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Lee Seon-kyun headlines new road variety show
by | January 16, 2013 | 47 Comments

What a fun idea. There’s a new variety show being developed for SBS called March [as in parade or processional, not the month], and it’s modeled after Ha Jung-woo’s road movie 577 Project. Very cool. The show is taking a different approach and casting one celebrity host for each new trip, who invites his/her friends to come along. The show’s first host will be Lee Seon-kyun (Golden Time, All About My Wife) who I always thought should do variety at all times. Not that being a full-time actor doesn’t keep the man busy, but still — funny is funny, and I’d watch him being himself over another tv doctor any day, but that’s just me.

In 577 Project, Ha Jung-woo nabs Gong Hyo-jin and a bunch of other people to go on this crazy hike for 577 kilometers, the length of South Korea, and puts it all on film. March is being developed as the tv version, and as the host of the pilot trip, Lee Seon-kyun will actually be in charge of casting (or conning) his own friends to join him. First friend suckered in: Yoo Hae-jin, the funny character actor who’s in every movie ever (Moss, Jeon Woo-chi).

Also wrangled: Oh Jung-sae, who’s in Lee Shi-young’s new rom-com and currently playing Yoochun’s buddy cop in I Miss You, and Jung Eun-chae (Psychic, Play, Nobody’s Daughter Haewon). There’s a rumor that Song Joong-ki is considering, which would be a huge coup for the pilot. But he’s unconfirmed, so I’m not going to hold my breath for that one.

Yoo Hae-jin, Oh Jung-sae, Jung Eun-chae

The show is being produced by PD Seo Hye-jin of Star King and Go Show, and the first trip will be a 150-200 kilometer trek from Chulwon to Donghae that Lee Seon-kyun will plan himself. It’s a show without a regular cast/MC and the usual variety trappings — 577 Project is as much a documentary as anything. So it’ll really just be Lee Seon-kyun & Co. walking and being as real as possible on camera, swollen feet, complaints, camaraderie and all.

And then if the pilot gets picked up, a whole new group of celebrities will go on a new trip, and so on and so on, with no fixed cast. Each trip should yield quite a bit of airtime, especially since it’s going to shoot for groups of ten or more. It’s a great idea in that you can get big big stars to sign on if you’re only committing to one week-long trip, and if you get the right mix of friends, it could be really entertaining. Count me in.

March starts shooting its first trip by the end of January, and plans to start airing in February.

Via E Daily, Newsen, Star Today


47 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. reglest

    I’m hoping it’s success, and it will bring back my 1n2d boys from Season 1 (put a big word: WISH) here. Okay, call me crazy, but I miss them too much!

    • 1.1 crazyajummafan

      I’m with Reglest! The same thought occurred to me when I read the synopsis of the show! Wouldn’t it be great if the ols cast of 1n2d got together to go on another trip even if its for only a week or so? I’m sure it’ll bring in the ratings!

    • 1.2 twentyonebuds

      Oh man that would be amazing!! I miss them so much too! *wishing earnestly that your wish comes true*

  2. annebelievable

    Mr voice!!!!

  3. eliza

    I’m excited. Lee Seon Kyun can do no wrong in my eyes so I am sure it will be hilarious.

    But, what a season to start filming in! It’s going to be freezing!

  4. RockPaperScissors

    Mr. Velvet Voice could just read the phone book out loud, and I would watch this show. Can’t wait!

    • 4.1 Mari

      Completely agree… I love this mans voice..

    • 4.2 melica

      As long as he walks a little bit and stands there with his hands on his hips once in awhile. Dreamy!

      • 4.2.1 damianna

        hand of hip, head tilted one side. me faints~~~

        • Whatsthescenario


    • 4.3 JoAnne

      I don’t know why but I read that as ‘read the phone book in bed’ and I thought ‘sure, why not – he’s got a GREAT voice’

  5. Nokcha

    This sounds like a great concept. I’d love to tag along!

  6. Ivoire

    Thank you for the news!

  7. Peeps

    What? Where is best frenemy Uhm Dog-feet?! Maybe he’s too busy making baby-milk-formula-money. But I like the concept of this show. I will be waiting for it!!

  8. Noelle

    First thought: What the hell is on his face?

  9. Alby

    What about Uhm-force???????????

    • 9.1 Aqidah

      Uhmforce busy babysitting Joo Won ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 9.1.1 Danna

        or his own kid at that point?

      • 9.1.2 Danna

        Count me in too…btw I’m still waiting for 577 to come out with subs somewhere….also if Song Joong Ki decides to this can we also get Yoo Ah In to join him and/or maybe MCW and PBY too???

        • JoAnne

          Sigh. Yeorim. Geul-Oh. Just never ever going to get over that.

  10. 10 Sajen

    so I’ll watch anything with Lee Seon-kyun in it can’t wait, also curious to see how big the big name actors they court will be

  11. 11 canxi

    Oh Jung Sae makes me smile (= So does Lee Seon Kyun. Ahhhh so handsome~….oh wait…what was this post about again? lol, I kid, I kid.

  12. 12 ์ •๋‚จ

    I’ve only seen him in Pasta and he didn’t make the best impression on me but the constant cries of “Chef” drove me batty, I adore Hae Jin this show definitely sounds fresh

    • 12.1 spark

      oh, you should watch white tower then! he was so good there.

    • 12.2 Mari

      Coffee Prince, that’s we’re I first saw him & fell in luv with his voice. If you don’t want o watch a drama then watch the movie “romantic Island” it’s with him, Eugene, and Lee Min-Ki.

  13. 13 kfangurl

    Aw this sounds like fun!! Plus, hours and hours with Mr. Velvet Voice? My ears are in for such a good time! XD Love him! <3

  14. 14 meme

    this sounds great! i hope it gets picked up. then best buds lee min ho, jung il woo, and kim bum can go on a trip. y/y?

  15. 15 bishbash

    Get Uhmforce onboard!!!!

    • 15.1 cg

      okay…so i’ve heard about Uhmforce so many times everywhere…..what is Uhmforce??

      • 15.1.1 Raitei

        An affectionate call for his bff, Uhn Tae Woong…

  16. 16 JC

    Fingers crossed for Song Joongki!
    (Though I don’t really expect him to do it.)
    But a girl can dream, right?

    • 16.1 Ennayra

      I’m dreaming with you ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. 17 BattleAngel

    I say get the Dragon Club friends! Kim Jong Kook, Cha Tae Hyun, Jang Hyuk, & Hong Kyung Min!! It would be awesome to hear the whining, nagging, joking, teasing and maybe singing all along the way?! =P

    • 17.1 Ally

      PLEASE DO. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN! Don’t forget Jo Sung-mo and Hong Kyung-in. OMG I would love to see all six of them hanging out together, with cameras on. It would so much fun.

  18. 18 snow_white

    Mr. Voice ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. 19 jakebot

    the movie was pretty cool. i hope the variety show would include some “third and fourth stringers” to round out the cast. what made the movie moving was the effort some of the relatively unknown actors trying to come back from obscurity or fight to hold on to the little bit they had. i would totally watch this. i walk about 40 miles a week commuting to work, so i totally get how tired these folks will end up. i hope it get’s picked up!

  20. 20 oozzeee

    ,my dream team would be the actors that were guests on the Supporting Actors special of 1n2d season 1..

  21. 21 damianna

    i have a humongous crush on him i can’t even… anything he’s in, i’m in. got his badayunghae song that i keep playing once i’m the mood n its just melts my worries away. simply put, CAN’T WAIT.

  22. 22 nurul rizka

    it would be awesome if all members of Super Junior join this snow..i can’t imagine what did they do during the trip..ha8 or maybe Kyuline, Choco Ball and else..ha8 that’s gonna be awesome…:)

    You know i wonder if song joong ki invite his friends like Kwang soo, MCW, PBY, Kim Jae Joong, Park’s really cool..ha8

  23. 23 Abbie

    This is an incredibly amazing idea. I hope it gets picked up, because there are several stars I already want to see on this.

    • 23.1 ps

      Agree with you. It’s an amazing idea. This is a great platform for actors/actresses who are good in variety but do not want to have long term commitment in hosting variety show. They can host this show in between their other projects…. Now, whom I want to see is Lee Seung Gi as a host with his celebrity friends….

  24. 24 jenny

    add in taewoong! or maybe its hard given that he’s already signed onto 1n2d but love them together

  25. 25 egg

    Whoa, with the facial hair he’s looking a lot like villain Tae Woong in his stills for Joo Won’s drama!

  26. 26 Lilian

    Sounds fun! Can we get the real life F4 friends to feature like Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Jae Joong, Yoochun and TOP? They will be hilarious …..

  27. 27 ienay

    is he a good friend to Uhm Tae Woong? They look so identical.

  28. 28 Ciara

    Okay, I am so in! I would love to see something like this; it sounds super interesting. Plus my main man Lee Seon Kyun?! CAN NOT WAIT! Reminder: Must watch 577 Project!

  29. 29 abbydragon

    what happen to this show?

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