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Name That Drama: Doppelgangers, blindness, ballerinas
by | January 5, 2013 | 145 Comments

Our first Name That Drama entry was pretty popular and prompted a bunch of new requests, so we’ve got a couple more head-scratchers for you to solve today!

I’ve got a few guesses myself, but always find myself stumped by that ONE detail that doesn’t really fit. So take your crack at ’em:

Luna writes:

So there’s the drama that I saw a short teaser trailer on and really want to watch it but can’t find it anywhere and it’s Korean. Here’s the bits I remember,

  • main guy and main girl love each other
  • main girl suddenly disappears and main guy goes crazy
  • main girl comes back but it isn’t main girl (looks similar to her) and this girl and main guy fall in love
  • the REAL main girl comes back and then main guy goes WTF because there are two girls that look alike except the main girl is in a wheelchair

That’s all I know and I’ve been searching for the show up and down for years.

Jess says:

I just saw the thread on “Name That Drama: High school rebels and tragic love” and I am in desperate need of help as well!

I was hoping you or someone will be able to help me out! The drama (Korean) was probably from the mid to late 1990s. I don’t remember much about it, I just remember that snow and/or winter played a big part in it. The leading actress eventually turns blind (don’t remember how!)… or maybe she was already blind?

It’s not Winter Sonata or Sad Love Story. The drama was much older! Thanks!

Kelly’s looking for a slightly newer show:

About 6-8 years ago, I watched a Korean drama about a woman who might have had a kid. She kept going to a fancy hotel. Perhaps she worked there?

There were two love interests. The second lead worked or owned the hotel. The leading man was older and had a heart condition and had heart surgery.

One of the lines that I semi remember were these.
Second lead: If we are both alike and have the same heart. Why did you choose him?
Girl: Because he has a heart that needs me.

It was one of my first dramas before I hit my teens. I can’t remember much but maybe you may know. I greatly appreciate if you find it out with my little bit of info!

Ahn’s white whale:

First, I wanted to say what a great idea this is. I have been thinking about this drama for a long time now and I tried looking it up on the internet but no luck. Hopefully someone out there will know the name of it. Here’s some things I remember for sure about the drama:

  • The drama is centered around a pretty affluent family with 2 sisters. The older sister is driven/talented/perfect and obviously the more loved one in the family. She’s a professional ballerina. She has a fiancé.
  • The younger sister has poor grades and low motivation and is in love with her older sister’s fiance.
  • The older sister gets into a car accident where her leg has to be amputated. She can never dance ballet again.
  • The fiancé starts to learn towards the younger sister who feels guilty about her sister’s accident (I think she might had something to do with it indirectly) and also about her life improving while her sister suffers. She meets a guy (when she’s on cliff about to commit suicide out of guilt) who is wealthy and they get married. When they get married they are not in love but as the marriage continues, they fall in love.

I don’t remember what happens in the end. I watched the drama when I was pretty young. It was probably late 90’s to early 00’s. Thanks!


145 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 51 hottestjen

    yeah i only know the second one @Jess, which is called snowflakes. I def remember that one well, the rest is a mystery.

  2. 52 Grace

    to Kelly, it’s surely Mr. Goodbye. one of my favorite drama tho

  3. 53 aDdictedMe

    This is totally random. Ive been looking for a drama, im not sure if it is korean cause i think i was 8 that time. but i remember a girl and a boy are in love. but the girl has an ex which plot an evil plan to make the girl leaves the boy. The ex gives a drink i think to the boy and his friend which happen t be a girl. then the ex enter the boy house using a key he stole from the girl. The girl enter the house and saw him sleeping with his friend and she run off. then later in the drama i remember they were taking wedding picture with a picnic theme i think… the girl was coughing (she was sick) and blood was on her gloves.. she hide her hand from the boy. i think she died in the endd. but im not sure cause i dont remember. Does anyone know this drama even just guesses pls help me im desprate… hahaha

  4. 54 nasus

    me too.. i’ve been looking for this drama which i watched sometime around 10 years ago/ not really sure whether it was Chinese or Korean as it was dubbed in my native language.

    as far as I can remember the story centered on this family of five siblings who were so poor that their mother decided to give them away, each to a different family, except the eldest since he was born idiot. but years later he searched for all of his siblings with the aim of reuniting the family. it was a long journey finding them, each of the siblings had their own stories of live (which was super interesting). well, some (or all?) of them were already very successful and some had their reasons so they didn’t really care about their past and were actually ashamed of the idiot brother. the eldest struggled very hard to reunite his family.

    the story was very touching, i really want to know the title, please help… in case anyone has watched this before.. thanks!

    • 54.1 crashbabe

      Hi Nasus,

      Yours sound like an old japanese drama “hitotsu yane no shita” starring eguchi yosuke:)

      hope it helps!

      • 54.1.1 crashbabe

        then again maybe it’s not since the brother wasn’t an idiot:P

    • 54.2 djes

      hmm, Happy Together (1999) : http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Happy_Together ?

      I watched this long time ago but I’m quite sure the eldest brother wasn’t idiot / mentally challenged.

      • 54.2.1 djes

        ahhh, I didn’t see someone had replied it correctly. 😀

      • 54.2.2 d

        omg. this drama!~ i’ve watched it but dont remmber the title!~ tq!

  5. 55 Elizabeth

    this is the first post that I read every reply after the article! Really fun and interesting!

  6. 56 cha

    it could be “sad love song” with kwon sang woo…the lead female was blind in the beginning

  7. 57 Suzan

    @Luna I think its actually a movie, my mom watched it years a go, but sadly none of us can remember the name of it. But I am pretty dang sure its a movie and not a drama 🙂

  8. 58 Elysium


    That sounds like a Japanese drama called Hitotsu Yane no Shita (Under One Roof) only the eldest brother was an ex marathon runner instead

    • 58.1 nasus

      thanks, Elysium.. that’s pretty close (the plot sounds so close that it is like a Japanese version of it,wow i didn’t know that), but not exactly what I was looking for. thanks anyway…

  9. 59 rheina07

    oh my God !

    standing applause to all of you Kdrama-detectives !!!

    I remembered the last time I read this post and there was only 3 comments there and now, there are more than 100 comments !!

    DAEBAKK! <3

  10. 60 JW

    @ Nasus

    Could it be the Hong Kong drama “Fei Mao”?
    I think the English name for that is Forrest Cat
    Where the eldest brother speaks in a funny way and shrugs his shoulders when he speaks.

    • 60.1 nasus

      THAT”S ITTT!!!! Fei Mao, oh yeahhh.. it’s the brother’s name. Thanks so much JW. I’ve been looking this for quite some time. This was one of the first Asian dramas I watched. As a child, I laughed and cried watching it together with my mom. Thanks for your help.

    • 60.2 d

      aaah i watch it too~ in cantonese.
      fei mao 1, fei mao 2

      =) omg i was like 8 9 y.o dat time?


  11. 61 Mali

    Kelly’s is Mr.Goodbye I believe. Oddly enough it was also my first K-drama. Park Bo Youngs character worked at the hotel, and the lead man ended being the owner or something. There was a kid involved and I male lead had a serious heart condition!

  12. 62 wunderbar

    I wonder if the correct answers, once they’re found, could be posted somewhere? 🙂 It will definitely help those who don’t wish to go through every comment. Plus, people can channel their effort to help finding the answers for the other “puzles” that haven’t been solved.

    Like for the second scenario, I saw at Comment#12, that Jess has acknowledged that “Snowflakes” was what she was looking for.

    The answers could be on a different webpage, or perhaps put them in white font, like what some people do for spoilers, and for those who are interested to read, they just highlight the space to reveal the answers… Just a suggestion 🙂

  13. 63 Miaa

    Luna’s drama might possibly be the taiwanese drama 100% Senorita with Chen Qiao En. I remember the plot was simliar to the one described, it had two twin sisters and a chaebol heir who mistook one for the other after they had their faces changes or something. If anyone else can confirm it, that’d be great.:)

    • 63.1 Miaa

      Oo, I just re-read the question, and Luna said its a korean drama. Not sure then. But the plots do sound insanely similar.

  14. 64 Kimmi

    so kelly is “Mr Goodbye”
    and jess is “snowflakes”

    has anyone figure out luna yet? just curious =]

  15. 65 lupita311

    Ok second drama is snowflakes 2000 and it was on kbs and yes it is filmed in the winter and she goes to her dad’s hotel to practice how walk blind she doesn’t go blind completely she just looses some of her sight the ending is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen you can watch it on youtube if it is the one you want, the odd thing it is the second lead from winter sonata…
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLgIHDJ6xss check it out if it is the one you need…

    Kelly’s the one you want I am sure of it is Mr Goodbye and it is with one of my favorite korean actresses and it is a wonderful drama before when we had mysoju you could watch it now it is hard I checked it out of my public library here in NY they still have it…
    there are some episodes on youtube
    Check if it is the one you want…
    the first one and last one I know which one it is I just have to remember exactly since I have watched more than 200 dramas and I memorize most of them so I have to remember… I’ll be back let me know if it is what you were looking for…

  16. 66 Sue

    Luna I think it is Wife Returns!

  17. 67 sakurarie

    I never know this website exist..hopefully someone can help me..i’m looking for chinese drama wuxia
    I think the characters that i remember is not the main lead.a guy that lost his memories and become a servant to girl. The girl and her father/ grandfather save his life.if i’m not mistaken the father/grandfather is a doctor. When the father/grandfather died, they go to city to try to trackdown the guy existance/memories..actually the guy is the king of their country’s enemy..when he remember his memories, he had a war with their country..the girl follow the guy..i think they already become husband and wife at that time so the girl have no choice. The guy become insane when the girl died during the war..he keep calling her as ‘miss’ like during the lost memories..

    Sorry if my english hard to understand n i’m posting to wrong page..hope someone can help me

  18. 68 333

    2nd one is it that wind, the winter blows?

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