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Jung Kyeo-woon considers new weekend drama
by | January 26, 2013 | 21 Comments

Casting rounds have begun for the new SBS weekend series Wonderful Mama, set to follow current Saturday-Sunday drama My Love Madame Butterfly. The offer is out to Jung Kyeo-woon to play the leading man. It’s crazy that it’s already been a year since his last show, History of the Salaryman. I guess time flies when you’re messing with the fourth dimension.

You know how dramas always come in pairs? Well Wonderful Mama sounds a lot like upcoming weekend series Incarnation of Money, crossed with a more traditional family drama. This one’s about a mom who’s a loan shark — how’s that for a twist on the usual matriarch of a multi-generational household? Mom is a successful loan shark who gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, after which her three daughters have to take over everything, including taking care of Mom and running the family business.

It’d be pretty funny if they didn’t know she was a loan shark, and then discovered it after the fact. I can see it being a heartwarming family drama with lots of light to balance the heavy, if they capitalize on the comedy potential. The daughters haven’t been cast yet, so we’ll have to wait and see who Jung Kyeo-woon’s match will be.

Bae Jong-ok (Hooray for Love) is up to play Mom, and the drama will be helmed by PD Yoon Ryu-hae (I Love You), and writer Park Hyun-joo (Hooray for Love). Wonderful Mama premieres this spring on SBS.

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21 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kopytko

    Jung Gyu-Woon is always welcome on my monitor. Even in a 50-episode drama. Even in a disaster called Loving You a Thousand Times 😀
    The story seems to have some potential. Finally a drama to anticipate!

    • 1.1 Annie

      That drama was my crack! So bad that it was good.

      sigh @ the male lead being a chaebol. There are other types of men on this planet, drama gods.

      • 1.1.1 Annie

        Though I should add that I watched LYATT mainly for Ryu Jin’s storyline – Jung Kyu Woon and Lee Soo Kyung had no chemistry and I strongly dislike male leads who basically pester a woman into loving them. It would have been more interesting and even more makjang for Lee Soo Kyung’s character to have fallen for Ryu Jin’s instead.

  2. crazedlu

    I do like him a lot. I just wish I liked his dramas more. Ha.

  3. Kiara

    I think he’s half Korean half elf. jk….

  4. Lovebug

    I will watch since he is one of my drama true loves! But not really interested in the premise. He was wasted IMO in Salaryman.

    *I love his ears!

    • 4.1 Mystisith

      Me too! The fetishes we develop in Dramaland, I swear! 😉
      More seriously, I like him as an actor. Too bad he was in train wrecks (not talking of HOTS).

  5. KDrama Fan

    Sounds interesting GF.

    Like kopytko I like to see JGW on my screen but I have had to cut short some dramas as they were too hard to watch even with him onboard.

    Hoping JGW’s next one is a winner.

  6. snow_white

    everyone is doing a weekend drama nowadays….
    but this one looks good 🙂

  7. yumi

    The mother-in-law on A hundred Year Inheritance used to be a loan shark also.

  8. aX


  9. bambledd

    Really liked him in Loving U a Thousand Times.
    … I never noticed his ears before like they are in this pic. Did he have them pinned or what?
    Still like him though.

  10. 10 exquisitemelody

    haha, just watched Romance Town the other week. Maybe this one will be more promising? Didn’t care for his character much in that one.

  11. 11 kfangurl

    This sounds potentially fun! And something that would suit Jung Kyeo-woon. He’s best being adorable like he was in Dr. Champ! ^^ And that’s NOT counting the numerous shirtless scenes 😉

  12. 12 damianna

    watched him in romance town, he’s caught my attention eventhough the story was just ok imo…then i watched dr champ. *gasp* swoooooon. might catch this if its subbed.

  13. 13 Farhana

    I loved him in Dr. Champ – though the female lead in that was more or less a brick wall til the last few episodes.

    Hated his character in romance town. Actually I hated that whole drama. It was a complete mess and wasn’t worth the time I spent watching it!

    • 13.1 kfangurl

      My thoughts exactly! On both Dr. Champ, his adorableness, Kim So Yeon’s performance, AND Romance Town & the hours wasted watching it!! >.<

  14. 14 Cynthia

    What’s up with the Mr. Spock ears?!
    Particularly since he lives in the Land of Plastic Surgery, SK.

    I’ll have to pass on this drama – I’d be too fixated on those ears……..
    I know. I’m shallow.

  15. 15 Kiki

    That dude always reminds me of like, Clark Kent.

  16. 16 I Miss You

    First, i would like to say sorry to jong kyeu woon Fans,
    I really don like him. for my idea i don think he is fit to be a leading man. i feel uneasy to see him in his last KBS drama
    ROMANCE TOWN. I think his character is more to be supporting role.
    Sorry again it is just my idea i know we have different mind.

  17. 17 Lilian

    I liked him in History of a Salaryman. Hope this drama turns out well for him.

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