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  1. kakashi

    Happy Friday everybody!

    • 1.1 kakashi

      I just returned from an extended holiday in the Swiss mountains with my parents. Can’t say I’m unhappy to be back home. But I might be this Monday, when I have to go back to work … anyway, now I’m off to buy a new WLAN Router – so that I can download KDrama at lightspeed in the future ^^

      • 1.1.1 kopytko

        Happy Friday!
        Holiday in Switzerland – some people are lucky!

        • kakashi

          haha, I live in Switzerland – and my parents live in the mountains.

          I had to go feed sheep every day at 5 (they belong to a neighbour) because my 3.5 year old daughter is totally crazy about sheep. She even hugged and kissed them! After the 10th feeding, I was so fed up with sheep, I only wanted to go home to the city and see cars and trams again. haha.

          • kopytko

            So how about an episode of Shaun the Sheep for a break? 😉

            No matter how I look at it, holidays in Swiss mountains would be great, even if I had to feed sheep. Imagine I got my skiing set two weeks ago and the very next day the snow started to disappear. And I won’t be able to travel till February, huh.

          • kakashi

            yes, at least there was snow.
            I’m confident there will be loads of snow everywhere in February. It’s been that way for the last two winters, no! 🙂

      • 1.1.2 Ivoire

        Happy Friday and Happy New Year everyone!!!! I have a question, and here it is:

        Javabeans said about the end of the year awards (at least the ones from the three main broadcasting stations) that there are mostly about politics, and I am curious about that and I would like to understand it better. Another blogger compared it to a company giving prizes to the employees that made/brought the biggest sale numbers, aka ratings.

        My understanding of politics (in a company) is that the one doing it is trying to get or stay in someone’s good graces (in case you need a favor later), and calculating for things that one might need later. As such (if my understanding is right), in whose good graces are the TV stations trying to get/stay in? Is it the production companies? The management companies (of the actors and actresses)? Is it the actors and actresses (who don’t work directly for the TV stations, right? So why is it that so important)?
        ****SPOILER****Also, is that the reason why in one episode of the King of Dramas, two of the workers (working for two different production companies) mention giving some end of the year gifts to the TV stations (because it is common practice? And what does that ensure or mean?)

        I am not judging the process, I would just like to understand it. Thank you for any light shed on this.

        • Mystisith

          @Ivoire: Hello and sorry for being late! My 2 cents about the awards being politics:
          Dramaland is a gigantic food chain: You try hard not to make enemies and you want to have as many “friends” as possible. Just to be kicked out of the game the later possible. It’s pretty much what you see happening in palaces in sageuks (or in Cheongdamdong Alice or any elitist world). As Orion says often, it’s a very corrupted world. For a channel, if you want to secure the next drama of writer X or Hallyu star Y, you give Awards. You know how people can be positively affected by flattery and gold does the trick… If you look at the filmography of the actors/actresses, you will see than most of them have a kind of “exclusive tacit” contract with 1 broadcaster, with the agreement of their manager of course. If all goes right, they stay. If the drama flops or they are badly treated, they go elsewhere. The big stars like to be part of a channel’s Family cause it gives all kind of advantages (sponsors, media covering). The veterans play for everyone cause they need their paycheck.
          Basically it’s a power game: There isn’t room for everyone. And yes, the little production companies have a hard time finding time slots (and keeping them). See what happened lately with City Conquest which was stopped abruptly midway. That’s why bribery is so common. I don’t even talk about disgusting practices like “promotion canapé” for the not so famous actresses who want to be hired. Huh!

        • Ivoire

          Hello Mysti and Bonne Annee,

          I would rather have you show up late than not at all, so your apologies are totally accepted (and you didn’t need to apologize, btw 🙂 ). I appreciate your response (and you are the only who responded so far, so I do appreciate that), b/c as I said at the end of my post, I am really curious about the process of giving awards and I simply want to understand (fully) the different implications and correlations. That, and the fact that this is one of the things highlighted in KoDs, really made curious.

          As you might know, I don’t watch a lot of dramas (when I do), however when I do, I like to understand as much of it as I can (if not every tiny detail if it is possible and it the writing makes sense).

          I think I was a little confused b/c I always assumed that the actors/actresses worked for their management companies and no one else. I didn’t see the correlations or links between the broadcasters and actors. Based on some of your explanations, could that be why Faith was picked up by SBS as soon LMH signed on to the drama (when no broadcasting station had picked it up until he came on board. As I remember, SBS picked up the drama rather quickly after LMH signed on). Could that have had something to do with CH having been successful for them the previous year? (and we know LMH was the lead in CH).

          I think I remember that in KoDs, the 2 production companies (WP and Empire) were looking at what actors and actresses to pick for their dramas, and so was the SBC station, and I never understood why SBC was looking at actors as well (I wonder if that was what really happened, I will have to reread the recap or rewatch those episodes).

          This is what I used to assume, and you can correct me if I am wrong: actors/actresses get signed on by management agencies (that can also be production companies, but not necessarily), which in turn find them (hopefully) good projects to star in. Once the actor/actress is signed on (accepts a project), the filming begins under the helm of the (or a) production company (with a PD and writer and all the cast and crew needed for said project).
          As they film, the production company then approaches broadcasting TV stations with the hope of getting a time slot for their drama. Having a big name star makes it easier for the drama being produced to find a time slot due to the actor/actress’s fame/popularity, good looks, etc… (I think I might have it backwards, the production company finds a time slot before starting filming, especially if they might need some of the TV station’s lots to film in).

          Does having a famous actor/actress also ensures some really good companies sponsoring the drama (and helping with producing costs) right off the bat? (it seemed so to me). I am assuming that the hope is also
          that the drama will bring in high ratings that would ensure more TV commercials for the TV station and more CFs for the star(s) of the drama.

          Then comes awards season: shows that did well (ratings wise) get a lot of awards and shows that didn’t do so well but have famous actors/actresses (who can still bring in crowds at fan meetings for example) also get some awards, b/c as you said, one would not want to have any enemies and who knows, that actor/actress drama might do well next time? (So better not get on their bad side?) Did I get some of what you explained, some of what I have read and some of what I understood (watching KoDs,) right?

          So, based on what you also said, giving an award to a writer (and producers of course or do they give them to producers at all? I don’t remember) is also important b/c if said writer has a certain fame or success, they can more easily bring in an equally famous actor/actress on board? (and replicate that collaboration later, maybe?)

          Also, it didn’t seem to me that most actors/actresses had a tacit agreement with any of the major TV networks (main 3) b/c it seemed to me that they had “worked” with each one, at some point in their career (or would), so I wasn’t aware of that tacit agreement.

          Wow!!! That seems like a cutthroat world! I think when CC had to stop filming, it was blamed for having started filming without being sure of having a time slot or being picked up by a TV network, right?

          I have heard about the “promotion canape” business. It was touched upon (skillfully, imho) in Dream High 1, resulting in the actress and singer (in the drama) becoming outcasts for a while. I have also seen reports of it on KBS World, and then there are pieces of news like this one (to remind us of how dirty and dangerous that world can be):
          Can I just say that news like that give me tremendous pause?

          Thank you again Mystisith for helping me understand. I like being an educated consumer. You also helped me understand why some actors/actresses get some top notch awards, when their performance that year was not top notch at all (imho), and also why a TV station can “fire” an actor/actress and then rehire her, ex.:

          (Sorry for mentioning another blog here, I was just wondering if you knew about this)…

          • Mystisith

            Interdependency and “frenemy” relationships at their best. Mostly, giving Awards to prepare the next season instead of rewarding the last one: It’s quite unique. About writers having a choice in the cast of their drama: I would say maybe the 5 more famous in the country have a word in this. For the rest, they are really treated like our poor GE in KOD: Working like crazy, being pressured by everyone. Fascinating world indeed but I wouldn’t like to be part of it: I love my quiet life!
            I think we can enjoy the greatness of that industry (some dramas are masterpieces for me) without being blinded by the pretty and the glitters. I read an article recently where a man (can’t remember his job: Manager, Channel exec?) said they were doing dramas with older actresses lately not because they want to, but because beginners in their 20s were difficult to find: My optimistic self wants to believe it’s because women won’t accept anymore the unbearable conditions of the contracts (salary, sexual relationships with the decision-makers, low salaries and bad work conditions) and prefer to walk out the door.

          • Ivoire

            Thanks again Mysti,

            Your comment elicited another question I had but forgot: that of payment. As reported here on DB, we (I mean I) now know for sure that actors/actresses in SK can have a hard time getting paid too. Do you know or think that men get paid more than women as well (like in the US)? And that maybe the younger, more popular “stars/idols” also make more money than the “older” (some of them could be in their 30s, but older than the ones in their 20s) “stars” and veterans?
            That system is interesting to look into. I have to go get ready for work, so I will be back, hopefully before Sunday :-). You guys still converse here at least until Sunday, right?

          • Mystisith

            @Ivoire: About actresses being paid less than men. I don’t have direct informations but we know than #1: SK is still a patriarchal society and 2#: The audience of dramas is mostly female and what attracts them (us) in priority is the male cast. Sad but true. Therefore I’m almost sure there is a big difference between men and women paychecks in Dramaland. I would like to be proven wrong tho…

          • Ivoire

            Hey again Mysti,

            RE: difference in paychecks (along gender lines), you make some valid points, thanks! I too, wished you could be proven wrong. It’s too bad women in dramaland are not as appreciated as men (and by that I mean that when it comes to dramas, they don’t attract as much attention and excitement as the men do 🙁 ) They do have some really good actresses, as we well know.

          • Ivoire

            I hope you will get to see this. You wrote: “Interdependency and “frenemy” relationships at their best” in one of your responses. I was wondering, what did you mean by “frenemy” in this context, please? Thanks for answering if you see this.

          • melusine

            @Ivoire re the discrepancy between the salaries of actors and actresses:

            The highest paid actor in drama history is still Bae Yong-joon for Legend at W250 million per episode. Song Seung-hun was paid W70 million per ep of East of Eden; Lee Min-ho W60 million per ep for Faith; Kwon Sang-woo and Park Shin-yang received W50 million per ep of Bad Love and Painter of Wind, respectively. Lee Byung-hun was paid W25 million per ep for IRIS, though his actual earnings reportedly added up to W100 million per ep if you include incentives like percentage of overseas sales.

            Whereas Go Hyun-jung is the highest paid actress at W55 million per ep for Daemul; second highest is Choi Ji-woo for Star’s Lover at W48 million per ep. I didn’t find figures, but I’m sure Kim Nam-joo is also one of the top earners.


            No, the idols don’t get paid more, at least not in dramas (and anyway, their agencies get a big cut of their earnings due to unfair contracts, which is another story).

            The more established stars still command the highest pay, I suppose based on their ratings record or perceived Hallyu drawing power. But I do agree that a salary cap should be enforced, so more of drama’s budget could go into the production and not just one or two actors’ pockets.

            Btw I wouldn’t worry about the big stars getting paid. It’s mostly the the supporting actors/bit players/extras who get stiffed when the money runs out (and their salaries are small enough as it is).

          • melusine

            I forgot to add:

            Jang Dong-gun got W100 million per ep for Gentleman’s Dignity.

          • Mystisith

            @Ivoire: I use the term interdependency & frenemy cause everyone is bound to work together even if they don’t like each other personally. You can appreciate a person who does well his job and still find him despicable in private life (& vice versa). Plus the business loyalties can change at any moment: Your Nemesis in the field can become an ally.

            @melusine: Thanks for the numbers! “A salary cap should be enforced, so more of drama’s budget could go into the production and not just one or two actors’ pockets.” Amen for that. There is obviously a problem in the sharing of the benefits. Everyone should be able to live from his work. I suppose than the in-kind gifts compensate a bit…

          • Ivoire

            Hello Melusine,

            And thank you so much for your responses :-)! So informative. I kind of found it interesting that Kim Sun Ah and Ha Ji Won (considered top SK actresses) were not mentioned in the articles and it makes me wonder where they fall. Based on your info, male actors basically by and large earn a very big portion of the incomes in the SK entertainment industry.

            Interesting also to me to see how quickly LMH managed to get in that elite group, considering that he became popular and famous only 4 years ago. No wonder Faith was picked up right after he decided to join the project, he does have star power (and that and the fact that he draws crowds, like during his trip to the Philippines recently), and that doesn’t factor in all the endorsement deals he gets, from international and Korean brands. I also noticed that actors such as Hyun Bin and Gong Yoo were not mentioned, and HB is now considered an “international” star, with his last two movies making it to the Berlin Festival in 2011 (and he went as well) and Gong Yoo is an A-lister as well.

            So Melusine, I don’t know if you can answer (or know) anything about this: is the fact that big stars make big money the reason why many end up creating their own agency when they can? Kim Myun Min did it (he is in the King of Dramas) and Dramabeans reported it a few years ago. Hyun Bin and Shin Mina(sp?) are reportedly doing the same thing
            I think Lee Byun Hyun and many other stars have done so as well (Bae Yong Joon did it, didn’t he)? And Kim Hyun Joong joined his agency, or something like that? If BYJ didn’t create his agency, I think he is like a big shareholder or something like that.

            I used to wonder why the top stars still did dramas, considering that the working conditions for movies are said to be much better. I guess if some of them are paid as well they are, plus the incentives they get when their dramas are showed abroad (SeGa was pre-ordered by 8 countries before they even started filming, and DB mentioned it here as well), plus the CFs they get due to said dramas, etc…, it is starting to all make sense now why every now then, they would do dramas. I am also thinking that it makes them popular (especially abroad) faster than Korean movies would. LMH became famous because of a drama, not because of a movie.

            Do these stars get paid as well when they do movies? (I am just curious 🙂 ). Thanks again, Melusine, this is an interesting conversation… If I don’t managed to answer today, I will probably do it tonight (California time, which is also the time posted on Dramabeans).

          • Ivoire

            @ Melusine,

            I also thought the comment made by the producer when approaching TV stations to secure a slot for a drama (in one of the articles) was quite revealing and that was portrayed as well in KoDs, in one of the early episodes. Looks like the producers have their hands tied as well, to an extent and that it would be hard for them to bring about change, even if they wanted to.
            I agree with you on the salary cap issue, it would be nice to see that happen…

            @ Mysti, I will be back later (this afternoon or tonight, my time) to respond (I have to make lunch for the children). You said this: “I suppose than the in-kind gifts compensate a bit…,” sorry, but what did you mean by in-kind gifts?

          • Mystisith

            @Ivoire: In-kind gifts: Meals offered by the leads/sponsors/fanclubs to the staff, clothes and shoes. Often it’s expensive items than the crew people couldn’t afford. As we say, “ça met du beurre dans les épinards.”^^

          • melusine


            First of all, I meant disparity in my previous comment (NOT discrepancy – d’oh) when I listed the salaries of actors vs actresses. I didn’t comment because the numbers speak for themselves. 🙁


            CFs rake in the most money, way more than dramas or films. You get more advertising power by endearing yourself to the masses for -x- number of episodes. So from a profit-oriented pov, yeah, that’s a pretty big motivation to keep doing dramas despite the not-ideal working conditions.

            Hyun Bin got W30 million per ep for Secret Garden, but with his hefty share of the profits, the figure is probably closer to W40+ million. It’s the CF deals after where he made a killing, to the tune of billions of won. So overall he earned more money than actors who got a higher upfront but whose dramas didn’t become as popular. If he decides to make a drama this year, I’m sure his paycheck is gonna be considerably bigger. But I don’t think his salary was/will be affected by the ‘prestige’ of having gone to Berlinale, nor is he considered an ‘international star’ in the press for having done so (of course it’s different if you win an award like Jeon Do-yeon did at Cannes, otherwise being invited is not that big a deal). If anything he takes a significant pay cut to make those small movies for artistic satisfaction. It’s actually a good business model – make a mainstream drama once in a while to stay popular and keep the paychecks coming, so you can do your small passion projects.

            I wouldn’t call Gong Yoo an A-lister yet (that would be people like Song Kang-ho, Jang Dong-gun, etc). It would be interesting to learn how much he got for Big (and if his asking price will go down after its flop; on the other hand The Crucible was a huge hit). And also, how much Cha Seung-won and Jung Woo-sung got for Best Love and Padam Padam after the debacle of Athena.

            Couldn’t find Ha Ji-won’s salary for Secret Garden/The King 2 Hearts (I would guess probably around W30-40 million as well), or Kim Sun-ah’s for Scent of a Woman/I Do, I Do. Surprisingly KSA only received W15 million per ep for City Hall, I thought it would be higher. I don’t know if she lowered her fee voluntarily or she doesn’t get offered as much money anymore because she hasn’t had a big drama hit since Sam-soon.

            More random info: Yoon Eun-hye received W40 million per ep for My Fair Lady. Shin Min-ah’s salary doubled from W12.5 million per ep for Gumiho to W25 million for Arang, partly because of her CF Queen status.

            As for Lee Min-ho’s W60 million per ep, he just doesn’t deserve that much (I’ll add “quite yet” for his fans). His dramas post-Boys Over Flowers did solid numbers but weren’t huge hits, and he’s popular overseas, but doesn’t command the export sales that say, Jang Geun-suk does. Which is why apparently Faith was the biggest commercial flop of 2012, not because it got the lowest ratings (it didn’t) but because it gave the lowest return of investment compared to its budget. Check out for a more in-depth analysis – how the PD squandered 20% of the budget on 3D CG that never materialized; that Kim Hee-sun & LMH’s salaries were 30% of the remaining budget so the crew had to cut corners in filming; that most of the cast and crew still haven’t been paid a total of W1.5 billion gaaahh.

            This Chosun Ilbo list is outdated, but it gives you a general idea of film salaries:

            These days Ha Jung-woo, Kang Dong-won and Won Bin would probably be on the list. And Ha Ji-won and Son Ye-jin also command high salaries for film actresses. (Aw RIP Jang Jin-young)

            Re stars’ own management agencies: I suppose they do it to get a bigger cut of their pay (eliminate the middle man) and a bigger measure of creative control over their careers. BOF (/Bae Yong-joon) is doing enormously well, and so is BH Entertainment (/Lee Byung-hun). But not everyone is as successful.

          • melusine


            I don’t mean to make it sound that Kdramas should just be about commerce and pandering to the mainstream. It’s just that so many commodify it (advertisers, networks, agencies, stars themselves), and it’s a shame that industry people look at it as “lesser” than film. It’s a different medium, but as an artform dramas are the equal to films, and when it’s at its best it deserves as much discussion as Park Chan-wook films and as much praise as the Mad Mens of the world.

            It’s been very enjoyable watching King of Dramas for a peek behind the curtain. And speaking of Kim Myung-min, I think he should stick to TV. He’s a great actor whatever he does, but he’s never as powerful and affecting as he is in long-form. White Tower remains his best.

          • Enz

            Thanks ivoire for asking the question and melusine and mystisith for replying. Very interesting to me too 🙂

          • Ivoire

            @ Melusine, Mysti (maybe) and Enz,

            I just saw your answers and I am working today (long day, don’t ask). I might be back later tonight (my time aka DB posted time) (it might be quite late) or early tomorrow morning, so please check back at some point.
            Really liked the points made by Melusine, however I would like to explain why I said some of what I said, so I will be back, to say more. Thank you Melusine, for this conversation, I appreciate it.

            And Enz, you are welcome :-)…

      • 1.1.3 JoAnne

        Ok but the change from the excitement of ‘time to feed the sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep’ to the boredome of ‘time to feed the sheeeee&^#(&#^p’ made me laugh REALLY hard over there at the virtual pongmacha that Twitter has become.

        • Shukmeister

          I snickered at the evolution, too! And got hungry when we discussed mint jelly…

          • kakashi

            yes … I’m very hungry, too!

          • Shukmeister


            Haven’t you left yet?? [grin] Where’s that new LAN router???

          • kakashi

            Installed! *zooooooish* (that’s the sound of my Internet: superfast!)

        • ally

          hey,can someone please recommend me a good korean movie?
          or a drama.
          I feel like i have seen almost everything i would want to.
          I prefer Rom-Coms.

          • pogo

            Korean rom-com? Look no further than My Sassy Girl, bb! That is if you haven’t already seen it.

      • 1.1.4 Ivoire

        Happy Friday Kakashi!!!!

        • kakashi

          Happy Friday and Weekend, Ivoire! I hope you are doing well.

          • Ivoire

            So far so good (I am doing a little better), I hope you are doing well too 🙂

      • 1.1.5 alua

        I forgot it was Friday!

        I’m in a neighbouring country to yours at the moment (small & also German-speaking), we’ve had ZERO snow and it’s been the warmest I ever remember for this time of the year. Total bummer. I like the fun of going running in crisp snow at -10 C but nothing that this time, boohoo.

        • John


          Osozaki no Himawari ep 6 was subbed, it’s good to see them again.

          I plan on watching Ai to Makoto this weekend.

          • alua

            I saw it! I saw it! Watched ep 6 the moment it came out.

            I’m waiting for the DVD release of Ai to Makoto to rewatch it – it’s coming out in April in the UK. I feel bad watching anything online that the UK distributor (Third Window Films) is releasing, because I really want to support them (they are small and awesome).

        • kakashi

          ah! you mean that country even smaller than this country, in which they speak this endearingly funny type of German? Or the country bigger than ours in which they speak an even funnier German? 🙂

          • alua

            I don’t know if this country is bigger than your country… (permanent expat here that knows embarrassingly little about this place).

            Depending on who you ask, everyone speaks funny German, no? But it’s the country that beats everyone at skiing and ski jumping (well, apparently this year is crap) and still has a proper coffee culture. 😀

          • kakashi

            ah – your country is bigger than my country, now I know where you are 🙂 I thought you might be in Lichtenstein.

      • 1.1.6 pillowhead

        wow. That would b my dream come true, to live in Switzerland and watch Kdramas. lol.

        • kakashi

          hahaha, thanks, pillowhead. you’re saying I’m having a dream life? ok, then 🙂

          • pillowhead

            y yes u do 😀

  2. kopytko

    Hi Everybody!
    I am sitting on pins and needles asking myself:
    What is going to happen to Anthony? What does he mean with the kiss? Acceptance or farewell? WHY isn’t it Monday yet??

    I am also curious about Cheongdamdong Alice. Jean Thierry Cha and his Doc are to die for. One a total hoot, the other cute and smart. It looks to me this drama could be extended just to show their interactions.

    As for the upcoming dramas, I am not really looking forward to any, maybe except the one made by HotS team – Incarnation of Money. Seems to be the funniest one to come. Give me some good comedic show, please!

    Other than that, I watched an old Polish film (1934), and imagine my surprise when a couple of characters – actors – talked about showing up at some events to promote their new film, hoping to stir up some gossip. The world of entertainment seems to be unchanged since then, doesn’t it.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    • 2.1 ElainesTale

      totally didnt know that alice in cheongdamdong wasnt supposed to air last week. i was just refreshing my download page waiting for the link to appear… >.<

      • 2.1.1 kopytko

        I learned about it from OT, so I saved myself from quite a frustration 🙂

        • kakashi

          ahhhhh!!!! it’s almost January 5th … *jumps up and down fanatically*

  3. ladysarahii

    Hello, guys!

    I’m marathoning Baby Faced Beauty currently, which started last weekend when I was going through School 2013 withdrawal. What a fun drama! Totally becoming one of my favorites, but I’ve always been partial to wacky rom-coms… To give you an idea, Hana Yori Dango is like my favorite drama ever.

    Also keeping up with School 2013 and King Of Dramas. I love that KoD can walk that fine line between humor and sadness. I can’t wait until the last episode to see how it all ends. But I’ll also be sad when it’s all over!

    • 3.1 trotwood

      I love Baby-Faced Beauty, too. It is my go-to drama when I need a pick me up.

      I have a feeling that King of Dramas is going to break my heart.

      • 3.1.1 ladysarahii

        King of Dramas is already breaking my heart. Way too many feels.

    • 3.2 Shukmeister

      I’m thinking recapping BFB this spring. I like recapping series that don’t seem to have gotten the treatment, and that one was recco’d by the DB team. Daniel Choi doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

      • 3.2.1 JoAnne

        Does he always sound like he does in School? Because that combination of of smooth and bored is …umm…putting him on the noona wants list.

        • Rashell

          His character in BFB is more sweet goofy puppy then the jaded teacher in School. So he’s not really very smooth, but more eager a lot of the time. But it’s Daniel Choi, so he’s still insanely hot.

          • ladysarahii

            Choi Jin-wook (his character) is now my favorite male lead ever. Every girl needs a Choi Jin-wook. He’s not only hot, he’s adorable and fun and funny.

        • Enz

          JoAnne, we always seem to wanna grab the same boys! I find his manner of talking strangely attractive too 🙂

          • JoAnne

            with the exception of your Jung Il Woo passion yep we do!

          • pillowhead

            hm. i haven’t been watching School, but this strangley attractive talking is sounding very alluring. esp since both my QSS ladies r into it. 😀

          • pillowhead

            oops. Joanne r u into QSS? I totally thought I was reading Korazy. haha. well, anyways, i do like the noona grabby hands, so Im still gonna watch School 😀

          • Enz

            Pillowhead, see my post below.. I am not so into school 2013.. And I like Daniel choi’s character best in the drama. Everyone else is kinda driving me up the wall. But lots love this drama so you should check it out yourself.

            I still wanna know what happens to the kids in the end though so will continue watching

          • JoAnne

            Pillowhead – yep I did love QSS – I had no idea who Eric was and he was – oh that elavator scene – I have to stop

      • 3.2.2 Enz

        Shukmeister, does that mean you understand Korean?

        • Shukmeister

          Enz –

          I know enough Korean phrases to amuse the noona that owns my favorite restaurant, but that’s it. I’m self-learning Japanese, though.

          I have just been looking for older dramas that people talk about, and I check to see if there is already a decent recap out there somewhere.

          My first completed recapping project was 18 vs 29, which is from 2005, and has a few back-story cameos by a teen-aged Choi Siwon.

          BFB has only 4 complete episode recaps that I can find online, and a lot of people have commented on it’s cuteness. I wrote an experiment recap for the first 15 minutes where I ‘novelized’ the story. It was kind of exhausting, so I will probably just do the traditional synopsis and screen shot version. I’m not sure people are ready for mini-novels of over 5000 words per episode!

          • Enz

            Ah I see. Gosh, it’s a real effort. I am so lazy that apart from working, gymming and dramaing and the basic necessities of life, I can’t manage the energy for much else.

            So, Shukie, fighting!

          • Shukmeister

            Terima kasih, Enz!

          • Enz

            Sama sama Shukie !

      • 3.2.3 ladysarahii

        Ooh! When/if you do, could you post a link? I was just thinking it was a shame no one had really recapped it. I was thinking of doing it myself, but I doubt anyone would read it, lol.

    • 3.3 John


      I’m currently watching Bratty Princess, with Jang Na Ra, comedy suits her. I’ll have to check out BFB.

      • 3.3.1 ladysarahii

        John, you’ll have to let us know when you start! She definitely has some very funny moments in the drama.

    • 3.4 Lovebug

      Babyface Beauty and specifically Daniel Choi is so freaking adorable. And underated in my opinion, glad to see the love!

  4. cv

    Happy OT/New Year! ^^

    It’s been a good start of the year so far. LOTS of love for JYJ members–Junsu doing awesome with his end of the year concert and Yoochun and Jaejoong’s winning drama award/s. Yay! 🙂 I hope this year is even better for them!!!! (tour please! lol)

    Haven’t been watching as much dramas as I would like or more like there aren’t that many good ones. Haha!

    I’m up to date with School 2013. I like the storyline so far.

    Great Seer is still going. Kinda stalled in some parts but the story is still interesting enough.

    I watched the Fierce wife movie without subtitles. Got the gist of the movie but will rewatch after subs comes out.

    Please…. next batch of dramas coming up in 2013—be good! ^^

    • 4.1 hosg15

      Hi CV
      Can you provide link to the Fierce Wife movie? Tks!

    • 4.2 hapacalgirl

      I cannot wait till Jaejoong’s solo album comes out, you have no idea how long I have wanted him to go rock. Seriously his voice was made for rock music. I hope JYJ comes out with an album preferably later this year that way I can possibly fly out to korea hehe.

      Haven’t been watching much dramas. I try to stick to my one drama live at a time and currently that is Cheongdamdong Alice, which I am currently loving but how much I love it will depend on where the story goes on from here on out and how they develop the characters. I am loving the acting and chemistry though. Plus I originally watched it for Moon Geun Young but currently developing a newfound love for the awesome sauce that is Park Shi Hoo.

      • 4.2.1 Saturtledaisy

        Jaejoong’s solo album is going to be /rock/??!! Awesome. I can’t believe I missed that bit of information xO Now I’m excited~

        Park Shi Hoo is totally working that crazy role. I loved him in Prosecutor Princess, and I love him even more now *_*
        Though I’m not sure if that’s because of the actor or the character. Probably both, ’cause you need a kickass actor to breathe life into a character.

  5. JoAnne

    Good Morning My Wondrous Beanies!

    It’s back to work on the (F*ing cold) CT shoreline, but at least it was quiet and I could ease back in slowly. I like my job, but I really love being home.

    So let’s see – since last week I haven’t *exactly* added any new shows, but I did marathon Sungkyunkwan Scandal in three days. I am wrecked for Geul Oh forever, I think. YAI is appealing in a general personality way to me with normal hair, but in long robes with long messy hair and that ridiculously patchy facial hair? A habit of swooping in to rescue damsels (and guys) in distress? Hiccups combined with general badassery PLUS social consciousness AND he read every book in the library? Oh my God, strike me dead. That boy was perfect. Loved the entire quartet, truthfully. Perhaps it’s just me…but honestly, Yeorim reminded me INTENSELY of G-Dragon. Anyone else see it? No? Just me? Fine. Along with the pretty we got a great plot and a lot of fun, and I’m completely happy. Plus, I never thought for a second that Yoon Hee had to live forever as a man. It seems pretty obvious to me that they were able to change things and everyone knows she’s a woman, but she’s been using the name Yoon Shik for so long it just stuck, at least professionally. And also (perhaps, again, just me) but was Yoochun like, the horniest horn dog in the universe over Yoon Shik? To the point that I wondered how he could, you know, walk around properly. Thank God for robes, I guess.

    Current on I Miss You. Crime portion continues to be edge of the seat for me, still find pony-tailed partner hugely amusing, romance between Yoochun and YEH continues to make me smile like an idiot – because honestly, isn’t it funny how strong and sane she can be once she’s not in Harry’s twisted world? – and Harry. Oh, Yoo Seung Ho. I can’t hate you. It’s like Shunji in Gaksital – we totally know what you’re doing is wrong and yet we can totally see why you’re doing it and it breaks our heart. I think I clued in to the fact that Harry’s guy Harry was Han Tae Joo’s Secretary Yoon about 10 seconds before they made it completely fucking obvious to us that that was the case…but for a brief moment before that I actually thought – ooh, what if that guy is a figment of Harry’s imagination and he’s even crazier than we realized? That would have been fun. But honestly I’m LOVING this part of the series – as the full magnitude of Harry’s maneuverings is slowly revealed I just keep nodding my head and saying YES, of course, how did I not see that before? And grinning like a maniac because I love the little reveals. Also, it just occurred to me. Apparently Yoochun is just ALWAYS a horn dog in every role. He’s adorable at it, too. I wonder if he’s like that in real life?

    Also current on CWGM? (Ki Joong omg you kill me, and squeeeeeeeeeeeee – baby!), School 2013 (wanna all just fly to Korea and kick the Principal’s ass with me?), King of Dramas (seriously, Anthony? Write down on a LIST ‘forget Lee Go Eun’ – why not just stab me in the heart with your pen? Siwon. You look better with short hair and the Good Lord knows that from the neck down you are walking perfection in every way, but your face is just…wrong somehow. Too smooshed in, or too long, or that short upper lip or something but I will just never swoon over you as a pretty boy like the rest of the world because I DO NOT SEE IT but whatever, your sad cow eyes and your willingness to look stupid make me fond of you. Plus the way you say Oh Jesus Christ.) WAITING VERY IMPATIENTLY FOR MORE CHEONGDAM-DONG ALICE, UNIVERSE. Still behind on The Great Seer, but not AS behind.

    Music – I kinda love the Byul contribution to the IMY Ost and I play that a lot. Otherwise I’ve been on a Dalmation/Shinee kick for a bit. Happy that Nell’s coming out with something new.

    • 5.1 kakashi

      good “morning” to you too, Twitter-friend! I really need to go get that WLAN Router now. Seriously. Sometimes, I go “we’re leaving now, okay?” for an hour or longer. But I’m leaving now!

    • 5.2 pogo

      Hey girl! So you’ve discovered SKKS? I totally agree on Geol-oh and his swooniness, this is one drama that hit me HARD with Second Lead disease, which normally never happens, and also hit me even HARDER with Third Lead Disease (that Yong-ha!!!!!! I went in expecting nothing more from him than being a fun playboy, but he, alone of all the leads, made me cry. How does Song Joong-ki do it?!)

      Not so fond of the main leads though – Yoochun gets a little better by the end of the series and is bearable once is character is allowed to loosen up, but Park Min-young plays Yoon-hee with (imo) this weird flatness that prevents me from ever really caring about her character. Yoon-hee is an awesome character but it’s no Show and all Tell – too textbook somehow, like I’m supposed to love a girl who likes books and cross-dresses and is cynical at some moments and always nice to the less fortunate? And yet, I just can’t. (the closest example in Western dramas I can think of is Lady Sybil in Downton Abbey – sweet and progressive-minded and rebellious enough to go for the wrong side of the tracks in romance……but utterly bland).

      I’m always an episode behind on I Miss You as of OT-time, but so far, I like it. And I do agree on how much stronger Su-yeon seems with Jung-woo (even when she’s not on good terms with him, as in the early part of the drama) than she is in that security blanket codependent relationship she had with Harry.

      • 5.2.1 JoAnne

        I suppose Song Joong-Ki can just borrow from Yeorim and say ‘How do I do it? Na, Song Joong-ki!’

        He was GREAT and if it weren’t for Ah In-ga…who knows.

        • pogo

          Hahahaha, Yong-ha is the Cheshire Cat of SKKS, if the Cheshire Cat could move you to tears. And he’s even more fascinating because he’s not one of the romantic leads – SJK just owned that role. (also, first time ever I’ve shipped a slash couple – GO and YH – over the main couple! Even if I do like Yong-ha’s little moment with Hyo-eun and Geol-oh’s fit of hiccups at the end with the Blue Messenger, lol)

          YAI needs to be in a GOOD drama, like, last year. I’m just glad SJK got a half-decent one to prove his leading man chops in.

    • 5.3 kopytko

      I like your thoughts about Siwon. I looked and some pictures and noticed that he often covers his face with his hand. His mandible is a bit too long. Good thing his management didn’t make him have a surgery, which is a common one, apparently. He won my heart with his Hyun Min portrayal.

      • 5.3.1 Redskirt

        First time poster here…

        Speaking of the way people look in KoD: this is driving me bonkers, and I don’t know any other Kdrama fans to see if anyone else sees it.

        Is it me, or do L (from Shut Up Flower Boy Band) and Oh Ji-Eun from KoD look and move like they could be brother and sister? Everything from the way their teeth show between their lips when they talk, to the curve of their cheekbones, and the angle of their eyes. Aaaugh I can’t stop seeing it!

        Anyone else see it?

        • JoAnne

          YES – I kept wondering where I knew her from and I haven’t seen her in anything. It’s HIM totally – oh thank you for saving my sanity!

          • Redskirt

            Hahahah awesome. I was having the same deja vu feeling you were, until it occured to me–and only then because I just finished marathoning SUFFB a few weeks ago. Thanks JoAnne!

        • Enz

          You’re right! I didn’t see it before but I see it now.

          And I think the lead girl in CWGM looks quite a bit like eun hye. Anyone else thinks so?

          • pogo

            Enz – you, me and the Korean media, lol – to the extent that she herself felt the need to apologise to YEH for getting the comparisons.

          • Enz

            But now I think she looks more like Suzy bae.. The lips are what they all have in common.. Glad that I am not ‘seeing’ things..

            Btw, there is no need to sell jgs’s smile.. It’s pretty adorable and anyone would be able to see it 🙂

    • 5.4 alua

      I marathoned 5 episodes of School 2013 in one morning and now I’ve caught up. It’s soooo good.

      That’s the only drama I have caught up on (there are others things I thought I would watch during these holidays, and there’s still Cheongdamdong Alice which I’ve pretty much ignored since episode 2).

      Someone (I think Enayra or some similar name) on the OT last week recommended Pride (J) and ohhhhh! it was so lovely I had totally marathon it. Loved the OTP. The only thing that I wasn’t happy about was the female lead made excuses when her boyfriend hit her. She should have dumped him then, or sued him when he threatened to sue (not giving away the details here).

      Finally an episode of Osozaki no Himawari (was fine, though I can’t stand the nurse and wish Jotaro hadn’t fallen for her, and I’m also worried Junichi will do something stupid with Nikaido’s sister. I don’t care for the sister – if she is not happy in her marriage, she needs to get out of it, not cheat – but Junichi is such a sweetheart that I don’t want him to do anything bad!).

      Miss Rose finished this week… let’s just say I’m glad it’s over. Final episode was plain lame, with 5 minutes of wedding and the rest pure nonsense. Couldn’t even enjoy the happy ending because I’m not buying that Vivian finally saw the light and that whole Yi Chun twist was just ridiculous. Only an idiot would commit a crime that lands in prison for several years to ‘win’ his girl over. And what’s with Si Yi going to thank the fortune teller? (Or even the extended ‘Be happy’ conversation before Vivian’s wedding? Fine, be polite, send the girl a card, but torture yourself by seeing her just before the wedding and pouring her heart out for 15 minutes? Come on!!!) And the joke that Si Yi’s family played on Si Yi at the end… who would do that, after all the heartache she had for weeks and months?

      Trying to remember if I watched anything else, other than re-watches of individual episodes of dramas I already know…

      Anyhoo… sort of looking forward to Flower Boy Next Door (sort of, because, unfortunately I’m hesitant about Park Shin Hye ever since Heartstrings – she’ll have to win me over again), and definitely looking forward to a number of J-dramas, including xxx-holic (only in February).

      Is it too late already to say Happy New Year? Happy New Year in any case 😀

      • 5.4.1 pogo

        ooh I cannot wait for FBND! Park Shin-hye can be very, very good when she’s on form, and none of the Flower Boy dramas have ever disappointed me, so I’m optimistic for her portrayal of a hikikomori (or whatever the Korean word for them is).

        • alua

          She better be. I didn’t mind her in that drama with Jang Geun-sook (can’t remember the title just now), but Heartstrings just irritated me to no end, and her character was a definite part of that. I know it shouldn’t rub off onto the actor, but somehow it did…

          I loved Shut Up Flower Boy Band, but was never able to get into Flower Boy Ramyun Shop… (never did give it a second try).

          • pillowhead

            I also loved SUFBB, and didn’t watch FBRS. Something about the guy in the poster turned me off.

            I’m watching Joseon Xfiles now and loving it! thank the Jade Emperor for JavaBean’s recaps cause some of the episodes are pretty sureal. I have to watch it then read the recaps then watch it again. Anyway, Kim Ji Hoon is a hottie, so I aprove of him as the next flower boy. 😀

          • pogo

            Yeah, I do agree that SUFBB >>>>>>>>>>> FBRS, and definitely better on the eye candy score (pun not intended!)

            Heartstrings was just about ok, as far as I’m concerned. I wouldn’t watch it again, but I didn’t really mind PSH there.

      • 5.4.2 pogo


        **hyperventilating from fangirlism**

        • alua


          And Sometani Shota is in it!!! He’s going to be sooooo good.

          See Himono’s post about J-dramas coming up… (xxx-Holic is at the very bottom):

        • liza

          I am one of the worlds’ greatest fan of of xxxxholic. supposedly the drama is starting in febuary, I cannot wait.

        • himonogirl

          *joins the squeal party*
          Yep, it definitely helps dealing with the wait.

    • 5.5 John


      ‘forget Lee Go Eun’

      Agh, she was crying, I was crying, so sad.

      • 5.5.1 JoAnne

        John –

        Not just that, but her tears fell on the watermark his tears left when he wrote it. I just LOST it at that point.

        And then again at the tearful kiss when you see her just reach out to the scared and lonely boy in his eyes and – oh my God. I’m at work. I will not cry.

        damn it. Too late.

        • jomo

          Wait wait wait!
          LOVED THAT PART!
          Here is the good part about their tears: They blotted out
          “Forget Lee Go Eun,” rather than crossed it out as a fait accompli.
          After hers hit, you could barely read it.

          The kiss was perfect.
          Why can’t this show have a second season?

          • JoAnne

            oh nice – that was a good touch.

          • Shukmeister

            Watched that part like 5 times now.
            Loved how their mingled tears blotted out that entire line, and the one-armed embrace as they kissed was so perfect! He didn’t grab her face (like so many other drama kisses), and it meant she had to hold on too. Woot!

            Of course, he was holding on to his briefcase with the other hand. He is still Anthony, after all. 😉

          • jomo

            So much story happened in that kiss.
            He will always be our Ansonee.

            The romance was NOT the main point of the show, but the way they constructed their enemyship to begrudged respect to admiration to caring to partnership to not-be-able-to-live-without-you puts me in awe of the writing and performances.

          • Shukmeister

            Jomo –

            I agree. KoD was great in that we had special little moments and cute communication between our canon couple and the seconds by Episode 2, and it just continued right through to the tearjerker epi.

        • ladysarahii

          Yes! Oh,man, I cried my eyes out. But it actually started with Mom and the scarf. This drama, I swear.

          • Saturtledaisy

            I was gone at the part with the scarf too ; ;.

    • 5.6 owl

      IMY ep 14, 15, 16 & 17 It doesn’t matter what the issue is, the issue is always control.
      I’ve been overtaken by this kdrama dope for the past two week. Just like the characers in IMY with 2 identities, I feel like 2 different identities too- one who watches IMY and the other who watches all other kdramas.

      I confess to turning a cheek to Harry’s bad behavior in hopes of a change of heart on his part. Maybe those eyes-which I had hoped would radiate love and care, but in truth laser the darkness of dastardly deeds-made me look for the good that wasn’t really there. My bad for ignoring all the signs over the false hope of someone changing (who has no intention of changing). Like you, JoAnne, it is hard for me to hate Harry. I have a great heavy heart for how his life turned out. But he is sick, unsafe, and filled with bitterness and hatred. The scarry thing, I know someone near and dear that is in a relationship where it doesn’t matter what the issue is, the issue is always control. That is a saying that rings true in relationships, like Harry’s and Zoe’s.

      Three cheers for the scene (ep 15, I think) where JW appears in a matching red scarf, one of many ways where his actions say, “I’ll move in close at a pace that you can handle and accept, even if I would like to move faster. Even if I can see where you are, you aren’t there yet and I can’t force that view on you. But I know you will see clearly, soon.” Love the “horn dog” comment, yeah. Yeah.

      16 and 17 are heavy. IMY is heavy and I’m feeling the weight of it all.

      • 5.6.1 JoAnne

        Owl –

        What you notice in JW happens over and over again. He never, ever, ever forces himself on her. He puts himself out there, but he watches for her cues and he follows them. Sometimes that hesitation is so brief that we could almost miss it – but I cannot think of a moment when Adult JW made a move that Adult SY didn’t sanction in some way. Even in the early moments when the emotional turmoil of admitting who she was almost overwhelmed them, and it could so easily have been him just bulldozing his way through to her – there was always SOMETHING from her that he would always wait to see before continuing. And in the moments when she did reject him, he stayed near. He regrouped, he offered less, he took her terms. Always.

        I hadn’t yet seen the final moments of Ep 17 when I was writing my comments initially this morning. I knew that the point was coming when Harry would take one step that would just horrify me and we’ve hit that point.

        I think that choosing YSH for the role in particular – because, you know, that FACE. The NOONA LOVE. And then letting all his moments up to now be something you could say ‘oh, well, of course…’ – those choices went a very long way toward making THIS Harry so terrible.

        Because we really hope he’s not, you know? Does anyone watching hate Harry? How could they, if they know his story? We hope he is redeemable, just like Su Yeon hopes. Not because we want him to be with Su Yeon, necessarily – but because he is a human being, and he was treated terribly for no fault of his own. Just as it is for Su Yeon, our realization that he probably can’t be saved is slow and particularly painful.

        Those 3 kids were each stuck at that point in time, 14 years ago. It’s been a leit motif throughout and they made overt mention of it in this episode. Su Yeon and Jung Woo are moving forward from that moment. Harry is still stuck there, and it’s going to destroy him. I wonder who he’s going to destroy along the way.

      • 5.6.2 Meghan

        I don’t think there’s anything that can redeem Harry in my eyes after ep 17 where it was revealed that he’s framing SY as a serial killer. Omfg. I’ve predicted a lot of the plot twists in this drama before they happened, but I didn’t see that one coming, and I didn’t see him killing JW step-mom.

        I’m so nervous for the end of the drama, there’s only 3 episodes left, and I so want that happy ending for JW and SY, but I just don’t know if it’s going to happen… D:

        • JoAnne

          That’s where I decided it was too late for Harry. But a tiny part of me hopes like hell I’m wrong.

          How about that moment when he turned and looked at the camera – knowing that Su Yeon was watching from the Bat Cave of Insanity – and said ‘You shouldn’t have said that?’

          Because the look immediately before that dead look was worry over Su Yeon’s having heard. Reconcile that with his decision to frame Su Yeon, which was made BEFORE the conversation with the step mom even happened. and he TAPED it. Oy. Oy oy oy. Shivers.

          • JoAnne

            ‘this is your punishment for not ever having loved me, even once.’

            to borrow from the great dokko jin – heartbreaaaaak

          • pogo

            ^kind of torn between wanting to hug the boy and wanting to shake him till his teeth rattled, when he said that. It’s sad because SY always had more people who mattered in her life, and now she has them back, but he has no one at all unless you count Real Harry aka Secretary Yoon.

          • pogo

            Su-yeon finding the Bat Cave of Insanity was legit scary because up until this point, I didn’t realise that she didn’t even know it existed. (I am dumb, I know)

          • JoAnne

            He has been hiding quite a bit this entire time and she is just realizing that now – I appreciate that she doesnt waver and she sees the difference between truth and lie and wrong and right and she tries so hard to show that to Harry too – her loyalty to Harry does not include shutting her eyes once they have been opened

        • pogo

          OK, I finally got done with IMY 17 and good god this show is not short on thrills……though Harry is even crazier than I thought.

          And wtf he knew all along that Su-yeon’s rape was collateral damage from the kidnapping masterminded by his mother? And didn’t forget it from the trauma of that day? And then killed Horrible Nurse so SY would never find out? And now – knowing all that – is FRAMING HER FOR MURDER BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T LOVE HIM BACK?

          I’m sorry for him, but I mostly want him to die in a fire now. And let’s not even start on what’ll happen when she finds out he’s responsible for Detective Kim’s death, too. I can’t say I hate him yet, because poor baby is so tortured and certainly a crazy, but god am I close….

      • 5.6.3 LT

        HJW being described an adorable “horn dog” which is a term not commonly used here in Australia. It is quite apt, nevertheless.

        3 instances (more if you care to recall) that come to mind to support this analogy:
        Suggesting cheekily to LSY a hotel room for accommodation giving the impression that he would go there too….and adding after a little intentional hesitation that the room was just for her and that he would sleep at the police station
        Cheekily offering to check LSY’s window to ensure her security as if hinting to sleep in her room and cheekily saying that he expected no chance of sharing her bedroom

        In episode 17, the bedroom scene shows LSY kiss fondly and lightly the dozing HJW. At their age, both sure were awkward with each other. What? Was HJW medorthophobic when he jumped off to one side? However, when he apologized to LSY and embarked on chanting his multiplication mantra to calm himself, I realised what was going on. LSY’s Mum happened to barge in and overheard HJW. Her comment is a drama device to tell us how cute he was. She commented that he was naïve (’s translation) thoughtfully kind (Chinese translation). I missed the Korean version. So, HJW was being naïve, sensitive and thoughtfully kind because LSY had been a rape victim. LSY was behind patting his back appearing as if she thought HJW was adorable.

        You tend to get the impression that HJW has been inadvertently healing LSY with his exuberance, humour and his “horn dog” mentality while keeping his appropriate distance. (Please see Joanne’s post above which aptly describes HJW’s interaction with LSY who must have found him adorable. We can see that HJW has been making LSF laugh more and more.

        • pogo

          yeah, this is not the first time Jung-woo has been in a somewhat unexpected intimate situation with SY and been adorably awkward about it – remember the moment in episode 11 when she came to see him in the hospital and surprised him coming out of the bathroom with his shirt off? Jung-woo is still reacting the way his 15-year-old self did to being romantically aware of her, and it is adorable. Even their kiss this episode was a direct callback to the bus kiss when they were 15, with JW being the one who was (seemingly) asleep this time and them both being awkward afterward, lol.

          I think SY’s healing really began with her being able to truly laugh again, and literally the first time we see her do that is when she’s watching JW and his partner – Jung Myung, I think?- horsing around.

    • 5.7 cherkell

      Here’s a CherKell Recommended Must-Watch™ for your list: Yoo Ah In and Joo Ji Hoon in “Antique.” Hot guys running a French bakery in Seoul? OMO OMO OMO SWOON SWOON SWOON!!!

      • 5.7.1 JoAnne

        How could you fail to mention Kim Jae WOOK??????

        And that other guy, the big dumb guy was a little bit hot too.

        This movie is, at the very least, a TRIFECTA of hotness. Plus the story ain’t bad and it’s gorgeously filmed.

        • cherkell

          Oh yeah, Big Dumb Guy — Choi Ji Ho!!! Whatever the heck happened to him, ne? And the actual French guy wasn’t a slouch either… darned if I can’t remember his name right now.

          But I have that Severe Mental Block over anyone else with the name ‘Wook’ in it, remember? Don’t want to make My Precious jealous. 😛

          Welp, I’ve just secured my Watching Schedule for the nanosecond I get home from work today. There’s nothing like revisiting the ‘classics’ early… and often. RAWR. ♥♥♥

          • Shukmeister

            Okay, intrigued and I’ve spooled “Antique Bakery” in my watchlist.

          • jomo

            Oh, so good and unexpected.

          • cherkell

            And I completely forgot to mention that Noona Killer Yeo Jin Goo played the younger version of Ji-hoon’s character Jin-hyuk. Damn, that boy has been around forEVAH!

            Army Abs, chingus. Army Abs will be ours for the taking come the end of April 2013. W00T!!!

          • pillowhead

            oh. thank you. I just googled it and yes, i will be watching.

          • pogo

            @clerkell: is there ANY senior-generation hottie (aka people it is ok for me to perv on because they are adults) whose younger version Yeo Jin-gu hasn’t played? Lee Jun-ki, Joo Ji-hoon, Kim Soo-hyun, now Yoochun…..

          • Enz

            That will be next movie to check out then. Thanks

        • jomo

          Ridiculously hot and scary, too in parts.

          KJW played the shit out of that role.

          • JoAnne

            He sure DID, that alien beautiful boy.

            That face would make angels weep. It’s sculpture.

        • pogo

          Speaking of which, I need Kim Jae Wook to come back from military service already.

          (and then please finally play lead in something, he’s only been in supporting/second lead roles so far and Mary Stayed Out All Night was such a waste of him – and of Jang Geun-seuk and Moon Geun-young, but KJW is the topic here)

          • jomo

            I know. We all such high hopes for him in MSOAN and they effed with his character and it was so hoRRible.

            He had a teeny tiny part in Dalja’s Spring that I wanted to screen cap and post on my wall, but I restrained myself.

    • 5.8 jomo

      SKKS was the first show that destroyed me.
      I didn’t spaz too much about the OTP. but ached for
      Yong ha and Jae Shin.

      ACHED like a big throbbing toe all over.
      Each of the six times I watched it.
      That was so unfair to have SJK touch YAI at all, but when SJK’s hand wiped YAI’s lips I think I yelped.
      Each of the 100 times I watched it.

      • 5.8.1 JoAnne


  6. iZzie :)

    Happy Friday everyone! 🙂
    It’s been a looong time again since I last visited.
    I’ve just started on IMY, and I’m still about to watch episode 5. I’m trying to space the viewing of this drama’s episodes and watch Gentleman’s Dignity and Reply 1997 in between, cuz it’s just so dang heavy! My heart can only bear so much weight and my eyes can only take so much crying. I’m like crying every 5 minutes or so.

    AGD… I love JDG! 😀

    Oh, and Happy New Year too! 🙂

    • 6.1 kopytko

      I just want to swoon over JDG along with you *swoon*.
      IMY’s very description put me off effectively – dislike dark-and-heavy shows.

      • 6.1.1 iZzie :)

        Haha! I just hope Cha Seung Won would forgive me on this one… JDG’s a hot ahjussi! 😀 *swoon* *swoon* *swoon*

        I almost gave up on IMY after ep3. It felt like my head was going to explode from that one. I had to degauss my thoughts after so that I wouldn’t dream about it when I sleep. I even prayed that I don’t dream about it. The kids were so dang effective in their acting that I stared at empty space for a while after watching it. But there’s no stopping once you’ve started. I heard that things will get lighter later on, but I’m really disturbed by the sneak peeks about the grown up pair.

        I love Yoo Seung Ho too much to stop watching IMY. *sigh* Love can make you cry. 😛

        • kopytko

          I don’t watch shows that want to make me cry no matter what. Even if one of my favourite actors is in it, I just stay out. I am definitely into dramas such as AGD. All the more so if they revolve around characters like Kim DoJin *swoon*

          • paar

            İ don’t love IMY, definiteliy I don’t hate it but for some reason I can’t stop watching it.
            even though everyone cries buckets it doesn’t make you cry(except for the obvious early part)
            it has many warm moments as well, the romance is surprisingly cute (in a similar tone to young actors’ portrayal) found families instead of ‘real’ ones always warm my heart, su yeon’s healing process, jung woo’s partner, detective kim(for the early part) definitely father’s daugter eun joo(despite the non existent screen time)…
            there are a lot of things to like…
            but harry, his terrible revenge plan, unclear motivations, jung woo’s parents, harry’s mother, the crime sequences are all terrible…
            maybe dramma should have been all about suyeon’s past ghosts, her healing, and harry always being there for her, jung woo being loved, hated unforgotten first love…oh well…
            as I said I can’t love it and I can’t stop watching

          • JoAnne

            Really? You find Harry’s motivations unclear? I don’t in the least. Nor the motivations of Jung Woo’s parents, or really, anyone in the story. I totally understand the reactions I’m seeing, given the story I’ve seen, and that is especially true for Harry, Su Yeon, and Jung Woo.

            There are moments when we are given a tidbit LATER that let me go back and re-evaluate a moment but it’s never been a ‘well that was stupid, they should have said that earlier’ kind of thing. It’s always an ‘ohhhhhhhhh….didn’t see THAT coming’ kind of thing.

        • JoAnne

          There’s tons of light and cute between Jung Woo and his ‘lover’, between Jung Woo and his partner, and between Jung Woo and Su Heon/Zoe.

          Even so, the overall tone and plot of the drama are quite serious. Not as in your face as the first 3-4 episodes but – there’s no getting away from the knowledge that a happy ending is very, very iffy.

          Very iffy. And yet I will be watching, glued to the edge of my seat, hands clutched together over my heart – not for sadness only but also for the twists and turns of the action.

          and then I might watch it again, to see how much earlier I might have picked up on things that are only now being revealed, late in the run.

          • iZzie :)

            It did got a bit lighter after episode 4. You’re right, the cute is definitely back. But I’m feeling so emotionally manipulated by the drama for making me laugh now after putting me through pain. Not that I don’t want to laugh after the pain. I don’t cry with the characters anymore – they cry, I just watch. But the cute moments get me. It sort of a relief that after all they went through they try to live on and laugh.

          • JoAnne

            It sort of a relief that after all they went through they try to live on and laugh. ~ Izzie I feel that this is the point of the entire story in the end

          • iZzie :)

            But with the glimpses of Jung woo with bullet in the head doesn’t make it seem like so. It’s all set for a tragic ending and who gets to live on – except for Jung woo – and whether that person who survives gets to live properly is still a question. Unless that bullet-in-the-head scene is just a dream or a fantasy.

          • JoAnne

            Izzie – I dunno – even if he dies it will not negate the bravery and strength of having made the attempt to live and I do not buy into it as having been futile based on result since the days when they succeeded exist regardless – you just have to accept that nothing is forever

  7. KDrama Fan

    Hi there everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Hope you’ve all had a good start to 2013.

    Enjoyed watching ‘Can We Get Married?’, ‘King of Dramas’ and the Taiwan Drama ‘In Time With You’ this week.

    As always liked reading the updates and recaps on DB.

    Would really like a NY podcast from the Dynamic Duo-Javabeans and Girl Friday.

    Anybody second that?

    JB and GF, can we have a NY’s podcast? Pretty please?

    • 7.1 kopytko

      You’ve made me realize I am an idiot. NY – why New York – I was thinking, when I realized it is New Year. On the other hand, my brother usually says Happy New York, so it was kind of right… LOL

      • 7.1.1 KDrama Fan


      • 7.1.2 JoAnne

        You are not alone, my friend. I did the same thing.

        • kopytko

          I feel a little better, thank you 🙂

      • 7.1.3 alua

        Haha! I thought New York too, and though maybe I wasn’t paying attention and Javabeans and Girlfriday had mentioned something about a visit to the Big Apple!

  8. Farpavilions

    Happy weekend and 2013!

    I’m just popping in to wonder and gripe about why King of Dramas is getting such low ratings given how good it is … the content and plotline aren’t that offbeat so I don’t know why it seems to have gone into mania drama territory. Is it just a case of it getting an online rather than tv audience or something?

    If anyone’s been following Korean reviews or knows how the ratings are computed I’d love more behind the scenes info.

    • 8.1 trotwood

      My concern is that (without a Director Nam around) because of the low ratings, companies won’t want to continue making dramas like this and stick with traditional fare to make money. I think this is one of the best dramas I have seen in the way that you really like a whole bunch of different characters as opposed to having them be window dressing for the main ones. For example, I love all the guys in World Productions not just PD Joo but each has his own personality when it could easily have been boy one, boy two, etc. I love the relationship that Lee Go-eun has with her mother. I really like how it balances the funny with the quirky with the heartfelt with the drama. I am sad that it will be over soon.

      • 8.1.1 Farpavilions

        I’m with you on the awesomeness that is KoD and Director Nam (esp since I finally got around to watching Kim Sam Soon and he’s become my new ahjussi crush)

        But I don’t understand what’s so untraditional (and offputting to mass audiences?) about KoD given that the plot elements of a standard romcom are pretty much intact (love triangle, noble idiocy, workplace romance, disease), just done in a brilliantly refreshing way. Meh!

  9. shiku

    Happy OT everyone!
    My computer crushed *tears*
    The good thing is I had backed all my downloaded dramas as I was about to upgrade my OS. O would have spit blood if I had to download all those old dramas again since there is no Megadownload anymore.

    So I’m currently stuck using my windows phone (which I absolutely love) but there is no dramafever app for my phone. Jaebal please make one ASAP, it will take me a while to get a new laptop.

    I will be spending this coming week with my sis and my new born nephew and I hope I will be able to convert her to a k-drama fan. I’m so excited but such a long drive!

    I’m still current on School although it just bugs me how the students behave, long absences, late arrivals, blatantly sleeping in class, not doing any homework, getting away with being disrespectful to teachers, parents interfering with the teaching, etc. My parents only came to school during Open days and they didn’t threaten the teachers at all. They checked my homework most of the time but left the teaching to the teachers.

    I love King of Dramas and I’m so sad its ending next week. Where will I get my Anthony and GoEun fix? *tears*

    Anyway, have a great weekend everyone.

    • 9.1 alua

      I agree with you on the students’ behaviour in School 2013, but I can tell you that there are really parents like that! I taught for a few years, and there is always one or two those people that we call ‘parents from hell’!

    • 9.2 enz

      the students’ apathy and behaviour bug me big time too – i dont get it. how are they allowed to behave so disrespectfully?

    • 9.3 pogo

      re: the kids’ behaviour on School, it’s not that far off from reality if my schoolteacher friends (who teach at not-so-posh schools) are anything to go by, though they don’t teach in Korean schools.

      Well, no one would get away with admitting to trying to steal an exam and not being expelled, but sleeping in class, truancy and general lack of motivation to study? Those seem to be pretty close to reality, according to what they say.

  10. 10 sajatokki

    Anyone else not satisfied with the ending of Can We Get Married? Please tell me it’s not just me! T__T

    • 10.1 Ann

      I watched the first two episodes of Can We Get Married, and I was so irritated with the characters I had to quit watching. The husband and Dong Bi’s boyfriend are jerks, but the women still want them! When Dong Bi is folding his shirts, i wanted to scream! If the ending is also bad, I am glad I didn’t keep watching.

      • 10.1.1 sajatokki

        I get why you couldn’t stand the first few episodes. Hye Yoon can be really hard to watch ^^; Well as for me I like it all throughout..obviously except the ending.

        Dong Bi’s boyfriend does get better. In the end I was really rooting for this couple and I wished they had more screen time (not that they didn’t have enough)

    • 10.2 yumi

      There is a special coming.

      • 10.2.1 sajatokki

        Thank you for letting me know!

        Ahh but is this special a continuation of the series or is it something like a flashback / behind-the-scenes / interview thing?

    • 10.3 Rashell

      I wish we had a little more “after” from the other characters and not just Hye Yoon and Jung Hoon. But other then that I was satisfied with where we left everyone.

      Ki Joong and Dong Bi were my favorites, so they’re relationship progress just thrilled me. I loved how he turned into such a sweet adoring boyfriend once he no longer had to hold back and pretend to be cool.

      I loved the cute biker couple and how they’re getting their “miracle” baby. So cute those two, and a wonerful example that love can come at any age.

      And I was glad for Hye Jin that she could FINALLY move on with her life away from that selfish man she married. She paid her dues for making bad decisions with him in the first place, and now she and that adorable boy can go forward with Do Hyun firmly in a place outside of them. And I loved that in the end he was lonely and wrecked. No character ever deserved it more.

      I’m glad the main pairing grew up and realized what was most important. And I love that they learned how to be a team first and foremost especially with their mothers.

      I wouldn’t have minded a couple more episodes, but overall I was satisfied that everyone had reached a place of contentment in their lives.

      • 10.3.1 Mystisith

        I am like you. Just enough closure for those in a relationship and freedom for our poor abused sister: They are DIVORCED! Thanks goodness! The feeling “Life goes on” was appropriate for this show. And the face of the poor MIL being a “domestic slave” at the end: Priceless! 🙂

        • Addylovesbwood

          I wouldn’t say I was disappointed with the ending. It ended well!! I just wish they gave us more. I was so invested in all the couples that I wouldn’t have minded an extension…

          With the couple that divorced… up to the point he slapped her I wished they would drop the case and try to make things work for the better…. yes he cheated… but wasn’t that the foundation of their marriage??

          but after he slapped her… i was like HELL Nawww!!

          The last scene with Lee Mi Sook raising the baby was hilarious!! thats what she gets for always plotting…

          looking forward to next week’s special episode

  11. 11 Leaf

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! And hope you all had a good Christmas 😀 My Cousin who I don’t often see came over with her Dad so that was nice. And we did SO SO SO much cooking. Traditional Polish Christmas Eve with about six dishes and then Christmas Day with the Turkey and everything. We handmake everything pretty much so it’s an epic two day cookathon. But kinda fun haha.

    So yeah… happy 2013 everyone!!! I think it’s gonna good year <3

    Good luck everyone!! <3

    • 11.1 kopytko

      Happy New Year!

      I like the word cookathlon. It is very apt for the amounts of work one has to do on Christmas Eve (our family usually has 9-12 dishes). This year even my brother helped cooking. He made a salmon dish on his own. I am soooo proud of him.

      • 11.1.1 Leaf

        9-12… urrgg… I can’t imagine having to do that many!! 6 was bad enough!!
        Hope you had a great Christmas 😀

        • kopytko

          I had indeed, thank you.

          It is not so bad to do so much if you work in team. So I make dishes with fish (dad helps with carp). Mom and I make dumplings together. Mom makes soup and sweet dishes (racuchy, for example). This year my bro made a delicious salmon and my little sis (23 years old;)) took care of the table and decorations. I think doing things together for the whole day makes it the most special day of the year for us.

      • 11.1.2 owl

        I love family ethnic food traditions! We do a traditional 7 fish Christmas Eve dinner – squid, salmon, cod, shrimp, mussels and other shellfish, smelt, anchovies – even the little ones like it! It is one of the only times during the year the family at large gets together (18 immediate members, plus aunts, uncles and cousins drop by – lots of out of towners). Love my family time, but have to head back to work tomorrow.

    • 11.2 Shukmeister


      Did you get a kiss on New Years? 😉

      • 11.2.1 kakashi

        yes, my thoughts exactly! what’s with the potential boyfriend?

        • Leaf

          Haha no I didn’t get a New Years kiss as I’m back home and not at Uni. Woudn’t have wanted one from anyone here ^shudders^ inbreds…

          As for my protential boyfriend… well… lets just say I think we may sort things out soon…
          Seriously, obsessing over our relationship for weeks on your own does strange things to you… but yeah…

          Things will happen I believe! 😀

          • Shukmeister

            [crossing fingers, rubbing lucky rabbit’s foot, furiously looking for a 4-leaf clover through the fallen leaves, sneaking off to the farm to steal a horseshoe…]

          • JoAnne

            pictures or it didn’t happen

          • Leaf

            Haha don’t worry… I will post a picture of us WHEN (positive thinking and all!) we start dating…

          • zgznoona

            You know you are carrying our hopes on your shoulders. Just kidding, but I hope everything goes well. And no matter what happens, I hope you are happy with the result

          • cv

            Hi LEaf! ^^ Can’t wait for your news. heheheh Sooo cute!

            (fingers cross)

          • pillowhead

            Hi Leaf! Happy New Year! Didn’t c u around for a few weeks and missed your stories. Get back to uni and kiss that guy. haha. just messing. Glad you had a nice Christmas break. 😀

  12. 12 rainbow

    hi everyone 🙂
    Just completed You’ve fallen for me and I liked it a lot!!
    also watching King of dramas, school 2013 and alice in Cheongdam-dong….
    And waiting for Flower boy next door 😀

    • 12.1 owl

      You’ve fallen for me is cute! I am marathoning Cinderella Man – it’s fun too! Love to go back and fill in with older kdramas along with the current ones I am watching – School 2013, What’s Up, KoD, IMY and need to catch up on CWGM?

    • 12.2 pogo

      You’ve Fallen For Me is really cute – not outstanding (and lord does that first kiss make me cringe) but adorable, and I really like Park Shin-hye and Jung Yong-hwa together even if I love her and Jang Geun-seuk more <3

  13. 13 cherkell

    Happy New year 2013, minasan! I have a full day of meetings scheduled to roll out our first litigation module, so I’ll make it short. Caught up on IMY and KOD and CDDA, so I can finally keep up with the various conversations going on out there on the Interwebs. “Childless Comfort” still continues to amaze me, even watching it raw — I hold out hope that someday a wonderful subber will take it on (we went through the same thing with the first season of “Vampire Prosecutor” too and that all worked out). *fingers crossed*

    Had to put the “Five Fingers” recaps on the back burner because of the holidays, so look for a new one this weekend. And the best news I’ve heard all week: K.WILL IS APPEARING AT THE LOS ANGELES ORPHEUM ON VALENTINE’S DAY AND I WILL MOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH TO BE THERE!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    Returning you now to your regularly-scheduled programming. Seeyas later!

    • 13.1 sweetcloud

      OMG lucky you!! Love love K.Will’s smooth voice, I wish he would come to Europe but I guess the fan base here isn’t large enough. Squeeeeeeeeeal for me when you see him! 😀

    • 13.2 zgznoona

      Happy 2013!!!
      What did you say? Feb 14? it’s around the dates I’ll be there.
      We need to talk about it in detail later.

      • 13.2.1 cherkell

        DAEBAK!!! I’m going to buy two tickets regardless, and I need a Sister-in-Lust to accompany me. DM me later!!

    • 13.3 cv

      Hi Cherkell! ^^ I keep hearing about childless comfort too. Is it that good? storywise? acting? what? LOL

      I’m soo glad so many people like IMY! It’s thick melo but I may watch the last 4 episodes. :p We’ll see.

      K.Will!!!? Dang! lucky you. :p He’s a good singer…. but I’m saving up for my favorite Kpop band. lol

      • 13.3.1 Shukmeister

        JYJ, cv!!! You and me when / if they show up in NYC!!

    • 13.4 Mrembo

      SQUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEE! But 🙁 If only I wasn’t in the middle of writing a dissertation. Oh K.Will…:)

  14. 14 yumi

    Happy New 2013.

    • 14.1 Leaf

      Happy 2013 to you too!!!! 😀

  15. 15 pogo

    Happy 2013, everyone!

    I’m currently 2/3 of the way through Ojakkyo Brothers, and need a break even though I LOVE ajumma+Ja-eun (UEE’s character) and also Tae-hee and Ja-eun (Joo-won does scary intense so, so well, it’s amazing). Though when it comes to the #1 spot for favourite brother, it’s a tie between Joo-won’s character and Yeon Woo-jin’s, I love them.

    Otherwise, my main drama preoccupation these days is School 2013. SO GOOD, even if I wish Kang-joo could get a little more airtime, I like the character and I like the way Hyoyoung plays her (is this the result of dropping the love storylines? I wish it didn’t mean cutting down on the part of the younger-gen female leads :/)

    • 15.1 hydrangeabloom

      Yay Ojakgyo Brothers! I’m a bit behind you – moving up on the halfway mark – but I think we are enjoying some of the same elements of the drama. My favorite relationship is the mother-daughter one developing between Bok-ja and Ja-eun. I have really warmed up to Bok-ja as the drama has progressed. 🙂

      • 15.1.1 enz

        by the end of the series, she will be your favourite hydrangeabloom. she was marvellous in the role and yes, her relationship with ja eun is the most heartwarming in that drama

    • 15.2 John


      I wish School had some sort of romance for someone.

      • 15.2.1 Enz

        I disagree John.. They all should sort themselves and their lives first before thinking about romance..!!

      • 15.2.2 pogo

        John – don’t get me wrong, I love that they’ve dropped the relationship chart, it makes things less predictable this way. (not to say that it stops me from shipping everyone in sight though!)

  16. 16 Shukmeister

    Hello and Happy New Year!

    I’m all caught up in CDDA and KoD. I already have my clock set for tomorrow (Monday) and the final episode of Anthony’s Big Adventure [sigh].

    I attempted QSS. I say attempted because I’m stopping at episode 4. Eun-soo’s so useless and colorless she left me cold, and I can’t bear to watch her, even if her character does develop to something. Sorry all you QSS lovers!

    Watched the first two episodes of CWGM, and, while I can’t say I’m completely hooked, I’m sufficiently intrigued to continue watching in my spare time.

    I watched a creepy sci-fi / medical thriller called Deranged / Yeongasi, starring KMM. I picked it up thanks to his Anthony character, but I have to say it was excellent on it’s own merit! Not for everyone though, as the story-line includes huge worms that parasite on people and force them to drown themselves…

    Happy and healthy new year blessings to all my virtual friends and acquaintances on DB!!

    • 16.1 kopytko

      Happy New Year to you!

      I am always upset when actors I like choose genres I dislike. Such as creepy thrillers about parasites. Huh. After all, there are people who want to watch stuff like that. I can’t sleep after watching it.

      • 16.1.1 Shukmeister

        I didn’t expect it to affect me this much, what with my background and everything. Kim Dong-wan from Shinhwa played his younger brother, so there was some pretty through the grossness. LOL

    • 16.2 jomo

      Thanks for the KMM tip.
      I will watch him in everything – worms or not!!!

      • 16.2.1 Shukmeister

        Needless to say, it a very different character from Anthony. But still excellent acting, even if it will be a loonnng time before I drink unfiltered water….

      • 16.2.2 JoAnne

        If you watch Ep 20 of CWGM? on Viki without adblockers, you can watch him in a toothbrush commercial. Just sayin’.

        • jomo

          OMG, I totally will.

          • JoAnne

            sorry not Viki! DC-net!!!!!

    • 16.3 nakai

      Yeongasi was ok. But I prefer Pacemaker. I think it’s KMM best movie from 2012.

      • 16.3.1 Shukmeister

        Haven’t seen that one – what is it about?

      • 16.3.2 JoAnne

        ahhhhh I saw the preview for that earlier this year I had no idea that was our Ansony now I def have to see it

    • 16.4 cherkell

      “Deranged” was AWESOME! Actually saw it over in Cupertino in an almost-packed theatre (assuming because the release was only scheduled for three days total). I love Moon Jung Hee in anything she does, but you should have heard the squeals from the other ahjummas in the audience when Dong-wan’s face first appeared on screen. Myself included. Hee!

      • 16.4.1 Shukmeister

        @ Cherkell –

        Oh it was very good, almost too good. Had a little trouble sleeping afterwards, and not in a dreaming of ahjussi-idol way… lol

    • 16.5 pillowhead

      wuahahah. that Eun-soo is such a bitch. haha. oh well, that ok Shuky. I can’t get my friend to watch it either. QSS…looks like it just u, me, Enz and Korazy. <3

      • 16.5.1 Shukmeister

        Sorry, chingu. I did give it a good shot. In those episode, I didn’t find a biatch but weak and pathetic. Crunching on any guy that gives her eye contact, and the incessant self-victimizing was totally off-putting.

        I can’t get through JoAnne’s fave Goong either, stopped about episode 4 there too.

        Maybe I’m weird. Actually, there’s probably no maybe about it. LOL

        • pillowhead

          lol. not a problem chingu. 😀 it’s a slow start.

    • 16.6 Enz

      Shukmeister!! You’re breaking my heart!! That’s the thing about eun soo. You think she is kdrama cliched heroine, weak but she’s not. She is a little weird and space cadetty but she speaks her mind and she doesn’t allow herself to be manipulated.

      But what to do, we love the dramas we love. I know it’s a drama that won’t have that wide an appeal :(. At least you tried hor?

      • 16.6.1 pillowhead

        yeah, I have to agree that Eun Soo wasn’t weak. weird and naive but honest. So wild to watch the two male leads fall so hard for her. As plain and weird as she was, the story still it made sense, because the two were so desprate for something real. oh-oh… here I go again…

      • 16.6.2 Shukmeister

        Enz and Pillow –
        You may have to blame my public safety background; charging someone with a sexual crime to get them to notice you or just to get them in trouble, is a big big HUGE black mark in my book. I think that’s where it ended for me.

        • pillowhead

          oh yeah. i used to be a victim advocate and that made me a little peeved. i c that in a lot of drama’s where someone make a complaint and then recants and the cops just drop it so easily. hm, can make a lot of social commentaries on that… but i’m not going there. Actually if you watched the end of episode 9, that black mark might be a lot bigger. oh. good thing u didn’t get that far. lol

          • pillowhead

            but the scene at the end of 9, was the H-SHIT! moment for me. I was glued after that.

          • enz

            hah. I thought the same pillowhead. if shukie had reached epi 9, she would really flip. cos that was even more wrong but one can’t deny that these situations sure do happen in real life

          • pillowhead

            i know, and how bad is it that i thought it was HOT! well that actuall scene was disturbing but the anguish before, at the bar and the passionate kiss after were fking awesome!!!!!

        • enz

          she was very wrong to do that I agree. she grows up eventually. this drama has a lot of people doing not very right things and it puts them in a lot of pain

          • pillowhead

            yup. it’s all about people doing stupid stuff. haha. but the ending was great, don’t you think. I thought brilliant.

          • enz

            yes I agree :). and yes I also found the kiss very hot. the whole episode was pent up frustration and passion that got unleashed.

          • pillowhead

   that is the perfect discription of that episode.

            I did not like the first part of the episode thought. that dinner scene with the four of them bickering. That was tireing. but the later part was exactly as you said.

          • pillowhead

            but maybe it was necessary. it was the angry phase Eric was in just before he snapped.

          • enz

            basically leading up to that moment in episode 9, kang tae Joo was constantly just goading and provoking her more and more to counter his own inability to get her out of his head. he was increasinglyattracted to her and his feelings were all agitated but he couldn’t face it till it led to that.

            so that bit at the table was just him doing more of the same and necessary to lead us up to the end of epi 9.

  17. 17 redfox

    bought Korean fairy tales, a book from 1956, has a story of Hong Gil Dong and mirror slave or something. interesting. also, about Park Ki Woongs´ unfortunate orange hair, I am sorry for falling asleep on his head. I´ll get right down.

    • 17.1 pogo


    • 17.2 redfox

      but…oh, ok. he disguised himself into an old man (reading the first story from the book, got confused about the age of the hero).

  18. 18 jomo

    Hello everyone! Happy Week-end!

    I am totally on Channel Kim Myung Min this week.
    He has completely rocked my world as Anthony in KOD, and made me HIS girl 5ever.

    I burned through White Tower in two days, despite having to take happiness breaks throughout. Wow. What an anti hero Dr. Jang was in that, hated him and everything he did, but I still rooted for him. Don’t know why! In Brain, SHK’s doctor was a dick, but he wasn’t corrupt, so pulling for him was a lot easier.

    I would defintely recommend White Tower for you if you like intense, political type battling and you are NOT looking for romance or HAPPY feelings. The writers did a good job NOT picking a side. The viewer really has to be his/her own judge in this one. KMM was perfect in the role.

    I am in the middle of Beethoven’s Virus ** NO SPOILERS, please **
    What a strange duck this show is. I found out after I started that it won all the awards that year, and I can see why it was popular, but it’s all over the place. Strange and contrived conflicts and choppy editing keep this from being really good, but I am still really enjoying it. It may be the fault of the subtitles, because I find I am missing things often, or maybe it is just poorly put together. The pace is almost too fast at times.

    They completely fooled me as far as the ages of the actors. IRL, in 2008, the actors were:
    KMM = 36
    Lee Jiah = 31
    Jang Geun Suk = 21 TEN YEAR difference between them!
    But the characters they played were:
    KMM = 40
    LJA = 25
    JGS = 21, I think.
    I would never have thought, n a million years, that LJA was only 5 years younger than KMM during their scenes. It is still mind boggling. Of course, KMM had horrible hair styling, and LJA was filmed with soft focus a lot, but still. She really does look young.

    KMM is outstanding, of course. LJA and JGS get the job done. Mostly it is the supporting cast keep it believable and moving.
    Many of the usual suspects: Lee Soon Jae – bad grampa in K2H, Song Ok Sook- Gatiskal oma, Park Chul Min – the most annyoing character in everything he is in, and Hyun Jyu Ni, recently of Oohlala.

    I love rag-tag ensemble stories like Swingtime or Waterboys from Japan, make it about classical music and I am all aboard.

    The love triangle is slightly better than what I though it would be. Yes, there is Young vs Old, Inexperienced vs Experienced, Pretty vs Personality, but there is more to it because of the relationship between the male rivals. The disparity of their ages is more father/son than bromantical. I almost wish this had been made in a less traditional culture, because it would not be completely illogical for an ambiguous love line to exist between them, too.

    I haven’t heard anything good about how this all ends up, and I am almost afraid to finish for that reason, but I will go forward come what may. ** If you know, please try not to hint to me what happens. **
    Can’t say if I would recommend yet…

    • 18.1 Amberscube

      I watched Bad Family because of Kim Myung Min. I absolutely love everything in it. Im a romcom kind of girl, so i dont know if i want to watch White Tower.

      Im gonna miss Kim Bong Dal after KOD.

      • 18.1.1 jomo

        Bad Family is next.
        I bought the cheap version of the DVDs but found out the subs are just awful. That explains the price, LOL

        • John


          The DVD subs for Zhen Huan were horrible as well.

          • jomo

            Which can be frustrating or wildly entertaining, but never good for understanding.

            Just curious- Did you end up getting DVDs because the eps were not all on viki?

        • John


          No, viki has the dvd subs. If you look at the last three episodes, they have links to the episodes w/ the dvd subs.

          The story was just too good to abandon, so we put up w/ the dvd subs.

          • jomo

            OK Thanks.
            I think I will be going back to it in February.

    • 18.2 pogo

      Hey jomo! Beethoven Virus is actually on my list of shows to try (that JGS, damn him, especially if he’s smiling – which, does he smile at all in BV?) so the heads-up is very handy, I’ll lower my expectations accordingly…

      • 18.2.1 jomo

        He is adorable in this show in short hair. It makes me wonder why he goes only with the longer hair instead of mixing it up.

        Smiles galore, btw.

        • pogo

          I swear an angel gets its wings every time he smiles.

    • 18.3 nakai

      During Beethoven Virus days the listed age for Lee Ji Ah was younger than her real age. Back then her age was closer to JGS. I still remember all the big fuss some fans made then saying KMM was too old. HAH….

      I love White Tower with all my being. Not just the Korean version…..I love the Japanese version as well. But I love Korean version a little bit more because of the bromance.

      Anyway, HAPPY WATCHING !

      • 18.3.1 jomo

        “KMM was too old.” That is funny. He is just so damn sexy, it doesn’t matter!!

        Thing is, he has looked 40 for the last 10 years, so at least he hasn’t aged.

    • 18.4 cherkell

      “I love rag-tag ensemble stories like Swingtime or Waterboys from Japan, make it about classical music and I am all aboard.”

      Oh me too!!! LOVED Waterboys!!! Maybe that’s why I liked Nodame so much; even though the production out-manga’d the manga, the story still stuck to the original concept of bringing classical music to the masses. Brought back very fond memories of my own music school days. *sigh*

      But Wentz Eiji… please come back to Dorama Land! I MISS YOU!!!

      • 18.4.1 jomo

        Where did he go? Singing career?

        • cherkell

          I think WaT might have either disbanded or gone on hiatus, since I haven’t seen a release out of them in ages. I watched him hosting the “Super Surprise” variety show a couple months back, but not much else since then. No sightings on this year’s Kohaku broadcast either! *sigh*

    • 18.5 owl

      Hey Jomo! BV is the kdrama my bro randomly picked to watch (see 20, my diary). I won’t give any spoilers, but let’s hash it over when you’re done. I like your analysis and see it pretty much the same way. My overall comment is the acting is good (funny, and amazingly consistent throughout). Okay, more later when you’re ready 🙂

      • 18.5.1 pillowhead

        Hi owl! Happy New Year!
        Was it you that recommended What’s Up?
        I had the worst allergies last week and was dosed up with benadryl, but i managed to finish it. It was cute.
        I must have faded out a few times cause, I lost track of a few story lines. What happened to Hades? I remember that B-actress was blackmailing him but nothing after that. And what was the story about the ghost?

  19. 19 Trina

    Happy Friday everyone!!! I am two episodes behind of Cheongdam Alice. But, will be caught up for tomorrow episode.. =) I hope everybody will have a wonderful week-end!!!!

  20. 20 owl

    Vacation viewing kdrama with my bro (first time watcher), sounds great, right? Well, it went something like this:

    Day 1
    Me: “You pick.”
    Bro: (flips through limited kdrama roku) “Beethoven Virus?”
    Me: “Sure, whatever you want.” (I hadn’t seen it yet. Show starts. I casually fill him in on actors I know from other dramas. Kim Myung min – Anthony in KoD; Jang Keun Suk -You’re Beautiful, Love Rain. Bro is impressed.)
    Bro: “Geez, how many kdramas have you watched, anyway?” I act like it’s a rhetorical question. We watch episodes 1&2. Uneventful.
    Day 2
    Bro: “Wanna watch 2 more episodes?
    Me: “Sounds good.” (each episode is @75 min long. We watch 3&4. Minimal conversation, bro concentrates on subtitles, an acquired skill he has yet to master.)
    Day 3
    Bro: “So, Beethoven Virus?”
    Me: “Um, okay.” (The acting is better than the storyline. Episode 5 is okay; 6 – c’mon; by 7
    I am drumming my fingers on the couch arm. Can’t fast forward. Bro wouldn’t get it. Sit for 2 ½
    hrs. Antsy.)
    Day 4
    Bro: “Let’s watch our kdrama!” (Okay, this is cute: bro gets 2 ramen cups and chopsticks. No lie.)
    Me: “Ok, but let’s ff through the recap, gimme.” (I grab the control and get us on fasttrack. Watch 8&9. There’s an almost kiss – par for the course halfway through, I say. There’s a scene with JKS in a white tee shirt and jeans, standing on a hill and running his hands thru his hair all bothered ala James Dean, wah! hot! A little hard to dig full blown with my bro, but I’m happy:).)
    Day 5
    Bro: “ ’Toven time before we go out?” (He is enthusiastic, more than me, but I appreciate that I have a convert, so yeah~)
    Me: “I’m in.” (But, bro has to reverse and rewatch parts he wasn’t following. I offer to explain, but he wants to get it on his own. That, on top of lots of back flashes and I’m pacing on the inside and snacking like nobody’s business. This in not SUFBB or City Hunter. Today’s viewing – SLOW. 10&11, down.)
    Later: We meet up with his friends from Indonesia. Bro mentions kdramas like he knows what he’s talking about. Friends laugh, ask if we’ve watched Grudge, and laugh some more. One asks, “Do you know oppa?” I say, “Yes, older brother and also boyfriend.” They laugh.
    Day 6
    When the BV subject comes up, I tell bro to watch a couple episodes by himself; I’ll catch them on my computer later, I say. (I run upstairs to watch What’s Up, School 2013 AND BV my way – ff when necessary. I watch ALL this in the same 2 1/2 hours he’s downstairs watching BV. I need my fix, as much as I can get in a short time. I am not proud of my behavior, but I can’t go backwards, not now. The count: 12&13.)
    Day 7
    Bro: “Got plans, or…?”
    Me: “So, how many episodes is this kdrama?”
    Bro: “18. Yeah?”
    Me: (mumbling) “Mmm k.” (The thing is, I can watch and do other stuff too. Like skim books, read articles, check email, dramabeans, facebook, etc., etc.)
    Bro: “Hey! You’re not watching.” Puts it on pause.
    Me: “NO! DON’T! Here. I’m watching! See?” (I set down my computer. But after 14, he’s done for this round, mad that I was distracted. I watch 15, so now bro has to catch up and pulls a late nighter to do so. All right, bro! That’s the spirit!)
    Day 8
    Me: “I’m leaving on Saturday. Do you want to marathon the last 3 episodes?”
    Bro: “Dunno, maybe.” (Wait, that’s not the spirit, but what can I say – he’s a newbie.)
    End of story: we marathoned – a new experience for bro – and he got so into it! Bro got all chatterbox-y during viewing (cute this once, but No). High five for my convert bro! I turned him onto City Hunter, jumped in the car and waved goodbye as I drove off, vacation ovah!

    Conclusion: Imma go solo. Gotta have control over choice, time, and above all fast forwarding. OR lingering over the good parts in the privacy of my privacy. And NO talking (unless it’s me).

    *excerpt from diary of a mad kdramaddict:)

    • 20.1 JoAnne

      awww he sounds adorable. Good for you!

    • 20.2 Leaf

      Haha awesome 😀

      Love converting people!!

    • 20.3 sweetcloud

      Haha your vacation diary was so cute. I converted a friend to Arang and the Magistrate, and I can’t believe how slow he is to watch them! Three months in and he’s still at episode 6… At least the useless (for us regular drama addicts marathonians) flashbacks find their use with him lol.

      Although I could never ff through a drama unless I’ve already watched it, how do you know you’re not missing on clues?! But now I understand how some people have so many dramas on their watch list when I can watch two at the same time at most 😀

    • 20.4 alua

      This totally cracked me up (and the ramen cups & chopsticks is just awesome)! Hahahahaha! How old is your brother?

      He’ll love City Hunter, I’m sure.

      Sometimes I wish I could watch dramas with other people, but I totally get your final point – yeah, I think I rather prefer watching by myself most of the time too.

      Well, at least you’ve created another k-drama addict!

    • 20.5 Lizzy4e

      Hahaha, I love that you left him with City Hunter. That is what I have recommended my daughter watch with her boyfriend. It offers much to interest both genders.

      My daughter and I are watching Queen In Hyun’s Man right now. so much sweetness.

    • 20.6 Mystisith

      Love the diary! Hehe. Morale of the story, marathon must be a solitary experience unless you have a Siamese sister.

    • 20.7 Lovebug

      ha this is hilarious. And very similar to the experience I had with my mom watching Can you hear my heart over the holidays. She got really into it (but I was simutaneously trying to re-watch Queen Inhyun’s man). She watched ahead and then waited for me to catch up and we marathoned the rest in like 2 days. All in all a positive experience!

    • 20.8 Jeannette

      Oh my god, I loved this. Hilarious and AWESOME!

    • 20.9 zgznoona

      Sounds fun.
      I tried with mom, she is against reading subs, sis simply said she has no time for that. I’ll keep trying next year

    • 20.10 pillowhead

      LOL!! classic! You really are the ambassador.
      I’ve been working on my friend, trying to use all your advice… calm voice, indifference, not batshit crazy like i want to b…. I put on BOF (cause it seemed like the easiest conversion-wise) then my heart rate speeds up and my eyes are darting back and forth from her to the screen, making her unconfortable and I know, inside, I know, I’ve lost another one. haha

    • 20.11 Enz

      That was sooo funny. Thanks for sharing. I am the same.. When I MAKE my friends watch ( luckily I get to choose) , they go to the loo and I put on pause and they say to me.. It’s ok it’s ok.. And I say nooo, I’ll just pause it .. Dnt want you to miss this

      • 20.11.1 pillowhead


    • 20.12 Jumbalaya

      awww wow! That sounds pretty eventful. I tried to watch Kdramas with my mom. We only watched once so far (Song JoongKi Nice Guy) and we watched 4 episodes in a row. Which I thought was great but we haven’t gotten around to watching more, and she hasn’t mentioned wanting to watch more so I dunno whether she likes it or not. Maybe we shouldn’t have chosen a melodrama…

  21. 21 John

    Yay, Friday.

    Busy at work, I’m watching a bunch of stuff.

    With all the preempted episodes this week, the wife and I started on Giant. Enjoying it so far.

    • 21.1 jomo

      Giant was exhausting, in a good way.
      (I did fast forward through some scenes in the middle. You’ll know which ones when you get there.)
      It really made me feel like I lived and died with the characters.

      After I finished the last ep, I cried for about an hour because I couldn’t continue their journey with them. To me, that is a good sign.

      Fav fav character was Kun Oppa played by Park Sang Min.
      (Although you don’t care that Joo Sang Wook was incredibly beautiful in his suits and sadness, I did and your wife prolly does! )

  22. 22 JoowonLover:P

    The new teaser for 7th Grade Civil Servant starring Joo-won is officially out! It looks epic!!!

    • 22.1 redfox

      dont see any chemistry at all.

    • 22.2 Enz

      Thanks for sharing. Am excited

  23. 23 canxi

    HIIIIIII everybody!

    I started “Can We Get Married?” I really liiiiiike it a lot. I read a lot of comments of people not liking Hea Yoon….but I like her? She’s an over-thinker but I like how much she loves her boo and how she is comfortable enough to say what she feels around him even though it leads to arguing. I like her, she’s cool. Both the moms are crazy though! I dislike Jung Hoon’s mom more than I do Hae Yoon’s though.

    Lots of dating & dating rumors in dramaland! Besides the obvious two people, I’ve also read that Park Ha Sun & Ryu Deok Hwan might have a thing which is like…AWWWWWW, I love you both! You funny, sweet people! Even if they are just BFF’s 4Ever, thinking ’bout it will still make my day.

    Also has anyone watched the Taiwanese drama Miss Rose?? I loved it. But after every Roy Chiu drama, I really need his face back on my screen again. He’s cute, and he’s subtle, and he’s funny.

    • 23.1 melonhead

      Yeah, at first I was annoyed by Hye-yoon’s emotional manipulation, but then I kinda understand it and she genuinely does love him. They are so cute together though, especially at the end with the wedding planning. Love Jung So-min and Sung Joon, love them even more together.

      • 23.1.1 canxi

        Oh yeah! She can be annoying,lol. I think she is definitely the type that isn’t particularly confident about herself and so tries to steer things in a direction in which she’ll have the most control of a situation (so less disappointment if you know how things are going). But, I get her. Even the troubles she has with her mom and her jealousy of other parents. So, I can’t dislike her. I actually wanna give her a big ol’ squeeze and go “Me too!”. She loves her mom, and she loves her family, and she loves Jung Hoon. They aren’t the problem and I think she just has to find a way to balance everything, her emotions & feelings too. I’m on ep. 16 right now. Very much liking it.

        Sung Joon…I’m so proud of him and his acting. He is so good. He is shaping up to be extremely versatile.

  24. 24 FishcalledWanda

    Hellooo everyone! Best wishes for 2013!

    Urg, I’m battered from having to learn my whole holiday for approaching exams! But how’s everyone liking School? Is it still good? And who else is excited for Flower Boy next door? Only a couple of days away now!

    • 24.1 FishcalledWanda

      @ Sabah

      What you said about Radiohead is so true! And Yorke’s voice just pierces right through you. ‘Comfortably Numb’ by Pink Floyd is on of my favourite songs of all time (, as is ‘Wish You Were Here’ (, the lyrics of that song are beautiful too. Thanks for the recommendations, I haven’t had any time to give them the attention they deserve, but I definitely will and it’s much appreciated! I took my a while to figure out what exactly was happening in the Nell MV, but when it did it really hit me. I think the MV of ‘Simple Math’ by Manchester Orchestra is also beautifully done:, it really adds something extra to the music. Do you have any other favourite MV’s?

      Wow, 17 years! That’s old for a cat, she must’ve had a good life being a member of the family. It’s funny how pets really become a part of the family and like you said live with you through key moments in your life. My dog also has the habit to come sleep next to me when I’m still lying in bed and everyone else has left for work or school, incredibly sweet. I can imagine you must miss your cat very much.

      Hehe, I never thought of myself as a master of origami, but seeing as you put it it’s probably true! Thanks ; )

      • 24.1.1 Sabah

        I can’t wait! Even though I have to battle the bank manager and make it safely to the other side of an intimidating weekend, I am really looking forward to FLND! I read that it was based on a webtoon and so rooted it out but alas it has been translated. Still just skimming through the scenes/pics it looks really interesting, especially the lead character of the girl.

        I remember Jeff Buckley in an interview talk about how when he first heard Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, how he was impressed that he didn’t hold back for fear of criticism or misunderstood as pretentious and enunciated each note, each syllable with heart, feeling and strength. I remember it because I find that many singers do tend to hold back, just because they fear over doing it or pretension and maybe, as I believe more often is the case, they haven’t the feelings or experience to sing from the heart. Yorke isn’t afraid and it really shows.

        I think the song that I associate with Pink Floyd the most is ‘another brick…’ so I really enjoyed your recommendations because they showed me another side to them. I loved the MV you shared, very beautiful and insightful too. The song is wonderful! I don’t really get to watch many MV (apart from Kpop) nowadays because I tend to find music through films/TV and or recommendations.

        I would say that the MV that stay with me are the ones that not only have something to say but do it in an indirect way so that you continue the debate within yourself, like the Nell MV. The other two off the top of my head (and most likely forgetting something good and precious to me) that fall into this category would be Travis’ Turn. That last moment still makes me shiver and has made me question my own understanding of wisdom/knowledge. It also reminds me a lot of Housman’s ‘To an athlete dying young.’ “Smart lad, to slip betimes away
        From fields where glory does not stay”

        Also Motion city soundtrack’s ‘True romance’ not just because of the cool effects in it that made my head hurt trying to figure out what was going on but the overall story since it is exactly what I try to do: not judge a person by their cover.

        Yeah she was really spoilt! She never had to give up her seat for a person, even if it meant guests had to sit on the floor and she pretty much ruled the roost! You should completely embrace your title, ‘master.’ I’ve been watching a Kvariety show ‘the human condition’ which is really interesting. Basically they take six kvariety celebs and put them in a house and they can’t use their mobiles/internet or TV for a week. It’s so enlightening and highlights how we have changed in manner because of these things. I remember recently we didn’t have internet for 48 hours and I ended up reading a whole book and cleaning my room, and doing a good job of it for once! hehe. Do you think you would survive without these modern day ‘necessities?’

      • 24.1.2 FishcalledWanda

        Your bankmeeting is tomorrow, right? I wish you a lot of good luck! Just impress them with your charm and it’ll turn out all right ; ) And when that’s over you can watch FLND! I didn’t know that it was based on a webtoon! Thanks for the link, it certainly does look interesting! Too bad I have no clue as to what they’re all saying!

        That’s really interesting! It does indeed apply to Yorke’s way of singing. How great must it be to just let all the fear go as to how it may come across and just sing from your heart.

        And I really like it too when it’s not entirely clear what the artists want to say with the MV but rather give you a push to steer you in a direction and you can fill it on with your own interpretation (that’s what I like with song lyrics too) and make you question certain things. The Motion City Soundtrack really did that for me. And I kept wondering how they did it!
        I have listened to Travis for a long time and never saw that MV! So thanks for sharing. I really like their accents in the beginning, hehe. That guy has such self-discipline (wish I had the same when it comes to studying..). But wow, didn’t see that ending coming. Really makes you question indeed.

        Haha, my dog does the same! She has her own chair now, But we had to put a whit blanket on it or else we couldn’t distinguish her form the chair which has also a very dark colour. I’ve been wanting to watch the Human Condition from the moment I heard about it. It’s with the same PD from 1n2d 1 right? How is it? I find the concept really interesting as I can’t live without my internet anymore! I don’t have a tv in my student room, so I can live without that because I watch everything on my laptop. But when my laptop or internet’s not working I have a minicrisis, hehe. But then again you can get so much other work done!

        I went to see the Hobbit yesterday, I really loved it! Maybe a tiiiny bit less than how I loved LOTR but that’s because the whole ‘humanity depends on it’ feeling is not there. But the setting felt so familiar and the dwarves were very funny. At first I wasn’t sure what I thought about Martin Freeman as Bilbo, but now I think he was perfect for the role. And I loved that we got to see a glimpse of Frodo. And the last scene with the birds was so beautiful!
        What did you think of it?

        • Sabah

          It got postponed until tomorrow, so that’s another day of trepidation. Actually I’m trying this new thing where I embrace my trials. It’s based on the reasoning that those things you can’t change like fate etc, you shouldn’t fear but embrace and make the most of it. It’s hard, no doubt but if I persevere it should make me stronger. I’ve seen the benefits in that now when something bad happens, I just automatically look for the good in it. However it doesn’t always happen and something I hear my inner monologue cry, ‘Nooooooooo!’ Hehe

          I’ve decided I’m going to watch the first six episodes of FBND then save and marathon the rest. That way I can get a taste for it before enjoying a hopefully great drama! Are you going to watch it live? I’m trying to see if anyone is subbing it.

          That MV made my head hurt. I think, I could be wrong that they filmed the first part, (him going to the flat) with him walking backwards and doing everything backwards BUT then edited going forwards so it looks weird, (based on looking at the cars running in reverse in the background) then the girl from the flat is just basically her scenes filmed normally played in reverse. I think? What do you think?

          I love that Travis MV. It will just hit me occasionally as a random thought and never fails to make me think.

          Haha! About Zorra’s chair. That’s wonderful! The human condition is good. I’ve seen three of the four episodes but I don’t know if there are any more. They haven’t filmed any more as yet, but I don’t think they cancelled it either. :S It’s good though, funny and insightful. I do agree that it’s a matter of balance and that modern technology isn’t bad in itself, it’s just we find it hard to be moderate. Everything is an extreme so that it ends up being bad for you.

          I agree with you. I enjoyed the Hobbit but more because it was set in a place that I love, with characters and story telling style that is warm because it is ‘familiar’ BUT on the whole not great. I mean I don’t think I would recommend it to people unlike LoftR. I also agree about you about the weight of the quest not being as worthy. I remember there was a while when I thought they would change the end of LoftR and have Frodo die. It was that line that Galadriel says, ‘May it be a light for you in dark places, when all other lights go out,’ I just had an image of Frodo falling into a dark abyss with the ring, in order to save the world. I know, I know, I can be quite melo dramatic. Anyway…wishing you well for your return to University. Are you already back?

          • FishcalledWanda

            Well that’s not so nice, but I admire your mindset to embrace trials! Did you already have you interview? I wish you so much good luck today at your meeting!

            I think I’m going to start watching FBND after exams are over (which is next week), cause colleges start three weeks after that (to make time for retry’s of failed exams of this period and the last, so if I don’t fail anything I have some sort of vacation!) and then watch it live. I’ve been looking forward to it for so long, I don’t think I can stand waiting, hehe. Because I only have exams tomorrow and Tuesday next week (and had one yesterday) I’m still at home, I just travel on those days I have to make exams. And the next three weeks after that I’ll spend at home too, so I’m quite happy about that : )
            And while I’m studying for tomorrow Zorra’s sleeping on my bed and she’s snoring very loudly, hehe.

            I think you theory about how they filmed it is quite right! I already figures out that her scenes are just filmed normally and then edited backwards, but his movements look so weird so I think your guess is a pretty good one. I like figuring out how they did stuff like that, just like in this short movie (it’s from the same guys who did that Simple Math MV): It’s a bit weird but very ingenious!

            Yes, it felt really good to be back in the world, but I also found something lacking, the matter of life and death. With The Hobbit, no matter how dire their situation I kind of already knew that everything would turn out allright. And as you said with Frodo, he could’ve very much died. It was much more intense. That could also be because the book The Hobbit was meant for a younger audience. But I nonetheless very enjoyed the movie. But there was a man sitting next to me who kept checking his watch every five minutes, very distracting! Did you enjoy being in the movie theatre?

          • Sabah

            Yeah it was today. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t as bad as it could be. Onwards then because I definitely don’t want to linger here…

            Oh, I didn’t realize you were still in exam mode. Wishing you much success! Being at home must help you relax for exams too. You know that you’ve got mum at home to give you a hug no matter what happens.

            Hehe, I used to love the bubble snores my cat would make. Aw, love companions! Thank you so much for the link. Even with all the amazing thing modern technology allows artists to create, it’s a shame that the one thing that is dwindling is imagination. I love original ideas and this video was really well done.

            I did enjoy watching the movie at the cinema AND the seats have improved so much! I felt like I was sitting in an armchair. Yeah, I forgot about ‘the people.’ What shocked me was how some people couldn’t stop checking their phones, texting etc. So what is your preferred choice of snack and beverage at the cinema and/or at home?

          • FishcalledWanda

            Thanks! Yeah, I really enjoy being home and like you said helps me relax too. I’m really done studying now, I just want some time off! But even though it just was the holidays I still had to study, sigh… But there’s light in sight, two done, one more to go. Plus I did watch 3 GG episodes last night, helps relaxing too, hehe.

            Hehe, I really like the chairs too! When I was small, I was too light to give enough weight to keep the sitting part down so my dad had to fold his coat behind me so I wasn’t launched of the folding chair! I think the first movie I saw in the movietheatre was Ariel the little mermaid, it was very overwhelming the first time. Do you still remember the first movie you saw in the theatre?
            And I find it so weird that people feel the need to check their phones DURING the movie! It’s insane! What is so pressing that you can’t wait saying after the movie is over? It’s baffling me, really. But I like your question ; ) I’m not much of a popcorn eater cause it gets stuck in my teeth and sometimes you have a really hard part and you bite and it feels like your teeth splinters. But I really like M&M’s (not the one with the nuts, yuck) and other forms of chocolate when I’m in the theatre and home. I like to eat potato chips at home, but I don’t eat that in the theatre out of fear to cause too much noise, hehe. I’m a big tea drinker so I like some tea to go with my chocolate when watching home and coca cola to go with my chips. What are yours?

          • Sabah

            Ah! That last exam. I always find it the hardest because my mind is already in ‘party mode’ no matter how much I threaten it to keep itself focused on studying. I read something funny the other day, you know how never is the shortened form for not ever and blush is shortened form of blood rush, well studying is shortened form of ‘student dying.’ Hehe

            I tend to watch films to relax during exam time. I think it’s the fact that they end, (well apart from trilogies) so I that I can switch off and return to study mode whereas with Drama series my mind wanders back to them and it’s always, just one more…

            Yeah, I remember and it’s going to make me sound really old, but then again I am old! Hehe, it was E.T. and I was six years old. Apparently me and my brother were all happy and smiling until the lights went out, we didn’t really know what was happening and when the screen opened we freaked out a bit but then the movie started playing and my brother yelled, ‘oooh, that’s a huge TV!’ Hehe.

            Exactly! What’s so urgent? I think with modern technology we have lost the ability to just sit still for a while. I remember this Japanese girl told me that in her youth the women of the family would gather at home and just sit. No one would talk unless they had something beneficial to say, otherwise they would just listen to nature outside, contemplate and drink tea. Now she says that culture is gone and when people meet it’s a constant stream of talking and talking over each other.

            Yeah, I always wonder if people can hear me snacking in the cinema. hehe, I too love m&m’s BUT the peanut ones. Hehe. Sometimes I would buy popcorn but have half salt at the bottom and half sweet on top. At home we normally have a heavy meal first then watch the film whilst having pudding. If by myself, I have chocolates but ones that come in a proper box. It’s weird but whenever I have a big meal, I always feel like turning off the lights and watching a film, even when I’m out with my friends. It’s like I’ve been conditioned. Hehe. Are there any family habits that have stuck with you?

            KoD finished and I must admit I really enjoyed it and I think they ended it really well. I know a lot of people are miffed at the end, but I think it was wonderful. I won’t say more incase you decide to watch it. FBND is as wonderful as advertised! Yay! Looking forward to Civil Servant action drama but I’m wary because of the lead actress. I didn’t really enjoy her performance in Protect the Boss but maybe it was the characterization.

          • FishcalledWanda

            Yeah you’re right! I’m so looking forward to just be able to relax a bit. I’ve been studying and then revising for exams and then all of it again non-stop since the beginning of the school year without a break really. So I hope I don’t fail any exams, so I can have some time off. Even when I’m not studying there is always that nagging voice saying there are still some things I need to revise!
            Haha, that’s funny. I never realised that blush is short for blood rush, then studying being a short form too really makes sense, hehe. I like linguistic things like that.
            Indeed, with dramas it’s always very tempting to just watch one more and before you realise it’s way past bedtime. That’s way I haven’t watched a drama episode lately, so I can’t be tempted hehe. But when it’s all over I’m going full-out!

            Oh, E.T.! I found it super scary the first time I saw it, that moment when E.T. pokes his head from out of the shadows for the first time nearly gave me a heart-attack. But when I was over the shock I really enjoyed it. Weren’t you really scared to watch that in the cinema?
            So cute what your brother said!

            It’s a shame really that we can’t be quiet anymore and just listen to the nature. I always find that with a good friend you can be quiet in a good way (without it getting awkward), just enjoying the surroundings and each others company. But what I really don’t get is that need to be in constant contact with others by means of your phone and that sort of technology. I find it very irritating when I’m talking to someone and they’re busy talking to someone else on that phone, it’s a recent development with which I’m not really happy. I did get a new phone recently and I find it very convenient to be able to contact people very fast and easy, but I don’t have that urge to do that constantly and during conversations with other people.

            Chocolate in a box always reminds me of that line of the movie Forrest Gump (in my head I hear it with a Alabama accent): ‘life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get’. Did you see/like that movie?
            I love hearing about traditions like that! We tend to eat something like self-made pizza while watching a movie, so whenever I’m eating pizza-like food I feel like watching a movie too! And visa versa. When my mum and I watch GG we always make a big pot of tea together with biscuits. She always dips her biscuit in her tea when it’s still too hot to drink and I have taken that habit too. Some people find it really gross, but I love it, hehe. Do you like tea? Or are you more a coffee person? I also noticed since I’m living on my own, I took over a lot of my mother’s cooking mannerisms, which makes sense since I’ve helped her a lot in the kitchen and watch her cook, but I still find it funny when I realise it.

            Ah, I really want to watch FBND, since the reviews are also very good and now you saying it, I wonder how long I can sustain before I give in and watch it! I’m also looking forward to Civil Servant, did you see the two teasers? I’m also a really bit worried since I too didn’t really like her in Protect the Boss and I’m not sure if there’s going to be any chemistry between her and Joo-Won. I’m also wondering if Joo-Won will be able to play the comedic part right and not overdo it..
            Glad to hear you enjoyed the ending of KoD, I’m looking to see for myself what it’s all about!

    • 24.2 Enz

      Hi Wanda, good to see you. Poor you, always with the exams. Good luck ya..

      And yes, excited for FBND for sure 🙂

      • 24.2.1 FishcalledWanda

        Hi Enz! Good to see you too and thank you! Sigh, the life of a student…. hehe.

  25. 25 JoAnne

    Just watched the final episode of Can We Get Married? – laughed at the green eyeshadow, swore at the insanity of hotness that is Sung Joon with grown up hair and tuxedo…Ladies: he’s what? 21? Picture that face at 30. At 40. At 50. He’s going to age so beautifully. Pray God I live long enough to see it because that face is perfection.

    Anyway. Learned to love her mom, never warmed up to his. Stupid spoiled whiny b**** – her face was so cute you’d forget at times that she is a hateful person, but I just never ever liked her. Still, she’s better than her sister. Wish we could have seen Ahjussi Couple’s baby. We never talked about Tae Hyun, the little boy…but is there a cuter kid out there? I haven’t seen him. Right up until the end I thought that would play out differently than it did but I’m ok with it.

    You know what I hated, though? The last 2-3 minutes. How was that funny? Stupid rich mom gets to go on being happy and comfortable and take it easy and the woman who’s had it hard her whole life just takes it on the chin, yet again. Not amused.

    • 25.1 zgznoona

      Hi unni, I’m back on OT after a long time
      I agree with you. Her mom should had an easier live. I wish we could have seen them all after a year, not only them and the mom. Because I really wanted to know how her sister did after the divorce, how imo and family were doing, so on. His spoil mom should have suffer a little bit instead of going to a second honeymoon with her husband… That’s the problem with rushed endings

    • 25.2 pillowhead

      whaaaa?! Sung Joon is in CWGM? omg. I off to go watch it. :9

      • 25.2.1 Enz

        Omg pillowhead! How could not know???! How can you call yourself a fan?? :). After I finished SUFBB, I started CWGM.. Also same director as our (ode for the week) QSS!!

        I already wanted to watch just for that alone and then after seeing sung joon in SUFBB, I had to start immediately

        • pillowhead

          I knowwww. he must never know! don’t u tell him. haha
          AND same director as QSS?!!!!! jin-jja? omg!!! why don’t i know these things.

          • pillowhead

            oh and… ode-ode-o, QSS. 😀

  26. 26 James

    This site is the only Korean entertainment site where my head does not want to explode after reading the comments.

    • 26.1 JoAnne

      James, it’s because Beans are the best.

      • 26.1.1 alua

        I want to like your comment JoAnne! Where’s the like button when you need it!

    • 26.2 jomo

      LOL! But really?

      I’d be willing to try though.

    • 26.3 erinlibrarian

      It’s one of the only sites period.

  27. 27 John


    Yeah, the green eyeshadow to match her hanbok.

    His mom and his aunt, especially the aunt, sheesh.

  28. 28 KrazyK

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and Happy Friday!!1

    I hope this new year is full of good dramas for everyone. Is anyone else out there impatiently waiting for Flower Boy Next Door like I am. The teaser have done there job and I am ready to start watching.

    Currently watching

    Can we get married: I like the drama overall. I am just glad that dong bi got her man. Oh and I am glad the main couple was able to get married.

    CDDA: I just finished watching episode 8. This drama is doing a good job of making me not like the heroine. Mission accomplished. I wonder where the story is going to go from here.

    KOD: I don’t know what it is but I think that this drama is perfection. The love story the and the comedy just do it for me. I cried watching the ending of episode 17 both times. I cannot wait to see the final episode. Hurry up!!!!

    • 28.1 pillowhead

      Hi Korazy! agh. can’t stand the wait. so i started watching Joseon x files so I could get a look at the new flower boy. he will do. haha.

      • 28.1.1 pillowhead

        oops. what’s wronge with me today… Hi KrazyK!

        • pillowhead

          since i’m talking about Joseon X files, i have to say, it is really good. especially is u liked X-files. it has the same dark feel and the story telling is awesome. I like the actors, and the guy that’ll be the new flower boy next door is hot, but i wish he had a deeper, sexier voice.

          • pillowhead

            *IF* NOT * is*… omg, i’m such the lazy typist.

    • 28.2 Enz

      Shucks!! I accidentally read the ending for CWGM.. Oh we’ll never mind. Am only episode 5. And at this point, I would prefer hung joon to break up with that awful girl and her awful mom!!

  29. 29 Makoto

    I’m currently watching I Miss You, Full House Take 2. Nothing special about them. I also rewatching Queen InHyun’s Man & Reply 1997. Can never get enough of them. After this I’m going to watch old drama Capital Scandal. I don’t what this drama is about, I just love the main actors, Kang Ji Hwan & Han Ji Min. The most drama I want to watch right now is King of Drama, I wish I could watch it soon after I finished all the drama above.
    Have a nice weekend everyone. 🙂

  30. 30 becca_boo

    Happy OT Friday, everyone! I hope you all had a happy and safe New Year’s Eve!

    I’m still woefully behind on dramas – hope to catch up on CWGM (last two episodes! wheeee!) and School 2013 (only one episode behind!) this weekend. As for the others, like King of Dramas, Jeon Woo-chi… it just might not happen until the summer. I’m saving room for That Winter, Level 7 Civil Servant (or whatever they’re calling it these days), and FBND.

    Just something I’ve been wondering about, but has anyone else noticed that “Gangnam Style” sounds a lot like 2ne1’s “I Am The Best”? Is it weirdly similar, or is it just me?

    • 30.1 erinlibrarian

      I just watched “I Am the Best” and the baselines are very similar to “Gangnam style”. The melody isn’t as catchy though, sadly, though in a way the lyrics are similarly themed.

  31. 31 KimYoonmi

    I rewatched Sweet 18 and laughed my head off because the main actress Han Ji Hye ended up dating Lee Dong Gun in RL and then they broke up. (I surmised at their break up that he didn’t want to marry her.) as I was looking at the information and remembering the video played something like, “I don’t know if I would be a good husband for her.”

    And Han Ji Hye married a public prosecutor, which in the drama her character ended up marrying… I found it entertaining that RL imitated a drama…

    Also I got a taste of Human Condition when my computer went out for 2 days. I got it repaired, but it is hard. I had to stay in, otherwise I’d gone out and done more stuff. But I got a bunch of writing done. And I worked through my drama script, which I’m doing for the amusement of me and my friends.

    10 pages written, a little cleaning, a bunch of drawing, (I finished my collection of Joseon men’s hats) and a bit of running errands. Listened to music, cut a dress, messed up on making the pattern of said dress (My math was off… and I pattern my own dresses), and then I made 4 sleeves from pattern for 2 durumagi. Yeah. I know. And I don’t have a pattern. You can’t get a pattern for durumagi anywhere… (It’s the coat). I own one, and have measured it, but I’m not sure…

    Oh and the computer’s video card gave out. Which was funny because on New Years Eve I was reading some blurry writing. My lightbulb went out and now my video card. I think there was a theme going on there.

    I went to my Aunt and Uncle’s for New Years and wore a hanbok with a durumagi over the top. I got pissed at a guy who said that “They [Asian clothing] all looks alike.” *shakes fist*. He was white, BTW. *ranty* *ranty* Since he was saying it to his wife, I quickly corrected him, “The sleeves are different. See, these are rounded.” (makes square gesture) “Kimono sleeves are like that.” He gave me a look that I see on people who don’t get what they said was racist. (Like the guy that said to me, “You speak English good.” –;; Deary, it’s well.) gave me the same look. People, people. (None of these people are close friends of my Aunt and Uncle. And this is a diverse city, so they must have their heads in the sand.) I also got the “My best friend is adopted” speech. –;; *shake fist*

    Then I watched Human Condition right away when I got my compie back. I, too, hadn’t thought about how technology keeps us from really talking about problems. Maybe we should consider the dinner table rule? No TV or cellphones at the dinner table.

    I also watched Idol Romantic which is saccharine… I mean perfect matches at the end is a bit unbelievable. Watched til 3 am.

    TT But I wanted to sub King of Dramas. *cries* Compie~ Why did you forsake me. It is true that you miss the world of electronics more than it misses you.

    • 31.1 KimYoonmi

      Oh and Horse Doctor. Lightly watching it. I’m getting bored, though. The same information repeats and not in clever ways. In Dong Yi, there was suspense with the information. In Dae Jang Geum, there was examination with the information. In Horse doctor, it’s kinda flat… and repetitive. I so want to like it which is why I’m watching it, but I wish for more and have my hand on fast forward once I know they will repeat the same info in the next two scenes. (Mwo… algo. *long pause* *information* *long awkward pause*–is the camera off yet) Then that person. I don’t need grapevine… the chemistry also seems a little off, but I may be demented from my disappointment in the show.

      Favorite character: The Princess. Most likely because she’s spunky, true, and the female version of the male version of looking at the male character and helping him out. (though females never win for the same kind of thing). Plus she has less rounds of “What did you say? *information* *Long pause* *awkward cut*” than any other character. All the other characters are kinda straight lines, but she’s defying society and doesn’t seem to really care–she doesn’t seem to want to make it that much more, but still feels the sting of disappointment, where the other characters talk about it non-stop.

      Jeon Woochi–my feminism is flaring a little. TT That’s rare with Korean dramas. Might be just me, but UEE’s character, Moo Yeon pisses me off. Especially the last few episodes. (Let me rescue you, but I’m really helpless to rescue you routine. Elew. Girl, seriously.)

      Oh and the J-drama wrap up of Yuusha Yoshihiko wasn’t so bad. Finding the light god had me rolling with laughter. I didn’t think they would do that. Haha.

      King of Dramas is the best for the year gap. Except if they do the whole Winter Sonata thing, I think I’m going to have to do some killing… or maybe Answer Me 1997 calling the drama writer.

  32. 32 hydrangeabloom

    Happy Friday Beanies!

    As I was looking back at all the dramas I watched in 2012, I realised I had picked a number of dramas I ended up disliking, especially when it cames to jdramas. This is a bit unusual – I tend to have more ups and downs with kdramas than jdramas – but there you go. The one jdrama I watched that I absolutely LOVED was season one of Gokusen. However, I also watched plenty of jdramas that didn’t work for me (such as Kimi wa Petto, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, Tokyo DOGS, and Buzzer Beat).

    Does anyone have any good jdrama recommendations? As you can see, there are a range of genres I will watch. I really like sincere (even if they are a bit cheesy) dramas like Gokusen, especially ones with fully realised and likeable protagonists. I think one of my big hangups with the jdramas I watched last year were the female leads. I like heroines who are more charismatic and self-possessed. For instance, I also liked the actress who portrayed the heroine in Mei-chan no Shitsuji.

    I’m always up for discussion about kdramas as well! 🙂

    • 32.1 hydrangeabloom

      *came to (whoops!)

    • 32.2 nakai

      How about Nagareboshi?

      • 32.2.1 hydrangeabloom

        Thank you for the suggestion, nakai! Haven’t heard of that drama before. (But I’m not as up to date on jdramas as kdramas.)

      • 32.2.2 Shukmeister

        Nagareboshi was interesting. It’s not part of my rewatch list (#1 firmly being Zettai Kareshi), but good.

        Anything with Shun Ogiri, most recently Rich Man Poor Woman. I have Long Vacation (from 2009) and Answer (2012) waiting in the wings to watch.

        I’m currently waiting on the subs for the last two episode of Priceless, which I marathoned between Christmas and New Years. Excellent show, in my opinion.

        • hydrangeabloom

          Ohhh Zettai Kareshi. The drama that introduced me to Mizushima Hiro. Possibly the worst case of Second Lead Syndrome I’ve ever had.

          I do seem to have seen a number of dramas with Ogiri Shun, however I was not particularly drawn to the premise, let alone the title, of Rich Man Poor Woman. I’m fairly tired of the wealthy men, poor women romances as a general rule.

          • KimYoonmi

            Rich Man, Poor Woman is not a Cinderella story, if that’s what you’re afraid of. It’s more of a they come to understand each other and support each other through their interactions type of story.

            She pretty much refuses a lot of his attempts to make her over, which makes it refreshing. And she doesn’t try to change him, but you get to see him change under her influence just a little by him being around her. (It’s not like the annoying, covert the bad boy stories either).

            He’s a rich self-made man, but does about zero rescuing her. Instead, he puts her into a lot more trouble and she ends up doing the majority of the rescuing. (He does pull his weight later).

          • hydrangeabloom

            @Kim Yoonmi

            Hearing that Rich Man, Poor Woman is not a Cinderella story is a relief. I had only heard bits and pieces about it and may have drawn the wrong conclusions.

          • pogo

            omgomg another Mizushima Hiro fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            I’ve adored him ever since Hana Kimi, but ZK just killed me, I could not for the life of me understand why Riiko would choose a robot – a hot robot, but A ROBOT – over his character.

            (I was pretty nervous when I found out they were doing the drama because the manga is so problematic/annoying, but they did something right by taking the setting out of high school and making Soushi likeable).

            I’m still heartbroken that Hiro doesn’t act anymore, even if the reason is understandable (and sweet).

          • hydrangeabloom


            Ahhhh! Mizushima Hiro totally got me in that drama too! I saw him first in Hana Kimi, but Zettai Kareshi is when I fully registered him. I couldn’t understand either why Riiko picked Night – not because I disliked Night (though he struck me more as a lovable child), but because Soshi was so incredibly sweet.

            MH has about the most legitimate excuse to stop acting ever, but I still miss him on screen. 🙂

          • pogo

            @hydrangeabloom: I have legit NEVER been so happy to find out an actor’s age as I was with MH after watching Hana Kimi, lol – jdramas tend to cast young so I wanted to be sure I wasn’t perving on the underage, imagine how thrilled I was to find out he was actually an ’84er.

            There’s just something about him onscreen – that baby face combined with that unexpectedly deep voice is lethal, even when his hair is a birds’ nest (actually, especially when his hair is a birds’-nest, really). Thankfully he’s done a handful of dramas, but it’s a pity he stopped right when he was finally moving into leading-man roles :/

          • pogo

            ugh my html tag fail

          • hydrangeabloom


            We are SO in agreement about MH and leading roles. You could tell that he was just on the verge of that point in his acting career. I actually think the long hair works for him, though some styles are more flattering than others.

          • pogo

            @hydrangeabloom: oh, I love the long hair on him too, it’s just more flattering when styled certain ways (like in Hana Kimi or ZK) than it was in Mei-chan. But he has the magical ability to look beautiful no matter what’s going on on top of his head.

            I can’t believe his acting career spanned only what, three years proper? *sigh* for a while c.2009 I thought my fannishness was a curse to the actors I loved (MH quit acting, Joo Ji-hoon got into that drug scandal, and Yoon Eun-hye’s next drama after Coffee Prince sucked so badly).

            Though if he ever makes a comeback, I will be there with bells on.

          • hydrangeabloom


            If MH ever stages a comeback, we can lead the welcome party procession. 😉

    • 32.3 John


      You may want to try Doctor X.

      • 32.3.1 hydrangeabloom

        Thank you for the suggestion, John! I don’t think I’ve watched any medical dramas from Japan before, but the character description sounds up my alley.

        • John


          Medical dramas aren’t my usual cup of tea, but Doctor X is a bit different.

          • hydrangeabloom

            I’ll add it to the list! I was also thinking about trying The Tempest and Kuro no Onna Kyoushi because they both have actresses I like. Not sure whether they will be good or not.

        • canxi

          If you like Gokusen try Great Teacher Onizuka (1998). I also recently enjoyed Ikebukero West Gate Park and there’s a drama called Last Friends–it’s very good in my opinion, but you’ll probably cry. I feel like Japan does better at their non-romantic genres,lol, but Zenkai Girl is pretty cute (:

          • hydrangeabloom

            I have heard many comparisons made between Gokusen and GTO – I may finally have to check it out. Thank you for all the suggestions, canxi!

    • 32.4 zgznoona

      You ended up disliking quite a few of the popular jdramas. Not sure what you’ve seen already. Here you have a few, all quite different from each other.

      what about:
      Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru (based on the real story)
      Love Shuffle (just love it)
      Nodame Cantabile (cute and funny)
      Ryusei no Kizuna (good and to a certain degree unpredictable)
      Strawberry Night (procedural drama)
      Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi ( i love all the characters on this show, but particularly the twin siblings)

      • 32.4.1 hydrangeabloom

        Actually, I chose those dramas because they were popular (and therefore I thought the chances would be high that I’d like them).

        The only drama from your list of suggestions that I’ve already seen is Nodame Cantabile. I was middle-of-the-road about it. Sometimes the two leads drove me up the wall, but at the same time I love classical music and the underdog orchestra angle.

        Some other jdramas that I particularly liked include Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku and Zettai Kareshi (though I have a limited tolerance for tearjerker dramas). I’ve also seen dramas such as Bambino!, Hana Yori Dango, Hana Kimi, Nobuta wo Produce, and Ikemen Desu Ne. I guess many of them are school dramas but I would certainly not limit my interest to only that particular genre. I actually had higher hopes for Tokyo DOGS since I like mysteries (and action).

        • KimYoonmi

          You seem to have a soft spot for the pretty boys and less tolerance for around 30 dramas. Also you seem to like the fluffier rather than the heavy-hitting dramas. Have you tried Yamato Nadeshiko? The drama.

          I’m a bit confused about your selections of liking female characters though. It doesn’t seem 100% predicated on their personality. For example, Mei in Mei no Shitsuji was a pretty huge push over (bigger so in the manga, so I give props to the drama for fixing it.) She was pretty man-dependent. (Not as bad as some people, but still… it’s in the title)

          The female character in Kimi wa Petto was quite a strong character. She just had a few mental health issues…

          Hana Yori Dango’s main female lead (Makino) was a kick-butt tomboy sort.

          Nodame is off the wall… but she has a lot of internal strengths to her as well. If you liked Mei, then Nodame isn’t that far from her except she has more quirks.

          And the female characters in Bambino were pretty much non-existent.

          If you want light Pretty boy mystery type shows, there aren’t any I can think of. The best you’ll get is the around 30 crowd for mysteries, and you probably won’t get the same flavor nor many pretty boys…

          Japanese medical dramas tend to be better than the Korean ones (Korean ones milk the melodrama, the weaker J-dramas tend to peach a bit too much). But I’m wary to suggest anything such as Code Blue without understanding your requirements for female leads, which seems a bit inconsistent…

          • hydrangeabloom


            You’ve given me a lot of food for thought! 🙂 I think I liked Mei-chan no Shitsuji more because I immediately liked the actress portraying Mei in a way that was very empathetic and free from pretense. She grows into her assertiveness over the course of the drama. The one beef I had with the drama was I felt she should have severed ties with her vindictive and manipulative grandfather.

            I don’t have any problem with the age group of around 30 dramas. Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku fits well in that category. My problem with Kimi wa Petto was not the career woman aspect (which I appreciated) but rather the unhealthy nature of the relationship between Sumire and Momo.

            Yankumi in Gokusen is my favorite female lead from a jdrama that I have encountered so far. She is at times dorky and awkward, but it’s her idealism and conviction that appeal to me so much. Her determination to stand up for her students is commendable.

            I have seen Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, but I don’t know whether it is at all related to Yamato Nadeshiko or whether the titles are merely a coincidence.

        • KimYoonmi

          If that’s the case, you *might* like a heavier hitting drama like Liar Game. The girl starts out naive, but has a charm to her because of it in an odd way and catches up and often dictates the games in an odd way and the guy is kinda dark (You’ll recognize him from Hana Yori Dango), but he often works with the girl to rescue everyone.

          It’s a fast-paced a bit dark suspense drama. Lots of it is pure fun. I’m not 100% sure on it, which is why I’m giving it to you as a test run of the kind of dramas you do like. If you say yes, I like it, then I definitely can pitch you some Mystery dramas. If you say no, then I can take a pot shot at two mystery dramas that you might like.

          On the Around 30 dramas, Hotaru no Hikari is good for season 1, 2 and the movie. (As long as you root for Buchou–which I do… you should have enough J-dramas to know who to root for anyway.) Not sure because the main character runs close to Nodame in some aspects… (Works hard outside of the home, but is lazy inside of the home). If you say yes, makes it easy. If you say no, I have a few guesses.

          When I’m not 100% sure… I usually pitch a test drama on the edge of your like spectrum. These two should be on the edge and give me a sense of your taste.

          • hydrangeabloom

            Thanks for your suggestions! It seems like I got a good range of ideas from everyone to sample from. I’ll probably post my progress on the next OT after watching the first episodes of a couple dramas. 🙂

    • 32.5 pogo

      also if you want jdrama recs, no idea if you’ve seen this but how about Nodame Cantabile? Or Nobuta wo Produce?

      LIFE is also really good but it’s on the darker, REALLY dark end of the spectrum (though still less dark than the manga, where I was crying for the heroine almost every chapter) – darker than both I Miss You and School 2013 combined especially since it’s a school drama, but ultimately quite cathartic to watch.

      Also if you like Nakama Yukie, you could try Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta, it’s hilarious and I enjoy her+her mother-in-law.

      • 32.5.1 hydrangeabloom

        I listed them in one earlier post, but yes, I have seen both Nodame Cantabile and Nobuta wo Produce. I was middle of the road on both of them in that there were things I liked and disliked about both dramas. Nobuta wo Produce was very bittersweet. I wanted, I think, a happier ending. However, it did touch upon some aspects of the high school experience that rang true to me.

        I tend not to go too dark with dramas – last year I watched the kdrama White Christmas which I managed to finish in the end but was at the maximum limit of how much dark I can handle in one drama. I haven’t seen enough of School 2013 to make the comparison, and I don’t do classic melodramas so I am avoiding I Miss You like the plague. 🙂

        I’ll definitely have to add Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta to the list. I thought Nakama Yukie was so refreshing in Gokusen and Gokusen 2 (I have yet to find a site to watch the Gokusen 2 special).

  33. 33 Ladytron33

    Anyone here watching (or has already watched) the C-Drama called Palace? I’m on episode 6 and I’m not sure what I think so far.

    It’s a really beautiful drama, and I’m interested in the plot, but I guess I just can’t get into the way the story is presented. I’ve watched a few Chinese movies before and I really dislike how the lines are read. Everything just seems so over the top and fake. I can see talent in a lot of the actors, but most of them just drive me crazy. And don’t get me started on the obvious dubbing.

    I don’t know. Maybe I just have to stick with my K and J dramas (with a little TW thrown in once in a while).

    • 33.1 KimYoonmi

      I watched Palace to the end. Bittersweet ending. Most C-dramas are like that.

      • 33.1.1 Ladytron33

        I guess as long as it’s not a horrible sob fest, I should be okay, right? Right…?

    • 33.2 Saturtledaisy

      C-dramas have horrible dubbing. I don’t understand why you need to dub your own language? I first thought it was because of the accent of some of the actors – but aren’t they supposed to work on that, being ACTORS and all? It just kills the watching experience.

      As for sad endings – probably 80% if not more of the Chinese movies/dramas have bittersweet endings. It’s a cultural thing, apparently.

      • 33.2.1 Ladytron33

        Yeah, I have noticed that. I guess I’m so used to the “happily ever after” kind of ending that they don’t do much for me. As you said, culture.

        I’m up to episode 13 for Palace and I’m still enjoying it, so I guess I’ll stick with it. The whiny female voices (why??) are driving me crazy, but the plot is quite compelling. And I do like the 8th prince, even with all the forced kissing and other misogynistic shenanigans.

  34. 34 Carole McDonnell

    Happy new year, all!

    Something like life is beginning to seep back into my body. Horrible flu that became bronchitis and pneumonia so I missed out on Christmas and New year’s.

    Dragged myself from bed to my computer. Caught up on school 2013. And King of Drama. My sweet poor Anthony Kim. Is blindness so hopeless in dramaland? It’s one thing to be blind but is he really doomed to stay in a blind facility like Mom?

    Rewatched Ramyun shop because I felt the need for something light and silly with my deal Jung Il Woo. I’m attached to that kid. That’s definitely one of my faves. Can’t wait for next week when the regular schedules return. Now that Jean Thierry has made his confession …well, I can’t wait.

    Have a wonderful year, all!

    • 34.1 kopytko

      I hope you get well soon!

      I am waiting for a miracle with Anthony’s eyes – my favourite character right now 🙂

    • 34.2 Enz

      Carole! My fellow FBRS fan.. Sometimes I feel so alone in my love for it (except for mar who loves it too). Tis is why everyone should have a laptop! So as to avoid having to drag self from horizontal positions while watching kdrama

      Get well soon. The next flower boy installment is coming to a bed near you! 🙂

  35. 35 pogo

    In other news

    I tried watching Ikemen Desu Ne, aka the jdrama version of You’re Beautiful

    I didn’t even make it past the first two episodes, I can’t get over the fact that the cast (SO PRETTY in the original) are so unattractive here. Call me shallow, but I know jdramas do not lack pretty actors, why downgrade like this? Also they are no Jang Geun-seuk and Park Shin-hye, performance-wise. Not tainting my memories of YAB with this inferior version, thank you very much.

    • 35.1 Jeannette

      I couldn’t even finish ep 1! I felt the same way. Disappointed. At least the Taiwanese version will be pretty (thank you Jiro Wang).

    • 35.2 Mystisith

      Ditto. What a bad thing that remake!

  36. 36 Lovebug

    Happy Friday Peeps! I completely gorged myself on older Kdramas over my holiday break. I watched:

    Can you hear my heart (with my Mom)- totally now onboard with Kim Jaewon!!! Why isn’t he in more dramas! Is May Queen worth it? Enjoyed this drama despite the melo plot twists (my sis came in during the middle and wanted a explanation of who and what happened and I was like … I just can’t). Bromance and romance equally adorable! Didn’t like they tried to bring in the mom’s doppelganger to match up the father at the end, completley unecessary drama!

    Rewatched and fell in love again with Queen Inhyun’s man (That drama is so completley awesome and better the second time around)

    Marriage Plot – i really enjoyed this drama and the unconventional leads (lead female was a bit hard at first but it the show did a good job developing why she was like that). Lead guy is awesome and needs more lead role stat.

    The invincible Lee Pyung kang – so had mixed feelings about this one, I watched because of my love of Ji Hyun woo. I get what they were trying to do though I wasn’t very familar with the folktale of Ondal and the Pyung Kang princess. It wasn’t executed well on the whole but got better towards the end. The OTP once they were together were adorable but the storyline was all over the place and frustrating.

    I also watched a couple episodes of Oh My lady, but having trouble connecting….

    For currently airing, am only watching King of Dramas and Alice. Eagerly anticipating next episode of Alice. Regarding KOD still not loving it as much as everyone else though still very much enjoying. Not a fan of the going blind plot twist /drama trope. Completely unnecessary. Looking forward to the finale.

    Debating to start Can we get married, the great seer, or jee woochi but have heard mixed reviews about all of them, any recommendations?

    • 36.1 Shukmeister

      Lovebug –

      CYHMH was an excellent bromancy show, especially if you ignore that horrible bowl cut on Bong Woo-ri.

      QIHM needs nothing more than SQUEEE!

      Oh My Lady- I didn’t feel any chemistry between Siwon and Chae Rim. No big revelations, kisses, or heartfelt moments, but it had a bit of cuteness.

      Still waitng on KoD and CDDA; the others I haven’t seen.

  37. 37 dustdevil

    Happy Friday, everyone!

    I have a question about something I’ve seen a lot on k-dramas and it happened again on King of Dramas this week, so here goes:
    What’s with taking the battery out of your phone when you don’t want to answer? I could understand it in older dramas when everyone had old school flip phones, and maybe there was a charge for voicemails, or missed calls or something.

    But when the characters on KoD are popping the batteries out of their brand-new, product placement Samsung and LG smartphones, all I can think is: why isn’t there a button for that? or an app? or something that doesn’t require you to completely disable your phone because you want to ignore a text.

    Anyone have the inside scoop?

    • 37.1 Jeannette

      I think it’s juts become a “thing” in dramas now…like it’s just kind of funny to have it in there?

    • 37.2 kopytko

      “Tradition! Without tradition our lives would be as shaky as a fiddler on the roof!”

      I guess it’s more “visual” and dramatic than pressing one button or patting the touchscreen. Although turning the phone off with a bunch of curses can be impressive too, IMO.

    • 37.3 pillowhead

      haha. everytime i c that, it makes me furrow my brow, then the next second i forget about it. it’s like subliminal. So when you mentioned it I lol’d.

  38. 38 Jeannette

    Finally finished Reply 1997. It was awesome. I seriously loved it so much.

    Caught up on Chamadamading-dong Alice. It’s cute but I want to scream “JUST TELL THE TRUTH!!!” AGHHH so frustrating. I need nice and easy dramas…suggestions?

    School 2013 continues to be my jam. I seriously love that drama. I LOVE IT.

    SHINee news… Onew is selling BB Cream and the ad is sooo cute
    I’m almost at the bottom of my Onew lip balm and can just see parts of his autograph!
    I traded my Minho photocard and Key bonus photo for Onew’s versions. I want to lick them.
    I still love Onew, haha. Oppa says he thinks it’s cute that I’m so into SHINee and dramas so I’m not going to argue! HAHA!

    I’m STILL loving Lee Min-ki’s album “No Kidding.” I can listen to it over and over….same thing with SHINee’s new single, but there’s only two songs on that…

    Oh! I’m FINALLY finishing up They Kiss Again. I want to LOVE it, but Ariel Lin looks so DUMB. She’s pretty in everything else, but I’m like WHY are they a couple? At least in Playful Kiss I understood why they matched. Here I’m just not buying it.

    I saw our three leads in TTBY won Newcomer awards or something. I was so happy to see them up there! I saw Yuri looking at Minho, but I only saw Minho look at Sulli. MinSul or 2Min, that’s all that’s allowed.

    I’ve been bleeping sick all week. Today I felt awesome til I got a headache so sorry my post sucks. I don’t even think I have any kpop convos with the kid…ih wait.

    Apparently my car is gaining attention throughout her school. This wouldn’t be a big thing except it turned into a class-long discussion. That’s right. Her social studies class talked about my CAR and my KPOP AND DRAMA obsession FOR A FLIPPING HOUR. I feel so famous! Her teacher thought K-pop was a street drug or something haha. Then her friend was like, “No, we eat Korean food and watch Dramas and blast k-pop from the car when I sleep over!” Then Cella was forced to speak in Korean, a bunch of questions answered, teachers all agreed throughout the day that yes, Marcella IS “into Korea” and that she’ll be fluent and living there haha! Cella’s already looked into exchange programs so her counselor is looking into it for us (cheap or non-profit please…I’m a poor single mom!).

    Finally, I’m preparing to sell some k-drama and k-pop related crafts at the local anime convention in April. There was a group of 5 kids who dressed up as SHINee last year…and when I saw the Ouran cosplayers I chased Honey-sempai down ad got pics. My fave character…I think I scared her a bit, But Honey is the best! I love him! <3

    Okay, my head's going to explode. I love you all! I hope you all have an awesome week(end) and let's all find oppas and move to SK and hang out at SME to meet SHINee, okay? 🙂


    PS Oppa just said he really likes Avril Lavigne…I just laughed at him…I don't care for her at all! HAHAH! Oops, bad dongsaeng!

    • 38.1 cv

      LOL Lucky your daughter!Hope she gets in! Wish I was still young and got to be a exchange student—–to SK. :p hehehe

      • 38.1.1 Jeannette

        Thanks! Luckily she’s only in 8th grade so there are three years to prepare. 🙂 And she’s an A Honor student (little stinker already takes high school math..grr) so she has a good chance.

        I never got to do cool stuff as a kid, either. Tsk.

    • 38.2 jomo

      “Her teacher thought K-pop was a street drug or something”

      Is this the last person to see the Gangnam style vid?

      • 38.2.1 Jeannette

        I know, right? LOL! And today the doc I work for danced to Gangnam Style. He told me to turn around and not look b/c he knows it irritates me. Seeing a mid-forties doctor would have made me die laughing and I already had a headache haha!

  39. 39 Nilechoclat

    2 days left for Flower boy next door seriously I want to watch it nowwwwwwwwww 😀

    • 39.1 owl

      So seriously craving FBND – gimme gimmee gimmeee now!

    • 39.2 Jeannette


    • 39.3 pogo


  40. 40 Amg1

    Happy Friday!

  41. 41 Enz

    Hi everyone! Happy weekend and OT to all

    Just wanted to rave about SUFBB after watching it just before this year started so that I would be on time for the next installment that ALL of us are so looking forward to.

    S everybody was right about SUFBB. What a great little story and fabulous standout performance by sung joon. I love him in it!! So that brought me to the next drama to marathon, which I had already wanted to on account of it having the dame director as Que sera, sera, which is Can We Get Married.

    He is so good in this too … Just the sweetest, normalest guy with the most annoying girlfriend and future mom in law. Am into episode 5 now and I wish he would break up with her cos she keeps testing his love for her!!! I really hate that. But I LOVE his acting .. And his character.

    I am not as interested in school 2013 as a lot are.. I just don’t get why the kids are so bad.. Even the academically good ones are awful. It’s like a whole class of very disrespectful kids. I sound old now I know. What to do? I am .

    I also watched a petty romance with lee sun kyun and choi Han kee. I wonder who else here has seen it? In any case, the movie is lighthearted fluff but just for ONE scene in particular, I would recommend it because just that one scene alone made me Laugh out so loudly. It’s hilarious.

    Lastly, I am heartbroken that shukmeister doesn’t like QSS!! Boo hoo 🙂

    • 41.1 pillowhead

      ahhh. u should have posted this like way up top, so id had the goods on CWGM and my hottie sung joon. lol. I recommended SUFBB to a friend and she is marathoning it right now. yay!!! She was already a K addict, so I can’t take any convert credits for that one.
      Yes, sad about the shukmeister. it’s all Eun Soo’a fault. haha. it’s okay…. *fighting*. lol

      • 41.1.1 Enz

        Late to the thread this week. Aww pillowhead, you should at least check out FBRS. It’s my top three. And possibly most rewatched one at last count. It may not be your cup of tea but at least say that after you view a little of it 🙂

        • Shukmeister

          Ha ha ha you two.

          I liked FBRS. I have a soft spot for older women / younger men storylines. And CP was good.

          So if you want both, you can always try Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy, which has a similar age gap like FBRS, but stars Gong Yoo from CP!

          Just trying a little compromise..

          • Enz

            I didn’t like star teacher and biscuit candy Shukie. Too many obsessive love there including gong yoo’s for gong hyo Jin and gong hyo Jin for the teacher before and the teacher, creepiest of all, for gong hyo Jin !! Everybody felt dysfunctional to me there!!

          • pillowhead

            i thought we like obsessive love. QSS is hyper obessive. lol. what is CP?

          • enz

            cp= coffee prince. QSS obsessive loves were within uh believable normal range of human behavior, if slightly dramatized. and they made choices to help them get over their feelings. wrong choices perhaps but they did stuff that I could believe happen in real life.

            in biscuit teacher these folks love years and years without anything feeding that love and their whole life seems to revolve around being in close proximity to the one they love or making them return that love. I cannot stand that. or in Malaysian speak…. beh tahan!!

  42. 42 pillowhead

    oh yeah? it’s that good? what’s your third (assuming QSS is in there). Ok. After CWGM.

    • 42.1 pillowhead

      i mean, I’ll watch FBRS after CWGM. 😀

    • 42.2 Enz

      You’re not gonna like this .. Coffee prince. I pick based on how much the drama moved my emotions. CP and FBRS made me laugh and somehow moved my heart at the same time. QSS as well moved my heart. Those three caused most movement.. Wah this answer hopefully moves you too. I am moving and rocking with laughter writing this

  43. 43 pillowhead

    lol. hm. well, i really should give coffee prince another try since it seems to be everyones’ favorite. Hey! u love QSS, so I’m gonna try anything you like. 😀 see how much movement comes. haha

    • 43.1 Enz

      And SUFBB! Don’t forget SUFBB and sung joon too

      • 43.1.1 pillowhead

        ahhh. must never forget SUFBB…. sung joooooooon.

    • 43.2 Jumbalaya

      🙂 I thought Coffee Prince was supposed to be humorous but it was suprisingly emotional. Is that why you dropped it?

      • 43.2.1 pillowhead

        me? Idky i stopped watching. was it emotional? mayb i stopped watching too soon then. i actually love emotional. the more emotional the better. I want to sob and have my heart pound. lol
        i guess the genderswitching thing doesn’t appeal to me cause i can’t get into u r beautiful, or s scandel, either I also can’t get into the body swapping dramas either. I watched Secrete Garden, and athough i liked the two leads, didn’t care for the story.
        But I’m gonna give it another try 😀

        • enz

          I couldn’t stand secret garden and dropped it after 2 episode s only :p

          • Jeannette

            I eventually had to force myself to watch SG. I’m glad I did, but it wasn’t as good as I was expecting.

        • enz

          and I couldn’t get past 2 episodes of you’re beautiful too! but imma gonna try AGAIN at some point cos soooo many love it. I must be missing something ! I think shukmeister would say SOJU! 🙂

          • pogo

            Enz – I think getting to episode 3 and beyond helps, because by then they have one major reveal out of the way and the drama can just get on with being its fun cracky self without you constantly wondering when it’s going to happen. Plus the music is fun and catchy and not as overused as say in Boys Before Flowers.

            And you haven’t even got to UEE yet, she has her tiresome moments but she’s possibly the best-written/best-acted female second lead a Hong sisters drama has ever had. (that plus JGS smiling, I keep saying it but it has to be seen to be believed).

          • pillowhead

            ah! c! we r in tune here. 😀

          • pillowhead

            and the soju could very easily be that missing something. haha
            Pogo and Enz, I will also make another attemp at You’re Beautiful. I do want to watch some Hong Sister stuff, cause I LOVED MGIAG!!!

          • enz

            ok pogo. i know i know. JGS’s smile is worth it. he really has the most adorable smile..

          • pogo

            pillowhead – yeah, the soju will come in handy for episode 2, but aftewards it might be a liability because you really don’t want it going up your nose when you laugh (and you will. A LOT.)

          • pogo

            enz – sorry for the hard sell on the smile, lol – I know I keep behaving like someone who’s seen something sparkly for the first time when I look at it!

  44. 44 Jumbalaya

    I’m watching Ghost, the summer drama from last year. I’ve been meaning to watch it. It’s Day 2 and I’m on ep8…it’s really good 🙂 I think it’s the mystery element in it…you can feel everything’s connected, but when you can’t quite place how.

    • 44.1 pillowhead

      oh, i love mysteries!! Let me know if it has a good ending. 😀 Jeannette recommended White Christmas a few weeks ago. Was really cool. So different form any kdrama I’ve seen.

      • 44.1.1 pillowhead

        Have you seen Joseon Xfiles? I’m on episode 10. Its a great mystery but without JB recaps, I would understand it at all!

        • pillowhead


        • enz

          I wanna watch that too! after cwgm. unless something more awesome comes along. never ends

          • pillowhead

            omg. just finished it. SO freaking good!

          • pogo

            I’ve JUST started on CWGM, no clue what took me so long but I love it!

      • 44.1.2 enz

        I watched the first epi of white Christmas and want to continue but I am spooked easily so am not sure if my heart can take it

        • pillowhead

          haha. I was the same. had to watch in the daytime.

        • Jeannette

          Oh please watch it!

        • owl

          It’s a bit spooky, but really good, only 7 episodes, I think, so its a quick watch, And different, too.

          • Enz

            I need to watch it in company! It’s too scary by myself in my condo

  45. 45 Jumbalaya

    sorry i didnt mean “when” in the last sentence I meant “then”.

  46. 46 enz

    aarrgggh! watching CWGM is giving me a heart attack and making me feel violent towards hae yoon’s mother in particular!!!! i wanna strangle her.. but i so love sung joon’s character at the moment..

  47. 47 addylovesbwood

    Rain Rain Rain…. I’ve heard soo much about him, never seen any of his dramas… now he’s dating Kim Tae Hee…

    It’s bout time to put a face to the name…

    I started watching the original Full House last night. I managed to get thru 2 episodes despite the outdated fashion.

    So far, it’s nothing like Full House 2, which I dropped @ ep.24 I think…

    • 47.1 pillowhead

      shouty, shouty, shouty. hahaha. I’m quoting that from the comments from JB. so true. lol

  48. 48 wanne

    Oh goodness, I just finished watching Can We Get Married and I’m so glad I picked up this drama back again!

    I stopped watching last time because I was annoyed by the mothers and Hye Yoon. And yesterday, I decided to watch again from episode 9, skipping some episodes from the last one I watched and I must say this is one of the rare dramas where the 2nd half is much better. I ended up sleeping at 5 am because I couldn’t stop watching! I teared up a lot and it felt sooo good. The emotional scenes were nothing grand, they were such simple scenes but so realistic and heart-tugging. Especially during Tae Won scenes with Hae Jin and Do Hyun. And no, it’s no cry-fest like the typical melo-drama. It’s touching, heart-warming, sweet and funny, all in good balance. Definitely adding this as one of my favourite kdramas in 2012.

    And it has one of my favourite osts of the year too!
    So lovely and touching! I wish I can understand the lyrics.

  49. 49 enz

    thanks for posting that link to the ost. I like the jazz infused sounds from their album.

    • 49.1 pillowhead

      so it’s good, right. I’m starting it tonight 😀

      • 49.1.1 Enz

        Pits the most dialogue heavy drama so far.. Ppl are talking at machine gun speed! Is it good? It is but by golly, every time, the marriage discussion comes about or when one of the future mon in laws wanna talk to the future groom (in particular) or bride, I feel as stressed about it as sung joon would.

        SUNG JOON is pitch perfect here too! He really is such a good actor. I love him

      • 49.1.2 pogo

        so am I!

        I’m loving the machine-gun speed talking too, and lord knows meddling weeding-minded mothers are something I’ve seen a lot of in my time <3

        • pogo

          ^ I meant WEDDING, I don’t know any gardening-obsessed mothers!

          • Enz

            Lol. Really, you feel the stress man!