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Name That Drama: Doppelgangers, blindness, ballerinas
by | January 5, 2013 | 145 Comments

Our first Name That Drama entry was pretty popular and prompted a bunch of new requests, so we’ve got a couple more head-scratchers for you to solve today!

I’ve got a few guesses myself, but always find myself stumped by that ONE detail that doesn’t really fit. So take your crack at ’em:

Luna writes:

So there’s the drama that I saw a short teaser trailer on and really want to watch it but can’t find it anywhere and it’s Korean. Here’s the bits I remember,

  • main guy and main girl love each other
  • main girl suddenly disappears and main guy goes crazy
  • main girl comes back but it isn’t main girl (looks similar to her) and this girl and main guy fall in love
  • the REAL main girl comes back and then main guy goes WTF because there are two girls that look alike except the main girl is in a wheelchair

That’s all I know and I’ve been searching for the show up and down for years.

Jess says:

I just saw the thread on “Name That Drama: High school rebels and tragic love” and I am in desperate need of help as well!

I was hoping you or someone will be able to help me out! The drama (Korean) was probably from the mid to late 1990s. I don’t remember much about it, I just remember that snow and/or winter played a big part in it. The leading actress eventually turns blind (don’t remember how!)… or maybe she was already blind?

It’s not Winter Sonata or Sad Love Story. The drama was much older! Thanks!

Kelly’s looking for a slightly newer show:

About 6-8 years ago, I watched a Korean drama about a woman who might have had a kid. She kept going to a fancy hotel. Perhaps she worked there?

There were two love interests. The second lead worked or owned the hotel. The leading man was older and had a heart condition and had heart surgery.

One of the lines that I semi remember were these.
Second lead: If we are both alike and have the same heart. Why did you choose him?
Girl: Because he has a heart that needs me.

It was one of my first dramas before I hit my teens. I can’t remember much but maybe you may know. I greatly appreciate if you find it out with my little bit of info!

Ahn’s white whale:

First, I wanted to say what a great idea this is. I have been thinking about this drama for a long time now and I tried looking it up on the internet but no luck. Hopefully someone out there will know the name of it. Here’s some things I remember for sure about the drama:

  • The drama is centered around a pretty affluent family with 2 sisters. The older sister is driven/talented/perfect and obviously the more loved one in the family. She’s a professional ballerina. She has a fiancé.
  • The younger sister has poor grades and low motivation and is in love with her older sister’s fiance.
  • The older sister gets into a car accident where her leg has to be amputated. She can never dance ballet again.
  • The fiancé starts to learn towards the younger sister who feels guilty about her sister’s accident (I think she might had something to do with it indirectly) and also about her life improving while her sister suffers. She meets a guy (when she’s on cliff about to commit suicide out of guilt) who is wealthy and they get married. When they get married they are not in love but as the marriage continues, they fall in love.

I don’t remember what happens in the end. I watched the drama when I was pretty young. It was probably late 90’s to early 00’s. Thanks!


145 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. rainbow

    all the dramas sound interesting but can’t help in either one of them…..

    • 1.1 Arhazivory

      Yeah…they really sound interesting especially the first and last one.

    • 1.2 bimbobunny

      Likewise; I really like the sound of the first drama though. The twist just sounds super amazing ^^

  2. Meh

    Al these drama sound interesting I would love to know the drama names as well! This is such a great idea!!

  3. Bear99

    All drama sound very makjang and anchient so I cannot help sorry.

  4. yurika

    i think i know about the last drama (ahn white whale’s)..
    i think it’s not korean drama but chinese drama adapted from Qiong yao novel. it’s called “dream behind curtain” strarring vivien chen. it was made at 1996..there’s an article about the drama : http://www.spcnet.tv/Taiwanese-TV-Series/Dream-Behind-the-Curtain-review-r555.html

    and here’s the song of the drama http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s3B58sHQ1Y

    i hope it helps

    (sorry for my broken english)

    • 4.1 sam

      I agree with your guess.That is what i have in mind too.

    • 4.2 QQ

      I agree with you. I’ve watched it when i was little. I think the other title is called “Romantic Dream”

    • 4.3 houstontwin

      Your English is very good. I wish that I wrote as well as you in my second and third languages.

    • 4.4 Shado

      you could be right. i remember watching a drama very similar to what Ahn described when my family was over at my grandmother’s house for the holidays when i was much younger.

      and that drama was definitely not korean.

    • 4.5 Aiguebelle

      Agree. Besides the 1996 version, they also remade it more recently in around 2007. The 2007 one is called “dreamslink” (一帘幽梦). Same storyline, but minor differences; for eg dreamslink was set in Provence whilst the 1996 one was set in Paris.

    • 4.6 WM

      I’m begging, can someone tell me where I can watch Dream Behind the Curtain, aka Dreams Link, with English subtitles? Dramacrazy and Viki links are broken, and everyone seems to link to those two. I’ve even tried to find it for purchase, but I can’t. Can someone please point me in a direction so I can watch this drama? It sounds so darn interesting! Thank you!

      • 4.6.1 inxomnia

        What language do you speak? Just asking, because if you’re able to watch dubbed shows, it opens up a lot of other doors.

        • WM

          English. I wish I spoke Mandarin at least, but it’s a very slow processes learning it. * sigh * Maybe one day soon. I’m still looking for this show, and it’s driving me a little crazy because I just can’t find it anywhere. At least not the original.

    • 4.7 Tanamera

      You are right ! Taiwanese dramas were the rage before Korean ones appear on the scene. “Dream behind Curtain” was a must-see for incur able romantics like me. Cheers

  5. Blue Lily

    The last one sounds very much alike a Taiwanese/Chinese drama called “Dreams Link” (又见一帘幽梦). It’s written by Qiong Yao, a famous romantic writer back in 1990s (and somewhat less popular now). It’s been remade several times so there are different versions of it, I think.

    • 5.1 Rin

      ahh Qiong Yao. I remember watching a bunch of her drama in elementary school. Plum Flower Trilogy, Romance in the Rain and my fav Princess Returning Pearl. She’s edy 75 though.Maybe she doesnt write anymore.

  6. Kit

    @jess: does this drama perhaps involve the two male leads and female lead having been best friends since they were kids, and the third wheel was the one that remained with her only for her to be stolen away when the other guy came back after mysteriously leaving? I swear the title had something to do with a glass rose and the girl died.

    • 6.1 Jess

      I’m still not quite certain! Do you have the title of the drama you’re talking about? If so, I’ll look it up and when I see the characters, I’ll definitely know if it’s right or not!

  7. Az

    The 2nd one is it Stairways to Heaven???

    • 7.1 LadyStatr

      This is my guess too.

    • 7.2 Majdal_shams

      wasn’t stairway to heaven released in early 2000s though?

    • 7.3 Kandiboo

      sounds awfully like Stairway to Heaven too

    • 7.4 Jess

      Nope. I definitely know Stairway to Heaven and that’s not it.

      • 7.4.1 Ester

        I think you are speaking of snowflakes or noon ggot? (눈꽃)….the girls a chef and it was set in winter and she goes blind because she has a sickness. It has a happy ending tho! I loved this drama~ it was on in 2000. i hope this is what you are talking about. 🙂

    • 7.5 hadiatul

      me too

  8. Lala

    The first thing that came to my mind for Jess’ drama is a Taiwanese drama called Snow Angel.

    Sorry, no help 🙁

    • 8.1 Jaykah

      Yep i thought the same thing. Snow Angel, not a bad drama too 🙂

  9. LadyK

    @Kelly: It is Mr. Goodbye.

    • 9.1 cheekbones

      That’s my first thought. With Ahn Jae-wook.

    • 9.2 Kelly

      You don’t know how excited I am! Thanks so much LadyK!!

    • 9.3 flowing

      I am also positive it is Mr. GoodBye by Ahn Jae Wook and Lee Bo Young. I still remember the last episode that made me cry a bucket.

    • 9.4 pipit

      Are you sure it’s Mr. Goodbye? Because the lady who has a kid is not the leading lady. Although it’s true that Ahn Jae Wook who is the male lead has a heart problem and that the kid is his. Sorry for the spoilers.

  10. 10 AkosiRhenz

    @Luna, I think its a Taiwan Drama where the main girl is Gui Gui. They are twins and basically she got incurable illness so she let her twins pretend she is the other one. Summertime idk. HAHAHA.

  11. 11 Nooni

    wow the last one looks great!!! i wish i had known any of those drama but I’ve started to watch k-D at 2008 🙁

  12. 12 nabithoj

    The drama sounds like it is “Snowflakes”. The leading lady is a chef and slowly going blind because of a disease. The main guy is the owner of the restaurant and a playboy and eventually they fall in love. The male second lead is played by Park Yong Ha (T_T) who is the only person whose name I remember.

    I’m not sure if this is the drama you’re talking about ’cause your descriptions are so general..lol..but here’s a clip to the OST and you can check to see if it’s the one you’re looking for.

    • 12.1 Sunshine

      For some odd reason Snowflakes hit me too! Glad you gave the link to the song, I’ve been looking for it once I thought of the series again.

    • 12.2 Jess

      And the best detective award goes to YOU! YOU are amazing! THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!….. Now I just need to find the full drama with English subs!

  13. 13 kathy

    lady k it is Mr. goodbye and you can get
    the series at this website,,starring Ahn Jae Wok


    • 13.1 Dodo

      Yes I think it is Mr. goodbye too!

  14. 14 Anjo


    Perhaps the girl had a friend? And they were living in an apartment together? and the girl and her friend both worked as waitresses?

    • 14.1 Jess

      YES YES! I think! I do remember that she had a roommate!!!! PLEASE more details!!!!

  15. 15 Eun

    Dramabeans now is like a variety show with segments popping up that clicks! Kudos! chukahae! XD

    Btw, I can’t help with the dramas. Mianhe.

  16. 16 Aurore

    I think the 2nd one (Jess’s) is “stairway to heaven” with choi ji woo .
    And the 2nd one I would say “Tree of Heaven” with Park shin hye. THis is the first drama I watched and the snow/heart/hotel thinks reminds me of this one!
    Hope this helped!!! 🙂

    • 16.1 Aurore

      For tree of heaven it was the 3rd one (Kelly’s) I meant. (sorry!)

      • 16.1.1 Emily

        I don’t think Kelly’s drama is Tree of Heaven. I don’t remember anyone in that drama having a heart surgery, only at the end (I think, it’s been a while).

        • two-decades-old

          It wasn’t heart surgery. At the end, the two leads (Park Shin Hye and Lee Wan) got into a car accident and they went through surgery. The male lead died but I don’t remember anyone having a heart condition.

          • solangelvp

            Actually by the end of tree of heaven there is a heart surgery cuz the main female lead was injured during an accident and the main male lead sacrificed so she would survive with his heart

  17. 17 Lady Seoul

    This is random, but can someone help me fine a Japanese MV. Lol. I remember the girl always had an umbrella above her as she keeps walking and their were many umbrellas and no one was holding it it was just above her head. The ending was her closing a book I think. It was very abstract, but it dealt with seeing the sun again I believe…lol.

  18. 18 Jules

    The drama Kelly’s looking for sounds like it could be Only You (starring Han Chae-young, Jo Hyun-jae, Lee Chun-hee etc.).

    • 18.1 Azerjaban

      Urrgghh I hope not- the leading lady was chef in that one right?

      All I remember was it was sooooooo boring

  19. 19 kathy

    I think the 2nd one is snow queen.

    • 19.1 mandelbrotr

      I was thinking that but the tragedy in Snow Queen is cancer/death not blindness. Then there is the Mathematics and Boxing. Binny!

      • 19.1.1 shel

        Yes, Snow Queen was cancer.

  20. 20 nabithoj

    Ah yes…waitress not chef. She wants to become a chef.


  21. 21 ck1Oz

    Oh boy everyone single ones sounds new. Even the plots sounds new.
    And all of you who can even throw out names are awesome 🙂

    • 21.1 kakashi

      agreed. those are the true masters of KDrama!

  22. 22 city

    not sure about the rest but i think kelly’s drama is my love pattzi. it starred by nara jang and rae won and jae won (both kim) ^^

    • 22.1 bernie

      My Love Patzzi, the lead actress didn’t have a kid (no one did). And there was no hotel, just an amusement park that they worked at.

  23. 23 shepo

    so,,i think a lot of people get mix korean drama with taiwan drama..

    actuallly,,me too,,

    i can’t really tell a drama is korean or taiwanese whe i was kid until my early teen years. because,, it got dubbed in my native language..

  24. 24 Chocopie

    I’m pretty sure the second one is Stairway to Heaven! ~ ^^ I watched it when i was tiiiiny. Like seven years old.

    • 24.1 S a r a h

      The one starring Choi Ji Woo, with Kim Tae Hee as the evil bitch step-sister?

    • 24.2 Jess

      Nope, definitely not Stairway to Heaven! The drama I’m talking about was from the 90s.

  25. 25 winna

    I am positive that what Kelly is looking for is Hotelier, back in the 90s or early 2000 I think, with Bae Young Joon, Song Yoon Ah, and Kim Seung Woo. The leading lady did not have a child, but she worked in that hotel. Kim played her colleague. Bae played an investor looking to buy that hotel.

    The line that was exchanged between the characters (Kim’s and Song’s) is what tips me off 🙂 hope that’s the correct drama.

  26. 26 WhiteBirch

    I know Jess’s drama sounds like “Stairway to heaven,” but if the drama aired in mid to late 90s, then it might not be Stairway, since that was 2003 or 2004ish. The kdrama Jess is looking for might be “세상끝까지.” Which gets translated as “Forever yours” or “To the end of the world” depending on the english website. This was a Kim heesun drama from the late 90s where she goes blind, and then her boyfriend, (Ryu Shi won) who was dying of some terminal illness, donates his eyes to her before he dies. Something like that. I hope this helps.

    • 26.1 BellaMafia

      whoaaa.. I’ve never heard that drama, but it sounds like a melodrama with extra bucket of tears. The good old days, where k-dramas full of tears, well.. basically too many makjang dramas back then…

    • 26.2 ck1Oz

      And you watched it?
      Props to you.

    • 26.3 Elizabeth

      wow, sounds like a major weepie to me!!

      • 26.3.1 WhiteBirch

        Yea, it was super weepy. I didn’t understand a lot of the character motivations; I think 11 was too young to really get why these people were acting so melodramatic. Retrospectively, this is one of those typical late 90s melodramas, but I remember it was very popular at the time. A lot of my friends and unnis at the time saw it.

    • 26.4 Jess

      Thanks for helping! But the drama I’m talking definitely did not have Kim Hee Sun in it.

  27. 27 AnitaLotti

    As to Kelly’s drama, don’t you think that “Holelier” fits the bill? Here is the link to dramawiki with a description:

  28. 28 Un

    @Luna: the drama is 100% Senorita. I am pretty sure of that.

    • 28.1 womangos

      At first i thought so too, but the main guy and girl weren’t in love before she disappeared? And she didn’t come back on a wheelchair

      • 28.1.1 fishy2love

        100% Senorita was the first drama that came into my mind too but I do remember that the real main girl didn’t come back on a wheelchair, I think she had amnesia when she came back.

  29. 29 Un

    @Ahn. The drama you are referring to is Dream Link. It is a taiwanese drama. I watched it three times already.

  30. 30 womangos

    @Luna: I think the drama might be Half a Fairy Tale. It’s a 2012 taiwanese drama, but it stars Lee Joon Hyuk from city hunter so maybe that’s why you might’ve thought it was Korean. The story line matches it pretty well. Here’s a wiki link: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Tong_Hua_Er_Fen_Zhi_Yi

    • 30.1 womangos

      okay never mind you said you were searching for years…maybe this is a remake haha

  31. 31 Ahn

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys were right…it wasn’t a Korean drama but a Taiwanese one -_-;; I was so young when I watched it that I guess I mixed the two up. Anyway, it was Dream Link. So thanks again, everyone!

    • 31.1 kdramaniac

      I want to watch this drama after looking into it further but most of the videos are not eng subbed. Luckily Dramafever is planning to upload Dream Link, but it’s not available for viewing yet.

  32. 32 whatis

    I LOVE this! This is like collective detective work… sadly, I can’t help. But really, this is one of those times that I read ALL the comments!

  33. 33 Luna

    Thanks for everyone’s help. However in pretty sure it isn’t Summerfever with GUI GUI abd 100 Percent Seniorita because I watch both. The quality of the show I said was older. Thanks for helping though.:)

  34. 34 Linda

    I can’t seem to remember this drama that I watched almost around ten years ago with my mom. I’m pretty sure it was a chinese drama. The story focused on three sisters and their relationships. I remember the eldest sister lost her child when he was a baby and years later found him again and disrupted her ex-husband’s wedding to go get him. The child had a accent from growing up in the country side and was rebellious. I don’t really remember the second and youngest sisters but I think one of them fell in love with a hippy-ish guy with a speaking problem or something. I’ve been looking for this drama for a long time but I don’t remember the name. Also, the ost for the drama was “The most romantic affair” by Zhao Yong Hua. If anyone can find it, please reply!

    • 34.1 Gennizhu

      I think it’s Romantic Affairs (浪漫的事). I remember watching a bit of it a few years back on CCTV with my parents. See pic at http://www.yesasia.com/us/romantic-affairs-vol-1-20-china-version/1003214693-0-0-0-en/info.html. I loved the opening song, too, and tried to find somewhere to watch the full series online. Didn’t have any luck at the time, but maybe someone else here can help. Anyway, that was before my inexorable foray into the bottomless dungeon (in the best sense, of course) of kdramas.

      • 34.1.1 Linda

        OMG thank you so much! It was this drama! I’m going to look around for it and I’ll link it if I can find it but I doubt I’ll have any luck. LOL, I know what you mean, kdramas will be the death of me but I’m not complaining.

  35. 35 llei

    the last one sounded like a chinese drama called Dreams Link http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Dreams_Link

    though I’M not sure if there is a korean drama with similiar plotline.

  36. 36 Hanneli

    Is the first one “Mina” (2001)?

    The plot sounds kinda similar except for the part where the main girl is on wheelchairs. I watched this too long ago so I do not really remember the details but the main plot is kinda similar ?


    • 36.1 Lilian

      Oh wow! That was my guess too….when I first watched this drama, I was like wth??? haha….the plot is a little too unbelievable for me!

    • 36.2 Sunshine

      did the girl really end up in wheelchair? i remember watching a bit of that series because the girl looks a lot like my cousin but i never got the end.

  37. 37 Fia

    I’m sorry to not be able to give any input in these posts, what with my limited knowledge of dramas. But, I can’t help but lol at how each one of the guess whats can have multiple possibilities and most are interchangeable. Yet, i’m probably going to look eah one of them up and try watching them, cuz they all see equally crack worthy. Oh me.

  38. 38 Emily

    I have my own ‘let’s crack the drama’, except it’s going to be a Wuxia drama. And I don’t remember much of it since I watched it nearly a decade+ ago?

    All I remember of it that this lady really loved this guy but the guy betrayed or something and she was so heartbroken and mad that her hair turned white (all white!) overnight and she wasn’t the same person after the guy next saw her. (And so then I was under the impression that if I was really sad/mad, all of my hair would turn white.)

    Sorry I’m not much help. My family doesn’t remember the title either…

  39. 39 Waca

    Woah! These “Name that drama” entries are a very good idea! Sadly I can’t help because I’m new to dramas… 🙁

    It’s very funny to read everybody’s answers, because really all these dramas have a lot of similitaries! It makes me think of the Guess Who game! 😀 Go guys! You rock!

  40. 40 kimchi

    the second one is definetely strairway to heaven (천국의 계단)

    • 40.1 Jess

      No, it’s not. I’ve seen Stairway to Heaven. The drama I’m talking about was much older.

  41. 41 z

    The one about the hotel and the guy with a heart condition is Mr. Goodbye.

    • 41.1 hisagi s

      i think it’s not Mr Goodbye.Yes Ahn jae wook character had a heart surgery and he is hotel CEO but there was no line If we are both alike and
      have the same heart. Why did you
      choose him?
      Girl: Because he has a heart that
      needs me.

      sorry if my english not good

      • 41.1.1 Z

        I think I remember that line from Mr. Goodbye. Between her and the second lead guy who was Head Concierge. And there is a kid in that show two. But he’s not her kid he’s the mail lead’s son who he never knew about. The second female was a doctor who had herself impregnated with a sperm sample he donated for money. Mr. Goodbye is the first (and only) melodrama I’ve ever watched so that’s why it sticks out so clearly in my mind.

        • Z

          Oh wow, so many typos in my post. My apologies. I promise you, English is my first language and I’m usually very good at it.

      • 41.1.2 nakai

        I remember something to those lines towards the end of the drama.

  42. 42 Almontel

    great guessing game…
    sadly I only know later dramas so can’t help…

    although I’ve seen Stairway to Heaven and may be the answer to the Jess’ question…hmmmm…

  43. 43 Kim

    For Jess, I think the drama is Stairway to Heaven with Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo. The rest I don’t know sorry.

  44. 44 Carol

    @LUNA I have not watched the drama but, I think could be
    Temptation of Wife… ?!

  45. 45 goldeng

    all those dramas sound so sad :'((( im currently watching Stairway to Heaven im in ep. 3 -i can barely watch it so SAD- and i think thats the name of the second one…!

  46. 46 KoDFighting

    I’m afraid I have no input for helping to solve the mystery dramas. 🙁 But, I hope I can ask a question of my own. ^^; There was this drama that I watched back in the early 2000’s, somewhere between 2000-2005. I don’t remember much except that there was a scene where the main guy is sitting at a playground at night and he looks up at the moon and sees the main girl’s face on it. He’s very startled by this vision and it’s quite comic. XD If I’m not being confused with another drama, at the end of the series, he marries her and you see them walking along with babies strapped to their backs.

    • 46.1 KoDFighting

      Ooops. I meant “somewhere between 2003-2005” ^^

      • 46.1.1 BellaMafia

        hmm.. is it Sweet 18 (lee dong gun and han ji hye)?

  47. 47 dontknow

    my guess for the 2nd one is Snow Queen

  48. 48 ss

    oh man, now we’re including twn dramas too? the list is endless!

    after getting the name for the dramas right, we need to find the subbed version of it next. and its even harder:/

  49. 49 Noemi

    Title: 미스터 굿바이 / Mister Goodbye
    Alternate Titles: 야수와 마녀 / Wild Beast and the Witch / The Beast and the Witch
    Genre: Romantic comedy
    Episodes: 16
    Broadcast network: KBS2
    Broadcast period: 2006-May-22 to 2006-Jul-18
    Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


    Yoon Hyun Suh (Ahn Jae Wook) is an adoptee who grows up in the United States. He becomes successful as a top manager of a hotel chain. He is assigned to do business in Korea. He falls in love with Choi Young In (Lee Bo Young), a sassy concierge from the hotel he is assigned to. There is trouble still looming because Kang Soo Jin (Oh Yoon Ah) who is Hyun Suh’s best friend’s ex-wife comes back with vengeance in mind. The three become entagled in this love triangle. d addicts.

    • 49.1 Kelly

      Thanks! ^^

    • 49.2 Z

      This is SOOOOO not a romantic comedy. It’s MELO all the way. I watched this early in my K-addiction when I thought that all dramas were meant to be romcom. I watched all 16 episodes waiting for the Cute and the Funny to arrive. Turns out they missed this crazy train… either that or the Creepy and the Depressing beat them up and stole their tickets.

  50. 50 Val

    For Jess’s drama, she might be talking about Snowflakes (2000)

    • 50.1 Jess


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