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Lee Seung-gi and Suzy’s new drama scores time slot
by | January 2, 2013 | 251 Comments

Looks like spring will be the season for gumihos. The new fusion fantasy sageuk starring Lee Seung-gi and Suzy has confirmed a spot on MBC’s upcoming lineup, and is set to follow Horse Healer on Mondays/Tuesdays. That puts the premiere in late March or early April, given Horse’s 50-episode run. The drama is called Gu Family Book (it’s likely punny in that the gu means literally “nine,” as in nine tails) and Lee Seung-gi will play a twist on the gumiho legend and be a half-gumiho, half-human hero.

The descriptions keep referring to him as “half-beast,” like we might somehow get the wrong impression that because he’s playing a gumiho it emasculates him in some way (gumihos, or nine-tailed foxes are traditionally female). But uh, we geddit. He’s a dude. And it’s a myth, so please, be my guest and turn those gender roles upside-down. We like ’em better that way.

It’s really the one major hope I have for this show — that it has an idea about the mythology it wants to create. ‘Cause a fun new mythical universe is always welcome in my book. There’s little information about the heroine, but the hero was born half-beast, and will set out on a quest to become human. We’re already told that he can’t, “but he fights to live more like a person than anyone else.” Aw. It’ll be a lighthearted martial arts action drama, which sounds like a great ol’ time. Bring on the swashbuckling laughs.

Directing is PD Shin Woo-chul, of Secret Garden and A Gentleman’s Dignity, and writing is Kang Eun-kyung of Baker King, Man of Honor, and Dalja’s Spring. I like the idea of a new breed of drama hero entirely, one that might have to fight his evil carnivorous nature to be a better man. It’s like all the good narrative tropes of vampire lore, without all the attendant baggage. Hope it’s a winner.

Gu Family Book follows Horse Healer on MBC.

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251 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 51 Noelle

    I love the gumiho bit and Seung Gi is a win. Suzy is fun and delightful even though her acting is not the best. Yeah, looking forward to it.

  2. 52 pillowhead

    I LOVE SEUNG GI!!! This is the show I’m most excieted about this year, even more that FBNDS. I haven’t seen anything Suzy’s been in, so all this worries me. She better not fk it up. haha.

    • 52.1 pillowhead

      oops. replace FBND with MFBN. 😀

  3. 53 Toystar

    I’m so excited and hopeful that this drama has a good story and just riding on the star power of Seung-gi/Suzy.

  4. 54 peanutbutter

    ahh…suzy? … spoil my mood(really)… should pair
    LSG with much more better actress

  5. 55 onhersleeve

    i found incredible amusing that the people here bashing suzy for being an idol actress forget that their beloved leading actor is also an idol actor and that has started his career as a idol singer, even though he is now better known for his acting than his singing, by the international fans of course. Plus while he improved tremendously, he is no park shi hoo, wonbin, gong yoo or joo ji hoon.

    also, suzy is a little green but she has amazing potential, she reminds YEH during her goong days, and she is growing with every part, plus she can pull off funny characters easily, and anyone who can act or as any acting experience knows that is harder to make an audience genuinely laugh than cry.

    plus, even in her raw self she still if better than some full time actress, and unlike those, she actually had great on screen chemistry with every male she has acted with, some more than others of course, but it was never flat chemistry wise.

    • 55.1 mel

      LSG kind of proved himself to a lot of naysayers with K2H. You should have seen what people said about him when he was cast with goddess Ha Jiwon just last year. I’m sure people will get over the Suzy thing as long as she’s decent.

    • 55.2 anaro

      CMIIW, idols in Korea refer the ones in boy/girlbands. I think Seung Gi is not an idol-actor, but he is a singer-actor. And I think he did a great job as an actor.

      • 55.2.1 onhersleeve

        not really, solo singers are also idols because of the age that they are target to (see IU, ailee, rain, etc), he may not be ‘branded’ as an idol now, but he debuted at 17, targeting teens, he was an idol that crossed over to being a serious singer.

        • rawr89

          wrong again.

    • 55.3 Lorilei

      I’ve never really considered LSG an idol though. I remember when he debuted as a singer, I simply thought of him as a singer. I’ve never really gotten the impression that he was seen as an idol at all.

      • 55.3.1 onhersleeve

        like i said above, he debuted at seventeen, and his target audience originally was teens, so he was an idol, you seeing him as one or not, he did crossover successively to being a serious singer, as korea sees it.

        • rawr89


    • 55.4 rawr89

      first off, he’s a singer.

      secondly, his song just broke Psy’s record in Billboard Korea by being #1 for 6 straight weeks (Billboard Korea takes all the charts and aggregates them).

      thirdly, Seung gi earned it. period. before being a lead in a primetime drama, he did sitcoms. he was a guest in different ones, most notable Nonstop5. after playing support roles in sitcoms and varieties, he went on to become a supporting role in a weekend drama. after that gig, he became a lead for a weekend drama. and then after all of those, just then, he got the lead for a primetime drama mini-series in My GF is A Gumiho. Suzy, on the other hand, got a lead role in a primetime drama mini-series as her very first tv drama role just because she’s in a company called JYP. big difference.

      fourth, almost everyone has potential. that’s why they’re actors, because they starved just to do theatre plays, they went to university to study drama for 4 years, took master classes, took jobs as extras, etc. meanwhile, we got this kid who spent most of her training days practicing dancing and “singing” in a studio day-in and night-out for years, and would justify getting acting experience by taking on lead roles and leading a primetime mini-series on national television within months? give me a break. at least i know that seung gi worked long and hard to have gotten that coveted role. he may not be the best actor, but at least we know he earned it somehow and he worked his way up.

      • 55.4.1 Daisy

        THIS!!!!! This person took all the words from
        my mouth!
        Jiyeon, Eunjung, and Sulli started off as child actresses.
        Uee, Lizzy, Juyeon with small supporting roles & sitcoms.
        Sooyeon, and Yoona with guest appearances.
        Jung Eun Ji from Apink got a lead role but her drama was on a cable station and it was not hyped at all, it was pretty much a “sleeper” hit.

        Though these idols I named may not be good actresses, well most of them suck at acting at least they started off small.

      • 55.4.2 onhersleeve

        first off, why are you angry?

        secondly, please calm down.

        thirdly; i have not insulted your ‘oppa’ in any way or shape, you however clearly felt insulted by me using the term idol to call his beginning in the industry which is all true. and i never said he didn’t earn anything he had, so you can remove you annoyed pants and don’t feel so insulted over nothing. no need to rant about his career, because I’ve been following it close for years now, thank you very much.

        and yes he started as an idol, unlike most people like to think, idol is not someone who wears flashy clothes and is in a group, is mostly the age of the person in the industry and their target audience, ballad/mellow singers can be idols. seung gi debuted very young as a singer, at the age of 17, his target audience was around his age, he was an idol and that is not a bad thing or taints him in any way possible.

        fourth, you however seem to have a rather prejudicial view towards idols and believe that they don’t work for what they have or that they don’t deserve what they earn, which just shows how ignorant you are, but is not a surprise as you took my simply comment as something offensive when it wasn’t, and used very harsh words in a way to attack me and/or suzy, so i won’t reply you anymore because i clearly can notice that you are not the kind of person who enjoys facts that are not favorable to your point of view, so have a great day.

        • rawr89

          I’m not angry.

          Can’t you see the number of people disagreeing with you? Yet you still force that belief system and think we are the ones who are wrong?

          ROFL YOU’re the misguided one. Seunggi is an idol? Well i guess Sung Si Kyung is also an idol since they sing the same songs. Newsflash: age isn’t the separating factor. And do you even actually know Seunggi’s songs? “Because you’re my woman” isn’t for tweens! My goodness. Mostly the age of the person? Are you kidding me? So if a 17-year-old kid debuts with a ballad, dresses in a clean-cut suit, doesn’t colour his hair, and stands there singing and doesn’t even dance an inch, he’s considered an idol just because of he’s age? The same setup is similar to someone like Kim Bum Soo or Sung Si Kyung and yet since Seung gi was younger the other two are balladeers while Seung gi is an idol? Are you seriously saying that? And LOL at his target demographic. Please tell me why all of his fans up ’til these days are older people. Is that your definition of idol? His songs don’t appeal to tweens. Period.

          • wanne

            Eh? I think Seunggi has fans from various age groups from kiddos to grandmas and his songs do appeal to younger listener as well.

            Anyway, I don’t know what’s the real definition of idol actually. Sometimes the medias call him an idol but most of the time not. I don’t think that makes such a big deal though. He’s still someone who comes from the music field. However, people don’t really make a fuss about Seunggi being an idol when criticize his acting as he has started acting long before.

            Like some people already mention here, he began with sitcom where its normal for the casts to consist of idols/singers. And then move on to weekend dramas. By the time, he led the prime-time drama, he was already regarded as actor. Another example: Jung Eun Ji who debuted in Answer Me 1997 which is initially described as a sitcom. From there, people notice her talent and when she is casted in That Winter, The Wind Blows now, I don’t see any complain about her, especially because she will only play a secondary character. Same goes to Ham Eun Jung and UEE.

            Anyway, it’s up to the production who they want to cast. They must have their reason for casting Suzy. And if Suzy agrees to do this, I’m sure she knows the risk that comes with it. Criticism like this is to be expected and she is the one who has to endure it. Like how Seunggi has to endure when doing K2H because that drama consists of veteran actors, and some people don’t feel he deserved to act with them yet.

            All the best to everyone involved in this drama!

          • rawr89

            except that no one in Korea was heavily criticizing Seunggi in King 2 Hearts except for the international fans who don’t know much. (do international fans even know there are rock bands or reggae groups in korea? i doubt it).

            It was just the ignorance of int’l viewers when they criticized Seung gi. No one in Korea even doubted the guy.

            Meanwhile, Suzy has been getting backlash from BOTH Korea and outside Korea. Now that’s saying something.

          • red

            I also agree, sometimes there can be a very hazy line between that of an idol an that of an entertainer/artist. But basing from all the idol-making producers, like SME, JYP, they almost always require their idols to learn to sing AND dance, in addition to other things.
            LSG started out as a singer, but its just that since his debut song was such a hit that the industry treated him like an idol.

          • red

            I also agree, sometimes there can be a very hazy line between that of an idol an that of an entertainer/artist. But basing from all the idol-making producers, like SME, JYP, they almost always require their idols to learn to sing AND dance, in addition to other things.
            LSG started out as a singer, but its just that since his debut song was such a hit that the industry treated him like an idol.
            But I really couldn’t care less if LSG is an idol or a singer. The fact that he is good at what he is doing is enough for me. As for Suzy,I pray to the drama gods she surprises us in a good way.
            Honestly, Im more worried about teh script, directing, and more importantly, MBC!!!

          • wanne


            Ditto on script, directing and MBC!

            Writer – I didn’t like her recent works.

            Director – He has hit dramas under his belt but they are all with the same writer and all produced under SBS. Now suddenly he’s working with a new writer for MBC drama. Did he transfer to MBC or what?

            I think I have been affected by King of Dramas too much LOL but I can’t stop worrying about these.. Not helping that there have been no casting news other than Seunggi. Even Suzy is not confirmed yet. Aigoo…

            Maybe I worry too much. I’ll put my trust in you Seunggi… that you really see something good in the script.

    • 55.5 dy

      I just want to make clear, Seung Gi is never a idol-singer. Idol-singers are who have to audition to join some idol training company, they can sing but don’t have to be great singer, need a good looking face, something likable, and then the company will find them an image and train them, maybe there are some exceptions but rare. Seung Gi on the opposite, never has intention to be a celebrity, Lee Sun Hee, a Korean diva discovered him because he has a good voice, then she persuaded him to pursue music.
      As for actor, his first acting project is a sitcom, a supporting role, then another supporting role in a weekend drama, his acting career just like some actors out there while Suzy was the main lead in her first drama, obviously can’t compare them.
      Finally, I don’t think anyone here actually bash her, it’s true that her acting is meh and needs to improve, I’ll give her a chance as long as she’s serious in acting.

      • 55.5.1 onhersleeve

        again, another misguided information about idols, while yes, many current idols are like that, it is not a rule, or that it always worked that way, especially when the first idols barely trained, when they trained at all, they were just made and released to the world.

        heck, the way he was discovered was the way many other idols and celebrities were, in fact that is rather common in the idol world to be scouted that way. repeating the words i used many times already, seung gi debuted at 17, his target audience were the people around his age, he was an idol, maybe not in the conventional way, but he was an idol.

        and the fact that he worked his way up is great, more props to him, it gave him more opportunities to grow as an professional, but what is the problem of suzy being the lead of her first drama? it was a school drama, she was age appropriated, and many rookie actress start with main roles also, and remain mostly doing lead roles, even when they have no idol background and weren’t mind blowing gifted in their first gigs, the same happens with actors, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t work as hard as the others, or that she is less deserving, just that she had more luck with a break.

        • nomoyepo

          seung gi’s debut song is YOU’RE MY WOMAN.that song is for his nuna’s not for the girls younger than him..now you say target audience at his age..

        • dy

          Ok, so you’re idol professor, I might be wrong but why do you think your definition is right? Why do you insist Seung Gi is an idol? Anyway, this is not relate to the drama so I keep it short, IMO, Seung Gi’s 1st album is not for teen or around his age, Singer = singing ability, music; Idol = image, please fans.
          Suzy was main lead in 1st drama, I don’t care, I just to point out you shouldn’t compare those two.

  6. 56 glo

    So excited that this drama finally got a fixed broadcast date & broadcasting station.

    Lee Seung Gi + Suzy on their first sageuk? I’m totally in. For me, both are likable artists who are always improving & evolving. And they always have great chemistry with their partners.

    Suzy if given a right material can be a passable actress. But I hope this will be her breakthrough role. I really hate Mari in Big, but Suzy’s acting was pretty okay for me.

    Lee Seung Gi doing action martial arts? Can hardly wait. He mentioned on his latest message to his fans that he’s been working really hard to practice his striking techniques – and I believe his best friend, actor Lee Seo Jin has also given lots of good pointers about sageuk & sageuk tone. Judging from Seung Gi’s excitement about the script, I fully trust the scriptwriter who’s rumored to write the plot with Seung Gi in her mind. So I think this drama will based on Seung Gi’s character POV.

    Lee Seung Gi in his mane of glory? Praying hard his cody won’t ruin it for us. 😀

  7. 57 pinka

    why people only comment about who-more-better-who
    why not complain about the station broadcast? This drama will airing in MBC!!! I think this is more worrying than pairing LSG-Suzy itself

    I only watch suzy in DH, she still mediocre compare to eunjung who i think can acting better. But we can give her chance right?? Even Jung Eun Ji (Repply 1997) comes from girlband A Pink. That is her first experience and get lead role too

    • 57.1 Airyn

      Right now, I’m just thankful that a broadcaster got it. It could’ve gotten stuck in a battle for a time slot and ended up with nothing.

      Damn, “King of Dramas” is making me paranoid. LOL

      • 57.1.1 pillowhead

        haha! yep.

  8. 58 Lolas

    Heard he’s been active in the script writing too. Another great feat to his resume huhu. Wont comment on suzy, never watched any of her work but I trust seunggi n his work ethic, hopefully everything will turn out well. Fighting!

  9. 59 kfangurl

    Aw.. This sounds so cute!!

    I loved LSG in K2H & Gumiho, so I’d love to see him in this! Also, even tho Suzy isn’t a great actress, I have an inexplicable affection for her. I am in, I say! 😀

  10. 60 su

    MGY made her saeguk in her 20s with the actor who is a lot older than her( almost 20 yrs) ! And did great. So, why not suzy ?

  11. 61 meanrice

    Suzy could pull a si won and surprise the crap out of us. Si won has me in stiches in king of dramas. Uee was serviceable until she was across from joo won in ojakgyo bros., mid-way through that i felt she came into her own. I could watch her soliloquize without cringing.

    And honestly, i never watched a lsg drama until king 2 hearts, then i went back and marathoned everything he was ever in. He def improved with each drama, along with his hair.

    Can Kwang soo be in this! Ever since he called lsg country on running man, i want them to play off each other…so weeks now.

    Someone start a xanax fund for the writer.

  12. 62 samlun100

    I love Suzy and Lee Seung Gi and can’t wait to watch this drama.
    Both of them have great personality,moreover they’re fantastic singers and good in acting.
    Please don’t hate Suzy too much because “Dream High” was her first acting and she was only 16.
    She was improved a lot in “Introduction to Architecture” and “Big”.

  13. 63 kyle

    Why all the bashing on Suzy when the drama hasn’t even started yet? It’s like when the news of TK2H casting came out and everyone started bashing Seunggi for not being up to par to HJW. Give Suzy a chance to prove herself at least. It’s unfair to compare her with more seasoned actresses.

    I’m more worried about 1) the writing, 2) the fact that it’s gonna air in MBC. One can only hope for the best.

  14. 64 Webfoot

    So… Lee Seung Gi gets to play both ends of the Gumiho’s tail?


  15. 65 LSGfan


    no offense, but no one in Korea really categorizes Seunggi as an ‘idol.’ They only do that in the press and news coverage, because it’s usually a segue to other news about other ‘actor-dols.’

  16. 66 wanne

    I’m so excited I can’t seem to get away from this thread.

    and dear fellow Airens, remember how Seunggi was bashed when he was confirmed for K2H? i wouldn’t want Suzy or anyone else to get the same treatment, so please be kind with words. Besides, things more often than not happens against our expectation. Don’t regard Seunggi too high and underestimate other people (in this case Suzy) as like K2H, the situation may turn around completely from what people expected. I hope Seunggi will do even better in this drama and impress us more as well as whoever his partner will be.

    Can’t wait for more updates!

    • 66.1 leelee

      lol, I’m with you dear. It’s like K2h all over again. I’m sure we’ll all camp here till the drama airs.

  17. 67 sesr

    I think suzy has pulled off her roles so far pretty well

    it’s just that her roles were all bitchy. she is very good at acting bitchy I don’t know how she’d do in any other role though

  18. 68 Nilechoclat

    I read all comments but I will say I hope the script will be good and I hope the chemistry also will be amazing I hope to Give chance to Suzy she will try to do her best and I wish her to concentrate on doing this drama nothing beside it 😀 Enjoy all of you

  19. 69 crazykel

    I love both Seung gi and Suzy. Haters are going to hate on Suzy, but even though she is still a little green as an actress, I really enjoy her. (I even liked her as Mari until the writing in Big screwed her character).

    What I don’t like about arguments like the ones here is that they are not based on anything but pure bias. Sure, Suzy has improvements to make, but so does Seung gi. No actor or actress is a perfect actor or actress. Many famous actors and actresses with accolades are still criticized and should be.

    However, to say that Suzy is a bad actress because she is an idol or to argue about the definition of an idol to make an argument about Seung gi’s superiority is a rather ignorant use of argumentation. Also, some idol actors, even if chosen for their popularity, make memorable contributions in their first lead role.

    My jpop bias Kamenashi Kazuya, for instance, became my bias because of his acting first. I didn’t even know he was a singer when he played the character Odagiri in Gokusen 2. It wasn’t till later that I learned that he was an idol.

    All I’m saying is that anyone should be subject to critique, regardless of how few or how many dramas are under their belt.

    • 69.1 Saima

      LOVEEEEEE Kame!! Thanks to NwP and THnK I am now a fan for life. Same goes with Seung-gi after K2H!! <3

      As for this show I'm more concerned about the writer than Suzy. Hope all goes well.

      • 69.1.1 crazykel

        I hope it goes well too. The story sounds interesting so far.

        YAY, another Kame fan!!! NwP and OPG are my favorites. I actually haven’t seen THnK because I’m not a melo lover, but I will this year probably.

        • Saima

          oh, you OUGHT to watch THnK. Kame was absolutely swoon-worthy in it. The dorama may deal with star-crossed lovers but it actually isn’t unnecessarily TOO melo. 🙂

  20. 70 Maris

    I do hope Suzy does not read these comments….although mixed ones but some are so harsh they would bring any young artist down or hopefully make her respond to them by doing well in the drama.
    I am sure the director, writer and the producer takes into consideration the limitations and strengths of any artist when casting them in a particular role. After all its their reputation at stake. Suzy must fit in it best.
    If the end result is a drama worth watching does it really matter if its an actress or an idol….good acting or average….age difference…..favourite pairing…….experience in acting…….etc

  21. 71 Mystisith

    I don’t care where people cast come from honestly: World is not black or white. Some “pure” actors are bad and some idols are good at acting. Gumiho’s stories are not my favorite premises, nor sageuks. But if the story is well written, if the actors match their characters, if they have chemistry together, then it works. Will take a look at the first eps and see what I decide.

  22. 72 ae

    is this like the sequel of mgiagumiho? and the lead man is the son of daewoong & miho?
    sensya na danghahaba kc mga ckements

  23. 73 LindeB

    glad that LSG is back. Susy l’m not sure. l was never impressed with her acting. they could have gotten Yoon In_na. she’s a natural. hope this drama is going to get good ratings. l’ll keep my fingers crossed. will watch it because of LSG. he’s not a flower but he’s a good actor as far as l’m concern.

  24. 74 eternalfive

    LEE SEUNG-GIIII!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

    Ahem, just had to get that out there. Anyway…funny how I never seem to find LSG’s dramas all that interesting at first, but I end up watching and enjoying them anyway. So hopefully this will be the same, because I’m not particularly riveted by the description atm. Sounds too much like My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

  25. 75 Tishi

    YAY! I think this is the first time SeungGi will act opposite a lead that is not his Noona. I’m excited! Let’s all give them some slack and let the episodes roll in first before giving the criticisms. =)

    • 75.1 nomoyepo

      not so..HAN HYO JOO (shining inheritance)uri seung gi is older than her for just a month..

  26. 76 FerCGtz

    Ok I’m confused here, although I’ve been watching kdramas for a couple of years I admit I don’t know much about the entertaiment industry in Korea so perhaps that’s why I don’t get it but isn’t Suzy 18? As in JUST turned 18?? So to me is easy to assume that her character is someone young so why are people mentioning “better” candidates for her role in the form of actresses (that I can recognize) in their mid/late 20’s!! Even a 30 year old!!! Because to me is obvious that if the production wanted a teen they wouldn’t have been considered either (the older actreses). I get it when people say they would have wanted to see LSG with this and that actor but saying they are better for a role we don’t know about but we can presume to be a teen/young one seems odd to me. So I ask is this normal in the kdrama world? Casting someone much much older than their role? I guess is not THAT uncommon but seeing how many mentions there are I got curious if it was a common practice.

    • 76.1 crazykel

      Well, Seo In Guk is my age (25, born in 1987), but he was cast as a high schooler in Reply 1997. I’m not sure if it’s common practice though, but a lot of actors are older than they portray in many parts of the world.

      For example, Alan Rickman, who plays Professor Snape in Harry Potter is playing a man in his late 30’s when he himself is in his mid-60s.

    • 76.2 mel

      I doubt she’ll play a teen though. We don’t really know what age she’s supposed to be playing. Seunggi doesn’t exactly look older than his age so he could play younger. Make him a little younger and her a little older and it works. He’s not even close to the oldest guy she’s worked with. In BL and K2H Seunggi played characters older than he really was, so yeah it’s not uncommon to play different ages.

    • 76.3 jardeus

      because men like beautiful and young women… you can ask every men of what do they can think of suzy… aint you watching variety shows with suzy casted on it?? you wont understand if your a girl… but for men like us… suzy is like this @_@ wow..!!!!!

  27. 77 orenji

    lol it’s really amusing to read whenever discussion about suzy is involved.it’s fun to read actually, to knows what is on their minds.for me it is simple. i like seunggi and suzy individually.together i am not sure.but based on their little interaction in variety show,i think it will be fun.if u dont like it just dont watch it. it takes a lot to make a drama successful,so i’m hoping everyone from the cast to the writers to do a good job.because tbh i’m not a sageuk fan so i dont want this drama to ruin my first experience watching sageuk. 🙂

  28. 78 pinksapphire

    After reading some of the serious comments here, I feel that I am such a shallow person, because my first thought when reading this article, “Yay!LSG finally has a chance to kiss a younger girl and… an idol too…… :p” Yep, super shallow allright! 😀

    After seeing what happened at the 2012 MBC drama awards, I am not so thrilled about this being broadcast in MBC though. Anyway, All the best for the cast, writers and PDs! Pray hard that this drama gets high rating, because only then you can get any awards in MBC.

    • 78.1 PM

      Lol I’m with u on being shallow. The first thing that came across my mind is ‘man I hope that girl can kiss!! She’s so young!!” I wan a crazy hot kiss scene like TK2H!!

  29. 79 hani

    I really love Suzy!
    Suzy is my favorite actress whereas I’m an Iranian girl

  30. 80 Aki

    I just don’t get what the fuss about lee seunggi is. I don’t find him appealing at all

  31. 81 jude

    cant wait to watch Seunggi in his new drama… i don’t need to find an appealing person in order to support and watch the drama..As long as the actors can deliver the goods..

  32. 82 Elfish

    suzy and sunggi ah.. please work hard for this…

  33. 83 jardeus

    Lee seungi’s face is annoying and boring.. i dont like him at all.. and his acting is so monotonous in all of his dramas… all of his dramas will turn out so great even without him.. I mean come on… The Gu Family book? him a gumihu?… really?? more like a Frog face to me..

  34. 84 jardeus

    I see a lot of women hates suzy.. hehehe sorry ladies.. men loves suzy… i love suzy.. we hate le seungi coz his ugly face and monotonous acting…

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