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Lee Jong-hyuk considers new weekend drama
by | January 18, 2013 | 27 Comments

New dramas, new dramas everywhere! I’ll never keep them all straight, I tell you. Who has the time to stay on top of an addiction at this rate? At least this one has a good reason to stop and take notice: there’s a new MBC weekend drama called I Summon You, Gold! (It’s a terrible title, but the best approximation of an incantation for gold to come out — of where, who knows.) and it’s courting Lee Jong-hyuk (A Gentleman’s Dignity) to be its leading man. Rawr. Just look at those teasing eyebrows. Those eyebrows KNOW THINGS.

Lee Jia (Me Too, Flower!) was also considering (maybe, possibly, according to vague reports) but has since denied any official offers. I don’t know how Lee Jia gets mentioned in every early casting round for every drama ever, when all she does is turn stuff down. In any case, the offer’s out to Lee Jong-hyuk, who’s “considering favorably.”

It’s a family drama about the middle class, and more specifically about money — the bluffing and pretention in trying to appear more than middle-class, and the truth about middle class circumstances. I don’t think the middle class is something people need to learn about, per se, but it IS a vastly underrepresented portion of dramaland. You have to admit — most families in dramas are either filthy rich or dirt poor. It’s described as satirical, but I’m not expecting any real satire here, unless they’re using “family drama” loosely. It’s much more likely just a drama about a family and their money troubles, which is honestly what most dramas end up being about anyway.

Na Moon-hee (What Is a Mom?) and Choi Myung-gil (Man of Honor) are signed on to play the moms. Gold will replace current weekend family drama Rascal Sons, and will be helmed by PD Kang Dae-sun of I Do, I Do and My Princess, and writer Ha Chung-ok of Pure Pumpkin Flower.

I Summon You, Gold! premieres in March on MBC.

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27 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Slothus

    Something to look forward to. Great actor, decent concept. It’s nice to see non-escapist dramas that address real, relevant issues every once in a while.

  2. Daisy

    Yay he gets a lead role!

  3. Annie

    Yay, I love him. But urgh @ MBC.

    Re: Lee Ji Ah, I’ve heard that actors pretend to have received offers and rejected them in the hopes of getting drama productions to actually consider them for the role. At this point, after her scandal and the utter failure of Me 2 Flower, I’d be surprised if she still has a career.

    Hope we get to see a nice and fresh leading lady.

    • 3.1 malta

      Me Too Flower was not a ratings draw, but it was a good drama. Also people predicted that she would never act again, but she still got that role. I wouldn’t count her out just yet.

      • 3.1.1 Annie

        I wasn’t commenting on the quality of the drama – it’s no secret that low ratings = failure unless there’s a Hallyu star who can push sales to Japan.

        Lee Ji Ah basically has a ‘scarlet woman’ reputation in Korea and she was never the strongest actress in the first place. I think she’s shelved, but I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  4. twobicycles

    Hmm sounds like a refreshing drama, but not too keen on the PD :s

    I do, I do and My Princess weren’t the best dramas …

    But I think this concept will match great with a comedy genre *-*

  5. houstontwin

    I really thought that Me 2 Flower was OK.

    • 5.1 PollyRose

      I liked it too, though the end did start to get a little bogged down.

      And it introduced me to both Lee Jia and Yoon Si Yoon, so if only for that, I’m a happy camper.

    • 5.2 jandoe

      I personally LOVED M2F to pieces but to each his/her own. Anyhow, love the casting of this one though sadly I won’t be watching (dailies and me, nay nay).

    • 5.3 Annie

      I was just talking from a ratings perspective – I’ve definitely seen much worse.

  6. LangitBiru

    Why @ MBC. My sexy ajusshi…

  7. HijauDaun

    like him since Powerful Opponent with Chae Rim… hope the pair meet again…

  8. Naomi

    tq gf,

    Ahjushi !,

    That will give Ejiah a break from gossips !.

    Welcome back girl !!

  9. snow_white

    haven’t seen any of his dramas…..

  10. 10 Gala

    I usually don’t get very passionate about casting but…

    NO TO LEE JIAH! Please, please…

  11. 11 Abbie

    If it’s got Lee Jong-hyuk, it’ll be good!

  12. 12 Mystisith

    Discovered the man in AGD and thought he had an excellent comedic timing. Now, the channel might be a problem. Rascal Sons is having awfully low ratings, which is deserved since it’s extremely bland and boring. And this show will have to follow… Pros: Middle class story, satirical tone. Cons: I do, I do on the curriculum of the PD.
    I wouldn’t be against Lee Ji Ah in a new drama (this one or another): She’s a good actress imo, and netizens should give her a break about her personal life.

  13. 13 anvesha

    He reminds me of Yoon Kye Sang.

  14. 14 mmmaggie

    I hadn’t really seen Lee Jong Hyuk in anything except his brief cameo in Flower Boy Next Door UNTIL I watched the new road trip/variety show Dad! Where Are We Going, and OMG, I’m in love with him and his son. They are ADORABLE. I’m even debating watching Gentleman’s Dignity for him (sorry, Jang Dong Gun). Seriously, if you haven’t seen Dad! Where Are We Going, I highly recommend it. It’s like 1N2D + kids!

  15. 15 Alixana

    I love Lee JiAh to bits. I want to see her in a new drama.

  16. 16 kopytko

    That’s good news!
    I still cannot help but smile when I think of Jung Rok oppa :). I realized recently that he’s quite a versatile actor so I am looking forward to seeing him in a new project. Hope to see a new side to him. I loved him as charming alleged cheater in AGD, I was enraged to see his heartless and conceited persona in the few episodes of “Please, marry me” that I saw. So maybe this time, a faithful husband? I will be fine with any upbeat character, which I am sure Lee Jong Hyuk can make fun.

    I also like the idea of having a drama about middle class, which seems the most difficult or least attractive to portray.

  17. 17 korfan

    Me Too Flower just started airing here, for the second time, two weeks ago. The last time it aired I only caught like the last 4 episodes. Lee Jia seemed ok. I honestly don’t know anything about her and I have never seen her in anything else.

    On a side note, why oh why did I not pay attention to Yoon Si Yoon last time this aired?? What’s was I doing??

    As for Lee Jong Hyuk, he’s new for me. Can’t say I’m familiar with him. If this new drama airs here, I’ll have to check it out.

  18. 18 diaana

    He’s such a cutie! He was really random surprise in Flower Boys Next Door and he was my favorite ahjussi in Gentlemen’s.

    They should call it Abracadabra Gold. I like the sound of that better.

  19. 19 loujaie

    For me LJA is an awesome actress. She was totally immersed in every role she portrayed and I like her very much in “M2F” aside from her debut drama “The Legend”. If she will accept this new small screen project “I summon you, Gold”, with Lee Jong Hyuk, so much the better for I know whoever will be her leading man, she always had strong chemistry with, whether and older or a younger one, for me it would be perfect.
    Though there were still some netizens who focused on the personal or private life of an actress or an actor and have this kind of mind-set of their own, thus no matter what/how good or awesome performance of such actress/actor still have a negative effect on them. Well we can’t blame this kind of attitude, as saying goes “To each its own”.

  20. 20 marbleloaf

    @Mmmmaggie, I love “Dad, where are you going?” I’ve seen each episode three times!!! Currently my favorite show!!!!!

  21. 21 Tracy

    THANK GOD!! ^__^

  22. 22 cheers

    i really like him a lot since powerful opponents drama & chino esp his latest role in gentleman’s dignity he was just super funny & cool – can’t wait for this one!

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