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News Bites: Variety Edition
by | January 10, 2013 | 38 Comments

There have been quite a few shakeups in varietyland this week, so it seemed a good time to catch up with News Bites. We’ve got something of a mass exodus of late, if you include the departure of Win Win and Come to Play. And now we may have to add Tuesday’s thunderdome talk show Strong Heart to the list…

  • First, actor-turned-MC Lee Dong-wook announced he’d be leaving Strong Heart this month to focus on acting. His last episode will be recorded on January 17. And then news broke that the show itself was in danger of being cancelled. There are conflicting reports, some of which stem from a PD change — the head PD Park Sang-hyuk is leaving (his last episode will also be on the 17th), and some reports simply say the show will continue with a new PD, while others say the show is going to be cut. Maybe one of two exits would keep the show safe, but the two-fer with PD and MC is quite another thing. Perhaps Kang Ho-dong won’t be going up against his ex-show with his new one after all? [Source: My Daily]
  • It turns out that there’s good reason to think that Strong Heart is on its way out: SBS is developing a new variety show rumored to replace it, led by PDs Shin Hyo-jung (1 Night 2 Days) and Choi Young-in (Healing Camp). And it’s courting Shin Dong-yup and Kim Hee-sun to be the MCs. Hmm, methinks having your star MC shop at the program that might replace yours is a sign that the deed is done? I for one welcome the change, and think Shin Dong-yup and Kim Hee-sun will be a riot together. I prefer her in variety, because she’s witty and funny, and better as herself than any drama character. It seems like the better bet on SBS’s part, to launch a new show entirely with Shin Dong-yup than to have him hobble along on one leg to keep Strong Heart alive. [Source: My Daily]
  • Over at KBS, star PD Na Young-seok has left the network after 12 years. Na PD will be following his 1 Night 2 Days cohorts over to CJ E&M, and I can’t possibly be upset at his leaving when it means the dream team’s reunion: Na PD, PD Lee Myung-han (1N2D), and writer Lee Woo-jung (1N2D, Answer Me 1997). Cable’s looking better and better these days. [Source: E Daily]
  • What Na PD does leave behind is his new KBS variety show The Human Condition, which did get a full season pickup after the 4-episode pilot performed decently. It’s an interesting combination of documentary and variety, as it follows a group of comedians around for a week while they live without some essential item (in the pilot it was cell phones, internet, and television). There’s a voiceover narration that makes it almost like a nature documentary with a bite, but it also has heart, which makes the experiment pointed and more about the boys’ bonding than the thing they have to live without. The Human Condition returns with new episodes January 26. [Source: Star News]
  • MBC has decided on the show that will replace Come to Play on Monday nights: a movie-centric talk show called Talk Club Actors with hosts Hwang Shin-hye, Shim Hye-jin, Ye Ji-won, Song Sun-mi, Go Soo-hee, Go Eun-ah, Shin So-yool, Park Chul-min, and John Park. Uh… with that many MCs, will guests even have a chance to get a word in? I’m wary of a talk show where hosts outnumber guests, and only talking about movies seems limiting, but I’m assuming they have a plan. One hopes. Talk Club premieres this coming Monday. [Source: Kyung Hyang]


38 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. rainbow

    yay..Lee Dong wook will focus on acting πŸ™‚

    • 1.1 AnotherFan

      Yay for me too. Really missed him..

    • 1.2 canxi

      I was happy about this as well. I guess he missed it and frankly, I missed him too lol.

  2. latteholic

    Boo Hoo.. I don’t like the news of Strong Heart being cancelled. Poor Boom, he always covet the MC spot, but then it’s in danger of being cancelled instead of getting replacement MC… πŸ˜€
    I’m excited to see Na PD’s new variety show, though..

    • 2.1 inxomnia

      Apparently they’re relaunching it as Strong Heart 2 with Shin Dong Yup, Kim Hee Sun and Yong Jong Shin as hosts.

    • 2.2 altair

      SH is not what it used to be. That is a fact. And only the thought of Boom being the host of anything makes me sick to my stomach. He has the very bad habit of taking over too much and speaking too much and not letting others say a word. I can’t watch invincible youth 2 because of him. Or Star king. Or SH. Too much Boom on korean TV!

  3. Ace

    Yay for Kim Hee-sun! I loved her in Faith.

    Evil mastermind Na PD! I did catch the last episode of The Human Condition in KBS World and didn’t know he was behind that. Good for cable, bad for KBS…

  4. linda

    Kim hee sun is so pretty. I miss eun-soo of faith. How is general choi doing, eun-soo ya?

    She’s witty and funny. She will be a great MC. Good luck to your project.

  5. yaskina

    Off topic, but I always wondered which of the big three channels (KBS, SBS and MBC) is the biggest in general. Does anyone know?

    • 5.1 funkypicklez

      they all have their hits and the miss.

      kbs should technically be excused from this competition since the government owns it and controls it. therefore i would assume they have the most money but lots of their shows are censored and made to appeal to a greater international audience.

      and out of mbc and sbs, i would definitely place my bets on sbs. maybe it’s because mbc frequently has boycotts against their ceo [they accuse him of being a puppet for the government] but the quality of their shows and puppets have immensely decreased whereas sbs seems to always be trying something new πŸ™‚ but that might just be my biased….

      • 5.1.1 yaskina


  6. Ann

    The Human Condition was great. And the way they took the guy’s cell phones away was classic Na. They gave the guys 10 minutes to wrap things up on their cell phones, without telling them beforehand. Cut to major scrambling to find paper to write down their calendars and phone numbers.

  7. funkypicklez

    woah. john park. what are you doing there with the nunas? haha. really wish he would focus on his music and keep releasing new albums πŸ™

  8. AnotherFan

    Haven’t read anything yet but just want to say my Lee Dong Wook looks HOOOOOOOT πŸ˜‰

  9. ailee

    aww na pd is leaving? I watched his show and I gottta say it was really good. hopefully the show will continue with having comedians as the main core, they actually make it more interesting than just watching regular people. fighting for the show πŸ˜€

  10. 10 canxi

    Talk Club Actors…with that many MCs, I wonder if their trying to go for the same type of talk show style as “The View” (an American talk show with a big panel of hosts–for anyone that doesn’t know)?…Also John Park? What? Why? Lol!

  11. 11 Roxy

    Lee Dong Wook will be back on small screen? Nice, missed him πŸ˜€

  12. 12 lovin it

    on another note, found a gem

    didnt think too fondly of oh jung ho and his lackeys in the drama.. but these behind the scenes pics of the three reminded me that they’re just normal kids in real life ha

  13. 13 Farhana

    I can’t say I’m surprised about Strong Heart. I only ever watched the first episode with Lee Dong Wook and Shin Dong Yup. It was cute since LDW’s army buds were there to build some chemistry but I didn’t find myself invested! They should have picked MCs with more chemistry – Boom and Leeteuk would have been awesome had Leeteuk not gone into the army!

    How amazing would Jong Kook and the kids be as hosts of their own show though haha!

  14. 14 iida

    Yay- so glad they will be bringing a full season of the Human Condition!
    I loved the pilot, despite not knowing anything about the gagmen that were casted in it.
    I hope they carry on with the same feel to the show. It was a really warm show I thought.
    The ppl casted were great together, and their interactions are cute- probably a little related to the fact that they had to live without a mobile phone,tv and internet. Heehee
    Yes to the heart, the bromance, ack!! I loved it. If anyone who knows Korean want to see it, it’s on dailymotion. Here’s the link to the first part of the first episode:
    Remember, this doesn’t have any subs!

  15. 15 Cynthia

    I’m not too surprised with the cancellation of Strong Heart. As much as the new format tried to one-up the original, it just didn’t work. With the leaving of Ho-Dong and Seung-gi (and now Leeteuk) it was like all the energy was sucked out of the show (and gave Boom even more free rein to be totally obnoxious). Strong Heart really should have ended when Seung-gi left.

    Can’t wait to see what Na PD comes out with!
    (rubs hands together and cackles with evil intent)

    • 15.1 canxi

      Ah man, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Boom is obnoxious, lol.

    • 15.2 Elizabeth

      agree, when seung gi left, they should have stop. Boom is a good as a comedian but he hasnt the class to be a main MC

  16. 16 kaka

    I’ve been watching Human Condition until episode 3, and It’s better than I expected. At first I was skeptical because I don’t like the casts’ jokes in gag concert, but the show is more towards reality than variety, so it doesn’t matter. I hope they will continue it with new season despite Na PD leaving the show.

  17. 17 Ben

    I watched a few episodes of Strong Heart with LSG in it and thought it was a lot of fun.

  18. 18 topper

    Na PD, Lee Myung-han, and writer Lee Woo-jung (1N2D).
    Can we have a variety show on cable with Kang Ho Dong, Eun Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi just to complete that lineup?

    • 18.1 sweetspring

      i second that suggestion!

    • 18.2 wanne

      Yes, please!

      Na PD said the program he was planning with Seunggi was about introducing snacks, foods that were delicious but not too expensive. And you know these boys love eating!

  19. 19 wanne

    I guess not everyone can juggle mc-ing and acting at the same time. Seunggi is one rare case.

    I never saw Kim Hee Sun on variety so I was surprised when I heard the news that she might headline one. Didn’t know that she’s a funny and witty person in real life.

    One fan got to meet Na PD on the day he left KBS and she found out that Na PD was really planning a new program with Seunggi but because he was leaving KBS, the plan was put on hold. He said he would still try to bring it about someday though so I hope it will materialise.

    Anyway, I’m wondering how 3 Idiots with Suguen, Jiwon and Jongmin is doing. Is it good? And how does it fare on the rating?

    I watched the first episode of Human Condition and it was fun and entertaining. It did have that documentary-style feel especially with the narration, so I did find some parts a bit boring. But overall, a good show.

    • 19.1 damianna

      hye. kim hee sun guested in running man ep100. she’s cool in that.

  20. 20 Arhazivory

    I watched two eps of Human Condition so far and totally loved it. Really has a Na PD feel too. Hehe. It was fun.

  21. 21 LangitBiru

    Noo… Na PD leaving KBS. So he was the mastermind behind the Human Condition. Wow, I watched all episodes and love it.

  22. 22 love1403

    The Human Condition is really good! I did see Na PD and bit of Yoo PD in it, the poor PD who was bullied by Hodong the 1st day at work in 1n2d.

    For me IΒ΄m always looking forward to what the old 1n2d teams are coming up with. It seems to me that even though some of them went their own ways, they still have the same feelings and they learned a lot from working together with Na PD and 1n2d etc. Whenever I watch their shows I get this warm feeling. Just like I did with Replay 1997, The Human Condition and 1n2d etc.

  23. 23 Afie

    Human condition is awesome… I’m waiting for the sub for the 4th episode… I scream when I was Na PD and PD Maknae (I forgot his name now but the one that Ho Dong pull a prank on when he (The maknae PD) first started working with 1d2n)…

    So… is that mean the new episodes will not be make by PD Na?

  24. 24 Hanjae

    Yay, Kim Hee Sun going back to her MC-ing/variety roots! Her vibrant personality IRL really does outshine that of any drama character, though I adored her as Eun Soo in Faith. I love her on variety shows; she really is witty and has a great sense of humour, not to mention outgoing and always ready to have a bit of fun. My only worry is that the MC job will keep her too busy to film dramas, because I’d love to see her pick up something new after Faith.

  25. 25 Elizabeth

    I think there must be alot of back stories regarding Strong Heart. Maybe the ratings arent great with the two new emcees. Lee dong wook of course have a great excuse to leave and “focus” on acting. Nobody know for sure if he is ask to leave or he just wanted to leave.

    And I think the cancellation has alot to do with Kang Ho dong helming a new show at the same time slot.

    Strong heart has been going on for a long time, so its really time to say goodbye and refresh with a new show.

    I will be really sad when my favourite variety – Runningman comes to an end too.

  26. 26 SH

    I’m not into variety but I like Kim Hee-sun. She’s very funny indeed πŸ˜€

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