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389 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Fairycutter

    Happy friday beaners…

    tonight, i decided to watch level 7… for better or worse, still need to check this one out…

    • 1.1 Mystisith

      Hello Fairycutter! ^^
      It’s my day off & I’m watching ep 1 right now. *13 mins in & liking it so far*.

      • 1.1.1 Fairycutter

        Hi Mystisith! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        mine still in download mode, but i’ll watch it right after finish its dl…

        hope i like it too…

      • 1.1.2 snow_white

        same with me….i’m also watching ep 1 right now ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Laurita

          ep 2 for me :). Though I blame myself for reading recap first. The same happened with ep 1: when I finally turned it to watch I got borried and fast-forwarded most of the show, stopping at some places, turning back to recap and only then noting :so thaaat’s what should have been funny”. Hope, next one is better ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks so from the recap.

    • 1.2 ck1Oz

      Hi everyone * waves *
      In the middle of ep 2 Level 7. If you ignore the fact it doesn’t have the same vibes as the movie, the episodes are actually pretty funny.

      It is not rubbing me the wrong way. I don’t quite see the chemistry but the acting all round is good. Not to mention it’s a zippy little 2 episodes and I am curious enough now to know how the story goes.

      In the meantime, happy chatting everyone.

      For those who watched In Between like me last week, I am done. No regrets watching it. Got me in a great mood. Now I am all ready to tackle Korean dramas again. Nothing like a mood lifter drama to get you out of a drama funk.

      • 1.2.1 Mystisith

        Talking about uplifter dramas which reconcile you with Dramaland: Pricele$s ep 10 was perfect in my book. Perfect drama, perfect ending. Woah! Didn’t feel a feeling of completion like that in a long time. I’m marrying that drama & waiting for the Special.

        • ck1Oz

          Is that a drama? I don’t even know which country that is from?

        • kakashi

          I saw your Tweets about this drama, Mystisith … if KDramas keep letting me down (as they have recently) and I run out of old ones, I’ll give this a try!

          • Shukmeister

            I thoroughly enjoyed Priceless, and would recco it as a breezy watch.

        • owl

          oooh, I’m on a jdrama kick. Will definitely check this one out. Got very little sleep this week marathoning jdramas – my first run on them ๐Ÿ™‚

        • alua

          Priceless was indeed lovely! Always so funny. I did rather like how it ended – Karina’s romance nightmare (hahahaha!!!!) and the fact that our three besties stuck together, and how they dealt with the whole Miracle debacle and the older half-brother.

          Maybe it wouldn’t happen like that in real life, but it felt good, not forced or anything!

      • 1.2.2 Fairycutter

        *waves back*
        Actually i never considering this as the drama version of MGIA, this drama just happen to have same theme (spy and dating) with the movie…

        • ck1Oz

          I thought it was supposed to be the drama version of the movie. But the leads back story changed so many times I’ve lost track.

          • Fairycutter

            at first maybe… but if i’m not misremembered, once i read the leads background, suddenly puff… hell no way this is drama version..

        • kakashi

          I think it’s very wise to see it as “Similar” or “inspired by” and not more.

          • Fairycutter

            Agree, nothing more nothing less.

      • 1.2.3 Lovebug

        I just started In Between and am really enjoying it! I am only like on episode 5 so I am hoping it keeps its light and fun tone. (The main couple is so adorable when they are on screen together).

        I am a little aprehensive because of the dragging and angst that many of last couple of T-dramas I have watched devolved into. (ie. Fated to Love you).

      • 1.2.4 yoga girl

        were can i watch in between with eng sub?

        • Termas

          I just finished In Between a day or two ago; I really enjoyed it, though for a while I was afraid they were going to go for the draggy/angst route.

          You can watch it on Viki.

          • yoga girl

            thank you

    • 1.3 ladysarahii

      That’s my plan for this weekend… I keep hearing such mixed things about Level 7, but I never saw the movie so maybe it’ll be fresh to me, haha.

    • 1.4 kakashi

      Heya, Fairycutter&Mystisith!
      It’s currently on my “To watch”-list. But I am not too eager, to be honest. I’m still watching Joseon X-Files, which is superb, so I guess I’ll marathon that first before I start on L7CS.

      • 1.4.1 Fairycutter

        can i know where to dl JXF ep 5 onward with good sub please? cause i can’t dl after 5, so i stop watching long time ago…

      • 1.4.2 Enz

        Kakashi, are you watching Joseon xfiles ahem on account of someone in it? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • OMG

          i know that’s the reason i watched it….*ahem*

        • kakashi

          ahem … what could you mean? ๐Ÿ™‚
          In all seriousness, it’s been on my watch-list forever; a certain someone just accelerated the process

          • Enz

            Ya it’s on my tbw list too .. Goodness knows when though

    • 1.5 Leaf

      Joo Won is awesome so it can’t be bad right…?
      LOL… I so want it to be good. Dear Drama gods make this good!

      • 1.5.1 ck1Oz

        Just finished ep 2. The ending was awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 1.6 Fairycutter

      i got my eyes for 2nd ep of level 7 and i sorta like-hate it…

      uhmforce, please don’t die before episode 16…
      i like the baddie trio include the girl who cant die before finish kill all… so is the dongseng who hesitant to kill..

      i hate the parents, both sets… i missed parent from TK2H..
      anyone know J,K,C Drama that had awesome parents for both leads?

      about the rom-com-action genre… don’t care,,, just enjoy it, for now at least.

      oh, the hair not so bad (CKH) or maybe dramaland has to many worst cut, that this is hard to get on the club…

      • 1.6.1 yoga girl

        in time with you a T-drama has awesome parenth

        • Fairycutter

          Bolin and Ariel right? already watch, thanks…

  2. Korazy Lady

    Good Morning Fellow Bearners! Hope you had a good week! Watching Queen of Ambition – wow. Also A Hundred Year’s Inheritance which so far is pure makjang, and my favorite Flower Boys Next Door. Fell asleep through Civil Servant Level 7 but will give it a try.

    It’s beautiful here in Florida and company is coming, so I’m off to clean. Have a great day!

    • 2.1 Korazy Lady

      Oh well, we all know that was Beaners, not Bearners, right! Just a little Scottish twist to it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 2.2 kakashi

      You’re the Queen of Melo! Wow! Well, at least you have FBND to save the mood ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 2.2.1 Korazy Lady

        I’m looking for some cute ones, but I can never stick to them. I thought CCDA would do it, but nope. I’d rather know going it it’s melo than have a lighthearted drama go south!

        Hopefully CSL7 will work but I didn’t really get pst 15 minutes last night – too tired!

        • kakashi

          haven’t yet started. I fear I may not like it … actually, I might wait a little and then marathon a few. It helps sometimes (I tend to be less critical when I marathon)

          • Korazy Lady

            I definitely feel the same way. Since I’m going to be so busy, it may work out that way anyways

    • 2.3 Ruth

      I fell asleep during CSL7 too. Haven’t decided if I can enough to go back and watch the end.

  3. ladysarahii

    Happy Friday! Apparently we’re getting ice and sleet all morning, so I hope my commute won’t be too bad.

    I’m sad School 2013 is ending. I feel like I just fell in love with it. Dang Jang Nara being all talented and busy and stuff. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also enjoying Flower Boy next door… I felt kinda meh about it at first, but now I’m getting into it. I enjoy it while it’s on, but I can wait between episodes, if that makes sense.

    Watching High Kick Through The Roof and accidentally spoiled myself. Whoops. I need to learn how to not click on links, no matter how tempting they seem to be.

    • 3.1 Ash

      So, SO sad that School is ending. I know extensions practically never do anything good for quality, but man, now that the last episode’s coming up? I kind of wish the show had gotten one after all.

      I’m curious how exactly they’re going to end it, though. With so much focus on character development, I wonder how it’s going to pull off giving a sense of a closure without tying too neat a bow on everything. (I do have confidence that whatever they do, it’ll work and be good. And that’s why I’m going to miss you so much, Show.)

      • 3.1.1 TS

        Maybe they’ll close off with captions saying what people end up doing in 10 years time.

        • ladysarahii

          Oh, I hope so. I’d love to know those kids are doing well.

    • 3.2 pogo

      Oh gods the heartbreak when I realised that School 2013 had only 16 episodes and not the 20 I thought it had at first…..

      I haven’t had anticipatory missing-it ache this strong since Arang, we’re nowhere near ready to let go of these characters yet – I started watching it anticipating some fluff with heart, but it turned out to be SO much more.

      FBND, now that one I can’t get enough of – I save an episode to watch over weekends so I don’t have to wait too long between episodes, ha. I’m kind of in love with our heroine, and with all her boys – but especially Ke-geum, his hyperactive bunny self is adorable.

      • 3.2.1 TS

        I know, right? It really upsets me that it’s only 16 episodes. I wish it was around the 20 mark.

    • 3.3 Sammy

      Yeah, the fact that School is ending is really sad. I’m wondering how they’re going to wrap everything up. There’s still a TON of loose threads all over the place.

      With that said…. *hugs Se-chan* It’ll be alright, it’ll be alright….

    • 3.4 alua

      I feel School 2013 is going to be my top drama (certainly K-drama) of 2013 and we’re only in January.

      But I don’t see what could beat it. It’s got everything I need in a drama. A high-school set story (my favourite kind of setting). Fabulous characters. Bromance galore (that ramyun eating scene in the most recent episode was just pure awesome). Wonderful eye candy. Tackling real problems and problems that matter and should be tackled and often aren’t. It’s always felt very true to life and slice-of-life to me (even if there are some cultural difference that I can’t quite relate to – but that’s okay.)

      And doesn’t contain anything of the things I hate in K-dramas like romance competitions with evil or irritating leads that drive you bonkers.

    • 3.5 OMG

      m actually surprised that School 2013 hasn’t tackled the issue of sex or homosexuality…..this is why there needs to be multiple seasons…*crosses fingers*

      • 3.5.1 TS

        I’m replying a little late but when i saw your comment on Friday, it got me thinking. so, I was wondering, if anyone’s checking back, what would be the teen pregnancy rate in Korea? Because if sex is a big deal in that students in that high school expect to have it, then it should be high enou to be viewed as a societal concern, right? And then it would be natural to have both sex and its aftermath an issue in a show about school life.

        But if having sex in high school is pretty taboo, then the most we could expect to see is some actual dates between some of the students. (Which would not be a bad thing, especially since k dramas have been reminding me what dates look like…)

        As fr homosexuality, that could’ve been something they could’ve tackled in extra episodes, either with a student coming out or a new transfer student. Or a student from a different ethnic group who’d been raised in Korea.

        I’m glad they tackled learning disability at least with Young Woo.

  4. myweithisway

    Happy OT!

    RL is taking over my drama life and I’m not liking it one bit!

    Anyone know which kpop acts might be holding concerts in China over the summer? I’d search for the info but I don’t have a lot of time right now.

    And lastly, I want to give a shout out to Thundie because she’s awesome!


    • 4.1 Windsun33 has some info, mostly Taiwan tho.

    • 4.2 Korazy Lady

      I love Thundie! Hers was the first blog I read. It’s been so tough for her for so long. Fighting, Thundie!

      • 4.2.1 sweetpea

        Just saw her newest post. What’s going on? Is she the one fighting cancer? :/

        Seems like there’s been a lot going on for her. I’m pulling for her to get through whatever she’s going though.

        • Korazy Lady

          It is not her but not sure if I’m at liberty to say who it is

    • 4.3 dany

      Thundie, you can do it!

    • 4.4 Leaf

      Damn Real Life being annoying and stuff urgg.

    • 4.5 Fairycutter

      Thundie GO GO GO!!!

  5. aoiaheen

    Hello everyone. Happy friday. I’m watching the jdrama “Piece”. It’s ok so far. I love how different the look and feel of a jdrama is compared to a kdrama. Though my first love is still the world of kdramas.

    I want Kame to appear in some tatta hitotsu no koi type drama soon. Or maybe they could remake that as a kdrama? I’d like to see Kim Bum in that role.

    Speaking of whom, oohh so excited for that winter that blows.

    • 5.1 Windsun33

      I am also digging around for more Taiwan and J-dramas myself. After watching probably over 100 K-dramas (in some cases with a lot of fast forward and skipping), I am starting to wish for some new themes, but a lot of the k-drama seems stuck in a rut.

      BTW, has anyone EVER EVER EVER seen a K-drama where someplace in the series someone did NOT mention using honorifics? Only one I can think of “My girlfriend is a Gumiho”, but I may have missed it.

      • 5.1.1 pogo

        White Christmas doesn’t seem to have any mention of jondae/banmal that I can remember, either.

    • 5.2 alua

      Kame is playing 33 different roles in Miki Satoshi’s upcoming movie Ore Ore (It’s Me, It’s Me). Knowing Miki it’s going to be one bizarre film, but I can’t wait!

    • 5.3 belle

      Can’t wait for That Winter, the Wind Blows! It will be awesome for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. RockPaperScissors

    Happy Friday everyone!

    This is my slow season at work and I have been taking advantage by watching some older dramas that are on my list.

    Damo – Unbelievable that a drama that is a decade old could knock me off my feet. I’m still in awe.

    Also watched Delightful Girl Chun Hyang and a little gem called Thank You. Loved them both.

    I’m not sure yet about Level 7, will see how it shapes up. What is everyone else watchng?

    • 6.1 ladysarahii

      Damo sounds really interesting, and I like Ha Ji-won, so I’m gonna have to put it on my list when I have some more time. Thanks for mentioning it!

    • 6.2 Shukmeister

      RockPaperScissors –

      DGCH was my first introduction to Jae Hee and Um Tae-woong! It’s still up there as one of my favorites, and helped promote my love of a man who confidently wears pink!

    • 6.3 Ruth

      “Thank You” was one of the first kdramas I watched, and it still ranks among my favorites. I loved that it was rural and tackled some difficult issues. It was also a major reason for me becoming a fan of Jang Hyuk.

      I thought Delightful Girl Chun Hyang was alright. It had a couple themes that tend to annoy me consistently, but I did make it through the whole thing…so obviously it kept my interest.

      I haven’t seen Damo yet. Working through Warrior Baek Dong Soo right now, which has been fantastic. Am thinkin’ that I may actually be a sageuk fan without realizing it.

      Also watching FBND (so cute) and reading recaps for CDDA (it’s too annoying to actually watch).

      I’ve also tried CSL7, but not sure if I care enough to keep watching.

  7. ck1Oz

    Hi not meaning to plug the drama. But the translations were just done in the last day. And the soompi thread is dead quiet.
    Who thought this was going to be like Salaryman?
    * Me raises hand *
    Seriously freaked out it’s a 24 episode drama. This is one where even from the beginning I say, please no extension. It’s not even makjang. It doesn’t come off sounding makjang but man, it does sound like a serious drama doesn’t it?

    • 7.1 Mystisith

      Will check it out at least but… money is not sexy in my eyes. Ottoke?

    • 7.2 Windsun33

      Viki is supposedly pretty close to having their Roku channel ready to go, hope so. Drama Fever cannot seem to keep up, and Hulu does not get them all.

      • 7.2.1 ck1Oz

        ?? I had to Google what is Roku.
        What is a Roku channel on viki?

        • LizJ

          Individual apps on Roku are called “channels”

          So, there is a Netflix channel, a Hulu channel, a Dramafever chennel, etc. Most of the channels themselves are free, but a lot of the channels are subscription services.

          And I hope that if Viki is almost ready to go that they’ve improved their interface. It really needs improvements. As of last week, it just showed categories and then had every episode of every show available on Roku in the category.

          Netflix, Hulu, DramaFever, KDrama/CrunchyRoll etc. give you a drill down from category > show > episodes

          Also, I believe it was missing search as well.

          • Mashimomo

            Ok I tried looking for Viki on my Roku channels and still could not find it! Could you please PLEASE tell me what category to look for, I have gone to TV/Movies and even tried Foreign and could not find it at all!

            The downside of Roku is that there is no search functionality for channels – seriously?!

        • Windsun33

          Roku is the best streaming device for internet movies ever. They have approximately 750 channels, 8000+ if you count music sub-sub-channels.

          Supposedly the Viki channel will be ready for testing in 2-3 weeks, but as someone else mentioned, their interface kind of sucks so it could be longer.

    • 7.3 Fairycutter

      Salaryman or not, this on my watch list…

    • 7.4 Ash

      Augh, no, please don’t be a serious drama. With that creative team, there has to be a twist, right? Right? *hopes*

      Aside from Incarnation of Money, there’s really nothing I’m looking forward to until March. With School ending and FBND nearly halfway through it’s run, it’s going to be slim pickings around here if I don’t pick that one up.

  8. Makoto

    Have a great long weekend everybody, especially here in Indonesia. It’s rainy season here now, eventhough the temperature is still way over the zero degree but for me it’s still quite cold.
    I’m watching Glass Slipper recently and pretty surprised to see Park Eun Bin here as the child version of Sung Hee, the mean girl who took Yoon hee’s place as Tae Hee’s sister.

  9. Makoto

    Have a great long weekend everybody, especially here in Indonesia. It’s rainy season here now, eventhough the temperature is still way over the zero degree but for me it’s still quite cold.
    I’m watching Glass Slipper recently and pretty surprised to see Park Eun Bin here as the child version of Sung Hee, the mean girl who took Yoon hee’s place as Tae Hee’s sister.

  10. 10 Windsun33

    I just cannot get into School 2013, so gave it up. On the hook for the last two episodes of Alice. Been watching “100 year inheritance” – and as of the latest episode, it STILL has the most evil MIL ever! (Even more evil than last week).

    Looks like “Queen of Ambition” is finally starting to get really down and dirty, with betrayals, male prostitution, and gold diggers going for the gold big time. I just don’t see any happy endings for this, but pretty early to tell.

    • 10.1 LizJ

      I was hopeful that the writers of โ€œQueen of Ambitionโ€ would have learned some good lessons from “Nice Guy” but now I’m not so sure. Dark drama I can take, hand wringing melodrama I’ll pass on.

      • 10.1.1 Rovi

        Well, “Queen of Ambition” WAS from the guys who made “Daemul”, and I wasn’t surprised when I found out about it (clue: Kwon Sang-woo).

        And the fact that the plot was a 180-degree reversal from “Daemul”. From first lady-president to first lady. And from slacker-to-lawyer to scorned lover-to-gigolo/callboy. Who would’ve thought it’s “Innocent Man” all over again.

        Plus KSW stripping makes my mouth water and all sorts of tizzies. XD And his waypeu’s cameo. XD

        And OT, I have the heeby-jibbies that “Daemul” was kind of a premonition that Korea WOULD have Park Geun-hye. But then again any similarity ends there, since Seo Hye-rim is a far cry from Park Geun-hye.

    • 10.2 Enz

      Which episode of school did you get to? I had the same problem but at episode 11, I turned a corner and felt more invested in the characters finally! So maybe, persist? I get curious about what’s gonna happen to the kids and that made me continue.

    • 10.3 Janelle

      All I can say about 100 Year Inheritance is thank goodness she gets her memory back soon. I cannot handle more of her being a victim to her MIL’s manipulation.

  11. 11 Leaf

    Happy OT friday everyone!!!!! <3
    Hope you all had a better night than me. I ended up drinking way to much and throwing up. Had to leave early.
    And umm yeah I don't get drunk so this was a rare experience for me. I don't like being drunk.
    I'm ok now and woke at 5am completely sober and even made half my 9am lecture. Yay me haha.

    And another thing. It looks like my prediction that Hot Korean Guy was either the universe being perfect and wonderful or the cruelest trick ever is true. It is a trick as I knew it would be. I just got stupid for a bit haha.
    Hot Korean guy has got back together with his ex girlfriend over the holidays.
    Said girlfriend is INSANELY pretty. Like she's a perfect blonde model looking girl. They dated for two years. And I always believed they would get back together cause she's mega hot. Turns out I was right.

    I'm ok with this. And it wasn't which caused the drinking by the way. I found out while completely drunk. I smiled and said I was happy for him. It's better this way haha.

    Sorry about all this rambling. This message was meant to be funny stories from tuesday which was a great day out but cause of last nights drunkness I'm feeling a bit down on going out. Really don't like getting drunk haha.

    Anyway hope everyone has a good week!!! Love xxx

    • 11.1 FishcalledWanda

      Aaw Leaf, I’m so sorry to hear that! Stupid ex! Can imagine you’re not feeling to good right now. But don’t let it get you down too much, cause even though I never really met you, you sound awesome! Leaf, fighting!

      • 11.1.1 Leaf

        Thank you <3 I'm actually feeling fine. I think it may have to do with me not having been in my right mind.
        Also, whenever crazy stuff happens it never feels like it's happening to me. I feel like I'm simply an observer.

        Haha. Yeah… don't worry about me! I'll be fine.
        I decided I didn't want a boyfriend last week anyway and now the chance has been taken away. So obviously the universe is telling me I do not need one at the moment.

        And thank you!!! Haha. I certainly never feel awesome so thanks <3
        And everyone on Open Thread is awesome as well <3

    • 11.2 kakashi

      oh no, sorry to hear …. damn the insanely pretty blonde model girls!!! >.< lol

      • 11.2.1 Leaf

        Yeah… they suck don’t they ๐Ÿ™
        Totally not fair :'(

    • 11.3 pogo

      I’m so sorry, bb, I really am – I think most of the OT thread was rooting for you and Hot Korean Boy, we hoped someone in this wide world would get lucky in love. I hope things turn out better next time, though **hugs**

      • 11.3.1 Leaf

        Well I have yet to see anyone have a good relationship in my life so it wouldn’t make much sense for me to get lucky haha.

        And thanks <3

        • Minnetter (aka: Min)

          aww Leaf! keep your chin up! I haven’t had a relationship in a while read: 6 years. But like mom in Level 7 Civil Servant said : Fate’s like a “thief” so maybe we’ll meet our fated ones without even noticing it until BAM! there he is ๐Ÿ™‚ So Hwaiting Leaf!!

        • nomad

          Leaf, instead…try to find one INSANELY BEAUTIFUL HEARTED man, they rarely one to disappoint. I married one myself so I can attest to that ๐Ÿ™‚

        • RockPaperScissors

          Men – Can’t live without them, and can’t kill them…(advice from my grandma)

    • 11.4 ck1Oz

      * hugs and a pat *
      Aww shucks I was really hoping things would progress.

      Giving you a cup of hot tea. ๐Ÿ™‚ * not that it’s any comfort *
      but want to make you feel better.

      • 11.4.1 Leaf

        Yeah… I was kinda too… but apparently it wasn’t to be the case. As I’ve said though. It’s probably for the best.
        And thanks for the tea <3

    • 11.5 myweithisway

      Aww Leaf, *hug*

      We’re young and awesome! Cheer up and keep fighting!

      • 11.5.1 Leaf

        FIGHTING <3

    • 11.6 Korazy Lady

      NOOOOOOO! Those d*** ex-girlfriends! I know you’ll be fine, and you always have us on DB

      • 11.6.1 Leaf

        Yeah… stupid Second Female Leads :'(
        Why do they have to be so much better than us?

        Although… that would make me a main character… and I’ve always liked the quote ‘You’re supposed to be the main character in your own life!!’ LOL
        So… improvement? Progressed from extra to Main Character? Not bad! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 11.7 cv

      Awww, sorry to hear that. Hugz~

      Have a good weekend. Take it easy. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 11.7.1 Leaf

        Thanks <3 Same to you!

    • 11.8 LizJ

      LOL, Leaf, you are so like my oldest daughter (23). There’s a complicated relationship in her life too. Two weeks ago she said to me “I no longer have a crush on him.” Earlier this week it was “Stop thinking it’s a possibility mom. It ain’t going to happen.” Last night it was, “I think I have a crush on him again.”

      • 11.8.1 Leaf

        Haha! Oh the painful tragedy of unrequited love… adolescence suffer so much.

        haha but seriously… it is really annoying. I don’t like having a crush. It’s not a experience I enjoy. And yes… this was my first crush haha. Could’ve been worse.

        But seriously… emotions are confusing… ๐Ÿ™

        Also, guys are assholes. LOL. It’s frigging annoying.

        • Enz

          And it’s likely you’re going to have to feel this several more times before you hopefully meet the awesome person that you can grow old with …. Or maybe not, like in the case of some of us ๐Ÿ™‚

          But honestly, believe or not, being single can be an option and even a choice in life and one can still be happy and contented.

          Oh dear, this comment is supposed to be encouraging ya. Hope you se it that way!! Hah

      • 11.8.2 Windsun33

        I have a couple of Tween nieces that are on Facebook, and their posts are like in a whole different world – and a lot reminds me of K-drama scenes ๐Ÿ˜€

        13-year olds saying things like “I hope your love lasts forever” just has a huge makjang feeling to it all ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 11.9 iZzie :)

      Leaf!!! *hugs*

      Aww… Way to find out just when you’re drunk. ๐Ÿ™ But as you’ve said, it’s better that way.

      Sorry to hear about that. I should have done my special wish-your-friend-very-good-luck dance, though. Might have made a difference.

      As I always say… hey, they’re not yet married. And if they’ve broken up once, they can break up again. ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL.

      Let me know if their relationship gets on the rocks, then I’ll do my wish-your-friend-very-good-luck dance. Or I might do it for you now so things could speed up. ๐Ÿ˜›

      No matter what the news is… Happy Friday chingu!

      • 11.9.1 Leaf

        YAY IT’S FRIDAY!!! Haha. Finished my insanely boring lectures for the week WHOOT!

        And haha. Yeah… they could always break up again. But I doubt that would make much difference for me haha. I’m fine with it. It was always too good to be true.
        I just need to sort myself out so I don’t massively fail Uni lol.

        And save your dance for important stuff ok? <3
        Thanks <3

    • 11.10 Shukmeister


      Not good tidings for sure. But aja aja fighting!!

      • 11.10.1 Leaf

        Thanks! FIGHTING <3

    • 11.11 Enz

      Sorry to hear that leaf :(. Take it easy on yourself. Hope you feel better sooner than later ya

      • 11.11.1 Leaf

        Haha it’s ok. I actually feel fine now. I think being fairly emotionless helps you get over things easier. lol

        Thanks <3

    • 11.12 Stella

      I’m not sure this will make you feel better, but …

      My 24 year old daughter is in an on-again/off-again relationship with a Korean boy. I like him well enough, but HIS ex happens to be my daughter’s best friend… which makes things complicated. I keep my mouth shut, sit back with popcorn and watch our own personal melodrama unfold.

      Anyway, I told her dating him was fine, but marriage? … well? … does she really want a Korean mother-in-law? o_O

      • 11.12.1 Leaf

        Yikes… that sounds like my worst nightmare…

        Seriously… how would you cope with that…?
        That’s like… complicated… emotions and stuff…

        Did it ever get less complicated and better?

        Urgg… I feel like my no relationship thing is gonna last the rest of life. I can’t see myself dropping it haha.
        I totally was not made for this stuff.

        I’ll just stay to my dramas haha.

        • Stella

          It’s still ongoing, but currently my daughter is backing off the guy in favor of keeping her friend happy. I think she’s not into the guy enough to risk losing her friend. It would be nice if she’d stick with that, but the guy keeps calling and texting her… that’s kind of hard to resist.

    • 11.13 pillowhead

      Hi Leaf!! Sooo late today.
      just wanted to say Hi! That’s hot Korean guy loss. I’ve had many crushes, so keep on crushing! ๐Ÿ˜€ fighting!

  12. 12 Dix

    I noticed more leading actors are taking 2nd or 3rd leading roles lately? Is this a new trend? If it is, I hope it sticks. I find some none first leading roles more challenging and involves varied emotions which requires more skill from the actor.

  13. 13 kakashi

    Happy Friday, Dramabeaners!

    I’m currently half in bed, cause I’m (half-)ill. This is how I get the flu: no real fever, but very dizzy, tired, and heavy, heavy limbs and head … well, it could be worse.

    Apart from that, I was challenged by latteholic to do a “Top 5 Shower Scenes” post. Great idea! But … I currently have over 20 shower scenes on my list! How the heck should I choose only 5?! I also decided to do a spin-off post, a “Top 5 Swimming Pool Scenes” post. Same problem there … there’s tons of those! haha. I might turn them into “Top 20” posts.

    • 13.1 FishcalledWanda

      Oh no, get well soon! Hmm, I would not mind a top 20 post like that! Also wanted to say I’ve been enjoying your blog lately, really like the gifs you make!

      • 13.1.1 kakashi

        thank you, FishcalledWanda! Making gifs is addictive. But you need good shows for it to work well. CDDA let me down that way. I really hope FBND stays as funny as it is

        • Mystisith

          Comedy seems to be the key for good gifs. A tear rolling down the cheek is not very exciting for some reason.

    • 13.2 Fairycutter

      Get well soon… so i can see those eye candis… kekekekeke

      • 13.2.1 kakashi

        thank you, Fairycutter. yes, it’s gonna be a HOT couple of posts, hehe.

      • 13.2.2 kakashi

        in the meantime, I employ an armada of guest bloggers to fill in ๐Ÿ™‚ like our very own Shukmeister! She just did a post on alcohol. That’s something for you, leaf, maybe? ^^

        • kakashi

          oups, and Korazy of course. korazy/lafer does so many posts I don’t even consider her a guest blogger anymore. She is co-owner.

          • Korazy Lady

            You are far too kind. I will never be in the same shoes, but thanks. ….breaks out in sweat over pressure……

            Wait, is this my cue for shameless promotion? Any G-Dragon fans, check out another hair post:
            And make sure you read Shukmeister’s informative alcohol post!

            (This is why kakashi lets me post for her because I’m shameless ๐Ÿ™‚ But I may be banned from DB)

          • pillowhead

            AGH!!! THANKS…. I LOVE GD <3. That picture with the curly hair? that's not him. is it? and the shaved head and yucky glasses… no GD, don't do that. But all the rest were so fking awesome!

        • Shukmeister

          I don’t know if I want to give Leaf any ideas! But, yes, KorazyLady is one for some really great posts. And great visuals!

          • Enz

            I enjoyd that piece on alcohol Shukie. Esp that frank Sinatra quote which I will steal for my fb ๐Ÿ™‚

            Must check out kakashi’s blog more regularly and not just when Korazy promotes it on OT!! Hhaha

          • Shukmeister

            Terima kasih, enz.

            Alcohol and Italians. We go together so well. lol

          • Leaf

            Trust me. I’m never drinking that much again. I really don’t like being drunk even though this is only my second time.

            It just happened… ^sigh^
            Maybe it worked out for the best anyway. haha.

        • John


          I’m going to try making some makgeolli. I found what looks like a fairly easy “how to” on a home brewing website.

          I’ll let you know how it turns out. Let’s brew!

          • Shukmeister

            I want to try some!!!

    • 13.3 cv

      Hope u feel better soon!

      • 13.3.1 kakashi

        thank you. I’m sure I will. We just decided to go out tonight. It’s a place with a beer fountain o_0
        This will either instantly cure or kill me

        • cherkell

          BEER FOUNTAIN?!? *immediately checking flights to Switzerland RIGHT NOW*

          • JoAnne

            that can’t smell good.

  14. 14 oftheshore

    Started FBND! Will post more after I finish invigilating.

  15. 15 oftheshore

    Hi everyone! I started FBND! Will post more after I finish invigilating.

    • 15.1 Shukmeister

      Sounds painful.
      [looks it up in a dictionary]
      Wait, it IS painful. LOL

      Good luck.

      • 15.1.1 oftheshore

        Painful to the undergraduate students, mwahahaha! It’s also very boring, because you have to walk around the room and make sure nobody’s cheating. You stare at the same people for 2 hours, you can’t talk, and even reading is difficult, but hey, it’s a paid job, and I need the money.
        Sorry for the double post, by the way, I received an error message when I posted the first one, so I’m not sure how both ended up being accepted.
        So yes, FBND – consider me hooked. I like everyone, but most of all – Park Shin Hye. She does the cutesy walk again, but the girl can emote. I love how she goes from lost in deep thoughts to spunky when speaking to Enrique.=) Also, she’s cute and I want to pinch her cheeks.

  16. 16 TS

    I really hope Ad Genuis Lee Taebek is a worthy successor to School 2013. I liked the lead in Grand Chef Kimchi.

    But w/o Kim Woo Bin and also the whole story in School which had really engaged me, I feel a bit drama-less and lost like I’m going to have to read a book or something.

    On another note, I got Sword With No Name from Amazon, so I’m psyched for that this weekend. And has anyone seen The King and the Clown? Excellent sageuk film with Lee Jun-ki on Netflix.

    • 16.1 Fairycutter

      Don’t watch the king and the clown, i still have nightmare…
      i need more than Arang to see manly Junki…

      • 16.1.1 pogo

        what about Time Between Dog and Wolf? Though I love both versions of LJK, the androgynous beautiful boy of King/Clown and the hottie he became in Arang **swoon**

        • Fairycutter

          TBDW? steel your mouth before watching… that’s all i have to say…

          • TS

            What do you mean, steel your mouth? What should I be nervous of? ๐Ÿ™‚

            I’v ento seen time between dog and wolf. Where do I watch that?

    • 16.2 Ash

      The King and the Clown is SUCH a good movie. It was one of those special ones that lingered in my head for hours after it was over.

      • 16.2.1 TS

        I found that too.

      • 16.2.2 Fairycutter

        it’s indeed a good one, that it lingered in my head for years after it was over…

      • 16.2.3 pillowhead

        Hi Ash, where can I watch that?

        • Ash

          If you have access to netflix, that’s where I watched it. And google turned up a stream here:

          Can’t attest to quality, but a spot check had all parts of at least the first playlist subbed and working. If netflix isn’t a good option for you, that looks like a decent alternative. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • pillowhead

            Komsamida!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 16.3 kakashi

      The King and the Clown is very, very good – but also heartbreaking.

  17. 17 pinny

    Hi All!
    Wow! I marathoned king of dramas on the train to/from work this week. At first I soooo wasnโ€™t feeling the love, but somehow it just got to me and when I look back now turns out it was really good. The last sentence somehow made me cry, so I was sitting on the train trying to sniffle quietly, but it obviously didnโ€™t work because I started getting lots of stares and an old lady asked if I was ok! I came home with puffy eyes and told mum I had hayfever.

    Iโ€™ve also started Alice in Cheongdamdong but Iโ€™ve kind of stopped cause Iโ€™m worried itโ€™s going to make me feel all nervous and icky โ€“ Iโ€™ve been reading ahead and Iโ€™m scared its going to be one of those dramas where the couple breaks up in ep 14 because one of them has told lies from day 1. I HATE it when that happens! But I do love a good cinderella story, so can someone let me know if itโ€™s not like that??!!

    In other news, Iโ€™m organising a girls trip with one of my best friends before she gets married. She really likes period dramas but weโ€™ve watched all the main ones. Can any recommend one thatโ€™s probably not that well known or thatโ€™s very new?? Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. 18 KDrama Fan

    Hello all.

    Hope all is well with you or you have some great dramas to take comfort in.

    I’m watching My Love Madame Butterfly and Flower Boy Next Door.

    Following the recaps for 1N2D, Alice in C, JWC, School. Thanks recappers.

    Anyone try the Korean specials? I tried but they were luckluster I gave up.

    In fact this week there was so little KDrama to watch I started watching Japanese ones.

    • 18.1 Mystisith

      The Korean Specials: A lot of coal and a few diamonds in it. I remember a recent one with Ji Jin Hee where he was a barber/killer (doesn’t show on his filmo: O.O). Also the Lee Jong Suk one “When I was The Prettiest”.

    • 18.2 Carole McDonnell

      Went looking on aznv to see which specials i’ve liked.

      The ghost and I
      The woman/ahjumma next door
      Summer story
      Cutting the heart
      That Man is there
      Strawberry Ice Cream
      The whereabout of Noh Sukja
      Do I look like a pushover?
      Glass prison
      Don’t worry i’m a ghost
      Noriko in Seoul
      Princess’ Hwapyung’s weight loss

    • 18.3 owl

      Me too! (see post 28 for my jdrama list) I am definitely a newbie jdrama viewer, I really liked everything I watched this week. I am not sure that I want to compare j with k dramas but for the sake of discussion my thoughts are:
      a few jdramas I watched were more fantasy comedy and caricature-esque than the kdramas, and definitely more bizarre. Perfect for the mood I was in all week. Some being based on anime that would make sense.
      Maybe it’s me, but the lighting in jdramas seemed so ethereal, it was noticably present and set the tone of scenes and entire dramas. Even the new jdrama Biblica…has distinct lighting. At first I thought it was my computer angle, but the lighting has a definite presence. I like its effect/quality a lot.
      So far I lean towards the acting in kdramas, perhaps just personal preference. General observations of my jdrama debut so far. Liking dramalandia all around!

  19. 19 Ash

    Just wondering if anyone has some jdrama recs for the 2012 seasons? It occurred to me that Rich Man Poor Woman is literally the only thing I finished from last year, and that seems like a tragedy.

    • 19.1 pogo

      xxxholic? But take this with a pinch of salt, I am a big fan of the manga so kind of biased ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 19.1.1 Minnetter (aka: Min)

        Where can I watch xxxholic? omg how did I not know this!!! I <3 this manga (watanuki-kun!! ) and almost every Clamp manga that's ever been ๐Ÿ™‚

        • pogo

          Ooops, my mistake – it won’t start airing till February!

      • 19.1.2 pillowhead

        I so need to watch xxxholic! right after I finish CWGM. I also may go back and watch reply1997 cause I have a new crush on Hoya. Thank you Jeannette and Enz.

        • Jeannette

          ROTFL! My pleasure! The rolly hip thing….aww yeah. Also you needto watch Infinite’s Ranking King. And Sesame Player. lol.

          • pillowhead

            oooooooo… yes I do!!! hahahaah

        • Enz

          You’re so fickle! You were in love with sung joon two seconds ago!!

    • 19.2 Mystisith

      Priceless (family business style ๐Ÿ™‚ ), Legal High (SO funny), Hungry! (for foodies).

      • 19.2.1 Shukmeister

        Good choices all!

      • 19.2.2 Ash

        I remember hearing good buzz about those now that I see the titles again. Adding to the watch list. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 19.3 Carole McDonnell

      OOku: Arikoto with Masato Sakai. Loved it. Samurais and all.

      • 19.3.1 John


        I loved Ooku, I marathoned it.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Wasn’t it fun, John? Hadn’t thought the same actor from Legal High (which i loved) could be so serious but wow!!!! He’s now one of my faves. I’ll watch anything he’s in. He’s got skillz in all genres.

          • John


            There was some serious bromance in Ooku, it took it to the next level.

            I haven’t seen Legal High.

          • Ash

            If you haven’t seen Joker, he’s good in that too. His character’s smart and quirky, but also full of vigilante justice!

        • Carole McDonnell

          Legal High is silly and Masato kinda overacts the oddness but it is all good fun. And yes, the bromance was majorly good. Gotta say the bromance in The Devil was intense too. How many times do you see persecuted and avenger connect so well?

          • Carole McDonnell

            yes, Joker is fun as well. I have to finish it though.

    • 19.4 alua

      2012? Or also now?

      I liked Priceless quite a lot. Really like Osozaki no Himawari, which finished last week or so. Kekkon Shinai was pretty good (worth watching but not delivering fully on everything).

      Did you see Lucky 7 from last year? Seinaru Kaibutsutachi I watched last year too, which okayyyy, not too impressive. Probably only Okada Masaki got me through till the end…

      Of the new, January-start ones I’ve tried:

      -Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou (okay, but I’m not hooked yet, female lead isn’t particulary interesting yet)
      -Saikou no Rikon (That as actually good fun. Eita’s character was both hilarious and a nightmare – I think it could end up being a good drama)

      I haven’t started Itsuka Hi No Ataru Basho De yet but I want to give it a try for sure.

      Waiting for subs, impatiently because the stories sound really interesting:
      -Share House no Koibito
      -Nakuna, Hara-chan

      Also counting down the days till xxxHolic.

      • 19.4.1 John


        xxxHolic should be interesting. Still have to watch the last Priceless.

        My current crack J drama would be Moyashimon.

        • JoAnne

          I think I added that to my ‘watching’ list on DC-net so when it shows up I’ll be reminded – I remembered hearing about it here a few times.

      • 19.4.2 Ash

        Now’s good too! I’m just reluctant to start a jdrama until it’s finished airing – kdrama has me spoiled with two episodes per week, and I nearly chewed my arm off waiting for new RMPW. But god knows I have a weakness for Eita, so I may end up going for Saikou no Rikon anyway.

        • alua

          Yeah, I know what you mean with the 1 ep a week (although sometimes that fits into my schedule much more easily).

          But subs for K-dramas seem to be quicker, with some J-ones there can be weeks in between. That happened with Osozaki no Himawari – nothing for more than a month and then four at once. Easy for dramas to lose momentum that way.

      • 19.4.3 KimYoonmi

        Nakuna Hara-chan

        I watched it in Japanese. It’s really good. You have to wait for about 10-15 minutes in for it to warm up. If you’re looking for refined subtle acting on Tomoya you won’t get it. He’s not known for it in the majority of his dramas, and the fact he’s playing a manga character doesn’t change that.

        Despite that it makes for a good drama and the first episode is sweet, with a simple change to both worlds. This one is a keeper and a bit surprising since there are more solid romance dramas this season than last year…

      • 19.4.4 nomad

        THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for recommending Osozaki no Himawari. I’m totally new to Jdrama, and this one just left me with such a mark. I TOTALLY appreciate the friendships, the characters (especially the women…I’m getting so tired of Kdramas bitchy women). Love ’em all!

  20. 20 snow_white

    Good Evening everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

    School 2013 has only one episode to complete and i’m really gonna miss it a lot….

    FBND is going great….

    just started level 7 civil servant….which looks fine….

    • 20.1 Rovi

      Not just episode 16, they have a special episode by the 29th.

  21. 21 TS

    My fav shows were KOD and School. I feel a bit lost without them! Argh, holding out for the ad by genius show: Alice is annoying me because im bginning to think Seung Jo has gone from cute to creepy and the rest, well, I’m only mildly interested in Yoon joo and Tommy’s fates. But only enough to read the recaps….

    Has anyone seen sword with no name? Im excited because its about a real woman who stood her ground for her country and that’s always thrilling.

  22. 22 pogo

    Hey everyone!

    I missed OT proper last week because I was at my best friend’s wedding, and it was awesome even if I was one of maybe 15 people there from her side (out of about 200-odd guests). There was a minor crisis with the wedding makeup when the makeup person she hired insisted on making her wear foundation two shades too dark for her skin (and tried to feed her the excuse that it ‘just needed to be blended’ and would look better on camera, AS IF!), but she threw a bridal tantrum and fired the MUA, then did her own makeup – result: the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen. I mean, she’s normally so pretty she looks like a doll, but she absolutely glowed on her wedding day.

    On the drama front, I’m currently down to just two airing dramas, School 2013 and Flower Boy Next Door, and I love them both – also, I am so not ready for School to end! For once, when an extension would have been handy, they don’t have one ๐Ÿ™

    I’m also watching White Christmas right now (on episode 6 at the mo) and it’s awesome despite how green the actors are (and Kim Woo-bin’s hair, UNF. I tried Vampire Idol, too, but I didn’t even get as far as him plus Bunny Girl because only 7 episodes are subbed :()

    (and in other, completely OT news – I’m trying out a modified French manicure, as seen on Yoon Eun-hye in I Miss You and Park Shi-yeon in Nice Guy – I really loved the idea of having my nails tipped with blue or sparkles instead of white – which I hate – and I must say, it looks pretty awesome! Next up is that half-moon manicure I saw on that Do-hwi character in FBND – I hate the character, but her nails are cute)

    • 22.1 Shukmeister

      pogo –

      My job specifically decrees that nails must be a ‘natural’ color, but I was inspired by KDrama to do wackiness on my ring fingers, and now I’ve got my worksister doing that too! Sparkles, designs, crazy color combinations including purple French tips and the like! So I say keep trying until you find something you like.

      I think MadDeeno posted on her site an experiment in fuzzy nails, too…

      • 22.1.1 pogo

        Shukmeister – God bless the accent nail!

        I love myself a good gradient or galaxy manicure but sadly office is a boring conservative place for me too so blue French tips are about as much as I can ever get away with – they’re at least less noticeable than having my nails painted fully blue, haha.

        I think my next project is going to be to try a French manicure that looks something like this: (in any contrasting colour, really – sadly I can’t seem to get the nail line right when I already have polish on!)

        • Shukmeister

          pogo –

          Have you seen the nail polish pens? They are like felt tips and are easier to control than brushes.

          For my squad’s Christmas party, I had the thumbs and the first 2 fingers painted candy apple red, then the ring fingers the red with black tiger stripes, then the pinkies (which I grow out to about an inch) painted black with red sparkles.

          I also did a different color on every finger on Mayan Apocalypse day (along with multi-colored hair braids) on the promise that if I did have to go to work the next day, it would all be gone. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

          • pogo

            I live in a place where we don’t get anything like nail polish pens, stickers or nail arty stuff – I have to make do with whatever I can manage with a sponge and a really thin paintbrush!

            Your manicures sound awesome, though – the most adventurous I’ve ever been with colour was when the last Harry Potter movie released and I wore all the house colours on my nails in honour of it.

          • Shukmeister

            Nice! I actually cosplayed with a bunch of my friends for opening night on the final two movies, and played the drums for a wizardrock group at a local Barnes & Noble when the final book was released.
            Not that I’m a HP fan or anything, especially at my age. lol

            But I do like doing stuff outside the norm. Thanks to KDramas, not only have I done the experimenting with my nails, but in the last year I also got my tragus pierced (that’s the flap in front of the ear canal), and I have a vast collection of leather, metal, beaded, and woven bracelets that I group differently on my wrist every day.

          • Windsun33

            I don’t recall what show it was besides being a US cable TV show, but a funnly line that always stuck with me went something like “This place is so primitive that I have to buy my nail polish in the paint department at Home Depot – ‘how does this Sherwin-Williams green look?’ “

    • 22.2 Enz

      I really love manicures and even more so, pedicures but my nails just can’t take ANY chemicals I think. It must be my dairy deprived diet! With just one application of anything, ie nail strengthener, colour etc, it starts to split, crack.. Looks awful after that and takes forever to normalise

      • 22.2.1 Shukmeister

        Hmm, so even the strengtheners don’t help.
        My mom used to say that eating a lot of gelatin helps your nails and hair, but that may have been her excuse to make me eat green Jello.

      • 22.2.2 pogo

        Enz – my nails start turning yellow if I spend too many days in a row with polish on (damn toluene in all the polishes they sell here) so I get how it’s a pain. Though I do realise that the solution – keeping time-consuming manicures on for only a day – isn’t ideal.

        • Enz

          I get so jealous when I see my friends having snowmen and Santa Claus nail art for Christmas and sometimes cheery blossoms etc. so cute. ๐Ÿ™

    • 22.3 LT

      Many thanks for the blue polish idea. I’ve been searching high and low materials to imitate the blue damsel flies to befriend the trout in the rivers. I’ll have smoked trout on crackers next time I watch a K drama episode.

    • 22.4 Ash

      Kdrama is full of fantastic manicures! When I have the patience, I’m definitely going to try the sparkly French tip thing, too.

      So sad that Vampire Idol is largely unsubbed. It sounds beautifully ridiculous, but my Korean consists of about 100 random words and some basic grammar. That’s what I get for studying Japanese instead. ๐Ÿ™

  23. 23 JoAnne


    • 23.1 JoAnne

      this is very weird. I cannot post my full post. No links in it. What is going ON.

      • 23.1.1 JoAnne

        Really. I can’t copy and paste into this. PISSED.

        I’m not going to retype it all, so the computer can just BITE ME.

      • 23.1.2 kakashi

        this platform does not like links!

        • JoAnne

          I didn’t have any links! I just had my draft document which I copy and then paste into the comments like I always do. It wasn’t even the longest one I ever did. I feel so THWARTED and UNLOVED.

          • kakashi

            what! that is NOT NICE! ๐Ÿ™

          • FishcalledWanda

            I had the same a few OT’s back! There’s nothing to do about except wait. A day later my comment finally appeared (twice)! It wasn’t even that long and also had no links in it. I felt like the site maybe had a grudge against me for visiting it too often, hehe.

          • kakashi

            ah, now I see that you wrote “no links in it”. it may help if you format your text as .txt (if it wasn’t already)?

          • pogo

            even if your computer doesn’t love you, we do!

          • JoAnne

            oh boy. Um…then it might show up tomorrow about 4 or 5 times. I hope you all still love me THEN.

          • Korazy Lady

            Maybe the pedonoona police censored it?

          • Fairycutter

            I feel sorry about that.. but that one of many way you can find out that you’re loved in this site no matter what… (multiple post be okay)

            i find myself laugh that pedonuna police censored your post…

          • JoAnne

            re: pedonoona police – it’s not that farfetched knowing me…but all I said was I had a bit of a crush on DongWoo (and actually I think he’s legal.) I didn’t go on about anyone else except…oh wait – I did mention my fondness for the picture of Kim Ji Hoon in his boxer briefs but that’s pretty much EXACTLY what I said and that lovely example of manhood is DEFINITELY legal. He’s even been in the ARMY. RAWR.

          • Korazy Lady

            lol ๐Ÿ™‚ I think whenever you use the word manhood it sends out red flags – even if you meant it in an innocent way!

          • JoAnne

            I am filled with a throbbing rage when the words that describe my hard and fast plunge into admiration of some sweet young examples of healthy manhood are thwarted by the perverted interwebs.

          • pillowhead

            hahaha! I feel the same way… now where’s that picture of Kim Ji Hoon in his boxer briefs. o.0

      • 23.1.3 Hillary

        @Joanne: throbbing, hard, fast, manhood … I am sensing a pattern in your posts … or is it just me.

        • Enz

          You forgot plunging! I felt hot just reading your reply earlier joAnne sure it was not your intention but I can’t help being a dirty little ahjumma ๐Ÿ™‚

          • JoAnne

            oh it was indeed – I was trying to trip up the search engines hahah

    • 23.2 John


      It’s the Twilight Zone. I was able to watch 4 eps of Moyashimon on my Kindle on DramaFever.

      Now the show is not available on DramaFever. Go figure.

    • 23.3 cv

      Lol. Sooo silly. ^^

  24. 24 OMG

    Finally finished Vampire Prosecutor 2…and while i loved the season…it was too convoluted. There were so many bad guys that we don’t know who is the actual big bad…n what happened to Park Hoon…n who is the original vampire cause it aint red eyes…..and does the Tae-yeon actually like jung-in….n IS JUNG-IN DEAD???…soo many questions were thrown out but none were answered!!!! so while i look forward to Season 3, i have a few suggestions: please answer ALL or MOST of the questions u have thrown out without throwing in MORE questions, Jung-In and Tae-Yeon better hook up or we will have words!!!!! also please be less convoluted and lemme look back on the season and be happy with the progression! also a shirtless scene would be nice…hhahahahaha

    Exams on Monday so looking forward to School’s last episode and i hope that there are multiple seasons cause its such a cute shot n NamSoon and HaKyung belong together…YA HEAR ME SHOW!!!!! though i wouldn’t mind a cute love triangle with NamSoon getting the girl……but HeungSoo better get someone as well! ahahaha!

    As soon as exams are over, im watching FBND now that Viki has the license and marathoning another kdrama…in d process of deciding which one…

    • 24.1 Korazy Lady

      OMG, you are always taking exams, poor girl! Good luck to you!

      • 24.1.1 Enz

        Haha.. True and funny!

    • 24.2 OMG

      also i dont know want it to happen…but IRIS 2 keeps pulling me into it…all these castings make me wanna watch the show now…also the fact that i get to fulfill my Chuno wish of Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae ending up together….yea that’s right….didn’t like Chuno nor the way it ended…

      • 24.2.1 Ruth

        I loved Chuno until the last few episodes…and then that terrible ending when I wanted to punch the television. Jang Hyuk, why much you die so often? STOP IT!

    • 24.3 Ash

      The more I think about VP2, the less I like it. I’m not going to lie: as long as Yeon Jung-hoon is that hot, I’m probably going to stick around. Give me that and give me team camaraderie, and I’m yours despite the other issues.

      But the confusing chronology and the stubborn refusal to answer any questions ever? That’s just bad storytelling, Show. Keeping us in the dark about some stuff: fun! Keeping us in the dark about almost literally EVERYTHING: needlessly frustrating!

      • 24.3.1 OMG

        yea i have to agree with that…hopefully the writers and PD see that the reaction is not that positive and improve upon that for Season 3…n by improve, i mean answer the questionS that it set up in the beginning!

  25. 25 John


    I’m watching the craziest J Drama and reading the manga too.

    Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture.

    As a home brewer, this appeals to me. It’s hilarious, quirky and educational, ( info about fermented foods).

    Watching FBND: Just like Jin Rak, I want to see Go Dok Mi smile more often.

    Watched 1 ep of J Drama:

    Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou.

    I noticed the closing song was Never Ending Story.

    Finished J Drama

    Osozaki no Himawari. I’d like a 2nd season please.

    Speaking of second seasons, TEN . Yes!

    • 25.1 KDrama Fan

      I watched Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou too. I also noticed the closing song was the theme song of Never Ending Story. It was weird to hear it in this drama.

      Liked Osozaki no Himawari for the most part. I’ve cycled there so cool to see the scenery again.

      • 25.1.1 John

        KDrama Fan~

        The scenery was pretty. Do you live in Japan or were you visiting?

        • KDrama Fan

          Hi John.

          Live here in Kyoto:)

    • 25.2 Mystisith

      @ john: Mangas about agriculture: One of my fav is “Tsuchi no ko” (in French, Les Fils de la Terre). Lately, also liking “Saint Young Men”: Buddha & Jesus roommates… Hilarious.

      • 25.2.1 John


        I’ll have to check those out.

    • 25.3 owl

      I have high hopes for BKNJT – love the bookstore setting, gets me every time~

      • 25.3.1 Mystisith

        My temple: Piles of books everywhere. No wonder I love Dok Mi’s apartment in FBND. A certified bookworm I am. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • JoAnne

          All of my bookshelves (3 cases floor to almost ceiling, about 3 feet wide, plus one half-height in the kitchen that has cookbooks) are at least 2 rows deep in books at this point, plus in my room I have books stacked on either side of the bed on the floor, and in baskets in both bathrooms, and Tori has books on the shelf of her closet, and there’s probably random books on tables in various places. And then there’s probably more than 200 in the Kindle…

        • Shukmeister

          Since I sold my house, my books are languishing in plastic bins in storage…sigh…but on the bright side, I have over 500 in Kindle format just waiting to transport me somewhere else.

          I still have one of the original black and white devices, with no need to switch to color. I like that it’s closer to reading a papered book.

        • erinlibrarian

          LOL I only have two bookcases but I am a librarian, so I can curb my addiction by going to work!

        • Ruth

          ^ librarian! Yay! Not only do I get to work around books all day long – I get to buy books with other people’s money (okay, so they’re for other people, too….but still)

    • 25.4 Korazy Lady

      Wow, maybe I should switch to Jdrama. I get very impatient with the loooong episodes of Kdramas. And aren’t Jdramas usually less episodes?

      • 25.4.1 Mystisith

        Between 9 to 12 eps. And no fat. I almost never fast forward. What I also like is the fact than the quality level is maintained from beginning to end. It’s more like a movie cut in chapters, with a clear storyline.

      • 25.4.2 John

        Korazy Lady~

        J dramas are delicious.

    • 25.5 alua

      I so very much want a second season for Osozaki no Himawari!

      Watched ep 1 of Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou this week, it was allright but I’m not yet hooked. I want the female lead to be more interesting – right now she’s a bit plain as a character. Just sitting there in the bookshop and giving lengthy explanations.

      Flower Boy Next Door… I don’t know… Enrique is lovely and all but I’m not sure how long I’m going to last with this drama. Do Hwi (whatever her name) is a) irritating and b) bores the hell out of me, so every scene with her in it so far is a wasted scene. If her presence continues to intensify as it has, I’m not going to watch till the end. I want Dok Mi to get a little bit more interesting too, she didn’t engage me very much in ep 6. Why couldn’t she tell Do Hwi “I’m not your friend”? I mean, she almost said it, she said indirectly, she said things that essentially meant that but why didn’t she say the actual words? I don’t think it would have been out of character. I worry the writers didn’t want her to say it because they want Dok Mi still be holding on to that friendship, in other words to redeem Do Hwi in the end and make them besties again. Which I do not want to happen.

      Also, I was annoyed by little things that are not realistic – like Enrique writing a whole book on his life in a matter of a few days. Or did he have a manuscript lying about?

      • 25.5.1 pogo

        well, Enrique himself isn’t all that realistic so I can buy that he’s enough of an energiser bunny to actually write an entire book in under a week. Have to let dramaland have its unreality pound of flesh I suppose.

        But I don’t want Dok-mi and Do-hwi to become friends again either. Do-hwi is too irritating for it.

        • John


          Yeah, Enrique is a bit over the top, but, he’s supposed to be Cupid on a mission, right?

          He’s there to rouse things up, get people in to the mix of things romantic if I’m following him correctly.

        • alua

          I don’t think Enrique is per se unrealistic – just one of those extreme people.

          I did consider if with his energy he’d be the one to be able to write a book in less than a week, but if it’s really a book (100 pages at least and that’s a short book that’s still going to be 50-60,000 words) that’s just not possible. You’d have to go without sleep and only be doing that and the draft would be total crap, but we also know that Enrique can never focus on one thing and that he’s playing games and entertaining people in the sauna and doing lectures while this book-writing is apparently happening. If they had said 2-3 weeks, maybe, but it seems like no more than 3 days really…

          I know it’s an irrelevant detail, but it just annoys me. :-/

          Do-hwi doesn’t deserve redemption because from what happened in the past, she was a terrible friend to begin with. There was no sign of Dok Mi liking the literature teacher, and for whatever reason Do-hwi preferred to only ask and only believe the guy, rather than Dok Mi. Never mind how she treated Dok Mi after… that’s a toxic person you cut from your life forever.

          • erinlibrarian

            I think he already was working on it – it sounded in the beginning episode that he had all of the work lined up.
            Though I find Do Hwi absolutely ludicrous.

          • alua

            If he was working on it already it would make sense (I wondered if I’d missed something in earlier episodes).

          • kdramapedia

            Have you heard of National Novel Writing Month? There are people who write 50,000 words in a matter of days. I’ve witnessed my friend write 250,000 words in 30 days, no cheating (she seriously types like the wind). You can check out the website, but writing a novel in a short period of time is totally doable.

            There’s even a site that breaks down to the minute on how to write 50k in 24 hours.

            That detail didn’t detract from FBND at all since I’ve seen it done.

          • Enz

            Fr me what was most unbelievable was that a student can just stand up and interrogate a teacher like that and without any evidence or proof, the teacher just willingly listened and asked that he be allowed to transfer out wihtout rumours.

            Kinda ridiculous to me that bit

          • dramabliss

            I think Enrique based the book on his lectures (which he recorded, I suppose) so it is believable to finish a book within one week.

          • enz

            oops wrong drama dum dum>.<

          • enz

            oh sorry right drama!!!

      • 25.5.2 John


        I second the motion of a Season 2 for Osozaki no Himawari.

    • 25.6 John

      Guess I should mention the K Dramas I’m watching/watched.

      Finished GIANT: Not bad , some questionable plot lines, but 60 episodes of goodness.

      Started IRIS: On Episode 4, looking forward to seeing it through.

      Watching FBND, Alice, Great Seer, School

      Watched 1st episode of Level 7 CS. Not sold by the 1st episode, might give it a few more .

  26. 26 zgznoona

    Happy OT to all of you, wonderful people!!!!
    My days is the sunny Florida are reaching to an end. In a few days, I’ll head to visit Raine, then Cherkell and Shel, and from there to Japan and Korea. I’m super excited and happy.
    I feel so grateful to have met awesome people on this site. I would have never thought I could make good friends online simply by having an affinity to Korean dramas.
    So, a big THANKS to JB and the rest of the girls for keeping this site up and running for all of us to enjoy it.
    On the drama front, enjoying FBND and waiting to end the dragging pain that causes me to watch CDDA.
    About School 2013… lets just say it’ll be over soon.
    I have to go now.
    I’ll be back later to see how you all are doing

    • 26.1 Korazy Lady

      Sorry we didn’t get to meet in Florida (and we were probably within a couple miles at one time.) Wishing you the BEST on all your travels!

      • 26.1.1 zgznoona

        Thanks, you really were near by the other day. too bad we didn’t know sooner.
        I’ll be in North Florida till Feb 5th.

    • 26.2 Enz

      Happy travels.. Please give us a trip report! Especially things to do in Seoul ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 26.2.1 zgznoona

        Thanks. I will try to keep you all posted. I’ll be in Seoul in May.

        • Enz

          Hah! Am going in april!!i am there before you..your best of Seoul not going to be useful to me ๐Ÿ™

          • zgznoona

            Then I will be grateful of anything advise you can provide

    • 26.3 cherkell

      Can’t wait to see you, sweetie! Start taking your vitamins — we’re gonna take you all over the place!!!

      • 26.3.1 zgznoona

        Ditto. I better get ready.

  27. 27 Shukmeister

    A fine and happy Friday to everyone!

    This week was portentious. My first ever guest blog posted on kakashi’s glorious website. In order to find something different than manes of glory or post army abs, I decided to talk about alcohol and what it means to many a KDrama.

    For my drama watching:
    – All caught up on CDDA, and FBND. Two very different shows and yet I’m enjoying both. I’m a bit happier with the Enrique / Jin Rak “bromenemy” relationship, then In Hwa’s mental breakdown, but they are both entertaining me.
    – Finished the JDorama “Priceless”, which made me want to buy a thermos. Well, that and the first snow of the year in my hometown.
    – Started the JDorama “Nobunaga no Chef”, which is set in the Warring States period and is about creating the first set of Henckels. Not really, but like many a comparison between Japan and Korea **cough cough Dr Jin cough cough ** I like the time traveling aspect so far. And a moder n day cook who can make spun sugar without a candy thermometer? I’m in!

    In other news,
    – Added more chapters of my fictions to my website
    – Started the long-awaited recapping of Baby Faced Beauty starring Daniel Choi. The first recap should be post this weekend, fingers crossed and no bad weather issues.

    I hope everyone stays healthy, happy, and safe!

    • 27.1 Shukmeister

      Here is the link:

      The one thing I couldn’t research very well is the teapot. I remember multiple scenes with people getting tipsy drinking from a tea pot, but when I started looking in earnest, they all disappeared like matcha steam. So, if anyone knows why you would put alcohol in a pot and drink from the spout, let me know!

      • 27.1.1 kakashi

        could be that it was in sageuks? they sometimes drink alcohol from teapotty things … I think.

      • 27.1.2 JoAnne

        they drank makgeolli poured from a teapot in Kimchi Family and in something I JUST watched this past week, a currently airing show.

        • JoAnne

          oh maybe it was something older…I did drop in on a few sageuks so maybe it was there. I will try to unfuzz and remember.

        • kakashi

          I believe you’re right!!! Kimchi Family has teapotty things for makgeolli

          • Shukmeister

            Thanks, guys! I didn’t watch Kimchi Family, but I might marathon a bit to see if is sheds some light on my question.

            The only thing I could think of, was maybe it’s to hide the booze, like a brown paper bag around a bottle of Four Roses, but sucking it down from the spout is probably a good giveaway that it ain’t tea… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • 27.1.3 Korazy Lady

        One of the problems with blogging – you know you’ve seen it but can’t remember where. Then I try to skim like 500 episodes and still can’t find it. And as you noonas say, pictures or it didn’t happen!

        • Shukmeister

          Yup yup

          • John


            In Giant, they had a couple of scenes where characters were drinking some sort of alcohol from a teapot, some characters drank it directly from the spout.

        • zgznoona

          And that’s why pictures is what I dread the most when blogging

      • 27.1.4 Hillary

        I think I vaguely remember that in one of the episodes of the Great Seer that aired this week, the right minister (or was it the left minister) was drugged when drinking what was supposed to be wine and I think it was from a teapot.

    • 27.2 Julia

      Just started watching โ€œNobunaga no Chefโ€ myself and loved how I got some history lesson and food porn mixed with laughter.

      What I really want is to watch episodes of Chef in a resturant with a bunch of other fans where we get to eat the food they prepare in the show.

      • 27.2.1 Shukmeister

        The Iron Chef homage made me snicker. I was waiting or Nobunaga to yell the signature phrase…

    • 27.3 Shukmeister

      OMO – Forgot something!!

      I watched “A Werewolf Boy” without subs, and I have to give it two paws up!! Even without the subs, it was a terrific watch!

      Just wanted to throw that out there.

      • 27.3.1 Enz

        OMO !! I have to watch then.. Song joong ki!!,

    • 27.4 alua

      Ditto on the thermos.

      I work outdoors in my part-time job, meaning I’m 6-8 hours in the cold sometimes. And I was totally thinking this week I need one of those 2-day Happiness thermoses!!!

    • 27.5 ladysarahii

      I will have to read your BBF recaps. I am in love with this drama forever and forever and was sad I couldn’t find any recaps anywhere.

      • 27.5.1 Shukmeister

        Ladysarahii –

        I just posted the first one, starting at Episode 5 (since the excellent Dramabeans Goddesses had already recapped the first four!).

        Thanks for your interest!

  28. 28 owl

    Salutations, fellow drama lovers! Iโ€™m already feeling withdrawal pains for School 2013, hurting! My beautiful boys, canโ€™t we have you for another semester? Cuz thereโ€™s not enough time to do justice to all the potential ships or to wrap up so many of the charactersโ€™ stories from A to Z. Mostly, I just want to go to school every day to see Nam Soon and Heung Soo!

    FBND, gah, love Enrique and Jin rak. Webtoon publisher gal is so surface tension, she gonna snap, crackle, and pop her top! I so can see her (manic) and Jin rak (depressive) together – a true bipolar relationship. Ep 6 was mega fun and gave us great character development โ€“ thanks for the treat, writers! The split second FBND is over, Iโ€™m going to marathon it just to see it in one fell swoop~

    As for a peekโˆž (dramabeans recap) at whatโ€™s up and coming, I am not liking โ€œflower boysโ€ and โ€œVirusโ€ in the same breath . . .WAIT! Unless I am quarantined with them – just take me to sick bay- in which case this might could work with a generous sprinkling of FB dust. TBD

    Level 7 Civil Servant โ€“ Iโ€™m in for a few episodes at this point. Iโ€™m liking Joo won more filled out and older here (compared with boyish looks in TTBY.)

    Wow, didnโ€™t intentionally mean to fall so deep into the white rabbit hole of jdrama bizarreness, but it happened anyway. I hyper marathoned a lot this week:
    -Atashinchi No Danshi (totally Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on shrooms)
    -Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (lSunako โ€“ her voice, her goth โ€“ love her)
    -Nobuta wo Produce (cute and some amazing depth even though the premise initially seemed surface).
    -Rich Man Poor Woman (Good rise and fall and rise again story but lacking in romantic moments and kisses big time between TH and Natsui โ€“ disappointed there. Asahina totally looked like John Lennon in prison.
    Itโ€™s whack trying to figure out, but they offer a lot of choices, and Iโ€™m getting the hang of their ranking system to help me choose what to watch. The fact that many jdramas are 10 or 11 episodes makes them quicker to marathon, though itโ€™s kind of left me in a fog.
    -Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou just started. I am partial to anything bookstore, so this is right up my alley and I absolutely loved ep 1.
    Iโ€™m cross eyed and running on low after many late nights in a row โ€“ do I ever love my dramas ๐Ÿ™‚

    *KDQOTD: โ€œThere are no instances where the lie becomes the truth.โ€ (FBND ep 5).
    โ€œIf you donโ€™t make love, then donโ€™t make anything.โ€ (AM1997 ep 5)
    โ€œIโ€™m not trying to insult you, I AM insulting you, you parasite.โ€


  29. 29 snow_white

    and ya….I watched “13 going on 30” and I liked it ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. 30 LizJ

    Currently watching:

    Flower Boy Next Door.
    IMO the jury is still out on this one. I feel like the show is so loosely constructed, almost like stream of consciousness. Someone said the scope feels “small.” I’m in for the long hall because I like rom-coms, but I find my attention drifting every time I watch. And, LOL, since I don’t know Korean, when my attention drifts (and I stop reading subtitles) I lose large chunks of the story.

    Queen of Ambition
    Likely the next week’s episodes will help me determine if I’m in or I’m out. They’ve set up a sympathetic back story for the title character, but going forward I want to understand why she’s making the choices she will make (beyond survival instinct, because she’s not in a truly desperate situation now).

    Level 7 Civil Servant
    I’ll keep watching at least till the show solidifies. Doesn’t grab me immediately, but, again, I like the rom-coms and this one might grow on me.

    Substitute Princess
    The homely version of the lead female is not believable, but that will be resolved soon. I think this show has promise.

    During the recent drama down time, I marathoned Vineyard Man and the original Full House.

    I found Vineyard Man charming, mainly because it was so anti-show-biz glamor (we’d say anti-Hollywood if this was a U.S. show).

    Full House started off with great chemistry between the OTP, but then was about 10-12 episodes of basically no plot development. Good example of a series that could have told a stronger story in 6 episodes.

    • 30.1 KimYoonmi

      I think the word you need under Vineyard Man is “Hallyu” ^_^. Thought I’d help with vocabulary…

    • 30.2 Windsun33

      I am with you on Queen of Ambition – she was not that bad off, so not sure why she all of a sudden went into totally evil mode between ep2 and 3. I am still watching it, but at this point all I am seeing is a boiling cauldron of various witches brews, with no possible redemption for anyone.

      Substitute Princess shows some promise, looks like the latest episode is the turning point. The idea of a fake temporary bride-to-be is a bit farfetched, but I will play along with it for now.

      Also watching the T-drama Love me or Leave me, and as of ep4 am still on the fence about it – not a bad plot, but rather slow moving. Some of the scenes they show for how it was filmed are as good as the show.

      Also watching “Palace” on an off & on basis – has some funny parts, but nothing compelling enough to get addicted.

  31. 31 cv

    Happy ot all! Hope everyone is having a good day n weekend.
    I finally started on FBND and marathon all of the six eps. Lol Quirky at time but really good. I really don’t like her fake friend whos now a gold digger. She needs a good slap from dongmi.

    School 2013 is still the best ever! I’m sad it’s ending next week but at the same time want to know the ending. ;p

    Started jdorama nabunta de chef-spelling wrong-but it’s starting out good. Any drama with food is a plus. Lol

    Will wait on C7S.

    GS, still watching. Almost done.

    Not really interested in the other melos showing now.

    • 31.1 Shukmeister


      Since you were liking Nobunaga no Chef, I decided to watch it. Thanks, chingu, for getting me hooked on another. lol. I’m liking it so far.

    • 31.2 Korazy Lady

      Hi cv! just dropping by in between cleaning to say hello. Hope you’re keeping warm

  32. 32 iZzie :)

    why does School 2013 have to end? ๐Ÿ™

    Happy Friday, chingus! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 32.1 iZzie :)

      continuing watching AGD to supplement the happy and suppress the sadness that’s coming with the last episode of School 2013.

      loving it. totally. I’m just a bit bothered by that baseball uniform on Yi Soo’s wall. it looks to me like some baseball player killed himself by hanging on a peg on the wall.

      anyhoo, lovin’ JDG even more. <3

  33. 33 Enz

    Hi fellow beaners!

    OT is really not conducive to sleep for those of us living in this part of the world. Am watching episode 2 of L7CS as I am writing this. It’s certainly very watchable at this point.

    Have been trying to do watching raw episodes with recaps and watching them subbed again but it’s so exhausting and time consuming. Tere are still so many dramas I want to check out so will have to just do subbed dramas from now.

    I managed to finish CWGM last week and I loved it. Sung joon was so good in it. So utterly believable as the sweetest fiancรฉe as he was as a rough around the edges, conflicted guy in SUFBB. What a fabulous actor at 22!

    Am not yet loving FBND as much as I did FBRS yet and if it keeps up just like this, I don’t see that status changing. Sigh. I so miss jung il woo onscreen.

    I’m gonna be busy this weekend, even though we are having a long weekend because of religious holiday ( Hindu one this time) hope everyone gets a good weekend.

    • 33.1 Shukmeister

      Selamat, Enz!

      I’m jealous every time I see the weather guide there (25C versus my -2C). Enjoy your holiday!

      • 33.1.1 Enz

        Shukie, hari hari suhu di sini 25-32/35 darjah celcius. I do know that I definitely prefer this temp to what you’re having right now. Brrrr..

        Good lord, its half past one! Have to work at 8.30am. What am I doing still on OT ?!!!

        You enjoy your weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Shukmeister

          Oh, forgot you are exactly 12 hours different. Here I am thinking, “Yeah, half past one in the afternoon, so what?” lol

          Have a safe trip to work and a good shift!

          • Enz

            Terima kasih. Hope it won’t be too busy or that at least the night call will be quiet. Good lord, how do you all stand those temperatures??

          • Shukmeister

            I keep multiple coats in my car for rain / sleet / snow / cold. And lots of blankets at home. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 33.2 FishcalledWanda

      Hi Enz! Hope you’re sleeping well right now! I also miss Jung Il Woo on my screen, but luckily I really like FBND. But did you also watch Return of the Iljimae with Jung Il Woo? I’m four episodes in now and it looks promising.
      Happy holiday!

      • 33.2.1 Enz

        Yes Wanda.. I watched the return of iljimae as research before I ‘met’ him … I liked it a lot. The cinematography and the different style of telling the story. It has an achy heart quality to it.. Dnt know how else to put it.

        I hope everything is going ok your end of the world. I sometimes read your conversations with Sabah ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. 34 KimYoonmi

    A lot of Japanese dramas to cover, so I might miss a few.

    Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou
    This is a surprisingly good drama and goes over Japanese history and literature, making it interesting. It goes over Natsume Soseki’s Sorekara for the first episode. It’s surprisingly twisty for what looks like a fairly low budget production.

    It’s twisty, yet light with kinda a warm and fuzzy oddly slice of life feel. (Yes, one of those that’s really difficult to deconstruct into labels)

    Watching it to the end since I love books and the actors are good.

    Also passed the Bechdel test in the first episode despite a male lead.

    Karamazov no Kyodai
    Meh. Yes, meh. I think it’s well produced and I like the original story of Crime and Punishment. But this oddly fails for me. I think it’s because in the original story of Crime and Punishment, the person who killed the old lady was unrelated to her. He was just a tenant that happened to pass him by and tick *other* people off. For all intensive purposes, he wasn’t related to her. Except for smaller threads.

    The problem is that in making the murder victim in this his own father and the person he loves his mother, it kinda ruins that part of the original story. In the original, it was pride that gave him away, in this he has motivation to spare which pretty much ruins the retelling for me.

    For those who have not read the original book, you might get a better clean slate. It’s not a bad drama, just not my taste.

    The first episode was boring, but the second episode picks up. First episode was way too structured to the three acts so I knew exactly what was going to happen.

    The story itself is about an Italian restaurant in Japan that’s struggling after the coma of its main chef. A new Chef comes in, but he’s much more picky and much more about innovation, and not as people aware.

    Runs like the typical Japanese food shows, but with a slower pacing.

    Nobugawa no Chef

    Funny, light, mindless, but no big plot holes. I would put this good for teenagers and those who couldn’t stomach watching Gou.

    Basically a French Chef from modern Japan time slips into the Sengoku period and saves Japan as Nobugawa’s chef. He also has amnesia on everything except for food. (He knows his name).

    Has a lot of the lighter elements of Japanese dramas, and though not intense like Japanese dramas can be, I think it makes a good intro drama.

    Switch Girl 2
    Funny and light, not something you watch seriously for deep meaning.

    I am a bit surprised to see the lack of Tatamae, Honne and Wa being preached in the drama. (google those) Usually it’s You have to understand their feelings… and you are being mean, so you should understand their feelings. But in this it’s nope. REVENGE!

    Saikou no Rikon
    Two polar opposite people marry each other and file for divorce. The girl is lazy, the guy is a neat freak.

    It’ll run a bit lectury, and I have doubts about the ending a bit… but for now it’s fun. =P Carol probably won’t like it.

    Share House no Koibito
    Still going to watch it–but waiting for actual subs instead of my hacked up Japanese.

    This is the one where there is an alien in love with a human. Situational comedy.

    *Watching* I got that… wait.. that’s Korean. *vocabulary correction* –;;

    Watched the movie: Girls
    Really excellent film. Feminist, very feminist. While there is clothes and shopping, it never makes that the central point of the movie. It caught me in the heart in small ways that made me jealous that I couldn’t write like that. It goes over 4 women’s lives in different vocations and the men that they live with/deal with and definition of “what is woman” to each person. But it doesn’t limit those roles. Carol will definitely like this one. I’m about 99% sure.

    Still watching, though I still hate that they made Yamapi’s girlfriend the butt of jokes just because she’s fat. *twitch* So friggin’ what. He cares about her, leave it.

    I don’t think I missed any…

    Korean dramas:

    Missing You
    No. I skipped ahead and definitely no. Evil adoptee–especially internationally adopted. NO. –;; Why? Why does going overseas make you evil if you have Korean blood unless you are studying? What? Foreigners are only good for their education and medicine? *ranty* Can’t ONE melodrama please, please, please have a positive look at an internationally adopted person without making it the birth secret of the century?

    TV Novel Sam Saeng
    No. About birth secrets set from 1954 (after the Korean war) to about 1970’s. Korean historical drama. Meh. Blech.

    Boar Doctor Uhh.. I mean Horse Doctor.
    Still watching, but fast forwarding. Why was Dong Yi so good and this one so formulaic and terrible? The amount of Samo cut down too, so I can no longer track the hat.

    Plus the trip to China… kinda unbelievable considering the times.

    *Slight spoiler*
    *eye roll on the tetanus.* Are his instruments rusty or something?

    Flower Boy Next Door
    I like the slow pacing, slice of life style to it. I really like that. It’s the tiny moments that capture my heart, especially with Enrique.

    Takes a while for it to warm up, though. The acting is very well done, because the characters could entirely come off a different way, but the acting holds them up as likable and it’s mostly done in facial expressions.

    Jeon Woochi
    Skipped out… *sighs* I have issues with the females in the show… why is UEE’s character so kick butt but so meh as a character?

    Keep in mind I hate melodrama. =P

    Oh and I’ve been watching the LTI Korean institute summary on Korean books (You can find it in the iTynes store under “Korean books”. =P About 99% of them are makjang. No comedies at all. About 10 women out of 67 writers total, which includes poets. It’s 100% modern literature, which means covering from about 1900’s forward to about the 1980’s. I did learn some Korean history.

    The women tended to write a lot about the Gwangju Riots of 1983. I didn’t know those existed before this series. Since it overlaps my own lifetime, it makes me question a few things.

    The rest were about the Japanese occupation or the Korean War. A few deviated, for example the one about the Leprosy colony and the one about the government suppression of Jeju Island. But out of 67 poets and books, only one was a comedy–the Camellias. Which is telling.

    Given that things didn’t really even out until the latter part of the 1980’s, when the government finally stabilized, and industrialization went into break neck speed. (probably did break it’s neck) I can understand.

    I also learned from a guy living in Ulsan that “Les Miserable” in Korea is called “Jean Valjean” which I found really, really funny. Since the principle of “Han” is people suffering under great oppression and finding a glimmer of hope to turn it around. (You can see a perfect example of this in the Korean book, “The Naked Tree.” Which makes me think that Koreans won’t let anyone be more makjang than they are. =P (Joke as a Korean.) I explained to him that the title means “the miserable [people]” in English, so the Korean title should match. I’m not sure if anyone here will get the humor in that… maybe after you see another eye transplant video or cancer melodrama, you’ll get it.

    Anyway, watching the series taught me a lot. Though I’m wondering if some comedy novels simply didn’t ever make the cut. It does explain why makjang are so popular. (Oh and there was a ton of suicide too.)

    Still working on the script. I cast the younger versions of the female lead character off of Strong Heart. =P So cute! And they can sing. Sisters. I can see why Strong Heart is ending… With Teuk in the army… and the other actress off the show to have her baby and raise it… and the main hosts off doing other things like taxes and an acting career…

    But I’m still gunning for Yoon Eun Hye on Running man. I think they should also bring on the Of Course Queen since the producers are the same. In order to win, they have to beat the Of Course Queen. I’d love that game.

    I’m gunning for a V-day special. Be cool if they did something like V-day heart break revenge… Hahaha.

    Guests? Bong Seon, Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Ji Hyun (Of Course Queen), Jae Seok’s wife, Byeol, Ji Seok Jin’s wife (who is, BTW, in the industry too)

    I’d love that to death if they got that guest list coordinated for V-day. There are so many jokes that can be cracked from that. Pound the men into submission…? I think I’d be laughing my head off.

    • 34.1 KimYoonmi

      BTW, Korean still doesn’t have real plurals. Chingu is fine. 10,000 Chingu. (Man Chingu)

      =P Don’t insist on English and English grammar on foreign words. I’m already depressed to see some of my favorite foreign film formats bending to American movie standards. It’s depressing. I don’t want to see languages go that way either…

      Languages and stories contain the way that people think and perceive the world. And the world would be quite boring if everyone thought about everything the exact same way. That includes forcing English standard plurals on other languages that don’t have them. There is value in having languages that don’t have plurals the same way.

      (Chingu deul is about as close as you’ll get, though you strictly don’t need it.)

      I know preachy… (sorry) but it is sad to see English so dominant instead of given equal weight… and I say this as a primary speaker of English. English is limited in expressing everything in the human experience. When we lose a language, we lose a way of thinking about the world.

      • 34.1.1 JoAnne

        Very interesting! Can you talk a little bit about when you might use chingu duel instead of just chingu? Is it a style preference or are there feelings/implications behind the use. Is it considered a marker like -ga or -neun somehow?

        • KimYoonmi

          It’s really optional. It’s more like when you want to use it. Or you really, really need to clarify the number. But it’s strictly unnecessary since most of the time, if you think about it, plurals are indicated in context.

          10,000 deer cross the lane.

          You don’t think, well there was only one deer.

          Deer hit the car. You don’t think a ton of deer hit the car. ’cause if it was 13 deer who hit the car… you’d think the person would tell you.

          English has forms with no plurals too. Sheep, deer, etc. And also plurals off the beaten path. Bacteria. Bacterium… and also is anal about grammar rules and has tons of weird exceptions due to a German having a crush on Latin…

          • JoAnne

            I understand you completely and agree that often context supplies the information needed. In your example, though, oddly enough, I DO think a ton of deer hit the car because with that word being both plural and singular, most speakers would say ‘a deer’ if it was only one. Saying ‘deer hit the car’ makes me think it was multiple deer.

            We do have a lot of exceptions, since so many words are appropriated from other languages (in particular Latin) but I can easily think of dozens of Spanish, Italian, German, and French words that are known and used regularly in an ‘English’ sentence.

      • 34.1.2 Julia

        When you have a hammer everything looks like a nail. When you speak only English, you relate to other people’s languages from an English perspective.

        Oh how I envy folks who can speak multiple languages. I try to learn, really, years and years of trying with French, Spanish, German, and now Korean. Korean is my favorite. Korean sings to my ears and makes my heart skip.

        So I agree with your premise that we shouldn’t let English dictate how other languages work.

        Take computer languages. You learn one – say Pascal – and you solve problems the way that language naturally works. Then you learn other languages – LISP, Prolog, C++, SmallTalk, etc. – and how you solve the problem is different depending on the language. The more languages, the more tools in your toolbox and ways to look at a problem.

        I think it is the same with cultures. Get to know other cultures and you can learn both what is similar in wisdom between them and what is different which can give you a new perspective.

        So when I am watching KDramas, JDramas, TDramas, CDramas etc I am trying to understand the culture too.

        • KimYoonmi

          Knowing all those languages, while enlightening, is still a pain in the butt. Because I have to switch my emotional state in order to get the language in my head to behave.

          One time I was in a Japanese grocery store with my brother and my brother’s girlfriend at the time was speaking in English and Korean and I was asking the store worker (Japanese) where the Ice cream was… and I spoke in half Korean and half Japanese. I glared at them. It was their fault for speaking Korean.

          (came out as Aisucrimu odiseyo?) Haha. Hanbon

          I also have an ear for language, so I tend to categorize sounds and the feeling I have. (Which is half L.M. Montgomery and half a totally Korean thing to do.) I got a bit of a poet in me too.

          So Appeo: I tend to use for a dull ache.

          Itai (Japanese): I tend to use for a sharp (especially) sudden pain.

          Ouch: I tend to use for something in between the two, like after the pain has dissipated.

          and the tongue clicking from Korean for when the sharp pain continues.

          –;; It’s messy. I have trouble switching languages.

          French… I use for lighter situations and around food a lot. ^^;; Also weather for some reason.

          I’m also learning basics of Tagalog, Mandarin and Sanskrit/Hindi… Last two for a book. First one out of curiosity. If I turn senile no one will understand me.

          I dream in Korean, English, Japanese and French. TT Subconscious self has a better grasp on Korean though.

          I think it’s better to stay monolingual with respect to other languages, but maybe I shouldn’t be whining.

          • Laurita

            You dream in other languages? Wow, that’s so interesting. Have you learn all these languages by yourself (I mean, for fun)?

          • KimYoonmi

            French because my school was teaching it.

            Korean because I am Korean.

            Japanese because I couldn’t find anything Korean while I was young.

            Mandarin because I was watching Taiwanese dramas and I’m writing something in China, so I want to nail the feel in the dialogue. It’s extremely difficult to nail because it’s poetic, yet restrained to my ear, so getting that in English isn’t always easy.

            Hindi/Sanskrit for the same reason. I’m trying to nail the feel in the dialogue. It’s very structured to me, but less so than French or English. Also lots of nasal vowels? (I’m loosely interested in Tamil, which has similar grammar to Japanese and Korean)

            Tagalog because it’s an outliar language and I have some Filipina friends. (Pinay). Plus Taglish floats my boat since it doesn’t follow the usual language switching/creole rules. I kinda dropped it after I couldn’t find more movies.

            I’d like to pick up one of the many African languages, but I haven’t picked one.

            Beyond that because I have a hobby in linguistics. It’s a hobby, because I’m lazy on vocabulary and grammar, but I’m really good at nailing everything else about language. You might think there is nothing else left, but language also has the social and the pronunciation aspects. I copy sounds, in general, very well. (Like cats, dogs, different kinds of frogs…)

          • Laurita

            So great. And plus your English is very good (since you’re a Korean, it must be another “second” language). ๐Ÿ™‚
            My head would definitely mix such a big amount…

            I agree that movies are a very good tool to learn languages (I personally have to fall in love with the language first in order to learn it, and the movies/dramas are a very good help in such case).

          • KimYoonmi

            English is my primary language. Korean is my Korean mother’s tongue, but not my adoptive mother’s tongue… So yeah. Or why I’m against Missing You.

    • 34.2 Carole McDonnell

      Totally agree with you about the jokes about yamapi’s girlfriend. I was hoping they would treat a fat person with respect in one of these dramas. More and more i think, being fat in Asia is the worst possible thing.

      Crime and Punishment is the Tsume no battsu…and Karamazov is another book entirely.

      I understand what you mean about lecturey. I’m “fearing” that as well. Am not a lover of birth secrets drama either. So thanks for warning me; TV Novel won’t be on my list.

      The description of Dinner didn’t grab me. Share House doesn’t grab me. I think I like my aliens in anime form.

      I might give Biblia a chance since you like it. The first episode was slow and seemed pretentious to me so I lost patience. I’ll see a coupla more episodes before I make my final decision. Thanks.

      • 34.2.1 KimYoonmi

        Closest two that I really liked were:
        Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru
        Also tried to lose weight… but the guy next to her insists she’s more beautiful with the weight on… downside is that he likes her with her weight on more because fat women tend comediennes. I was iffy on that aspect.

        And then The Rose.

        The Rose is awesome because it really does treat someone who is fat with respect. She tries but constantly fails to lose weight. The original story was Japanese, but the end story is done by Winnie. It might be a bit squicky for some people, but if you don’t mind Devil Beside You, then it’s not that bad. It is pretty good overall since Winnie is an awesome director.

        Therefore for this issue: Rebound is my absolute favorite. It deals directly with body image and weight. Where in American movies fat suits are often used in really horrible ways, this one comes out and uses them in a positive light, and ends on a really positive note without being lectury. It’s light, it’s fun, but has a really good message. The points you laugh, you aren’t laughing at them being fat, but at the ridiculousness of worrying about body image *that* much. In this way, by the end even though it was light and funny, I had a fuzzy feeling. The people whom I knew said they struggled with their weight, watching it really liked it and the ending. It has a really positive message about the right way to diet as well… showing that crash diets don’t really work… and it won’t fix how you feel about yourself. =P About as sensitive as you can get on this issue. (I was saying thank you by the end of the first episode).

        • KimYoonmi

          Closest *three

        • Carole McDonnell

          Uhm.. Rebound sounds really good. And I’ll probably give the other two a chance. I’ve seen a few dramas with fatness being THE issue…and I’m always…”Why is it an issue? Just put a fat person in the story without making them always eating or whatever.” (You ought to see the way I get when they have an “ugly” character!) Gonna check on these stories you mention. Thanks.

          • Carole McDonnell

            just checked them out. Ooh, they all look sooooooo good. Thanks!

    • 34.3 Sabah

      Thank you!

  35. 35 Lovebug

    Happy Friday Drama Peeps!

    So I mentioned last week I have been in a drama funk these days with what to watch. For currently airing I am only watching Alice and FBND.

    I am actually enjoying both. Alice has been a bumpy ride because it started out in my opinion so great which some might disagree. They definitley are taking that show in directions I didn’t expect but I sometimes still feel bereft in light of what it could have been. Though I will miss PSH on my screen everyweek I don’t think I will miss that drama too much which i think says something.

    Regarding FBND – I am nervous regarding this show because I honestly like both of the guys a lot. I think I have a bad case of second lead syndrome, Kim Ji hoon – swoon! He is so funny in this and I love the bromance between Jin Rak and Enrique. Yoon shi Yoon is freakin adorable as well! Good luck choosing Dok mi! You are living the dream!

    So in other drama watching news I marathoned Autumn’s Concerto this week and was addicted and loving it for like the first half. And then I got increasingly frustrated with the lead and her inability to open her mouth and tell the truth. Like seriously everything would have been resolved if she told him the truth any of the 20 times he asked for it. (She was a beautiful crier though!). Discovering Van ness Wu was also nice (omg, loved it when he spoke in english!)

    I am watching another T-drama In Between now and am super happy with. Hoping that there will be no unecessary nonsensical draggy developments.

    I feel like I have been burned and as a result have become cynical regarding dramas actually ending well due to all the weak (and completley unecessary) endings I have seen lately. I am actually trying to think of a recently aired drama that actually had a good ending and am having a tough time. (Answer me 1997 comes to mind, but overall the last half was weaker though really good than the amazingly awesome first half).

    I am going to start watching: Can we get married, School, and Yawang (honestly for yunho – I have never seen him act and hear he is pretty bad but TVXQ is my fave so… I gotta do this…)

    • 35.1 Enz

      I loved can we get married and the ending was satisfying too! Really good acting from most of the cast. The mom in laws might be difficult to take esp initially but it’s well woth it to persist. Characters are believable and the drama takes its time getting you to understand them. Hope you enjoy it

      • 35.1.1 John


        I really enjoyed CWGM.

        Jung So Min was cute.

        Lee Mi Sook, (more age appropriate for me in RL).

        She’s so sexy when she’s doing fierce roles.

        • Enz

          They were all excellent John. Jung so min looks a lot like eun hye but I think prettier. Eun hye’s features in IMY somehow looked a bit off. But I only watched a few minutes of it so I prob am wrong

          • pogo

            Yeah, I think parts of the first half of I Miss You had the MUAs not knowing what to do with YEH. But Jung So-min is awesome, one of my favourite under-25 actresses at the moment – I can’t wait to see what she does next! (and I loved Lee Mi-sook as her mother, too).

            Though I will confess, after episode 10 or so I was mainly in it for the beta couple (Lee Young-kwang needs to score himself a lead role in something already) and Biker Auntie!

          • John


            Not sure if you’ll see this, but I listened to Urban Zakapa, (they were mentioned on last week’s OT)

            Nice !

          • Enz

            They are good aren’t they? When I am in Seoul, I must try to get some CDs of singers or bands that are lesser known to international crowd. We get only OSTs and kpop here

    • 35.2 Shukmeister

      Lovebug –

      Like you, my only current KDramas are CDDA and FBND.

      Autumn Concerto is one of my favoritest Wu series and my #1 TWDrama instrumental score.

      I guess there are similarities between Mu Cheng and Se-kyung in terms of communication difficulties. Sometimes words do work better than actions!

      Have a great weekend.

    • 35.3 JoAnne

      Autumn’s Concerto. Sigh. Bitter Ren is so HOT. Baby Boy and his Alien Baba were so cute, too. And Gardener was so great…happy that he got to be happy! I also loved Uncle Lawyer and that whole side plot.

      Aww now I have to rewatch it.

    • 35.4 Windsun33

      One of the dramas I cannot forget, even though most here did not seem to like it, was “1000 Days Promise” – no happy endings there, but the ending did fit the storyline, unlike far too many.

      I also liked Dalja’s Spring – a welcome change from the constant cliches and makjang in so many dramas.

      I looked back over the list of dramas I have watched, and am surprised at how many that I cannot recall a single thing about or even recall watching, and how others just seem to stick in my mind forever.

  36. 36 Sammy

    This is gonna be long. And it’s gonna have lots of spoilers. Just beware. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I’ve been watching The Princess’ Man lately. I finished it in one week! XD I love love love Park Shi hoon’s mane of glory. I have not seen any mane of glory that is any more glorious. I’ve seen lots of complaints about the ending, and how all the bad people are still in place. I think, though, that Se ryeong’s “death” really made Suyang shape up. Knowing that your own daughter KILLED herself, just because you were so corrupted, is pretty hard. I kinda (sorta) felt sorry for him at the end too. He looked so old and weary. I also loved Se ryeong. Gosh, that girl has GUTS!! Or, as the Koreans say, she has a big liver. My gosh. I can’t count the number of times I was just cheering her on, but also scared for her life. I mean, going up against your dad is GUTSY. Myun annoyed me though. I mean, duh, if you keep trying to kill the person she loves, OF COURSE she’s gonna hate you!! It doesn’t take much to realize that, but he never did. It was kinda sad. That’s the thing with both Myun and Suyang. They wanted her back, and they both wanted her to stop hating them, but then they kept trying to kill her beloved. I do not understand how they could not understand that why she hated them so. It’s so obvious!! >.< But other than that, I love love loved it.

    Basically, The Princess' Man and Gaksital are tied in my book for Best Saguek Ever.

    There's also School. How they'll be able to end in one episode, while wrapping up everything I want wrapped up is a mystery to me. But, School's been pretty awesome so far, so…. fighting, show! You can do it!

    • 36.1 Sammy

      Huh. Not as long as I thought it would be. Oh well. ๐Ÿ˜›

  37. 37 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:

    Did a lot of marathoning this past week. Saw The Devil. Really really loved it. Joo Ji Hoon, cute as heck. A really satisfactory story.

    Saw My sweet Seoul/My sweet City. With my crush Ji Hyun Woo. Funny how different crushes are and how different crushes make you feel. My Hyun Woo crush is of the “if i knew this guy as a kid, I would’ve fallen madly in love with him and he with me.” Not like the Kim Hyun Joong crush which is more of the “I would have fallen in love with him but not told him because he wouldn’t love me anyway and would probably hurt my heart.” And certainly not like the Jung Il Woo crush which is “I so want to be your best friend…please let me hang around you ..just hang around.” So I guess, Ji Hyun Woo is my great might have been true love.

    Loving the gentle peace that is Flower Boy Next Door. Watching a lotta Japanese dramas now but particularly in love with Nobunaga wo chef. It’s just silly and fun…AND it’s a time travel drama WITH food!

    Still watching Switch Girl, cause it’s fun and silly and i like the couple.

    There’s such a glut of good dramas and so-so dramas that I can really pick and choose what I’m going to drop.

    Finished Priceless. Glad the brothers are all united and healed. Not sure formerly bad rejected wounded brother is gonna be good now that he got the corporation back but i guess in dramaland bad people can permanently change for good. Didn’t want male MC to give up his inheritance like that, after all that was what his father gave him. Also, felt a bit lacking because we didn’t see much of how male MC felt about the lost absent father.

    Finished Piece. Good but somewhat unsatisfying. I guess I wanted the dead girl’s mom to meet her boyfriend. A small bone to pick but apparently to my soul an important bone. I hate when a drama just drops the ending of one of the plot points. I wanted female MC to commit to love but i also wanted the mom’s grief to be healed. Plus mom would’ve been healed by dead boyfriend and vice versa.

    Awaiting end of School and Alice. And MONSTERS.

    Saw Saikou/Rikon…and liked it. Liked Karamazovs as well as Crime and Punishment but not sure i’ll keep on with them. Mega-intensity. Liking Saki but not sure either. Like the lottery drama but also not sure. I seem to be in the mood for comedy and/or period piece (whether sajeuk or samurai drama.) I think I’m feeling this way because Rom Coms and slice of life stories tend to disappoint me.

    Have a great weekend, all.

    • 37.1 pogo

      UNF The Devil! I remember being spoilered for who the bad guy was and going in thinking I wasn’t going to be affected, but UTW and especially JJH came thisclose to making me cry anyway. (also, his chemistry with Shin Mina is out of this world, even if she is playing that archetype of the beautiful pure perfect girl, I can’t hate).

      • 37.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Yes, generally I have a problem with these girls who are just there to worship and “understand” the main guy. The girl in Maou was even worse at the worship “look.” But for some reason — maybe because of Arang– I really like Shin Min Ah. Her sweet cliched character just felt very real to me. And didn’t seem like a male worship wet dream creation.

    • 37.2 KimYoonmi

      You should also watch the movie Girls (Japanese). I think it’s right up your ally. 99% sure of it.

      • 37.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        Okay, I will. Someone else mentioned it on this open thread. Thanks.

    • 37.3 pillowhead

      Hi Carol! saw the devil was excellent!

      • 37.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        Wasn’t it, though! One of my all-time faves.

        • pillowhead

          yeah, I’m supprised Hollywood has not done a remake.

  38. 38 Waca

    Happy friday everybody!

    Is anybody watching/rewatching The Return of Iljimae? It was on my to-watch list for so long and I’m finally watching it (makes me help to stand the wait for Jeon Woochi and Flower Boys Next Door! ;))…and I adore it! So I must share my love with you!!!

    I’m only at Ep10 (SO PLZ NO SPOILERS!!!), but so far I loved the show. Sure there are a few defaults here and there, but the plot, the characters, the choregraphy, the music, all of it is really great. I did find it a shame that the Chinese people at the beginning of the drama did not really speak Chinese and that the Japanese did not speak Japanese, but oh well, it’s a detail…(however I did find it hard to believe the Japanese guys to be Japanese because they so had a Korean face…and I keep wondering to myself how in Hell did Iljimae manage to communicate with them…when did he learn to speak japanese???).
    Another thing that really annoyed me was that lame plot point with Wol Hee having the same face than Dal…I mean, why, drama, why? I absolutely hate it when characters get the same name or face than someone who died from a tragic death. Seriously, those writer have no idea how painful it can be for the person who has the same name or face.

    I read a few recaps from dramabeans about the episodes I watched and was left wondering…
    Did anybody adore chief Gu Ja Myeong as much as I do? Because sure, I do like Iljimae, he’s likable character and I could totally empathize with him…but I dunno, I just fell in love with Gu Ja Myeong…
    I really want him to end up with his bodyguard, she’s so kickass, but well, the poor guy is head over hills on Iljimae’s mother which, well, I don’t really like, even if I do understand her (I just can’t forgive her the way she treats Gu Ja Myeong, lol).

    About the bodyguard, Soo Ryun if I’m not mistaken (I am bad with names), I was a bit surprised because, well, she loks exactly like the girl in Jeon Woochi. Same kind of costumes, same role, same hair for a few episodes… So I was left wondering…is it just because that kind of character is kickass, or is it historically accurate? I mean, did girls really get that kind of jobs? I know that Iljimae and Jeon Woochi are fictions, but it was so strange to see a character being almost exactly the same that I wondered if that kind of girl existed…if I’m not mistaken, there is one as well in Tree With Deep Roots (but I did not finish that drama yet). So anybody? An answer? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 38.1 Phil

      It’s been a while since I watch “Return of Iljimae” but I remember that Soo Ryun was a Damo.

      Damo literally means “tea servant.” These female servants were trained in the way of brewing and pouring tea. However, according to ancient Korean records, “Damos” were often used as undercover police detectives.

      I believe that because they were slaves they were not allowed to marry especially as police captains were from upper class families.

      If you have never watched “Damo” I suggest you do. It’s a wonderful drama (only 14 episodes) and Ha Ji Won is the ultimate Damo. If you watch it you will see the similarities between the Soo Ryun and Chae Ok.

      • 38.1.1 Waca

        Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I wasn’t sure about what really was a damo…

        And now Damo is on my To-watch list! Damn, this list keeps getting bigger and bigger!

  39. 39 KimYoonmi

    Totally random, but I found someone with the same name as Lee Gwang Soo (look at the Hangeul). Not sure on the hanja. But it does make me wonder if he was named after the guy:

    Oh, and it’s spelled differently in English on the page, but the hangeul is the same.

    =P But Lee Kwang Soo (the one on Running man) is such a dork! I doubt there is a relation… but I find it funny.

  40. 40 Trina

    Happy Friday beaners!! I am sorry that I been I would be here earlier. But, real life keep me busy. I am happy that finally CW got her memory back a lil bit on at the end episode. I can not stand that evil MIL. Oh, I am watching Glass Mask. I am on to episode 7. I am curios to see it seem makjang but it is interesting. I know it is a daily drama but that is the power of fast forward. I am looking forward to the wind that blows. I do not why I am watching too many makjang and melodrama. I think due to the cold and rain in Southern California. I am loving Flower boy next drama๐Ÿ˜.

    • 40.1 swurbel

      Hello! Happy weekend.
      My week was busy too, my weekend also will be. (sigh)
      looking forward to the next 2 episodes of AHYI.
      (.. and I always thought: ‘It Never Rains in Southern California’…:-))

      • 40.1.1 Trina

        You got it wrong. It nevers snow in Southern California ๐Ÿ™‚

        • swurbel

          ah, i knew it, Albert Hammond lied in his song.

  41. 41 Nana

    Happy Friday, everyone~! ^^

    Loving FBND, 100% Enrique/Dokmi. I still love Jin Rak, just not for her, hehe. The bromance bit was so cute, Enrique is just so adorable and hyper. I loved when he asked Dok Mi why was she so shy around people but very harsh to him only, I like that she basically can be herself around him. Really started to dislike Do Hwi. I usually find that kind of character amusing (like Bu Tae Hee in The Birth of the Rich) but I can’t root for her anymore after learning what she did to Dokmi, especially considering she seems to be clueless and unrepentant about it. Let’s see how the story goes though.

    I don’t love School as much as everyone else, but I really like Teacher Kang. He’s by far my favorite character on the show. Daniel Choi has been so awesome in that drama.

    Looking forward to Alice’s finale. I liked 13-14 way more than 11-12, and although I feel the drama could’ve been better I still enjoyed it.

    I’m almost halfway through Lights and Shadows. I know the evil side will rebound soon enough, you can’t have 30+ episodes left without the villains lol I have 0 sympathy for Cha Suhyuk and I’ll never understand why he is the way he is.

    Also, started watching Magic. I’m on episode 2 and so far it looks like it will be just a standard kdrama full of clichรฉs, but it’s fun so far. And it isn’t long, so I guess they can’t drag stuff for too long.

  42. 42 Nilechoclat

    Hello Every one here ๐Ÿ™‚
    I enjoyed FBND but what hurt me is what happened to DM
    How her life is changed bcz a lie and seriously I hate the teacher bcz he didn’t protect his student and used his power to stop those rumors but he prefer to rescue himself

    when I reading all comments I found Autumn concerto this is the best Taiwanese drama on my list but i hate the passive heroine who accepted to let her lover and keep her mouth shut even when she saw how his son need him
    vanness wu I love him the best scene in this drama when he knew the past and regain his memory I feel angry and happy .

    Currently I watching Turkish Drama Intikam by Beren Saat best actresses on my lest
    I wish you all happy week end ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 42.1 SH

      I love Beren Saat too! First time I saw her was in AลŸk-ฤฑ Memnu. That show was so addicting; I don’t know if you have seen it yet. Is Intikam similar to its American version (Revenge)?

      • 42.1.1 Nilechoclat

        Hi SH ๐Ÿ™‚
        Yes Intikam is similar to American version Revenge but I think they will change in some events here link:
        I didn’t watch Ask – i Memnu actually I hate sad endings
        But I watch her last drama Fatmagรผlรผn Suรงu Ne is really amazing actress that portrayed this difficult Role ๐Ÿ˜€

        • SH

          I haven’t seen Fatmagรผlรผn Suรงu Ne yet. Will check this one out; hopefully there are English subs for it. Revenge is one of the shows I’m following at the moment, so might give Intikam a try. The problem with Turkish soaps is that it’s a bit difficult to find English subs ๐Ÿ™

          I liked Autumn’s Concerto up until he recovered his memory, from then on it was too angsty for me. But I did love Xiao Le and his relationship with the grandma. That kid is so darn cute ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Nilechoclat

            I think Viki translate it I don’t know if it working in your region Intikam with English sub

          • SH

            The viki link doesn’t work for me ๐Ÿ™ Someone took that the Youtube vid of the first episode.

            I just wikipedia Fatmagรผlรผn Suรงu Ne plot. That sounds a little intense! I might watch this one first since I’m not watching any kdramas at the moment. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. 43 Jeannette

    Caught up with School 2013 but not FBND. Going to do that today!

    Here’s some AWESOMENESS in the land of Kpop!
    Lee Jun-ki’s new album is out for preorder!

    MYNAME came back! Their new song is AWESOME! So glad they are back after bing in Japan for so long!

    SHINee and Sulli and Krystal’s Etude ads are CUTE! Onew’s faces are PRECIOUS! He looks so hilarious! Key and Jjong are all about “SHOCK! AWE! AMAZEMENT!” Taeminnie just looks bored and Minho…well I’ll pretend that he’s trying to conceal his love for Sulli and Taeminnie. lol Krystal better get to steppin!

    Tiny-G’s comeback was AMAZING! MINIMANIMO is so cute.

    A CERTAIN SOMEONE is making me watch QSS. I’ll watch it this weekend. I’m so cold that I’ll prolly just be in bed all weekend anyway haha!

    Still waiting for my SHINee CD. Come on, Dazzling Girl! I WANT YOU NOW!

    • 43.1 pillowhead

      hahah. at first I thought you wrote, Lee Jun-kiโ€™s new album is out for predators. hahaha cause of all the pervying we did on your Dongsaengs, Noonas, & Ajummas page, I just autothought that.
      Who’s that person making you watch QSS? is that Enz? haha! I didn’t see the ODE to QSS this week. So I’ll do mine solo. QSS… fighting!!!

      • 43.1.1 Jeannette

        Oh, just a certain someone, LOL! I PROMISED! hahahah

        Don’t you remember? I totally promised you I’d watch it!

        • pillowhead

          haha. yeah, i do. you keep your promise. lol

      • 43.1.2 Enz

        QSS fighting!! It’s a hard job but we all have to do it

        • pillowhead


  44. 44 Minnetter (aka: Min)

    Hi everybody! I’m so glad to be a part of the DB community and that some of you are part of my twitter friends ๐Ÿ™‚ Today I’m just going to ramble on and on to you all just because ๐Ÿ™‚

    This whole week starting last Sunday was awful health-wise because I had a fever that ran for three days intermittently but thankfully since Wednesday I’ve been good, I’m left with a stuffy nose and lungs full of mucus that wants to get out in the worst way, but It’ll pass at least my eyes and throat don’t hurt anymore.

    The worst thing was still going to school through it all because there are two classes that don’t allow any type of absences even sick days (if I were to miss one day I’d fail the class and therefore have to be held back a year. how awful is that?)

    The best thing is that I have wonderful friends who helped me get through the days. <3 I love my boys <3… funnily enough I'm the only girl that hangs with a group made up of 7 guys… I think i was blessed this year. ^^ Even though they're not my type, they are cute and they are so adorable with me, carrying my bags and not letting me strain myself, bringing me water, tissues, medicine, whatever I need… lol I think that's why I'm hated on by some of the girls in the class ๐Ÿ˜› And since they are about five years younger than me,(they're barely twenty and I'm twenty-five) I'm in noona heaven ๐Ÿ˜€

    Now dramawise –

    I have already outed myself as a Third Generation Noodle House watcher… At first I thought that I would watch one ep, and then I wanted to stop because that witch of a mother in law is the witchiest (I really want to change the w) I have ever seen in my entire life, I'd die before I stay in a house with a MIL like her, in fact I got so upset I had to walk away from my computer.

    However I think I have a very morbid bone in my body because I had to come back to see more. And then that one episode became two , became six and now I'm caught up. This weekend I hope the MIL will taste some of her own poison (not medicine because medicine is good for you) and Eugene's character gets some spine to fight back and slug the MIL where it hurts. The son is such a mama's boy- really just a waste of space.

    The only one I like is Jung Bo Suk ahjussi's character, and maybe the Opera Cafe Madam. I really want to know her story and why the hero's mom wants to buy her off, when she's not even looking for money from her, just friendship. I think the hero's mom is creating a self fulfilling prophecy if she continues to act that way to the opera cafe madam.

    I'm loving School 2013 and I'm so sad that there's only an episode and a special left and then it's good by to them. ๐Ÿ™ I'm shipping the bromance so hard I just want them all to stay bros for evah!!! Heong Soo and Nam Soon are such great friends and I don't feel like it veers into the homoerotic with them like I saw a few comments said, just two boys who were bffs and had a traumatic past to work through before being reunited as friends again. I'm glad that they learn how to talk to each other and forgive each other, even if forgetting will be very difficult.

    As for the other three bad boys Jihoon, Yikyung and oh Jungho I'm hoping that friendship matters more than pride to Jungho because the other two are giving it their all for their friendship to be saved. Stop being a meanie Jungho!! ::fist shake::
    Hakyung and Kangjoo are also pretty awesome characters even if I have to admit that I like Kang joo more than Hakyung. I do however understand what pressure it is for Hakyung to get into the best universities to be number one in school and not let her grades slip, so I do give her some leeway for her spurts of pettiness, but Kang Joo is a much better friend than a lot of people deserve.

    The teachers = <3 'nuff said

    The mean girls = hate…

    Soo that's it for this absurdly long OT post hope you all don't hate me for putting you through this torture!

    • 44.1 Windsun33

      I got sucked into Noodle House (100y inheritance) the same way – I just had to tune in again to see just how far the evil MIL would go (apparently she has no lower limits). The only real hole I see in the story so far is how her father seems so unconcerned about something pretty major like her losing her memory.

      I think the hero’s mother wants to buy her off because she knows about her past growing up in an orphanage and it is a terrible social stigma to be an orphan (apparently there are more orphans in Korea than people with mothers and fathers).

      • 44.1.1 Minnetter (aka: Min)

        yeah dad just got roaring drunk that day he found out and he’s been pretty calm and resigned, but somehow I still feel his love for her, I think he’s just letting her do as she wishes now, and is ready to butt in and fight for her if she needs him.

    • 44.2 Sabah

      Wishing you good health and fighting fit!

  45. 45 Laurita

    “I’m in noona heaven ” ๐Ÿ™‚ hahaha, it must feel so nice.

    • 45.1 Minnetter (aka: Min)

      It does!! now if I could actually get them to call me noona… it would be 100x better ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. 46 Laurita

    Oh, by the way, maybe somebody knows where to get English subtitles for the movie “Confession of Murder”???????? I’m dying to watch it….

  47. 47 Nilechoclat

    SH you are welcome I hope ๐Ÿ™‚ to see you next week end ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. 48 Sabah

    Dear Wanda,

    Why I’m Team Jin Rak… Firstly though, you’re not late at all! Please don’t take this as seriously as your assignment deadlines. I love talking to you about kdramas and life but please don’t make this a burden in any way. If we get to talk that’s great and if not then some other time. I won’t take it personally. There are wonderful people here at DB, and I don’t want to stop you from making other friends here either. I kind of feel bad that I hog your time, steal you away from other DBers. : ) Onto business…

    As you know I was wary about allying with JR because he didn’t really know DM. However thinking about it, we never really know anyone. When we first meet people we begin to form expectations and then those expectations are reshaped or updated as we know that person more and more. I was just hoping that JR would naturally tweak his opinion on DM and expectations of her. So really he’s just in the same position as E but that E has a head start since there’s an affinity between him and DM. Why I crossed over was because I like his style more. Speaking as a friend of someone who I met when she was broken and abandoned many times over, is that people need to know that a person is going to be there for them. Someone that will be loyal and trustworthy and give them time and space. As much as I love E, the truth is that he intends to return to Spain, he’s pretty much already decided whether win or lose, he’s leaving WHICH isn’t good. I also much prefer JR style when it comes to E, though of course I can not deny that E kicked JR to move up a gear. Anyway, things can change and the preview for the next episodes look really interesting.

    “But mostly I just start with a colour and paint kind of unconsciously and just focus on what colour would look good with that colour and where the movement of the shape should go.” I believe this speaks to your character. Something like this requires depth whilst also boldness and assertiveness. It requires great presence of mind, courage and trust. It’s truly impressive.

    “But heโ€™s so relaxed, sometimes I wish I had more of that.” I get that too. Sometimes I see things in my siblings and think, oh, I need some of that, how did she/he get that. Hehe. It’s the myriad of possibilities that life is that makes us so different. It’s amazing really. ” Iโ€™m so glad my dad decided to do things very differently and be a good parent.” That’s what impressed me because we are talking about a very small minority who actually go on to break negative cycles. I do share your concern over discipline though. I once saw a kid slap his mother as she bend down to reprimand him and all I could think was, ‘I’d just fall to pieces if my kid turned out like that.’ It’s so hard finding a balance. You don’t want to spoil them or pamper them so they feel entitled but then you don’t want to suffocate them either. I kind of look out for well behaved children and then look at the way those parents brought them up. I think I would be a very ‘clumsy mum.’ Someone who is well intentioned but still way off the mark.

    Yes, they always look so sad. I send out positive thoughts, ‘no your owner hasn’t left you, he’s coming back, trust me AND you’re beautiful!’ hehe. I love how dogs love to run and car rides! hehe, what does Zorra love to do?

    “The dichotomy between Teacher Jung and Teacher Se Chan is also great, they have to adjust and test their own values against each others and that makes good conflict.” I liked this. Well said. I think the teachers’ story lines are what least interest me but that’s only because I am so invested in Heung Soo/ Nam Soon story. Maybe when I re-watch it I will pay more attention to the teachers and thereby get more out of it.

    I too loved how the story didn’t stray into lovelines and who’s dating who. It was something more simple yet so significant because it’s missing from so many people’s lives. Soulmates, friends with whom you share a connection. Like pets, I don’t think you know what it is until you have it and THEN you can’t ever imagine being without it. People might not get their relationship or why they are so affected by it, unlike if it was a love-line dilemma but it really speaks to me. Nam Soon’s present day loneliness just contrasts beautifully against his past with Heung Soo and makes it all the more poignant. The drama went by so quickly I can’t believe it is almost over!

    I don’t know if you saw this, it seems that it might be a series of MV…Ah! That last minute…

    • 48.1 FishcalledWanda

      Sabah! So funny I just checked the site and didn’t see you, but then after I left a comment I saw yours! Coincidence! (or coinkidink as I just heard Lorelai say in a recent GG episode, hehe).
      Thank you for saying that, but I doesn’t feel like a burden at all! I just like replying : )

      I really love what you said about JR and E. It’s really true that in this situation JR is the more stable factor, the fact that he’s left her all those post-its day after day is an indicator of that. And indeed that E has the mindset that he’s going to leave eventually is not a good way to base a relationship. What I really hope for is that E makes it possible for DM to open up more and get her to speak to JR and makes her capable of starting a relationship with him. BUT I don’t like it if E really falls for DM in the process and has to ‘hand over’ his love again to some other guy. That’s why I hope they can just stay on friendlevel, but knowing dramas that’s probably not going to happen. How would you like the story to progress?

      ‘ I believe this speaks to your character. Something like this requires depth whilst also boldness and assertiveness. It requires great presence of mind, courage and trust. Itโ€™s truly impressive.’ Wow, thank you. No one has ever said it before like that, you praise me too highly! It makes me feel all flustered (in a good way), hehe.

      Oh my a kid slapping his mom. That’s really bad. My mom works on a elementary school (to which attend a lot of ‘problem kids’) and when she reprimanded a boy the other day he just attacked her, pulled a button from her coat and gave her a big bruise. That’s just not normal. If I ever have kids I wouldn’t want them to turn out like that, ever.

      Haha I love your positive thoughts to those dogs, they must be helping! Saw a big labrador today tied to a bench, and when I made eye contact he started waving his tail and looked at me with those sad eyes, urgh! Later I passed the dog and his owner and I couldn’t help but give the owner a foul look, she probably wondered what my problem was, hehe.
      Yeah, most dogs like riding cars, but Zorra does not really. In the beginning she started shivering like crazy and panting really hard (the first time she even threw up), but now she kinda likes it. She usually just sits on my lap and I pet and comfort her, she does love to look out of the window though. She has this real intense stare when something interests her, when we pass a field of cows or something. She also loves to fetch these toys we bought her in the shape of hedgehogs (they look really cute), she now has three of them and treats them like their her own kids. Right now she’s sleeping on my bed even though she usually spends the night in my parents room in her basket, so it feels like a treat. She’s also a bit distant so whenever she makes contact out of her own, like lying next to me or prodding my leg with her nose, I always feel very honoured, hehe. Was your cat the cuddling type or more to herself? It’s funny how good it feels when you feel you have real contact with an animal, again something you can only know when experienced yourself. I mentioned Robin Hobb’s Farseer trilogy some time ago and the protagonist in it has the gift to communicate with animals and forms this deep relationship with a wolf. Though I can’t of course speak with my dog (that would be quite interesting, he), the writer really conveys how it feels when you have this connection with an animal. After reading I did try to make a telepathic connection with Zorra of course, hehe.

      I’m also way more invested in Heung Soo and Nam Soon’s relationship than the teacher’s! I want them to become best friends again already! I love how the series is quite dark/not very uplifting sometimes, but there are always small scenes and moments that are quite funny. I find the way how Teacher Kang pronounces ‘follow me’ everytime he gives another job to misbehaving students to do really funny. By the way, I just watched the GG episode in which Lane gets married and her whole Korean family comes over and they all start talking in Korean and I actually understood some words! The last time I saw it I wasn’t that interested in the whole Korean aspect, but now I find it much more interesting, they also mentioned kimchi and now I know what that is. All because of Kdramas, ha. I found it really funny.
      But why has School only 16 episodes? I want it to go on forever! I could watch them graduate, go to college, all while the bromance remains of course!

      Hey! It’s Yoo Seung Ho! And Park Shin Hye! I love that combination, didn’t know they made a MV together, thanks for sharing! It started out so cute and then it became so sad. The guy holding the pen at the end is very intriguing, now I want to see more!

      I also found this blog recently: Thought you might find it interesting. A woman who is married to a Korean man tells about the daily adventures of that through comics in a really interesting but light-hearted way, and you can also find out some things about Korean culture.

      • 48.1.1 Sabah

        I too lover replying to you. I found it difficult wording the first few lines because I didn’t want to sound as though I didn’t care because I do but then I really hate obliging people. Life demands so much of our time through responsibilities and duties and I most definitely don’t want to add to that.

        “I really hope for is that E makes it possible for DM to open up more and get her to speak to JR and makes her capable of starting a relationship with him.” This is what I have been hoping for too. Then in turn I would love to have seen DM bring JR out of his shell too by confronting whatever it is that he is running away from. However since it seems that E is the main lead, I don’t think this is where the story is heading though live shooting means that stories can change. I think it happened in ‘How to be the perfect neighbour’ where the second lead actually got the main girl because of their chemistry and maybe fan assistance. Though fan service is a pet peeve of mine, I wonder if the PD of FBND is reading what fans are saying. More than that what are fans saying…most people I am talking too want DM to end up with both JR, E and TJ.

        I really don’t even like using white lies, so I don’t tend to lie even to flatter or be polite. I just look for something good that is truthful and say that. Believe me sometimes I just can’t find any good and so just say silent. Rest assured I meant what I said because I truly believe it to be true.

        That’s just unacceptable. In my day we wouldn’t ever think it is all right to raise our voice to a teacher let alone physical violence. Teaching is not what it used to be in that now it seems more like being prison wardens.

        “she probably wondered what my problem was” Hehe, yeah context is crucial. I was debating the manner how context is missing from our estimations of people’s words and actions. We don’t know someone’s history, (even very recent history) so how can we objectively or even subjectively understand their subjective responses. Every glance, quirk, word or deed is connected to some moment in the past we can not see, yet we insist upon ‘knowing’ the truth of a person. It reminds me of David Wallace Foster’s ‘This is water.’

        Zorra is just so cute. I love that she has her own distinct personality. I mean most animals do but some really do have character or should I say, are characters hehe. Like Zorra my cat was mistreated in the first year of her life, before we got her and so never warmed up to people. It took many years before she started trusting even us. Anyway, she had an attitude problem like my sister which meant that she was very temperamental. Depending upon her mood she would be very loving or very cold towards you. So I completely understand that whole, ‘feeling honoured thing.’ hehe “After reading I did try to make a telepathic connection with Zorra” That’s just adorable.

        I agree, I love that though it can be quite funny at times, the drama doesn’t dilute darker emotions. For most people this kind of angst is almost off their radar, being that it’s so subtle yet significant. It’s not life and death (well I mean apart from the aspect of suicide) but what I mean, the issue of loneliness, fitting in, friendship and change are not life and death. However they are about quality of life and giving it purpose. A child doesn’t have responsibilities or duties as such but their importance can only be understood through the parents’ or family’s eyes. They then become the reason for someone’s whole life and struggle, the apple of their eyes as they say. I think that is very much true for everyone. We think that we are useless for those first 25 years or so, no responsibilities, no place the world, yet for some one we are very important, we their whole happiness. Ah, I too want to spend more time with these characters.

        It’s strange how we can go back and see detailing we missed before. Some things lose significance whilst others gain it. In my youth I was only interested in the OTP getting together but now I want to know ‘how are they going to get together.’ I think it speaks to my own issues. In my youth, I was just eager to have a boyfriend, that’s it, nothing beyond that. However now I wonder how if I am able to connect to a person so that I would want to live with them for the rest of my life. That MV just really brought to the forefront the biggest aspect and that of change. Changing circumstances as well as changing people makes forever seem impossible. How do couples manage to stay together when change is outside their control?

        Thank you for the link to the blog. I agree it’s really interesting but in a really sweet way. Have you started Level & civil servant? I know you were looking forward to it.

        • Sabah

          I just found this cute FBND segment on Mnet America

          • FishcalledWanda

            Aw cute! Thanks for sharing. It’s funny how they all zone out when she’s talking in English.
            I’m really loving FBND, the characters are all so refreshing and it’s so funny while also raising serious issues. Are you still team Jin Rak? I’m still not really sure on what side I am, but I find myself leaning more and more to the Enrique side, hehe.

            Zorra wasn’t mistreated, but being distant is just part of her character. I always find it funny that animals also have distinct personalities and things they like to do or eat most. They’re not that different from people most of the time. It’s sad that your cat was mistreated, I don’t understand how people can do that. Luckily she found a warm home.

            And I’m sad that School ended, I want more! Have you already seen that last episode? I really liked it, I won’t say too much in case you haven’t seen it yet, but found it really fitting to the overall tone of the drama. I haven’t seen Level 7 yet, but I’m planning to watch it today or tomorrow. Have you already seen it? I’m a bit afraid it’s going to be a pit disappointing. I don’t really know why, just a feeling. Hopefully I’m wrong..

            I love your comment on seeing the journey of the OTP differently now. I feel the same way. A few years back the fact that they were going to end up together would’ve been the most important thing about the series, but now I like the journey itself more than the result at the end. I also wonder how people find partners with whom they can share their whole life with and like you said still be connected during everything that may change. My grandparents were married 55 years recently and we had a big celebration during which they looked at each other with this loving look and held hands and from that I could see that they still loved each other as they did all those years ago. It made my eyes go misty and I feel that if I may have what they have someday I’m so very lucky.

            So what else are you watching at the moment? I’m nearing the end of the last season of GG, I’m going to be sad when it’s over (again)! But to replace that hole a little bit, my mom and I bought the dvd box of Downton Abbey, which is reportedly very good. Did you watch that series?

  49. 49 Noelle

    been watching no kdramas but been on a jdrama high for a while. I am still waiting for the final two episodes of Monsters but it’s taking forever! Started watching Saki which is good. I like the lead since Gokusen. Nice to see her as a psycho.

    Have a great day and a lovely OT!

  50. 50 parampa

    Hi! Happy weekend for you ^^

    What i watched this week

    -Nice guy
    I hate the ending!!!
    SPOILER alert
    I hate it bcause how can maru still survive and became a doctor? Maru still live is okay for me..but he can be a doctor again? And about eun gi, where is my baddas eun gi???? How can she leave taesan to jae hee after she know JH and attorney ahn are the killer? Did her anger just go away bcause she just love maru so much? She forget about his father and mother?

    But after all, nice guy is still good drama for me. Acting is brilliant, and i love how the writer gives ‘a clue’ in opening credit.
    Point 8/10

    -Running man ep.129
    I don’t like kwanghee..too much talk than action..and blank are the best!!

    -Flower boy next door
    I โ™ฅ โ™ฅ it so much. Not like another k-drama..FBND has a fresh concept. And this drama makes me change my schedule every monday and tuesday
    -follow live recap in soompi
    -read softy’s recap in soulsrebel
    -read recap in koala..dramabeans
    -watch the video + subs
    Surprisingly..i am not bored at all!
    I still laugh hard watch every episode..and sometimes i rewatch again in my fav scene.

    Am i crazy? LOL

    -So Ji Sub MV feat Park shin hye and Yoo seung ho
    Daebaaaak!! Thanks to so ji sub…for pairing them. How can there are no pd-nim cast both of them in drama yet?? Hellooo??

    Stop until ep.5 >_<
    will continue watch next time
    i just don' t get into the story yet

    And i wanna ask anyone who has watched kindaichi the series and yae no sakura, is it good?

    • 50.1 Nilechoclat

      1st hello you come from soompi should I know your name I also Love thread Jillia and others ๐Ÿ™‚
      2nd I watch MV I love it I hope PSH and YSH work with each other ๐Ÿ™‚