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News bites: January 4, 2013
by | January 4, 2013 | 122 Comments

This could practically be News Bites: The ♥Romance♥ Edition, with all the star hooking up and breaking up we’ve had lately. Seriously, is something in the water over there in Yeoeuido? Or did all the celebs decide to out themselves while people’s attentions were diverted with all the other star romances, thinking they could avoid a bigger hullaballoo down the line? Quick, bury the lede! Preferably while they’re still preoccupied with Rain!

Let’s take a look at all the love in the air from the past week:

  • First, gossip leaked over the weekend about a possible dating relationship between Park Ha-sun (High Kick 3) and Ryu Deok-hwan (King Gongmin from Faith)… which seems like kind of an offbeat pairing, no? Both sides leapt into damage control mode and issued denials, saying they were “just friends.” (They worked together last year filming the movie The World’s Saddest Goodbye—playing siblings, ha. Go to town with that, gossip network.) [Source: Star News]
  • …and so they did. Especially when, the next thing you know, up crops a photo of the two frolicking poolside at a Singapore hotel, looking suspiciously cozy. And all the netizens went, “Is this what just friends do, hmmm?” *arched eyebrow* [Source: Newsway]
  • Then, a huge shocker: Rain and Kim Tae-hee, a couple? Rumors broke out after a photo was taken of them wearing masks, sneaking around on a supposed date. Speculation flew around in a confused frenzy. Was this really a date? Was it misunderstanding? Were we witnessing the birth of the biggest star couple since Hyun Bin and Song Hye-gyo? [Source: Sports Chosun]
  • Everybody denied it, of course. (“She’s not dating anyone!” “He’s just friends with her brother from army duty!” “Lies, lies, all LIES!”) [Source: Newsen]
  • Until they confirmed it was true, that is. [Source: Mk.co.kr]
  • The next day after the scandal broke, Kim Tae-hee’s reps did an about-face from their initial stance and affirmed that the romantic sneaking around had been going on for a month. I’d say the fan response was mostly positive (after the initial shock), although I suspect there’s a corner of fandom that’s flooded with tears and angrily shredded “Rain Is Coming” posters. Maybe a really big corner. [Source: Naeil]
  • On a slight tangent, Rain was then assailed by news reports of a more unpleasant nature. In a nutshell: He was accused of leaving his army post for personal matters. He was allowed to leave for military-related reasons on three separate occasions, but took extra time returning and met with personal contacts, which is a violation of military regulations. (Also a prime time to get his photo snapped with his secret girlfriend.) Rain acknowledged his wrongdoing and is awaiting punishment, though will likely not face brig time. [Source: Seoul Shinmun, Asiae]
  • And THEN, freshly discharged Kim Nam-gil sent a food truck to the set of School 2013 on New Year’s Day, a gesture so seemingly random that it could only mean one thing: He’s dating Jang Nara? [Source: Newsen]
  • With all the recent gossip still swirling around, it seems like everyone’s minds jumped to the same conclusion, only this time it was the wrong one, and the parties involved were all left scratching their heads in confusion. Kim Nam-gil, Jang Nara, AND Daniel Choi issued statements to clarify the situation, calling the dating rumors a misunderstanding. [Source: Newspim]
  • After some actual research—y’know, instead of knee-jerk scandalmongering—it was revealed that Kim Nam-gil happens to be friends with both Jang Nara and Daniel Choi. Plus, he had a small role (his TV debut, in fact) in the original 1999 School, hence the food truck gift. Ha to the nice gesture that got blown waaaay out of proportion. (Apparently the media caught wind of the younger cast members tweeting about it and jumped to connect the dots… in all the wrong ways. Oh, social media. Your power is so easily corrupted.) [Source: New Daily]

Phew, that’s a lot. But wait! We’re not done yet!

  • THEN, news broke that another star romance was blooming, this time between onscreen lovebirds Lee Jang-woo (I Do, I Do) and Oh Yeon-seo (Baby-Faced Beauty), who are currently romancing each other in the MBC daily drama Oh Ja-ryong Is Coming. Aww, they are really adorable together, and while I don’t watch that show, this explains why I hear they have cute chemistry in it. This time the stars came right out and confirmed it, letting us bypass the whole “No, it’s false!” “We’re just friends!” “All right, ya got me, it’s true” rigmarole. Phew. [Source: Break News]
  • That just made everybody curious to see the new couple in action, even if it was just fake-action, and Oh Ja-ryong saw an immediate spike in ratings, logging its highest numbers to date. Its January 3 episode recorded a 13.9%. [Source: News1]
  • However, that presented a pickle for producers of We Got Married, since Oh Yeon-seo happens to be paired with MBLAQ member Lee Joon on that reality show. We know it’s fake, they acknowledge that it’s fake, and yet there’s still the baseline premise hovering over the show that we’re going to pretend we believe it’s a real marriage, and therefore we can’t have the “newlyweds” dating outside their fake-wedded bliss! It just isn’t… seemly, I guess? [Source: TV Daily]
  • Well, We Got Married fans are peeved, and it’s looking likely that Oh Yeon-seo will quit the show. Hm, does that mean she’s about to pick up a militia of anti-fans for pulling Lee Joon off too? [Source: Sports Chosun]
  • On the heels of all this lovey-dovey news, Choi Jin-hyuk (Panda and Hedgehog) and Sohn Eun-seo (May Queen) have split after nine months of dating. I guess not all love lasts forever. [Source: E Daily]

…annnnd that does it for our Star Romance Bulletin. I told you it was a doozy!

‘Course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any other news. It just isn’t quite as juicy.

  • Im Soo-jung won’t be coming back to television so soon after all: She’s decided against taking the SBS drama All About My Romance, citing scheduling conflicts. The drama is adapted from a novel of the same name and boasts the rather pat tagline of being about the world of “romance that’s like politics, and politics that’s like romance.” And is a romantic comedy. [Source: Star News]
  • In Im Soo-jung’s place, producers were courting Gong Hyo-jin to star, but she also declined. Now producers are on the hunt for a new leading lady—other cast members are set, with Shin Ha-kyun and Hong Soo-hyun among them. It’ll follow That Winter, The Wind Blows, which puts its premiere in April. Chop chop. [Source: TV Report, TV Daily]
  • In other news, Gong Hyo-jin does have a spread in the latest issue of High Cut (pictured above). [Source: High Cut]
  • So does Jo Jung-seok (The King 2 Hearts), pictured below. He’s adorable. [Source: High Cut]
  • Kang Ho-dong’s new variety show now has a title to go along with its timeslot! It’s called I Like You, Meeting Night. What’s with these variety show titles? The program will take over the Win Win timeslot beginning January 22. [Source: Joy News]


122 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Maysoon

    Forget everything else.

    Jo Jung-seok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a cutie pie.

    • 1.1 Annie

      He’ll be doing a weekend drama with IU, so we’ll get to see him in action for months on end! Yay!

      • 1.1.1 Meghan

        Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I have not heard this news, but I like it! 😀

      • 1.1.2 C

        I read the news of IU and new drama with KBS and if i’m not mistaken it will be produced by PD Yoon, the PD of Gaksitaaaal. If IU and Jong Ju Seok in a drama together… I’m so gonna watch it.

        I think IU is doing quite a decent job in Dream High.

        • Arhazivory

          That she did and this is a pairing I’m excited about.

          • RosesML

            But IU is barely 20! JJS is 13 years older. 🙁

        • ANO

          Yeah, read the news in Soompi somewhere in December.. its a weekend drama in April, ‘The Best Lee Soon Shin’ after My Daughter Sooyoung @ KBS.

          The main PD is PD Yoon Sung Shik, its a story abt country girl from small island village, move to Seoul & try to become a successful artist.. etc etc etc..

          I really hope its true… Kindda like the pairing of Jong Ju Seok & IU. Both newbie but JJS is way too GOOD.

          • canxi

            What if they break out into song together? I’m almost certain this will happen. Or should. It should. Lol, I wonder if JJS will get slack from her Uncle fans…or the hairy-eyeball from EUNHYUUUUUK *snicker*.

      • 1.1.3 DaDa

        Hold it! Is that true?!!!!

      • 1.1.4 enz

        ahh am so excited that this weekend drama will be on kbs! means I get to watch with me mom’

      • 1.1.5 Rachel

        IU is coming back? Without making any statements? I don’t know about you guys but I still want to know what happened in the picture and why they lied.

    • 1.2 observantzani

      He might star in The Best Lee Soon Shin with IU! OMG THE IMAGINE THE SONGS WE’LL HEAR!

  2. Annie

    The Rain/Kim Tae Hee news really got me thinking because I found it very odd that they had met for the first time at a CF shoot. Since they’re both such big stars, I guess I just assumed they must have crossed paths at some point. Weird, huh?

    • 2.1 jeuri

      since rain debuted and did activities for the most part as an idol singer, he probably wouldn’t have met that many actors unless he was very into networking or something. idol singers and actors mostly keep within their own circles ^^

    • 2.2 liza

      Rain was number 1 on my fantasy candy list, the lips did it every time, then I did a little research and even after making allowances for gossip, lies and the other his moral compass still came up lacking and so he was steady going downhill with me. Seems I am not capable of being a “Fan-atic” about stars…now this issue of taking advantage of the advantage that the army was already giving him over the “regular Joes” enlistees. but I wish them all the best. It must be difficult having a romance with the whole of Asia watching from the back seat. Have to go now and move everyone on my list up one notch.

      • 2.2.1 Amdanda

        I am sorry to hear your comment. It is not matter to me how you feel about him….. However, about your fact finding. Here is the word of advice for you…. Do not believe anything you hear or read. If you must compare the moral or these so called journalist, just think of corrupted reporters in old Hollywood movies. There is a group of reporters who have printed lies, rumors and have been sued and paid fines. If you have read the follow up report, there is mis-representation in the so call “Vacations and over night stays outside of base”. Korean media, entertainment reporting, is all about how to create scandalous headlines so they can increase the visitors. They are far from reporting the facts. They are more than willing to twist or fabricate them for the sake of money.,….

  3. Ivoire

    Thank you so much for doing this!

    • 3.1 Ivoire

      I just spent a few mns LOLed, literally. The romance bit was a doozy, but very entertainingly written, so thank you again!!! And thanks for the other news as well.

      • 3.1.1 Danna

        I know! I was laughing continuously for a whole two minutes reading the romance edition..though admittedly my heart broke just a teeny weeny bit reading the Ryu Duk Hwan part

        • DeeDee315

          Loved Ryu Duk Hawn in Faith but the poor guy is truly vertically challenged. DramaWiki says 5’4″, which we all know means less. Can’t see much of a leading man career ahead for him.

          What these poor celebs go through just to keep dating secrets amazes me. Why do these fans care & why do the stars perpetuate the cover-up? Must be about $$.

  4. apple

    And it’s just the beginning of the year!

    What a rollercoaster ride.

    • 4.1 ckdarkraven23

      i got soooo excited when i first read about Kim Nam Gil+Jang Nara. But alas, it was a misguided rumor. Sigh…i really think they make a cute couple though 🙂

      • 4.1.1 Afie

        Me too…. I was more excited about the rumor between Kim Nam Gil and Jang Nara than I am with Rain and Kim Tae Hee… LoL

  5. ninji

    Had heard about all the couples except Park Ha-sun and Ryu Deok-hwan. So as always, DB thanks for enlightening me with these news and pictures!

  6. SH

    lol @ “I Like You, Meeting Night”

    hmmm…sounds perverted and creepy at the same time.

  7. Aiya

    Whoa. News bites is back! Thank you jb!

    • 7.1 Aiya

      So sad that Im Soo Jung wont be coming back to small screen after all. I really like here in her movie with Rain and Gong Yoo. But good thing though since the drama involves politics and I dont think it sounds exciting as it seems with that premise.

      Rain and Kim Tae Hee. Whoa. Thats a power couple. Lee Jang Wook and Oh Yeon Seo looks adorable together!

      And ohmygod Ernest Bot. Pretty. Nuff said.

      • 7.1.1 Danna

        Yeah, I just recently saw All about my Wife and loved Im Soo Jung in it and was really hoping to see her in the small screen with Shin Ha Kyun ..they would have made a fantastic pair…I really hope they can pick someone good for the role now…..only people I can think of that are available and would be awesome for this now are Ha Ji Won and Jung Ryeo Won…and please no idols!

        • Aiya

          Ive only saw ISJ in movies and i havent really saw her in drama series so i was really anticipating for that one. Havent watched all about my wife yet but the premise looks exciting, plus lee sun gyun is hot. Lol. Yes, HJW and Jung ryeo won would be awesome! Imagine badass Ji-won in politics! that would be great hahah. I, too, like Gong Hyo-jin, too bad she turned down the role.

          • evoka

            I was expecting to watch Im soo Jung!:((. but I dont think schedule issue is true, she is not singer on tours or real politician, and she never officially confirmed about the role, but she confirmed she is looking for drama acting this season! probably she chose another offer and we will see her in another drama. I hope!:) Actually Hyo Jin was better choice for female politician role. she is chameleon but with her baby face Soo Jung looks so young for this role, also ı like him but Shin Ha Kyun looks old near her. I think Soo Jung could be better with her age range actors. I really like to see her act with Won Bin or again So Ji sub!

  8. MariD

    I finally stop crying over my dream of marrying Rain being crushed. Then I was reminded again.. ** cries in corner.. …. Wait… Is that Honest Bot??? Jo Jung-Seuk!!!! So adorable.. I’m going to actually break down and watch “What’s up” because of him. I’m still scared from “The Musical” soo I’m hoping this is better.

    • 8.1 canxi

      What’s Up is really enjoyable! O:

      • 8.1.1 risa

        Fear not, What’s Up is waaaaaay better than The Musical. JJS’s character has an awesome trajectory in What’s Up– as his fan, you’re in for a treat.

    • 8.2 a_diva

      me too. the korean die hard fan fanatic stuff has really rubbed off on me because as much as i liked kim tae hee, as soon as i heard about her and rain, i was like that b!!!!! stole my future husband. i’ve even been genuinely sad a bit . . . like i must have really convinced myself there was a way i would end up with rain and to hear that he’s not taken just deflates me.

      but, don’t worry, i have plenty of kdramas to watch to learn how to hold onto my delusions and continue our one-sides (i mean no-sided) relationship!

      • 8.2.1 a_diva

        *now taken* not “not taken”

        • Mari

          Lol.. Totally understand. On New Year’s Day, this was the first news I read on Facebook. I was “great way to ruin my year” I seriously was sad. Then I started watching “the woman that still want to marry” and proceeded to transfer all my feels to Kim Bum. So I think I’ll recover from my heart break. My plans to move to SK & somehow “ran” into him & we will live happily ever after.. Except now my target in KimBum.

          • a_diva

            kim bum would be quite a nice consolation prize . . . he is yummy! especially in the woman who still wants to marry.

  9. Farhana

    So much kceleb drama.

    I do appreciate the fact that the agencies are starting to (however slowly) admit to the dating rumours though. It’s annoying when they deny it despite the evidence…

  10. 10 jomo

    I think all future News Bites should have this item with photo:
    “Jo Jung-seok (The King 2 Hearts), pictured below. He’s adorable.”
    It is always NEWSWORTHY!

    I wonder what Stephen Colbert has to say about one of these newses. I would love to see him raise his fist to the sky and yell:

    • 10.1 SH

      I do wonder if Colbert still remembers Rain? It’s been a while since that dance-off.

      • 10.1.1 Ann

        Can you ever forget someone you had a dance-off with?

      • 10.1.2 jomo

        Colbert never forgets anyone he loses to, either.


  11. 11 Meghan

    Just an update on Lee Jang Woo and Oh Yeon Seo… her agency is now backpedaling and denying that they are dating. Me thinks they didn’t expect it to be such big news, and also they don’t want to lose the regular paycheck from We Got Married.

    It’s still unknown if she will continue on the show after this scandal, seems pretty much everyone believes they are dating now. So with that mindset the Lee Joon/Yeon Seo coupling is kinda done now the reality has landed smack in the middle of it. Lol.

    • 11.1 skelly

      It’s really sad if a creepy show like We Got Married keeps people from having actual love lives. Sorry, but IMO We Got Married is a totally dysfunctional show about fake relationships designed to feed the fantasy habit of maladjusted fans. It’s like Big Brother or any of those other horrible reality shows where people are thrown together for the sake of drama and to hook in those viewers who salivate at the idea that it just might be real.
      How ironic if it ends up ruining a real relationship.

  12. 12 Rashell

    Awww of all the relationship news the couple I would ship the most turns out to be false. Kim Nam Gil/Jang Nara, why not make those rumors true. You two would be ADORABLE!

    Speaking of adorable every post should end with a picture of Jo Jung-seok because you’re right he is absolutely adorable.

    • 12.1 Afie

      I know right…. I really wish theirs are true… xDDDD The idea of Kim Nam Gil and Jang Nara together just hit it right for me… hehehehe

  13. 13 Ayu

    Actually Oh Yeon Seo’s agency released 3rd statement already denying the news about her dating Lee Jang Woo.

    And Jangwoo’s agency has never said anything on the issue. All confirming-denying (‘they may becoma a couple’)-denying (‘they will never become a couple, only sunbae-hoobae’) was done by Wellmade Star M (OYS’s agency).

    I wonder if this is OYS’s agency stupidity or a media play (since they’re one of the main investors of ‘Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming’).

    • 13.1 cinthy

      if it is a media play it went totally wrong because now the fans of lee joon totally hate her, don’t mess with their oppa

  14. 14 Maris

    News can become slanderous so easily if attached with wrong people. I recently got to observe such an irresponsible ??? piece of journalism when the name of Park ha sun was replaced by another actress’s and Ryu- Deok Hwan in exactly the same news above.
    Is the news not corrected and apology not rendered when they discover the mistake made by them? It can be very upsetting for the artist,her family and friends since she is not even involved in any way. I guess this is the price artists get to pay for working in the entertainment industry

  15. 15 ElainesTale

    1 more not so exciting news: Choi Jin Hyuk and Son Eun Seo break up after 9 months “busy schedules (from Nate)

    so there has been a conspiracy theory running about.. Netizenbuzz did a cover of it: http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/conspiracy-movement-finds-detour.html

    [+883, -64] A new law has passed that allows any congressman aged 65 and over a monthly pension of $1,200 for the rest of their life. This will be taken out of our taxes. In order to cover this passing, the industry has been revealing back to back scandals. Obviously, people have caught on to their ploy by now.

  16. 16 pogo

    Rain+Kim Tae-hee?

    Is there anyone to beat that combined level of star power? It’d be difficult, methinks.

    • 16.1 a_diva

      probably not, but i’d like to beat kim tae hee though.

      i feel betrayed 🙁

    • 16.2 jwh

      Well, the only couple I can think of that would put them in the shadow is Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin. When will they get together? 🙂

  17. 17 Abbie

    Whoa, this is a lot of info! I already knew about Rain and Kim Tae-hee. I think they look adorable together, and hope Rain isn’t too badly punished.

    The other couples are surprising, but I hope everything works out for everyone.

    Jo Jung-seok looks adorable in that shot!

    Thanks for all the news, Javabeans!

  18. 18 Nallali

    I feel bad for all of Rain’s exes cuz am sure he wasn’t some celibate priest all this time but never once was he caught in a dating scandal (well not real ones anyways), but i guess he didn’t mind KTH being discovered thats why he was a bit careless this time…must be serious about her!
    Another noona-dongsaeng couple 😉

    • 18.1 Annie

      He did have a scandal with Jeon Ji Hyun that I quite frankly believed to be true.

    • 18.2 dramafever

      I always thought that RAIN was gay and some how I felt that once in a while he reported dating someone to divert attention from from his gayness. Kinda like that singer Ricky Martin. He said that he is dating a lady until he came out of the closet with a guy and kids.

      • 18.2.1 JoAnne

        yeah – no never ever ever ever EVER got that vibe

      • 18.2.2 Misha

        Weird thing is I always think that about all the pretty male idols except Rain because he just exude masculinity through all his pores and I’m not a fan!

        By the way, I always knew Ricky was gay because when a guy ‘date’ 1 women for 7 years and they’re not living together… something isn’t right.

  19. 19 JoJo

    Thanks JB…Actually, I did consider shredding my “Rain is Coming” poster (sob).

    • 19.1 a_diva


  20. 20 Lovebug

    Wow, I am proud of my Korean Entertainmen News knowledge as I had heard heard of most of these things. A little sad about Rain but I guess he needs tangible love too, le sigh.

    Don’t know what to believe about the Lee Jang Woo and Oh Yeon Seo news as official statements are now saying they are not dating and that those first statements were from unsubstiantiated sources. All I know is that she is pretty much in a lose lose situation from the fangirl netizens perspective.

    Also I will be happy to take Choi Jin Hyuk, now that he’s available again. Thanks!

  21. 21 canxi

    HAHAHA! I loved this. I also read about the Kim Nam Gil/Jang Na Ra deal and was dying laughing. There was another report that the food truck was for Daniel as well since they are ~*SOCCER BROS*~ wooooo. LOL, it’s all still hilarious. And a little relieving, since I probably would be heart broken because Kim Nam Gil is my ultimate actor oppa. D’:

    Love love love love love the idea Ryu Deok Hwan and Park Ha Sun. At first I couldn’t believe it…and I was like Park Ha-who?? SUN?!?! —and then various feelings afterwards–all good! I love both of them honestly, and their acting styles are similar. Hilarious and intense while also serious and heartwarming when it needs to be. Catching the feels again T_T

    ALSOOO, I’m sad Im Soo Jung won’t be in a drama ): I wish she had taken that role so bad but at the same time, I am excited about Gong Hyo Jin + Shin Ha Kyun pairing. Like super really excited! I didn’t know I wanted this to happen until it happened!

    & Jo Jung Suk! The ennndd.

    • 21.1 jomo

      I love SHK with anyone at all. I think he raises everyone’s game around him. I am really hoping he returns to the TV.

      • 21.1.1 canxi

        Yeah, I think he is doing this drama, but I read the article wrong and it looks like GHJ has declined the role! DAMN! I got so pumped for it too!

        I wonder who it will be now…I definitely do think he raises the bar for his co-stars. But, I’m trying to think of someone for this role and I dunno…Han Ji Min? Lee Yoon Ji–or at least she would be a nice choice but she’s in The Great Seer right now?

    • 21.2 lu

      Omg, now I picture Ryu Deok Hwan and Park Ha Sun as a royal couple heheheh I loved her queen on DY and I loved him as a king on Faith awww

      • 21.2.1 canxi

        omg I forgot about that, ahahaha! Ahhh so cute.

  22. 22 giggles

    The Rain/Kim Tae-Hee pairing is such a big deal that I first read about it on the BBC News world webpage. I know Rain is an international superstar, but I died laughing when I read the title of the article because it was so absurdly out of place.

  23. 23 Stella

    Apparently according to Oh Yeon Seo’s company, they are not dating and just friends. (check allkpop.com)

    I swear this scandal was just a public stunt to raise the ratings for their show since Oh Yeon Seo’s company invested a lot into this drama. 🙁

  24. 24 Yerrrrrr!

    I’m just happy my Choi Jin-hyuk is back on the market. :))

  25. 25 Hipployta

    Oh Yeon Soo’s company has issued its THIRD statement and is back pedeling like mad saying that they will never be anything more than friends.

    Jangwoo’s company NEVER issued a statement but two company reps told a couple of his fansites that it wasn’t true they were dating and they didn’t know what to do since they are still filming LOL

    I think it’s a hot mess either way…LET JOON REMARRY LIZZIE!

    Joon, Lizzie, Kwanghee, and Sunhwa on one show would be hilarious and one of them would slip up and tell their secrets since they are all friends

    • 25.1 shepo

      and then,,it’s already been decided,,lee joon-oh yeon seo will still continue WGM.


      but u know,,i guess it wont be long until they find a new couple..haha

  26. 26 AuntieMame

    What is there to say except that it’s been a very cold Winter in Korea. So, cuddling up with someone or anyone has got to be the favorite past-time of the season. LOL

  27. 27 Makoto

    Haha… the way you delivered the news makes those news worth to read. I don’t mind who dates who as long as they happy. Thanks for making my day. 🙂

  28. 28 Sajen

    so what is it about that picture of Park Ha Sun and Ryu Deok Hwan makes people think they’re dating he’s fixing her hair other than that there is no touching or looking, though I suppose just the fact that they’re at the same hotel in Singapore is slightly suspicious.

  29. 29 Livvy

    Y’all should do this a lot more often. I love news bites.

  30. 30 Gustave154

    Ok new star couple rain and kim tae hee in a new drama plz.

  31. 31 Toystar

    Jo Jung-seok so cute!

  32. 32 jubilantia

    MOAR Jo Jung-seok! He is friggin’ adorable. And hot; let’s not forget that. I haven’t seen anyone in a while who so completely submerges himself in his roles. His stage-fright character in What’s Up was brilliant, and I definitely felt it every time he painfully stuttered.

    He also needs to take the lead in some drama, like, yesterday.

    Also, news people, you so crazy. *shakes head fondly*

  33. 33 somewhereonlyweknow

    this outpour might have sth to do with this… http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.sg/2013/01/conspiracy-whats-with-all-these-scandals.html?m=1

  34. 34 ladida

    Quickly looks up Oh Ja-ryong Is Coming.
    100+ episodes?!?!?!
    Quickly closes tab.

    (Hopefully some talented soul will put up some MVs on youtube?)

  35. 35 asianromance

    Is it delusional of me to be glad that Jang Nara and Kim Nam Gil aren’t an item? I’m still hoping that she and Daniel Choi will end up being a couple in real life.

    • 35.1 canxi

      I’m with you on this,lol.

      • 35.1.1 Tha

        Me, three!

    • 35.2 JustSoYouKnow

      @asianromance: No, you’re not delusional! Me too, I would definitely welcome the news of Jang Nara & Daniel Choi dating! They are just so cute together in Baby Faced Beauty, in School, and even when they presented awards together!

    • 35.3 Danna

      My stomach was hurting by the time I got to the AND Daniel Choi released statements…. part in this article …though yeah they would be totally cute together…in fact why hasn’t anyone revealed their secret romance yet?

  36. 36 hanie

    wow… apparently I really love kgossip since I’ve read/know all of it. The best gossip to me is Rain/KTH (power couple tbh) & it only get bigger with Rain personal leave issues and netizens is buzzing that the Govt use them as a shield over some law etc etc… innnterestingggg….

    Like I’ve said in Omona, this year will be super fun & it is only the 1st week of Jan y’all!!! No more lame gossip/scandal like IU/Eunhyuk!!! *evil grin*

  37. 37 noodles143

    don’t forget to update that now, OH YOON SEO’s comapany has now DENIED that they are dating.

  38. 38 eternalfive

    Ooooh, so much drama in dramaland. 😛 And WOW, Kim Tae-hee and Rain are dating?! :O That’s pretty awesome.

  39. 39 ck1Oz

    Gee whiz I knew I read a lot of news. But since you’ve put in into a news bite, I can’t believe it’s not even the first week of Jan 2013 and we have so many news.
    My head is spinning, mostly I am happy over Jo Jung Seok.
    But sad for Choi Jin Hyuk. Poor them.

  40. 40 Adrianna Lewis

    Wow !!! Kim tae Hee, SMART MOVE GIRL !!!,


  41. 41 crappycaller

    Hallyu / Korean Show Business now is not too conservative anymore. It is more interesting aside from the KDrama

  42. 42 biankoy

    My heart nearly broke when I started reading Kim Nam-gil’s name, first, Ryu Deok-hwan, then, Rain and then KIM NAM GIL?! thankfully, the last one is just a rumor. It’s not that I’m this big self-deludesd idiot who thinks I have personal claim on them, I’m kinda happy for them, really, but all three in one blow is a little bit too much for a fangirl’s heart. so Kim Nam-gil is still free! yay!!

  43. 43 dbsklove

    wowww i had NOT expected such a long post O.O
    i literally dropped my jaw… before REdropping it. again. and again.
    holy shnikies drama in real life <3
    romance is in the air 😀

  44. 44 rotwein

    Oh my good! such a long list. What was most surprising for me was that the news about Rain and Kim Tae Hee was also published in Turkish newpapers. Magazine media in Turkey is mostly about local or American stars. This is the first time -except the news about PSY, but he himself is an exception- they reported news about Asian stars from headlines. I hope this will be the end of their ignorance.

  45. 45 jc

    I heard people were saying that Rain isn’t good enough for Kim Tae-hee or something? But if the response is good then I’m glad cause I like it hahah

  46. 46 dany

    I can’t really picture Bi and Kim Tae hee together, they seem like an odd couple, anyway, congrats to all our new couples, hope they stay as such for a long time, maybe forever?!

    • 46.1 evoka

      I agree, I like them individually but I dont imagine them together and I have a weird feeling, ıts not gonna be a long relation!. but I hope they manage to build good feelings.

  47. 47 shin mi rae

    im waiting for the dating confirmation from kim sun ah and lee dong wook.

  48. 48 miisy

    my inital reaction to oh yeon soo news. no no NOOO!!!
    thank god her company has denied it, i mean if its true well then good for her, but not so good for me! because that would mean her and lee joon would have to leave WGM, and they are my favourite couple atm!

  49. 49 Rach^^

    Please make News Bites a weekly column???

    EW. Kim Tae Hee can do SO much better.

    • 49.1 a_diva

      totally disagree. rain is a much bigger star than she is and he’s so much more talented. he can actually act . . . and while i was a fan of hers before i heard the news, it was more because she’s super cute than that she actually did well in most of the roles she was in. rain’s also quite handsome and can sing and dance and has a great work ethic and personality.

  50. 50 elle

    Rain and Kim Tae Hee is a “HEAVENLY PAIR”

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