.

      It hurts so much

      and even more, when Dok Mi said that Enrique is hollow shell.


  40. 40 ladida

    thank you for the recap, and for your wonderful thoughts. Augh, this drama!

  41. 41 cute4u269

    Anyone else curious about the thieving ahjumma? It couldn’t have been just a RANDOM moment right?…RIGHT?

    • 41.1 dany

      I am sure it’s not just random, I thought about Enrique’s mom, I don’t know if it makes sense, anyway it was a curious incident.

    • 41.2 rhia

      Perhaps it’s not the identity of the thief that’s important, but the fact that he lost his phone?

      • 41.2.1 dayoldbagel

        maybe, but the way they showed the eyes of the thief makes me think that she’ll have some type of role later on.

      • 41.2.2 Shukmeister

        It was a scene included in the preview of episode 16, so it has far more import than a random excuse to have Enrique hurt his hand and maybe get some TLC from nurse Dok-mi.

        He did only mention his dad so far of the parental pair, but I think his mom would be the Spanish one, based on the father’s insistence on knowing hangeul.

        I love this show for having some puzzles still waiting for resolution even while concentrating on the Love Dodecahedron. But please don’t leave us hanging for too long!

        • Saturtledaisy

          Wait, so his mother is supposed to be Spanish? I thought they just lived in Spain, not that his mom was a foreigner.

          I saw it as him having compassion for the thief who would get themselves in a car accident and still keep running all for a stupid phone which Enrique can just buy again.

          But with the focus on those eyes, I’m sure there’s more to it and the show will bring back the identity of the thief.

    • 41.3 Sirena

      I’m very curious! I’m sure that it is not a random incident.

  42. 42 Sajen

    “You don’t need to confess. If you take lots and lots to time to slowly get to know each other fully, carefully, then at some point…”

    you wake up to discover that she’s your best friend and married to someone else while you’re all alone.

    • 42.1 Katherine

      LOL !! Exactly. You end up being Taeyang in his video music clip – Wedding Dress.

  43. 43 altair

    Recap!!!!!!!!! thank you. Team Enrique all the way! I just love him. Part of it has to do with the panda gear. I admit it. I love pandas.
    Dok Mi on her own free will actually went to him and grabbed his arm. This ship has just started to sail!

    • 43.1 Petrinananana


  44. 44 yohan lei

    awww… thank you guys, i love reading your thoughts/opinions about this drama. i feel for jin rak but more so on enrique esp. w/ that kind of look on his eyes at dok mi while embracing seo young as if asking for help. thank you so much gf for the wonderful recap…till next time. FBND fighting!!!:)

  45. 45 Haruni

    I know Jin Rak won’t win, but I love his character soo much! Go Jin Rak! (even though, you won’t win :[)

  46. 46 Shukmeister

    A completely random thought:

    – In FBRS, Yang Eun-bi brings tangerines to the boys at the shop.
    – In FBND, Jin-rak hands a bag of tangerines to the guys in black.
    – Sorry to say, never watched SUFBB, so I don’t know of there is a tangerine scene.

    Is there a cultural significance to citrus? Both series occur on winter, so I didn’t know if there is any importance attach to it.

    Other than than, I’m on the Enrique / Dok-mi and the webtoon editor / Jin-rak ships!

    • 46.1 watashiwachiaki

      tangerines reminds me of SKKS too….^^

    • 46.2 Shukmeister

      Also, did anyone else realize that Jane Austin’s “PRIDE AND PREJUDICE” was first published on January 28, 1813??

      Oh how I love the clever clever writer-nims of this show!!!!

      • 46.2.1 jomo

        Wow! They are way way clever.

      • 46.2.2 enz

        mind blown!

    • 46.3 enz

      well, shukie, its in season. but for the chinese, its an important element to our coming chinese new year – this year of the water snake will start i think 9/10th february. we normally bring the tangerines to friend’s house for chinese new year and they will make us bring back another set of tangerines too. its one of the things in chinese new year taht signifies prosperity.

      and this doesnt answer your question :) hehhe

      • 46.3.1 Saturtledaisy

        HA. So that’s why my mom has been stocking up on tangerines lately. And probably every year – not that I usually notice. I wonder if this goes for koreans, too.

        Thanks for the info ~

        /completely fails at being chinese

  47. 47 watashiwachiaki

    Thanks for this recap!

    even though the sub for this episode was released lightning fast, I still read your recap =)

    Yay for looonger screen time of Wata-san =D

    love the Dong-hoon-Jin-Rak bromance <3 more please? ahihihi….

  48. 48 hkgs

    In the beginning, I was a little confused with why Enrique was pushing Dok Mi to meet with Do Hwi. Especially, with him being usually so observant on how Dok Mi feels. Jin Rak, initially seemed to suspect that there was some bad blood between the two and understanding that spending time with Do Hwi was the last thing Dok Mi would want to do. Today’s episode makes me think that Enrique does understand the situation and also knows that the fault lies with Do Hwi. The expression on his face when Do Hwi was telling her story was definitely not of friendliness. Jin Rak seemed to believe what she was saying but Enrique seemed skeptical throughout. I think his pushing the two together is just another way for him to have Dok Mi confront her issues so she can get past them. He may not know exactly what happened between the two but, I think he’s starting to realize that whatever it is helped shape who she is today.

  49. 49 bair05

    Cha Do Hwi you b**** !!!!! I’d like to have in front of me and beat her to a pulp

  50. 50 julia

    I’m torn.

    As a person who identifies with Dok Mi, I do feel partial to Jin Rak, the way he watches and leaves her in peace, or in his own phrase, ‘not making any waves’.

    And I totally understand how annoying and hurtful and frustrating Dok Mi feels when Enrique just shoves her worries and pain away, talking a mile a minute, intruding upon her space and privacy. I know I’d go crazy.

    And I, like Dok Mi, would hate the way Enrique claims to understand about her problems, and keep telling her to face her problems.

    On the other hand Jin Rak is still blind on how Dok Mi really is.

    Oh hell, I’m not torn at all. I’m team Dok Mi here.

    • 50.1 dobabado

      Yes I feel the exact same way about this!

      For some reason, no matter how sweetly Enrique is, I can’t seem to forgive him for intruding on a person’s space so forcefully (emphasis on person, NOT an elephant that needs to be tamed).

      I feel the evidence that Jin-rak is creating his own fantasy of Dok-Mi is really weak. He’s only said that she isn’t the type to peep on someone and that’s quite a normal assumption to make about your 3-years neighbour who’s a) young and b) a girl.

      I don’t think they’re going to be together in the end but if he becomes an older brother/confidante figure for her, I’ll be happy.

      Although I like Dok-Mi, I really don’t like the direction they are going with her.

      It really seems like they are pushing her character onto Enrique for love’s sake. You don’t forgive people because you have the same pasts/dealing with the same situations and this is something she does whenever she’s been angry with him.

      Argh this drama…I’ll watch the next episode but wow you are driving me bonkers. =u=

  51. 51 onyxx

    wow, that was fast. this is a great way to start my workday — coffee and a healthy dose of FBND!

  52. 52 onyxx

    wow, that was fast. this is a great way to start my workday — coffee and a healthy dose of FBND! (i don’t even have to wait for the subs — how about that?)

  53. 53 onyxx

    oops sorry for the double post — something is wrong with my ISP. i was summarily logged out earlier, so when i posted my comment i was surprised to see 2 of them (kindly delete the 2nd one in case you have the time. thanks).

  54. 54 ajj

    Yoon Si Yoon is so adorable here.While Jin Rak is too much of a dork,it’s too cute.I dont know who to root for.

  55. 55 Naomi

    thanks gf,

    Oh jin rak ! the writer always give you a “miss call” when you are with dok mi, you never get a chance to speak to her in full sentences. You didn’t chicken out, but never get the chance to butt in like enrique did.

    Even the hand grasp from JIN RAK the DIRECTOR says – let it go of her hand, you are the 2nd lead !!

    oh ! poor , poor jin rak, never given the chance at all with dok mi – even when sitting at the long table, you are not allowed to sit opposite dok mi but reserve for enrique.

    Jin rak never get the the chance to face dok mi directly – eye contact but only for enrique, we do observe all these small incidents DIRECTOR !.

    Enrique, he so easily come into dok mis’ life, live in her apartment , where else jin rak could only write messages on the carton milk, pathetic love story jin rak.

    What else will the writer and director do for you jin rak for all the “miss call” not getting the girl ?.

    The writer could only write a consolation “prize” between you and dong hoon, what a sad situation jin rak.

  56. 56 Anduril

    I also loved the Meta Roof scene when Jin Rak is describing a classic second-lead behavior and then Enrique jumps in “some other guy comes and gets the girl.” Hee. (I agree, at least in drama world, that’s how it works)

    But you know, when Dok Mi was writing that she wished one person would not easily dismiss her scar, I thought of Jin Rak. He is a person who has tiptoed for three years in respect for her scars.

    I like Enrique better, but I think the show could be setting up Jin Rak to get the girl. The way she values the post-its (aka his confession) and comes to his defense. The way Enrique volunteers to play cupid and keeps saying he’s leaving in a month. I guess we’ll know better tomorrow.

  57. 57 mskololia

    E’s character still does not grab me at this point in the storytelling. If he’s so rich, why doesn’t he have his own flat or a rental? His agents could’ve done that for him.

    Anyway, I think DK stuck her neck out for JR on two occasions. The first was re his rent and the second was when the two suits came looking for him. She came to his rescue and now she’s attempting to rescue E. DK is a lovely character.

    Watching this drama is easy peasy, and the melo soundtrack is beautiful and fits DK.

    • 57.1 mskololia


    • 57.2 Mystisith

      E doesn’t wan’t a home to call its own. He wants a place where he feels welcomed and loved. Preferably packed with nice people, to give him at least the illusion of a family. That’s why he keeps barging in everyone’s apartment. “See me, care for me!”

      • 57.2.1 mskololia

        This is why I do not take his character seriously. Poof!

        • Saturtledaisy

          Aww but he’s just a puppy who needs some love, not a hugetastic empty apartment. Besides, it’s not like he’s going to be in the country for a long time. Why waste time (and money, though I doubt that’s a big deal) moving in somewhere new for like a month or so when there’s other places you can crash at?

        • ladida

          I’m confused: do you not take his character seriously because he craves human interaction and attention or because of something else?

          • mskololia

            My comment was in no way confusing….E is childish to me.

      • 57.2.2 asianromance

        I think Enrique’s probably afraid to be alone. When he could have booked a hotel room, he went into a sauna instead. If he’s alone, all he’s left with are his thoughts. He’s a guy who loves distraction.

        • mskololia

          His interactions with DM made me think at first he selected her as some personal project to help her “improve”, but SY should’ve been included in that list if that were the case. Yet, he seems unable to relate to SY’s -isms in a brutally honest manner like he does DM. I think the reason for that initially was because she was not that familiar to him so he could chip away at her facade.

  58. 58 rotikirai

    Some of the notable LOL scenes for me are:

    1. At the rooftop, Enrique teased Jin Rak that he must have planned to get to know Dok Mi slooowly…

    2. When Dong Hoon wanted to tell Jin Rak that it was Dok Mi who caused the men in suit to leave earlier than expected, Dong Hoon’s action on how he thought Dok Mi was mute…

    Wonder if anyone could share how we could watch the live stream of this drama?

  59. 59 blueberry

    I think jin rak is a good person and sincere.
    BUT!! i’ll Still root for ENRIQUE!!! go Enrique shippers!! <3

  60. 60 John


    Thanks for the recap.

    Park Shin-hye !

    This is my first show I’ve seen her in. She went from a mouse to a lion.

    When she kicked Enrique out of the house, that was intense.

    Saying that she doesn’t need warmth in her life. Poor baby, we know that isn’t true.

    Dok-Mi , needs her hair brushed*. I volunteer to do it for her.

    *Toma Saya, (Toda Erika’s character from SPEC), is another character that needs a good brushing.

    • 60.1 a fan

      I love her, both PSH and Dokmi
      and I think her image was for someone doesn’t care much about appearance so they style her that way
      It fits her character whether we like it or not
      I actually think it better than all those dramas that people woke up pretty and perfect all the time
      It’s refreshing to see they are just like us

  61. 61 Petrinananana


    • 61.1 mskololia

      Whoever she is, she now has all of his info from the phone.

    • 61.2 Mystisith

      Wild guess: His biological mom?

  62. 62 Musewb

    I just love how this drama has such a unique and distinct voice of its own, and it isn’t just one voice – that of Enrique’s. This drama does a great job at letting each character have a voice with personality that makes each of them special but always the same in small, subtle ways. I personally think that there are a lot of people out there who can identify with Dok Mi, even Enrique and Jin Rak. Everyone has this part of themselves that is so fractured by a certain event or subject. And that no matter how trivial it may seem to the rest of the world, it is simply that much harder to just ‘let go and move on’. And just like Dok Mi, there are people who choose to shut that part of themselves from the rest of the world. For Dok Mi, it was her very being she chose to hide from the world. All she truly needed was someone who could see her for her and understand that as well. Enrique is that one person who sees her for her but he couldn’t seem to truly understand Dok Mi. In a way, this is because Enrique’s notion is to never let the world stop you from living your life; even if the world hates you, you still have to slap on a brave smile and face the world. Yet, deep down in him, he has a part of himself as fractured as Dok Mi and that part has only been revealed to Dok Mi. Both of them know that side to each other and that made them vulnerable to each other’s principle of living and eventually, their words.

    I am soooo happy that Dok Mi helped Enrique from always trying to be the stronger person to help people out. I know this is rather irrelevant but Enrique has the same nice guy symptom as Maru had in the drama “Nice Guy”. When he mentioned in his biography that he can never walk past a person who has clammed up due to some emotional damage they suffered. Of course, his case isn’t as near to the seriousness in Maru’s case, but still! And that is what Dok Mi (probably) couldn’t stand looking at anymore. Another thing is that, I realise, ever since Enrique’s arrival, Dok Mi has been stepping out of her comfort zone. And that, more often than not, she begins to stand up for herself and others around her. This episode had really let her shine in that way. Of course! Do Hwi plays her little evilish and annoying part in this as well. But Enrique was also there to see that Dok Mi should face anything head on rather than shy away. I loved it when she stood up against those men in black with an air of assertion of rights (? Did I get that right?) and then she stands up for Enrique because he has, yet again, that pained and helpless look in his eyes.

    I kept on refreshing this page since morning :) thank you dramabeans! What would I do without you! Besides, no other recaps can beat Dramabeans

    Waiting for the next recap already :)

    • 62.1 a fan

      I think she is a strong and smart girl. It’s just the way she deal with life after the incident was choose not to make connection and deal with people.
      And Enrique’s arrival just bring out that side of her ( for us to see). People aren’t usually just they way they look like

      • 62.1.1 Musewb

        Yeah I agree :)

        I never meant to say that Dok Mi is a weak, damsel-in-distress type of character and that Enrique’s arrival has saved her from that.

        What I intended to say is that she is no longer the extreme introvert she used to be. She steps out of her comfort zone (her apartment) more often than not, albeit it was due to Enrique’s persistent pushy attitude but I am glad that he knows his limits at times.

        And I agree when you say “People aren’t usually just the way they look like.” In fact, no one at all. And Jin Rak doesn’t really see that very well. He thinks he knows her just because he spent 3 years watching her from afar. (Amazed at the significant portion of stalking elements there are in this drama…)

        What’s better is that the writers of the show goes out to prove that point well. Jin Rak sees Dok Mi as the damsel-in-distress when Enrique insists on confrontation in the early episode. But other than that, when she felt like caving in because of her trauma, she is a young woman who is able to stand her ground and draw lines as well as making sure people respect that. (Well, except for Enrique who refuses to acknowledge that people should live away from people.)

        I loved when someone mentioned about radio-palava’s tumblr post about introverts and extroverts; referring to Dok Mi and Enrique respectively.

        Okay. I can talk on for ages about this drama although I’m supposed to begin studying. LOVE this drama to pieces!

  63. 63 Carole McDonnell

    Oh my gosh! I loved the twists in this episode. I loved the passion as well and the feeling of reality. Nothing seemed force or merely scripted. I love the fight between Dok Mi and Enrique. Their hearts were so THERE! OUT THERE! Painful to watch. Sooooo good. I felt like a snooper eavesdropping on the argument of two good friends. Which is the right way to feel when one is watching a drama, i might add.

    Am not sure who the woman was who stole the ipad or whatever from Enrique. Not sure if she targeted him specifically or was just poor. Waiting to see what the heck that was all about.

    Love Dong Hoon. What a great character. He knows Japanese a little. He’s insightful about people and also about women..but for whatever reason Jin Rak isn’t sharing his heart with him — his roommate and pal. Seems strange to me.

    Love that Ryu showed up and had some good scenes in this episode. Cute actor and I’ve been wanting to see him in more scenes.

    Am not hating Dol Hwi. I know I should cause she’s the villain and all but I see her as a pesky fly. Not anyone to really fear…like Jae “Hee in Nice Guy or like the mother-in-law from hell in 100 year’s Inheritance. I don’t think her power to spread misunderstanding has any real force in this neighborhood. Maybe because she’s using high school tactics (frozen in teenage-time) and maybe girls like that never grow up. But whatever it is, that kind of communication is not gonna work here.

    I don’t know what the heck is going on with Tae-Joon. For a moment, I thought…is he gay? Why is he so distant and uncommunicative? He’s kinda like this guy I knew in college whom we nicknamed “that obscure object of attraction” because so many people liked/loved him and he was just so darn inscrutable. He’s so dang quiet.

    Thanks so much for the recap.

    • 63.1 a fan

      I prefer Jaehee than DH to be honest.
      At least JH’s situation and life were her excuses but DH is just plain jealousy
      JH doesn’t really harm any one, if she did it was an accident where DH was one hand kill the teacher’s career and her friend’s life

      • 63.1.1 a fan

        a long time childhood friend nevertheless

        Jaehee didn’t really hate her step daughter until she pushed her to the wall….

        Even the drama genres and scales are different, Jaehee is a much better person in my opinion
        I can see her reasons while not the case with DH’s

      • 63.1.2 Carole McDonnell

        I couldn’t really hate Jae Hee cause she was such a hot mess. But she was dangerous. That’s what I mean…the power these villains have to destroy lives. And yes, you’re right. Dol Hwi did destroy the teacher’s career. Sorry about forgetting that. Sometimes teenagers do such cruel things without realizing what they’re doing. So her teenage crime I sorta ignore. I guess I’m thinking of them as adults so I don’t think her cruelty has really shown its head yet. Maybe she will do something detestable in the future. I’m kinda half-expecting it. But she’s not quite matured to adult cruelty so I don’t worry about her damaging people’s lives….yet.

  64. 64 Davet

    I’m glad that Dok Mi and Enrique were in a fight because now they both realize what the other was trying to say and they somewhat understood. It just shows that their relationship will get closer.

    Thanks for the recap… I really enjoyed it… ^_^

  65. 65 Ashley

    I love that the episode aired on the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice and had “Pride and Prejudice” in the title, and we have Jin rak trying as hard as he can to NOT be Mr. Darcy.

  66. 66 Saturtledaisy

    I just really really love how even Jin-rak can’t hate Enrique, even though he tries so hard.

    I kindof keep jumping ship when it comes to romantic pairings with Dok-mi. Right now, I don’t even care anymore who she ends up with, as long as they both keep trying to get her to come out of that apartment. I love how she keeps helping Jin-rak out, and I really like how she’s starting to become sortof comfortable around Enrique. At least she’s talking to people!

  67. 67 Cloudy91

    I really like Jin Rak, he is sweet and caring, but if he were the protagonist, I’d slap his face and tell him to hurry up… He wastes time watching Dok Mi, dreaming someone who won’t have if he continues to postpone the confession. So I really really love Enrique because is the kind of person that act, once he figures out his feelings. And I adore the way Dok Mi and Enrique established a connection!!!

    (If I did a mistake, I’m sorry. Greetings from Italy)

  68. 68 Lilian

    Ooh..the ending was a shocker. But the fact that Enrique can get Dok Mi to react to him in such a “raw, true” manner means that he has reached the real her somehow =) Looking forward to the next episode.

  69. 69 Sirena

    A scene that I found significant was when the building’s security guard is speaking about the woman he likes. He tells the others that she is wealthy because of the clothes she wears. When she enters the room, the other tenants are quick to greet her and address her as ‘madam.’ She is taken aback by their greeting but quickly composes herself.

    The tenants and the security guard have formulated an opinion of her based on appearance–not fact. Misjudgment is a major theme of this show. Can any of the characters truly say that they know and understand one another? How much does Dong-hoon really know about Jin-Rak? And what about Dok-mi and Do-hwi? How has there past tainted their understanding of each other?

    • 69.1 mskololia

      Good observation, but I saw that scene differently.

      To me the guard planted that idea in others to gain points with that lady because he’s been leading the charge of admiration and respect. He gets to claim responsibility later on for having the tenants respect her and attend her functions….Also, I doubt he wants her alone with Ryu as she came up with that activity to get next to him.

      The only ppl respecting others are JR, DM and Ryu. The others appear to be using ppl to get what they want.

      • 69.1.1 Carrie

        I agree with mskoloia – I think the security guard is so in love with the lady tenant that he wants the others to see her the way he does, or at least with as much respect as he does. He said something along the lines of “how her elegance just can’t be controlled/contained” and “how she makes regular clothes look like designer clothes” (I think). The others take this to mean that she has a rich background, ergo she must be trying to pretend that she’s at the same level as them despite being rich, ergo she must be the owner. I think the ajusshi security guard was more trying to get the others to treat her with more deference and respect, and when they jumped to secret owner he went with it, because it both served his purpose and helped to lift her to an even more vaunted status in his mind.

      • 69.1.2 Sirena

        Good point. I totally get that the security guard likes her–I mean, he doesn’t do a good job of hiding his interest :)

      • 69.1.3 Sirena

        I don’t think that he wants her alone with any of the guys :)

  70. 70 Ivy

    Luuve this drama and the recaps 😀 It’s such a cute, small story full of interesting development :)

  71. 71 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap!! Just watched the episode today and gasped when Dok-mi grabbed Enrique’s arm. It’s like the female version of the aggressive male wrist-grab.

    I loved the whole rooftop scene. Any scene where Enrique and Jin-rak get to interact with each other is comic gold and sends me into fits of giggles. It’s hilarious how Enrique thinks they’re friends and Jin-rak does feel swept away by Enrique sometimes.

    And it’s hilarious that they don’t care about Do-hwi.

    I was a little upset that they would try to reunite Do-hwi with Dok-mi, after listening to just Do-hwi’s side of things. I was especially surprised at Einrique – since that moment he accepted Do-hwi’s present for Dok-mi – since I always thought he was super perceptive despite his mile-a-minute, ditzy ways.

    Park Shin-hye did wonderfully in this episode! I could feel her being suffocated by Enrique’s well-meaning, but misguided advice on moving on and facing her fears. I was sort of relieved when she bitterly told him off. And then he told her off. And now all their faults are out there.

  72. 72 sup_super_supper

    All right, all right. I admit it, I’ve been secretly rooting for Jin Rak all along. But I think this episode has swayed me. I do love a couple (whether friends or lovers) that can say the harshest (truest) things to each other and come out on the other side of it with a deeper understanding of themselves and one another, and a knowledge and willingness to make their relationship stronger because of it.

  73. 73 kmushbeauty

    Episode eight eng subs is out on daily motion :)

  74. 74 Jellykelli

    The thieving ajumma is totally Do Hwi! If you go back and look, it’s totally her eyes…and I have a baaaad feeling about what she is gonna do with the phone!

    • 74.1 Mystisith

      I don’t think so. It’s an older woman: Wrinkles around the eyes. Her body is not the one of a frail lady at all…

  75. 75 iZzie :)

    I originally had a ticket to SS Jin Rak, but I wandered off and got on board SS Enrique. 😉

    The ship has started to sail.

  76. 76 moonsshi

    I love how Dok Mi has grown in this series. It is refreshing to see her strength and intelligence. My mom always says that depression isn’t a sign of weakness, But a sign that you’ve had to be strong for too long. I can definitely see that in Dok Mi.

    I found Do Hwi’s version of the high school incident very interesting. They way they showed her memories while she talked about Dok Mi’s supposed obsession makes me think that Do Hwi was really telling her own story. “If she couldn’t have the teacher, then no one could.”

    Poor Dok Mi, being wronged by two people she trusted. I’m excited to see her rise from the ashes. I suspect that she’ll be more magnificent than either flower boy could have imagined.

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