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Park Jin-hee back on television with Heo Jun
by | January 31, 2013 | 23 Comments

Park Jin-hee is coming back to television – yay! She’s just signed on to join MBC’s special production drama Gu-am Heo Jun, the sageuk about the famous royal physician Heo Jun that stars Kim Joo-hyuk (God of War) in the leading role.

Unfortunately, this does mean we’re losing Han Chae-ah from the cast list, since the character that Park Jin-hee is playing was initially announced with Han in the role. Well, I like Han Chae-ah (who was pretty good in Gaksital but I think better in Oohlala Spouses—though the drama itself was aggravating), but I like Park Jin-hee way more (Giant, The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry) so I think it all works out.

It’ll be Park Jin-hee’s first sageuk drama, though she did act in 2007’s mystery-thriller movie Shadows in the Palace which means she’s not totally new to the genre. She’ll play Lady Ye-jin, a warm-hearted woman who lost her parents at a young age and was adopted by her father’s friend (played by the always solid Baek Yoon-shik). When she grows older she becomes a nurse to the royal physician and works alongside Heo Jun. Despite falling in love with him, he’s already married and therefore Ye-jin puts her energies toward helping him as his assistant.

Aw, that’s touchingly sad—she can’t be with him the way she wants, but she’ll channel her feelings toward being with him in the limited ways available to her. Park Jin-hee has a really wonderful warmth and vitality to her acting, and I’m thinking (hoping) she’ll bring her usual engaging spirit to this role.

Gu-am Heo Jun will take to airwaves in March on MBC.

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23 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. OxyR

    wait.. Heo Jun has a wife? Does it mean the wife is gonna be the female lead or not so important character?

    • 1.1 thehaydn

      yes, he was married to some lady he saved i think.
      if i recall the previous version, his wife was NOT the main lead. (or even the 2nd lead i think?) she had a very limited yet somewhat important role in the drama. i’m not really sure though… i was like 8 years old when i watched it. LOL a longggg time ago. ^^

      • 1.1.1 YT629

        I saw the original 90s version of Huh joon a couple years back so I can explain. Heo jun does have a wife who’s the love of his life. In the earlier episodes, there’s kind of a dramatic trajectory of how they end up together since she’s a yang ban and he’s not (merely the son of a yangban and commoner). However, after they get married she sort of becomes more of a secondary character and takes a back seat plot-wise. The main female lead of this series is hands down the nurse, Ye Jin who unrequitedly loves Huh joon.

        So it seems like Park Jin hee has the main female lead role. I’m curious to see how she’ll handle it. She has what koreans call a very “modern” looking face. Not typically right for sageuk unlike someone like, say Lee Yo won. And her image has been more glamorous than “neat and demure” the way typical Joseon setting heroines are. But I love that there’s a warmth and naturalism to her acting evidenced in kdramas like Woman who still can’t marry and Giant so I’m looking forward to her interpretation of this role.

  2. crazedlu

    YES! muuuuch better. han chae-ah is serviceable. park jin-hee is awesome.

  3. Kiara

    Loved her since Giant. I’m really glad to see her take on a sageuk role but a remake?. I highly doubt they will come close to the original’s rating high in the 60+% (best sageuk rating ever).
    Would have been great if Lee Byung Hoon was part of this project since he directed the original but he’s busy with The Horse Doctor.
    Anyway, I will give it a try because I really like the lead couple.

  4. addylovesbwood

    I wonder if Han Chae Ah dropped this drama for Gu Family Book

  5. Redskirt

    Off-topic but I absolutely heart the banner up there right now. “Thinking is sexy” indeed, Kim Boong Do 🙂

  6. chasen8888

    Heo Jun’s wife is considered a virtuous woman who gave up her noble class life to be with him (commoner). She was very instrumental in making Heo Jun a better man and stuck through thick, thin & worse times. She truly loved him. Her role was significant as she was his goal in becoming a doctor and better human being. So as a husband, Heo Jun loved her and was faithful to her. She was his anchor in all things. This version is currently on dramacrazy.net and gooddrama.net. Those interested can watch it there.

    I am glad Jin hee is part of this drama, she’s a very good actress and is sure to play Lady Ye-jin’s character well.

  7. kellie

    Why couldn’t they just skip the illicit crush this time around? In the original Hur Jun,which I love, Ye Jin is supposed to be a gifted medical person herself yet she spends her time following him around & peeking longingly at him around corners, knowing he’s married with a family. I just longed for Hur Jun to find a way to say to her, “Get a life, girl — there’s more important things going on here.” One of my few gripes with savvy writer Choi Wan-kyu is his writing of female characters — they’re mostly romantic props for the men. Even the “strong” women end up thinking only about whatever guy they’re stuck on. Very few three-dimensional, interesting women in his work.

    • 7.1 Matcha Latte No 1

      i haven’t watch the original version but i think it’s only natural for ye jin to have a crush on hoe jun if they work together for a long time, especially if this hoe jun has personal qualities you can admire, married or not. it happened in real world… and to me it’s more make sense than suddenly fall in love, which happened in a lot of drama. the fact that hoe jun is a devoted married man makes the story even more interesting. i can see the potential for some melos and broad range of emotions in ye jin’s side. just hope the writer portrays ye jin smartly and i hope PJH can express those conflicts and emotions beautifully… btw, i always thought PJH as the representative of korean beauty. don’t know why but i think hers is the true korean beauty.

  8. canxi

    Oooh, she looks good! Unfortunately, I haven’t watched a drama of hers and finished it (not her fault though!)

  9. snow_white

    haven’t seen any of her dramas..

  10. 10 aX

    I can’t get myself to like this Kim Joo-hyuk guy. For some reason though, he keeps acting with the actress that I really liked! (sigh)

  11. 11 Nina

    Actually, I thought the total opposite. I though Han Chae Ah was BALLER in Gaksital, and kinda meh in Oohlala. Maybe cuz Rara was so much more conflicted than Victoria, in that Victoria seemed like an outlier in the story…idk just my thought

  12. 12 Ennayra

    Yay! I love Park Jin-hee. I first saw her in Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, and was completely sold. Right now I’m slowly watching Kimchi Family and liking her in it as well. Has anyone else seen that drama?

    Looking forward to seeing her in another project!

    • 12.1 Ennayra

      And sidenote on Kimchi Family, but is Song Il-gook supposedly a good actor? I find that he overacts so much in Kimchi Family that I just shake my head and laugh when he goes off on an emotional rant.

    • 12.2 kakashi

      Yes! I’ve seen Fermentation family (or Kimchi Family) and really liked it. I was always hungry though. Man. the FOOD!

      I love Song Il-gook too, I didn’t think he was overacting much … but maybe I would see it the second time round, too. It was the first time I saw him in anything and feel in looooove <3 … I'm not a reliable judge.

    • 12.3 sheilamae

      Agree! She was just great in The Girl Who Wants to Marry! Loved that drama so much! I have not watched her other dramas yet though but would love to see her act again

    • 12.4 sheilamae

      Sorry, typo error! In my excitement to write a comment, I miswrote the drama title, it’s supposed to be “The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry”.

  13. 13 Nokcha

    I really like her and have really enjoyed the dramas I’ve seen her in. I haven’t watched a sageuk in a while…I think I’ll check it out! And the story sounds really engaging. Maybe I haven’t watched an historical drama lately is because I’m tired of the political machinations…

  14. 14 Rach^^

    They can just change their actress anytime even after Han Chae Ah was announced as the lead? Rude much?

  15. 15 Nicole

    She is just so cute, gorgeous, and sexy all at the same time! Definitely need to see her face up on the screen more. I probably won’t watch this drama but maybe I’ll read the recaps now that PJH is in it. Yay indeed!

  16. 16 Jini Neutron

    Don’t like sageuk dramas, but with PJH around who am I to resist???
    Been waiting for a year to see her in the small screen.

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