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Name That Drama: Doppelgangers, blindness, ballerinas
by | January 5, 2013 | 143 Comments

Our first Name That Drama entry was pretty popular and prompted a bunch of new requests, so we’ve got a couple more head-scratchers for you to solve today!

I’ve got a few guesses myself, but always find myself stumped by that ONE detail that doesn’t really fit. So take your crack at ’em:

Luna writes:

So there’s the drama that I saw a short teaser trailer on and really want to watch it but can’t find it anywhere and it’s Korean. Here’s the bits I remember,

  • main guy and main girl love each other
  • main girl suddenly disappears and main guy goes crazy
  • main girl comes back but it isn’t main girl (looks similar to her) and this girl and main guy fall in love
  • the REAL main girl comes back and then main guy goes WTF because there are two girls that look alike except the main girl is in a wheelchair

That’s all I know and I’ve been searching for the show up and down for years.

Jess says:

I just saw the thread on “Name That Drama: High school rebels and tragic love” and I am in desperate need of help as well!

I was hoping you or someone will be able to help me out! The drama (Korean) was probably from the mid to late 1990s. I don’t remember much about it, I just remember that snow and/or winter played a big part in it. The leading actress eventually turns blind (don’t remember how!)… or maybe she was already blind?

It’s not Winter Sonata or Sad Love Story. The drama was much older! Thanks!

Kelly’s looking for a slightly newer show:

About 6-8 years ago, I watched a Korean drama about a woman who might have had a kid. She kept going to a fancy hotel. Perhaps she worked there?

There were two love interests. The second lead worked or owned the hotel. The leading man was older and had a heart condition and had heart surgery.

One of the lines that I semi remember were these.
Second lead: If we are both alike and have the same heart. Why did you choose him?
Girl: Because he has a heart that needs me.

It was one of my first dramas before I hit my teens. I can’t remember much but maybe you may know. I greatly appreciate if you find it out with my little bit of info!

Ahn’s white whale:

First, I wanted to say what a great idea this is. I have been thinking about this drama for a long time now and I tried looking it up on the internet but no luck. Hopefully someone out there will know the name of it. Here’s some things I remember for sure about the drama:

  • The drama is centered around a pretty affluent family with 2 sisters. The older sister is driven/talented/perfect and obviously the more loved one in the family. She’s a professional ballerina. She has a fiancé.
  • The younger sister has poor grades and low motivation and is in love with her older sister’s fiance.
  • The older sister gets into a car accident where her leg has to be amputated. She can never dance ballet again.
  • The fiancé starts to learn towards the younger sister who feels guilty about her sister’s accident (I think she might had something to do with it indirectly) and also about her life improving while her sister suffers. She meets a guy (when she’s on cliff about to commit suicide out of guilt) who is wealthy and they get married. When they get married they are not in love but as the marriage continues, they fall in love.

I don’t remember what happens in the end. I watched the drama when I was pretty young. It was probably late 90’s to early 00’s. Thanks!


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