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  1. JoAnne

    Good Morning My Wondrous Beans!

    I already miss I Miss You. That show was such a puzzle. So incredibly sad, although I rarely shed a tear. So completely thrilling, although the cops were THE most ineffectual force in the history of public safety, and the Evil Mastermind apparently shed 3/4s of his IQ the moment he re-entered Korea. Even so. It was also the cutest thing ever at times. I guess life can be like that, too, though, and I was grateful for the grins because the unrelenting misery would have been too much. I adored Jung Woo the boy and the man. I loved the makeshift family that sprang up around him, and I absolutely forever and ever and ever thrilled to the way he and Su Yeon managed to have such a playful, happy love despite everything that was done to them as children. And Harry.

    Oh my God, Harry. What a horribly broken child. Even if I hate what he does…I never hated him. I pitied him. There in that warehouse, he was just so…dismissed. He completely didn’t matter to anyone, in the end. And then after, when we see him again – I will confess that I expected at any moment that he’d look at the screen and we’d know he was punking everyone…but it didn’t happen. I kinda wish it had, but then again…maybe this was the kindest thing. YSH did a great job with an oddly fractured role. It must have been difficult. YSH-ah! Come back in two years with army abs and make us noonas very happy! But come give me a kiss, first.

    I don’t hate the ending at all. It got a little fanservice-y but it never went to Nice Guy extremes and it did fit pretty well with the story. For Jung Woo and Su Yeon, the saving grace was truly loving another person, and having forgiveness in their hearts. That kept them human. Harry had only obsession and revenge, so there was never room for real love, and it destroyed him. Guess we’ll never find out what that shot of Yoochun with the head wound was about, back in the first episode. Or what the deal was with the real Harry. Or how Jung Woo’s father could be SUCH an ass. And I’m not clear: was Harry’s mom in the wrong initially, or was she an innocent woman treated badly by her step son? Oooh, unless the writer does an interview. I wanna hear about what she started out wanting and what she ended up writing.

    School 2013. You are pretty perfect. You haven’t done one thing wrong yet, I don’t think. I love you. Wanna eat lunch at my table? Actually, I have a better idea. I’m going up to that rooftop storage shed with Namsoon and Heung Soo. Don’t anybody wait for us.

    Flower Boy Next Door. You, too, are pretty perfect. Although the Oh Jin Rak love is about to start an international twitter war. I may have military training…but my opponent is skilled in cyber warfare. I wonder how this will end?

    Alice. Where are you going, writer-nim? I’m still on board but GPS is telling me we’re a bit off track. Do not piss me off.

    I rewatched Goong over the weekend. It was my first drama and I distinctly remember worrying that I had gone crazy. In the two years (almost! This June!) I have rewatched bits and pieces, but this was my first full re-watch. I am happy to report that it holds up well and is, in fact, even better re-heated. Exposure to the rules of KDrama, as well as experience watching other (lesser) shows made this view richer for me. My Shin love came back in full force, as hoped. I hated Yul less this time. I remember back then thinking he was a weak, passive, icky person. I no longer see him that way, and in fact felt some sympathy for him underneath my impatience for him to just get the F out of the way and let Shin and Chae Kyung fall in love. I still hate his stupid necklace, though. And Secretary Moon from CDDA is one of Shin’s friends! (The one who liked Hyo Rin.) One thing made me laugh…although I felt the chemistry between JJH and YEH the first time, this second time, WELL. Back then I had no idea that her kissing him back was JUST.NOT.DONE. And there was TONGUE. Tongue on KDrama! Shin, you ahjumma-dressing, skinny, petulant child. You GO, boy. But first, come give noona a kiss.

    Picked up Iris again. Gotta get ready for Irish, which looks AWESOME. I know it’s not strictly necessary, but I wanna. And I’m going to check out Josean X Files because Kim Ji Hoon demands it. I watched 15 or 20 minutes of Eugene’s thing and had to turn off the computer and step away in a blind rage over that mother in law. Everyone is telling me to give it another shot, though. Also there’s Yawang to check out, and Level 7 Civil Servant coming.

    • 1.1 nappy

      hmmmmm its nice to see someone actually finish i miss you bcuz i attempted to watch it n after a few episodes i realized that its not my cup of tea tooo much cryin n instead of it tryin to wriggle a little bit of tears from me or make me feel for the characters it annoyed me

      • 1.1.1 Windsun33

        Same here – I ended up skipping ep 11-19 just to see the ending, and I don’t feel like I missed a thing in those unwatched episodes. Not missing “Missing You” at all.

    • 1.2 Hanjae

      Oh boy, the Eugene drama! I tuned in because of Lee! Jung! Jin! and Eugene and… urgh. I have to watch it with one finger on the fast-forward button at all times and only pause when either Lee Jung Jin or Eugene are on screen because otherwise I’d probably bust a blood vessel from the ragey RAGE and sheer WTFness of it all. She makes Gu Joon Pyo’s mother and the MIL in A Thousand Kisses look like Mother Theresa – I mean, 4 episodes in and she’s locked Eugene in a hospital as a mental patient, tried to frame her for adultery and given her kiwi juice to drink (which she is deathly allergic to). She’s going to run out of ideas by episode 10!

      • 1.2.1 Mystisith

        LOL! That MIL is sure a piece of work. She’s like a character from a cartoon. The husband is not much better… That cold widower better be an excellent namja chingu for the heroine cause she will need it. ^^

        • Hanjae

          So far I don’t exactly find cold widower much of a charmer either, LOL. Granted, he obviously has “omg my ex died and I’m haunted by it” issues (we’re reminded of this via flashbacks every episode, sadly), but still… I don’t think his rich mommy’s going to give poor Eugene an easy time, either. On the other hand, when your ex was a serial adulterer, has violent moments and is completely under the thumb of your Godzilla MIL who wants you dead, you’ll take what you get!

          • cherkell

            Hey! Slam on Godzilla outta nowhere!! 😛

        • John


          I gave 100 Year Noodle shop 5 minutes and said, “Nope, not going to do it.”

          • Mystisith

            @John LOL. Not going to blame you. Those wacky family shows are my guilty pleasure.

      • 1.2.2 Korazy Lady

        Please let’s get her out of the way soon! She takes the evil stepmother to new extremes! Time to move on to the relationship part of the drama, writers.

        • Laurita

          I’d rather have the heroine out of that marriage first. And return her strong personality (after losing the memory she became sort of weak, but it’s understandable). And only then let’s begin all that bickering and cute and love that their relationship is bound to have (according my expectations).

          • Windsun33

            I was somewhat disappointed that they played the “amnesia card” so early in the series. So far this is not playing out to be the “warm love story” that the trailers advertised, but then again we like 46 episodes to go…

          • Laurita

            I think amnesia was necessary for the further plot development (without it that MIL would already be in a prison or in the press as a criminal). But I hoped she would remain as strong (and even ironic) as she was at the beginning.

          • Laurita

            But I hoped she would remain as strong (and even ironic) as she was at the beginning. – the heroine, I mean.

        • Hanjae

          Or even move onto the “noodle house,” warm family story part of the drama, which is starting to look like false advertising at the moment. I can see why they changed the drama title from “Third Generation Noodle House,” because considering she doesn’t even remember who her father is at the moment, it’s going to take 1. Another strategic knock to the head or 2. FOREVER before she moves back to the noodle house.

        • Korazy Lady

          I have to say I was extremely shocked that they pulled the amnesia card ONCE AGAIN! Hopefully it will only be termporary

      • 1.2.3 Rashell

        What’s creepier to me about the MIL in Hundred Years is that she is clearly in love with her son. She wants to be the wife. It’s insane. I can’t wait for Eugene to get her memory back and GTFO!

        • Laurita

          Many other commentators also claim that that mother is in that kind of love with her son. But I still don’t see that somehow. What I see is a very strong mother’s love (ok, ok, very sick and overprotective and selfish one, but still not as-a-wife kind of love…

          • Rashell

            I don’t know she just crosses that line for me. Her reaction to his back hug gave me the chills, and not in a good way.

            I just think that she replaced her affection for her dead husband onto her son. She would NEVER accept any other woman in his life. EVER. And that is creepy as hell.

          • Laurita

            Oh, yes, I remember that back hug…creepy… Probably you are right about that affection thing, but it was never really mentioned whether she loved her husband or not. or was it? (Maybe I missed something).

          • Rashell

            I don’t know that it ever said if she and her husband were a love match, but she was widowed very young. And she poured her heart into making money and loving her son. She is by far the worst kdrama mother-in-law ever. So crazy that one.

        • JoAnne

          Even in the few minutes that I managed to stick it out, that was the vibe I got. Glad to see there’s at least one other out there.

          • Rashell

            Oh you have no idea. It is so an Oedipal vibe (although it’s more mother to son) that it’s cringe worthy, really. If I didn’t think the cute of Eugene/Lee Jung Jin would be worth it, I’m not sure I’d still be watching.

          • Laurita

            They better have loads of cute, or else…

            I’m already having nightmares with that creepy MIL…
            And there I was, hoping that my first k-drama dream will be with some nice k-drama hero… 🙁 It’s like a stolen first kiss…

      • 1.2.4 Windsun33

        If nothing else, 100 Year Inheritance will probably go down in history as being the absolute peak of Evil Mother-In-Laws.

        What fascinates in that and many other k-dramas is that NOBODY ever calls the cops 🙂

        • Ruth

          that’s so true. Man, she be crazy. Although Jung Woo’s dad in IMY was a pretty “impressive” piece of work too.

      • 1.2.5 pillowhead

        wow, what show is that?! sounds crazy.

        • pillowhead

          the Eugene thing… is that the name?

          • Mystisith

            “A Hundred Year’s Inheritance” Also known as “One Hundred Year’s Legacy”. Previously known as “Third Generation Noodle House” Phew!!! 😉

          • Laurita

            It’s called Hundred Year Inheritance. We call the heroine Eugene because it the actress’s real name.

          • pillowhead

            thanks! wow, I’m not sure I want to watch it.I’m getting my fill of evil MILs. haha how many episodes is there?

          • Laurita

            50 eps, according to

        • Windsun33

          “..100 Years Inheritances has reached a viewership rating of 15.5%, which places it ahead of Cheongdam-dong Alice in the same time slot. 100 Years Inheritances premiered on January 5, 2013 is a family story revolving around a noodle house that has been run by the same family for generations. Idol Eugene stars…”

          • Laurita

            No wonder its rating grows, I myself wait this show much more than CA now (though I’ll probably fast forward some scenes).

          • Rashell

            This show is like a train wreck for me. I can’t look away even though I know I’m going to be horrified.

          • Korazy Lady

            I agree, Rashell. Not sure how long I’ll stick with it, but for now I want to keep watching.

    • 1.3 ladysarahii

      Goong was my first, too! My friend in college kept watching this show in a foreign language, which I’d assumed was Japanese, because like all my friends studied Japanese. I was like, “Why are you watching this?” When she told me it was a Korean drama, I laughed at her, then sat down to check it out. I was so hooked! All of my roommates would always watch between classes.

      It’s one of the few I have on DVD. I actually found it during a vacation in Singapore, so I had to snatch it up. The problem is, towards the end of the drama the subs become increasingly more non-sensical. I suspect it was translated into Mandarin first, then English from Mandarin.

      Not long after Goong I discovered Full House.

      How did I not fail out of school? Ha.

      • 1.3.1 JoAnne

        Full House was one of my first 5, and it’s where I met My Beloved. Sigh. He’s cheating on me right now, but I will forgive him.

        • kakashi

          you sound eerily like Gollum, when you say “My Beloved”. But I’m sure you know that already! :p

          • JoAnne

            I’m pale, too.

          • Mystisith

            kakashi, don’t mix everything! Gollum’s impersonation is already done by cherkell with her Preciousssss. ^^

          • JoAnne

            Yeah, when I say it it’s not very sibilant. Not at all, in fact, which isn’t surprising when you consider how it is spelled… I do, however, depending on mood:

            1. Say it with a lascivious grin and wink
            2. Giggle it fondly while laughing at his silly face

            Ok it’s pretty much always number 1. But sometimes it’s number 2. And if I’m Kang Bok Gu or Sang Doo, I’m probably crying it.

          • cherkell

            Yes, My Precious. How loudly I SQUEEEEEEEED this morning after opening my e-mail to see several BTS shots of him modelling for Alexander McQueen’s couture house. Life is good. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! ♥♥♥

          • kakashi

            @Mysti: oh gosh, you’re so right … I completely forgot about that!!

        • RealKDramaaddict

          I saw him in A Love to Kill and that was it for me. Then I saw him dancing. Sad Tango! Then I watched Ninja Assassin. I hope he is happy now, dating a girl he loves.

        • liza

          That was the first drama that I saw with my beloved, but I divorced him way before he loss face in the army, and cheating too. good luck,but do not forgive him,have you seen the new crop?

        • Mar

          I believe I first saw Beloved in I’m a Cyborg but that’s Okay. I’ll never forget him pulling out a wedgie. And then I saw Full House, and went what wtf kinda kiss was that at the end like everyone else, because hello, those lips need to be put to use. And then I watched music videos and discovered his propensity for taking off his clothes and objectifying himself. I thought to myself, WHY WHY did I NOT know about this man? And THEN I saw Hip Song, and was ruined for life.

          My first k drama was Boys Over Flowers, aka, CRACK.

          Goong-the grandma and the two leads chemistry were the reason to watch. The show was a bit uneven and the secondary and tertiary characters never held my interest. The second leads were just…non entities, even though Song Ji-hyo has gone on to other projects to stand out and be counted. I think it just stands out in memory because of the chemistry and the kisses-we all just want kisses like that in all dramas.

      • 1.3.2 Windsun33

        Not the first K-drama I watched, but the one that got me hooked was “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” (9-tailed fox). I just thought that was so cute. I am not big on most historical dramas, they all seem to follow such a similar theme, all based around the same palace intrigue of some sorts.

        • pillowhead

          I LOVE GIAG!!!! One of my favorites! LSG <3

          • Korazy Lady

            We agree again, pillowhead!

          • JoAnne

            and I join you! Adored Miho and Woongahhhh

          • pillowhead

            yay! This is also the show that has the worst LSG hair moments. But he is adorable!

    • 1.4 Mari

      Gong, was my 5th Kdrama.. It’s funny how I have a different view. I remember hating Shin, his horrible horrible clothes,and his obsessions with his ex. Yet I love Yoon Eun-Hye and prince Yul. I remember being soo mad at her for always sticking by Shin, and making my poor Yule suffer.

    • 1.5 enz

      joanne! how do you do this everytime?! i love your comments even when i HAVENT watched the dramas themselves.

      kim ji hoon is my favourite character in FBND so far so might have to follow you on joseon x files next – right after i am done with cn we get married 🙂

      • 1.5.1 JoAnne

        How do I do what, Enz? Make you love me? Be first lately? It’s a mystery to me as well, in either case 🙂

        • enz

          both! in any case, you never fail to make me laugh. thanks

      • 1.5.2 Korazy Lady

        There will definitely be war over Kim Ji Hoon. Never before have so many Twitterers fallen for the same guy! I just want to scream “Noona’s here! Forget about her and everyone else!”

        • enz

          looks like this is serious – i shall go for more body pump sessions to get my biceps ready for the fight! MINE! 🙂

        • kakashi

          oh, come on, ladies! Everybody knows he is mine! get in line!

          • enz

            you have PSH – who is RICH remember? youve taken his country house and you make visits to his apartment to see his cute cat! shoo shoo hhheehehe

          • kakashi

            enz. I think there is something you don’t know about me. I have a very big heart, big enough for at least 5 men. And I am going to change the laws of this country to allow for polyandry.

          • kakashi

            that said … where is my husband?! he should be home by now. tsts.

          • Korazy Lady

            Notice how I’m quietly staying in the background about this discussion. Although I have started clearing out some of my SJK stuff on my computer….

          • enz

            to be honest – i am enamoured with a younger one at the moment – sung joon. i cant believe he is only 22!! yikes. but kakashi, i have a huge heart too (5 is about right – more will send it to heart failure) and i am capable of kicking one or two out to make space for new ones

          • pillowhead

            Hey! he and i have made a commentment. we will only look at each other. the rest of you ladies are seriously delusional. haha.

          • Enz

            Pillow ah, so long as you keep making commentment instead of commitment, were good :).. Mine!

      • 1.5.3 pillowhead

        Haha! Hi Enz and JoAnne! Yes, I love kim ji hoon!!! and please watch JoseonXfiles! I absolutely loved it. A little surreal in some of the episodes, but in the best of ways. I can’t wait for your take on it.

    • 1.6 Korazy Lady

      Hey JoAnne, I was looking for you last night on Twitter so I could complain about eps 20 of IMY. And would you believe I accidentally found out the ending. (Web perusing should be stopped when I’m at the end of a dramas.)

      BTW, are you telling me they never get back to that first scene? Now that is just terrible writing!

      • 1.6.1 kakashi

        Korazy! I hope you don’t mean me? Cause … I didn’t spoil, I swear! Just teasing you-s! (though I did go and read about it)

      • 1.6.2 JoAnne

        Are you talking about the keystone cops farce? That was the most ridiculous of a series of ridiculous police scenes throughout the drama. I was just slapping the arm of the chair and shouting commands at that point. I mean COME ON.

        • Windsun33

          Yeah, I think that stupid cop scene pretty much ruined what little respect I had left for Missing You. How can 20 cops not outrun one crippled guy – not once, but several times? He even stops at the car to chat – and the cop in the car just ignores him. Bleh.

          A perfect example of why most of these dramas should not be extended.

          • Korazy Lady

            Why, oh why, could they just not arrest him and creepy father when they had the chance like 50 times? And what does it take for a cop to use a gun over there? Letting Harry get away in that car was beyond ridiculous!

            Speaking of which, it also amazed me that creepy father was never able to track down the nanny for the money. I mean, come on.

            Oh, and did anyone notice that Harry went to meet creepy Dad on his bike without his cane? and seemed to walk over to the car just fine? Why the heck was he riding a bike on a snow packed street anyways?

            These are the things that try men’s souls…….

          • JoAnne

            I kept thinking at some point Harry would just straighten up and walk normally (a la The Usual Suspects) and reveal that he’d been screwing with everyone, including us, all along.

          • latteholic

            @JoAnne, re: Usual Suspect. lol. That’d be awesome though. I might even picked it off from where I left off just to find clues whether he was never crippled at all… 😀

          • pogo

            How can 20 cops not outrun one crippled guy – not once, but several times?

            lol yes…..especially when he’s on a bike and there are like 25 cops running behind him, not one of whom thinks to GET INTO A CAR for the chase.

      • 1.6.3 Korazy Lady

        Kakashi, you are now developing paranoia over spoiling my endings! It was all my fault ladies. You know how watching and twittering leads to google. I was looking for the ratings info and accidentally hit a page that had the ending right in the headlines. So new rule – no google search before last episode. Altho frankly, I have never been so emotionally unattached to a drama. I just want to see it to the end.

        • kakashi

          yes! I’m dead afraid of spoiling things for you (and others)! I’m really careless when it comes to that. bad kakashi, bad kakashi.

          • Korazy Lady

            I’m just laughing because you didn’t even watch it! I don’t think you watched the last one where you accidentally (giving you the benefit of the doubt) announced the ending to all! Maybe you should take 5 minutes in the corner to reflect on your actions 🙂

          • kakashi

            hm, that was Nice Guy, wasn’t it? Yes, I was watching that, but was suuuuper behind at that moment. And I ONLY said it was a happy ending. And I could have been lying.

          • latteholic

            lol. I remember that. And I was happy when I heard it, until I actually watched the ending…

    • 1.7 owl

      Hi JoAnne – you’re first today!~Happy Friday!I was awake most of the night. Too much coffee?? Not sure, as I can drink it morning, noon, and night and still sleep. Usually. Anyhoot – I watched IMY 20 and 21 in the wee hours of the morning. I totally feel the same way about Harry – it was like he was his mother in that last scene. Pathetic. Pitiful. Shattered. Evil. Crazy. But I couldn’t hate him alhtough I hated that who he became drove him to do unspeakable things. We’ll have to go back and check on your question about Harry’s mom – “was she or was she not in the wrong initially?” It would almost have been better for Harry to have died with that last bullet…

      Love the first snowfall and all its meaning and the scene where SY and JW both had rings – awww. It was a complicated plot with some good acting there, I’d say. The words exchanged in the warehouse by all three – great writing and acting.

      The scene with SY and her mom was pretty awesome, where there were lots of tears, but then smiles finally emerged through those tears as they opened up about the awfulness of what happened 14 yrs earlier and now they could rely on each other to confront those feelings when they sufraced (we can go in our barefeet and scream together). IMY was a melodrama in huge capital letters.

      Whatever happened to the police station cleaning lady?

      • 1.7.1 JoAnne

        There was some very, very good acting in this, I agree. Really believable emotions.

        She was in jail, I’m assuming there’d be a trial at some point but it wasn’t really part of the story. She was key in that she provided info that misdirected us briefly back to Su Yeon but ultimately helped put the pieces together about Harry.

        • Betsy Hp

          She was in jail, I’m assuming there’d be a trial at some point…

          Wasn’t one of the police chief’s complaints against Jung-woo that he reopened the murder case on her? I think that’s the last we hear of it, though. Unless that murder is included in the litany of crimes they charge Harry with.

      • 1.7.2 Betsy Hp

        I agree with your favorite scenes, Owl. 🙂

        And I feel the same way about Harry — which is why probably one of my most favorite scenes (one that’s pretty blatant fan-service, but I’ll take it!) was the could-have-been of Jung-woo returning the umbrella to Soo-yeon and bringing Joon along and the three of them playing keep-away.

        As to JoAnne’s question about Harry’s mom… I think it’s that her wrong was in playing Han Tae-joon’s game and setting the kidnapping in motion. Maybe in seeing the money as the end goal? (Though I think she was more interested in saving her son, so…) I’d definitely say in the question of degrees, HTJ was the most in the wrong and she was among his victims. And she had the grace to feel bad even while crazy. That’s got to count for something.

        • pogo

          I will take the blatant kid-actor filler/fanservice too, those kids were the reason I loved Jung-woo and Su-yeon together as much as I did and it was nice to see them back.

          And Crazy Auntie was indeed the one who set the whole thing in motion and deserves the blame (though Horrible Nurse deserved her end, after what she did), but Daddy Satan was the one who made it worse by robbing Su-yeon of the chance to be returned to her family. I’m glad his ass is in prison, and think Jung-woo is far too idealistic in hoping he’ll reform (remember he wanted to try that with the rapist too? Love the boy, but I don’t think so).

          • LT

            I agree that HJW and LSY’s childhood sweet love paths the way for us to ship these two.

            Sweet childhood memories were what HJW evoked to win over adult LSY while KHJ/Harry was bent on revenge. Like JoAnne, I wouldn’t consider KHJ and LSY having a “well established relationship” – more like having a symbiotic relationship of a mutualistic kind. LSY had been a friend, an older sister and a mother substitute. She would fuss over him when he was not well and over cooking his favourite dishes just like a mother would. I concur with JoAnne that HJW had always been her true love. She would have felt like a cradle snatcher if she had gone for Harry, a cry baby! In episode 21, LSY confessed to faking in her past 14 years that she had forgotten HJW.

            LSY, having the ‘’I’m sorry” mentality, her childhood and social isolation had made it easier for Harry to turn her into a subservient dog. We see her eventually freed of the mentality as she discovered that she had been loved. She wouldn’t in the warehouse at the end fall for KHJ’s self-pity cry,”I’m hurting” as she would in the past whenever he cried out “my leg hurts”. LSY ignored him and he aborted shooting himself for a moment. KHJ intended at the warehouse invoking LSY’s memory of the rape and abandonment to scare her into running back to him. Look at that evil smile on his face when he thought LSY was scared by the memory! It failed as LSY could see HJW’s steadfast support and love for her. Her love for HJW gave her courage to face KHJ’s pistol and courage to face the ghosts from the past. We see love prevailing over scare tactics and over a skilful deceitful psychological manipulator (controller) in this final episode.

          • pogo

            His treatment of Su-yeon by the end was the reason why I basically wanted KHJ to just go die in a fire or something – forcing SY back to the scene of her rape and then threatening her life? AFTER the framing for murder? I just couldn’t feel any sympathy for him over that, no matter how adorable Yoo Seung-ho is.

            And the essential difference between him and Jung-woo in that ending, apart from the different ways they treat SY, is that JW took responsibility for his moment of weakness in leaving SY 14 years ago, while HJ never does – he sees himself as a victim in every way and chooses to hurt people who’ve been victimised even worse.

            I don’t think that he even saw the murder of Detective Kim or the framing of Su-yeon as things that were morally wrong, just as means to getting what he wanted (SY to stay with him). Just think of how different SY could have been if he hadn’t stuffed that Coke can under Detective Kim’s brakes and actually let her go back to her mother instead of dragging her off to a foreign country with Horrible Nurse?

          • LT

            I echo your sentiments.

          • LT

            The scene, where HJW and LSY met the wheelchair bound KHJ, is pretty clever. The leaf, HJW handed over, conveyed forgiveness and HJW’s declaration of peace with KHJ while LSY showing her new social identity card signified her pride in being LSY and reminded us of her liberation from being (KHJ preferred) “a solitary mushroom in the dark” (an association I made when I saw the leaf and the snow) into being outside where she could see snow again. While conveying forgiveness, LSY showed restraint from being motherly as she used to behave in front of KHJ. This is appropriate to show us and KHJ that she had grown in maturity.

      • 1.7.3 pogo

        yeah, it was an appropriate ending even if it felt like it needed more time to, idk, plan better.

        Su-yeon and her mother had some great scenes, I feel like at least half my tears shed during this melo were from their reunion. I love that her mother was her first impetus to return to her old self and really start trying to move past what happened to her. And Mom is awesome too, I started off the drama completely judging her but ended it with her as one of my favourite characters.

    • 1.8 alua

      JoAnnnnnne. Hello Mrs First 😀

      School 2013 is pretty much perfect in my book as well. Ticks all the boxes wonderfully.

      Flower Boy Next Door is good, but it’s not going to make it on my favourite dramas list. I just can’t stand characters like Do Hwi (whatever her name is), I mean evil second leads should be interesting at least. But she’s only irritating in predictable ways and thus boring. Plus, over-used tropes of falling onto each others lips for a kiss just don’t work for me. I want more fresh stuff. That said, I do love Enrique and our leading lady fortunately has a backbone and is thus an interesting character (something I was worried about).

      Gave up Alice a long time ago.

      Goong I’ve never watched. The manga put me off it, so I don’t think I’ll ever even try.

      Priceless (J) has been as good as ever. Okay, the most recent episode wasn’t the most realistic, but it was still awesome.

      Osozaki no Himawari got subbed for all the missing four episodes so I actually marathoned these last night. Was pretty happy with the way things turned out – it was pretty open-ended, but I think that suits the dorama well, given that it’s all about showing us a slice of life and things of course don’t end until life is over. I wouldn’t mind a special though, especially to know more about how Jotaro and Kahori are going to manage their relationship. (Not a fan of long distance, but kudos to the producers that they let Kahori pursue her dream. And that she stood up to her professor.) Still don’t care much for Kahori’s sister, and still don’t understand why they had to make Ayaka lead on two guys. Her backstory made sense with her coldness, but why did that need to include pretending she was interested in two guys? Junichi: Poor boy, felt so bad for him being put down by everyone. I really thought he might snap and go for suicide for a moment. He did cross a line by kissing his crush, but fortunately was able to let go of his first love in the end.

      Trying to remember if I watched anythign else this week… rewatched a bit of Natsu no Koi (which is good but not amazing). Waiting for subs for the Lucky 7 special.

      And currently debating between the bicycle and underground – it’s been snowing in LONDON all day. (I need to go to a talk on Anime 😀 And I’m working outdoors all day tomorrow, brrrrrr, it’ll be so coooooold.)

      • 1.8.1 JoAnne

        Aluaaaaaaaaa – I know, it’s snowing! I was talking to (well emailing) a work friend in London and she was complaining and our vendor at Horsham had to close early because of the weather. I can be excited about snow there because, you know, it’s not snow HERE. Which is a terrible terrible thing to be complained about bitterly when it happens. I hate dealing with it.

        I want to punch Do Hwwwwwwwwwi in the mouth.

        • Korazy Lady

          Horsham PA? Or is there a Horsham, England. Because I live close to Horsham when I’m in PA.

          • JoAnne

            Actually, I have vendors at both Horshams but we only call England Horsham. This time I was talking about England.

          • alua

            @John Thanks for thinking of me.

            The helicopter crash was awful. I wasn’t anywhere near there (but working from home that day) but the pictures were horrific.

            Ending up cycling all the way today (18 km) but only on main roads (which I find more stressful b/c of traffic but they have been cleared of the snow at least). When I did go on a side street I went a-flying – well, I braked but instantly realised it wasn’t working so the bike went a-flying and I just jumped off (no cars and I was going super slow anyhow).

            But I’ll probably use the underground tomorrow… we’ll see…

        • alua

          I’m excited about the snow because I love it (had to listen to my mom & sister telling me about 40 cm+ snow they had), the only problem I have is that London doesn’t know how to handle adverse weather.

          I would actually prefer to still cycle, but I don’t trust them on clearing the roads (specially side streets where I prefer to cycle). I’m going to bike to the tube station (about 1 mile from my house) and then I’ll decide whether to continue on the bike or not. My commute tomorrow 12 miles (one way), which is a lot of further so… I’ll decide tomorrow.

          But a friend that was going to visit me this weekend got stuck halfway and now they sent her train back north. 🙁

          • John


            Do be careful out there on your bike .

            I saw the news about the helicopter crash, I was worried about you.

          • oftheshore

            Ha! I was supposed to invigilate 2 exams in Bath today, and they cancelled both (students will have to take them after the second semester). To me this means getting some 60 pounds less then expected this month.:(

          • alua


            🙁 That sucks.

          • Korazy Lady

            I love how everyone in Europe cycles all the time. It is amazing to me that the weather doesn’t deter them. And people bike while in high heels and talking on their cells phones. Amazing!

            When we were in Amsterdam, I was so looking forward to biking (like Ha Ji Won and Kim Myung-Min in Star Velo), but the traffic and expert skills of all the bikers made me too intimidated so I didn’t do it. (Plus it rained the whole time I was there.) I’m in awe of you!

      • 1.8.2 pogo

        alua – re: Goong, do give the drama a try! The manhwa is an OTT melo mess, with characters I just wanted to slap or shoot, but the drama does a DRASTIC rewrite of both Shin and Chae-gyung’s characters and everyone else, and even though YEH and JJH were very green in their roles, they have fantastic chemistry as Shin and Chae-gyung.

        It’s not perfect as a drama, but it’s very enjoyable – even the supporting cast get to be more than one-dimensional by the end of the drama, and I like that.

    • 1.9 kdramapedia

      I rewatched Goong in the past couple of weeks, too! I am so in love with Shin! And then I realized I was really mad a Chae-Kyung because she just never gave him a real chance! She kept bringing up his old romance and throwing it in his face all the time. That’s why he was a jerk to you, woman! And the kisses from Shin were FANTASTIC. Kiss me, oppa!

      And yes, Yul’s necklace HAS TO GO. I want to like go back and photoshop it out of every episode. ugh!

      • 1.9.1 cherkell

        Yup, Joo Ji Hoon is not a shy boy when it comes to real kissing his co-stars. And that’s why I luuuuuuuurve him so much!! And also that’s why I was mad as all-get-out over Jin Se-yeon’s casting for ‘Five Fingers.’ A real-life 11-year age difference is always going to be in the back of one’s mind no matter how good your acting is. He tried soooo hard to get an emotion out of her, but it was an EPIC FAIL. Broke my little fangirl heart into leeetle pieces. *sob*

        • kdramapedia

          OMG, yes!!! I’ve been in love with Ji-Hoon Oppa ever since he was Shin; I thought Shin was the best! I was just so disappointed with Five Fingers that I didn’t even finish. I wanted Jin Se-Yeon’s character to just go away.

          • cherkell

            SO AGREED! But she did ‘disappear’ towards the end of the episodes, in that her part of the storyline just kinda fizzled out to a dull roar and she was hardly on-screen anymore.

            Such lost opportunities for that girl. I would have been all *shove* “Get the hell out of my way, little missy. Let me show you how a REAL kiss is supposed to be!!” 😛

            Praying for a nice rom-com project for both he and Changwook-ssi for their next projects! *fingers crossed*

          • pogo

            They should actually have stuck with Eun-jung instead of dropping her because of that bullying scandal after saying they were going to keep her. At least she’s not as drastically young as JSY and I could actually have hoped for some chemistry there, Ji Hoon oppa’s other two drama leading ladies >>>>>>>>>>>>>> this.

      • 1.9.2 pogo

        to be fair to her, it’s hard not to bring up an old romance when he himself told her why he liked Hyo-rin, actually asked her to marry him first and THEN was photographed kissing her by the tabloids. All while he doesn’t actually come straight out and tell Chae-gyung how he feels about her, which I can’t even blame him for too much because he’s just not used to expressing emotion. And he does throw Yul in her face a lot, which is unfair because at least she doesn’t see Yul the way he did Hyo-rin.

        (and omo omo the KISSING!!!!!!!!!! Goong was the first kdrama I ever watched all the way through, and I nearly died when episode 23 came along – YEH and JJH absolutely ruined me for the normal dead fish kdrama kiss forever)

    • 1.10 oftheshore

      Ah, Goong and its characters’ questionable fashion choices! Shin’s shirts and Chae Kyung’s fashion-forward pants/skirt combination *ahem* along with some of the most unflattering skirts and dresses in the history of YEH are, for me, on par with Rain’s horrendous outfits in Full House. Seriously, I could not believe he was a celebrity because he always looked like he dressed in the dark and bought some of the cheapest clothes available in the local supermarket. Oh Rain, I still love you though. 😀 Back to Hoong – it had one of my most favourite K-drama theme songs of all time. I use it as a lullaby sometimes.

      • 1.10.1 sweetcloud

        I am in love with Goong OST as well, Dancing Teddy always puts a smile on my face and Perhaps Love is just my favourite kdrama OST song of all time <3

        • pogo

          Goong had an amazing title track and background score, and Ice Pond is such a flawless piece of music, it’s one of my all-time kdrama OST faves.

    • 1.11 cherkell

      Hmpf. Somehow my original post went missing somewhere in the Interwebs. But it’s probably a good thing, since I was typing with a hangover from too many Bushmills shots last night after my presentation and trying not to let the tears welling up thinking about Shin again drip all over my keyboard… 🙁

      • 1.11.1 Korazy Lady

        DId all go well? I’m assuming you found a venue and didn’t end up giving it out in the street somewhere

        • cherkell

          The venue situation was remedied at the last possible moment, but things did not go as planned… my co-presenter got stuck in The City and I ended up winging it by myself. Hence the need for many shots thereafter.

          • JoAnne

            I bet you did a bang up job though. You are a resourceful woman!

          • cherkell

            We’ll see when I get my hands on the review sheets from the attendees. The only Silver Lining about all this is that I don’t have to worry about falling short on MCLE credits for the next two years! I FLIPPIN’ RULE!!!

    • 1.12 Minnetter (aka: Min)

      Oh JoAnne… I’m watching the eugene drama… as I mentioned on my twitter it’s like watching a trainwreck… I cannot stop… My body tries to walk away but my neck and head have a different idea… I just keep watching.
      I hate the MIL with a passion that burns like a million suns… And I hate the fact that Eugene’s character had to wait THREE YEARS… I’d have waited all of three MINUTES to walk away from that bat-crazy family.
      I do love Eugene’s character’s father but I may be biased since I <3 <3 Jung Bo Seok ahjussi…

      • 1.12.1 Korazy Lady

        I love Eugene’s father too. And I can’t stop watching, either, I think because it was not at all what I expected. I love a drama that has the “gotta see the next episode now!” type of endings.

    • 1.13 Ruth

      Goong is one that I haven’t watched yet. Snow Queen was my first (who wouldn’t be hooked after lucking into a Hyun Bin drama?). I’ve thought trying out Goong, but just haven’t gotten there yet.

      I’m not feeling Yawang right now – probably from watching the IRL presidential election too closely.

      As far as IMY goes – I watched ep. 21 this afternoon and I’m still not entirely sure what to think about it. I mean, everything was wrapped up in a really pretty little bow, but I was left well…missing. It was almost TOO pretty. I get it, I guess…but I wanted a little more. Oh well – at least they didn’t extend it even further.

    • 1.14 Lilly

      I agree. Yoochun and Seung-ho carried the drama and had me enjoying it a lot.

    • 1.15 Yushi

      I was just wondering since you finished I Miss You, and I was scared that I didn’t watch carefully enough, but they did ever reveal who Secretary Yoon is? aka fake harry. it’s killing me
      I watched the finale today, and I cried so much for harry, not as much for the main couple though.

      The drama had so many plot holes, but for some bizarre reason I stuck through.

      • 1.15.1 Lilly

        Yoon’s real name was Harry after he was adopted. He was an abused child that Jun (later Harry) made friends with. Jun killed his parents to get his friend away from them. It was the second and third murders of people by Jun as a child.

    • 1.16 iZzie :)

      Gone were the days when I could mash in viewing 5 kdrama titles in a week. I’ve long lost my raccoon/luggage eyes (although the raccoon is crawling back to its nest again) and have been trying to do drama viewing only on weekends. This week, the plan failed: I watched IMY and School on weekdays.

      Not too happy with IMY’s ending. No hate there, just the feeling of not having enough. It’s probably what you mentioned – the loose ends that weren’t tied in the end. The biggest mystery that I wanted to see resolved is how everything really started – how and why HTJ turn out to be inhuman and what really is the deal between him, his father and KHJ’s mom. I don’t want to see HTJ redeem himself – if not for HJW’s persistent love for his father, he can rot for all I care. I just want an explanation why HTJ is HTJ. I have a suspicion that his father has something to do with it… and KHJ’s craziness too. Clearly they’re brothers – see how they zero in at one thing and wrap their lives around it. It must be the old man where these two got it from. I wonder what Grandpa was obsessed with.

      I need help picturing the family tree clearly here. Is my understanding correct: HTJ and KHJ’s mom are in-laws by HTJ’s wife (KHJ’s mom’s sister?). At the same time KHJ’s mom is HTJ’s stepmom? So HTJ and KHJ are step-brothers, at the same time HTJ is KHJ’s uncle thru his mom’s sister? So KHJ and HJW are cousins/uncle-nephew? So what’s about that HJW looking a lot like KHJ’s mom, and KHJ’s mom’s sister still alive and well and living in the States? My head hurts. >_<

      Anyway, I'm happy that HJW and LSY survived thru all the storms. And that the motley family stayed and even gained two new members. It's just that I feel like the end didn't surpass nor match the oomph of the beginning. I also noticed that I stopped crying when the kids' episodes were over. It may be because of the funny mixed up with the adults' scenes. Or maybe because I felt really bad for the kids to undergo such trauma at their age. Or maybe both.

      It's best that they picked Yoo Seung Ho to do KHJ because, man! he delivered. His KHJ… I loved him, I hated him, he scared me, I worried for him, I wished he did a 180 without him going crazy. But then again, he was already broken at the onset, so ottoke? I could only watch as he held himself together only to fall apart because of hate and obsession.

    • 1.17 pogo

      Hey JoAnne! Between blown-out internet and my best friend’s wedding I’m late to this, but it’s good to have a chance to talk over I Miss You – it’s ended, and ended well, even if it’s blindingly obvious that the flashbacks were there as filler because they probably didn’t have enough footage, lol. And it was hard not to feel sorry for Harry even if most of me wanted him to die in a fire for what he pulled with Su-yeon.

      I did have a feeling the ending would let Jung-woo and Su-yeon be together given the more hopeful tone of the latter half of the show, and it’s nice to be right even if the ending is fanservicey (love the bridal clothesclip though), the flash-forward was SO much better-done than Nice Guy.

      Also, I’d been hoping the child actors would make a return, and there they were! I really REALLY want to see Yeo Jin-gu and Kim So-hyun in another drama together now, one in which they get to stay with the roles for the full duration (and since they’re so young, it could happen again when they’re grown up, right?).

    • 1.18 pogo

      Back then I had no idea that her kissing him back was JUST.NOT.DONE. And there was TONGUE.

      I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! That kiss was epic even without that knowledge (I’d watched mainly jdramas up to that point and was used to dead-fish kisses, but had no idea about kdrama conventions) but once you know, it just becomes even more awesome. And I love that YEH and JJH have gone on to give kissing scenes their all in every project they’ve been in since.

      I rewatched it a few months ago, and I like how many of the supporting characters seem to have hidden depths – Choi San Goong (Chae-gyung’s tutor) is strict but feels protective and even a little affectionate towards her charge, Shin’s mother seems cold and stuck for life to her royal role but her marital life kind of sucks and she does try to look out for her son, even the much-maligned second lead Hyo-rin becomes a lot more sympathetic by the end (rare for a female second lead)….love that.

      • 1.18.1 pogo

        and re: Joo Ji Hoon, oppa can come kiss me anytime. I just hope his next project is less of a mess than Five Fingers, fingers crossed that his career returns to its pre-scandal hotness.

  2. JoAnne

    Forgot this:

    I guess I’ll get back to The Great Seer one of these days, too.

    Music: I cannot stop playing Special Girl by Infinite H. Hoya, you naughty boy. Dong Woo, you cheeky thing. Come kiss Noona. Also enjoying I’m Sorry by CNBlue but the roses in the face, not gonna lie, that pissed me off. And don’t shoot me, but I couldn’t get into Jaejoong’s thing. I’ll try again because pretty. Maybe it was just that night I wasn’t in the mood for it. GD, you better get on the net and tell us that Mugler bit was a prank because if you were serious with that shit then you’ve let the hype go to your head a bit, baby. You should be taking a note from your hyung Psy and practicing that humble pose. I still love you, you’re still the prettiest, smartest, sexiest, most talented man-boy out there…but you disappointed me here. Still. Come give Noona a kiss. Two, maybe. Ok, three.

    Also. In Block B, who is the blonde with the dreads in Nillili Mambo, and who is the blonde with the really deep voice in the red jacket?

    • 2.1 cv

      Hi joanne!
      Too bad u didn’t like his rock song mine. Did u listen to one kiss?
      N yea, hoya n dongwoos leg dance n special girl was hella sexy. LoL
      I haven’t listen to GDs mugler but I heard its for a fashion show, not a song he promoted otherwise YG would have beenbehind it. I’m actually glad he can sing songs like this since SK most songs are rated pg. ^^

    • 2.2 RockPaperScissors

      I have been keeping up with the Great Seer, but it is starting to drag. I wish they would have a whole episode of just General Lee and Monk MooHak playing drinking games together.

    • 2.3 kakashi

      Hello, Queen JoAnne aka MamaJ! And hello everybody!

      It’s been a weird week. This afternoon, I finished a grant proposal, totally last minute. And I started that last minute, too. Why? Stupidity. And now, I am super tired (totally JoAnne’s fault, btw). Today, I am experiencing everything in slo-mo (true!). And colors are brighter than usual. It’s a bit weird, but nothing some drama watching can’t fix, I guess. Apart from the shows that everybody else is watching (mainly CDDA & FBND), I have just started Joseon X Files (you may guess why) and I am quite intrigued by it.

      • 2.3.1 John


        I enjoyed the Joseon X Files. They need a Season 2. I’ll keep my fingers crossed on that.

        • pillowhead

          oh, that would be such a gift! what was your take on the ending?

          • John


            My take is that we need a 2nd season so we can figure out what exactly did happen!

          • pillowhead

            haha! second that!

    • 2.4 Leaf

      That just makes it a trazilllion times more amazing!!

      And I love the Jaejoong song <3 He has never looked hotter than with his blue hair haha. And I love rock stuff. Seriously I love that all K pop stars are secretly Rock Stars 😀

      • 2.4.1 Minnetter (aka: Min)

        I found that I like Jae Joong’s song Mine… but that’s probably because I think it reminds me of J-rock which I enjoy… Gackt, Miyavi, l’Arc en Ciel, Dir en Grey, X- Japan were my first loves so I hold a lot of fondness for music that sounds similar to it 😛

    • 2.5 Hanjae

      I lost motivation in continuing with The Great Seer ever since the story seemed to lose momentum after the time skip and was further let down by non-existent character development for Ji Sang and Hae In. Lee Jin’s younger Princess Young Ji really drove the plot at the beginning and I was interested in how little Ji Sang would transform into a great seer, but it is taking so long for anything to happen. And then there’s the insta-love between Hae In and Ji Sang, which… bleh.

      Jaejoong’s song! I LOVED One Kiss, but didn’t really feel Mine – but I’m not a fan of full-on rock to begin with, so it doesn’t really surprise me.

    • 2.6 Lovebug

      I am pretty sure the block B member with the dreads in Nillili Mambo is Zico! He is kinda crazy but i loves it!

      Also you are hilarious!

      • 2.6.1 JoAnne

        thank you!

    • 2.7 pillowhead

      oh so happy you asked … BlockB Nilili Mambo, the blonde dreads is Zico, the leader (he studied Art abroad in Japan and so was nicknamed Zico) Super talented rapper, with underground creds. Deap Voice, that’s PO. He was first on one of the tv talent shows, but wasn’t the winner. He’s also the maknae (youngest). Don’t know much about the singer/dancer/visuals (haa). Taile is the shortest one and has an awesome voice!!!
      I didn’t scrol down so I hope I the first to answer you Blk B questions. lol
      OMG, check out this video of them before all the grooming/fahsionestaing/cosmetic? work done on them. @ 34second — “MAI NAME IJEU TAEIL”— HAHAHAHAA soooo CUTE!

      • 2.7.1 JoAnne

        wow they are so different in appearance there!!!

      • 2.7.2 pillowhead

        wait! Joanne!!!! what?!! what about GD? what did my baby do?

        • JoAnne

          he wrote a song of sorts for a fashion show and the TUNE is interesting but the lyrics are not funny or interesting – he just wanted to shock and I dont see the appeal

          • pillowhead

            hm. yeah. I’m not into techno. and it’s not up to my GD expectations, GD should come up with his own designs cause he is awesome!!!!!:9 This noona’s gonna need a kiss too. haha

  3. DAEBAK!

    dropping by for the first time to say happy friday to all! Besides just lurking around 🙂 watching and enjoying School 2013, Flower Boy Next Door & Cheer Up! Mr. Kim absolutely LOVING them all^^

    • 3.1 Korazy Lady

      Welcome Daebak! FBND is my favorite right now. Although I hope she soon sees the love from Oh Jin Rak!

  4. iZzie :)

    Annyeong OT Peeps! 🙂

    I was able to finish Answer me 1997 last weekend. I didn’t have kdrama headache, but my eyes hurt after the marathon. And then up to now I’m still giddy and want to watch it again. I love ’em all, but there’s a special place in my heart for Joon-hee. Of course, I love Yoon Jae.

    I haven’t seen the last episode of IMY, so I’m trying to avoid spoilers (to me) here. But I’m so excited to, so that I could talk about it with y’all here. Just give me 2 hours for this. Hehehe.

    Also, I’ve started watching School 2013. I like it, but am not totally invested with the story and the leads yet. Yet. I’m getting there. It’s like watching Dangerous Minds again (btw, where’s my copy of that movie…) only lengthier.

    With Arang and Nice Guy still on my kdrama queue, I don’t know what’s gonna happen to my eyes/time/sanity. I have work backlogs, and then I also have kdrama backlogs. What the…

    And my friend keeps telling me to watch Hearty Paws.

    Let’s see, for this weekend I have School 2013, Arang, Nice Guy, Les Miserables, The Hobbit… and then Hearty Paws?

    I need eye drops. And vitamins.

    And sleep.

    Happy Friday, chingus! 🙂

    • 4.1 pillowhead

      HI iZzie ! I thing u should put Arang at top of your list! 😀 and no mention of Flower Boy Next Door..?

      • 4.1.1 Ruth

        Yeah, I agree with putting Arang at the top of the queue. I’d have to say that was one of the most entertaining dramas of 2012 for me. It’s one that I’ll probably go back and rewatch at some point.

      • 4.1.2 iZzie :)

        Hi pillowhead & Ruth! 🙂

        I do have my dl’d copies of Flower Boy Next Door, but I’m still waiting to have at least 8 episodes before I watch. But then again, isn’t that the makings of a viewing backlog?

        I’ve been meaning to put Arang on top of the priority list but I’ve put it aside for Reply and IMY. Now that IMY is over (I’m not so happy with how the ending was executed albeit happy ending) and I’ve seen Reply, I’mma try to finish what I have of School today and then move on to Arang tomorrow. (Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve re-ordered my viewing sched. 😉 ) Which means, no Les Mis and no Hobbit this weekend. (For a Tolkien fan, that’s kind’a painful to do.)

        So it’s School and Arang this weekend, and then FBND next weekend. I’m gonna find time for the movies in between. 😉 Nice Guy’s gonna have to wait until after I’ve fully recovered from IMY. Which is probably when I’ve seen some of Civil Servant 7.

        Seriously, I have all these on my planner. It’s there with all the work stuff and personal errands. Funny how kdramas have taken over a significant portion of my daily life. 🙂

        Aren’t we busy kind of people, Beaners? 😀

        • pillowhead

          yay!! I think Arang will delight you!! Easy to watch and no fustrating repeating elements that Nice Guy has.

        • Ruth

          I’ve had to put the Hobbit on hold until I can devote myself to it solely (NO distractions). Les Mis was…well…breathtakingly amazing for a fan of the musical. It’s hard for me to know if just a general viewer would love it as much.

  5. cv

    Happy OT all!

    Right on track with school 2013. I love this drama. Hehe
    Great seer is finally picking up again.
    Need to start fbnd. Heart its good but just can’t make myself watch it yet.
    Read that missing you had a happy ending. I’m glad. Will watch ending another day. ;p
    Started 100 yr inheritance but didnt get into it. Maybe pick it up again soon.

    • 5.1 Korazy Lady

      Morning cv! The first 4 episodes of 100 Year Inheritance have been one crazy ride – not what I expected but it did leave me wanting more. Of course that was before I knew there were going to be so many episodes. We’ll see how long I last with it.

      FBND is just adorably quirky. Have a great weekend!

      • 5.1.1 cv

        Hi KL!

        Yea, I was reluctant to continue 100h was that its sooooo long. As for fbnd, I’ll wait a bit more to marathon instead. I’ve been enjoying thai lakorn and ndorama. They’ve got some good shows going so far.
        Hope u have a good weekend too.

  6. Nana

    Happy Friday, everyone ^^
    I think I’ve posted once or twice a while ago so I’m still fairly new 😛

    Out of the dramas airing at the moment that I’m watching, my favorite one got to be Flower Boy Next Door. It’s so sad and incredibly cute at the same time, and I think the biggest draw is that it’s easy to have empathy with Go Dok Mi. I’m so looking forward to see her come out of her shell gradually, that’s why I love Enrique with her.

    I also started watching Lights and Shadows, despite it being 64 (!) episodes long. It is pretty good so far, I’m lookig forward to see where the story goes.

    Also watched Jeon Woo Chi the movie. It was great, I think I’ll watch it again soon. I had never watched Kang Dong Won in anything before and now I’m considering watching some of his works. Does anyone think Jo Woon looks a bit like him or am I the only one? xD

    • 6.1 JoAnne

      They could be brothers. Watch Psychic. Or Secret Reunion.

      • 6.1.1 Nana

        Heh, glad to see I’m not the only one.

        Ohh thank you! Looked them up and they sound interesting. Adding to my watchlist ^^

    • 6.2 alua

      Ahh, I watched Jeon Woochi the movie recently and now I can’t find the bloody DVD anymore (I want to rewatch to review it). And my room isn’t even that messy at the moment….

      Kang Dong-won – what can I say? ♥ He’s awesome in everything. 😀 I watched (most of) 1% of Anything this week (I knew there was something else I watched!!!) and it made me realise he’s just fantastic with his facial gestures and little movements (e.g. with his hand) that he adds otherwise. He was so hilarious in that drama. If you want to watch some of his movies, Duelist is among my favourites.

      I think Kang Dong-won looks like Kang Dong-won. 😀

      • 6.2.1 Nana

        He was amazing in Jeon Woo Chi 😀 Will check 1% of Anything soon (I hope!). Actually Duelist was the movie I looked up first, right after finishing Jeon Woo Chi haha! Thanks for the rec, I’m excited to watch it 🙂

        • alua

          I have to say 1% of Anything isn’t my favourite drama, there are quite a few things I rather hate about it (certain characters and implicit messages).

          I do like Kang Dong-won in it, and his character is a self-centred sweetheart that just cracks you up with his antics, especially when he can’t control his temper… and right after when he realises that basically he just did the most idiotic thing ever – that scene when his girlfriend by contract tries to hug another man is so funny (no spoilers beyond that).

          • Nana

            Ohh I see, thanks for the warning. Just saw it’s 26 episodes long, so I’ll probably end up pushing it a bit down on my watchlist, and watch his other stuff first, haha! Some of the comments on the mydramalist profile are a bit discouraging too, I’ll probably end up watching just his scenes… if it gets too annoying xD

          • alua

            I had issues with the grandpa – toying too much with people’s lives for my liking and there’s a creepy stalker in 1% of Anything and this issue is never addressed (rather he’s stamped off as ‘he’s a really good person’). And someone who commits a felony (as Kang Dong-won’s character rightly establishes) but gets away with it because she’s ‘forgiven’. I think these are really, really wrong messages to send.

            The overly controlling parents are problematic for me as well… even if I understand there is a cultural element behind this.

            It’s worth watching for Kang Dong-won though.

      • 6.2.2 JoAnne

        I loooooooooooved him in that teen one…you know which one I mean. What’s it’s called. With the secret love and the sadness and the omg swoonworthy everything.

        • alua

          I don’t think I have seen that one?

          I’m counting the days till Band of Thieves at the moment.

          • JoAnne

            movie not a series – Temptation of Wolves

  7. ck1Oz

    Hello everyone in OT. Just dropping by to say * hi *.
    It’s too late these days to hang around here.

    Just wanted to say have abandoned Kdrama for TW. Specifically ” In Between ” don’t even know who the leads are but that drama is so addictive. Now that’s what a pure rom com should be. Or at least a romance. Not a mother in law in sight. But yeah lack of sleep, work and a 1.5 hr episode x15 is not conducive to my thinking and functioning at work.

    Happy catching up.
    Psst… not watching IMY sounds like a wreck. But anyone who has clips/links of the what I heard multiple kissing scenes- may I have it? What??? It’s Micky so of course I want to see it. But no way am I touching that drama episode by episode with a barge stick man.

    • 7.1 Korazy Lady

      Hmm, speaking of kissing scenes – I don’t feel these were up to par with YEH’s usual kissing scenes. I never really felt the chemistry between these two. Not like those Coffee Prince, Goong or Lie to Me Kisses.

      • 7.1.1 Saturtledaisy

        Ohh Coffee Prince. /sigh. It’s probably because the tension before the kiss was built up so well.

        I think I Miss You was sortof ‘missing’ (ahah.) the whole falling-in-love part. I mean, they fell in love while they were children (different actors!) and after the switch to the adult cast every interaction between them was just filled with guilt and angst and the sadness of it all, and never really focused on the romance or the chemistry. But they never felt wrong with eachother, imo, and the kiss-scenes still looked better than the average face-smash.

      • 7.1.2 skelly

        Maybe because he is an idol? Although he is OK as an actor – from an idol standpoint – he may still be constrained from doing anything that might make the crazy fanbase element upset. We know that YEH does kiss scenes very well, but I have yet to see a really believable one from Yoochun; I know a lot of people liked the RP scene, but the crying made it something else altogether.

        • Korazy Lady

          I think her leading men are usually older, so wonder if that makes a difference. I’m not particularly into Yoochun as a serious actor, and never really connected with these characters.

      • 7.1.3 latteholic

        Goong was my first ever real KDrama kiss experience (that made me sound so chaste. haha). And I was watching that with my mom on DVD so we watched the whole thing (they would have edited it if it’s shown on national channel, replacing the scene with pretty landscape view but you can still hear the sound of them kissing). Kinda awkward when I have to watch it with my mom, but that kiss was great because of all the events that build up into it and also because I think they had great on-screen chemistry..

      • 7.1.4 pogo

        yeah, IMY is quite far down the scale of YEH kissing, but then she has a very high standard to live up to and the kissing here was still better (especially the first one) than the normal kdrama kiss.

        I felt like she and Yoochun did have decent chemistry, but most of the reason why I was so invested in them as a couple was because of Yeo Jin-gu and Kim So-hyun, they might be teenagers but they had such good chemistry that I wished the whole 20 episodes of the drama was theirs instead of them phasing out with episode 5.

      • 7.1.5 Mar

        I’m going to speculate the restraint from something that YEH is the queen of-great and passionate kissing scenes- it was because it was such a tear jerker drama with violence and rape as major plot devices that it would be difficult to portray overt sexual passion between the characters. That would be my take on it. I did not watch the show in full as I don’t do melo too much, but followed it as I like both YEH and Yoochun very much. I thought about that when I first understood what the plot would be, that we would not be seeing any major heat because of what violence the characters go through. The major kiss scene in the show was way more than I expected after understanding the plot.

        • pogo

          Mar – I think you’re right about why they chose to tone down the kissing, even the tone of the scenes that they did shoot was more on the playful, cute side (after that first, very emotional kiss) than anything else – a bit like what JW and SY might have shared as teenagers, if they’d actually got the chance to establish a romantic relationship back then.

    • 7.2 Stacy

      I’ve been on a TW kick lately myself. Haven’t heard of In Between…is it subbed anywhere?

      I finally finished My Queen (I let it languish for several months), then watched Devil Beside You cause I was curious as to all the fuss over Mike He. Can I just say…I get it now. 😀 Not saying it was the best drama ever or anything, far from it, but I did like the story. The very first TW drama I watched all the way through was Love Keeps Going, and I wasn’t impressed by him there…but I wasn’t impressed by the drama itself either. I followed up DBY with Why Why Love, but I think I overdosed cause I almost dropped it with 2 episodes left. Made myself fast-forward to the end.

      • 7.2.1 Llamaesque

        I love that Drama Fever is now carrying TW dramas. If most of them were as good as In Time With You, I’d ditch Kdrama in a heartbeat =X I loved, loved, loved, loved that show. Throughout the whole thing, I even kept thinking how Coffee-Princey it was.

        • JoAnne

          Have you seen…..(drum roll)…..Autumn’s Concerto? If not: MAKE HASTE, woman. You are in for a TREAT.

          • Llamaesque

            A late reply: I have. And I LOVED it, too. I think Taiwanese dramas may have lower lows than Kdrama (Fated to Love You? Oy.), but seems to have higher highs, too.

      • 7.2.2 Hillary

        In Between seems to be on viki … I will be starting it as I could use a true rom-rom.

        • ck1Oz

          Yes it’s on viki. I just wanted something sweet, some of the moments made me laugh and not many idioti scenes. Plus the guy keeps popping dark choc to inspire him to write. So between a cute guy with a nice voice, who writes, is not a scrawny actor, nice deep voice. Yeah sorta went over to the TW side. The heroine is tall,well toned and has some backbone. Pretty much can’t see anything wrong.The secondary pair of lovers are not the best but I chose to ignore this as a minor issue. It has a nice pace to it except I keep watching it marathon style in between work.

          • Hillary

            I trust your judgement. I have followed several of your recommendations made in OT and have enjoyed all.

          • Hillary

            Thank you so much for recommending. The lead looks a bit like Rain. Am enjoying it.

          • ck1Oz

            🙂 Welcome fellow addict.
            I don’t know about Rain but he has a nice smile and it’s paced just right not rushing the love story.
            It shows how bad my addiction is when I am skipping CDDA ep 13 live airing when I am actually the channel manager for said drama on viki. Sssh…

          • Hillary

            Thanks for the recommendation. It was good especially considering that it seems to be his first lead role. Liked the fact that there were no real animosity between the rival pairs … both sets … at least for the major one at the end.

      • 7.2.3 Stacy

        By and far my favorite TW dramas are In Time With You and Mars. Autumn’s Concerto is my 3rd favorite.

        Besides the ones I’ve already mentioned above, I’ve also watched:
        Fated to Love You (really good until the latter third, then I wanted to shoot the ex and the writer)
        Drunken to Love You (pretty good until the latter third)
        Love Keeps Going (don’t even talk to me about that ending)
        Meteor Garden I (just so I can say I’ve seen ’em all)
        Skip Beat (not bad)
        Smiling Pasta (don’t get me started)
        Magicians of Love (not enough lovey-dovey moments)

        I dropped Corner with Love and Absolute Boyfriend.

        • Mar

          I’m going to pipe in with Meteor Garden and Meteor Rain. Very uneven, but a lot of heart and chemistry and passion. Mars is a weird show, good, but hard to define, in a class to itself. Devil Beside You-Also weird in a different way but charming , and ah, to watch Mike He, bobbie pins and all, such joy. I could not get into Why Why Love. I liked My Queen very much. Office Girls was fairly charming. I actually tried to start In Time With You last night, but it did not hook me. I will put that on the maybe list to try again. I keep wanting to watch Autumn’s Concerto but I think I need to devote myself to it, and I haven’t felt it in me to do that yet.

  8. aoiaheen

    I just finished I Miss you and the drama frustrated me to no end.

    I really wanted everyone dead in the end. Does that make me a sadist ? probably yes. But I really think that a sad ending would have been a better ending for the drama that didn’t really address the main premise : a boy tortured by guilt at his lack of courage.

    Or atleast I think this was the premise because suddenly in the second half of the drama it looked like it was all about capturing Evil-genuis-turned-stupid-lunatic.

    The drama forgot that HTJ was the real villian. Really, drama? after setting him up to look like a cruel, boy-maiming, insanity-inducing, father-killer you let him go with a prison sentence that just popped up from no where?

    Thankfully I have school 2013 which is so perfect in every way.

    • 8.1 JoAnne

      Aoiaheen I think that you have a point in a way about Jung Woo…but not entirely valid? I think everything that Jung Woo did with his life and the style in which he pursued Su Yeon to win her back to him was informed by that guilt. It was addressed, but not overtly – point being that no matter what, when given a second chance once she’d been found as an adult, he came back every time, in every situation, no matter the cost.

      • 8.1.1 aoiaheen

        But see… I didn’t see that. To me it really looked like he was imposing himself on a well-established relationship.

        And even if I could ignore that, I still wanted more from him. I wanted him to take more responsibility for his past lack of courage. I wanted him to sacrifice more. And not just one scene at the end that’s a I-take-a-bullet-for-you-but-I-end-up-alive-and-happy.

        Throughout the drama he should have suffered more. Yes, he might have been there for LSY. But it was his pleasure to be there for her. It was also in his interest to be there for her because he loved her.

        It would have been more commendable if he had done something behind the scenes without her knowing: something where he sacrifices something really important for her safety. And no: to me, leaving his family fortune doesn’t really count. He wasn’t happy in his old home nor was he a money hungry kinda guy.

        If they had shown him taking a bullet for LSY mid-way through the drama then I would have been able to root for him. But they stuck that scene at the end and since it ended happy, it had no emotional impact.

        What he did as a child (as understandable as it is – I’m not trying to take away from the horror of being kidnapped and being scared for your life) needed a bit more sacrifice on his part to make me really root for him.

        But I kinda made peace with his character growth towards the end. What really pissed me off was that the real villian got away with such a light sentence.

        And the boy who really suffered so badly throughout the drama was punished far more severly for crimes that I feel were less in magnitude than HTJ’s.

        I feel kinda of bad for thinking that murder is less in magnitude than imprisoning and then setting dogs on a 12-year-old, or imprisoning a woman for 14-years till she loses her sanity. But this is drama land and to me HTJ’s crimes really were too horrible to even fathom.

        • JoAnne

          You won’t get any argument from me about Han Tae Jun’s inhumanity. I just stared at him in horror all the way through. And yes, Harry had my sympathy all the way through, no matter how horrible he turned out. He was the victim of others AND of his own self, a double whammy.

          As far as Jung Woo imposing on a well-established relationship..I can’t go with you there. She viewed them as family, not lovers, although she was going to try (I guess) for his sake. And she was SO much more fragile in that relationship than she was once she was returned to her rightful place in her family. And although they were children…the true relationship was always with Jung Woo. I suppose you could make an argument that it was that shared trauma that kept it going through years apart, in a way, and it’s due to their inherent strength and goodness that they were able to rise above the ugly when given the chance.

          • aoiaheen

            Well, yeah. I am in the minority when it comes to what I think of JW and the JW/SY relationship.

          • JoAnne

            Which is perfectly fine 🙂 How boring it would be if we all just agreed. Why bother talking at all, in that case? Right?

          • Rashell

            I just had a hard time reconciling with the h who in the beginning followed “Harry” to Korea because she couldn’t be without him in her life. To in the end, she wouldn’t even look at him when he was completely breaking down with a gun to his head.

            I think I actually understood the motivation of the two men in this drama far more then I ever understood Seo Yoon.

          • Korazy Lady

            I kind of felt like everyone’s character was one dimensional, especially Han Tae Jun’s. JW was manic- I guess that’s why they called him crazy rabbit. But he was often forcing himself on YEH in a bizarre way, and then that whole bedroom scene I thought was ridiculous.

            And I’m still having a problem getting over JW always calling her mother “lover”. Sorry, but in the US lover definitely has a sexual connotation to it, so it just sounded creepy.

            I could go on and on about this show….but mostly I think it will be forgettable to me.

          • Korazy Lady

            OH, and I have to say that the guy who played the chief of police should get the award for the WORST ACTING EVER.

            And that I wanted to get some scissors and cut off about 10″ of YEH’s hair.

            Now I feel like a bad person and must be quiet…….

          • aoiaheen

            @Rashell, agree. I think LSY really did seem like she truly didn’t care a hoot about the guy whom she lived with for 14 years.

            The ending scene where she meets him in the rehabilitation center was so cold. She does a “swa” on him and leaves without looking back. It just doesn’t make sense.

            Especially when you consider episode 9/10 where she was arrested and she was all “Harry! I want to speak to Harry.”

            Then of course there’s the kissing scene where I’m going, “Really, you kiss another guy when you haven’t broken up with your current guy? The day after you tell your bf , “How could I leave you? Where would I go?” ”

            So, I’m a bit frustrated with the LSY character as well.

            I do understand that she might love JW more than HJ and she stayed with HJ out of pity or because she didn’t think she had any other option. But they could have dealt with it a little better. Maybe show Harry’s insanity in full glory before she kissed JW.

            I don’t know. Not sure why I’m even thinking of all the ways to fix this drama.

          • Rashell

            @aoiaheen: Right? I mean this guy and been her whole life too for 14 years. I agree that the relationship was unhealthy and codependent, but it didn’t make sense that she could just easily break away and not look back.

            And the easy transfer of her affections to JW was a huge turn off for me. I’d sympathized so deeply with her past. But it seemed unreal that she could “fall in love” with a boy she’d known for such a short time turning her back on the boy she’s been with for decades.

          • Lilly

            YEH’s hair was really awful all the way through.

    • 8.2 Sammy

      I keep hearing mixed reviews about I Miss You. Was it really that bad? Or was it really that great? I have a ton of dramas to finish, so right now, I’m only starting dramas that are really good. Would you recommend it?

      • 8.2.1 aoiaheen

        If you ask me personally, I wouldn’t recommend it.

        It’s a first-love-triumphs-all premise. And in this case when I say “all” I really mean F*ing-ALL.

        The plot has too many holes which I’m sure even avid fans of the drama will admit. Many plot points were left hanging. And evil villains got off too lightly. Not so evil villians were punished far too severly. It can be a frustrating watch.

        But the actors did a really good job with what they were given. They should all win awards.

      • 8.2.2 Windsun33

        I Miss You started off OK, but at around ep 8 it started getting bogged down and losing it’s direction. By ep 10 I could no longer watch it, and skipped all episodes but the last one, just to see the ending (which was kinda screwy also).

        You might want to take a look at Dalja’s Spring – and older drama, but missing 95% of the usual makjang, broken plots, and evil relatives. I think it was even missing the infamous Broken High Heel Shoe….

        • JoAnne

          Plus, as an added bonus, you get a Pimp Daddy Grandpa, and Lee Min Ki.

        • sweetcloud

          And fabulous outfits. I’m still lusting after Dal Ja’s wardrobe 6 years later.

      • 8.2.3 Lilly

        It falls in the middle. Far from worst or best. If fan of one of the actors then worth bumping up list, but not so much for story.

    • 8.3 Betsy Hp

      For me, if Soo-yeon had died in the end it would have fallen into the trope of a rape-victim being better off dead. And have totally negated the message IMY seemed to be delivering that it’s actually possible to heal. So for me, anyone could have died except for Soo-yeon for me to be happy.

      Also, I actually thought Han Tae-joon was painted as the true villain. Of course, I was bracing for a sudden redemption storyline because K-Dramas seem to hesitate about giving us bad-fathers (they’ll give us bad-mothers until the cows come home, but bad-fathers are like a K-Drama unicorn). So that might be my happiness that he was rejected and punished and no one felt much pity. (Except Jung-woo, but… he’s kind of saintly good.)

      • 8.3.1 aoiaheen

        They took the trouble to paint HTJ like this evil caricature yet they didn’t spend any time on trying to bring him down.

        That’s my complaint with the drama.

        It’s like Harry Potter spending all of book seven trying to capture Belletrix and forgetting Voldemort. And when he finally captures Bellatrix, he finds Voldemort hiding in the same place. Silly example, but I hope i made my point.

        Why paint HTJ soooo bad if they weren’t going to give us the satisfaction of seeing him being hunt down?

        Why paint JW as lacking courage as a child when you don’t really show him sacrifice anything of value in remorse?

        If the drama could do only 1 thing different, it should have shown JW as failing LSY in the warehouse not because of fear, but because of some other outside factor;

        There are so many dramas that have plot holes and i ignore them to enjoy the drama as a whole. The problem with this drama really is that it had an amazing and risky concept and yet it messed it up pretty badly.

        But strangely, if the writer had infact written the ending as per the preview, where JW kills himself in the warehouse, i think it would have been a much more profound drama and I would have willingly ignored all the plot holes along the way.

  9. Aleena

    Hello, everyone! 😀

    I’ve recently discovered the world of K-pop, something that I used to turn my nose up at before. I wasn’t converted because of k-pop music itself at first, though. I watched a variety show about Infinite, because I love Myung Soo (who was Hyun Soo in Shut Up Flower Boy Band) and I loved the whole group! I listened to a few of their songs and realized that they weren’t so very bad after all.

    Then I found this awesome website about K-pop called Seoulbeats and now I’m learning and finding out about K-pop. Am really enjoying my new obsession 😀 Uptill now, my favourite groups are Infinite, B.A.P, Block B, C.N.Blue and Big Bang.

    Do you guys listen to K-pop too? If so, I would love to know what your favourite songs and groups are. 😀

    I’m watching and loving School 2013 and Flower Boy Next Door. <3

    • 9.1 JoAnne

      A lot of us do, yes. Groups or individuals where I’m pretty much guaranteed to like what they do: CNBlue, BigBang, 2PM, TeenTop, B1A4, K Will, Se7en, Nell, Verbal Jint and his many collaborators, Shinee, Dalmatian, Epik High …not much into the girls but Ali is good, and Miss A, Big Baby Driver, Jinsu (I think that’s the name…) and 2NE1. An older group I like that isn’t around anymore is G.O.D. Shinhwa is an older group (14 years) that just made a comeback this past year, they’re enjoyable too.

      Too many songs to list.

      • 9.1.1 Janet

        Shinwa looks fun. I was watching the New Year’s episode of Shinwa Broadcast and they were dealing with snakes (Andy was reaaaaly scared of them). Eric looked dashing in the calendar photo shoot (with snakes!!).

        • JoAnne

          Eric…with a snake…(snort)

          Um, have you seen Que Sera Sera?

          Eric is a level beyond hot, at all times.

          • Korazy Lady

            Yeah! You have just made Enz, pillowhead and myself happy with your reference to QSS! Shinwa should be our next concert, JoAnne!

          • JoAnne

            I thought I would take care of that for you guys this week. Give you a break.

          • enz

            i really really love shinhwa’s bromance.. i loved their interview on win win and really like the eric that i heard of in the interview. he cares in this quiet way for his hyungs. and of course, there was him in QSS.

            if they bring their concert to singapore, i think i might just go even if i dont know any of their songs right now!! just some of their titles

            korazy, pillowhead has taken to calling herself eun soo on fb! but now, she is greedy like kakashi and wants sung joon – so she broke up with kang tae joo

          • Korazy Lady

            Oh Enz, that is too funny about pillowhead! Well, we are a fickle group when it comes to our men! Luckily, even though I find Sung Joon kind of adorable, he is wayyyy too young for me.

            And I’d still love to see Shinwa!

          • pillowhead

            hahah! yay! QSS <3.
            Well Eun Soo is now in a committed relationship with Sung Joon but might get back together with Eric. 😀 :P. Cause u know how crazy Eric is over me. haha And then there's kim ji hoon….

          • Korazy Lady

            Oh no, not another Kim Ji Hoon lover. This could get ugly!

          • pillowhead

            win win? ok…. thanks!

        • pillowhead

          I NEED to watch Shinwa Broadcast. I watched a youtube clip of Eric and another of the bandmates on a ski lift singing a banana song. ohhh, he so cute!

          • Enz

            Pillow, did you ever catch the win win interview with shinhwa? Go watch.

            And Korazy, you think sung joon is not too young for me?! I could be him … Gonna stop there. But I just LOVE his acting .. Really love his acting

          • pillowhead

            dammit. hitting the wrong reply again!

    • 9.2 Mari

      Welcome!!! You never want to leave again!! I started listening to Kpop because of “Dream high” then discover Super junior, spend months loving them. The. While watching You are beautiful for like the 3 rd time I decided to check out CNBlue, and Ft island fell completely in love with them. But to be sincere the reason Im still into Kpop is discovering BigBang and 2ne1 they are my all time favorite groups around..

    • 9.3 Leaf

      Big Bang are of course DAEBAK!! <3 Excellent live too!!

      But what first got me into kpop was Epik High and Nell. Epik High have changed quite a bit though because their old stuff was… darker? Loved it. I still like their new stuff though. And Nell… totally worth feeling emotional wrecked and suicidal for them. Seriously. They are perfect. <3 But even they seem… happier recently… I listened their new stuff and didn't feel like killing myself… it's a miracle!!

      So yeah… kpop is fantastic!!

    • 9.4 hydrangeabloom

      Hello Aleena!

      I remember when I was watching Personal Taste I started listening to some of Younha’s music. She has such a wonderful voice. Then I stumbled upon Winterplay on the blogosphere, whose music I have also enjoyed. (Especially her rendition of “Moon Over Bourbon Street”.)

    • 9.5 korfan

      Hi Aleena and everyone here!

      I will admit that since a little while back, I’ve gotten more familiar with the world of K-pop. The newest act to catch my eye? …. this guy called Roh Ji Hoon. I just can’t look away! I can’t!

      On a different note, just started watching I Miss You, which just began its broadcast here. I’ve read all the comments …. we’ll see how it goes with all the apparent darkeness/sadness/misery that’s coming. Also watching King Of Dramas. I’ve watched 10 episodes so far and I’m loving it. Finally, also watching May Queen. It’s ok so far but the actor playing Changhee is just not what I expected, I don’t know.

    • 9.6 Momos

      Hi everyone,
      For me the OST of the dramas pull me to K-Pop. The OST introduced me to Baek Ji-young, K-will, Sung Si-kyung, Xia Junsu etc.
      Also the idol-stars like Yung-Hwa n Min-hyuk in Heartstrings made me liking CNBlue, likewise with Siwon in OML with SUJU, Micky Yoo-chun in SKKS n Jae Joong in PTB brought me into JYJ, Suzy in DH1 n Big to MissA, Taecyon in CSS to 2PM. Oh, don’t forget L Infinite from SUFBB. Also Min-ho from Shinee in TTBY.
      I so loved Micky Yoo-chun in SKKS, he is so different from his idol boy persona. He is the reason why I’m fangirling JYJ now, though I like also TVXQ with their newer songs like “catch me”, “I don’t know”. Too bad those 5 fabolous guys had to go separate ways. I’m rooting for JYJ currently.

      • 9.6.1 cv

        I love BB, JYJ, 2ne1, infinite, ftisland, cnblue, seven, epikhigh, leehi, sistar, tasty, mblaq, beast, ukiss, nuest, kwill, seungki, and ailee. I’m liking new artists_ juniel, roy kim n racoon boy ffom kpol star season 2 who are pretty good.

      • 9.6.2 Lilly

        Still my Favorite Song

    • 9.7 pillowhead

      I love Kpop and My favorites: BigBang, Gdragon (as a solo) Block B (ZICO!!!!), Infinite (which I discovered on Jennette’s FB page, u should go there :D), Im not into the girl popbands but LOVE W&Wales and T Tasha.

    • 9.8 Lovebug

      Yes I am now a big kpop fan! Obessessed with TVXQ/DBSK (especially Keep your head down and She). I also like Big Bang, JYJ, Exo-K, Ukiss, Block B, Shinee, Kwill and SS501. (I have been known to listen to quite a bit of Super Junior on pandora, ahem). For girl groups I like 2ne1 and Wonder Girls. Join the party!

      • 9.8.1 pillowhead

        Oh! Exo-K… I lik them too.

    • 9.9 cherkell

      Okay, I’ll bite. Trying to keep said K-Pop List to my Top 10 at the moment (or else we’ll be here all week). I tend to gravitate towards balladeers, with a few K-poppers thrown in for good measure. In no particular order: K.Will, Big Bang, Shinhwa, Sweet Sorrow, Ulala Session, Shin Yong Jae (4Men), Lee Shin Jae, Lena Park, Im Tae Kyung… and Ji Chang Wook. (Hey, he counts with three songs on the Gaon charts over the past two years!!! ♥)

      And I don’t mean to brag, but @zgznoona and I have FRONT ROW SEATS to see K.Will in Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day!! *SWOON*

      • 9.9.1 cv

        Omg! U ladies got tix? Lucky! Have fun n take lots of pix.^^

        • cherkell

          We will — remember the Movie Noona Credo: Pictures… or it didn’t happen. 🙂

      • 9.9.2 Korazy Lady

        Cherkell! So lucky–and front row! Can’t wait to hear about it.

      • 9.9.3 zgznoona

        Just had a sudden realization, and I know I’m slow, we’ll be probably surrounded by loving couples.
        On the bright side, front row and his awesome voice.

    • 9.10 malta

      Muahahahahahahaha! Welcome 😀

    • 9.11 malta

      Best part about enjoying both kpop and kdramas, besides the music and the great shows and all that, is knowing who the idols are when they make their appearances or have roles on dramas. You can now get all the puns and jokes.

      …dare I ask, have you developed any biases yet?

      hehe >>

      What’s a fangirl without a bias?

  10. 10 Mystisith

    Hello fellow dramabeaners! Hope you’re not suffering from the cold like me here and our poor SKoreans in the motherland…
    Little review, Telex style:
    -Horse Doctor: Back on track this week. If they could just avoid the Dr Jinesque surgery scenes, it would be perfect.
    -FBND: I can see why some people would be disconcerted by the “oh, it’s not a pure comedy!” tone but I like it just the way it is. I hate Technicolor Chicken (soompiers in the house? 🙂 ) with a passion.
    -CAlice: 4 eps left. Hopefully the secret will be revealed this WE. The joke is getting old. I want my Doc back, also.
    -A 100 Year’s Inheritance. I could swear it’s the writer of May Queen: That mix of goofy and emotional. I’ll never say it’s some Shakespeare but it’s awfully entertaining. Need to google that male lead.
    -School 2013: Reading the recaps only, suits me fine.

    About J doramas:
    -Pricele$s: Only 1 ep left and it will be over. sniff. But we will have a Special! Ye$$!
    I think the end of that winter will be fun:
    -Biblia Koshodo No Jiken Techo. Old books, family secrets and another asocial/lonely female character. Dok Mi Number 2.
    -Yae No Sakura. Bring it on the Girl Power!

    • 10.1 enz

      hi mystisith! happy to report that we are having a nice cool night here in malaysia. not cold at all. am in tees and shorts 🙂 – pausing can we get married episode 16. and waiting for 2d1n repeat as i was too busy with family to watch it last weekend.

      i am stalled at episode 10 for schoo and not reading recaps in case i still feel like watching later. am curious but not very engaged with the drama 🙁

      hope weather gets warmer for everyone experiencing the too cold winter, although i guess not so likely

      • 10.1.1 kakashi

        we got about 10 centimeters of snow (=4 inches) here in town yesterday. just saying.

        • enz

          brrr.. i would die a popsicle in an instant!

    • 10.2 Hanjae

      Ooh, I’m interested in how Biblia goes. Only Japan would come up with such a seemingly-random plot, but it’s unusual and I love books, so… Keep us updated! I’m hoping it won’t go with the mystery-of-the-week format.

    • 10.3 Lovebug

      Hey so i hear that one of my Drama loves Jung Gyu woon is in Horse doctor. Does he have a major part? Is this worth watching?

    • 10.4 John

      Mystisith ~

      I just finished Ep1 of Biblia Koshodo No Jiken Techo. Liking it so far. Hints of a romance, already? Is that possible in a J Drama? Ayame Gouriki looks yummy.

      • 10.4.1 Mystisith

        @John: Watched it too! My bet is placed on the fact than they are blood related, more or less and feel a natural connection. We’ll see.
        AG is such a doll… Only 20 years old but very promising. She was surprisingly good in IS.

  11. 11 hydrangeabloom

    Hello Beanies! Phew, I actually managed to grab onto this thread early on today! 🙂

    How is everyone doing? Lately I have been thinking about family dramas, which I know aren’t usually recapped here on DB. Any fans of family dramas here, and if so, what are your favorites?

    My drama updates for the week include making it to episode 27 of Ojakgyo Brothers, although sadly I cannot seem to find a working stream for the next episode so I am stuck for now. What a shame, as I am really enjoying it!

    Otherwise, I have made it to episode 8 of Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata, which I have enjoyed for the most part, though I had mixed feelings about episode 6. (This probably stems from cultural differences.)

    I also just finished episode 20 of Gaksital. Things finally started to pick up again for me in episode 18, but episode 20 in particular put me through the ringer. Such raw emotions in that one, for sure.

    Hope everyone has a good Friday and weekend!

    • 11.1 Mystisith

      Hello! For Ojakgyo, you can try here:

      • 11.1.1 hydrangeabloom

        Hey, Mystisith! Thanks for the tip. Actually, I was watching OB on gooddrama, but the first two streams never work for me, and the third says the video has been removed. But I appreciate your helpfulness!

    • 11.2 Nana

      Have you tried dramacrazy?

      • 11.2.1 hydrangeabloom

        Thank you, Nana! I first started watching OB on dramacrazy up to about episode 17 when the streams went kaflooey, but on your suggestion I went back to check. It seems at least one of them is working for episode 27. What a relief.

      • 11.2.2 hydrangeabloom

        Derp. I meant episode 28! (But it also seems to have one stream working.)

    • 11.3 lemondoodle

      I loved Smile, You. It has a really really adorable main couple. A little dragging because of extension towards the end, but still cute and touching. On a superficial note, Lee Min Jung was seriously so beautiful in the drama too.

      I actually think DB recaped some of it, but not sure they loved it.

      • 11.3.1 hydrangeabloom

        Lee Min Jung is so fresh and breezy on screen. It’s too bad Big was what it was – I was really expecting her to shine.

        My first drama was a family drama called Pure 19, and I also thought it had a really adorable lead couple. Cliches abound, yes, but I got sucked into the story nonetheless. I’m thinking about possibly picking up Life is Beautiful after finishing Ojakgyo Brothers, but 100 Year’s Inheritance (or Noodle House, whatever they are calling it now) has also piqued my interest.

      • 11.3.2 Lovebug

        I just finished Smile, You this week! I loved the main couple sooo much. They are now one of my favorite drama couples of all time. I want to see the lead guy in another drama!

      • 11.3.3 Ben

        Smile, You is one of my favourite Kdramas of all time. I didn’t mind the extension. I just wanted to spend more time with the people in the show.

    • 11.4 Hillary

      You can also try (I checked and it was working for episode 28 of OB)

      • 11.4.1 hydrangeabloom

        Thanks for the tip, Hillary! I was able to watch episode 28 of OB on dramacrazy (thanks to Nana’s suggestion), but I will hold onto that web address as well in case I encounter more roadblocks.

  12. 12 Mari

    I’m trying to make to at least one thread a month. Hi ladies & gent. Happy New Years!
    I started off the year my doing a marathon of “the woman that still wants to marry” I’m soo glad I did. Kim Bum you beautiful man/boy how much do I love thee now. Plus it really was a cute show, I love how no matter how crazy the third friend got, the rest still always had her back. Good Kdrama friendship.
    I’m currently watching “Love and marriage” to feed my Kim Ji-Hoon addiction. How can a man make moody look so dang hot??
    Then there’s “Flower Boy Next door” I’m completely in love with this show. I seen all 4 episodes at least 4 times each. I read in the other threads how many are identifying with Dok Mi. I’m feeling like that too. It’s soo much easier to just close your self off to the world and avoid getting hurt. Plus like her, I really to like being in my house, alone. That’s not saying that I wound mind an “Enrique” character showing up at my house.

  13. 13 Leaf

    Happy OT Friday everyone!!!

    My exams are finished which is brilliant and we’ve got massive amounts of snow YAY!!! This means I can’t go anywhere so not yay 🙁

    Am watching King of Dramas (yes I’m behind on like everything… which is hilarious and should probably try and finish Nice Guy :/

    Is anyone watching Drama Go Go Go? IT’S EPIC!!! <3 Modern C drama done right. And no… I'm not just saying this cause of Jiro… whatever could make you say that ^cough^

    Well hope everything is going well for everyone!!
    Love xxx

    • 13.1 JoAnne

      Ahem. Did you forget to mention something?

      • 13.1.1 Leaf

        Ah… you mean super hot Korean guy? 😛
        Btw… I think he needs a nickname… If I asked him he would say King Leonidas -_- but Leo wouldn’t suit him haha. I’ll think about it.

        Well… ah… how to explain… this tuesday I was meant to have an exam. I couldn’t take it as I had a kinda panic attack. This made me realise I really need to sort myself out. And so that’s what I’m gonna try to do. Until then I don’t want a boyfriend. I can’t be bothered with the stress.
        Of course… if he did ask me… I would say yes. Because I really do like him. So realistically I don’t think this new plan will make a huge amount of difference to my life haha.
        So yeah… Leaf is now finally gonna start trying to not completely fail at life. It’s taken way to long.

        And no. I haven’t seen him in over a month. I imagine I’ll see him tuesday. Everyone will have finished exams by then so he should be there.

        • shel

          In my experience, its while you are “getting yourself in order” that stuff happens. Good luck to you! Sounds like you have a great attitude about everything!

          Go, Leaf, aja!!

      • 13.1.2 Korazy Lady

        You took the words right out of my mouth, JoAnne! Leaf, you know what they say, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. And you are right about getting your priorities in line first. Hope everything works out for you – school and “other things!”

        BTW, I’m sure you do not and have not completely failed at life! Maybe you need a little ego boosting from the Noonas!

      • 13.1.3 enz

        joanne, thanks for asking what some of us are too shy to ask 🙂

        • Leaf

          It’s just cause I’m not properly back at Uni yet!!! Exam season yo. When I’m properly back at Uni I assure you I will keep you all informed of everything.

          And aww thanks everyone <3 It means a lot to me having such awesome friends here!! <3

          • enz

            leaf, good luck with results and ya, dont be in a hurry to get into a relationship.

            there was a quote in a book ” a girl should be so lucky to meet the man of her dreams after 25″ – well i would extend it to after 30. thats just my opinion though 🙂

          • cv

            Good luck Leaf with school, life and love! ^^
            We’ll be waiting for good news.
            Have great weekend. 🙂

          • pillowhead

            Hi Leaf! good luck with the studies and the H.K.G. :D… and the noonas go… “FIGHTING”. 😀 You are way to young and clever to think of failing. If it ain’t gonna be this guy, there’s a better one out ther for you. 🙂

          • Leaf

            Thanks everyone <3 You are all far too kind <3
            I've just submitted my form to recieve Counselling so will recieve my first appointment soon…
            It's pretty scary. I mean, I've had a session before but that wasn't a proper one as that was just about my Mum's cancer. This is the first normal one I'm having.
            I feel a bit scared as I'm afraid they'll think me a fraud who shouldn't be having one and is wasting their time. But then that's whats been keeping me from getting Counselling for years.
            So I'm just gonna ignore that.
            haha… yeah… let's hope it goes well! <3

          • Korazy Lady

            I am a great believer in counseling. It gives one validation, at least that is what a good counselor should do – give validation to your thoughts and feelings, give behavior modification suggestions, and give motivation to start making changes (and changes can mean just changing your thought process.) Having a mother with cancer is devastating. I hope the session really helps you (and you’ll need more than one). Let me know if you’d like my email so I can be a shoulder to lean on.

  14. 14 John


    FBND is my current fave.

    School: Just read the recaps this week

    Giant: Epic

    Great Seer, Alice

    J Dramas: Priceless, Late Blooming Sunflowers

    J Movie: Ai to Makoto Awesome!

    • 14.1 Korazy Lady

      Morning, John. I just love PSH’s expressions in FBND. It’s so quirky. And of course there’s Kim Ji Hoon, who all the woman are a-flutter over!

      • 14.1.1 John

        Korazy Lady~

        I hope Go Dok Mi lives happily ever after with her prince charming. The question is, who will that be? So many to choose from.

    • 14.2 alua

      I already said it, but I’m so thrilled you enjoyed Ai to Makoto!

      What did you think of how Osozaki no Himawari got wrapped up?

      • 14.2.1 John


        I need to watch the last episode of Osozaki no Himawari .

        I do hope that there’s a happy ending for some of our sunflowers.

        • alua

          Don’t read my above comment (in response to JoAnne) just yet then…

          • John


            x . x <—– Closing eyes to avoid spoilers.

  15. 15 Mari

    Oh!!! Me again.. I also forgot to add that for the past 3 nights I been breaking my heart piece by piece by watching “Scent of a woman” why did no one ever tell me that that Lee Dong-Wook could act? I was under the impression he was just a pretty face. Him & Sunny together I just completely love!!! I been in tears thru most of the show have 4 more episodes to go, but I don’t know if I dare watch them. I feel like when I watched “49 days” it was just non stop crying, it’s also the reason I refuse to watch “I miss you”

    • 15.1 Annie

      I never finished Scent of Woman but I did watch the beginning and got the impression that LDW’s character fell in love with KSA’s character without rhyme or reason… and I love Uhm Ki Joon so I knew I would be second-lead shipping like crazy.

      • 15.1.1 Mari

        Mmmm.. Well it’s Kdrama and she’s dying soo yes they do fall in love fast. Lol. That’s actually not the way I saw it. He was just this poor little rich boy disinterested in life, who meets this woman who knows her life is coming to an end soon, so she’s trying to live it to the fullest. That’s why he is soo drawn to her.

        • Annie

          You’re probably right. I’m just viewing the drama through the prism of not liking the Kim Sun Ah/Lee Dong Wook pairing 😉

    • 15.2 Laurita

      Oh, he so can act – those tango lessons :O… And the whole story…(tears)… (I also didn’t watch IMY…)

      But what made a better impression for me was the heroine. I remember I was very very reluctant to watch the drama, as Kim Sun Ah left quite an …. image in “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” (ugh, didn’t even finish it), but in SOAW I saw her in a different light and felt very happy because of that change.

    • 15.3 zgznoona

      I was afraid of the ending too. But it is better than what I thought. Definitely not a 49 Days

    • 15.4 Hillary

      Watch it til the end. It was one of my favorite shows … and I tend to stay away from melos. It actually has quite a good ending, considering the description of the show. I know many people who gave up because they couldn’t face the ending (or thought what the ending should be) but my one hint …

      SPOILER …

      It is not like the ending in Thousand Day Promise.

  16. 16 Korazy Lady

    Good Morning fellow Beaners! I keep forgetting that Friday mornings is OT Day. THe sun is shining brilliantly here is Florida altho we’re having a cold snap (high of 72 hehe). I’ve been keeping really busy here–so much for a break.

    I thought I’d be out of dramas, but am now hooked on FBND, AHYI (wow, that’s some crazy stuff) and started Queen of Ambition last night. Every time I think I’m going to take a break , something new comes up. I’m really looking forward to Civil Servant Level 7 and hope it will be fun, fun, fun.

    I am so anxious to finish I Miss You tonight. Just to finish it. I don’t even want to think about all that police nonsense that went on in episode 20. I seriously don’t get it… And by accident, the end was spoiled for me. Oh well. But I will finish it, so I can add it to my list.

    Have a wonderful day, Beanies!

    • 16.1 JoAnne

      it wasn’t me was it

      • 16.1.1 kakashi

        you mean: “PIot twist – Yoochun and Harry run off together and Ieave her behind”? Yes, I think it was you!

      • 16.1.2 Korazy Lady

        No, but you or Shukie made some crazy comments on Twitter that I’m dying to see if they are true or not. Well, actually I know Shukie’s wasnt true now knowing the ending. and honestly, I don’t think I can shed a tear regardless because I’m still disgusted with the whole police fiasco and the uneven writing. But I should hold judgement until I finish tonight.

        • JoAnne

          I think my best fake ending was when she whips out the gun and yells it was ME all along you idiots and shoots everyone dead.

          • Saturtledaisy

            I am completely not-following your entire conversation but can I just say that sounds like the best plot twist ever?

          • JoAnne

            I was watching the final episode of Missing You unsubbed because I could not wait, and others were waiting. We tend to avoid each other when this happens because it would suck to hear the end before you had a chance to see it. Kakashi was teasing that she would spoil it for me, I was threatening her with death, and then Shukie and I started making up endings. First I had the boys running off together, then I had Yoochun and Su Yeon’s mother REALLY being lovers, plus he had a side thing with his detective partner, then I had Su Yeon turning out to be the murderer who set up HARRY…and she kills everyone off in the final scene.

          • Korazy Lady

            OK, so it was you! I have to tell you, I almost fell for the whole thing! And was trying to figure it all out and picture it in my mind….shakes head at the thought……

            You girls are such kidders, you…..

          • Korazy Lady

            Saturtledaisy, you should be on Twitter when we’re all on. Talk about not following conversations! Your head spins more than it does when trying to keep up with the OT!

          • kakashi

            yup, come to Twitter, Saturtledaisy.
            and Korazy! you forgot the shameless self-promotion!

          • Saturtledaisy

            HAHA sounds like you have a fun drama-watching experience

          • JoAnne

            Yep, lots of times I watch shows ‘with’ Shel, who hasn’t shown up here on OT yet today. We tweet our thoughts to each other. Mine tend to be fairly irreverent. And occasionally obscene.

          • shel

            LOL. I enjoy watching shows “with” you. Seems like there is so little time for it these days. Stuff will mellow out eventually, I hope.

        • Korazy Lady

          Kakashi, I am suddenly shy (and slightly embarrassed)! But if anyone wants to know why I’d choose the Kdrama world over RL, they can check it out here:

          And be sure to look at everything our gif Queen is posting, too!

          • kakashi

            I made her do it, people (the self-promotion).

          • Enz

            Love the post, Korazy. I prefer that world too. But in real life, I am quite lucky with parking. I always call on parking goddess whenever I am going somewhere where parking is notoriously difficult

          • Korazy Lady

            Well, some might be lucky in love, some might be lucky in finances, but you Enz, are lucky in parking! And that definitely counts for something!

          • Enz

            When you live in KL with giant malls and no really good public transport, being lucky in parking is truly a blessing! It’s like how choi kang hee getting to work with ji sung and jaejoong and now eith joo won and chansung. i feel like I must have saved a country in my past life!

    • 16.2 latteholic

      Yay! I’m also excited for Level 7 Civil Servant (no surprise there 😀 )
      And I’m loving FBND as well. Just read some of the comments above on AHYI and I think I will steer clear from that 😀

      I wish I can escape to that part of FL. The temperature just rose again this afternoon. It’s still in high 50’s though. 🙁

    • 16.3 zgznoona

      I was going to comment my self about the cooler temperatures in South Florida, and then thought I would be rude to complain about “cold” when we are enjoying Spring like temperatures. 😛

      • 16.3.1 latteholic

        @zgznoona do you live in FL as well? 🙂 Yes, I shouldn’t complain, but it did caught me off guard this morning and I forgot my jacket as well (when I normally wear it even when the temperature is in mid 70’s to 80’s). It’s really breezy as well *shivering*

        • zgznoona

          I always carry a sweater with me, some poeple love their AC too much

  17. 17 meanrice

    I bet if YEH went on Running Man she would pick better scripts. :/
    Ive inly picked up Flower Boy Next Door, love it. Other than that over the last two weeks i marathoned 1N2D season 2, and we got married. I got sucked into that last one because kwanghee is too funny.

    I rewatched Goong early last year, and the only things i did not FF through were the OTP’s scene. Over Xmas i started my rewatch of BOF, did not make it through ep 8, but i got distracted with Ojakgyo Bros.

    I need to watch jeon woo chi, since cha taehyun cracks me up on 1N2D.

  18. 18 snow_white

    hi everyone 🙂

    I have already dropped “Alice in Cheongdam-dong”….well i wan’t that much interested in it from the starting but now it felt that i wasn’t even waiting for its next episode….

    so, i’m watching School 2013, which is simply awesome(only 3 epiosdes left 🙁 ) and also Flower boy next door, which is good as well and i like that it is not all colorful but has a different tone to it 🙂

    waiting for level 7 civil servant….

    • 18.1 Ruth

      I’m hoping Level 7 Civil Servant is going to be good. It LOOKS good, but we all know that means next to nothing.

  19. 19 wintergirl

    JoAnne, regarding Flower Boy Next Door:

    I totally want Oh Jin Rak in 401 to win the girl. Although the fellow who is getting her out into the world is fabulous, I don’t think shy people ever totally get over being shy. It’s genetic. So, yeah, if she overcomes a lot she will be able to get out into the world and be outgoing and do stuff but always need to return to shell sometimes to recharge. So…Oh Jin Rak who actually respects her space a bit would be a better long term choice.

    Like them all, though! Still amazed at how well the female lead is showing the layers on this character. Great job!

    The only other thing engaging my interest is the Hundred Years Noodle Shop or whatever they are calling it now.

    Bought some Urban Zakapa music…love them. They have a terrific performance on Viki on some show that highlights musicians.

    • 19.1 Ruth

      Yay! Urban Zakapa!

    • 19.2 kdramapedia

      I don’t necessarily agree that shy people need to be with other shy people. I’m shy myself, and the majority of my friends are loud and obnoxious (hehe). Of course I have friends who are just like me, who would happily enjoy spending the evenings in our separate chairs reading our own books. But I really do need some outgoing people to drag my butt out of the house sometimes!

      There’s nothing wrong with like people finding like people, but sometimes, opposites really do attract. And with these two, you can see that they really connect on a deeper level, regardless of their intro/extrovert natures.

    • 19.3 latteholic

      I love love Urban Zakappa. I heard of them first on YouTube and I fell in love with their music. And, they sing a song about caffe latte! 😀

    • 19.4 zgznoona

      I don’t thin her problem is merely shyness, but trauma. <I think being bullied in school made her a lot more introverted, insecure, and afraid of people.
      About who would be better match for her. You are probably right thinking that Jin would be better. But only on her present state, that it's actually an unhealthy one. She need to become socially operational, and Enrique is pushing her in that direction.
      In any case, she need to become strong and kick that annoying girl's butt

      • 19.4.1 JoAnne

        I have to say that I think in the long run Enrique is better for her. He’s an impetus for growth, but he’s perceptive enough to see when she needs a bit of protection – whether he gives it to her or she gives it to herself. And don’t forget he’s a bit of a kindred spirit with the need to disguise himself around people and disappear. She hides behind a wall, he hides behind a hyperactive, cutesy charm. They really see each other though, or will.

        Jin Rak, that adorably sweet grumpy schlump of a guy, on the other hand: he’s got this idea about who she is that doesn’t actually match up to her reality very well, and he has TERRIBLE timing.

        • erinlibrarian

          I admit I love Jin Rak but he’s just not the right one for Dok Mi. The primary reason is that he doesn’t seem interested in finding out about the real her, just maintaining his own fantasy of being her white knight.
          I personally am shipping him with the editor girl. Luff her.

          • Korazy Lady

            Wow, that girl is crazy! But I hope Jin Rak ends up with someone!

    • 19.5 coby

      I love Urban Zakapa! I learned about them in Can we get married.. took me days to find out one song playing on one of those ‘break-up moments’ .. and its Moon!

      Will buy their CD soon!

      • 19.5.1 Enz

        Me too! I love their music. Definitely will check out their CDs .. Are you all buying online? There is no way I can find anything exc k pop in Malaysia.

  20. 20 Sabah

    Warmest Greetings!

    How are you liking the new rotating headers? I love them. I’m always so impressed by the skills people have. Beautiful creations! So which one has especially caught your eye?

    Can anyone confirm if the one with the skull in the middle of the writing desk, has Park Se Young in it? I think it is her but I might be wrong. Thanks.

    • 20.1 Mystisith

      I love the glittering winter headers for the ladies. And also those with Lee Je Hoon… *sigh* I miss him.

      • 20.1.1 Sabah

        Yes, I love the texturing and overlaying detailing. I know that everything is photoshopped etc, but the prettiness is captivating.

        I feel your loss deeply. *reassuring smile*

        • hellochloe the PS addict

          Hi, um, maker of the banner(s) here. Ironically, I am really bad with names but I can answer you with ‘that guy who was in this and that’

          1) enz: It’s Ji Sung alright. Here, linky:

          2) Sabah: yes it’s that lady who was Queen Noguk.

          3) **and to the lady (sorry, I didn’t catch your name in idk which post) asking about the Girl With The Spoon banner, if you’re reading this: yes she is Panda and Hedgehog girl Yoon Seung Ah. Trivia: She is eating nutella in that pic but unfortunately it could not be included in the banner.

          4) I have a question of my own: What glittering winter banner??? SOUNDS AWESOME I WANT TO SEE.

          • Sabah

            You have awesome skills! Seriously impressive stuff.

            Thank you for sharing your pieces with us at DB. Whenever I visit, I always check out the banner at the top, to get me in the right mood. It removes me from the grit and grime of my life and takes me into the pretty world of Kdramas. Heartfelt thanks. Also thanks for filing in the clues for us too.

            I think what is meant, or rather what I meant, are those pure white/translucent texturing and motifs on top of the pictures which add an ethereal or effervescent or glittery feel.

          • meanrice

            Thank you for the awesome banners, I especially enjoy the ones that make my inner perv smile.

            I kept refreshing my page to see the glittering ones until i read this. ha, ten minutes i am not getting back.

          • hellochloe the PS addict

            @meanrice: Which pervy ones, I’m jealous. I wanted to do a sexy one of kaedejun’s hubby (not PSH, the other one), but somehow I ended up picking his dorky self eating noodles as a pic. One day though, one day.

          • Lovebug

            I was going to comment on all the awesome new banners today!! Great job!!

          • meanrice

            @hellochloe the PS addict did you do the steamy shower scene one? B/c that is my favorite.

            I wish I had your skills b/c in my head I have a whole series of Dramabeans: where second leads get the girl; first one being Lee Joon Hyuk. hummuna hummuna.

          • hellochloe

            @meanrice: I wish! That has been there for quite some time, has it not? I only got PS a few months ago. I don’t think I can make a shower scene look good in a banner, I’d be too busy drooling.

          • Enz

            Thanks ! I have no skills in this department but I get to enjoy what you all put out.

        • hellochloe the PS addict

          Oh, I believe I’ve seen some of those. I do have a weakness for sparkly stuff 🙂

          Though I felt elated at my first batch of banners, but eh, on hindsight…. don’t think I am that skilled. Still very much a beginner, but thanks for the compliment! I know what you mean by banners setting the mood. I like those that make me go, “Wow, how did she do that?” Esp tae’s minimalist/stylish approach and vere’s gritty textures. Seeing their creations on top makes me very happy.

          For the new batch, haven’t seen that many, but I like the Soong Joong Ki one with the triangles for DB. So cool!

          • Sabah

            Are you kidding me? You have wonderful skills. I sit in awe and stare and almost fall out of time.

            If you are indeed only beginning then I can’t even imagine what wondrous creations you would make as you improve. Looking forward to them. : )

            I thought the triangles were stylish too however it’s the colouring that gets me. I don’t know what filters, curves etc you talented people use but it just looks so beautiful. Really just flawless. It really is a fine art.

          • hellochloe

            ur too kind! I got a PS a few months ago but I wasn’t really obsessed with it. Till now. I need rehab for this thing.

          • Sabah

            Rehab! Hehe, yeah addictions have a way of sneaking up on you, letting themselves in and then making themselves at home.

    • 20.2 Sabah

      @Wanda! How was your final? Did you finish that stupid thing? Congratulations on passing your other exams. That’s just awesome!

      Have you started FBND yet? Someone who never watches Kdramas on account that they remind her too much of her mother’s south American soaps, actually began watching it and then recommended it to me in a way of confessing. Hehe, that’s some praise.

      I knew I could bait you into watching soulmate through the music. The drama is very good and I enjoyed every moment. The acting is spot on too. The characterizations are very distinct and each has their own endearing qualities. I loved it. The music was a delightful bonus and I am searching out the OST and songs featured in it. Unfortunately most of the blogs the covered the music in the drama have expired, so I’m finding only dead links. Is 2006 really that long ago?

      I’m not a big fan of hip/hop or rap either but Leessang’s lyrics get me every time. If you do look into their other stuff I would recommend, ‘the girl who can’t say goodbye, the boy who can’t leave.’ Loveholics are on quite a few ost. This one is very popular song by them,
      that I’m sure you’ve heard.

      It’s quite bad. Still, I don’t take it to heart because my definition of success is very different. Not that I’m saying I’ve succeeded by those parameters either. I’m more of a work in progress. It truly is strange how people with the same upbringing can be so different like you and your brother. It really pushes the nature vs nurture debate in one direction! Something they controversially explored in ‘we need to talk about Kevin.’ Have you read it or seen the movie?

      My beauty regime isn’t so much about products you put on your face but rather eating good foods, and looking after my skin by applying rosehip or coconut oils. More natural cures than £50 miracle creams. Any tips you could give me?

      Yep, England has pretty much come to a standstill! hehe. I stocked up on everything yesterday but this morning realized that I had forgotten toilet paper! I didn’t mind because I got to take a long trek through the snow to the local shops. It was cold but beautiful. That reminds me, I need to go taste this year’s offering. Hehe, sorry to gross you out. I think I might go do it in front of my sister just to see her face.

      • 20.2.1 TS

        All soaps are the same in acting quality, really. When a colleague complained about the bad acting in K-dramas, I pointed out Gossip Girl actors all have about 3 expressions max each, just like actors in k-dramaland. And the storylines there are pretty extreme too.

        For me, it’s fun to see Kim Woo Bin, er new people, in South Korea, which is a country that I really want to visit!

        • Sabah

          Hehe, I kind of like the chessy melo stuff though, if it’s done right. Of course it isn’t for everyone, but it’s not really about quality but the sincerity of trying to accentuate those moments we miss in life as we rush around. There’s a little exaggeration involved to be sure but just as much as I like to see raw & gritty in dramas, I also love luxurious indulgence.

          As for the quality, I do agree that sometimes it just distracts so much that you can’t feel anything BUT then again, I have been known to meet the actor halfway at least and pretend to see what he’s trying to do (or sometimes not bothering to do.)

          I think for some people it is about breaking their own misconceptions of what might be in store and if they can’t see past those prejudices then they really only cut themselves off from what might actually bring them joy. Like Kim Woo Bin for instance. : )

          • TS

            Kim woo bin, heee.

          • Sabah


      • 20.2.2 FishcalledWanda

        Yay, thank you! The last exam went alright, though it was little harder and different than I expected, but we’ll see.. But I finished the stupid thing. While writing I kept referring to it in my head like ‘the stupid thing’ and made me smile a little, hehe.
        Oh, and I really like the new headers too! They’re so pretty! Makes me wish I had such Photoshop skills.

        Haha, that’s cool! I watched the first episode of FBND and I loved it! I’ts been a while since I loved a first episode already that much (It’s also been a while since I watched anything, hehe). You were right about Park Shin Hye’s charachter, I love her! And I probably haven’t even seen the best of her yet. It’s such a refreshing character, in fact all of the characters are. Aah, I’m having so much fun watching.

        You already know me quite well, haha. I love it when a drama has good music, it sets so much of the tone and feel of the drama. I really like the music in FBND, it’s whimsical and perfectly timed with certain actions to add to the funny. Too bad you can’t find any more songs, would love to hear them. Apparently 2006 is ages ago!
        After you said you found Leessangs lyrics were good I invested them a bit and I can say I have to agree with you, they’re beautiful in a very recognisable way. I like this line out of the song you recommended a few OT’s back: ‘Compared to that what I can do for you is to let my arm be your pillow’, it’s a very mundane thing, but also so sweet and a thing everyone likes. I liked it how he tells her that she made such a change in his life. Will definitely delve in some more lyrics and songs of his.
        That Loveholic’s song does sound a bit familiar, but like I said, I have this big hole in my musical knowledge when it comes to Kpop/Korean music, so thanks for sharing!
        Talking about music, you know what I like so much about LOTR too? Well you probably guessed it, the music! It gives this grandeur feeling of heroicness (if that’s a word) when they’re walking on some mountain side on their quest, or braveness when they’re storming into battle and becomes so gentle and magical when the story gets to these individual scenes. And ‘May It Be’ is beautiful of course. Is there a movie where the accompanying music left a lasting impression on you?

        Well, the good thing about a work in progress is that after a certain time things will go uphill! Yeah, it’s so weird that two people from the same parents are so different. Sometimes my parents are confused by it as well, hehe. Also, because I’m more like them and we all are looking at him and thinking ‘how can you be like that?’, but then I tell them I had this interesting lecture on how for example media changed our thinking about art and they all look at me like ‘how can you like that?’. So we’re both constantly confusing our parents, hehe. Would you say you’re very different from your siblings character-wise?
        I haven’t seen or read that, but I’ve seen the name come up a few times here and there. What exactly is it about and would you recommend it?

        I agree with you that a healthy lifestyle and natural products does so much more for you beauty than any expensive cream with questionable ingredients (I mean snail slime stuff? Or kaviar? Who wants to put that stuff on her face? Brr..). My skin is very sensitive and easily irritated, so I have some good cream (based on roseship, hehe) to keep my skin not too dry and I try to avoid things with too much perfume in it, cause that’s also bad for your skin. I don’t really have any tips, but I once heard it’s apparently very good to wash your hair with olive oil, but I never tried it. Seems a little weird, though I can imagine you’ll get very shiny hair by using that. So have you heard any weird beauty-tips? Or tried them out once?

        Luckily you’re stocked up now! Haha, I have to laugh at the imagine of someone eating snow! I hope you can get some fresh one! I walked my dog today and she really loves the snow, though her paws get very cold ( I have to dry them with a towel when we get home or else she looks at my with those sad eyes). She’s so funny when I kick up some really frozen bits in the air with the point of my boot: she likes to jump in the air to catch them, but sometimes she’s so into it she does this weird turn whilst being in the air and then lands almost on her back and then looks very confused as to how she did that, hehe.

        Soo I’m going to take a long hot shower now and then cuddle up in my room with FBND on my laptop (and lots of blankets and scarfs) while everyone is sleeping!

        • Sabah

          I just lost the reply that I posted and now I can’t seem to post anything. I think it’s my turn to be all paranoid this week. Hehe. OK, I’ll try again later.

        • Sabah

          I just lost the reply I posted! I think it’s my turn to be all paranoid this week. Hehe. OK, take 2!

          Ah! Pet names! They take tremendous things and make them less intimidating! I love the new banners, which ones have you noticed? Oh and most importantly, yay! You’re free! So how are the dramas treating you? What have your watched? Enjoyed? Hated?

          I think Go Dok Mi’s characterization is what is endearing everyone to the drama. I thought off of the success of my friend liking it, she would like SUFBB BUT she couldn’t get past the first episode. So are you team Enrique, team Jin Rak or team Tae Joon?

          Kdrama soundtracks are mostly really well done. I don’t see that in other dramas BUT maybe it has to do with the free licence Korea has to use songs so they aren’t restricted so much. I especially liked the use of songs in the TV series Scrubs. They used it to accentuate comedic moments and poignant notes as well as twist in tones. In terms of film scores, I love all of John Williams ost and Hans Zimmer. There’s a reason they are the best of Hollywood. However sometimes I find that they distinct styles just remind me of previous works. It’s kind of like when I see a familiar face on screen and instead of focusing on the characterization, I wonder over where I’ve seen them before. I think it’s like Pareidolia. I love Gollums song which they play over the credits of The Two Towers. Any other OST that you love? I too love detailing of feelings rather than broad statements, so that it’s not I miss you but ‘I miss you like the deserts miss the rain.’ I managed to find OST to soulmate!

          Hehe, “How can you be like that?” I think we don’t see the differences within us taking effect because it’s so gradual so that it does seem all of a sudden that we become so very difference to those we have lived our entire lives with. I’m known as the buzzkill in our family. hehe. What I mean is that though I might be very forgiving and easy going when it comes to the small things, the luxuries of life, I can be very emotional when it comes to global matters of peace. Hippy is another word that they attribute to me.

          ‘We need to talk about Kevin,’ isn’t something I would recommend actually. It’s that I like to discuss the issues it raises, so I’m on the lookout for people who might have already watched/read it. It’s asks whether we are born evil or if we are made into monsters. Though I am very much on the side of nurture, things like the same upbringing and different personalities of siblings does raise good contentions. Which side do you agree with, if any?

          Ooooo, Olive Oil to wash hair, I’m going to try that! Thank you. Rosehip tea is also very good for you, it has a lot of iron so it helps non meat eaters like you and me. Recently someone told me that rubbing the inside of banana peels on your teeth whitens them, hehe, but still I’m going to give it a go. I also use this rosewater by a company that collects it from flowers at dawn when the dew settles. I know it might be a gimmick but as a child I watched an adaptation of Snow White and when she awoke from her sleep in the forest, her skin glistened with the light of morning dew AND I’ve been fascinated ever since. Oh and there’s this, I have sensitive skin too but the coconut oil really helps with that. I use the brand Coconoil as it was set up to help rebuild areas of Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami so it’s good for my soul too.

          Aw, Zorra’s so cute! Warm hugs to her! Enjoy your freedom!

          • FishcalledWanda

            Weird isn’t it? Maybe we did something to disturb the system, hehe.

            So far I’ve watched two episodes of FBND and truly enjoyed them. Today I’m going to watch the others, looking forward to it! I’m not sure what team I’m on yet, I love Enrique’s energy, but I also love Jin Rak’s dorkiness. Are you already on a side?

            I didn’t know that in Korea they have a free license to use music! That could explain a lot. I also noticed that in Kdramas I like the music and OST better than in other series/movies. Gollum’s song is beautiful! I really like the Misty Mountaings song in the Hobbit, those low voices really do something (and the one they played over the credits: I haven’t actually seen the movie, but I really like this OST: It’s so epic and triumphant and also Chariots of Fire by Vangelis. I think you probably saw the opening of the Olympics last year, it was so funny with Mr. Bean on the piano with that song, hehe. Oh and The Circle of Life from The Lion King, of course, hehe. Hans Zimmer and John Williams are indeed great musicians! Good that you found the Soulmate OST, sometimes you really have to do some digging to find things like that.
            I sometimes have that pareidolia thing too! All I can focus on is trying to figure out where I know that person from or of what that melody reminds me of! Painting is one of my hobbies, and I primarily paint abstract things, but my father doesn’t really understand that and always tries to find some recognisable imagine in the colours and shapes I painted, hehe. But I do love that though, everyone always sees something else, I find that very fascinating. Reminds me of those blobs and ink spatter cards psychologists always seem to use in movies. I just don’t like it when my intention to create a feeling through colour and shape movement is reduced to simply ‘oh, it looks like a bird-thingy there in the left corner, oh wait no it’s more like a nose, or something…’.

            Haha, hippy. But it’s great that you care about global matters. If everyone would only care about his/her own individual problems, the world would be an even worse place.

            I think I’m more on the nature side of things, though upbringing plays such an important role, I feel that we are born with certain characteristics that will shine through even though you have the same parents/upbringing. But I wouldn’t say that that’s an excuse to not try to better yourself, it’s not an excuse to just say ‘oh, well that’s just how I’m born and I can’t change anything about it’ or that your parents and environment do not play a huge role in it. I can see it with my dad’s parents. My dad had a very difficult relationship with them, they always gave a more important role to money and status than to warmth and giving love. How his siblings turned out is so different than my dad did. They all were damaged by this, but everyone reacts and is affected in a different way.
            So is We Need to Talk About Kevin similar to White Christmas with raising the question if monsters are born or made?

            Hehe, let me know how your hair turns out! Maybe I will try it too, hehe.
            Oooh those photo’s are soo beautiful! The dawn looks like tiny glittery beads that they decorated
            themselves with. I can understand your fascination with the dawn while seeing those pictures!
            So, with my newfound free time I’m finally going to clear out my wardrobe, I can’t find any piece of clothing in that mess! And to reward myself for doing that I’m going to watch FBND afterwards, hehe. Always a good motivation! Are you still liking School? I’m also looking forward to catch up to that one. I read that the Human Condition aired those four episodes you saw to look if it would be a success, but that there will be more episodes made, hopefully they air soon!

          • FishcalledWanda

            Oh and I really love the header with Ji Sung in the phonebooth! And the one with triangles for the letters D and B. Which ones do you really like?
            And I found this blog entry by writer Neil Gaiman the other day. Though it’s about dogs, I think it applies to all pets in general. I thought you might want to read it. Even though it has a sad ending, it’s a wonderful story:

          • Sabah

            I don’t know what it is but I’m going to save a copy before posting from now on.

            I’m not on any team yet. Although it is likely she would end up with Enrique (though it might not be) I just don’t feel the connection between them. I also don’t feel it between her and Jin Rak. I feel that Jin Rak is in love with the idea of her rather than her. Also he too, like her is hiding himself away from the world, and I think he just wants a partner. Enrique pushes her out, despite herself AND if I didn’t think she wanted it, I would like it BUT I think she does want to be liberated and so I’m glad he’s come into her life. The only couple I don’t like is Tae Joon and Seo Young because I think it is quite cruel that they are forcing Enrique to push them together…

            I liked the fact that Enrique is always cold and without his jacket whereas Dok Mi wraps herself up warm with all those puffy jackets, jumpers in layers. I like the way they are making it a metaphor for how they interact with the world. The world can be cruel and so it seems advisable to protect yourself from it but Enrique braves the cold just to be a part of that world. You might say that Dok Mi is smarter but in truth she only gains warmth from that bottle wrapped in a towel too – an inanimate object- whereas Enrique might one day gain warmth from the body of a person. How did you find the metaphor in the drama? Are there any other things that caught your eye?

            Yes, I agree the low voices add that mystery and magic to the mood. I also love the simple song and words used for this scene in return of the king. The song you posted is powerful, and it seems very familiar too. It’s weird that there are things stored in my brain that I don’t even realize.

            Mr Bean is classic comedy. It reminds me a lot of my youth watching his show with my family. ” I primarily paint abstract things,” Is that abstract interpretations of actual portraits, landscapes or just abstract things in general? “but my father doesn’t really understand that…” Hehe, I understand your lament. I think I would annoy you too, I tend to look for things that aren’t there. I think it is a need for detailing, so sometimes I look beyond reasonable borders. As my sister tells me sometimes I have to stop seeing things and just look.

            “…the world would be an even worse place. ” True, but I don’t have the right to make people feel bad and when I say things it just makes people uncomfortable. There is a time and a place and I need to just learn to shut my mouth. It’s not anyone fault but I just wish I lived with people who were more like myself.

            “I feel that we are born with certain characteristics that will shine through even though you have the same parents/upbringing.” That’s a good way to view it. I do see your point because even in babies as young as four or five months you can see personalities but I just believe it to be a result of upbringing. I feel that even babies pick up negative or positive nuances in actions, expressions of parents as well as the atmosphere they are brought up in. It speaks very highly of your father that he rose above the difficulties of his childhood. I know a lot of people that just turn bitter and then in turn give bitterness to their own children.

            Then again, I’ve heard so many people say that they wouldn’t bring up their children like their parents did but they end up doing so. I think it takes a lot to break those cycles. What kind of parent do you think you would be?

            Yes, the issues raised are similar but I think it is more forthright about it. It kind of hints of the aspect of nurture as well as leaving it open to being a question of nature and then in the end just leaves it as we will never know and almost comes off as nihilistic. I think what put me off was the rationalisation that he didn’t really know what he was doing which is fine for say every day actions, I mean I don’t always know why I do things or pick this one over that BUT when it’s things like murder, I think there must be more involved. Is it a need for recognition, or feel alive or chemical imbalance? I think to group him into a general group of sociopath is dangerous i.e. they are all the same, a big mystery of nature vs nurture WHEN in fact I think you need to study individual cases within their context and histories. It had that in the story but just didn’t delve into it. WC handled it better, maybe because it was broader and also because the ‘evil’ is something more within the reach of most people rather than being extreme. There is another film coming out called Stoker, written by Wentworth Miller of Prison Break fame and directed by Park Chan Wook of Old boy fame which delves into these issues.

            I am still liking school and I was surprised at the direction of the story, which was better than expectations. Thank you so sharing that story, I started crying…I think you can’t understand this kind of affection unless you’ve felt it. Thank you.

            As for the headers I think my favourite has to be of Yoo in na on the green couch in the purple dress. OK, let me know how you stand on FBND once you have caught up? And anything else you watched. Wishing you happy viewing!

          • Sabah

            P.S. I’m team Jin Rak, there are clauses and disclaimers attached but more on that later, for the moment, though I know it is going to hurt, I’m team Jin Rak!

          • FishcalledWanda

            Soo I’m a bit late with replying, but I did some serious drama watching the past few days.

            I’m all caught up with FBND! I’m loving it so much. What did make you change your mind about being on team Jin Rak? I’m still not sure. I really like that Enrique’s got what it takes to get her out of her shell and he’s really observant though he doesn’t really look like it with all his talking. But I really like Jin Rak too, he’s always caring about her, and I like his deadpan humour. Though I agree with what you said that he’s more in love with the idea of her than the real her. Like it’s pointed out in the recaps, he thinks she’s this really kind person, while when she’s alone she also shows another side of herself. I also don’t like Tae Joon and Seo Young, the hurt on Enriques face is so sad, though he can hide it very well under his chirpy chattering.
            I really like your mention of that jacket metaphor, it was something I noticed but hadn’t really thought of in that way. Looking at it that way really makes sense. They are more alike than they realise, but they act it out in a different way. Really interesting. I also find the second female lead kinda annoying, but she does it in a funny way, so as long as she can keep that up I won’t be put off by it too much.

            Ah that song and scene always give me goosebumps! His way of eating is really disgusting and in combination with the group attacking, makes it such a powerful and meaningful scene.

            Well, I mostly just paint out of my own imagination, and it’s not really based on a visual reality. But sometimes I have this idea in my head, and then it does involve an actual scenery on purpose. But mostly I just start with a colour and paint kind of unconsciously and just focus on what colour would look good with that colour and where the movement of the shape should go. When I’m painting long enough like that it’s almost like a meditation. Works really well for people who tend to worry too much, like me, hehe. And I always listen to music and that really affects the painting too. Sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously. And it’s not that I don’t like people interpreting my paintings as to images that are recognisable, it’s just not everything my painting is. It also feels like a very private thing (and I always feel very awkward showing them) and when for example my dad points it down to just being recognisable as a bird shaped thing, it doesn’t really feel right. I like your sisters comment to just stop seeing and look. But when that’s all you do, you tend to miss those things that add extra meaning, but it can be quite exhausting I can imagine.

            “I feel that even babies pick up negative or positive nuances in actions, expressions of parents as well as the atmosphere they are brought up in”. Yes you have a good point there. My mom always says that because I was her first child she was concerned and stressed over so many things, but with my brother she was much more relaxed because she’d all done it before and that kind of applies to my and my brother’s personalities too. By the way, he has a girlfriend now (his second already!) and I never even went on a real date before. Maybe I’ll have to turn to dating advise to my younger brother eventually! Hehe, shouldn’t it be the other way around? But he’s so relaxed, sometimes I wish I had more of that.
            Yeah, it’s weird that some people who had terrible parents, eventually turn out the same. How can you beat your own child when you were beaten yourself in your childhood? It something that baffles me. Though I can understand (in some remote way), it’s all they’ve ever known and it’s familiar. But then again, you know what it’s like and how it affected you, how can you do the same? I’m so glad my dad decided to do things very differently and be a good parent. I think when I’m a parent I would do a lot of things the same as my own parents. I would be strict, I think. It has almost become normal these days that children are allowed to be rude and aggressive whenever they like and have no respect to their elders. That’s something I don’t want my children to be. I want them to be respectful to me as a parent but also to other people. Being rude is not normal, though it might seem standard. I think I might go overboard with being over concerned, so I’ll have to restrict myself in that to not put all these fears on them. My mom sometimes does that and while it doesn’t really have an affect on my brother it does on me and I already worry and think too much, that only makes it worse. What do you think what kind of parent you’d like to be?

            I cried too while reading that story. I can’t imagine not having my dog around anymore! I’m so glad the dog found a better home than with that farmer who kept him on a chain. How can you do that? Something I also don’t understand is that some people take their dog with them while doing groceries and then they tie dog outside the store on a lamppost or something. Argh, I can’t stand that! The dogs always look so sad and lonely and I just have to pet them, can’t help myself.

            And I’ve been watching a lot of School episodes and I love it! I love the relation between the boys so much, but it’s also killing me! I want them to go back to their old friendship so badly. Those flashbacks make me cry every time. Just thinking about what was and what might possibly never be again makes me sad. But I’m so glad that there are little glints of hope. When Heung Soo told Umforce that Nam Soon didn’t have a reason to transfer because they were friends, it made me so happy. I also kind of like it that the romance storylines aren’t really explored, but that the focus is more on other kinds of relationships. Its different from most (okay, almost every) drama, and I really like that. The dichotomy between Teacher Jung and Teacher Se Chan is also great, they have to adjust and test their own values against each others and that makes good conflict. But Nam Soon’s character is making me so sad. He looks so incredibly lonely and he’s always alone in his house too. That makes that I want them to make up extra badly, cause then he would at least have someone. I just hope that the show doesn’t decide to make a love line after all and in that way drive apart both the boy’s and the girl’s friendships. What are your thoughts? Which characters do you (dis)like?

    • 20.3 enz

      i noticed the one of a guy in a telephone booth – can someone tell me who it is please? thanks

      • 20.3.1 Sabah

        It looks like Ji Sung to me, from protect the boss and PS partner.

        • enz

          thanks -the pic was too small for me to make out the person.

          • Sabah

            No problem. : )

      • 20.3.2 Korazy Lady

        @Enz, where are you looking at that picture. I’ll look at Ji Sung anywhere

        • Enz

          It was the banner. I guess you can check the headers out under categories. Ji sung is cute, although I wasn’t a big fan of protect the boss. Didn’t finish.

          • Korazy Lady

            I loved Protect the Boss. And altho Ji Sung’s hair was horrible, it did get better. I loved the whole rich daughter having to more in with the poor girls, thing, too. I guess there are a few things we can disagree on. 🙂

    • 20.4 swurbel

      I really love the new banners, especially the glittering winter headers too. All DB-banners are very unique and creative.

      I wanted to create a banner too. And the use of Photoshop is not a problem for me. But it is not easy to find a good new concept or idea for the banner. The quality of the banners are quite high, and I think only the best of the best designs can reach the dramabeans-banner-rotation.
      Anyway. Thanks to the designers and DB for the new banners.

      Nice weekend for all of you!

      • 20.4.1 Sabah

        You know failing isn’t blameworthy unlike failing to try. I think you should give it go and create something then submit it to DB. Even if it doesn’t make the cut, I think it would be good for you. At the very least it would give your creative energy a buzz in trying to come up with a concept. Wishing you all the best!

        • swurbel

          Oh, thank you.
          Maybe you’re right. At least I could finish my vampire-prosecutor-nosferatu-style-banner-draft.
          Wishing you all the best too!

          By the way: which banner did you designed???

          • Sabah

            I didn’t design any. I have no computer skills/creativity whatsoever. I kind of sound proud whereas I should be ashamed. hehe.

            Ooh! Vampire prosecutor! I’m interested! The concept sounds innovative. Wishing you best of success for your banner!

    • 20.5 JoAnne

      I wonder if Boong Do knows his woman is laying there on that divan all sexy and come hither while he’s off doing his military service.

      • 20.5.1 JoAnne

        *lying. Not laying. Sigh. I do know better.

        • Korazy Lady

          Good thing you fixed that before the grammar police got to you! 🙂

      • 20.5.2 Sabah

        I love that picture! The creator behind that one has really brought out the colours. It would be interesting to see the original picture to see if and how it has been altered BUT the purple against that green is very alluring NOT to mention her pose, as you noted.

  21. 21 enz

    hello everyone! happy OT and friday.

    it sounds like almost unanimous love for FBND. i am enjoying it but not yet LOVING it as much as the first two oh boy series.

    am so glad i di SUFBB coz that brought sung joon to my notice and that made me watch can we get married, which i love. so difficult to bear with the mom (girl’s ) sometimes so you really know how it feels to be that girl and all the stress that the young couple must be going through.

    i did what i thought was a very korean thing last weekend. my cousin’s baby had her first month celebration ( the chinese call it full moon). and traditionally, there will be glutinous rice coloured with turmeric and hard boiled eggs. i cracked the eggs on my head and various relatives’ heads too. ummm.. well i thought it was funny 🙂

    have a great weekend everyone. am very happy not to be working this weekend

    • 21.1 pillowhead

      Hi ENZ!!! Perfect place to insert my Enz updates. the cracked eggs… that’s a FBRS thing, right? haha.
      Ok, u were right. FBRS is freaking hilarious. I’m still not finished, up to ep. 11 on the recaps. I thought I’d have 2nd lead complex in the begining but Cha Chi Soo wins. He has the best expressions and is the best temper tantrum thrower in all of history. Unlike Rain in full house who drove me crazy with shouty-shouty temper tantrum.

      And FBND. please…soo good.. Jin rak… omo. But I watched Joseon Xfiles so I saw him first. mine.

      ix-nay on my secret identity on FB. LOL. just kidding. Eun Soo is having a hella time on Jen’s page Weehehee. Where is Jennette today?. 😀 AND btw…. You are SOOO cute on your scooter!

      • 21.1.1 pillowhead

        oh I wanted to detail a few funny Cha Chi Soo moments in FBRS:

        That he was still in high school… haha

        tantrum on the phone when he was told there was something his dad couldn’t do. and then you see he was in class.

        deep thought sitting on the floor of the pool, and then he swims up and u c he’s been doing this in the middle of a race.

        His job in the raddish corner, a monkey could do it.

        in his love confession he tells her she’s uglier than him.

        hahaha. ohh there’s so much more…

        • Enz

          *SPOILER ALERT*

          Temper tantrum when his dad took away his wheels.

          Him describing the sport that eun bi was playing, with the hair swaying like a unicorn tail and the body sparkling etc etc and hyun woo going, there’s that kind of sport?

          His dramatic posing on second day of radish serving and he hears a voice from far away calling for more radish.

          I loved that scene when after he agrees to be eun bi’s honey, he calls her the next day demanding to see her ASAP and as he is on the phone a vision of a girl in super high heels is ahead of him and he looks up and it’s yang eun bi in her volleyball costume. The look of desperation as he asks her to Pali Pali Pali is so funny

          You didn’t think I was going to let it go did you. Calling yourself eun soo and staking on all the hot guys!!!

          • pillowhead

            hahaha. those were full on hilarious scenes!!!!!!!!

            any yeah.. i fully expected to scope up all the hotties all under cover. lol

        • pillowhead

          *scoop up*

          • pillowhead


          • pillowhead

            and did I mention that I already watched Joseon Xfiles. hahah. I know I mentioned it like 8 times in the last two OTs. I’m such a show off. hahaha

          • Enz

            I will definitely try to catch Joseon x files ONE DAY… How soon that day comes depend on mr Kim ji hoon and how much I love him after FBND !

  22. 22 Makoto

    Hello everyone…
    I’ve just had visited a friend in neighborhoud city and was surprised when she has a lot kdrama collection. In fact not only drama / movie. She have anything related to korea.
    btw I’m still on the way finishing Capital Scandal and fallin’ love with Ryu Jin.

  23. 23 Saturtledaisy

    Happy OT~
    I’ll keep it short because I still have lots of studying to do. Ohh exam month, why are you so long?
    Pro: I get to stay at home for (over) a month to study, which means I can watch drama’s whenever I want to.
    Con: I have to study. A lot.

    FBND: I’m loving the tone, but I’m scared I’ll get annoyed of
    Enrique’s over-activeness soon. So far, so good though~

    School 2013: Can I just say I’m really really really glad Minki is still alive? Also, bromance done right. I’m starting to feel a little sad they decided to cut all the love-lines, because the first few episodes and interactions between Nam-soon and Ha-kyung were really awesome. Even if they cut the love-lines, at least they could’ve worked a bit more on their growing friendship?

    Alice: Is slowing down imo. I need more of the cute, and I need more of their fun band of friends. Apart from that, I’m glad Se Kyung is becoming a more interesting character.

    I Miss You: I will miss you. Though I think it’s mostly because I enjoyed watching it (which sounds odd for such a sad-ness packed melodrama), but always from a very detached point of view. The flaws in logic? I saw them, but I could just accept it. The cute? Adorable, though there wasn’t that much of it. The story? Could have been written and executed a little better. I’m not sure if the drama ever knew where it was going with its story, since lots of scenes seemed to have been cut or disappeared from the story (?). And of course, all the tear-forcing. I really don’t like it when the drama just so obviously /wants/ me to cry. At least nobody had an incurable disease….

    • 23.1 Saturtledaisy

      Didn’t end up that short after all. Darn.

  24. 24 Sammy

    Happy OT day, chingus!

    I did quite a bit of watching this week.

    I really like School, but I swear, I’mma be so mad if Se chan actually drops out. YOU AND IN JAE ARE A TEAM. WHY CAN’T YOU TWO GET THAT IN YOUR BRAINS?! >:(

    And these kids. Wut. The hell. Is wrong with them. When only four kids raised their hands in objection to In jae leaving, I wanted to kill the rest of them, and strangle some sense into them. She brought back Nam soon, she brought back Heung soo, she kept Young woo, and all is well and good. But then when she tries to bring back a black black sheep, they all shun her. Gah, everything is soooooooo wrong with that. I’m glad they realized how valuable she is later, but seriously. These kids are two-faced.

    And then there’s Jung ho. Awwww, Jung ho’s tough exterior is being pulled back, onion thin layer at a time, and it’s adorable. I really like where writer-nim is going with Jung Ho. S/HE JUST BETTER KEEP SE CHAN!!!

    I also finished Full House Take 2. Gosh, how can two grown men be so friggin’ adorable?? It’s too bad there were people around me, so I couldn’t scream like a fangirl the way I wanted to when Kang hwi came on stage again. Man, I just keep rewatching that scene. It’s so heartwarming and fluffy! <3 And then Tae ik chasing him around Man ok… too adorable. *fan girl squeal*

    After I did that, I decided to challenge myself, and started rewatching Gaksital. Holy crap, that made my brain hurt. In one, Ki woong oppa is so adorable, and his bromance and 4-year-old bickering is just too cute. And then in the other….in the other….

    Holy crap, the other.

    In the other, he's running around, as the best (or worst, depending on how you see it) villain ever. Torturing, killing, shooting, slowly going down the road to insanity and hell. Gosh. My poor brain.

    Ki woong oppa seriously needs "Most expressive eyes" award. The things he can express just through his eyes… it can be heartbreak, it can be insanity, it can be joy, it can be worry, but whatever it is, he can express it, and I sincerely admire him for it. (I also like how he sings. Anyone else?)

    I also started watching The Princess' Man, and so far, I really really like it. The romance is so cute, and the politics are displayed really well. Not so complicated that no one can follow (like American politics, lol) but at the same time, giving enough suspense to make you bite your nails.

    Wow, that was long. XD Sorry 'bout that!

    • 24.1 Sammy

      Also, I forgot to say this about School, but I’m really really glad Min ki didn’t have the guts to throw himself off the roof. That would have been just way too tragic. I loved everything about the interaction between him and In jae, and also between his mother. At least she’s not that bad anymore, and hopefully learned her lesson.

      • 24.1.1 Saturtledaisy

        I think that bit was dealt with really well. Oh I loved when In Jae just gave him that hug on the rooftop. It was exactly what he needed. Why can’t anyone see the awesome mother hen she is to these troubled children?

        • alua

          Yup. I am so glad she gave him that hug. He so needed it.

    • 24.2 Mashimomo

      Hi Sammy! Taking your advice and trying to finish Gaksital and at episode 24 now, yay. I really *don’t* think I can rewatch it after I’m done with the series like you are, but I totally agree with you on Park Ki Woong. IMO i would go further and say that he is the best thing in that whole drama. He is SO GOOD with his facial expressions that you just know when he started going to the dark side, and when it was all over. That side eye sly evil grin, I usually find it cheesy on other actors but he does it so realistic and I always cringe when I see that. Have to check him out on his other dramas as well now.

      • 24.2.1 Lilly

        Love Ki Woong. Hope he is a bad ass in another drama soon even though he is good at comedy also.

  25. 25 Ruth

    Good morning all :-). I’m always late for OT, so will have to go back through and read what everyone’s written in a few minutes (always so interesting and fun and highlight for monotonous Friday mornings…meh to monotonous).

    So, as you may (prolly not though) know, I dropped Cheongdam-dong Alice. I think when it’s over, I’m going to marathon it, because I do miss certain aspects of it. It’s just too frustrating and annoying for me to drag it out. So, I guess that’s not really an abandonment – just a postponement. Maybe. I might not return to it.

    In other news, I Miss You is nearly over and I’m glad but also already missing it. Some people have really not taken to it, but I’ve enjoyed the ride. There’s just enough crazy (psychotic) and just enough fun and just enough eye candy and just enough WTF and just enough of…well…everything for my taste. IMO, all of the lead actors have done an amazing job. Although I’ve really enjoyed PYC and YEH, but it’s been Yoo Seung Ho that’s REALLY impressed me (even though he’s crazy as the mad hatter).

    On that note, and because I think Choi Min Soo is the most bad-ass actor dude on the planet (sorry Chuck Norris), I’ve been watching Warrior Baek Song Doo to fill in the gap left by CDDA. Man, I can’t believe I didn’t watch this before. I may be a closet sageuk fan….or I might have just come out of that closet. Anyway. If you haven’t seen it, and you like a little epic with your drama, this is it. This one will rank right up there with Chuno for me, although hopefully my favorite characters don’t die at the end, but they probably will.

    And then there’s Flower Boy Next Door. My only beef with this so far is that the episodes are too short, and my kids keep messing up my streaming. Of course, it’s early in the series, but I’m hopeful that it’ll maintain the nice balance of cute and serious that it’s had so far. It seems to be a nice addition to the Flower Boy line-up (Shut Up! Flower Boy Band will be hard to unseat from the top for me though).

    Finally – School 2013. I’m not going to say much re: this one because I’ve said so much in other threads. I’ll just say that this is one of the stand-out dramas of 2012 (and prolly 13) in my mind. It’s not been perfect, but what is? I think the writing and acting has been outstanding and these kids should be commended for their performances. Now, if only Se Chan would cut the “um”s in half…or quarters…or just stop saying “um” and “uh.” *rolls eyes.

    • 25.1 Annie

      Choi Min Soo gives me all sorts of feels. He needs to do another drama stat – there are quite a few sageuks in production this year so I hope he gets in on one as the lead. Or a romcom – I’m allowed to dream, I guess.

      • 25.1.1 Mystisith

        I agree: He has that striking charisma. Hard to explain. If he ever ends in a rom-com, I’ll be dead and in heaven for sure.

    • 25.2 cherkell

      Ah, maybe that’s why I’ve gathered a few new followers on Tumblr — I bet they’re checking out my gazillion WBDS pages! Enjoy all The Pretty there, chingu! 😀

      Ah, Choi Min Soo… a high entry on my Hottie Adjusshi List (along with Jeon No Min and Jang Dong Gun). He had a few projects in 2012 that were not very well publicized: “Happy Endings” on jTBC and “Do You Know Taekwondo?” as one of the KBS Drama Specials this past October. I highly recommend “Happy Endings,” as it was not of his usual nappeun namja roles he plays so well. And hopefully his documentary about motorcycling through Korea makes it to someone’s network schedule eventually. I’ve seen some outtakes on various Internet portals and enjoyed the premise!

    • 25.3 Ruth

      I’m going to take a look at the special he did “Father’s House.” It looks like a departure from the norm…but I still can’t imagine him doing anything other than AWESOME. I’m pretty sure if he was in a rom-com, I’d keel over because my heart wouldn’t be able to stand it. I’d also like to see the motorcycling documentary (and will check out “happy endings”).

      I suspect you’re right about your Tumblr, lol.

      *sighs deeply and smiles – so handsome…and well….charismatic.

      • 25.3.1 Ruth


        I just finished “Father’s House.” I haven’t cried over a program (drama, movie, special, etc.) like I did for this ever. What a beautiful and gut-wrenching story. If you haven’t seen it yet, you definitely should. Just make sure to have the tissues handy.

  26. 26 Vaneda

    Hi weekenders,

    I wish KDRAMA have back to back drama on friday night!

    Any stations – takers ?.

  27. 27 Ruth

    Ohhh, I forgot say that I watched some movies (one with my husband). We watched The Good, The Bad, The Weird with Lee Byung Hun. That was a fun and crazy ride (if you like western-like movies). It was really interesting to see something to looks so much like an American-style movie superimposed on the 1920s/30s in Northern Korea/Manchuria/whatever it was called then (stupid occupation forces messing with the Koreans).

    I’ll also be finishing up The Chaser this evening. When I first began watching, it was a cringe fest. Rarely are American films as raw as this without being sensationalistic (damn long word). It was so raw, I almost stopped watching until I found that I couldn’t. While I love kdrama, I’m so impressed with kcinema. I mean, I know there are duds like in anything else. But when they’re on, holy heck are they on. This will erase the stain on my soul left by “My Little Bride.”

    • 27.1 JoAnne

      You two should watch The Man from Nowhere. For you: Won Bin. For him: badassery galore

      • 27.1.1 Rashell

        I second this rec. Won Bin….sigh. And it really is something that the hubby would enjoy too lots of great fighting.

    • 27.2 alua

      There is a lot of really good K-cinema. Keep watching – it’s really worth it.

      If you want recommendations, feel free to ask.

      • 27.2.1 TS

        Please recommend!

        • meanrice

          I watch Man from Nowhere when I have a crap day at work (so often).

          I recently saw The Thieves (it was out in theaters maybe in November), like Oceans 11ish vibe.

          I also watched Romantic Island, from 2008 I think, with Lee Min Ki. Not terrible, but beautifully shot. Also Le Grande Chef with Kim Kang Woo, I enjoyed it. Also it features so much food, have snacks handy.

        • alua

          Tell which genre you generally prefer and a few of your favourite movies are. That way I can give you better recommendations.

          • TS

            I like comedies like runway cop, and I love the sageuks like war f the arrows. And recently I watched grand chef 2: kimchi contest. That was brilliant.

          • Lilly

            Funny, funny stuff in these Komedies

            The Good, the Bad, and the Weird
            Going By The Book
            Attack the Gas Station

            you will LOVE them

    • 27.3 Ruth

      I’ll definitely take a look at A Man from Nowhere and the other recommendations. Thanks everybody 🙂

    • 27.4 Ruth

      I just finished The Chaser…………………..

      first…it’s a great movie.

      second….I’m completely drained emotionally.

      that’s all. I might need to watch a random episode of Boys Over Flowers to recharge.

      • 27.4.1 JoAnne

        I watched A Werewolf Boy last night – all the praise it has received is entirely deserved and uri boy was particularly spectacular

        • Ruth

          I really wanna see this one (Werewolf Boy). After I get through a few other things, my plan is to check it out. I’d also like to see So Ji Sub’s recent movie (can’t remember the title right now – Salary Man or Contractor or something like that).

        • Korazy Lady

          I want to own that movie. Of course, I want to own Song Joong ki, too. 🙂

          • JoAnne

            NA DO

  28. 28 ricky trh

    Hello, wonderful people!
    I haven’t been on the OT for such a long time. I wonder if I’m still remembered. Hmm…
    I see lots of new people. That’s always a good thing!

    Flower Boy Next Door is seriously entertaining! So much heart and yet it’s not too overwhelming.

    Have a great weekend, everyone 🙂

    • 28.1 Leaf

      OMG OPPA!!! Of course you are still remembered!!!!

      Hope you are having a great time!!! And if you have exams DON’T GET TOO STRESSED!!!!!!!!!! <3

      Good luck with everything! xxx

      • 28.1.1 shel

        Leaf! So glad to see you here. I haven’t been on in forever. How are you doing?? (I should probably scroll down and find your post, but I only have a couple of mins…I’ll do that later).

        Hope school is going well for you…

      • 28.1.2 ricky trh


        Exams ended 2 months ago. It’s a new semester. That means the cycle of madness is repeating.

        All the best to you too!

    • 28.2 JoAnne

      Oppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (pout, wiggle) I miss you!

      Not really since I see you around but you’ve been on vacation even there….

      • 28.2.1 ricky trh

        Classes and school stuff kept me from visiting Twitter when all of you are awake. Time difference sucks!

        • JoAnne

          Our boy of the future!

    • 28.3 Korazy Lady

      Woah! You made it to the OT! Orem Manida (on here, anyways.) No falling sleep in class today!

      • 28.3.1 ricky trh

        Oh you know I fell asleep because it wasn’t Dr Swishy Hand’s class.

    • 28.4 cv

      Ricky oppa! We missed u on OT! Lol
      Good to see u. ;p
      Have fun weekend! ^^

      • 28.4.1 ricky trh

        Aww it’s so nice to know that you’re missed!

    • 28.5 zgznoona

      rickya!!! glad to see you in the OT world.
      I started reading from below so I was just seeing Oppa, here Oppa there, an wondering who they were talking about.
      I should have known better.

      • 28.5.1 ricky trh

        You should have known better ;p

    • 28.6 Enz

      Ricky! You and aryast have been missing and I was left all alone carrying the Malaysian flag. Where la have you been? And aryast! Where are you???

      • 28.6.1 ricky trh

        WHERE GOT missing?!
        I wasn’t missing. Got la real life stuff, that’s why.

        p/s I like speaking Manglish with you. lol

        How are you?
        I had my finals 2 months ago, then spent some precious time with my family during the holidays. I’m more active on Twitter nowadays, having crazy conversations with the Twi-nas (Twitter-noonas).

        I trust that you have been behaving well here, Enz. Since you’re representing us Malaysians… Heh 🙂

        • Enz

          Must behave one meh? Why ah? Oh… flirting with twinas can la but come to OT like so difficult.

          I’ve been ok. Oso busy. Can only manage one current and one completed drama it seems. Even then, taking a long time to complete the completed drama! When I work hours are long.

          Study hard! Do well!! And visit OT more often la.. See how happy you made all the noonas here. So few namja here le. We are deprived and depraved lot

          • ricky trh

            Aiya, see how la. No time nowadays to even go online liao.

            Of course la, you have to behave! Being deprived and depraved is not an excuse. When I do drop by, then we can together-gether misbehave!

            Flirting can, visiting OT also can. But it gets harder and harder. Can die from exhaustion wor…

            It’s nice to feel missed.

            Lots of kao kao love 🙂

  29. 29 Trina

    Happy Friday everyone!!! I am like really behind of watching Nice Guy. Oh well, what do you all think about Queen Ambition? As for me, I am waiting for subs for that drama. I love love Flower Boy Next Door and A Hundred Year Inheritance. However, Chae Won hopefully get her memories ASAP because I can not stand that evil monster MIL, nor mama boy ex and that obsessive/possessive sister in law. AT least, the male LEE Jung Shin is HOT but a oil creepy. A guy without taste??? 0.0

    • 29.1 Trina

      Typo lil creepy..

    • 29.2 Annie

      Tried Yawang but I really don’t like where the story’s headed. Even Soo Ae’s sob story didn’t inspire much sympathy in me AND with the promise of some yucky pairings (Soo Ae/Yunho, Kwon Sang Woo / Kim Sung Ryung) later on, I don’t think I’ll be able to sit through this one.

      • 29.2.1 Annie

        Oops, forgot to clarify – yucky pairings in the sense that they’re deceitful and initiated for ambition or revenge.

  30. 30 kdramapedia

    Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

    I miss you guys so much! I’ve nearly completed my move (Saturday I will be 100% moved in! FINALLY!!! GOOD RIDDANCE!!!), but I still don’t have Internet at home, so I’m stuck using the mobile version of this site, which is no fun to comment with! I’m sneaking online while my boss is out for the day, hehe.

    I am IN LOVE with School 2013. The bromances get me right in the heart. I don’t think I’ve watched a show where I cried within the first week of airing.

    Alice makes me super angry. I’m only watching it for oppa and his amazing child-like smile. I am marathoning The Princess’ Man to admire him in a drama that doesn’t make me want to throw my phone out the window. The things we do for love….

    Marathoned FBRS for the millionth time this week. Oh how I love the flower garden! And I am always awed at how wonderful an actor JIW is!

    And how cute is our puppy YSY?! LOVE! I can never wait for the next episode. I need more FBND and I need it now!

    I hope everyone’s doing well! I’ll peek back later 😉

  31. 31 owl

    Frustrating morning – “collecting data for computer crash” was the message on my laptop first thing. Whatever that means, I major can’t deal with it. Then, the “terrible two’s” little guy I nanny for put the robin egg guest soaps in the washer while it was going for a royal soap-a-thon. I just blinked, honest. Honest. And my dog pooped in her food bowl, what??? No way, Friday.

    Thanks, OT-ers for being here. As much as I like turning others onto kdramas (with mixed results) I am going to keep dramabeans to myself. It’s so nice to have a place to rant or rave with kd lovers and addicts without having to explain myself. I’m not ready to share.

    Even so, for all the real life sucky moments, I had a fun week in kdramaland. School2013 and FBND keep me very happy. I don’t think Se Chan will quit. He can’t! I marathoned History of a Salaryman (love the 2 couples, and at times, 4square tangle going on, oh yeah). Jung Ryu Won is right up there for best female leads in my book (Also in KoD). She and Yoo Bang are pop crack together. Best chemistry couple ever! I have 3 eps left, hope it is a good ending.

    Anyone else watching A Hundred Year Inheritance? I’ve hung in for 4 eps, but not sure it has momentum, especially alongside the “energizer bunny” speed of FBND (I love hyper). Also, I’ve had my fill of amnesia for the time being.

    Here’s to a weekend filled with not bad things 🙂

    Oh, is Otomen a worthwhile jdrama? I am still high on Ouran HSHC *super big smile*

  32. 32 TS

    Does anyone know what Kim Woo Bin will do next after School 2013?

    • 32.1 JoAnne

      He’s coming to visit me. You will not be able to reach him (or me) by phone or otherwise, so just accept that and move on.

      • 32.1.1 TS

        Please post videos after. That’ll do me.

        • JoAnne

          Not NEARLY as well as it will do me…

          • Laurita

            haha, can we at least expect some videos on-air? Or else, he might not reach you… Well, you know, everything can happen.

          • Korazy Lady

            I’m within a drivable distance, you know

          • zgznoona


            Unni, this is killing me

          • TS

            Don’t be too sure: he looks a good boy type IRL.

          • JoAnne

            I’m persuasive.

      • 32.1.2 Jeannette

        I hope yo lick him for me!

        • JoAnne

          ha Jeannette – the other day I said I wanted to bite s-one chin – it could have been Yoo Ah In with his tiny scruff

          • Jeannette

            OM NOM NOM

  33. 33 OMG

    Happy OT Everyone….gosh its been a while since the last time i posted…

    Med School has started back up again so no time for kdrama marathoning……just watching one episode at a time…(or two)…hahaha.
    over the break, i started watching Vampire Prosecutor and I LOVES IT!!! this show is soooo freaking amazing and i love the cast…Yeon Jung-hoon…i know ur happily married and all but i luvs u!!! i marathoned thru season one and am currently on ep 6 of season two…trying to slow down so i don’t die waiting for season 3. also the romance between Tae-yeon and Jung-In is so slow yet steamy….. ahhh i cant wait to see what happens especially when she finds out his secret….ahhh!!!!…….the bromance between Tae-yeon and Soon-bum is awesome as well. Just an amazing show and i love how they are not afraid to go dark…not just say that they are dark but actually be dark! loves it!!!
    School 2013…the feels u give me….i just love everything about this show…its almost perfect…for a show that has no romance, its pretty amazing! its realistic too….showing that their is more going on behind the surface on every student in school and not all is love and romance n stuff….hahaha!
    Waiting anxiously for Viki to get the FBND license for i refuse to watch it anywhere else….i find that i cant watch kdramas on any other website cause i just love reading viewer comments as i watch….
    anywhos, how is everyone…

    • 33.1 Mystisith

      Glad to see you’re on the bandwagon of Vampire Prosecutor: Vampy oppa is absolutely fascinating. D:

      • 33.1.1 zgznoona

        If only we didn’t have to wait 10 months for next season.
        I shouldn’t be complaining, since what matter the most is that we will have a season 3

        • OMG

          ugh…waiting sucks…even though we are getting a season 3…n the two prosecutors better hook up this season or the writers and i are going to have a problem……i haven’t finished watching season 2 yet…but i don’t think its happening in season 2 :/

          • Sammy

            THERE’S A SEASON 3?!?! Why did I never hear about this….?

          • OMG

            i think its cause they have not started shooting yet…

    • 33.2 JoAnne

      Wait you’re in MED school? I MET you. You’re barely legal. I thought you were in college.

      Gonna go sit in my corner and mutter about baby doctors while I sip Ensure and eat prunes.

      • 33.2.1 pillowhead

        haha. ohhh Joanne. Scoot over. 😀

    • 33.3 cv

      Hi OMG! ^^

      Good luck with school!

    • 33.4 OMG

      also want to mention that m loving the new headers on DB!!!

  34. 34 Julia

    “I rewatched Goong over the weekend. It was my first drama and I distinctly remember worrying that I had gone crazy.”

    Oh dear how I can relate. What have KDramas done to me? I am concerned at how EMOTIONAL I can get over drama characters. i love. i weep. I care. I read through 47 comments written about each episode by fellow beanies. I want DESPERATELY to discuss my thoughts about fav dramas with people who KNOW.

    Sigh. I’m a goner. I’ve only been watching KDramas for a year, and I know I will never be the same.

    • 34.1 Sammy

      Uwah! I’ve only been watching K dramas for a year as well… Nice to meetcha.

      I never really watch airing shows, because I like marathoning. 😛 Those cliffhangers just do me in, and I can’t do anything else until I find out what happens. It will be the death of me, I know, but yeah…

      I feel what you’re going through. ‘Cause I’m goin’ through the same. @_@

  35. 35 shel

    Trying so hard to not get sucked in the OT today… time, really….


    It’s pointless, I’m sucked. Oh well.

    Life is crazy and stressful these days. Thank goodness for good friends who can always make me laugh or I’d be certifiable, I’m sure.

    I’m managing to follow a few shows. Finished IMY, no time to elaborate on that, but I give it a thumbs up in parts, thumbs down in parts and a “what the heck?” in other parts. It was OK.

    Loving School and FBND.

    I think Alice is kind of where IMY was, sometimes OK, sometimes not, sometimes WTH. If stuff gets crazier and I have to drop something, that will be the one to go, I’m afraid. PSH is adorable, however.

    I dunno if we ever mentioned that Cherkell and I went and saw Werewolf Boy in SF a few weeks ago It was AWESOME. I hear it’s on now, without subs. Totally go watch it.

    OK, I have to go be somewhat productive.

    I miss OTs. Most Fridays I just don’t remember that it’s OT day until the day is mostly over.

    • 35.1 owl

      click *like.* And *relate.*

    • 35.2 cv

      Hi! Sorry to hear ya stress out.
      Take it easy. 🙂

    • 35.3 zgznoona

      Take it easy unni
      I’m waiting for subs to watch Werewolf Boy

    • 35.4 John


      Since you’re in the Bay Area, 49’ers, fighting!

      • 35.4.1 Mashimomo


        So just a side note – I get so stressed on these elimination games so I marathoned Answer Me 1997 during last Saturday’s game. 🙂 Either way I didn’t get to miss the game at all since husband and family were LOUD.

        Carry on…

        • cherkell

          And here I was attending a Niners game-watching party up in San Mateo as a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan. And no, I did not wear my Cheesehead paraphernalia… you think I have a death wish or something? I did come home afters and wrapped myself up tight in my homemade Packers quilt. Sigh.

          But I hate the Falcons more than anything, SO GO 49ERS!!!

          • Mashimomo

            You are a brave soul indeed, but at least you’re not at Candlestick or in that general neighborhood 😉 I’m still deciding if I will marathon another drama during the game this Sunday, HA! Thanks 🙂

        • John

          Mashimomo ~

          I enjoyed AM 1997. Jung Eun-ji !

    • 35.5 cherkell

      Hi dahling! I can totally relate, so hang in there. It *will* get better. I promise!

      I had a dream last night about the end credits scene of “Werewolf Boy.” Maybe because it’s been so cold in our neck of the woods that I’m fantasizing about making snowmen with SJK. It’s a rough life, but I guess *someone* has to live it! 😀

    • 35.6 shel

      Thanks @Cherkell @cv @zgz , everything passes eventually.

      And, @John, it’s been so long since I watched football that I have no idea what’s going on, lol. My hometown team is the Cardinals, last time I paid attention, they kind of sucked, lol. My hubby isn’t a sports guy. I used to watch NBA, the Suns, of course, but now that we don’t have cable anymore, I don’t even watch that. I told my baseball playing nephews that if they made it major league, I swore I”d pay attention to baseball. But, both of them, awesome pitchers being scouted by ASU, blew out their shoulders before they got out of high school. So I was saved, lol. I like going to baseball games, hated watching it on TV.

      • 35.6.1 John


        I watch a lot less sports these days. It helps though when your team wins. As a long time Giants fan, the World Series wins were nice.

        Growing up, we’d take the bus from the East Bay to see games at Candlestick.

        The A’s had a decent run back in the day. We’d take BART to see games at the Coliseum.

        • shel

          I did watch the World Series the year the Diamondbacks played the Yankees. I was just so amazed that this fairly new franchise was taking on the Yankees. And, from my hometown.

          I think Sam watched five minutes of that with me, made a joke about touchdowns (he used to make fun of my sports watching by making football comments during Bball games, etc). I had my nephews on the phone while we were watching together. Love those boys, it’s a good memory.

          BUt, alas, we let the satellite go when we lost a job four or five years ago and decided we didn’t miss it enough to reinstate it when we got employed again. So, surfing competitions up the road are the most sports we get now. Mavericks is this weekend….as a NoCal person, you may know what that is….

  36. 36 oftheshore

    Hello everyone! So we’re battling with snow, and I’m struggling with my conceptual framework still. I recently saw Life of Pi – and loved it. Even as an agnotic, I appreciate film and book that raise issues related to religion and spiritualty, and it also helped that the film’s technical exectuion was nearly flawless. Rewatched Cyrano Agency and recommended it to everyone I spoke to this week, thus spreading the K-movie love. 🙂

    • 36.1 Laurita

      I’ve just downloaded Cyrano Agency (for the sake/love of Choi Daniel) and planning to watch it this night. Hope that’s good. 🙂

      • 36.1.1 oftheshore

        It’s good in that it has a universal appeal, it’s well-written, well-acted and has some pretty good jokes, too.

        • Laurita

          that’s a really good news for me 🙂 Somehow I don’t seem to find any interesting romantic easy k-movies (I’m still kind of new in k-films’ sphere).

          • oftheshore

            This film felt like something that could have been made in Europe or Hollywood. I always recommend it to friends who don’t normally watch K-dramas and are simply looking for a good comedy. PSY is really cute in this, too.

  37. 37 Julia

    Can someone explain what a level 7 civil servant is? Is that some govermental pay scale? So like a postal worker or tax collector or city official?

    • 37.1 zgznoona

      Most likely, in this case they are agent from the secret service.

    • 37.2 Ruth

      Julia, it is a government classification – kinda like MI5 and MI6 in England. The higher the number, the higher the security clearance and/or more covert.

    • 37.3 Windsun33

      Good article on Korean civil servants here

      Level 9 is entry level , so level 7 would be probably a professional but non-supervisory. There is supposedly a level 10 in local governments, but it may not be an official grade.

      • 37.3.1 Ruth

        Those who make copies? (guess I should have said that in BRITAIN…the higher the number, the more authority)

  38. 38 zgznoona

    totally forgot about OT, then I came in here and saw how many messages. *Shivers *
    Real life is keeping me busy, but I’m not complaining because it’s all good.
    On the drama front I’m feeling kind of empty. Most of the dramas I’ve been watching are ending or close to end, and knowing that my life won’t allow me to follow ongoing dramas, I’m trying to stay away from the new ones. So hard, tho.
    So tempted to start Leven 7 Civil Servant next week, So tempted to check some of the new jdramas.
    Why?!! Oh, why?!! Well, I hope next month by this time I won’t care much about the dramas. At least till I’m back home.

    In any case I’m madly in love with FBND, so far that show it’s almost perfect. I need an Enrique in my life. Though, I perfectly know he would test my patience.

    I’m still enjoying Alice, but I’m seriously worry about it. That lie has to explode soon, it’s driving me nuts.

    • 38.1 zgznoona

      Oops! I forgot I’m also watching School, this last two episodes were great. I started feeling for the characters, that I have to admit I felt a little bit distant at first. But seeing them coming together I guess helped me to feel them closer to me

      • 38.1.1 Ruth

        School kinda reminded me of what it actually felt like to move into a new school as a kid. You start out a little disoriented, not sure who’s who or what’s what and not necessarily caring. Then you spend some time with your new classmates and learn to love/hate/care/despise them. That’s how it’s been with me and this drama – the more I’ve gotten to know the characters, the more they’ve made real impressions on me. I think that’s one of its strengths – at least from my perspective.

      • 38.1.2 Enz

        Ahhh. That describes how I was feeling. Distant. Not engaged. Have stalled at episode 10. Planning to complete but been too busy to follow more than two dramas. So you post gives me hope. Thanks

        • zgznoona

          this week was really intense and rewarding.

          • enz

            thanks. noted 🙂

  39. 39 Carole McDonnell

    Watching (or hoping to watch) a lot of J-dramas.

    Biblia Koshodo No Jiken Techo looks like it might be good.
    The one about the woman lottery winner — Shotenin– looks good. Not sure what to think of main protag.
    Tsume no batsu/crime and punishment: hoping to hold on this one although it’s kinda harsh.
    Saki: still watching it.
    Piece: Gotta catch up.
    Switch girl 2: finally getting subbed. I’m a ditz but i really do like this silly drama.
    Waiting for Saikou no Rikon to be subbed.
    Itsuka Hi No Ataru Basho De seems like it’ll win my heart.

    Watching and loving Flower Boy Next Door, my current fave with School and Alice tying for second. Waiting for Level 7, waiting for Sirius to be subbed. Trying to catch up with Romantic and the Idol season 2.

    Trying to get up the nerve to watch Himawari/sunflowers
    Waiting for the raw for the last episodes of Priceless.

    Still liking Monsters but wary about what’s gonna happen with yamapi’s love interest. I so wish they had done more with showing his partner’s supposed evil and showed his rich life that he left to become a cop. Am glad they gave him a pudgy girlfriend but they also didn’t do much with that. So it’s a drama that’s fun to watch for the mystery aspect alone but weirdly empty and perhaps lacking in depth.

    Watched Maou, which is a J-drama based on the Korean drama, The Devil. HAd me on my toes all the while but it left me strangely untouched. Main cop protag was constantly “running” which I guess was to show well…that he’s hurrying..but aaargh. It started looking silly after a while. Also, I really hate the way J-dramas use a particular body type to show us what we should think of a person. K-dramas are better at not stereotyping folks but Maou had a guy who was supposed to be weak and snivelling so they kinda made the actor weak and snivelly with glasses and they made the loan shark look like a loan shark and the flaky blackmailing friend look like a well…. it’s something korean dramas don’t do to such a degree. I’m particularly hissy about this because I sat through way too many animes with the bad guy (or the stupid guy) being weirdly darker in skin tone than everyone else with features that were somewhat …well… anyway, when I see the same kind of stuff in dramas, I’m none to patient. Granted American shows do it a lot as well — italian guys (whether gangsters or not) talking like they’re all from the Bronx or bad italian guys sloppily hoggily eating way too much pasta. But it kinda ruined Maou for me.

    So am gonna watch The Devil, which (I hear) is really way awesomer than the j-version.

    Thanks for all the recapping and other work you do.

    • 39.1 TS

      What’s Saki about? That’s the name of the dog I had growing up, so you just totally caught my attention!

  40. 40 TS

    I’m depressed there’s only 3 more episodes of School 2013. Watching Heung-soo has become my crack. This as bad as a countdown to quitting smoking.

    Maybe we can get Heung-soo in an angsty shower scene???

    • 40.1 JoAnne

      I’ll see what I can do…

      • 40.1.1 TS

        Atta girl!

  41. 41 Jeannette

    Caught up with School and FBND, but still behind on Alice.

    Going to the store to grab some chopsticks, whoot.

    I’ll read all of these delicious comments later!

    (And I just missed my SHINee album so I have to wait another day, boo).

    • 41.1 pillowhead

      Jeannette! Eun Soo says hi 😀 Wow, it’s not easy being a secret agent for the Kworld. I kept forgetting which profile I was on. lol.

      • 41.1.1 Jeannette

        LOL Pillowhead, I keep forgetting who is who! I need a WHO ARE YOU thread haha!

        • pillowhead

          lo!l here’s the secret code: Patty= Eun Soo, Melzee= Bo-ah Jo. cute Malasian Girl on scooter = Enz. hahahaah

          • pillowhead

            oh… Pillowhead= Patty=Eun Soo.

          • Jeannette

            HAHHAAH Awesome…code crackin’!

  42. 42 Trina

    According to Asianwiki it Hundred inheritance is 20 episodes. I thoght it was 50 episodes. Also, I am loving Flower boy next door. I watched with subs twice. I am happy just read the recaps of Cheongsdam Alice due to stopped watching that drama. I am looking forward to The Wind that Blows and hope it is good.

    • 42.1 Laurita

      20 eps – really? I also thought it was 50 eps. Hm…….

  43. 43 TS

    I wish Vampire Idol’s episodes were all subbed or, at least all recapped. I love me some Kim Woo Bin and like to know what’s happening when he’s talking…

    • 43.1 TS

      And also to get the jokes!

      • 43.1.1 Jeannette

        Yeah, that’s why I gave up at episode two…I saw so much was unsubbed and didn’t want to fall in love with it too much before having to quit.

  44. 44 TS

    And can anyone tell me the episode where Yu Bi unhoods or, at least where she and Kim Woo Bin become a couple? That way, I can skip ahead to that cuteness.

  45. 45 TS

    One more question: what’s the status on Kim Nam Gil (see, I can think of men other than Kim Woo Bin) and his latest film, the Backwards Running Man? Is it being filmed, when’s it to be released etc?

  46. 46 KimYoonmi

    Watching new dramas:
    Share House no Koibito
    Not translated yet, but I understand enough Japanese to get the Jist. Definitely watching it all the way through.

    It’s about an OL that pretty much avoids being noticed. She has a crush on a guy who is estranged from his son. She’s living in a house with someone who claims to be an alien and a woman who pretends to be melodramatic and ill-fated about everything in order to gain sympathy (She’s really annoying, even when you don’t understand what she’s saying).

    It’s a comedy since the love line is between her and the guy who thinks he is an alien. (The show even goes as far to say he is).

    I don’t expect a pretty bow on the ending, but it should be interesting.

    Flower Boy Next Door
    Definitely watching this to the end. A really good slice of life.

    Still watching…
    Horse Doctor
    Going to China finally mixed things up a bit, but I still have the thing on fast forward. I’m tracking the hats–did anyone but me notice the traveling hat? The hat went from main evil dude to good guy to main evil dude’s minion to his son… it’s been traveling. I noticed because the thing attached to the samo (type of hat) has a “good fortune” stamp on it and it’s at the rounded part. But everyone has been mixing up their hats. It’s about the only entertainment I get from the show.

    Why is the main female lead so dull compared to the second leads? I wish the second leads were the match. Also that the second leads had a bit more of a hand in things.

    Favorite character is still the princess. I like her bucking tradition so consistently.

    Jeon Woochi
    Not really watching… mostly because the females are kinda disabled in the show.


    Working through Jebal Chaebol (the script I’m working through). The characters are wackier than I expected.

    I also figured out the episode format as:
    15:00 minutes in the 1 act ends.
    3 seconds for series title card
    30 for opening
    10-20 for episode title
    1-2 minutes for episode overlap
    4 minutes
    11 minutes are in the rest of the act.

    15 minutes in the 2nd act ends.
    15 minutes in the third act ends
    15 seconds for the ending title
    35 seconds for the episode preview
    1:00 credits
    5 minutes of commercials
    15pages=1 act.
    47 pages total

    Koreans format their scripts differently than Americans though.
    Scene heading
    Stage directions/setting

    [Complete Name]: [Line]

    [Complete Name]: (special action) [Line]

    Working on learning Korean as a refresher again too. I’m not sure I’d be fluent enough to translate the script though. I do have the outline.

    Still need casting for the second leads and the supporting characters. Park Ye Jin, I was debating for the female second lead.

    You can find the cast list here:

    Doing this to brush up on my Korean and for my friend’s entertainment. =P I’ll be putting in sponsor stuff for the sake of fun too.

    • 46.1 KimYoonmi

      Oh and Switch Girl 2. I like the fluffiness.

    • 46.2 Lovebug

      Wow, this is pretty awesome! Can wait to read more! You reconsidered casting Daniel Henney? I like Park Ye Jin, (she was great and so beautiful in I love lee Taeri) but she gives off a more mature vibe versus innocent…

      Anyway this is pretty cool, and I love the main couple cast!!

      • 46.2.1 KimYoonmi

        I need someone fluent in English more than Korean though. Also a pretty face that I can do shower scenes with. That way I can gag the image of Daniel Henney shower scene v. Kwang Soo shower scene. Kwang Soo:

        Daniel Henney:

        which one in a shower? Haha.

        I want to make fun of the brooding men the objectifying men in K-dramas, just a bit. Yes, while objectifying them at the same time. *grins*

        If there is a better alt, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll imagine Daniel Henney in the role and adjust the script to it.

        Supporting roles I’m also on the fence about. =P I don’t know if the actors will accept the contract unless it’s from Anthony Kim. Or maybe because it’s Anthony Kim.

        Someone who can seem tough as nails, fierce, and really caring. I can’t seem to think of anyone that age… ^^;; The character I’m going to base on my own Korean grandmother. She drank a lot, played go-stop, suffered through her husband leaving her and pretty much with a bunch of other ajumma ran the neighborhood. Despite her hardships, she wasn’t the kind you felt sorry for. I need an actress that can play similar.

        • Lovebug

          Ha Daniel Henney may be the way to go then. But what about Kim Ji Suk his english is pretty good (I think he lived abroad for quite some time) and he is pretty adorable!

          For second lead girl what about Shin So Yool from Answer me 1997? She can plate cute, innocent plus have a bit of edge if needed?

          Yes, its obvious we need Antony Kim involved in this to get the casting done properly! lol

          Ha man I wish this was an actual drama!

    • 46.3 alua

      Share House no Koibito… I want to watch that, but I still need the subs. :-/

    • 46.4 Saturtledaisy

      Your script… can’t wait to read it ~~

  47. 47 TS

    Someone please translate School 2013 ep 14 preview:

  48. 48 Jeannette

    Alright. I’m home. What happened in K-dramaland this week? Let’s see.

    Got the kid and her friend to watch some more TTBY and they both really love it. I’m dying for them to finish it! AGH! MINHO! <3 My Minho crush is rearing it's ugly head again.

    Infinite H's album and Jaejoong's album both dropped this week and are currently in the mail TO ME! YES! I can't stop listening to Infinite H's Special Girl. It's amazing, plus when did Hoya and Dongwoo get so damn sexy? MY GOD.

    My Onew obsession is still at full-blast. My oppa still thinks it's cute especially since he's confirmed that Onew is really popular with the ladies in Korea (duh, I pick the GOOD ones!). Also a rumor is that Onew is taken, but that's okay. He just never met me!

    Lee Jun-ki has a new album coming out! And his Volume 2 of "Hello Korean" is out this month, too! Finally I get to add it to my Volume 1 and ever expanding collection of Korean textbooks.

    I think that's it for now. 🙂 Love you guys!


  49. 49 Lovebug

    Hey guys,
    Totally forgot it was Open thread Friday! OT is hopping today! This wee I finished Smile, You – super adorable!

    Rewatched Dr. Champ, that drama is shot soo beautifully. Reconfirmed my love for both Jung Gyu Woon and Juk Suk Won. Though I found Kim So Yeon’s character more annoying this time than the first time around.

    I really like FBND, after the first two episodes I thought for sure I was going to have a bad case of second lead syndrome but now am starting to be on team Enrique after 3 & 4. (Somehow I forgot the magnetic force that is Yoon Shi Yoon). But i just love Kim Ji Hoon soo much!! Otoke!

    Regarding Alice, though I am still engaged my addiction to this show is waning. They are going really dark with Sekyung’s character. I find her actually to the scariest character on the show. Not sure how they are going to make me be ok with them ending up together in the end. I pray they know what the heck they are doing! PSH I still love you!

    Debating on what to watch now, I want something light and easy but there seems to be a shortage of on those shows that I haven’t already watched.

    In other news I have now officially converted my mother in to a K drama fan. Dedication does pay off.(muhahahah muahhhahaha, ahem)

    So I used to always encourage (force) her to watch Kdramas when she came to visit me. She had a momentary interest in Secret Garden, but the body switching plot device lost her. Then this past summer we watched Tree with the Deep Roots which she totally ate up. (Her first time using the “Just one more episode” till 3am). So finally over the christmas holiday we marathoned Can you hear my heart and that was the final straw that broke the camels back. She texted me on monday asking where she could find more episodes of FBND. I had to regretfully inform her that she couldn’t marathon that drama. I did point her in the direction of Shining Inheritance which she as of yesterday had almost finished. (One day she stayed up till 6am watching dramas!) I am just so proud!!! She is already asked me what to watch next and I am trying to give her more melo recommendations since that seems to be her sweet spot.

    Can’t wait to be able to talk about dramas with her!! I now have 2 conversions under my belt!

    Have a great weekend beanies!

    • 49.1 owl

      Way to go – you should be very proud to have converted your mother! While I liked Secret Garden, I can see how a first timer might not dig it right away. I wonder if she might like A Gentleman’s Dignity. There was an awful lot to like in that show, and if you don’t like one of the characters, there are plenty others in this drama to root for. Or maybe Prosecutor Princess?

      Onward, lovebug , *fighting!*

      • 49.1.1 Lovebug

        Thanks owl! Hmm I wasn’t able to finish Gentleman’s dignity I think partially because not enough was happening. Prosecutor Princess happens to be one of my favorite dramas of all time. For some reason I am always hesitant to suggest that drama to newbies because I think its so good because it circumvents many of the drama clichés. But maybe my mom is ready for it!

    • 49.2 Korazy Lady

      Oh Lovebug, you have me laughing! We are a unique group here, who cheer when we make new converts and then applaud them for staying up all night to watch! Congratulations to you!

      • 49.2.1 Lovebug

        Ha, thanks! I feel like its right of passage to be celebrated! We are a interesting bunch for sure!

  50. 50 mud

    Happy Friday everyone!

    Just gonna leave this request here…. Will we see a return of Variety Roulette? And if so, can it be Three Fools with Suguen, Jong-min, Ji won? That is, if the lovely Dramabeans ladies have the time and energy to do it. Thank you for being awesome!