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Lee Seung-gi and Suzy’s new drama scores time slot
by | January 2, 2013 | 251 Comments

Looks like spring will be the season for gumihos. The new fusion fantasy sageuk starring Lee Seung-gi and Suzy has confirmed a spot on MBC’s upcoming lineup, and is set to follow Horse Healer on Mondays/Tuesdays. That puts the premiere in late March or early April, given Horse’s 50-episode run. The drama is called Gu Family Book (it’s likely punny in that the gu means literally “nine,” as in nine tails) and Lee Seung-gi will play a twist on the gumiho legend and be a half-gumiho, half-human hero.

The descriptions keep referring to him as “half-beast,” like we might somehow get the wrong impression that because he’s playing a gumiho it emasculates him in some way (gumihos, or nine-tailed foxes are traditionally female). But uh, we geddit. He’s a dude. And it’s a myth, so please, be my guest and turn those gender roles upside-down. We like ’em better that way.

It’s really the one major hope I have for this show — that it has an idea about the mythology it wants to create. ‘Cause a fun new mythical universe is always welcome in my book. There’s little information about the heroine, but the hero was born half-beast, and will set out on a quest to become human. We’re already told that he can’t, “but he fights to live more like a person than anyone else.” Aw. It’ll be a lighthearted martial arts action drama, which sounds like a great ol’ time. Bring on the swashbuckling laughs.

Directing is PD Shin Woo-chul, of Secret Garden and A Gentleman’s Dignity, and writing is Kang Eun-kyung of Baker King, Man of Honor, and Dalja’s Spring. I like the idea of a new breed of drama hero entirely, one that might have to fight his evil carnivorous nature to be a better man. It’s like all the good narrative tropes of vampire lore, without all the attendant baggage. Hope it’s a winner.

Gu Family Book follows Horse Healer on MBC.

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251 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. emmy

    YaY! Seunggi’s back!

    • 1.1 Amg1

      “Charisma versus Talent”

      I find the way people judge Suzy in this thread a bit off.
      Suzy is not and “Idol”, what she is is a talented singer/dancer, she has chosen music and dance in order to express here artistic talent, and I must say that she is quite good at it, by the way I am a guy, furthermore I do not like K-Pop music, but that does not take away the fact the she is a talented performer.

      It is IMHO very idiotic, to compare her acting to some actresses that have make their life’s career that of acting, with out being full rounded in the craft of singing and dance.

      I will not venture to say that Suzy is an actress in the vein of Son Ye-jin, or Kim Ha-neul, but what Suzy has that hundreds of Korean actresses lack, is “Charisma”, and that my friends is the hardest thing to come by for an Actor/Actress or for that matter a Singer/Dancer. She is a performer in the vain of Yoon Eun-hye, they are not the best actresses in the true sense of the word, but the reality is that both girls Charisma translates into big, and I mean big revenues, that is the main reason why she is starting to get the main lead role’s, and not the more talented actresses out there.

      I really like Suzy as an actress, because what she lacks in acting talent, she makes up for it with her ability to make people relate to the characters that she has played so far, whether she is a cold she-bot, or a crazy stalker, to the girl next door attending her first architecture class.

      As for Lee Seung-gi, I feel that he is one of the most overrated actor there are, I find his acting rather mediocre, I think he tends to overdo his serious acting. And for the age difference I don’t have a problem, I think both have a very good comedic timing which if they play it right the chemistry will be very good.

      • 1.1.1 wanne

        When someone enters the acting field, what other talent they have are out of the window. People don’t care if they are good at singing, dancing etc and what people see is just their acting ability. Seunggi and I bet YEH also have been criticised a lot for their acting and that’s how they are able to reach the stage they are now.

        I agree that charisma is one trait that not everyone has. Some people are not very good at acting, but people just feel attracted to them and when they appear on screen, they steal the attention. But for those who are not attracted and don’t see their charisma, what they see is only the acting. So, they judge that.

        Seunggi was condemned a lot when he was confirmed for K2H as people feel he’s not at the level of Ha Ji Won and I’m glad that he managed to make people eat their words after that. So, I hope this could be Suzy’s breakthrough as well. Take all the criticism and work harder to prove people that they are wrong.

        I agree that Seunggi’s acting is nowhere near perfect. He tends to overact because he’s the type to work too hard. He’s not someone who is born as an actor but one who works to have the talent. His acting is not effortless yet. But he definitely has improved by leaps and bounds and has shown amazing performance in a few scenes in K2H that I think he deserves the recognition and love he gains now.

        • asianromance

          Agree! And I think when an idol starts taking on acting roles, there is an intention to move onto acting once he or she can no longer do the singing/dancing gig. Some idols also go into the singing route in order to break into acting in the first place.

          I’ve found that Suzy’s acting isn’ t too bad, but she hasn’t grabbed me yet. I remember when YEH first did Goong. She started off pretty badly, but by the end won my heart and got me to relate to her feelings.

          Suzy is very likable, and I appreciate that she doesn’t look all frail like a lot of idols and kdrama actresses out there. I hope there are some veteran actors and actresses in this drama that Suzy can act opposite with so she can learn from them. I remember Yoochun seeming to kick his acting up a notch whenever he was opposite Kim Gab Soo in SKKS.

          • pogo

            And sometimes you actually get an idol or two who is somewhat decent at acting out of it, which is not bad imo.

            As for YEH, I see your point about Goong but I think I probably cut her a lot of slack because I was so annoyed by her character in the manhwa that it was a relief to find the drama Chae-gyung turned out so different.

      • 1.1.2 ochi

        Wow for once a comment that makes a lot of sense!

        The drama has’t even started and we don’t know any details about the female lead character descriptions and haters already go on and on saying about how bad Suzy is at acting and how they should let some other actress take this role. Seriously, do they really think the drama production crew is so stupid? There must be something special about Suzy which really suits the female lead character, that’s why they cast her!

      • 1.1.3 manassuper

        have you watched TK2H to comment on lee seung gi’s acting.go through the recaps of TK2H to see how many postive review it garnered on dramabeans and by media……your comment is just out of place as you…..you tend to overwrite in your comments….plz be reasonable and as far lee seung gi acting is concerned had you watched TK2H you would know how awesome it was……

        • ming

          right, you are..i was even amazed myself! LSG was spectacular in TK2H.

          • Mystisith

            I am not a LSG fan at all but he was good in TK2H. He had to display the whole range of emotions and did it well. It wasn’t an easy character and he did an awesome job. I didn’t like everything in this drama but I can’t find anything against him honestly.

      • 1.1.4 rawr89

        your fanboyism is showing. suzy is not an idol but just being artistic with her singing and dancing? seung gi being overrated?

        next time, don’t exaggerate. suzy has charisma while “hundreds of korean actresses” don’t? ROFL.

      • 1.1.5 red

        Uhm, your fanboy essay is a bit amusing. Suzy is an IDOL gosh she belongs in an idol group FFS. She’s under JYP an IDOL management group.
        Instead of being in denial and leaving such a bad impression for Suzy’s fanbase, why can’t you wish your idol good luck and hope for her success to mirror that of Yoon Eun Hye’s. Not all idol turned actors are bad. Rain and YEH are prime examples of this, even Seunggi.
        Seriously this is why I hate idols being in dramas. It’s not the acting issue but the annoying fandom that comes with it.

        • Jo

          I agree. She is an IDOL because she is in a IDOL group which distinctly and purposefully markets itself as an IDOL group.
          I also agree about the comment of why “I hate idols being in dramas”. It’s the insistent and annoying fandoms that make me dislike idols crossing over into acting.

      • 1.1.6 manassuper

        the netizen rections are great for lee seung gi’s new drama ..wow! with netizen reaction so positive about this hope this drama can have a lot of success…….
        Lee Seung Gi’s leading ‘Guga Medical Book’ to confirms time slot
        Source: Newsen via Nate

        1. [+241, -67] Choi Kang Chi~~ I want to emet him soon~!! Really looking forward to it~~ ^^

        2. [+205, -64] Looking forward to Guga Medical Book

        3. [+198, -68] It’s been a while since we’ve seen actor Lee Seung Gi ㅎㅎ Choi Kang Cha, I like the name of his character already ~

      • 1.1.7 muffin

        felt teary eyed after reading this comment. it feels like a mothere hearing praises about her child from a stranger, though i’m not even a mother nor old. haha. thanks bro! i super agree with your sentiments! Suzy has really that unique charisma that can bring her long-term success, hopefully worldwide.

    • 1.2 jn91

      Nah, even tho I’m not sure about Suzy, I’m still in cause there’s Seunggi! No offend to Suzy fans.

      THIS, to chill things out!

      Gu Family Book Script Ep 1

  2. gaga

    Kinda sick and tired of Suzy. She’s not a good actress. Wish this went to someone else, there are better idol actresses as well if it really has to be an idol.

    • 2.1 oozzeee

      ,indeed.. Better yet, why don’t they cast actresses. There are a lot of young actresses that need a job and might do a better job.

      • 2.1.1 seunggimanura

        there are a lot of better actresses. does it really have to be suzy? i have nothing against her. it’s just that, she doesn’t act very well. well, she is NOT a good actress. i wished the role went to better ones.

    • 2.2 Lisa

      No really, am I the only one that thinks suzys not a bad actress? She hasnt even had much critisism as far as I remember. …. actually I never really liked her but just cus shes an idol dont kinda expect that she cant act. Shes probably one of the better idol actresses out there. UUnless someone can name a few…… just my opinion though….

      • 2.2.1 s2rosez

        though I’m not a fan, uee has received a lot of positive feedback from critics about her acting

      • 2.2.2 canxi

        She isn’t bad in my opinion either. But she can be stiff as hell sometimes. Like, really stiff. She was good in Architecture 101. Not so good in BIG. I wish she’d transfer over some of that idol charisma to her acting.

        • Lang

          I don’t think it was Suzy’s fault. Her character was so one dimensional and even manga like. Also BIG was a huge disappointment.

          • canxi

            Maybe, but even A101, she had moments where she was stiff. This is just what I see, personally,lol.

          • Kgrl

            I think that had to do more with not believing she could handle more. Suzy hasn’t gone above expectations despite her likeability. People are just surprised she could act at all. Fortunately or unfortunately idols still have a huge stigma.

            I’m iffy with this project though LSG is usually such a delight in rom-coms. Sorta feels like been there, done that. Cable dramas are giving the Big 3 quite some competition. Concepts and just overall quality needs to improve if the Big 3 doesn’t want to keep losing their market share.

      • 2.2.3 kim

        i agree with u

      • 2.2.4 wanne

        Some of the idol actresses who I think are good at acting are Eun Jung and UEE. But Suzy is nowhere near worst. She’s passable so far with her roles. I hope through this drama, she and Seunggi can improve further in their acting and gain more recognition.

        • pogo

          I’d add Jung Eun-ji to that list after Answer Me 1997, and on the boys’ side LSG himself and L (from Shut Up Flower Boy Band), but the list is pretty short.

          Maybe Suzy will do better with this one? idk.

    • 2.3 lenrasoon


    • 2.4 ElainesTale

      i think the age gap between her and seunggi is just strange.. in a very opposite way.. she’s too young for him! there are so many more outstanding actresses around his age… and i dont think suzy has reached lead lady quality yet..

      • 2.4.1 Annie

        … such as? Han Hyo Joo and Moon Chae Won? And even Han Hyo Joo barely passes muster as an actress. I don’t think Suzy is quite as bad as one might originally guess. This role might make or break her as an actress.

        • JIJ

          (Annie) You are so right about Han Hyo Joo and Moon Chae Won.

          • Nguyen

            There is Moon Geun Young and Park Ha Sun (she is pretty adorable) 😀

          • s2rosez

            ^except Park Ha Sun seems like she’s 30 (not that it’s a bad thing; she just has a more mature quality to her appearance despite being only 25, which would seem weird for her to be paired with guys her actual age, like Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi, or Song Joong Ki)

          • s2rosez

            now that I think about it, there are more actors her age that seem so much younger than her, like Joo Won and Jung Il Woo too…

          • s2rosez

            ^for Park Ha Sun, I mean (sorry for commenting so much)

          • Indi

            That’s a kind of genre that I doubt MCW will get to do again soon. She did Daddy’s girl and wasn’t as powerful and lively as she is in more serious projects. HHJ already did a drama with him, right? I doubt they will double the dose in another rom-com. (It’s a rom-com?)
            It’s funny ’cause you guys talk like Seunggi is the best actor ever and doesn’t do the bug eyed, aegyo acting. He convinced me in MGIAG but did nothing to me in TK2H, even when he tried to be serious. Suzy is alright, she and he are the “it girl” and “it boy” of the moment, so I think it’s ok.

          • Kgrl

            Lols. Oh, how interesting subjective viewing is. HHJ isn’t my favorite actress either, but to compare her to Suzy? Lols, I think the girl is sweet and likeable enough but I haven’t seen anything remarkable from her other than her likeability onscreen. That in itself is an achievement, but please do not equate likeability to acting props.

            And do I sense some animosity toward HHJ and MCW? Lols, if you think they’re overrated, than I do not want to know what you think of Suzy.

          • Indi

            wow, hahahahaha. I didn’t mean that Suzy was better in any way than MCW or HHJ. I’m sorry if it sounded that way. They can’t even compare! I love MCW to death and she is one of the best rising talents of the last years and HHJ is way more likable and can act a hundred times more than Suzy. I just think that the pairing of the later with Seunggi isn’t shocking at all, ’cause both of them have the same impact over me as the idols that they are, now. Seunggi, of course, is getting better with every project, while Suzy gets too much recognition for too little on this field. That’s just my two cents.

          • Kgrl

            @Indi Lols, my reply was to JIJ. Sorry for the confusion. And I also agree with your opinion of Suzy. She’s a sweet girl, but that’s really it.

        • kkongchi

          Maybe Gu Hye Sun? Or Lee Da Hae? And I agree with Nguyen on Moon Geun Young, I think they’d make an adorable pair. I really don’t have much against Suzy though, she can do cute, and if this is a romcom, she’ll be fine.

        • maon

          What are you talking about? Han Hyo Joo is a lot better than Suzy. Moon Chae Won is better than them both, but Suzy is waaay below Hyo Joo.

        • pogo

          @Annie: to name just a few – Jung So-min, Kim So-eun, Park Shin-hye, UEE and Park Se-young (even though all of them are currently tied up with running/upcoming projects).

          • Annie

            Yep. That’s the rub.

          • pogo

            ^That’s just five (idk how I left off Moon Geun-young, who was ten times the actress Suzy will ever be, when she was younger than Suzy is now) I could name off the top of my head in that age range – who happened to come to mind because they’re working right now.

            But for ones who aren’t currently tied up, Park Bo-young, Shin Se-kyung, hell even Seo Hyo-rim are more engaging onscreen than I’ve found Suzy to be so far. Hopefully she’s better in this new drama, I want a new fantasy sageuk that’s actually watchable and Jeon Woo Chi is just not doing it for me.

      • 2.4.2 mel

        That’s so silly. There is less age gap than was with Ha Ji Won and he’s only a year older than Kim Soo Hyun, who everyone ships her with from Dream High. Talent wise you might have an issue, but the age thing is a very weird complaint. Though it does make me laugh if you go back and read the announcement of LSG’s last two dramas before.

        • canxi

          I think it’s because Lee Seung Gi seems really mature…he’s kind of an old-soul, if you will. He’s all adorable but he can get serious and seem a lot older than he is. Suzy though is young and seems young–she doesn’t display or give off any particular maturity and her roles thus far have kind of been that way also (they usually have some form of bratty-ness embedded in all of them in my view). She’s also pretty baby-faced.

          • mel

            Yeah, definitively I do agree there. LSG is really mature beyond his years and has been since his debut. And especially after K2H he seemed to come across as very adult and Suzy is seems pretty immature in real life and in acting. I just find it funny that his last two dramas he was too young and now he’s suddenly too old. 🙂

    • 2.5 melody

      She created buzz with her role in the movie IoA and I think that she swepts almost all award in rookie category and popular category in every award shows in 2012!

      I just want her to prove that she deserve all the recognitions.

      Go Suzy!

      • 2.5.1 Lisa

        Exactly my point. You can do it! Go prove that not all idols are bad actors! Although some are quite awful, I have to admit. HWAITING!

      • 2.5.2 dy

        Ok, because I love Seung Gi so much, I will definitely watch this!
        I’ve just watched Suzy in DH so I have no idea how much she improved after that but with my love for Seung Gi, I’ll give her a chance to impress me.
        Hoping the writer will write a solid story because I heard many people worry about her.

        • emmy

          It’s the same for me! I don’t really care much for Suzy, but as long as Seunggi’s in the drama, count me in!

          I just hope they will have good chemistry!

        • Miss D

          My reaction also!

          I loved him in My GF is a Gumiho and it’ll we lots of fun to watch him play the other side of the spectrum. May his dimple awesomeness go far!

          As for Suzy, okay here’s the thing, Miss A is a fantastic music group. Their new song, I Don’t Need a Man, is my new anthem. But…but…but her acting consists of one mode: the whiny bad-tempered teen. Dream High is one of my favorite dramas but that scene when she pretends to act and instead talks in a monotone…well it wasn’t much different than the rest of her performance. Granted, she might have improved since then but I don’t really think her role in Big made me like her that much. Oh well…Suzy fighting!

    • 2.6 Gom

      I love Suzy. But I wish this went to someone else like Kim Eun So. But that’s just me.

      • 2.6.1 Gom

        Correcting myself, Kim So Eun. 🙂

      • 2.6.2 hui ting

        I don’t love Suzy, but yeap, I wished it went to young rising actresses. 🙁

        • Annie

          The thing is that there really aren’t very many rising actresses. Girls prefer to try out for idol groups nowadays and thus don’t enter acting to build up the requisite experience until it’s too late to really unseat more veteran actresses (hence the odd and awkward pairings that we’ve seen lately). An example of this is Son Dambi – had she debuted as an actress in her teens, I have a feeling that she would be leading dramas today. People like Park Jung Ah and Lee Jin (who is pretty darn fabulous) would have been enormously successful instead of bit players if they had just started earlier as well.

          Of course, the years 1977 – 1982 were just remarkable in terms of actresses with beauty and talent. They are deservedly ruling the roost and thus the few upcoming star actresses of note (think 1989 – 1993) are almost a whole generation behind them.

      • 2.6.3 grumpy

        I also love Suzy. She’s likeable actually, with pretty face and good attitude but her acting is mediocre. It’s passable but nothing special. I agree, I wish it went to some young rising actress like Jung So Min or Kim So Eun.

        • Shiku

          Kim So Eun is in the Horse Healer so I doubt she will do 2 projects back to back.

          • pogo

            considering she once worked on Empress Chun Chu and BBF at the same time, it’s not as if she hasn’t done it before.

        • Lexie

          Is it just me or do Jung So Min and Suzy look alike? I second that there are better actresses that could have taken the part. But since its been casted, i have to accept what is and try to enjoy the drama and the fact tha LSK is in it=)

    • 2.7 paar

      she isn’t a good actress at all, I don’t understand how and why she keeps getting awards and roles
      but what do know, I am still confused about HGI’s best actress win

      • 2.7.1 rumpel

        LOL. Dream High had a good ratings and been popular. Suzy is the main lead in it. plus she’s an idol. She have fans in and out of Korea. POPULARITY. that’s why she got that awards because of popularity.

        Just like HGI’s best actress win. Moon Sun is a phenomenal drama with uber high ratings and all. Its popular so no wonder its main leads get the spotlight resulting HGI winning the best actress awardsss even though we all know its a… meh, joke.

      • 2.7.2 Meghan

        Because Suzy will bring in money for the production company. They’ll be able to sell it to a ton of different countries just because she’s in it, and make a lot of money from those overseas broadcasting rights.

        I like Suzy, I think she’s an actress that’s improving, so I’m okay with giving her more experience. I think she has potential. But the main reason she keeps getting cast? Cause she’s so popular in Korea and in the rest of Asia, she will bring in big bucks. It’s all about money. That’s why idols are so common in dramas now. They bring in more money.

        • Lisa

          Its true that idols are casted because of the money but they have to do an impressive performance for the audience to actually watch their drama. Suzy was in BIG as the second lead as you said probably for rhe popularity and the money bur what hapened? That drama failed and miserably. Also for Wild Romance their ratings weren’t going good and they said that they had a ‘secret weapon’ aka jessica from snsd. Did it work? Nup. Even if they cast really popular idols they wont be getting money or ratings if they cant act

    • 2.8 coby

      Suzy is not that bad.. compared to other idols..

    • 2.9 seunggimanura

      from ha ji won to suzy? i don’t know exactly what the casting crew have been taking. there are a lot of better actress. what does suzy have than others don’t? i am sorry to say this but i think i won’t be the only one who will say that she isn’t a good actress. she doesn’t even know how to convey very well. but for the sake of lee seunggi, i will give this a try.

    • 2.10 girlatsea

      Im Joo-eun is good. Or what about Choco from Nice Guy? There are other young rookie actresses (although, not many) who could’ve taken this role. Suzy is, at best, mediocre. I don’t dislike her (liked her in DH and Big) but I don’t think she’s ready for a lead role just yet. And I’m honestly tired of talented actresses getting passed over for idols who can’t act.

      Sorry for the rant.

    • 2.11 bimbobunny

      Oh noes, I don’t necessarily know how I feel about Suzy in this whole situation D:


      I’ll give her a chance.

  3. Joei

    I’m glad it’s Seunggi but not that it’s Suzy… :/

  4. Lisa

    Yayayayayyyy thank you! Cant wait for this drama!!! Especiallyy seung gi~!!!! And suzys acting isnt thay bad hehejehbejejehebebeheheh

  5. cad

    Yeay to Seunggi.

    I want to see Suzy act a lottttt this time.

    Her acting is passable in Dream High. The first time I noticed that she got talent in acting.

    And then, she did a good job in her first’s movie… but in BIG, not so much to say about her acting.

    I hope she will shine in this role… I want to see more of her emotion. Please dear Suzy.

    • 5.1 Lisa

      Yea…. I agree with everything that you said. Its true she could’ve acted much better in BIG but its partly the scripts fault as well.. definitely hoping for less choppy acting like she did in big and more intro to architecture acting. Also its a sageuk so there may be twice the pressure

  6. Osi

    It’s Lee Seung Gi. Must watch. Yay.

  7. rainbow

    Yay for Lee Seung Ki’s new drama 🙂

  8. xo

    Is it just me or does someone else think it sounds kinda similar to Inuyasha? Which is good for me, since I love it so much 😀

    I’m kind of neutral towards Suzy, but it would be nice to see an actress instead of an idol in the role :/

    • 8.1 beggar1015

      I was just thinking the same thing. If this is an live/Korean version of the Inuyasha story, I’d be willing to give it a try. Otherwise it doesn’t sound that interesting to me.

    • 8.2 toritorisan

      At first I was thinking, “another gumiho drama?” but when you mentioned Inuyasha – that would be a new twist and quite interesting. However, not thrilled about Suzy. She’s talented in Miss A, but not yet impressive in the acting field. It would be better if she took smaller roles, improved and then build up to larger roles. If you HAVE to choose an idol, I think there are other stronger idol actresses such as T-ara’s Eunjung (but not sure if they are still laying low due to their scandal) or even Sulli (who started with an acting background). Ideally, though I’d prefer an actual actress rather than idol.

      • 8.2.1 tieuyeunu

        did you watch to the beautiful you?

        Sulli is on par with Suzy, though she lacked that charisma that Suzy seems to bring to her role.

        It could just be the character and the unflattering hair Sulli was sporting but I really couldn’t stand her character or how she protrayed it.

        • toritorisan

          I did watch “To the Beautiful You,” and felt that it was probably the best version out of all the previous (Japan and Taiwan) versions made. In my opinion, Sulli probably was the strongest actress that portrayed the lead close to the original character in Hana Kimi. Actually think if she continued her acting from her childhood days, she’d probably be much better (not really a fan of her singing and dancing…).

          As for Suzy, I haven’t found her to be lead role material yet, especially when she is overshadowed by stronger actors/actresses as in Big and Dream High. However, I do think there are other idol actresses a lot worse.

          I kinda agree with an earlier posts that there is a lack of talented actresses in this age range. Most are coming with singing/dancing backgrounds and audiences have to sit through average performances before they gain more experience to really shine in acting.

        • coffee

          Agreed. I don’t think Sulli has as much appeal on-screen as Suzy does. That’s just a personal opinion of mine, but it just goes to show how preference overrides what others call talent.
          In a way, if you prefer to see one actress on-screen over the other, that in itself is considered a skill as well— it boosts your popularity, and gives you more opportunities to practice and improve.

          Everyone is arguing about whether or not Suzy can act. But it’s obvious in the amount of roles she’s been casted in that there is something workable with her. She probably landed the role because of her appeal, and appeal is something viewers shouldn’t (and subconsciously don’t) disregard. Just my two cents!

  9. yikes

    Somehow I’m just not too hyped up about this >< Really like Seung Gi but totally not excited about Suzy… I haven't seen how much she can act, but she has this tendency to endlessly pout no matter which role she's in. Is it just me, or do I see similarities in most of the roles she's picked up? Whether in Big or in Introduction of Architecture, she retains the same straightforward nature. To be honest, there's nothing much that she showed through her acting, and with such an incredible storyline coming up, I dont see how she can match the acting chops of some of the other more advanced actresses. just hope she won't be another vase….

  10. 10 white

    i’m in.

    i think suzy is not that bad.

  11. 11 Jade

    What’s wrong with Suzy’s acting? Personally, I liked her acting in Big although the drama was a huge disappointment for me.

    Can’t wait for this drama!! Lee seungi!! 😀

  12. 12 red

    yayyy !! for seungii…… poker face for suzy !!
    i dont like watching saguk … but since its seungii cant not watch it !! hope its a good one .. thats all that matters ….. even if it is bad will watch it for the love of seungi …. 🙂

  13. 13 Ruth

    I think this could possibly be a breakout role for Suzy…if it’s written well. She was just okay in BIG, but then that drama did very little for any of the actors involved (probably because it was an absolute mess…even though I watched the whole thing). On the other hand, LSG is a magnificent actor as well as a fun personality, so I imagine that he will (1) raise the level of any poor writing and (2) help Suzy develop as an actress. If they can build a world with the quality of Arang and the Magistrate and have a well planned and paced story, I think this could be a lot of fun. I’ll be watching (at least at the beginning).

  14. 14 ck1Oz

    Staring at both their photos side by side. Hmm… not sold on the pairing.
    By the way it is always sad when the OTP has uneven acting abilities.

    • 14.1 JoJo

      So true…will pass on this this one, unless they time-travel, of course.

  15. 15 Chumchum


    Hmmm.. please someone tell me, is it a modern drama with a fantasy sageuk’s character or it will be like Arang, fantasy sageuk in the Joseon era?

    I’m kindda lost here 😛 😛

    If it’s in Joseon era, bring it on. I want to see both of them in Hanbok!

    • 15.1 wanne

      I think it will definitely be a saguek as the medias have been saying that this is the first saguek for both Seunggi and Suzy,

      • 15.1.1 wanne

        by that i mean, not a modern drama.

  16. 16 lolipop

    Suzy’s acting not that bad actually. She has talent and even better than other idol actresses such ‘as you-know-who-they-are’. (i’m not saying, hard-core fan might strangle me to death)

    But I personally think she’s overrated. Fans keep talking and praising her so-so acting while a lot of other actresses are a lot better.

  17. 17 Bear99

    I wish the female lead is Park Shin Hye …. But what can I say … Suzy is hit right now so I guess producer want to take advantage.

    • 17.1 observantzani

      Omg that’s my dream pairing as well! But Park Shin Hye has another drama, Flower Boy Next Door. When the news for this drama initially came out, the premiere was suppose to be Jan and it’ll be in conflict with FBND. Maybe next year the drama gods will finally give us that ideal pair! 😀

      • 17.1.1 Maris

        Same here. It has been my number one pairing since I saw them in LSG’s alone in love MV with her that led me to look up their other appearances. I firmly believe that they will do a project together because they are so perfect in every collaboration since 2009.
        Actors raise their performance in response to each other producing something that audience can be totally absorbed into. From little that I have seen or heard of Suzy, I feel that LSG will have to raise his act. But then again she might surprise everyone. Lets wait and see.

        • meanrice

          I agree with the actors respond to each other (joo won and park ki woong anyone?). Maybe Susie will surprise us? What about ol whats her face, im joo eun?

          Lets just thank our stars it was not jessica.

        • Maris

          Forgot to add that I want PSH and LSG in a modern day rom-comedy with both singing in it………….just a wish :). Not this drama. The setting does not appeal although will watch because of LSG …..have to as a loyal newly turned fan of his 🙂

  18. 18 sponge

    im neutral towards suzys acting, im more concerned about the age gap! maybe the angle is less romance? otherwise ill wait for more info before i decide to watch :3

  19. 19 mommai

    Suzy could go either way, but I hope she rocks it and develops more as an actress. LSG of course, will be awesome 🙂

  20. 20 Tina Tun

    tq GF

    Anyway not my cup of coffee !.

  21. 21 observantzani

    Wow lots of bad comments on Suzy’s acting. I think she’s quite adorable even though still very green in acting. I personally don’t see the chemistry with Lee Seung Gi but he’s a seasoned actor who she can learn from. I love the both of them individually but I’m hesitant to get into this drama. I blame the writer. OMG MAN OF HONOR WAS HORRIFIC. I feel terrible that the two of them have to act in her drama.

    • 21.1 onhersleeve

      of course you can’t see the chemistry, they haven’t acted together yet or even met, there is no way to see chemistry.

      • 21.1.1 observantzani

        There are some pairings you can already picture even if there’s no drama. The perfect example would be Yoochun and Han Ji Min.

        • onhersleeve

          well, then you guys have a special gift, because to me there is no way you can measure someone’s chemistry with two side by side pictures that have no relation to the other.

    • 21.2 shopgirl

      OMG! Finally someone mention it. Ugh I hate Man of Honor. So. Much.

      • 21.2.1 Mystisith

        Train wreck. Pure and simple.

  22. 22 JMin

    I love Lee Seungg Gi. He is good. but idt it is a good idea to have a drama with both the main actor and actress is a singer.

  23. 23 sweetspring

    Seung Gi has been talking about this drama from last year to this year and I, he, the Airen fandom & girlfriday have high hopes for this.
    No matter what I lub you Seung Gi puppy & I know at least he won’t disappoint.

  24. 24 arie10_407

    I love to see Lee SeungGI i hope its like RANMA 1/2 twist hehehe Can’t wait for his Drama

  25. 25 manassuper

    oh!anticapation is just killing me……super excited…..filming is due to start in late january and i read on miss a facts that suzy is already confirmed for the role…..was hoping for someone else as leading lady but i guess everyone deserve a fair chance and can improve may be the seunggi-effect may bring a radicle change in her…but who cares so much as long as seunggi is on board…….can’t wait for action sequences……..to see the more manly seunggi…….looking forward to script reading session becoz that starts before filming…..knowing seunggi had a meeting with writer and director before confirming the drama i bet the script was awesome………

  26. 26 Daisy

    Suzy is another Han Ga In has the looks but acting chops. But I do admit she has improved a lot in her acting.

  27. 27 jomo

    Here are my impressions – worth less than 2 cents.

    The actors are light – I don’t mean light-weight because I think Hunky surprised us in a good way in K2H.
    I mean they tend to do well in comedy.

    The writer is heavy, at least recently- makjang, makjang, and previously light with DS.
    The director pretends to be light, but needs to pull in the heavy in order to make himself feel credible, so we get some reeeeeally funny stuff combined with slightly off-tempo seriocity. Seriocity is worse than melo because it feels strained, or shoe horned as opposed to organic.

    I don’t know how all of the above will mix, but it could happen that THIS is the right combo, and we get a bell ringer.

    • 27.1 dbsklove

      its not that i DONT like makjang….
      i loved baker kim tak gu….
      but man of honor?…. not so much:/

  28. 28 cherkell

    Hmpf. I guess for an ‘idol casting,’ the PD-nim could have done a lot worse than Suzy. But if Puppy Chona is gonna rock a fantabulous Mane of Glory™ (and sing for the OST), then I don’t give a rat’s ass who they cast next to Seung-gi!!!

  29. 29 Ace

    I like them both. I’m wary about the writer though because even if I loved Dalja’s Spring, Baker King and Man of Honor aren’t my cup of tea (I did watch some episodes of MOH because it was unintentionally funny esp. the villain 😉 )

  30. 30 lizzie

    Forget suzy. I’m more worried with the writer, man with honor was terrible! !!!

    And people saying suzy is another hgi. .. Hum suzy still have time to improve, she Just started acting last year….. hgi has been acting for years and didn’t improve much. …. suzy improved since deram high

  31. 31 Katie

    Suzy’s only had a couple of main roles and the writing in those wasn’t that great. She’s a quick learner so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s great in this one, as long as the writing is good. I’m not going to judge her too quick since I like her personality and she’s cute and bubbly.

    Since I love Lee Seung Gi I’m definitely giving it a chance even though this is a genre that I don’t like…not a fan of fantasy or action dramas…but it’s LSG! Although I couldn’t get into K2H after the first couple of episodes, so we’ll see. It’s really about the drama and not the actors for me.

    • 31.1 Katie

      Also, most of the above-mentioned younger actresses are either engaged in another drama (ex. Park Shin Hye) or are just coming off of new dramas (ex. Jung So Min, Moon Geun Young (love CA!)), so I don’t think they’d have any time to relax and if they want to draw in crowds, I’m okay with Suzy.

      • 31.1.1 Katie

        One last comment! I promise. I hope Suzy gets new hair! I’m bored of her long hair, bangs look.

        • jdji

          but im bored with suzy, i was hope she won’t appear much in 2013, i dont dislike her, but she just way to overrated and the k-media is way overhype her

          • tieuyeunu

            who else is there to hype over about? Yoona from SNSD was at one point so over hyped she’s gone downhill now. Even Uee has out rank her in terms of acting powers. This is a phase, it will blow over soon don’t worry.

            they’ve been hyping over Park Bo Young like she was so great, even on par with actresses like Ha Ji Won. she’s good, but not great, now they are hyping over Kim So Hyun. I like the girl and shes very good for her age.

          • Katie

            They’ve always overhyped Yoona. She’s basically the face of SNSD and I guess dancer…but not really there’s Hyoyeon. In MissA, Suzy is very integral to the group and is becoming a better dancer (since the other members are very accomplished).

            I was never a fan of UEE or Park Bo Young, haven’t seen much of what they’ve done so can’t really judge them.

    • 31.2 muffin

      This is my first time replying here cause i just cant help agreeing with everything you said about Suzy. She’s a quick learner & passionate to work hard in improving her craft.

      So i hope before people criticizing her, let her blossom first! i’ve been watching korean dramas for almost 10 years and i can see she has big potential to make it big worldwide with that 4D personality!

      and by the way i rarely see someone whose more “into” the plot of the drama & character ‘than’ whose the actors are, so i hope we have the same wavelength. haha

      P.S. am i the only one whose not a Lee Seung Gi fan here (though i watched K2H, Girlfriend is Gumiho & even Greatest Love & even 2 episodes of Strong Heart 119/120) but i really didn’t find him attractive enough to match with Suzy. haha. i’ll be killed for saying this. But since they’re going to be paired with each other, i’m now joining. haha. i had a crazy day:)) peace yo! go fans! haha

      • 31.2.1 Ruth

        I agree with you totally about Suzy. She may not be the best actress out there, but I really think she has potential. Good grief, she’s only 18. Give her a chance.

        As far as Lee Seung Gi goes, I honestly haven’t seem him act a whole lot. I watched part of King2Hearts and got distracted. I’ve listened to a fair amount of his music, however, and watched MVs as well as seen him on variety shows. From what I’ve seen, he’s very talented all around, but not a flower boy (which isn’t a criticism…just a statement).

        Although I am interested to see if there’s any chemistry between the two, I think it’ll be good no matter (as long as the writers don’t screw it up. Writers…don’t screw it up).

        • Lisa

          Dont jinx it ! Haha

        • anneakemi

          I think age should not be an excuse for any actresses’ lack of acting skills. For example, Kim Yoo Jung (child actress from Moon Embracing the Sun) and Kim So Hyun (child actress from I Miss You), who are younger and have demonstrated superb acting skills that some considered overpowered their adult counterparts. If I could choose, I’d prefer to watch someone who is already talented in acting rather than someone who only has “potential” where I have to sit thru “okay” performances until they “blossom” (which some idols do and some don’t).

          I agree that writing could make or break this drama though – especially in the fantasy genre. If it’s not done correctly, it doesn’t matter who the cast is.

  32. 32 InSu

    This is the 1st drama in 9 years that the PD has not worked with writer Kim Eun-Suk! Did they breakup? Is she sick or did their contract expire?

    • 32.1 nakai

      I know right. Should I be worried ? I’m such a big fan of the duo.

  33. 33 wanne

    I like Suzy but recently she starts to rub me the wrong way with her wishes for New Year being going to club and watching 19+ movie and her confession that she always sleeps in class. What’s wrong with her? I feel like she’s trying to ruin her innocent Nation-sister image. Or has she always been like that?

    Anyway, I know she’s still young and maybe she just prefers to be honest like that. If she will really become the female lead in this drama, I think she could learn one thing or two from Seunggi though. She’s pretty and adorable, its regretful that her statements can be off-putting at times.

    Back on the topic, I’m fine with her being the female lead. Of course, if I have the choice I much prefer a better actress, but if it’s her, I have no problem with it. What worries me most is the script actually. I just hope it will turn out good. And if Suzy is the heroine, I hope her character will be one to provide humor along with Seunggi because they both are good at comedy. And don’t worry about the chemistry, Seunggi so far has shown chemistry will all his leading ladies. This is the first time he will be paired with a much younger actress though, so it will be interesting to see.

    There’s a rumor that Seunggi’s character’s father is a human while his mom is a gumiho (maybe he’s the son of Daewong and Miho LOL) , thus he being half human, half mythical creature. I think the reason why they call him half-beast instead of half-gumiho is that maybe he has mythical creatures trait but is not really a gumiho. You know, like Park Dong Joo or vampire etc.

    Anyway, looking forward to more updates on this drama. And I’m just so glad that it airs earlier than expected.

    • 33.1 Emma

      But her ~nation’s first love~ image or whatever isn’t actually who she is. It’s just a label that’s been applied to her. I don’t blame her for being honest about what she likes + wants to do (watching 19+ films and going clubbing hardly seems that shocking to me, just normal teenage things).

      • 33.1.1 wanne

        Yes, I know the image is what the media or Korean people label to her. So I wonder if she’s trying to remove that label (You know, like IU, if she purposely did what she did). It’s good that she’s an honest person and seems to not care what people think of her and just be herself. Regarding her New Year wish, I searched for the other articles just now and I think I read it the wrong way previously. I didn’t know that the question was actually what she wants to do that she’s an adult now.

    • 33.2 lizzie

      lol every I mean EVERY idol says the same.

      They ask them ”now that you are an adult, what do you want to do?”

      They always say ”I want to see a 19+ movie and go to a club.

      Every teen wishes to go to a dance club when they turn adults, I did want it.

      About sleeping she said she did sleep a lot but it was before (she worked all day and the path to her school -home was so long… the girl was probably overworked) but even though she said she did sleep a lot, her grades are still good and are not bad. Suzy should just be carreful of what she is saying. And mind you Suzy never pretended to be ”pure” and an angel. She herself says ”first love” title is a burden since people expect her to be pure, perfect and all and she isn’t LOLLOL she even hates doing aegyo (she is natural cute imo)

      • 33.2.1 wanne

        I never say she pretends to be pure etc. I like her, but like you said I just hope she can be more careful with what she says next time. She’s a public figure.

      • 33.2.2 muffin

        hugs to this comment! exactly, she’s usually a victim of media play. i really love her for not liking to do an aegyo. She’s strong, confident, honest & has lots of potentials. i hope people would stop bashing her cause in the first place we don’t really know whats going on behind cameras. Her imperfections makes her more real & unique. watch world, she’s going to take 2013 by storm! HAHAHA!

      • 33.2.3 mel

        I think Seunggi could teach her a few things about dealing with silly images and expectations (since he still deals witht he same thing today) and when to keep quiet and when to talk. I honestly don’t know much about her, but it seems the hate she gets is unreasonable.

  34. 34 Llamaesque

    Huh. So he’s essentially playing the son of his My Girlfriend is a Gumiho character. Wonder if he’ll love meat?

    ::snickers like a 13 year old boy::

    • 34.1 Kan Min Seul

      He’s playing the love child of Mi-ho and Dae-woong.

      • 34.1.1 Arhazivory

        lol. I love this.

  35. 35 Kan Min Seul

    Lee Seung Gi. End of discussion.

  36. 36 Lane

    As long as Seung Gi is in it, I am on board! 100%!!!

    • 36.1 Kitzeekat

      Ditto 🙂 LSG fighting! <3

  37. 37 milkmustache

    I like both Seung Gi and Suzy individually, but so far, I’m not so sure how their chemistry would be together. The story sounds good though and when it comes out, I’ll give the first few episodes a try. ^^

    • 37.1 Katie

      Then again…I mean people were questioning him and Ha Ji Won. I mean she’s an accomplished actress, but the huge age gap! And I’m not a fan of noon dramas (even if it’s not said in the drama), so I’m not going to doubt their chemistry just yet. They’re young and cute, I can see it working.

  38. 38 JoAnne

    Directing is PD Shin Woo-chul, of Secret Garden and A Gentleman’s Dignity, and writing is Kang Eun-kyung of Baker King, Man of Honor, and Dalja’s Spring.

    I didn’t see Man of Honor but all the others are high on my list of favorites for both visuals and plot/dialogue (ok, some are definitely more dialogue than plot. I am looking at you SeGa and AGD, but since that’s the director, ok.)

    I already love Lee Seung Gi and Suzy in general and after K2H I definitely have respect for his acting. Suzy is never gonna do Shakespeare, let’s face it…but I think she is HILARIOUS and she was well-cast in DH and Big which says to me that she or her management choose carefully to work with what she’s got.

    Should have just said I’m ridiculously excited for this. It would have taken less time.

    Uh…I’m ridiculously excited for this.

    • 38.1 lizzie

      this is bad thing to say. Has so many good actors right now that sucked in their first roles as actors…

      Suzy never studied acting and just started and people already says she will never improve… this is so sad…

      • 38.1.1 jomo

        I agree that they have to start somewhere.
        Park Shi Hoo was really bad in What Planet Are You From? Same with Kang Ji Hwan in Save the Last Dance for Me.
        Those are two that I can think of right now…

        • canxi

          Even Won Bin kinda sucked when he first started. There. I said it. He sucked.

          • JoAnne

            who cared though, right? We’re so shallow. And some of us are much harder on our fellow women (huh..that sounds weird) than we are on the pretty boys.

            Guilty as charged. Signed, revelling in the opportunity to be a sexist pig for a little while.

          • canxi

            I cared, it was kind of painful. He did the wide-eyed shocked face thing LOL. Sooo happy he improved.

            And haha, I don’t think you’re being sexist JoAnne. Truthfully, I read your initial comment just now (like right now) and I didn’t see anything wrong with what you said. It’s true, I don’t think Suzy will ever become an actress with magnetism and nuance, either–she’s got that stiffness I just can’t unsee–but she does get roles that suit her even if she isn’t always the best in them.

      • 38.1.2 JoAnne

        I don’t mean to imply that she will never improve – I see improvement across Dream High, Intro to Architecture, and Big. Anyone who is diligent about their work will improve as they gain experience and I certainly find her a hard working person.

        My comment – which is a fairly standard disclaimer in this country, although perhaps not others – was meant only to imply that people (me, certainly) shouldn’t expect her to be the pinnacle of acting skill and talent, even though she does a perfectly fine job with the roles she has.

        I definitely didn’t mean it to be negatively critical of her ability. It’s more an acknowledgement that there are levels, and she is at one level of skill while more complex roles might require another level, and she probably won’t ever get to that particular level. And why should we expect her to? She works hard, yes, but she’s not working hard at only acting. She has other obligations and talents, and she’s working hard at those also.

        Someone will jump in here and say ‘that’s why idols shouldn’t act!’ but honestly…there’s all types of roles and if you find some singers who can handle certain types of roles why shouldn’t they do it if they are interested? Sure, their standing as idols brings in money for the studios. You know what I say? A rising tide floats all boats.

        If an idol draws money to a studio, that studio can then spend money on another vehicle for another actor. We shouldn’t look at it as the idol stealing a role, but instead, making work possible for others down the road.

        • jomo

          If went by the rule “Idols shouldn’t act,” we would have no Elvis films and no Beatles films!

          I am sure at the time, there were loads more talented actors out there in Hollywoodland, but Elvis made them millions. It’s part of the business.

          I wish I could think of something new than those!

          I am relatively sure there is a One Dimension fillm being sold right now, too.

          • JoAnne

            ohhh, Jomo, how could you forget Kelly Loves Justin or whatever that abomination was after first season of American Idol?

            We do a lot of reverse idoling here, I think. People on tv shows where their character is a musician then actually BECOME …uh…musicians. Sort of. I mean there was the Taiwan F4 but I can’t think of anything else.

            But we have S Club 7, ICarly, Drake Bell, HANNAH FREAKING MONTANA, that other blondie girl, not Clarissa knows it all but what was her name…Haley? something. Anyway. And then there’s THE MONKEES. And The Partridge Family. DAVID CASSIDY, sigh sigh sigh…

          • mel

            Well, and no Actor Lee . Seunggi isn’t really an idol and never really was, but he probably got a lot of the same complaints when he started acting because he was a singer/variety show member. Well, I know he did during the start of BL that his acting wasn’t good.

        • Mashimomo

          I think things gets lost in translation esp. online. But I totally get that you don’t mean Suzy any criticism when you said that earlier. Plus it is all about the business, as I mentioned downthread. People need chill pills especially since it’s a New Year!

    • 38.2 Mashimomo

      I am on the same boat with you. I honestly haven’t seen the writer’s dramas, but SeGa I ADORE so hoping the PD will do the same on here. And Lee Seung Gi totally won me over K2H and his appearance on Running Man! It doesn’t get better than that so totally looking forward to this!

      Also, I don’t get all the Suzy haterade in here either. From what little I’ve seen of her I think she’s fine (in Big) but I wouldn’t dislike someone for doing their craft except if you’re a Kardashian. If she’s getting a lot of projects its probably because her handlers know what they’re doing and are marketing her well. Plus being an idol helps. It’s all about M-O-N-E-Y and I think people are forgetting about that.

  39. 39 Robin

    Where’s the rule that says that someone in their first or second role has to prove that they’re a “genius” actor? (And haven’t we had enough of the whole “genius” concept anyhow?)

    DREAM HIGH was a nice opportunity for Suzy to get her feet wet in the acting scene. Her role did not call for her to be a good actress (lots of touching moments, tears, laughter, etc.) – she was supposed to be emotionless – it’s how her character was written – so she can hardly be held at fault for being stiff and emotionless. With BIG once again she was given a role that was at best a caricature but I think she threw herself into the role and did as much as she could given the limitations of the script. I haven’t seen her movie role, but she has gotten praise from her sonbaes so there must be something there.

    So, she’s a work in progress – as all actors are. I can recall quite a few pretty rough patches for some big names. I’ll bet there are more than a few who would cringe to watch their first efforts.

    I’m going to be optimistic about this because there is a pretty solid team behind this group (love DALJA’S SPRING) and who’s heart wouldn’t flutter working opposite Lee Seung-gi? I’ll bet he’s a very considerate and giving actor ^^

    • 39.1 jomo

      Both Hunky and Suzy are smart and likeable, even charming. If the director and writers showcase that, we could get a very enjoyable show.

      And while LSG started out as a brat in K2H, and Suzy started out a brat in DH, both managed to find the character’s heart and pain and reveal it to us.
      I think that is what successful acting means.

      Suzy’s role in Big started out and ended bratty. That was not her fault, but the writing. She really could have given us more if the part had been more layered. The flashback scenes with uri Shin baby were sweet.

      • 39.1.1 Annie

        Agreed… actors don’t exist in a vacuum. The PD, script, and co-stars all make a difference.

  40. 40 kaka

    I can live with average lead actress, but please give me good second male lead/ male antagonist/male minion to complete the bromance!

  41. 41 Abbie

    Anything Seung-gi does I’ll watch, so I hope this will be good.

  42. 42 Sampirexx

    Cant w8 to c this. Hope it will b nice *fingers crossed*

  43. 43 mel

    K2H announcement = NOOO Seunggi he’s too untalented
    GFB = NOOO Suzy she’s too untalented.

    Seunggi said he wanted to work with younger actors and support them and be there for them like actors were there for him before, so I’m not surprised by someone like Suzy. Suzy’s part might not be too huge and she’s supposed to be good at comedy. I’ve never watched her, but she seems cute enough. My one complaint is retreading the gumiho thing, but supposedly it was written for him in mind so it’ll probably be good. I’m here for light heartedness! Seunggi being back is more important than the female lead.

    • 43.1 nyek

      So true! People do love to say that some actors/actress are incapable but hoooonestly with suzy and seunggi i think they both are super likeable even tho their acting aren’t flawless. I’m soooo excited to see this.

  44. 44 JustSayNo

    Amusing that those complaining about idols continue to watch idol shows. Try switching to more sophisticated programming that don’t cast idols and you won’t have to worry about idols.

    • 44.1 lili

      THIS. Thank you.

    • 44.2 Meghan

      Lol exactly. If you don’t like idol actors, don’t watch their dramas. People don’t need to complain about how much they hate their acting, it doesn’t do anything, as idols will continue to get cast in dramas.

    • 44.3 Shiku

      Its difficult to find a show that hasn’t cast idols

    • 44.4 Ace

      There are idol-wannabe-actors and idol-actors. I’d put Suzy on the latter category. At least the role didn’t go to an idol who really shouldn’t act at all but continues to get roles due to their powerful agencies or worse, to an actress who should stop after their 2nd or 3rd roles but still does due to the same reason. (SME anyone? Though I’m not including some SuJu members and a couple of SNSD gals that I think would be good at acting)

  45. 45 earthna

    Wah another drama. It’s quite interesting that LSG’s playing a half-gumiho considering he’s male. I really liked Baker King and enjoyed AGD. I just hope thay they will give justice to this drama. Not something that offers a plot yet fails to deliver. I think Suzy’s pretty okay. It’s not like she was randomly placed there, she was probably casted. Anyways, looking forward to it!

    • 45.1 canxi

      “It’s quite interesting that LSG’s playing a half-gumiho considering he’s male.”

      I was thinking this too! I thought they were always female, so that got me interested right away.

  46. 46 Mar

    I’m not thrilled about another Gumiho offering but at least it has a fresh twist. He’s not my favorite actor, but I don’t hate him. Suzy-I do not thinks she’s horrible. I liked her in DH well enough and she was funny in Big. I have no idea what her role is in this so I’d be remiss if I commented on her suitability on her casting. This is a maybe for my watch list.

  47. 47 Ruth

    Yeah…so about idols acting…why the heck not? I mean, we see someone on tv or recognize their name and assume that fame = financial security. That, however, may not always be the case. These idols MAY make enough money to fund their retirements, but often do not. Their promoters and handlers and everyone else associated makes money off of them. So, imo, if they get an opportunity to make a little more cash, they should go for it.

    No matter what we say about them or whether or not they fit our personal preference, these kids (and young adults) work hard. My oldest son is the same age as Suzy. Though I love him dearly, and am proud of him, in terms of accomplishment, Suzy kicks his butt hands down.

  48. 48 Melanie

    Is it just me or does Suzy look really old for an idol.

    • 48.1 Meghan

      She’s 18, she looks 18/19 to me… lol. I suppose there’s a lot of idols debuting nowadays that are 14, 15, 16, etc. Actually Suzy was one of those, but I don’t think she looks any older than she is.

    • 48.2 asianromance

      Yeah, I always thought she looked older than her age. When she isn’t hosting a show or dressed in a school uniform, she looks between 22-26 to me. And then you have idols and actresses around their mid-20s looking younger than suzy too.

  49. 49 addylovesbwood

    I will watch anything Lee Seung Gi does…

    I wasn’t ecstatic to see Suzy cast as his lead lady after he’s worked with excellent actresses who have tons of experience on their profiles… but maybe this opportunity will give Suzy a chance to prove to us that she’s more than an Idol.

    • 49.1 JoAnne

      Maybe he is actively reaching out to be a mentor for a younger singer, now that he has a little bit of experience? Honestly K2H was a huge change for him and he couldn’t have done that without the patience and help of more experienced actors surrounding him and supporting him and guiding him. Not that I think that The Umchinah to End All Umchinahs would necessarily be so arrogant as to think that he has a ton of acting advice to give – but he DOES have a lot of advice and experience as a SINGER who wants to be an ACTOR…and it really seems like Suzy likes the work. He may have had a real hand in getting her the work, who knows.

      As for how they look together – she’s an absolutely adorable fresh-faced pretty girl who can carry off her own age (quite young) and yet flip a switch and convey glamour and sex appeal with class. He’s a baby faced, good looking guy who can be both the Puppy Jeonha (we were spelling it wrong, Jomo) AND have moments of completely credible masculinity and maturity. He’s not a pretty boy, but he’s certainly not anywhere approaching unattractive.

  50. 50 Imja

    Seung gi … is great but suzy was below average in Big and the other drama .. this is a 50 episode drama … they need to cast real actress

    • 50.1 pillowhead

      Chincha? 50 Episodes? 😀 I’m gonna get my fill of LSG this year!! LALA!!

    • 50.2 wanne

      Are you sure 50 episodes? I’ve never heard of that. I don’t think so.

    • 50.3 dramafanP

      U got it wrong, the 50 eps is Horse Doctor, not this one.

      • 50.3.1 pillowhead

        oh. 50 episodes did sound like to much for a rom com.

        • anaro

          I’m sorry for my ignorant, is there any news telling it’s a rom com? The things I know: the leads, the plot, the director, the writer, and the time slot.

          • anaro

            *ignorance, sorry typo.

          • pillowhead

            oh, no. i just assumed with the actors. that’s true. ignore me. lol

    • 50.4 Maris

      20 episodes, I believe.

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